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Chapter 4 – Tactics Battle[edit]

Part 1[edit]

The dazzling Chouki magicians were blooming in profusion on the two battlefields with gorgeousness that rivaled a flower.

「Wing dance and scatter from the bottom of the earth. Trail spiraling wind and become the bullet that expresses the fury of the star! Flap, shoot and smash! Volcanic Barrett!!」

Mio scattered countless flame to the surroundings like a giant lily that scattered its pollen.

「O maddening passion of the depths, bloom the forbidden flower here! Consume beautiful things without pause and leave nothing behind!Packed Black TentacleInfinite Tentacle !!」

Kaguya-senpai made tentacles that seemed to want to gobble up life to rampage everywhere like a jet black storm.

「O whirling will of the sky god, I shall become the agent of god’s fury! O radiance of royal divine gift, become the storm of brilliant splendor!Storm God’s BowArrow Storm!!」

Hikaru-senpai rapid fired thunder that looked like shining golden spears each time she drew her bow.

「O immutable limit, please make this heart forget its worries with that freezing wind. With the flowing silence of rejection, announce the demise of that life……North Pole WindArctic Wind!!」

Koyuki continuously blew white frost wind without end like a broken refrigerator.

Those costumes that became even showier with them becoming Chouki magician looked as though they were to show that the battlefield was their stage.

Kaguya and Hikaru were in the first squad, Mio and Koyuki were in the second squad.

At first with the magic power boost from Kazuki’s Power of Harmony, these girls overwhelmed the enemy, but although they lost that boost at the same time with the third squad’s offense, the momentum that they had obtained before didn’t lose inside the mayhem of the enemy formation and they continuously exercised their power.

Part 2[edit]

Ikousai and Nyarlako’s group didn’t do anything like camping preparations, they were merely squatting inside the forest splendidly, looking like they would take a poop.

Ikousai was shaking the shoulders of Nyarlako who was still in a girl’s shape.

「Oi, you can sense the situation of the war right? What is going on right now? Give me live coverage so I can understand clearly too. Do a live broadcast.」

「Yoo―sh, then Nyarlako’s catty live broadcast, it’s starting―」

Nyarlako stood up and hummed an abominable BGM that was hard to describe while starting to dance.

「I don’t need that kind of opening. I don’t need it so start reporting quick-」

Ikousai hurried Nyarlako while dancing together with her.

  • zuncha, nyan nyan*, both of them danced for a while before squatting down once more.

「……The fate of the two began since that meeting. The childhood friend covered for him and fell. The young man stood up while covered with that blood, and carved a wound that couldn’t be erased onto the chest of his bitter enemy……. And then half a year after that, both of them confronted each other on a battlefield once more! The kickoff of their destiny……will be after the commercial!!」

「Kill! I’ll kill you―!!」

Ikousai gripped tightly on the hilt of her beloved sword and stood up, but the Cthulhu retainers around them held her down while saying 「Stop―」 「Stop please―」.

「Snapping in a way that cannot be laughed off like that. How scary~」

「What I hate the most in this world is a TV show that won’t start no matter how long I wait just like this!!」

「Ikousai-kun really cannot be helped huh…… Err―, right now Japan-Britain-Germany are in an advantage by a great margin.」


Ikousai’s expression turned bright in a flash.

「Please look at this face, it’s the face of a maiden that is waiting for her beloved’s victory.」

Nyarlako was pointing at Ikousai’s face and made fun of her. The retainers in the surroundings jeered 「Kyaa―」 「How cute―」 「Moe kyun―」. Ikousai reached out her hand to her beloved sword’s handle once more.

「I got it I got it, I’ll explain properly. The two stage delayed surprise attack of Japan-Britain-Germany succeeded with an unbelievable momentum. I don’t know what kind of trick was hiding behind that success but……」

「What a incompetent explanation right from the start……」

「At first Japan-Britain-Germany launched a surprise attack from two directions in a pincer attack. Loki’s Alliance Army detected them using Apollo and Artemis’s ability and intercepted. Rather than calling it a pincer attack, it became a clash that divided the battlefield into two where the two sides were equal.」

「If it was a straightforward clash then Loki’s group that have materialized Divas might be stronger.」

「No, Loki preserved the materialized Divas and Olympus’s Twelve Gods as reserve forces……. However even though both sides should be equal in number, for some reason Loki’s Alliance Army was gradually getting pushed back, so he invested his reserve forces to the front lines. Thereupon as though that timing had been seen through, Japan-Britain-Germany’s third squad launched a tremendous violent assault. Loki’s Army’s flank that was short of hands got hit and they fell into a chaotic situation. Italia and Russia’s knights were still better off, but Loki’s Einherjar were weak in that kind of situation.」

「There are only idiots there after all.」

These two who knew about the internal conditions of Loki’s Einherjar nodded at each other.

「The front lines of Loki’s Alliance Army that fell into a disordered state got pushed back by the enemy’s momentum, and slowly they were retreating back towards their headquarters. They were being pushed back into a cramped group. On the other hand Japan-Britain-Germany are herding them from three directions……into a formation where they would be surrounded and then annihilated. Kazuki can do telepathic communication so his side can carry out a frightening coordination. This is just like a battle of primitive man against career soldiers. If this is a normal war then at this point of time the winner is decided already.」

But this was a magic war where the participants were saving unknown trump cards.

「What is Kazuki doing?」

Magika No Kenshi To Shoukan Maou Vol.13 209.jpg

「Kazuki is leading the third squad, at first he stood at the lead and even confronted Loki but……both Kazuki and Loki retreated inside their own armies so they could command easier.」

「I think if it’s Kazuki then he can still command even while swinging a sword around at the front lines though.」

「That’s scary, what an absurdly shrewd type that guy is. Well, but if you say that he can do at least that much, then he might have some kind of thinking then.」

「What do you think Loki will do in this kind of situation?」

Even if Ikousai understood about Kazuki, but she didn’t understand Loki. She wasn’t really interested in him. In this case it would be Nyarlako who better understood the way Loki’s brain was working.

「H―m. ……Loki is harboring uneasiness to cooperate with Regina and Ilyailiya. He should want to break this deadlock with his own strength as much as possible so……he will aim at the commander Hayashizaki Kazuki and aim to break through a point I think. Right now Loki is withdrawing but there he will rearrange his army’s posture, call back the reserve forces and pick out the elites before going out to carry his gambit perhaps.」

The disadvantaged side looked for an opening and aimed for the vital spot. It was something like that.

「Thi, thi thi thi thi thi this is bad! Kazuki mustn’t get defeated by anyone other than me!」

  • tremble tremble tremble shiver shiver shiver* Ikousai was shaking in terror.

「We cannot stay idle like this, we too are going there now!!」

「No, Japan is still in advantage so it will be okay I told you. Just calm down already. In the first place you are aiming for Kazuki because you are aiming to be the strongest and you believe that Kazuki is the strongest right? Then if Kazuki is defeated by someone else, you just need to aim for that guy next, ain’t it?」

「No good, that’s no good, I decided that the strongest is Kazuki! If another person defeats him by some kind of mistake, they won’t be his replacement!! Even in soccer or a martial arts tournament, the favorite that should be strong can lose because of something incomprehensible. When that happens it just makes you feel dejected right!?」

「Annoyiiing……anyway let’s just be patient for a bit okay.」

Part 3[edit]

More new runes were shining around Beatrix who was fighting while laughing.

<Rune of Selection>――no matter if she was able to use foresight, but there was still no way she could deal with all of Ilyailya’s super high speed attacks.

She had to accurately judge, which attack had to be absolutely evaded and which attack should be allowed to hit her.

Originally Beatrix was the type that decided that kind of thing using instinct.

『But doing that against an opponent of this level is just……right?』

The rune talked to her.

These words, this will, just from where did they arise from she wondered. Or perhaps this was just her hallucination. However, Beatrix decided that that was that, and obediently accepted the voice.

「Thank you verry muuch! Fuhahahahah! Thi―s i―s fu―n!!」

「Are you speaking to yourself……」

It seemed that Ilyailiya couldn’t hear the voice.

She was taking a stance that looked like fencing with the silver sword created by 『Ogni Fonarei』. On top of that she also invoked magic.

「The closed pole soil and cool headed sky to my sword. Silver Frost SwordDed Moroz of Despair.」

Magic power silently welled up and vanished as though being sucked into Ilyailiya’s right arm. At a glance it was unclear what kind of magic was invoked.

『Just now it looked like partial acceleration magic. The speed of her right arm is even faster now.』

The rune informed Beatrix.

She understood, now she couldn’t deal with all her attacks.

Ilyailya’s right arm flew towards Beatrix with the wind roaring *bun-*.

Her right hand stabbed……it stabbed, stabbed, stabbed. The silver blade was thrusting in over and over again.

It was like a hail of blizzard blowing with the force that made her unable to open her eyes.

It was fast but――it was light.


Beatrix received the majority of those consecutive attacks right from the front without flinching, further more she even laughed while swinging around her large sword hard. The evading Ilyailiya got grazed by the blade and her magic power was smashed.

Even so Ilyailiya continued to thrust like a blizzard.

However the countless thrusts weren’t filled with strength and functioned as camouflage――,

「……A stab to the almighty mother and eternal ruler. Thunder Emperor SwordKladenets of Revenge.」

Dozens of attacks were launched within second, one of them emitted a faint demonic light glaringly.

『Don’t get hit only by that!!』

<Rune of Selection> informed with an absolute feeling of danger. ……At a glance it looked like a normal thrust, but that blade was filled with the compression of the thunder of sky god <Svarog>’s whole might.

A streak of lightning flashed inside the blizzard.

「This one-!?」

Just before it hit, Beatrix twisted her whole body into a crescent shape. Just by getting grazed slightly her defensive magic power was smashed and the impact of the magic intoxication made Beatrix’s body rotate quickly like a spinning top.

A wind hole was opened in the forest until far beyond along with a terrific thunderous roar.

「……Excellent observation.」

Ilyailiya praised in a whisper.

「I’m a child that cannot calm down so this is the first time my observation is praised!!」

The truth was that it wasn’t Beatrix’s own achievement at all.

She rotated her body in a circle and without stopping she mowed her large sword horizontally.

「After all what is praised from me is always……my strength!! O thunder! Burn down the great enemy, display the might of the seat of heaven! Lightning Sword of Giant KillingFrost Vidur!!」

The large sword that Beatrix swung around transformed into huge lightning.

Ilyailiya didn’t evade that and blocked it with her silver sword――that sword even now was filled with the remains of Svarog’s thunder in its blade.

Two same element clashed and got blown far away along with their wielders.

「So it’s even-!」Beatrix who fell flat on the ground stood up cheerfully.

「So it’s even……」

Ilyailiya was hovering still in the air while whispering.

「You are more capable than what I imagined for a substitute King.」

「Fufufu, isn’t that right isn’t that right. Praise me more.」

『You cannot get carried away too much. The current Ilyailiya, is somehow, empty.』

「Empty……? Isn’t she empty from the start……?」

Beatrix tilted her head a bit to the words that the rune talked to her.

「……For me to be even, against someone like you, an illogical opponent that changes enjoyment into strength……」

Ilyailiya whispered with a small volume using a tone that vaguely sounded gloomy.

「Did you say something?」

At that time behind the expressionless face of Ilyailiya that looked like a mask, Beatrix felt a sign as though something was boiling.

Emotion……fury? Ilyailiya was furious?

No, was it simply her magic power rising up?

「……I didn’t think that seventy percent would be insufficient, that’s all. Let me commend you.」

「Seventy percent? What are you talking about?」

Beatrix blinked her eyes.

She could be in a good mood only until there.

Part 4[edit]

The momentum of Japan-Britain-Germany from three directions was pushing back Loki Alliance Army’s battle line and pushing them into a single packed group.

They were falling into a situation where they were encircled.

Loki was launching magic for cover fire from their headquarters while yelling in anger.

「Push back! Spread out! If you packed up too close with each other then everyones gonna get swallowed into magic!」

A state of being encircled in a magic war was more grave compared to the wars of the old era.

The side encircling the enemy was in a 『line』 that only had the minimum necessary thickness. Even if they got hit by an area attack, the damage would be little.

The encircled side would be in a 『crowd』. Area attacks that were flying from four directions would hit and swallow up the maximum number of troops…….

Because a person couldn’t exert magic phenomenon except at within their range of perception, this thick magic power cloud became a salvation for them in that aspect though…….


The jet black Ilyailiya called out to him.

「Ilyailiya! You still haven’t finished off Beatrix yet!?」

「In order to carry that out for even a second faster, the me here has to go there.」

「……So you are in a damned tight spot huh. In other words you are sayin’ that Beatrix can use the King’s power skillfully.」

Loki showed a comprehension while continuing his words in rapid pace.

「But ain’t no way we can let this battlefield get more chaotic than this. Leave the command for Russia’s Knight Order to me while you are absent. Hand over your full authority. Tell that to all the knights!」

Loki continued with a rough voice faster than Ilyailiya could say something back.

「Listen! In the first place it’s the best for everyone if I took command of everything right from the start! I am the one who knows best of Kazuki’s methods! In the end the one who was right was only me with the prediction before! Yeah, of course entrusting battle strength to another force ain’t a joking matter, I got that. That’s why it will only be when you ain’t here. Even if you doubt me, but currently we ain’t in a situation where we can betray each other at all. Ain’t that right? This situation will depend on how much I and Regina can hold up the battle situation and whether you can take Beatrix’s head or not. And then, at the momentary opening where disorder visits the enemy, I’ll move the elite reserve forces to charge and take the head of the commander Kazuki……」

「Ilyailiya.」 Regina also spoke while chanting magic continuously to another direction.

「My bad but do it like that.」

「What I’m saying is rational right? Okay got it, then I’ll make more concessions. I’ll draw back Russia’s Knight Order for the moment and make them a reserve force. I swear I won’t move them except when in a sudden unforeseen situation or when it’s time for the charge to decide the battle.」

Ilyailiya went silent for a few seconds before speaking with am emotionless voice.

「Understood, I’ll leave it to you.」

The jet black Ilyailiya’s shape was fading smoothly. That body was dissolved into magic power and move towards its other half through Astrum.

There was no other choice than that. What Ilyailiya could do was only to hurry and finish her battle.

Loki sighed in satisfaction. ……Now then, what should I do.

「Loki, you ask a lot by telling us to hand over the command but, do you have some kind of preparation?」

Regina spoke with a calm voice. She was still not feeling uneasy.

「I don’t have anything like that. First I need to maintain the status quo so there won’t be any disorder.」

Regina clicked her tongue.

「Then I’ll go out to the front lines. Along with my King’s authority――<Esteemed God’s Power>.」

I’ve waited for that, Loki whispered inside his heart.

Part 5[edit]

Kazuki didn’t know what would happen, but it was within his assumption that something would happen.

That was why when he heard the report, Kazuki got a curious feeling that was a mix of 『This is bad』 and 『As expected』. It felt like a sense of danger and a sense of exaltation mixed with each other.

He had to deal with the situation without delay.

――The one who reported was Mio from the second squad.

『Everyone is being knocked down like dominoes!』

What did she say……?

『Suddenly the people at the front lines hung their head down simultaneously and crouched on the spot. They became unable to fight! The enemy’s attack magic came all at the same time there……!! Gyaa―h!!』

What’s with that ‘gyaa―’.

But this wasn’t a joke.

The scale seemed to be big for a single magic――A King’s authority?

They hung their head downs……what came to mind from that phrase was Regina.

The haughty King with noble doctrine.

『What to do! Everyone is rapidly becoming unable to fight!! It’s total annihilation!! Also I too……something, is scary. It feels like I want to prostrate to something, and cling to it, such thing……』

Kazuki was chanting support magic to the front lines while answering.

『Is there a difference between people that can endure and those who cannot?』

『……Eerrr……it seems……there are many who are older people from the knight order……』

Something flashed in Kazuki’s mind intuitively, he allotted Power of Harmony to Mio. Then Mio responded 『A, somehow I felt at ease suddenly!』

『Endure just a bit more!』

Kazuki switched the telepathy channel to Lotte.

『Lotte! Bring Arthur’s group to reinforce the second squad!』

Once, the one who impressed and gave an idea about the concept of 『King』 to Kazuki with most intensity was Italia’s King, Regina Olympia Fornar.

When that woman appeared at the front lines, the battlefield completely changed.

The second squad that Mio led was constantly in advantage. But the jostling between attack magic and defense magic in corps scale with Japan in the lead was suddenly going through reversal as though the wind was changing direction.

Something happened.

The swordsmen of Japan that wielded their sword at the front line made a dazed face for a moment, and then they prostrated. Like that they were turned helpless and got knocked down like dominoes.

Because of that, the second squad’s formation was crumbling. Regina and her group that advanced while tearing off the breaking down enemy army looked truly like the march of a King.

Since the war on this Atlantis began, this scene could be said as the most majestic spectacle.

The contractors of Olympia Twelve Gods who followed after Regina were also launching a lot of powerful magic and crushed down the enemy in the surroundings one after another like a radiating wave.

The advantage on this battlefield was overturned in just a short space of time, it was natural that the possibility of the second squad’s total annihilation began to cross the mind.

If the reaction to this development was late even for just a bit, that possibility would surely become reality.

But from the distance of the wasteland where everything was blown away by the after-effects of the magic war, a cloud of dust was raising, when the cavalry knights clad in dazzling silver armor and helmet were galloping near, a light of hope shined in the battlefield.

The Knights of the Round Table of King Arthur revealed their figure from the glorious passage of chivalry.

The spectacle of the people at that place cheering in joy simultaneously witnessing that entrance was truly just like 『The Tale of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table』.

「I see……just like what Kazuki said, your authority is something like 『making hostile people with scarce magic power to be powerless』. Our authority, is purely mere strength we obtained by means of our pledge!! Not a single one of us will prostrate before someone like you!!」

The Knights of the Round Table didn’t slacken their sprint for even a little, they swung the spears in their hands and fired shockwaves of light.

Regina and her group that received that finally had their majestic King’s march shaken.

Magika No Kenshi To Shoukan Maou Vol.13 221.jpg

Regina yelled back.

「Arthur! I decided that after Hrotsvit……I’ll kill you!!」

「Just try it! I too wanted to test my skills against you!!」

『Arthur-san came for us, Arthur-san and her group looks okay that’s why our side also looks okay!』

It was a flustered telepathy that was done while fighting. That report was endlessly vague for the Japanese language, but Kazuki breathed out in relieve hearing Mio’ s bright voice.

However Kazuki was feeling a single doubt. ……Where was Nyarlako?

She was a powerful unitpawn that could be used to obstruct magic chanting of the whole battlefield solo. Rather than preserving her, her ability was better used to constantly influence the battlefield.

Even when Loki’s group invested their reserve forces, there was no sign of her. If she was here then they should know without fail.

She wasn’t here……did she betray Loki?


Next, telepathy came from Kaguya-senpai. However she didn’t sound in distress.

『Russia’s Knight Order is gradually retreating from the battlefield here. The remaining enemy is a minimum force centered on the illegal magicians, rather than attacking their way of fighting is devoting to complete defense trying to hold out just barely.』

Kaguya-senpai was reporting to him thoroughly her meticulous observation.

But Mio’s report was also easy to understand though.

Kazuki pondered.

『They are concentrating their forces in their headquarters. ……Maybe they are preparing an assault squad.』

『I also think so. If that’s true then surely Loki’s aim is Otouto-kun.』

If the King was defeated, as long as there was no sub-chief god to succeed after that then the mythology’s power would decline completely……. No matter how advantageous the battle progressed but if the King was assassinated then the army would collapse.

Even leaving that out, Loki was surely thinking, if he just defeated him then the rest would be…….

Loki is only looking at me…….

Beatrix and Ilyailiya were fighting outside the battlefield, Arthur and Regina were fighting at the theater of the second squad, Loki would launch a surprise attack to his location…….

You think I’ll let it become just like you wanted?

「Akane-senpai, Shokou, I’ll leave the rest to you two just like we arranged beforehand.」

Kazuki said that to the two who he added to his third squad as his reserve.

「Will it really be okay with Kazuki gone?」

Akane-senpai said that anxiously.

「I’ll listen to the battle’s situation from everyone’s telepathy. I have impressed my presence enough to Loki. It will become just like I expected……for sure.」

At first he showed his face to Loki and immediately pulled back because he had a strategy.

Loki would assault to aim at him――he was calculating from the beginning to make this kind of situation.

「Miake-senpai, please.」

「Yeees. ……Fufufu, but to think that a cute raw material like this will be ruined.」

Kazuki spoke to an excessively sexy onee-san that he added to his squad. Miake Saki. She was the contractor of <Ose> of Solomon 72 Pillar, a twenty years old senior knight. It seemed that usually she was also active as a make-up artist. She licked at her glossy violet lips while approaching Akane-senpai. Akane-senpai was getting scared inexplicably.

「Cu, cute you say……, uuu, this person is scary for some reason.」

「Pleeease be obedient. ……Princess’s illusion, momentary dream, right now, you are born again in another gender of your heart.」

「Eh!? This is that kind of magic!?」

Love Sex ChangeLove Morphosis.」

  • pfun!* Akane-senpai was enveloped in violet smoke……and transformed into Kazuki.

「Wa, wait, just what is the meaning of this!」

Akane-senpai in the appearance and voice of Kazuki got angry with a red face. The knights in the surroundings suddenly laughed.

「……I too only heared that it’s a transformation magic though.」

「This is not that convenient of a magic that can transform to anyone you knooow. If there is something like that then I would use it more effectively on a regular basis seee. Though I cannot think of any way to use it other than for crime. But the transformation goes well so it’s fineee. Even if it’s no good with you we can use it with another child anyway.」

「It’s no good if it’s not Akane-senpai. But I’m glad that it went well.」

「No, wait a second……I understand that this is necessary for the strategy but……uuuu-!」

Akane-senpai was driven by an indescribable feeling and moaned.

「Senpai, I’m happy.」

「No need to say anything like that-!! Anyway, it will be fine if watashiI act like Kazuki right? Uwah, saying feminine words with this voice is disgusting even if I say so myself. Correction……eerr, it will be fine if oreI act like Kazuki right?」

Kazuki nodded. Akane-senpai breathed deeply looking uneasy.

watashiI……not that, oreI have stage fright that’s why I’m uneasy here. Will it be okay I wonder?」

「I don’t really have stage fright, so please be more bold.」

Akane-senpai puffed up her chest with a jerk.

「I transformed into Kazuki……perhaps I’ll be okay if I think like that.」

「If something happen please convey it to Kazuha-senpai who can communicate telepathically with me.」

「Let’s do our best together.」 Kazuha-senpai encouraged Akane-senpai.

「It will be fine if it’s Akane-senpai. If Akane-senpai decided thinking that it is the best to do, then it absolutely won’t be a mistake, so please.」

――Shouko was glaring with pointed gaze at such exchange all this time.

「Oi……you ain’t really planning to use a body double as a sacrifice or anything ain’t you?」

If that’s actually the case then I won’t forgive you, that was what her eyes was telling him seriously.

「……Of course it’s not such a thing, right? I believe in you though.」

Kazuha-senpai also asked anxiously from the side.

「This is not a preparation to escape like that, until the end this is an offensive tactic. I want to defeat Loki today right here. I want to beat down that trickster by continuously putting him on the defensive the whole time from the beginning to the end and beat him up leaving no body part untouched.」

Kazuki answered as though he was baring the fighting spirit that he was hiding.

「However……ain’t this like a gamble that Clark would do?」

Shouko spoke with doubt even now.

Gamble……Kazuki didn’t feel that this was something like that, however.

「Clark was a King that I thought was the most scary from all the people that I had met until now. I felt that she is the strongest as a human, a natural-born gambler. That’s why, it’s a honor that I’m told that.」

Part 6[edit]

『This is bad……for the current you, that is just too bad.』

The rune informed.

Beatrix lost her words.

「「What’s the matter? Even though you were so proud that you can use the King’s authority skillfully……are you surprised by my current state?」」

――Two voices overlapping.

「……If I’m not surprised with you right now, then the word shock will be unnecessary for eternity in my dictionary.」

Beatrix spoke while feeling numb all over her body.

Before her eyes, there was an atypical appearance of silver and jet black.

『Two faces, four elbows』――that phrase would come to her if she tried to express what she saw in a few words.

Coupled with Ilyailiya’s expressionless face, that appearance looked like a tranquil Buddha statue…….

Right now Ilyailiya’s one body had two faces with four arms growing from both her shoulders, standing in front of Beatrix!

The two faces and the two pairs of arms were each being clearly painted in different colors of silver and jet black! On her back the halo of the god of the sky Svarog was shining, and an ominous black pattern was running all over her body. It was divine and also sinister.

It looked mystical, but also looked like art that was finished artificially.

Even Beatrix was aware of Ilyailiya’s two modes because she had seen it with her own eyes.

But, who’d ever thought that it would include separation and combination!

No, if Ilyailiya that was separated combined back, it would just go back to being the former Ilyailiya, that should be what was reasonable. But now, why did after the combination her face and arms became doubled like this instead?

And then Beatrix wasn’t just shocked. Beatrix also felt dread and shuddered.

This Ilyailiya, could it be…….

「If one doesn’t have attachment to oneself and thinned down one’s ego until the utmost limits, splitting oneself into two isn’t something difficult.」

Ilyailiya’s silver face spoke.

「No……this is not a problem about difficulty or anything……」

「And then if one’s self thinned until the utmost limit and split, it’s easy to combine back with each part still established from each other.」

Ilyailiya’s jet black face spoke.

「That’s why this is not about hard or easy, the current you is strange!!」

「「Strange? Why? For me who possesses two natures at the same time……does any form more logical than the current me exist?」」

Yes, that shape made it such that Beatrix couldn’t help herself but imagine the terrifyingly logical fact.

The current Ilyailiya……was able to operate her two modes at the same time, wasn’t she!?

「In the first place I possessed double personality. I am Ilya.」The silver face spoke.

「I am Iliya. However there is no difference between the two personalities anymore though.」 The jet black Ilyailiya spoke.

And then the two faces spoke at the same time. Hearing that felt like it would make the head go strange.

「「I’ll declare to you with respect as the true Ilyailiya. This time for sure I won’t even need a minute.」」

  • bun-!* Ilyailiya flew with a speed that was exactly like before.

「Ded Moroz’s Despair.」

The silver face invoked magic.

The distraction super high speed sword that she showed before was displayed before Beatrix once more.

There was no need to evade all of it……. Beatrix swung down her large sword at the position where she predicted Ilyailiya would arrive with the resolve to get hit herself――and she hit.

But her strength wasn’t enough to stop Ilyailiya’s spell chanting.

Beatrix clearly felt from very near, the jet black face was chanting a magic that she had to stop from being activated no matter what, she felt her spine freezing.

「O Prima Materia’s fluctuation, derive the end from the beginning of everything……」

Ilyailiya’s jet black left hand was lifted to the height of her shoulder. Around that palm, Prima Materia was starting to move chaotically.

The terrifying nuclear fusion’s destructive power that was turned to illusion, into a cursed tremendous attack magic!

『You mustn’t focus on just that! Widen you field of vision!!』

The rune scolded Beatrix. She came to her senses.

One attack among the super rapid thrusts that were like a blizzard, was containing a shining compressed thunder.

「Kladenets of Revenge.」

The silver face and arm launched an attack that absolutely must be avoided.


It didn’t hit directly, but she was also unable to dodge completely. Beatrix received a terrific impact on her shoulder and she got blown away. She was rolling on the ground while quickly jumping up because it wasn’t the time to roll around.

The chanting of that jet black face……she had to break it from that!!

「Ded Moroz of Despair.」

But Beatrix who impatiently rushed forward was met by the blizzard of rapid thrusts. Those thrusts literally made her unable to open her eyes, to the degree that even her magic power perception was saturated by countless reactions.

「O thunder! Burn down the great enemy……」

Beatrix tried to invoke 『Frost Vidur』 to transform her large sword into lightning. Her judgment estimated that at minimum she would need this much destructive power to break the spell chanting.

However, even while Beatrix was starting to chant a spell with her attention taken by the jet black’s magic, she suddenly noticed just barely and returned to her senses before she stopped chanting.

「Ded Moroz’s Revenge.」

A thrust of certain kill hiding inside the rapid blow――she must not forget this. Beatrix twisted her body desperately. This time she succeeded evading. But……the other side was continuing with her chanting!

「The chain of world creation reside in my body, become the white flame that tear the world……」

The Prima Materia that was chaotically moving around the left arm that was lifted by the jet black Ilyailiya, one by one they were becoming huge fireballs in succession and swelled up.

The one attack that absolutely had to be avoided, mixed inside the distractions.

But at the same time with the progression of that, the magic that absolutely had to be stopped from being chanted.

What to do? ……By widening her field of vision, there were only problems that were impossible to be dealt with simultaneously entering her eyes!

Beatrix became desperate and swung her large sword. She hit. However the swing had no power to break the chanting…….

Ilyailiya didn’t even pay it any mind, the jet black’s spell chanting was progressing while the two arms of the silver were unleashing super high speed Ded Moroz and Kladenets. It was fine for Ilyailiya to just mechanically repeat that. She wouldn’t do anything anymore except this same thing.

A move to defeat the opponent that was created by following logic to its ultimate conclusion.

God’s Mechanical GambitDeus ex Machina of Two Faces, Four Elbows.

There was no way for Beatrix to win.

One minute……. It felt like the world that was reflected in her eyes changed to monochrome color. For the first time since Beatrix was born, she felt what was called despair in battle.

『Don’t be frightened Beatrix! Laugh and fight!! If you don’t you will……!!』

The King’s authority of Beatrix’s version would display more of its power the more she enjoyed the battle.

Beatrix was overwhelmed by the serious Ilyailiya and she was rapidly losing that power.

The Hrotsvitsage was fading away from Beatrix.

「――El De Es Nui.」

It activated.


Beatrix yelled with a voice that was half screaming and she swung around her large sword with even more desperation.

In normal times, she was a girl who would wield sharp swordsmanship instinctively without thinking of anything, but this one swing had not even a shadow of that.

――But a powerful heat flew from far away and dwelled inside the blade that Beatrix swung.

「Imitation Flare!!」

Whether for Beatrix or for Ilyailiya, it was an instantaneously activated magic that came from outside their awareness.

The explosion of mighty sun arose between the two――that heat explosion, all of it was condensed and dwelled into Beatrix’s large sword.

Beatrix’s large sword that contained the colossal heat drove into Ilyailiya.

The completely unexpected magic sword smashed the spell chanting that was on the verge of activation. The fireballs that were almost about to burst exactly right now all vanished from this world.

Ilyailiya who suffered a crushing blow was sent flying a few meters backward, she then stood up still looking expressionless.

And then she sharply glared at the source of the magic power.

From the other side of the bright blue magic power cloud, a shadow of a person emerged.

「That form is rational you say? Give me a break. If you want to do two things at the same time, it’s faster for two people to combine their strength. Right Beatrix?」

Beatrix instantly recognized the voice’s owner.


The time for the distraction was over already.

Part 7[edit]

「……Descend from the divine region and overflow into my body, Iris Metamorphosis!!」

Regina’s body was enveloped by magic power light, inside the light her silhouette was expanding dynamically. It was a magic that took into her body the divinity that symbolized various animals. Just like when she fought Hrotsvit, her body was constructed chaotically with various animal parts, transforming into the form of a chimera that was like a heavy tank. Regina’s upper body was connected to the chimera unnaturally.

It was an atypical appearance like the second transformation of the demon king in a RPG.

「O dragon blood dwelling in my body! In response to a knight’s righteous indignation, blaze up! Dragon Knight AwakeningBlood Pendragon!!」

The avatar of the crimson dragon emperorWelsh Dragon floated behind Arthur and it was sucked into Arthur’s body. Crimson horns lengthened from her forehead, her eyes that were normally knightly blazed like a beast. Her slender limbs were bursting with a dragon’s herculean strength.

「Entrust the god’s divinity to the spear tip, o winged spear of god’s majesty! Ptéra Lonkhé!!」

With a large body that was like a heavy tank, Regina stood up with thunderous footsteps while approaching Arthur. A large spear that matched the arms of that large body was created and she swung it towards Arthur.

The winged spear produced a terrific storm that could be felt even from a far distance.

「O white spear, entrust the twinkle of the stars unto that tip, entrust the radiance of the sun unto that tip, run that flash at full speed and rout the army of a million! Rhongomyniad!!」

Arthur also wielded a pure white spear like a shooting star in opposition.

The flash that was created from there cleared away the storm that Regina unleashed.

Without stopping the two crossed. Spear technique and spear technique clashed. Regina whose body stature was a combination of countless animals was far larger, but Arthur too had her thin body carrying the power of a huge dragon. Sacred treasure and sacred treasure clashed with sparks, illuminating the dead of night like an afternoon.

Each time spear and spear clashed, it was like the sun was burning.


Regina’s 『Ptéra Lonkhé』 used up its strength earlier and its substance disappeared.

It appeared that Arthur was superior in the level of martial arts.

However Regina was superior in magic. She had already finishing chanting the next magic.

「O flowing time, become the blade that reaps everything! Venerable Old Man of TimeAdamas!!」

This time her hand was holding a huge scythe. *dosun!* She firmly stepped on the ground with large beastly legs and swung down the blade like a guillotine falling down.

Arthur immediately held <Rhongomyniad> horizontally to block it.

  • kats!* With a satisfying sound, that scythe bisected Arthur’s spear right into two.

「What!?」 Arthur yelled in shock.

That, Rhongomyniad is!

<Scythe of Adamas> was a sacred treasure that embodied the flowing time. It was possessed by the god of time that was Zeus’s father, Kronos, and inherited by Zeus, that scythe would make everything powerless and bisected them.

If time became a blade, it was natural for that blade to surpass every material.

Because all creation had the fate to decay equally due to the flow of time.

This scythe expressed that in its cut.

「After all you are just a human king in a remote countryside! How can you match Zeus!!」

Regina howled with a face that looked like it could breathe fire.

「Whether it is against a god or a demon, King Arthur is undefeated in one on one duels from the front!!」

Arthur’s hand also overflowed with golden light.

「Golden snake spew fire, thousand torches shined light……that radiance into a glistening blade, bisecting all creation! Sword of Glorious KingExcalibur!!」

This golden sword filled with noble radiance was something that could be said as King Arthur’s synonym.

In order to cut apart such lowly weapon once more, Regina swung down the scythe of Adamas. Arthur too, even though she had just witnessed that scythe’s terrifying strength, but she unhesitatingly swung Excalibur and struck the scythe.

This time there was no satisfying sound or anything.

  • jan-!* A sound that was like metal sliding and scratching rang, parrying the scythe of Adamas to the wrong direction.

It was an instant positioning that resembled Kazuki’s Hayashizaki-style.

Arthur had the chance to sweat in morning training together with Kazuki.

「I’m not just boasting my weapon! As expected I’m the superior one in martial arts!!」

Arthur reversed her blade and this time she swung up Excalibur in a diagonal slash from below. A golden flash ran through Regina’s large frame and defensive magic power was smashed apart.


Regina stumbled unintentionally and stepped back. Taking heart of that, Arthur stepped in to add more attacks.

Regina’s left hand let go of the scythe in order to stop that, she thrust her palm toward Arthur. Magic power was produced from that palm.

「Then, I’ll make you taste the power of god that controls the universe.」


Tremendous magic power overflowed from Regina’s palm.

「O eight stars floating in the twelve signs of the zodiac, draw the bad fortune of ruin following my will……Grand Cross ApocalypseGrand Cross!!」

The overflowing magic power had no place to escape other than enveloping Arthur and transferred her to another dimension.

Arthur was imprisoned inside the microcosmos that Regina created. Eight asteroids were shining inside that imaginary cosmos while revolving around Arthur before stopping in cross shape.

The moment the stars stopped in that cursed positioning, the gravitational pull of all the stars simultaneously expanded while tearing apart Arthur altogether with the space.

Arthur was thrown right into the middle of a destruction phenomenon of universe collapsing.


Arthur endured that terrifying destruction using her mental defensive magic power.

The space collapsed, Arthur was returned to the original space time.

She unconsciously stepped back for several steps as though she had just woken up from a nightmare.

「It goes without saying……I am the superior one in magic.」

Regina grinned broadly.

Excalibur’s strike and a magic of collapsing universe, in the end it was unclear which one was heavier. The two glared at each other after sharing one hit each.

……Around that supernatural battle, the elites of Regina’s subordinates were chanting magic to reinforce their King. Although the contractors of Olympia Twelve Gods were lacking several of their number from the fight against Fu Xi and Hrotsvit, the majority of them were still in good health.

But the Knights of the Round Table launched an offensive to not let any hindrance toward their lord’s duel, this side was also starting a fierce battle.

In the distance, Mio leaked out 「Hiee……」.

「This battle between King and King……it’s like I’m looking at something ominous, out of this world, or the final battle of giant monsters……」

If she approached carelessly, she would receive the influence of Regina’s King’s authority and prostrated.

Mio helped up her comrades that were saved by Arthur at the critical moment. Even though it happened just for a moment but quite a number of people were already in a condition that couldn’t fight anymore. They would leave Regina and her group, the Olympia force to Arthur and attack the other enemies along with Lotte.

At that moment, inside Mio’s head the telepathic communication between Kazuki and all the Chouki sprang forth in a flash.

It was the signal that the battle state was greatly moving.

『A part of the enemy squad that is battling the first squad is almost completely retreating! Minimum battle force is holding us back while the retreating squad is joining the enemy main force at enemy headquarters!』

It was Kaguya-senpai’s serious voice.

Kazuha-senpai replied.

『Akane-senpai has taken over the command from Kazuki in the third squad! We will meet the enemy main force of Loki and his group! Just as planned, we will show Akane-senpai’s current form to Loki!!』

Mio immediately made her decision.

『Second squad, we will divide the squad into two groups with me and Koyuki, one group will head there and hit the enemy’s flank!』

『Ah, wait a second!』

Kazuha-senpai spoke towards Mio.

『Akane-senpai says that Amasaki-san and the others are to wait for the signal before attacking. In order to lure in the enemy completely!』

Part 8[edit]

「Yosh, we gotta move soon.」

At Loki Alliance Army’s headquarters, Loki was holding back the front lines with the minimum force, he thickened up only that part and finished the organization of the assault squad.

His aim was only Kazuki’s head……if only Kazuki was gone, both Japan and Britain would be a disordered mob.

That was what Loki was thinking.

If nothing else it was Kazuki. He would defeat Kazuki.

「Let’s go, you idiots!!」

The chaos Divas and possessed magicians who were waiting impatiently for the time to rampage cheered simultaneously and followed Loki.

Russia’s Knight Order that he promised Ilyailiya to use as reserve force was following at the last of the line.

Loki’s assault squad surged all at once at the battle theater of third squad where Kazuki appeared before in lead. Cheers rose from their exhausted allies and a sign of disturbance could be felt from the enemy.

Because of the magic power cloud’s influence Loki didn’t grasp it clearly, but whether in presence or the scale of magic, the third squad looked like they had fewer troops compared to when they first clashed.

Perhaps they spared some troops to the direction where Regina was rampaging.

The figure of Kazuki taking command could be seen deeper inside, slightly separated from the very front line.

Loki’s adrenaline suddenly rose rapidly.

He was at the distance that even the eyes of the sprinting Loki could see him.

Their eyes met.

Kazuki yelled at that moment.

「The enemy’s main force that was preserved has come! Retreat!」

The moment their faces met, the knights were retreating like the drawing back tide under Kazuki’s instruction. Loki felt anticlimax.

Loki also had the intention to wait-and-see at first but……for him to run away so easily like this.

Was he planning to buy time until the force that he sent to Regina’s side returned back here?

Then their side should be going out in attack just with this momentum but…….

「What’s wrong, big bro Lokii!?」

One of the illegal magicians asked him.

Loki ignored that and tilted his head.

How should I put it……nnn?

He felt slight discomfort.

The subordinates around were bewildered of what to do seeing Loki who suddenly stopped moving.

That figure of Kazuki that he met eyes with just for an instant……something was different from usual.

It feels like those eyes that saw me didn’t have the usual passion. If that guy faced me, even he should rise in tension even for a little.

Also something bothered me vaguely.

I understand somehow because I too sometimes change into a woman. Inside that Kazuki, a woman is hiding.

That Kazuki, was his inside a woman?

No, there is no doubt! That Kazuki is fake! A body double!

What is the meaning of this? The real Kazuki left a body double and left to somewhere…….

A place that Kazuki wanted to go to right now even if he had to leave command to a body double, just where is it?

Right now, the one who is in the most danger is――Beatrix.

So that’s it! Even if he used Beatrix as a distraction, there is no way he would use her as a disposable pawn!

In the end Germany will also become an enemy country, so it would be better if he just left her alone, but him doing that is…….

「Hmph, so that means that Ilyailiya, she is in a great pinch right now huh.」

Loki grinned broadly.

And then he was convinced that this was the ideal chance.

That Kazuki is fake! If Kazuki is not here, those bunches ain’t a big deal. There ain’t no need to retreat or think deeply like this.

It’s the end if we keep chasing them like this and destroy them!!

Besides……this situation is just right to move those guys.

Loki advanced once more and chased the retreating squad of the fake Kazuki.

His subordinates the chaos Divas and possessed magicians were following after him all at once. They were mostly in good condition through the battles until now, they were the battle forces that had been preserved until now.

「By the way……Kazufusa and Hidehiko.」

Loki addressed two possessed magicians while running.

They were old-timers since his time with Yamato.

「Hei, what is it?」

「What’s up? We are itchy here wanting to rampage quickly.」

「Since a while ago, all this time I’ve been checking the work of all my subordinates you see.」


「I can’t stomach the way you and you work. Die.」


Laevateinn’s beheading light casually flashed from the left hand of the running Loki.

Both of them were slashed from the side while they were in the middle of running, their defensive magic power was smashed while they staggered unsteadily. Then,



Both of them madly screamed while――tentacles wriggled slimily and transformed into a hard to describe grotesque monster.

Just as I thought, these guys are Cthulhu’s spies!

「Kill them Maeve!!」

He had told this beforehand to this materialized Diva who relatively understood him.

「Ho~ho-ho-ho! Crush underfoot……Slaughtering Dancing StepTriskelion!!」

Maeve took a signature pose while commanding the sky……from the sky then a giant woman’s leg descended.

The enchanting woman leg was wearing high heel, it trampled underfoot the retainers of Cthulhu many times over like tap dancing.

「It’s all ok with this, the anxiety for the future is severed! Let’s go!!」

Loki and the others left the corpses and rushed forward.

……With this Nyarlathotep couldn’t peek at the situation over here.

If that guy becomes unable to understand the situation, how will he move?

It’s likely that Nyarlathotep added Ikousai as his ally.

Then, surely those guys will rush here in a big hurry.

They will misunderstand the fake Kazuki’s pinch as the real Kazuki’s pinch. In this situation right now Ikousai shouldn’t be able to sit still.

With the sudden intrusion of a third force, this battlefield will be dragged into even more chaos. The real Kazuki will surely be able to deal with the situation calmly even then, but the fake Kazuki won’t be able to command properly. She will drown inside chaos…….

Even if Kazuki defeated Ilyailiya and came back here, there won’t be a place left for him to go back…….

You can regret your choice to leave behind a body double in order to go save Beatrix.

After all there is no way any human exists that can become your replacement…….

He began to sense the presence of troops at their path ahead――they caught up.

「Yosh, you guys, do it-!!」 Loki triumphantly ordered.

It was at that time.

Not just at the front, he felt presence of troops from left, right, and diagonally behind too.

Loki was taken aback.

They were being encircled――from three directions.

Troops in a number that might be double the number Loki estimated from when the enemy was retreating at first, was surrounding Loki’s group.

Fishing Brigand――it was a tactic that Shimazu Yoshihisa thought and specialized at in the warring states period.

It was a tactic of luring in the enemy by feigning retreat until a position where ambush troops were hiding on the left and right.

With a signal the squad pretending to retreat would turn around and completely surrounded the enemy in concert with the ambush troops and take the enemy’s back.

Originally it was a tactic that made use of complex terrain and completed by perfectly hiding troop.

But if it was inside this magic power cloud of Atlantis, hiding troops was easy.

In this tactic it was important to do it in the way that the retreat couldn’t be discerned as feign and a trap. After all there was no troop that would retreat without any reason whatsoever. It could be said to be a tactic that looked simple but advanced.

In this case, first there was the foreshadowing that with Regina rampaging at another battlefield then perhaps they had sent reinforcement which caused the squad to be short of hands.

In addition with Loki noticing that the enemy commander was a fake Kazuki, he completely underestimated the tactic the opponent could possibly take.

「Loki will fall into the trap for sure.」 Kazuki declared inside the tent when they were carrying out the briefing of the strategy.

「But, it seem that Ose’s transformation magic is perfect you know? I think it will be absolutely unnoticeable inside this magic power cloud.」

Akane-senpai let out a very uneasy voice. If Loki didn’t notice that Kazuki was fake, then he wouldn’t let his guard down.

「No, if it’s Loki he will absolutely notice.」

「How can you declare that confidently?」

Why huh……. In the first place Loki’s insight wasn’t normal. But, more than that…….

「It’s because that guy loves me. Perhaps I’m even the number one for him on this battlefield.」


Akane-senpai’s mouth opened wide.

「Wha, what’s with that, gross……」

「Furthermore his love for me has continued for generations since my mother. He is mostly like a relative uncle. And also, there is no other guy that overestimates me as much as him.」

It was like that with Ikousai too, just what the hell with that…….

「Anyway if he guesses that I’m gone, I think Loki will carry out a bold move right away. But Loki’s miscalculation is that he is looking down on Japan that we don’t have any other excellent commander.」

That was why Akane-senpai and Shouko were chosen. Kazuki gazed at Akane-senpai. Akane-senpai nodded briskly. Akane-senpai was an extremely able tactician. Kazuki didn’t dare to think that he was above this person or anything.

Even though it was Loki, but if he underestimated this person he wouldn’t get off lightly.

「If this plan can lure out Loki, then I have the tactic that’s just right for after that.」

The one who proposed Fishing Brigand was Akane-senpai.

She was a person with extensive knowledge that had completely memorized tactics from all ages and countries.

Originally it wasn’t a tactic that could be performed without rehearsal, but if Loki lets his guard down and then Kazuki’s channel of bond could be used then it wouldn’t be difficult.

「……You said that he would carry out a bold move, but can you think what kind of plan it would be?」

Akane-senpai asked nervously. But even Kazuki didn’t know the answer.

「What Loki will rely on at the end will be an uncertain chaosfactor. That guy can manage chaos better than anyone. That’s why Akane-senpai, no matter what happens, deal with it calmly, please change chaos into order.」

Loki was dumbfounded for some time while being surrounded by the enemy.

……For this me to fall into the enemy’s plan hook and sinker like this, it doesn’t happen that often.

Luring with pretense of retreat and then surrounded with ambush troops.

It was a brilliant performance――or rather, his mentality was splendidly made use of.

Loki was made to be aware――that he was too fixated on Kazuki.

「Just why am I, like this……」

He unintentionally whispered.

The soldiers of Loki were feeling shaken while waiting for instructions from Loki.

「Loki!! This is as far as you bastard can go!!」

A voice came from the front. It was a voice he had heard before――it was Damian of the Einherjar.

「Your bad luck and evil destiny that continues from mythology will end here.」

Beside her was Eleonora who similarly belonged to the Einherjar.

Loki noticed how the troop that encircled him was including a lot of Einherjar.

ShitheadScheisse!!」 Even though the chance of victory for Germany was already like a candle in the wind, Damian yelled with a force that was like a raging fire.

「How dare you killed Hrotsvit-sama using dirty tricks, huuuh!!」

「Dirty you say? Even though you didn’t even see what happened……」

「We know even without seeing it zee!! Ain’t no way the likes of you and Regina can win against Hrotsvit-sama without any dirty tricks! You killed Odin for the second time!!」

Loki felt a strange fury boiling up inside himself.

Mythology’s fate. So what if I did something in the myth? It ain’t important at all.

In addition these guys were not even there in the myth! You guys are just contractors, mere mouthpieces!

Even though you all are materialized in this world right since you were born, your heart got imprisoned by mythology, you ugly humans!!

That’s right, for me I only got one tie. It’s unrelated with these guys!

The one who taught me the brilliance of life and death for the first time to this materialized me was…….

「You think I care huh stupid idiots! You bastards are just real dotard who barely escaped death!! My opponent is……the one who carved this wound on my chest, Kazuki!! The son of that woman!!」

That guy made use of this emotion of mine and led me around by the nose…..ain’t that just great!

「We act in accordance of Hodur’s wish, I entrust my body to the exaltation of battle! The war fire of violent emotion running in the fat and blood on my sword!! Stories Flame!」

Damian filled fierce flame into her sword using magic and raised it up vigorously. The knights surrounding Loki’s group were also going to rain down attack magic all at once.

「Turn the table on them! You idiots, we are breaking through!! Something like this ain’t a predicament or anything for us!!」

「Hyahyahya! Obviously general!! I’ll wreck them, kill them and dance until I’m exhausted!!」

「Oo―ho-ho! A banquet! I have waited so long for this! I’ll love you all until not even your original form remains!!」

「Finally, the time to show my Aztec power has come tolipoca!! I’ll work hard tolipoca!!」

「I’ll do it woof! I’ll send them all flying and get praised woof!!」

Kali, Maeve, Tezcatlipoca and Fenrir leaped towards the enemy joyfully in high spirits.

The chaos Divas rampaged. They desired rampage.

They were just like children who were seeking something but didn’t know what it was they were seeking.

Loki raised Laevateinn while yelling.

「Break through these guys……and go to settle this with Kazuki!!」

Laevateinn――it was the sword that once ended Norse Mythology, and also the sword that created the destiny between Kazuki and Loki.

Part 9[edit]


「What’s wrong?」

Nyarlathotep let out a stupid voice from shock, Ikousai who was right beside him asked.

「Loki exposed all the spies really suddenly and killed them all. The last sight they saw was the back of a high-heeled foot. That was amazing magic. I wonder if Loki was observing the situation all this time waiting for the right timing. As expected Loki also cannot be underestimated.」

「What, then we cannot understand what is going on there anymore!? What is going on right now!? Was Loki wearing high heels!? Isn’t that gross!?」

「The high heel wasn’t Loki. Uu―n, last I saw Loki with materialized divas and possessed magicians were assaulting the squad where Kazuki was. His squad was lacking in number, perhaps he was sending manpower to the direction where Regina is rampaging, so Kazuki and others were retreating……」

Nyarlathotep could only see until that far.

He was completely ignorant that the Kazuki he saw was fake or that this was a lure to a trap for him.

For his side it looked like Kazuki was falling into an absolutely desperate danger.

That was why it was natural that Ikousai’s expression change and she said this.

「That’s really bad! We are going to the battlefield too right now!!」

「You mean we are going to save Kazuki?」

「Wrong! We are going to defeat Kazuki faster than Loki!! I knew that Loki wanted to defeat Kazuki just as much as me, as I thought this is not the time to be easygoing watching the situation like this!! We are going right now and will snatch Kazuki from them!! I absolutely won’t hand him over, Kazuki is my prey!!」

With that menacing look, Nyarlathotep sensed that it was completely impossible for him to stop Ikousai.

「Well, certainly……it will be a good time to move soon I guess.」

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