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Chapter 2 – Super Night’s Pro-Wrestling Time[edit]

Part 1[edit]

Kazuki and the others slipped out from the forest with the guidance of Britain’s Robin Hood.

There was a meager plain spreading at a corner of Atlantis.

The ground was cut off there, ahead a sky that felt like it could absorb in the onlooker was spreading out with rainbow clouds swimming there. Strong headwind was also blowing.

This seemed to be the spot that was placed at the farthest edge of the flying small continent.

「I wonder if this strong wind obstructed the growth of the trees and made this remote place a plain.」

Akane-senpai leaked out that inquiry of hers and then she immediately smiled wryly and denied it.

「No way, there is no meaning at all to think about the nature of Atlantis’s environment using something like natural science.」

「Akane is big-headed even in this kind of time huh.」Kanon-senpai laughed.

Japan, Britain, Germany, these three countries――this alliance would take a rest by making an encampment here.

The knights dissolved their magic dresses and returned to the appearance of their knight order uniform. They weren’t just wearing uniforms, everyone was carrying baggage on their backs. They took out tents from that baggage and set up the stakes solidly so that the wind wouldn’t blow it away. It wasn’t like they had advanced arrangements, but Japan, Britain, and also Germany had come here bringing preparation and food for camping.

The open space at the center was left empty. Japan was grey, Britain was navy blue, and Germany was brown, groups of tents that numbered more than a hundred painted in three different colors were filling the plain. The tents didn’t have camouflage applied on them, but inside this thick magic power cloud it was impossible from the start to look at from afar.

Even the bow sniping that was launched by Italia’s Knight Order from the mountain peak shouldn’t be able to detect resting opponents inside the dense magic power cloud. They were able to secure safety here.

The time was seven o’clock at night, and then the magic power cloud was increasing in density the lower the curtain of night descended.

Likely it would be hard to battle tonight. The enemy would surely rest too until the magic power cloud faded, and they too should take a rest here. Like that Robin Hood discovered for them the optimum place for encampment.

When the camp set up was finished, the largest tent was turned into the 『General Staff Headquarters』 where the three leaders, Kazuki, Arthur, and Beatrix gathered to talk about their plan from here on. Inside the dim place, the three sat down looking at each other. Kazuki was wearing his usual knight academy uniform, Arthur was in her trademarked male suit, while Beatrix was in her Einherjar uniform look.

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「Perhaps this magic power cloud won’t clear up until dawn. If we can rest that much then even we can still fight.」

Beatrix spoke with her voice feigning cheerfulness.

Certainly, it was just several hours time of rest, but for Germany that was on the verge of being annihilated it should be a great blessing for them.

「But in Germany’s case, the problem is their morale. They won’t be so understanding if they were told to fight for Britain or Japan’s sake.」

Arthur pointed that out right away. Germany’s odds of winning were already almost none――Arthur was saying that indirectly.

Even so, the knights still had fighting spirit left, that was what Arthur pointed out sharply.

Also, since they linked up, Beatrix’s atmosphere seemed depressed somehow.

Beatrix who was always characteristically smiling heartily was going 「uu, mu……」 with a grimace.

Beatrix herself was someone who would fight no matter what happened until the very end. But this talk wasn’t about Beatrix alone.

Right now, she was placed at the position to shoulder the whole Einherjar without even any preparation of heart.

However she soon lifted her face with a resolute look.

「All of us share the same thinking, that the forces of chaos cannot be let to win. In the first place we love the fight itself. No matter what kind of position we are in, we will enjoy this festival until the end.」

Speaking logically then Arthur’s doubt was natural, however there was no way the berserkers of the Einherjar would lose their fighting morale.

If they stopped fighting just because they were fated to lose……then that was nothing more than a betrayal of their own faith.

「That’s obvious you stupid idiot!!」[1]

Suddenly the entrance of the tent was flipped and Damian showed her face while yelling.

「……My apologies for doubting you. Let’s cooperate with each other once more until we defeat those who should be defeated.」

Arthur lowered her head towards Beatrix. Damian also withdrew with a satisfied look.

Surely it will be okay to not doubt both Beatrix and Arthur until the very end…….

At that time Kazuki thought of the two as his true allies.

In the end, they would be his opponents in a battle where a single seat would be contested, so perhaps that was a naïve thought of him.

But if they all fought to the end without worrying of betrayal and didn’t act as onlookers, that would give birth to a great strength that Loki and his group didn’t have.

Even naivety could be a worthy strength――proving that by winning would be the true victory for him.

Kazuki changed the topic.「……What will be troublesome while we rest is Ilyailiya’s existence. No matter what kind of surveillance network and patrol we spread, that woman alone can tear all those apart by herself.」

The fastest on the battlefield. The three people in this place had experienced to their flesh and bones just how powerful the presence of such existence displayed.

The longer the battle dragged on, Ilyailiya would control more of the battle situation where she would be in the superior position.

「If only they didn’t break through us and we had surrounded her at that place and defeated her……」

Beatrix who let go of a chance of a lifetime mourned.

「If it’s a surveillance network then it’s fine. At our side we have the strongest at secret intelligence in the forest, Robin Hood.」

Arthur said smoothly.

Robin Hood――a powerful Diva that shouldered the dark side of Britain Mythology, so to speak a powerful existence that could also be said as the chief god of Britain.

And for that Diva to obtain the geographical advantage…….

「Is she at the level that she can check the elusive Ilyailiya alone?」

If the magic power cloud was this thick, then rushing around at super high speed would be advantageous rather than standing guard.

Ilyailiya who possessed both strength and speed was overwhelming in this situation.

Just how would Robin Hood alone deal against Ilyailiya who would come with super speed from an unknown direction?

At that time a different voice entered their hearing like a sneaking wind.

「It will be impossible alone, but Robin Hood is not alone. After all Robin Hood wasn’t fantasized as one personal.」

Dark green shadow sneaked into the tent with slippery motion.

A woman in a green hat and mantel that even Kazuki recognized――the contractor of Robin Hood.

「Gino Wayclip.」

Arthur said that name in introduction.

Now that she mentioned it this wasn’t the first time he exchanged words with her, but he didn’t know her name.

Gino smoothly talked without any boasting.

「Seven Robin Hoods have already been brought down by Ilyailiya. But I am concealing a total of a hundred Robin Hood in the forest.」


Kazuki and Beatrix spoke dumbfoundedly at the same time.

「Robin Hood’s magic……『Deep Green Chivalrous Thief GroupGreen Merry men』. ……Please think of it like a clone technique. My contracted Diva is the embodiment of the mass’s hope. I’ll show how to block a King using a human wave tactic as befitting the masses.」

The secret war between the fastest King and the deep green shadow had already started.

「As long as they are inside a forest, all Robin Hoods can share their senses. If there is a Robin Hood that encountered Ilyailiya, the other Robin Hoods in the area will immediately head there and continuously chase her with constant observation of her movements. If there is a movement that approached our stronghold, I’ll report it right away.」

「Such ability……」

Inside his heart Kazuki thought, if that ability was used to enable these three countries to merge from the start. However Britain made defeating Lancelot and Mordred as their first priority. Because they couldn’t let someone else defeat those two. That was the matter of their mythology faith, so to speak it was something that concerned their identity, that was why it couldn’t be helped.

Be that as it may, in their current situation there was nothing more reliable than this ability.

「The King that boasted to be the fastest is like an existence that is everywhere. But the masses are also everywhere. This can also be said as ubiquitous confrontation between king and the masses.」

Arthur threw out her chest proudly at her subordinate’s ability. Strictly speaking, rather than subordinate, if King Arthur was the light then in contrast Robin Hood was the shadow. In a sense they were opposing existences. But perhaps it was exactly for that reason that she was proud.

「How is it going with Ilyailiya?」

Kazuki asked Gino.

「Ilyailiya, I think she already noticed that the countless Robin Hoods have built-in senses sharing. Rather than searching for our location, she was starting to move sporadically to crush the clones following her whim. I believe that I can conclude that even though this is Ilyailiya we are talking about, it will be impossible for her to penetrate Robin Hood’s sight and launch interference or a surprise attack here.」

「What’s going to happen if all the Robin Hoods are crushed?」

「I’m releasing additional into the forest sequentially. There are not just a hundred of them. I just cannot control more than a hundred at the same time.」

「So you can replenish the clones as long as you have magic power. Is your magic power amount okay?」

「The hundred clones’ battle strength is like paper scrap, so the magic power needed is not very much. The defeated remains will also return into magic power and return to me. This is the power of the masses, so its excellent fuel consumption can be boasted.」

Indeed, it was a magic without defect.

「Even Ilyailiya has fatigue from the battle this afternoon. It’s unthinkable that she would plan to have a battle of endurance the whole night against Gino alone. Conversely speaking, it would be just the best if we can have Gino work hard here to exhaust Ilyailiya until her spirit dried up completely.」

Arthur talked as though she was using her comrades as something disposable.

Kazuki became just a bit concerned. The Arthur that Kazuki knew shouldn’t be that kind of person. She looked calm, but perhaps she was so worked up that she was a bit discomposed.

「Conversely I’ll attempt to wring out where the enemy is setting up their camp from the range where Ilyailiya is appearing frequently.」

「That would be beneficial information if you can get it.」

If it was a method to search for the enemy’s location then there was also Fuuka-senpai’s『Direction Witch』, but it was unreliable in its accuracy. If Gino could narrowed down the range even just for a little, they would be able to compare the two information and produce information that could be relied on.

If they understood where the enemy was, their side could have the option to launch a surprise attack.

「But it’s better for you not to be too reckless. Be careful.」

「You don’t need to worry about my subordinates too.」

Arthur laughed in amusement.

「It’s natural to fight with your life on the line, but it will be tiring if we don’t continue to be considerate of each other in this harsh battle won’t it?」

Kazuki believed that such thinking was connected to the mental strength.

Arthur and Gino slightly raised their eyebrows……Arthur relaxed her expression.

「……Fufuh, I guess you’re right. That’s the way you do things. Certainly we are in the middle of resting right now, we have to ease up our emotions during this kind of time.」

Before one knew it the face of the gentle girl had stiffened.

「Indeed, if one cannot consider their subordinate’s feelings, even if they become a strong king they cannot be called as a splendid king. Let me make a correction then. Gino, I’ll have you force yourself, but it’s necessary. Your hard work will enable all of us to have precious rest. I’m sorry but I’ll rely on you, and be careful.」

Gino shrugged cynically and exited the tent.

「Then I will advance the situation carefully, if something dangerous happened then I’ll immediately say 『Help I’ll die!』 to report it.」

She said that while leaving.

Perhaps it hit a bull’s eye, Beatrix snorted「Bufuh!」.

「A cool person like that saying things like that that make the other party troubled of how to react is nice huh. Eleonora too often takes that kind of attitude with me. ……By the way has Japan and Britain prepared provisions?」

「Of course, we will bet the dignity of the great British Empire to prepare gorgeous and extravagant British cooking.」

「Then let’s have a great barter party to exchange meals! We won’t be able to rest well if we don’t have fun!」

Beatrix laughed more like the boss of mountain bandits or pirates rather than a King.

A camp fire was kindled at the open space that was left empty at the center of the camp.

Flame that stirred up the instincts was blazing up and smoking blue in the magic power cloud.

Several British knights were starting to play musical instruments simultaneously. It was the music of Gigue――the traditional Celt dance. Matching the light rhythmical beat of three that sounded *tarata, tarata*, the magicians performed dance steps.

The sound of the Celt flute also awakened nostalgia in the chests of Japanese people for some reason, several Japanese knights also joined the dance by imitating the steps.

「Drink alcohol moderately to the degree that it won’t be a hindrance tomorrow!」

Arthur lifted a glass with her right hand and commanded so to the surroundings.

Arthur explained when she noticed Kazuki’s gaze.

「Making merry grandly just before the decisive battle is the style of Britain’s Knight Order. ……Well, last night we also partied though.」

「Arthur-san, how old are you?」

「I’m nineteen, but currently you can drink after you become fifteen in Britain. After all perhaps magic power can neutralize the harm of alcohol. ……Perhaps.」

That didn’t sound like it had any medical basis at all.

But all the British knights seemed to heartily love alcohol, *gulp, gulp* they drained up liquors that seemed to have strong alcohol content. Even Beatrix and the others, the robust female knights of Germany had their eyes turning round seeing that.

「And then if we are talking about superstition of what to eat before the decisive battle――it’s haggis!!」

Arthur who was already a bit in a good mood took some kind of thick sausage and lifted it up to the sky.


Suddenly Liz Liza-sensei yelled with incomprehensible vigor. The British knights at the surrounding also yelled loudly in excitement. Or rather than calling it yelling, it more like they were roaring.

「Haggis, what’s that?」

When Kazuki tilted his head asking that, Koyuki rushed over to him with small steps.

「Haggis is a traditional dish of Scotland, a food where the internal organs of a sheep is crammed into a sheep’s stomach.」

Koyuki made a self-triumphant look. Hikaru-senpai’s eyes shined brightly like a young boy.

「Amazing, internal organ is put even more into internal organ-! Why did they do something like that?」

It felt like she was subtly making fun of it.

「Is it delicious?」

Kazuki was harboring anxiousness while asking Koyuki.

「Before when diplomatic relations were still remaining in the world, the politicians of various countries that headed to Britain would exchange diplomatic jokes like 『Those fellows who eat haggis cannot be trusted』 or 『I hope they won’t bring out haggis at the meeting』and so on.」

Didn’t that mean that this cooking was actually the representative of strange cooking?

Stomach that was inflated completely round was boiled and became half-transparent, its appearance was grotesque.

It seemed that it was only its content that was eaten, Arthur put the haggis on top of a plate and then she reverently glided her knife on the thin membrane. An indescribable something that looked like dark brown flakes crumbled out. Right after that a strong smell of something pierced the nose.

Kazuki was reminded of something like that spilling out from an alien’s stomach.

「It looks like poop!!」

Hikaru-senpai spitted out thoughtless words that could only be called as a reckless remark.

Arthur spoke with a delighted look. 「Now, Kazuki, Beatrix! Time for the exchange party!!」

「Eh, no this is a bit……」

Kazuki lost his nerve and said that, Beatrix escaped behind Kazuki right away.

This was the first time Kazuki saw that dauntlessly courageous Beatrix being scared.

「Ah, oi, Beatrix, don’t hide behind me wordlessly like this! You call yourself a warrior!?」

「Because……that sausage is strange. There are sausages in Germany. We German people have no need for something like that.」

「Kazuki, you are the King of bond right? You won’t say that you cannot eat my haggis right?」

There was no way he could back off after getting told that.

Kazuki picked a chopstick, from the side Hikaru-senpai was repeatedly speaking 「Kazuki, that looks like poop isn’t it! That’s like a poop isn’t it!」 to him in harassment. He used his left hand to pinch and stretch wide Hikaru-senpai’s lips to shut her up while he resolved himself and brought the mysterious minced meat to his mouth.

「……Eh? It unexpectedly normally delicious.」

What caused the dish to give off a strong smell was the large amount of spices mixed into it. The spices erased the smell of the internal organ and drew out sweetness that was like lever and crunchy food texture.

「Eh? It’s true, this poop is tasty! Just as I thought butt is great!」

Hikaru-senpai also pinched some haggis from the side and said that. Just what is this person saying?

「But of course.」Liz Liza-sensei interjected in indignation. It seemed that sensei also received a share of haggis and devoured it happily.

「There is no way something bad will remain as tradition. Well, certainly if the processing of the internal organs are done poorly then it will smell, even if that’s not the case the spices or the internal organs will depend on the taste of the eater. Haa……what a nostalgic taste. I cannot really eat this in Japan after all……this also matches well with Scotch whisky. This ripened fragrance and spice combination……」

「Please wait a second sensei, you even ask them for a share of liquor?」

「You have a problem. I am not underage.」

「But sensei’s body had its time stopped in the state of a child! That’s no good, even if the law allows it, that tiny body must not drink whisky straight like that!!」

Kazuki took away the glass from sensei and lifted it high above. The tiny sensei shouted「Aa―! Aa―!」and hopped up and down, but her hand couldn’t reach no matter what.

That glass was stolen ‘hyoi’ from behind Kazuki by Beatrix.

「Fufufu, I am a twenty years old adult woman who welcomed my birthday the other day. A sexy female warrior that suited this liquor.」

「Is that so……」

Kazuki looked at the modest chest of Beatrix and felt afflicted.

「I’m also a berserker that is anguished by my secret feeling towards a young man whose age is apart from mine. I have no choice but to drink.」

「Even if you told me that……you are going out of control already.」

「Fuhahahah」Beatrix laughed while tilting the glass.

However「Funyaaah! My tongue is burned!?」she distanced the glass with a convulsing face.

「You unexpectedly let out a cute voice there. Your body’s constitution doesn’t agree with alcohol.」

Kazuki had no intent to make fun or provoke her, he said such things with a honest feeling. Beatrix became sullen.

「Fu, fuhahahahaha, no such thing!!」

Beatrix tilted the glass into her mouth in one go.

*gakun*, Beatrix’s head went down.

「Uwah, oi, are you okay? It’s no good forcing yourself like this.」

Just when he thought that Beatrix then vigorously lifted up her face and laughed「FUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!」


Beatrix who was already strange even at the best of times now was behaving buggily!?

「Ka ka ka Ka―zuki! We will marry right here!!」

*guwah* With a momentum like a charging bear she spread both her arms and embraced Kazuki. Rather than calling it an embrace, it was a bullet tackle. With a wham Kazuki was pushed down at that place.

A bright red face approached until a distance just right before a kiss.

「What are you saying so suddenly!? Hey wait!! You are not a violent drunk but marriage drunk!?」

Just when he spoke so, Beatrix’s eyelids slowly closed and from her nose *puku―* sleeping bubble expanded.

Just when he thought that she was instantly blazing up with terrific momentum, she immediately burned out…….

In any case he had to toss the sleeping Beatrix into a tent somewhere.


Seeing Beatrix’s condition, Arthur laughed happily with one of her hands raising her glass.

Her white skin was faintly reddening, it seemed that in the brief gap when he took his eyes off her, she had also pleasantly drank a lot.

Kazuki who was about to carry the limp Beatrix on his shoulder had his shoulder grappled by Arthur from the side with a momentum that almost struck his head.

「Fufufu, Kazuki-ku―n too, drink u―p!」

This one was a genuine violent drunkard.

Her dignified air had gone from her tone……turning into girlish tone?

「No, I need to carry Beatrix to Germany’s tent.」

「Ah, I’ll carry away Beatrix-san」

Yumeno-san said that with a low profile while appearing in haste.

「Hoyo?」The pair of eyes of Arthur that were clouded from alcohol caught sight of the diligently working girl.

「Yumeno-kuuun! Before this you were really of assistance!!」[2]

This time she clingingly embraced Yumeno-san which caused her to raise her voice「hyaaah」.

「Err, err……」

Yumeno-san got a King of an allied country clinging to her, and she trembled violently like a small animal.

「I am really thankful~, so drink up Onee-saa―n’s alcoho~ol」

「Err, I’m, underage so……. But what if I offend a King here, what to do……」

「Theen it’s fine if it’s cider right?」

「Ah, I’ll accept if it’s that.」

Receiving the glass offered to her, Yumeno-san drained it empty gulpingly.

「Aa」Kazuki who saw that from the side thought. Liz Liza-sensei also made a similar expression. Yumeno-san took the glass with really fast tempo, so they were unable to cut in.

「Britain’s cider means apple sake though. Yay」

Arthur winked playfully while making V-sign with one hand.

‘buhoo―!’ Yumeno-san spouted out the alcohol she drank like poison mist which clouded her glasses.

「Arthur, what did you do! Rather what’s with that yay! What do you want to do!」

「Because because~, Japan’s way of calling carbonated juice as cider is funny mon.」

Arthur who acted cutesy looked aside in a huff. Her character was crumbling!

「Hi, hihihihihihihihihihihi!!」

Suddenly Yumeno-san whose glasses was pure white now was laughing out. Her character was crumbling!?


「I ain’t Yumeno-san……I am Kaoriii!!」

Kazuki witnessed the mysticism and terror of alcohol.

He once again thought that as expected it was no good for someone underage to drink.

Yumeno-san’s other personality, Kaori was suddenly grabbing Kazuki’s neck violently and constricted him.

「Kazuki! Like us the most right now! Or would you rather die!!」

「Eeee!? Yandere! First time I see a yandere!!」

It was an attribute that he didn’t have at his side until now.

Just when he thought that she was suddenly saying something preposterous, Yumeno-san’s eyelid was slowly closing and from her nose *puku―* sleeping bubble expanded.

This girl too, just when he thought that she was instantly blazing up with terrific momentum, she immediately burnt out…….

Yumeno-san’s sleeping bubble was exactly the same like Beatrix’s, but seeing Yumeno-san’s made him felt like he had seen something that he must not see, just why that was he wondered.

In any case alcohol changed people. For alcohol to make a person like Yumeno-san to fall until Beatrix’s level, what a terrifying liquid.

「However Kaori’s personality didn’t disappear……」

Kazuki who was embracing the limp girl tilted his head in puzzlement, then Liz Liza-sensei replied.

「Surely Shiori herself has feelings that missed Kaori. Perhaps she is just trying to be Kaori due to the influence of drinking alcohol. Well, I have the feeling that multiple personality is also something like an identity fraud of strong subjective impression, so in that case I think that was the real Kaori.」

「Eh, then that remark just now was Yumeno-san’s true feeling that borrowed alcohol’s influence?」

Liz Liza-sensei was chewing haggis while averting her eyes quickly.

「I’m colleting the drunkards de―su」

Lotte arrived and took Beatrix and Yumeno-san from his arms. And then「Muki-! Muscle muki-」she raised a strange heave ho yell that was unclear whether it sounded cute or not cute, shouldering the two girls with her thin arms.

Of course that was possible due to the grace of Enchant Aura.

「I’ll carry to the puking room desu―」

「Puking room?」

「A lot of Britain’s people are already dead desu.」

「O, ou……are they fine, the round table?」

「Fufufu, Kazuki-kun too, drink up Onee-san’s liquor―」

Even now the drunken Arthur was clinging at him. Based from what he saw at her magic dress appearance, Arthur’s breast was very big, but in her suit figure like this there wasn’t any sensation of that. He wondered how she was hiding it.

「Just what’s with this character breaking down.」

Her expression too, the face that usually looked manly and dignified was becoming really slack.

Green shadow came out from the side.

「Sorry for this. When Arthur-sama drinks liquor, various things that she usually suppress come out.」

It was Gino Wayclip.

「Gino! What happened with Ilyailiya’s surveillance-!」

When Arthur said that, Gino received meal and liquor from the others while saying「I’m able to understand Ilyailiya’s movement. I also got hungry just now」, she then drank from her glass.

That gesture of her looked good compared to all the other Onee-san.

Gino faced Kazuki and spoke while pointing at the drunk Arthur.

「Surely Arthur-sama drank alcohol because she felt that she wouldn’t mind to be seen cutting loose if it’s you, but this is the first time I saw her cutting loose this much. I wonder if this is because you are the other party?」

「Suppressing you said, her tone suddenly turning girlish like this means……」

「If it’s you then can you resolve the frustration at the bottom of Arthur-sama’s heart?」

Gino smiled provocatively.

Kazuki was――he recalled the words of Gino that she suddenly said the first time he met her.

If Arthur was defeated by another King, her life would be severed by the pledge.

Could he challenge Arthur to a duel without hesitation after being told that fact? Surely Gino was thinking that it would be convenient the more Kazuki sympathized with Arthur.

Gino was provocatively looking at Kazuki’s naïve way of doing things in ridicule.

「I’m doing everything that I can do, for Arthur’s sake.」

Kazuki looked back at Gino straightforwardly.

He had no intention of letting Arthur die. He had no intention to lose. Perhaps sensing that feeling which was put into part of those words, Gino retracted her cynical smile and sent a piercing gaze at Kazuki.

Arthur pulled Kazuki’s neck from the side.

「Rather than that Kazuki-kuun! What kind of Japanese food did you bring here!」

「You, your words are inarticulate you know……」

Britain didn’t bring out just haggis, they were also bringing out roast beef that they grilled directly on the fire, but even Japan was also preparing food that didn’t lose to that.

Japan brought multi-tiered bento boxes like what was made at traditional luxurious restaurants somewhere, filled to the brim with the height of Japanese cuisine, Kazuki’s handmade cooking was also prepared in great amounst due to wish from Kazuki’s companions.

Deep-fried food with the recipe that he used when he was still in the orphanage, requested by Mio.

A huge stockpot of curry, requested by Kaguya-senpai.

The knights of the other countries were also feeling amused at this hand-made cooking from a King.

「……hagu……it was Britain that taught curry to Japan but……this too is very……」

Arthur shoveled up curry into her mouth with gusto. Rice grain was sticking on her cheek.

Her appearance that lost her usual refinement caused Gino to teach him 「When drunk, people will want to gorge on carbohydrates you know」 to make an excuse for her lord.

「However even though you can hire as many first class cooks as you want, it’s strange for the King to cook himself.」

Arthur spoke while stuffing her mouth with a lot of curry.

Mio rushed to their way with small run and hugged Kazuki as though stealing him from Arthur.

「Because this is what energized us the best.」

「However doesn’t that mean that it’s only Kazuki who devotes himself to his surroundings? If he keeps only energizing his surroundings, then where will he get his energy from?」

Arthur said that in wonderment while tilting her head with a face that was slightly sobered up from her drunkenness.

Gino shrugged. 「My King doesn’t understand people’s hearts.」

「I’m always receiving a lot of energy from everyone.」 Kazuki answered.

Part 2[edit]

The tent used by Japan’s knight order for camping was an excellent article with tradition, its functionality was almost the same with what was used by the Ground Self-Defense Force in the past.

The largest size could shelter six people. There Kazuki and the members of the Witch’s Mansion――Mio, Koyuki, Lotte, Kaguya-senpai, and Hikaru-senpai were settling in crampedly.

There should be no way that everyone would argue about the placement, but the oldest members of the group was naturally gathered in Kazuki’s tent. Surely everyone was being considerate to each other in a place that Kazuki didn’t see.

In order to block the ground’s hardness and the cold, a sheet that was thickly inflated with air was spread on the floor.

「It’s super night pro-wrestling’s time―!!」

Suddenly Hikaru-senpai wore her magic dress and spoke with a voice that sounded really like a stupid kid.

And then one of her arms pulled at Kazuki’s neck and they collapsed together on the sheet.

The bodies of the two bounced *boing*.

「Why is it pro-wrestling……」

The perplexed Kazuki immediately got his back taken by Hikaru-senpai and his neck got twined around by both her arms in a tight constrict. Both her legs twined on his waist and stole Kazuki’s freedom.

「Wo―oah, from lariat right into pinning technique!」

Lotte became an announcer following the mood.

He didn’t follow at all but suddenly a pro-wrestling make believe started. Certainly the air sheet’s sensation would cause someone to want to make merry. He could understand how Hikaru-senpai’s boyish mind got tickled like this.

Kazuki who looked for a chance to escape felt bouncy soft sensation at the back of his head and his resistance stopped.

It was a sensation that appealed to a man’s instinct, reflexively making them unable to defy. This was…….

「Wait Hikaru-chan, even though Otouto-kun is tired, stop that……wait, Otouto-kun’s face seems like you are not that dissatisfied!?」

「Commentator Koyuki-oneesan, just what in the world is this technique!?」

The live announcer Lotte directed a question at Koyuki.

「Eh!? Even if you asked me suddenly like that……this is, errrr, it’s a breast hold.」

「That’s a name without any twist at all isn’t it desu!?」

「She pretended to go for a headlock and then decisively pushed her breast at the back of Kazuki’s head with thoroughness. Like this first it would be impossible for man to escape……. Hikaru-senpai who feigned with a show of boyishness then appealed out her feminine part, the roughhousing that is like what male friends would usually do was a feint for the commencement of an appeal with her girlishness, these sly technique……how sly……」

Koyuki’s analysis was seen with cold gaze from the side by Mio.

「Koyuki yourself, you would do anything so that you would be looked after wouldn’t you? You don’t have the right to call someone else sly.」

Koyuki’s cheeks blushed slightly in slight embarrassment and she avoided that remark with a cry of 「puu」. Koyuki’s disposition of feigning to be a solitude cool character despite being a simple attention seeker who wanted to be spoiled was already known by everyone at the Witch’s Mansion.

「How’s this, surrender to my girlishness―!」

Hikaru-senpai twined around her legs and arms like a Konaki Jijii, her breast rubbed and squished softly. The breast was rea―lly effective to his nerve that had been strained all this time by the battle, this was…….[3]

「She got me……」

「Player Kazuki-oniisan, he retired without hesitation!」「What’s with this small play」「I too, if I have breast to press that I want to press」

He felt his feelings relaxing with everyone acting usual like this.

「Hikaru-chan is sneaky!」

Kaguya-senpai raised her voice with teary eyes.

「If we are going to welcome Otouto-kun……even I was using Asmodeus’s magic this whole day……my maiden heart cannot stop beating hard no matter what, yet!」

Her eyes that were damp with tears were changing color into violet. That was the sign that she was forcefully made to feel sexual excitement due to Asmodeus’s influence. She had also changed into a simplified magic dress, exposing the majority of her skin. Her tight skin was faintly dyed red, she was leaking pained breathing ‘haa haa’ while her arms pressed on her chest as though to suppress her throbbing heartbeat.

She was already erotic just from looking at her.

Regardless of whether she herself wished it or not, but just by standing she was scattering thick alluring fragrance, a deeply sinful devilish flower.

「What Kaguya has is not a maiden’s heart but merely a perverted heart.」

When Hikaru-senpai spoke teasingly, Kaguya-senpai went 「uuuu」 while looking down with a red face.

「Pervert puu」「Pervert nyaa」「Pervert woof」 Koyuki, Mio, and Lotte spoke one after another.

「You juniors don’t keep repeating pervert pervert! I’m not a pervert!」

But……her whole body was squirming restlessly.

「Kaguya-senpai, I’m welcoming senpai’s maiden heart eagerly.」

Kazuki spread his arms with a manly voice. While the back of his head was sandwiched by Hikaru-senpai’s breast.

「Otouto-kun……Kazuki-kun」 Kaguya-senpai changed into lover mode in front of the watchful gazes of her juniors.

「Come here Kaguya.」 Kazuki also addressed her like so. While the back of his head was sandwiched by breasts.

「Kazuki generally is also perverted.」 Mio whispered with a small voice.

「It will be troubling if he is not like that.」 Koyuki said with her eyes shining in anticipation.

「There is also our wish that becomes a subconscious magic that caused vigor to spring up inside Kazuki-oniisan desu.」

Lotte followed up with that. Putting that aside,

「Kazuki-kun-!」 Kaguya leaned on him from upfront. A girl’s sweet fragrance――rather than body odor it was pheromone――was surging on him densely.

「Nn-」Her lips sucked at Kazuki’s lips with fierceness that was contrary with its loveliness. Without even any time to taste its soft sensation, Kaguya-senpai’s tongue slipped into Kazuki’s mouth. She was sucking while entangling their tongues together. It was a kiss with fierceness that was just like a succubus who was trying to pull out a man’s soul through his mouth.

With one kiss, he was made to forget the sensation of the breast at the back of his head.

Hikaru-senpai unfastened her hands that were hardened in a headlock and as though to support Kaguya-senpai, she was smoothly stripping down Kazuki’s jacket and shirt.

While kissing Kaguya-senpai pressed her breast that was bigger than Hikaru-senpai on Kazuki’s chest, her moist thighs that were damp with sweat or perhaps something else were rubbing maddeningly on Kazuki’s thighs.

Kazuki paid attention at the corner of the tent with a glance.

Mio and the others were strangely sitting there in good manner as though they had yielded this turn to the seniors.

The air inside the tent was instantly dyed with eroticism.

「My turn! I’m summoning the penis snake on the field!!」

Hikaru-senpai quickly pulled down Kazuki’s pants along with his underwear. Before anyone noticed she was moving to Kazuki’s lower body. Her finger tips poked as though being affectionate to small animal, then her lips pecked there, the tip of her tongue crawled on it with slippery motion, then she kissed at the place that was swelling until the limit more than ever before holding it deep in her mouth. *chuuu~* She narrowed her cheeks and sucked, the inside of her slippery mouth glued to it and she rubbed it intensely by moving her head back and forth. She was enigmatically behaving like a technician.

「Hikaru-senpai, wai-……wait!」

When Kazuki reflexively called her to stop, Hikaru-senpai laughed ‘ahaha’ while softening her hand movement.

On the other hand Kaguya was kissing him while she quietly took Kazuki’s hand and led it towards her lower body. She acted coaxingly that she wanted to be touched.

Kazuki followed to the water source that wet her thighs and his palm gently caressed up. Kaguya’s back shuddered. However, his hand stopped at her leg’s joint, and stayed with only gently brushing at the groin.

Kaguya’s sigh was tinged with oppressiveness. Her lips separated from Kazuki’s with a wet sound, and then with shyness and hesitation, she whispered to his ear.

「Don’t be a meanie, touch it……」

Kaguya opened both her legs and she moved Kazuki’s right hand to press at her plump nether region. However Kazuki’s palm cruelly moved away from there and continued to brush at her groin.

With rough breathing Kaguya’s white navel started to undulate fiercely.

「Where do you want me to touch?」

「Inside my important place……touch there……」

After waiting for her to beg him clearly, Kazuki thrust in his finger as though to push his way through inside the wetly drenched place. Kaguya’s back twitched and bent like a bow. 「~~!!」She raised a soundless voice and hugged tightly to Kazuki.

Kazuki had the full knowledge of the switch that made Kaguya feel good. Furthermore Asmodeus’s influence magnified that sensation until several times over.

Kazuki dug at everywhere that made Kaguya happy, Kaguya was intensely spurting out liquid while she trembled many times. She made body reactions that were completely impossible to be disguised, and the movement of positivity level that was showed by the wild dance of heart marks. From the minute fluctuation of the positivity level, Kazuki perfectly understood how to move to make Kaguya feel it. He changed his angle or his motion searchingly while stimulating Kaguya’s inside.

「It feels good, Kazuki-kun it feels good-! It resounded inside my stomach!」

Kazuki who understood the sign of Kaguya’s pleasure certainly felt that it was resounding inside Kaguya. This wasn’t like a man where the voltage of their pleasure would simply and fiercely raise up in a straight line. Various motions, the stimulus point, change of emotion, multiple factors intertwined and influenced each other――the body of a girl felt like the cosmos.

「Ah♡ Aaah♡ ……Nnh, nnnnnnnn-!」

Kaguya’s sweet and melting voice suddenly got caught up inside her throat. Kaguya’s voluptuous and soft body contracted and convulsed fiercely.


Kaguya arrived at the furthest land of ecstasy.

Kaguya’s whole body tensed and her breathing stopped completely for a while, and then her body turned flaccidly limp along with convulsion.

But Kazuki knew that when Kaguya became like this, not letting her rest and stimulating her until her depth would make her pleasured consecutively. Kazuki wasted no time to resume moving with deep thrust inside.

「……Ah, Kazuki-kun, no way, right away after I just……!」

Kazuki made his finger reached until Kaguya’s deepest part. The place that Kazuki stimulated was a girl’s garden, the place that his finger tip reached right now was the so called core of a girl. His finger pushed and pulled with long strokes there and knocked at the core. Wet splashing sounds were sounding while he caused deep pleasure to reverberate.

「Kazuki-kun, I love you-! I love……!!」

Kaguya leaked out a voice that sounded as though it got stuck in her throat once more. Reasoning disappeared from her voice and she was gradually turning impulsive. She clung at Kazuki with all her strength as though she had lost all control, she clawed, and her body was shivering fiercely. She arrived at an exaltation climax once more. Even so when he continued his motion, Kaguya whose senses were put in Asmodeus’s demonic boundary continuously climaxed.


A soundless voice reverberated inside the tent, the movement of her whole body wasn’t convulsion anymore but looked like a broken writhing. Reasoning vanished from her neat face, her breathing was unceasing and even drool was leaking out from her lips.

The pleasure of a girl was more intense than a boy, on top of that it was also possible for them to climax continuously――Kaguya had reached that kind of ultimate state just from finger movement.[4]

Slowly the color of her eyes returned back to normal, Kaguya then turned limp as though she fainted.

Kazuki brought his face towards that lovely figure once more and kissed her.

「Kaa―zuki-! I’m next♪」

Hikaru-senpai talked in high spirit and she clung at him tightly on his back.

Kazuki looked back and embraced Hikaru-senpai whose magic dress was vanishing and she turned stark naked. Their lips piled on each other. He kissed her while his hand cricled to her butt――his finger tip rubbed at the contraction that Hikaru-senpai loved.

「Hehehe……Kazuki, put it in♪」She innocently begged to him.

Strength went out from Hikaru-senpai’s body and her posture became accepting. His finger tip also felt the sensation of her body softening and came untied. Kazuki’s fingertip was already wet from the act with Kaguya. When he lightly put strength and pushed in his finger vertically up, his finger was smoothly being sucked inside as though it was being swallowed.


Senpai raised a voice that sounded like it was breathed out from the bottom of her stomach.

Next he pulled out his finger. It was as though that place felt reluctance to part, there was resistance as though his finger was drawn in.

His whole finger stimulated as though dragging along that cylindrical surface.

「Nnaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah♡ N. no, I’m letting out a strange voice. Hehehe, how embarrassing……」

It seemed even Hikaru-senpai could feel embarrassed.

He felt that such senpai looked even lovelier.

「How does that place feel good?」

Kazuki tried to ask purely from feeling curious.

「Tha, that’s……when your finger pulled out, I feels shivers that can only be felt from that place♪」

While thinking if that sensation could possibly be the sensation felt when doing that, he extracted out his finger in a big motion. 「Nnaaaaaah…..♡」She raised a voice that sounded like her stomach was dragged along.

「When your finger pushed in, that, the front of my stomach……that room of a girl felt deep reverberation that felt good.」

When he stabbed in his finger strongly, 「Fuaaaaaaahn♡」she raised a voice that sounded like air breathed out forcefully from her stomach to her mouth.

Now he realized, it seemed that in the end the spot where she felt it was at the girl place.

「Also……when I think that currently Kazuki is doing something like this just with me……」

Hikaru-senpai was breathing roughly while adding her opinion about something special that was done only to her. Hearing that made Kazuki feel like he was hit by a surprise attack from somewhere he didn’t even imagine and he felt that she was just too lovely.

He kissed her one more time while making his finger motion more intense. 「Nh, nnnn……♡」A lot of heart marks flew out from Hikaru-senpai.

The upper joints of her thighs were closed tightly from having her ass tampered with. There Kazuki thrust in his thing that had lost its temper. 「Ah, Kazuki’s……」That place of Hikaru-senpai was also drenched wet and slippery, his thing was able to slip in smoothly. That action, rather than Kazuki seeking pleasure for himself, it was done for the sake of making Hikaru-senpai even more excited, he pressed his thing at the front entrance, and then rubbed.

His left arm embraced her waist, his right hand pushed in and out inside her ass, and then he caressed her front with his waist’s movement.

「Ah……aaaaaah! Amazing, it feels like I am filled from front and back!!」

Her spine trembled greatly with a jerk and a wave ran through inside Hikaru-senpai. Even so Kazuki was being careful so he didn’t overdo it by paying attention at her positivity level’s fluctuation. And he assaulted the inside of Hikaru-senpai’s ass even further.

「Fuah, aaaaaaaaah! I, I’m also like Kaguya……」

Twitch! Twitch! Hikaru-senpai’s body trembled intermittently like that. Kazuki too, his waist that rubbed on Hikaru-senpai trembled continuously.

Both of them turned limp simultaneously, and his finger slipped out.

「Ehehe……it felt like my waist came off. I love you Kazuki……」

Hikaru-senpai powerlessly laughed in satisfaction.

「I too, I love you senpai.」

Kazuki also replied like that from his heart and kissed her feminine lovely lips.

「Puu」Kazuki’s hand was pulled from behind. When he turned around there was Koyuki, her face was red until her ears just from waiting, her eyes were shining with anticipation.

「Me too……please love me just as much as those two……」

That way of talking……vaguely sounded like she was lacking confidence that she was loved as much as the others.

He couldn’t put ranking in his feelings, but Kazuki was feeling lonely just for a bit.

「Koyuki is cute.」

Kazuki said that and gently pushed Koyuki down.

「Wha, what are you saying so suddenly……」

First he kissed gently toward Koyuki who still felt shy when he told her she was cute, then when Koyuki got on board the mood he gradually entangled his tongues to hers intensely.

When their lips separated, next he kissed at her cheek that was plump and smooth like silk, he then licked there. He licked her repeatedly like a frolicking dog.

「Don’t, it’s ticklish♪」Koyuki said, however her body was fidgeting happily.

Both his hands that had nothing to do were teasing Koyuki’s modest breasts while Kazuki licked up unbrokenly from Koyuki’s cheek to her sensitive ears, the elf’s sensitive long ear.

「Ah!」 Koyuki shuddered. 「Ah, aah……don’t♡」 He licked up her long ear and like drawing a circle he licked around until her ear hole, and pecked at the sensitive spot.

「All of Koyuki’s face is cute.」He whispered into her ear.

「Tha, that……」The rain of kisses showering her whole face made her face turn bright red and she looked down bashfully. Kazuki traced his tongue from her ear towards her neck, then towards her delicate collarbone in one unbroken motion.

Magika No Kenshi To Shoukan Maou Vol.13 117.jpg

Kazuki pressed his face onto the twin hills that his arms were caressing and rubbed his cheek there.

「I, I’m, not big like senpais so……」

Koyuki still hadn’t lost control of herself, far from that she spoke with a rational tone that still had strong shame left in it.

「Erase your magic dress, show me yourself fully.」

When Kazuki said that, Koyuki made a face that even while looking shy it contained feelings of expectation somewhere. She erased the simplified magic dress, not leaving even a single string on her body. It was as though a snow fairy was lying down there.

「You are cute, they are small but they swell pointedly.」

His lips pecked at the center of that swelling, and then he used his tongue to tickle at the tip. 「AAAAAAAAAAAAAAH♡」He further sucked long and hard on it. 「Ka, Kazuki, you are sucking like a baby like that, to me……-」She let out an ecstatic voice as though she was drunk.

Koyuki shivered all over. It seemed she had climaxed once just from that.

Her white skin flushed faintly red, and globes of sweat were damply rising to the surface of her skin. His tongue traced the edge of the bulging of her chest before licking down to her armpit.

「Ka, Kazuki, that place!」

On the whole body of Koyuki that was clean and beautiful like something artificial, it was only that place which was emitting it. Even though she maintained her body hygiene using magic power, but the pheromone became even more conspicuous instead and stimulated Kazuki. While breathing deeply as though to draw in that fragrance, he also licked at there.

「Do, don’t sniff at that place……please don’t lick there……」

Her body was shuddering greatly once more even while her mouth was saying that.

He wanted to taste Koyuki’s everything and love her thoroughly. Usually they ascertained each others’ affection paradoxically by Kazuki bullying and teasing the attention seeker Koyki, but this time he decided to be affectionate and love Koyuki straightforwardly with his all.

「I’m, turning strange……」

「When you become strange you surely will also be cute, so it’s fine.」

When Kazuki whispered that, Koyuki reacted to his whisper and shuddered all over again. She was getting excited mentally rather than physically.

Kazuki rubbed his cheek at her smooth navel, licked her belly button, and caressed her lower body. She was thin but she was just a bit plump. That undulation was also lovely. From there he moved to her groin.

Koyuki let him keep doing whatever he liked to her. He lifted up the leg of such Koyuki and tasted too that supple and slender leg. It was a marvel that even though it was slender it felt plump. He repeatedly kissed and sucked at the softest place on her thigh.

「Haa……haa……」Koyuki was staring at the sight of herself being loved as though she was dreaming. Her breathing couldn’t calm down at all and a single streak of drool trickled down from her lips.

Kazuki lifted up her waist as though to overturn her, he then caressed around her small butt and his tongue was stretching even until that spot Hikaru-senpai loved.

「Yo… are really……inside my body…… ♡」

Koyuki whispered happily and trembled again. Right now Koyuki’s white skin had the marks everywhere that were left behind by Kazuki’s caress. Each time such mark was left the girl shivered fiercely.

「It’s like a dream……」

「You are lovely everywhere. This is not a dream.」

「……But, you still haven’t caress me everywhere……」

Koyuki who had enough feeling of relieve opened both her legs invitingly by her own accord. Like a split fruit, honey was overflowing in plenty from there.

That place was then opened by Koyuki’s own fingers and a faint pink cave could be peeked into.

As though being sucked in, Kazuki brought his face closer and sucked there noisily as though he was slurping honey.


Koyuki tumbled down the edge of pleasure right away.

「It’s transmitted to me, that Kazuki is doing this to me because you like me……」

Koyuki whispered with gasping breath and tears gathering a lot in her eyes.

Tears spilled down from her eyes. Kazuki gently wiped the tears with his finger.

「You are still anxious?」

「This is tears of happiness. Suddenly a certain feeling that we absolutely won’t separate forever is welling up inside……」

However――they still hadn’t become one in the real meaning.

Koyuki turned limp.


This time Lotte jumped at him energetically.

Everyone was bustlingly colorful.

However Kazuki felt slight bewilderment and hesitation towards Lotte. Of course it wasn’t a problem of love. It also wasn’t a problem of the love’s quality――he saw her not as a child but as a woman.

Even so her body was weak, she wasn’t as accustomed with this kind of act compared to everyone else.

――Of course Lotte immediately sensed what Kazuki was thinking.

「Kazuki-oniisan, my sickness, it looks like it has been cured properly desu.」

The sudden words of Lotte caused Kazuki to return back 「Eh」 with a stupid voice.

「Actually I secretly consulted Clark-neesan and got examined desu. Even an incurable disease at Seinmundo Dukedom, if it is in Japan that has medical science far more advanced than Seinmundo, and if it is in America that has medical science even more advanced than that……that was what I thought」

Kazuki scrutinized carefully the meaning of those words, then he deeply sighed ‘haaah’.

Lotte continued her words faster than Kazuki could say something.

「What Kazuki-oniisan is thinking, all this time I had been uneasy whether my existence is holding back everyone desu.」

Human that was saved by Diva or faith existed in reality.

Surely there were a lot of people like that at places where Kazuki’s eyes didn’t reach.

「But it seems that I can become self-reliant somehow desu!」

Lotte lifted both her arms and made a pose to show off her arm biceps.

「This powerful body……!」She showed a pose like a body builder while saying such thing.

「Recently I am doing a lot of muscle training desu.」

It was hard to say whether the result had come out or not.

Lotte was saved by leaving to a world that was independent from Diva. Surely there were also a lot of people like that.

That was why just as he thought they should advance forward with confidence.

That he was right, more than other Kings.

「That’s why……I’m also able to finish the preparation, to make love with Kazuki-oniisan as a girl.」

Lotte also bared her delicate body in an appearance just like when she was born to this world and leaped into Kazuki’s arms.

When they kissed, her lips were smaller than even Koyuki. Kazuki reflexively became careful as though he was handling something fragile, it was Lotte who sucked vigorously at Kazuki, she chewed, and entangled their tongues.

Kazuki also snapped and their lips indulged at each other.

「Nnh, muchu……nchu……」

「I’ll do the voice barrier.」

Kazuki separated their lips and whispered.

「Ehehe……thank you desu.」

Lotte smiled honestly. ――Kazuki noticed, that Lotte was freezing the air around the tent all this time until now so that the sound of them being intimate didn’t leak outside.

He wanted Lotte to not have her attention split by unnecessary things and feel it to her heart’s content. Thinking that Kazuki kissed her while his hand crawled on Lotte’s young skin.

But Lotte’s small palm also crawled on Kazuki’s skin in opposition. Her hand motion was careful as though searching for something――however it gradually grew bold, attacking at Kazuki’s vitals.

When Kazuki felt a strong pleasure, Lotte smiled even though he didn’t let it show on his face.

「Fufufu, I won’t lose desu. After all I also understand the way to make Kazuki-oniisan feel it.」

That’s right.

Lotte had a character to go out in aggressive offense more than any other girl.

Kazuki understood what to do to make a girl feel good by sensing the subtle change in positivity level, similar to that Lotte also understood the other party’s feelings using her prodigious Telepathy.

Lotte attacked Kazuki as though to say that she wasn’t someone to be protected anymore.

Kazuki reconfirmed that even males would shiver when their chest or thigh were caressed.

They entangled their tongues to each other, their lips were sucking ‘chuu chuu’ at each other while both their hands reached to the others’ lower body, concentrating into their own ability, they searched for each others’ weak point. A supernatural sexual battle had its curtain raised between the two of them.

However Kazuki was also someone who couldn’t go easy when it came into a competition.

And then as expected it was Kazuki who had more experience.

「Nnh, ahn! If, if Kazuki-oniisan does something like that then I cannot attack desu-」

It was the move of a master. A touch that wasn’t too strong or too weak made watery sounds echo, the finger tip rolled the sensitive spot, and Lotte was overtaken right away.


Lotte shivered and climaxed to the height where she forgot herself.

「Hafu―……I lost desu.」

Kazuki roughly stroked the head of Lotte who lost strength and sighed in satisfaction.

「Sorry that I’m acting reserved to you until now. But it’s fine even if you don’t overreach yourself so suddenly you know?」

「……It looks like Kazuki-oniisan can read someone’s heart even without using telepathy desu.」

Lotte smiled hazily.

She wasn’t as used to this or even as developed compared to everyone else. He couldn’t treat her excessively like how he made Kaguya feel good and climax continuously. Kazuki separated his body from Lotte.

「Fufu―n! And then the true heroine stands up last!!」

Mio who was sitting and watching stood up with high spirit.

「You really waited patiently until now.」

「Because, I’m not an immodest girl.」

She puffed up her chest with a rea―lly triumphant look.

「A capable woman is not greedy. But if Kazu-nii is so hopelessly hopelessly want to do lewd thing then~, it’s fine even if you do it though-♪」

While saying things like that, her expression and face sounded and looked happy as though jumping up and down.

Even while thinking ‘this girl is making fun of me huh’, but Kazuki also loved how Mio was.

「I’m hopelessly hopelessly want to do it with Mio.」

He honestly said that and embraced Mio.

「Fufu―n, then I’ll let Kazu-nii as a calm and composed lady.」

Mio’s smile turned really cheerful.

But as expected it made him want to turn that cute face making fun of him into a mess.

Kazuki softly kissed Mio. And then――

「Fu, funyaaAAAAAAAA!♡」

――Ten minutes later, Mio had both her legs pushed open by Kazuki, and then her most sensitive spot that was exposed was rolled around by his fingertip, his tongue crawled on the creases, and his mouth was sucking thoroughly at that place. Kazuki used all his concentration, experience, and technique and dearly caressed Mio to the limit. Mio was already convulsing in ecstasy many times over, her face and also her whole body were bright red and drenched in sweat, her mouth that stayed open while breathing roughly was trickling down drool without stopping. All signs of a stylish and capable girl had been blown away.

「Do, dhoon’t! I’m turning sthrangeeeee!♡」

Warm splash hit Kazuki’s face. Mio’s crotch and Kazuki’s face were drenched. Kazuki lifted his face and then said.「Mio, you are making a really cute face.」

Mio’s arm moved slightly. Perhaps she wanted to hide her face.

「Ka, Kazu-nii is the one that did it, that’s why I became like this……」

Mio was saying gaspingly.

「I absolutely won’t let any other guy see Mio making this kind of face.」

「If it’s not Kazu-nii then absolutely no way……」

Perhaps she imagined it, and just from that tears spilled out from Mio’s eyes.

「……I want to do lewd things with Kazu-nii.」

Mio whispered with a faint voice.

They were doing something extremely lewd right now.

But, that mustn’t be what Mio meant.

――They still hadn’t become one in the real meaning.

「Kazuki-kun」Kaguya also awoke from her half fainted state, and then with rational eyes that weren’t dyed by Asmodeus’s tint, with a will that was purely hers, she spoke earnestly.

「I too, want to become one with Kazuki-kun……」


Koyuki purred as though to say she was of the same opinion.

……Most likely right now was the halfway point of the last battle, everything would end around the next half day.

The last――the mind of all living things would be dyed by faith, or possibly chaos.

Otherwise if Japan won they would meet a result other than those…….

The result that he wished for…….

He had to fight while egoistically claiming that his way was correct, more than any other Kings, more than Loki. A will to change the world. He wanted to store such strength in his heart.

This was the last…….

「Mio, everyone……」

Kazuki wiped the tear from the eyes of Mio in front of him, and resolved himself.


――Five girls were dozing on top of pink cloud like nymphs, their body laid down in entranced and enraptured states.

Kazuki too, he was lying down together with them, though rather than because of feeling exhausted in spirit, it was because he was overwhelmed with feelings.

「It wasn’t as painful as I imagined was it?」

「That is, we have been already made to experience it that much beforehand after all……Ehehe.」

Koyuki’s whisper was answered by Mio with a laugh.

The truth was during the time their bodies became one with each other, there was no resistance whatsoever. It was as though everyone’s body had been waiting all this time for that moment they became one. They received Kazuki lithely while drenching wet stickily, tightening on him sweetly and tightly, and then……

「Ehehe, this is happiness……♪」

「Yes, it was happy……」

Mio and Koyuki closed their eyes absentmindedly.

Kazuki had been continuously making everyone reach climax over and over all those time until he was exhausted. Perhaps it was a female’s privilege to change love and happiness right into fuel of pleasure.

「Mio-oneesan’s spoiled act was cute desu.」

Lotte said such thing.

「I, I did no such thing! ……It, was Koyuki that was intense, like her voice among other things!」

「The, there was no such thing!!」

Koyuki objected with a red face.

「There was. Even though you always acted cool but you made that kind of face and voice-」

They were quarreling about something.

「Su, such thing……Hi, Hikaru-senpai was also making really amazing voices-」

Koyuki who certainly showed face that was completely different from usual tried to divert the force of argument to Hikaru-senpai.

「Ahaha. Because I got it done both at my front and back♪」

Hikaru-senpai ruminated about the sensation of the front and back without any shame whatsoever, rather she even looked spellbound. It was Hikaru-senpai who could gain two deliciousness from one act.

「Fufufu, by the way Kazuki-kun, take responsibility okay♪」

Kaguya said that with a mischievous smile.

Surely she was half-joking……after all it went without saying that he would take responsibility.

Or rather in the end the one with the most amazing voice and reaction was her.

「Of course I swear I’ll make everyone happy.」

In order to do that, first, above anything else……he would win this battle.

Kazuki poured his soul into everyone, but Kazuki felt like he received strength from everyone. He felt magic power――the power of mind overflowing to the brim within him.

「Ehehe, I think I’m pregnant」Mio smiled flaccidly. 「I think me too」「Me too」「Me too」「It feels like I’m pregnant with two at the front and back」「That might be poop you know?」

Part 3[edit]

When he went outside, he saw a strange work was being carried out at one of the tents.

The ground inside the tent was dug out, the ground hardened with magic, and then the hole was filled with hot water using summoning magic――a bath was purposefully created there.

The knights of Britain and Germany were sending them shocked and exasperated gazes at this zeal of the Japanese for bathing, but it seemed Kazuha-senpai also participated in the work. If she participated then a work of this level was just a piece of cake.

Mio and the others were sleeping soundly with their consciousness receding. In contrast Kazuki could only feel as though he had received energy from everyone. He put his appearance in order using magic and went out for a walk to feel the wind, it was at that time that the bath was completed in good timing.

「Ou-sama, please take the bath first by any means.」

One of the knights encouraged Kazuki like that, it was just what he wanted and so he flipped the tent’s entrance and entered inside.

A third of the inside was left alone as floor and had a sheet spread on it, the rest of the space was taken as the bathtub. For some reason, there were previous guests already inside that bathtub, as though they were waiting in ambush for Kazuki.

「We, welcome welcome, ahaha」

「Ni, Nii-sama, we entered first-」

Kazuha-senpai and Kanae were already stark naked kneeling seiza inside the bathtub. They were obviously mistaking the arrangement of the plan. Even though they plotted for this themselves, but the two of them were fidgeting bashfully by themselves. That their faces were bright red surely wasn’t because of the hot water.

Kazuki lost his words for a moment, but throwing caution to the wind he took off his clothes right away and threw them away. His shame was paralyzed.

「Kyah」「Nii-sama, bold!?」

He thought that those weren’t words that these two who were already stark naked could say, but the gazes of the two were devouringly directed at Kazuki’s lower body. It would feel like defeat if he was agitated or hid it, so Kazuki maintained his calmness while he soaked into the bathtub right in front of the two face to face.

Magika No Kenshi To Shoukan Maou Vol.13 131.jpg

The water surface rippled, the body of the two through the hot water swayed.

「What’s the matter, Kazuha-senpai.」

For the time being he pinched Kanae’s cheeks and stre―tched them wide while asking Kazuha-senpai.

「That’s, that, errr……」

Kazuha-senpai looked down while fidgeting……however her gaze was firmly directed at Kazuki’s lower body through the water surface while she was at a loss for words. Kanae whose cheeks were stretched was making ‘funyaa funyaa’ sound.

Just from seeing her troubled figure and her mumbling, Kazuki understood what she wanted to do without even being told.

Kazuki released Kanae’s cheeks and then he embraced Kazuha-senpai into a kiss.

Kazuha-senpai’s body froze just for a moment in shock, but she immediately attacked back assertively.

Even when he took a kiss, each one of everyone was different.

「……Say it properly, what do you want me to do, if not」

Kazuki separated his lips from Kazuha-senpai who was cute with how she was still unable to be honest and said that. Senpai was chewing her words for a while before,

「I want you to do to me too, just like what you did with everyone of the Witch’s Mansion……」

She answered.

There was no way Kazuha-senpai could see through inside the tent like X-ray by any means.

But surely she sensed that such thing was taking place inside there.

Perhaps she imagined that they had possibly crossed the line.

This was Kazuha-senpai who would grew worse if she was neglected, like fishing for Kazuki’s underwear to be used to comfort herself. Kazuki also had no intention to neglect Kazuha-senpai and everyone else.

Kazuki kissed Kazuha-senpai one more time while his hand was crawling on her slender body that was trained as a swordsman, but it was still a soft and feminine body despite all that.

「Kazu-kun, I also like you……I love you that’s why……nn, chu……」

He thoroughly tasted the fruit of the one that had been setting this kind of place and then waiting stark naked for him.

「Nii-sama, me too, please don’t ignore me……」

Kanae pulled pleadingly at Kazuki’s shoulder from the side.

Kazuki turned to Kanae’s direction, then Kanae ardently brought her face closer wishing for a kiss――he had only kissed Kanae once.[6]

Furthermore it was at the battlefield.

In addition due to a reason that was also different from Kazuha-senpai’s personality, the two of them couldn’t be completely honest to each other. He got the feeling that they were still unable to seek each other from their heart. Kanae would always be shy at the crucial moment and then varnished over the situation with her hyperness, while Kazuki too was always pulling back due to the taboo that came from them being step brother and sister.

However something that made Kanae anxious or lonely was something that he absolutely must not do.

Today, here, in this place he had to smash this taboo with Kanae.

Kazuki moved his focus from Kazuha-senpai for a moment and stole Kanae’s small lips.

And then he gently caressed her delicate and smooth shoulder and breast, just like when he caressed her head.

「The person who I had become conscious of as the opposite gender for the first time since I was born, is you.」

Kazuki separated their lips and said that to persuade her.


「You always kept tempting me who just reached puberty until just barely……」

Since the period when Kazuki’s skill in sword was conspicuously rising, Kanae called Kazuki as her big brother and idolized him, but the expression of her love was something fierce.

She hugged him, rubbed her body against him, she casually showed her underwear and skin to him…….

Kanae was the daughter of his great benefactor that took care of him, she was also his step sister, so even when she did those kind of things he could do nothing but avert his eyes.

There was no doubt that Kanae had the thought that Kazuki’s reaction was interesting, and so what she did were also done with a provocative mentality.

Right now, it was Kanae’s turn to be on the side that was feeling miserable for sure but…….

Kanae casually used the placement of her hands to hide her body even inside the bathtub but, Kazuki caught both of Kanae’s arms and he faced her right from the front, he then stared fixedly at her body. The pink bud that had been flaunted to him since when they were children, and the lower body that had made him ponder endlessly just what was behind that underwear, now those were right in front of his eyes.

「I wanted to do this all this time, that’s why prepare yourself.」

Kazuki said that with a mad look rather than with mere fondness, he kissed Kanae’s small breast, sucked it, and then licked to taste it. Kanae’s body shuddered in shivers. She was trembling as though the emotion that she had been saving in these few years were overflowing out.

「Ni, Nii-sama, this is embarrassing……」

He had resolved to make everyone happy. Of course that included Kanae.

He mustn’t become an existence that was just being indebted to the Hayashizaki family anymore. In practice he was still a student, but he swore that he would take responsibility of Kanae too and make her happy.

「I will take responsibility of you too. As a man, from here on I will regard you as a girl.」

「Ni, Nii-sama……」

Kanae stared at Kazuki with blank eyes in a daze as though she was seeing a dream. Kazuki kissed Kanae once more.

She was awaiting for a man stark naked like this. He wouldn’t let her say any complaint no matter what happened to her after this.

Kazuki lifted up her light body and laid her down on the rim between the bathtub and the floor. Kanae tried to shrink herself but Kazuki caught both her legs, and then he mercilessly pushed them open to left and right.

He smashed the wall that had made him worry endlessly since he was a child. Kazuki took an unbroken view of Kanae’s everything.

「All this time I had endured the desire to assault Kanae like a beast.」

He spitted out his real feelings that he had been suppressing as an adopted child.

「Nii-sama, Kanae……Kanae has been such a sinful little devil towards Nii-sama……」

Kanae fidgeted with a face that looked happy and embarrassed.

She used her own hands to pinned down her opened legs.

「I’m sorry, Nii-sama……Nii-sama, please taste Kanae……♡」

Kazuki softly kissed at the faintly colored sprout of a girl. He tasted the inside as though pushing it open with his tongue. Syrupy honey was flowing until inside his mouth…….

Kanae’s breathing jumped. However she was conscious of Kazuha-senpai’s existence and pressed on her mouth with her palm to suppress her voice from coming out. Kazuki also sensed the subtle change of positivity level from Kanae as heart marks, and searched the way and the spot to pleasure her. That place of Kanae immediately came untied heatedly, drops were trickling down, soaking wet the place. Kazuki used not just his tongue but also his fingers and started touching there intensely.

「Kazu-kun……me too, don’t ignore me……」

Kazuha-senpai feverishly……no, her breathing became rough as though she was lit on fire from seeing the two of them, she moved by herself to lie down beside Kanae. She opened both her legs and then opened that place using her fingers to display it to him.

Kazuki was caressing Kanae with his finger while he lifted his head and moved his gaze to there, just with her place there getting seen caused Kazuha-senpai to react, the redness of her skin deepened even more and heat tinged her body.

The two girls were displaying themselves with really similar immodest posture.

Kazuki’s left hand was on Kanae, his right hand was on Kazuha-senpai, he used them to caress the two of them. He gave an undivided attention to the change of their positivity level and concentrated wholeheartedly to pull out pleasure from the two.

「Ka, Kazu-kun-, it feels good-!」Her voice spasmed, and it started to be tinged with reverberation like a flute.

「Does it feels better compared to when senpai did it yourself?」

「It feels good! Kazu-kun you bully……-♡」

He got the feeling that Kazuha-senpai was even more M than Koyuki in the genuine meaning.[7]

「Funyaaaaah! Ni, Nii-sama! I too……all this time I thought of Nii-sama doing this while I did it myself!」

Kanae too, she saw Kazuha-senpai’s state and snapped, she raised her voice and coming out of the closet with a loud voice.

Kazuha-senpai became the first one that convulsed greatly. She excelled in using general magic to magnify the sensation she felt. But Kanae also followed right behind her after that. The two of them gradually kept raising their voices and kept convulsing, they intensely spurted out various things at the floor of the simple bath.

Sometimes Kazuki brought his face closer and kissed them while continuously manipulating their heartstring with both his hands. In order to do well what they would do after this without pain, he had to loosen up the two of them enough.

Today Kazuki wouldn’t stop with just exhaustion.

When Kazuha-senpai showed the height of her climax of who knew how many times, Kazuki stopped his caress at the two of them and leaned on top of Kazuha-senpai first.

Kazuha-senpai was breathing roughly while her eyes that were clouded with pleasure took some time to understand the situation. However she had no hesitation.

「……Kazu-kun, Kazu-kun, come……」She nodded.


――The two of them were lying down like a princess at the country of dream, their body limp from exhaustion.

「Ehehe……it feels like Kazu-kun is still inside me……ehehe. From here on we will be together forever right……」

Kazuha-senpai smiled widely and happily.

「……I became Nii-sama’s woman…..this is like a dream……」

Kanae whispered as though she had been finally liberated from the anxiety that had ruled over a part of her heart all this time.

However different with everyone inside the tent outside, they couldn’t relax like this indefinitely.

「Anyway let’s clean this bath so other people can also use it.」

This was a bath that had been completed with hard work. Various liquids were mixed in it now, but they could manage somehow using general magic. Various liquids…….

「There is also Kazuha-senpai’s pee that leaked out after all.」

「I’ll finish the cleaning in thirty seconds-」

The general magic prodigy raised her body in panic.

Part 4[edit]

Beatrix looked around at the commanding officers of the Einherjar that gathered inside the tent.

……The vacant positions weren’t few. There were also a lot of people that had fallen into magic intoxication and were in a state that was unfit for combat. Even the people that gathered had a look that made her wonder just how much they could recover. Italia’s 『Keraunos』 and also Russia’s concentrated fire from their jet black mode struck lethal blows to the whole of the Einherjar. That they were able to hold their ground without getting annihilated was merely the accomplishment of their guts.

And then, they also lost their King, Hrostvit…….

「However, you the Einherjar, we cannot lose our fighting spirit.」

When Beatrix addressed them like that, they all nodded without hesitation.

「Our chances of victory are already endlessly faint. But Hrotsvit-sama had predicted that Japan will win and advance until the very last stage in this battle royal. Therefore we will solidify our alliance with Japan even more and aim to survive by fighting together with them.」

Japan and Germany would win and advance, and in the end they would triumph over Japan.

They had nothing but that thin thread that connected to victory.

In this place the opinion of everyone here was conformed into one.

「Everyone, I want you all to fight with your life on the line」

While saying that, a shadow of doubt and hesitation darkened Beatrix’s expression. While saying that she wanted everyone to risk their lives……even she herself became unable to believe whether those words really came from an emotion that was worthy as a King or not.

「……By any chance, I might lose the feeling that purely enjoys the battle even while being an Einherjar.」

She couldn’t hide it. Beatrix frankly spoke to her subordinates――the people who until just before were her equal comrades under the same King.

「I love Japan’s Kazuki.」

It was something that even if she hid it then it would only be natural. There were also Damian and Eleonora here. She once clamored things like ‘I’ll bring him back, I’ll bring him back home’ in front of the two.

Bringing Kazuki home――it was something that could be thought of as impossible in their current situation.

「Acting together with Japan……it’s undoubtedly the best hand for the current us. But perhaps somewhere in my heart there is the feeling that wants to support Japan. Perhaps that feeling made me propose to act together with Japan……perhaps what I’m saying here is that I’m telling everyone to risk your life for Japan’s sake. Surely such emotion……exists somewhere inside me.」

Beatrix forced out her heartache.

「I don’t really mind that yeah!!」

But, a reply was yelled right away. It was Damian who already knew Beatrix’s feeling. Thereupon the other female knights also spoke「Who cares?」「Yeah, I don’t really care」「Don’t ask me」「This girl, how troublesome」「Japan’s curry was delicious wasn’t it」「Yeah, it make me want to go back there for meal」, nodding to each other.

Every last one of them was a clear-cut and straightforward warrior.

Among them Eleonora who was the one most rational opened her mouth.

「From some time ago Hrotsvit-sama spoke that our faith is despair. While despair is waiting ahead of us, in order to push aside the sin of haughtiness that is civilization and prolong the life of the world, and in spite of that to be able to still deeply taste the real feeling of being alive, in what way could we pass the time enjoyably in delight……the way to do that is war, ecology battle by means of swords and magic.」

Beatrix once again thought, really what a terrible faith huh. She became like this surely because of Kazuki’s influence. Beatrix thought a bit.

「But if by any chance we discovered hope, in the first place we had nothing to lose anyway, so giving it a try because of that and fight is also not running counter with our faith, that is what I think.」

「Is that your opinion, Eli……」

「Captain Beatrix……no, right now you are the King huh. I don’t mind it one bit even if the King fights for the sake of romance! We are just fighting with our lives on the line for the sake of taking revenge for Hrotsvit-sama and Odin, and then to enjoy ourselves!!」

Damian yelled loudly. The female warriors around also went 「Hear hear, it’s for revenge」「What Eli said was tiresome, I ain’t get it」「Beatrix do your best―」「If you got a man you love then push him down right away」「That curry was delicious wasn’t it」「It made me want to go back for more」in agreement.

「I understand well everyone’s feeling……」

Beatrix felt like the load on her chest came off.

「We the Einherjar will never submit! We are going to fight to the bitter end brazenly!!」

All the female warriors at that place raised their spirits with their hearts as one.

Part 5[edit]

When he got out of the bath, Arthur was there.

It looked like she was waiting, but it also looked like she was standing still because she had nothing to do.

「Arthur wants to take a bath too?」

Kazuki called out to her. Kazuha-senpai and Kanae hurriedly distanced themselves and returned to their respective tents.

「Forgive me for exposing my awful figure before this. Somehow or the other……」

The current Arthur was holding a dignified appearance.

It seemed that what she said about general magic could purify alcohol wasn’t just random talk.

If there wouldn’t be any obstacle in the next battle then he guessed it wasn’t that big of a problem.

「I think it’s really no good forcefully trying to make other people drink.」

It was only this that he couldn’t overlook just because she had shown a different aspect to him from usual that was cute.

「However, I think that Japan is also too serious……shouldn’t we act free and easy before the battle…..」

Arthur said despondently.

They were knights……or rather the knights that followed the style of Celt Mythology. They were acting heartily that didn’t lose to the Viking act of Beatrix and the others, to speak frankly, perhaps they also had a coarse aspect.

「Putting that aside, I want to talk with you a little. ……Because whether win or lose, the end of the battle has come into sight.」

Saying that Arthur pulled Kazuki’s hand from the tents area toward the rainbow eucalyptus forest. It was a gentlemanly manner like a prince that was escorting a girl.

「You met with Basileus Basileon right?」

Arthur spoke with a low voice even now when they had some distance from the tents.

Kazuki recalled about the matter that time. That existence which looked young but also mature, looking like a man but also like a woman, an existence that transcended human existence, looking like a religious picture just by standing.

And yet he was a mysterious person that was worldly-minded, giving fervent speech about culture argument like olden good fashion or music or interior design and so on――no, he wasn’t a person. A being…….

He explained the regulation of RagnarokMythology War, he told him about what the victor would obtain――making Kazuki to recognize anew the worthlessness of this battle.

And then he taught him how this Ragnarok was the second time. He was the sole survivor from the previous Ragnarok, he absorbed the ruins of the three great mythologies that couldn’t reach the ultimate illusion as power and organized this Ragnarok once more.

The possessor of 『Supervisor Authority』 that shined rainbow colored magic power. His true identity was most likely…….

「You say that you believe the current mankind, a conservative and passive thinking. I guess it’s fine for me to say that rather than wanting to change the world by yourself, your objective is to prevent us from changing the world.」

Kazuki nodded. Before he met Basileon, Kazuki had that kind of talk with Arthur.

「If you win through this and obtained the 『ultimate illusion』, what will you do?」

Ultimate illusion――a power that can wield influence towards all intelligence, towards the whole mental world.

「I won’t use it for anything big.」

After answering shoddily like that, Kazuki searched for the answer inside himself once more.

It wasn’t like Kazuki held religious faith to Lemegeton.

Lemegeton was just a strange Diva that merely loved humans.

Leme was longing to become human. If he had no intent to change the world, then using this ultimate illusion something for the sake of Leme and the others――he guessed that was something extremely natural.

「I’ll use the ultimate illusion’s power to turn Diva to not be objects of faith.」

Arthur’s eyes turned round as though she had heard an unexpected answer.

「I’ll turn the Divas into merely our friends…..into mere humans.」

「That can be taken as denying the illusion. Perhaps magic will vanish and disappear from this world if you do that.」

With the decline of the three great mythologies’ power, humans freely thought and denied mystery, due to that magic was temporarily forgotten. Basileon also told him that.

That was why perhaps if he did as he said then it would become like that. The mystery would lose power.

Magic would disappear, including the alchemy civilization that reached the height of prosperity in these few years.

Magic had already existed since Kazuki was born, for him who lived in such an era, he couldn’t imagine an era without magic.

However, in the end wasn’t that era the correct one?

Even if the people at that time felt uneasiness and despair, and searched for a place to escape.

「I too will change the world.」

Kazuki answered so with the awareness that a trigger had been passed to his hand.

「Perhaps it will be a fight against Basileon too.」

That guy also said so. If he denied the illusion, then at the very end he would surely stand in his way.

That guy was also an unforgivable enemy, that was what Kazuki felt when he faced that guy.

「I, see……so that is what you say, about believing in mankind. As for me……with the power of ultimate illusion I believe I will plant the spirit of chivalry into mankind’s mind.」

Spirit of chivalry――he couldn’t think that it would be something that bad. It was far more acceptable compared to Regina’s noble doctrine.

Even so Kazuki didn’t want to approve binding the heart of all people without their saying so.

Kazuki suddenly put his hand on the two swords dangling on his waist.

One was Ame no Murakumo. The other one was Joyeux that was entrusted to him from Lancelot.

Lancelot yelled that as long as Excalibur and Avalon were all present in Arthur’s hand, the perfect Arthur wouldn’t be able to reflect on herself, and then she broke Arthur’s Avalon.

And then she fell while advocating human love to Arthur.

Even after she had been advocated of human love by Lancelot――Arthur declared to Kazuki right now that she would carry out her chivalry.

In that case Kazuki had to defeat Arthur. That was also the promise that was entrusted to him by him accepting Joyeux.

「Just as I thought both of us will ultimately run counter to each other. However……our fight will be after defeating the others.」

Kazuki said that, and Arthur nodded.

Surely she wanted to reaffirm that.

Resolve――when Arthur Basileon was defeated by another King, her life would end.

Surely Arthur didn’t know that Kazuki knew that.

「Yeah, that’s a promise.」

Arthur offered her hand to Kazuki with a refreshing smile.

Kazuki grasped back that hand strongly. He felt like he had repeatedly shook hands with her many times. Each time it made him conscious that her hand was feminine.

Speaking of it, if Loki got his hands on the ultimate illusion, what was he intending to do with it, he wondered.

Although he repeatedly said that he would dye the world in chaos, did that guy have a definite picture of the world he wanted in that head of his?

The first time he met that guy, he was obsessed with the role of causing Ragnarok itself.


Part 6[edit]

「Ou, it’s pitiful for my cute subordinates to be exposed to the weather. So let them enter the tent.」

Loki shamelessly said.

「Also give us a meal too. Even the possessed magicians and the materialized Divas are hungry.」

「There is a limit even in being shameless……」

Regina sighed. That sigh was already not filled with anger or irritation. She was exasperated from the bottom of her heart, thinking that it wasn’t worth thinking about.

「Our side came here bringing extra tents and food, so there is no problem in sharing.」

Ilyailiya responded obediently.

――Loki Allied Army also made camp.

They couldn’t discover a suitable plain where they could set the tents, but they burned down the forest with magic and created a vast plain with strength. There Italia’s Knight Order and Russia’s Knight Order set up their tents. It went without saying that they also prepared arrangements in case of a protracted battle.

This side also used a conspicuously big tent for 『General Staff Headquarters』 where Loki, Regina, and Ilyailiya met face to face.

「Even though the magic power cloud is thick, there is necessity to prepare in case of a surprise attack from the other side. Hayashizaki Kazuki had telepathy ability. Perhaps he would be able to fight more advantageously than us even inside this magic power cloud.」

Regina said that at the beginning with a clever look.

That highly proud girl was honestly recognizing Kazuki’s ability.

「I guess, in addition the other side also has Robin Hood. If it’s about ability as an intelligence operative inside the forest than that one stands out above the rest. I ain’t really clear about what kind of ability she has though……」

Loki also continued like so. And then the two of them stared at Ilyailiya at the same time.

You do something about it――both of them demanded like that with their gaze.

Speaking about the strongest intelligence operative in their camp, then it was none other than Ilyailiya.

She wouldn’t allow even a single ambush from the enemy, she would overturn the table on the enemy’s intelligence operative, conversely she would search for the opponent’s location――Ilyailiya possessed the speed and battle strength that enabled her to do that by herself.

A proposal that made a King of a country to stand guard and perform intelligence operation the whole night was an extremely rude proposal but……,

「Understood.」 Ilyailiya agreed expressionlessly.

Because that was the most rational way. That was everything for her sense of value and judgment standard.

Ilyailiya wasted no time to stand up. Perhaps even now in this moment, the enemy was moving in search of their side’s location.

But Loki stopped her 「Wait」.

「In case that an emergency situation occurs while you are not here, I’ll substitute your command. Go tell your subordinates that. It’s necessary.」

「You as my substitute?」

Ilyailiya still looked expressionless, but she clearly spoke. 「Impossible.」

Of course that was so. There was no way she would trust Loki that far.

「But it’s necessary yeah. Perhaps you will allow the enemy’s raid to reach here, or you will get held back and be unable to return here……this is for preparation in case of that miniscule chance, that’s why don’t be that worried. Nevertheless it’s necessary to decide this in advance for a time when that miniscule chance happens. If we don’t move in concert when it’s time all of us will all fall together.」

Loki stared fixedly at Ilyailiya with a serious look.

……Even if she put a top brass from Russia’s Knight Order as her representative, but there was no one there with setup that could be treated as equal to Loki and Regina.

「……No, intelligence operation and command, I’ll do both.」

「No matter how fast you are, no way that’s……hm?」

Ilyailiya’s figure blurred into two layers in front of Loki’s eyes.

「O pale shadow that lives in memory, leave to moonlight and illuminate the figure of day……Instrumental DuetDouble Face.」

Just when it seemed Ilyailiya’s figure blurred into two, powerful magic power light flashed. Inside the bright blue light……Ilyailiya split into two people.

There was no other way to say it other than she split into two. There were two Ilyailiya in front of Loki.

One was clad in a silver magic dress, while the other one was clad in a jet black magic dress.

「「Something like a reason to entrust my soldiers to you doesn’t exist logically.」」

Both Ilyailiya talked simultaneously, Loki spontaneously screamed to this.

「Wha, what the hell is that!? Just how much surprises you keep in your person!?」

「「Possessing two attributes of order and chaos, this is something easy if I thinned my ego until nothingness.」」

The two Ilyailiya spoke with their voices overlapping.

「This me will patrol outside.」The silver Ilyailiya said.

「This me will remain here to take command.」The black Ilyailiya said.

「Depending on the situation」「Switching with each other is also possible」The two Ilyailiya showed how they converted their figure with their body flickering as though flashing on and off.

As expected Loki lost any words to reply back to this. This girl was just too abnormal…….

However, surely this ability was a trump card of hers that if possible she would want to hide from Loki and Regina. There was no doubt that she exposed this hidden card to them reluctantly.

……The split is approximately 7:3 huh.

Loki also sharply noticed how the magic power amount of the two Ilyailiya wasn’t uniform.

The silver Ilyailiya was fast――but with the reduction of thirty percent――she flew out from the tent. The seventy percent would patrol, while leaving behind thirty percent power for command……it was a reasonable dividing.

「Well, for the time being we will watch the situation of how the enemy will move I guess.」Loki murmured.

「……Just now, I encountered Robin Hood.」

From beside Loki, the remaining jet black Ilyailiya said that.


……If it was asked if this was natural then it was natural, the two Ilyailiya seemed to share their senses.

「I finished her off, but that is clone body. Robin Hood ability as an intelligence operative……seems to be something that releases a large amount of clones into the forest.」

‘I see’, Loki nodded. It was a terrifying ability. For her to encounter Robin Hood this quickly, the large amount that she said must be a really large amount.

「Her speed is far slower than me. She also has almost no battle power. If I just move around, it will be impossible for the clones to break through me and reach until here.」

Ilyailiya who moved around with super high speed was like she existed everywhere at the same time…….

Even with countless clones as her opponents, she was still getting the superior position in the 『intelligence operative engagement』 just as expected from her.

「……That’s right! Be careful so that your movement won’t be following a pattern.」

Loki hit upon something and said so.

「The countless Robin Hoods might mark Ilyailiya’s range of appearance and use that to guess our side’s location. Mix random movements in your travel and distract them. That will be perfect.」

Even if Robin Hood’s clones wouldn’t reach until their headquarters, but if Ilyailiya patrolled systematically then that movement might become a hint that showed their side’s general position.

If the contractor could manage the senses of all Robin Hood, then surely she would also be able to picture such thing inside her head.

「……I see, I’ll do that.」

「If there is a chance……finish off Robin Hood’s contractor somehow. If that person is gone then our side will be able to meddle as much as we want on that side.」

「The contractor of Robin Hood should be secluding herself inside their headquarters while controlling the clones. It’s hard to slip through the countless clones and do that but……because there is something that I can attempt, I’ll give it a try.」


「I cannot promise success in the current stage.」

Is that so huh. ……I too got to think of methods for other things.

If it’s Kazuki how will he move……?

The entrance of the tent was flipped and an Italian knight showed her face.

「Regina-sama, we finished the preparation for balaneion.」

Regina said 「I’ve been waiting for that」 and stood up. It was as though she was going to depart for the front.

「Balaneion?」Loki titled his head for a moment, and then he fell down. 「……Wait, you mean bath! We are in the middle of a strategy meeting here! It’s not the time to take a bath or anything!」[8]

「First you think up the general framework for now. I’ll listen to it after I finish my bath.」

The proud King was determined to enter the bath, she declared her intent powerfully.

For Italia’s Knight Order that put their faith on ancient Greek culture, bath was something important that they must not miss to do. Even the King Regina also loved that above all else.

「……Well, it’s fine though……」

Loki felt like he was bent at the waist which made his voice sound helpless.

Nevertheless, certainly the framework of the strategy ought to be thought up by him, Loki thought.

「Let me enter too.」The jet black Ilyailiya also stood up.

「You too Ilyailiya!? ……Then I will enter too.」

Somehow it was peeving him to be left alone, so Loki also stood up trying to follow them.

However 「It’s a women’s bath. You idiot.」 Regina mercilessly kicked him down.

A giant tent for the use of the bath with the size like a gymnasium was set up at the center of the vast plain.

Even though it was called a tent, but it wasn’t something rustic for military use. Its elegance that was composed from golden frame and beautiful alchemic thread was worthy for the King’s relaxation time.

The bath itself was something square that was dug into the ground and hardened using magic, the hot water was filled using magic――oddly it was something primeval that was similar with the tent bath that Japan’s Knight Order created temporarily.

……Regina thought that it was unexpected for Ilyailiya to come along.

When Regina dissolved her magic dress she was wearing a gown, she took it off and discarded it, but when Ilyailiya dissolved her magic dress she became stark naked.

「Do you have this thing called ordinary clothes?」

「None. Magic dress is sufficient. Because there is no clothes more logical than this.」

「Then……you are completely naked when you sleep?」

Ilyailiya wordlessly nodded.

Both of them soaked into the spacious bath side to side.

Although they were side to side, but the distance between them was so close they could touch. Regina soaked inside first, and it was Ilyailiya who came from behind and lowered herself right beside her.

Regina was suspicious inside her heart. ……Why was she purposefully sitting this close?

The ceiling was lit with sacred Olympus’s torch, illuminating the two’s white skin dazzlingly.

The jet black Ilyailiya――though she thought that, but what was black was only her magic dress, even though the body of Ilyailiya herself was split into two people but they both looked exactly the same.

When she became naked like this, there was no difference between the silver and the jet black one.

And then the whiteness of Ilyailiya’s skin was like the very snow of Russia.

Regina’s skin also boasted a perfect smoothness as a Caucasian, but Ilyailiya gave an impression somewhere that she was unlike a human.

「Hmm」 Regina sighed in fascination. Regina loved beautiful things. It was unrelated whether it was the opposite gender or the same gender. To love a beautiful female was one of Zeus’s appreciated teachings.

Magika No Kenshi To Shoukan Maou Vol.13 155.jpg

「Is there something?」 Ilyailiya who felt her gaze asked.

Regina didn’t respond, all of a sudden she tightly held Ilyailiya’s breast.

It was quite the size, like mochi without stickiness, it had unique softness where her fingers could sink into it without end.

It seemed that Ilyailiya’s skin on her whole body possessed a springy texture like that.

Like that Regina kept fondling for a while.

She continued to fondle for quite a long time.

「…………………I demand an explanation for this act’s rational meaning.」

Ilyailiya said coldly, but Regina wordlessly took away her hand and this time she began to fondle her own breast.

Hers was plenty big without being too big, it had springiness, it didn’t sag down even for a bit, drawing a round line while pointing to the front. The coloring of the tip that was like the bud of a flower was also not too dark and not too faint. It was exactly the breast of a majestic queen.

After Regina fondled each other’s breasts and compared it, she laughed 「Fufun」.

「Just what are you doing?」

「In the whiteness of skin, yours is whiter, but in breast mine is larger and prettier. That’s how it is. Seeing from the total aspect let’s say that I’m the one with the beauty that is worthy to rule over the world.」

Ilyailiya was staring fixedly with a face that seemed to say 『Just what is this girl talking about out of nowhere?』. However,

「Irrational. We should verify the particular of how to score the factors other than skin and breast.」

She spoke with a flat tone.

「In hair mine is brilliant and sparkling as you can see. It truly can be called queenly.」

「……There is also a way of thinking that golden color with falling color saturation looks nobly refined.」

Both of them were blonde, but Regina’s blonde hair was exactly like a gold that emitted splendid shine.

In contrast to that, Ilyailiya had champagne gold hair that looked as though divine mystery was hidden within.

To decide which was the beautiful one, in practice it depended on each person’s taste.

「The most important part that influences a person’s appearance are the eyes. Mine are big and beautiful, its gallant gaze makes anyone who sees it to feel a queen’s willpower. In contrast to that, yours always looks sleepy, like the eyes of a dead fish without any force of emotion.」

When Regina said that, Ilyailiya suddenly opened both her eyes wide in a flash.

「Uwah!?」Regina was thrown aback.

Ilyailiya’s eyes became perfectly circle, they were opened so wide that it looked like the eyeballs could fall off anytime. There was a saying that eyes were like a plate, but hers looked like there were really plates being stuck on her face.

「It’s obvious that my eyes are definitely bigger. If you want you can measure its diameter using a ruler.」

「Are you an idiot! That doesn’t look like a human but a fish or a lizard!! That’s a horror comic!!」

Regina who couldn’t tolerate something beautiful to be spoiled reached out her hand to Ilyailiya’s face and forcefully closed her eyelids. Ilyailiya returned to her usual vague gaze.

「I don’t understand.」

Ilyailiya looked somewhat down.

「……But, something like beauty fundamentally is trivial.」

「Fuh, it’s not trivial. I was chosen by Zeus as King from my rarely seen magic talent with proud force of will, and also because of my flawless beauty. If in the unlikely event there exist a human more beautiful than me, that will affect Zeus’s honor.」

「If it’s Zeus who is well known of rape then I guess there is no mistake in that.」

Ilyailiya whispered vacantly.

「Just now, did you whisper with a low voice something that insulted my god?」

「No. ……Certainly I am not chosen because of my appearance or anything else. In that aspect surely you are the one more beautiful. I am not bothered with that.」

「Hmph, then what kind of standard your god chose you? I’m not really interested, but we are bathing together rarely like this. I’ll ask as side entertainment for this bathing.」

Regina smiled broadly while accosting Ilyailiya. Even the haughty and arrogant Regina would relax when she was in a bath like this and would direct more or less her interest to other people.


Ilyailiya cut off her words slightly. Shadow colored her eyes as though she was hesitating. But was there something that could make this machine-like woman to hesitate?

「I killed my grandfather. On that day I killed my grandfather, I was chosen as the King by the tale that I loved since I was a child.」

「Killed? And by killing, you were chosen?」

「By killing I was liberated from the internment camp, but then my soul that knew nothing but obedience was bound by sin at that time. Therefore I sought for god. God answered me but……in exchange it was demanded from me to become transparent.」

「……Talk in a way I can understand.」

「In other words」

Ilyailiya cut off too here, she then continued somehow falteringly.

「An emptiness that is worthy to be accepted by god with two faces, existed inside my soul, that’s what it means.」

「……I don’t understand what you mean. You are someone that is shitty in saying your life story huh. Enough already.」

Regina became a kill-joy and cut off the talk one-sidedly.

She didn’t say 『Talk in a way I can understand』 for the second time. Even if she said it, it would only be once.

She didn’t think that Ilyailiya would be this shitty in telling her life story.

When she talked on occasions like a strategy meeting or the other, she would talk logically without faltering. She was by no means a human that was a poor talker. That meant perhaps this topic was something that she really didn’t want to touch.

Didn’t want to touch? ……Was this woman someone who would harbor that kind of emotion?

「……Why did you follow me to the bath? It’s not like you particularly love to bath don’t you?」

「……I thought that perhaps it would be better to talk a bit with you.」

「Hou? So you even mean to say about naked association. You, with me?」

Then how about you bring up something more interesting to talk about?

「Rationality is born from people who fight together joining their emotion……」

Ilyailiya whispered with voice so low that it couldn’t be heard, after that she immediately denied that by herself.

「No, it’s just my trick of imagination. Because that is something that I have cast away already.」

「……In the end just what’s with you.」

It wasn’t bad when they trifled about appearance, but she wasn’t an interesting person at all even when they were talking, Regina thought with condescending attitude.

「I’ve been a bother. Excuse me.」

Ilyailiya stood up from the bath.

Regina directed her eyes to the buttocks getting farther away while jiggling. The look in Regina’s eyes at this kind of time was befitting as a believer of Zeus, it was a look of a perverted old man.

Ilyailiya erased the water on her body instantly using magic and created the jet black magic dress on her body, she then exited the tent without delay.

Ilyailiya was gone like a melting snow.

「Incomprehensible person……」

Regina took a long bath. She who was a master of magic wouldn’t feel dizzy no matter how long she soaked.

When she became alone, she didn’t think deeply about just what Ilyailiya was thinking about and she began to enjoy herself alone by humming a song that extolled Zeus.

……Would it be Loki who got an ingenius idea earlier, or would it be the other Ilyailiya who finished off Robin Hood faster…….

During the time until either happened she would enjoy this long bath…….

Usually she would make Vera accompany her inside the bath, but now she was already gone…….

Part 7[edit]

The report of the location of Loki and his group being found reached Kazuki by the time the date of the day changed.

When Kazuki rushed to the General Staff Headquarters, Arthur and Beatrix, and then Gino were already there.

「Ilyailiya moved randomly so that their location couldn’t be deduced from the pattern of her encounter range.」 Gino first said that.

So that meant that Ilyailiya was a step ahead.

Even while they were talking like this, he could feel the flow of magic power from the Robin Hood clones that got destroyed returning into magic power then flowing into Gino. Even now she was continuously skirmishing against Ilyailiya.

「Then how did you find their location?」

「That’s because of Robin Hood’s magic 『Memory of ForestGreen Day』, I use-, ue……」


In the middle of talking, Gino’s lips were peeled off.

No, not just her lips but the skin of her whole face was peeling off, her eyeballs were muddled looking cloudy.

Kazuki, Arthur, and then Beatrix shouted involuntarily.

Gino collapsed on the spot.

「……O dazzlingly beautiful fire of reincarnation, burn the surface of life and bud the restoration of life inside……Anti Aging!」

Kazuki wasted no time to chant Phoenix’s recovery magic. But its effect was faint. Gino’s own defensive magic power was also beginning to activate and finally her skin was starting to recover just barely.

「What happened?」

「Su, suddenly my body was……」

Arthur asked, Gino answered in anguish.

――She was in a terrible state. Not just her face. Under her clothes too, the skin of her whole body was starting to break down. Her raw flesh and muscle were exposed, her blood and lymph fluid were overflowing out.

It was as though her whole body were suddenly severely burned. But there was no heat source or anything around, in the first place it was impossible for a magician whose body was protected by defensive magic power to suddenly get burned.

It was as though sickness was seeping out from inside her…….

「Radiation damage……?」

Kazuki spoke out what he recalled in his mind as it was.

Perhaps such impression came first to mind because Kazuki was Japanese.

However Beatrix also opened her mouth in sudden realization.

「When she fought me, Ilyailiya changed color to pitch black……she used magic of 『nuclear power』. Perhaps she also has some other magic like that.」


Gino raised her voice sharply as though something came to her mind.

「The, the Ilyailiya that defeated Robin Hood’s clone……no, now that you mentioned it in the middle her appearance changed from silver to black……」

She desperately said that, but her lips were in a state that if she moved her lips then they would dangle down and sway to and fro.

Beatrix added additional explanation.

「When she fought me, Ilyailiya alternately used two appearances of silver and jet black, it seemed that she was able to use respectively different ways of fighting.」

「In other words……」 Kazuki guessed the situation.

It would be more advantageous to use the silver mode to simply defeat a lot of Robin Hood clones. Yet she instead fought using the jet black mode.

That meant there was meaning in her defeating Robin Hood’s clone using the jet black mode.

Jet black mode that controlled the power of nuclear and atomic energy…….

Gino said that the magic power of the defeated clones would return to herself.

「The clone bodies were nuked. The clone bodies that took in something like radiation energy inside themselves were recovered into Gino herself. Even though each explosion only had slight radiation, but by recovering the magic energy of many clones the radiation symptoms got brought to the surface all at once, isn’t it something like that?」

Tens, hundreds, and more of Gino’s clones were fighting Ilyailiya continuously in the span of several hours…….

Defensive magic power could even be thought as an omnipotent barrier, but it couldn’t protect the body from damage that gnawed little by little while the afflicted person didn’t notice that. That Gino’s defensive magic power was starting to activate now was because the symptom came to the surface all at once.

「If it’s something like that then there is no risk of us getting infected.」

Arthur said with a complicated expression. If Kazuki and others knew the fact, when they sharpened their senses they would be able to detect the unusual wave that was emitted weakly from inside Gino. That should be able to be repelled by defensive magic power.

「Wh, when I try to knead my magic power, my body is……」

「Don’t force yourself too much! All of your magic power is being put to maintain your body!!」

Defensive magic power that was the fruit of the person’s defensive instinct barely slowed down the breaking down of the body.

However it was difficult to heal her using general magic from the outside. General magic was the power of imagery. Doing something like working on the DNA’s helix chain that was located inside the cell nucleus that was deep inside the cell using imagery was impossible, because in the first place it was a micro world that couldn’t be imagined.

What a nasty magic, it was a nasty assassination method.

But right now she shouldn’t force herself, perhaps she could be treated using some method after this magic war was over.

「But, Arthur……if I don’t tell you……」

Gino discovered the enemy’s headquarters, and right now she was trying to convey that to them.

「What kind of magic is 『Green Day』?」

Kazuki asked Arthur.

「……It’s a magic that temporarily makes the forest to remember all of the sense information of Robin Hood’s clone bodies. Most likely Gino continuously encountered Ilyailiya using more than hundreds of clone bodies, she preserved all of Ilyailiya’s movement range, and then by repeatedly analyzing that information, she steadily sorted out the truth and falsehood from the enemy’s random movement and spied out the truth.」

Gino nodded powerlessly. She had performed something skillful on top of her already good work.

However even though she understood the essential location, but she wasn’t in a state that could guide them there. Don’t talk about standing up, it looked like just by carrying her on someone else’s back that body would rot away.

If Robin Hood’s clone body disappeared, the far from their side attacking the enemy’s location, it would be them who got exposed to Ilyailiya’s threat in reverse.

「……Green Merry Men.」

However she kneaded her magic power and created countless Robin Hood once more. The materialized group of Robin Hood left the tent all at once like a gale.

「Gino!!」Arthur yelled in reprimand.

If Gino activated that magic, her body would lose defensive magic power and it would collapse in the blink of an eye once more.

Kazuki called Mio too with telepathy.

He attempted to suppress the breakdown by chanting recovery magic of Phoenix with the two of them. But in the first place this magic was a magic that amplified the regeneration power that the body had. Gino’s body was currently in a state that had its foundation of regenerative power severed. The magic’s effect was sparse.

It couldn’t be defended, and recovery was also impossible…….

However radiation damage was originally something that made the cell unable to split, making regeneration to be lost from the body, and breaking down the body gradually.

It was something that made regeneration impossible, not 『sudden self-destruction』 like this.

He guessed that it was the illusion of the people that made their dread 『the image of radiation damage』 into a magic. Legend and myth were amplified by illusion rather than by the actual phenomenon.

Gino informed them with a breaking voice. 「Il……ya, iliya……hasn’t……found out, our location……the chance……for us to take the initiative……」

Against the fastest King as the opponent, the one who won the intelligence operative battle was Gino.

Ilyailiya caused a fierce poison to accumulate inside Gino with more than a hundred battles.

However Gino gathered more than a hundred memories without leaving out even a single one, and derived the most valuable answer. The one who won, was Gino.

「I have to guide you……and if I don’t continue monitoring Ilyailiya, for a while longer……」

In order to not waste the proud victory, Gino was facing the vicious death right from the front.

「Stop acting stupid! I’m telling you to not force yourself!!」

Seeing Arthur who yelled with a face that looked even like she would shed a tear, Gino’s facial muscles slightly smiled.

「Did this man’s 『naivety』 infect you? ……Fufu, fu」


「……If I cannot fight anymore……. If I don’t even make a contribution that should be possible……surviving until the end of Ragnarok doing nothing and waiting……, just what will I become……」

On one side Kazuki held a favorable impression toward Arthur’s chivalry, but he wasn’t holding a good impression towards Gino, who was going to do the exact opposite. However although her principle was different from Arthur, she dirtied her own hand for Britain’s sake, and then like this, she would even become a sacrifice without hesitation, just how sublime that resolve of hers is.

After talking that much all the skin on Gino’s face fell off and all her hair came out. The figure of a beautiful woman completely changed into a state like a specimen of muscle and flesh, even so she kept barely maintaining her magic.

「I got it! You don’t need to say anything more! ……I absolutely won’t let this go to waste!!」

Arthur raised an anguished voice.

「Our side will assault the other side while it’s still night. Let’s hurry.」

Arthur spoke rapidly while staring at Gino who was sustaining her magic with a sorrowful state.

They would find out the enemy’s location and grasp the initiative.

No one made any objection.

「But the magic power cloud is still thick. If we wait until it fades a bit more……」

Beatrix said that, but Kazuki interrupted her.

「I can communicate with some of my companions even inside this thick magic power cloud. That’s why if it’s us then we can make this surprise attack succeed even inside this magic power cloud.」

Kazuki exposed a fragment of his ability to the alliance partners that he ought to believe.

There was no method available to them that didn’t make use of this advantage that Loki and the others didn’t have.

However at the same time that also meant that in this surprise attack strategy Kazuki would command the whole army that also included Britain and Germany. There would be no meaning if everyone didn’t obey Kazuki’s instruction.

「There is no way I will doubt you after this far. We’ll follow.」

Arthur and Beatrix nodded at each other together.

It became that Kazuki was entrusted with the role of the 『supreme commander』 of the entire three countries.

Arthur directed an unsettled gaze at the suffering Gino.

And then she sighed out a long breath to calm herself.

Even now she wanted to stand up and move the army right away.

Arthur opened her mouth gravely.

「How will we attack?」

Ilyailiya was going strong. Even Robin Hood’s clones were only able to mark Ilyailiya’s movement, they weren’t able to go as far as stopping her.

「If a large army tries to penetrate Ilyailiya’s patrolling scope, Ilyailiya will surely detect it. Ilyailiya will retreat to her headquarters faster than our surprise attack and notify Loki the location from where the surprise attack is coming and how it will be done.」

Kazuki said. Everyone nodded.

「In other words someone that can keep Ilyailiya in one place will encounter her first, and during that time the surprise attack has to achieve success. It’s likely that Ilyailiya is contacting Loki regularly. If that contact got cut off then Loki will sense the surprise attack, so even if the distraction to Ilyailiya succeeds we cannot be slow.」

「Who can stop her in place?」

Arthur asked with a heavy tone.

There Kazuki’s thinking stopped.

The only one who could stop the fastest queen in place was only a warrior who could use foresight. But if Kazuki took on the stopping role then he would become unable to take command of the whole army using telepathy and the surprise attack would lose its meaning.

If Hrotsvit was here, then she would be the optimal choice. ……In the middle of silence where everyone was thinking that, Beatrix opened her mouth.

「I’ll do it. If it’s me…..I can do it. I must do it.」

「Can you do it?」

Arthur asked.

Then familiar runes were floating up around Beatrix brightly. It wasn’t Thor’s power. This was……the power that Hrotsvit used when she was fighting.

The King’s authority was succeeded by the chief god…….

『Fufufu……』 Behind Beatrix, Thor’s avatar also floated.

『A part of that Odinguy’s power resides in me. The wisdom of a sage and my herculean strength became one. In this case it will depend on how much you can use this skillfully……Beatrix.』

Beatrix who lost Hrotsvit, and Thor who lost Odin.

Both of them had strong ardor.

Kazuki and Arthur nodded to each other.

There would be no end to it if they listed every unsure factor. There was no other choice. They could only decide with courage.

At the very least Kazuki had faith in Beatrix’s mental strength.

If they could stop Ilyailiya in one place as much as possible, it would have an extremely important significance in the battle situation after that.

「We found a prospect to break through Ilyailiya. Next is the arrangement of the surprise attack itself……」

Kazuki pondered. When he thought what kind of state the enemy was in……it would be insufficient if they simply attacked with the whole army just like that. If it was Loki then possibly…….

They were attacking, with Loki receiving the attack.

Thinking back this was a composition that had never happened until now.

Until now he was continuously at the receiving end of Loki’s schemes.

It could be said that right now he could exist because he had struggled through every single one of those but, the feeling that he had been continuously led around by the nose as Loki pleased was strong in him.

He wanted to win against Loki right here, right now.

He wanted to win through this magic war……by surpassing Loki in tactics.

「Those guys should put up guards other than Ilyailiya too. A pawn that can do that exists inside the enemy’s camp. To slip through that……」

They needed one more trick. No, there was still something that ought to be pondered about more. They needed two tricks.

Kazuki turned his gaze to Gino.

Arthur who followed along Kazuki’s gaze called out 「Gino」.

She was in a state that couldn’t be told apart from a corpse, but she was still holding her consciousness in check. Her jaw moved as though she was nodding.

「Yes, I still……, can manipulate the clones, for a while more……」

Even now there was a need to borrow the strength of hers who was steadily becoming worn out.

Translator's Notes and References[edit]

  1. Damian here is using a catchphrase of Edogawa Conan, from Detective Conan to say the stupid idiot.
  2. Arthur’s speech that until now was like a man became feminine here.
  3. Konaki Jijii = a ghost in Japanese folklore with the shape of a small old man and having a baby’s cry
  4. Depend who you ask…
  5. Trying to resist the dark side. EN: Too late …
  6. I wonder if the author forgot volume 9
  7. EN:Masochist
  8. EN:Of course it is. 🙂

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