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Novel Illustrations[edit]

These are the novel illustrations that were included in Magika No Kenshi To Shoukan Maou Volume 14

Chapter 1 – The Winner That is As It Should Be[edit]

Part 1[edit]

The sky was still a dark bluish purple color, but the far away sea of clouds that commanded the view of the ground began to shine faintly.

With that faint light as the background, the Italia Knight Order that was dyed by Cthulhu was lining up eeriely. At the center of that army, there was a branched huge shadow that was like a large tree.

The terror of space(Cthulhu) of Greek Mythology, Typhon.

It was far more gigantic and atypical even when compared with a materialized Diva.

The part below the waist had turned into a large snake body and was crawling on the ground. It possessed two gigantic arms and from its torso up were necks stretching out like a fan. It looked like the number of necks reached about one hundred. The surface of its body had strange protrusions. They looked like spiral vortexes, contracting and deflating as though they were frothing. They were rising to the surface bubblingly as if they were the surface of the outer space.

It was a grotesque figure of a demon, however it possessed an unknown grace that could even be said to be a beauty of the demonic world. It had the nobleness that a Demon Beast didn’t have.

That grace, that motherly body, perhaps it was because Regina had contracted to Zeus of Greek Mythology.

Why was something like this born into this world──that was because the cornered Regina and Nyarlatoteph tried to steal each other’s power and it resulted in this. They fused together without either side conceding even a step to the other. The demon king that couldn’t be called as Diva or Demon Beast was born here.

「Fufufu……the current me is the symbol of terror! Regulation to humans that cling to illusions! I am the one who blows the black storm of judgment to all of you insolent worms who contested with each other to seek eternal order! I’ll return everything to nothingness that isn’t order or chaos……!」

Its insides were completely changed even more than its external appearance. For those who knew about the principle and position that Regina previously possessed, this thing could really only be called as 『broken』.

Japan’s Knight Order that was led by Kazuki and Britain’s Knight Order that was led by Arthur were facing Italia’s Knight Order that had completely fused with Cthulhu. Although the number of people who were unable to fight in both the Japanese and British Knight Orders weren’t just a few, but in this situation they were still far superior in number than the enemy.

If it was thought of as a Japan-Britain alliance VS Italia then the superiority in number was obvious, but currently Italia had obtained the power of Cthulhu. The magic power of Chtulhu’s Divas was added to them. The difference in power was unknown.

The battle in Atlantis was heading towards the finale. Besides the Japan-Britain alliance and Italia that were glaring at each other there were also Loki and Ikousai who were observing the situation. These two camps were showing a stance that they wouldn’t get involved with this battle proactively.

Kazuki glared at them with a sidelong glance.

「Ikousai, I’ll fight you right after this, so watch Loki so he won’t do anything unnecessary.」

Ikousai’s expression turned bright in a flash like a dog that received a command from its owner and she assured Kazuki 「Leave it to me!」, while Loki clicked his tongue and said 「Chih, you’re just getting used as he pleased……」.

Italia’s Knight Order and the Cthulhu bunch would be finished off here. There was no way an interruption could be allowed there.

Ikousai going 『until the end I’m only looking to settle my fight with Kazuki』 was something convenient for the current Kazuki. Until now, Ikousai was merely an interloper that disturbed the battlefield, but at this point in time, Kazuki was able to greatly make use of her.

「Here they come-!」 Kazuki yelled at his comrades.

The magic power of the Italia Knight Order heightened like a surging wave. And then offensive magic was invoked one after another. Standing at the front were the fallen Twelve Olympus Gods……!

They who were contaminated by Cthulhu also had their magic changed into a completely different thing.

「Bring forth a new womb, the light of decay and chaos right here! Solnid(Black Sun)!!」

The contractor of <Apollo>, Valextra shot a pseudo sun to the sky. However the light of that sun was jet black. Ominous magic power that was unthinkable for the former Apollo was condensed there.

Several streaks of lasers poured down from the black sun similar to stretching tentacles.

「O you who cornered the prey like the hunting dog from the horn of time! Come in response to my calling voice! Black Hound – Tindaros(Hound of Time Evil Space)!!」

<Artemis> was the goddess of hunting. Her contractor Diana cut apart the dimension and summoned a pack of pitch black hounds from another world. They dashed away like a bullet.

「O shadow covering the city of blasphemy that recall the sea! Surface, Samondagon(The Lord of the Deep)!!」

The god of sea second after Poseidon, <Triton>, his contractor manifested the power of sea at the surrounding area. A small tsunami surged on and people’s feet were buried in sea water. An eerie shadow rose up smoothly from the water surface. The grotesque mermaids who were lurking in the sea quickly appeared and attacked while making splashes on the water surface.

──The group attack magic of the Italia Knight Order exploded one after another.

Koyuki snapped and yelled.

「This cannot be called Greek Mythology anymore! Something like this only looks like a parody!!」

It seemed that a bookworm like her couldn’t help but making a retort in this situation.

All the summoning magic of Greek Mythology that the Italia Knight Order invoked were warped because of the Cthulhu power mixed in.

Even the Magic Dresses the girls were wearing were totally changed into a blasphemous design that was hard to describe.

The Japan-Britain alliance also activated their magic simultaneously and opposed the attack.

It was a clash between group magic and group magic. Thunderous sounds that were impossible to occur in a one-on-one magic battle were reverberating, the atmosphere was shaking rattlingly. They had tasted this clash for two days since yesterday until today so much that they were tired of it.

Inside that whirlpool of magic power, a conspicuously huge and ominous magic power swelled up.

「O pulsation of origin space that whispers from behind everywhere in the world……boil in the speech of sacrilege! Chaos Dimension(Writhing Chaotic Space)!!」

The gigantic tree towering at the middle of the Italia Knight Order──Typhon’s hundred draconic mouths spewed out pitch black haze. The haze immediately covered the whole battlefield.

That black haze was the outer space. Furthermore it wasn’t the normal outer space, but the chaos space that was thought to be Cthulhu.

The space was overwritten by the black haze. What was strange was that they were all feeling like they were still standing on the ground, while the surrounding scenery was turning into outer space where stars and galaxies were whirling frothingly.

It was a space that was hiding terror in it. There was something at the other side of the unknown abyss, a bottomless predator that transcended human knowledge was licking its lips at the other side of the darkness──it was such a terror.

The image of outer space──the image of primitive terror that was darkness.

All the knights on the battlefield cowered in fear instinctively. Their fighting spirit was paralyzed. In contrast, the Italia Knight Order’s momentum was increasing more inside the darkness.

「She created a field of mental magic that gave an advantage to her own army! ……Everyone, don’t be overwhelmed!! It’s a deception that attacks your heart’s weakness!!」

Kazuki sensed the magic power spreading in the space while shouting at the surrounding.

There was meaning in it even if it was only someone yelling that this was a deception.

However, for Kazuki he only had average resistance against mind attack magic. King Arthur and the other knights of the round table who were fighting with him were also weak against this kind of attack.

──Their advantage of numbers might be overturned if they didn’t do something against this magic space!

「President Hayashizaki-!」

At that time, from between the troops, Yumeno Shiori pushed through other people and rushed toward Kazuki’s position. And then without saying anything she leaped and pushed her lips on Kazuki.

「!? Yu, Yumeno-san!?」

Kazuki was surprised. He even almost forgot that they were on a battlefield and his body stiffened.

At the same time, his magic power connection of bond with her was temporarily solidified due to the kiss, and from there the power of her contracted Diva was flowing into him.

「……Even I love President Hayashizaki. That’s obvious isn’t it?」

She pulled away her lips from him and made an exasperated face.

「But kissing in order to obtain strength is just…」

「……Geez! Getting fixated on objective or reason or whatever when kissing with the boy you like! Something like that doesn’t matter! It’s just sexual desire! I kissed you because of sexual desire!! It’s fine like that!!」

Yumeno-san said that half in desperation and hit Kazuki’s chest hard.

「Anything is fine, so please accept my feelings and fight!!」

「That’s right! I too……want you to accept this!!」

More voices came from the side.

Yuka-senpai whose mind was trampled by Nyarlathotep and fell into a state where she couldn’t fight anymore stood up spiritedly. She jumped at Kazuki with great momentum and pressed her lips on him.

It was a consecutive kiss with momentum that was like an avalanche.

Their lips separated……and Yuka-senpai averted her eyes shyly.

「……It might feel unpleasant from someone you don’t know well like me that is directing feelings to you but……Kazuki-kun is also like everyone’s idol so……」

Idol──a mistaken illusion that really resembled faith.

However, there was no way for something that didn’t exist to appear as an illusion. He was right here. He was existing in front of everyone’s eyes, holding the resolve to respond to everyone’s expectations…….

「……Yeah, there is no need to be reserved at all, how absurd……」

Even Akane-senpai who fainted beside Kazuki also stood up shakily. Before she was captured by Regina and got saved by Kazuki just in the nick of time. She was also in a state that couldn’t fight.

She stood up like a ghost and glared still at Kazuki.

「Besides, wasn’t my feeling of love to you was used for battle just now?」

She referred to the time when for the sake of the strategy where she became Kazuki’s double, Miake-senpai’s magic that 『transform someone into the figure of their sweetheart』was used on Akane-senpai by deceiving her.

「Tha, that’s, even I didn’t know that it was that kind of magic……」

As though ignoring Kazuki’s explanation, Akane-senpai quickly brought her body close and stole his lips. It was a lightning speed kiss. And then saying 「……it’s not like it’s a big deal」, she turned her face away.

「Oi, trash. Face this way and bend down.」

More voices called at him from behind. When he turned around, beside him was Liz Liza-sensei looking up at Kazuki with a harsh gaze. She was the small loli teacher that could always be relied on.

Her mouth were turned down at the corners sullenly, her eyebrows were scowling, and her face was frowning.

However this person’s scowl almost never represented that she was angry. Rather, actually she had never gotten angry at a student because of emotion at all. Mostly she was making this kind of face only to hide her own embarrassment.

「*Cough* You are negligent in your endeavors. No matter how much time passed, you never approached me in a way that made my chest go tight and melt……or rather……you didn’t give me any good situation that I could use as an excuse to become honest. ……Because of that in the end, I’ve got to be the one who does this! Bend down-!!」

When Kazuki bent down, Liz Liza-sensei pulled Kazuki’s collar close to her and she stood up on her tiptoes. She then pushed her lips *chuu* on him cutely.

「Se, sensei……」 Kazuki spontaneously turned shy.

「It’s something aged okay! A rare vintage!」

「I don’t get it but, thank you very much……」

Even while they were doing something like this, fierce offense and defense using group magic was continuing on the battlefield that was wrapped in blasphemous darkness while enduring the influence of the mental magic. The angry yell and scream of people were echoing at the background.

「……Oi, what are you doing going kissy face like that in the middle of battle huh.」

Shouko, who was giving her support in taking command, was looking his way with a fixed stare.

When Kazuki faltered and said 「No, this is, that’s……」, she suddenly smiled.

She pulled Kazuki’s neck her way and she also kissed on Kazuki’s cheek.

Kazuki blinked in wonderment before Shouko hit his back hard.

「This is just a cheering yeah? The climax is still a bit ahead after this, take care of this thing without dallying while leaving some spare strength.」

「……Right. I’ll leave the command to you! I’m going to defeat Typhon! If the momentum of the enemy’s attack magic decreases, disperse them gradually and form encirclement to make use of the numbers advantage!!」

The bond with Yumeno-san, Yuka-senpai, Akane-senpai, and Liz Liza-sensei became solid magic power circuits at the same time that was maintained. Kazuki sensed the four kinds of spells while──he invoked that.

「O count divine beast who live in empty space, come here with the dream as the offering……thy name is Baku!」

Beside Kazuki a short and stout beast of white yellow color that resembled a bear, Baku was materializing. It approached Kazuki leisurely, rather than being mystical. It was rather somewhat cute and charming.

「Correct the truth of the world people live in! Imagine Eater!!」

‘Kyuiiiii……’ The Baku raised such cry and flew up as though swimming in the air.

The pitch black haze Typhon spewed out that inflicted terror and chill at Kazuki’s comrades──but for <Baku> who in legend was said to be a 『divine beast that ate nightmares』 , it was nothing but food.

Vague anxiety and primitive terror that couldn’t be described with words and couldn’t be solved in reality. When such things piled up and accumulated, humans would be frightened by a nightmare each night.


That was to say Cthulhu Mythos and nightmare had exactly the same root. The divine beast of China that was born far away from Cthulhu belief was exactly the natural enemy of the concept that was Cthulhu.

The Baku flew high in the sky, its four limbs were paddling smoothly in the air. It was absorbing the black haze with amazing speed. The scenery was returned to normal in the blink of an eye. The momentum of the Italia Knight Order was decreasing along with that.

That moment was exactly the chance for a counterattack, Kazuki turned towards the direction of his allied country and yelled.

「Arthur! Let’s go!!」

At that time the Britain Knight Order──Arthur and the knights of the round table……met a hellish scene.


The proud knights of the round table were rolling around while holding their heads.

「Arthur! The mind attack magic is already dispelled!!」

Arthur and the others went 「Ah, it’s true!」 and stood up. They were people who were thoroughly weak against mind magic.

「Arthur, bring your elites and follow me! First I’ll open the path with everyone’s strength!」

The materialized Baku was still staying in the sky while continuously absorbing the darkness.

Continuing after that Kazuki sensed the spell from his bond with Akane-senpai and unleashed it.

「O god of creation who is disgraced as a demon, illuminate the path of the pharaoh! Thy true name is, Amun Ra!」

Akane-senpai’s contracted Dive, Amon was Amun Ra who was worshiped as the highest god in Egypt where his image was then disgraced by different faiths. The name had the meaning of 「the hidden one」.

He was the chief god of a different mythology who was pushed into the framework of Solomon’s 72 Pillars.

His true power was unleashed due to the materialization.

Beside Kazuki a devil with a strange shaped owl head, wolf torso, and snake tail was floating. That was the usual shape of Amon. However that figure was wrapped in light and transformed into a man with golden wings spreading behind his back with the head of a hawk.

「Conclude here the time of arriving at kingship……Amun Kemuatif(Wind of Glory Recursion)!」

Different from the sun god Ra, Amun Ra wasn’t the god of sun but a god that contained the power of every base element. If it was given modern interpretation, then rather than the god of atmosphere, he should be called as the god of Prima Materia that scattered far and wide in this world, this dimension.

Amun Ra’s level 10 magic covered Kazuki with golden wind. The wind whirled without leaving him. It was maintained around Kazuki like an armor.

Kazuki leaped into the vortex of clashing group magic.

It was inside the vortex of the clash between powerful magic. Anyone would surely get smashed apart if they leaped inside defenselessly.

However, when Kazuki who was clad in golden wind leaped there, every offensive magic phenomenon from the enemies was washed away by the golden wind, their direction changed, and reflected back to the position of the caster.

When Kazuki who was clad with golden wind charged forward, the magic phenomenon that was contesting each other between both armies was split apart, like Moses splitting the Red Sea. And then chaos was spreading between the enemies because of the attack magic that were reflected back to the enemy formation.

「Arthur! I’ll leave splitting their troops to you!!」

「……So that’s why you brought us here! Leave it to us, close quarter combat is where we shine the most!!」

After breaking through the vortex of the clash of group magic, the Italia Knight Order’s troops were standing before Kazuki and Arthur’s eyes. Behind them Typhon was waiting like a gigantic tree. They were in a disorderly state.

In the hand of Arthur who was rushing from behind Kazuki, a silver light was stretching out lengthily.

「O white spear, entrust the glitter of star unto that tip, entrust the radiance of sun unto that tip, swiftly run that flash and rout the army of a million! Rhongomyniad!!」

For scattering an army of great number, this spear was better than Excalibur. It was a white spear with a length of five meters and a wide spear tip that resembled a hammerhead shark. Arthur thrust that spear with wind slicing sound from a distance where there was still several dozen meters of distance between her and the enemy army.

Pure white light surged from the spear tip of Rhongomyniad while making thunderous sound roaring in the air.

The terrific attack that should be called the firing of a laser beam rather than a thrust of a spear flew toward the army that was standing in their way. The knights on the path of that light were splendidly blown away.

The Italian knights were blown away, opening a straight path ahead.

It was a path that stretched until Typhon. Kazuki and Arthur rushed into that path.

「Don’t let them! Protect our new King!!」

The elites of the enemy camp──the surviving Olympus 12 Gods rushed to block that hole. Diadora, Valextra, Diana…….

「Gawain! Bors! Percival! Do our specialty the 『Breakthrough Maneuver』, got it! Don’t let them block the royal road for Kazuki and I! After you defeat the 12 gods you all also breakthrough and stab at the enemy’s back!!」

The elites of the knights of the round table clashed with the Olympus 12 Gods who were trying to block the charge of Kazuki and Arthur.

With that there was nothing that blocked Kazuki and Arthur from running towards Typhon.

「So you intend to settle this between Kings! Interesting, I’m already tired of waiting here!!」

However, Typhon laughed while shouting that and met the two Kings. It was only at this moment that the shadow of great pride that was like Regina could be felt strongly.

And then a tremendous magic power was kneaded up during the time Kazuki and Arthur were approaching near. It would be unleashed right from the front.

There was no doubt that it would be the greatest and strongest attack of Typhon.

「O the collapse of space(Big Crunch) and creation explosion(Big Bang)……clash and condense within mine hand who is the transcendental one of the space……all the destruction and creation! Armagest(Compressed Vibration Space)!!」

Typhon put both her hands together. There the vast vibration that was space was condensed. The destruction phenomenon that transcended all space──it was directed towards Kazuki and Arthur. There was only one path of escape.

It was time.

「O wise man who sits in the center of revolving time and space, rotate that law!」

The robed old sage straddling a crocodile that looked like a boulder, Agares materialized. His right hand raised high his symbol, the pocket watch and he let out a burst of laughter.

『Kakaka……that Liz Liza, she choose this fantastic timing. This kind of stupidly simple attack magic that only has amazing destructive power is my specialty. 』

「O the principle of time, fly……! Tempus Fugit(Transcendence)!!」

The pocket watch Agares was holding scattered apart.

The time was scattered──following Kazuki’s will.

Typhon’s 『Armagest』 activated──that overwhelming magic phenomenon activated and passed away──leaping over to the moment when Kazuki and others finished everything.

It wasn’t even known what kind of magic it was.

「──What!?」 The huge body that was the symbol of outer space was shaken.

At the same time beside Kazuki, Arthur activated a spell. Her spell chanting time was also fleeing away. Even Arthur didn’t know what was going on and her expression was confused.

「The golden snake breathed out fire, lighting up the light of a thousand torches……the blade that glistened with that radiance, sever into two all creation! Excalibur!!」

Arthur had approached until right in front of Typhon unnoticed. She still didn’t understand anything about what was going on, but for now she just swung down her treasured sword at the giant enemy in front of her. And then furthermore,

「My King’s authority……<Heroic King of a Hundred Weapons> is able to chant the many Sacred Treasure creation magic of the proud heroic king in parallel, activating them in succession! Even I don’t remember since when I was chanting it, but now you can witness it with your own eyes!!」

Arthur invoked that power with a complicated face that wasn’t cleared of doubt.

「Fly, track of light that befell the head……Creedun Ident(Neck Hanging Rope of the Fairy King)!」(TN: Here is the raw, クリドウノアイデイン)

Light flew like from Arthur’s left hand like a pulled string. It flew at the neck of Typhon’s giant body that was far above and strangled several of the dragon necks altogether.

It was unexpected that the necks weren’t torn off. However Typhon’s defensive magic power burst open while her body movement was sealed. Arthur summoned even more weapons.

Arthur threw away Excalibur from her right hand’s grip. The holy sword floated midair and entered a standby state. Arthur’s right hand created even more weapons.

「Tear apart the dark night, the ephemeral flash! Laufroded(Holy Woman’s Fingertip)!」

It was a blessed short sword that increased in sharpness when against the ominous things. Arthur wielded it and showered the opponent with blows.

「O trailing meteor, drill a white scar at the night sky! Carnwennan!!」

It was a short sword that bestowed the divine protection of acceleration to its wielder. It was produced in Arthur’s left hand, combined with the short sword in her right hand, she dealt a multitude of slashs like an unending storm to Typhon.

Arthur tossed away Laufroded and it also floated midair in a standby state.

「Hand down a merciless judgment, the iron hammer of raging flame……Midhlethan!!

It was a two-handed sword that possessed stirring might and blazed with a huge flame. With herculean strength Arthur swung it around with one hand.

She threw away Carnwennan and then her left hand further grasped another different Sacred Treasure.

「The aimed heart won’t get away, the thrust of fairy king that is incapable of being dodged……Britomart!!」

It was short spear that would thrust the vital spot when thrown. When Arthur threw it with her left hand, it stabbed on Typhon’s chest as though it was sucked toward that spot.

Arthur’s right hand let go of Midhlethan and created a new Sacred Treasure.


She created the huge white spear once more and thrust it for more insurance.

With that Typhon’s huge body finally shook.

Kazuki was astonished. ……If it was sword art then he didn’t have even the slightest intention of getting left behind by Arthur. However he could only use a sword. Compared to that, Arthur was well versed in every weapon art!

And she handled them one after another just like a roulette. If in close quarter combat he got swept in her pace even just for a moment, then there would be almost no way for him to get out of it.

Stubbornly Kazuki further pulled out strength from his bond with Yuka-senpai.

「O leader of frivolity, show thy figure before me! Thy name is Valefor!」

Yuka-senpai’s contracted Diva ──a giant bird spread its wings beside Kazuki and materialized.

It was the demon that was worshipped as the protector god of the thieves.

「Grant wings to the accomplishment of justice by the act of stealing! Untamagiru(The Style of Chivalrous Thief)!」(TN: Untamagiru is the name of legendary Okinawan hero, there is also a movie with the same name)

Valefor flapped its wings and caused wind to rise, the wind whirled on Kazuki’s back and materialized into the shape of black wings.

Kazuki flapped the black wings Valefor granted him. He flew until Typhon’s neck and slashed with Ame no Murakumo and Joyeux in both hands. Kazuki’s body shined dimly with each attack, sucking the magic power of Typhon.

At the same time feathers were scattering from the wings. Every single one of those feathers was filled with magic power. The feathers rained down on the position of Kazuki’s comrades.

It was just like the great thief under the heaven was scattering around the money he stole to the people.

Japan’s Knight Order and Britain’s Knight Order recovered their strength from the feathers of magic power that Kazuki brought about and they became even more lively.

「Do your best King─!」 Voices rose from the Japanese Knight Order.

「……Nuuuuuu!」 Typhon’s hundred necks leaked out groans simultaneously.

Part 2[edit]

『──Idol, is it? They said a clever thing.』

Leme leaked out an impressed voice inside the consciousness of the fighting Kazuki.

The figure of Kazuki flying in the sky swinging a sword against a giant monster, receiving the supporting voices of the people while his back was showered with a dazzling light and the loud noise of the magic combat strangely looked similar to an idol above the stage.

『I told him to aim for becoming a harem king but, fufufu, I never thought he will become an idol king. But I’m sensing the feeling of a great number of people gathering through the Astrum. The many people in Japan are thinking about you even now, they are rooting for your effort.』

(The people of Japan who are far away from here? ……And Leme, you can feel that?)

『Right. Other mythology seeks faith and changes piety from the people into strength. However, what Leme is looking for isn’t faith, it’s bonds. I can even sense the countless bonds that are thinking about you from far away, and bringing it here as strength……』

──Lemegeton was a Diva that stopped gathering faith from the people, and grew to think of wanting to become friends with humans.

『Until now, you connected your heart to your nearby comrades, and used the bonds that were born from that as strength. However, right now it’s not only your comrades who are holding feelings for you. Even people who have never seen you face to face, people who you don’t even know their names, are holding feelings that are not inferior compared to everyone from the Witch’s Mansion towards you. Right now, everyone is waking up early, thinking about you who are fighting in this land……』

It was unknown how much time difference Japan had with this flying continent Atlantis that was flying in the sky. However, the people of Japan knew that even now a fated battle was going on.

『Fufufu, even that weird man called turtle Oota or something fulfilled an unexpectedly big role. It looks like everyone in Japan loves you. Leme is also happy……』

The man who was looking for Kazuki’s scandal, got caught by Kazuha-senpai, and then by chance he was hired as the government’s PR officer.

He reported Kazuki’s effort in heroic light with a momentum that was only a step short of being propaganda.

The people were enjoying that follow-up report as though they were reading a serialized light novel…….(EN:This is a LN…)

『Actually the total value of the positivity level directed towards you has surpassed a million just now.』

……A million!? The digit was already too much that Kazuki didn’t understand anymore just how amazing it was, but for now Kazuki only felt shocked.

『As the harem king that is now idol king, you have to respond to these feelings.』


The word idol sounded as stupid as the word harem, but he understood well that this fight wasn’t on the scale of just protecting Mio and the others anymore.

『Leme won’t waste even the slightest of feelings that is directed at you for sure. Leme will change this million positivity level into your strength. If the feeling directed at you powered up, then Leme has to power up the King’s authority bestowed to you by one more level.』

Power up!?

He had increased the positivity level of his many comrades until now, and obtained bonds. Like that he obtained the King’s authority that was <Solomon’s Ring> and <Zekorbeni>.

Accompanied by that Leme also recovered her original strength and memory, and she gained her original form. That was why he thought that with that his ability had reached the goal.

『When did Leme say that Leme’s strength ended there? With just a ring and a necklace, no matter how you look at it they are too meager to be your magic dress right? ……Now, accept it.』

The whole body of Kazuki who was flapping his wings and continued to fight Typhon shined bright. The light condensed from above his head and around his neck until his back, then transforming into a crown and a mantel.

Even though there was no wind, the mantel was fluttering from receiving the feeling from far away.

『The <Gematria(Garment of Rasiel)> that displays the authority of Solomon King. Just like the sail of a ship that receive the wind to advance forward, this garment will thoroughly receive the feelings of the people and change it into your magic power.』

His figure of wearing a mantel added with the black wings truly gave off the majesty of the black mage King Solomon.

He thought that his strength had reached the goal line…….

『Something like the goal line doesn’t exist. Leme and you aren’t something like a mythology that has concluded. There is nothing like a goal that has been decided beforehand in your story.』

Part 3[edit]

Arthur switched Sacred Treasures one after another and inflicted fierce attacks on Typhon’s lower half while……she noticed the change that occurred on the body of Kazuki who was flying in the sky.

Kazuki’s figure shined bright while transforming into a new magic dress. In response to that his magic power swelled up even higher.

Kazuki was able to gather magic power from his comrades using the Power of Harmony. She knew that because he told her. But what was happening right now wasn’t only that.

He was starting to gather power even from someone else who wasn’t here…….

「That young man is still continuing to get stronger……this is abnormal.」

Arthur unconsciously leaked out a voice of admiration.

The first time she met him, he was far weaker than her. His strength was in a lower rank.

That was natural……at that time there wasn’t even half a year since he formed contract with Lemegeton as King.

He was a pure swordsman who didn’t even train in magic satisfactorily.

However from there it could only be said that his growth speed was abnormal. He was able to stand side by side with her in the blink of an eye and in this Ragnarok…….

Was there no goal line for that young man’s evolution?

Even though they were the same King, but why was it only him that was this different?

「No, he isn’t the same I guess……」

Arthur suddenly realized something. The two of them weren’t the same.

She and the other Kings used faith as the source of their strength.

But his source of strength was feelings. The connection that tied people with each other…….

He accomplished explosive growth from a small impetus, and no end could be sighted from that growth.

At that time Arthur made a strange association of thought.

「It’s like the personification of mankind’s history of prosperity.」

Arthur immediately denied her own words while saying them.

Why did humans prosper? It was because their weak heart obtained peace from their faith, and they learned order and morals. ……The most primitive strength of mankind was faith.

It had to be like that.

However……looking up at the figure of Kazuki, the King of the faithful held doubt.

What was the symbolic strength that mankind had? Kazuki’s figure showed something very different.

Part 4[edit]

The clash between the Japan-Britain alliance and the Italia Knight Order that fused with Cthulhu was gradually tilting in Japan-Britain’s favor.

At first, the Japan-Britain alliance was pushed back, but that was because Typhon diffused the strength of Cthulhu to the whole troops.

But Kazuki materialized Baku and eliminated the field effect of Cthulhu, then he challenged Typhon herself to a direct combat. The momentum of the Italia Knight Order was rapidly declining.

In the first place, the Japan-Britain alliance was nearly double the opponents in number of troops.

Shouko who was entrusted with taking command from Kazuki immediately directed the troops when she sensed the opponent’s momentum weakening. She spread out the formation that was until now blocking the opponent’s thick offensive magic and moved into encirclement using their advantage in numbers.

Currently they were able to block the opponent’s attack even with a thin formation. And then with the encirclement formation, their side’s attack could be sent from all directions, hitting the enemy even more effectively.

The berserker group had no ability to deal with such a tactical maneuver.

Part 5[edit]

Loki was also observing the battlefield while sharply sensing the change in Kazuki’s appearance.

‘That’s right, Kazuki is continuing to grow. He is different from when he fought me at Ise Shrine.’

──Loki had kept thinking that since the night attack a few hours ago. He was wondering about the reason why Japan’s Knight Order was able to attack with a force that was above their actual war potential at that time.

Because of that Loki misread about the existence of the enemy’s reserve force and it became a cause of defeat for Loki in the previous battle.

‘So he learned an ability that severely powered up his comrades huh.

Or perhaps……Kazuki’s power is the『Power of Bond』.

What about an ability that can distribute his comrade’s magic power through the circuit of bond?

Rather than something like a power up that has no risk whatsoever, the latter one feels like more of a possibility. And such an ability really feels like Kazuki.

If that’s the case……for example if Kazuki challenge Ikousai in a one-on-one fight using his full strength, during that time his comrades in Japan Knight Order will be weakened.

If I instigate Ikousai to attack Kazuki, during that time I’ll defeat Britain’s Knight Order……. If I can crush Britain’s Knight Order before Kazuki can defeat Ikousai, and then attack Japan’s Knight Order…….’

Beside Loki who was working out his brain, Ikousai whispered impatiently.

「The outcome can be seen with this. They are only struggling in vain right now.」

「Ikousai, when this Typhon is defeated, challenge Kazuki right away. If you do that then I’ll hold back Britain. You don’t want Britain becoming a nuisance in your fight against Kazuki right?」

Although Loki spoke about holding Britain back condescendingly as though he was doing her a favor, but actually he had no more prospects of victory other than that. He could make it so the situation developed that way.

Ikousai suddenly grinned when she guessed Loki’s intention.

「It looks like you are still thinking hard to find the last ray of hope but……the magic war between country and country, organization and organization has ended already from some time ago right?」

Loki opened his eyes wide saying「 What did you say?」 at those unexpected words from Ikousai.

「This is Kazuki’s victory. At that moment when Kazuki outwitted you in tactic, you, also Regina who joined hand with you, and also Nyarlathotep who was betting in you, all of you were finished. From there on it will be a fight for individual dignity and destiny.」

The materialized Divas who Loki was taking along with him were making noises uneasily. They still hadn’t rampaged enough.

「Don’t say something stupid. Loki’s Einherjar are still going strong.」

「Fufufu, how about I call out to Kazuki and say to him 『First let’s crush Loki and his group first』?」

That was exactly the development that Loki feared.

Ikousai was someone that was just too fickle.

Ikousai was also a splendid faction who was leading the surviving force of China. If Japan, Britain, and Ikousai, the three factions came at Loki all at once, then it would be hopeless for him.

It would mean that his own fate would be outside of his control…….


「You idiot. After defeating me like that, there ain’t any guarantee that Kazuki will be stupidly honest and fight you one-on-one. Japan-Britain alliance will turn you into minced meat without pause.」

「Kazuki isn’t someone who will fail to keep his promise.」

「Britain won’t just silently watch obediently. In the end Japan-Britain alliance will only crush my group and yours one by one calmly.」

──In truth, Arthur who was a believer of chivalry absolutely wouldn’t hinder the duel between Kazuki and Ikousai.

Now that Gino who was Arthur’s shadow had gone, then it would be even truer.

However, Ikousai who didn’t know Arthur at all. Ikousai frowned uneasily at Loki’s whisper. Her face was that of someone whose heart was moved.

「……Well, I guess that will be fine too. Anything is fine. It doesn’t matter which. I’m also impatient here. When Italia is annihilated I’ll start right away, so do whatever you want.」

Ikousai said that with a tone of worsened mood and she returned to watching Kazuki’s fight.

Loki felt relieved that his instigation worked nicely.

──On the other hand, Loki was also aware of how Ikousai’s words shook his heart.

‘A fight for individual dignity and destiny she said?

That’s not Ragnarok anymore. The war that he was wishing for so much…….

However, it was after all his role in the mythology.

The concept named Loki had the role of causing Ragnarok.

But, the true feeling of the current me, who isn’t a concept but someone that has accomplished materialization is……?’

『……Loki you idiot.』

A voice resounded at the back of Loki’s mind. That voice was like how Lemegeton was for Kazuki.

That voice was the original owner of Loki’s flesh body, Kaya.

Her personality wasn’t erased by Loki, she was permitted to coexist with him mentally.

『……To lose against Kazuki-oniichan like that. Loki you quack!』

Loki quietly accepted that insult.

『Even though……even though I have obtained an overwhelming power that is greater than Onii-chan and Mio-chan who left me behind and vanished……. Even though I want to mess up the world with that power and trouble Onii-chan. Even though I want to make him prostrate before me……』

Troubling Kazuki……. For some reason that phrase also made Loki’s chest to tighten sweetly. Making Kazuki troubled and made him to prostrate before him. His imagination of that was accompanied with a perverted intoxication.

The emotion of the two of them was strangely matching.

That still wasn’t impossible. He still hadn’t lost or anything.

Loki too returned his gaze towards Kazuki’s fight with Typhon.

Kazuki was strong. It looked like it was only a matter of time before the battle was decided.

『How……is he rapidly getting stronger in a proper and wholesome way like that!? He isn’t even paying an accursed price for it! That’s unfair, Kazuki-oniichan, even though you didn’t protect me……』

A sad voice resounded even now inside his head.

It was merely a radiant strength, where not even the slightest hint of accursed price could be felt from it.

Certainly, how such power could exist in itself felt unfair.

「My bad for acting that worthlessly.」

Loki purposefully apologized at his soul roommate. Because Loki suddenly let out his voice, Ikousai turned her face toward him dubiously.

……It was unknown since when he was having a thought like this.

Originally, Kaya wasn’t someone he needed to apologize at. Loki was the ruler, it didn’t matter for him even if he erased Kaya’s soul anytime. She was someone he left alone only because of a whim.

However, Loki’s emotion was aligned with hers. He was sympathizing with her.

They were comrades──she was someone who understood him compassionately, surpassing his role in the mythology.

That was why, Loki grew to respect Kaya as a mate when he noticed.

Part 6[edit]

Typhon went into offensive with a naked fury.

「O dark matter that fill the chaotic space to the brim, assemble in a flash and split the bright future! Mega Cosmic Ray(Annihilation Hunger Particle Cannon)!」

Cthulhu’s ominous space particle was condensed around Typhon’s surrounding, turning into jet black beam that was shot out.

It was a bundle of space particles that was fired with speed that approached light speed.

It was fired consecutively just like the beam weapon in SF anime of space robot battle.

Typhon scattered it to every direction and cornered Kazuki.

Kazuki flapped his wings and weaved through the countless black beams in evasion.

But, he was unable to dodge.

「O accumulated wisdom of mankind history, become the armor that protect mine body in many layers! Heavily, thickly, reject every kind of brutality! Seusenhofer!!」

No matter how many he evaded, the consecutive beam shots that spread like stitching caused even Kazuki who specialized in foresight to lose all place to evade. He invoked defensive magic.

A solid armor with black glisten was created on Kazuki’s body. However, it was just a low level magic after all. It was pulverized in the blink of an eye.

The enemy’s attack had no element so to speak ──it was a different matter if it was flame or lightning that came flying at him, but the accelerated heavy metal particle beam that flew towards Kazuki was something that Kazuki didn’t have any defensive magic to defend effectively with in his drawer.

「Not yet, I’m not finished yet! Drop dead, you annoying fly!!」

Typhon randomly fired countless beams that was far from being a space SF, it now looked like a bullet hell shooting game that was impossible to be cleared. Kazuki had no way to defend──it was at that time when it looked like that, that the Gematria that Kazuki wore flapped as though it received wind.

Kazuki was hit with a strange sensation.

Impossible magic power filled him, and a spell that he should be unable to use echoed inside his head.

「O protector who support mine justice, take form right here! Vibra Pentagon(National Defense Shield)!」

A round shield was formed on Kazuki’s left arm. It was a shield that had America’s Stars and Stripes drawn on it.

When Kazuki’s hand held it, his appearance became something that was too mismatched and out of character.

The shield’s material looked like a normal metal, but it received a large protection and exhibited a shocking defensive capability, it deflected away all the assaulting beams.

──’Impossible, what’s with this Stars and Stripes’ strength?’ Kazuki himself was shocked with the magic that he was using.

The magic of <Super One>, the chief god of American Justice Mythology.

It was the power used by the former King of America Clark Moore.

However Super One wasn’t affiliated with Solomon 72 Pillar. Clark was supposedly unable to use the power of American Justice Mythology anymore, and Clark’s positivity level towards Kazuki also wasn’t that high. This was an impossible power in every possible meaning.

『Hmph……looks like you are fighting an illogical and also grotesque enemy again huh. Cthulhu you say? That’s a fad from how many centuries ago? A zombie Diva is still more modern than this.』

There was a familiar voice.

When Kazuki turned towards the voice’s direction, the virtual image of Clark was floating behind him.

「……Li, living ghost!?」

Kazuki involuntarily ignored the battlefield and yelled so.

Clark’s scary face replied without any smile or anger.

『I’m not a Japanese ghost. My real body is sleeping in Las Vegas right now. This me is a clone……actually it’s also not that I guess. The 『power』 that tried to separate from me has my personality seared into it, or perhaps this power is still half fused with me, something like that……』

「I don’t get what you are saying at all……Leme, do you get it?」

『Not at all.』

Kazuki’s contracted Diva, Leme also replied like that toward Kazuki’s question. However she suddenly noticed something and continued 『No, wait』.

『Right now, in this place of Atlantis……I’m feeling power gathering. This is……the power of each Mythology that has been defeated is gathering here?』

Clark nodded at Leme’s words.

『Looks like it. In other words……the preparation of the prize for the winner of Ragnarok is starting.』

In this Atlantis battle royal, the defeated mythologies and Divas would be decomposed into illusion──pure magic power.

All the tremendous magic power of the defeated──the <Ultimate Illusion> would be completely taken by the winner. Like this the Mythology would be unified into one. That was to say the illusions of the world would be unified and become the possession of the winner alone.

The winner would remake all the illusions as they wished, and became the ruler of the mental world.

That was this Ragnarok.

『My contracted Diva <Super One> also had his contract with me forcefully dissolved and separated from me, the rainbow magic power then brought him until this Atlantis, in order to become the possession of the winner.』

Rainbow magic power──the supervisor authority power of Basileus Basileon.

He was the survivor of the previous Ragnarok, and now he was the organizer of the Ragnarok this time.

『However the Super One had stuck to my mind throughout these many years, so it didn’t separate from me cleanly……it might be something like that. My mind is half fusing with the Diva. Because of that even my ego got carried off to this Atlantis. And yet I also have the senses of me that is in Las Vegas……』

It looked like Clark was conversing with Kazuki through the Diva that was separated from her flesh body and rushed to Atlantis.

『Furthermore from your point of view I’m looking like the image of Clark Moore, not Super One.』

Kazuki’s Gematria fluttered. ……The magic dress that received feeling.

Perhaps the Clark inside the Super One was sensing Gematria.

『At the end, the shape of Super One will be lost and reduced into pure illusion. At that time surely my mind will be completely cut off. But until that time, Super One and I will be able to freely float around in this Atlantis like a wandering ghost.』

「……Then this is, the power that is arranged to become the prize has its own will and cooperated with me……」

‘Isn’t this foul play?’, Kazuki thought.

『Although it’s not like I have reason to cooperate with you……fufufuh』

Clark’s lips twisted slightly and she leaked out a chuckle.

Even while they were doing that, Kazuki was deflecting away the approaching beams with Vibra Pentagon.

It was truly the iron wall that symbolized the defensive ability of the country of America of old.

In addition, beside Kazuki countless rune letters were floating.

Those runes flew around Kazuki as though they had their own will, they crashed on the beams that approached Kazuki and caused annihilation.

The rune of automatic protection. Kazuki’s protection became even more solid due to the new magic phenomenon that manifested without any advance sign.

……He also knew about this power.

One more new image appeared and floated beside Kazuki along with a familiar voice.

『I guess that’s true……, I have no duty or anything to cooperate but, that straightforwardness, the lack of greed, the lack of malice, the lack of dishonesty……I intend to be a highly calculating woman but……, you have something that cross over the barrier of enemy and ally that makes others want to lend their strength.』


At the same time even more spell resounded inside Kazuki’s head. Kazuki chanted that spell.

「Flow down, the severing flash of heaven! Plijie Zvezda!」

While defending against the beams with perfect defense, Kazuki counterattacked by making small meteors rain down from the sky. Typhon’s large body shook from the continuous impact and her attacking hand loosened.

One more person emerged with a familiar voice and form.

『Agreement. Because I was unable to prove my righteousness……I wish for your victory.』


When he turned around, German King and Russian King who were already defeated were at Kazuki’s sides side by side.

……His heart was shaking even more when he heard Clark’s voice was because they were people who shouldn’t be in this world anymore. They were two people who Kazuki wished didn’t die.

Their minds were tied with their Diva, and they still remained in this world!!

Gematria flapped. It must have remembered that the ones who rushed here should be Odin and Svarog. But Gematria was sensing these two who were remaining inside their Divas. Gematria was acting as the receiver of their voice and figure.

『Fufufu, I’m also here!』

Furthermore Beatrix’s form also emerged.

『For some reason when I stand side by side with Hrotsvit-sama like this, it feels like I have died too!』

Beatrix lined up beside Hrotsvit happily. Of course, her real body should be sleeping and snoring soundly at the place where Kazuki and Ilyailiya were fighting.

「What’s with you all!? Giving assistance from off the grounds, what is your intention!!?」

Typhon who sensed what was going on raised an angry voice. Her anger was only reasonable.

『Because, there is no way there is anyone who will wish for the victory of the current you, right?』

Hrotsvit said that nonchalantly. That too, was a reasonable opinion.

『I don’t know who you are, but I guess so. Try looking at your face with a mirror.』 Clark nodded.

『The current you is atrocious. I cannot bear to look.』 Ilyailiya spoke sharply with her face still expressionless.

『Right right, it’s just like Hrotsvit-sama said!!』 Beatrix raised her arm overhead.

At that time a battle cry rose from the ground. The army battle of the knights where Kings were excluded developed into the progressing process of annihilation for the mad Italia Knight Order by Japan-Britain alliance that managed to complete the encirclement.

The flow of the fight was completely tilting to one side.

「……A true Absolute one, is an aloof existence.」

A fragile voice leaked out from Typhon.

It felt like Regina’s emotion oozed deeply from there.

『Please stop it already!』

A voice──a voice that Kazuki didn’t really know came out.

However, Typhon twitched in an excessive reaction. She looked like someone whose evil deed was exposed to her lover.

Kazuki turned toward the voice’s direction. The one who was there was the image of Vera.

Vera Garbaldy──the female who served as Regina’s aide in the Italia Knight Order.

She was a girl with a calm and gentle look, but her eyebrows bristled on end sharply with her cheeks puffed up as though to say ‘I’m really angry’.

「How can Regina-sama of all people throw away yourself and turn into that kind of ugly form-! That’s ugly……or blasphemous……it’s indescribable! Just where have you discarded that strong, proud, and beautiful figure!!」

「Vera!? Vera!」

『This lowly one is also here gozaru!!』

A woman with strange appearance of topknot hairstyle also emerged. Kazuki thought that it was likely she was also someone from Italia Knight Order, but Kazuki didn’t know anyone like this. ……Typhon too, despite having about a hundred heads there wasn’t even one that turned towards this person. They only reacted towards Vera.

「You said that there is no one that want me to win……!? Vera, come here! Fight together with me!」

The girl’s image shook her head.

『I don’t want to! Regina-sama right now is disgusting, you are smelly like a rotten fish!!』

It was a straight ball with terrific might.

Typhon had been reduced into a monster with indeterminate expression, but there was shivers rising through that huge body.

『Clinging to evil power, discarding oneself away, and reduced into that kind of form, don’t talk about aloofness while looking like that!』

It was a sound argument that gave no ground for any objection. Typhon was twitching all over.

『In the first place Regina-sama is a person who was the farthest from being aloof! She is a boaster but easy to get lonely person who keeps wanting attention……!』

「……!? Oi, stop it! Right now isn’t the time and place to make that kind of talk!!」

Even while all that was happening, Arthur was continuing her fierce weapon attack far below Typhon. She was doing this conversation while doing defense and offense magic.

『Regina-sama cannot change clothes by herself, even when taking bath I’m the one who have to wash her whole body, even when going to sleep or waking up, if I’m not sleeping together at her side she will have bad mood for the whole day……even if Regina-sama is the Absolute one, that absolute is in being a totally hopeless human!』

「What meaning is there in exposing that here at this time!?」

Typhon’s countless necks were wriggling slitheringly. She was obviously shaken.

『Regina-sama was someone like that but……because her heart was noble, strong, and beautiful, that everyone followed along with your ideal! If you discarded your heart’s nobleness, and strength, and beauty, you are mere just a smelly and disgusting, hopeless human!』

After Vera’s calling out voice yelled until that far, sadness began to fervently seep into it.

『……Why were you unable to accept defeat? All of us know Regina-sama’s effort in doing your best to become the absolute King. It was because we knew you aren’t a perfect human that everyone was still able to accept you despite all your angry yelling and selfishness. There shouldn’t be even one person in Italia that looks at Regina-sama’s defeat as unsightly and ridicule you……. No one will laugh or make fun of you or anything, that’s why……please return to the Regina-sama of before……』

「……You liar. Zenia and the Velsace sisters will absolutely make fun of me. Perhaps it will be only you and Hera who won’t make fun of me.」

『They are only being playful when doing that!』

「Even so my pride will be hurt so I don’t wanna-!!」

『As the number 2 of the Italia Knight Order I absolutely won’t let them make fun of Regina-sama!! I swear I won’t let them!!』

「You’re saying that even though you’ve died some time ago……. Besides this isn’t something I can go back from just because I’m told to go back……」

Even more sorrow tinged Typhon’s voice. It was something that was unfitting for a monster of chaos. The existence of Vera pulled out the Regina inside Typhon markedly.

『If Regina-sama won’t go back to your original form, I who has accompanied you since kindergarten will expose your embarrassing black history to everyone! ……It was at the first year of elementary school when everyone gave a self-introduction……』

「Stop it!!! What meaning is there in doing that here right now!!??」

Somehow an incomprehensible lovers’ quarrel was starting.

……At that time a telepathic voice resounded at the back of Kazuki’s mind.

『Kazuki……if you use Futsunushi no Kami’s level 10 right now then it might manage something.』

It was Kazuha-senpai’s voice. Kazuki was taken aback with realization. The power of Futsunushi no Kami was to divide apart malice. Cthulhu was exactly the very malice itself. Even if it was using the materialized Futsunushi no Kami himself, it was impossible to cut apart the fused body of Regina and Nyarlathotep that simply.

However right now Typhon was weakened by Arthur’s fierce attacks that continued even now, while Vera had pulled out Regina’s mind markedly to the surface. If it was now…….

『At this rate, it will be too pitiful for those two. Come on, do something about it.』

『Rather than pitiful, they are having a lot of fun quarreling with each other though……』

Kazuki thought like that about those two.

In this strange situation, Kazuha-senpai wasn’t feeling fed up, instead the first feeling that welled up inside her was pity. That honest kindness of Kazuha-senpai was truly her virtue.

『But certainly……if it’s with Kazuha-senpai’s current positivity level, I can use level 10 magic even without kiss. The burden of invoking level 10 magic using Zekorbeni is too great, but if I can slowly chant using the opening from their lovers’ quarrel……』

『…………I want to kiss……』

Kazuha-senpai leaked out a teary and melting voice.

『Senpai, right now we are in the middle of battle, that’s why……』 Kazuki replied with an exasperated voice like that.

『I, I know that! My real intention only leaked out to the surface for a bit-!!』

──The exchange between Typhon and Vera that was heartwarming in a sense was continuing even now. If it would just continue for some more time yet…….

『At middle school second year Regina-sama when she was sleeping together with me wet her bed……!』

「Stop it Vera!! Really don’t say more than that!!!」

『Waaahhahha, hiihhihihi! Great disaster! Great bother!!』

『Pu, puuh! Ufufufuh』

Beatrix burst in laughter while Hrotsvit also couldn’t endure and let out a chuckle.

That Hrotsvit noticed the pulsation of Kazuki’s magic power and stole a glance his way.

『Hey hey, is there any more story like that?』

Someone cunning like her surmised Kazuki’s aim and she urged Vera to talk more with Typhon.

『That kind of story about Regina-sama is more numerous than the Britannica Encyclopedia! I also don’t forget a single one, it was at the autumn of our third year in elementary school……』

『STOOPPP! Even if you told me to return to normal……I cannot return back!!』

That yell already came from Regina herself.

‘……If she said that she want to return back, then I’ll return you back into the loser without anything to feel ashamed of.’

Kazuki concentrated so his mind wouldn’t be distracted by Vera’s stupid story and he steadily kneaded the spell of level 10 magic that had high degree of difficulty.

「O primordial sword god who carried out fusion with Take Mikadzuchi……sever Amatsu no Mikaboshi who is born from the vortex of iron and fire! Origin Futsunushi no Kami!!」

In front of Kazuki’s eyes were two ancient swords that were like twins. The thick face of middle-aged man was attached on the swords’ handles like relief. The two swords materialized and floated. They were Take Mikadzuchi and Futsunushi no Kami.

「Dowahhahha! Well then let’s go brothers!」

「Guwahhahha! You’re right, Take Mikadzuchi!! Fu☆sion!」

Kazuha-senpai’s two friends overlapped their body and fused.

A sword with even thicker face of a middle-aged man was born along with a dazzling light. The face’s eyebrows were thick, the beard was thick, flames were blazing in the eyes, a storm blew out fiercely from the nose, and the lips were bulky like cod roe. The thick features of the face made it as though the blade was just an extra, but the blade’s glitter was without a doubt the real thing.

The appearance was the worst, but the sword was the sword god of the highest status that as a swordsman wielding it would make one’s chest tremble with honor.

With the sword god in hand, Kazuki flapped his wings and approached Typhon.

「……Mu!? What’s with that disgusting sword!?」

As expected Typhon noticed Kazuki approaching.

She should have time to make resistance. However when her more than a hundred eyes gazed at the thick sword in Kazuki’s hand, Typhon’s movement stopped still.

Its reason for not resisting was unclear. Regina who arbitrarily claimed the title of the sorcery king possessed extraordinary discerning eyes for magic. The Typhon in this instant was Regina herself rather than Typhon. She saw through the power of that sword──and accepted it.

『Regina-sama!』 Vera shouted.

Regina who was reduced into a monster accepted Kazuki’s attack with her body without resisting.

The blade dug into the thick defensive magic power as though slipping through it. Deep darkness like the void of space overflowed from the crack on that body. Kazuki pushed in the blade with the intention of cutting apart that darkness inside rather than Typhon herself.

The sword god raised a laughing voice as though greedily devouring the darkness.

『What I can cut depends on the skill of my user! If it’s the current you then you can split apart even the space!!』

Just like the sword said, Kazuki severed the whole darkness of Typhon.

「Did that do it!?」 Arthur yelled on the ground.

Typhon was split into two and from the slashed parts, the darkness of space was spreading writhingly. That darkness raised a vulgar yelling voice. It wasn’t Regina’s voice.


The darkness was shaking as though it was writhing while transforming into a strange shape that looked like countless tentacles entangled with each other to form a lump──it was Nyarlathotep.

At the other hand as though getting born from an egg of darkness──an unconscious Regina fell toward the ground. The power of King already didn’t reside inside her. Vera’s image flew toward her in great panic…….

The separated Nyarlathotep was raising an indescribable scream that would make anyone want to block their ears while that giant body couldn’t maintain its own magic power and it turned into a small girl──into Nyarlako.

Nyarlako was turning into the form of small girl while flying far away in a parabolic arc……she was falling down as though in a careful aim towards right in the middle of the Japan Knight Order’s formation.

「Ouch」 The evil god raised such voice when she fell on her butt, and then she was surrounded by knights.

Kaguya-senpai, Koyuki, and Miyabi-senpai welcomed her with a radiant smile on their face. These trio were bearing deep grudge.

Nyarlako who was standing up showed a clearly despairing expression and she shrieked.


Those words genuinely became the last words of the evil god who stood in their way many times over.


The Italia Knight Order carried their comrades who fell into magic intoxication and Regina, then they ran away from the battlefield. It was truly a 『rout』 for them.

Japan’s Knight Order got excited with victory.

When Kazuki came back to the center of the formation, he immediately looked for Kazuha-senpai’s figure.


「Kazuki! It went well……nnh!?」

Kazuki immediately embraced Kazuha-senpai who was turning around at his call, and then he put his lips on her lips in a surprise attack.

「Wha, what is it so suddenly-!」

Kazuha-senpai’s face turned bright red while the surrounding went noisy from the sudden happening.

「That’s because senpai sent me telepathy in the middle of battle and said that you want to kiss.」

「……Kazuha-senpai. What are you doing? Even though it was in the middle of a serious fight.」

Kohaku made a retort with a creeped out face. Kazuha-senpai tried to make an excuse in panic.

「Tha, that’s not it! I didn’t say that out of nowhere, but there was a proper natural flow through it!!」

Kazuki thought that it wasn’t really a natural flow while whispering.

「Rather than that everyone……soon it will be a fight against Ikousai and Loki. Also several people who can do telepathy with me……let’s see, Kazuha-senpai and Lotte and Kamimura-san, and then Yumeno-san and Shouko and Akane-senpai. Those six, mix into Britain Knight Order secretly. It will be hard for Akane-senpai to fight any more but……. Do it in a way that Loki won’t find out. Hurry!」

Arthur also returned to where Britain Knight Order was at and the two forces that were jumbled up with each other in the middle of the fight separated from each other in orderly fashion. The time when the two sides were still jumbled up with each other was a chance to slip in.

The members that received Kazuki’s instruction slipped into Britain’s Knight Order in hurry.

Just like how Fu Xi was mixed among Russia Knight Order at the beginning of this war, it was hard to detect even if several people of another country were mixed into the group.

──From behind Kazuki, the dry sound of the ground *za-za-* being stepped on could be heard. It was footsteps that was purposefully made to be heard approaching his way.

He turned around.

The survivors of China──around 40 Red Nopperabou led by Ikousai was heading straight toward Kazuki rather than toward Japan Knight Order.

On the other side, Loki Einherjar that was still saving enough spare strength was facing toward Britain’s Knight Order.

It naturally developed into Japan versus Ikousai, and Britain versus Loki.

It was exactly at that time, that the morning sun climbed up from the sea of clouds behind Kazuki.

The bluish purple dark before dawn that reminded anyone of Cthulhu was cleared away, and, like a spotlight, the radiant dawn illuminated Ikousai and her group who were right in front of Kazuki and his comrades.

Chapter 2 – The Last Conquer Target[edit]

Part 1[edit]

「The morning sun is giving its blessing to us huh. Fufufu, you are looking radiant!」

「Just what disgusting thing are you saying there……」

Kazuki who was standing with his back to the sun was indeed looking radiant from where Ikousai was standing. Kazuki walked forward from between the Japan Knight Order members and confronted Ikousai.

Facing someone who was longing this fervently to fight him, his feelings had gone past being exasperated and turned into embarrassment.

「……I promised to fight you but, can’t we eliminate Loki first before doing this?」

「I cannot trust Britain’s Knight Order. Doing what you said is like giving the Japan-Britain alliance a pretext to crush us one by one. Having Loki and his bunch holding back Britain’s Knight Order brings more assurance from where I’m standing.」

But the one who profited the most from that move was Loki.

Perhaps she received suggestion from Loki.

「But in any case, you talked about a one on one fight, didn’t you? Then you wouldn’t mind even if my comrades crush the bunch of 『batteries』 that you brought along right?」

The authority of China’s King <The Power of Heaven’s Decree> increased in strength the more the user’s rule spread, it plundered the <face>──so to speak the personality of the people under the user’s rule, and turned them into a part of the user.

That was to say that all the Red Nopperabou were currently a part of Ikousai. They moved following Ikousai’s will, and by offering their life to Ikousai they could even restore Ikousai’s magic power.

All the Red Nopperabou were directly connected by the network called the Power of Heaven’s Decree as 『battle terminals』 that could be remotely controlled, they were also 『batteries』 that could be used as disposable pawns for the King’s recovery.

Going one-on-one against the current Ikousai was the same like telling Kazuki to fight alone against Ikousai + all of China’s Knight Order’s survivors depending on one’s viewpoint. Although Kazuki also had the Power of Harmony, but it was impossible to treat this as a one-on-one fight.

『How are you planning to have a one-on-one fight like this?』 It was an extremely natural question for Kazuki to ask.

「Right now they are all me……. I obtained this power, this is my power. In that case even if I use all of them to defeat you I can still say that I have vindicated my honor through a one-on-one fight……」

Kazuki made a thoroughly apathetic face at Ikousai’s petty remark. It was unbearable that he was made to go along with this kind of illogical fight and having her self-centered sophism pushed on him on top of that.

The images of Hrotsvit and Beatrix descended down lightly from the sky.

『Beatrix, who is that petty woman? It looks like she had hijacked the power of China Mythology.』

『She is a warrior of Japan, the self-styled rival of Kazuki, if I remember correctly she is called Eisbein……』 (TN: Eisbein’s reading here is Aisubain)

That was German’s salted pork meat, this one was Aisu Ikousai.

『What she was saying just now cannot even be taken as pretending to be a warrior don’t you think? Someone like her is just a robber.』

『That’s so I guess……I feel like completely disillusioned with Japan’s samurai……』

The uncouth women of Norse Mythology were whispering to each other. Compared to their way of life as a race of battle people, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to even call the likes of the swordsman in present day Japan as cosplay warriors.

Ikousai’s cheeks reddened slightly and she coughed.

「……I can still say that……but……as I thought a match between sword and sword is the worthy way to settle everything between us! I won’t do anything boorish like making the Nopperabou attack you! I also won’t do anything distasteful like using their life to recover! In exchange you too don’t borrow the power of the ghost bunches over there! Also while we are fighting, you can freely tell your comrades to attack the Nopperabou! Do you accept!?」

In other words, Japan’s Knight Order could carry out the mission to annihilate the Nopperabou in the background while Kazuki and Ikousai were having a one-on-one fight. With that Ikousai’s Nopperabou and also Kazuki’s Power of Harmony would be restricted.

Kazuki could agree if it was like that.

A match of sword and sword……surely his improvised and immature two swords style wouldn’t work in such a fight. Kazuki stored Joyeux back into its scabbard and grasped Ame no Murakumo with both hands.

In front of him Ikousai also made a faint smile and took a stance with her beloved katana in hand.

The string of tension was stretched taut between the two.

At the same time the Nopperabou group also began chanting attack magic towards Kazuki’s comrades simultaneously. The swordsmen of Japan’s Knight Order assaulted them in response with their swords, while the Magika Stigmas started chanting.

Part 2[edit]

‘It’s going well.’

Loki felt that the situation was moving just as he planned. He was able to raise his chances of victory to the maximum, this was the best situation.

……Regardless of that, his chest felt smoldering with gloominess when he glanced at the fight between Kazuki and Ikousai. He wondered why he felt like that. The feeling felt like jealousy.

Arthur and her group before him were adversaries that couldn’t make him heated up.

They weren’t opponents he could let his guard down against. However…….

Loki’s Einherjar and Britain’s Knight Order faced each other at slight distance away from the battleground of Kazuki and co.

The two sides here had no tie with each other and there was also no words to exchange.

Both sides were making a horizontal formation that spread to the side at first.

「Loki, how will we fight this time politoka.」

Chaos Diva of Aztec Mythology, Tezcatlipoca asked Loki.

He had a large build and loved to fight, but strangely he was a Diva who was docile and obedient.

「You don’t need to ask, we ain’t got any strategy this time. Most of my subordinates are the illegal magicians who got screws loose in their heads, that’s why I cannot prepare any special scheme. We’ll form a line with the illegal magicians while keeping you guys the materialized Divas as a reserve force. I’ll move you guys, the reserve force, appropriately depending on the other side’s movement. There ain’t any other way than that.」

The majority of Loki’s force were deranged people who were unable to comprehend complicated orders.

Because of that he could only keep the materialized Divas who were powerful strategic units as a reserve force.

The number of his pawns that could loyally and quickly carry out his orders was overwhelmingly few.

A schemer like Loki of all people was unable to carry out a plan from his side without joining forces with others. He had to focus himself on counter strategies that responded to the other side. That was the dilemma that he was holding.

「Then how do you think Britain’s Knight Order will move politoca?」

「Britain’s Knight Order’s strength is the cavalry tactic by the knights of the round table. They will attack with mixed troop of infantry and cavalry. The way a mixed troop will fight is……first, the infantry will stop the enemy’s attack from the front, and then the cavalry will quickly circle from the side and launch flanking attacks. It’s the traditional strategy from the time of the ancient great king Alexander, 『Hammer and Anvil』.」

A unit in fixed position would hold back the enemy, while a mobile unit would strike like a hammer from the side. That was how the name came to be, it was a famous tactic that was continuously used until the era reached the twentieth century.

Tezcatlipoca nodded repeatedly like an obedient student.

However beside him, the chaos Diva of Hindu Mythology, Kali was yelling 「I don’t get ittt, it doesn’t matter at all, so let me fight quicklyyyy!」 while dancing.

「In response to that, you guys the reserve force got to constantly lookout for the cavalry. If I send you guys to hit the cavalry the moment they rush out from their formation to launch a flanking attack, we can hit their flank instead and annihilate them.」

「Lookout……politoca」 Tezcatlipoca’s shoulders dropped regrettably.

Beside him Queen Maeve of Celtic Mythology was ranting and raving saying 「Who cares of lookout or anything, let us fight already hereee!!」. ‘They’re noisy’, Loki thought and scowled.

「Britain’s Knight Order also has an option to pretend for a flanking attack while actually trying to break through the center suddenly. Seeing through whether it would be flanking attack or penetration through the center will decide the battle. ……That’s if they’re going by the book.」

The enemy general was Arthur Basilleus. No matter what she wasn’t Kazuki……such thinking whirled inside Loki’s chest. He wasn’t underestimating her by any means but, she wasn’t the type to use any clever plan.

Without any doubt Loki was the superior one if it was about improvising a strategy on the fly.

「In other words you are telling us to be patient until you give the instruction. That’s all right?」

Queen Maeve spoke while biting her lower lip. Her voice was moist and deep.

「……Now then, we ain’t got any more time to keep prattling, they’re coming yeah.」

The horizontal formation of Britain’s Knight Order started moving as though it was the silent spark that started the battle.

The deranged bunch at the frontline of Loki’s Einherjar also matched their breathing in their own way and began preparing their group magic.

The formation of Britain’s Knight Order accelerated with a dust cloud rising behind them as though to cut apart the lingering tension.

Loki gulped in surprise.

Britain Knight Order’s flat horizontal formation smoothly transformed into a completely different formation.

From Loki’s viewpoint, the enemy’s soldier was gathering to the left wing while advancing. The opposite right wing was thinning in number while decelerating, the horizontal formation turned into an unbalanced diagonal line.

Loxe Phalanx!

It was a formation that didn’t distribute the troops equally but extremely concentrated the troops to one side. It decreased the charging speed of the side with thin number and delayed the contact with the enemy.

The side with concentrated troops would pulverize the side of enemy formation with lightning fast attacks, and from there the troops would form encirclement as though to swallow the enemy. That was Loxe Phalanx.

However this was a clever scheme, a gambling tactic.

This was not an army of the ancient time in a war between armies of several thousands, several tens of thousands, so the time that could be bought by the charge of the side with thin number would not amount to much based on the scale of the army. It would be less than a few minutes, no, it wouldn’t even be a minute. If the side with the concentrated number of troops didn’t make the enemy formation collapse within that little time, it would be the weak side that got smashed instead.

Or perhaps the formation of both sides would mutually collapse and brought about a chaotic free for all fight.

But the side that came out gambling and the side that was gambled against weren’t under equal situations. The side that was roped up into the gamble couldn’t hold back. Chaos arose between Loki’s Einherjar, without hesitation Britain’s Knight Order’s left wing resolutely charged ahead.

So Arthur also had this kind of resoluteness!

If it was seen from the other side, this also meant that Britain’s Knight Order had absolute confidence in this charge.

So to speak the cavalry charge of the elite knights of the round table was here already! It wasn’t a flanking attack or a break through the center after confirming a tear in enemy formation, but dealing out their strongest attack right from the beginning!

──Loki was surprised, but the materialized Divas weren’t shaken at all.

That was because this situation matched their desire exactly.

No matter how impossible something was, it could be easily accepted if it was something that they were looking for.

A collision without any petty trick using their strongest force. That moment had come.

「Loki! This ain’t the time to talk about cautiousness or wait-and-see! It’s killing time!!」

Kali raised such voice of delight.

「Fufufu! Being in something like reserve force at the last dance of Ragnarok, even the opponent doesn’t wish for that! A good woman has to answer this kind of passionate invitation!!」

Queen Maeve also raised a joyful voice while writhing.

「Aooon! I want daddy to watch me woof! I’m going to raise hell woof!」

Loki’s child Fenrir also got excited like a cur that caught sight of a bone.

「Loki……looks like your prediction just now missed politoca! I’m going to rampage politoca!!」

Even Tezcatlipoca who was comparatively gentle yelled without hiding his desire for destruction.

And then they weren’t mistaken. The opponent’s strongest attack had to be dealt with quickly. Even if the attack couldn’t be repelled, they just needed to hold it back. If they could do that then the weakest right wing of the enemy would be crushed and they would be able to destroy the opponent. Tactically speaking that was the correct move.

──Was that really true? Amidst the deranged bunch and the chaos Divas who hungered for slaughter, it was only Loki who was calm in the truest meaning.

This wasn’t the way Arthur fought. Loki instinctively rethought back. In that case whose tactic was this?

Kazuki……no, it wasn’t limited to just Kazuki……perhaps this was the work of that woman called Akane, she couldn’t be underestimated.

……That woman called Shouko was also supposed to be a greatly experienced commander from her guerilla fight against China.

……This wasn’t Arthur’s work, but a tactic of Japan’s Knight Order.

Japan’s Knight Order’s members were mixing inside Britain’s Knight Order!

And then the strong point of Japan’s Knight Order was the telepathy using a network of bonds that was centered at Kazuki!

There was one answer that could be derived from there──after determining the movement of their side’s reserve force, the enemy would transform their formation even further!! A coordinating force that could do that was mixed in between the enemy force!!

This was a trap!!!

He could still make it in time! Loki yelled in exultation inside his heart. He saw it through!!

‘This time it’s my win!!’

「Wait, Kali! Maeve! Fenrir! Tezcatlipoca! This is a trap!!」

But, they didn’t stop.

「Hyahahahahahahah! Die die die die die DIE!!」 Kali laughed madly.

「Ooohhohho! It-is-slaugh-terrr! Let’s Dance!!」 Maeve laughed madly.

「……GUGAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!」 Fenrir howled ferociously.

「I am Yohualli Ehetcatl(Night Wind) who bring death! Tezcatlipoca, is here!!」 Tezcatlipoca also surrendered himself to his impulses.

They all ignored Loki’s words.

It wasn’t that they didn’t hear him. He lost their trust. They prioritized their destructive impulse rather than their trust to Loki.

At the previous battle, Loki made them to be patient, but in the end he was defeated in tactic.

At the same time Loki made light of their destructive impulses.

For a moment he didn’t comprehend at all why they ignored his command.

‘These guys, are they idiots?’, Loki thought in bafflement.

Even though he had finally saw through the enemy’s trap.

Why were they this hot-blooded? Why didn’t they try to ascertain the situation calmly?

……That wasn’t it. It wasn’t them who were strange. It was him who was strange.

He was a chaos Diva, and yet without him realizing it he had lost that kind of primitive destructive impulse. That was why he didn’t notice their frustration.

He failed in grasping the human nature……no, in grasping god nature. His intuition being out of sync with the intuition of his fellow comrades caused disorder in the command.

He wondered since when this gap between him and them came to be.

If there was a difference between him and them, then there was only one. He had been spending an overwhelmingly long time in this world since he accomplished materialization compared to them. ……’Could it be’, Loki thought.

‘Could it be, my personality, my sense of value completely turned like a human without even me noticing?’

That was a terrifying feeling. Rather than these comrades of his whose eyes were bloodshot while raging for destruction, the existence of Kazuki or Akane felt closer to him, he could feel that they were existences that he could like and sympathize with.

‘What the hell am I!?’

Putting aside the shock inside Loki’s heart, the battlefield was going through upheaval like a charging avalanche.

The materialized Divas who were acting as the reserve force were jumping into the frontline while shouting.

It was exactly at that time when Britain’s Knight Order’s Loxe Phalanx transformed like an undulating dragon.

The troops that were concentrated on the left wing decelerated while moving to the right wing simultaneously. The formation returned back to the original symmetrical horizontal formation. At the same time the cavalry unit rushed out from the side of the formation.

Flanking attack──Hammer and Anvil!! The enemy pretended to scheme and went off the book, then when the enemy confirmed that their side was lured by that they returned to act by the book again!

It wasn’t a gamble from the enemy at all!!

With terrifying speed, the knights of the round table circled towards the flank of the horizontal formation of Loki’s group. This kind of coordination should be impossible without the existence of telepathy.

It was impossible for anyone to be able to react against this. The reserve force let their blood rush to their heads and charged ahead. The illegal magicians matched their breathing in their own way as deranged people and activated the group magic against the enemy before them. It was impossible to even hope to recover their formation.

He was played.

In front of the despairing Loki, the charge that was the best even among the magic advanced countries gouged the soft flank──.

Part 3[edit]

Kazuki who was able to forego chanting due to Zekorbeni was able to reliably launch preemptive attacks. In this duel against Ikousai, that was an advantage that couldn’t be overlooked.

Kazuki first used his power of bond with Hikaru-senpai and poured magic power into Zekorbeni.

He forewent the chanting for Baal’s high level magic and instantaneously invoked it.

「Know this roar of sacred flame as god’s fury! The roar of the heaven reside wholly in this hand, bring down the iron hammer that break the world! One blow to destroy the world! Yagrush!」

Among all the magic that Kazuki could instantaneously invoke without forcing himself, the one with the highest might was 『Imitation Flare』 without doubt. However if it was Ikousai she surely could predict a laser attack from condensed sun explosion and easily dodge it. Therefore Kazuki grasped the huge hammer of the sky god and swung it towards Ikousai who was still in distance.

Right before that, Ikousai’s lips warped into a grin. Rather than seeing it as a composed grin, it was a grin that recognized Kazuki’s move as 『Certainly I cannot do anything against that』.

Thunder clouds spread above Ikousai’s head and a rain of lightning poured down.

Inside the lightning that dyed everything white, Ikousai’s shadow was locked up.

Ikousai’s defensive magic power shined. It resulted in definite damage.

Kazuki gradually tightened the range of the pouring rain of lightning and focused its might.

At the same time he kneaded up his magic power once more and poured it further into Zekorbeni.

「O immortal bird who repeat life and death! Liberate the last flame in your moment of death, become the sun above the ground……Imitation Flare!!」

The avatar of a bird of fire emerged in front of Kazuki. The energy of life and death of a phoenix was condensed into a straight laser beam and it was fired.

It pierced straight into Ikousai who was locked inside the cage of lightning.

The two magic didn’t disturb each other at all, they moved in harmony and tried to demolish Ikousai.

But magic power was unleashed from the gap of the lightning.

「……O fences within fences of Izumo standing on Yagumo, conceive the eight trigrams, become the dragon that guard the mandate of heaven……」

A cloud was overflowing out billowingly from inside the fierce light of lightning and laser.

Cloud──Ikousai’s contracted Diva <Susanoo> had defensive magic called 『Izumo Yaegaki』.

The power of China was mixed into it to strengthen it, and then it was activated.

For her to be able to finish her spell while getting hit by attack magic that powerful must be because of the blessing of the excessive defensive magic power residing inside the dragon of heaven’s decree.

「Hakke Unkoubaku!」 (TN: Eight Trigrams Cloud Light Veil)

A shining cloud completely covered the space and swallowed the lightning and light beam while enlarging, forming the shape of a dragon.

The dragon promptly devoured all lighting and the laser beam before coiling above Ikousai’s head.

「……We won’t be able to cross swords without first hardening the defense.」

Ikousai leaked out a relieved voice as though she had obtained a moment’s rest.

The cloud dragon that Ikousai summoned was floating in wait above Ikousai to protect her even after neutralizing that much attack magic──.

Perhaps that dragon possessed a property that swallowed natural phenomenon…….

「O the forging of artisan who scatter the flower of night craft, fill the fabric of heaven with the tip of sword! Tenkuu Battou Renge Hou!」

Flame was bursting up around Kazuki, that flame forged countless Sacred Treasures. They flew toward Ikousai and the cloud dragon like missiles from all directions following Kazuki’s magic power manipulation.

It was an attack by means of weapons, not natural phenomenon.

「Howl! Civilization grants human destruction! The roar of wisdom scorch, and break thy body, bury that dignity under the rubble!! Mitrailleuse!」

Kazuki further created a huge gatling gun on his left arm, equipped it, and fired it wildly.

Steel weapons that flew like missiles, and then bullets of a gatling gun, as expected the cloud dragon couldn’t swallow them and its body that was made from a shining cloud was shaved off.

But the essential target, Ikousai foresighted the trajectory of the projectile weapons and she dodged with swaying movement while approaching him. Although Ikousai couldn’t go as far as defending against the rain of gatling gun bullets, but it didn’t have that much power. Ikousai closed the distance in the blink of an eye,

「O eight dragons of China, dwell inside the unruly hand of Susanoo! Totsuka Orochi no Shinkatou!」

The katana in Ikousai’s grasp was transforming into an ominous shape. Kazuki had known of it from before, it was a demonic sword that caused wind of flame to burst with terrific might each time the sword was swung.

「……Lightning descend on mine body and I obtain the godspeed of lightning will……awaken the sleeping lion! Ride Lightning!」

In response, Kazuki invoked the reinforcement magic that accelerated his whole body. Kazuki moved forward to meet the enemy and Ame no Murakumo clashed against Shinkatou in Ikousai’s hand.

If the sword was stopped before it could be swung, the wind of flame wouldn’t blow──Instant Positioning was the greatest countermeasure against it.

「You can’t chant any acceleration magic!」

Even though their skill in sword art rivaled each other, if he excelled in speed then he could toy with her.

Kazuki brushed aside Shinkatou and instantly circled to her back and slashed.

She reversed her blade and tried to slash back while turning around, but she was beaten to the punch and Kazuki’s katana collided with her sword, she was held back. She couldn’t swing the sword to the end. Like that no slashing wind of flame was created.

「It won’t be a fight if I don’t chant reinforcement magic too huh……」

Ikousai still showed a composed smile contrary to her words.

Ikousai began to knead her magic power. Kazuki who succeeded in taking the initiative was making his superior position rock solid while he had to stop her chanting no matter what.

If he allowed her to invoke reinforcement magic, then the magic she would invoke should be a reinforcement magic with terrifying might too.

Kazuki poured his power of bond with Hikaru-senpai into Zekorbeni again.

「O flow of atmosphere, converge into this body, and become the storm that rejects the hated enemy! The eye of the typhoon is mine throne! Storm Fort!」

Kazuki invoked Baal’s magic and covered his body with storm armor.

The vortex of wind that moved following Kazuki’s will obstructed the enemy’s movement by blowing in opposing direction while supporting his own movement by blowing in the same direction.

Ikousai’s movements dulled while Kazuki’s accelerated further. Kazuki repelled Ikousai’s Shinkatou once more and circled to her back. He swung an attack with even more leeway than before.


An impact was resounded at the most important pillar of the magic power that Ikousai kneaded in her chanting. If an attack was unleashed with careful aim so that an impact would be resulted from the enemy’s Resist that resounded until that key pillar, it was possible to destroy the chanting at once. It was a divine technique that demanded perfect movement and timing.

It was a difficult technique, but Kazuki succeeded. Ikousai’s chanting was crushed under that attack.

「……Just now what!?」 Ikousai raised a shocked voice.

Ikousai who chanted defensive magic even while getting hit by fierce lightning and laser before this, this time she wasn’t even allowed to carry out any resistance or opposition before her chanting was forcefully interrupted.

「I see……it’s the strange technique that you also used at the end of the previous duel! So that technique destroyed the chanting!」

Ikousai turned around and tried to swing her sword, but Kazuki shut that out with his sword.

It was an offense and defense that was exactly the same like before.

He circled to her back again with his superior speed.

When she began chanting again, he would strike her with Shin’iki no matter how many times.

But, at that time something unforeseen happened──Ikousai’s left arm swelled up many times larger and she circled around with a speed that didn’t lose against Kazuki.

「Secret Technique, Ajirogi(Wickerwork Tree)!」

[*GASHI!*] ……With a terrifying strength, the index finger and middle finger of Ikousai’s left hand caught the blade of the katana that Kazuki swung down.

This kind of stupidly strong power was impossible for human flesh.

「Fufufu, don’t forget that I can do partial possession with Susanoo!」

Ikousai’s left arm became Susanoo’s left arm! Power, speed, it didn’t lose in any aspect against Kazuki who was using reinforcement magic. No, far from that, Ame no Murakumo that was held between the two fingers couldn’t move as though it was constricted by a vise…….

Ajirogi, it was a legendary ninjutsu to catch a sword between two naked fingers. But, to actually make it possible in reality showed just how terrifying Susanoo’s power was.

Kazuki didn’t actually forget. But actually what was stranger was──how she was able to block a blade that was swung down from behind her so accurately with two fingers. It was like an acrobat.

Kazuki was only reinforced in speed while his strength stayed the same. That was why he was vigilant, that it would be bad if he got caught.

……However he didn’t even expect something like this acrobatic two-fingered blade catching.

「This is because you tried to repeat the same attack over and over-!」

Ikousai turned around with her left hand still clutching Ame no Murakumo. Her right hand was finally able to swing Shinkatou!

Kazuki couldn’t dodge without letting go of Ame no Murakumo!

No other way. He also had Joyeux. The instant Kazuki thought that,

『Wait! That reasoning is strange!!』

A voice resounded inside Kazuki’s head.

It wasn’t telepathy from his comrades. At the same time Ame no Murakumo in his grasp was tinged with heat and vibrated *jiiiin*. This was the voice of Ame no Murakumo.

『A swordsman letting go of his sword while he is still unable to master it is out of the question! Right now is exactly the time for you to seek my strength, the time of liberation!!』

He felt sparks scattering at the back of his mind. And then Kazuki yelled.

「Avoid capture and slice the sky, <Ame no Murakumo>! Battou Kaikon──Un’eiken(Cloud Shadow Sword)!!」

The blade of Ame no Murakumo that was clutched by Ikousai’s two fingers became pure white cloud as though it evaporated. When Kazuki swung Ame no Murakumo that turned into just a handle, the cloud flowed and escaped Ikousai’s hold. At the same time every single particle of the cloud retained the property of blade and hacked apart Ikousai’s left hand.

And then the blade returned to its original shape. Ikousai’s eyes opened wide in surprise.

「But, it’s too late!!」

Ikousai paid it no mind and continued swinging Shinkatou.

The Yasakani no Magatama wrapped on Kazuki’s left wrist shined while coming apart.

「Open the boundary, <Yasakani no Magatama>! Kaisho Kaikon──Kamiwatari no Mon(Gate of God Crossing)!」

Yasakani no Magatama enlarged while floating midair.

The inner part of the string became pitch black space and sucked in Kazuki.

Kazuki flowed inside the pitch black tunnel of another world as though he had turned into liquid.

And then the next instant he flew out behind Ikousai. Ikousai swung Shinkatou at empty air where there was no one. The intense stormy flame vanished without burning anything.

Teleportation──the power of the Sacred Treasure that Ikousai once used against Kazuki could be used by him too!

Kazuki immediately swung down Ame no Murakumo at Ikousai’s back.

However, Ikousai rolled forward in panic and evaded that.

It must be because it was a power she once used herself, that was why she wasn’t shaken.

Nevertheless, she reacted as though she had eyes on her back.

……No. He recalled the time when Ikousai used this power on him. It gave off no magic power that could act as advance warning and the user could attack without the enemy detecting from where it would appear. Evading such attack should be next to impossible.

Before this too, Ikousai caught an attack from behind using two fingers accurately as though she had eyes on her back…….

Kazuki suddenly realized something and he looked around at the surrounding.

Nearby where Kazuki and Ikousai was fighting, Japan’s Knight Order and the Red Nopperabou were fighting. The promise was that no one would interfere at the duel at all. However, several of the Red Nopperabou were pointing their eerie face this way even while fighting a magic battle.

Their face didn’t have eyes and nose──however, they should be able to see.

「So you noticed.」 Ikousai looked his way and grinned.

How petty…….

This woman shared the senses of all the Red Nopperabou and she was able to process those senses’ information.

He was desperately trying to circle to her blind spot since a while ago but……she had no blind spot! Eyes from completely different angle were constantly observing their duel!

Even when he teleported behind her, it was almost no different then appearing right in front of her.

Despite whatever she said, Ikousai was making use of Red Nopperabou for this duel.

This woman looked like she was a proud person, but she strangely had a petty side to her…….

And then the exchange of offense and defense just now gave Ikousai time to finish her chanting.

「O rebel god of China! Stack up your soul with Susanoo and dwell within mine body……Shiyuu Kourin(Shiyuu Descend)!!」 (TN: Shiyuu is a war god of China)

The figure of an ominous evil god emerged behind Ikousai. It held countless weapons with countless hands, a bull-headed evil god──that avatar overlapped with Ikousai and vanished.

「……Fufufu, Shiyuu is a rebellious god who attempted to steal the seat of king from the kings of China Mythology, that is to say he is the China Mythology version of Susanoo! He is the evil god who is said to give birth to every weapon and arms in this world. This magic that acts in concert with Susanoo’s power and came into being is truly worthy for me to defeat you!」

「You speak about worthiness and whatever, but the point is you are playing the villain role aren’t you? You third wheel, don’t show villain appeal so happily like that.」

「Fufufu, everything will be fine if I just win!!」

This kind of pettiness, lack of obsession with her pride, and lack of pickiness were the terrifying side of Ikousai. Kazuki thought inside his heart. ‘Someday I’ll lose against her……’ There was a part of him that pictured such future vividly.

Her strength, tenacity and pointless positivity were mixing inside her without any contradiction.

If it was in a match done between their daily life, then even if he lost against her he would honestly praise her that she was strong and that would be the end of it, but it was because she was intruding into a fated battle where he mustn’t lose with this kind of mood that he was troubled from the bottom of his heart.

Ikousai’s right hand was holding Shinkatou, while her left hand smoothly pulled out a short sword hanging on her waist. Two sword style. She had the thinking that holding her sword with one hand was enough if it was with her reinforced strength.

Kazuki matched her and his hand reached at Joyeux. But he hesitated right away.

He would lose the delicateness in his technique if he went two sword style…….

「Here I come!」

Even without her speaking Kazuki would understand her timing if he sensed the flow of the magic power. Kazuki also stepped forward to intercept her. He had to clash his sword and stop her before she fully swung Shinkatou.

Blade and blade collided.

With a jerk Kazuki felt the pressure. His hand became numb. Even though he used both hands, but he couldn’t manage Ikousai who was using one hand.

He was shaken off along with his sword!

The deadly flame rampaged before his eyes. At that instant──,

Kazuki recalled his conversation with his master when he was a child.

「Instant Positioning that parries every kind of strength with technique is the true essence, the innermost level of martial arts. However just parrying strength is insufficient, that is how the world is currently. Do you understand, Kanae, Kazuki?」

──In the dojo of the Hayashizaki family, their father made the two of them sit in front of him before speaking. He was also the master of the two.

Kanae answered. 「Yes-! Not just strength, we also have to manage magic to win!!」

「Correct. For that I dreamed of several techniques.」

Their father nodded and he spoke of his ideas that would change the life of Kazuki and Kanae after that.

「First is a sword that pierces magic power……I name it 『Kasane(Pile)』. The defensive magic power that protects human’s body is a 『flow』. If a sword is swung at that flow, a wound will remain on it for an instant. If an accurate slash is piled on that wound with godspeed……the sword will pierce the flow.」

「So you’re saying that even those disgusting Magika Stigmas can be one hit killed then, Otou-sama!!」

「The second is a sword that disturbs chanting……I cannot think of a name for it, so Kanae, you can think about it in the future. Chanting can be disrupted when a strong impact of smashed magic is inflicted on a magician who is in the middle of chanting. However even without dealing an impact that is that strong……if an impact is inflicted with pinpoint accuracy at the most important part within the spell chanting within the vital timing, even a weak impact can crash the magic phenomenon right away even with a weak impact……」

Later on it was called 『Shin’iki(Divine Region)』.

「Even Magika Stigma is just a scarecrow if they aren’t able to chant then, Otou-sama!!」

「And then the last, the third one……a sword that parried away magic……I’ll name it 『Midashi(Disturb)』. A pure magic power is a power to reject and interfere with all kinds of phenomenon. Interfere……that is to say that is dynamic. Magic power that is managed precisely should be able to be interpreted dynamically. Similar with how strength can be parried with strength, parrying magic with magic should also be possible with dynamic principle.」

Kazuki’s childish heart was surprised and his eyes opened wide.

「However magic that is in the domain of mind is far harder to handle then strength that is in the domain of body. Even the normal Instant Positioning is difficult, so it’s not hard to imagine that applying Instant Positioning on magic will be most difficult. ……But, if it can actually be done, then every kind of magic can be turned powerless. ……Although for the current me, it’s only a dream anyway……」

「……Why are you so obsessed to win against Summoning Magic using sword art until that much?」

The childish Kazuki asked a genuine question. Kanae who still wasn’t emotionally attached to Kazuki at that time glared angrily at Kazuki. However, his father smiled while he answered his question gently.

「That’s because I want to surpass the strength of god with the strength of humanity. I want to believe in humanity’s infinite possibility. Kazuki, if by any chance there is an existence that should be called as the absolute god in this world, don’t you want to try to defeat such being with the utmost limit of human effort?」

──There was nothing but that to resolve his current situation.

Magic power that rejected flame. Interference.

If it was only annihilating phenomenon using the exact opposite element, then it wasn’t any different with Resist.

It wasn’t annihilation by clashing against the attack right from the front.

It was interference. Flame was approaching through a vector that pointed his way. The power of rejection called magic power should be able to affect purely only this vector.

If he could just do interference and affect, he would be able to parry the vector to a direction that was harmless to him using the minimum strength, exactly the same as the Instant Positioning of sword art…….

Right now, Kazuki made Ame no Murakumo in his hand to spout out flame and contacted it with Shinkatou. He concentrated magic power on the point of contact──and controlled it with meticulous concentration…….

The two swords came into contact with each other, but it wasn’t parrying the sword using sword.

Kazuki twisted the vector.

The flame spouting out from Shinkatou was parried to the direction of that twist.

Success. Kazuki’s heart was filled with a sense of fulfillment. Hayashizaki-style Dream Sword the Third──Midashi.

The slicing wind of flame passed right beside Kazuki with only a paper width difference.


Ikousai leaked out a shocked voice.

Kazuki poured magic power into Zekorbeni and counterattacked.

This time it was a situation where it was impossible for Ikousai to dodge!!

「Imitation Flare!!」

「Just now, was it like this!?」

Kazuki fired a laser of sun explosion. Ikousai predicted the trajectory of the laser, then she put the short sword in her left hand on the laser’s trajectory, and twisted.

The laser was parried to another direction!

──It wasn’t something to be surprised about!

Ikousai was observing Kazuki’s movement from all directions through the Nopperabou!

If she could just see through the principle of what Kazuki accomplished……the skill of the two in sword art was mostly equal……it was illogical that Ikousai wouldn’t be able to do the same thing!!

Perhaps she was also able to do even Shin’iki.

「Next time for sure I’m not going to give you even the leeway to parry with two-handed sword you know!?」

Ikousai reversed the blade of the parried away Shinkatou and swung it once more.

This wasn’t the time to say something like doing two sword style caused his precision to drop. He couldn’t win if he was unable to parry Shinkatou using either of his swords in two sword style!! If he was unable to do the technique just now even with just his left hand……he would lose!!

There was no way he could lose! Kazuki’s left hand immediately let go of the handle and pulled out Joyeux and struck at Shinkatou. He was pushed back by the momentum. Flame overflowed wildly out from Shinkatou……!

Kazuki twisted Joyeux with just his left hand. The flame was parried once more.

That was something that even he was surprised at.

Surely even the him from several minutes ago wouldn’t even be able to shake the attack.

「……Now you’ve done it!!」

Ikousai raised her voice. It was a voice of admiration from her heart. He knew that.

「……You too!!」

Kazuki too praised so from his heart.

By confronting a terrifying enemy who possessed a personality that was really similar with him, he was able to reach the technique that was impossible for him until now. And when he did that, this enemy immediately copied him.

A growth that was stimulated by the opponent, and the opponent also chased after that growth right away.

A strange feeling of happiness welled up despite how out of place such feeling was.

She was an annoyance who intruded uninvited into this Ragnarok meaninglessly, he also had such a thought but……this battle was exactly a battle to thoroughly probe a human’s possibility.

Right now, the existence called Ikousai right before him was without a doubt a meaningful enemy for him.

Kanae was fighting nopperabou while glancing at the duel between Kazuki and Ikousai. Her breath almost stopped witnessing it.

「Maxing……stimulating each other to make each other’s max stat mutually grow rapidly! Until the not yet known domain!!」

The other knights also noticed the fight of the two and they were shaken. They couldn’t help but feel shaken towards that fight that was of a different nature. It was a battle that was filled with the significance of a different nature, even more than all the other fights against fellow Kings until now.

「They are neutralizing each other’s power of magic, and turning it into a pure match of sword art!」

「……Is such a thing possible!?」

「If that is possible……our(Magika Stigma) meaning of existence will be……!」

Part 4[edit]

「Thank you very much for following my suggestion.」

Akane who had no more strength left to fight spoke to Arthur.

「We are the ones who should thank you. I trust Kazuki from my heart. And the one that was introduced by that Kazuki as a great strategist who has filled her head with every tactic from all ages and countries is you. I can only say that it’s truly a honor to be able to borrow the strength of someone like you.」

It was truly a gentlemanly reply. Arthur replied back with such words.

「As expected that is really over exaggerating me……」

Right now in front of Arthur and Akane, Loki’s Einherjar was literally toyed around by Akane’s tactics.

The cavalry unit completely circled around and launched a flanking attack at the enemy army’s side.

A tactical victory had been wrenched once again when it was Loki who was the opponent.

「……You who has learned the tactics from all ages and countries are truly the crystallization of mankind’s history, a legacy of mankind. Your knowledge surpasses the legendary schemer Loki……there must be nothing more painful than this for him.」

Arthur muttered. Akane doubted her ears when she heard that, she looked up staringly at the expression of Arthur above her horse. Those weren’t words that a believer of god should say.

The cavalry unit of Britain’s Knight Order made the Sacred Treasure spears in their hands to shine radiantly at the same time and launched a charge.

The illegal magicians of Loki’s Einherjar were mowed down by the thrust of 『Spears of Light』. The illegal magicians who were facing to the front and chanting their spells in unison were helpless against it.

The formation was collapsing like dominoes.

In response to that, the infantry attack from the front was increasing in pressure. The infantry was gradually spreading to the side and unfolding to surround the enemy. It was so that they could let fly attack magic from all directions.

If there was something that could be done in this kind of situation, it was……,

「People who were helplessly defeated and died by the invader, resurrect right here! Tepeyollotl(Death Smoke’s Throat Biting Beast)!!」

Pitch black smoke burst out from the ground in front of the cavalry unit.

The pitch black smoke transformed into jaguars with smoldering specks and lean built. They then attacked the throat of the knights. Although the jaguars vanished when they were pierced by spears, the knights were felled from their horse one after another. It was the magic of Tezcatlipoca from the Aztec Mythology.

「Hihihi! You guys are underestimating us! ……Mine servants! Kill and kill to the end until the sun climb and descend and dedicate all the blood to me! Tantra Thaggi(Slaughter Dogma)!!」

Several dozen corpses whose whole body were dyed yellow rose up from the ground in front of the cavalry. The adherents of the large scale massacring organization <Thaggi> that once existed in India were summoned from the realm of the dead. In order to offer even a single drop more of blood to the goddess Kali, they strangled their victim using yellow cloth that was wrapped on the neck. The knights of Britain met unexpected difficulty to deal with the corpses that acted exactly like in history. It was the magic of Kali from the Hindu Mythology.

「Hoo~ho ho ho! Come from the dream! My pink fairy army! Titanian Dreadnaught(Heavy Tank of Midsummer Night)!!」

To protect the illegal magicians who were being routed, a gigantic mass was created──it was a distasteful pink tank that was fully loaded with countless fairies.

The symbol of tyrannical rule that would trample everything in order to grant all the desire of the tyrant blew away the knights. It was the magic of Queen Maeve of Celtic Mythology.

Tezcatlipoca, Kali and Queen Maeve ignored Loki’s command and rushed to the frontline, but they were able to react immediately to the surprise attack was also simply because they boasted overwhelming fighting strength even by themselves.

However they already lost the initiative. Their side had suffered defeat tactically.

However if they wanted to do something about it somehow……the only choice was to overturn the unfavorable situation with their personal fighting ability.

Challenging a group with individuals was reckless. However they were materialized Divas that were a match for a thousand.

It couldn’t be forgotten──that they were exactly the very symbols that were worshipped as gods by their believers.

「……I forgot huh.」

Loki who was overwhelmed with a sense of defeat on his own saw their figure and he murmured in a small voice.

He got too familiar with the world of humans, got fixated with Kazuki, and played around with schemes too much……he forgot that he was a god and a demon.

He was too small-minded. He couldn’t help but forgot that he was an existence with power that ought to overpower the humans.

Fenrir dashed to Loki’s side with teary eyes.

「Aoooon! As expected daddy was right woof! I’m sorry woof!」

Loki held Laevateinn with his right hand and he stroke Fenrir’s head with his left hand.

「……I don’t mind. No more playing with schemes. ……We are Divas! Even without toying with something like a plan, we can crush the likes of humans who are only borrowing strength right from the front!! We are going there too!!」

Fenrir happily howled 「Aoooon!」 at his father’s words.

Part 5[edit]

「What are you looking for that you have intruded into this battlefield!?」

With a feeling that he absolutely mustn’t lose no matter what in his heart, Kazuki swung his sword at Ikousai.

He swung his sword while asking once more about the meaning of their fight.

‘You a meaningful enemy who stands in my way, why are you here!?’

「I don’t have any objective! Continuing to fight, aiming to be the strongest is the meaning of my life! I’m prioritizing my own life rather than the world, there is nothing bad about that!」

Kazuki was taken aback against those words.

The world and oneself──in the end which one was the heavier? Rather, didn’t the two have equal worth?

If someone denied their own life, then there wouldn’t even be any meaning in accepting the world.

Kazuki was unable to say that Ikousai’s words were wrong.

A life that was simply pursuing being the strongest!

There was no one who could decide that such way of living was mistaken.

However, for Kazuki who continued to fight until now, always pursuing strength for the sake of people other than himself, it was a thinking that was his exact opposite.

In other words──Ikousai was betting her whole life in order to deny everything that Kazuki treasured in his life until now.

Both sides didn’t think that the other was mistaken.

However, because their way of living was the exact opposite of each other, they could only live as themselves by winning and denying the opponent. This was that kind of fight.

This wasn’t something with relative importance that could be compared to a fight where the world was at stake……!


Kazuki yelled while swinging his sword.

「Then if I win, I’ll have you accept everything that I treasure!」

「What do you mean by that!?」

「That’s……eating delicious food, having fun going out to play……in other words, a date!!」


The sudden astounding words caused Ikousai to raise a hysteric voice.

But if Kazuki’s important things were summarized into a word, it was something like that.

Kazuki restated what he said with even more straightness.

「If I win, give up fighting and become my woman!!」

Become my woman, my woman, my woman──those words echoed inside Ikousai’s head. Ikousai’s cheeks were going red in a flash.

「Wha, wha-wha-wha-wha-wha-wha-wha-what stupid thing are you saying!? Fight seriously!!」

The two continued to cross swords even while spouting out hysterical words. They were sealing all the magic phenomenon of each other while exchanging extremely precise sword skills.

「I’m saying that because I’m seriously fighting from the bottom of my heart!! We are fighting with our way of life on the line here! I, I absolutely won’t allow you to deny what’s important to me without a second thought when you actually haven’t even experienced it!」

「Wait a second, don’t decide by your own that someone doesn’t have 『that kind of experience』!!」

「Do you have it!?」

Ikousai swung her sword silently.

It was the furthest level of sword fighting where both sides parried each other’s everything with Instant Positioning using two sword style.

Kazuki worked out the skill because he was pressed with necessity of facing the strongest rival, while Ikousai ripped it off using countless eyes and her talent.

As the result, the two of them found it meaningless to chant magic spells at all and became pure swordsman.

They simply continued to swing their swords and simply respected the budding something in each other.

Every single move required so much concentration that made them felt like their soul was shaved off.

If there was a spectator that watched their exchange from the side, they would think that the two of them were repeating simple actions of clashing their swords to the other’s sword alternately.

However for the two in question, it felt like every single move used up all their energy and willpower, they even felt like they were aging and losing weight each time they swung their sword.

In the middle of such offense and defense of the extreme limit, what decided the match was nothing else but tenacity as expected.

While they were both facing each other with respect──there was a feeling of satisfaction 『As I thought Kazuki is strong』 inside Ikousai’s heart.

Inside the head of such Ikousai, ‘become my woman’──those words continued to echo even now.

『Learning such thing that I have never known until now in my life from Kazuki is also not……』

Ikousai who had walked through her life as a single sword until now was slightly wavering. That was undoubtedly her inexperience. Even she couldn’t say that she had no interest at all towards such things.

On the other hand Kazuki shouldered 『I mustn’t lose no matter what』 as a King.

Although Ikousai usurped the power of China’s Mythology, her mental nature wasn’t that of a King.

Kazuki’s mentality was that of a King. His soul was an indomitable one that shouldered many things.

At that time when their magic power was about to run out, sword and sword clashed, and Ikousai’s body staggered powerlessly, that was exactly their difference.


Kazuki put all his strength and his sword flashed toward the staggering Ikousai.

Ikousai was sent flying hard, and she finally lost strength from both her knees. She fell on her butt and looked up at Kazuki.

Both of them didn’t have even a shred of magic power left.

In her upward gaze, there was acceptance of this result from the pure clash between swords.

「……You can give me a date that makes me lovestruck, right?」

Ikousai asked with a groan.

Kazuki felt somewhat uneasy inside his heart. He didn’t have the image of a date that would make Ikousai happy. But,

「……I promise.」

He had to make her happy. He had to show Ikousai that a date was more enjoyable than a fight. He couldn’t call it a true victory if he couldn’t do that──.

At the same time, Japan’s Knight Order finished exterminating and neutralizing the Red Nopperabou group.

Part 6[edit]

The battle between Britain’s Knight Order and Loki’s Einherjar was gradually turning equal between both sides.

The situation was still equal despite the success of the flanking attack and the success of the encirclement was truly the proof of how terrifying materialized Divas were, including Loki.

Loki was crossing swords with Arthur desperately. Excalibur and Laevateinn clashed at each other roaringly. But soldiers were defeated one after another beside Loki who was fighting hard.


Kali was fighting several dozen knights while laughing madly, she drove all her opponent into magic intoxication while she finally collapsed. Her materialized body was terminated into Astrum dust…….

「Ho……hohohoho! You trashes amused me!! Let’s meet again in the underworld!」

Queen Maeve was fighting several dozen knights while laughing madly, she drove all her opponent into magic intoxication while she finally collapsed. Her materialized body was terminated into Astrum dust…….

「FU, FUHAHAHAHA! O my invaded motherland! Don’t forget……my strength and my pride and my obstinacy!」

Tezcatlipoca crushed several dozen knights with his hands and drove them to magic intoxication. He laughed madly while he finally collapsed. His materialized body was terminated into Astrum dust…….

「Aoooon! Daddy! I don’t want to disappear woof! Daddy, create the world of chaos……」

Fenrir opened his large jaw that could even reach the sky and crushed the knights with his bite, he drove the knights into magic intoxication with flame bursting out from his eyes and nose like tears while he finally collapsed. His materialized body was terminated into Astrum dust…….

These four actually caused the majority of Britain’s Knight Order, more than fifty people to fall into a state unfit to fight. However, even then it couldn’t overturn Loki’s tactical defeat.

The illegal magicians also couldn’t hold out and they were defeated one after another.

It was at the middle of that. Arthur and Loki sensed the situation at the neighboring battlefield.

「Ikousai!! So you got fucking defeated!!」

That was──Kazuki and Japan’s Knight Order rushed in to reinforce their allied country. The fight here wasn’t a duel, so Kazuki mercilessly arrived to make the fight into a two-on-one.

「This is the end, Loki. You cannot even get defeated by Kazuki, you were defeated by Yagumo Akane(human).」

Arthur was also breathing hard with her shoulder’s heaving in exhaustion while she informed Loki with Excalibur in thrusting stance.

Loki couldn’t even resist and his movements stopped.

Britain’s Knight Order also sheathed their swords. Kazuki rushed there and he surrounded Loki together with Arthur. There were only about several of Loki’s comrades that remained.

The match was decided. Kazuki didn’t even need to get involved personally.

「Loki……what is the chaos that you are aiming at?」

Kazuki once again asked Loki like what he did when confronting Ikousai.

Kazuki wondered just what in the world this enemy called Loki who stood in the way of two generations of mother and son was. He wondered what kind of meaning this existence had for him.


Hel’s avatar emerged in that place.

With Ikousai’s defeat, she slipped out from inside Ikousai.

『Just what is it that papa wants to do!? If you only want to win the Ragnarok, there should be other ways than this right!? Papa……is strange as a Diva!! I don’t get it at all what it is you are obsessed with!!』

Loki abruptly smiled bitterly from getting showered with critics by his daughter.

Loki thought──after all Divas were born from illusion, they accomplished their role following people’s mythology. The Divas of order tried to make mankind worship the Mythology they belonged to, but he wondered what meaning there was in that.

When he noticed Loki tried to reject that.


In addition Kaya’s avatar emerged beside Loki.

Loki was standing between Hel and Kaya, he felt like he was crushed between them.

『Why can’t we, win against Onii-chan I wonder……』

Loki sighed deeply and he answered with a flood of emotions in his voice.

「For me chaos is……the complicated minds of humans. Suffering expressions and shocked expressions……seeing those is bliss for me. That’s why I tried to cause chaos in the world.」

Kazuki shook his head.

「You didn’t think that just anyone is fine for that. You are fixated with me and Kaa-san.」

「……That might be so.」

「You lose like this because you were fixated with me rather than with victory.」

「……That’s right.」

Kazuki derived out a conclusion of his own and said it towards Loki.

「In other words……you are that. You are helplessly in love with me that your only objective is to trouble me, an abnormal pervert. Your chaos, it’s that kind of fetish of yours.」

Loki made an expression that was filled with nihility.

「That’s ri……no, wa, wait a second!」

「Just because you want me to pay attention to you, you keep becoming a bother……」

Kazuki sighed. His attitude possessed composure and dignity as a harem king.

『Papa……you are the worst……that’s too gross……』

Hel sent a gaze of contempt at Loki.

『But……I can understand. I deeply understand……』

Kaya shivered hearing the word pervert.

「Wait a second! You’re just prattling as you damn pleased there!! No matter how popular you are, don’t think on your own that you are liked by everyone no matter who! That’s just being excessively self-conscious!!」

There was no way that it was excessive self-consciousness. There was no doubt that Loki was conscious of Kazuki above all else.

「When everything is over I’ll pay you attention as much as you want. You and I are friends.」


「Friends, you say……」

Loki weakly fell on his butt on the spot.

The moment he heard that word, a feeling that he was fine with that welled up inside.

Although it was inside mythology──because Loki was half god and half giant, he was shunned and looked down on. Even so he desperately contributed to Odin and the others, the gods of Asgard.

Loki had the conceit that he was the one who contributed to Asgard gods more than anyone among Norse Mythology.

He also thought of Thor as his close friend.

However he was betrayed. That was why he began Ragnarok. That was his existence.

He wanted friends. He wanted bonds. When he became an existence that surpassed his role, he admired Kazuki the first thing he did.

Loki had run into the essence of his existence as a materialized Diva.

「……What the hell are you saying. You are human, and I’m a Diva……」

「Leme and I will erase such hedge.」

All strength drained away from Loki’s body and he collapsed spread-eagled on the spot.

‘If that hedge is erased, my story will still continue……. Different from the story like the Mythology that is already finished…….’

「Just do whatever you want. Call me pervert as much as you want. It’s my loss.」

If Loki was a girl, surely a heart mark symbol would fly towards Solomon’s ring.

Part 7[edit]

And then Kazuki faced Arthur this time.

It didn’t matter that they were allied, it didn’t matter how much they acknowledged each other and even cultivated a friendship between them, the two of them understood from the start that there could only be one victor.

At the end, it would be a fight between them.

The morning sun ascended even brighter and it vainly illuminated the wasteland of Atlantis that was burned down by Ragnarok.

Kazuki stood up feebly like a dead wood. He used up his magic power in his fight against Ikousai, and he was also at his limit physically.

As for King Arthur, although the majority of Britain’s Knight Order was devastated by the materialized Divas despite the tactical victory, but the person herself who boasted peerless strength was still standing with strength to spare.

In pure battle strength, Britain’s Knight Order also had nearly double the number remaining.

「I understand which one between us is worthy to win.」

Arthur spoke with a penetrating voice.

「That we have spare strength remaining like this is because you lent us your comrades and tactic. Furthermore you sent Yumeno-kun and Ryuutaki-kun among your reinforcements just now. They are users of mind magic. You were considerate to us that Loki might still have users of mind magic in his camp right? To be given this much consideration……I have no qualification to be the last victor at all.」

Her words seemed to want to say that she was apologetic with how the advantage was on her side.

It was a pride that was typical of Arthur.

She wasn’t being modest or anything, she was genuinely accepting the truth right from the front.

Kazuki shook his head wordlessly. Everything he did was based on the design for victory.

「……But there is no way I can surrender the victory here. My homeland is waiting for our triumph. If I do something like that then I don’t have the right to show my face to Gino.」

Kazuki nodded.

When he thought back through this intense battle, it was only Robin Hood’s contractor, Gino who came out as casualty from both their camps. That was how heavy her life was.

Japan’s Knight Order too would have been unable to even take a breather without Gino’s power.

The favor that made them able to fight through until this point even with all the exhaustion was heavy.

「That’s why, I want to propose for a one-on-one duel with you.」

In actuality it wasn’t an advantageous or fair proposal for Kazuki.

Certainly Japan’s Knight Order’s exhaustion was far greater than Britain’s Knight Order.

However if Kazuki allotted the magic power equally using the Power of Harmony, at the very least, his side would be able to get the upper hand in numbers. If it was a group battle he could also make use of his strong point that was the power of telepathy.

There were two users of mind magic among Kazuki’s camp…….

In contrast to that, in a one-on-one fight, even if all the magic power of Kazuki’s side was concentrated on him, Arthur’s spare strength was personally still greater than him, and Kazuki was also completely exhausted physically.

However Arthur’s proposal didn’t have such calculation. Arthur was looking straight at Joyeux that Kazuki’s hand was holding. She wanted to settle this last decisive battle in a duel, it was undoubtedly her fixation to chivalry that surpassed any calculation and desire.

That was something that Kazuki who was a swordman could also sympathize with.

Kazuki looked at his comrades. Everyone was directing a gaze that left everything to Kazuki. Kaguya-senpai nodded at him as their representative.

「I accept.」

Kazuki nodded at Arthur.

And then he spoke something that he had to say no matter what before the duel.

「If I defeat Arthur, Arthur will die. I know that Arthur is bound by such geass.」

「……So Gino told you!」

Arthur’s expression froze, even so she quickly guessed the culprit.

In order to make Kazuki’s sword to hesitate and dull, Gino informed Kazuki about that without Arthur’s knowledge. At that time she released a poisonous arrow in anticipation of this situation.

「But you don’t need to go easy on me at all. Are you unable to fight seriously because my life will be at risk? Is your resolve as King just at that level!?」

Arthur yelled so in agitation. She called out to Kazuki to fight her seriously.

「No, I have no hesitation.」

Arthur breathed out in relief hearing Kazuki’s answer. There wasn’t any sign of fear towards death in her. She was simply worried that their duel would be dirtied with dishonor.

Kazuki too had thought all this time about how he would face this moment.

He only had one answer. That was why Kazuki had no hesitation.

「Then let’s do this! ……Carnwennan!!」

That was likely the Sacred Treasure creation magic that Arthur could chant the fastest. Arthur grasped the short sword of acceleration in her hand while stepping forward like a hurricane.

Like a dried wood Kazuki powerlessly──met the opponent in total exhaustion.

His muscles were endlessly lacking in energy, his magic power was like a candle that was on the verge of going out.

「Nii-sama!」「Kazuki-!」 Kanae and Ikousai raised their voices.

Those voices weren’t because they were uneasy seeing Kazuki’s frail figure.

Those were voices of fear and surprise.

……Among the crowd of people who watched over the two’s duel, it was only Kanae and Aisu Ikousai, the two master swordsman who detected the 『indescribable dreadfulness』 lurking within Kazuki’s figure.

Arthur sharply swung her short sword like a beast swinging its claw. With swaying movement, Kazuki parried it with Ame no Murakumo.

It was a perfect Instant Positioning──there wasn’t even any sound of sword and sword brushing with each other. There was silence.

Arthur must of felt like her body received an unseen magnetic force that caused her body to half rotate by its own.

Arthur reversed her blade and quickly swung her second slash. This time Kazuki parried that using Joyeux in his left hand. There was exactly the same feedback whether it was from his right hand’s sword or his left hand’s sword.


Arthur’s right hand shined and a golden holy sword was created. It was swung down in no time. A golden rainbow flashed in front of his eyes.

The legendary famous Excalibur. The attack contained a terrifying pressure as though the power of Britain’s King was compressed into a single swing.

Kazuki also parried it like a willow using Ame no Murakumo.

If Kazuki blocked the pressure right from the front even for just a little, Kazuki’s body would be blown away.

However as expected the sound of metal and metal touching each other didn’t ring out at all.

Surprise emerged on Arthur’s expression. She was bewildered at the sensation that felt like she was slashing at clouds while she swung the short sword in her left hand. Kazuki parried it away using Joyeux in exactly the same rhythm.

The slashing that came alternately from left and right was parried using Instant Positioning from left and right alternately. It was a strange sight of two people facing each other while swinging around both their hands as though they were only whipping up the air.

Kazuki’s expression stayed unchanging without even a twitch and he only emitted magic power that was like a candle on the verge of burning out.

「<Blade of Round Table(King of Knight’s Sword Table)>!」

At that time Arthur yelled and she let go of the short sword in her left hand. The thrown away short sword floated in a standby position as though it was fixed in place by an unknown power.

She activated her King’s authority.


A huge great sword was formed in at her left hand that abandoned the short sword. The great sword that spouted out flame from its tip was swung down towards Kazuki.

With a movement that was exactly the same like what he did until now, Kazuki caused Joyeux’s tip to hold faint light of magic power and he parried away the wind of flame. Hayashizaki-style dream sword the third, Midashi.

It was the technique that was first realized in his fight against Ikousai.

However it was also a technique that he secretly hid just in case if he fought Arthur.

It was as though the flame itself was avoiding Kazuki by its own and struck empty air.

Arthur understood that it was 『the magic phenomenon was dealt with Instant Positioning』 and her lips froze.


Her right hand let go of Excalibur and the sword floated midair. It entered standby state midair, placed on an unseen round table together with Carnwennan. In exchange Arthur grasped a huge spear before she took half a step back while swinging that spear with the sound of slicing the air.

The tip of the spear that contained white light of magic power was also parried by Kazuki.

The light laser bent right before it hit Kazuki and it flew away diagonally in another direction.

「Creedun Ident!」

The great sword was thrown away and it entered standby state midair, then this time a lasso flew away from her left hand. The rope wrapped around Kazuki’s neck in a circle arc and constricted. Kazuki lifted Joyeux in his left hand and softly caressed the flying rope with the minimum motion, dispersing the magic power of the rope and it fell on the ground. The rope was pulled by Arthur’s hand and it returned back.

Arthur instantly replaced the rope with Excalibur that was waiting midair.

She immediately closed the slight distance that was opened between them with a step forward and she swung the holy sword. When Kazuki parried that, Arthur further changed the weapon she held in her left hand with Midhlethan and dealt a flaming slash at Kazuki.

The Scared Treasures her hands were holding were switched one after another without any gap of time from the action of changing weapons in between.

And then the weapons were immediately swung without any preliminary movement in between at all.

Each of these weapons was hiding powerful might in them, and they were attacking in turns like a roulette that couldn’t be predicted.

It was just like twelve knights launching simultaneous attacks.

It was hard to see through such combination, and every single attack possessed lethal might.

Even a single Rhongomyniad was a terrifyingly mighty Sacred Treasure that in America opened up a large hole in <Wakan Tanka> that should be called as the moving fortress of Medicine Wheel.

There was no doubt that this was Arthur’s strongest battle mode where she made full use of her King’s authority. Her last remaining trump card. The many summoned Sacred Treasures were floating in a circle behind Arthur’s back.

However Kazuki parried everything she threw at him.

It didn’t matter whether it was physical attack or magical attack, they were all disturbed, shook off, and erased.

That was all.

「…………Why aren’t you attacking!?」

Arthur yelled.

「You should be able to use mind attack magic too! Are you planning to go easy on me!?」

Kazuki looked completely exhausted like a dried twig, he was simply parrying the fierce attacks while replying back.

Not the slightest killing intent was residing in his eyes.

「Arthur will die if another King defeats Arthur.」

That was Arthur’s geass that Gino told him about.

「That’s why I’ll win without defeating Arthur.」

He parried every weapon with Instant Positioning. He parried every magic phenomenon with Midashi.

If Arthur chanted magic that affected the whole space that he couldn’t parry, he would step forward with Shin’iki and destroy the chanting. Although Arthur was specialized in Sacred Treasure creation and she didn’t use that kind of magic.

With all the techniques of Hayashizaki-style, he would seal all of King Arthur’s moves.

If he couldn’t do that……Kazuki wouldn’t be able to persist in his way of fighting.

He wouldn’t be able to protect Arthur who was already included among those important to him.

There was no leeway for Kazuki. It was Kazuki who made a cornered expression.

There was nothing Kazuki could do except that.

However for a warrior that was a nightmarish declaration that was extremely cruel and scornful.

Kazuki declared.

「I’ll make Arthur recognize defeat……without attacking even once. I’ll win, by snapping Arthur’s heart as a warrior.」

It was the thought he was hiding in his heart from the moment Gino spoke to him.

However, Kazuki had no confidence that he could do it in reality.

But Kazuki faced Ikousai before he fought Arthur──that changed Kazuki.

Against the strongest swordsman that was his equal as his opponent, they stimulated each other, they learned each other’s movement and sword principle while protecting their body from every single unleashed technique and magic. From repeating that tens, hundreds of times, his magic power and physical strength were worn away until the limit while in exchange his technique was polished to the extreme.

That was a time that equaled a training of several decades.

Kazuki obtained such a moment just before his promised duel with Arthur.

Winning without defeating──Ikousai dragged up Kazuki until a domain where he could realize that.

「I’m wielding techniques with intention that might kill you here!!」

Arthur yelled as though she was howling.

Disturbance of consciousness, death, from magic intoxication──those were things that was unavoidable in a fight using magic. Arthur disparaged the shallowness of Kazuki’s resolve.

However, even so something like a certain death that came when one was defeated, the weight of such thing was definitely different. Kazuki had already witnessed Lancelot’s death. He had promised that Lancelot about Arthur.

Kazuki felt heat welling up from Joyeux’s handle. Gematria fluttered.

Kazuki was suddenly made to notice. Kazuki was pressed with need in the middle of his fight against Ikousai, and then he wielded Joyeux with his left hand in a two sword style. And then he displayed precise sword handling that wasn’t inferior compared to when he held one sword with two hands, and he immediately became able to also use <Midashi> with just his left hand even though he only realized the technique using two hands a short time before.

He thought that it was because of his desperation where he couldn’t afford to lose, like someone who exerted desperate strength when trapped in the middle of fire but……this Joyeux, Lancelot who was residing in it might be lending him a hand.

Wielding precise swordsmanship with perfect control even while changing violently blazing emotion into strength……that was the strength Lancelot showed with Joyeux in hand. Gematria was drawing out that trait from Joyeux.

The domain he was currently standing at wasn’t a domain that he reached only because of his own effort and coincidence.

All the people who wished for his victory were pushing him up until the domain where he was standing right now. In that case, as expected, he must not doubt his own path.

──Arthur was single-mindedly attacking fiercely.

Kazuki’s absolute defense was also like dancing on a thin ice. If even the slightest stiffening or hesitation occurred in his body handling or muscle operation, his gears would immediately go out of order and it would allow Arthur’s breakthrough.

With his current magic power amount, if he got swallowed into Arthur’s consecutive attacks then most likely the result would go beyond magic intoxication and end up with instant death. That was how much power that Arthur was wielding.

While understanding that, Arthur didn’t go easy at the slightest. She constantly showered the pressure of death on the teenage youth. That was the only path to victory that she could find.

──However in front of her there wasn’t any ripple in the dance of Kazuki who fluttered his Gematria. There was no emotion like anxiety or hesitation that could be peeked from him, as though he was fighting while being encouraged by the voiceless voice of his comrades.

His exhausted limbs looked like the sacred dance of a shrine maiden that was possessed by a god.

Suddenly, an image lightly floated behind Kazuki.

It was Lemegeton. She wasn’t lending Kazuki strength anymore, she was attentively watching Kazuki fighting with a smile.

Like she was a mother who was watching over her son.

……Like a shrine maiden that was possessed by god, even such metaphor felt outrageous.

This youth was fighting without relying at all on god’s strength anymore.

What was residing in his body was──the very dignity of humanity itself.

And yet no wavering emotion could be seen from him at all. She didn’t feel humanity from him.

He was a monster. It was Arthur instead that felt fear of him.

She was facing something that wasn’t human, yet personified humanity the most…….

She was shouldering a country and challenged the battle with pride as a King. She resolved her heart facing this final battle. And yet it was her whose heart was shaken, why was that she wondered.

She wondered just what in the world was the difference between them.

When she noticed the simple fact, Arthur stopped her countless weapons.

──He was fighting with his own strength.

Those who were defeated by him, everyone similarly thought ‘If it’s him then……’ and became his ally, the reason for this must be that. This Arthur Basilleus was also a human.

When she looked at him, she couldn’t help but be reminded of that…….

「As I thought the one who is worthy for victory……isn’t me.」

Arthur recognized it with a fragile voice. The countless Sacred Treasures also disappeared along with her voice.

……Kazuki stayed wordless while losing all his strength. His knees staggered as though the string of tension was cut off and he fell forward, his face landing softly on Arthur’s chest.

「Oops……. O, oi! Don’t bury your face on my chest!」

Even Kazuki who displayed miraculous blade handling unwaveringly like that was just barely at his limit, even more than Arthur’s imagination.

Arthur breathed a sigh while her arms moved around the collapsing Kazuki in an embrace.

「I have lived all this time as King as much as possible. But because of you, from here on I’m just a woman. ……Fuh. I wonder if I’m also conquered by you?」

Arthur recognized her defeat. Without getting defeated.

Kazuki thought, that she recognized his fight.

Kazuki recalled that when they first met, Arthur showed him their difference of status and conduct as King, and he learned from that.

「Thank you, Arthur.」

Kazuki was completely exhausted and his face was buried on Arthur’s breasts. Arthur’s hand gently scooped his hair and she caressed his head. She looked like a normal big sister, not a King.

And then, there was no more opponents that had to be fought on Atlantis.

From the sky, rainbow colored light descended down beside the exhausted Kazuki.

『……Looks like we are called.』

The images of Clark, Hrotsvit, and the others who watched over the battle were slowly fading. Their presence was becoming distant. Gematria couldn’t sense them anymore.

The light descending from the sky was increasing in density, and before long it became a shining bright stair that possessed substance. A stair to heaven. The Stairway to Heaven.

……Kazuki didn’t know if this was the commendation for him, but Basileus Basileon must be ahead of this.

「The winner, the sole King, come up.」

Basileon’s disgusting voice came from the heaven, exactly as he thought.

Atlantis that was continuously moving in the sky stopped, and it slowly began to descend.

Atlantis was losing power.

It looked like the power of illusion was gathered in one place.

To ahead of this stairway, at the place where Basileon was waiting.

「It seems I’m also losing the power of a King.」

Arthur who was supporting Kazuki’s exhausted body said so and she let go of him. She softly pushed on his back.

「You go ahead.」 Arthur said that as the last one defeated.

Kazuki exerted his last strength.

……The problem was that, what Kazuki wished for, Kazuki’s conclusion, they weren’t something desirable for the administrator of this joke battle.

Kazuki squeezed out his willpower and headed to the last battle.

Every time Kazuki climbed up a step, the step below him vanished──he was separated from the descending Atlantis along with his comrades.

It appeared he would face him alone.

The King of Bonds felt a slight helplessness.

Chapter 3 – Last Judgment[edit]

Part 1[edit]

「Magic cloud’s disappearance confirmed! Atlantis’s coordinates can be measured! Atlantis has stopped moving far above the sky of the Pacific Ocean!」

The observation group that attentively monitored every phenomenon on the surface of the Earth gave such a report.

It was at the conference room of 『Ragnarok Countermeasures Headquarters』 that Japan’s government had set up.

The government was heavily aware that Ragnarok was the country’s greatest state of emergency. In this place, the country’s cabinet ministers and directors were assembled.

However, even though it was called a countermeasures headquarters, there was nothing that they could do.

They could only hold their breaths, waiting for the return of the fighting youths.

It was a situation where they were only waiting, but it was finally about to be over.

「……In other words it’s over?」

The head of General Staff Headquarters Yamagata groaned. Chilly tension drifted inside the room.

Atlantis was covered by a magic cloud, it was completely isolated from the outside world while drifting in the sky somewhere unknown. But now the veil of clouds had dispelled and it showed its figure. Furthermore it was while its movements stopped.

If it was now it was even possible to land on it using airplanes.

What was the meaning of this?

It wasn’t hard to imagine the answer. Ragnarok was over──.

「……Did Japan, win?」

The prime minister whispered with a fading voice.

It was a question that no one could answer. Even the prime minister was whispering that only with the intention of praying.

A battle royal by a total of seven forces. With a simple calculation, their chance of victory was 1/7. If Japan was defeated, the world would be overturned…….

For the youths, they fought in order to grasp the future with their strength──for the adults who could only wait, it was a bet with long odds that could make them go crazy.

Even so there was nothing at all that they could do. It was an unheard of 『Countermeasures Headquarters』 where the people were only waiting around. Having said that, they also couldn’t just break up…….

「Atlantis’s altitude is falling!!」

The illusive continent was losing magic power. It was an indication that Ragnarok was over as they thought.

「We have no way to know whether we won or lost. However let’s prepare to meet them with the assumption that they won.」

Chief Yamagata finally made a meaningful suggestion.

They had to bring home the heroes who fought through Atlantis.

「How will we go to meet them? If the place is flying in the sky, do we need to dispatch helicopter carriers? ……Observation team, where is Atlantis located exactly?」

The minister of defense looked towards the observation team.

「No, isn’t its altitude falling?」 Someone pointed that out.

「There is that. Then with a ship? No matter what we’re going to do, first we need the accurate position……you, please answer the question. What is Atlantis’s coordinates?」

‘Its altitude is falling?’ ──everyone was losing their recognition of reality, for a while no one noticed the danger from the meaning of those words.

Atlantis’s altitude was falling above the Pacific Ocean……?

The observation team that was asked once more ignored that question and interrupted everything with a yell.

「It’s dangerous!」

「Danger you say? Did something happen to them who are fighting on Atlantis?」

「It’s not that! It’s national danger!! Atlantis’s large scale mass is……it’s rapidly accelerating in its fall, it is going to land on the open sea not far off from Japan!!」

……What did he say?

「A tsunami will occur!!」

Part 2[edit]

Kazuki climbed the stair.

He was exhausted, but it felt like his body turned lighter each time he climbed a step.

It wasn’t that his stamina was recovering, his sense of reality was disappearing from his body.

Kazuki looked around at the surroundings. He was far above the sky, under his feet was a shining stair, and other than that there was a sea of clouds spreading endlessly. It was a sight that looked unreal.

No, in the end was it real? He was climbing the stairs continuously like this, but there was no way that he was heading to outer space. There was no doubt that this stair was connected to a world that was different with reality.

Every time he climbed a step, his existence was converted from his flesh body into something immaterial, like a virtual image, or ghostly body. It felt like that.

Should he say that it felt like ascending to heaven, or should he say that it felt like he was being liberated from earthly desires and the woes of man? There was no way that the being waiting for him ahead of here was something that nice, but he had the pleasant feeling that he was being purified into something pure.

『Indeed. It’s just as you imagined.』

Basileus Basileon’s voice resounded inside his head……his head?

The voice didn’t resound in his head, but in his very thoughts itself. What was called a head was a flesh body.

The current him wasn’t a flesh body anymore.

『You are being converted from a flesh body into a virtual image, you are treading upon Astrum. The current you is mixing into the infinite magic power vortex of Astrum, you are the very force of will that is called Hayashizaki Kazuki.』

It was a beautiful voice that sounded like a man, but also sounded like a woman──it was beautiful, but the voice touched his nerves.

Kazuki looked down on his figure. He was clad with Gematria and Zekorbeni. Ame no Murakumo and Joyeux were hanging on his waist.

Even if he was losing his flesh body, but he wasn’t something that was more than himself.

Kazuki’s soul couldn’t become a figure that was more than himself that he was personally self-aware of.

The scenery changed. Clouds were increasing in the surroundings. The clouds were tinged with golden color and shined.

The golden clouds were spreading out as though to cover the blue sky.

When he noticed there was no stair under his feet. Kazuki was floating lightly inside the cloud.

Light was scattering before his eyes.

The true identity of the thing that emitted light was rainbow colored feathers. They were feather of a bird……no, there was no way those feathers came from a bird. If they weren’t the feathers of a bird then they must be the feathers of someone──the feathers of an angel.

The silhouette of a huge angel emerged amidst the scattering feathers. Six pairs of wings, twelve large wings where each one was larger by several times than the owner’s body were spreading out. That figure was overwhelmingly magnificent.

With the golden clouds behind him, the rainbow colored wings spread wide──it was a sight like the religious painting of a supreme being.

Different from when they met on earth, there were huge twisted horns stretching out on his head.

「I once introduced myself with the human name of Basileus Basileon in a vulgar appearance, but this is the first time I met you with this appearance.」

He put his white hand on his graceful slender jaw, and let out a voice that sounded like a light tone color played from an instrument.

It was an appearance that reminded one of an angel, but this guy wasn’t an angel.

It was already impossible for this guy to be an existence of just that level.

「I’ll introduce myself once more. I’m the chief god of the old three great mythologies, Lucifer.」

His true identity was the fallen angel Lucifer, his other name was the devil king Satan!

That was something that could be predicted from the time when he talked with Kazuki as Basileon.

However for this fallen angel to introduce himself as the chief god of the three great mythologies, that wasn’t simply being insolent, but it was already blasphemously insolent.

Far in the past, in order to bring forth the ultimate order into this world, ten Mythologies warred with each other.

The Mythology that won through that Ragnarok would integrate all the other Mythologies and rule over the mental world of all intelligent life, becoming the <Ultimate Illusion>.

Seven Mythologies were eliminated early, but the remaining three Mythologies fought extremely intensely, and finally they defeated each other simultaneously, leaving behind no winner.

Reluctantly the three great Mythologies shared the world with each other.

However, that was a meaningless compromise. Three absolute gods and three orders caused chaos in the world, the 『ultimate order』 couldn’t be born.

Everything ended half-baked for the three great Mythologies, and while they were guiding the world, their strength was weakening and their influence on the world was gradually vanishing.


This Lucifer was someone who escaped in the middle of Ragnarok of that time and preserved his strength, a Diva who suddenly showed up his face when the three great Mythologies were weakened in strength.

The three great Mythologies that were losing their strength reluctantly entrusted the future affairs to this energetically full of spirit survivor.

Guiding humanity correctly and realizing the ultimate illusion into this world, those were the dearest wishes of all Divas of order.

If they ended up half-baked, then they wouldn’t mind even if it was other Mythologies who realized that wish. They would start Ragnarok once more, making the seven Mythologies that were in the process of recovering their strength fight each other again!

Along with that wish, Lucifer inherited all the strength of the three great Mythologies that failed to become the ultimate illusion, and he became the 『supervisor』.

That was how this Lucifer was actually the chief god of the three great Mythologies.

The fallen angel bloomed the second time at the seat of heaven.

The magic power his body was clad with was rainbow colored. He inherited the will of the three great Mythologies, and he used that power only to supervise the Ragnarok.

Knowing that course of events, it wasn’t like Kazuki didn’t feel a pettiness like when Ikousai usurped the power from Fu Xi from Lucifer, but even so when he was told that Lucifer was the chief of the three great Mythologies, Kazuki couldn’t help but feel a special fear.

Although the three great Mythologies failed to become the ultimate illusion, but speaking of the three great Mythologies meant that three great Mythologies.

And then now, the survivor of the previous Ragnarok and the victor of the second Ragnarok faced each other.

「Now then……you who make the ultimate illusion as your own, what are you planning to wish for?」

The supervisor asked that question to the victor.

「Will I be unable to receive the victory prize without answering that first?」

When Kazuki said that provocatively, Lucifer chuckled. His smile didn’t reach his eyes.

「I guess, it feels like it would be better to do it like that.」

「I……wish for the independence of humanity’s mind. Even after obtaining the power of all Mythologies, I won’t integrate them into one.」

It was obvious that this answer didn’t conform to the will of this supervisor.

A wrinkle was carved on Lucifer’s forehead as though a crack entered it.

「What are you going to do with that power without integrating them into one?」 Lucifer asked Kazuki’s true intention.

Kazuki looked around at the surrounding area.

「This space where golden clouds are floating, the atmosphere that is distastefully divine……this place too is Astrum right? Astrum is something where the deep psyche of countless humans are connected and mix with each other……the sea of collective unconscious. At the same time that can be put in another way as the sea of latent magic power that humanity cannot handle themselves.」

Kazuki could also feel magic power with shuddering density from the lightly floating golden clouds.

「A lot of people shared the illusion 『If there is this kind of mystical being……』, and then that illusion obtained shape from this maelstrom of sea and was born out, that’s what you Divas are.」

「It’s fine even if you don’t politely explain in a way that even an idiot can understand like that when the one you are talking to is me. However your understanding is correct.」

「You Divas are nothing more than existences that were born from humans. However you all who are the product of magic power of the collective unconscious possess far stronger power than humans. From that strength, you all gather people’s faith from the ancient times and ruled over the human world until now.」

「It sounds bad when you say rule, but we have also supported you humans who were literally 『fearing even the night』.」

「However, that’s a distorted arrangement. How can something that was born from humans be ruling over humans.」

There were many SF(EN: Sci-Fi) novels with stories where artificial intelligence created by humanity were controlling and ruling over the whole of mankind, and the ultimate illusion could be thought of as something similar to that.

「But that is an arrangement that came to be from the wishes of you humans. Making wishes come true is magic. It was the wish of you humans yourselves that created superior beings so that they can protect the peace of your mind for you.」

「Perhaps one time humans needed such support. However, humanity is progressing. That’s why one day the time for mankind to be independent will come. And right now is exactly that time.」

「With that kind of thinking, how are you planning to use this great power then?」

「I……will use the power of the ultimate illusion, and erase mythology from this mental world.」

「You are saying that you will erase all Divas, killing them all in the process! If you reject the illusion, you will lose even the power of magic!」

「And then……with the wish of me and Leme as one, we will use all the magic power of the ultimate illusion and create our Original One.」

Original One──when the feelings of a Diva and their contractor was as one, the Diva would create a personal summoning magic that symbolized the contractor’s spirituality.

Right now Kazuki and Leme’s wish was completely the same. Right now was exactly the time for them to design a magic that was only for him. By using the infinite possibility that was the ultimate illusion.

「I will materialize all Divas into human shapes, changing them into friends of equal standing with mankind.」

「……Fri, friend you say!?」

Lucifer’s eyes that were clear like willow leaves opened wide in astonishment at this time.

「This is not a mere wish. It’s the creed 『Getting along with everyone, treasuring the bond』 that Leme consistently taught to me until now. In other words, this is the dogma of Solomon Mythology, it’s what faith meant for us.」

The faith of the victorious Mythology would be realized by the power of the ultimate illusion.

Ragnarok should be something like that.

「……Impudent reasoning!」

Lucifer spat out those words with an immense sigh.

「That kind of dogma is a joke! Just what the hell your contracted Diva is teaching you!?」

「You’ve got any complaint with Leme’s teaching huh?」

Lemegeton emerged besides Kazuki with a poof.

Her appearance wasn’t the little girl figure, but her original adult big sister figure.

「This guy was a swordsman, and yet because of Leme he entered the magic department and got isolated. Leme enlightened such person, telling him 『Aim to be the harem king and get well-liked by girls』, or 『become the idol king and turn popular』! Leme can declare with confidence……Leme’s teachings made this guy and the people around him happy! And then Leme will also become human and get along even more with humans, Leme wants to become a famous and popular person!!」

「You damned mad Diva! You have already accomplished materialization, it’s meaningless to become human after that!!」

「A materialized concept and becoming human are different! If it’s only being a materialized Diva, then even if Leme eats something delicious, Leme will only trace the experience of the subconscious memory of all mankind, and get the vicarious experience of the taste from that, that’s all there is to it! Leme also cannot spend a lifespan together with others as an equal existence! Leme doesn’t want to just continue playing make believe as a human for eternity!」

Leme had materialized continuously for long at Kazuki’s side. At a glance she looked like she was always having fun, but her yell this time was even tinged with the color of grief. Counterfeit. She was feeling like that towards what she experienced.

「……Why are you yearning after humans that much?」

「Because humans are lovely-!」

Leme hugged Kazuki’s neck tightly and she sucked on his cheek *chuu─*.

「If someone established an ego, then even a Diva will naturally change right?」

Kazuki spoke while Leme was sucking on his cheek. His mind recalled about Loki.

「Right, that’s true. Even Leme feels like responding if a human ask Leme to be a guardian. However, Leme has seen with my own eyes these guys’ growth. They aren’t babies who are scared of the night’s darkness anymore. They can be kind to other people even without getting threatened with ‘god will punish you y’know’. On the other hand, you yourself, you are ignoring human’s growth and whining that you want to continue to rule. That’s unseemly.」

「That’s right. You who appeared from the ancient three great Mythologies, you are just forcing the old fashioned relationship between humans and Divas forever.」

「Growing you say? ……So that’s the excuse of you two.」

Lucifer flapped the wings on his back, and then he lightly floated up high while scattering light particles.

He looked down coldly on Kazuki and Leme, then he said. As though he was handing down judgment.

「Can you really say that? I have established ego within me and have lived for a long time, watching over the world of man throughout all of it. I possess flexibility that can allow change to happen, and with that I made my conclusion. I say that humans……need to be ruled for eternity.」

「Someone like you, don’t conclude as you please. Humans can graduate from illusion, gaze at reality, and work hard to progress!」

「That’s right, this guy, and then the people around this guy who are encouraged by him too can do it!」

Leme and Kazuki spoke together. But──,

「Humans that can face reality, work hard, and progress. Even throughout history until now, there were also many strong humans that could do that. What in the world did those people do?」

Lucifer shook his head.

「Humans who gaze at reality and possess strength, they ended up becoming the originators of illusion. They scatter illusion that is convenient for themselves to the surroundings and coaxed the weak who are looking for someone to cling to. And then they exploited those weak people. ……That was the beginning of a powerful person’s history.」

The first thing that the strong who surpassed the framework of faith would do──that was, to seize authority.

A king. A king would certainly transmit illusion.

「Following the loss of strength of the three great Mythologies, an enormous authority structure was going to be born into human society. But selfish humans must not become the originators of illusion. An illusion ought to be originated from an absolute being that could look over the whole of mankind equally.」

「Not all humans are selfish! Perhaps it’s indeed true that there were kings that misused their authority and fattened up themselves, scattering around convenient illusions for themselves, but……」

The era of transition period when gods were losing their influence──the society of kings who proclaimed that they had divine authority that was received from god.

「But there should also be kings who grant strength and courage to the people with their words, and grant vitality to their country!」

「Certainly there were also wise kings who sincerely exerted themselves to make their country wealthy with effort. But in the end it was only for their own country. It wasn’t a perfect equality.」

Lucifer sighed once more and pointed at Kazuki to accuse him.

「You too don’t put complete strangers in the same importance as your comrades right? That’s the limit of a human’s kindness. Humans can be kind only to the people who are right beside them. It’s only god who is able to watch over the whole world equally. It’s only god’s control that can get rid of exploitation and violence.」

「……Even if human’s kindness can only reach the people beside them, that kindness should be able to spread until far away. The widening of that extent is progress. Humans can 『sympathize』 with humans at far away too.」

「Are you saying that you plan to hold hands with each other until it goes a whole circle around the world? Sympathy you said, certainly that’s a beautiful word. However the progress of civilization clears away even that framework called sympathy.」

Lucifer sighed again. As though he had despaired many times over until now.

「You are a Japanese from an advanced country, but do you have the self-awareness that you are sacrificing the people of the poor countries? When you are speaking about the preciousness of equality with that mouth, have you imagined how wretched the level of your livelihood will become when equality arrived in the world? If you say that you can sympathize, then try imagining it……」

Kazuki imagined it. And then, he was tormented with unease, that perhaps he was only speaking things convenient for himself.

This world was a scramble to snatch wealth from others.

This world was a scramble to snatch wealth from others was something that couldn’t be helped.

Even so if it was a healthy competition…….

Though the factor of luck and misfortune to some degree was something that couldn’t be helped…….

Lucifer continued his words as though to forestall Kazuki’s thinking.

「It’s not about luck or misfortune just so you know. The wealthy countries are nipping off even the chance of the poor countries to crawl up using luck and effort. At the beginning of the 21st century, irresponsible words like 『globalization』 or 『level playing field』 were flying around through the world. But what was called free economy was constantly practiced restrictions in the field that was convenient for the wealthy countries. If poor countries were allowed to carry out trade by making use of their strong point, the shifting of the loss from that will head towards the poor people in the wealthy countries. Speaking from my point of view that is able to take an extensive view of the world……a brat who is easily saying words like kindness is unforgivable.」

Lucifer’s face became expressionless like ice.

「In the first place the poor countries has their feet dragged down endlessly by problems of national borders or internal discord or ethnic problems, and they could not progress. The main culprit that caused those problems, the advanced countries only lent a hand following their whim. War was gone, but because of that the world became even more rigid. The disparity and exploitation clung tightly to the rigid world and became hard to erase. And then the people of the advanced countries are thinking like this. 『Those people are an inferior race, so there won’t be any end to it no matter how much fund and aid they get』.」

──This Diva really had watched over the human world continuously until now.

The mysterious impact from a mystical being talking about reality was pressuring Kazuki.

「You have never even thought that your blessedness came from trampling over the poor countries and spoke words like kindness. You can ignore that exploitation and violence and pretend like they don’t exist because the giant social system is doing it for you in place unseen from you. That is the true color of 『a kind brat of an advanced country』 like you. You are 『a brat who is overly conscious to appear like a do-gooder』. There was also things like international effort as countermeasures against poverty that was formulated for a period about fifteen years, but even that was no more than merely letting out steam initiated by the wealthy countries. The so called UN secretary general reported it as a『definite accomplishment』 and it ended as just a tiny bit of lie to trick their conscience. ……A developed and complicated society is located at the farthest reaches from sympathy.」

Lucifer pointed at his chest and raised his voice.

「In other words something like a kind world……can only be found in illusion(right here)!」

──Certainly perhaps this person knew more about reality than him.

Kazuki thought like that. This god even saw through until the secular matter.

「If man call for true equality to the whole of mankind, then it will surely invite fierce opposition. And the only existence that can suppress such thing with no question asked……is the superior species(us), and no other.」

Even so, Kazuki felt like he mustn’t agree with him.

「Even so the world is getting better bit by bit.」

「『Getting better bit by bit』 huh. ……That’s a deception that humans who tried to save the weak and the poor without making any sacrifices from their livelihood at all are trying to make. It’s not getting better or anything. The war between strong countries using inhuman weapons were gone but……the dissatisfaction and anger of the weak were gushing out in different shape. Poor humans running into extreme ideologies before commencing terrorism became the new threat to the world. They didn’t do that because they were manipulated by 『weird ideology』. They did that because they were poor. Their own country that should have margin for development was controlled by the advanced countries whose economic growth had reached the limit, petrifying their situation without rectifying the existing disparity……it was because they knew that truth that they ran to terrorism. But the kind people who should sympathize with the poor, did they sympathize with the terrorists when their own wealth was threatened?」

Kazuki wasn’t born in that age. Lucifer shook his head towards him.

「The people’s true feeling were 『Chase away the people that have the same race as the terrorist!』 『Rather, just turn the country that is hiding those guys into ash!』, those were what they said. It was something like that! Terrorism jumped over the complexity of the society and directly bared its fang towards the wealthy! Randomly! And you all, the wealthy, felt that it was unreasonable. Because you all were unaware of your own violence! The mentality of the masses won’t progress forever! Just where is this so called kindness?」

No one would ever imagine that the fallen angel Lucifer, the devil king Satan would make this kind of proclamation. However, that was an extremely severe criticism from 『illusion』 towards 『reality』, it was him finding fault.

「Not just the developing countries, disparity was growing even inside the wealthy countries, extreme and emotional insistence of one’s own principle was getting around indiscriminately. It was an age of populism’s rampage. People who came into contact with virtually unlimited information through the internet judged things by whether it can make them feel good or not, not by whether it was the truth or not. They grew to indulge themselves in empty communication. If I can speak frankly, everything was shitty. Even though there is possibility to change that kind of shitty world, but you reject it! You defeated all the Kings who tried to change the world and reached here! There is nothing more wretched than this!」

Lucifer sighed again. He wasn’t acting. He was lamenting from his heart.

「While the population was continuing to increase explosively, on the other hand resources kept decreasing. Humans didn’t correct the disparity between them because of fixation towards maintaining the status quo, the technology was being radicalized into something more delicate, hard to comprehend, and dangerous. Country borders, race, ideology……those problems that remained unchanged, there was no light of hope that they could be resolved. Prediction that the future would be better didn’t come into view at all. Everyone thought so. There is no prospect for the future to become better! ……That was despair! That was the reason that I’m reigning here!」

Lucifer burst into a chuckle looking somewhat completely desperate.

「Fufufu, I remember the likes of you Japanese at that time was starting to funnily escape from reality into things like 『I’d rather reincarnate into another world, and with the knowledge of civilized society and cheat ability obtained from sloppy reason I want to become unbeatable and create a harem』 and so on……. It was exactly at that timing that I introduced myself as Basileus Basileon and made this world remember the power of magic, resurrecting the Divas. I can boast that my timing there was the most optimum, that it was enough already, I gave up that world as beyond saving.」

……However, was it alright to allow something like an illusion that was giving up on humans as beyond saving?

「But there human’s history ceased to be! If something like the ultimate illusion ruled over humans’ hearts, something important will be lost!!」

「It’s not about losing. Disparity, country border, ideology, race, resources……everything will be erased and unified. Equality, unified country, unified ideology, one Earth……you have dreamed of all those right? That can be realized if mankind comes into the embrace of us gods!」

「Are you saying to unify even all the hearts into one!? Realizing your ideal with your most important thing as the compensation is something that a devil does! ……Your true identity, is the incarnation of despair!!」

「A reality where you cannot even have the illusion of hope, that’s what you call a dead end. In that case illusion and despair have the same meaning. Why are you angry? Why did you all dream of things like power of magic!?」

「What you are saying is perhaps not mistaken. Perhaps that kind of thing is happening in the world. I don’t know the way to resolve that……but」

Words came out naturally from Kazuki’s mouth. Just words to reject the reality that this guy was speaking of…….

「Even if it was the conclusion that the whole of mankind’s deep psyche reached, if that conclusion is despair then I’ll absolutely reject it! I have made that kind of resolve since I became a King!! ……I’ll fight carrying my own determination on my back!! Even if I cannot imagine a concrete future, I will struggle with my own hands together with my important people, I won’t just obediently accept such things until I make sure of it with my own eyes! Even if it’s something that I cannot do anything about at all alone, everyone is frantically forming their own unseen future! That’s what being human is right!?」

「That’s right! Everyone is different and that’s fine, that is the greatest pride of Solomon 72 Pillars!!」

Leme also raised her voice.

「Many different people mesh with each other like chaos theory, creating a future that cannot be predicted at all!! I’ll say this as the same Diva as you! Divas who are the product of the collective unconscious have no qualifications to reject that!!」

「Chaos you say……」

「That’s right, not just order!! Even if a mythology has a goal line, but the story of these guys have no goal line!!」

Lucifer’s expression shook like a water surface that got a rock thrown into it.

「Kazuki, you did great talking back to him without getting tricked or overwhelmed! Something like a personification of the collective unconscious is not omniscience and omnipotence being. That guy only understands what he understands!!」

Kazuki’s Zekorbeni and Gematria shined with Leme’s thought.

──As though that was the signal, Lucifer flapped his wings and went high to the sky, putting even more distance away from Kazuki.

「……As I thought, the ultimate illusion cannot be granted to you. I cannot let you destroy all the dreams of mankind with your childish kindness and ego.」

「You’ve no right talking about ego when you one-sidedly break your promise to give it to the victor of Ragnarok!」

「I’ll pass the last judgment on you. ……Fufufu, I planned to entrust the ultimate illusion to the victor of this Ragnarok but……there is no way I cannot hand it over to someone like you. Then I can only personally become the ultimate illusion to guide humans!」

Kazuki noticed. There was no doubt that this was what he intended right from the beginning. He was playing with words.

When he thought back, he wondered why this guy was shouldering the role as supervisor so faithfully like this. Everything he did was to aim for this moment.

This moment when all the power of the three great Mythologies from the previous Ragnarok and the power of the seven Mythologies of this present Ragnarok were gathered.

No matter who won, this guy planned to steal all the power in this place!!

The fallen angel of betrayal. The morning star who spread his wings seeking the seat of the absolute god…….

There was no way he had any intention to entrust the ultimate illusion to another. Everything was for the sake so he could soar high himself!

As though to back up Kazuki’s flash of insight, Lucifer yelled and kneaded the rainbow colored magic power.

「……The power of the three great Mythologies wasn’t used up. It was preserved since they gave up exerting their influence on the real world until this time!」

The rainbow magic power scattered glitteringly to seven directions around Lucifer. That light swelled up in the blink of an eye and materialized into a specific shape.

「O my seven great followers, display your figure! ……Michael! Jibril! Gabriel! Azrael! Raphael! Israfil! Uriel!!」

The swelling up light formed into the shape of angels. Every single one was a Diva.

The seven archangels that straddled two Mythologies floated up without any word.

「And then come out, my new followers from the east……Principal Five Great Wisdom Kings! Acala! Vajrayaksa! Trailokyavijaya! Kundali! Yamantaka!!」

In addition Lucifer scattered five lights from the rainbow light. Those lights also swelled up and took the figure of Wisdom Kings. Wisdom Kings──they were the battle form of angered Buddha. For Japanese they were figures that one couldn’t help but shudder and bow against.

With the golden sky as the background, twelve high class Divas were deployed with Lucifer as the center like a mandala! Kazuki faltered.

There was no way anyone could keep calm when standing alone in front of this kind of sight.

『Kazuki, don’t get overwhelmed. You don’t lose in anything. That’s because……』

Lemegeton’s voice communicated inside Kazuki’s mind.

It was exactly at that time, Gematria was shining even stronger──there was a voice.

「……The one who will decide to whom the ultimate illusion will go absolutely isn’t the three great Mythologies(those guys) who were only watching the fight! The one who will decide that will be the seven Mythologies(us) who fought through the Ragnarok this time. ……Isn’t that right, Lemegeton.」

The one who emerged along with the voice was──the sage of dark green. And then the warrior of madness.

Hrotsvit Lesedrama and Odin, those two. The figure of the two overlapped with each other while appearing at Kazuki’s side.

Without even any time to think about what was currently going on, a new voice and figure appeared.

「The rationality that I think of is denied by you──」

The one who appeared……were Svarog and Ilyailiya!

She calmly continued her words.

「Just as Lemegeton said……Hayashizaki Kazuki’s power is to resonate emotions with each other and amplify them, a power to create a future that cannot be calculated. That Lucifer’s logic doesn’t include that. Therefore I conclude that he is mistaken.」

Furthermore……a voice and virtual image put together a figure.

「Kukuku……rather than a tranquil regulated society, I too prefer finding out the chance of victory in a battle that is filled with despair. That’s what American spirit is, the path of the truly powerful!」

The one who appeared was a woman who was like a lion that would show a fierce smile exactly when she was in a hopeless crisis……the King of America, Clark Moore! The power of the seven Mythologies were also gathering here right in this moment!

「Everyone wants him to win. Even with your intention to represent the despair of the whole of mankind, that is the collective will of all the people who know Hayashizaki Kazuki. Because we have been conquered already by him.」

The one who appeared next was Britain’s King, Arthur. And then King Arthur of the legend.

……She who said that Kazuki had conquered her directed a charming smile at Kazuki.

「We were defeated because we were alone……in that case」

The figure of a young girl appeared together with a lonely and introspective voice.

「His thinking of unifying everything into one……is similar with the mistake that we committed. We have enough already of such solitude! We won’t recognize a mistake, a defeat for the second time!!」

With the Dragon of Heaven’s Decree coiling around her body that was decorated with dazzling Magic Dress, it was the King of China, Fu Xi. She was still young, but her eyes were already filled with wise light that recognized her mistake.

「Calling the power that defeated me as mistaken is unforgivable. I’ll accompany you to kill that guy.」

A remarkably stinging voice came into hearing. However the owner of that voice also stood shoulder to shoulder with Kazuki.

「As a King, I also thought about the problem that guy was thinking over. It doesn’t matter that I am a King who stands at the summit of the nobles, it’s impossible to shoulder all the problems alone……that’s the cause of my defeat. Your power that relied on your comrades, and even believed your allied partner and they in you won against me. ……I recognize that with pride.」

The Italia King who once transformed into a monster but recovered back her soul due to Kazuki, Regina Olympia Fornara also appeared to lend her strength to Kazuki.

「As expected from Regina-sama! You are truly noble, proud, and big hearted!!」

Beside her a glasses girl, Vera also appeared like a sycophant. Flattered by Vera, Regina puffed up her chest self-importantly while going *fufu─n*.

There was nothing more reliable than this.

The Kings and the chief gods who he had fought fiercely against until now had……come running in order to not let Kazuki’s victory turn into a lie!

「So the defeated seven Mythologies are joining as one……. Is the Mythology something that light for all of you? I can still understand how the humans are driven by emotion and cooperate with Hayashizaki Kazuki, but for their Divas to also lend their strength so thoughtlessly to him, what is the meaning of this!?」

Lucifer disparaged everyone present from up high.

When Diva and human were contracted to each other for a long time, their soul would be strongly connected to each other.

It wasn’t that Hrotsvit and Regina came to help Kazuki. Odin and Zeus and the other Divas brought their soul so they could appear here.

It wasn’t just the Kings of the seven Mythologies, even the chief gods were also cooperating with Kazuki.

「Lucifer……you are just a fallen angel after all. No matter how one looks at it you aren’t a soul that would contend yourself with being an impartial supervisor or anything. You damn fool, this wise man here has completely seen through your trivial scheme where you are going to try to plunder the ultimate illusion from the victor.」

An old man with reclusive atmosphere wearing a solemn robe and wide brimmed hat──the chief god of Norse Mythology, Odin was saying that with his one eye opened wide threateningly.

「It will be cooler if you don’t call yourself something like wise man you know?」

Hrotsvit gave a retort to Odin.

「Ho-ho-ho, this Hrotsvit has become someone that would say that perhaps humanity’s future isn’t despair. This girl who I thought like my granddaughter said that. Ascertaining the future with this one eye of mine is also not bad.」

Odin laughed like an owl and returned a gaze that was filled with affection at Hrotsvit.

「……I cannot stomach you who won’t award glory to the victor. Mine King who ought to stand at the summit was defeated. It would be unforgivable if the one victorious isn’t held in respect.」

An old man with large build wearing armor that was adorned with gold──Zeus glared at Lucifer with a stern face.

「Also the change this young man brought about in the heart of mine king Regina is very interesting.」

Zeus gave such evaluation to Kazuki.

Svarog and Chernobog were lightly floating behind Ilyailiya without any word.

The golden dragon coiling around Fu Xi──the Dragon of Heaven’s Decree also recognized Kazuki with few words 「The winner is justice. I, too, am also ruled by the winner」.

「The circle of bond of this young man and his comrades is far more solid than even the Knights of the Round Table who are bound together with chivalry. There is no other choice except to recognize our defeat.」

The King Arthur of legend said that with a calm voice, but right after that he suddenly looked like he was at his wits’ end.

「……Furthermore for him to be a harem king……even though Guinevere was NTR-ed from me despite me only having one wife……I feel nothing but a sense of defeat……」

King Arthur hung his head down crestfallenly, Kazuki could do nothing except smiling wryly.

「……These puny Mythologies」

Wrinkles were increasing on Lucifer’s forehead in fan shape as though cracks were entering there. It was a face that should be called as a demonic look.

「Heh. Every last one of them got no integrity at all yeah.」

Furthermore there was a cynical chuckling voice joining in.

「……Loki! What business a defeated chaos Diva has in this place at this late hour!?」

Lucifer’s voice turned rough──it was as though that while the other existences were still barely within the limit, but it was only this guy that couldn’t be allowed to be here.

The owner of the chuckling voice was the silver haired Norse Diva──Loki. His figure also appeared beside Kazuki.

「As the supervisor I fairly granted a chance even to the chaos Divas, but you all were defeated! The world isn’t tilting toward chaos anymore! You can just wait quietly until you are disassembled into the ultimate illusion!」

「It’s not like I’m here ‘cause I want to do something about chaos y’know. I simply came here to help out a pal.」

「Pal……you mean friend……?」 Lucifer was taken aback.

When Kazuki also turned a puzzled gaze at Loki, Loki clicked his tongue a bit and averted his face.

He was embarrassed. No, he was acting dere(lovestruck).

「……Daddy is strange just as I thought. You really really love that guy……」

「Aooon! I don’t really get it but do your best daddy woof!!」

Beside Loki, Hel who once fought Kazuki was making an exasperated face. A young man with dog ears growing on his head also appeared and howled. Kazuki never got involved with this one, but speaking about a dog that called Loki as father, there was no doubt that this was Fenrir.

「Fufuhn, you Loki and Odin and Zeus and also King Arthur, I’ll turn you all into human and make you my friends for sure!」

Leme laughed livelily. There was not even a shred of fixation in her that they were once enemies.

Of course it wasn’t just the chief gods of the seven Mythologies who were gathered here in order to turn them into the ultimate illusion.

Kazuki wasn’t alone by any means in this another dimension world.

「There are angels and Buddha statues and so on. It’s clear just from a glance how bad news of an opponent the faith(these guys) are……」

「A dangerous atmosphere is hanging in the air from just expressing it into words.」

「But Kazu-nii is absolutely, absolutely the one in the right! We are fighting woman who live by love rather than god!!」

A voice that he wouldn’t possibly mistaken──when he turned around, Phoenix and Vepar also appeared. They were taking along Mio and Koyuki’s consciousness with them!

「Otouto-kun is always together with us! The Witch’s Mansion is eternal!!」

「Iyeaaay! Hoorii shitto(Holy shit)! Gaddemu(Goddamn)!!」(TN: The speaker here is talking with Japanized English)

There were warm words and words that didn’t know anything to fear, and along with those words Asmodeus & Kaguya-senpai and Baal & Hikaru-senpai also appeared. Baal was at his wits’ end towards the actions of his contractor.

「Prometheus and I will support the civilization mankind has created, mainly, the otaku culture!」

The one who appeared while saying that was the otaku duo Lotte and Prometheus.

「A happy plan where everyone becomes one, something like that has been done to death in the nineties!!」 (TN: Reference to Evangelion here)

Next Kamimura-san and Amaterasu proclaimed that with their fist raised up.

Kazuki’s comrades sent him their encouragement one after another.

「What’s with that guy, acting so high and mighty! Divas are just friends! Someone like Futsunushi no Kami is simply an old man!」

Kazuha-senpai appeared together with Futsunushi no Kami and Takemikadzuchi who got along well with each other, her lips were pouting.

「That’s right, the likes of Diva isn’t a big deal! Nii-sama’s Hayashizaki-style is superior!!」

The one who raised that voice was the cat duo Kanae and Beleth.

「Fuh……it’s set in stone that Kazuki will win even without me and Susanoo lending a hand but, I’ll just lend my hand for the time being!」

Even that Ikousai arrived together with Susanoo with arrogant attitude.

「Kazuki is a person who is kind to us elves. There is no doubt that he will also improve the society.」

「Gau. It’s clear to see that the meal Kazuki makes is more delicious then any meal you can make.」

The Ryuutaki sisters also appeared together with Gremory and Marchosias.

「That’s right! The meal Kazuki makes is tasty!」

The one who continued the talk of meals was the glutton lost fox, Karin. Beside her Dakki was laughing 「Hohoho」.

「……Karin, looks like you are full of spirit.」

「Heh!? Nee-sama!?」

A voice came from right beside Karin. Karin turned around with a hysteric voice.

Over there was──the figure of Lin Zhijing. Her name read in Japanese was Hayashi Shizuka.

「……I’m only obeying Fu Xi-sama and China Mythology. I’m not coming here because I’m worrying about you.」

Karin whose expression was filled with emotion tried to hug Shizuka, however she drily ripped Karin off from her with a heel palm.

「Now that it’s come to this only victory is allowed! Just when I thought I had raised an incompetent student, instead that guy actually succeeded the next generation from us, really we the previous generation got no excuse!!」

The one who arrived while throwing a strict but kind voice was Liz Liza-sensei and Agares.

「Maximum Beautiful student council president Kanon-chan on stage☆ Look at me more!!」

「Stop screwing around and recognize it already. The leading part is him over there.」

「Mukiii! What’s with you! You just surrendered easily to a handsome man!!」

The duo of previous generation Kanon-senpai and Akane-senpai also reliably watched over Kazuki.

「I’ll publish president’s active role in the newspaper with Turtle-san’s help! A new legend is starting right now!!」

「Even a minor character like me will give aid! The king isn’t alone!!」

「Ufufu, if someone this loved doesn’t win, then I think there must be some mistake somewheree~」

Yumeno-san, Yuka-senpai, and even Miake-senpai were sending him voices of support along with their contracted Divas.

「Well……from one thing to another in the end my eyes ain’t mistaken. It’s worth it going along with a good man willingly yeah.」

「That guy is even more of a shitty bastard when compared to the emperor of China!!」

Ryouzanpaku──Shouko and Silirat showed up.

Fu Xi glared fiercely at Silirat. Silirat responded back by pulling down her eyelid and stuck out her tongue.

Leme looked around at the comrades that kept gathering here and laughed.

「Fufufu……looking at it like this your harem is also in full swing huh!! Every single one of them loves you!!」

「Fuhahaha! It’s not just Japan’s Knight Order who loves Kazuki y’know! Twenty years old maiden Beatrix!! She depart even until Astrum in order to get accepted as wife!!」

「Captain, your head ain’t screwed right you know!?」

「……I don’t know what will happen to you captain after you get carried away and say something like that.」

From Norse Mythology, the trio of Beatrix, Damian, and Eleonora appeared.

「B-e-a-t-r-i-x-. Kazuki and I, which one is more important to you I wonde─r?」

Hrotsvit faced Beatrix with her lips distorted.

「Hieh! Tha, that’s……I live for love!」

「You will get a spanking later Beatrix!!」

The Norse Mythology bunch were people with thick personalities as usual.

「「「「「「「「「USA! USA! USA!」」」」」」」」」

American Justice’s Numbers were also appearing while starting their yell without any prompting. Even Jeremy who was currently unconscious in the real world was also there.

If the whole of mankind’s mind was dyed by just one ultimate illusion, there was no doubt that this kind of happening where he was surrounded by comrades with unique personalities would never happen.

「Fufufu……Kazuki, there is still more surprises for you.」

Kazuki turned toward Leme’s voice and his eyes caught sight of a shocking figure.


He unconsciously leaked out a stifled voice.

There was a faint shadow overlapping with Leme’s figure──a willowy black haired female.

She had a calm atmosphere that vaguely resembled Kaguya-senpai.

That was undoubtedly the figure of Kazuki’s real mother.

Her presence was fainter compared to everyone else, exactly like a ghost. It must be because this was just a negligible lingering memory remaining behind inside Leme. But, the fact was that it remained.


Liz Liza-sensei also shouted loudly.

「I have no strength at all that I can lend, I’m sorry……」

His mother smiled sadly while saying that.

Kazuki felt his chest tighten and couldn’t reply.

Loki was also staring this way with a shocked gaze. His mother suddenly turned his way.

「Please don’t get too obsessed with my child okay?」

She said that to her former bitter enemy with a troubled expression. Loki looked like a child that was caught red-handed in his misdeed,

「I, I’m not gonna do it anymore!」 He averted his face to the side.

──Just having the presence of this person watching over him, there was nothing more heartening than this.

After all, until now he had never experienced something like his mother coming to watch on parents’ day or sports day like this.

This was the first time.

He didn’t feel unhappy. He didn’t have resentment. His mother was continuing to fight against enemy whose true shape at that time was still not understood well, alone without anyone else knowing about it.

Compared to that, the current him was blessed beyond compare. After all he was surrounded by this many comrades.

He could believe from the bottom of his heart──of the righteousness of this battle.

Kazuki turned his gaze once more to Lucifer who arbitrarily made himself the representation of the whole of mankind’s illusion, and he glared.

Lucifer met all present with a voice of anger.

「……Very well, the chief god of the three great Mythologies, Lucifer, will swallow all of you diminutive beings whole, changing you all into the ultimate illusion. ……Angels!」

Countless light scattered around Lucifer and even more numerous angels appeared.

The bizarre angel Jophiel with four faces and inlaid with countless eyeballs was leading this army of <Cherubim(Angel of Wisdom)>.

A gigantic angel with black wings Zaphkiel was leading the army of <Throne(Angel of Throne)>.

And then in addition swarm of lower rank angels formed of <Dominion(Chief Angel)> and <Virtue(Angel of Power)> and <Power(Angel of Skill)> emerged as though to fill the sky to the brim.

「O scholar who reached the region of god, bodhisattvas!」

Similar light scattered once more and eastern Divas were appearing.

Kshitigarbha, Maitreya, Manjusri, Thousand-armed Avalokiteshvara, it was a crowd of bodhisattvas.

A large army that was exactly like a sea of clouds was filling the sky to the limit.

But even Kazuki was surrounded by a great number of comrades.

Beside Kazuki, Amaterasu whispered.

「Kazuki, the current you can use the Power of Harmony to the magic power of everyone here. All the Divas who came running here are 『the comrades of Solomon』 after all.」

She who was usually slacking off was letting out a voice that was tensed and dignified only at this kind of time.

Leme also talked following her.

「Kazuki, minds are directly connected with each other if it’s here in the Astrum. Right from the start you are already in a state like when you kiss and expanded the circuit of bond. Positivity level also doesn’t matter, you can use everyone’s magic with nothing to spare now. Leme’s current strength is the strongest even compared to the likes of three great Mythologies.」

Perhaps Leme’s ability was for the sake of this time, to defeat this enemy.

Kazuki dashed towards Lucifer.

When he moved his body like he was running, he was able to sprint through the golden space.

On the other hand Lucifer and the angels flapped their wings and flew through the golden space.

It was a space that was both sky and ground at the same time. It was a battle in a world of concept.

Kazuki was rushing in a straight line towards the flying Lucifer.

As though to intercept──the swarm of Divas of the three great Mythologies unleashed magic power light like a full starry sky. Everything was rainbow colored magic power.

From Lucifer who was positioned at the center of that heavenly constellation, an especially mighty light was unleashed.

「Don’t think that you can approach this Morning Star and touch even a single strand of hair! You can perish after witnessing this ultimate magic!!」

Lucifer chanted a short spell and fired a terrifying magic!

「No more rest and compassion will be granted further. Gather in the hill of Megido, the end is right here! Armageddon(Final Annihilation Wave)!」

The moment it was activated, the surrounding space of the sprinting Kazuki was overwritten.

Even when he tried to foresight the property of the magic power, it was a space magic that left no place to escape! He also couldn’t erase the effect using Midashi!

Kazuki was thrown onto a land that had many cracks running on it as though it had been assaulted by drought.

When he looked up, he could see a pure white star at the pure black sky. The star was getting larger in the blink of eye……it was falling to crush the whole space.

It wasn’t at a simple scale like a magic of falling meteor, a star like the giant Antares or Betelgeuse that was several thousands fold of the sun was falling, there was such an omen of despairing destruction.

Rather than calling that the power of cosmos……it was a space magic that recreated the illusion of 『The Final Day』.

Kazuki poured strength into Zekorbeni──the power of Zeus.

「O eight stars floating in twelve signs of Zodiac, follow my will and draw the misfortune of destruction……Grand Cross(Grand Cross Apocalypse)!!」

This magic too was a grand magic that operated on the very space itself. The magic power that overflowed from Zekorbeni spread through the different dimension to further overwrite the different dimension Lucifer deployed!

Eight asteroids were shining while revolving around Kazuki, then they stopped at cross shape. The gravitational pull of the eight asteroids that stopped at a cursed arrangement tore apart the void of space and collapsed it.

Different dimension and different dimension, the end day and the collapse of cosmos fought each other.

……No, the phenomenon of the end day was winning! The power of cosmos’s collapse was gradually driven away to the corner of space and vanished, the falling white star was approaching near!

Kazuki was pouring power into Zekorbeni at almost the same time──the power of Loki. He too was lending him power as a pal!

Double Drive!

With the power of Zeus and Loki poured in almost simultaneously, a crack entered Zekorbeni’s jewel with a snapping sound.

『Never mind it! Use it up!!』 Leme’s voice resounded in his head.

「Wind’s winter, sword’s winter, wolf’s winter, rage! After devouring all life to the end, come oh flame of Muspel that will burn every god! Ragnarok(The Twilight of the Gods)!!」

Even more illusionary scenery was extending to the surroundings. Everything was endless winter scenery, it then reversed completely with a storm of flame that raged fiercely, even the paradise of the gods Valhalla was blazing up.

That scenery was also fighting against the illusionary space that was the end day.

And then finally, the whole space was smashed──Kazuki returned back to the previous Astrum where countless angels were flying in the golden clouds.

「You are getting through my magic unharmed!?」

Color of shock could be peeked from Lucifer’s expression.

But he was unharmed only after he fired the ultimate magic of two Mythologies.

At the same time countless angels rained down magic attacks towards Kazuki.

Kazuki poured two powers into Zekorbeni once more.

  • Creak!* The crack on the jewel was getting larger.

「The proud strength of Stars and Stripes, right here……Super One!」

Kazuki obtained the power of America that made his body clad in pitch black aura of transcendental power. At the same time,

「O blood of dragon! Dwell within my body and blaze up! Blood Pendragon!!」

He carried the draconic power of King Arthur too and reinforced his physical ability even further, then he drew out Ame no Murakumo and Joyeux.

The pitch black aura and power of dark red blood wrapped around his body in marble pattern, the he wielded two sword style against the rain of attack magic approaching him.

Midashi──all the raining down attack magic was parried to another direction.

And then he ran through the golden space towards Lucifer without stopping his feet.

The swarm of Wisdom Kings and bodhisattvas and angels were standing in Kazuki’s way while wielding trident vajra or single pronged vajra, weighted rope, vajra pole, or vajra bell.

The figures that were like Buddha statues that he saw at the field trip of his middle school were attacking him one after another!

Kazuki saw through every single attack and parried them with Instant Positioning.

At the same time he poured the power of Odin into Zekorbeni.


Without even a millimeter of deviation, Kazuki thrust the spear of certain kill if it hits the vital spots at the heart of the bodhisattvas and devas blocking his way.

The Divas were dispersing under one attack, returning into a shapeless magic power and dispersed in Astrum.

Evade, parry, thrust and kill.

Kazuki was running through the golden space while literally performing one hit kill against the opponents.

「……Hayashizaki Kazuki, look at this!」

Lucifer suddenly yelled.

A pitch black hole was gaping open at the space behind Lucifer──the scenery of the lower world was projected there.

「What are you planning!?」

Kazuki looked up and yelled without resting his hands from defeating bodhisattvas and angels.

It was the scenery of an ocean somewhere.

Over that area where there was only horizon as far as the eye could see, far above at the sky……a giant shadow was covering the area. As though something was slowly falling down.

「What do you think this is? That’s the Atlantis where all of you have been fighting until now! And then the <magic power vibration> reverberating from this battlefield is transmitted to Atlantis, I connected the dimension! The more you oppose the absolute god which is me, the more Atlantis will vibrate and fall while accelerating! Its falling area is the nearby sea of Japan archipelago! I’ll give you this present!!」

──It took no time at all for a single word 『tsunami』 to float in the back of Kazuki’s mind.

「The fiercer you fight, the larger the <magic power vibration> will become and the resulting tsunami will be even more immense! The impact that will result……I will connect it wholly to the illusion of all the humans livings in Japan, so that the impact is pulled to them! If you are going to persistently act haughty thinking that opposing me is saving the world, very well! You can persist in your justice by accepting the destruction of your friends, family, and home country! Only Japan archipelago will become the sacrifice! Surely for the messiah who is looking for true equality, the sacrifice of Japan is only something trivial for the sake of saving the whole world!!」

「……You’ve got no business introducing yourself as god with this kind of underhanded trick!!」

「This isn’t an underhanded trick. I’m only making you realize. After all you are unable to choose saving the many by abandoning the few. Such decision……only god is able make a truly impartial judgment. If you cannot surmount this ordeal, then you have no qualification at all to challenge the fight that will influence the world!!」

He could only think of that as wordplay that he wouldn’t be able to accept no matter what.

However Kazuki wasn’t even given any leeway to think of any objection, the angels and bodhisattvas attacked Kazuki.

If he intercepted them, the vibration of that battle would be transmitted to the falling Atlantis!

Kazuki desperately foresighted, dodged, and parried.

However he became unable to counterattack.

「So you cannot fight? Hahaha! You are just a human after all!!」 Lucifer laughed──.

「Don’t be deceived Kazuki! This is the proof that guy is fearing you so much that he is even trying to bring in psychological battle!!」

From behind, a voice of his comrades who were watching over him reached him.

The voice’s owner was Clark Moore.

The strategist American King who taught Kazuki the dreadfulness of bargaining and psychological warfare.

「Fight without hesitation! Atlantis……won’t be a problem. All of us here will do something about it.」

「All of you who are nothing more than virtual image that were brought here to Astrum, what can you do!? You all cannot do anything!! Fufufu, you are only saying that because you are an American and so the matter of Japan won’t affect you at all, isn’t that right? What a laugh. Hayashizaki Kazuki, that woman is the one who is trying to deceive you!」

Lucifer mocked Clark’s words. And he didn’t stop with that, he even tried to wedged in a gap between the two.

But Kazuki resolved himself──his looking down head was lifted up when anyone noticed.

That Clark told him that she would do something, that was why something was going to be done. Kazuki threw his hesitation to the wind……he stabbed Gungir into the chest of the bodhisattva who approached in front of him.

The bodhisattva screamed and vanished.

Kazuki stopped running around and started running towards Lucifer once more, while shaking off the angels and bodhisattvas standing in his way.

「So you plan to let your home be destroyed and fight me!」 Lucifer yelled.

As though to substantiate Clark’s words, Lucifer’s yell was certainly oozing with agitation.

Part 3[edit]

「Atlantis is accelerating even now, it’s approaching the water surface!」

「Make the preliminary calculation for the damage! After that confirm whether the Knight Order still has the strength of Summoning Magic remaining!! The Sacred Treasures too!」

Among the frozen high government officials, only Chief Yamagata raised his voice to confirm whether there was anything they could do even if just a little.

The youths should be fighting even now. As an adult, there was no way they could just give up and sit around!

He encouraged his heart and faced the assembled high officials.

「Deploy the standing by Knight Order members who aren’t in Atlantis at the coastline that is predicted to get hit! Make them strike with all the Summoning Magic and Sacred Treasures they have!!」

「It’s impossible……」 Someone leaked out a listless voice. 「That kind of tsunami……even Summoning Magic won’t block it……」

「……We don’t have the number……even if it’s Summoning Magic we are talking about here……」

Perhaps that might be so. ……But!

While Chief Yamagata was worrying that he had to say something, the atmosphere of that place was torn apart.

「……Incoming call from Clark Moore of USA!!」


Video call was connected to the wall screen of the General Staff Headquarters.

……It projected the face of Clark who looked half-asleep that was unlike her usual frightening look of a dauntless woman──as though half of her awareness was in another world.

Part 4[edit]

Kazuki was killing angels and bodhisattvas with the thrust of the spear of certain kill while dashing forward.

He was doing that while pouring the power of the Dragon of Heaven’s Decree into Zekorbeni.

「O eight dragons of China, become the wind of sea of flame dwelling in the hand of Shangdi! Kyuuryuushin Katou!!」

Grasping the huge treasured sword that had made his guts feel chilled until now, he swung it with all his strength. He countlessly overlapped reinforcement magic while mowing down the angels and bodhisattvas altogether with that streak of flame.

Gungnir in his right hand, and Shinkatou in his left hand.

「How really impertinent……don’t get carried away!!」

Lucifer yelled with a demonic look towards the approaching Kazuki.

Inside his body, magic power on a scale that didn’t lose from before swelled up once more.

……A magic that couldn’t be dodged or parried was coming again!!

「From here the very first become the last……the hell fire of god’s fury right here!! Apocalypse(Final Disintegration Wave)!!」

The space at Kazuki’s surroundings was overwritten again. The whole surface area around him was swallowed by a sea of flames. It was as though he was thrown smack dab in the middle of the sun. No, this wasn’t the flame of the sun as the power of cosmos. This was the very flames of hell that gods used to judge sinners.

Kazuki who foresighted the signs already poured power into Zekorbeni.

「O time under the demonic sky, stop……freeze all destiny residing inside matters, smash that foundation with the freezing iron hammer! Diamond Dust – Absolute Zero!」

Without delay Kazuki wrapped his body with the space of absolute zero from the singing voice of the mermaid.

However the unlimited storm of flame couldn’t be erased with just that, Kazuki was exposed to immense heat.

Kazuki immediately cut off all his defensive magic power. He accepted all the hell fire with his flesh.

His flesh body was instantly annihilated without leaving even ash behind──,

「Mine body is disassembled into a thousand words, please overwrite the world with that illusion……Revival!!」

Phoenix’s ultimate magic──Kazuki’s whole existence that broke down was reconstructed once more!

It was an outrageous drastic measure, but Kazuki endured the space of flame and came out intact, even now he was running straight at Lucifer.

「Impossible!」 Lucifer was struck with wonder seeing Kazuki that overcame his magic unharmed again.

Certainly……it was just as Clark said, Lucifer was harboring shock and fear towards the power that Kazuki was showing.

If that guy was also feeling the pressure then……he could only advance!

Without even a breather Kazuki poured Susanoo’s power into Zekorbeni.

「O noble youth of storm, release all your violent emotion here! Dwell within my body, and replay the tragedy of Taka-Amahara!! Bougyaku Bujin!!」

He piled up even more reinforcement magic on his body.

Zekorbeni finally broke apart.

Kazuki also felt like his body and mind were going to break apart into pieces.

「But……because of your hard work just now, Atlantis will finally fall! Look!!」

「!」 Kazuki also raised his face and shifted his focus to the horror through the dimension hole opened behind Lucifer.

It was as though a giant meteor was falling──an outrageously gigantic land was causing terrific water splash on the sea surface. The sea surface was fiercely undulating and rising up.

Just as Lucifer said, that circle of rising water wasn’t spreading out in circle shape, it was concentrated inclining at one direction──it was undoubtedly the direction towards Japan.

「Because you oppose me, it became an unprecedented tsunami that has never been seen in human history!!」

Clark said that Lucifer was bargaining, but at the very least Lucifer wasn’t just bluffing!!

But Kazuki believed in the something that Clark said she would do. There was no way he could stop at this late hour. He mowed down all the approaching angels and bodhisattvas and he finally annihilated them utterly.

Like that he finally approached near Lucifer.

「……Look! Your homeland, your beloved friends, the tsunami is finally coming to them!!」

Even while fighting, Kazuki directed his focus towards the dimension hole that projected the happening.

It was a scene of an enormous tsunami swooping down toward the land. Most likely it would be the small islands at the edge of Japan’s territory that was at the side of the Pacific Ocean that was approached first.

Those were small islands, but there were people living sporadically there. An unrealistically giant tsunami was going to swallow everything…….

A terrific flash appeared. Next violent explosive sound reverberated.

That was the light and sound of Summoning Magic.

Summoning Magic was flying one after another from the land toward the tsunami. Flame magic was evaporating the tsunami’s overwhelming mass, wind magic was pushing back the closing in water mass.

Like that, the tsunami was getting smaller rapidly and vanished…….

「What happened!?」 Lucifer yelled.

As though to answer that question, the scene in the dimension hole was zooming in toward the land in order to ascertain what was going on. At the coast, there were the figures of many people lining up. Those people……every single one of them were Magika Stigma!

In addition they were clearly not just Japan’s Knight Order. The majority of them were clad in magic dress from completely different Mythologies! Britain, German, Italia, China, Russia……!

As though to reflect Lucifer’s impatience, the dimension hole’s sight was moving to another coastline. The exact same thing was happening there. Magika Stigmas standing side by side at the coast were striking simultaneously with attack magic, pulverizing the tsunami.

The sea recovered its calm and the people raised joyful voices.

「What’s this, these people……!」 Lucifer groaned.

「All the Magika Stigmas of the magic advanced countries gathered at Japan’s coasts.

Clark’s voice could be heard from behind.

「I awakened my flesh body and contacted Japan’s countermeasures headquarters. I told them that magicians from various countries are going to enter your country after this, so don’t hinder them. Telling them to welcome the magicians of hostile countries willingly is a request that overturned 『national defense』 from its root, but they believed me and responded. ……America Mythology is losing power, so what I did was just that though.」

「……Through the Territory(Mythology Domain), we sent the command to all the Divas of our Mythology.」

Ilyailiya whose figure overlapped with Svarog continued the talk.

「The Magika Stigmas who didn’t head to Atlantis and were standing by, we sent them to your beloved Japan’s aid.」

Arthur picked up the continuation of the talk.

「You asked us what can we do from here? If Japan just believed in my subordinates and accept them in, then there are many things that can be done. After all I was defeated by that kind of trusting relationship.」

Regina who was once infected by Cthulhu spoke with regret.

「Don’t you feel pleasant, Lucifer? The world became one and crushed the despair you are sending them. Hahahah!!」

Hrotsvit scorned.

「Tis’ no problem Hayashizaki Kazuki! There is no need to be distressed with anxiety, you can focus on slaying that fallen angel as our representative!!」

Even Fu Xi also said that overbearingly, rousing on Kazuki.

「That’s right, fight. Not a single one among the people left behind are wishing to drag you down……that was what Chief Yamagata said when I explained the situation.」

Clark said that and grinned. Kazuki’s Gematria flapped.

The feeling of everyone in Japan crossed dimension until this Astrum. It changed into warm strength that filled Kazuki.

With his eyes flashing, Kazuki glared at the final enemy.

「There is nothing more that will obstruct this fight against you.」

Kazuki told while readying Gungnir and Shinkatou. The distance between the two had already became the range of swordsman. There was also no remaining figure of the angels.

「Let’s settle this! Lucifer!!」

Kazuki kicked on the golden cloud and approached Lucifer.

「……Don’t come near, you’re getting too friendly! ……Miracle is in my palm! The fist of phenomenon variation, God Hand(Final Demolition Physics)!!」

To shake off Kazuki who had got near until the range of Gungnir, Lucifer’s right hand bloated up several hundred times and he swung it in a straight line.

It was the ultimate right straight.

Instant Positioning was a technique to parry the opponent’s strength with the minimum strength, but to parry this much destructive power, even that minimum strength would need to be considerable.

However for Kazuki who had piled up reinforcement magic 『Super One』, 『Blood Pendragon』, and『Bougyaku Bujin』, he parried the giant fist with Shinkatou in his left hand.

And then he swung Gungnir in his right hand──towards Lucifer’s heart.

It hit!!

「……Raise the flag of revolution towards the creator right here! Anti Genesis(Anti Sanctuary of Vanishing Mist)!!」

──Right at the moment when it looked like Lucifer’s heart was stabbed by the spear of certain kill, magic power instantly burst from Lucifer.

The spear passed through as though it was a specter.

「The power that I, the fallen angel Lucifer, the devil king Satan, the one standing at the summit of anti god existences(antithesis) originally had is exactly this……! It negates and neutralizes every kind of divinity!I obtained the ultimate power of the three great Mythologies while being an existence that cannot perish through the power of Diva! The absolute one who posses both light and darkness!!」

Kazuki let go of Gungnir right away. Gungnir slipped through Lucifer’s body and vanished. Lucifer raised a triumphant laugh.

「You said that there is nothing more that will obstruct this fight!? You fool, something like tsunami is just a side show! A Magika Stigma who is simply borrowing the power of god from the start doesn’t have any method to defeat this me, the absolute god!」

A power that negated every kind of divinity of every kind of Diva……it was truly a defensive magic that was truly the proof of the supreme, absolute god. Then, how could this guy be defeated?

Lucifer’s left fist swelled up.

「God Hand!」

Kazuki dodged the giant left fist that moved at the speed of light by rolling his body. In no time at all the right arm swelled up once more and 「God Hand!!」.

It was consecutive blow of left and right without any waiting time. Kazuki was falling and stumbling to run about, escaping the fists from the one who introduced himself as the absolute god. Lucifer was chasing after him with an enraged look.

「What guides the world……is this Lucifer who loves mankind more than anyone! Not the deceitful kindness like yours! I’m not haughty like Greek Mythology! I’m not drunk with blood like Norse Mythology! I’m not greedy like China Mythology! I’m also not intoxicated like Britain Knight Order! I’m also not empty like Russia Mythology! And also not ambiguous like American Justice!」

「You are saying that you have love towards mankind after doing something like that!?」

「I have!! More than any other Diva!! I won’t……let you do as you please with the world!!」

‘I won’t let you do as you please’ ──what Kazuki ought to say to Lucifer was yelled to Kazuki instead from Lucifer.

This guy was also desperate. Just like Clark said, he desperately didn’t want to lose against Kazuki.

「This Lucifer responded to the illusion of despair of the whole of mankind!! No matter what method I have to use, this me will become mankind’s 『father』!!!」

God Hand was punching repeatedly from the right, from the left. Kazuki who finally approached near Lucifer was cornered instead by that fierce pressure.

Dodge, dodge, dodge……however just the wind pressure was gradually making his stance disordered.

「Be destroyed!! God Hand!!」

With his disordered posture, Kazuki couldn’t dodge the next punch──without delay Kazuki swung Shinkatou and he didn’t dodge, but parried that gigantic fist.

Using Instant Positioning from a disordered posture couldn’t turn aside the unprecedented impact of that fist, Shinkatou was smashed up quickly.

How to defeat the absolute god(this guy) who neutralized Diva’s power?

──Kazuki’s body was naturally moving without even thinking.

His body was moving unhesitatingly, as though it had done several thousands, several tens of thousands of training in preparation of this time.

His right hand was drawing out Ame no Murakumo while his left hand was drawing out Joyeux from their sheath while his body rotated in a circle like a spinning top. There was a gap that was only a little until Lucifer swung his next fist.

Kazuki rotated without thinking of how to dodge the next attack.

Kazuki rotated like a spinning top while Ame no Murakumo in his right hand slashed horizontally and cut Lucifer’s chest. Thick defensive magic power that must be at the pinnacle even among the Divas blocked Ame no Murakumo’s streak of slash.

But a wound the size of a hair strand was gouged at that defensive magic power.

Defensive magic power, was a flow.

If a wound was gouged there, it would need an instant of time to fill that wound with a new flow.

The current Kazuki possessed the speed that could aim at that instant, the technique to aim so existed in Hayashizaki-style.

The sword of magic power piercing──Hayashizaki-style Dream Sword the First, Kasane.

Kazuki left his body to the rotation momentum and he swung Joyeux in his left hand. It drew exactly the same arc with the previous slash and piled the blade at the wound in the magic power that was only the size of a hair strand.

Next was a match between Lucifer’s own flesh, with the sharpness of the slash Kazuki swung.


Lucifer tried to swing his gigantified fist before a voice leaked out from his mouth as though his soul was slipping out.

Both his arms didn’t move. Because his upper body was bisected with a horizontal straight line.

Kazuki knew before he moved, that there would be no need to prepare for the next attack.

「What? Just now……」

Lucifer whose remaining body was only from his chest above was absentminded.

For him who was the avatar of despair, what Kazuki showed was something that he couldn’t believe.

Kazuki answered.

「──It isn’t illusion, it’s human’s technique.」

The words of Kazuki’s master floated at the back of his mind.

『Kazuki, if by any chance there is an existence that should be called as the absolute god in this world, don’t you want to try to defeat such being with the utmost limit of human effort?』

‘Thank you, Tou-san…….’

When he recalled, perhaps since the moment he heard those words, he had bet his whole lifetime for that objective. Because even after he enrolled into magic department and contracted with Leme, he stubbornly continued being a swordsman.

He fought through Ragnarok, in order for humans to surpass god.

「I, I’m defeated by human’s technique you said……o, OOOOOOOOOOOOO-!!!!」

Lucifer raised a scream that sounded like a beast while his body was turning into dust and vanished into Astrum.

「Impossible! I’m……even I’m, getting reduced into pure magic power……into the ultimate illusion!!」

Even the countless angels, wisdom kings, and bodhisattvas were defeated by Kazuki and got disassembled. And then the vast vortex of magic power──the ultimate illusion was swallowing the whole golden space while trying to be born.

The whole space was fiercely shaking while all Divas were getting sucked into there!

「You did well, my beloved King.」

「Thank you, Kazuki……I feel proud from the bottom of my heart, seeing your back standing against the despair.」

Leme who was overlapped with his mother’s shadow was also vanishing into that vortex…….

「……I’m watching-! The future of this world that you twist, where will it arrive at……don’t you dare forget this matter-!!」

Lucifer was also getting swallowed into the vortex while yelling with the face of a devil king…….

Everything was swallowed into the vortex, the whole space was filled to the brim with the vortex of enormous magic power. It was only Kazuki who was facing it. This thing, this intense vortex, was the illusion of the whole of mankind…….

The Ultimate illusion.

It only didn’t swallow Kazuki. On the contrary Kazuki felt his own existence, his soul was infinitely diluting, spreading out. Kazuki’s strong will was swallowing the ultimate illusion instead.

Kazuki wished. And then…….

Epilogue I – Present Time[edit]

Part 1[edit]

Hayashizaki Kanae was a former swordswoman. She possessed the nickname of 『Storm Cat(Wind God Kitten)』.

When she was a child, she challenged other dojos many times, and she was undefeated. She sprinted with her ponytail fluttering like the tail of a black cat, her two sword style using short swords, slashing without pause, was truly an infinite sword storm.

That fighting style was worthy to be called as wind god, but recently she was worrying about the course of her future.

Anyhow, her sleeping face was angelic.

Even when the curtain was thrown open and the light of morning shot into the dark room, she didn’t show any sign of waking up like a sleeping princess. Her long black hair was slovenly twining around her cheeks, which were fair skinned that they looked as though they were transparent. Her face that was usually dignified was also innocently loosened up.

「Oi, wake up already. The breakfast is finished already.」

Hayashizaki Kazuki shook her shoulder with affectionate hand movements. Thereupon──

「──Nii-sama, you’re open!」

The eyes of Kanae who was thought to be sleeping opened in a flash.


From the futon, Kanae’s limbs flew out like tentacles!

Kanae’s slender and flexible limbs twined around Kazuki’s torso, and in the blink of an eye she dragged down Kazuki on top of the bed. Without pause she hugged him tightly and she sent him a fearless smile.

「Fufufu, Nii-sama……no matter how many times you cannot help but let your guard down in front of the sleeping face of your cute sister. This is Hayashizaki-style art of war, 『Temptation – Death Plant(Scheme of Venus Fly Trap)』! ……Muguh!?」

Kazuki blocked the lips of Kanae who was getting cocky while making a triumphant face with his own lips.

He kissed her intensely. He sucked her lips and entangled their tongues together.

Strength left Kanae fully in the blink of an eye and Kanae started seeking Kazuki from her side too.

While the gentle sunlight illuminated inside across the curtain, the two entangled their tongues together so passionately that the two gradually turned sweaty, and watery sounds played inside the room.

Kanae’s sleepwear appearance was in a thin negligee where the sensation of her skin was directly transmitted. Kazuki continued kissing her while his palm was crawling on the gentle slope of her twin hills. Kanae’s white skin gradually blushed red and the bud at the center of her breast was swelling. When it was pinched, Kanae shook fiercely.

Kazuki finally let go of Kanae’s lips when her nose was making noise as though she was deprived from oxygen.

「Ni, Nii-sama……if you come at me so seriously, I won’t be able to settle down from the morning……!!」

「Don’t think that you can keep making fun of me forever like in the past. ……The breakfast is finished already.」

Him getting thoroughly tormented by the sweet temptation move of this older little sister was already a thing of the past right now.

Since the two of them faced each other as the opposite sex, it was Kanae who became weak at the receiving end.

「Come on, I’ll change your clothes.」

When Kazuki was going to take off her negligee, Kanae shook her head left and right.


「My………………my panty is soaking wet so I’ll change myself because it’s embarrassing!!!」

「……If you confess that yourself then it becomes pointless to change by yourself.」

‘Funya~~’ Kanae stood up from her bed by herself and took out her uniform from the closet. That uniform didn’t come with a holster to dangle swords on the waist.

──The uniform wasn’t the uniform of the sword department or even the magic department. It was a blazer with classic design.

「Kazu-nii, the breakfast is getting cold here! Wait a second, you two are doing lewd things!? Change with me!!」

The room of the door was opened at the timing when Kanae finished changing, and a sullen Mio appeared.

She was also in a blazer appearance.

「Geez, it becomes like this every morning since Kanae-san moved into the Witch’s Mansion.」

Mio sighed when she detected the lingering heat on Kanae’s expression.

The sword department and magic department were gone, but the daily life of the Witch’s Mansion didn’t change that much.

Part 2[edit]

The knight academy was pressed with a great reformation.

It was the result of Kazuki’s choice.

「Kaguya-senpai, what are you planning for your university choices?」

The breakfast was toast , scramble eggs, and sausages. Kazuki took the bread crumb stuck on the cheek of Kaguya-senpai who was sitting beside him and ate it while asking.

「The seniors are already third years huh. If they are going to take the test for university entrance, they only have one year left……」

Mio also said that from the side and they exchanged conversation.

──It had been half a year since then. It was Now it was February. It was a period when the cold of the wind seeped into the skin that wasn’t protected by magic power anymore.

「Fu-fu-fu, I’ll become a politician! I’ll become the prime minister!!」

Everyone at the dining table was taken aback.

However, thinking back at the leadership that Kaguya-senpai had shown until now, her sense of justice that tried to correct what was mistaken, and her broad-mindedness that caused others to in believe her and made them want to give themselves to her, then perhaps that career choice wasn’t that strange. Or perhaps thinking like that was from his bias as a junior.

「How can one become a politician?」

When Lotte asked, Kaguya-senpai’s eyes turned round and she stiffened, then she started chuckling again.

「Fu-fu-fu, I don’t know-」

……It seemed she wasn’t thinking about it that seriously.

「I want to ride a tank or a fighter jet! We will get preferential treatment for the route to join the JSDF right?」

Hikaru-senpai spoke about something that was really boyish. Although she was a beautiful girl.

「But if senpai enters the JSDF then you practically won’t be able to meet Kazuki you know?」

「Heh? Then I’ll pass.」

When Koyuki retorted from the side, Hikaru-senpai easily retracted her statement. It looked like this one also didn’t think about it that seriously.

「Mio-chan is more proper at this point isn’t it? You are getting offers if you want to be a model from the office where Miake-senpai worked at right? Moreover you also debuted as a designer at the project of the magazine where you did amateur model work……」

「How to say it, like you are the personification of girl power, or that you can do most girly things. Something like charisma!」

Kaguya-senpai was in admiration, while Hikaru-senpai was sending Mio a gaze of longing. Mio proudly went *fufu─n*.

「But rather than something like that, I’m thinking of becoming a poet!」

「Eh, you are going to prioritize your activity as Christine Amasaki-sensei rather than the fashion world……!?」

「Ahaha, with Mio-chan’s energy, she is going to do anything that she likes if she can.」

Even though there was already a path that promised success, she was going to throw that away and chose a path that wasn’t really clear. Kaguya-senpai became speechless seeing such Mio, but Hikaru-senpai laughed in amusement.

When he looked at Mio’s proud smile, for some reason his uneasiness was vanishing. She made him thought that if she could live as she liked, then she would manage somehow in her own way, she had that kind of talent.

「I want to become a voice actor desu!」

Lotte clenched her fist tightly.

An otaku northern European girl with adorableness and appearance that caused affection to well up in others, her voice also had a unique trait……behind her innocent smile, there was also experience of dealing with the sly schemer of the palace.

「You can become doggie.」 When Kazuki nodded in agreement,

「I can become doggie yep!」 Lotte also agreed with Kansai dialect for some reason.

「People who have a particular talent are strong aren’t they……」

Kaguya-senpai whispered that and fell into pondering.

「What will Koyuki do? You were constantly saying that your only merit is magic power weren’t you?」

Mio put a sausage into her mouth while directing the talk to Koyuki.

「……I don’t plan to say self-torturing things like that anymore though……. Certainly I have never thought the image of my future except being a Magika Stigma……. Eerr, if I can do some kind of work that is related with books……like a librarian or something……」

「I want to plead a different opinion to everyone.」

There was a determined voice that didn’t read the atmosphere and everyone turned their gaze that way. ……The speaker was Kamimura-san.

「Why are all of you speaking like having to work is a given!? We are heroes who saved the world! Even without working for our whole life, we should be guaranteed the right to live as lazybones life with the grant of something like hero annuity or something!! I don’t want to work gozaru!!」

「Hero annuity……but there was a talk that perhaps Otouto-kun would get various things or something wasn’t it?」

Something like annuity or pension……that perhaps Kazuki would be able to get, certainly there was that kind of talk.

「Kazuki is a hero, but for us to act like a hero too is a bit too shameless I think.」

「Eee-! Kazuki, that’s unfair!」 Kamimura-san whined, then she said 「Then if Kazuki can receive money without working……I’ll have that Kazuki support me-」

She said such thing while munching on her toast like a squirrel.

Kazuki who was sitting on the chair right beside her embraced the petite girl and made her sat on his lap.

「If you said that you want to get supported without doing anything, then that means you will be mine and won’t complain at all no matter what I’ll do to you then? You might get something outrageous done to you, you know?」

Kazuki hugged her strongly and whispered to her while petting her head repeatedly.

Kamimura-san’s face reddened and she might of imagined something because she then trembled while going 「Awawa……」.

「……That’s a reward instead.」

Koyuki who had a fetish of feeling happy no matter what Kazuki did to her was directing a sparkling gaze to Kamimura-san enviously.

「This situation is exactly what the saying you lose if you work refers too isn’t it!」

Hikaru-senpai’s face brightened while speaking that as though to say that she had said something smart for her.

However Kamimura-san was shaking.

「……I cannot complain no matter what will be done to me……thing like enema, or enlargement……or scre, screwing in until the elbow……. Hiee, you must not do a play at the school gate……. Drinking what come out or making me the one who drink……. This restaurant is Tokyo style so it handles that kind of fatty cut of tuna……」 (TN: I don’t get the last reference)

Kamimura-san was shaking while whispering incomprehensible things in small volume. It wasn’t reward or anything for her. ……Most likely she was displaying a high level perverted power of imagination that far surpassed Koyuki’s assumption.

「Kazuki! Even if you request me for boxification I don’t have the confidence I can do it……-」(TN: A situation where a character was turned into square box shape)

「What is this boxification you are saying……I’m not going to ask for something like that……or rather I don’t get what you mean……」

The upper limit of her imagination power when he said anything was higher then the sinful Babel tower.

Even at the time when magic still existed, that kind of thing was impossible.

「……Then what were you thinking of doing to me when you said anything?」

「It was just a threat so I didn’t really think about it but……. Kamimura-san has a cuteness like a small animal, so I’ll be affectionate with you intently treating you like a pet or something.」

Kazuki spoke while petting and stroking her even now as though he was holding a cat or a dog.

It was a way of being affectionate that if she was really a pet then midway she would get tired of it and ran away in a huff.

「Eh? Is that a play of making me stark naked outside while walking me around or telling me to defecate outside?」

「……We are in the middle of breakfast.」 Kaguya-senpai knitted her brows and cleared her throat *cough*.

「……First the premise is for me to enjoy myself, so I only think at the level like petting or caressing or kissing.」

「Ain’t that completely normal!? You will support me with just that!?」

Kamimura-san suddenly smiled and shrugged her shoulders.

「……So in the end Kazuki is just an ordinary person who has been living diligently until now. Your demand is too shabby. Fuh」

「I got looked down at!?」

「That’s no good Kazu-nii, you are getting influenced to a strange direction. This is because you look really easy to get influenced.」

‘I need to learn more in that direction……’ Kazuki was really thinking so at that time, which caused Mio to turn a dangerous gaze at him. Amasaki Mio-san who was the representative of capable common girls didn’t have a bad relation with Kamimura-san by any means, but both of them had aspects that ran counter to each other.

「I’ll do my best from now on……I wonder about aiming back to being a Shinto priest……」

Kamimura-san muttered. Her voice was small, but there was no doubt that those were heavy words for her to say if one remembered back about her circumstance.

「Shrine maiden uniform will surely look good on Itsuki-chan!」

Kaguya-senpai said that brightly to cheer on Kamimura-san. Speaking about that, Kaguya-senpai was also a black haired beauty, so it felt like that outfit would suit her too.

「What about Kana-chan’s future course?」 Kaguya-senpai turned at Kanae. Kanae looked down and groaned.

「Ununu……Hayashizaki-style sword art dojo……. At this point it doesn’t look like it will flourish……. Since it’s come to this then I’ll have Nii-sama support me too! Both of us will have lovey dovey flirting life everyday without working!!」

「No, I’m thinking that I need to have some kind of work though. You can house-sit together with Kamimura-san.」

Kanae’s eyes opened so wide in shock and disappointment.

Having a life that was counting on money that came from a prospect that he might get supplied with somewhat couldn’t be said as a proper way to live at all.

Besides in his position, no matter how much saving he had, he had no idea at all whether the future would be peaceful……there was also such circumstances.

He couldn’t imagine at all how big his household, his family would become.

Part 3[edit]

Before Kazuki and the others headed to the classroom, they stopped by at 『Diva Kindergarten』 that was established at the plot beside the academy. It was an institution with an outrageous name, but it was an institution that was just as the name implied.

Because it was morning, the playing ground was deserted and cold winds were blowing, but boisterous voices could be heard from the building. The place sounded like it was in an uproar with many noises.

Kazuki crossed through the ground and opened the door of the building.

A shriek pierced his eardrums.


It was a full power crying voice like a cannon mixed with tears and snot.

「Heheheh! As I thought the best toy is the one that you plundered! Run away, Fenrir!」

「Aooonn! Aooonn!!」

The high spirited voice of a brat, a voice that copied a dog’s howl.

It was truly a ruckus. An infant crawling on all fours with bizarre speed while a silver haired infant was riding on his back was being chased after by an infant who was drenched with tears and snot.


「Oooii, you guys! Stop bullying otheeers!!」

Kazuha-senpai who was wearing an apron rushed over in a hurry. She had become an expert in donning the appearance of a day-care worker.

Kazuha-senpai took the toy robot <Palas Anchovy> that appeared in 『Mobile suit Z Galpan』 from the hand of the silver haired kid, then her finger poked at the kid’s forehead.

「Loki also has your own toy righttt?」

「Heh, I got tired with my toy, that’s why I’m plundering.」

「Here Ooodin-kun」

Kazuha-senpai returned the toy to the infant that was sloppy with tears and snot.

「Fuee……Kazuha-mamaaa……theft qualify as crime under the phenal chode arthicle 235, threating it as nothing will lead to the inchrease of social unrest so I think that it’s not good……」

「Yup yup, isn’t that riiight, Odin-kun is really clever, in the future you surely will be a wise man.」

「Heh, he is just big-headed yeah.」

When Kazuha-senpai stroked the head of the infant that was called Odin, the infants screamed and gathered towards her.

「……I lhove Kazuha-mama……」

One of the infants flipped Kazuha-senpai’s skirt and tried to crawl his head inside.

「Aaaa, hey! Zeus-kun! Stop trying to crawl inside the skirt while always pretending to fawn! Or rather I’m wearing spats below so it’s pointless!」

「Uuu, Zeus-oniichan is a lecher that even I get embharassed……」

「It’s okay, I understand that. Poseidon-kun is really a diligent child.」

When Kazuki and the others entered, Kazuha-senpai immediately noticed them and she raised her voice.


「Senpai, you are loved by them as usual……are you working part-time as a day-care worker in the morning too?」

「I’m only coming here to look at the faces of the pipsqueaks before going to school. I’m paid as a part-time worker only after school. ……I wonder why they are this attached to me? Just why are they calling me mama? Well, it’s enjoyable so it’s okay though, they are cute anyway.」

Kazuki felt like he understood why Kazuha-senpai was that loved by the children.

「A moderately hopeless airhead is easy to like, senpai is also completely generous, and no matter what happens, senpai never points it out in a way that makes others feel down, anyway isn’t that because senpai is kind?」

「Moderately hopeless airhead!?」

「Senpai’s charm is how you frequently self-destruct while leaving behind many openings.」

「Ugugu, when I look back at my experience of getting along with Kazuki, I recall too many times I was self-destructing!」

「If senpai doesn’t have that kind of opening then you will be someone scary that cannot be approached you know, after all, senpai hated me at first.」


Kazuha-senpai pouted and made a complicated face.

Kaguya-senpai, Mio, and Lotte also started playing with the infants. These three were also popular with the kids.

Hikaru-senpai was popular with the boys. She was coming into contact and playing with them at the same level.

Koyuki and Kamimura-san were stiffening at the entrance. These two had communication disorders.

「……However who ever thought that they will turn into babies.」

Kazuki reflexively muttered. From among the infants──a brown skinned child that Kazuki was especially familiar with was approaching him with tottering steps.

This girl having the figure of a little girl wasn’t that out of place for Kazuki.

「Because, that’s just obvious. It will be a loss if we don’t enjoy this life right from the beginning.」

She was Leme. Her figure was passing through being a little girl straight into being an infant.

She was reborn.

When Kazuki and the others returned from Atlantis back to the Witch’s Mansion, several dozen infants that no one knew from where they appeared from were playing around noisily.

For some reason those infants had vestiges that Kazuki and co. were vaguely familiar with──their instinct was able to immediately tell them that they were Divas.

Reincarnation. Certainly thinking back, if old geezer Divas like Odin or Zeus were turned into humans still in old geezer shapes, then it would only be in vain. It wouldn’t be meaningful unless they were redoing it from the beginning.

Although……even though they were supposed to be six months old since their birth, the growth of their intellect could be felt more compared to the normal human infant. As expected they weren’t normal. Fenrir’s movement ability was exceedingly beast-like. It seemed that there were the traces of their time when they were Divas.

For the time being, the government rounded up the humanized infant Divas into one place and created an institution to manage them. That was the Diva Kindergarten. That it was built besides the Knight Academy was from the thinking to place them where the eyes of Kazuki and the others could reach them. Though currently there was nothing at all that Kazuki and the others could do.

For the time being Kazuki and the others who were the concerned people with the situation had something akin to responsibility in this.

However it seemed the government was in confusion about the action to take when the Divas became the age to advance to elementary school. Should they allow the Divas to go to normal elementary school, or continue to isolate them to the end by making Diva Elementary school……. The voices that were worried and feared these infants who were once Divas were firmly rooted.

Kazuki requested that these infants were 『treated equally as humans』 through influential people like Chief Yamagata and Headmaster Amasaki.

The Diva infants were excessively attached to Kazuha-senpai and she was doing part-time work as a childcare worker. She had discovered an unexpected special skill.

「Nyahaha, that’s my Kazuha-」

An infant with conspicuously large built was laughing heartily. It was Futsunushi no Kami.

「I’m telling you I’m not yourssss. This old man faced baby-」

Kazuha-senpai smiled while tapping her finger on Futsunushi no Kami’s cheek.


One infant was waving her hand at Kamimura-san who was in a daze at the entrance.

「Amaterasu!」 Kamimura-san took a familiar attitude only at that infant.

That was because they were partners for a long time.

「Itsuki-chan, do you bought the latest 『Pleasure God』? If you bought it lend meee」

Amaterasu-sama was desiring an ero manga. Kazuki exchanged gaze with Kazuha-mama asking 「Is that ok?」, mama went 「That’s obviously not allowed youuu」, and she lifted up Amaterasu.

Although her desire was refused, getting lifted up made Amaterasu let out ecstatic voice 「Niiiii」 that didn’t sound that dissatisfied and her eyes squinted pleasantly.

「For her to turn into a living being with cheeks this squishy. How cute.」

Kamimura-san was poking on Amaterasu’s cheek from the side.

A pal was also walking to Kazuki’s side.

「Kukuku, Kazuki! When I turn fifteen, we gonna settle everything between us!」

Loki (six months old) made a declaration of war at Kazuki.

「Fufufu, Kazuki! When Leme turn fifteen years old, we are going to flirt!」

Leme (six months old) made a courting proclamation at Kazuki.

Kazuki went 「Yes, yes」 against those proclamations while caressing the heads of the two.

Part 4[edit]

They arrived at school. Then, Kazuki witnessed the classroom scene that he couldn’t get used to no matter how much time passed.

「B-E-A-T-R-I-X-. I feel like I’ve been saying this each time we go to school every single morning but, just how boring this peaceful every day is. What is our first class going to be again?」

「It’s mathematics, Hrotsvit-sama.」

「Don’t wannaaa!!」

Hrotsvit fell prostrated on her desk while kicking her legs around.

「Hrotsvit-sama……. Even if you don’t want it but if you don’t study properly, you won’t be able to live in society in the future. Hrotsvit-sama is absurdly capable if you actually try, that’s why please do your best……」

「I don’t wanna be in a future society like thiiiis!」

That Beatrix was remonstrating other people. And then Hrotsvit. Looking at her, it was shocking how she became this hopeless of a human when she was distanced from fighting.

The former German King who danced in a hopeless battle just by herself who should have died.

Right now she was his classmate.

「Something like math is easy if you think about it logically.」

From the side, a girl who was silver in just about everything cut in.

──Ilyailiya Muromets.

The Russian King who should have died after unleashing a magic that risked her life towards Kazuki.

Right now she was his classmate.

「Aren’t you who is like that, always getting red marks in modern Japanese? Even though you are a human with zero sympathy who can never properly answer even once about the feelings of the underlined character.」

「About that, it’s the problem that is strange.」

Beatrix, and then Hrotsvit, and also Ilyailiya, everyone was wearing blazers.

All of them were older than Kazuki, but these girls who were raised in inflexible religious countries came here to study abroad so that they could experience Japan’s higher education.

「……Fufun, the stupid aunties are whining and crying. How pitiful……puhkuku! How pitiful this is~. To get that kind of grade at that age, you are all living in disgrace~」

From the side the one who was propping her elbow on the desk while sneering at the quarrel was──Fu Xi.

This one was conversely far younger than Kazuki instead, but she displayed a terrifying intellect despite the biased education that she received until now that wasn’t handy at all, she was skipping grades into this class.

Right now she was his classmate.

「That shitty brat, I’ll screw in Gungnir into her ass hole……」

Hrotsvit was boiled up with aura of killing intent characteristic of a warring race before she stood up noisily from her seat. Beatrix held back her shoulders in panic.

「Please calm down, Hrotsvit-sama! That’s just a mechanical pencil!! However it’s still dangerous enough!!」

「Don’t stop me Beatrix. Giving a lesson to this brat is for the sake of both sides. Let’s begin the third Ragnarok here……. I’ll wager my youth……」 (TN: Hrotsvit is speaking with heavy Kansai dialect here.)

「Where did you learn that strange Kansai dialect from!?」

The low level quarrel occurring inside the peaceful classroom.

「……Eei! Shut up, you rotten apples! It feels like I’m going to turn rotten too from you all making a ruckus in the same classroom as me-!!」

A sharp rebuke came flying.

The voice’s owner was a blond haired girl wearing thick glasses──Regina.

「Aren’t you able to even quietly complete your studying that you are allowed to do as a favor from a foreign country!? This disgraceful bunch of savages!!」

「The class president is clamoring again. Even though you are the loudest one here. You recommended yourself to become class president by making excuses to repay the favor or something, but don’t you think that such action is what is actually shameless? Do you know Beatrix, those glasses, it seems that it is just for show you know? It’s fake.」

「It seems she is aiming for Tokyo University you know? Hrotsvit-sama too, please follow her example.」

「Who will follow her example? Even though until half a year ago she was fighting with sword and magic, but this time she is aiming for Tokyo University? She is just an idiot that is going full circle.」

Tokyo University, when those words came out, Regina pushed up her glasses and she abruptly sneered.

「What moves the peaceful world is scholarly ability! It’s not mythology but Tokyo University!! I was defeated at the war of magic, but now, I’ll climb to the top of this country’s academic meritocracy, and then grasp the center of political power!!」

「As expected from Regina-sama! That keen insight that saw through the essence of this country called Japan is what a true intellect is!! Genius! Asoore! Perfect! Asoore!」 (TN: Asoore here is some kind of cheering sound that is done together with a particular cheering movement)

From the side a meek looking girl wearing glasses──Vera Galbaldy was cheering by clapping to the beat while sending endless flattery.

「Fuh. That I can get back on my feet and secure perfection is also because you’re staying at my side.」

Regina gently embraced Vera’s shoulder and her hand groped Vera’s breast from above her blazer.

「A, don’t Regina-sama……we are inside the classroom……」

「Fufufuh, don’t be concerned. The gaze of some rotten apples is the same as not existing at all……」

「Aa……geez Regina-sama……♡」

The classroom was in commotion seeing the two who suddenly dyed the atmosphere pink.

「……That class president and her aide are messing up the public morals inside the class again. As I thought those Italian bunches need to get dyed with tomato color at least once so that they can learn……」

「Please calm down Hrotsvit-sama, you will be scolded by Kazuki again if you rampage inside the class.」

「Who gives a damn about Kazuki! We are the armed faction!!」

At that time, Ilyailiya who looked like the uproar inside the class was just like a breeze blowing from somewhere for her, suddenly noticed Kazuki who opened the class’s door and watched over the turmoil.

「……Kazuki. Good morning.」

Ilyailiya made a faint smile.

「Good morning.」 Kazuki also replied back. That Ilyailiya was smiling at him. That hard to believe change caused him to feel happiness that made his heart be giddy.

「Muh! Kazuki, good morning!!」

Beatrix also turned towards Kazuki while casually letting go of Hrotsvit’s shoulders that she grasped as though tossing Hrotsvit away.

「……Haa. Recently Beatrix’s attitude is cold.」

「Hrotsvit-sama, what makes a peaceful society not boring is love you know, love.」

「What are you saying, this girl who become cheerful the moment she saw Kazuki’s face. Or rather, it feels very much irritating seeing Beatrix acting like my senior in love. ……Guten morgen, Kazuki.」

Hrotsvit faced him with a listless expression that was lacking in ambition. She couldn’t help but smile bitterly and felt lethargic towards this change.

「Ni hao, Kazuki. Today too you can feel grateful and honored to be able to receive the greeting from us this morning.」

Although Fu Xi’s gaze was sulky, but she didn’t ignore him and greeted him.

This was also because both sides were still looking for the impetus to shorten the distance between them.

「Hmph, good morning, king.」「Good morning, your majesty!」

Regina and Vera also greeted him.

Position of king was already not existing in Japan. However Regina was willfully continuing to call Kazuki who was the winner of that war as king. He was telling her to stop though.

It felt like she was recognizing him.

「Halloo! Kazuki-!!」

Suddenly Kazuki felt an impact from behind and two hands circled around Kazuki’s neck.

When he turned around with only his face, Alyssa was there.

Alyssa Sutcliff──the woman who once introduced herself as Arthur Basilleus.

Right now she too was his classmate.

It seemed that she too only arrived in school just now. She brought her face close to Kazuki and gave a peck on Kazuki’s cheek, and then she headed towards her seat with light footsteps.

The woman who threw away chivalry had changed into a jovial and high-tensioned big sis.

This too was a surprising change but──her appearance when she was drunk must be her true self. There had been signs since before that her personality was like this.

Gino who had the role as overseer shrugged before following behind Alyssa.

「I’m think this every morning but……this has become an outrageous class.」

「Well, we will change classes in less than one month though.」

「But we will absolutely get assigned to the same class with this group again, without doubt.」

Mio and Koyuki sighed at both sides of Kazuki.

In the battle of Kings before this──not a few lives were lost.

But just like how they came running at the endgame, although they died, their soul was clinging to their spirit body that was their Diva who had been contracted together with them for long, and so both sides were still connected at that time.

And then when all the Divas were reborn as humans──those clinging souls also recovered their flesh body like an extra and they were resurrected. Hrotsvit who submitted her sight to the Diva Odin in exchange for the wisdom of the wise man even recovered her sight back.

Even after granting the wish of Kazuki and Leme to change Divas into humans, the ultimate illusion that was the gathering of all the power of magic in this world possessed excess energy that could grant even the side wish that was the materialization of the linked dead people.

It was a miracle, but before calling this a miracle, in the first place the power of magic was already a miracle.

Part 5[edit]

「Good morning you trashes! Have you all read the career choice questionnaire? If you don’t submit it within this week, I’ll decide it for you as I please just so you know!」

The moment Liz Liza-sensei showed up at the morning homeroom, she insulted the students like usual.

Her height was really growing through this half a year, her appearance matured just for a bit, and it felt like her abusive language also turned milder. ‘Because of my appearance the students might be underestimating me……’, she was gradually breaking out from such uneasiness. And also everyone in the class already knew that Liz Liza-sensei was an adult that should be respected.

「Listen, just as you all know the knight order was reorganized into the JSDF. Following that, this Knight Academy is also having a fresh start as the training school for the JSDF.」

The differentiation between magic department and sword department was also gone……although the school building was still separated, so in this class there was only the girl students of the former magic department.

From next year it would be a mix of male and female.

「However, it’s not like you all enrolled into this academy because you want to enter the JSDF. There, as a special measure towards the present students, the class will be divided between JSDF officer development course and ordinary courses for the students who will be in second year or third year next year!」

The Knight Order and JSDF had similar roles with regards to the country, but in reality what they did was only falsely similar. The ability demanded by the two organizations was also completely different.

The treatment from society towards both sides was also different from each other. The Knight Order gathered attention from society like an idol. It was exactly for that reason that even when Stigma emerged on someone, without regard of their own will their future freedom was robbed. There were few people who complained their dissatisfaction.

The destiny of the girls who should be able to become idols in the future was overturned for better or worse. The culprit who caused that──was none other than Kazuki.

That was why each time Liz Liza-sensei brought this talk to the students, Kazuki felt ashamed.

「About the JSDF officer development course, right after graduation its student will be piling up training to be able to carry the duty as JSDF officials while aiming for defense college. Basically its student will be prioritized as leader cadets. Although you will need the resolve to decide your future for that. If you change your mind midway, you can also refuse the appointment, but I cannot deny that it will become a long detour.」

These girls had lived until now only thinking about becoming Magika Stigma all this time.

It must be difficult for them to harden their resolve to live as JSDF officials within half a year.

「Compared to that, in ordinary courses your options will be far and wide. Although the knowledge of you all isn’t that high. After all until now you ignored studying to practice magic and group battle. But……we won’t let you all become the sacrifice of society, that is the responsibility of the country and the adults.」

There once was a time when the returning home soldiers couldn’t find jobs and became a social problem. This situation was similar to that, but such result couldn’t be allowed to be repeated.

「Many universities are extending their support, they are preparing more quota for recommendations where you are given preference for admittance. Having said that, even if you get pitied and accepted into a university with high standard, but a lot of effort will be necessary so you can keep up with your surroundings. Hence the academy is planning to offer special supplementary lessons after school free of charge. I wish that you will make use of that proactively. ……What’s with the face of you all?」

The students were making complicated expressions.

They were told that they could study for free. Well obviously their expressions would be complicated even if they were told that.

「Regarding the fields other than studying, there is also plans for a special class that will invite lecturers or celebrities from various fields. I don’t care even if you don’t study, I also don’t care what kind of field you choose so, I wish that all of you can find a future that you want to do. We are planning to push your back with everything we have.」

After Liz Liza-sensei told them until that far, they would feel like thinking about their future seriously. The students were all making quiet expressions.

Behind the sincere stance towards the students whose life were twisted, there were Chief Yamagata and Headmaster Amasaki who gave their efforts in every aspect. At the moment when Kazuki made that decision, he wasn’t thinking at all about the nearby problem like the future of himself and his classmates.

Kind adults were something to be thankful for.

Right now, when he was thinking about what kind of adult he wanted to become, he couldn’t help but feel respect towards Liz Liza-sensei, Chief Yamagata, and Headmaster Amasaki.

「Well……it can also be said that you all have gotten back your freedom. We misrepresented Magika Stigma into something like flashy and glamorous idols, but originally forcefully deciding the life of children at your age is not something good at all, no matter the reasoning. That’s what I thought. You only can live your life once. I want you all to widen your horizon and think once more. Well, if you are troubled then for the time being just go to university okay, university. Don’t you dare think something like ‘what a dull future, that’s’, anything and everything all depend on yourself.」

Thinking back, perhaps their reality until now wasn’t real.

A reality and yet it wasn’t real, saying it like that was strange but…….

He felt like his life was radically changing into something vivid and real.

And thus, all the illusions collapsed.

The swordsman of magic department became a normal high school student.


Amasaki Mio-san is at the Forefront[edit]

Part 1[edit]

「Ehehe~♪ Today is the long awaited day where I monopolize Kazu-nii~♪」

Mio was hugging Kazuki’s arm tighly while her voice was lively.

「It’s great that we can freely get out with the change in the academy’s system! The date’s frequency and range will exceptionally widen compared to before!」

The livelihood as knight candidates changed into the livelihood of common high school students.

The former Stigma hosts were liberated from the burden of their undesired responsibility. And then freedom to an irresponsible degree rolled into their hands……something like that.

That day Mio said that she wanted to go shopping for spring clothes, so the two of them went to a shopping mall.

It was a holiday, and the two of them wore plain clothes.

With the lost of magic power, this was a season where cold wind seeped into the skin. Kazuki was wearing a sharp-looking P-coat, somewhat narrow pants, and leather shoes. His appearance was because Mio always told him that 『it’s better to wear sharp-looking clothes』. When he tried to ask why, she answered like this.

『Doesn’t matter what the reason is, but Kazu-nii is switching girls in rotation, so you have to make earnest effort even in appearance. While it’s a given that Kazu-nii’s insides and conduct are sincere.』

Kazuki couldn’t say anything to that.

On the other hand Mio was also wearing a sharp looking coat as though to match Kazuki. Furthermore the color tone and pattern were also matching Kazuki nonchalantly. It wasn’t to the degree that they got the so called pair look, however when they walked side by side they looked like a couple with a really great relationship.

Of course Kazuki didn’t tell Mio beforehand about what he was going to wear.

『I have grasped already something like the Kazu-nii’s code pattern.』

Mio said that nonchalantly.

The scarceness of his clothes variation was seen through…….

Kazuki also became motivated with the shopping because of how he had been seen through like that.

They purposefully rode a train and arrived at a large scale shopping mall while flirting with each other and their hands linked together.

It was an indoor type mall where everything was placed inside the building. A starry sky was depicted on the ceiling, and the design of the numerous shops was consolidated into Middle Age style. It was a standard date spot with exceptional atmosphere even while just walking around.

Although, even though it was a standard date spot, but Kazuki didn’t know of this kind of place. They came here because of Mio’s suggestion.

The two were scouring the mall for things like clothes or accessories, they were walking around while talking about whether this or that was good or not.

Suddenly Kazuki sensed something like the scheme of society in the stylish space and he asked.

「I don’t really get the sense of chasing after fashion. There are people that are like an instigator for fashion right? Isn’t that annoying like you are being made to dance in the palm of their hand so you use up your money?」

「But you will practically get tired if you keep wearing the same clothes won’t you? If at that kind of time a designer makes a suggestion like 『Then how about something like this any time now?』, it will be interesting whether you are going to get on the fad or not. It’s fine if you take only what you like from there.」

「Doesn’t it feel tiresome if you are following after fashion from a sense of duty?」

「But popularity is mass produced from chasing late after fashion. Everyone who leaps at the newest fashion the very first aren’t the type of people that will already lose interest at the timing when the fashion is heating up.」

Mio was smiling with an atmosphere like an enlightened person.

「Is, is that so……」

Then, at that time a familiar face was walking their way from the direction of other side of the shopping mall.

「Oo! Isn’t this Kazuki and Amasaki-san.」

It was Torazou-senpai who was carrying paper bags on both his arms.

「Senpai is also shopping?」

This was the first time Kazuki saw Torazou-senpai in plain clothes──he was far more fashionable then Kazuki imagined. Was he a fashionista? Torazou-senpai was wearing an individualized jacket with turtleneck at the inner, while at the bottom part he was wearing wide pants that fell straight down vertically.

His appearance really felt at the cutting edge of fashion.

Torazou-senpai rubbed under his nose looking a bit embarrassed.

「Fuh……I too am not a swordsman anymore and become a normal college student after all. I’m starting the preparation for my college debut starting from now. Yaaaayy!」

「Ya, yaaay?」

Kazuki was perplexed with the mysterious yell while waving his hand at Torazou-senpai who was walking away.

「Torazou-senpai, he look stylishly cool.」

After Kazuki saw off that back, Mio muttered with a small volume.

「……His face is big and thick. Turtleneck doesn’t suit him.」

「Cru, cruel……」

「Because with the clothes covering his neck, the presence of his face is emphasized. Although he will be able to cover for it if he wraps a muffler.」

Was his face also big and thick? An unease flashed inside Kazuki’s mind. He wasn’t conscious at all just how balanced his features were.

「Kazu-nii is alright.」

Mio said that from the side as though she sensed what Kazuki was thinking. Kazuki sighed in relief.

「No, it’s not like I’m thinking that his outfit is that strange though. Torazou-san is also a lovely person.」

Amasaki-sensei started talking while saying at the beginning that it was only her personal opinion.

「It’s often that girl fashion moves to boys after a bit of time, but I think that that kind of 『girl type fashion』 suits a person with a sweet look or perhaps a person with a salty look. Torazou-san’s look is thick and a bit old, and his built is rugged, so I’m thinking that an adult look that is leaning to the classic without getting influenced by fashion too much will make him look more reliable and dreamy.」

「I see……as expected from Amasaki-sensei. But in that case, wouldn’t it be better if you told that……」

「Because, I’m not Torazou-san’s girlfriend see.」

Mio put more strength into her hand and hugged Kazuki’s arm tightly.

「It will be alright. The paper bags Torazou-san was carrying were from brands of different taste. I think he is planning to challenge his college debut by testing various appearances. That kind of person shouldn’t need a female junior who doesn’t even know him well telling him anything.」

「You observed that far just from passing him for a moment……」

Besides, Torazou-san too wasn’t just chasing after fashion, he was properly calculating the period that was matching him and moved towards his college debut.

Kazuki shuddered toward such high level offense and defense. He wondered whether he could keep up with the battle of the normies who were hidden by these peaceful days.

「Torazou-san is already a stylish man you know……」

Mio nodded ‘uh-huh’. She was mysteriously acting condescending.

「Well, no matter what Torazou-san wears, a naked Kazu-nii is still 53,2 trillion times cooler than him though!」

「Mio really is a pervert huh, to prefer a naked man like that.」

When Kazuki replied like that while feeling relieved, Mio pouted and pulled at Kazuki’s arm.

「That’s not what I mean!」

「Then, what will you do if I appear at our meeting place wearing black long coat with chains clinking all over my body, my hands wearing fingerless gloves with my hands crossed in front of my chest while I’m saying 『The jet black noble youth……has cometh』!?」

「I’ll punch Lotte then.」

「So you’re going to aim at the source of evil……」

The current Kazuki was here by receiving influence from various people.

He could feel it substantially by the increase of his usable magic at the time when he was fighting, but even now when it became peaceful, he could feel it substantially at the scenes of every day life.

The two of them were wandering the mall leisurely and enjoyed the cloth changing show of each other.

「Going shopping with the sense like when we still had magic makes it heavy to walk around with all we’re carrying isn’t it……」

They were talking while choosing items that suited them, and then Kazuki carried what they bought.

And then while they were walking, in the mall there were also general stores lining up, not just fashion item shops.

「Kazu-nii, you like Japanese-style for a house? As I thought you’re a swordsman after all.」

「It’s not like I’m fixated with that though……but Hayashizaki family house is Japanese-styled, so that style is more calming for me. ……Mio looks like you prefer this kind of western antique huh.」

When Kazuki turned his gaze at the antique corner, Mio’s eyes shined.

「I love it! I especially like the new classic French antique of Louise XVI!!」

「……What kind of thing is that?」

「Let’s see, simply speaking it’s like an antique from the period when it had excessive ornament that looked over the top and gaudy but its atmosphere gradually became refined along with time.」

Proper image emerged on Kazuki’s mind from that relatively simple explanation. Certainly Kazuki also thought that something like that might be good. There was a lot of parts where he could sympathize with Mio’s interest.

「Then hasn’t the Witch’s Mansion hit straight at Mio’s preference?」

「Of course I love that place!! We also have to start imagining from now about our future love nest.」

「Love nest, you mean……」

「After we graduate and leave the Witch’s Mansion, where are we going to live and what kind of life it will be?」

「……That’s a difficult question.」

Kazuki groaned. It went without mention that since the peaceful world arrived he had been thinking about that all the time.

「As expected we want everyone to live together. If we all contribute money jointly, will we be able to share a large and stylish house like the Witch’s Mansion I wonder?」

「Even if I start working part time from now……」

The shopping bags he was carrying became heavy right away.

「It feels like if I ask papa for it he will actually give it though.」

Mio was doted on by her foster father to an extreme degree.

「As I thought it’s pathetic if I rely on Mio’s dad. ……If I will really get paid by yearly annuity or pension, it will be fine to use that I think.」

「Sponging off on papa’s pocket money and holding hope at yearly annuity, aren’t the two things not that different?」

Mio laughed in amusement.

「……The polygamy, we can have it recognized right?」

「Chief Yamagata is also advancing that talk for us but, perhaps, it can be recognized as a special case. I’m really in debt to that person.」

「There’s no such thing. After all it’s us who fought and bore the full brunt of everything.」

「That person is really doing various things that only he can do for us. Recently when I look at Headmaster Amasaki and Chief Yamagata, I’m keenly feeling that adult who lived splendidly is really amazing even without a sword or magic.」

「Papa isn’t that admirable of an adult. After all, he didn’t believe Kazu-nii at first.」

Now that she mentioned it, there was such a time. Kazuki too smiled reflexively.

「……It’s proper to be recognized. We saved this country with the power of everyone’s bond. So there won’t be any stupid story like all of us getting separated from each other because of this country’s law despite all that. Well, even if we don’t get the protection of the system, I think that even just de-facto marriage will be fine if it’s us.」

Kazuki felt gratitude hearing Mio say ‘us’ instead of ‘I’.

Harem……it wasn’t just his relationship with everyone that was important. He felt grateful from the bottom of his heart that everyone was respecting all the others. The relationship between everyone was good.

「We need to think about various things! Our love nest is important! ……There is also everyone’s preferences, I think a house that is surrounded by things like this will be great!」

Mio took an antique accessory into her hand while speaking affectionately.

He wouldn’t be able to afford antique furniture, but the item in Mio’s hand was a music box decorated with elegant ornaments.

「You want to buy that to bring home?」

「I’m buying it! I’ll treasure it forever so that when in the future I can take care of it while remembering that I bought this at the date with Kazu-nii at that time! Yes, forever, just like our love!」

「……So you get it huh, little girl. Your taste is quite good. Yes, 『something that grow old correctly is forever new』.」

[*tap-tap-tap*] The sound of shoes with leather sole stepping on the wooden floor was sounding, and then a smug voice that really suited such sound cut in between Kazuki and Mio.

──Something that grows old correctly is forever new……. It was a phrase that he had heard from somewhere.

When he turned around, there was that guy who he couldn’t possibly mistake as any other.

The Diva that Kazuki fought half a year ago, Lucifer.

That Basileus Basileon that Kazuki should have defeated was there.

「「The jet black fallen angel Lucifer!?」」

Kazuki and Mio crossed their both arms in front of their chest while yelling.

「……Certainly I’m also an illusion that is the symbol of chuunibyou.」

Lucifer responded by crossing both his arms reluctantly.

「He is unexpectedly reading the mood!?」

──Neutral features like an angel that couldn’t be taken as man or woman. Or rather he was really an angel.

He wore a combination of denim shirt and jeans, putting on a brown leather jacket at his top, and thick leather boots were covering his feet. At the joint part of his jeans as the center, wrinkle color loss was running everywhere like lightning. As for the leather, even with countless scratches carved on it, but it was emitting glossiness like the surface of a mirror. Darkened silver necklace and wallet chain were dangling down on his chest and waist.

Furthermore his jeans had patterns that was drawn with white paint, the leather was engraved with carving in the style of native American, and the silver also had complicated shape. Even amateurish eyes would understand that everything was made by the hands of artisans.

Mio was taken aback while going ‘oh no’.

「The representative of fashion with bad acceptance from the opposite sex……! It’s smelly even with a distance of several meters between us!! That’s almost a cosplay!! In addition that sweet musk added with the max manliness appearance is terribly disappointing from a woman’s point of view!! It’s like an act of splashing miso soup on the highest class suit!!」

「You are picking a fight huh little girl! I am transcendent from emotions like being popular or anything!!」

Well, there was that. However Mio was shaking the shoulders of the exasperated Kazuki.

「But I personally hate that kind of stubborn self-satisfaction fashion! Though I don’t want to walk side by side together with you!! Kazu-nii, that’s not something that you can see even after piling up money!! He is a walking museum!! It’s cool in a sense!!」

「So you get it huh little girl!!」

When Lucifer twirled on the spot with a pose where his hands were holding his hips, Mio went ‘kyaaaa’ with a shout of joy.

Kazuki held his breath while glaring tensely at the figure of Lucifer who was the very picture of healthy and energetic.

A Diva wouldn’t die──as long as the whole of mankind didn’t forget the illusion called Lucifer.

Kazuki didn’t kill Lucifer and exterminate him completely at that time.

And then after that Kazuki wished so that all Diva were changed into humans.

But, in that case…….

「Why didn’t you reincarnate into a baby?」

All the other Divas lost their very mystical atmosphere as a Diva itself, reincarnating into just a mere human.

But the Lucifer before their eyes wasn’t like that. He was materialized with his mystical atmosphere as a being that was far removed from human was still as before.

「You ask me why? How shameless……at that moment, didn’t you wish something like 『I want to become friend』 at me?」


Lucifer spoke with vaguely reproaching tone.

The totally unexpected reproach made Kazuki’s eyes open wide in surprise.

「Wasn’t it great even if you feel that kind of feeling just for a bit towards me too? What a horrible guy, despite your putting on air as a philanthropist.」

Lucifer let out a dramatized huge sigh and he shrugged like an American.

「No, it was a moment of the final decisive battle where the last conclusion is settled after our opinion clashed so violently like that you know!? Naturally my head was completely filled with the thought of beating you!」

「……No, your head wasn’t filled with the thought of beating me. You were thinking different thing.」


「You don’t remember about that moment? You thought it when you defeated me. ──『Watch』, you thought that. I replied to that at that time you know?」


「That’s why I became something like that. A being that is observing the world’s fate. Until this me who was the incarnation of despair comes to an understanding, I will be an existence like a shadow that will only be observing the world for eternity.」

「……You were reincarnated into an immortal human who cannot die when you want to die?」

Kazuki unconsciously thought, ‘that’s not something to complain for isn’t it?’.

However Lucifer suddenly showed an ironic smile.

「No, your contracted Diva said it right? ──A materialized concept and human are different. How ironic, Lemegeton rejected only me and I was left behind. ……Well, I don’t mind it. I like humans. I’ll apologize about using something like tsunami to agitate you. I wished to become the absolute god and guide humanity……I wanted to become the 『father』 of all of you but……just watching until my satisfaction is sated is also not bad.」

Kazuki stared fixedly at Lucifer’s figure once more.

This guy once said that he liked the 『civilization』 like the clothes and the furniture before human developed culture and science technology.

Just as he said, even now he was wearing an outfit as though he was covering his body with the warmth of the artisans themselves.

This guy wasn’t lying by any means when he said that he loved humans.

He was just overprotective.

「You too won’t be unable to change the world anymore from here on you know?」

Lucifer said that without even a shred of ill will or hostility, it was merely a warning to him.

「Obviously. I’m just a single individual human……being able to do things like magic and sword is strange.」

There was no 『King』 or the like in this world right now.

The governments of the adults, the international diplomacy, the free trade, all those were moving the world dynamically. Kazuki who was still a child……no, truthfully speaking no one in the world was able to understand the world that was constantly changing in complicated ways that was impossible to understand.

The current him was very tiny. He was even still unclear about his future course.

Kazuki who was once called a King, and the fallen angel who dreamed to rule over mankind, the two who had been completely changed into a diminutive existence stared at each other.

「How will the world change……you too can do nothing about it except watching over it while leaving your body to age until you die. Even if this world progressed to a mistaken direction, you won’t be able to make any interference.」

Lucifer spoke sadly.

No, rather than sadness it was uneasiness. Or perhaps loneliness.

Lucifer was disheartened about being unable to do anything.

「I won’t regret my choice. I believe in the world. It’s not like I’ll be able to live until several hundred years but……it will be proven soon anyway.」

「……I guess it will be like that.」

Kazuki didn’t waver. Lucifer averted his eyes and looked down as though he was unable to receive that gaze right from the front, he then passed through Kazuki’s side silently.

「……The technique you showed in the end was splendid. It’s not a technique that is needed in the world from here on. However, it’s something worthy to be proud of that mankind is mankind.」

When Kazuki turned around, Lucifer’s back was fading and he vanished as though melting into the scenery,

「I also understand the feeling of the people who were defeated by you.」

Leaving those words behind, he couldn’t be seen any more in that place.

Part 2[edit]

After finishing their shopping, Kazuki and Mio headed to a restaurant that Mio recommended to have lunch.

That place felt more like an event space + food court rather than a restaurant.

The grand date spot located under the overhead structure of a national highway was developed jointly by the government and private sector as culture transmission and tourist facility.

The dimness of the place due to the overhead structure blocking the sunlight was used to set up the mood, gaudy light from things like mirror ball and neon light was producing a bewitching space. There was a stage at the center. There, a musician was doing a musical performance of an unknown genre with very loud volume. Countless tables were lined up at the stage’s surrounding, while counters styled like stands were standing in a row along the outer wall, selling multinational food.

Kazuki was shocked that this kind of place was built in the best district of the metropolis.

The two of them ordered a lot in small plate like kebab, Hainan rice, chili con carne, and so on, sharing the food with each other.

「So Mio sniffed out this kind of interesting place without overlooking it huh.」

「I heard about it when talking with my fellow models before.」

「An overwhelming normie……if Mio can convert your girl power into combat strength, there is no doubt that Mio will be able to beat Lucifer to death by yourself.」

「Kazu-nii, what are you saying, even though you are the one who saved the world.」

「……When it become a peaceful world, I cannot win against Mio at all. At this rate Mio might spread your wings to become a model or actress or fashion designer, leaving me behind.」

「What’s with that sudden negativity. That sounds otaku-ish.」

Mio’s finger snapped at Kazuki’s forehead [*pechiiin*].

「This spoiled good for nothing!」

「Spoiled good for nothing……?」

「Kazu-nii forget right away that I too want to support Kazu-nii. I understand you know? Even I was doted on at the prosperous Amasaki family, but in the end I’m just an adopted child. I thought that I have to act myself, that I have to do something myself. But even if Kazu-nii becomes a middle aged shut-in NEET, I won’t mind.」

「No, no matter what that’s too much.」

「About that, if it’s someone whose motivation is zero right from the start and then he did whatever he could to become like that, then of course I’ll beat up someone like that. But Kazu-nii isn’t someone like that. Even when we talked about the future house just now, even though it was a talk about a place where everyone will live together, Kazu-nii thought about it self-centeredly. You are thinking that naturally you have to be the one shouldering the burden of the future household too. If you are thinking like that, then you will get crushed sooner or later. After all, Kazu-nii doesn’t have special powers anymore.」

He had no special power. Right, he threw it away by his own will.

Even though he had acted proudly to Lucifer about that just now.

「But that’s fine. After all, everyone simply loves Kazu-nii. That feeling of love, Kazu-nii has lost the power to save the world, but with just the feeling of love it can become the reason to support each other. It’s no good if Kazu-nii cannot believe in that.」

「……Yes, you’re right.」

「I’ll succeed in a way of living that is like me, and if it’s a success in something charismatic or whatever, Kazu-nii can give me your praise, it’s fine like that. If something bothersome happens to Kazu-nii while Kazu-nii is living in a way that is like you, you can come and depend on me. Because if Kazu-nii do that then even I will absolutely feel happy.」

Having a partner where both sides loved each other, both sides were respectively living in a way that was like them. If they could just do that then they could become happy. There was no doubt that it was the ideal society.

Though just like Lucifer said, even now somewhere in the world, there were countries or places where such things didn’t apply──.


Kazuki stood up from the table, affection was welling up excessively inside him. Mio also sensed it and stopped her hand from picking on the food, she turned her face to Kazuki who approached beside her.

「Geez, even though we are in the middle of eating lunch, in this kind of place……」

Kazuki’s upper body leaned over, his left hand pulled closer the waist of Mio who was still sitting, his right hand lifted up Mio’s chin and their lips touched each other.

Their lips confirmed each other’s lips, and then unable to get satisfied with that their tongues entangled together.

「……Nn……fufuh♪ There is the taste of coriander……♪」

Mio let out a smile. They repeated their deep kisses as though to erase that kind of taste while it felt like watery sound could be heard leaking out.

Right now he was exactly acting spoiled to Mio.

However the entangling tongue and tongue wasn’t just a one-sided thing.

Part 3[edit]

When they finished lunch, Kazuki and Mio came to a skate ring.

They were shopping in the morning and skating in the afternoon. It was a schedule that was truly using up the whole day for playing around.

What made Kazuki feel astonished was that there was a skate ring on the rooftop of a department store in the city.

「I didn’t know that there was something like this……」

「Even department stores are making schemes to gather customers. This place is not really known yet, a really good out-of-the-way place♪」

They entered in without any change in appearance and borrowed skating shoes, then they entered into the ring that, while it was a bit cramped, but it was splendidly covered with ice. With the location being on the rooftop of a department store, it was a sky ring so to speak.

「Who, whoops……」

Kazuki was faltering like a newborn fawn.

「Fufuh, Kazu-nii, this is your first time skating?」

Mio smiled and lent her hand to the faltering Kazuki. Kazuki jumped at Mio’s arm as though partly clinging on her. It made Mio become even happier.

「Yaaai, yaaai, Kazu-nii is pathetic♪」

「Didn’t you only say just now that you will let me depend on you!?」

「Ehehe, I don’t mind you know~. You can cling on my arm as much as you want. ……But Kazu-nii, didn’t you do something like a skate with Koyuki’s magic?」

Moves In The Field──it was an assist magic that froze the surrounding ground, formed blades made of ice on the feet of oneself and their comrades, hindering the opponent’s movement while their side would glide freely without restriction.

However when Kazuki was asked that, he felt like that magic was skating that wasn’t skating.

Because that was the product of illusion.

「That magic felt like if you imagine then you can move just as you imagined. How should I say it, it felt like you are only playing a skating game. Just because you are skilled in a skating game doesn’t mean that you will be skilled at real skating……wawawah!」

Kazuki’s balance was crumbling even while clinging onto Mio’s arm, he almost tumbled down. However, when he pitched forward his face was buried into Mio’s soft chest.

Or rather, thanks to Mio’s breasts’ elasticity he barely held on.

「Kazu-nii you pervert─♪」

「Wro, wrong! Just now was an accident!! Ah, but, so it’s like this……?」


Kazuki suddenly lifted up his face as though he just noticed something, then he separated himself from Mio’s arm right away.

And then without pause he was gliding rea─lly smoothly.

「I see, so it’s no good if you move your foot like you are walking. And then the weight transfer is like this……」

[*Whoo─sh, whoo─sh*], Kazuki cut straight across the ring.

「Wa, wait for me Kazu-nii! Wait, fast!?」

Mio tried to follow behind in a hurry, but she couldn’t chase after Kazuki and instead she almost tumbled down.

Mio raised a voice filled with indignation that she couldn’t clear away.

「De……depend on me a little bit more than this─! It’s always, always like this, just when I thought that Kazu-nii is acting timid and depending on me, you solve it alone right away, this is why─!! Nyaa─h!!」

Kazuki performed a beautiful U-turn and returned to Mio’s position in a panic.

Part 4[edit]

The two of them once more keenly felt that magic power had vanished from the world.

After skating for a while, the two’s calves felt like they were filled to the bursting.

For even Kazuki whose body was trained to feel like that was because even his muscles that normally weren’t used were now overworked.

And also, currently the two of them still hadn’t clearly grasped the true limit of their stamina when it wasn’t getting boosted by magic power. When they did exercise or played with the same feeling as in the past, they would immediately get worn out.

Because of that the footsteps of the two were unsteady. However they also had the feeling that it was still too fast to go home.

「Let’s rest somewhere. Like in a café……no, karaoke! Let’s do karaoke!!」

If they were going to rest no matter what, then it shouldn’t be just resting but also include an element of playing. It was a choice that was typical of Mio. If it was Kaguya-senpai or Koyuki, then they surely would have choosen the calm café.

The two of them exited the department store and returned until in front of the station, then they found a karaoke place successfully.

「Here, it’s no good if it isn’t this place.」

「There are several karaoke clubs but, is this one different?」

「From the number of songs, composition, the room’s atmosphere……the Amasaki karaoke council has decided that this place is number one from the balance of all those factors and more.」

Mio took out a golden membership card and she finished the procedure at the reception with an experienced manner. It couldn’t be helped if that was what the council decided.

Perhaps because of the gold card’s effect, they were shown into a pointlessly spacious room even though they were just two customers.

Kazuki and Mio sat down with their shoulders pressing against each other, completely wasting the spacious room that they had been specially given.

Mio quickly took the remote control and pressed the button to choose a song of a female idol.

Her figure adjusting the detail of the sound volume of the mike and so on while waiting until the intro started to look completely like the iron man of karaoke. She was completely experienced.

……Kazuki was unintentionally astonished. This was his first time coming to karaoke with Mio, but she was skilled.

It was a singing voice that dealt a clear impact on Kazuki who didn’t really get about what was skilled and not skilled in singing. A loud transparent voice pervaded until every nook and cranny of the room. It was an atmosphere that said that getting the rhythm and interval correct was only natural. Emotion was poured matching the song lyrics, she was singing at the top of her voice with a poetic voice that fervently made the listener feel the heat.

He felt that that depth of emotion was really like Mio.

Kazuki had never gone to something like a live idol concert until now. He was shocked that 『the live singing voice of a skilled person』 would be so moving to this degree.

While listening attentively……he took the song selection remote and froze.

‘……What am I going to sing after this?’

He had no proper experience in things like karaoke. Far from that, he didn’t even have the habit of listening to songs that were currently popular.

If he had to say what kind of song that he had familiarity with──he had no other option than saying an anime song.

When he saw anime together with Lotte and Kamimura-san, they didn’t skip the opening and ending songs, it had become half habit for the three of them to sing together in high spirits. Depending on the situation they would also dance.

If it was an anime song, he could say that he could sing.

……However it was nothing but foolhardiness to showcase such thing after this beautiful performance!

While Kazuki was in distress, Mio was singing without even being aware of that while sending glances at him. Her face told him how much she wanted to get praised.

……She didn’t even notice how her beautiful voice was turning into pressure on him.

Mio finished her song with 「Yaaay」 while making a peace sign, and then she handed the mike to Kazuki.

Kazuki was clapping his hands while accepting the mike.

At the same time the preview image of the anime song Kazuki picked was starting to flow.

「I know this one! Lotte often sang it to herself, I really like this band’s piece!」

Mio bit on the intro and began clapping to the beat.

Kazuki began to sing timidly.

His voice that was amplified through the mike sounded unfamiliar and fresh to him.

Even so, the song was starting to enter further into the lyrics.

Suddenly, Mio made a gesture with one hand lifted up and her fingers pointing above repeatedly.

It was a hand sign that seemed to tell him 『Higher』.

He wasn’t aware of it himself but it seemed that his tone was out of sync. When he adjusted his voice to be higher pitched, his singing indeed became fit to a tee. Mio made a clenched fist hand sign.

And then when it was at a place where the rhythm turned faster, or at the vague extra part that he had never heard in the anime version, Mio matched her voice and sang together with him.

When he sang together with Mio, he could feel that his singing was also getting thirty percent better.

……He felt as though he was in a ball where he was sticking out like a sore thumb and then he received an attentive escort from a prince. Even so when the song was finished Mio clapped energetically for him.

「Mio really is handsome huh.」

「What are you saying. ……At the song just now, Kazu-nii’s voice sounded a bit strong for it.」

「That’s because many anime songs have female vocalists singing it. But I don’t really have many chance to hear music other than anime songs.」

「Then what about this song then? It’s from a male vocalist that I like! I recommend it!! When we get back I’ll lend it to Kazu-nii!」

Saying that Mio chose a song and an intense intro that attracted the hearing started playing.

Mio lowered her tone, but even like that she began to sing without sounding forced.

This was her voice when she said 『I’ll punch Lotte then』──her singing range was vast.

Certainly it was a cool song. Kazuki immediately liked it. But perhaps he was only charmed by the coolness of the singing Mio. There was even the possibility that he would be disappointed instead when he heard the original song.

That was how charming the singing Mio was.

His affection towards Mio welled up once more.

Kazuki gently put his arm around Mio who was sitting right beside him, and then he embraced her onto his lap.

Mio too leaned on Kazuki without resistance while continuing to sing.

Kazuki tightly hugged Mio who was singing stylishly from the back, then he rubbed his cheek on her slender neck. Chuckling was seeping into Mio’s singing voice and her body twisted ticklishly.

They hadn’t changed clothes since they were skating. Mio’s scent was thicker than when they had magic power. Kazuki didn’t know whether it should be called as fetishism, but he felt attracted to her scent. The presence of the girl called Mio stood out to him even stronger.

That Mio was raising her cool singing voice even now. He earnestly thought that she was a charming lover.

She was cool and charming, so Kazuki lovingly rubbed her body.

His right hand stroked and caressed her breast, while his left hand did the same to her thigh.

Mio shivered sensitively, a sweet echo oozed into her singing voice.

Even so Mio raised her voice so that the melody didn’t get disarrayed.

Right now Kazuki had become unable to look for the spot where girls felt good using the fluctuation of positivity level. However he already had the full knowledge of all of Mio’s tender spots.

On the other hand Mio and others had their pleasure sensitivity magnified by magic power, but right now they had lost their magic power. However, due to the repeated act, the pleasure of that time was carved into the girls’ nerves and it seemed that even now they were having flashbacks of identical sensations of those times.

The change to Kazuki that transformed him into being matchless because of everyone’s wish also stayed. In other words only in everything that was related with lewd things stayed unchanged at all compared to half a year ago when magic still existed.

Kazuki’s loving caress drew out the carnality from Mio just as he wished, as though he was playing a musical instrument. An Adam touch that was like magic. (TN: I looked up Adam touch. It seemed that it’s a method for slow sex, where you put your hand two centimeters above the body without touching, and then used only your five fingers to caress.)


Just by caressing from above her clothes, Mio came a little at the timing when the song reached the peak.

Even so Mio didn’t slump down limply in exhaustion, she finished singing the piece beautifully.

「I want to hear Mio’s song, so you can continue singing you know?」

Kazuki hugged her from behind and said that while sweetly rubbing his skin on Mio. The softness of her breast and thigh was priceless.

Mio went 「……Geez」 in exasperation although her voice didn’t sound like she actually hated it.

「At karaoke……there are security cameras here……」

Mio maintained her self-control and warned Kazuki. Mio wasn’t the type that would indulge in her inner perversion.

Mio started singing once more and Kazuki also caressed her lovingly, matching the timing when the melody peaked.

He opened the button of her blouse just for a little and his right hand slipped in, his left hand also sneaked inside her skirt. Her underwear was soaked wet. Right now they also were already unable to cover up their deed by using the power of magic to evaporate the wetness.

At the timing when the music reached the part of the climax……Kazuki stimulated the tender spot strongly in one go.

Mio’s upper body twitched fiercely and bent backwards, her thighs opened widely as though she had forgotten the existence of the security camera too. Her body reflexively spread open in order to accept the pleasure. However she immediately recovered her reasoning and she closed her thighs while her body kept twitching all over.

Even so Mio tried to gallantly continue singing coolly with teary eyes. A single line of saliva was slowly trailing down from the corner of her periodically gasping lips.

Kazuki loved seeing the face of the fashionable Mio who possessed strong self-control breaking down into a disheveled state like that.

Mio continued to sing for two, three more songs……she continued to climax in the amount that was twice of that, before Mio finally threw away the mike.

「……Let’s go home to the Witch’s Mansion?」

She turned her head his way and spoke with a gasping breath.

「I don’t want to get toyed with just your finger……I want Kazu-nii……」

「Mio is a lewd girl huh.」

It had become the usual for Kazuki to say that after making her disheveled like this.

「Kazu-nii you idiot-!」

However, it wasn’t just Mio whose patience was tested here. Naturally, Mio too should have noticed the condition of that thing that was poking on her butt.

Kazuki and Mio were going back to the Witch’s mansion while cuddling intimately with each other.

The hand of Kazuki that was holding Mio’s waist was constantly crawling subtly, continuing his caressing, so that her passion wouldn’t cool down. Mio too kept breathing roughly and her body and breast were glued on Kazuki rubbingly. Her expression was vacant and feverish. Each time their feet stopped at the traffic they would kiss. They were a couple walking through the street with a cloud of obscenity faintly lingering above them.

When they arrived at the Witch’s Mansion, the two went straight to Kazuki’s room while avoiding everyone’s gazes. Without even going to shower, Mio wordlessly laid down on the bed, and Kazuki too impatiently stripped off those fashionable clothes like a kid tearing open the wrappings of a present, and then──.

Kazuki never got tired of it no matter how many times he embraced Mio.

Perhaps that was because he was also embracing other girls too, but perhaps that wasn’t all.

The two of them were laying down side by side on the bed completely satisfied. And then Mio whispered in a small voice.

「Perhaps it’s better like this instead, that I cannot monopolize Kazu-nii everyday.」


「……If I’m pleasured like this everyday, perhaps my head will turn stupid and I won’t be able to think of anything else other than this……. I’ll absolutely become like an addict……」

A few days after that──at the early afternoon tea time in the Witch’s Mansion.

Excluding Kazuki, the girls were sitting around tea and snacks. They were right in the middle of girl talk.

「What kind of date everyone has done recently?」

Mio asked so to everyone. The seniors were also present, so she used polite language.

It wasn’t that she was harboring antagonism to the other girls, the question was purely a material for a normal talk.

Kaguya-senpai answered first.

「You see, I was brought to a skate ring located on the rooftop of a department store! I didn’t know that there was a ring at that kind of place, so I was really surprised with Otouto-kun’s information network. Besides Otouto-kun was really good at skating!」


Mio reflexively leaked out a stupid voice. Hikaru-senpai answered next.

「As for me, I was brought to a shopping mall. I got a lot of advice about girlish appearance. Kazuki is stylish after all, he is also knowledgeable with that kind of thing isn’t he!」

「……Ha? Kazuki is stylish and knowledgeable……」

Mio’s face was turning ridiculed.

「I was brought to a karaoke. That was the first time I went to a karaoke, but Kazuki knew the popular songs and he can also sing well. He was cool.」

When Koyuki answered with a dazed and blushing face, Mio almost spurted out the tea she was drinking.

‘……What I did with Kazuki, all of it became material for his date with other girls!!’

It wasn’t like she was indignant because she was used as a stepping stone.

However, hearing that Kazuki was knowledgeable about good dating spots, or that he was fashionable, or that he knew about songs was…….

When she thought that the origin that caused everyone to be ecstatic and falling in love with Kazuki all over again all came from her, the tea inside her stomach was boiling up.

Perhaps, depending on the way one thought, then this might actually be her harem too.

「Even in a peaceful world, his way of fighting by obtaining strength from bonds doesn’t change……」

Mio muttered that to herself, to which Koyuki tilted her head saying 「What are you saying?」.

「Kazuki-oniisan is planning to bring me and Itsuki-san to <Hobby Festival Winter> desu!」

Lotte spoke brightly.

‘……Ah, that’s unrelated. The genre is different.’

Suddenly a strange picture was emerging in Mio’s head. She and Lotte was pulling at Kazuki towards completely different directions, she was pulling Kazuki towards the sunlight, while Lotte was pulling towards the world of otakus…….

She didn’t plan to reject the hobby of Lotte and the others, but there was no way she could let Kazuki get dyed by that. Balance was essential in everything. She felt like there was a heavy responsibility hanging on her shoulder…….

Showing the husband the right way was exactly the duty of the wife!

「Mio-oneesan? What’s the matter desu?」

Lotte tilted her head with an innocent expression.

「Lotte is the mastermind of darkness! You’re Satan! I absolutely won’t lose against you! I’ll raise Kazu-nii into the ideal character handsome man standing under the bright sun!!」

「Mastermind of darkness!? Satan!?」

Mio’s body leaned forward and she stretched wide [*munii~*] Lotte’s cheeks, while Lotte happily said 「Please stooop~♪」.

「Fufufuh, what a peaceful quarrel.」

Kaguya-senpai smiled gently in affection at the gentle ordinary day.


The Pet of Witch’s Mansion Koyuki[edit]

The door of the room was knocked exactly three times.

Kazuki had just got back from the academy. He fixed back on the jacket that he was in the process of taking off and then he turned to the door’s direction.

The door opened with clicking sound,


And, Koyuki’s face showed up. Her appearance was also in her uniform right after coming home from the academy.

「So it’s Koyuki.」

Kazuki embraced Koyuki who came to his side with a small jog and then he stroked her head without any reason.

While doing that, he noticed her hand carrying something strange.

「A collar……?」

It was a collar. There was even a long cord attached to it.

「Kazuki, you said it before. That you want to treat a girl like a pet and tame her.」

There was no way he would say something abnormal like that…….

Was what Kazuki thought, but when he thought hard, he really had said something similar.

He said something to Kamimura-san that, if she wanted to be supported by him, then she couldn’t say any complain even if he did whatever to her, and then he said it would be something like treating her completely like a pet.

He said that with the intention of threatening Kamimura-san but……come to think of it, at that time Koyuki was secretly,

『That’s a reward』 she said, with her eyes shining bewitchingly.

That was a light of suffering. The masochism switch of Koyuki was turned on.

「……If you are going to forcefully turn someone reluctant into a pet, then first you should turn your sight to a partner that isn’t reluctant.」

Koyuki pulled at Kazuki’s sleeve with sparkling eyes. From her gesture, it was as though she was appealing hard to him with the words of ‘look, look after me’.

「In other words, Koyuki is hopelessly wanting to get treated like a pet that I can mess up however I like, and you came to me asking for it by yourself, is that it?」

Kazuki also showed a sadistic grin. When he understood the way to make Koyuki happy, Kazuki himself was also starting to become self-aware of the way to enjoy that.

That was the change in Koyuki and the change in Kazuki with regards to the relationship between these two.

「I, if Kazuki says that you want to do such a thing, then I……」

Koyuki’s cheeks reddened faintly and she averted her gaze aside.

So far as it went, on the surface she was a cool elf girl even now.

Kazuki snatched the collar from Koyuki’s hand, fastened it on her slender neck and then his hand grasped the cord.

When he lightly pulled, Koyuki was dragged his way.

It was a feedback that stimulated his sense of possession.

「But Koyuki, isn’t it strange that you’re wearing clothes while you’re a pet?」

Kazuki stated so.

When he threatened Kamimura-san with pet treatment, he didn’t have any sadistic imagination swelling up inside his mind. Kamimura-san wasn’t a masochist. She was an owner of a delicate mentality that was fragile like tofu, so if by any chance Kazuki shouted at her then she would surely shut herself in her room for three days and three nights.

However when the partner was Koyuki, his imagination was changing to the direction that suited Koyuki. It was necessary to have a completely different way of thinking when he was playing with Koyuki than when he was playing with everyone else.

Koyuki’s cheeks blushed bright red, then she smoothly stripped off her uniform’s coat, and then her blouse, and skirt. She didn’t hesitate. What she felt was genuine arousal rather than shame.

Her fantastically white skin had immaturity remaining in it. Above her skin there was only lovely light blue underwear remaining.

There Koyuki gazed upward towards Kazuki in anticipation.

She wasn’t feeling ashamed and hesitated because of it. She was waiting to be commanded.

「Come on, you’re a pet so you have to take off the underwear.」

「……Ye, yes♪」

She looked happy. When she was commanded it was as though her switch was turned on and she took off her bra without hesitation, and discarded her panty too on the floor.

She truly looked like when she was born──no, her appearance was truly that of the animal called human.

‘Koyuki is really hopeless huh……’ Kazuki was thinking so while he too couldn’t deny that he was feeling a perverse thrill.

「You’re standing on two legs even though you’re a pet?」

When he said that, Koyuki dropped down on all fours right away like a baby.

「Fu-fu-fu, how cute……」

Kazuki chuckled repulsively. He was in the mood.

He really thought her cute. It was a strange cuteness. The girl who showed complete obedience to him gave him possessive desires, lust for conquest……and sadistic impulses.

All those became spice that produced a degenerate depth in Koyuki’s unrealistically beautiful face that looked like a fairy.

Kazuki circled behind her. Her pure white butt was gaping open, everything was exposed defenselessly. There was a perverted sight there. In order to fan up her shame further, Kazuki slapped lightly on that butt several times, and his finger slo─wly traced the spot that was modestly closed.

The girl’s dampness was increasing viscously.

Koyuki shook her butt to the left and right. As though telling him to not tease her.

That gesture meant that she wanted to be teased.

Kazuki didn’t touch her more than that and only stared fixedly, a liquid was dripping viscously from the shaken butt, and he became able to hear Koyuki’s breathing turning rough.

「Koyuki, hand.」

Kazuki said that from behind Koyuki and he stuck out his hand.

「Tha, that’s……something like that……」

「Why are you talking even though you’re a pet?」


According to Koyuki, a rabbit’s cry sounded like ‘puu’. It was a puzzle whether a rabbit could be asked to give the pet owner its hand like a dog, but Koyuki stayed crawling on all fours while making a U-turn towards his direction before she put her cute hand on Kazuki’s palm.

「Good girl, good girl.」

Kazuki’s hand crawled on Koyuki’s chin and cheek and he enjoyed her softness. Koyuki’s face was soft everywhere.

「Puu, puu♡」

Koyuki gave a lick at the finger tip of Kazuki that was touching her face. And then without pause she put that finger into her mouth, crawled her tongue on it, and sucked.

Kazuki also caressed Koyuki’s tongue with his finger.

It was a teasing stimulation for both sides──however Koyuki became absorbed in sucking at the finger and her eyes closed ecstatically. She was drunk in the feeling of servitude.

「Koyuki, beg.」


She replied terribly nicely that Kazuki almost laughed.

Koyuki rolled so that she was lying down face up, then she shrank in her limbs.

Beg. It was a pose of a puppy showing its navel.

She was staring still at Kazuki wantingly while her breathing was also becoming 「Hah-hah……」 sounding like a puppy.

With an innocence like a puppy and a stance of servitude that was completely off guard──her indecent spot that was drenched wet was also completely exposed. Against that destructive power, Kazuki also felt his thing towering hard.

「Kuu~nn, kuu~nn♡」 Koyuki cried.

‘Aren’t you a rabbit? Your character isn’t stable.’

「Good girl, good girl.」

Kazuki stroked Koyuki’s navel. Koyuki shivered while her breast and thighs were fidgeting. Her gesture told him that what he was doing felt good, but she wanted to be touched at the more sensitive spot.

「I see, you don’t want only your stomach get caressed huh.」

「Puu, puu……」

She nodded up and down repeatedly.

「Then Koyuki isn’t my cute pet, but a lewd bitch huh……」

Kazuki let out a sigh looking disappointed and stood up.


Koyuki’s face looked like the world had just ended.

「This kind of treatment is what suites a lewd bitch!」

Kazuki suddenly……stepped on Koyuki’s nether region with his bare foot.


Koyuki raised a joyful voice.

Once before this Kazuki intensely messed up Koyuki by doing gas pedal punishment (TN: Pressing your foot on female genitals while pulling on her feet). This kind of act hit Koyuki’s bull’s eye.

Kazuki minutely vibrated the sole of his foot while grinding on her sensitive spot, causing Koyuki’s body to writhe and twist.

The back of his foot was smeared by slippery liquid, and then he was moving so that the sensitive spot was rubbed with that slipperiness.

「Puuh, puuh……♡」

「Getting happy like this when your important place as a girl is stepped on, you’re disqualified as a girl. Right now Koyuki looks like a rabbit in heat.」

It was a verbal attack that almost caused him to choke even though he was saying it himself, but on the other hand Koyuki’s excitement and pleasure was increasing rapidly with an enraptured look on her face.

However, it would be boring if he satisfied her easily like that. Kazuki stopped his foot completely.

「Pu, puu?」

Koyuki stared at Kazuki questioningly, she shook herself to rub her nether region on the sole of his foot. But Kazuki quickly retracted back his foot to escape from that.

And then his hand took the cord stretching out from her collar and he pulled with a jerk.

Koyuki couldn’t possibly stand up on her two feet, so she crawled on all fours once more.

「Okay, Koyuki. We are going to take a walk.」


Even Koyuki shook her head in panic from hearing that.

「……What, Koyuki is going to go against your owner? Good grief, for a pet to refuse getting walked, so in the end you only have an interest in lewd things. You’re the worst.」

「Pu, puu……」

A shiver ran through Koyuki’s spine hearing that. When Kazuki wordlessly pulled the cord towards the door, Koyuki followed crawling on the floor.

Kazuki opened the door and got out to the corridor of the Witch’s Mansion. He was leading the stark naked Koyuki who was crawling on the floor.

The air felt colder than inside the room.

An extremely sensible uneasiness that said ‘No matter how much everyone is a trusted comrade to me, but if they see me looking like this then……’ was spreading in Koyuki’s expression. However her cheeks went even redder, her thighs were painfully trembling, and the voltage of her excitement wasn’t abating even for a bit.

Kazuki was making her to do something outrageous. She was obeying what Kazuki was telling her to do, even when it escalated until something this outrageous. She was ruled by the pride that came from such servile mentality.

──But it was exactly at that time, there was the presence of someone going up the stair.

「Not babumi♪ Not babumi♪ She is a real mama seee♪」 (TN: If there is a girl who possesses a caring heart, broad mindedness, and protectiveness like a mother even though she is of younger age, it will be said that 「She has babumi」)

They could hear footsteps along with a cheerful singing voice coming their way. This song lyrics and melody that left impression to the listener……it was the 『Not Babumi』 that was the theme song of the anime 『Mobile Suit ZZ Galpan』 that was popular years ago.

There was no need to even think, it was undoubtedly Lotte’s singing voice.

Koyuki twitched and trembled, then she immediately tried to return inside the room. However, Kazuki pulled at the cord and prevented her from doing so. Koyuki looked up at him with a shocked face.

The one coming was Lotte.

The veteran swordsman Kazuki instantly judged that it would be fine if it was Lotte.

Previously there was a time when Lotte said this to Kazuki.

『For someone who walks the otaku life, they will inevitably become versed in every kind of play……. Fu-fu-fu……my disposition is <The Almighty> desu!』

Kazuki was troubled even if she talked like that to him just like a last boss who shed light on his own ability, but if it was Lotte who boasted about such things then she should show understanding even in this situation.

Lotte who went up the stairs and came into view was shocked as expected with her eyes turning round, but she immediately made an angelic smile like always and she rushed through the corridor with a trot.

Koyuki who was stark naked on all fours immediately looked down.

Kazuki didn’t allow her to escape or hide.

「Kazuki-oniisan, are you taking a walk desu? Fufuh, that’s a cute rabbit-san you have there desu!」

Her first sentence deserved a full mark.

Lotte perfectly understood the situation(play) and showed her intent of cooperation.

「She isn’t just cute but also smart. Koyuki, hand.」

「Pu, puu……」

When Kazuki stuck out his right hand, Koyuki put her hand there with a flop while her face was bright red.

「Koyuki-oneesan is cute-! Smart!」

Koyuki became bright red until her ears and her eyes became moist.

「Yosh, Koyuki. Stand.」

Koyuki’s expression was taken aback and she looked at Kazuki. As expected it seemed that even Koyuki felt opposed to do that.

However, the higher the hurdle of that opposition, the more it brought her arousal.

Koyuki immediately obeyed the command, from the crawling pose she moved into a crouching pose with two legs, both her hands were held in front of her chest.

「Uwaa……」 Lotte raised her voice.

Koyuki’s lower body that wasn’t visible when she was crawling was exposed right from the front.

The organ that was important as a girl was gaping open……that place was bright red from blood rush and glistened with how soaked it was, there was even a thread dribbling down slowly from there.

The place that should be hidden was self-asserting itself to the degree that it was enveloped with smell.

In the first place, Koyuki was in a state where Kazuki stopped a moment just before she could climax, she wasn’t given physical pleasure at all while the voltage of her arousal was heightened with psychological play. There was a vortex of impulses towards pleasure completely filling the insides of Koyuki’s head.

「Kazuki-oniisan, a cute pet won’t be like this in this kind of place and situation desu.」

Lotte chuckled and said clearly.

「This is just a──pervert desu.」

It was an abuse that deserved full marks.

Her other name as <The Almighty> wasn’t just for show.

Koyuki felt shivers in her spine from getting absolutely looked down by the younger Lotte.

「Fufufu. I guess, then I have to show Koyuki’s perverted side to Lotte.」

「Please show me Kazuki-oniisan. Fufufu.」

Kazuki let go of the cord and he crouched behind Koyuki. Using both hands he gently caressed up from both her sides slowly until her chest.

He gently caressed, massaged the small bulge that might or might not be there……then he pinched at the top of the bulge.


An electrifying pleasure ran through Koyuki. Koyuki’s whole body trembled with a sudden shaking. Her expression was filled to the brim with delight because the place where she felt good was finally touched.

That wasn’t the expression of a human that possessed reasoning power. That was the expression of a bitch that was simply hungering for pleasure.

「Does it feel good? Do you want to be touched more?」

Kazuki was persistently rolling, rolling, rolling, rolling……the two protrusions that were stiffening at the center of the modest breasts with his fingers.

「Puu, puu……♡」

Koyuki nodded many times as though she forgot that Lotte was watching. No, Koyuki didn’t forget that she was being watched by Lotte. She was conscious of it and it became a spice for her.

「……For the true nature of that cool and intellectual Koyuki-oneesan to be something like this……fufufuh」

Lotte made fun of Koyuki with an angelic smile.

The usual Koyuki was an intellectual human with common sense. She didn’t want to be hated, didn’t want to fail, because she was such a timid perfectionist, she avoided coming into contact with other people and tended to be by herself alone.

This was her desire of 『I want to be messed up』 that was lurking in the deepest part of that mentality.

The reasoning that was binding herself all over into immobility was destroyed into pieces until nothing was left behind──but even then her beloved person would still be able to accept her. She was looking for that kind of absolute reassurance.

「Puuh puuh……」

Even while melting in pleasure, Koyuki’s voice was starting to have an impatient echo mixing in.

Surely, it was insufficient with just her breast. Furthermore, even that caress towards her breasts was weakened by Kazuki depending on the heightening of her arousal. He was thoroughly teasing her.

Koyuki finally pleaded.

「Ka, Kazuki, not just my breast, that place too……」

「Why are you talking with human language?」

Kazuki strongly pinched at the protrusion of her breast.


Koyuki raised a cry once more. She was writhing at the intense stimulation that was tinged with pain.

However it wasn’t to the degree that could make her climax.

No matter what, it was insufficient with her breast.

However she wasn’t permitted to beg with words.

Without hesitation Koyuki spread open her legs and pushed out her nether region to the front, shaking it shiveringly.

「Puu, puu……」 She was fervently crying while causing that spot to scatter viscous liquid around without any care about her appearance.

She was showing an extreme foolishness in front of Lotte with all the vulgarity while repeatedly calling with animal cry like an idiot.

「Uwaa……she is completely like an animal in mating season desu.」

Kazuki and Lotte──the two humans wearing uniform were looking down on the crazy bitch in heat.

「Can’t be helped.」

Kazuki’s right hand reached at Koyuki’s nether region──and his finger suddenly pressed on her most sensitive spot strongly.

「────!! ♡」

Even Kazuki could see how the raging wave of immense pleasure broke through from Koyuki’s brain matter until the fingertips of her four limbs. Koyuki clattered around her arms and legs like a broken toy, she couldn’t even maintain her standing pose and collapsed on the floor from her butt.

It wasn’t just a single climax. It was the ultimate climax that came from teasing on top of teasing that heightened her arousal mentally to the limit.

「Come on, you aren’t satisfied with just that right? Show it more and more to Lotte.」

No matter how ultimate that single attack was, Kazuki didn’t stop with just one attack and without pause his finger invaded smoothly into the girl’s inside. He had the full knowledge of Koyuki’s weak spot. If she had been warmed up mentally until this point, then the more he pushed her switch, the more she would feel pleasure as much as he pushed.

「──!!♡ ──!!♡」

Koyuki raised a wordless voice while her saliva flew around, her arms and legs were flapping around many times. She climaxed over and over……however she was in a hell that knew no end.

「Fufufu, Kazuki-oniisan, it’s better if you take her to the bed soon desu. Don’t worry about the floor, I’ll clean it desu.」

Lotte smiled gently. That smile meant that this was the end of the play.

「Thanks for cooperating, The Almighty.」

Lotte smiled nihilistically and gave a thumbs up.

Even though Koyuki was worn out, but she still wasn’t completely satisfied yet. Kazuki lifted up such Koyuki in a princess carry and brought her back into his room, then he laid her down on the bed.

──She was suddenly treated kindly and put down on the bed. Koyuki felt shivers in her spine from that sudden change in Kazuki’s attitude.

Rather it wouldn’t even be an exaggeration to say that all the acts until now was a foreplay for the sake of making this gap.

Kazuki took off his uniform and became naked, and then he showered Koyuki’s face with kisses.

「……Kazuki……. I, I, was that depraved just now……」

Even though she wasn’t feeling uneasy at all, she was saying that kind of negative thing.

「It’s nothing to be ashamed of at all. Because I also love Koyuki who is like that.」

Kazuki accepted such a Koyuki as though it was the pre-established harmony.

As though to prove what he said, he took Koyuki’s hand and guided it to his lower body part. Koyuki’s eyes were overflowing with relieve and trust, love and even more passion.

──For Kazuki and Koyuki, S&M was something that was done with mutually absolute love as the prerequisite, it was an act of giving ordeals that would allow them to experience that love for real, and to show that they could overcome the ordeal.

Kazuki didn’t think that it was as perverted as it sounded. It was an adorable habit.

At the same time Lotte also being able to join into the play was──it also meant that Koyuki was holding trust towards Lotte, a trust that was equal to her trust towards Kazuki. She trusted that Lotte, too, wouldn’t hate her just from this much.

Kazuki was secretly happy seeing that this was also a proof of Koyuki’s growth.


Otonashi Kaguya’s Family Planning[edit]

「I think that recently Otouto-kun is only resting on the laurels of your sex technique-!」

After finishing dazzling Kaguya-senpai with carnality to the extreme many times over that she half-fainted, Kazuki was watching in fascination the face of that Kaguya-senpai who was currently using his arm as a pillow while her face was still faintly blushing from the lingering aftertaste of their deed. But suddenly Kaguya-senpai came back to life and she sat up in a flash and said that.

「Se, senpai……?」

Kazuki was watching Kaguya-senpai who was being indignant while both her hands were hitting the blanket covering them with *pofun pofun* sound.

「Recently I’m feeling haughtiness from thee, thou art entranced with thine own technique of the darkness!」

「O, old master?」

「Onee-san once more insists about the importance of things like romantic mood or creating a special atmosphere with a bit more effort-」

After saying that with a loud voice, Kaguya-senpai further spoke mumblingly with a small voice.

「……Well, right now it feels good and I’m terribly satisfied but, it’s embarrassing how I feel too good that I get too out of control. Right now there is no more influence from Asmodeus so I cannot use that as an excuse anymore……even though I’m the older one it feels like I’m the one that got led around. I’m feeling complicated……I cannot clear away this indignation gowasu!!」

That Kaguya-senpai was attaching a strange word at the end of her sentence in jest was surely because she was really embarrassed.

Kaguya-senpai covered her face with both her hands saying 「Geeeez-!」 while writhing.

Nevertheless she properly spoke out her feeling so Kazuki was thankful for that.

「Certainly, I might be careless in that kind of aspect……」

What Kaguya-senpai was saying was half for hiding her shame, but doing something like a date and then flirting with each other……only doing just those would cause them to get stuck in a rut sooner or later.

The days in the past that were filled with many upheavals was stimulating on the whole, to the extent that it also felt special that they could just be together in this peaceful time.

If they spent this peaceful daily life with the same feelings as that time, then it was only natural to get stuck in a rut.

Previously Mio explained to him that as a boyfriend it was really important to be romantic, but it was exactly this current time that such factor was even more important than before.

「But it’s difficult to discover the chance for something romantic when it is a too peaceful daily life……」

「……For example on anniversary day or something, we will find something special or something」

Kaguya-senpai created gap between the fingers covering her face and glanced at Kazuki.

Kazuki suddenly came to a realization.

「Kaguya’s birthday? Come to think of it I feel like it will be soon. Feels like it’s in Winter. But I don’t pay attention to birthdays and the like so I don’t know. Should I try asking the other girl in the class?」

Hikaru-senpai smiled cheerfully when she heard Kazuki’s question and she started playing with her mobile phone.

It was the next morning. Kaguya-senpai who was weak in the morning was still sleeping, but everyone else was all present in the living room.

Hikaru-senpai laughed 「Ahahah」 with her phone in one hand.

「It’s next week they say.」

「Next week huuh. I see, as I thought.」

Kazuki understood. Kaguya-senpai’s attitude last night was more of an appeal rather than dissatisfaction.

Mio who was listening from the side was sending him a reproachful gaze.

「That’s, for a couple it’s only natural to celebrate birthdays. When is the date of the birthday is something that should be asked casually beforehand while going out together.」

「Mio’s birthday is……in Spring, if I remember it correctly, isn’t it?」

「Kazu-nii only guessed it from my name right!? You absolutely don’t remember it right!? Geeez!」 (TN: The kanji of Mio’s name is made up from the kanji of beauty and sakura)

「For a couple, birthdays are something special isn’t it……」

Kazuki received a shock from the fact of his blind spot and he held his head in his wits’ end.

As a swordsman, Kazuki passed through his youth with stoicness that didn’t hold interest in other things. His contact with girls was only a recent matter that drastically increased in these few months.

In the first place, Kazuki was a person that was really considerate to other people. He also obtained the ability to sense the fluctuation of positivity level, and he unexpectedly didn’t do anything that was lacking in delicacy.

But his thinking didn’t reach until the importance of birthdays at all.

In the first place Kazuki didn’t know about his own birthday. His birthday was always celebrated along with Kanae’s birthday. In Kazuki’s life, 『birthday』 was a concept with endlessly low importance.

But, a girl was a living thing that wanted to have their birthdays celebrated grandly by their boyfriend.

Or rather, this kind of anniversary day was the ideal event to discover something special between the ordinary days. There was no option to not make use of this. It was like an alchemy that produced a romantic element.

「The scale has fallen from my eyes……」

「It’s not something to feel that moved for. Geez, this is because Kazu-nii is ignorant to the ways of the world in strange places.」

「By the way Hikaru-senpai’s birthday is……?」

Kazuki timidly asked. Hikaru-senpai answered with her wide smile unchanging.

「Me? It already passed a long time ago you know? It was on May 5th, Children’s Day.」

There was no other girl who suited Children’s Day more than this person.

Kazuki joined both his hands in supplication and apologized 「I’m sorry for ignoring it completely」.

「At that time we still weren’t that close. It’s not something to be concerned about you know?」

Thinking back about that day, it was around the time he went together with Mio on a quest and encountered Beatrix. Certainly at that time they weren’t so close that he would ask her when her birthday was and celebrated it together.

Hikaru-senpai raised her voice 「Aah」 and she clapped her hands.

「Looking back I got an expensive looking cookie from Kaguya on my birthday. I would have completely forget about it around this time if Kazuki didn’t ask about it.」

Mio turned an exasperated gaze at her.

「As a girl senpai should remember that kind of thing properly you know? A really deep grudge can arise even from friendship between fellow woman.」

「Because─, at that time I was still jeered 『prince』『prince』 by the surroundings and got a lot of presents. I couldn’t think about returning gifts or anything with that number.」

「Now that you mention it Hikaru-senpai was a prince huh. ……I completely forgot.」

Without doubt she was just a crazy high-tensioned girl who called herself using “boku”.

「Right now senpai isn’t treated like that anymore by the people around you?」

「Because the surroundings already recognize me as belonging to Kazuki.」

「By any chance, am I secretly resented by the girls who were Hikaru-senpai’s fans……」

「Ahaha, there is no one who chased after me until that seriously. I’m also feeling refreshed with this situation.」

Hikaru-senpai laughed with a refreshed expression.

「And the birthdays of Koyuki and Lotte and Kamimura-san is……?」

Kazuki also asked the three who were only watching without cutting in.

「Of course I was born in winter. At the end of February……it’s just a little bit ahead.」

Kazuki sighed in relief hearing Koyuki’s answer.

「My birthday is in November, but I myself aren’t that conscious of my birthday. Because there was no such custom in Seinmundo that was a religious country. But certainly there are a lot of scenes of birthday celebrations in manga and anime. Please remember it this year desu!」

Kazuki undertook Lotte’s words with 「Leave it to me」, then next he turned his gaze to Kamimura-san.

「My birthday is on April 1st……I am truly the late born among the late born (TN: April 1 is the school entrance date in Japan, so I guess if a baby is born on that day, when he entered school he will be a year older than the surrounding). If only there was no handicap from this birthday, there is no doubt that I won’t become something like a shut-in otaku!!」

In practice whether one was born early (TN: between January 1 until April 1) or born late, they would be gathered together with other kids who were born in the time frame of ten months ahead at the latest, so the 『handicap』 that Kamimura-san mentioned wasn’t really applicable to be the shut-in girl’s excuse. In any case,

「Kamimura-san’s birthday is also still ahead huh……thank god.」

Kazuki patted his chest in relief while stroking Kamimura-san’s head.

He was safe with the members in this place. But he wondered just how many birthdays of girls that supposedly had to be celebrated no matter what and yet he ignored it completely within these several months.

Seeing Kazuki’s grave face, Hikaru-senpai burst into laughter 「Pupuh, kukuh」.

「My bad for laughing, but it’s really hard for Kazuki isn’t it? With this many lovers, surely every month there will be someone’s birthday!」

「My notepad will be packed full like this. ……But it’s looking fun that there will be a lot of events every year. I see, so anniversary days are something like this.」

「Kazu-nii, you are smiling optimistically but, are you properly thinking about the birthday present?」

Mio brandished words that were like blades of ice.

Kazuki instantly froze, and then he wilted down on the spot crestfallenly.

「……So far, Turtle Oota-san brought me an offer for co-authorship of an autobiography so that might be a revenue source too……」

「That’s relying on money that you still don’t really know whether it will come to realization or not. ……Hm? But, if it’s an autobiography, it will be Kazuki’s autobiography from when he enrolled into the Magic Department, then became King until the battle in Atlantis? That’s, won’t it be able to normally aim to become best seller?」

Kazuki’s activity as King was reported to the public by the government PR even while Kazuki’s own name was hidden from the report. But that was a public archive to inform the people about his public business as King. Furthermore the reports’ content wasn’t formal at all with excessive heroic telling in order to earn the support from the public though…….

However, the time before Kazuki became King was mostly untouched.

The fight since Kazuki enrolled into the Magic Department until he was recognized by the Knight Academy, the war between Japan and Yamato that divided the country into east and west, the battle of Fuji’s sea of trees around the three Sacred Treasures, the voyage to America, and then the last decisive battle on Atlantis……if all this chain of events were collected into one, it would become an entertainment work to the degree that it would sound like non-fiction that was full of lies.

There wasn’t even any need to imagine that the content would become the greatest matter of concern and interest for the public.

「Oota-san has also already thought about the title. 『Magika no Kenshi to Shoukan Maou』 he said. The Shoukan Maou(Summoning Devil King) will be written as Basilleus in romaji.」

Lotte’s eyes shined.

「The katakana’s ruby character above the kanji desu! So the katakana’s ruby character is different from the kanji! So cool! That can be turned into an anime desu!」

「That can sell……that can really sell! Kazu-nii, you should focus properly regarding the royalty beforehand! Even if the Turtle will be the one to write it, you’ve to insist for 5% at minimum!!」

Money that shouldn’t be relied on……Mio retracted those words of hers and she leaned forward eagerly.

「Royalty……the dream life from royalty!? The almost perfect unearned income just from lending your name!?」

Kamimura-san’s eyes were also shining from her thinking moving to a different direction.

「Ahaha! You’ve got to warn him so that it won’t become an erotic novel!」

Hikaru-senpai spoke while laughing. It was arranged so that his real name wouldn’t come out, however now that she said it, it would still be really embarrassing even then.

「Putting that aside, what will you do about Kaguya-senpai’s birthday? The day is going to be a weekday, so it will be a date after school……something like that?」

Mio corrected the course of the conversation that was going off the rail.

Kazuki crossed his arms and groaned.

「No……rather than that……」

The thing that Kaguya-senpai was desiring the most, he wondered what it was.

Of course she must also be wishing to spend a romantic time with just the two of them. However he couldn’t say with confidence that that would really be the thing she desired the most.

He wondered whether her birthday was hiding a trauma that should be wiped out first.

──Kazuki tried conveying the thought his mind had reached to Hikaru-senpai.

「……Hm, I guess. I think that Kaguya will surely like that.」

Hikaru-senpai made a smile that looked like it came from her heart and nodded to him.

「I think that’s the best for Kaguya.」

After that Kazuki turned his gaze to Mio.

「Mio! Let me consult with you about the present!」

「As expected, there is only me for that kind of consultation!」

Otouto-kun, who suddenly got hit with an idea when he heard about anniversary days, most likely would ask about her birthday from Hikaru, and then he would prepare a romantic birthday date for her……that was her calculation.

‘Strange’, Kaguya thought. The invitation for a date didn’t come.

Everyone ate breakfast and then scattered to their respective classes, then classes were over, and it became after school……at this rate she would go back to the Witch’s Mansion alone.

Like this it would end up as just a normal day. There was no unhappiness, but there was also nothing romantic. A normal day.

Well, something like an anniversary day was essentially just a normal day without anything special about it. What she did was nothing more than forcibly pushing some kind of excuse and made noise about a special day.

Even though Hikaru looked like that, but she was someone dry, so she looked like she wouldn’t pay attention at all to something like a birthday. Even if Otouto-kun asked her,

「Kaguya’s birthday? I dunno! Well, something like a birthday doesn’t matter, don’t you think? Everyday is eburidei (TN: Butchered English of everyday, also sound like birthday if you squint I guess)!」

She would say something like that, and Otouto-kun too would,

「There is truth in that, eburidei.」


Perhaps it turned out like that. Otouto-kun’s strange easiness to get into the mood was scary.

Kaguya’s shoulders dropped in dejection.

Birthday──when she thought about it, for some reason her chest felt painfully throbbing. She wondered why.

……In the past, every year she had a birthday party held for her. Papa and mama were still kind, and it was also before Onii-chan died from an accident. That was the symbol of a family’s warmth.

Nyarlathotep possessed papa, mama was also turned mad, and because of that the birthday party couldn’t happen for a second time. Never again would she have her birth celebrated..

She was only ordered to 『aim for becoming the strongest magician』, and she obeyed it…….

However, right now in this world the title of strongest magician meant nothing.

The current her had no special meaning or anything. She was an extremely common girl who wasn’t even good in physical exercise. Her grades were so-so. She also had no hobby or special skill. She jokingly said about becoming a politician, but she couldn’t even find her dream of the future.

This throbbing chest──it might be her longing that wished to at least take back her warm family.

What she was looking for wasn’t a romantic situation or anything.

She was hungry for something warm all this time. She wanted to become a warm human. She worked hard to erase the dispute between the sword department and the magic department, but instead she was thought of unsympathetically from her surroundings.

That was why she also felt something lacking from her 『relationship of male and female』 with Otouto-kun. That she still couldn’t stop her attempt to act as an Onee-san was surely because of something like that.

She exited the school building and walked across the Knight Academy’s courtyard, heading toward the Witch’s Mansion. That the inside of the Academy after school was over feeling strangely quiet must be because there was no more students that trained. On the other hand there still wasn’t any club activities arranged for them.

She wanted her existence to be celebrated.

In that case she would be able to have a fresh start even in this world where something like the strongest magician wasn’t necessary.

She arrived back at the usual Witch’s Mansion.

This normally empty her like this finished her normal day.

She put her hand on the door, and opened──.


Together with the many voices, *pan pan pan pan!* light bursting sound resounded──thinking that it was attack magic, Kaguya’s body instantly took a guard stance, but that wasn’t it. The smell of black powder wafted in the air, and fluttering scraggly things were floating down on her head. She knew what that was──this was that thing called a party cracker.

Her many comrades were lining up at the corridor from the entrance until the living room, at the ceiling were chains of paper tape and balloons fully decorating the place.


Kaguya reflexively raised a stupid sounding voice.

Even though she was coaxing for an anniversary in that kind of shape on the bed, and yet beyond her imagination it resulted in a home party style. However, this was exactly the 『warmth』 that she was actually looking for. She was immediately made self-aware of that. Because she felt something warm was gathering at the corner of her eyes.

Otouto-kun walked out from between her friends and took the hand of Kaguya who was standing paralyzed.

He had seen through the matter that even she herself had only came to understood just now.

……That’s right, he was always fighting by 『seeing through』. That was his style.

Her whole head became hot, not just the corners of her eyes. Cold tears was crossing through her heated cheeks.

「There is nothing to cry about here, isn’t it?」

「Because……I’m so happy.」

Originally, for a person who wasn’t family to understand about others until this far was just unthinkable.

In the living room, handmade cooking and snacks, and in addition a huge whole cake were lined up on the table. Kaguya opened wide her damp eyes.

「……Otouto-kun, you took a day off from school?」

「Wrong, these few days I prepared it bit by bit. I also had a reliable helper.」


From among her friends, there was someone who rushed out saying 「Kaguya-chaaaan! It’s me ze!」.

Mibu Akira──even though she aimed to open a cake shop since she was a child, because she obtained a Stigma she was forcefully enrolled into the Knight Academy and then became a peevish yankee.

Seeing Kaguya who persisted in becoming a model example of the Knight Academy, she felt embarrassed of herself who acted peevish because her dream was broken, and then she called Kaguya things like 『Hero of justice』 or 『someone respectable』.

Kaguya heard that right now she was boldly aiming to become a pastry chef and worked hard. For the current Kaguya, she was the one who was feeling respect towards Akira instead. It was noble how she was working hard for her dream even if it wasn’t something grand like being a hero.

Kaguya was happy that someone like that made a cake for her together with Otouto-kun, that her sight became even more blurred.

「Kazuki! It’s effective, it’s effective! Keep press on!!」

Hikaru was saying a strange thing like a boxing trainer.

Otouto-kun presented to her a bouquet of flowers and a box that was wrapped prettily.

「It’s a pair wristwatch. I think that it has good utility. I’ve never seen senpai wear a wristwatch, and I also don’t have one so……」

「Ca, can I ophen it to look?」

She spoke with a nasally voice. Laughter suddenly arose from the surroundings.

「Yes, please try putting it on.」

She opened the wrapping paper carefully, and from inside a box with a famous looking brand came out. When she opened it with a feeling like opening a treasure box, an adult-like wristwatch with simple dials came out.

「I thought that it’s like Kaguya-senpai.」

「……Fufuh, I’m, not as much an adult as Otouto-kun is thinking of me you know?」

She quickly put it around her left hand. Otouto-kun also slowly lifted his left hand and showed his watch to her. It was slightly modified to look manly with a design that suited him. The watch was shining on his wrist.

In the surroundings, the girls who similarly loved him like Kaguya raised their voices 「How nice─!」.

「……It’s like a ring. I’m happy.」

「Someday, I’ll absolutely buy a ring for you too.」

Saying that, Otouto-kun embraced her.

Eating delicious things, playing games with everyone, the trio of Kana-chan – Kohaku – Torazou-san was exhibiting funny gags……a fun time that wasn’t commonplace by any means was passing like a dream.

And then when night came, she was taken to Otouto-kun’s room, where he gently embraced her.

Even though she was the older one, she was one-sidedly pleasured……she didn’t think of such thing.

She also didn’t think that she was trying to get spoiled by his reliability as though she was chasing after the shadow of her big brother.

She entrusted her body to him to the degree that she had never done since she had lost the excuse that Asmodeus was making her aroused, where she was then thrown out of order.


He was reaching his hand to the condom. But Kaguya put that down decisively.

She wasn’t pregnant from that night on Atlantis, and since magic power vanished from the world, he was always taking contraception into consideration.


However, Kaguya appealed to him that she wanted to accept him directly, and she spread open her body.

She thought that she surely wouldn’t call him Otouto-kun anymore. That was why.

He also gave her a small nod. And then──.

A few days after her birthday, a notice came that her father who was in a vegetative state recovered his consciousness.

Kaguya took a day off from school and alone she visited the hospital room where her father was bedridden all this time.

He was emaciated because he was bedridden all this time, but all the life-support systems were taken off from him and he was able to sit down by his own strength. For Kaguya who had resolved herself that her father was near death, his appearance was unexpectedly firm. As though his bedridden state was only a dream.

On the other hand, for her father the change of the world must be like a dream for him.

Kaguya talked. About Nyarlathotep. About Kazuki-kun──how he became this country’s King. About the battle against Mythologies on the flying continent. And then──about the complete change of the world.

「……That’s something completely unbelievable but, certainly I cannot feel magic power at all, so what you are saying is true……. That boy he……」

Kaguya felt a question about how much her father remembered.

「……I did something bad, towards that boy.」

From that whisper, Kaguya understood that he also remembered the whole time he was controlled by Nyarlathotep.

「I’m planning on marrying him.」

Kaguya spoke with a nonchalant tone and firm resolve as though she was telling him an obvious matter that had been decided.

Her father looked up towards Kaguya, then he immediately looked down and his haggard shoulders wilted further.

「……I don’t have any qualifications to say anything. I was unable to do anything fatherly for you. And that boy……he is someone who is able to make you who was in that situation, to be happy.」

「I want to give birth to many children. I’m planning to build a family where everyday will be like a birthday.」

Tears spilled out while she talked.

「That I can think like that, is because I remember that Tou-san in the past was kind, before you were taken over by Nyarlathotep. Thank you, Tou-san.」


Hoshikaze Hikaru is Always Having Fun[edit]

Part 1[edit]

「Kazuki! Snow! The snow is piling up outside!!」

The next morning after they went to bed together, as soon as Hikaru opened her eyes she saw outside the window and leaped out.

Hikaru leaped out from the futon stark naked, she quickly wore the change of sweater placed at the bedside,

「WaAAAAAAAAAH!」 Then she raised a strange voice and ran out of the room.

Kazuki was left behind in a daze. He also wore a sweater one tempo late and then followed behind. He passed through the corridor and existed from the entrance towards the courtyard outside.

At the courtyard of the Witch’s Mansion, there was deep snow piled up until their knees.

Hikaru looked alternately at Kazuki and the thickly piled up snow with an excited gaze.

「Take this─!!」 She dived into the snow.

Was how it looked like. Furthermore she was purposefully waiting until Kazuki arrived before doing it.


Hikaru-senpai was laughing while rolling [*roll roll roll*] around on the snow, and then she momentously stood up in a flash like a spring loaded toy. And then she walked towards Kazuki waddlingly,

「Ka, Kazuki……! Chilly!!」

She come hugging him without even brushing off the snow on her body.

「Wah! Stop that! Cold!」


「This damned girl, what are you laughing for─! Let go!!」

「That’s cruel! Do you hate me!?」

「I love you but it’s still cold!!」

「Then warm me!!」

Kazuki firmly hugged Hikaru, and then they exchanged a passionate kiss.

Their whole body boiled hot──they did, but it wasn’t a match against the coldness of the midwinter and the two were shaking all over, Kazuki then dragged her inside the mansion in a hurry.

「That was cold!」

She said that with a face that looked absurdly happy.

「That’s Hikaru’s fault.」

Kazuki stopped using polite language and attaching ‘senpai’ to her name. It was as though she was interacting with a male friend, and also with a lover, his treatment was at once fitting the two roles to a tee.

「Let’s take a shower yeah! Last night we fell asleep after doing the bleep-bleep anyway.」

That was right. In any case they had to shower when waking up in the morning. Hikaru also calculated that more or less before doing the stupid act so he couldn’t hate her.

Hikaru didn’t let Kazuki refuse or accept and forcibly dragged him to the changing room, she stripped off Kazuki briskly, stripped herself too, and then dragged Kazuki into the bathroom.

Both of them faced each other naked, and then Hikaru smiled mischievously. The smile that had a trace of innocence and vaguely contained embarrassment turned on the switch in Kazuki’s heart.

「Penis~, penis~♪」

Kazuki felt himself boiling up from the penis loving Hikaru rubbing him.

「Aren’t we going to shower……?」

「If we are going to shower anyway, let’s dirty ourselves first with one shot yeah!」

She declared so with manliness before bewitchingly leaning close and kissed him. Her white smooth hand crawled on Kazuki’s chest and lower body. Kazuki too, crawled his fingers on Hikaru’s breast.

He felt sympathy and a sense of security from her accompanying him like a boy, her innocence was lovely, and her beautiful look made him crave her. A mysterious existence that was like a fairy in a sense even when compared to elves was right in front of him.

From the ancient times, angels were depicted as an androgynous existences.

「Hikaru has transcended things like being boyish or feminine, there is already no other way to call you other than Hikaru.」

「You hate me that is like that?」

「I love you.」

「Hehehe, then I too won’t care about boyishness or femininity.」

It was a laugh that wasn’t fixated with any complex or yearning, she turned around and showed her back to him.

And then she lifted up her butt towards him.

Kazuki spread that open and his finger alternately poked at the above and below spots.


「Where do you want it?」

「Either is fine♪ Though the one above needs a bit of preparation right now.」

「Well then……」

Kazuki also liked either one. After hesitating for a short while he──,

In the end he gave love to both.

「Taaake this, breast sponge! My femininity is shining bright!」

When they finished the deed, Hikaru made her breasts foamy with body soap, and then she hugged Kazuki and pressed her breasts on his chest.

「Come on, I’ll wash your body so lie down♪ Lie down♪」

It was a puzzle whether there was any need to lie down even though she was going to wash his body, but Kazuki obeyed what he was told and laid down in the bathing room. Hikaru piled her body from above him and she rubbed her breasts on his chest.

She wasn’t as amazingly big as Kaguya. However, her bell shaped bulge that had springiness was dancing with a bewitching sensation slipperily and elastically.

「And then the sponge using that spot! My very femininity is slippery!」

「That spot you say……」

Hikaru smeared the slimy body soap from her thighs until the base of her legs, then both her legs wrapped at the area around Kazuki’s thigh. Like that she shook her waist back and forth and rubbed on the slipperiness.

It felt more pleasant rather than good.


Hikaru also felt shivers in her spine while her cheeks were blushing pink.

「……You are washing my body right?」 Kazuki confirmed just in case.

「I’m washing you right now♪ And then I’ll wash the delicate penis with my mouth for you-!」

Hikaru smoothly half-rotated her body, and then she snapped at that thing of Kazuki into her mouth. Her tongue was stickily entangling around it inside her mouth that had a lot of saliva gathered.

[*slurp slurp*] Her sucking was gradually getting intense.

「……Kazuki too, gently wash my place there okay♪」

Saying that, she spread open her thighs in front of Kazuki’s eyes and displayed it. Kazuki also used his mouth to lick and clean that delicate spot.

……After doing that for a while, Hikaru showed an anger that looked like acting.

「Geez! Why is this thing hard and stiff when I’m only washing it! This child, it’s really an inexcusable brat!」

「Truly!!」 Kazuki sharply replied with a maniac Japanese language. (TN: Kazuki replied with ならいでか(naraideka), and I don’t get it at all.)

「If it’s like this then charge to the second round! Let’s go Kazuki!!」

Hikaru said that with a mood like in a shounen manga before she turned around her body again, making her face to be right in front of his face. And then she put Kazuki’s thing into her inside by herself.

「……This is the third round from last night though.」

He thought that to himself who was able to reply like that was also really something if he said so himself.

Hikaru brewed the black tea while Kazuki prepared the scones. Because the previous generation vice president Akane-senpai was an unparalleled black tea lover, she was able to become skilled in brewing black tea.

Kazuki baked the frozen dough of the scones inside the oven, and then he prepared the jam.

While they were preparing the breakfast side by side, Hikaru’s bright smile burst open.

「This is a group work by us two isn’t it♡」

「Hikaru can sometimes say cute things, huh.」

「I want to do a tag team pro wrestling!」

「……Hikaru is always saying incomprehensible things, huh.」

「The opponent will be the Ryuutaki sisters! The White Snake Miyabi, who specializes in joint locks, and The Black Fang Shinobu ,who specializes in blow attacks!」

「Miyabi-senpai is nonathletic y’know?」

After people became unable to reinforce physical strength with magic power, that kind of side became completely exposed out in the open.

Or rather perhaps she had been relying too much on the strength of powerful magic power that was the characteristic of an elf until now.

「Hee. Did you go on a date with the Ryuutaki sisters?」

「We went to the pool before this.」

When they went to the sea with everyone before, he promised to go swimming again with the two. Currently, it was in the middle of winter, so they went to a warm water pool though.

「When Miyabi-senpai tried to act cool and tried swimming with an elegant form, her leg cramped and she drowned.」


「When I saved her, the siscon (TN: sister complex) Shinobu-senpai got terribly attached to me, and she wouldn’t let go for the whole day. I was stumped.」

「……And then, that night, did you have a sister sandwich?」

Hikaru made a lewd hand sign with one hand, while saying that with a lewd smile.

Her expression now didn’t even look like a boy anymore, it was like an uncle that loved obscene talk.

「……Well, we did that.」

「The bashful maiden of the moon Miyabi, and the wild Shinobu that is like a beast! How nice, that really makes a good drawing.」

「I was wrung dry by Shinobu-senpai though……she was a beautiful wild beast.」

At present, the two of them finished the preparations that was a bit much for the share of two people and then they sat on the table.

「……Everyone isn’t waking up huh.」

It was the morning of a holiday, so perhaps everyone was sleeping in elegantly or was just indulged in sleeping. Kazuki and Hikaru who had the habit to train in the morning were categorized as early risers in the Witch’s Mansion with tremendous lead against everyone else.

「Tiki Tiki Witch’s Mansion – Who Will Wake Up First Derby!」 (TN: This Tiki Tiki, or perhaps Chiki Chiki seems to be a name of a race in Japan in the past)

Hikaru ran her mouth saying a strange thing again. Kazuki made a gambler’s face in response.

「Mio◎ Koyuki○ Lotte▲ Karin△ Kanae× Kamimura× Kaguya 」

「Ghood fhorning~」

The moment Kazuki was speaking his prediction, the door was opened and Kaguya entered.

「The number one dark horse came in!?」

Kaguya who came wearing a pajama with white background and black polka dots was sitting on the table with squirming movements, she took a scone carelessly and began chewing [*mogu mogu*].

「She is like a panda in a zoo that is unsociable towards the visitors and won’t even move, just sitting and eating bamboo.」

Hikaru spoke a strange metaphor, while Kazuki poured black tea for Kaguya while almost bursting out laughing.

「Kazuki, what’re you going to do today?」

Hikaru asked while meaninglessly obstructively pinning down the hand of Kaguya who was going to eat a scone. Kaguya who was half-asleep was moaning 「Why is this……my body can’t move……」.

「Akane-senpai will come back here today for the first time in a while, so I’ll go meet her.」

「A curse……a curse is immobilizing my bodyyy……」

「Aa, that’s nice, I also want to meet her, but it’ll be bad if I’m being a nuisance to you two isn’t it?」

「Uee……I want to eat more scone……」

「She will show her face at the academy tomorrow. Don’t be mean and let Kaguya eat already.」

Kazuki took a scone from the side and she held it to Kaguya, then she

「Hagu-, hagu-」 She gnawed on the scone.

「But it still hasn’t been decided where we will go out. I wonder what kind of thing that Akane-senpai likes.」

In the past, she once did sword art. However, she met setbacks in sword art so she then set her aims at being a strategist.

Nevertheless even if they went to an exhibition or a museum related to war, for the current her it would be just like giving a sermon to Buddha.

「That person, I think she likes doing student-ish things normally. Also she likes cute things.」

She looked somewhat aloof, but it seemed that she wasn’t really so inside.

「Also she likes to get treated following the other side’s whim and toyed with, so just keep pushing at her!」

‘I see’, Kazuki thought while he turned his gaze at Kaguya. Her eyes were narrowed in a trance, while she was stuffing her cheeks with scone happily until her cheeks were bulging. Gazing at such a living thing, going into a zoo also came into Kazuki’s mind as one option.

With a snap, the eyes of that Kaguya opened wide.

「I’m awakened from the scone’s deliciousness and the tea’s caffeine! HOAAAAAAAAH!」

Kaguya suddenly lost her temper and clapped [*pechi pechi*] on Hikaru’s cheek.

「UWAAAAAAAAAAAH! Save me Kazuki! The panda suddenly turned brutal!」

That ain’t his business.

「Kaguya-senpai is a panda, Mio is a cat, Koyuki is a rabbit, and Lotte is a dog.」

「Fufufu, what’s with that. ……And Hikaru?」

「The new human species, or something……」

「Eh, what does that mean……」

Kazuki was talking about the Witch’s Mansion while arriving at a zoo together with Akane-senpai.

‘I’m not disliked……’ With such strong will Kazuki gently linked his arm with Akane-senpai’s arm. When his arm was linked with hers, Akane-senpai’s face reddened innocently while her body leaned against his.

She was a person that gave the first impression of a cool and attractive adult, but now she was showing him her plain, honest face.

The feel of an adult onee-san turning lovestruck without hesitation was something fresh that the other girls didn’t have.

……Although everyone was obviously different, so feeling freshness like this from keeping various girls company everyday, it was something luxurious even if he said so himself.

「Kazuki, your appearance is surprisingly adult-like. ……I wonder if I’m looking childish.」

Kazuki was looking like an adult was because he followed Mio’s advice and arranged a more formal appearance so that he looked sincere. Kazuki himself was also pleased with his appearance.

Akane-senpai was wearing a camel colored coat that was attached with fluffy attachments. Legs wrapped with black stocking were peeking out from her skirt. In addition, quite a big muffler was rolled around her neck.

A surprising appearance──unexpectedly it didn’t feel so, but Akane-senpai was making excuses looking flabbergasted.

「U, usually there are only adults around me, so I have to match my appearance with them! That’s why, the recoil from that makes me want to wear things like this!」

「Hikaru-senpai told me that Akane-senpai likes cute things.」

When Kazuki blocked her excuse, Akane-senpai became even redder in a flash and she was hanging down her head until she looked like she was buried into her muffler.

「Senpai is cute.」

「Bullying and making fun of me, and then getting told that I’m cute while you are watching my reaction, that’s really troubling for me-!」

「Senpai is cute like a floaty and fluffy animal.」

「Ge, geez! ……A man who can toy with me like this is only you.」

He was advised from Hikaru that she would be happy to be treated like this.

While they were walking inside the zoo, suddenly Akane-senpai stopped walking.


Senpai was looking at a spot and came to a standstill. When Kazuki followed the direction of her gaze──there was a terribly handsome large bird there. Its head was unshapely huge that it looked comical, with a sharp gaze that was mismatched with its appearance. And then its unmoving state and fixed glare caused strange tension to hang in the air.

It was a shoebill. The gaze of Akane-senpai and the shoebill crossed and they stared at each other.

「Wha, what’s this animal, it’s cute……♡」

Akane-senpai leaked out such a voice while her face broke open into a smile with her heart throbbing hard.

「Tha, that’s cute? If I have to say it’s a bird that is like a surreal gag though.」

「The surrealism is what makes it cute. Waa, this kind of bird is amazing. This is the first time I’ve seen it. Just being able to meet this child makes it worth it coming here!!」

「I think that it’s a relatively famous bird though……」

No sooner than when Kazuki said that, Akane-senpai looked to another direction and again she raised her voice 「Ah!」 before rushing that way with rushed footsteps. And then she stayed unmoving in front of that animal.

This time it was an alpaca. The alpaca was also directing a peculiar look at Akane-senpai, looking somewhat troubled. The two sides were staring still at each other.

「Thi, this is also cute……it’s the first time……」

「For some reason I get the feeling that senpai’s interest is swallowing your reasoning……」

Next Akane-senpai reacted to a pack of orangutans.

「They are cute like Kanon.」

She nonchalantly said something nasty, or rather something cruel.


「Fufuh, I’m kidding.」

Akane-senpai too was a person that relatively joked around. However she only said jokes that didn’t sound like jokes, that would make him go 「eh」 for a moment in bewilderment.

「Nevertheless even though their appearance is this similar to humans but they are totally naked, this is almost a porno isn’t it?」


Kazuki received a shock from that opinion.

「Aa, I had fun. It’s because I don’t really get invited to this kind of place.」

「Senpai somehow has an intellectual image, so others will feel awkward inviting you to this kind of place.」

「But I won’t be able to relax if I do something like brainstorming or discussion on holidays too……. Even though I also want to go play, everyone won’t invite me to go playing.」

Akane-senpai made a gesture of massaging her own shoulder.

In the first place there was almost no one in the same generation as Akane-senpai that could have an intellectual talk with her equally. Even he didn’t have the confidence to do that.

……Having said that, even if she plunged into the world of adults in one bound, there was no way she would be able to behave as the life-sized herself.

No wonder that she felt ill at ease with stiff shoulders.

「Hikaru was also like that. That girl, she is a child that is cheerful at her core right? And yet for a long time she was behaving like she was gauging her distance from me.」

Perhaps it was because of that. Hikaru gave him an advice that told him 『just keep pushing at her』.

「I heard from Hikaru-senpai that Akane-senpai actually likes to get toyed with.」

「……Geez, that girl!」

After raising her voice like that, she leaked out a chuckle 「……fufufu-」. She looked happy.

After finishing their lunch, they were drinking after meal tea while chatting with each other.

「……Come to think of it, how is that girl?」

「What do you mean how?」

The girl that Akane-senpai meant must be Hikaru considering the flow of their talk.

「That’s……I mean how is she in her relationship with you, Kazuki. After all, she isn’t a girl that is like a girl, like Kaguya, or that girl Mio-chan……」

「That’s not true senpai. She is completely freed from the curse that made her a prince. Right now she is completely……」

After Kazuki talked until that point, he fell into his thought.

「Right now she is completely?」

「…………A crazy high tensioned girl who calls herself using ‘boku’?」

「Just what is going on with that girl!?」

「To describe her in a few words, she has completely turned into a hard to describe outrageous lecher but, she is a really cute girl in her own way.」

「I really cannot imagine it at all……. But, surely it’s a good thing for her. Because when she was called a prince, her real self didn’t come out to the surface at all. A Girl’s school is really sinful.」

「You both are worried for each other about similar things.」

「……Fufuh. You too, and also that girl, both of you are really cheeky.」

Akane-senpai looked like she was having fun like a child. It could be said that the date was a huge success thanks to Hikaru.

Kazuki thought that something like a senior and junior was nice.

……In the academy that was undergoing drastic changes, he wondered what kind of junior he would get next year.

「How is Akane-senpai doing in your workplace?」

「……It’s completely no good. As I thought, I still don’t understand at all what I can do there.」

Akane-senpai together with Roshoukou were promoted as the secretaries of Minister of Defense Yamagata.

It was an incomprehensible level that went beyond exceptional. The two of them were made to compete with each other from now on as candidates to be the next minister of defense while being polished like the apples of one’s eye.

So to speak, it was the ultimate elite course for the JSDF course. It was a path that was continuing to be above the clouds.

「Minister Yamagata seems like he would approach you too you know?」

「……Even if senpai told me that, I don’t really know.」

Certainly it was an amazing path, but he was still unable to make up his mind to advance on that field.

「It’s you who had managed to pull off something completely amazing. You are much more amazing than someone like me.」

「That’s nothing but pressure for me so please stop it, minister Akane.」

「You try become a rival that competes with Shouko-san. She is scary, that woman. Aa……by the way there is also the case of Minister Yamagata’s adopted child, he got senselessly talked behind his back from the surroundings that called him lolicon.」

That stood to reason.

Part 2[edit]

When Kazuki went back home, Hikaru-senpai was laying limp on the sofa of the Witch’s Mansion’s living room using Lotte as the replacement of a stuffed doll. Lotte was constantly emitting healing factor, so when any residence in the Witch’s Mansion was tired, they would hug Lotte the first thing.

「Hikaru, did you get too high spirited again?」

Since they became unable to reinforce physical ability using magic power, if they were doing activities at the the same pace like in the past, a lot of the time they would become dead tired in the evening.

If it was someone like Hikaru who was constantly in high tension meaninglessly then it was all the more so.

「Did you do lewd things with Akane-senpai? How is Akane-senpai at that kind of time?」

Hikaru was laying down on the sofa while turning only her face to ask him.

「It’s a secret.」


Hikaru laughed like a lecherous uncle again.

「Hikaru has transcended things like being boyish or feminine, there is already no other way to call you other than Hikaru, huh.」

「You hate me that is like that?」

「I love you.」

「Hehehe, then it doesn’t matter─」 She said happily with a laugh.


Lotte’s Toy Festival[edit]

Tokyo Big Sight──the large event hall that was built on the reclaimed land 『Waterfront Subcenter』 that was facing the sea. It was in this place that the creative otakus were gathering.

That day the world largest scale event of toy and doujinshi(fanzine) <Hobby Festival Winter> was taking place. Kazuki was going to that place along with Lotte, Kamimura-san, and Mio.

「It’s a bit unexpected that Mio is coming along.」

「Because if I’m told that the cosplay outfit I sewed will be showcased, then of course I’ll feel curious.」

There was also a cosplay space at the Hobby Festival. Lotte and Kamimura-san had the ulterior motive of participating there.

It seemed their cosplay costumes were made by Mio for them.

「Mio-oneesan, thank you so much desu~」 Lotte acted playfully to Mio happily.

「But you must not pull in Kazu-nii to the dark side too far okay?」

Lotte was making that kind of puzzling reaction. ……Dark side?

「E, even so……it’s really cold.」

The queue waiting for the opening of the door hadn’t entered inside the building, but it was in the early morning of midwinter. Mio was shivering all over.

「Mio-oneesan, didn’t I tell you that it’s better to dress warmly desu?」

「Be, because……this is an outing together with Kazu-nii after all.」

That Kazuki was throwing away any formal or stylish dressing just for this day. He was wearing a down jacket with cheap material that looked like garbage bags. It was cheap but very warm.

「Fufufu……this is why normies are just…they are always vainly focusing only on appearances, that they overlook the essence of things……. We otakus are different from normies. We are always calm, cool and collected, yet passionate, therefore we won’t misjudge the essence of things……」

Kamimura-san was looking down on Mio with an evil smile pasted on her face. Mio made a sullen look saying 「What’s with you calling me normie~」.

「Mio-oneesan, here.」

Lotte untied half of the long muffler that was wrapped around her neck, and then she wrapped it around Mio’s neck while clinging tightly on her. Both of them were wrapped with one muffler, it was the so called couple roll.

「Ehehe, I thought that this will happen, so I came wearing a long muffler desu♪」

「Lotte……what a good girl!」

Mio hugged Lotte back strongly.

「But I’ll still punch you if you drag Kazu-nii too deep into the dark side.」


And so they entered the venue after everything that happened. The interior inside the hall could even be called as boorish.

However, there were countless booths standing in a row like food carts, whether they were a companies or individuals, each booth exercised their ingenuity to display and sell their new work or their product.

「What the company is selling is called finished product figurines, while what the individuals made is called garage kit desu.」

「That thing called garage kit isn’t a finished product?」 Mio made a surprised face.

「Because it’s in the state of scattered uncolored pieces, so you have to assemble it yourself and paint them, and you have to draw the eyes with fine-point brushes desu.」

「Eh, troublesome-!? Or rather, you need to draw the eyes yourself on a face this small!?」

「Fufufu……it’s the happiness of awakening your wife of a different dimension into the three dimension using your own hands! If love is something that blazes even hotter the greater the obstruction is, then this is exactly what real love is!!」

When Kamimura-san interjected, Mio couldn’t pretend to not hear that and glared at her.

「True love isn’t something like manga or anime, it refers to me and Kazu-nii!」

「Fuh, in the first place something like three dimension love is just an eternal suffering of NTR and getting NTR-ed, deceive and being deceived……」

「Wha, what’s with you, today Itsuki-chan is extremely aggressive……. What kind of three dimension is that……」

Kazuki butted in.

「Is that so, so Kamimura-san is thinking like that about your relationship with me.」

「Hieh!? I’m sorry I got carried away, forgive me!」

「When I thought that you got carried away, but as expected you’re weak against pressure.」

「When otakus come to Tokyo Big Site, they will receive field effects and get strengthened-!」

Lotte said that puffed up with pride. Mio sent her a dubious gaze saying 「What are you saying」 after hearing that.

「……Aa, but there are garage kits that are amazingly pretty. Even though I thought they all are just indecent items. The making is really detailed, decorative……the color is also beautiful………」

「For good or bad the finished products are mass produced items desu, so it cannot possibly match the items that were created one by one by a skilled person. Although the quality of finished product figurines are also increasing every year, so garage kit beginners will first get fired up with 『overthrowing finished product figurines』……」

Lotte was talking passionately with her eyes burning fiercely.

「So there is also this kind of world huh……」

Kazuki was in admiration while looking around at the surroundings. It was an unknown world for him, but a lot of people were crowding those. It was just that he didn’t know about it.

He had to widen his world more.

「Lotte is also making something like this?」

「……I want to try challenging it someday desu, but it’s expensive on top of being difficult. Similar to doujinshi, the individual pieces of work have high prices no matter what desu……」

When he looked around and tried looking at the prices, it seemed that the market price of one item was around ten thousand yen.

It also wasn’t rare for finished product figurines to be prized around that much too, but when thinking whether they could create it skillfully by themselves, the price was really out of reach for beginners.

「It’s a hobby with a really high threshold huh……」

「And so today we will aim at the limited item of the company booth while showing up at the cosplay zone desu!」

「Itsuki-san, come on, come on.」

「Lo, Lotte-shishou~」 (TN: Shishou = master, teacher)

Lotte was pushing on the back of Kamimura-san who was feeling embarrassed and thought twice about doing this.

「Fufun, didn’t you say that otakus obtained a field effect here?」

Mio also made fun of Kamimura-san while pulling her arm.

Kamimura-san was a shut-in, but getting used to going out in front of other people in a place where she could get the field effect as an otaku like this would be good training for her.

The girl herself thought so, that must be why she did her cosplay preparation and came here.

「Speaking about that, Mio is also doing cosplay huh.」

Kazuki showed his surprise and stared at Mio’s appearance. What the three were wearing were the costumes of the heroines of the series Mobile Suit Galpan.

Mio yelled 「Stand up people of this country!」 looking like an expert. The people at the surroundings were stirred hearing that and they stood up simultaneously.

「You even learned the speech……」

「I was watching the episodes all night with Lotte and Itsuki-chan. In making costumes, you have to make it by properly grasping the image inside the story. If not it will be rude towards the story and the people you will show the costume to.」

「That seriousness is quite like an otaku……」

「I thought that it was just an indecent story anyway, but the story was actually interesting.」

「You are connecting otaku=indecent too much.」

Mio was showered with the attention of the surroundings in the blink of an eye. Although, she was showered with attention not because of her costume with high exposure rate, but because of her bearing, so Kazuki could also watch with a peace of mind.

Mio and Lotte were forming a crowd.

Kamimura-san seemed to resolve herself too and she raised her face,

「Fuhahahaha! The people are like trash!!」

She yelled that while plunging into the crowd.

The people gave applause while welcoming that.

Inside the train for returning home──Kamimura-san must be really tired from being unused to staying in a crowd, she was falling asleep tiredly between Kazuki and Lotte.

「It’s great that Itsuki-san was having fun desu.」

Lotte was happy as though it was about herself.

「Lotte too, it’s great that you were able to buy various things.」

Lotte was also greatly satisfied with the limited items she purchased.

「Believing that tomorrow will come like normal, and then buying the things for the sake of that from here on is really fantastic desu.」

「You don’t need to be exaggerating earnestly like that while holding the figurines.」

Mio said while smiling.

「But in my homeland……with my original position and my body……this was something impossible for me desu. This isn’t something to say to the person who saved the whole world but, my happiness is all thanks to Kazuki-oniisan desu.」

「I fought with Beatrix at that place because I was doing what I wished to do in the way that I wanted.」

As a result, something sprouted between him and Beatrix, and their fate after that was changed.

「Besides it’s something that is already too late since a long time ago.」

「That’s right. Moreover even Kazu-nii’s happiness is because Lotte is here. If Lotte is not here, then perhaps all of us will fight each other a lot more……」

Lotte was a girl that was like an expert of being considerate, so when someone looked like they would produce negative emotions, she would immediately detect and extinguish it.

The perfectness of that behavior was still going strong even after the power called Telepathy had vanished. She was sensitively detecting the negative emotions from every kind of indication like expression, attitude, and so on.

When someone noticed the girl naturally accomplishing that with perfection, they couldn’t help but feel her worth.

But for a girl who was younger than them to learn that kind of skill was also──it was the result from her unfortunate upbringing.

『If I don’t examine the countenance of other people constantly, I won’t even be allowed to exist.』

Such a curse was still lingering around her……. Kazuki was thinking that she surely couldn’t be freed from that except by filling her life from now on completely with happiness.

However, the girl properly had that 『from now on』.

「The operation, will be soon huh.」

When he spoke those words, a strange chilly tension was hanging in the air. Even though they had heard that it wasn’t an operation with a low success rate.

「Yes, Clark-oneesan said sorry to me that it was late when she contacted me desu.」

Lotte’s sickness was something incurable in the religious country Seinmundo that had discarded science, but if it was America whose science was more advanced than even Japan, it was a sickness with enough prospect to be cured.

However America hadn’t really been able to regain their footing from the state of confusion due to the civil war of the South against the North──it was to the degree that the city function was demolished──it took time until the preparations for Lotte’s operation was put in order.

「I’m going to go together with you too.」

「……Yes, it’s heartening that Kazuki-oniisan will accompany me together desu.」

Lotte too must have her own anxiety.

Kazuki tightly grasped her hand.

Epilogue II – The Future[edit]

Part 1[edit]

On a certain holiday──.

When he woke up, there was Ilyailiya inside his blanket.

「Good morning, Kazuki. It’s a nice morning.」

Ilyailiya spoke with wide open eyes that were unthinkable from someone who had just woken up.

Kazuki quickly turned over his blanket. Ilyailiya was stark naked. Her twin hills were shaking like jelly.

This wasn’t the first time. Sometimes Kazuki slept alone without another girl sleeping in his bed. At those times, when he woke up, for some reason she would often be there.

Scary. It was Russian horror.

「You……how did you trespass inside here?」

It was something that he was scared to ask before, but he finally asked this time.

Ilyailya’s expression turned a bit proud.

「All the members of Russia’s Knight Order learned the Russian Army’s hand-to-hand fighting skill <Systema> along with infiltration and sabotage skills that had been handed down from the era of the KGB. Everyone is a one man army that can perform every kind of tactical operation. And I who was their King wasn’t an exception to that.」

「And why are you infiltrating into my bed with that professional spy skill? While stark naked.」

Ilyailiya was opening the front buttons of Kazuki’s pajamas as she pleased while answering.

「Kazuki has the duty to teach me the happiness and worth of rapport between humans.」

Certainly, Kazuki rejected Ilyailiya’s way of living──his fight against her on Atlantis was also that kind of fight.

However, it wasn’t something that could be taught because she told him to teach her, Kazuki thought.

On the other hand Ilyailiya’s blank eyes were shining with faint emotion, her palms were crawling all over Kazuki’s manly and trained pectorals and abs.

She was emotionally attached to him──Kazuki had racked up a lot of experience, so he wasn’t insensitive in that kind of matter.

「……I won’t mind if you honestly tell me that you like me though.」

He said that to test her while his hand gently stroked Ilyailiya’s head.

The completely innocent girl looked like a small child to him.

「……It’s not like an unclear emotion like love is observed within me. This is only because I’m being driven by intellectual curiosity towards the opposite sex, about the different body structure.」

She was rubbing Kazuki’s body with her hands while her eyes were sparkling.

Those hands were smoothly reaching to the direction of Kazuki’s lower body.

「……This is a man’s morning physiological phenomenon……」

Ilyailya sighed and said 「……Amazing……」 with a small voice. Kazuki also received a sweet stimulation.

Kazuki slowly crawled his hands on Ilyailiya’s white shoulders. Just from that her shoulders twitched.

It was skin with a mysterious feel at touch. It was white like Koyuki and the other elves. It was soft and springy like a mochi that wasn’t sticky. She was the owner of an ephemeral impression, but when he touched her it gave him sensual impression.

He was touching her skin from her shoulder until her upper arm and then to her sides. Her white skin was gradually reddening.

Faint red also tinged her face.

As far as Kazuki knew, a girl wouldn’t make this kind of face just from intellectual curiosity.

「Your face is red, is your heart beating fast?」

Kazuki used both his hands to lift the bulges of her chest up and down while asking.

「……This room is hot.」

It was the morning of winter with the indoor heating not working. He could only think what was this girl saying.

Kazuki pinched at the tips of her chest’s bulges.

Ilyailiya’s body was fiercely shaking [*tremble tremble tremble*].

「You are shaking just now, but that’s not from you feeling cold right?」

「…………Just now was……」

Kazuki didn’t even wait for her to reply and massaged the tips with his fingertips.

「Nnh! Nn……!! Nfuh!?」

The pinked color tips on the white skin even had the faint sense of purity. However when it was stimulated, it swelled larger and advocated its presence.


A sweet reverberation mixed into her voice, as though some kind of dam had broken.

A girl wouldn’t feel that kind of sweet numbness without the accompaniment of emotion.

One of Kazuki’s hands let go of her breasts──and sneaked between her legs.

His fingers touched searchingly, looking for the sensitive protuberance.


Her eyes opened wide and she raised a surprised voice.

Like that when his finger tickled the spot,


Ilyailiya shut both her eyes tightly and tried to endure from leaking out a sweet voice more than that.

However, that place had already become soaked wet.

「Is this, your pee?」

「Tha, that’s not……! I’m not a child……」

「Good grief. You look like you’re feeling good every single time. Is this a reaction that comes from curiosity?」

Ilyailiya crawling into his bed like this often got the tables turned on her by Kazuki making her feel good like this every time.

And yet she would always shake her head when asked that. She didn’t try to be honest.

Even though she recognized her defeat and said that she came 『to learn the happiness and worth of rapport between humans』, but she couldn’t become honest for some reason.

Most likely it was because her own nature that was stubborn and obstinate like ice.

He had become used to handling that kind of person from his experience with a certain Koyuki.

It went full circle and Kazuki grew to like toying and feeling this girl.

[*guchu guchu guchu guchu guchu*] Kazuki was fingering the secret place of the Russian queen who was supposed to be cold like ice.

「Thi……this is curiosity……」

She finally answered the mean question of Kazuki before this.

「It’s nothing more than a variety of instincts……a curiosity towards the body of a man and a woman. And then Kazuki ought to teach that to me……in other words……therefore……nnnnh!♡」

Ilyailiya’s body trembled in a big way and then she completely overturned the blanket covering herself.

Her totally naked sweaty body was exposed to the cool air and both her legs were boldly spread open. That place’s coloring was also faint, the faint pink color was glistening wetly.

Ilyailiya was breathing roughly while looking up at Kazuki with an ardent expression.

「Kazuki……should teach me……♡」


「You know, I cannot take care of a girl who cannot even take responsibility of her own feeling. Because I think a girl’s body should be treasured.」

Kazuki ignored her and stood up from the bed.

This was also the usual thing.

He wasn’t as hungry as he looked that he would leap at the advances of woman with ambiguous feelings.

Ilyailiya’s puffed up her cheeks. It was a really cute reaction, but surely she wasn’t doing that with the self-awareness that it was cute. Rather there was no doubt that she didn’t even have the self-awareness that her emotion came out to the surface. After that her mouth closed and open trying to say something, but in the end she didn’t say anything, she quickly wore the camouflage jacket and pants scattered beside the bed, and escaped by jumping outside the window of Kazuki’s room.

Her getaway was just like a special agent.

‘……Good grief’, Kazuki thought while seeing her off.

Part 2[edit]

Even now when peace had arrived, he was continuing his morning sword training sporadically.

Kazuki who chased away Ilyailiya made Kanae keep him company and he finished the training.

When he returned towards the mansion while wiping his sweat, a nice aroma gently wafted in the air.

Making breakfast was always Kazuki’s job.

Kazuki and Kanae looked at each other and tilted their heads, and then they headed towards the living room that was adjoined with the kitchen.

Beautiful blonde hair and a pure white butt were shaking mixed with the sound of a tune being hummed.

The naked apron blonde beauty holding a frying pan turned around towards them.

「Hallo, Kazuki!」

「Arthur! ……Not that, Alyssa!!」

Alyssa Sutcliff──it was the real name of the beautiful woman who dressed as a man who introduced herself as Arthur Basilleus before.

「Why are you here……」

「I’m thinking to treat Kazuki with an authentic British breakfast. Fufuh, after all I can appeal with my familial side only through breakfasts or teatime.」

Certainly it would be those two if speaking about the pride of Britain’s food culture.

「That’s nice, but why naked apron……」

The world level dynamite body with its tight waist and explosive busts and hip, was covered in the loosest sense with an apron tightly wrapping the body that some places were filled to the bursting. However the bewitching pheromone couldn’t possibly be suppressed with just that much. The pheromone was overflowing out steamily.

「Fufuh, because you see, until now I had only shown you myself in a man’s attire. So I have to take the initiative to emphasize my feminine side like this.」

She wriggled her white skin and twisted her waist towards him.

When she who was Arthur was liberated from her ties of obligation and became her natural self that was Alyssa, she was surprisingly deeply 『female』. He couldn’t help but feel allure from that gap.


Kanae pulled repeatedly at the arm of Kazuki who was frozen still. Kazuki was taken aback and returned to his senses.

However, when he compared the two of them by sight, for better or worse Kanae looked childish.

「Nii-sama……let’s leave the breakfast preparation to her while we go wash off our sweat! With me! Only the two of us! At the shower-!!」

「Ah, certainly that way is more fascinating compared to breakfast’s preparation.」

「That’s no good, it is by standing in the kitchen that a woman can carry out her natural duty……uwah!」

Kanae was talking self-importantly even though she had never done her own cooking at all, but Alyssa didn’t listen to her until the end. She took a ketchup bottle into her hand, pointed it at her face, and then squeezed without hesitation.

Alyssa’s refreshing smile became muddy with bright red ketchup.

「Oo, nooo, now I’ve done it. I also need to go to shower.」

「This girl, she is going on the offensive with an outrageous brute force!?」

For the cute Kanae who looked bold, yet unexpectedly lacked in resolve at the critical moments of when she was going to a lewd direction, the aggressiveness of a westerner’s sex appeal made her tremble.

Alyssa boldly stopped the fire of the cooking that was in the middle of preparation and left it behind with just that. She was a sloppy Englishwoman.

And then she came along with them to the shower smilingly.

It was only when she took off her last piece of clothing, the apron, that as expected even Alyssa showed a sign of shyness.

Kanae too, even though it was at this late hour already, she was taking off her clothes while acting shy.

Kazuki turned naked in a flash decisively, shocking the two.

「Let’s quickly wash your face.」

Kazuki embraced the waist of the naked Alyssa and escorted her into the bathroom.

「Nii-sama……what gentlemanship……」Kanae trembled. (TN: Another of Kanae’s butchered English)

As soon as they entered the bathroom, Kazuki did the wall bang on Alyssa.

「You know, you don’t need to do any indirect appeal, I’ll accept if you just directly talk to me.」

「……Fufufu, you’re really charming and cool even though you are younger than me.」

The two began exchanging a kiss with each other without any side being the one that really started it.

「Nii-sama……what a handsome man move.」 Kanae trembled.

And then Kazuki visited his caress through Alyssa’s body. Kazuki too was also still smoldering from the stimulation of Ilyailiya’s mischief. Because of that he was wanting Alyssa greedily.

The bare girl of Britain raised her voice outspokenly.

「Aah♡ A, amazing♡ Something like this♡」

「……Good grief, really Nii-sama, geez」

As expected Kanae didn’t become a nuisance and watched over the two’s first time.

Part 3[edit]

The writer William Somerset Mougham said this──「If you want to have a delicious meal in Britain, you can do it by taking breakfast three times」.

At the present time it also felt like an exaggeration, but in any case a genuine full British breakfast was now lined up in the Witch’s Mansion.

Crispy bacon, sausage, toast fried with oil, fried mushroom, a heap of fried potato, large quantity of sunny-side-up fried eggs, eggs, and eggs, and then baked beans.

「They are brown……isn’t the oil too much?」

When Mio who was concerned with the beauty of appearance turned an astonished gaze at Alyssa, Alyssa played dumb with a smile.

And then black tea that tasted somewhat strong──breakfast tea.

「Ah, but I thought that the baked beans tasted bad when I saw it in a picture, but it unexpectedly tastes good normally! It’s normal!」

Hikaru spoke too honestly.

「Obviously! For Englishmen, baked beans are our soul food!!」

Liz Liza-sensei shouted while joining them at the dining table.

「Why is baked beans that important of a dish for Englishmen? If I had to say, it feels more like a dish that originated from the American continent.」

Kaguya asked with honest interest.

「Fuh, that’s obvious. That’s because it can be eaten just by opening the can.」

Liz Liza-sensei answered. Kaguya’s head slumped down powerlessly.

Alyssa broke open smiling.

「Why is Liz Liza-sensei here?」

When Alyssa finished her cooking, this teacher showed up like it was only natural and joined the dining table.

「I called her. Because I’m made the cooking of the homeland, I had asked her to come as a fellow countryman who loves Britain. By the way, this baked beans isn’t canned food by my handmade cooking.」

「You two get along well.」

Alyssa and Liz Liza-sensei faced each other and then they nodded at each other.

「Yep, as expected, the affinity as fellow countryman is surging in this land of a foreign country.」

「Speaking about fellow countryman, is Lotte talking with Beatrix or Hrotsvit? Though it’s a bit faulty to say that they are from the same country as you.」

Kazuki turned his gaze towards Lotte and asked.

Lotte had finished her operation, and she was in the process of regaining a body that was healthier than the average person favorably.

「I’m often gaming with Hrotsvit-oneesan desu.」

「Eh, she is doing that kind of indoor activity?」

「She got really into fighting games……she is saying things like 『Fufufu, the only fight left is inside the virtual world……』 desu.」

Kamimura-san chuckled with a grin.

「Ku-ku-ku, she will surely fall into our(otaku) world before long……」

「How unexpected……」

「Beatrix often goes shopping with me.」

Mio suddenly said that. Kazuki was also surprised with that.

「Where is she going shopping at? A weapons shop or something?」

「Nope. She is normally buying clothes or accessories. She is saying things like aiming to become a cute girl, and so she came to rely on me.」

「……Beatrix is walking the path of a love-brain normie, while Hrotsvit is on the path of the otaku, the two lord and retainer are walking their own separate paths.」

There was no way that everything was revolving around him.

Unexpected relationships between fellow girls were born in unexpected places.

Part 4[edit]

「Kazukii─! We are going on a date right now! I’m not going to wait!!」

「Onii-chaaan! Leeet’s playy─!!」

After breakfast, when everyone was relaxing, two overlapping voices could be heard from outside.

It was a voice that sounded slightly dangerous and a stupidly bright voice.

After that there was the sound of the door of the Witch’s Mansion being opened, and then the loud footsteps of someone running.

[*baaan*] The door was thrown open and two girls were coming in side by side.

A bewitching beauty who normally wore Japanese clothing throughout her day──Aisu Ikousai.

A young girl wearing punk fashion──Kaya.

As soon as the two showed their faces in the living room, both of them glared at each other before Kazuki could say anything.

「Oi, Loki girl. The promise for today’s date with me was already made from a long time ago. I’ve got previous engagement.」

「I’m not Loki girl, I’m Kaya. I don’t know anything about any promise. I’m coming to meet Onii-chan after a long time.」

「Don’t kick down on other people’s promises so naturally!」

Both of them were glaring at each other dangerously. Kazuki rushed towards the two in panic.

After hesitating for a bit about which one he should deal with first, he started talking to Kaya first.

「Kaya! How are you doing in Yamagata-san’s house?」

Kaya’s expression turned bright when she turned to face Kazuki.

「……It’s not really good or even bad. It’s normal─. It normaally felt that I’m Yamagata Kaya.」

When Loki reincarnated as a human and separated from Kaya’s personality, she recovered her body back.

And then, Kaya who didn’t have any relatives──was taken in as Minister Yamagata’s adopted child of all things.

As expected there was no way the high school student Kazuki could do anything like adopting someone, so he felt nothing but gratitude in regards to this matter too. Kaya was making an unwilling face at that time, but she accepted the offer.

Everyone else fought by themselves and they were defeated while feeling content. But it was only Kaya who wasn’t like that. The chaos that she was holding hadn’t been cleared up.

Kazuki even became uneasy that perhaps she would even wish for death──.

It seemed that currently she was doing her role as a daughter normally, and lived as a middle school student normally.

He had also asked about her condition to Minister Yamagata through phone before, but hearing it from her own voice made Kazuki sigh in relieve. Her voice didn’t sound like she was forcing herself.

However, Minister Yamagata who was placing Akane-senpai and Shouko as his secretaries, and on top of that he was taking in Kaya as his adopted child was getting talked behind his back like a storm calling him lolicon, well, of course that would happen with how it looked like from outside.

「How is your school grade?」

「Is Onii-chan thinking that I’m stupid? It’s not a big deal you know, no problem. But even if I go to something like a school, there are no boys as cool as Kazuki-oniichan or Loki there so it’s boring!」

「So, you treat Loki as a cool guy huh.」

Kazuki almost laughed thinking it was somewhat funny, but Kaya suddenly made a serious face.

「Loki’s penis was absurdly huge y’know……almost like a horse. Or rather, it’s the size of a wrist. That was when it’s not erect you know!?」

Several people who were enjoying after meal tea spurted out their drink [*buho-*].

「……We, well you two shared the same body, so naturally you also caught sight of that kind of thing huh……」

「That was a precious experience. I wonder if there is a human body that can be entered with that?」

Kazuki felt a bit uneasy wondering whether Kaya was distorted in various things but……well, she would be fine.

Her smile wasn’t as distorted as in the past.

In the end……happiness could also be given to this girl who was in solitude, she was able to accept that happiness honestly.

Rather……perhaps her day of sharing a body with Loki healed her loneliness.

「Oiii, Kazuki, hey, don’t ignore me.」

Kazuki’s sleeve was pulled at.

「Even I aren’t living in the Witch’s Mansion, so it doesn’t change that my time of meeting with you is precious.」

「……Our promise is to go out just before noon isn’t it? That we are going to have lunch somewhere first. This is still too early from the promise.」

「Hmph, in the first place I was dissatisfied with the time you set up.」

Ikousai spoke self-importantly with an arrogant attitude. Kazuki wasn’t even pressured by that and he asked back.

「Eh, didn’t you okay it happily that time?」

「……I was thinking back about it when I woke up this morning, it’s really meaningless, this half-baked time during my waking up until our meeting time. If there is the decision to meet someone on that day, then it’s better to wake up early and then go to meet him right away. That’s what a date of warriors exactly is.」

「In other words」 Kaya cut in from the side while half laughing.

「When you woke up early, you’re really looking forward to the date that your heart is beating fast and you cannot just sit still! ……It’s something like that isn’t it? Puuuh! Ho─w─cu─te─!」


Ikousai turned at Kaya and she was about to raise her hand against Kaya, but she recalled that the opponent was a young girl and her hand stopped still, she then went ‘gununu’ and her body trembled in vexation.

「Hey, Kazuki-oniichan. Did Ikousai also say that she likes Onii-chan or something?」

「There was one time she said it only once when it was just the two of us.」

When Kazuki answered, Ikousai tackled Kazuki hard from her shoulder. She inflicted violence on Kazuki without any consideration. Kazuki caught that shoulder into a hug.

「My bad, Kaya. She is this kind of girl, that’s why…give my best regards to chief Yamagata.」

「It can’t be helped then that she is someone like this. Fufufuh」

Perhaps Kaya’s dissatisfaction receded from seeing Ikousai’s state, or perhaps she was satisfied from enjoying making fun of Ikousai, or perhaps because in the first place she came to show her face but she didn’t plan to be selfish, because she easily pulled back and laughed.

The comrades in the Witch’s Mansion laughed in amusement and waved their hands at the departing Kazuki and Ikousai.

「Then, while Kazuki isn’t here, everyone」

After seeing off Kazuki taking Ikousai away from the mansion, Kaguya called out to the surroundings.

Laughter leaked out naturally from everyone present.

「Who ever thought the indication of that will show up at the same time.」

Hikaru laughed. Lotte immediately laughed while saying.

「Hikaru-oneesan says that, but if there was someone among us that got left out then it will be embarrassing desu.」

Kaya opened her eyes wide in curiosity.

「What what, what is this about?」

Part 5[edit]

Ikousai was a girl who was fussy about the aesthetic sense. He had caught glimpses of it while fighting against her, and he could also feel her aesthetic sense from her appearance that was always meaninglessly wearing Japanese clothes.

In fact, her amount of knowledge and cultivation were also not a superficial thing.

On the other hand, Kazuki was a human who spent his life until now utterly unrelated with the realm of arts, but by exchanging commentary and impressions with Ikousai, the art gallery date became a time that was filled with stimulation.

Ikousai too didn’t express it clearly in words, but she looked like she was having fun. She appeared to be satisfied. Kazuki was getting used to sensing the feelings of a girl who wasn’t honest.

After that they finished having dinner and the two parted with each other.

「I’m not a woman who will entrust my body to a man that easily! Bear that in mind!」

Ikousai frequently told him that.

Was she a girl who was happy to be asked forcefully, or was she not, it was difficult to judge.

After that Kazuki returned home to the Witch’s Mansion.

When Kazuki returned, the full roster of everyone was watching the television in the living room. With the disappearance of alchemy, the technology returned to the ancestor and now they were watching a normal television.

「Hey, Kazuki. They are doing an interesting programme right now.」

Hikaru said that and pointed at the screen.

『MHK Special Science Programme, Science Future! In these few months since the power of magic vanished, alchemy was also lost at the same time, and yet despite so, there are several shocking scientific discoveries. This time all of the invited guest specialists here will exchange their opinion. Let us all come closer to the forefront of this discovery!』

Science programme……? Kazuki was surprised, but he then hurriedly changed clothes before he also sat down on the sofa where everyone was sitting at.

According to the cute Kanae of the Hayashizaki family who was moving in here, the TV show choice of the Witch’s Mansion was too serious. However even Kanae was concentrating at the screen with a serious face.

『What we want to be allowed to explain on this chance is about the intermittent equilibrium of science discovery that happened during these past few months.』

The elderly specialist started the talk with that sentence.

『Excuse me, what does this intermittent equilibrium mean……?』

『We have to explain from that first isn’t it? What intermittent equilibrium of science discovery means in other words is, that what is called science isn’t something that is developed favorably at a fixed speed. ……Just when everyone thought that a period where there would be no discoveries would continue, a little impetus would act as a jump board and the technology will be developed drastically in a stretch.』

『Then during these few months, you are saying that a result that can be said as a drastic scientific development has suddenly appeared?』

『Exactly. A rapid development can be seen as though various fields has been making arrangements beforehand. Synchronicity……I think that’s what it should be called. However in the world of science, a single impetus influencing across multiple fields of science isn’t something rare.』

『A rapid development after the long continuing period of darkness without any result……it was truly an event that shed light on the modern era where the cooped up feelings are hanging in the air!』

The studio was stirred with a bright atmosphere.

『Something like cooped up feelings are unthinkable! If we scientists are allowed to say……something like cooped up feelings or anything is absolutely impossible in the world of humans!!』

However, the elderly specialist’s fervent speech caused the show presenter to turn about into making a creeped out expression.

It was impossible for cooped up feelings to exist……. Kazuki felt those words pierce deeply into his chest because, since the battle that time, there was something still stuck inside Kazuki’s chest.

Yes, Kazuki was fighting the very cooped up feelings itself.

『Then first, what I want to introduce first, is the discovery of the theory of average temperature superconductor that everyone also knows.』

『And average temperature superconductor is……?』

『First we will need to have a review in regards to superconductors. In the year 1911……more than a century ago, it was understood that if mercury is cooled until minus 269 ℃, its electric resistance will vanish.』

『What kind of utility value does something like that have?』

『Because this resistance doesn’t exist at all, no energy loss will result. If a superconductor can be used easily, it will be possible to create efficient electric lines with zero loss of electricity. It will also be possible to create magnetic fields that can make materials float lightly.』

The specialist made a gesture of lifting his hand lightly and displayed it.

『Because something floating won’t cause friction, it will be able to move with intense speed just with a bit of compressed air. It’s the principle of linear motor cars. In other words the loss of electricity and the loss of material movement can be turned into zero.』

『However in the case of mercury, you said that property can only be displayed at the temperature of minus 269 ℃?』

『It had become known that other than mercury, various other elements and compounds can obtain this kind of property. However in practice, even after more than a hundred years, it still wasn’t understood why this kind of phenomenon occurred with the requirement that you put them into extremely low temperatures. It’s difficult to simply prepare that kind of super low temperature. Its practical implementation was impossible to be done.』

『But, this time……』

『Yes, it’s truly intermittent equilibrium……with the sudden explication of that theory, if the Nobel awards was still continuing even now, then without a doubt this will deserve the Nobel award. What meaning this discovery has……it mean we will be able to make material float lightly. We will be able to be liberated from gravity and manipulate movement.』

The studio was stirred with shocked voices.

『Perhaps you all think that this is a technology that is too astounding, but this kind of future illustration has been depicted since several decades ago. If we just can understand the principle for a bit more……the scientists have been forced to endure such a situation for a long time.』

『Freedom from gravity……how should I say it……it’s like a magic isn’t it?』

『And then what I want to introduce next is, the establishment of mass producing technology of molecule-sized transistors. Though if this discovery is compared to the Nobel award discovery just now, this one is still not really acknowledged.』

『Molecule-sized transistors……completely incomprehensible words are coming out again.』

『Transistors are a switch that can control the electric current in wiring. So to speak, it’s the smallest unit that can transmit a digital message. By minimizing the size of this transistor, computers can be minimized and have its efficiency raised higher.』

『So it’s that <Moore’s Law> thing then?』

『However, it was known that before long there would be a limit to minimizing the size of a transistor made from silicon. In addition what to do to minimize the size……a molecule transistor is a technology that turns a single molecule into a transistor. The manufacturing of this has succeeded since ten-odd years ago. However the cheap mass production method for it couldn’t be established. However, at this point of time the method has been discovered. Through that, the world of advanced information processing will be able to make rapid progress.』

『In other words an integrated circuit that surpassed the common sense until now can be made cheaply……?』

『Yes, I’m sure that from now on every kind of item will be embed with this thing.』

The studio stirred once more.

『I don’t really get it but, it’s an IT revolution isn’t it!!』

The entertainer with a giddy air that raised cheers and laughter suddenly rose up.

『And then what is important, is how these two technologies are established at the same time at this chance!』

The guest specialist shut down the laughter of the studio with strong words. That serious voice was an explanation, and also a call to the people.

It was a voice filled with a distinct will that was attempting to awaken something inside people’s hearts.

『Materials will be liberated from gravity. Materials will be equipped with advanced intelligence. Materials will be equipped with these two things at the same time. Everything around us will become like that! And then, what will happen? First our brains will be able to be embedded with integrated circuits too.』

『That sounds a bit eerie isn’t it?』

The entertainer smiled as though to ridicule it. The specialist ignored that and continued.

『Like that our brains will be able to send and receive signals from the surrounding items that have been turned intelligent. Our brains will emit signals, and the items that receive it will float in the air using their built-in superconductors. You can even put it another way that we will obtain Psychokinesis.』

The people’s expressions were turned flabbergasted from hearing that nostalgic word suddenly said as an example.


It was the power that Kazuki and the others should have lost.

『This isn’t on the level of being able to turn on and off the electronic appliances in your house using your mobile phone. You will be able to use the power of your mind to freely manipulate the items in your house, in the city, whether functionally or physically.』

『……So this is what you meant by intermittent equilibrium. It’s unbelievable that we will be able to do something like that so suddenly. Just now I said that it sounded like magic but……it resembles very closely the happenings that we all know well these ten-odd years, doesn’t it?』

Embedding a chip into the head…….

『Yes. The mysterious alchemist Basileus Basileon embed the Philosopher’s Stone into people’s brains, and awakened the power of magic……. Right now we understand that it’s 【just a fraud】, and magic vanished but……the exact same thing will happen from now on scientifically. By embedding the chip that should be called as the new Philosopher’s Stone into our brains, we will recover the power of magic once more! By means of science to the end!! This time it’s only Psychokinesis, but of course our future won’t stop at just this level!』

『It seems like other magic are also approaching realization with this kind of technology too.』

A large panel was set inside the studio and various technologies were introduced in turns.

『Putting aside the utilization of summoning magic, even things that were completely impossible with general magic and alchemy might become possible within a few years with all these technologies isn’t it?』

『I believe that’s because the power of magic that Basileon awakened was nothing more than the power of illusions. However, science is something that can suddenly make something possible, even things that cannot be done even by illusions.』

That sentence made Kazuki feel like his heart was shot by lightning.

The thing sticking to his heart all this time scattered away hard.

『Science transcends above illusions. Or how should I say it……illusion isn’t something that is always more progressive than the actual reality. There is this things called negativity bias in humanity’s psychology. Human hearts are weak, that’s why they react more sensitively to loss rather than hope, they fear large change. Human’s illusions will naturally tilt towards negativity if it’s allowed to run unchecked. Inside the mist where they cannot see ahead, at the far away future, humans will imagine the illusion that despair is what is inside that place where they cannot see.』

──While the population was continuing to increase explosively, on the other hand resources kept decreasing. Humans didn’t correct the disparity between them because of fixation towards maintaining the status quo, the technology was being radicalized into something more delicate, hard to comprehend, and dangerous. Country borders, race, ideology……those problems that remained unchanged, there was no light of hope that they could be resolved. Predictions that the future would be better didn’t come into view at all. Everyone thought so. There is no prospect for the future to become better! ……That was despair! That was the reason why I’m reigning here!

Who would be able to tangibly object at those words?

No one was able to imagine the method to overturn the despair towards everything of the present society.

However, it was fine even if it was impossible to imagine it.

It wasn’t the responsibility of the king or anything.

What the king ought to do was…….

『However, there is history where science was constantly continuing to advance at a speed that surpassed people’s illusions, there is history where humanity’s future prediction was constantly mistaken. Even so, humans continue to despair towards the future even now.』

『Thinking back, even the news program on television and the like report only bad news extensively, and the viewers also react sensitively only to the bad news. Those things remained in memory. ……Perhaps that is something like human nature that is mostly unavoidable isn’t it?』

『That’s why someone has to throw light ahead of the cooped up feelings. What is necessary is only that. The burden of that work is too heavy to be done only by the scientists. However……a certain young man destroyed the swindler who introduced himself as Basileus Basileon, and showed us the light. That’s why we are able to rise above the illusions once again and step forward to the future. This special program is for the sake of showing the outcome of that.』

『……The power of our King who triumphed in Atlantis, the report said that it was the Power of Bonds.』

『Do you know about this story? The difference between mankind who built up civilization and the primitive man who was unable to advance at all, it wasn’t intellect, but the biological difference in the ability to emit their voice. By obtaining the connection of complex voices, the connections between people turned complex and the complexity of society and science was advancing. The bonds clear open a path to unlimited possibility.』

『……I feel like I can understand now what the King gave us. ……Even we who keep imagining only negative futures inside the darkness, but if there is family, friends, or partners within our reach that can bond with us, it will be possible for us to summon courage and advance forward. If we have the light of bonds, the illusion can be changed, not as despair, but as hope, isn’t it?』

『With the hand of a young man whose name isn’t shed into light, the world is liberated from magic and illusions. There are still arguments for and against in regards to that matter. The voice that is reluctant to part with the power of magic is firmly rooted. However, it’s exactly for that reason that I want to declare my gratitude to him. Thank you for believing in humanity’s possibilities. We wish to convey that to the King. Our gratitude to the young man who defeated the <Incarnation of Despair>, and led us to a future where illusions won’t even be able to appear──』

The ending theme of the TV program was starting to flow.

In the end they all were watching the show intently all throughout it until the end.

Suddenly Kazuki noticed the girls were looking at each other, they were fidgeting as though searching for the right timing to start some kind of important talk.

「What’s the matter? The TV was interesting but……」

When Kazuki broached the topic, Mio and Kaguya faced Kazuki as the representative of all concerned.

Both of them talked with a shy smile.

「Kazuki-kun has to walk the future along with new bonds.」

「……We, got pregnant with Kazu-nii’s baby.」



This is the last afterword! Dying Message! This is Mihara Mitsuki.

It ain’t dying message at all.

And so, Magika too met its finale splendidly with this volume 14. After all, the main character is a harem king, so the finale too isn’t half-baked. Something like all the heroines forming a ring giving the last gift to all of you readers, something like that. What do you think?

Kazuki will surely make all the heroines happy without leaving any loose ends. The author has also finished writing everything that should be written, and I have no regret at all.

To be able to pull down the curtain for a long period series that spanned 14 volumes this happily, somehow it feels like an undeserved dream for me. Like this when I finish writing the afterword, won’t this four and a half years disappear like a dream, I even feel such anxiety.

The series is able to run the race like this is solely thanks to the support of all of you readers. Truly thank you very much for walking together with this kind of uncool author who has no accomplishments at all through a journey that is like a dream.

However, now that it has come to this as an author my next work becomes a problem, it’s truly a critical moment for me so that I won’t end up as one hit wonder with just Magika. At the very beginning I wrote something about dying, but thinking calmly it’s actually not a joke at all. If I don’t work hard so I won’t be dying…….

──Now then, if this is an ordinary literature, then it will be ended uprightly so that it won’t be a nuisance for the reader’s last aftertaste, if this is a movie a magnificent ending theme will flow, if it’s a theater it will be a spectacular curtain call with the stars being showered with applauses, but this is the light novel called Magika so unfortunately you readers get an afterword from an middle-aged man in his thirties. Hooray, it’s Mitsuki-san! Waaaii! The afterword is su─per─fun─!]

It’s embarrassing and difficult for me to talk about the content of my own work, so I was always evasive by writing about my daily life love comedy with editor K-nyan, but this time, oh my, 6 pages of afterword is prepared for me. My ‘kyah kya ufufu’ with K-nyan is also very much popular with a part of the demography (Iwanami Ryou), but doing that until the last volume will be tiresome.

And so just for the last volume, I’ll fill the page with magnificent Magika talk.

One time the plan that I kneaded until that time was tossed away like trash and scrapped. He said to me 「Let’s do the battle thing for the new work」 and gave me suggestions filled with the specifics and pressure. And that ended up a success so K-nyan is truly a god, but for me myself I had never wrote battle story until then so I was completely baffled.

I thought that at the very least it won’t be pure fantasy, but something based on the present era.

However I think that there are several patterns for present era battle stories, but I read the pattern of 『supernatural exist secretly in the modern society, unfolding in the darkness unknown by people……』 when I was still a young student and many times I got caught thinking 「Isn’t it impossible……?」. I was a twisted killjoy brat. But now I can normally enjoy it though.

I dragged out my feeling at that time somehow, and with that I tried the pattern of 『Power of magic exist in the present era openly without hiding』, and this is how it turned out.

However when it came the time for me to write this pattern, it was really hard to solidify the setting, I remember editor K-nyan was finding fault on it over and over.

What would happen to the world when one day, the power of magic is suddenly born in the present era world? And then what kind of meaning it has? Magika was started from that kind of question.

I still had no need to think deeply when the stage was still staying in the academy, but when the Japan archipelago was divided and the King of other countries made their entrance, I couldn’t stay like that. In the middle of a battle on the scale that changed the world, what are the main characters and the enemies looking for that they fight each other?

The stage is the present era and it’s not in the darkness using strength that is hidden from society, so that fight isn’t at the level of individuals, but society and country──it becomes something significant and serious that shook the whole world.

Perhaps what I wanted to read when I was a twisted brat was a tale of a main character that faced the world right from the front. That’s what I thought now that I reached this age.

──And thus, the scale was bloating while the author’s mental preparations was still undone, and the whole tale of 14 volumes with the theme of 『reality and illusion』 became concluded like this.

I thought things like ‘it’s not like something like theme is needed, it’s just one element for the sake of amusement’, or ‘it’s nothing but something to make you able to feel good while reading it’, or ‘rather than things like that it’s more moe factor and masturbation material!’, but the question that was born in my chuunibyou period is actually something completely deep-rooted. A tale is something that moves uncontrollably by an impulse that is different from logic.

Because it’s that kind of tale that Regina-sama was talking about things like population problem or resources when she was facing the innocent Lotte(volume 8). ‘Just what is this girl spouting out so suddenly……’, even the author thought that while writing. Lotte who got involved with this strange person is pitiful……. Lotte lickety lick lick……. Please stoooopp. The characters are living inside the author’s brain and freely went lickety lick lick at Lotte and can be hated. Amazing! What the hell this uncle is saying!

The last boss also became a strange guy with strangely strong self-assertion. When this kind of super passionately speaking man is introduced, it’s terrifying thinking that all of you readers are going to think 「This guy is the clone of the author huh」「It’s the author’s spokesman huh」, but I’m not that angry to the world in the real life. I love jeans. Also looking at Koyuki or Hikaru has the danger of making your thought ponder about the author’s fetish, so let’s stop it.

At the time when Koyuki became pervert or Beatrix started rampaging, even the author laughed 「Why do you turn out like that」. The characters are also something that is uncontrollable, they are existences that are separated from the author’s personality. An uncle who makes lots of beautiful girl characters live inside his brain is not an exaggerated expression. If by any chance favorite characters can continue to stay behind inside the heart of you readers not as mere pipe dream but as something that preserves their warmth, then there is nothing happier than that for an author. K-nyan has a side to him that is pleased with Torazou. Puzzling.

Nevertheless when I lined up all the volume of Magika and stare at them earnestly, how splendorous their cover illustrations are. And so it’s gratitude time.

It’s commonly said that the sales of light novel is decided by the cover illustration, but reality isn’t that sweet. Even I thought hard about the title. Although, ‘If this kind of cover is displayed visibly in the store then the customer’s hand will absolutely take them……’ I cannot help but think that.

Lovely characters, vivid coloring, and then the magnificence of the magic dress design sense! Or rather I love magic dresses! I love myself who thought up the setting of magic dress! And I completely love CHuN-san who turned them into illustrations!! Especially when it come to the cover of this last volume, what do you think about it? It’s not even an exaggeration to call it the greatest and unprecedented ultimate cover illustration in the history of Magika……no, in the history of light novels……(※It’s a personal opinion). I really believe so.

Furthermore these characters can also be read in manga! I don’t even need to say it after this late, Monrin-san’s comic illustration are also marvelous. No need to mention the slightly lewd illustration and the impactful battles, but even the deformed gag coma is also absurdly cute. Please take a look at it by any means!

CHuN-san and Monrin-san are members of author group called Friendly Land of Taiwan, it’s a gathering of wonderful people where everyone there is really passionate in facing their work. There were times when I was late in finishing my manuscript and troubled them, but I’m keenly feeling that they are really accepting it and always give their all. Thank you and sorry, anyway my chest is filled with respect. They are really amazing people.

I’m also indebted to my editor K-nyan, I was a bother to him, and he accompanied me for a long time through thick and thin. Many thanks. I will work hard to make so that my next work too will surpass Magika! ……is what I’m saying while my preparation for the next work is rough going though. I, I’m not slacking off but every one of my ideas were rejected completely, gueeeh!

It looks like the combination work of me and K-nyan will take a bit of time, but actually my work with Fantasia Bunko-san is making progress, it feels like it can be launched around autumn or winter.

The main character and his comrades who has the soul of heros like Jeanne de Arc or Napoleon or the great Alexander are raising the flag of revolt against the gods ruling over the world……the content become something that feel like 『High spirited great war of great hero army VS mythology army』. The girls whose body carry super famous great person in their body are appearing after another like how super rare items are rushing out from the vending machine toy of social game, the main character will open their heart, make them go dere, and then awakening the soul dwelling inside there……something like that, while it has elements that resemble Magika……and yet it also different from Magika, battle of logic and presentation that is different from positivity level, a world that is crammed with mystery and so on, if you are someone that can enjoy Magika then you should be able to enjoy this content! The heroic girls are mostly thick in character. It’s planned to come out around autumn or winter! (persistent)

Of course this doesn’t mean that I broke off relationship with K-nyan, so both of us are going kissy kissy while planning to work hard so that we can put out new work consecutively at MF Bunko J-san too! It will be the critical time from here on! Please pay attention to Mihara Mitsuki from here on too without fail. Come look and touch Mihara Mitsuki.

Now then, for accompanying the Magika series throughout a long time since it started in April 2013, truly thank you very much. Four years is already one part of life if you think about it. Was I able to leave behind traces as the memory of everyone? Please think back about Mio, Kaguya, and the others occasionally. This is the Lotte lick lick Mihara Mitsuki!

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