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Chapter 2 – Visitor From Outside World[edit]

Part 1[edit]

When Kazuki and Mio entered the classroom together, several greetings of "Good Morning" welcomed them. Even though it happen's every morning, the barrage of greetings from this many girls was still overwhelming.

“Hey, Amasaki-san, Hayashizaki-kun, won’t you two join our party!?”

One of the classmates didn’t stop at greeting and came over near their side.

Without waiting for Kazuki’s reply, the girl panicked and kept on talking without pause.

“Surely, after I thoroughly made fun of you about that matter with the sword, it might be too shameful to form a party together! But I, when Hayashizaki-kun fought against Amasaki-san using a katana, I thought it was really cool!”

Looking carefully at this girl, she is the one that triggered the impetus of the duel with Mio.

“Moreover, I thought that if we challenge a quest, it will be helpful if a swordsman accompany us, Rather than asking the people at the Sword Division, it would be easier to just ask Hayashizaki-kun who is a classmate...besides I heard Hayashizaki-kun and Amasaki-san are currently facing some troubles!! I wonder!?”

Inside the classroom, jeering voices rang out “Aah, she is stealing the march on Hayashizaki-kun-!” “Not fair!” and so forth. Hearing that, the girl retorted back “Wait, be quiet you guys-!”

As a [swordsman]. It seems that Kazuki had noticed those classmates who made those cheerful voices.

It has been one month since his enrollment to this school. The number of students that managed to contract successfully with their Diva had increased rapidly.

Those students immediately formed their party and actively challenged the quests.

“As expected, I wonder if it’s no good... before when I made fun about the sword...”

Even though Kazuki hadn’t said anything, that classmate had already got down on herself.

“It’s okay, I don’t mind. In the end it became a chance to fix my relationship with Mio.”

A heart mark floated from the girl after hearing Kazuki’s answer.

The classmates around exclaimed “There is a chance!?”, and made a stir as well.

“Really!? Then after school today let’s take a quest together immediately...”

“I'm sorry, I want to think about the party a little more carefully.”

Kazuki asked with a glance at Mio’s face.

Just now Mio was watching in suspense whether Kazuki would accept the invitation, but when she caught Kazuki’s eyes, she made a pouting expression, as if she was trying to hide her agitation.

Her face seems like it wanted to say ‘isn’t it fine if you do whatever you like?’

But as expected, it seems she was not okay with just anyone.

“Uh... in short you want to wait until we get along better first right? ...Well, it can’t be helped. But thank you that you didn’t make a big deal about my behavior last time! Sorry about that, let’s get along from now on!!”

The girl’s look changed like she had been released from her guilt and she returned to her own chair.

{That girl is also a contractor of the 72 Pillar, that’s why you should use everything you can to get friendly with her.}

Inside Kazuki’s head, Leme raised her dissatisfaction . Even though I had said before that I didn’t want to have that kind of honourless behavior.

“What the heck is that, it feels like there was no consideration for me and she only aimed for Kazuki! Even though I am the one that is rank A. ...Weell, I’m happy though that Kazuki considered me.”

Mio smiled a little with her last words, then she went to her own chair.

As Kazuki reached his own chair——from behind, Koyuki talked to him absent-mindedly.

“Rather than inviting somebody like me, isn’t it better to accept that offer from before?”

“However it is my dream for me, Mio, and Hiakari-san, the three of us to become a party.”

“...How obstinate. Are you a stalker?”

Kazuki turned his face behind, but Koyuki turned her face ‘Puih’ away.

“...Hiakari-san, let’s talk before sensei comes okay?”

Kazuki called out toward the girl’s translucent and noble side face.

“I don’t want to talk about anything trivial. Such things are useless no matter how much we do it.”

“There were many books in Hiakari-san’s room weren't there? What kind of book do you like to read?”

“I just read books that were already completed regardless of the person. That’s why, please don’t try talking to me.”

“...Come to think of it, does Hiakari-san like rabbits? Somehow it suits you.”

“I prefer it rather than humans. That’s why, please don’t try talking to me.”

“...Hiakari-san, right now I’m doing a funny face, so look this way.”

“Your face is relatively well-ordered, so I think it won’t be interesting no matter what you do.”

“It’s no good if Hiakari-san praises and mocks me even when you are not even looking at me. You won’t regret it, so look here a little.”

Kazuki used a drastic move by using body reinforcement magic to power up his face muscle to make an expression.

Hayashizaki-style Secret Party Performance ——also known as [Ougi[1]-Murder at First Sight].

“Saying things like that, like it is anything big...”

Koyuki looked at Kazuki with a brief sidelong glance, at that instant “——Bufuhh!?” she burst out.

Due to the reinforced muscle, the bone structure of Kazuki’s face was transformed to the level of it's utmost limit.

“...Come eat my face.”[2]

Imitating the voice from the hero that was loved even now by the kids, Koyuki hid her face with both hands while her whole body was shaking and trembling. A heart mark flew from her chest.

...No way, I never thought her positivity level can increase with this.

Kazuki got carried away and repeated his [Anime Character Face Mimicry Medley] intently. Koyuki was shaking like the vibration of a cellphone and the surrounding classmates were laughing too when they noticed Kazuki’s face. With precise timing, the door of the classroom opened.

“Be quiet all you trash! It’s already the time for Short HomeroomSHR, how much do you guys want to be nuisan——BUFUUHH!?”

Liz Liza-sensei finally came so Kazuki turned around to face the class platform, then sensei was bursting out too .

“Tra, trash! Rank E trash, what happened to you bastard!? I mean what happened to your face! ...Oi, are you okay?”

From Liz Liza-sensei’s slip of the tongue, an echo of worry stuck out.

“I’m sorry, this can’t be fixed immediately.”

“Is that body reinforcement magic...? So there is that kind of practical use for that skill, huh... It might be useful for disguise. Well, no matter, as your punishment you must keep your face like that until I say it’s fine. Anyway first things first, right now I’ll introduce a transfer student. ...Come on in.”

Transfer student!? Liz Liza-sensei faced the corridor and called out, the classroom turned into an uproar.

What kind of transfer student had came ——the noise from that expectation lasted for only a moment.

If you thought about it carefully, everyone realized that such thing was impossible.

It was impossible for a transfer student to come to the national Knight Academy <Caryatid>.

Why was it? Because other than people who got Mystery MarkEnigma at their 14th birthday, nobody else could enroll into this academy. An addition at a later time was impossible.

What in the world is going on, rather than expectation, confused gazes concentrated on the door.

The door was opened with a scraping noise and the one who appeared was ——a slightly short foreigner girl.

With her long golden hair fluttering around, she walked toward the platform with a refined manner. When she moved to face toward the class' direction, shining particles were released from her golden hair and white skin.

The combination of her shining hair and white skin were just like pure gold and silk.

“Nice to meet you. I am Charlotte Liebenfrau desu.”

An unexpected fluent Japanese. An elegant and composed smile, accompanied with a moderate tone of voice that felt just right to the ear. Everything was clad with an atmosphere of a gorgeous high class item.

“She might not look like a Japanese, however, as my distant relative she holds Japanese nationality. Actually she is still 14 years old, however... because of some circumstances she is skipping grades into this academy. She is younger than you all, but this girl’s magic ability was already qualified as rank A. There is no problem with her.”

Skipping grades? ...So that means, the girl received her stigma at 14 years old and without waiting for her promotion, she immediately transferred into the Magic Division, like that?

Why was she given such special treatment? From Liz Liza-sensei’s explanation, rather than explaining about the girl’s origin, it was more like giving a warning not to look too deep into it.

“Please call me Lotte.”

In contrast with the silence inside the classroom, she presented a smiling face with more passion than anyone. Then she looked around the classroom ——and her eyes met with Kazuki, her eyes opened round and wide like a jasper.

Her body leaned forward leaving her hair trailing behind and she let out an excited voice.

“——Japanische Animation!”[3]

The pronunciation in English sounds a bit different.

——As the fate of the transfer student, every break time Lotte was surrounded by her classmates.

Magika No Kenshi To Shoukan Maou Vol.02 071.jpg

The figure that did her best to answer all kinds of questions honestly, really exuded the charm of a junior.

“Your hair is really pretty! And the skin is really white! Are you really a Japanese?”

“Erm...My family and Liz Liza-oneesan’s family had lived in Japan since the time of my grandfather. Even though I am like this, I am a Japanese through and through desu.”

“Eeh, really!? Didn’t you talk in a mysterious language before?”

“Lotte-chan, what kind of food do you like?”

“Eeeto... sushi and tempura... especially tuuna, I like it desu!”

“No way-! Lotte-san is absolutely a foreigner after all-!”

“Hey, let me touch the hair too! Uwaa, it’s really pretty when seeing it this close! Like pure gold!!”

“Her cheek is really smoothhh-! Cuteee!!”

“Uuuuu... being touched here and there like that feels really good desu...”

Even when she was jostled by her classmates, she stayed docilely like a puppy with pedigree and showed an elegant, happy smile. With that kind of attitude, Lotte had became a really popular person in the class.

Gazing at that scene distantly——Koyuki talked with Kazuki with amazed tone.

“...If she was surrounded by that many people like that, won’t she die because of stress?”

“But conversing moderately is needed you know, Hiakari-san.”

“...It is not needed. That kind of thing is a hindrance, please don’t talk to me.”

“The side who came and started the conversation was Hiakari-san, wasn’t it!?”

The moment when the questions paused accidentally, Lotte glanced towards Kazuki’s seat.

After that, she said to the surrounding students “Excuse me, just a little, excuse me.” While bowing and apologizing repeatedly ,the crowd of people parted and she approached towards Kazuki direction. Koyuki averted her face with a ‘puih’.

“Excuse me... that anime face from before, can you do it one more time?”

Kazuki hid his face like doing a peek-a-boo using his hands, and then after using the face technique, showed his face. Lotte didn’t laugh when witnessing that, but her eyes glittered in excitement.

It looked like Lotte didn’t understand about recent anime so Kazuki tilted his head.

“...Do you like old masterpiece anime like this?”

“Yes! As Japanese, it’s natural to be fond of anime desu!”

No wait, no matter how you see it, from her tastes of food and anime it didn’t look like a Japanese person at all though. Or perhaps I should say that from her excitement she looked more like a country bumpkin...

It made me want to doubt whether she really had lived in Japan for a long time.

Nonetheless, if she was neither born in Japan nor a foreigner who went through naturalization, then this was a really baffling matter.

——That was because the present Japan didn’t have any diplomatic relations with other foreign countries.

Part 2[edit]

{——First year class two, Amasaki Mio-san, Hayashizaki Kazuki-kun, Hiakari Koyuki-san, urgent, please come to the Student Council’s room.}

As soon as school was over, the voice of Kaguya-senpai was broadcasted and summoned out Kazuki and the others. Kazuki’s eyes soon met with Koyuki, who sat behind, and then joined with Mio who sat in the front, and came out of the class.

The Witch’s Mansion, in the end, was a building for the sake of living, a [dormitory], so there was a different room to do the work of the student council. The location was next to the staff room of the Magic Division.

Why were they summoned? A notice was fixed on the door of the student council’s room with a message [This week’s Diva Contracting Ritual will be performed on Wednesday]. Recently, the work of the student council was in carrying out the contracting ritual.

Although they were summoned urgently, there was no one inside the room other than Hoshikaze-senpai.

“Kaguya will come soon, so please wait a little.” Senpai smiled with the look of a know-it-all.

After a while, the door opened with a strong momentum and Kaguya-senpai entered.

“I made you wait huh, first years? Today I will introduce a new comrade okaaayyy!”

Kazuki and the others opened their eyes in surprise because Kaguya-senpai, out of the blue, said comrade with a merry voice.

“Go on, come in! This child is the new rank A first year... Charlotte-chan!”

Kaguya-senpai turned back to the corridor——and the figure that appeared was the transfer student, Lotte.

“Please treat me well! Ah, the anime person! I am in the same class with the three of them desune!”

Lotte bowed her head quickly and smiled. This transfer student is a [new comrade]...?

“It might be confusing suddenly saying a thing like that... however, you guys have at least already understood slightly that this girl is not just your everyday student right?”

Liz Liza-sensei came following Lotte’s back and said that while closing the door of the student council room.

“That thing about my distant relative is a lie. Actually she doesn’t even have Japanese nationality. This girl——there is no reason to use polite language so I called her this girl, but——she escaped from the Dukedom of Seinmundo in Europe using a private jet. In other words, she is a [refugee]. This girl doesn’t have the right of succession but she is equivalent to the daughter of the ruling duke of Seinmundo.

Refugee?, Kazuki and the others were dumbfounded and lost their words hearing that unfamiliar heavy word.

The true identity of the transfer student, that should originally be impossible was——the princess of a foreign country?

The Dukedom of Seinmundo. Although they have self-autonomy that was recognized to some extent, it was a country that received the rule of a certain magic advanced country, [Germany]. It is a small puppet state in Northern Europe.

Because of the birth of magic in this world, the world’s state of affairs underwent a drastic change.

The world’s «Big Seven Magic Advanced Countries» with the backing of divine protection from their own respectively different Mythology owned powerful military strength. And so the other countries that didn’t earn the divine protection from Divas were placed under the patronage of a magic advanced country.

However, Japan was the only Magic Advanced Country that didn’t participate in ruling any other country, existing solely with their own self-support.

Also the Big Seven Magic Advanced Countries have no diplomatic relations at all.

If one were to ask why, it was because the divine protection from Divas of Solomon 72 Pillars, who didn’t demand faith was an exception. However, Mythology became stronger when there were more faith. Due to the direct relationship between military power and faith to the Mythology, the Magic Advanced Countries, other than Japan, were converting into [Religious Nation] little by little. Religious nations where the religion encroached into their politics made it impossible for them to co-exist in harmony with other religious nations.

At first, there were no problems between the Magic Advanced Countries and diplomatic relations still existed. In the period of 15 years however, the faith to Mythology was gradually deepening and the friction between countries became bigger, and finally, Japan cut off all diplomatic ties and fell into isolation.

The once existing EUEuropean Union that unified Europe and the United Nations, with connections that crossed over the borders between countries, were already becoming a mere shadow of what they once were. Due to alchemy, the production efficiency of food increased and the necessity for foreign trade was lost, expediting the split of the world.

Today was the first time Kazuki ever heard the name of [Seinmundo Dukedom]. From this kind of circumstances, there was practically no information that entered Japan about other advanced countries or the countries that were under their protection.

Since the Second World War, the aim of world globalization and the circulation of international cooperation experienced a sudden reversal due to the birth of magic, and the world had ran full speed into the direction towards division as its destination.

——Inside such flow of the world, before one noticed it, a battle royale between every religious nation that would induce Mythology WarRagnarok didn’t seem like a wild tale anymore.

“But, really... a princess?”

For people who had lived with the doctrine of democracy, such words felt like it would cause the sensation of indigestion.

Kazuki stared at Lotte while feeling confused and the girl returned an elegant smile.

Now that it was mentioned, the girl’s demeanor always felt like the breeding of nobility.

“The Seinmundo Dukedom's formation was around the period when magic was born, it is still a country with a short history. In Europe, a human born with excellent magic power is regarded as someone with high social status, and the countries with restored monarchy system are not few. Nonetheless, beyond that under the patronage of an advanced magic country, the one who rules the country is not a king but a duke. It's not a kingdom but a dukedom, not an independent country but a puppet state, their status fallen.”

Having said that, it could be said that in the end, the advanced magic country and the country under its patronage didn’t have equal relations.

It seems a humane patronage was done under the name of faith.

“Japan doesn’t have diplomatic ties with Seinmundo, so currently I am no more than a refugee, I am resigned no matter what kind of treatment I receive desu.”

Lotte, the refugee who was formerly a princess whispered such.

“I’ll say this in advance, don’t do anything strange to her.” Liz Liza-sensei glared with glinting eye.

“It’s too late, the classmates were already...”

“What!?” Liz Liza-sensei’s expression changed.

“Her cheek was rubbed until it was squishy. They felt around the cheek of a princess of a whole country.”

“That was... felt good desu...♪”

Toward the ecstatic Lotte, Liz Liza-sensei can only breathe a long sigh in exhaustion.

“...She is not a princess anymore but a refugee. From now on we don’t understand [what kind of meaning she has politically]. Because of that, first you guys protect her, furthermore this academy is chosen to give her the chance in education with people of the same age.”

I see, if you think about a place where she could be protected and receive education, there is no better place than this academy.

Of course it went unsaid, but her placing in this academy surely also included monitoring her activity.

That point resembled Kazuki’s position a little. This matter tends to be forgotten but——Kazuki’s stay in the Witch’s Mansion also included the implication of monitoring there.

“They made a lie about being Liz Liza-sensei’s relative because of that circumstance you see. Even if we say that she is a Japanese, but it is somewhat unnatural with her speech and conduct.”

Liz Liza-sensei also had the appearance of a foreigner, but she had already been through naturalization from a long time ago. Liz Liza- sensei was also a former knight, but you must have Japanese nationality to become a knight.

In contrast with that, Lotte was——a genuine foreigner coming from the outside world where we didn’t even have any diplomatic relations just a while ago.

“Having said that, this girl only came looking for an asylum from three days ago, and she had already learned how to speak Japanese you know.”

“Three days!? How in the world!?”

“By telepathy, she thoroughly synchronized with the consciousness of a Japanese person, and then it seems she traced everything that had <association> with feelings and language. What kind of emotion he harbored and what kind of language he gave forth, she copied all that motion of the mind.”

...Was it the same with the way Hoshikaze-senpai learned the sword? However the way Lotte did it ——was even more advanced compared to Hoshikaze-senpai. Kazuki couldn’t even imagine it.

“The girl had also received the same test you all got before the enrollment, the result was very surprising. It can be said that she is a genius in the field of telepathy. That’s why she is a rank A without question.”

Different with <Summoning Magic> that borrowed the magic power of a Diva to activate, by manipulating our own magic power we could use <Common Magic>. <PsychokinesisTelekinesis Magic>, <PyrokinesisThought Burning Magic>, <Enchant AuraBody Strength Reinforcement Magic> , <Extra SensePerception Strength Reinforcement Magic>, <TelepathyMind Sympathy Magic>, common magic were categorized into that five system. Telepathy was the field where Kazuki was the weakest at.

“...This girl, why did she come here looking for an asylum?”

Koyuki inquired with a sigh. That was ——if it was okay to ask that question, then that was also something I wanted to ask.

To seek asylum means that you escape your own country and migrate to a different country——in short, an act to escape to a place where the hands of your homeland wouldn’t reach you. [Turning your homeland into an enemy], such a thing was not a common circumstance.

“Lotte, it’s no problem if it is these guys. ——Show them your strength.”

"Yes", with that reply, silver light of magic power shined from Lotte’s body.

There was no mistake, that was the light of Summoning Magic. And then the girl accessed the Astrum and chanted her spell.

Veritas me LiberabitThe truth shall set me free... the wise man who became father the protector of humanity, show that wisdom right here.”

Blinding light converged into the shape of a human——what appeared was an extremely strange avatar of a young boy.

This golden haired, young boy’s whole body was clad in a mysterious suit that was made from unknown material that was neither cloth nor metal. He stood besides Lotte and calmly gazed towards Kazuki and the others with his silver pupils.

Rather than a God or Devil——his figure was easier to comprehend if it was said that he was a space alien or a human from the future.

Besides, just now, Lotte didn’t chant this Diva’s name.

“Look, my King! This guy is even smaller when compared to Leme!!”

Leme materialized besides Kazuki and said that while pointing her finger towards the Diva with the figure of a young boy.

“Why the hell are you getting fired up with stupid rivalry in a strange area like that?”

“It’s not like that! This guy... compared to Leme, he lost even more of his strength and memory!”

...! So small size show something like that!?

“Correct. Not to mention the majority of my memory and strength, I lost even my own name.”

The Diva with the figure of young boy said so with a mechanical tone of voice and without any inflection.

“About him, I call him Prophet. What is certain about him is that he is not a Diva of Norse Mythology. What I did was contract with a Diva of a different Mythology than Germany’s own state religion desu.”

“That was the reason why this girl seeks an asylum. This girl is recognized as <Heretic Contractor> in Germany. When you contract with a Diva that doesn’t come from the Mythology of Germany’s own state religion, then your life will be forfeit, no question asked.”

...Even in Japan, if you form a contract with Divas other than from Solomon 72 Pillar who's safety hadn’t been confirmed, you would be arrested by the Knight Order as an <Illegal Contractor> and your magic power would be sealed.

To seal magic power, on top of using medications to make your mind defenseless, advanced telepathy magic is applied to crush the part of your mind that governed the control of magic power.

Using this method would cause side effects in the personality of the receiver, and this treatment invited a lot criticism but...

Somehow the treatment of heretic contractors was more severe in Germany——it seems it was death penalty.

“Why did you form that contract then?” Mio threw that natural question.

“I suffered from an illness since birth. When I turned fourteen years old, I was at the verge of death. At that time, Prophet appeared in my heart. He possessed me partially then he overwrote the parts of my body that were sick and saved me. Currently I am in the state of <half human, half god> desu.”

“That was not just an act of mercy, there was also benefit for me who lost my power.”

The young boy Diva called Prophet talked with a voice so flat you couldn’t surmise his emotion.

“I had to become a parasite in a human body to recover back my strength. But I don’t want the personality of my host to be extinguished because of my possession. For that purpose, I had to choose someone that was able to maintain their mind with advanced mind control so their mind wouldn’t blend with me when I usher into their mind. Charlotte has the potential for that, moreover if I don’t possess her then her life would be in a precarious situation. If she formed a contract with me then she would end up throwing everything away and enter an exile, but even so it could be said that our interest matched, don’t you agree?”

“Of course I’m grateful to Prophet. I obtained a healthy body, I can go outside, I can also come to Japan that I had yearned for, even though as a refugee! While I was in my sickbed watching the contraband item of Japan’s old anime, I had yearned for this country so much desu.”

“Taking refuge in Japan was also convenient for me. This island country is the most optimum place to restore my strength.”

The smiling Lotte and the expressionless Prophet explained alternately.

...However, was this situation really fine?

When a Diva with evil intention possesses a human, it was said that they whispered sweet words to their host and tricked them.

The scream of Kaya when her body was taken over by Loki was still fresh in Kazuki’s mind, even now.

“In Lotte's examination there was no evidence of encroachment in her personality. There is a clear separation, inside Lotte, between her own self and Prophet, they are not mixed at all. Prophet has changed into a purely life-support part for Lotte. ...Even though I say examination, it was done by psychology test using telepathy scan, so we cannot say absolutely for sure though.”

Liz Liza-sensei said that like she was answering the doubt inside Kazuki’s heart. Naturally, the Knight Order and the government had already finished confirming the doubt that lingered inside Kazuki.

Thereupon, the question was: This Diva, did he really save a human with pure good will?

“Moreover we succeeded in our escape because of Prophet’s power. He was able to understand how to operate the jet airplane, after all I don’t know how to operate a jet airplane. I was careless back there desu.”

“Diva... drive a jet airplane? Oi Leme, so could you also operate a jet airplane?”

Kazuki asked Leme with a great uneasiness.

“...Can’t you see that there is no way Leme can do that. It’s doubtful that Leme can even ride a bicycle. ...It was mysterious no matter how Leme saw it, what kind of theory did the bicycle use that it could keep moving forward without falling over?”

The existence called Diva was the dweller of Mythology. It was obvious there would be unease if you heard about a Diva driving a jet airplane.

The appearance of a jet airplane in a mythology... as expected there should be none.

“Airplane... I only operated it with intuition, but it was a wonderful thing.”

“Though when Prophet flew the plane in the sky, his tension suddenly raised up and he sped up too much that we almost crashed desu.”

Lotte said so while laughing pleasantly like she was telling a funny story.

Diva that could understand science...? There were too many puzzles that keep deepening here.

“I had heard about a Diva that lost his memory before, however, how could Prophet lose his strength?”

Mio threw a simple question.

“That’s... even though I lost my memory, I still slightly remember my mission. Diva has a mission established from the Mythology. My mission is, at the minimum, I have to stop the calamity of <The Third Machia>.”

“Machia? Caramel macchiato?” Mio said a strange thing like an airhead.

“A story of Greece is it? We can judge that it is highly possible this Diva is from the Greek mythology.”

Liz Liza-sensei crossed her hand and gave an explanation like she was starting the class.

“...We learned that in Mythology class but, Greek Mythology depicted two WarMachia that gambled the existence of the universe. First was the Titanomachia, where Zeus and other gods challenged the Titans that ruled the universe. The second time was the Gigantomachia where the children of the Titans, the Giants, waved the banner of revolution towards Zeus who had beaten the Titans and became the chief god."

Prophet nodded his head with his still expressionless face towards Liz Liza-sensei’s words.

“Quite so. Even though I don’t understand who I am, I still have some memory in the degree of simple knowledge. I remember it. In Titanomachia, Zeus and the other gods won only with the strength of gods. In Gigantomachia they needed the cooperation of humans. They gained the assistance of Hercules and was able to win. And then in the third Machia... humans will become the leading actor and humans will be the ones that need to overcome the enemy... it will become a battle like that.”

“Prophet has the power of prediction. Though he couldn’t understand everything, but only for the truly important thing, it’s only vague prediction but it seems he can perceive it desu.”

“It seems my mission was contradicting some other Diva. Because of that, I fought with another Diva, got defeated, and then lost my strength, that’s what I thought.”

A Diva that was hostile toward this mysterious Diva, Prophet. Who on earth could that be?

Was it possible for that Diva to pursue Prophet to here in Japan?

And then the prediction of the third Machia like in the Greek Mythology.

In Titanomachia it was a war against titans, and if Gigantomachia was a war against giants then——

The third Machia would be... what kind of person would become the enemy in that war?

While on this topic, Loki from Norse Mythology also predicted about Mythology WarRagnarok. Ragnarok and the third Machia. Was it a coincidence that two Mythologies predicted a battle in the same period?

“Inside you...” Prophet whispered faintly.

“Inside you, it seems there might be a possibility that you could overcome the enemy.”

The silver eyes of the Prophet immediately——faced towards Kazuki.

“You see what kind of complicated set of human and Diva these two are? ...That’s why we revealed their circumstance to you guys. We will entrust these two to the Witch’s Mansion. Starting from now, it has also become surveillance to these two.”

“It was also the same with Otouto-kun, but we welcome that kind of surveillance! If you ask me why, then it is because she is cutee!! It’s a surveillance in the name of love! I will do it with all my strength!!”

Kaguya-senpai hugged Lotte with all her strength. Lotte opened her eyes in surprise but then she returned the hug happily. Muu, Kaguya-senpai has been taken by the newcomer.[4]

“There is one more thing... Amasaki Mio, Hayashizaki Kazuki, add this girl into your party.”

“Eh... EEHH!? In our party!?”

Kazuki had vaguely predicted this from Hoshikaze-senpai’s words this morning but... for Mio it was really shocking. Lotte was “Is it not okay...?”, making an anxious face because of that.

“Eh, no, it’s not that it’s not okay but... come on Kazukii”

“Lotte’s time with her contract is still not long but, she can already use summoning magic up to level 3. Prophet’s strength is still not perfect but on top of Lotte’s advanced skill in telepathy, her condition is also close with possession, that’s why her chanting is fast. She should compensate for the weakness of you guys.”

“Hee, let’s do a mock battle tomorrow to test it okay?”

Hoshikaze-senpai raised a voice filled with deep interest toward the unknown magician.

If the weak point of our party got filled then it was not a bad story.

Her strength was still deemed unsatisfactory to enter Kaguya-senpai’s party, so it seemed it was decided that she would be added to our party.

“Understood, we will accept her into our party happily.”

“Anime-oniisan! Thank YouDankeschön desu!”

Lotte suddenly separated herself from Kaguya-senpai and this time she flew into Kazuki’s chest——‘Chuu’ and then she pressed her lips at Kazuki’s cheek.

“Wha, what the!? What are you doing to Kazu-niii!?”

Mio eyes opened wide and raised a voice that was half-screaming.

Lotte then separated from Kazuki and this time she was also hugging Mio whose face was still stiff in surprise, then,

“Dankeschön Mio-oneesan! Please take care of me desu!”

She also kissed Mio’s cheek. Mio made a complex expression that was half angry and half shy. This was the way of a foreign country... was it really? Kazuki who didn’t know anything about the world outside didn’t understand.

“Did you prefer kiss on the lips? Should I redo it desu?”

When she noticed the two people was currently bewildered, Lotte tilted her head in wonder.

“There is no need to redo it! Ki, kiss on the mouth is a no! I mean any kind of kiss is no good!”

Mio ‘funfun[5]’ with great force.

“...Why is that? Is it a strange thing to show feelings of gratitude using a kiss? Moreover... I clearly feel the happiness from both of you desu.”

“What do you mean by sensing our feeling... is it telepathy?”

For an expert of telepathy, they could even sense the feeling inside the subconscious of the other party.

Of course it was impossible to perceive everything from their heart though.

“Why does your mouth say no even though you are happy in your heart? What is this contradiction desu...?”

“Lotte, in Japan you must not kiss someone other than a person that is truly important to you. Especially a mouth to mouth kiss—a person that you’ll protect by betting your whole life, kiss is something that is filled by such an oath.”

“Oath! ...I see, so it is an act filled with important significance, isn’t it desu.”

Suddenly Kazuki recalled when he kissed Mio who fell because of Loki’s evil blade. Unintentionally he glanced at Mio’s face. ...That lips, he kissed that lips. He remembered that time [I’ll protect Mio no matter what], an oath was budding. Though it seems Mio didn’t remember it...

When Mio noticed Kazuki’s gaze, “Wha, what are you looking at?” she became embarrassed.

“...Hmm, though if I can say one thing, kissing Kazuki’s cheek like that, if Kanae-san was here in this place the we wouldn’t be able to guarantee Lotte’s life would we? Ahaha.”

Hoshikaze-senpai laughed strangely. ...It was troubling because it didn’t seem like a joke when he imagined it.

“I also——will pledge my allegiance towards you too.”

Prophet faced Leme and then waited upon her like a knight. Thereupon magic was invoked of its own accord in front of Kazuki’s eyes. As the ring emitted the light of magic power, an image of a graph floated up.

Amasaki Mio——127 Otonashi Kaguya——75 Hiakari Koyuki——49 Hoshikaze Hikaru——39


The graph increased by one line!? Even though Lotte was not a contractor of Solomon 72 Pillar!

{I see, so this is what she meant. Truly, that this kind of thing happened... Interesting!}

Leme only talked to Kazuki inside his heart. It was a voice that only Kazuki could hear.

Kazuki recalled his conversation with Liz Liza-sensei inside the staff room——[With the ability of Lemegeton, in the case that you became friendly with a magician that has a contract with a Diva other than Solomon 72 Pillar, what would happen?]

Is that so, Sensei was confirming that based on this possibility.

“...My King! Keep to yourself this possibility that your conquering targets exceeds far more than 72 people!”

Part 3[edit]

“Let’s do a welcome party for Lotte-chan! With that said, Otouto-kun, make Lotte-chan’s favorite food! What do you want to eat Lotte-chan?”

“Eeeto, I want to try sushi, tempura, and tuuna, desu!”

——Because of that, today Kazuki had became an itamae[6].

“...You can even make sushi?”

Mio made an amazed face toward Kazuki who held a sashimi kitchen knife that resembled a Japanese katana.

“As you would expect, I have never made sushi before, but if it’s sashimi...”[7]

If you talk about sashimi, it was a mistake if you thought it would be fine as long as the fish was fresh and you cut and lined it up just like that.

You had to cut the fish with optimum thickness and angle depending on the type of the fish. When you cut the fish using a sashimi knife, you need to take care not to destroy the meat’s cell as much as possible, and for that you need dexterity and technique.

However Kazuki had learned the art of cooking using magic power, <Alchemy Cooking>.

Using Extra Sense to perceive the cell tissue, Kazuki slid the blade, filled with magic power, which could make sashimi that would make even an expert weep in shame.

“...By the way I was uncertain about something. That maid uniform Mio wore, where did you get it?”

Kazuki glanced to Mio at his side while holding the sashimi knife.

Mio is wearing a maid uniform right now. Since she misunderstood Kazuki’s fascination about maids, she always wore a maid uniform every time they did housework in the Witch’s Mansion. Kazuki couldn’t calm down watching that.

“Where did... I made it myself though. I, like to sew you know.”

Now that she mentioned it, when she first introduced herself in the class she seemed to have mentioned something like that.

That so, this maid uniform was handmade was it?

Come to think of it, maid uniforms tended to become uncouth if they attached a lot of frill on it, but Mio’s maid uniform clung just right to her body and tightened her silhouette.

The legs peeking through her miniskirt were adorned with socks and garter belts that emphasized the softness of her thighs, the apron skirt hugged tightly to the height of her hips. Because of that Mio’s surprisingly big breasts were highlighted, and then ties from both sides of her chest was fastened to the bottom of her neck looking like it was pushing that bulge between them.

An aura of service radiated from the attire, completely changing Mio’s slightly impertinent aura.

Noticing Kazuki’s eyes, Mio’s eyes that usually had a confident allure in them was clouded by anxiety and shyness, then “How, how is it?” she inquired Kazuki.

“...It’s cute. It’s so cute that it is breaking the rules.”

“Really!? Hehehe, success!!”

Mio jumped around in happiness while a heart mark also flew up. Each time she jumped, the frills and miniskirt fluttered around. ...What is this super cute thing?

“Bu, but if you are beside me with that kind of appearance I won’t be able to concentrate! It’s okay if you don’t help out today, this is not a work where you can help. A kitchen is the world of men.”

“Why are you driving me away, saying things like that? ...We cannot be alone anymore in the quest so this time, even though as an assistant, is very precious...”

Even though Kazuki was holding a sashimi knife, Mio approached his side.

“Oi, you are in the way, it’s dangerous...”


Mio stood on her tiptoe and ‘chuu’ pressed her lips on Kazuki’s cheek.

It feels even more sweet and soft compared to Lotte’s kiss from before.

“This, this is I, because this is Lotte’s party this only meant as my best regards, that’s all! I only mean to ask you to treat me well once more... there is no other meaning!”

While covering her own mouth with her hand, she explained the meaning of her action with very fast talk and then ran out of the kitchen in a great panic. Kazuki was petrified while holding the sashimi knife in one hand.

“...Ca, calm down, me. Feel the cell tissue of the tuna with Extra Sense...”

Intense heat dwelled in the cheek where the lips touched. He couldn’t concentrate at all.

Colorful sashimi made from fresh fish were lined up on the dining table, and the tempuras were arranged dynamically to raise into the sky. Lotte’s green eyes shone brightly seeing that scene.

AmazingKlasse! The beauty of Japan that I kept yearning for when I was laid sick reading an old book and watching old anime is right here desu...!!”

“I see...this is very interesting. I feel the happiness from the taste that goes through Lotte.”

Even though Prophet seem to be dispassionate, his way of talking somehow conveyed admiration.

“Hee, so Prophet can feel that kind of enjoyment. It’s impossible for me though to transmit the taste of this food to Baal, the Diva that I’m contracted with.”

Hoshikaze-senpai observed Prophet’s situation with a curious look.

“Is that so?”

“It’s because one pillar of Diva is contracted to a lot of Magica Stigma, therefore the connection with our Diva is not that strong. We can’t even have a private communication.”

“Uh huh, eating is wonderful! I’m glad that Kazuki is my King!!”

Leme who had a strong connection with Kazuki, and had the leisure to materialize freely, laughed loudly.

Lotte held her chopsticks awkwardly, she tried to grasp the fish with white flesh that had a thin structure but because she couldn’t capture it properly, she dropped it.

Lotte’s face turned pale because of her blunder of dropping the food, that was made for her, on the floor.

My goodnessMeine Güte...using chopsticks is very difficult. I’m sorry, I think if I use telepathy to trace I can make my body learn immediately desu, but...”

Kazuki thought there was no need to be that ashamed so without a moment's delay, he took a sashimi from the side, applied some wasabi and soy sauce and then he held it to Lotte’s mouth.

“Here, Lotte. Aaan.”

Even though Lotte was ‘Aaan?’ confused of the meaning of the words, she soon understood and her cheek was stuffed, her expression became bright. And then a heart mark flew up.

“Dankeschö desu, Kazuki-oniisan!”

Like that, on reflex, Lotte kissed Kazuki’s cheek again. And then “I did it again” she realized what she was doing and restrained herself.

“She kissed his cheek while calling him onii-san... As expected if Kanae-san is here then Lotte’s life would be no more.”

“I don’t really follow but... I understand that it’s fine if this person called Kanae is not near desu.”

Lotte said that with a friendly grin toward Hoshikaze-senpai who showed a wry smile.

“Kazuki-oniisan, I want to eat that one next desu.”

Kazuki took the food that Lotte wanted and do “Aaan”.

Lotte opened her mouth obediently like a baby bird, then she chewed in happiness.

“Kazuki-oniisan, you look like my favorite butler when I lived in the castle desu...”

She faced Kazuki while ‘ehehe’ laughing, a heart mark flew toward Kazuki. Suddenly she embraced him.

“...Wait a minute Kazuki, whatever the circumstances may be, but haven’t you serviced her too much?”

“It’s no good to be that petulant, Mio-chan. After all this is Lotte-chan’s welcoming party.”

Kaguya-senpai teased from the side when Mio’s expression became huffy.

“I, I’m not petulant at all! Here Lotte, from me too, aaan.”

“Dankeschön desu Mio-oneesan!”

Lotte stuffed her cheek with the tempura from Mio, her smiling face became enchanted... Mio’s lips slackened seeing that. It was the face of an owner viewing his pet.

“...I wonder if this is the feeling if we keep a puppy in Kazu-nii and our house...”

“Oi, what kind of chemical reaction is happening inside your head?”

“Oniisan, I want to eat that red thing next desu. The legendary fish, tuuna[8]!.”

“Your pronunciation sounds like De Niro[9] from a while ago. It’s tuna, not tuuna.”

“Wait a minute Lotte-chan, Kaguya-oneechan also want to do ‘aaan’! Here.”

Kaguya-senpai forced her way in the middle and presented a food with ‘aaan’. However soon senpai’s smiling face turned evil. Just before Lotte could eat she pulled back the chopstick.

“U~, please don’t bully me, please feed me~”

While laughing with troubled expression, Lotte chased Kaguya-senpai’s chopstick.

“Just leave a bully like this alone, come eat from me. Here, aaan.”

Right there Hoshikaze-senpai arrived from the side and did ‘aaan’ to Lotte. Lotte ignored Kaguya-senpai with ‘puih’ and ate Hoshikaze-senpai’s offering. Kaguya-senpai whined “Aaah, I’ll feed you properly okay!” in a fluster.

Each time Lotte ate a mouthful, everyone scrambled with new food to present an ‘aaan’, Lotte was happy and eat them all in turn.

“...Everyone’s warm feeling is being transmitted through telepathy. I’m happy desu.”

——Before long Lotte’s small stomach reached the limit and she collapsed in heap.

“Uuuu... I want to chant reinforcement magic in my stomach desu...”

If we used Enchant Aura to our bodies, everyday would surely become a food fight.

“I wonder if it's fine to be this happy... It feels like a dream desu...”

Lotte who collapsed holding her stomach was surrounded by everyone of the Witch’s Mansion.

Even after the meals had finished, everyone continued talking happily with Lotte in the center.

Inside that circle——Kazuki suddenly noticed, Koyuki had been outside the circle for quite a long time.

“...Hiakari-san.” Kazuki nonchalantly moved beside Koyuki who continued to eat in silence.

“Kazuki...even though you don’t need to come expressly to confirm, today the food is tasty too. The thickness and the method of cutting are different on each type of fish, it's so fresh that it creates a spray of glistening juice.”

“No, I’m not looking for a review of the food! ...Come on, let’s talk a little with everyone.”

“I don’t have any such interest to the transfer student, there is also no reason to become one party with you.”

“...Why are you saying such lonely things?”

“That’s because I like being alone. I don’t know anything about what you call loneliness.”

“Lies.” Kazuki said decisively, Koyuki’s eyes were shaken.

She stared at Kazuki only for a moment, but soon her disturbed stare wandered around.

Why is Hiakari-san doing everything to corner herself into isolation?

She looked like a kitten that climbed a high place and then couldn’t get down.

“Yosh, Hiakari-san. Aaan.”

“I watched from some time ago, that ‘aaan’ thing was stupid...”

Koyuki averted her eyes from the piece of sashimi that Kazuki presented but because Kazuki persistently circled around her to chase her with the chopstick, Koyuki had no other choice except to eat the food.

“Yosh, next is tuna and avocado with wasabi cream tartar. This is the work I have confidence in, see.”

“That kind of food that plainly aim's for a foreigner’s taste... it’s delicious if I eat by myself I said!”

However, Koyuki ate all the food that Kazuki presented even though she kept exhaling deep sighs.

“...Kazuki, why do you keep ignoring my words...”

“Because Hiakari-san’s words are usually a lie, I have seen through them all.”

When Kazuki tried to give ‘aaan’ one more time, Koyuki shook her head while saying “I’m already full.” Kazuki knew that was not a lie and pulled back his chopstick.

“Thank you for the food. It was great, wasn’t it? A new comrade entered in your party.”

“I still want to party together with Hiakari-san though. Even far in the future this feeling will surely never change.”

“...Please give up, why do you keep ignoring that even though I keep saying it...”

Koyuki, her eyes down cast, had an angry look.

After the welcome party was over, Kazuki started to clean up everything.

When he imagined Mio doing the scrubbing and washing and making her hands rough, he felt that he couldn’t allow it, so Kazuki always took the job of washing voluntarily.

Rough hands came from damage that was piled up unconsciously, so defensive magic power couldn’t defend against it.

And then using <Alchemy Medical Treatment> to transmute the human body using magic from Base ParticlePrima Materia, it was possible that there would be unforeseen side effects when the human body was rearranged, as it was still an undeveloped field of study. Treatment for rough hands still did not exist.

The case where hardworking women had their hands turned rough——it was a tragedy that even in this age of magic and alchemy still couldn’t be avoided. I absolutely won’t allow the hands of the girls that lived in this mansion turn rough as long I’m the maid here...Kazuki resolved himself in his heart.

In the meanwhile, right now, the program had turned for the girls to enter the bathroom.

Usually the senpais had priority, but today Lotte was the first to enter the bath.


Suddenly Lotte’s voice was heard and Kazuki turned to look back, there a stark naked Lotte was running towards Kazuki, the sound of her steps rang out ‘petapeta[10]’. ...Totally nude. Unintentionally, Kazuki dropped the plate that he was in the middle of washing.

“I’m sorry, onii-san. Can you tell me how to use the bath desu? I don’t understand one of the appliances... onii-san? Why do you avoid looking at me desu? Isn’t it impolite if you don’t look at people’s face when they are talking desu? Are you angry desu?”

Because Kazuki averted his face so he won’t look at Lotte’s nakedness, Lotte expressly circled around ‘petapeta’ to the direction Kazuki’s face was facing. A naked body of pure white fairy was reflected in Kazuki’s field of vision.

...Why did she show it expressly!? Why did she enter his field of vision expressly!?

“If it's Prophet he should be able to operate the appliance instinctively like when he drove the jet airplane desu but... for some reason when I turned naked he won’t reply even when I called him out desu. That’s why onii-san, please teach me. Because of this trouble, why don’t you also enter the bath together?”

Lotte sensed that Kazuki was not angry by using telepathy. The girl hugged Kazuki’s arm daringly and then pulled him. Her expression was absolutely pure.

...Come to think of it, the nobles of the middle ages always had retainers to change their clothes for them. It was even said that they didn’t have any shame toward people of the lower class.

That ‘aaan’ from before. Lotte might have mistaken Kazuki as her own butler.

In short Lotte didn’t see this side as a man. Despite that, if this side was the only side that looked at the girl’s nakedness as the opposite sex... it would soil the girl’s pureness.

Don’t look and fight the worldly desires, Kazuki whose expression tightened as if he had swallowed a bitter bug was pulled forcefully by Lotte into the bathroom. And then “This is the one.” She pointed to the bath water heater device controller that was installed in the wall.

“What the... this is a normal device that exists everywhere isn’t it?”

It was a normal electric hot-water heater that used electricity to boil hot water and also maintain the temperature.

In the present Japan, all-electric had been completely popularized, there was nothing that used gas anymore.

With the grace of alchemy, electric power had became an extremely cheap energy.

Lithium ion rechargeable battery was improved by alchemy, its capacity was expanded exceedingly, furthermore, it wouldn’t deteriorate even if it was recharged multiple times, this was called <Etherlight Rechargeable Battery>. With this invention, the large scale wireless electric transportation became possible, and realized the drastic low cost of electricity.

Because of the birth of Etherlight Rechargeable Battery, Japan’s domestic power generation system was changed completely. The present Japan’s electricity was provided in its entirety by the Solar Power GenerationArchimedes System in Japan’s southern tip territorial water on the Artificial Floating IslandMegafloat. Etherlight rechargeable battery was recharged by the power generator that made the best use of strong sunlight on the southern man-made island, and then it was carried to the mainland. This concentrated power generation brought about unprecedented efficiency of natural electricity.

The sunlight power generatorsolar system that was mainstream in Japan so far had the strong point that it was decentralized in small scale and could produce electricity. However, because electricity transportation had became really easy it was not used anymore.

When Kazuki explained how to use the electric water heater, Lotte was surprised with the automatic function of regulating the temperature of the hot water. She raised a voice of deep impression while her naked body was taken aback.

“It’s the first time I have seen something like this! It doesn’t use magic, isn’t it desu!!”

This time it was Kazuki’s turn to be surprised hearing those words.

“Do they heat the bath in Germany and Seinmundo using magic every time!?”

Certainly if they used pyrokinesis to produce and decrease heat energy, it wouldn’t be difficult to live without using a water heater. Kazuki had also used it before, using pyrokinesis as auxiliary heat when the time to heat water using the electric water heating device took too long.

“It seems the household of general public still used appliance desu but... the daily living in the royal court mostly are done using magic. The royalty must follow the state religion strictly and give an example to the people desu. There are even movements that promote to manage the appliance used by the general people more strictly. Even the Anime DVD and DVD Player in my room need to be hidden secretly desu.”

“Even so, things like DVD, Japan had not used those more than 10 years ago you know? It had became an antique item.”

The mainstream memory storage media in the present Japan was Ultrashort-wave Ray DiskURD. DVD, if remembered correctly it was even before Blue-ray DiskBD.

“If there is no machine, won’t it inconvenience the old people when their magic powers are weakening?”

“Yes desu, that’s so, but that was considered as natural providence. Humans are tied with other people spiritually by magic power, so magic power is thought as the basis of human right.”

Which reminds me of what Liz Liza-sensei said before, “In Europe, humans that were born with excellent magic power are considered as nobles, countries that revived the monarchy system are not few.”

People that lost their strength were weeded out from society and humans with excellent magic power became nobles. That was what they considered natural? ...If someone obtained a great power, they should protect the weak, wasn’t that the natural [feelings of being human] for sure?

“The jet airplane is great, the water heater is great... once again I realized how great Japan’s appliances are desu. There is even an appliance to boil the hot water... if only this existed back there, surely my dead grandpa could have lived in more comfort...”

“You mentioned about the strict compliance to the state religion, but are they really using faith as the reason to not use machines?”

“Yes. The Norse Mythology that Germany has faith in has the aim to remove the <Desire of Sparkling RichesGullveig>[11] inside human’s heart. Probably there are even more strict demands of faith than this among the Magic Advanced Countries desu.”

“...Doctrine that denied machines are probably common among a lot of Mythologies. Because that was the symbol of human’s conceitedness, there are not many Mythology that could affirm such.”

Prophet’s avatar appeared beside Lotte and said so.

“...For what reason is it I wonder. It was so sad I can’t stand it desu.”

“How stupid huh. Whether its magic or machine, as long it's convenient then it’s fine to use it, that’s what Leme thought.”

Even Leme also materialized inside the confined bathroom.

Suddenly―Kazuki felt a cool sensation of passing air at his lower body.

“Lotte... why did you take off my pants inside the confusion?”

“Kazuki-oniisan, let’s enter the bath together. After all you don’t hate it, right desu?”

The totally naked Lotte cutely tilted her head―

“Lotte... In Japan you couldn’t show your naked body to the opposite sex, it’s no good unless you show it to a person where you have the relation of considering each other as a very precious person. On the basis of the relation between man and woman...”

Lotte showed a vacant expression, then in a blink of an eye, her expression was dyed with understanding.

“Relation of man and woman... I see, onii-san and me are man and woman, isn’t it desu? That kind of thing was irrelevant in my life until now so I completely overlooked the awareness of gender. I always thought such a thing surely only happened inside a love comedy anime...”

Lotte looked like she comprehended something and suddenly her face turned red.

“Don’t tell me that kissing on the cheek is not a sign of gratitude, but actually is something similar with romcom[12]!? Perhaps I have turned into a really shameless character regarding onii-san!?”

Somehow even if she thought of Kazuki as one of the common people, it didn’t mean that she had no shame.

“I feel that you can’t differentiate reality at this point of time if you said something like ‘character’! But it’s okay, I don’t mind at all about such things!”

“By any chance this and this are parts that absolutely shouldn’t be shown to a man, is it!?”

“I don’t see it! I don’t see even a little bit of those parts!!”

“This is the first time since I was born that I made such a romcom blunder... How embarrassing desu! Please forget it!”

“Even though we already had a long talk until just now, you people are very surreal.”

Kazuki escaped from the bathroom in great panic while listening to Leme’s astonished voice.

“Good evening, Otouto-kun♥”

After Kazuki finished tidying up and back in his room, the figure of Kaguya-senpai clad in her Magic DressDécolleté Oblique was sitting on Kazuki’s bed. The color of her pupils were―changed slightly to a violet color.

“Senpai... are you perhaps in that condition?”

The influence of the Diva Kaguya-senpai contracted with, Asmodeus, occasionally amplified her [lewd feeling]. At that time, she would vent by embracing Kazuki.

However, it’s strange. When in the welcoming party today, senpai was still normal though...

“It’s not like that, though I wonder if it’s that kind of feeling.”

Senpai beckoned Kazuki while saying ambiguous thing, Kazuki sat on the edge of the bed, then Kaguya-senpai came and embraced him while a nice smell drifted in the air softly.

Embracing her in her magic dress form that had high exposure rate, the softness and warmth of senpai were transmitted directly. In this kind of situation, it couldn’t be helped that he was bothered by senpai’s breasts which were bigger than anyone else.

“Otouto-kun, today you were ‘chuuchuu’-ed[13] a lot by Lotte-chan, weren’t you?”

Senpai stretched her hand while hugging Kazuki―and pinched the area around where Lotte’s lips touched Kazuki’s cheek. For some reason, it feels like it would be a breach of manners if the defensive magic power was activated for this kind of pain, there is no other way than to be resigned with this.

“Even at the best of times, recently Otouto-kun only care about his partner Mio-chan. Kaguya-senpai is very lonely and so lonely that she talked to the wall, hugging the pillar, harassing Hikaru-chan, doing all those things everyday, you see...”

“What the heck has senpai done to Hoshikaze-senpai...”

“That kind of her loneliness of being ignored by Otouto-kun will monologue to herself in whisper though.”

Somehow senpai started talking about strange things.

“This is a story I learned from the people of the Knight Order in the location of a quest, it seems German’s Northern Europe Knight OrderEinherjar[14] had already demanded for Japan to hand over Lotte’s own person. Of course if Japan hands over Lotte, what await a heretic is the death penalty, isn’t it?”


While Kaguya-senpai [monologue] to herself, she started to leak the Knight Order’s internal story.

“But of course Japan can’t comply with that demand right~? Even though they understand the person they handed over will be sentenced to death and yet still did it, the surrounding countries must not think that Japan has become friendly with Germany. Because Japan is [the only magic advanced country in the world that is not a religious country] you see.”

The like of religious magic advanced countries couldn’t live in harmony with each other.

But with [Mythology that didn’t demand faith], Solomon 72 Pillar as Japan’s war potential, Japan was the only exception among magic advanced countries that could maintain itself as a secular country.

In short, it also means that Japan is the only country [that could possibly form an alliance with other countries].

The other magic advanced countries had always observed Japan’s tendency with sensitivity.

If Japan’s distance with Germany was shortened, the other five countries would harbor needless doubt.

If Japan became an ally with Germany, the remaining five countries would turn into enemies.

Japan must show the humane stance of respecting the right of life of the refugee.

“It seems when there was no response of the demand of handing over Lotte without condition, Germany proposed to give compensation in return. If Japan handed over Lotte, Germany will dispatch their elite Einherjars to cooperate with Loki’s subjugation. Because in the first place as a Diva, Loki is supposed to be the hated enemy of Norse Mythology.”

In Norse Mythology, Loki was the existence that would cause the final war―Ragnarok.

“Japan really want that cooperation so badly to the degree that a hand will come out of its throat[15]. However... if Japan simply accepted that cooperation, we will be looked down upon by the surrounding countries. A country that couldn’t solve its own problem by its own strength. That’s why we rejected that compensation too. After that, this time it’s fine whatever Japan does with Lotte, it’s fine even if they do it without any compensation, but Germany want to cooperate in Loki’s subjugation, it seems that was their next request.”

“Then in the end Lotte is going to be fine right?”

“They already stopped asking for Lotte’s return other than on [chance]. If we turned them down when they were already asking to that point, it would worsen our relation with Germany too much. Besides if this time, Japan accepted the cooperation with no strings attached, it is good enough to be shown to the public. Moreover, the Einherjar’s elite squad had already landed in Japan. The period of the cooperation is one month.”

Kazuki felt a chill running down his spine and felt impatience hearing Kaguya-senpai’s words.

I want to defeat Loki with my own hand. That was not for Kaya’s revenge.

If Kaya’s body stayed safe and all of Loki’s magic power that resided inside her body was destroyed completely, Kazuki thought that there was still some chance to save Kaya. That kind of possibility―Kazuki still held some hope of that.

“If it stays like this, Loki will be suppressed in the hands of the Knight Order. Of course the Knight Order and us, we are going to fight without holding back, mercilessly choosing to attack with overkill toward that girl’s body. That was justice. For Otouto-kun, he could only consent with that don’t you agree?”

“...Kaguya-senpai, it doesn’t look like monologue anymore you know?”

“Eh? Even though I’m just hugging a pillar and talking to a wall, but I heard Otouto-kun’s voice! I wonder if it is because I missed Otouto-kun too much!?”

However the current Kazuki didn’t have sufficient accomplishment to participate in a quest with connection to Loki. For the sake of rescuing Kaya... there was no more time to do everything slowly.

“Otouto-kun that should be able to show big accomplishment, but that form that couldn’t truly display his strength because he fussed over Mio-chan... I feel a little jealous you know. It’s no good if Otouto-kun doesn’t become greedier to [become strong]. If he is not like that then he would end up unable to protect anything.”

Became much stronger, but to achieve that...

“...For, for example, should Otouto-kun set out to conquer Kaguya-senpai more proactively? He absolutely should do that right!? Well, though Kaguya-senpai doesn’t see Otouto-kun other than a cute kouhai[16] anyway!!”

...Did senpai already hear about the details of Leme’s ability from Liz Liza-sensei!?

“I feel that I have talked to myself a lot about the Knight Order and a maiden’s secret information. Well, there is no problem though because there is no one here anyway.”

“I am here though.”

“Someone that doesn’t care about me and only has his mind full with Mio-chan, the existence of that kind of person, I don’t know it at all~l. His basic human right is revoked. This is my hugging, desire dispersing & monologue-use thing.”

Kaguya-senpai said so while ‘gyuugyuu’ keep hugging Kazuki. To say a person as a thing that easily.

...If we reached the position like the party of Kaguya-senpai who was the academy’s strongest, a chance to participate in a quest where the party would be added directly to the Knight Order’s activity would also come. Like Kaguya-senpai who could get her hands on information that could only be obtained in the Knight Order’s site, like the inside information of the negotiation between Japan and Germany.

“Thank you very much for informing me... senpai.”

Kazuki had a feeling that there was something else that must be said other than gratitude, Kazuki extracted his body from Kaguya-senpai’s embrace. Kaguya-senpai’s body that was glued on his body until now entered his field of vision.

The black magic dress of Asmodeus that governed lust just barely covered senpai’s voluptuous body. It constricted her hips sensually... the personification of feminine’s charm, an existence like a cluster of pheromone was right in front of Kazuki.

“...Otouto-kun, compared to when hugging you, it was hundred times more embarrassing being stared fixedly like that in this form though...”

Kaguya-senpai blushed red and became bashful and troubled. At the same time a heart mark flew.

Conquering Kaguya-senpai. ...If she said that he need to be more proactive and set out to conquer a girl in this kind of appearance, then it must be okay to do whatever he wanted right? Kazuki’s head was in a state of chaos and he couldn’t say anything.

“Ge, geez, Otouto-kun! ...As expected forget those monologue before!!”

Kaguya-senpai that couldn’t stand Kazuki‘s gaze and silence stopped the conversation one-sidedly.

“No, it’s okay to remember the monologue about the Knight Order and Germany though!! Geez... shake off the shame at max!! Then, good night!!”

Kaguya-senpai stood up from the bed and ran off leaving the room.

Kazuki’s nervousness was released and he sunk into the bed weakly.

The cheek that senpai pulled was prickling. The positivity level floated in front of his eyes on its own.

Amasaki Mio―128 Otonashi Kaguya―79 Hiakari Koyuki―52 Hoshikaze Hikaru―41


The German Knight Order came to defeat Loki. The most important thing was―there.

Although in a moment of carelessness the figure of Kaguya-senpai’s intense magic dress form floated behind Kazuki’s retina.

Translator's Notes and References[edit]

  1. Secret technique
  2. I think this is a reference to an old cartoon, Anpan-man maybe.
  3. She said this in German
  4. The tone almost feels like Kaguya got NTR-ed from Kazuki, lol.
  5. SFX of her twintail cleaving wind while she shook her head
  6. Chef (esp. of high-end Japanese cuisine)
  7. In sushi you stick the slice of raw fish with rice and wasabi, while in sashimi you only serve the raw fish
  8. I think I make a mistake, the way Lotte said tuna is quite unique, so please don’t correct this.
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  14. The Northern Europe can also refer to the land of Norsemen or Scandinavia
  15. Japan’s expression of wanting something so badly
  16. Someone in junior position in a relationship

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