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This is the last afterword! Dying Message! This is Mihara Mitsuki.

It ain’t dying message at all.

And so, Magika too met its finale splendidly with this volume 14. After all, the main character is a harem king, so the finale too isn’t half-baked. Something like all the heroines forming a ring giving the last gift to all of you readers, something like that. What do you think?

Kazuki will surely make all the heroines happy without leaving any loose ends. The author has also finished writing everything that should be written, and I have no regret at all.

To be able to pull down the curtain for a long period series that spanned 14 volumes this happily, somehow it feels like an undeserved dream for me. Like this when I finish writing the afterword, won’t this four and a half years disappear like a dream, I even feel such anxiety.

The series is able to run the race like this is solely thanks to the support of all of you readers. Truly thank you very much for walking together with this kind of uncool author who has no accomplishments at all through a journey that is like a dream.

However, now that it has come to this as an author my next work becomes a problem, it’s truly a critical moment for me so that I won’t end up as one hit wonder with just Magika. At the very beginning I wrote something about dying, but thinking calmly it’s actually not a joke at all. If I don’t work hard so I won’t be dying…….

──Now then, if this is an ordinary literature, then it will be ended uprightly so that it won’t be a nuisance for the reader’s last aftertaste, if this is a movie a magnificent ending theme will flow, if it’s a theater it will be a spectacular curtain call with the stars being showered with applauses, but this is the light novel called Magika so unfortunately you readers get an afterword from an middle-aged man in his thirties. Hooray, it’s Mitsuki-san! Waaaii! The afterword is su─per─fun─!]

It’s embarrassing and difficult for me to talk about the content of my own work, so I was always evasive by writing about my daily life love comedy with editor K-nyan, but this time, oh my, 6 pages of afterword is prepared for me. My ‘kyah kya ufufu’ with K-nyan is also very much popular with a part of the demography (Iwanami Ryou), but doing that until the last volume will be tiresome.

And so just for the last volume, I’ll fill the page with magnificent Magika talk.

One time the plan that I kneaded until that time was tossed away like trash and scrapped. He said to me 「Let’s do the battle thing for the new work」 and gave me suggestions filled with the specifics and pressure. And that ended up a success so K-nyan is truly a god, but for me myself I had never wrote battle story until then so I was completely baffled.

I thought that at the very least it won’t be pure fantasy, but something based on the present era.

However I think that there are several patterns for present era battle stories, but I read the pattern of 『supernatural exist secretly in the modern society, unfolding in the darkness unknown by people……』 when I was still a young student and many times I got caught thinking 「Isn’t it impossible……?」. I was a twisted killjoy brat. But now I can normally enjoy it though.

I dragged out my feeling at that time somehow, and with that I tried the pattern of 『Power of magic exist in the present era openly without hiding』, and this is how it turned out.

However when it came the time for me to write this pattern, it was really hard to solidify the setting, I remember editor K-nyan was finding fault on it over and over.

What would happen to the world when one day, the power of magic is suddenly born in the present era world? And then what kind of meaning it has? Magika was started from that kind of question.

I still had no need to think deeply when the stage was still staying in the academy, but when the Japan archipelago was divided and the King of other countries made their entrance, I couldn’t stay like that. In the middle of a battle on the scale that changed the world, what are the main characters and the enemies looking for that they fight each other?

The stage is the present era and it’s not in the darkness using strength that is hidden from society, so that fight isn’t at the level of individuals, but society and country──it becomes something significant and serious that shook the whole world.

Perhaps what I wanted to read when I was a twisted brat was a tale of a main character that faced the world right from the front. That’s what I thought now that I reached this age.

──And thus, the scale was bloating while the author’s mental preparations was still undone, and the whole tale of 14 volumes with the theme of 『reality and illusion』 became concluded like this.

I thought things like ‘it’s not like something like theme is needed, it’s just one element for the sake of amusement’, or ‘it’s nothing but something to make you able to feel good while reading it’, or ‘rather than things like that it’s more moe factor and masturbation material!’, but the question that was born in my chuunibyou period is actually something completely deep-rooted. A tale is something that moves uncontrollably by an impulse that is different from logic.

Because it’s that kind of tale that Regina-sama was talking about things like population problem or resources when she was facing the innocent Lotte(volume 8). ‘Just what is this girl spouting out so suddenly……’, even the author thought that while writing. Lotte who got involved with this strange person is pitiful……. Lotte lickety lick lick……. Please stoooopp. The characters are living inside the author’s brain and freely went lickety lick lick at Lotte and can be hated. Amazing! What the hell this uncle is saying!

The last boss also became a strange guy with strangely strong self-assertion. When this kind of super passionately speaking man is introduced, it’s terrifying thinking that all of you readers are going to think 「This guy is the clone of the author huh」「It’s the author’s spokesman huh」, but I’m not that angry to the world in the real life. I love jeans. Also looking at Koyuki or Hikaru has the danger of making your thought ponder about the author’s fetish, so let’s stop it.

At the time when Koyuki became pervert or Beatrix started rampaging, even the author laughed 「Why do you turn out like that」. The characters are also something that is uncontrollable, they are existences that are separated from the author’s personality. An uncle who makes lots of beautiful girl characters live inside his brain is not an exaggerated expression. If by any chance favorite characters can continue to stay behind inside the heart of you readers not as mere pipe dream but as something that preserves their warmth, then there is nothing happier than that for an author. K-nyan has a side to him that is pleased with Torazou. Puzzling.

Nevertheless when I lined up all the volume of Magika and stare at them earnestly, how splendorous their cover illustrations are. And so it’s gratitude time.

It’s commonly said that the sales of light novel is decided by the cover illustration, but reality isn’t that sweet. Even I thought hard about the title. Although, ‘If this kind of cover is displayed visibly in the store then the customer’s hand will absolutely take them……’ I cannot help but think that.

Lovely characters, vivid coloring, and then the magnificence of the magic dress design sense! Or rather I love magic dresses! I love myself who thought up the setting of magic dress! And I completely love CHuN-san who turned them into illustrations!! Especially when it come to the cover of this last volume, what do you think about it? It’s not even an exaggeration to call it the greatest and unprecedented ultimate cover illustration in the history of Magika……no, in the history of light novels……(※It’s a personal opinion). I really believe so.

Furthermore these characters can also be read in manga! I don’t even need to say it after this late, Monrin-san’s comic illustration are also marvelous. No need to mention the slightly lewd illustration and the impactful battles, but even the deformed gag coma is also absurdly cute. Please take a look at it by any means!

CHuN-san and Monrin-san are members of author group called Friendly Land of Taiwan, it’s a gathering of wonderful people where everyone there is really passionate in facing their work. There were times when I was late in finishing my manuscript and troubled them, but I’m keenly feeling that they are really accepting it and always give their all. Thank you and sorry, anyway my chest is filled with respect. They are really amazing people.

I’m also indebted to my editor K-nyan, I was a bother to him, and he accompanied me for a long time through thick and thin. Many thanks. I will work hard to make so that my next work too will surpass Magika! ……is what I’m saying while my preparation for the next work is rough going though. I, I’m not slacking off but every one of my ideas were rejected completely, gueeeh!

It looks like the combination work of me and K-nyan will take a bit of time, but actually my work with Fantasia Bunko-san is making progress, it feels like it can be launched around autumn or winter.

The main character and his comrades who has the soul of heros like Jeanne de Arc or Napoleon or the great Alexander are raising the flag of revolt against the gods ruling over the world……the content become something that feel like 『High spirited great war of great hero army VS mythology army』. The girls whose body carry super famous great person in their body are appearing after another like how super rare items are rushing out from the vending machine toy of social game, the main character will open their heart, make them go dere, and then awakening the soul dwelling inside there……something like that, while it has elements that resemble Magika……and yet it also different from Magika, battle of logic and presentation that is different from positivity level, a world that is crammed with mystery and so on, if you are someone that can enjoy Magika then you should be able to enjoy this content! The heroic girls are mostly thick in character. It’s planned to come out around autumn or winter! (persistent)

Of course this doesn’t mean that I broke off relationship with K-nyan, so both of us are going kissy kissy while planning to work hard so that we can put out new work consecutively at MF Bunko J-san too! It will be the critical time from here on! Please pay attention to Mihara Mitsuki from here on too without fail. Come look and touch Mihara Mitsuki.

Now then, for accompanying the Magika series throughout a long time since it started in April 2013, truly thank you very much. Four years is already one part of life if you think about it. Was I able to leave behind traces as the memory of everyone? Please think back about Mio, Kaguya, and the others occasionally. This is the Lotte lick lick Mihara Mitsuki!

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