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Status: Incomplete

1/4 parts completed


Chapter 3 – Quest, Re-challenge!

Part 1

“Recently Onii-sama is licentious! Lecherous Onii-sama!!”

“I never thought the day will come where you can say licentious…”

“Then, receiving private lesson from older woman…what in the world does she plan to teach Onii-sama? Does Onii-sama planned to climb the stair of adulthood!?”

A morning in the Witch’s Mansion―when Kazuki did special training with Hoshikaze-senpai, Kanae came out of nowhere.

“Kanae-san, you don’t need to be that nervous, I won’t take you big brother, okay? Besides Hayashizaki-kun doesn’t see me as woman. We are friend, you see.”

With clear beautiful face that glittered with light, Hoshikaze-senpai soothed Kanae with eloquent speech.

“…Nii-sama, Kanae doesn’t understand at all what is this [beautiful girl] is saying. If Kanae’s common sense is still normal, then this person is enough of a beauty, isn’t it?”

“Ahaha, what are you saying? Against some female like me….compared to me your cuteness can’t possibly expressed in words. Here, I’ll show you so raise your head.”

Hoshikaze-senpai held up Kanae’s chin, and then she whispered while her eyes stared directly to Kanae. Toward that beautiful face that destroy the barrier of gender, Kanae’s eyes was stolen and she fell into a daze, and then suddenly “hah” she came to her senses.

“Nii-sama, this person is dangerous! There is dangerous aura around her!!”

Kanae came clinging to Kazuki in fright, but Kazuki honestly understood that feeling.

In exchange of Kazuki’s instruction in sword skill, Hoshikaze-senpai gave magic lecture to Kazuki. Yesterday it was Kazuki’s turn to teach sword skill, so today was Hoshikaze-senpai’s turn.

“Honestly, I was also like Kanae, sometimes while I was teaching Hoshikaze-senpai, I was also charmed by her…I thought of senpai as a really charming woman.”

Hoshikaze-senpai blushed slightly because of Kazuki’s words, a heart mark flew from her.

However she soon shaked her head lightly, “Geez, stop it already―” and laughed it away.

“Hayashizaki-kun, it’s no good to be too kind, okay? If you said that kind of thing to everyone, then when the crucial time come, your precious person won’t be able to believe that word anymore!”

With a scolding tone, Hoshikaze-senpai flicked Kazuki’s forehead .

“Onii-san, so you are in this kind of place desu. Good morning!”

Suddenly a bright voice came from the direction of the mansion, the figure of Lotte in her uniform came approaching.

“I didn’t see onii-san anywhere, so I searched for you. I want to talk with Onii-san…about the matter yesterday evening, I don’t mind about the nakedness! I want to talk to clear the air between us desu!”

Hoshikaze-senpai was “Naked?” blinking her eyes in surprise.

This is bad, Kazuki thought. This is the worst timing.

“Ni, Nii-sama, what the hell is this about―! Even though you have me but to make another little sister somewhere else…also what is that about, the nakedness of yesterday evening―!?”

Kanae trembled ‘buruburuburu’ like a volcano just before eruption, and ‘gogogogogogo’ shaking like crazy.

―Toward the howling Kanae, Kazuki desperately explained about the matter of Lotte as the special transfer student and the force majeure of yesterday evening. However Kanae ignored all of that and drew her kodachi[1] and a dangerous smile floated on her face.

“…Nii-sama…for a long time Kanae wanted to face Nii-sama seriously…”

“I, I have a feeling that I’m going to lose for the first time in a while against today’s Kanae…”

Loote watched the two’s face alternately, then she looked down downheartedly.

“Do my existence somehow disturbed Onii-san’s complex human relationship desu…?”

“Calm down, Kanae-san. It was just about the increase of the comrade in the Witch’s Mansion.”

“I won’t accept it! …This puppy-like foreigner, does she has befitting strength to be included in MagicaMagic Division Student Council!? Even though it looked like I was staying quiet, but I only allowed Amasaki Mio and Hiakari Koyuki to stay in Nii-sama’s side because they are competent, I recognized them, but only limited for staying in Nii-sama’s side!”

Kanae had the personality of not opening up her heart other than toward people with real strength. Kaguya-senpai was another matter, but for her to also evaluate Mio and Koyuki that highly…it was unexpected.

“Competent? …Someone who is not strong is forbidden to stay beside Nii-sama desu…?”

“Yosh, her real strength will be tested personally by this me―!”

Kanae hold her kodachi with an expression like a Shura toward Lotte who was puzzled. At a glance this scene looked like a one-sided bullying. At that moment―a person cut in.

Magika No Kenshi To Shoukan Maou Vol.02 109.jpg


A vivid voice came from the interval between the trees that surrounded the Witch’s Mansion.

From the opposite side of the voice, The figure of first year swordsman, Hikita Kohaku appeared like an actress entering the stage.

“…Fufufu, there is no need for Kanae-kaichou[2] to expressly come out for that puppy. The duty of testing the hooligans clinging around Kazuki, one’s self will be the one to accept it!”

Kohaku who appeared while puffing her chest grandly―however Kazuki couldn’t hold back to retort.

“…You, did you hide in that bush while peeping our situation?”

“Tha, that, one’s self had business with Kazuki but because of nervousness, one’s self couldn’t catch the timing to come out…, that, the truth is yesterday, one’s self kept worrying how to get along with Kazuki, however…”

Kohaku presented the huge package that she kept holding in her both hands in front of Kazuki.

“One’s self had a good idea of appealing as seasoned good wife! Kazuki, one’s self had made a bento so come with one’s self to eat lunch together today! Then let’s get married!”

“Hayashizaki-kun, you had finished my portion of lunch box, haven’t you?”

The moment when Kazuki was going to accept the lunch box, Hoshikaze-senpai said the sentence that was best left unsaid.

“Wha, what…for a manly person like Kazuki to have that family-oriented side in him…it is outside one’s self calculation…”

Kohaku’s face turned pale, the bundle of lunch box was dropped with ‘gashan’ a crashing sound.

“Kohaku! You bastard, you plan to butter up Nii-sama huh!? Forget that, what is this about, marriage!? Explain it in detail!! Nii-sama will marry his little sister!!”

Kanae’s complexion changed and she threatened Kohaku. No, there was no way he would marry his little sister.

“Humph, Kanae-kaichou who had already wagged her tail to Otonashi Kaguya of Magic Division has no right or anything to question the action of one’s self who is focused on the future of sword skill. Forgive one’s self rudeness, but please stay out of this.”

“Wagging my tail to Kaguya!? Wh, whwhwhwho the hell are wagging her tail to that kind of person!! Sure, recently I am in a same party with her, I also recognized her strength, but I hate that girl!!”

While swinging her hand around like the tail of cat in panic, Kanae bared her fang and yelled.

“What a tsundere. Even though in the student council room you talk about nothing but Otonashi Kaguya or Kazuki…rather than that matter, what matter now is this hooligans that is approaching Kazuki!”

Kohaku belligerently grinned and glared at Lotte.

“…I feel a strong hostility desu. In short, if I fight this person and win, then it will be okay for me to stay at the Witch’s Mansion with everyone, right desu? …Then, let’s do it desu!”

Unexpectedly Lotte showed a burning spirit, she glared back at Kohaku with flaring eyes.

“This kind of thing is one’s self strong point! Summoning Magic is nothing to be afraid of, one’s self will show the skillfulness of one’s own sword style!”

Acting in concert with Lotte’s spirit, Kohaku increasingly roared.

Kazuki was lost whether he should stop this fairly useless quarrel. However―

“I wanted to do a mock battle around today to witness Lotte’s magic, so isn’t this a godsend?”

Hoshikaze-senpai was “Ahaha” laughing without care, the fight of the two turned into a settled matter.

There was still enough time until the morning assembly, so like that the four people moved into the ground.

“Because the student council president of Sword Division, Kanae is here…so it’s okay even without the acknowledgement of Kaguya-senpai, isn’t it?”

“This is not a formal duel that influenced the ranking. Kaguya is weak in the morning, so she is still sleeping while drooling, you know. It’s fine as long we as the judge doesn’t let anyone get hurt.”

And then Kohaku, the strange swordsman that carried seven katanas, and Lotte, the princess of another country, faced each other while separated by distance of 50 meters. Lotte chanted her incantation and called out Prophet.

Veritas me LiberabitThe truth shall set me free••••••the wise man who became father the protector of humanity, show that wisdom right here.”

Along with light, the girl’s uniform was changed into her Magic DressDécolleté Oblique. The magic dress that covered her white smooth milky skin was a bikini that only hid little surface of the girl’s chest and lower body. It was strangely dull compared to all the Magic Dress that Kazuki had seen until now.

Kohaku drew one of her katana among the seven that she carried. It seems she wouldn’t use several katana at once.

“Yosh. Then, begin!”

Kohaku ran at Hoshikaze-senpai’s signal, and Lotte chanted her spell.

“Howl! Civilization teach human destruction! The roar of wisdom scorch thy’s body, break, shut those dignity below the rubble!! The Opening Curtain of the Age of Black SteelMithras!”

That chanting speed was exceedingly short, immediately light concentrated on Lotte’s right arm. The light was―transformed into a gatling gun almost as long as Lotte’s own body.

“…!?” Toward that sight even Kohaku opened her eyes wide dumbfoundedly.

“Heavy firearms!? Is that kind of magic possible!?”

Originally, weapons couldn’t pierce magic power, it didn’t have power to kill or wound magician. Toward the defensive magic power that distorted reality, nothing would pierce it unless it was a weapon that was filled with the same magic power.

Swordsman magic sword could pierce magic power, because of the swordsman trained Enchant Aura, it had the effect of stretching until the blade of the swordsman beloved sword because the swordsman was so familiar with it that it could be even said as one part of their own body.

However it was hard to endow magic power to projectile weapon type, not to mention heavy firearms, but even bow and arrow―not only hard, but it was supposed to be impossible. Many alchemist tried to experiment whether it was impossible or not to endow scientific weapons―like nuclear weapon, but only history of failure appeared.


‘ZUDADADADADADADA!’ Thunderous roar that split the eardrum were scattered, the gatling gun spouted fire. Kohaku ran diagonally just before the firing and avoided the line of fire, however no matter how fast she ran, Lotte only need to shift the muzzle a little for the bullet to keep chasing her. It was a violent rapid-fire unlike the single shot Barrett, to avoid this was impossible even for Kazuki.

All those bullets were filled with magic power. Kohaku’s defensive magic power were smashed up looking like it was gouged with countless hole. But Kohaku pressed on despite the shock of her smashed magic and charge toward Lotte.

After the bullets were strewed around until certain extent, it was cut off and the gatling gun disappeared.

“In a glance, one shot of that seems to be fairly weak, isn’t it? It doesn’t have any power to stop a swordsman, but it’s power to disrupt the concentration for chanting spell is high. It’s also interesting that as long the bullets were still remaining that it will remain in her hand like my Thunder God Bow.”

Hoshikaze-senpai analyzed from the side. Occasionally she seemed inattentive, but she was a person that could think fast.


Loote immediately finished her second spell. Once again a storm of gatling gun swept over toward Kohaku from the front, but Kohaku unmindfully charged ahead and raised her katana.

“One’s self can’t be stopped by an attack only to that degree!”

“Wisdom accumulated over the course of human history, armored my body over and over! Heavily, thickly, reject all brutality! Radiant Steel Mobile ArmorSeusenhofer!!”

A large armor appeared on top of Lotte’s simple Magic Dress along with a bright light. Kohaku’s strong slash was ‘Gakin!’ repelled by the armor with solid brilliance.

“Heavy armor defensive magic! That’s pretty solid. But I wonder if the gap between it was the weak point?”

Just like what Hoshikaze-senpai pointed, that armor didn’t cover the whole body.

Kohaku sheathed her sword in a flash and immediately choose from her seven sword and drew out the shortest wakizashi[3]. This swordswoman had the skill to accurately aimed the gap between the armor.

On the other side Lotte took some distance from Kohaku with nimbleness unthinkable of such heavy equipments while keep raining bullets on her. Her side was already couldn’t possibly be thought as the way of fighting of a magician.

“Kohaku’s reaction regarding the bullets is fast…. Kanae, do Kohaku knew how to predict the magic power?”

“That girl’s Shinkage-style seems to be practiced with the premise of fighting magician. It’s not organized nearly as practical as our style’s [Foreseeing] but…she seems to compensate that with her considerable [Wild Intuition] to take evasive action.”

The gatling gun broke Kohaku’s magic power. Even so Kohaku didn’t let Lotte escaped and chased her, and stabbed the point of her sword into the gap of the armor. Kohaku try to disturb Lotte’s spell chanting with that damage but―with Lotte’s chanting speed as the opponent, it was difficult.

“This hand reached toward Babel’s height, now this hand grasped God’s thunderbolt! In accordance with my life, oh lightning, whirl at your will! Super Electromagnetic BarrierCollider Field!!”

Lotte’s level 3 magic―Lotte’s left hand was armed with a large gauntlet. Her armored body with her left hand holding a gatling gun and her mechanical gauntlet in the left hand drew an imposing figure.

The more Lotte keep chanting magic―the more that delicate body would be covered with weapon.


At the same time with Lotte’s shout, the gauntlet armament scattered some sparks ‘BIRIRI’ and radiated light.

On the center of Lotte’s left palm―lightning barrier was taking form. Kohaku who didn’t have any method other than close range combat was caught by that net barrier, she stepped back while taking a huge damage.

Close range combat was difficult as long she was checked by that gauntlet.

“Damn…don’t made light of one’s self!”

Kohaku sheathed her wakizashi and pulled out a different katana. Was there any kind of meaning in that action?

Kohaku was thinking while keeping that position, then her face warped in frustration and she sheathed that katana again.

“Kohaku still has a trump card…but she choose not to use it here huh.”

Kanae whispered so. …Trump card.

Now that she mentioned it, Kohaku said before that she had a countermeasure toward opponent that had resistance against sword.

Did that countermeasure have the flexibility to break the deadlock of this situation where it could be said that the swordsman moves had been sealed?

“Both of you still have magic power left but…if you continue to fight more than this then it will obstruct your class, right? This is over! …Shall this become Lotte’s win by decision?”

Hoshikaze-senpai stopped the battle with a somewhat awfully pragmatic reason.

“Does this mean, it’s fine for me to stay together with all the big brother and big sister here desu!?”

Lotte who was still covered in her armaments rushed over to Kazuki with ‘GASHAAN-GASHAAN’ noise. Uwaa…it’s scary somehow! “Onii-san, why do you run away desu!?”

“Nuuu…one’s self real strength is only this much…Kazuki, it’s vexing but one’s self will come again! Someday you’re going to eat one’s self bento, farewell!”

Kohaku who was crouching because of her damage hit the ground once in frustration, then she turned her body swiftly and left from that place.

“Charlotte Liebenfrau is contracted with different Diva than Solomon 72 Pillar.

In other words she is legally an illegal magician but…according to the result of her psychology test and telepathy scan, etc. there was no trace of intrusion in her mind. Because it was considered that there was almost no danger, she was entrusted to our school to be monitored. Around that area it was similar with the rank E trash―Hayashizaki Kazuki.

Diva’s trait differed based on the Mythology they belonged to. Solomon 72 Pillar that we handle have a lot of magic that are really magic-like, in addition to that battle tactics like the Heaven and Earth Formation was developed but, Charlotte’s contracted Diva is a fairly different type. Watch carefully, it will be useful when fighting unknown Diva. In addition, there are also some worth to glimpse the girl’s chanting speed. Now you should be prepared when it come the time for you to face against magic of DrivePossession Summoning. Use that for reference too.”

At Lotte’s first magic practical class since she transferred school, Liz Liza-sensei introduced one part of Lotte’s special characteristic to the students. As expected, the matter about refugee was not touched.

Lotted deployed her Magic Dress, then she fired her gatling gun for real, after that the classmates surrounded Lotte with gleaming eyes of interest. Basically the students that aimed to become knight for real were gathering, so there was no frivolous atmosphere at this kind of time. But Kazuki who had already witnessed Lotte’s magic was outside that circle and inquired Liz Liza-sensei.

“Liz Liza-sensei…Lotte will compensate the weak point of our party, but”

The attack magic that Lotte had showed so far were bullets and electric shock. For Kazuki and Mio who had few attack patterns, new attack patterns was added with Lotte’s addition. But…

“Could we fight enemy who is resistant to heat with the party organization of me, Mio, and Lotte? Aren’t fire and electric shock, any of them was [heat] in the end…”

“Trash, it would be good for you to experience getting shocked once. If you observed the wound you will understand the differences for sure.”

Liz Liza-sensei returned a harsh reply toward Kazuki’s question,

“Electric shock burn has two aspect. First, it’s certainly just like you said, it produced heat damage but, in contrast with the normal burn that is produced on the outside body, the electric shock burn inside the body’s interior have some difference with the spot that was burned by heat. That’s why in the case of facing against enemy with strong skin or armored body, using electric shock to inflict damage from their inside can be said to be effective.”

Kazuki was reminded with that red slime. That slime, he couldn’t see the difference between its surface or its inside. This lesson was not applicable to that case.

“One more thing, electric shock can also destroy living things nervous system. Many living things operate their body structure like muscle using electric signal. A strong electric current will exert large influence against that activity. If you apply electricity to human, his heart will stop, do you think someone with their heart stop can move? Like ventricular fibrillation[4] and AED[5]. Why does patient with paralyzed heart can be resuscitated with electric shock, it is because the muscle compostion of the heart moved using electric signal.”

Kazuki was immediately reminded of Hoshikaze-senpai’s reinforcement magic, [Thunder God Body FlickerRide Lightning] that strengthened the whole body muscle and nervous system. I see, so electricity also has that kind of effect.

“What came out in the quest that you guys accepted the other day…it was slime according to the report. How do you think that slime’s body can move? Of course slime doesn’t have any muscle and it is formed by mucus, but what is the source of those mucus’ operation? The study of Demon Beast’s ecology is still not progressing, but at least from my real life experience electricity was effective against slime. The moment strong electric current flowed, the slime was shaking intensely because of the vortex of abnormal electric signal, before long it couldn’t maintain its body’s activity and it was scattered, turned into just a mucus. Interesting right? They look like they came out of fantasy, but surprisingly they are not some separate existence that ridiculed our logic, it is very interesting lesson.”

“You said those slimes use the same system as human to move their body around!?”

“Maybe. Even though it was scattered around, it was still possible for them to act, that was its core that transmitted electric signal so the mucus that made its composition can gather back, it seems that slime is a colony of living thing linked with each other.”

“Now that sensei mention it, Hiakari-san also said that she killed the slime by drowning it…”

Breathing by taking in oxygen and moving their body by electric signal, it was really a [living thing].

“It turned into a good lesson huh, teacher will give a blessing of special knowledge to student who asked.”

Liz Liza-sensei’s tone was harsh but inside she was a gentle person. She then stood on her tiptoe and knocked Kazuki’s head.

“With your party right now, there should be no more problem to clear the previous quest where you failed. It’s fine even if you re-challenge the quest this week’s weekend. Remember, it’s also for the sake of keeping Amasaki Mio’s rank.”

Part 2

Translator's Notes and References

  1. Japanese short sword
  2. President
  3. Another type of short sword, usually samurai bring this together with their normal katana.
  5. Automatic External Defibrillator

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