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Chapter 2 – Landing[edit]

Part 1[edit]

Applause welcomed Kazuki and the others.

Queen Kaguya had returned to the port of Yokohama Harbor.

Kazuki and the others that descended down the ramp were welcomed by hundreds of knights.


When General Staff Headquarters Head Yamagata gave the command, the knights saluted all at once.

The sharpness of the salute of the knights in active service was on a different level.

However, Kazuki became all the more bewildered. In the first place he didn’t wish for honor or anything.

“Long time no see, President Hayashizaki.”

A single girl met him halfway from inside the saluting group of knights when he got down onto the port from the ramp. Just when he thought that there were only knights on active duty, there was a female student wearing the uniform of the Magic Department.

……Yumeno-san. Kazuki became speechless from shock.

Yumeno Shiori――from her childhood she was raised with a double personality as a spy of Chukadou, her hidden personality was possessed by a Diva of Chukadou……she was that kind of girl. An unaware spy.

For Kazuki, she was one of the opponents that he felt to be the most formidable. Rather than calling her purely strong, it was more that she was hounding on Kazuki’s weak point thoroughly. Anyways, she was a dreadful opponent.

Kazuki was unconsciously startled. Yumeno-san made a face that seemed to be shocked from his reaction.

“Pre, President Hayashizakiiii……”

“It’s fine, we have confirmed that the girl’s mind was already united. There is no danger.”

Chief Yamagata said that with a gentle smile.

If this person said so then he guessed that it was fine to be relieved.

“……I finally could accept, the reality that I was continuously pushing down my other personality. Whether it’s Kaori or the reality, right now everything is already inside me.”

Yumeno-san put her hand on her chest saying that.

Feeling of relief also welled up inside Kazuki’s chest. There was almost nothing like a [normal person] around Kazuki, but Yumeno-san was one of the girls who was put in the cruelest environment.

“With the integration of her personalities, she inherited the contract of <Baku> from [Kaori]. In other words even now she is still the double contractor of <Halphas> and <Baku>. Among the knights and students that didn’t go to America, she left behind her seniors in the dust and produced the top grades in the mock battles.”

Kazuki was greatly shocked by the things that Chief Yamagata said smoothly.

“Eh. ……Halphas and Baku, using both, strength of the top……!?”

“I’m thinking that this time for sure I will be useful for President Hayashizaki! ……Be, besides if the president conquers me, I think you will be able to use the Summoning Magic of two Divas so……this is a great bargain! Will you take it!”

Yumeno-san leaned her body forward and approached right before Kazuki.

Yumeno Shiori――70

How her number had already exceeded 65 also made Kazuki shocked.

It made him a little scared how the number went up while he hadn’t met her at all. ‘Is that positivity level properly directed at my real image……’ was what he thought.

“Which reminds me Yamagata-san. Congratulations on your promotion.”

Kazuki changed the topic of the talk and turned to Chief Yamagata.

While Kazuki was going to America, it seemed that he was promoted from vice-chief into the chief.

“Thank you. ……Even though I’m not doing anything, the achievement of your conspicuous service is all coming into my place. It’s because of the knight order’s class system that you cannot be included but, this is really troubling.”

“Rather I want you to not worry about that, I’m just a first year high school student here.”

Kazuki took a step forward from the wharf.

Thereupon all at once shouts of “KYAA―!” or “MY KING―!”, the knights――of course the majority of them were girls, were raising shrill voices.

Kazuki was unable to actually feel that the shouts were directed at him, he stood stock still with a dumbfounded face.

Everyone was an older girl, his senior, but everyone of them had a positivity level surpassing 50.

“Even without being accompanied by promotion and position, your conspicuous service has been known throughout the country.”

Chief Yamagata said.

“I heard that newspaper reporter was employed by the government’s public relations office but, was it because of that……?”

It was about that Turtle Oota who had a dispute with Kazuha-senpai once.

“I who am a newspaper committee member was also helping. After all even though he is a professional newspaper reporter, Oota-san didn’t really know about President Hayashizaki.”

Yumeno-san also smiled reservedly from the side.

“We received the report about everything that happened in America from Yagumo-kun. Your activity in America was made into an article by Oota-kun and Yumeno-kun which was then published to the public but……the two of them really wrote a gorgeous article that was filled with plenty of emotion. It was already like……”

“……Isn’t that more like a light novel rather than a report?”

Kazuki understood all the course of events and became all the more exasperated.

“Yeah. It was a light novel of a magnificent hero with a great description.”

“……I get the feeling that there was also something like this before.”

That time during the war between East Japan and West Japan, the academy newspaper that Yumeno-san handled was also reporting Kazuki’s activity to the students with quite much glorification.

The sparkling illustration of Christina Amasaki-sensei had also been burned into his brain.

At that time it was only inside the academy but, this time it was in the scale of the whole country.

“You are greatly popular throughout the country you know. The people, everyone is looking forward to the serialization. The anime was also decided already.”

“The scale is too big that it sounded like somebody’s else problem to me……”

His tale that had been completely glorified was spreading throughout the country…….

“No, just to this degree still cannot possibly convey yet just how kind, lovely, and strong President Hayashizaki is!”

Yumeno-san spoke with an intoxicated tone “The ugliness of my writing ability is hateful!” while she was writhing in agony. ‘Yumeno-san, you still don’t know that much about me do youuu…..’ such thing was what Kazuki thought inside his heart.

“I’ll help with that!” Mio came out forward without hesitation.

“Christina Amasaki-sensei! If it’s with the help of your illustration then…!!”

Both of them took each others’ hand tightly.

‘Just do whatever you please……’ Kazuki threw his hand up to the air.

“Leave drawing the penis to me!!”[1]

Hikaru-senpai came out saying that with a crisp face.

“Please don’t draw something like that! Are you planning to turn it into something 18+!!”

The feeling to let them do whatever was retracted instantly. He couldn’t give up this.

“Drawing ability……. Even though I have the confidence if it’s illustrating a moe beautiful girl……the chance to become famous is……”

Kamimura-san was absent-mindedly whispering in regret.

“Then we just need to make the womanization!!” Lotte said energetically from the side.[2]

“As expected from Lotte-shishou! So there is that way……!”

Lotte placed her arm on Kamimura-san’s shoulder happily and began a discussion like “If Kazuki-oniisan is a woman then……” “The size of the breast is……” whisperingly.

‘Don’t play around with me.’

“Everyone―☆ Rather than this kind of guy it’s better to make this super ultra former student council president Kanon-sama’s conspicuous service into legend―☆ UOOOOO-☆”

Kanon-senpai raised a warcry with a shrill voice while jumping up.

“……” Just when she was about to jump, right from her side Akane-senpai wordlessly kicked her.[3]

“UOOOOOOOO-☆” Kanon-senpai fell from the wharf into the sea with a splash.

Well, if it was Kanon-senpai she would surely be okay.

Now then, just when he thought that there were all these knights welcoming him with a salute while directing sparkling eyes at him but――the hundred people lining up here weren’t mere knights.

“I picked them out just like you told me. So to speak they are the [Imperial Guard Knights].”

Was what Chief Yamagata said.

The one who could land on Atlantis was only a hundred people――that rule had also been immediately told to Japan using the communication.

Kazuki, who decided to return back to Japan requested to Chief Yamagata that he wanted him to pick a hundred knights, during the week aboard Queen Kaguya on the way returning home.

Magika No Kenshi To Shoukan Maou Vol.12 083.jpg

Regarding that hundred people, Kazuki requested so that [the picked candidates didn’t have overlapping contracted Divas].

He wanted to take along one contractor each of the Solomon 72 Pillars to Atlantis.

Like that it could even be said that the Diva and the contractor was in an [exclusive contract].

They should be able to invoke magic with efficiency that was near <Chouki Magician>.

71 people of Solomon Mythology’s Magika Stigma. ……Beleth didn’t have a contractor and had transformed into Kanae’s Sacred Treasure so she wasn’t included here. And then added with Kazuki, Lotte, Kazuha-senpai, Karin, Kamimura-san, Shouko and Silirat who weren’t contractors of the 72 Pillars there was a total of 78 people.

And then the most skilled swordsmen in the knight order were also picked out, the swordsmen that were equipped with Sacred Treasures including Kanae and Kohaku were 22 people――with this it was a total of a hundred people.

The knights saluting here right now weren’t merely welcoming back the return of Kazuki and the others. This was also the introduction of the King to the [Imperial Guard Knights].

……He heard that they were picked from the results of mock battle, but it was unexpected that of all things Yumeno-san was standing at the top of it.

At that time “Hyaa―hahha!!” a laughing voice without any elegance in it could be heard.

“King-sama―, we are here too ye―ah!!” “It’s only natural for us to be here too if you’re talking about elite―!”

It was a familiar voice that sounded as if the speaker was purposefully acting bad. From the crowd of knights that were lining up in good order, two delinquents were jumping up and down.

“Mi, Mibu-senpai and Asamiya-senpai!!”


Both of them made death voice in place of reply. It was a voice that a girl mustn’t make.

“Hii, DQN! DQN scary!!” Kamimura-san that lost her composure from the hoarse voices of the two tried to jump into the sea before she was barely caught by Kazuha-senpai into her embrace.[4]

The two seniors were fighting together with Karin in the battle election because of dissatisfaction towards the knight academy. Their dissatisfaction had supposedly been resolved already but……he had never imagined that they would be chosen together with Yumeno-san as elites.

“Or rather you are also counting me into your number?”

Shouko who was looking at the sea with an unconcerned face suddenly turned her face at him.

“Obviously. You are already my comrade.”

Shouko leaked out “heh” chuckle. And then she walked briskly towards Kazuki.

――She kissed ‘chuu’ at Kazuki’s cheek in a surprise attack.

Kazuki’s eyes turned round from surprise and “Kyaa―!” cheers were raised from the surroundings.

“Wha―t are you surprised about huh, after all you are already used to just about this much. ……Until now you made my pace really get disarrayed. It’s annoying that its only me that kept getting surprised.”

Shouko drew back while looking satisfied at the surprised reaction of Kazuki.


The behavior of each girl was different even though their positivity level was the same but……it was just too daring to suddenly kiss the cheek like that. Was that the expression of Ryouzanpaku’s open character…….

Kazuki pulled himself together and faced the people in front of him.

The knights matched their voices in unison.

“ “ “ “We, will change our soul into magic power until the last drop and fight for the sake of the King!!” ” ” ”

Until the last drop of soul――it made him want to say that there was no need to go that far but, this would really be a battle where they were going to need to do that without any exaggeration. At the very least, that was what Kazuki would do.

“It’s not for my sake.”

But Kazuki corrected the important part.

“Let’s fight, for the sake of the world.”

The knights boarded the magic light train that was heading to the garrison, while Kazuki and group were boarding a different train that was heading to the academy. In the middle of doing that, Kazuki felt a disturbing presence at his back on the platform.

“Funh!” With such voice, someone was trying to catch Kazuki from behind by circling both arms around his body.

Kazuki lightly evaded it just before he was almost caught and turned around. The opponent was making a dissatisfied face.

“Why did you evade?”

“I got the feeling you were going to snap my back.”

It was Beatrix.

Was she trying to hug him from behind……?

Everyone other than Kazuki was in the middle of boarding onto the train, both of them remained on the platform and faced each other.

“……Even I can do something like adjusting my strength.”

Beatrix made a troubled voice as if she was being ridiculed and shrunk the distance between them. Then softly from the front she encircled both her arms around Kazuki’s waist. With a feminine strength adjustment, her body glued closely on Kazuki.

He was captured――or rather he was being fawned on. It was like she was a normal girl.

“Amu” Furthermore she bit playfully at Kazuki’s ear. Kazuki felt a shudder.

“Wha, what’s the matter so suddenly?”

“I’m not boarding this train but the train over there.” She pointed while going ‘amu amu’ on his ear.

Now that she mentioned it that was right. She had accompanied him until America but Beatrix’s temporary residence in Japan was at the knight order’s place. Besides……

“Before long the greeting from Hrotsvit-sama will come, our next meeting will be at Atlantis.”

Kazuki was also filled with a mysterious feeling and he hugged Beatrix back.

She felt really big when she was fighting but, hugging at each other from the front like this she was slightly shorter than Kazuki. The feel of her body was also unexpectedly soft. An aroma of a girl was drifting up softly from her neck.

The fair skin of the girl looked faintly red when he looked around the nape of her neck.

He once again felt for real how she was also one of the girls with whom he tied an irreplaceable bond with.


The sensation of that positivity level was thinning down little by little. He was starting to be unable to feel it. That sensation could only be felt from someone who was his [companion]. Right now, Beatrix was becoming someone who wasn’t his companion.

Even so the bond existed. That was why they could hug each other like this.

Beatrix stopped massaging Kazuki’s earlobe and whispered.

“We are going to fight for sure somewhere in Atlantis eventually.”


“If the German’s win, I’m going to bring Kazuki back to Germany for sure. That’s the style of the Vikings.”

“If I win I’ll take you then.”

Beatrix intended to always be on the side that plundered Kazuki. That was why Kazuki talked back. What was called a bond wasn’t a one-way road. It could also be used to whisper at each other of the same feeling.

“Muu” Beatrix moaned and she became even redder.

“……There is no way you can do that. The one who will win is German’s Norse Mythology.”

Beatrix that was also a pious believer talked back obstinately.

“Then until we settle the score we are rivals.”

Kazuki distanced his face just for a little and stared at Beatrix’s face. There was a girl with a beautiful face there. “……” Her face was rapidly reddening from staring at each other like this.

Because it was a beautiful face, Kazuki kissed at that red cheek with a natural movement.

He gave a light kiss. “Mu, muu……” Beatrix moaned with her skin turning red until the limit.

And then Beatrix too kissed at Kazuki’s cheek.

Then when Kazuki was going to do it one more time to get back at her, Beatrix suddenly,

“NUaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANH!” Like that, she shook off and untangled from Kazuki.

The strength of the arm shaking him off was that of a warrior of Norse Mythology.

“IT-IS-EM-BA-RA-SS-ING!! How can you do that kind of thing so nonchalantly like that-! Because of that, farewell, Kazuki!!”

Howling that with a loud voice, she turned her back on Kazuki and rushed away with noisy stomps.

Part 2[edit]

The decisive battle would be on the first of September. Until that day――


Mio in a swimsuit yelled hysterically and stupidly.


……Certainly it couldn’t be said that it wasn’t summer holiday.

The date of the decisive battle that Basileon settled for was the first of September, originally it should be the opening ceremony day of the school.

Since Yamato revolted for their independence in June, Kazuki and the others had been continuously rushing around on the battlefield without any school activity or any event at all. By the time they noticed, the start of summer holiday had already passed and right now they were in the later half of August.

Because of the kind of condition they were in, when they heard that the next battle would be in September then it was only natural that they got in the mood for the summer holiday until the time came.

Although they had already spent quite some time playing around like aboard the luxurious ship or in Las Vegas.

Liz Liza-sensei also said that a little change of pace was fine, so Kazuki and the others stopped on their way from Yokohama Port at a beach swimming area.

“Because this is my first summer holiday since I became a high school student you know!?” Mio said.

“Just what is different compared to the summer holiday in middle school?” Koyuki tilted her head.

“It’s di-ffe-rent-! Of course it’s completely different, the youth is just on another level!”

Kazuki and Koyuki tilted their heads together while saying “I don’t understand” “I don’t get it”.

Kamimura-san poked *tsun tsun* Kazuki while asking.

“……I have a question since quite some time ago but, what is a riajuu going to do at the beach?”

Kamimura-san was wearing a pitch black one-piece bikini that she bought at the beach shop.

“In anime or galge the scene of playing in the sea that is like the synonym of youth also often appears but, it’s puzzling what to do specifically at the sea……frankly speaking, it’s boring isn’t it? My image is like splashing water at each other, or the main character getting buried in the sand, things like that are drawn in the scene before skipping to the scene where it soon will become evening with the sun going down and everyone is watching it……”

“What are you doing thinking like that right after coming to the sea without doing anything yet……isn’t it fine to honestly let your tension get built up from seeing the sea and then to leave your body to along with that momentum?”

“But a place to play where there is only sea water……it’s like I’m not going to have any place to belong here, that I get anxious and my tension is is is is……I, I’ll be hated meu!”

“I won’t hate you, your swimsuit appearance is cute.”

Kazuki kept caressing Kamimura-san that was trembling all over to soothe her.

“Besides even if Kamimura-san is getting anxious of not having any place and gets strange and runs away in a little odd action, I won’t think anything of it except that’s really like Kamimura-san huh, how charming huh, like that.”

“Uwaai, the lukewarm trust is penetrating my chesttt”

“You are talking about? What to do!?”

Mio turned to them in a flash with an excellent sharp movement.

“With this many people gathering then of course……it will be team contest beach volleyball obviously! The winner team can do whatever they please with Kazu-nii in his swimsuit as the prize!!”

In the slight interval when Kamimura-san was falling into negative thinking, there was a Amasaki Mioriajuu girl that already got the idea of a playing event with her explosive force.

“I don’t wanna that kind of prize-! If you are going to prepare a prize that competes to grab this perfect grade former super student council president Kanon-senpai―☆”

Kanon-senpai was jumping up and down while yelling.

“……” Akane-senpai wordlessly circled behind Kanon-senpai and circled her hand around that petite waist before inflicting a brilliant backdrop.

Kanon-senpai was vertically thrust into the sandy beach starting from her head and became an indescribable grave marker.

“Sensei, let’s go play too.”

Kazuki called out to Liz Liza-sensei who was lying down under a beach parasol while sipping juice.

The beach ball showdown’s first round had already begun. Kazuki was the prize so he was just watching.

Just watching was fun enough but he became concerned with Liz Liza-sensei that was not participating like him and called at her.

Liz Liza-sensei was putting a towel over her body and hid her swimsuit figure.

After making bubbles *blub blub* through her juice’s straw, she replied with a sulking voice.

“……I am an adult that is in charge of you guys here, I have to keep watch alertly.”

Certainly if children were going to play at the sea, then an adult with that role was necessary.

However the people here were knight candidates with magic power above normal people. The possibility of an accident occurring was almost zero. They were a bunche that wouldn’t die easily even if someone tried to kill them. Just like Kanon-senpai whose upper body was powerfully buried into the sand with the force of a backdrop only as a joke, everyone here was extremely robust.

“It’s fine if it’s about the worry of an incident happening. If Liz Liza-sensei is not playing at this kind of time then just how am I going to increase your positivity level?”

Liz Liza-sensei reluctantly exposed her true feeling.

“……I’m embarrassed with my swimsuit so no way. I was the one that said how about having a change of pace, but I never thought that we were going to a beach just like that. Why couldn’t we go to a mountain……. Swimming beaches as a Haunted Ground are the kind that I hate the most in the world. If I’m going to that kind of place where the students are playing volley ball with those jiggly breasts shaking around, I’d rather be at a public execution instead.”

The child-sized teacher wrapped the towel around her body and embraced her knees tightly.

This was a different troublesomeness from Koyuki and Kamimura-san’s self-torture, even if he told her that she was [cute], the person in question wouldn’t get happy.

“Isn’t it fine to not get concerned with something like one’s age? Sensei is a lovely person. I want to play together with you, I also want to see your swimsuit appearance.”

“Is that your true feeling? ……Are you also a lolicon?”

Sensei made a glaring look that was being wary towards him.

“If you asked me if I am a lolicon or not, that’s not the case at all.”

“Actually just what is your preference and fetish?”

“My preference and fetish, is it……”

Liz Liza-sensei who was paranoidly jumping at shadows was stepping into a place that had never been stepped into until now.

“I had never really thought about it though. First I have to like what is inside the person.”

“The inside is also important but……this is women we are talking about. It’s also important for a woman to hear that their outside appearance is also being liked. That’s not just about me, this is a common opinion.”

Liz Liza-sensei cleared her throat and said that while fidgeting a little. It seemed that she had the feeling of wanting her outside appearance to be praised. However he hated to be treated like a lolicon just from telling her that she was cute. What a troublesome lady.

“Everyone has a different genre with their own individuality, every one of them has different and good qualities.”

“Saying that you like everyone, isn’t that the same as saying that actually you don’t have anyone that you really loved? Normally there should be something that you are a little inclined towards.”

Normally there was inclination……so it was that kind of thing.

Then how did an inclination get created? In a lot of cases, the inclination of one’s preference or obsession had something like [intense formative experience from childhood] as the impetus, maybe.

When he reached that thinking he suddenly recalled.

“……But the one that I first became conscious of as an opposite sex……is my older little sister Kanae. I don’t understand where my inclination is going to……”

In the first place his formative experience of sex was a perversion. Of all things his experience was starting towards someone with a double attribute.

Like that it was only natural that he got attracted towards both loli and also older girls powerfully.

“Since then I became involved with various girls……now that I look back there is not a single simple girl among them.”

Just when he thought that Mio was a tsundere, she was actually his childhood friend that he considered as a little sister. When he thought that Koyuki was just cool but she was actually an M and an attention seeker. When he thought that Hikaru-senpai was just like a prince she was actually an open pervert, then Kaguya-senpai, anything goes with her.

Everyone was hentai (in the meaning that they changed from the first impression they gave).[5]

“……In the first place you have the groundwork of being raised by a strange step-big sister, furthermore while making a harem with various girls in the Magic Department you were changed into a borderless man that could accept any kind of girl.”

Liz Liza-sensei that was wary of Kazuki being a lolicon somehow gave her understanding and nodded.

Kazuki thought that right now he was able to find out the essential charm of a girl no matter what kind of person they were. Exactly because of the immaturity from Lotte’s loli-ness, exactly because of the androgynous from Hikaru-senpai’s boyishness, he was able to sense the prominent quality of each one.

Everyone was cute.

“That’s why sensei, let’s stop getting bothered by the trivial surface appearance.”

“You are already a guy that has bitten into a woman’s sourness and sweetness at that age……. Even though I’m still inexperienced in anything at this age……”

“That’s why I said that things like age doesn’t matter.”

Liz Liza-sensei went ‘haa~’ with a long sigh.

“Certainly it’s stupid to get caught on appearances with you as the opponent.”

Gently, from Liz Liza-sensei’s body the towel was……


“Don’t be so on guard that you gulped like that-!”

“It’s unintentional from the flow of events until now. That’s because sensei is putting on an air.”

“I’m not putting on an air, don’t make fun of me.”

Liz Liza-sensei bared open her towel while mumbling on.

It was a loli body.

However the impression was not as fleeting and delicate like Lotte.

Her waist and thigh had soft flesh, her breast too was unexpectedly swelling out.

Her body had the bud that made one imagined if she would actually grow sexy soon.

“Sensei is actually lovely isn’t it? I can eat ten bowls of rice just with this!”

Liz Liza-sensei sniffed “Funh” in annoyance.

“You are satisfied right? There, go cheer at everyone.”

Liz Liza-sensei waved her hand to shoo him away.

“Eh, what are you saying? Sensei too, let’s go enter into one of the teams and participate in the volley ball.”

When Kazuki pulled the hand of Liz Liza-sensei, she resisted by stiffening her body.

“No way.”


“Something like beach volley ball is a game where height is everything, just spare a midget like me. I’m only going to expose my clumsiness even though I’m a teacher and get embarrassed, so I don’t want to do……”

Kazuki almost fell down.

“Didn’t you just say that you are going to stop putting on an air!!”

Liz Liza-sensei sniffed haughtily and averted her face. Adults were obstinate.

“If sensei continues to act like that then, the distance between teacher and student won’t shrink at all!”

Kazuki held up the small body of Liz Liza-sensei in his arms with all his strength.

“Uwah!? What are you doing!?” Sensei got upset. And then――.

At the sandy beach the Witch’s Mansion team and the Japan Mythology team were embroiled in a match that was even hotter than the sunlight.

“Au-!” Lotte rolled on the beach while raising her voice.

Her hand stretching out in vain didn’t reach and the beach ball was bouncing away from her.

“Lotte!” Everyone of the Magic Department team rushed over to her.

“I’m sorry……I dragged all of you down desu……”

“Don’t mind it, because we are a team that is one in body and soul.”

Kaguya-senpai lifted up Lotte kindly.

“Or rather the other team is just that!”

Mio pointed at the court of the opponent with indignation.

“Kanae-senpai and Kohaku that foresighted the opponent’s movement and received with fierce speed! Kazuha-senpai that blocked and spiked from unbelievable height using the double jump of <Tenrou Kaidan>! Karin that struck out a phantasmagoric serve by granting strange vibration to the ball using <Shintoukei>! This group of four, I’m not saying that they are cheating but……they are just childish!”

Witch’s Mansion Team……Otonashi Kaguya – Hoshikaze Hikaru – Amasaki Mio – Hiakari Koyuki – Lotte

Japan Mythology Team……Tsukahara Kazuha – Hikita Kohaku – Hayashizaki Kanae – Katsura Karin – Kamimura Itsuki

Senior Team……Koudzuki Kanon – Yagumo Akane – Ryuutaki sisters – Roshouko

First the Witch’s Mansion team and Japan Mythology team fought and the victor would fight the senior team that got the seed to contend for victory.

Although there was a shut-in mixed into the Japan Mythology team, an overwhelming physical faction was present there, Kazuha-senpai’s offense and defense was especially standing out with her strenuous effort.

“I, it’s not like I’m getting too serious at all.”

Kazuha-senpai shook her head left and right.

“Just because the prize is that guy in a swimsuit, something like that doesn’t matter……huff huff……I’m not doing my hardest at all! Haa haa……”

“On top of extremely running out of breath like that, your face is bright red! Kazuha-senpai, you are even using <Aoiro Yasha> aren’t you!? Just how desperate are you!?”

“I, I’m not desperate-! I hate someone like Hayashizaki-!!”

Kazuha-senpai who yelled with a bright red face was watched over by the surroundings with lukewarm eyes.

“Fuhn, no matter what you say in the middle of the match it’s only the howling of the loser! Here we go, Shintoukei serve!!”

Karin with her personality that hated to lose mercilessly smashed a serve with puzzling rotation. Unexpectedly the adult Kanae was exasperated with her allies’ brutality while saying “There is no need to go that far”.

The Witch’s Mansion team returned the ball flimsily somehow with Hikaru-senpai who had good reflexes as their center.

“Yotto” Kanae easily picked that up. Her smooth agility that was ignoring how they were on a sandy beach was characteristic of an outstanding magic swordsman.

Raising a sky high toss, Kazuha-senpai (desperate) yelled “Tenrou Kaidan!” to leap to the sky. From high in the air that made the net’s existence meaningless, she smashed down a spike that was like a meteor impact.

“Funyaaaa~!!” “This is impossible puu” “Giving up is no good wan wan!”

The magicians were screaming in the court with a panicked condition――at such a time.

“Giant Liz Liza arrives!!”

Together with two voices that were overlapping, a huge shadow trespassed into the court.

It was Kazuki with Liz Liza-sensei riding on his shoulders.

Kazuki also used Tenrou Kaidan, and together with Liz Liza-sensei they reached a height higher than Kazuha-senpai.

“I don’t give a damn anymore―!!”

Liz Liza-sensei that was half forced to ride Kazuki struck back the ball while howling.

Kohaku rushed at the falling point of the ball with her sharp foresight. However the ball that Liz Liza-sensei returned was shining with blue magic power light while spinning fiercely, the ball jumped to a wrong direction from Kohaku’s receiving hand.

“Wa, wait a second Hayshizaki! Don’t cut in out of nowhere!!”

Kazuha-senpai criticized in a flurried state.

“It’s fine isn’t it? This is a game so it’s not interesting to easily decide the winner like that.”

“We, well it’s fine because this is just a game……I’m not getting serious at all anyway……huff huff”

To Kazuha-senpai whose shoulder was heaving with heavy breath while her complexion was white from the effect of manipulating blood flow using magic power,

“You are risking your life no matter how I look at it.” Mio pointed with an exasperated face.

“Rather than that the rotation just now was……”

Kohaku was murmuring in shock. She was intending to capture the ball perfectly just now.

“Fuhn, you kiddy trashes! Rotating the ball with general magic? Don’t get carried away just because you can use magic cleverly a little! I’ll show you how it’s done!”

Liz Liza-sensei roared from the height above Kazuki’s shoulder.

Hikaru-senpai went “Awesome―, cool―!!” with shining eyes like a young boy from the entrance of their savior.

“If that’s how it is then we too will combine.”

The figure of Amaterasu was materializing quietly beside Kamimura-san before she carried Kamimura-san on her shoulder.

“The power of the chief god of the mythology of playing, I’ll let you witness it!”

Kamimura-san too “UOOOOOO” yelled a war cry without any motivation.

“U, unfair!” Mio was tugging at the swimsuit of Koyuki that was right beside her.

“Hiakari, we are combining too!!”

“Are you stupid, what are you going to do making your protected field getting smaller because of the field players combining. ……Please don’t pull at my shoulder strap!!”

Magika No Kenshi To Shoukan Maou Vol.12 101.jpg

And then.

“Haha, we lost haven’t weee…”

“Isn’t that your fault that we got charged with an unneeded penalty.”

“Isn’t it nice to be thought of as fellow companions like this?”

“Don’t say something that only sounds nice. Good grief, like this my dignity as a teacher is going to waste.”

――In the end the Witch’s Mansion team was defeated, Kazuki and Liz Liza-sensei who suddenly trespassed became buried under the sand as the penalty.

Being completely buried like this with only their heads sticking out was an extremely clichéd style of penalty.

“Gau gau” “Wan wan” Like dogs that was burying its important thing in the garden, Shinobu-senpai was burying Kazuki while Lotte was burying Liz Liza-sensei.

For the moment there was a resting time in the interval and during that time these two were commanded to take on the duty as the burial officers.

“Shinobu-senpai……that swimsuit is?”

“It doesn’t suit me?”

“No……I think it’s already transcended the matter whether it suited you or not……”

Shinobu-senpai was wearing a string swimsuit. Two lines of string were pulled up from her nether region until her breasts, it was really a risqué shot that only protected the minimum part.

It was the one that Miyabi-senpai wore before this where she grandly self-destructed.

At that time Miyabi-senpai forced herself to wear this swimsuit and Shinobu-senpai desperately stopped her while saying “Please come back to your senses Nee-sama!”

Right now, the person herself was wearing that. Furthermore…….

“The string on the breast, it’s completely shifted……”

“I know. But it’s troublesome to fix.”

Her nipples were completely exposed.

While she was moving both her arms a lot in her work to bury Kazuki the string shifted aside, the slingshot really became something extremely thrilling.

The strings that shifted at both sides of the breasts instead tightened the breasts tightly from outside to the inside and emphasized its presence.

Kazuki who was buried from below his neck couldn’t even shift his eyes aside.

“Kazuki, the moment my swimsuit shifted and my breasts came out, your pupils widened.”

“……Even though I’m working hard so it won’t come out on my expression, but to think you observed my pupils too.”

“I thought that you like this kind of thing, that’s why…”

Shinobu-senpai reached a point where she could pause burying Kazuki before she crawled on all fours in a pose like a female leopard before Kazuki’s face. Just like that she pressed her right breast on Kazuki’s face and he could feel something stiff pressing on his cheek.

“You like this?”

“…………There is no way I dislike it.”


If one was a pervert because of reacting to this, then he guessed all the men in the world were either homo or perverts.

“Liz Liza-sensei, me too!”

“I, I don’t need that kind indecent service! Stop it!!”

Lotte who was burying Liz Liza-sensei was also pressing her breast at Liz Liza-sensei’s face. However the sensation from that wasn’t really plump.

“Fufufu, right now Kazuki cannot escape no matter what is done to you.”

Shinobu-senpai’s eyes were shining ominously. Kazuki’s whole body was already completely buried into the sand. He could easily escape if he used Summoning Magic, but as expected doing that was just boorish. Using the power of magic to escape this standard punishment game would worsen the mood of the surroundings and he wouldn’t be able to avoid getting booed at.

Shinobu-senpai lowered her body until she was grazing the ground until the same height with Kazuki’s eyesight. They stared fixedly at each other for a while. After that she was rubbing her cheek with Kazuki’s. Even further she went ‘amu amu’ at Kazuki’s ear with her lips playing biting, just when he thought that was all a ‘chuu’ sound came from her lips on Kazuki’s cheek and ‘pero pero’ she licked around Kazuki’s face.

She was frolicking at Kazuki’s face as she pleased.

After doing that she met her lips with his.

The small lips that was lovely yet it was intensely sucking at him.

With that sucking strength, her tongue slipperily entered when Kazuki’s mouth was slightly opened, she licked around Kazuki’s gum then entangled her tongue with Kazuki’s stickily.

Shinobu-senpai was breathing fast with her nose while kissing him in a daze. Saliva was trickling down from their entangled lips, they fiercely kept kissing. ‘muchu muchu buchu buchu kuchu kuchu……’ the sound of the kiss was increasing in intensity. Heart marks were flying wildly about in proportion with that.

It was a staggering expression of love. Shinobu-senpai was once completely dependent on her older twin sister Miyabi-senapi, but right now the brunt of that dependence also became directed at Kazuki.

Saying it in reverse, now Kazuki was shouldering half of that dependence, so just how much Shinobu-senpai was clinging on Miyabi-senpai before this.

He felt something beyond imagination at the bond of the elf twins where it was only the two of them.

“Liz Liza-sensei, we too! Chu-chu!”

“ST―O―P―! Do that kind of thing just to Kazuki―!”

“Isn’t it fine because it’s only on the cheek desu. Chu-chu!”

“Although it’s just at the cheek, I still haven’t been kissed by anyone until now―! Uuu, doing whatever you please……my dignity as a teacher is……”

“Ehehe, Liz Liza-sensei today feels easy to get close to for some reason desu―”

Even at the side of Shinobu-senpai who kept kissing, Lotte was cutely kissing a lot at Liz Liza-sensei. However, certainly, Kazuki also felt for real how the distance with Liz Liza-sensei shrank down throughout this day.

They continued to play at the sea until the sun was sinking before Kazuki and group finally returned home to the knight academy.

If they used the magic light train exclusive for the knight order, the time of the journey felt like the blink of an eye.

The Witch’s Mansion that they hadn’t seen for a long time……that wasn’t really the case, Kazuki was led away into the student dormitory of the Sword Department. He was there as the prize.

“Is it really no good, unless I keep wearing my trunks……?”

Kazuki who was taken away still only wearing his swimsuit was grumbling, Kazuha-senpai who was pulling his hand answered him then.

“Because Amasaki-san said that [the winner can freely do whatever with Kazuki in swimsuit].”

After that, the Japan Mythology team splendidly defeated the Senior team and shined with their complete victory. The losing factor of the Senior team was because of Shouko’s motivation that was too mottled (spotty/lacking).

What to do specifically with the prize Kazuki, the conclusion of the Japan Mythology team’s discussion was……it was Kazuha-senpai that strongly insisted but, it became a [takeout to Sword Department for a stay over].[6]

Karin and Kamimura-san that weren’t part of the Sword Department were also going to participate at the stay over as team members.

“The reconstruction of the Sword Department, it was over already while we were gone to America huh.”

Kazuki wearing only trunks was bothered by the gazes of the surroundings while looking around, he then said that with deep emotion.

The Sword Department that was destroyed due to Nyarlathotep’s riot had a large scale construction performed on it for a long time. Because it now had an equal budget with the Magic Department, it was better to call this their rebirth rather than repair. The building became even more gorgeous compared to before. Well, even though he said gorgeous, but this nonchalant air of the building without any flaunting was like an high class inn of Kyoto. It made him feel the aesthetic sense of Japanese art emphasizing quiet simplicity and subdued refinement.

The gentle slope of artificial hill’s undulation and the thick greenery, then the line of tenement houses that was in harmony with those. There was not a single tall building here with spaciousness as far as the eye could see.

Compared to the Magic Department, the difference between the concept of western garden and Japanese garden could be well understood. Western gardens were arranged with artificial beauty that was trying to rule over nature, but Japanese gardens were trying to come together with nature by embedding human’s livelihood inside nature’s beauty. In contrast with the Magic Department’s garden that was showy to lift up the heart, in the Sword Department the garden had nostalgia that calmed down the heart.

The building of the student dormitory that only had three floors had vast width to compensate for that. It was divided between male dormitory and female dormitory, but Kazuki was led away into the female dormitory as if it was only natural.

A man wearing only trunks was led into the female dormitory at night.

Thinking objectively it was a horribly terrible situation. It was a premonition of a scandal.

As the Chief Student Council President, was it really okay for him to overlook this kind of situation?

It was fortunate that there was no sign of people considering the time.

Passing through the wide entranceway that was similar to a Japanese inn, Kazuha-senpai smiled in satisfaction.

“Fi―nally I can invite Kazuki into the student dormitory of the Sword Department.”

Kazuha-senpai demanded him since long ago to [come play more at the Sword Department]. That it was unfair for him to only keep staying at the Magic Department.

Everyone said that for the time being they would enter the bath and changed clothes and scattered to each of their rooms, Kazuki was made to wait at the [banquet hall]. It was a place that was exactly like a banquet hall of a hotel.

“Hehehe, you are still in just your swimsuit like that.”

Kazuha-senpai reminded him like that and left.

After a while, everyone reassembled again in the banquet hall wearing sleeping wear while looking warm after taking a bath.

It seemed that everyone of the Sword Department was wearing a short summer kimono as their sleepwear in the dormitory. The white light silk was clinging slightly transparent to the skin that looked lustrous after rising from bath. When looking at the skin color that was showing through around the area of the breasts and bottom, from the start this clothing was underwear type so it seemed that they weren’t wearing anything else underneath.

Their appearance was considerably erotic, however perhaps because it was what they were always wearing, everyone was unconcerned about it.

“Ya―i ya―i, you look stupid wearing only swimsuit alone in a Japanese room like this.”

Kazuha-senpai who was the perpetrator that was making him like this was happily sitting behind Kazuki before nudging at Kazuki’s shoulder repeatedly.

“But that gap is nice……exactly because this is an ordinary space where something like swimsuit is impossible to see here, it implicitly suggest the premonition that ero things will be carried out after this……this is exactly the aesthetic of non-nude erotica.”

Kamimura-san sat beside Kazuki and touched Kazuki’s skin all over with a strange smiling face while chuckling “fuhihi”.

“Are we going to film Nii-sama’s swimsuit image video!? My preparation is already finished any time!!”

Kanae was readying her cell phone while saying that.

“Stop with the recording, just not the video.” Kazuki reined in his little sister.

Furthermore from the side Karin was meaninglessly pulled at the rubber of his trunks ‘guii―’, so Kazuki slapped away that hand.

“Kohaku, you too don’t just fidget at the corner.”

Kazuha-senpai was beckoning at Kohaku who was being idle at the corner of the room.

When Kohaku’s eyes met Kazuki’s, her face turned red in a flash.

“……I, isn’t it better to wear some clothes……”

She was unexpectedly restrained, what an old-fashioned child.

“Come on go, Hayashizaki! WHUUUMP!”

Kazuha-senpai that was strangely in high spirits was strongly tackling him from behind, Kazuki was pushed by that and walked approaching Kohaku.

“No, I’m also feeling embarrassed though.”

Towards Kohaku who was averting her eyes from being troubled of where to look, Kazuki was also awkwardly scratching his head. Like this it was like he was sexually harassing her. Kazuha-senpai stood up and walked to Kohaku’s side.

“Kohaku, didn’t you say before that you want to shrink your distance more with Hayashizaki. That you don’t have many chances because you are in the Sword Department and you are also not a Magika Stigma. It’s no good if you are getting shy.”

By any chance, was Kazuha-senpai getting strangely enthusiastic at the volley ball game and then wishing to bring Kazuki home for the victory prize, was it for Kohaku’s sake?

It was just like a school trip, futons were spread out on the tatami of the banquet hall. Without using the fluorescent lamp, they lit a flame in the paper-enclosed lantern, making wondrous orange light and shadows filled the room.

The figure of the girls clad in transparent short summer kimonos, illuminated by orange colors was fantastic while also sensual, but unfortunately there was a man wearing only trunks mixed in among them.

They opened snacks that each of them brought and formed a circle where they were lying down and relaxing, forming a Japanese pajama party.

They did hanafuda game, then telling love stories.

Something like “Which one Kazuki likes the most inside the Witch’s Mansion?”

“What kind of play Kazuki has done until now?” or something like that, frank questions he had no way to answer was also coming at him.

“Now that you mention it, Kazuha-senpai, too, before this was……” he lightly counterattacked, “Wa―! Waa―!! Stop talking about that―!!” it made Kazuha-senpai fell into panic.

“Although I have resolved myself from sometime ago, but to be aware that Nii-sama is doing that kind of thing with other woman……it’s a complicated feeling, or perhaps I should say it comes full circle and I get excited……”

Kanae writhed on top of the futon and Kamimura-san yelled “Reverse NTR!”

“But Kanae-san yourself, you seem like you have been really assertively approaching him and did a lot of really amazing things though.”

Kazuha-senpai said her thinking that seemed only natural. However reality was not like that.

“When the moment arrives Kanae becomes shy before she acts like an idiot to hide her shyness and runs away.”

“Unyaaaaa!” Kanae writhed even more. “Kana-nyan-senpai is cute……” Kohaku’s eyes were shining from the pure aspect of Kanae.

“What about Karin-chan?” Kazuha-senpai turned to Karin.

“Love story……I don’t have an awareness for that kind of thing. After all, until now, I had never even thought that this kind of thing is just normal.”

For Karin who was raised as a spy for Chukadou, this kind of girls-only gathering was an unknown world.

“I thought that I’m a doll and that I’m unrelated to this kind of warm happy circle but, to be welcomed into the circle like this……I too, little by little came to experience that in this kind of place it’s fine for me to be here like this……”

Kamimura-san nodded in agreement.

“I understand. I too, am deeply thinking if it’s really fine for a shitty otaku like me to be here in this kind of place.”

If they couldn’t believe right now in this moment, then it was the duty imposed on the surrounding people to make them believe in it.

Until they could believe it from their hearts and rest assured, the people around could only be together with them, sympathized with each others’ feelings, touched each other, and ascertained their bond together. By repeating that over and over until they arrived at this point.

“Love huh……I don’t really understand love but, I’m thinking from the bottom of my heart that I [like] everyone and the current situation. I’m grateful to Kazuki that led me here, I like having fun playing with Kazuki and Lotte, I like the delicious meals that Kazuki cooks. That’s why Kazuki……I like him.”

Karin who was inexperienced in various matters reacted honestly like a child in any kind of situation, but this was the first time she honestly spoke of her feelings regarding Kazuki.

“I don’t understand the emotion of love but……. But when I’m looking at Kazuki naked like this, for some reason my feelings cannot calm down.”

“Oo―! So Karin-chan also has that kind of feeling!”

Kazuha-senpai raised a cheer. So this person loved love stories this much…….

“Let’s dig down deeper into that feeling. Have you ever felt like that when you look at other boys? What do you feel if you compare Kazuki with other men?”

“Towards other men……I never have the feeling of getting agitated like this. Compared to other men……I like Kazuki far far more. Is this, love?”

“WHUUMP!” Kazuha-senpai tackled Karin.

Karin’s eyes became circles from the surprise tackle while they were rolling around on the futon, they then crashed onto Kazuki. When Karin raised her face and stared at Kazuki, her face got red.

Kazuki lightly caught the rolling Karin in his arms. Though he was anxious because maybe the usual Karin would struggle violently if he did this kind of thing.

Inside Kazuki’s arms, a heart mark was flying at him from Karin.

Katsura Karin――62

For quite a long time her positivity level was at the range of 40, however her number went up perhaps from being urged to suddenly be aware of her feelings.

“Uuu……it’s embarrassing for some reason, what’s with this……” Karin curled into herself.

“Come on come on, what about you Kohaku―?”

This time Kazuha-senpai was provoking Kohaku by poking at her.

Karin was the first to fall asleep.

After putting a blanket on Karin who slept with her stomach exposed, everyone else was also thinking of turning off the light and going to sleep, they extinguished the fire and the hall was enveloped in a curtain of darkness.

Kazuki was at the center futon, at his left and right he was put between Kazuha-senpai and Kohaku.

He felt like Kazuha-senpai was nonchalantly taking the position like this.

That Kazuha-senpai didn’t even say anything to Kazuki, she turned her back to him and immediately fell asleep.

Soon sleeper’s breathing also became audible from the other futons.

It seemed that Kohaku at his side wasn’t sleeping. Her posture was facing at him and she was stealing glances at him with her eyes opening and closing……she was really bothered by him.

If it was with a magician’s eyes then it was possible to slightly look at each other even in the darkness as long as they were just conscious.

Kazuki was drawing closer at her futon by his own initiative. He got a strange thought that this movement was like yobai.[7]

“Kazuki……” Kohaku opened her eyes with a snap and leaked out her voice.

Kazuki sneaked inside the futon that was warmed with a body temperature that was different from his.

Kohaku embraced Kazuki with a force as if she was lit on fire.


Even though he told her already when they first met, that it was fine to not use polite language.

Kohaku conveyed her feelings with the words that seemed like her the most.

“Kazuki-dono……this one loves you dearly. Not for the sake of sword……although this one is not even a Magika Stigma.”

There was no doubt that Kohaku had two senses of inferiority.

Before, for the sake of her own school of sword style she confessed to Kazuki that she wanted to marry him, but he rejected her. Since then it made Kohaku’s approach pessimistic.

And then Kohaku wasn’t a Magika Stigma. That was why――there was no meaning in [conquering] Kohaku.

She was meaningless for the other party――surely that feeling also made Kohaku pessimistic.

However Kazuki……he decided not to get closer to a girl with the objective of obtaining power.

He decided to come into contact with girls only with a purer feeling.

“To look at other girls who came later on closing their distance with Kazuki-dono, made this one feel left behind……”

Kohaku leaked out her voice with a feeble voice. In reverse with that her embrace on him went tighter and she clung on him even closer.

For the two of them to face each other like this once again, a lot of time had already passed.

Kazuki lifted up the anxious face of Kohaku and put his lips on hers. It was a kiss where only their lips were touching. Kohaku was stiffening from nervousness. Kazuki was slowly touching their lips at each other softly before sweetly holding her lip between his lips, after separating for a moment and staring at each other he kissed her once more and waited for Kohaku’s pursed lips to come apart.

When Kazuki felt strength draining out from Kohaku’s whole body, he changed his angle and deeply met his lips on her mouth before inserting his tongue inside Kohaku’s lips.

Kohaku trembled in surprise but her strength soon left her body as if she was melting, letting him do as he pleased.

As if to invite Kazuki her tongue traced his tongue, she entwined her tongue modestly.

He had to carefully think, just how far he could bring this in. Kazuki didn’t understand Kohaku’s positivity level. He also didn’t understand just how her positivity level changed based on what he did. He couldn’t rely on the power of King.

However to be considerate of the other party was only something obvious. He had never forgotten even for a moment that time when right from the start he failed from not noticing Mio’s feelings.

Kohaku was also gradually becoming proactive in the kiss. Kazuki felt satisfaction for being able to draw out that proactiveness of hers. Feverish exhalation leaked out from the gap between their lips. Kazuki’s left arm strongly embraced Kohaku’s waist closer to him while his right hand was caressing lovingly at the ear of Kohaku who was kissing him. By tracing her earlobe, the sensitive part that was the ear which ordinarily was never touched shook. How Kohaku’s spine was shuddering was conveyed through his left arm. From her ear, straight through her dainty neck, then her delicate collarbone, he was tracing all those with his fingertip. He traced the contour of Kohaku’s bare skin and perceived the flesh of Kohaku as a girl.

While still kissing without stopping at all, he amassed heat into her body.

Kazuki’s right hand slipped into the chest area of the thin summer kimono. His hand directly covered over her bulge. The hold of his left arm stopped and his left palm crawled on Kohaku’s bottom through the fringe of her clothes. Even with his hold on her released but Kohaku didn’t get away from Kazuki but rather brought her body even closer to him.

Their lips separated with a thin string of saliva pulled between them.

“Kazuki-dono……I’m happy……” There was no need to know something like positivity level.

As if to welcome Kazuki, Kohaku took off her clothes by herself. Kazuki who was accepted by that erotic action stepped in even further. Inside the darkness Kohaku’s face was melting with rough breathing, the bud his right palm was feeling was swelling, the inside of her thigh that his left hand was rubbing got wet moistly. His fingertip was following towards the source of the wetness. While ascertaining Kohaku’s reaction, he was probing around at that place carefully.

At the depth of Kohaku’s well-rounded waist, something hot was leaking out even more together with a stifled voice.

As if to intersect with Kazuki’s left arm, Kohaku’s hand reached out at Kazuki’s waist.

She timidly caressed at the surface of the trunks that Kazuki was still wearing.

“It’s becoming hard……”

“Kohaku yourself is wet.”

After frankly pointing that out to each other, Kohaku felt shame once more and tried to look down. Before she could do that Kazuki forcefully kissed her one more time. While kissing his two hands were strongly torturing the bud of pleasure that he discovered. Kohaku’s waist wriggled captivatingly and she convulsed.

Kohaku was also awkwardly caressing Kazuki’s seething passion. The slow-going sensation felt pleasant.

The love from Kohaku whose positivity level couldn’t be seen by Kazuki, the love from Kazuki to Kohaku who was feeling inferior, they continued to ascertain each others’ feelings comfortably and gently until late at night with each others’ hands.

Next morning. The awakened Kazuha-senpai led out Kazuki to the corridor with her eyes shining.

“So, how was it last night!? What kind of things did you do!?”

Of all things……for a while Kazuki lost his words and finally answered.

“Kazuha-senpai is someone meddlesome more than I thought isn’t it……you are like an auntie.”


Part 3[edit]

With this and that it now became the last week of August, the appointed time was approaching.

Queen Kaguya finally departed towards the land of the final battle.

Not using plane but instead a ship was because they wouldn’t know what would happen along the way. Thinking about how they were going to arrive with time to spare before the appointed time at the location and how they had to wait fixedly until the gate opened when the time came, there was no other choice except using a ship.

Atlantis was further north from America, at the ocean southeast of Greenland.

First they would cross the Pacific Ocean and then go through the Panama Canal that traversed between the North American Continent and the South American Continent taking the route going north. Like that most of their course would be in the ocean area under the control of Japan and America, they wouldn’t be bothered by magic power clouds and would able to constantly obtain the benefits of a GPS.

Their final time would be spent aboard the ship.

Kazuki was being surrounded by huge mounds of books as if he was being chased by the homework of summer holiday.

A library was prepared on the Queen Kaguya where it was filled by all the mythology-related materials that both Japan and America possessed.

There was a possibility that by learning about the mythology it would become a hint to predict an opponent’s way of fighting.

Of course, Kazuki didn’t start investigating this only now when there was barely any time left, since they went home to Japan he had continued to receive the personal classes of Liz Liza-sensei all the time, but he couldn’t see the end no matter how much he studied.

It felt like now he became able to write one or two graduation theses of a university student through all this, but this was concerning the fate of the world at any rate.


Beside Kazuki, Koyuki was also carefully readingperusing a hard to understand book. Bookshelves were put haphazardly in the improvised library, it looked similar to Koyuki’s room in the Witch’s Mansion.

Sometimes his other comrades were also studying together with Kazuki, but the frequency Koyuki came was especially a lot.

On this day Kazuki was just alone with Koyuki.

Koyuki was supposed to be experienced in reading so she was a reliable existence to whom he could consult with when he didn’t know the translation――,

“Puu puu”

But Koyuki was holding a thick book with her small body while she was leaning close to Kazuki with her body rubbing on him.

The progress of the page wasn’t going well.

“Koyuki, you aren’t concentrating at all……”

“……Because, when I noticed it’s just the two of us all alone……”

“This is shameful for Koyuki-san who is famed as the number one bookworm in the Magic Department of all people.”

“Thinking calmly I was only reading because it was boring being alone, perhaps I actually do not like reading that much……”

“What a blunt thing to say!”

“If right now there is Kazuki at my side then I like Kazuki more than a book……”

‘Rub rub rub rub……’ Koyuki who was coming on to him like that was already not reading the letters in the book. The gentle neat and clean fragrance that reminded him of a white flower tickled his nose. Now that it came to this even Kazuki became unable to concentrate at the hard to understand book.

“Good grief, even though we have to study right now.”

“I’m sorry……please punish me.”

Koyuki gave him a peek of her face as a masochist attention seeker and spoke as if she was using the ace up her sleeve.

‘So actually she just wants to ask for punishment.’

While Kazuki was feeling exasperated, nevertheless, he was also being half excited when he faced Koyuki.

He was suddenly told to punish her, then what should he do? Koyuki was the ultimate passive girl so she was looking for advanced insight in communication.

After giving it consideration, Kazuki lifted up Koyuki from her chair lightly and rolled her on the soft and fluffy carpet. While rolling with her stomach showing like a dog, Koyuki’s eyes were sparkling in anticipation.

Koyuki’s clothing was that of a lovely summer outfit that she wore on their previous date. While it was a neat and tidy outfit but it was also a liberal blouse with her navel exposed. It had no sleeves, and the hot pants laid bare her thighs. Her exposed smooth skin looked soft everywhere.

He took the ankles of Koyuki’s dainty legs that were like flower stalks into his hands and lifted them up until the height of his waist when he was standing. Koyuki’s two legs were opened unbecomingly, Kazuki then took off his socks while allotting his right leg on the exposed crotch area of the hot pants.

“Thi, this punishment……!?”

Koyuki was trembling like the enemy character in a pro-wrestling manga that received the sure-kill technique of the main character.

This was――the stance of Electric Anma Massage.[8]

Perhaps she would be tickled and laugh, or maybe she would fret, get exasperated, or maybe get angry at him. This was an action that he couldn’t predict at all just what reaction she would give him.

“Thi, this kind of childish act……you are not Hikaru-senpai……”

Now that she told him that, this was something that Hikaru-senpai would seem to do.

Kazuki began to move his right foot with a feeling like a mischievous brat.

First it was gentle, tender rubbing. He did that while confirming whether Koyuki was seriously hating this.

“A……yah……there-……” Koyuki raised a husky voice.

Little by little he strengthened the vibration of his foot. He was by no means rough, he was accelerating with little repeated movement. Just like a massaging device controlled with magic power, he was using accurate pitch.

‘rub rub rub……’ such movement was gradually ‘ba ba ba ba ba……’ becoming intense.


Koyuki’s whole body was shivering and her back curved like a bridge. Both her hands clenched and she tightened her lips strongly, she was showing an expression as if she was enduring something. Her inner thigh was putting on strength but she couldn’t escape him or anything, she was writhing helplessly.

The hot pants with its thin fabric was conveying to him the squishy sensation of a girl’s ravine. Kazuki’s foot was mercilessly continuing to vibrate like a machine and the spot was soaked in……it was traced with moisture.

His movements became even more intense. Koyuki finally showed him a clear reaction.

“Aaaaaaah, I’m like this from a foot-! I, it’s intense-! I, it feels good! ♡”

She looked like she was seriously feeling really good.

There was no way he could believe that she would react like this.

Even though he did this only because he thought it would be a little interesting.

The Electric Anma Massage strengthened with magic power was like a completely different thing now compared to a children’s game.

From Koyuki’s white navel that was exposed until her waist in her hot pants were writhing and convulsing. It was one of the ways Koyuki would tremble when she reached climax.

The sensation that the sole of his foot was feeling was going beyond sliminess into soaking wetness.

Even so Kazuki was looking down on the rolling and writhing Koyuki with a cool gaze and continued the vibration of his foot.

“This is a punishment, I won’t stop that simply you know.”

“No, no way……♡ I’m turning strange! I’m turning really strange! Aaaaaaah! ♪”

Twice, thrice, Koyuki was convulsing. In concert with her emotion’s arousal her whole body was tinged with blue magic power. The masochism that Koyuki was feeling was unconsciously invoking magic and amplifying the pleasure.

Perhaps it was better to take off her hot pants and underwear already……that was how wet she was but, there was a meaning in not stopping Electric Anma Massage in the middle and continuing to do it. He couldn’t give her any rest. Continuation was exactly what Anma was.

Koyuki was focusing with eyes colored in feverish carnality at the gaze of Kazuki that was looking down on her coolly.

The act of Electric Anma Massage showed a plain pecking order between the participants. That made Koyuki writhe even more. This was just a simple idea, but this was pushing on Koyuki’s buttons amazingly.

And yet Kazuki was also embracing a really new sensation somehow.

“I came, so many……even though I’ve already become sensitive like this……this, is torture-, I’m breaking-”

Koyuki was sobbing happily. Tears were floating at the corners of her eyes, her long ears became red until the tips, she was letting out a sweet voice continuously with gasping breath. The tip of her glossy tongue inside her opened mouth was trembling. Her expression was colored by a little abnormal pleasure and even drool was spilling out from the corner of her lips.

It wasn’t beautiful, but it was an expression that would make any man think that it was cute from the bottom of the heart.

The cherubic beautiful girl with childishness still remaining in her was blooming into a flower of degeneration and carnality.

“For, forgive me already, please forgive me.”

“You want to stop?”

“Tha, that’s……”

“My foot, you hate it?”

“……I, I like it! I like the sole of Kazuki’s foot! I like being stepped on-♡”

Finding out submission from that act, Koyuki was connected into even more pleasure.

Kazuki too, he didn’t understand the logic, but his feelings understood. This was……SM……?

――That space of dream had cold allophone noise [click] mixed into it.

The door of the room opened.

“Kazuki, if there is something you don’t understand……”

Liz Liza-sensei who was saying that kindly while entering the room raised her voice “UoWAa!?” and her large blue eyes opened wide roundly.

“You, you two, what are you doing? What about the study……?”

Kazuki finally stopped his soaked wet right foot and hung his head down.

“……Just, what am I doing……”

Koyuki was breathing roughly while covering her face with both her hands.

“……I don’t know……”

There was no self-loathing or regret but, Kazuki and Koyuki were weighed on by the feeling of crossing over some line.

Hazy white vapor was enshrouding the pink colored paradise together with a peculiar fragrance characteristic to an onsen.

That his head was flaring hot wasn’t only because he was soaked inside hot water.

“It’s a good hot water isn’t it~, Otouto-kun♪”

Kaguya-senpai was smiling cheerfully while saying that. His disposition was to be reserved, even so they were currently soaking inside a bathtub at a distance where each other’s figure was clearly visible.

The vapor filling the room wasn’t at the level that could hide each other’s body.

Bringing in a towel into the water was prohibited. Of course that included Kazuki.

“The time is limited, so Kazuki entering the bath alone is just wasteful♪”

Not just Kaguya-senpai, Hikaru-senpai was also saying that while smiling cheerfully.

“Mu~, Kazuki look over here too.”

Mio who was chasing after Kazuki’s gaze was bloating up her cheeks. Surely she was saying that half-jokingly though. Koyuki beside her was also facing him with a demanding gaze.

Lotte and Kamimura-san were also huddling close at each other by the two of them while looking at Kazuki.

“……” With a line of sight that was facing a little below Kazuha-senpai was looking at Kazuki’s submerged body devouringly. She only wanted to be looked at.

“Why is everyone relatively calm……? Does this kind of thing always happen at the Witch’s Mansion……?”

Kanae leaked out her voice. The Kanae and Kohaku duo were looking down shyly at the corner.

“How nice is it that it’s always like this, the Witch’s Mansion……just why didn’t the me of last year aim to be the student council president.” “Gau” Miyabi-senpai and Shinobu-senpai were also here.

There was no way it was always like……that wasn’t necessarily wrong though.

The large public bath of the Queen Kaguya finally turned into a complete mixed bathing.

Of course originally it was the male bath, but when Kazuki was going to enter, those with especially high positivity level even among the girls for some reason was accompanying Kazuki. It was almost natural while making merry, they took off their clothes together in the changing room and then entered the bath together.

When he was going to follow the custom to first wash his body, Kaguya-senpai went “There are not any other people here so it’s better to start with warming the body” and pulled his hand into the bathtub, and now it became like this.

“~♪” At first there was a little distance between them while they were soaking in hot water, yet Kaguya-senpai was gradually getting closer to him while humming. She was approaching near.

Her breasts were floating on the water――that fact was known to him beforehand though.

‘So even Kaguya-senpai’s breasts are properly floating…….’

The extremely voluminous and impressive breasts were lightly and easily floating, it even looked as though it was violating the laws of physics. His gaze was unintentionally sucked to it. When Kaguya-senpai was gradually approaching him, that two manjuu were kept jolting here and there while floating.

His hand was reflexively reaching out.

“Ahn♪” Kaguya-senpai’s voice sounded like she was waiting for it.

Usually they were heavy breasts that made him concerned that it would hurt if he didn’t touch and lift them up, but the breasts that were floating in hot water didn’t make him feel their weight. They were just merely floating earnestly. With that as the start……the girls in the surroundings began to move.

“I’m also touching Kazuki~♪”

Hikaru-senpai leaped at the back of Kazuki who became engrossed with the breast, raising splashes of water. Hikaru-senpai also nonchalantly pressed her big breasts on him *munyu-* before circling her hands around the waist of Kazuki inside the bathtub.

“Fufufu, I wonder what happens with this place~♪” She was smiling mischievously.

“Kazu-nii-!” Mio who couldn’t hold back and raised a sweet voice also pushed her way through the hot water, she then kissed repeatedly at the side face of Kazuki who became engrossed with the two senpai.

She kept kissing many times as if to ask him to look her way.

Kazuki turned at the lovable kisses and plugged her charming lips.


Perhaps because they were soaked inside hot water, he was even feeling choked while their tongues were entangled with each other.

“Aa, Kazuki, you are reacting-“ Hikaru-senpai was having fun touching at the change of Kazuki’s flesh.

“Puu puu” “Kazuki-oniisan~” “What eroge is this?”

An opening――the petite Koyuki, Lotte, and Kamimura-san, the three of them discovered an opening between the clinging people and sneaked into there.

The members of the Witch’s Mansion completely became a single lump of oshikura manjuu.[9] A giant meat bun submerged in a bathtub. He didn’t even understand which girl was touching which part of him, anyway everywhere on his whole body felt a soft sensations and was surrounded by nice aromas.. When he rubbed to enjoy the softness someone leaked out a sweet voice. When his breathing was getting rough demanding oxygen, he was inhaling in someone’s sweet breath into his body.

Blood was rushing to his head.

Kazuki shook off the girls coiling around him and rose from the bathtub.

“Geez, you are still not there yet if you cannot do something like manipulating your blood pressure using magic power, Otouto-kun.”

Kaguya-senpai said with reluctance at the parting.

“Fufufu, I’ve been waiting for this moment!” “Gau gau”

When he was climbing out from the bathtub, the Ryuutaki sisters were lying in wait like a surging wave.

They embraced him tightly with half tackling, causing them to fall and tumbled towards the washing place.

“Kazuki……this is the bathroom so you have to wash your body. Fufufu, it can’t be helped then.”

Kazuha-senpai held a soap in her hand and joined in there, she then slid fragrance soap between herself and Kazuki’s body. Both of their bodies were making each other’s body turn slippery together with a sweet aroma.

This fragrance soap……the aroma was different than usual…….

For some reason the aroma was making his reasoning go even further away from him. Is this an, aphrodisiac soap?

“Ni, Nii-sama―! I’ll wash you too―!” “Thi-thi-thi-thi-this one too―!!”

The Sword Department duo also resolved themselves and leaped at him. Their bodies were entangled with each other while slipperiness was spreading all over their bodies. Once again he was pressed everywhere with manjuu. It was a meat bun gliding on the washing place. He didn’t even understand which was where, but the slippery parts felt even better. The sweet voices in the surroundings was rapidly getting even more worked up. Small shivers were mixed amidst the slipperiness.

However the bubbles were rapidly increasing fluffily all over with every body movement.

Finally his mouth was blocked by the bubbles and he became unable to breath.

Kazuki shook off the girls coiling around him, grasped the shower and washed himself.

“If it’s just oxygen then create it with your magic power.”

Kazuha-senpai said something with a plainly high hurdle using a reluctant tone from their parting.

“Otouto-kun, our body hasn’t been washed yet~”

Before Kazuki could sneak away, Kaguya-senpai and the others had went around and were waiting for him, cutting off his way out.

“Wash us with your hand, come on-“

Kaguya-senpai and Hikaru-senpai that were sitting on the bathtub opened their bodies flauntingly and tempted him close.

Certainly……not just him, if everyone’s body wasn’t washed……. Driven by his sense of responsibility, Kazuki made foam with both his hands and crawled each of his hands to both senpai. Having calmed down compared to before, he thoroughly felt their bodies until every nook and cranny was touched and cleaned.

Both senpai had completely different body builds. Kaguya-senpai was overflowing with sultry feminine voluptuous softness, but Hikaru-senpai had liveliness in her tight body.

Their charms were taken to the extreme in the opposite directions. And their figures were now exposed in front him just like when they were born.

“……Kazuki-kun♡ Wash properly the inside of our bodies……♡”

Kaguya-senpai’s hand softly took Kazuki’s palm while she slowly opened her thighs, still sitting on the chair, she was guiding Kazuki’s hand towards her ravine. It was slippery――.

“Kazuki, the inside of my body too-♡ From here……♡”

Hikaru-senpai half-rose to her feet from the chair, her body turned in a circle and she pushed her butt to him, she took Kazuki’s hand and guided it towards her lovely contraction.

“Kazuki-kun-♡ Kazuki-kun’s finger is gentle-♡”

“Deeper-♡ Touch my bottom even deeper-♡”

Kazuki gently rubbed their inside. Both of them had their waists shuddering together with sweet voices and hitched breathing.

“Kazuki-kun- kiss! ♡ Kiss me-!♡”

“Me too-♡! I’m first-!♡”

Both of them badgered Kazuki for a kiss in a quarrel at both his face’s sides.

“Ehehe, I’m next~” Mio and also Koyuki sat on the bathtub and waited for Kazuki.

In an instant Mio’s glance met Kazuki’s eyes, she then smiled bashfully while spreading out her body on the chair, showing it to Kazuki.

The bold temptation from everyone continued to fire up Kazuki’s body forever without him withering down.

“Fu-fu-fu” A daring chuckle leaked out, a brown skinned young girl who wasn’t there until now materialized and stood imposingly with her arms crossed.

“You have grown as a harem king haven’t you, my king……Leme is proud-! Of course Leme will be the last!”

“……Late essential member?” Kamimura-san murmured absent-mindedly.[10]

“I’m the last heroine-!” Leme talked back.

Part 4[edit]

With various events occurring, like that, the ship passed over the Panama Canal and then began to north for a while.

“The ship has lost control.”

Gathering everyone on the bridge, the ship captain Akane-senpai said that.

That voice which kept its cool was unlike Akane-senpai, this being because she had heard about it beforehand from Kazuki.

It wasn’t like the sea was stormy or anything. The waves were calm and there was also almost no wind.

But a great amount of rainbow magic power was covering the sea surface, leaving not a single spot exposed.

That magic power was carrying the ship somewhere.

No matter how the bridge tried to steer the rudder it was meaningless. There was nothing they could do except letting themselves to be carried away.

Rainbow colored magic power――it was the magic power of the manager.

Naturally he told the story of Basileon to everyone too. Though he almost half-forgot to do that.

If they headed to Atlantis at the appointed time, they would be naturally guided to the gate for the use of Japan, that was what that guy said. This was what he meant.

“It feels like we were put on a conveyor belt. Just by leaving it alone we will be carried until the gate of Japan right at noon on the first of September. The speed and the direction are automatic.”

“Tou-!” Suddenly the window opened and Hikaru-senpai leaped into the sea.

While all present became dumbfounded and lost their words――Hikaru-senpai rose to the surface of the sea of rainbow magic power with a splash.

Even though senpai wasn’t moving her legs and arms at all, her body was naturally advancing keeping pace with the ship.

“Ahaha! Even a flesh and blood human is properly getting carried! Amazing!!”

Logically speaking that was true, but Hikaru-senpai’s outrageous challenge made all of them feel like their hearts were going to stop. He patted down his chest in relief.

“That looks fun!” Karin continued after Hikaru-senpai and dived into the sea.

Giving a glance to that, “……Good grief, what kind of magic power is this I wonder.” Akane-senpai sighed.

This wasn’t a magic power of a single magician or a Diva.

The remaining of [the imperfect ultimate illusion] created from the previous Ragnarok that ended in failure was used to manage the current Ragnarok. That was this rainbow magic power.

And then they came to see a blue magic power cloud enshrouding their path ahead. This excessively dense magic power cloud that was different from usual was also created from the magic power of the manager.

“It’s dangerous if we become unable to see anything so please return to the ship!”

Kazuki called out towards Hikaru-senpai and Karin.

The ship entered inside the magic power cloud. With this the radar and the GPS, all kinds of devices became unusable. They also mostly couldn’t see the scenery around them, the ship was now not moving by its own rudder but by the tide of magic power. Now everyone didn’t understand directions anymore like which was left and right or north and south.

They were completely blindfolded to where this ship was advancing to.

Everything was entrusted to the so called manager.

Surely somewhere inside this blue magic power cloud that was enshrouding a terrifically wide range, there were also the other countries’ ships. It was unknown which country would enter Atlantis through which gate…….

One more day progressed after that. Thereupon on the path with a bad field of vision because of the magic power cloud, suddenly a deep black steel wall began to become visible, towering high. That was the wall that the investigation team of America witnessed.

However, at the path of the ship of Kazuki and group, the wall opened a rectangle hole with a snap.

America’s investigation team couldn’t discover this kind of wall or anything else, but Basileon said that he hid the entrances using magic so he guessed that it reacted to Kazuki’s group getting closer and the seal was dismissed. That was to say that this was undoubtedly the entrance gate for Japan’s use.

It was as though the ship was sucked in, entering the hole of darkness even blacker than the wall of black steel.

Inside the wall was dark. If there was a gateway then the path should be visible due to the light from the outside, but he couldn’t see anything like that. Before long right in the middle of the darkness, it seemed that the ship stopped somehow.

Kazuki looked at his watch. It was eight o’clock on the first of September. It would be four more hours until noon.

It seemed that the transport using rainbow magic power wasn’t as accurate as he thought, there was still time.

The ship was in a state of standing by.

“This is like telling us to build up our courage until the time comes isn’t it. ……But being in the waiting room will only make the athlete get nervous instead.”

Mio said such. To that everyone was nodding.

Four hours later, everyone concerned gathered at the bridge again looking over the watch with held breaths.

The second hand of the clock that was moving steadily was advancing to the number of twelve, at the same time the hour hand and the minute hand also went *tick!* in their movements.

――The three hands of the clock overlapped into one at the number twelve.

Noon had come.

The darkness on their path was excised swiftly from below to above, rectangle light was overflowing out. It was the light of the outside. The ship began to glide towards it.

The ship exited the gate. There, Atlantis was before their eyes.

A wharf that looked like a natural port was in front of their eyes, the ship was made to come alongside it. While being overwhelmed by the scenery before their eyes, Kazuki’s group that was a hundred knights got down on the land in order.

Translator's Notes and References[edit]

  1. Naturally…
  2. I guess what they mean here is like Oda Nobuna no Yabou or Koihime Musou, where famous general got turned into woman. i.e. Rule 63
  3. gg
  4. DQN is internet slang in Japan that means delinquent.
  5. Hentai has various meaning in the Japanese language, the popular meaning is pervert. But actually its first meaning is transformation. This is a play of words by the author.
  6. The takeout can also mean a one-night stand
  7. Yobai = Creeping at night into a woman’s bedroom; stealing into a girl’s bedroom at night to make love
  8. Anma is a type of massage in Japan.
  9. Children’s game in which three or more stand back-to-back in a circle and jostle
  10. What she said here is a word used to refer to a new character who makes an entrance when the story is nearing the end.
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