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Chapter 1 – The Winner That is As It Should Be[edit]

Part 1[edit]

The sky was still a dark bluish purple color, but the far away sea of clouds that commanded the view of the ground began to shine faintly.

With that faint light as the background, the Italia Knight Order that was dyed by Cthulhu was lining up eeriely. At the center of that army, there was a branched huge shadow that was like a large tree.

The terror of space(Cthulhu) of Greek Mythology, Typhon.

It was far more gigantic and atypical even when compared with a materialized Diva.

The part below the waist had turned into a large snake body and was crawling on the ground. It possessed two gigantic arms and from its torso up were necks stretching out like a fan. It looked like the number of necks reached about one hundred. The surface of its body had strange protrusions. They looked like spiral vortexes, contracting and deflating as though they were frothing. They were rising to the surface bubblingly as if they were the surface of the outer space.

It was a grotesque figure of a demon, however it possessed an unknown grace that could even be said to be a beauty of the demonic world. It had the nobleness that a Demon Beast didn’t have.

That grace, that motherly body, perhaps it was because Regina had contracted to Zeus of Greek Mythology.

Why was something like this born into this world──that was because the cornered Regina and Nyarlatoteph tried to steal each other’s power and it resulted in this. They fused together without either side conceding even a step to the other. The demon king that couldn’t be called as Diva or Demon Beast was born here.

「Fufufu……the current me is the symbol of terror! Regulation to humans that cling to illusions! I am the one who blows the black storm of judgment to all of you insolent worms who contested with each other to seek eternal order! I’ll return everything to nothingness that isn’t order or chaos……!」

Its insides were completely changed even more than its external appearance. For those who knew about the principle and position that Regina previously possessed, this thing could really only be called as 『broken』.

Japan’s Knight Order that was led by Kazuki and Britain’s Knight Order that was led by Arthur were facing Italia’s Knight Order that had completely fused with Cthulhu. Although the number of people who were unable to fight in both the Japanese and British Knight Orders weren’t just a few, but in this situation they were still far superior in number than the enemy.

If it was thought of as a Japan-Britain alliance VS Italia then the superiority in number was obvious, but currently Italia had obtained the power of Cthulhu. The magic power of Chtulhu’s Divas was added to them. The difference in power was unknown.

The battle in Atlantis was heading towards the finale. Besides the Japan-Britain alliance and Italia that were glaring at each other there were also Loki and Ikousai who were observing the situation. These two camps were showing a stance that they wouldn’t get involved with this battle proactively.

Kazuki glared at them with a sidelong glance.

「Ikousai, I’ll fight you right after this, so watch Loki so he won’t do anything unnecessary.」

Ikousai’s expression turned bright in a flash like a dog that received a command from its owner and she assured Kazuki 「Leave it to me!」, while Loki clicked his tongue and said 「Chih, you’re just getting used as he pleased……」.

Italia’s Knight Order and the Cthulhu bunch would be finished off here. There was no way an interruption could be allowed there.

Ikousai going 『until the end I’m only looking to settle my fight with Kazuki』 was something convenient for the current Kazuki. Until now, Ikousai was merely an interloper that disturbed the battlefield, but at this point in time, Kazuki was able to greatly make use of her.

「Here they come-!」 Kazuki yelled at his comrades.

The magic power of the Italia Knight Order heightened like a surging wave. And then offensive magic was invoked one after another. Standing at the front were the fallen Twelve Olympus Gods……!

They who were contaminated by Cthulhu also had their magic changed into a completely different thing.

「Bring forth a new womb, the light of decay and chaos right here! Solnid(Black Sun)!!」

The contractor of <Apollo>, Valextra shot a pseudo sun to the sky. However the light of that sun was jet black. Ominous magic power that was unthinkable for the former Apollo was condensed there.

Several streaks of lasers poured down from the black sun similar to stretching tentacles.

「O you who cornered the prey like the hunting dog from the horn of time! Come in response to my calling voice! Black Hound – Tindaros(Hound of Time Evil Space)!!」

<Artemis> was the goddess of hunting. Her contractor Diana cut apart the dimension and summoned a pack of pitch black hounds from another world. They dashed away like a bullet.

「O shadow covering the city of blasphemy that recall the sea! Surface, Samondagon(The Lord of the Deep)!!」

The god of sea second after Poseidon, <Triton>, his contractor manifested the power of sea at the surrounding area. A small tsunami surged on and people’s feet were buried in sea water. An eerie shadow rose up smoothly from the water surface. The grotesque mermaids who were lurking in the sea quickly appeared and attacked while making splashes on the water surface.

──The group attack magic of the Italia Knight Order exploded one after another.

Koyuki snapped and yelled.

「This cannot be called Greek Mythology anymore! Something like this only looks like a parody!!」

It seemed that a bookworm like her couldn’t help but making a retort in this situation.

All the summoning magic of Greek Mythology that the Italia Knight Order invoked were warped because of the Cthulhu power mixed in.

Even the Magic Dresses the girls were wearing were totally changed into a blasphemous design that was hard to describe.

The Japan-Britain alliance also activated their magic simultaneously and opposed the attack.

It was a clash between group magic and group magic. Thunderous sounds that were impossible to occur in a one-on-one magic battle were reverberating, the atmosphere was shaking rattlingly. They had tasted this clash for two days since yesterday until today so much that they were tired of it.

Inside that whirlpool of magic power, a conspicuously huge and ominous magic power swelled up.

「O pulsation of origin space that whispers from behind everywhere in the world……boil in the speech of sacrilege! Chaos Dimension(Writhing Chaotic Space)!!」

The gigantic tree towering at the middle of the Italia Knight Order──Typhon’s hundred draconic mouths spewed out pitch black haze. The haze immediately covered the whole battlefield.

That black haze was the outer space. Furthermore it wasn’t the normal outer space, but the chaos space that was thought to be Cthulhu.

The space was overwritten by the black haze. What was strange was that they were all feeling like they were still standing on the ground, while the surrounding scenery was turning into outer space where stars and galaxies were whirling frothingly.

It was a space that was hiding terror in it. There was something at the other side of the unknown abyss, a bottomless predator that transcended human knowledge was licking its lips at the other side of the darkness──it was such a terror.

The image of outer space──the image of primitive terror that was darkness.

All the knights on the battlefield cowered in fear instinctively. Their fighting spirit was paralyzed. In contrast, the Italia Knight Order’s momentum was increasing more inside the darkness.

「She created a field of mental magic that gave an advantage to her own army! ……Everyone, don’t be overwhelmed!! It’s a deception that attacks your heart’s weakness!!」

Kazuki sensed the magic power spreading in the space while shouting at the surrounding.

There was meaning in it even if it was only someone yelling that this was a deception.

However, for Kazuki he only had average resistance against mind attack magic. King Arthur and the other knights of the round table who were fighting with him were also weak against this kind of attack.

──Their advantage of numbers might be overturned if they didn’t do something against this magic space!

「President Hayashizaki-!」

At that time, from between the troops, Yumeno Shiori pushed through other people and rushed toward Kazuki’s position. And then without saying anything she leaped and pushed her lips on Kazuki.

「!? Yu, Yumeno-san!?」

Kazuki was surprised. He even almost forgot that they were on a battlefield and his body stiffened.

At the same time, his magic power connection of bond with her was temporarily solidified due to the kiss, and from there the power of her contracted Diva was flowing into him.

「……Even I love President Hayashizaki. That’s obvious isn’t it?」

She pulled away her lips from him and made an exasperated face.

「But kissing in order to obtain strength is just…」

「……Geez! Getting fixated on objective or reason or whatever when kissing with the boy you like! Something like that doesn’t matter! It’s just sexual desire! I kissed you because of sexual desire!! It’s fine like that!!」

Yumeno-san said that half in desperation and hit Kazuki’s chest hard.

「Anything is fine, so please accept my feelings and fight!!」

「That’s right! I too……want you to accept this!!」

More voices came from the side.

Yuka-senpai whose mind was trampled by Nyarlathotep and fell into a state where she couldn’t fight anymore stood up spiritedly. She jumped at Kazuki with great momentum and pressed her lips on him.

It was a consecutive kiss with momentum that was like an avalanche.

Their lips separated……and Yuka-senpai averted her eyes shyly.

「……It might feel unpleasant from someone you don’t know well like me that is directing feelings to you but……Kazuki-kun is also like everyone’s idol so……」

Idol──a mistaken illusion that really resembled faith.

However, there was no way for something that didn’t exist to appear as an illusion. He was right here. He was existing in front of everyone’s eyes, holding the resolve to respond to everyone’s expectations…….

「……Yeah, there is no need to be reserved at all, how absurd……」

Even Akane-senpai who fainted beside Kazuki also stood up shakily. Before she was captured by Regina and got saved by Kazuki just in the nick of time. She was also in a state that couldn’t fight.

She stood up like a ghost and glared still at Kazuki.

「Besides, wasn’t my feeling of love to you was used for battle just now?」

She referred to the time when for the sake of the strategy where she became Kazuki’s double, Miake-senpai’s magic that 『transform someone into the figure of their sweetheart』was used on Akane-senpai by deceiving her.

「Tha, that’s, even I didn’t know that it was that kind of magic……」

As though ignoring Kazuki’s explanation, Akane-senpai quickly brought her body close and stole his lips. It was a lightning speed kiss. And then saying 「……it’s not like it’s a big deal」, she turned her face away.

「Oi, trash. Face this way and bend down.」

More voices called at him from behind. When he turned around, beside him was Liz Liza-sensei looking up at Kazuki with a harsh gaze. She was the small loli teacher that could always be relied on.

Her mouth were turned down at the corners sullenly, her eyebrows were scowling, and her face was frowning.

However this person’s scowl almost never represented that she was angry. Rather, actually she had never gotten angry at a student because of emotion at all. Mostly she was making this kind of face only to hide her own embarrassment.

「*Cough* You are negligent in your endeavors. No matter how much time passed, you never approached me in a way that made my chest go tight and melt……or rather……you didn’t give me any good situation that I could use as an excuse to become honest. ……Because of that in the end, I’ve got to be the one who does this! Bend down-!!」

When Kazuki bent down, Liz Liza-sensei pulled Kazuki’s collar close to her and she stood up on her tiptoes. She then pushed her lips *chuu* on him cutely.

「Se, sensei……」 Kazuki spontaneously turned shy.

「It’s something aged okay! A rare vintage!」

「I don’t get it but, thank you very much……」

Even while they were doing something like this, fierce offense and defense using group magic was continuing on the battlefield that was wrapped in blasphemous darkness while enduring the influence of the mental magic. The angry yell and scream of people were echoing at the background.

「……Oi, what are you doing going kissy face like that in the middle of battle huh.」

Shouko, who was giving her support in taking command, was looking his way with a fixed stare.

When Kazuki faltered and said 「No, this is, that’s……」, she suddenly smiled.

She pulled Kazuki’s neck her way and she also kissed on Kazuki’s cheek.

Kazuki blinked in wonderment before Shouko hit his back hard.

「This is just a cheering yeah? The climax is still a bit ahead after this, take care of this thing without dallying while leaving some spare strength.」

「……Right. I’ll leave the command to you! I’m going to defeat Typhon! If the momentum of the enemy’s attack magic decreases, disperse them gradually and form encirclement to make use of the numbers advantage!!」

The bond with Yumeno-san, Yuka-senpai, Akane-senpai, and Liz Liza-sensei became solid magic power circuits at the same time that was maintained. Kazuki sensed the four kinds of spells while──he invoked that.

「O count divine beast who live in empty space, come here with the dream as the offering……thy name is Baku!」

Beside Kazuki a short and stout beast of white yellow color that resembled a bear, Baku was materializing. It approached Kazuki leisurely, rather than being mystical. It was rather somewhat cute and charming.

「Correct the truth of the world people live in! Imagine Eater!!」

‘Kyuiiiii……’ The Baku raised such cry and flew up as though swimming in the air.

The pitch black haze Typhon spewed out that inflicted terror and chill at Kazuki’s comrades──but for <Baku> who in legend was said to be a 『divine beast that ate nightmares』 , it was nothing but food.

Vague anxiety and primitive terror that couldn’t be described with words and couldn’t be solved in reality. When such things piled up and accumulated, humans would be frightened by a nightmare each night.


That was to say Cthulhu Mythos and nightmare had exactly the same root. The divine beast of China that was born far away from Cthulhu belief was exactly the natural enemy of the concept that was Cthulhu.

The Baku flew high in the sky, its four limbs were paddling smoothly in the air. It was absorbing the black haze with amazing speed. The scenery was returned to normal in the blink of an eye. The momentum of the Italia Knight Order was decreasing along with that.

That moment was exactly the chance for a counterattack, Kazuki turned towards the direction of his allied country and yelled.

「Arthur! Let’s go!!」

At that time the Britain Knight Order──Arthur and the knights of the round table……met a hellish scene.


The proud knights of the round table were rolling around while holding their heads.

「Arthur! The mind attack magic is already dispelled!!」

Arthur and the others went 「Ah, it’s true!」 and stood up. They were people who were thoroughly weak against mind magic.

「Arthur, bring your elites and follow me! First I’ll open the path with everyone’s strength!」

The materialized Baku was still staying in the sky while continuously absorbing the darkness.

Continuing after that Kazuki sensed the spell from his bond with Akane-senpai and unleashed it.

「O god of creation who is disgraced as a demon, illuminate the path of the pharaoh! Thy true name is, Amun Ra!」

Akane-senpai’s contracted Dive, Amon was Amun Ra who was worshiped as the highest god in Egypt where his image was then disgraced by different faiths. The name had the meaning of 「the hidden one」.

He was the chief god of a different mythology who was pushed into the framework of Solomon’s 72 Pillars.

His true power was unleashed due to the materialization.

Beside Kazuki a devil with a strange shaped owl head, wolf torso, and snake tail was floating. That was the usual shape of Amon. However that figure was wrapped in light and transformed into a man with golden wings spreading behind his back with the head of a hawk.

「Conclude here the time of arriving at kingship……Amun Kemuatif(Wind of Glory Recursion)!」

Different from the sun god Ra, Amun Ra wasn’t the god of sun but a god that contained the power of every base element. If it was given modern interpretation, then rather than the god of atmosphere, he should be called as the god of Prima Materia that scattered far and wide in this world, this dimension.

Amun Ra’s level 10 magic covered Kazuki with golden wind. The wind whirled without leaving him. It was maintained around Kazuki like an armor.

Kazuki leaped into the vortex of clashing group magic.

It was inside the vortex of the clash between powerful magic. Anyone would surely get smashed apart if they leaped inside defenselessly.

However, when Kazuki who was clad in golden wind leaped there, every offensive magic phenomenon from the enemies was washed away by the golden wind, their direction changed, and reflected back to the position of the caster.

When Kazuki who was clad with golden wind charged forward, the magic phenomenon that was contesting each other between both armies was split apart, like Moses splitting the Red Sea. And then chaos was spreading between the enemies because of the attack magic that were reflected back to the enemy formation.

「Arthur! I’ll leave splitting their troops to you!!」

「……So that’s why you brought us here! Leave it to us, close quarter combat is where we shine the most!!」

After breaking through the vortex of the clash of group magic, the Italia Knight Order’s troops were standing before Kazuki and Arthur’s eyes. Behind them Typhon was waiting like a gigantic tree. They were in a disorderly state.

In the hand of Arthur who was rushing from behind Kazuki, a silver light was stretching out lengthily.

「O white spear, entrust the glitter of star unto that tip, entrust the radiance of sun unto that tip, swiftly run that flash and rout the army of a million! Rhongomyniad!!」

For scattering an army of great number, this spear was better than Excalibur. It was a white spear with a length of five meters and a wide spear tip that resembled a hammerhead shark. Arthur thrust that spear with wind slicing sound from a distance where there was still several dozen meters of distance between her and the enemy army.

Pure white light surged from the spear tip of Rhongomyniad while making thunderous sound roaring in the air.

The terrific attack that should be called the firing of a laser beam rather than a thrust of a spear flew toward the army that was standing in their way. The knights on the path of that light were splendidly blown away.

The Italian knights were blown away, opening a straight path ahead.

It was a path that stretched until Typhon. Kazuki and Arthur rushed into that path.

「Don’t let them! Protect our new King!!」

The elites of the enemy camp──the surviving Olympus 12 Gods rushed to block that hole. Diadora, Valextra, Diana…….

「Gawain! Bors! Percival! Do our specialty the 『Breakthrough Maneuver』, got it! Don’t let them block the royal road for Kazuki and I! After you defeat the 12 gods you all also breakthrough and stab at the enemy’s back!!」

The elites of the knights of the round table clashed with the Olympus 12 Gods who were trying to block the charge of Kazuki and Arthur.

With that there was nothing that blocked Kazuki and Arthur from running towards Typhon.

「So you intend to settle this between Kings! Interesting, I’m already tired of waiting here!!」

However, Typhon laughed while shouting that and met the two Kings. It was only at this moment that the shadow of great pride that was like Regina could be felt strongly.

And then a tremendous magic power was kneaded up during the time Kazuki and Arthur were approaching near. It would be unleashed right from the front.

There was no doubt that it would be the greatest and strongest attack of Typhon.

「O the collapse of space(Big Crunch) and creation explosion(Big Bang)……clash and condense within mine hand who is the transcendental one of the space……all the destruction and creation! Armagest(Compressed Vibration Space)!!」

Typhon put both her hands together. There the vast vibration that was space was condensed. The destruction phenomenon that transcended all space──it was directed towards Kazuki and Arthur. There was only one path of escape.

It was time.

「O wise man who sits in the center of revolving time and space, rotate that law!」

The robed old sage straddling a crocodile that looked like a boulder, Agares materialized. His right hand raised high his symbol, the pocket watch and he let out a burst of laughter.

『Kakaka……that Liz Liza, she choose this fantastic timing. This kind of stupidly simple attack magic that only has amazing destructive power is my specialty. 』

「O the principle of time, fly……! Tempus Fugit(Transcendence)!!」

The pocket watch Agares was holding scattered apart.

The time was scattered──following Kazuki’s will.

Typhon’s 『Armagest』 activated──that overwhelming magic phenomenon activated and passed away──leaping over to the moment when Kazuki and others finished everything.

It wasn’t even known what kind of magic it was.

「──What!?」 The huge body that was the symbol of outer space was shaken.

At the same time beside Kazuki, Arthur activated a spell. Her spell chanting time was also fleeing away. Even Arthur didn’t know what was going on and her expression was confused.

「The golden snake breathed out fire, lighting up the light of a thousand torches……the blade that glistened with that radiance, sever into two all creation! Excalibur!!」

Arthur had approached until right in front of Typhon unnoticed. She still didn’t understand anything about what was going on, but for now she just swung down her treasured sword at the giant enemy in front of her. And then furthermore,

「My King’s authority……<Heroic King of a Hundred Weapons> is able to chant the many Sacred Treasure creation magic of the proud heroic king in parallel, activating them in succession! Even I don’t remember since when I was chanting it, but now you can witness it with your own eyes!!」

Arthur invoked that power with a complicated face that wasn’t cleared of doubt.

「Fly, track of light that befell the head……Creedun Ident(Neck Hanging Rope of the Fairy King)!」(TN: Here is the raw, クリドウノアイデイン)

Light flew like from Arthur’s left hand like a pulled string. It flew at the neck of Typhon’s giant body that was far above and strangled several of the dragon necks altogether.

It was unexpected that the necks weren’t torn off. However Typhon’s defensive magic power burst open while her body movement was sealed. Arthur summoned even more weapons.

Arthur threw away Excalibur from her right hand’s grip. The holy sword floated midair and entered a standby state. Arthur’s right hand created even more weapons.

「Tear apart the dark night, the ephemeral flash! Laufroded(Holy Woman’s Fingertip)!」

It was a blessed short sword that increased in sharpness when against the ominous things. Arthur wielded it and showered the opponent with blows.

「O trailing meteor, drill a white scar at the night sky! Carnwennan!!」

It was a short sword that bestowed the divine protection of acceleration to its wielder. It was produced in Arthur’s left hand, combined with the short sword in her right hand, she dealt a multitude of slashs like an unending storm to Typhon.

Arthur tossed away Laufroded and it also floated midair in a standby state.

「Hand down a merciless judgment, the iron hammer of raging flame……Midhlethan!!

It was a two-handed sword that possessed stirring might and blazed with a huge flame. With herculean strength Arthur swung it around with one hand.

She threw away Carnwennan and then her left hand further grasped another different Sacred Treasure.

「The aimed heart won’t get away, the thrust of fairy king that is incapable of being dodged……Britomart!!」

It was short spear that would thrust the vital spot when thrown. When Arthur threw it with her left hand, it stabbed on Typhon’s chest as though it was sucked toward that spot.

Arthur’s right hand let go of Midhlethan and created a new Sacred Treasure.


She created the huge white spear once more and thrust it for more insurance.

With that Typhon’s huge body finally shook.

Kazuki was astonished. ……If it was sword art then he didn’t have even the slightest intention of getting left behind by Arthur. However he could only use a sword. Compared to that, Arthur was well versed in every weapon art!

And she handled them one after another just like a roulette. If in close quarter combat he got swept in her pace even just for a moment, then there would be almost no way for him to get out of it.

Stubbornly Kazuki further pulled out strength from his bond with Yuka-senpai.

「O leader of frivolity, show thy figure before me! Thy name is Valefor!」

Yuka-senpai’s contracted Diva ──a giant bird spread its wings beside Kazuki and materialized.

It was the demon that was worshipped as the protector god of the thieves.

「Grant wings to the accomplishment of justice by the act of stealing! Untamagiru(The Style of Chivalrous Thief)!」(TN: Untamagiru is the name of legendary Okinawan hero, there is also a movie with the same name)

Valefor flapped its wings and caused wind to rise, the wind whirled on Kazuki’s back and materialized into the shape of black wings.

Kazuki flapped the black wings Valefor granted him. He flew until Typhon’s neck and slashed with Ame no Murakumo and Joyeux in both hands. Kazuki’s body shined dimly with each attack, sucking the magic power of Typhon.

At the same time feathers were scattering from the wings. Every single one of those feathers was filled with magic power. The feathers rained down on the position of Kazuki’s comrades.

It was just like the great thief under the heaven was scattering around the money he stole to the people.

Japan’s Knight Order and Britain’s Knight Order recovered their strength from the feathers of magic power that Kazuki brought about and they became even more lively.

「Do your best King─!」 Voices rose from the Japanese Knight Order.

「……Nuuuuuu!」 Typhon’s hundred necks leaked out groans simultaneously.

Part 2[edit]

『──Idol, is it? They said a clever thing.』

Leme leaked out an impressed voice inside the consciousness of the fighting Kazuki.

The figure of Kazuki flying in the sky swinging a sword against a giant monster, receiving the supporting voices of the people while his back was showered with a dazzling light and the loud noise of the magic combat strangely looked similar to an idol above the stage.

『I told him to aim for becoming a harem king but, fufufu, I never thought he will become an idol king. But I’m sensing the feeling of a great number of people gathering through the Astrum. The many people in Japan are thinking about you even now, they are rooting for your effort.』

(The people of Japan who are far away from here? ……And Leme, you can feel that?)

『Right. Other mythology seeks faith and changes piety from the people into strength. However, what Leme is looking for isn’t faith, it’s bonds. I can even sense the countless bonds that are thinking about you from far away, and bringing it here as strength……』

──Lemegeton was a Diva that stopped gathering faith from the people, and grew to think of wanting to become friends with humans.

『Until now, you connected your heart to your nearby comrades, and used the bonds that were born from that as strength. However, right now it’s not only your comrades who are holding feelings for you. Even people who have never seen you face to face, people who you don’t even know their names, are holding feelings that are not inferior compared to everyone from the Witch’s Mansion towards you. Right now, everyone is waking up early, thinking about you who are fighting in this land……』

It was unknown how much time difference Japan had with this flying continent Atlantis that was flying in the sky. However, the people of Japan knew that even now a fated battle was going on.

『Fufufu, even that weird man called turtle Oota or something fulfilled an unexpectedly big role. It looks like everyone in Japan loves you. Leme is also happy……』

The man who was looking for Kazuki’s scandal, got caught by Kazuha-senpai, and then by chance he was hired as the government’s PR officer.

He reported Kazuki’s effort in heroic light with a momentum that was only a step short of being propaganda.

The people were enjoying that follow-up report as though they were reading a serialized light novel…….(EN:This is a LN…)

『Actually the total value of the positivity level directed towards you has surpassed a million just now.』

……A million!? The digit was already too much that Kazuki didn’t understand anymore just how amazing it was, but for now Kazuki only felt shocked.

『As the harem king that is now idol king, you have to respond to these feelings.』


The word idol sounded as stupid as the word harem, but he understood well that this fight wasn’t on the scale of just protecting Mio and the others anymore.

『Leme won’t waste even the slightest of feelings that is directed at you for sure. Leme will change this million positivity level into your strength. If the feeling directed at you powered up, then Leme has to power up the King’s authority bestowed to you by one more level.』

Power up!?

He had increased the positivity level of his many comrades until now, and obtained bonds. Like that he obtained the King’s authority that was <Solomon’s Ring> and <Zekorbeni>.

Accompanied by that Leme also recovered her original strength and memory, and she gained her original form. That was why he thought that with that his ability had reached the goal.

『When did Leme say that Leme’s strength ended there? With just a ring and a necklace, no matter how you look at it they are too meager to be your magic dress right? ……Now, accept it.』

The whole body of Kazuki who was flapping his wings and continued to fight Typhon shined bright. The light condensed from above his head and around his neck until his back, then transforming into a crown and a mantel.

Even though there was no wind, the mantel was fluttering from receiving the feeling from far away.

『The <Gematria(Garment of Rasiel)> that displays the authority of Solomon King. Just like the sail of a ship that receive the wind to advance forward, this garment will thoroughly receive the feelings of the people and change it into your magic power.』

His figure of wearing a mantel added with the black wings truly gave off the majesty of the black mage King Solomon.

He thought that his strength had reached the goal line…….

『Something like the goal line doesn’t exist. Leme and you aren’t something like a mythology that has concluded. There is nothing like a goal that has been decided beforehand in your story.』

Part 3[edit]

Arthur switched Sacred Treasures one after another and inflicted fierce attacks on Typhon’s lower half while……she noticed the change that occurred on the body of Kazuki who was flying in the sky.

Kazuki’s figure shined bright while transforming into a new magic dress. In response to that his magic power swelled up even higher.

Kazuki was able to gather magic power from his comrades using the Power of Harmony. She knew that because he told her. But what was happening right now wasn’t only that.

He was starting to gather power even from someone else who wasn’t here…….

「That young man is still continuing to get stronger……this is abnormal.」

Arthur unconsciously leaked out a voice of admiration.

The first time she met him, he was far weaker than her. His strength was in a lower rank.

That was natural……at that time there wasn’t even half a year since he formed contract with Lemegeton as King.

He was a pure swordsman who didn’t even train in magic satisfactorily.

However from there it could only be said that his growth speed was abnormal. He was able to stand side by side with her in the blink of an eye and in this Ragnarok…….

Was there no goal line for that young man’s evolution?

Even though they were the same King, but why was it only him that was this different?

「No, he isn’t the same I guess……」

Arthur suddenly realized something. The two of them weren’t the same.

She and the other Kings used faith as the source of their strength.

But his source of strength was feelings. The connection that tied people with each other…….

He accomplished explosive growth from a small impetus, and no end could be sighted from that growth.

At that time Arthur made a strange association of thought.

「It’s like the personification of mankind’s history of prosperity.」

Arthur immediately denied her own words while saying them.

Why did humans prosper? It was because their weak heart obtained peace from their faith, and they learned order and morals. ……The most primitive strength of mankind was faith.

It had to be like that.

However……looking up at the figure of Kazuki, the King of the faithful held doubt.

What was the symbolic strength that mankind had? Kazuki’s figure showed something very different.

Part 4[edit]

The clash between the Japan-Britain alliance and the Italia Knight Order that fused with Cthulhu was gradually tilting in Japan-Britain’s favor.

At first, the Japan-Britain alliance was pushed back, but that was because Typhon diffused the strength of Cthulhu to the whole troops.

But Kazuki materialized Baku and eliminated the field effect of Cthulhu, then he challenged Typhon herself to a direct combat. The momentum of the Italia Knight Order was rapidly declining.

In the first place, the Japan-Britain alliance was nearly double the opponents in number of troops.

Shouko who was entrusted with taking command from Kazuki immediately directed the troops when she sensed the opponent’s momentum weakening. She spread out the formation that was until now blocking the opponent’s thick offensive magic and moved into encirclement using their advantage in numbers.

Currently they were able to block the opponent’s attack even with a thin formation. And then with the encirclement formation, their side’s attack could be sent from all directions, hitting the enemy even more effectively.

The berserker group had no ability to deal with such a tactical maneuver.

Part 5[edit]

Loki was also observing the battlefield while sharply sensing the change in Kazuki’s appearance.

‘That’s right, Kazuki is continuing to grow. He is different from when he fought me at Ise Shrine.’

──Loki had kept thinking that since the night attack a few hours ago. He was wondering about the reason why Japan’s Knight Order was able to attack with a force that was above their actual war potential at that time.

Because of that Loki misread about the existence of the enemy’s reserve force and it became a cause of defeat for Loki in the previous battle.

‘So he learned an ability that severely powered up his comrades huh.

Or perhaps……Kazuki’s power is the『Power of Bond』.

What about an ability that can distribute his comrade’s magic power through the circuit of bond?

Rather than something like a power up that has no risk whatsoever, the latter one feels like more of a possibility. And such an ability really feels like Kazuki.

If that’s the case……for example if Kazuki challenge Ikousai in a one-on-one fight using his full strength, during that time his comrades in Japan Knight Order will be weakened.

If I instigate Ikousai to attack Kazuki, during that time I’ll defeat Britain’s Knight Order……. If I can crush Britain’s Knight Order before Kazuki can defeat Ikousai, and then attack Japan’s Knight Order…….’

Beside Loki who was working out his brain, Ikousai whispered impatiently.

「The outcome can be seen with this. They are only struggling in vain right now.」

「Ikousai, when this Typhon is defeated, challenge Kazuki right away. If you do that then I’ll hold back Britain. You don’t want Britain becoming a nuisance in your fight against Kazuki right?」

Although Loki spoke about holding Britain back condescendingly as though he was doing her a favor, but actually he had no more prospects of victory other than that. He could make it so the situation developed that way.

Ikousai suddenly grinned when she guessed Loki’s intention.

「It looks like you are still thinking hard to find the last ray of hope but……the magic war between country and country, organization and organization has ended already from some time ago right?」

Loki opened his eyes wide saying「 What did you say?」 at those unexpected words from Ikousai.

「This is Kazuki’s victory. At that moment when Kazuki outwitted you in tactic, you, also Regina who joined hand with you, and also Nyarlathotep who was betting in you, all of you were finished. From there on it will be a fight for individual dignity and destiny.」

The materialized Divas who Loki was taking along with him were making noises uneasily. They still hadn’t rampaged enough.

「Don’t say something stupid. Loki’s Einherjar are still going strong.」

「Fufufu, how about I call out to Kazuki and say to him 『First let’s crush Loki and his group first』?」

That was exactly the development that Loki feared.

Ikousai was someone that was just too fickle.

Ikousai was also a splendid faction who was leading the surviving force of China. If Japan, Britain, and Ikousai, the three factions came at Loki all at once, then it would be hopeless for him.

It would mean that his own fate would be outside of his control…….


「You idiot. After defeating me like that, there ain’t any guarantee that Kazuki will be stupidly honest and fight you one-on-one. Japan-Britain alliance will turn you into minced meat without pause.」

「Kazuki isn’t someone who will fail to keep his promise.」

「Britain won’t just silently watch obediently. In the end Japan-Britain alliance will only crush my group and yours one by one calmly.」

──In truth, Arthur who was a believer of chivalry absolutely wouldn’t hinder the duel between Kazuki and Ikousai.

Now that Gino who was Arthur’s shadow had gone, then it would be even truer.

However, Ikousai who didn’t know Arthur at all. Ikousai frowned uneasily at Loki’s whisper. Her face was that of someone whose heart was moved.

「……Well, I guess that will be fine too. Anything is fine. It doesn’t matter which. I’m also impatient here. When Italia is annihilated I’ll start right away, so do whatever you want.」

Ikousai said that with a tone of worsened mood and she returned to watching Kazuki’s fight.

Loki felt relieved that his instigation worked nicely.

──On the other hand, Loki was also aware of how Ikousai’s words shook his heart.

‘A fight for individual dignity and destiny she said?

That’s not Ragnarok anymore. The war that he was wishing for so much…….

However, it was after all his role in the mythology.

The concept named Loki had the role of causing Ragnarok.

But, the true feeling of the current me, who isn’t a concept but someone that has accomplished materialization is……?’

『……Loki you idiot.』

A voice resounded at the back of Loki’s mind. That voice was like how Lemegeton was for Kazuki.

That voice was the original owner of Loki’s flesh body, Kaya.

Her personality wasn’t erased by Loki, she was permitted to coexist with him mentally.

『……To lose against Kazuki-oniichan like that. Loki you quack!』

Loki quietly accepted that insult.

『Even though……even though I have obtained an overwhelming power that is greater than Onii-chan and Mio-chan who left me behind and vanished……. Even though I want to mess up the world with that power and trouble Onii-chan. Even though I want to make him prostrate before me……』

Troubling Kazuki……. For some reason that phrase also made Loki’s chest to tighten sweetly. Making Kazuki troubled and made him to prostrate before him. His imagination of that was accompanied with a perverted intoxication.

The emotion of the two of them was strangely matching.

That still wasn’t impossible. He still hadn’t lost or anything.

Loki too returned his gaze towards Kazuki’s fight with Typhon.

Kazuki was strong. It looked like it was only a matter of time before the battle was decided.

『How……is he rapidly getting stronger in a proper and wholesome way like that!? He isn’t even paying an accursed price for it! That’s unfair, Kazuki-oniichan, even though you didn’t protect me……』

A sad voice resounded even now inside his head.

It was merely a radiant strength, where not even the slightest hint of accursed price could be felt from it.

Certainly, how such power could exist in itself felt unfair.

「My bad for acting that worthlessly.」

Loki purposefully apologized at his soul roommate. Because Loki suddenly let out his voice, Ikousai turned her face toward him dubiously.

……It was unknown since when he was having a thought like this.

Originally, Kaya wasn’t someone he needed to apologize at. Loki was the ruler, it didn’t matter for him even if he erased Kaya’s soul anytime. She was someone he left alone only because of a whim.

However, Loki’s emotion was aligned with hers. He was sympathizing with her.

They were comrades──she was someone who understood him compassionately, surpassing his role in the mythology.

That was why, Loki grew to respect Kaya as a mate when he noticed.

Part 6[edit]

Typhon went into offensive with a naked fury.

「O dark matter that fill the chaotic space to the brim, assemble in a flash and split the bright future! Mega Cosmic Ray(Annihilation Hunger Particle Cannon)!」

Cthulhu’s ominous space particle was condensed around Typhon’s surrounding, turning into jet black beam that was shot out.

It was a bundle of space particles that was fired with speed that approached light speed.

It was fired consecutively just like the beam weapon in SF anime of space robot battle.

Typhon scattered it to every direction and cornered Kazuki.

Kazuki flapped his wings and weaved through the countless black beams in evasion.

But, he was unable to dodge.

「O accumulated wisdom of mankind history, become the armor that protect mine body in many layers! Heavily, thickly, reject every kind of brutality! Seusenhofer!!」

No matter how many he evaded, the consecutive beam shots that spread like stitching caused even Kazuki who specialized in foresight to lose all place to evade. He invoked defensive magic.

A solid armor with black glisten was created on Kazuki’s body. However, it was just a low level magic after all. It was pulverized in the blink of an eye.

The enemy’s attack had no element so to speak ──it was a different matter if it was flame or lightning that came flying at him, but the accelerated heavy metal particle beam that flew towards Kazuki was something that Kazuki didn’t have any defensive magic to defend effectively with in his drawer.

「Not yet, I’m not finished yet! Drop dead, you annoying fly!!」

Typhon randomly fired countless beams that was far from being a space SF, it now looked like a bullet hell shooting game that was impossible to be cleared. Kazuki had no way to defend──it was at that time when it looked like that, that the Gematria that Kazuki wore flapped as though it received wind.

Kazuki was hit with a strange sensation.

Impossible magic power filled him, and a spell that he should be unable to use echoed inside his head.

「O protector who support mine justice, take form right here! Vibra Pentagon(National Defense Shield)!」

A round shield was formed on Kazuki’s left arm. It was a shield that had America’s Stars and Stripes drawn on it.

When Kazuki’s hand held it, his appearance became something that was too mismatched and out of character.

The shield’s material looked like a normal metal, but it received a large protection and exhibited a shocking defensive capability, it deflected away all the assaulting beams.

──’Impossible, what’s with this Stars and Stripes’ strength?’ Kazuki himself was shocked with the magic that he was using.

The magic of <Super One>, the chief god of American Justice Mythology.

It was the power used by the former King of America Clark Moore.

However Super One wasn’t affiliated with Solomon 72 Pillar. Clark was supposedly unable to use the power of American Justice Mythology anymore, and Clark’s positivity level towards Kazuki also wasn’t that high. This was an impossible power in every possible meaning.

『Hmph……looks like you are fighting an illogical and also grotesque enemy again huh. Cthulhu you say? That’s a fad from how many centuries ago? A zombie Diva is still more modern than this.』

There was a familiar voice.

When Kazuki turned towards the voice’s direction, the virtual image of Clark was floating behind him.

「……Li, living ghost!?」

Kazuki involuntarily ignored the battlefield and yelled so.

Clark’s scary face replied without any smile or anger.

『I’m not a Japanese ghost. My real body is sleeping in Las Vegas right now. This me is a clone……actually it’s also not that I guess. The 『power』 that tried to separate from me has my personality seared into it, or perhaps this power is still half fused with me, something like that……』

「I don’t get what you are saying at all……Leme, do you get it?」

『Not at all.』

Kazuki’s contracted Diva, Leme also replied like that toward Kazuki’s question. However she suddenly noticed something and continued 『No, wait』.

『Right now, in this place of Atlantis……I’m feeling power gathering. This is……the power of each Mythology that has been defeated is gathering here?』

Clark nodded at Leme’s words.

『Looks like it. In other words……the preparation of the prize for the winner of Ragnarok is starting.』

In this Atlantis battle royal, the defeated mythologies and Divas would be decomposed into illusion──pure magic power.

All the tremendous magic power of the defeated──the <Ultimate Illusion> would be completely taken by the winner. Like this the Mythology would be unified into one. That was to say the illusions of the world would be unified and become the possession of the winner alone.

The winner would remake all the illusions as they wished, and became the ruler of the mental world.

That was this Ragnarok.

『My contracted Diva <Super One> also had his contract with me forcefully dissolved and separated from me, the rainbow magic power then brought him until this Atlantis, in order to become the possession of the winner.』

Rainbow magic power──the supervisor authority power of Basileus Basileon.

He was the survivor of the previous Ragnarok, and now he was the organizer of the Ragnarok this time.

『However the Super One had stuck to my mind throughout these many years, so it didn’t separate from me cleanly……it might be something like that. My mind is half fusing with the Diva. Because of that even my ego got carried off to this Atlantis. And yet I also have the senses of me that is in Las Vegas……』

It looked like Clark was conversing with Kazuki through the Diva that was separated from her flesh body and rushed to Atlantis.

『Furthermore from your point of view I’m looking like the image of Clark Moore, not Super One.』

Kazuki’s Gematria fluttered. ……The magic dress that received feeling.

Perhaps the Clark inside the Super One was sensing Gematria.

『At the end, the shape of Super One will be lost and reduced into pure illusion. At that time surely my mind will be completely cut off. But until that time, Super One and I will be able to freely float around in this Atlantis like a wandering ghost.』

「……Then this is, the power that is arranged to become the prize has its own will and cooperated with me……」

‘Isn’t this foul play?’, Kazuki thought.

『Although it’s not like I have reason to cooperate with you……fufufuh』

Clark’s lips twisted slightly and she leaked out a chuckle.

Even while they were doing that, Kazuki was deflecting away the approaching beams with Vibra Pentagon.

It was truly the iron wall that symbolized the defensive ability of the country of America of old.

In addition, beside Kazuki countless rune letters were floating.

Those runes flew around Kazuki as though they had their own will, they crashed on the beams that approached Kazuki and caused annihilation.

The rune of automatic protection. Kazuki’s protection became even more solid due to the new magic phenomenon that manifested without any advance sign.

……He also knew about this power.

One more new image appeared and floated beside Kazuki along with a familiar voice.

『I guess that’s true……, I have no duty or anything to cooperate but, that straightforwardness, the lack of greed, the lack of malice, the lack of dishonesty……I intend to be a highly calculating woman but……, you have something that cross over the barrier of enemy and ally that makes others want to lend their strength.』


At the same time even more spell resounded inside Kazuki’s head. Kazuki chanted that spell.

「Flow down, the severing flash of heaven! Plijie Zvezda!」

While defending against the beams with perfect defense, Kazuki counterattacked by making small meteors rain down from the sky. Typhon’s large body shook from the continuous impact and her attacking hand loosened.

One more person emerged with a familiar voice and form.

『Agreement. Because I was unable to prove my righteousness……I wish for your victory.』


When he turned around, German King and Russian King who were already defeated were at Kazuki’s sides side by side.

……His heart was shaking even more when he heard Clark’s voice was because they were people who shouldn’t be in this world anymore. They were two people who Kazuki wished didn’t die.

Their minds were tied with their Diva, and they still remained in this world!!

Gematria flapped. It must have remembered that the ones who rushed here should be Odin and Svarog. But Gematria was sensing these two who were remaining inside their Divas. Gematria was acting as the receiver of their voice and figure.

『Fufufu, I’m also here!』

Furthermore Beatrix’s form also emerged.

『For some reason when I stand side by side with Hrotsvit-sama like this, it feels like I have died too!』

Beatrix lined up beside Hrotsvit happily. Of course, her real body should be sleeping and snoring soundly at the place where Kazuki and Ilyailiya were fighting.

「What’s with you all!? Giving assistance from off the grounds, what is your intention!!?」

Typhon who sensed what was going on raised an angry voice. Her anger was only reasonable.

『Because, there is no way there is anyone who will wish for the victory of the current you, right?』

Hrotsvit said that nonchalantly. That too, was a reasonable opinion.

『I don’t know who you are, but I guess so. Try looking at your face with a mirror.』 Clark nodded.

『The current you is atrocious. I cannot bear to look.』 Ilyailiya spoke sharply with her face still expressionless.

『Right right, it’s just like Hrotsvit-sama said!!』 Beatrix raised her arm overhead.

At that time a battle cry rose from the ground. The army battle of the knights where Kings were excluded developed into the progressing process of annihilation for the mad Italia Knight Order by Japan-Britain alliance that managed to complete the encirclement.

The flow of the fight was completely tilting to one side.

「……A true Absolute one, is an aloof existence.」

A fragile voice leaked out from Typhon.

It felt like Regina’s emotion oozed deeply from there.

『Please stop it already!』

A voice──a voice that Kazuki didn’t really know came out.

However, Typhon twitched in an excessive reaction. She looked like someone whose evil deed was exposed to her lover.

Kazuki turned toward the voice’s direction. The one who was there was the image of Vera.

Vera Garbaldy──the female who served as Regina’s aide in the Italia Knight Order.

She was a girl with a calm and gentle look, but her eyebrows bristled on end sharply with her cheeks puffed up as though to say ‘I’m really angry’.

「How can Regina-sama of all people throw away yourself and turn into that kind of ugly form-! That’s ugly……or blasphemous……it’s indescribable! Just where have you discarded that strong, proud, and beautiful figure!!」

「Vera!? Vera!」

『This lowly one is also here gozaru!!』

A woman with strange appearance of topknot hairstyle also emerged. Kazuki thought that it was likely she was also someone from Italia Knight Order, but Kazuki didn’t know anyone like this. ……Typhon too, despite having about a hundred heads there wasn’t even one that turned towards this person. They only reacted towards Vera.

「You said that there is no one that want me to win……!? Vera, come here! Fight together with me!」

The girl’s image shook her head.

『I don’t want to! Regina-sama right now is disgusting, you are smelly like a rotten fish!!』

It was a straight ball with terrific might.

Typhon had been reduced into a monster with indeterminate expression, but there was shivers rising through that huge body.

『Clinging to evil power, discarding oneself away, and reduced into that kind of form, don’t talk about aloofness while looking like that!』

It was a sound argument that gave no ground for any objection. Typhon was twitching all over.

『In the first place Regina-sama is a person who was the farthest from being aloof! She is a boaster but easy to get lonely person who keeps wanting attention……!』

「……!? Oi, stop it! Right now isn’t the time and place to make that kind of talk!!」

Even while all that was happening, Arthur was continuing her fierce weapon attack far below Typhon. She was doing this conversation while doing defense and offense magic.

『Regina-sama cannot change clothes by herself, even when taking bath I’m the one who have to wash her whole body, even when going to sleep or waking up, if I’m not sleeping together at her side she will have bad mood for the whole day……even if Regina-sama is the Absolute one, that absolute is in being a totally hopeless human!』

「What meaning is there in exposing that here at this time!?」

Typhon’s countless necks were wriggling slitheringly. She was obviously shaken.

『Regina-sama was someone like that but……because her heart was noble, strong, and beautiful, that everyone followed along with your ideal! If you discarded your heart’s nobleness, and strength, and beauty, you are mere just a smelly and disgusting, hopeless human!』

After Vera’s calling out voice yelled until that far, sadness began to fervently seep into it.

『……Why were you unable to accept defeat? All of us know Regina-sama’s effort in doing your best to become the absolute King. It was because we knew you aren’t a perfect human that everyone was still able to accept you despite all your angry yelling and selfishness. There shouldn’t be even one person in Italia that looks at Regina-sama’s defeat as unsightly and ridicule you……. No one will laugh or make fun of you or anything, that’s why……please return to the Regina-sama of before……』

「……You liar. Zenia and the Velsace sisters will absolutely make fun of me. Perhaps it will be only you and Hera who won’t make fun of me.」

『They are only being playful when doing that!』

「Even so my pride will be hurt so I don’t wanna-!!」

『As the number 2 of the Italia Knight Order I absolutely won’t let them make fun of Regina-sama!! I swear I won’t let them!!』

「You’re saying that even though you’ve died some time ago……. Besides this isn’t something I can go back from just because I’m told to go back……」

Even more sorrow tinged Typhon’s voice. It was something that was unfitting for a monster of chaos. The existence of Vera pulled out the Regina inside Typhon markedly.

『If Regina-sama won’t go back to your original form, I who has accompanied you since kindergarten will expose your embarrassing black history to everyone! ……It was at the first year of elementary school when everyone gave a self-introduction……』

「Stop it!!! What meaning is there in doing that here right now!!??」

Somehow an incomprehensible lovers’ quarrel was starting.

……At that time a telepathic voice resounded at the back of Kazuki’s mind.

『Kazuki……if you use Futsunushi no Kami’s level 10 right now then it might manage something.』

It was Kazuha-senpai’s voice. Kazuki was taken aback with realization. The power of Futsunushi no Kami was to divide apart malice. Cthulhu was exactly the very malice itself. Even if it was using the materialized Futsunushi no Kami himself, it was impossible to cut apart the fused body of Regina and Nyarlathotep that simply.

However right now Typhon was weakened by Arthur’s fierce attacks that continued even now, while Vera had pulled out Regina’s mind markedly to the surface. If it was now…….

『At this rate, it will be too pitiful for those two. Come on, do something about it.』

『Rather than pitiful, they are having a lot of fun quarreling with each other though……』

Kazuki thought like that about those two.

In this strange situation, Kazuha-senpai wasn’t feeling fed up, instead the first feeling that welled up inside her was pity. That honest kindness of Kazuha-senpai was truly her virtue.

『But certainly……if it’s with Kazuha-senpai’s current positivity level, I can use level 10 magic even without kiss. The burden of invoking level 10 magic using Zekorbeni is too great, but if I can slowly chant using the opening from their lovers’ quarrel……』

『…………I want to kiss……』

Kazuha-senpai leaked out a teary and melting voice.

『Senpai, right now we are in the middle of battle, that’s why……』 Kazuki replied with an exasperated voice like that.

『I, I know that! My real intention only leaked out to the surface for a bit-!!』

──The exchange between Typhon and Vera that was heartwarming in a sense was continuing even now. If it would just continue for some more time yet…….

『At middle school second year Regina-sama when she was sleeping together with me wet her bed……!』

「Stop it Vera!! Really don’t say more than that!!!」

『Waaahhahha, hiihhihihi! Great disaster! Great bother!!』

『Pu, puuh! Ufufufuh』

Beatrix burst in laughter while Hrotsvit also couldn’t endure and let out a chuckle.

That Hrotsvit noticed the pulsation of Kazuki’s magic power and stole a glance his way.

『Hey hey, is there any more story like that?』

Someone cunning like her surmised Kazuki’s aim and she urged Vera to talk more with Typhon.

『That kind of story about Regina-sama is more numerous than the Britannica Encyclopedia! I also don’t forget a single one, it was at the autumn of our third year in elementary school……』

『STOOPPP! Even if you told me to return to normal……I cannot return back!!』

That yell already came from Regina herself.

‘……If she said that she want to return back, then I’ll return you back into the loser without anything to feel ashamed of.’

Kazuki concentrated so his mind wouldn’t be distracted by Vera’s stupid story and he steadily kneaded the spell of level 10 magic that had high degree of difficulty.

「O primordial sword god who carried out fusion with Take Mikadzuchi……sever Amatsu no Mikaboshi who is born from the vortex of iron and fire! Origin Futsunushi no Kami!!」

In front of Kazuki’s eyes were two ancient swords that were like twins. The thick face of middle-aged man was attached on the swords’ handles like relief. The two swords materialized and floated. They were Take Mikadzuchi and Futsunushi no Kami.

「Dowahhahha! Well then let’s go brothers!」

「Guwahhahha! You’re right, Take Mikadzuchi!! Fu☆sion!」

Kazuha-senpai’s two friends overlapped their body and fused.

A sword with even thicker face of a middle-aged man was born along with a dazzling light. The face’s eyebrows were thick, the beard was thick, flames were blazing in the eyes, a storm blew out fiercely from the nose, and the lips were bulky like cod roe. The thick features of the face made it as though the blade was just an extra, but the blade’s glitter was without a doubt the real thing.

The appearance was the worst, but the sword was the sword god of the highest status that as a swordsman wielding it would make one’s chest tremble with honor.

With the sword god in hand, Kazuki flapped his wings and approached Typhon.

「……Mu!? What’s with that disgusting sword!?」

As expected Typhon noticed Kazuki approaching.

She should have time to make resistance. However when her more than a hundred eyes gazed at the thick sword in Kazuki’s hand, Typhon’s movement stopped still.

Its reason for not resisting was unclear. Regina who arbitrarily claimed the title of the sorcery king possessed extraordinary discerning eyes for magic. The Typhon in this instant was Regina herself rather than Typhon. She saw through the power of that sword──and accepted it.

『Regina-sama!』 Vera shouted.

Regina who was reduced into a monster accepted Kazuki’s attack with her body without resisting.

The blade dug into the thick defensive magic power as though slipping through it. Deep darkness like the void of space overflowed from the crack on that body. Kazuki pushed in the blade with the intention of cutting apart that darkness inside rather than Typhon herself.

The sword god raised a laughing voice as though greedily devouring the darkness.

『What I can cut depends on the skill of my user! If it’s the current you then you can split apart even the space!!』

Just like the sword said, Kazuki severed the whole darkness of Typhon.

「Did that do it!?」 Arthur yelled on the ground.

Typhon was split into two and from the slashed parts, the darkness of space was spreading writhingly. That darkness raised a vulgar yelling voice. It wasn’t Regina’s voice.


The darkness was shaking as though it was writhing while transforming into a strange shape that looked like countless tentacles entangled with each other to form a lump──it was Nyarlathotep.

At the other hand as though getting born from an egg of darkness──an unconscious Regina fell toward the ground. The power of King already didn’t reside inside her. Vera’s image flew toward her in great panic…….

The separated Nyarlathotep was raising an indescribable scream that would make anyone want to block their ears while that giant body couldn’t maintain its own magic power and it turned into a small girl──into Nyarlako.

Nyarlako was turning into the form of small girl while flying far away in a parabolic arc……she was falling down as though in a careful aim towards right in the middle of the Japan Knight Order’s formation.

「Ouch」 The evil god raised such voice when she fell on her butt, and then she was surrounded by knights.

Kaguya-senpai, Koyuki, and Miyabi-senpai welcomed her with a radiant smile on their face. These trio were bearing deep grudge.

Nyarlako who was standing up showed a clearly despairing expression and she shrieked.


Those words genuinely became the last words of the evil god who stood in their way many times over.


The Italia Knight Order carried their comrades who fell into magic intoxication and Regina, then they ran away from the battlefield. It was truly a 『rout』 for them.

Japan’s Knight Order got excited with victory.

When Kazuki came back to the center of the formation, he immediately looked for Kazuha-senpai’s figure.


「Kazuki! It went well……nnh!?」

Kazuki immediately embraced Kazuha-senpai who was turning around at his call, and then he put his lips on her lips in a surprise attack.

「Wha, what is it so suddenly-!」

Kazuha-senpai’s face turned bright red while the surrounding went noisy from the sudden happening.

「That’s because senpai sent me telepathy in the middle of battle and said that you want to kiss.」

「……Kazuha-senpai. What are you doing? Even though it was in the middle of a serious fight.」

Kohaku made a retort with a creeped out face. Kazuha-senpai tried to make an excuse in panic.

「Tha, that’s not it! I didn’t say that out of nowhere, but there was a proper natural flow through it!!」

Kazuki thought that it wasn’t really a natural flow while whispering.

「Rather than that everyone……soon it will be a fight against Ikousai and Loki. Also several people who can do telepathy with me……let’s see, Kazuha-senpai and Lotte and Kamimura-san, and then Yumeno-san and Shouko and Akane-senpai. Those six, mix into Britain Knight Order secretly. It will be hard for Akane-senpai to fight any more but……. Do it in a way that Loki won’t find out. Hurry!」

Arthur also returned to where Britain Knight Order was at and the two forces that were jumbled up with each other in the middle of the fight separated from each other in orderly fashion. The time when the two sides were still jumbled up with each other was a chance to slip in.

The members that received Kazuki’s instruction slipped into Britain’s Knight Order in hurry.

Just like how Fu Xi was mixed among Russia Knight Order at the beginning of this war, it was hard to detect even if several people of another country were mixed into the group.

──From behind Kazuki, the dry sound of the ground *za-za-* being stepped on could be heard. It was footsteps that was purposefully made to be heard approaching his way.

He turned around.

The survivors of China──around 40 Red Nopperabou led by Ikousai was heading straight toward Kazuki rather than toward Japan Knight Order.

On the other side, Loki Einherjar that was still saving enough spare strength was facing toward Britain’s Knight Order.

It naturally developed into Japan versus Ikousai, and Britain versus Loki.

It was exactly at that time, that the morning sun climbed up from the sea of clouds behind Kazuki.

The bluish purple dark before dawn that reminded anyone of Cthulhu was cleared away, and, like a spotlight, the radiant dawn illuminated Ikousai and her group who were right in front of Kazuki and his comrades.

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