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Chapter 5 – The Faceless God[edit]

Part 1[edit]

“Eei, can one really stay in house arrest at a time like this!? What’s with this riot!? What the hell is the current Sword Division student council president doing!!”

Kanae who leaped outside from the student dormitory was yelling her lungs out while making her small statured body hop around.

The surrounding students who were running about trying to escape stared in amazement looking at Kanae’s figure.

“Ka, kaichou…!”

“Not kaichou! Right now I’m just a Storm Cat. Call me Kana-nyan.”

“Ka, Kana-nyan…”

“Nya―☆ What's happening right now? Explain the situation.”

The female student that Kanae inquired explained as best she could even while in a state of confusion.

“That, illegal magicians have come invading inside the grounds, here and there were destroyed by magic…their chanting speed was staggering, their chanting didn't stop even when cut by swords, it's uncontrollable….”

“Illegal magicians? Not the Magic Division? Unknown enemy…? Do they have some connection with the person who tried to trap Nii-sama? Oi, where's their location?”

The moment Kanae asked, “DON!” the sound of explosions and buildings crumbling down deafened their ears.

“…I don’t even need to ask, huh. Thank you, if I’m not mistaken…first year class two Iijima!”

“Y, you know my name!?”

“Be careful and escape okay! Nya―☆”

Leaving behind a strangely cute voice, Kanae dashed away.

“…Can I say that Kana-nyan-senpai is reliable? ...But she really does bring quite a relief though.”

The student that was left behind mysteriously recovered her calm and whispered.

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

Kanae’s beloved Sword Division was destroyed, left a mere shadow of its former self.

The school building that was made from wood was burned down by magic, becoming a pitch black fire-devastated area. It seems the fire was not spreading, most likely because of Kohaku and her comrades using the Battou Kaikon of the Sacred Treasures that possessed power over water like [Murasame] and [Sukehiro] to work in extinguishing the fire.

Moreover the mist was enshrouding the height of the people just right, concealing the figures of the escaping students. There was no mistake that this unnatural mist was the smoke screen magic that was Liz Liza-sensei's specialty.

But as she was approaching the limit of her magic power, the mist was starting to thin out.

Kanae first thought whether she ought to rescue the students who were collapsing from magic intoxication, but someone had already performed the rescue inside the mist. Inside the mist that was already in the process of clearing up, she couldn’t find the figure responsible anywhere.

The worst situation was avoided due to that correct judgment.

And then Kanae discovered the figures of the enemy.

Ten silver-haired magicians covered in masks were forming a column to the side, they were advancing while pouring magic on any noticeable humans.

Regarding that there was a group that was unleashing counterattacks using Sacred Treasures. It was Kohaku’s crew.

“But…that isn't really even a fight.”

Kanae whispered in a bitter voice.

―Kohaku and the others' forte wasn't really effective against the enemy.

The strong point of Kohaku’s party that equipped the Sacred Treasures was fast rotation of long-range attacks. Its might was decidedly inferior compared to Summoning Magic but, Battou Kaikon was able to invoke magic without chanting.

Therefore Kohaku and her group would obstruct the opponent’s spell chanting with swift attacks and overcome the resistance one-sidedly, that’s how their tactic should be happening. But that kind of tactic wasn't working on the enemies in front of them.

There were two miscalculations.

First, the cycle of the masked magicians' spell chanting was abnormally fast.

No, the speed of their spell chanting might not actually be that fast. But from what Kanae saw, she had a hunch that those guys were chanting four kinds of magic all at once. That was not a joke.

And then the second miscalculation, even when the masked magicians got hit by Kohaku and the others’ attacks, their concentration toward spell chanting wasn't interrupted at all. Rather than saying their concentration was uninterrupted, it looked more like they didn’t think of anything at all, it was an eerie sight.

As a result, Kohaku and her group were taking the masked magicians’ magic one after another. They couldn’t prevent the opponents’ chanting at all, that’s why if they were not a [swordsman that could evade Summoning Magic] then they would not be able to fight. That was the limit of relying on just the strength of Sacred Treasures.

If it was not a fighter around the level of Kohaku, Kanae, or Iori, then they wouldn’t be able to make a dent to this formidable enemy.

“Move back! The only one who can become their opponent is just this one!!”

Finally Kohaku ordered her comrades to retreat with an expression of grief. She made the tragic judgment that her fighting alone was a better decision.

“Geez…what kind of pitiful face are you making, student council president!”


Kanae overtook Kohaku who was exercising long-range attacks, approaching the masked magicians like a gale.

“The president is you! I am Kana-nyan!! Nya―a!!”

Kanae evaded all the magic that came flying with paper-thin distance, then she started hacking to pieces with her two katana like she was dancing.

“Kaichou…no, Kana-nyan-senpai!”

Kohaku helplessly accepted the weird given name and yelled.

“Please be careful! Their magical power is unusually massive, no matter how many times Kana-nyan-senpai keeps cutting with those small katana it won’t make any damage…!”

“I know!” Kanae yelled back.

“The thing that we should do right now is buy time! Until Nii-sama and Otonashi Kaguya come…we have to hold back the damage to the Sword Division as much as possible!”

Part 2[edit]

Kazuki and the others finally escaped from the underground facility.

When they hurriedly exited from the underground, the grounds of the Magic Division was enveloped in a strange silence. As though all the students finished taking refuge….

From the other side in the Sword Division, sounds of buildings being destroyed and the stir the escaping people could be heard.

“Don’t tell me…the Magic Division left the Sword Division alone and is taking refuge!? Even though those Quad-core Magica aren't opponents that can be defeated without the aid of the Magic Division students!!”

Mio raised her voice as if she couldn’t believe it.

“…This is the work of Nyala-whatchallit-pu. That guy probably returned to the appearance of Headmaster Otonashi and put out instructions for the students of the Magic Division to take refuge.”

Using the appearance of Headmaster Otonashi to control the nucleus of the Magic Division, what a scheming Diva.

There was no doubt that the one who tricked him into all those false crimes was that guy.

That jet black Nyala-whatchallit-pu…!

“Kazuki…it’s Nyalatoteph.”

Koyuki gave a tsukkomi toward Kazuki calmly.

“Anyway let’s hurry!”

Kazuki and the others ran in the direction of the sounds. Vast magical power was blowing violently like a storm.

When they leapt over the pitch-black burned down area of the carbonized wooden school building and finally arrived at the battlefield, over there was Kanae and Kohaku who were fighting as the opponents of the ten Quad-core Magica.

Especially Kohaku who was markedly damaged from the magic that she couldn’t dodge.

The moment Kazuki and the others finally came, the shrouding mist cleared up completely.

“Kanae! Kohaku! Are you guys okay!?”

“Kazuki! So you returned from the underground safely!”


Kohaku and Kanae were both turning around in his direction.

Kanae’s cheeks flushed in the blink of an eye, her eyes started to glitter like a shining star.

“Ni – i – sa – ma~~!! ♥♥♥!! Meeting Nii-sama after so long, Kanae with the force of a cat at full speed is nya nya nya nya~~~~~n!!”

While screaming, Kanae dashed fiercely to Kazuki with a force that left behind afterimages.

“Fast!? Even compared to that time…!” Kohaku shuddered after seeing that speed.

“Nii-sama Nii-sama Nii-sama~!! Pleaseee give me a kiss of reunion!!”

Kanae came hugging him with the force of a tackle.

“Idiot, what are you doing in the middle of battle!”

Kazuki stretched apart Kanae’s mochi-like cheeks with a ‘GUII~’[1].

“Funyaaaaaaa!” Kanae raised a shriek happily.

At that time a huge ball of fire came flying.

“…Look out!”

Kazuki held Kanae in a princess-carry and leapt to the side.

“The long awaited Nii-sama’s princess carry! Kanae…has no regrets anymore even if I die nyan…”

“Cut it out!”

As expected Kazuki raised his voice and scolded Kanae. This was completely not the situation to joke around.

“Everyone, let’s form the Heaven and Earth Formation! Me, Kanae, and Kohaku will cut into them! I will become the shield as much as possible, everyone else will attack with magic from behind!”

“Understood!” “Okay desu!” “I understand.”

Mio, Lotte, and Koyuki began chanting spells at the same time.

While Kazuki sensed the torrent of magic power at his back, he plunged into the column of Quad-core Magica.

He had to draw the magic towards him as best as he could!

“O will of the god of the whirling sky! Assemble in my hand, lend me the authority of judgment! O radiance of the divine right of the King, become a dazzling brilliance bow drawn to its limit! Thunder God BowLightning Line!”

A dignified voice was audible from somewhere―several streaks of lightning pierced the Quad-core Magica.

This magic is…!


“Hayashizaki-kun! …Did you find it, the proof?”

Hoshikazi-senpai slipped through the rain of magic with lightning speed utilizing Ride Lightning, rushing over to Kazuki’s side. This person's battle power was first rate as expected.

“…Yes! Sorry to make you worry.”

Without asking for the particulars, Hoshikaze-senpai smiled and said “Is that so” with just that.

“This, I’m returning it.”

The item she handed over was Kazuki’s beloved katana, Doufuu. After handing over the katana, senpai carried a different katana that she used during the time she was practicing with Kazuki.

“…What in the world are those enemies?” Senpai inquired.

“Those are, artificially strengthened magicians that had been experimented on. Their personalities had been destroyed, there is no way to save them anymore other than to defeat them.”

Hoshikaze-senpai’s expression darkened. Senpai was a kind person after all. But in this situation there was nothing more they could do.

“Understood. So there is no other way than to fight, right?”

When Kazuki nodded, Hoshikaze-senpai dropped her pained expression and chanted the magic “Storm Fort”. The Quad-core Magica launched their magic over but all of it was sent flying by the storm. If they attacked based on compatible elements, the wind would probably be pierced, but as the compensation of having their personalities destroyed, they didn’t have that much intelligence left.

Inside that wind…Hoshikaze-senpai kneaded up an enormous magic power!

“Know the rage of the god with this thunderous roar of the sacred flame! Every howl of the sky resides in this hand, bring down the hammer and break the world! One blow to destroy the world! Sky Drum Pressing Lightning HammerYagrush!!”

The wind ceased. In Hoshikaze-senpai's hand, a large hammer was gripped tightly.

That was…Baal’s level 8! A high tier magic that Kazuki and the others still couldn’t chant!

When Hoshikaze-senpai held that hammer aloft, it raised a boisterous noise and dark clouds covered the sky.

Hoshikaze-senpai ran, not to the whole group of Quad-core Magica itself, but to the middle point between two Quad-core Magica. Once there, she raised the large hammer overhead.

“I will end this painlessly at the very least…!!”

Along with a yell of fighting spirit, she swung down the hammer at the empty point where no one was.

At that moment, countless flashes of lightning that blinded the eyes poured down from the dark clouds in the sky.

The raging sound of lightning reverberated, all of the world was shaking loosely with a thunderous roar and earthquake!

Nothing could be seen from the light and the cloud of dust―when all of those cleared up, a huge crater was formed at the point where Hoshikaze-senpai struck the ground, the two Quad-core Magica that were located at either side of that point had exhausted all of their defensive magic power and collapsed. Both those elves together with just one hit was…

“Nii-sama…that person, she tried to smash Torazou with that at the inter-division match, right?”

Kanae whispered while drawing back.

…Let’s absolutely not make Hoshikaze-senpai mad shall we.

“Let’s get going quickly!”

Hoshikaze-senpai began to chant her next spell. Even while chanting she ran around with lightning speed, hitting ceaselessly with Lighning Line, she couldn’t be targeted by the opponents' magic.

“…Kenki Tensei! Thy name is…Ooishi Susumu! Go!”

A phantom dashed into the battlefield holding a long katana in his hand.

“Thy name is…Otani Nobutomo! Go!”

Another phantom ran at full speed holding a wooden sword.

“Thy name is…Shimada Toranosuke! Go!”

The owner of the voice was Kazuha-senpai. The same as when she was fighting Kazuki, it seems the limit of the phantoms this magic could summon were three bodies. Right now the three master swordsmen that were summoned to this place were master fencers in Bakumatsu era.

“Mikohime-sama!? …You can’t, senpai mustn’t use magic in the place where people are watching!!”

Kohaku raised a voice tinged with a shriek.

“Don’t say stupid things! Even though that shameless man over there is also fighting, there is no way I could just sit quietly in this emergency situation!!”

“GUWAHHAHHA! Kazuha, looks like this battle is not a place you can joke around, you mustn’t try to do close-quarters combat, you understand!!”

At Kazuha-senpai’s side, Futsunushi no Kami’s avatar who was in the role of overseer was floating.

“Uuu…I know! Don’t laugh! Tenkuu Battou Rengehou!!”

Rain of Sacred Treasures poured incessantly at the Quad-core Magica who just stood stock still like scarecrows because of their lack of combat instincts.

At that moment, Mio, Lotte and Koyuki fired off their magic too.

The trend was determined. The battlefield was blanketed with the blue light of magical power, displaying the damage of the Quad-core Magica.

Even though they were Quad-core Magica, they were defeated one after another.

Kanae and Kohaku were no longer needed to act as the vanguard, they watched over the situation attentively.

“That is Nii-sama’s Heaven and Earth Formation, Kohaku.”


At the side of the proudly looking Kanae, Kohaku kept silent with an expression as if she was chewing a bitter bug.

Kazuki looked at those two with a sidelong glance, he once again thought curiously about what was going on between the two of them.

But that was for another time…with all these comrades, they could stop the Quad-core Magica!!

Part 3[edit]

“Please wait a little bit, Beatrix-sama, Damian-sama, Eleonora-sama.”

Headmaster Otonashi lowered his head respectfully to the three Einherjar that appeared at the staff room.

“…The battlefield is waiting for me you know?”

Beatrix floated a smile with a broad grin. Those cheeks were blushing like a maiden in love.

“Beatrix~, do you really need all three of us heree~. For this kind of school you seee~”

The small statured girl called Damian talked while showing ridicule on her face.

The magic power of females was higher compared to males, in the current era where many females were far better at battle than males, the number of females that were named with male names were not few.

“Three people are still not really enough you know, Damian. After all our opponent is a BasileusKing. Actually we should bring not only three but come here with even more numbers but, since this is a sudden request.”

“For the captain to lose…maybe there is some mistake.”

Eleonora who was a lady with a tall stature that was long, slender, and well proportioned, whispered expressionlessly.

“This me, without doubt had lost, Erii. If the one that beat me is just a normal student then my stock will fall sharply. I guarantee that boy is not just a normal opponent.”

“I’ll buy it~, that free-falling stock, I’m going to buy it for sure~. And then I will be promoted to captain.”

Damian raised a laughing voice ‘kekeke’. Her tone was vulgar but she had a high-pitched voice like a child.

A confused atmosphere flowed in the staff room because of the three visitors.


Kaguya who was on standby in that place cut into the conversation.

“The report that the attack had already been resolved should have come in already, shouldn’t it?”

The report that the situation had been resolved with the unknown enemies exterminated had already come to the staff room. However Headmaster Otonashi shook his head.

“What are you saying? These girls came to capture the illegal magician and Charlotte.”

The illegal magician here was referring to the matter of Hayashizaki Kazuki.

“Oi, how about making that Ojou-chan help too huh~. …Or rather that Ojou-chan is quite strong right? I can feel her presence is not normal ze~”

Damian fixed her sights on Kaguya, Headmaster Otonashi nodded his head toward her question.

“Of course, Damian-sama. Kaguya…you understand.”

After being made sure by Headmaster Otonashi, Kaguya felt like her head was dulling.

Along with the haziness from the dulling in her head, even her own emotions felt like they were going far away….

“…Yes.” Kaguya replied flatly and distantly.

“Yosh, me and <Damian of the Sword>, <Eleonora of the Shield> will stand as the vanguard. The daughter of Headmaster Otonashi will provide rear guard support. I’ve heard that you are not just an average student, I have high expectations of you, okay. Rather I want to try to fight you someday, fufufu!”

Beatrix unintentionally leaked out a laugh like a kid waiting for her treasured holiday.

“…Lad, this is my Heaven and Earth Formation!”

Part 4[edit]

No matter how high their magic power was, to not defend or dodge at all were the fatal weak points of the Quad-core Magica. Rather it could even be seen as their wish to be completely liberated that they accepted all the attacks.

After Kazuki and his party held the initiative, the Quad-core Magica were defeated one after another.

“Hooray, we protected the Sword Division! Kazu-nii!”

“We did it, as expected of Nii-sama! Please give a reward kiss for me doing my best!!”

Mio and Kanae came hugging Kazuki.

“…You two, it looks like it’s still too early to be happy.”

Kazuki brushed aside the cheek of his childhood friend and step-sister who used every chance to try to have skinship with a serious expression. “Munyu” “Funya” Both of them leaked out a voice free from all worry.

Kazuki sensed the magic power approaching them.

It was a magic power he was familiar with.

“You solved this wonderfully. You haven’t used up all your strength against the small fishes in the opening act right, lad.”

A voice that reminded one of steel even though it was female, could be heard.

From the opposite side of the school building wreckage and dust that told the aftermath of a fierce battle, a familiar woman in armor appeared.

…Einherjar! So these guys finally came with this kind of timing!

“I missed you so lad…no, Kazuki! How about we meet our affections blade to blade again!!”


Magika No Kenshi To Shoukan Maou Vol.03 201.jpg

On either side of her, two other armored soldiers were waiting.

“Da-mia-n hee-re. Nice to meet you.”

A short girl, an Einherjar with an appearance and voice that looked and sounded like a cheeky child introduced herself with the middle finger of both her hands pointed up.

“Is there any need to introduce oneself to the opponent that we will fight after this? …Eleonora. Best regards.”

The other person, the tall statured Einherjar continued with her self-introduction. She was a female with gentle eyes but, she was not supposed to be an average magician.

There was no mistake that these girls were called here by Headmaster Otonashi― Nyarlatoteph.

Kazuki realized all of Nyarlatoteph’s contrivance. After dealing with Kazuki and Lotte in this place, there was no doubt that he plans to blame the turmoil the Quad-core Magica caused as the work of [the unknown Diva Hayashiki Kazuki was contracted with].

In the rear of the Einherjar, Kaguya-senpai was also waiting on standby.

“Kaguya! …You understand that this situation is suspicious right!? Even so you still plan to stand at that side!?”

Hoshikaze-senpai shouted.

“I am...Otouto-kun has to…”

Kaguya-senpai who was wrapped in her Magic Dress cast her eyes down with a mournful face.

“Hayashizaki-kun’s case might be over with just transferring to the Sword Division but, Lotte won’t be able to escape with this situation you know!?”

Hoshikaze-senpai raised her voice to try to persuade Kaguya-senpai. Hoshikaze-senpai was still of the wrong impression that Kazuki would end up transferring to the Sword Division. However even if that would happen, Lotte’s life was still in serious threat.

In the previous fight, Kaguya-senpai was still fighting with her own will. But the script Kaguya-senpai assumed at that time had already changed into something impossible to realize. If the situation kept like this then Lotte’s life absolutely won’t be able to be saved anymore.

Kaguya-senpai distorted her expression from getting stuck in the dilemma between her sense of responsibility and emotions.

“Don’t listen to them. You understand, Kaguya. You, as the strongest magician, just enjoy fighting the strongest magic swordsman.”

At Kaguya-senpai’s side, Headmaster Otonashi whispered to Kaguya-senpai. Magic power was generated from that whisper.

“Accept this as you are…Oracle of EcstasySanity Down!”

Nyarlatoteph’s characteristic magic!? In that instant, from the eyes of Kaguya-senpai―the color of emotion vanished.

The only one who noticed this magic phenomenon was Kazuki who reinforced his senses. Beatrix’s group didn’t even turn back at the situation behind them.

“I am…the strongest magician, so…I have to do this!”

Kaguya-senpai said so expressionlessly.

What was left inside Kaguya-senpai right now was just the logic and responsibility that Headmaster Otonashi planted, and then―the craving of her own self somewhere in her heart, nothing but to fight a stronger person.

…Nothing else could be done other than to fight senpai!

Senpai’s heart had been already chained by that evil god long before she met me.

I will defeat senpai, and liberate her from that evil god!

Kazuki glared at the enemy alertly while calling out his [comrades] at his back.

“…Everyone, if it's us then we can win! Those Einherjar aren't a big deal. After all the strongest class from the Magic Division and the Sword Division had also gathered on this side.”

In front of the mighty enemy called Einherjar, Kazuki encouraged his withering comrades.

“Kanae, cooperate with Kohaku and stop Beatrix in the middle. Her physical strength and reflexes are reinforced. The only one who can dodge her attacks is only you of the Hayashizaki-syle.”

Kazuki glanced back to the back and handed Raikiri to Kanae.

“If that girl is covering her sword with lightning, use this Sacred Treasure.”

In pure skill of Kenjutsu, Kanae was equal with Kazuki. She should be able to buy time against Beatrix as her opponent if she received magic support.

“Understood, Nii-sama.”

“Mio, you are going to attack from behind with magic. …Barrett could be blocked by the shield. However Mio is supposed to always continue growing.”

Only by saying that, Mio understood everything Kazuki wanted to say and nodded.

“…That’s only natural. Don’t look down on a rank A.”

Whether Kanae could stop Beatrix or not depended on Mio’s support.

This time Kazuki was talking to Hoshikaze-senpai.

“The one most reliable among us is senpai. The Einherjar are all-purpose Magica Stigma who can even perform close-quarters combat skillfully, but if it is senpai who can use Ride Lightning then senpai should be able to exchange swords with them.”

“Okay, leave it to me! After all I’m a senior and your friend. It’s okay to rely on me as much as you like!”

Hoshikaze-senpai replied happily. That brightness of hers gave some encouragement to Kazuki.

“Koyuki…Koyuki is not alone anymore. Not fighting solo, so cooperate with your comrades and fight.”

When he looked over his shoulder with a glance, Koyuki made a meek face from Kazuki’s words.

“…To trust other people besides Kazuki, it’s scary.”

Kazuki felt happy from those words, but he shook his head.

“Even more than alone, you can be far stronger by cooperating with everyone. Absolutely. You won’t be betrayed by anyone here.”

Koyuki nodded deeply.

“Lotte will take the role of search-and-destroy using your level 5 magic, aim for those who try to chant high level magic.”

“Okay desu!”

“For Kazuha-senpai…sorry to drag you into this…”

“Hn, even I can read the general mood. You were falsely accused by those guys, right? I can’t tolerate shameless guys but, against cowardly guys, I also hate them.”

“Kazuha-senpai needs to avoid close-quarters combat as much as possible, please support the comrades who are in a pinch from the rear.”

“Youu…I don’t want to accept instructions of someone like you but…I will recognize those instructions as the right call!!”

At the end of his line of sight, Beatrix was eagerly sending a heated gaze, but Kazuki ignored that and stared at Kaguya-senpai directly.

“I will fight Kaguya-senpai.”

There was nothing that could be done if magic came flying from Kaguya-senpai in the rear with vanguards as powerful as the Einherjar. Someone has to hold back the magic of Kaguya-senpai.

{Aren’t you behaving more like a king here?}

Inside his head Leme was coming to talk.

There was no intention like that. …It’s only that he wanted to liberate Kaguya-senpai with his own hands!

Kazuki resolved himself, he faced the enemy and took a step. That was the trigger of the battle.

“Fufufu! This is the continuation from the fight before, Kazuki!! …I will have a good fight, welcoming a good death, wishing to participate in even more fights in the heavens! The divine protection of the color of the blood in my pupils! Berserk!!”

The red-pupil mad soldier Beatrix was coming to welcome Kazuki passionately.

“…There is no free time to accompany you! Stop the steps of the hated enemy, hasten the steps of the chosen one…. O divine protection of mermaid, grant me the blade to dance on top of the ice! Moves in the Field!”

While Kazuki ran to the enemy formation, he activated the magic he became able to use from his bond with Koyuki.

The surface of the battlefield was frozen in the blink of an eye. It was a magic that exhibited heavy effect to the Einherjar whose core was close-quarters combat.

Beatrix’s feet slipped on the icy surface―there, Kazuki accelerated and slipped through from the side using ice-skating boots. Beatrix saw off Kazuki’s back with an astonished expression.

Keeping that momentum, Kazuki went to slash Kaguya-senpai.

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

“What the…is this the taste of unrequited love…? Fufufu, so even I have some of a maiden's heart left inside me.”

“Beatrix-taichou[2], you are a little odd zee!?”

Damian gave a tsukkomi to Beatrix who said such an incomprehensible thing.

“…We act in accordance of Hodur’s wish, I entrust my body to the exaltation of battle! The war fires of violent emotion running in the fat and blood on my sword!! Merit of the SlaughtererStories Flame!”

Damian drew out her sword and invoked her magic. The sword in her hand was enveloped in fierce flames.

“It’s sooo depressing! Melt all of this!!”

Damian stabbed the sword of flame into the ground. Thereupon, the flame residing in the sword was transmitted in a wave motion, the frozen surface of the ground were melted in the time it took to say ‘ah’.

“Good job, Damian! With this I can chase Kazuki!!”

Beatrix’s eyes, that were full with obsession, chased Kazuki’s back.

―At that time, the shadow of a black cat had already drawn close to Beatrix.

“I won’t let you get close to Nii-sama! This damn stalker!!”

Kanae poured on kodachi slashes at Beatrix.

Beatrix avoided all of those attacks with superhuman reflexes.

“Fufufu…I wonder if I should make a greeting to his family first! Glad to meet you and please take care of me!!”

Kanae Foresighted Beatrix’s counter attack and avoided it completely with agile motion.

After the offense and defense in the place of the greeting ended, Kanae and Beatrix squared against each other.

There Damian attempted to provide assistance. But a streak of lightning came flying as if to hold her back. Hoshikaze Hikaru was setting up a bow of lighting and aimed at Damian.

“I won’t let you be a hindrance to Kanae-san. I will pin you down myself.”

HeeeClasse! An immature ass of a student dares to say such a cheeky line! I’ll make that pretty face messed uppppppp!”

Damian headed to Hikaru while brandishing her flame sword.

Damian had gone from that place. Kanae and Beatrix clashed against each other. Kanae evaded Beatrix’s attacks lightly and loosely then counter-attacked with her kodachi. Beatrix dodged the kodachi again with her superhuman reflexes.

“You are even faster than Kazuki huh! But I’m going to accelerate even more you know!? O divine protection of military men, double the divine powerMegin whirling in my body! Dashing to endless fights as the will of the god, in this body! …Megingjord!”

A glittering light was raining down from the sky heading to Beatrix, Beatrix’s whole body carried on even more strength. Even faster, even stronger, she came swinging her sword at Kanae.

Kanae crossed both her kodachi and blocked the strong sword coming down.

“Hayashizaki-style two-swords art, Wind God’s Instant Positioning!”

Before Kanae was outpushed by Beatrix’s strength, she twisted the crossed kodachi suddenly and forcefully. Rotating her body, she redirected Beatrix’s sword to the wrong direction.

Beatrix’s posture was broken. Kanae turned in a circle like a spinning top and visited Beatrix a slash after a full rotation. With her reinforced body balance, Beatrix corrected her disordered stance forcefully and dodged Kanae’s kodachi. However her movement was a dodging technique of heavy work, it caused an unnaturalness in her stance.

“Now, Kohaku!” Kanae yelled.

Not letting Beatrix’s gap go to waste, Kohaku came charging.

“This guy’s weapon is reflexes! Use that Sacred Treasure the moment I do it!!”

Toward that hint Kanae provided, Kohaku immediately responded.

From the seven Sacred Treasures she owned, Kohaku drew the one for the use of close-quarters combat from her hip.

“Run O beam of light, <Mikadzuki Munechika>! Battou Kaikon―Getsuei no Tachi!!”

That Battou Kaikon reversed cause and effect, the moment the hand grasped the sword, a slash had already occurred.

It might be possible for the Hayashizaki-style with Foresight as its forte, but by no means was it a technique that could be seen through by reflexes alone.

Kanae repelled Beatrix’s attack with Instant Positioning and protected Kohaku.

“I will redirect this guy’s strength and create an opportunity! Match your breath with me!”

“…Yes! Kana-nyan-senpai!”

Recognizing the strength of these two, Beatrix’s expression did a complete change.

―They can’t be made light of. These guys are master hands that can’t be killed instantly.

Thereupon, the summoning magic that was aimed at her right at this moment was becoming a problem. Concentrating only at the swordsmen would land you through bitter experience, this was the tactic of Japan’s Knight Order that was called the [Heaven and Earth Formation].

Beatrix had already comprehended that tactic.

Right, she already understood the tactic. …Like who it was that she needed to target first.

Beatrix’s eyes sipped away from Kanae and Kohaku, and caught the sight of Mio.

This flame magician, as long as she had this flame protection shield, <Svalinn>, then she was an opponent of little importance.

First she would deal with that girl!

“You see, I’m not someone foolhardy enough that I will go nuts to fight only the opponent in front of my eyes…I’m going to ignore you bastards! First is you!”

Beatrix ignored Kanae and Kohaku and dashed at Mio like a meteor. She shook off Kanae and Kohaku in one breath. They couldn’t pursue Beatrix with pure speed.

As for Mio, she faced Beatrix with determination.

I’m waiting for you to do that, that was what Mio whispered inside her mouth.

…This guy was thinking of me as a drag. She knew that I’m someone that couldn’t do anything if she managed to get near. She was thinking that I had no way to do anything as long as she had that flame shield.

This guy's current actions, I don’t need to be Kazuki to Foresight what she is going to do.

That was why Mio didn’t chant any superfluous magic, she was chanting the greatest magic she could chant and waiting in preparation for the moment Beatrix was heading for her.

“Just try to defend this with your shield if you really…!”

In front of a formidable enemy, Mio floated a smile that would make one shudder.

Just like what Lotte said, I am someone who can display my brightness against a formidable enemy!

The straight line distance that was connecting Mio and Beatrix was ran through by Beatrix in just an instant. Beforehand, Mio had already prepared a trap at the distance of that straight line.

Moving the oxygen using Psychokinesis, she heightened the concentration of oxygen at the zone of that straight line.

On top of which―she fired!

“O bird of paradise where the light of the heavens is residing in that body, answer my accusation and reduce to ashes the sin on the earth! Israel Judgment!!”

A heat ray was fired right from the front of the charging Beatrix.

The quality of the magic was different from Barrett. The beam was flying with the speed of light.

Against that, even with Beatrix’s reflexes it was impossible to defend with a shield.

What was going on at this moment was something that was impossible to comprehend for Beatrix.

Beatrix who was inside the highly concentrated oxygen that had a highly combustible property was fired at with an ultra-heat laser. The oxygen was bursting out all at once in a raging explosion!

It was a level 6 magic even at the best of times but, with the application of common magic Mio used however, that magic could be bragged to fire destructive power equal to magic of level 7 or 8.

Due to the tremendous impact of her smashed magic, Beatrix was blown away a far distance and crashed into the wreckage of the school building.

While getting buried in the wreckage, Beatrix directed an expression as if to say that she couldn’t believe it to Mio.

Seeing that expression, Mio drowned out her inferiority complex and puffed her chest haughtily.

“Fufun. Because Kazu-nii had already said that the guy who challenges the same opponent in the same way from the previous fight is an idiot! That brain tissue of yours, it's made of muscle isn’t it?”

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

Hoshikaze Hikaru was challenging Damian in a one-to-one fight.

“The destiny of all creation is inside the great celestial sphere…O binding of the constellation, suspend the motion of the sky! Star Gauze Sky PrisonHoroscope Stasis!”

Hikaru was chanting her magic, countless stars were floating around Damian’s body. In the space between the stars, lines were running like a constellation, the lines of light restrained Damian into immobility.

This restraint magic that can even seal dragons couldn’t be escaped using human’s physical strength.

“Annoyiiiiing! We are Hodur’s, negate all obstacles toward the sacred battle and distribute the divine protection of Norn to us! Belt of Victory of the Three GoddessesNorngjord!”

Damian’s body was wrapped in a flaring strong light, and right at that moment the lines of light disappeared.

Right now she didn’t break the restraint with brute force. The opponent was chanting a purge magic.

―If Hikaru doesn’t make any strange mistakes then you are about as strong as me you know?

While Hikaru remembered some words Kaguya had said to her once, she decided to progress the battle calmly. She tended to lose her temper, however if she fought calmly then she should be able to compete against this tough enemy.

And then I will take back Kaguya together with Hayashizaki-kun!

“Lightning Line!”

Hikaru fired the Summoning Magic she chanted while Damian was restrained to her direction.


Damian leaked out a scream, she was taken aback by the impact of the smashed magic.

“You shitty bastaard! …Blessing of immortality slipped through this hand O mistletoe of disaster, malice and misunderstanding is received in the tail and feathers, shooting to death the son of god! Bow of MistletoeMistilteinn!”

Bow and arrow was created in Damian’s hands, quickly she fired the arrow.

Mistilteinn―the bow and arrow of mistletoe that pierced the son of god Baldur in Norse Mythology.

The Diva that Damian was a believer of was the blind god, Hodur. In Norse Mythology, holding the bow and arrow and the magic sword of mistletoe in hand he was the Diva that would unroll the fight of destiny with Baldur.

“Storm Fort!”

Hikaru chanted her defensive magic of wind. However MistilteinnDamian’s arrow slipped through and pierced Hikaru. The blue defensive magic power was smashed.

Something like a bow and arrow was a projectile weapon that was supposed to be blown away by wind. Despite the attribute superiority that was supposed to be there, this arrow slipped through the defensive magic and came flying. Probably, this bow and arrow possessed the power to make every defense powerless. Identical with the legend where it shot Baldur to death.

Hikaru judged that challenging her in close-quarters combat was a good plan and she stepped forward.

At the same time Damian was also opting for close-quarters combat.

“Ride Lightning!”

“Stories Flame!”

Hikaru and Damian were invoking magic for close range combat at the same time.

Hikaru’s body accelerated. Damian’s sword was entangled with strong flames.

Using the super high-speed kenjutsu she learned from Kazuki, Hikaru slashed Damian without permitting any defense or evasion.

Damian swung the western sword that was clad in flame of karma. Hikaru dodged it with the use of skillful agility, but she couldn’t dodge everything repeatedly and received large damage from the hit she got.

The offense and defense of Hikaru that shredded minutely small damages and Damian that inflicted large damage in one shot, if it was seen comprehensively, they were even.

Hikaru thought―she had confidence in her concentration toward spells. It seemed the opponent couldn’t chant in this exchange. I’m going to chant a high level magic during these exchanges of slashes and decide the victory and defeat right here!

Damian thought―this son of a bitch, is she thinking that she is even with me? Waving around her sword desperately like a stupid idiot, while this side was already chanting high level magic during the fight, I’m going to make you know your place!

And then during the exchange of close-quarters combat, both of them invoked magic at the same time.

“Know the rage of god with this sacred flame’s thunderous roar! All the howls of the sky reside in this hand, bring down the world destroying hammer! Break the world with one attack! Yagrush!!”

“The sword clutched in this hand turns the blessing into a curse of malice! While wishing for the rebirth in time, this hand severs the son of god’s immortal thread of life! Annihilation Divine SwordMistilteinn II!”

Both of their arias were Sacred Treasure creation magic.

Both of them opened their eyes wide in astonishment and surprise. And then they thought of the same thing―a simultaneous strike is bad! If I got hit with that magic power, I’m going to be sorry!

Weapon and weapon clashed, the fight entered into a contest of strength.

Both of the weapons clashed against each other like they were drawing in their opponent.

What Hikaru held in her hand was the hammer of lightning that the highest god of ancient Phoenicia, Baal held in his left hand. The name of Baal represented the sound of lightning, this weapon could be said to be the synonym of Baal.

What Damian held in her hand was the magic sword of instant death that could murder even god. Mistilteinn that severed the life of Baldur was told in legend as a bow and arrow and also as a cursed magic sword.

Colossal lightning was converging in the striking part of Hikaru’s large hammer, Damian’s large sword was clad in black aura like a dark cloud, devouring that lightning greedily and extinguishing it.

Lightning and curse were negating each other―hammer and sword were using up their strength to the end and vanished together.

…It’s a draw!

Both of them took a distance simultaneously, they set up their original weapon respectively again.

“Strong! As expected of Einherjar!”

“You bastaaaard, what the hell are you doing giving praise so haughtily while looking down at me! You think you're equal with this me!? Shit Scheiße! Stop bullshitting me Scheiße! I’ll fucking kill you Scheiße!”

They are even but, it was fine even if the victory or defeat hadn’t been decided yet. Her objective was to wait for Hayashizaki-kun to liberate Kaguya. …With that line of thought, Hikaru had far more leeway compared to Damian.

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

Beatrix and Damian were able to be shut out skillfully.

The remaining problem was the Einherjar called Eleonora.

“Soaring wings, glaring eyes, invading word-destroying conflagration―manifest the authority of the god right here, as the agent of the civilization charge ahead deeper and deeper! Deep Invasion ArmamentDeep Striker!!”

Lotte invoked Prometheus’ level 5 magic.

The armament this magic summoned covered Lotte’s shoulders until her back completely, a multi-purpose large-type thruster system. It was installed with an arms container and enemy searching unit.

The thruster unit spewed out flame, Lotte soared into the high-altitude sky forcefully.

Search-and-Destroy mission―the special role she received from Kazuki that was neither vanguard or rearguard, Lotte thought of it proudly.

Lotte equipped the enemy searching unit on her head. Across the goggles, the magic power swirling in the battlefield was visualized and displayed.

Her role was to sense the enemy who attempted to chant high level magic like Mjollnir and run interference.

Using the enemy searching unit she observed the magic power, the state of the enemy from the sky, and choose the person that was kneading huge amount of magic power to attack. That was what Kazuki requested from her, [Search-and Destroy Mission].

Lotte was glaring at the battlefield from the sky.

Beatrix was in the state where she couldn’t produce large magic power thanks to Kanae and Mio’s great efforts.

Damian brought forth a huge magic power, but Hoshikaze-senpai also produced magic power equal with her opponent, it was an even battle. The target was not these two.

Lotte directed her caution to the remaining sole Einherjar, Eleonora.

―On the surface Koyuki was confronting Eleonora.

“We are Ægir‘s, lend me the fear of the unknown bottom of the ocean! The raging waves toying with the small people, to me…. The Sea That Reflects the Light of the SkyHiminglæva!”

“O water's surface that sways from my singing voice, manipulate the small wave and gather them into a large tsunami! Coming from beyond and washed away to the unknown…Tidal Wave!”

The Diva that Eleonora was a believer of was the sea god of Norse Mythology, Ægir.

Koyuki too simultaneously drew out the power of the sea.

Eleonora and Koyuki both summoned enormous sea waters. Both of them controlled the sea waters and crashed tsunami against each other. Tsunami and tsunami were colliding and smashed against each other violently.

At the same time with that Koyuki was chanting her spell.

“Glacier Wind!”

“Tenkuu Battou Rengehou!!”

Not only Koyuki, matching her, Kazuha was also raining down countless Sacred Treasures.

Highly Surging WaveHefring!”

When Eleonora gave that command, the sea water Eleonora summoned was manipulated according to her will, becoming a gigantic wall. It obstructed Koyuki’s chilly wind, freezing the surface of the ocean water but it didn’t reach Eleonora.

The Sacred Treasures that Kazuha summoned were caught up in the sea water too and their momentum was killed.

Striking WaveUnnr!”

When Eleonora commanded it, the lump of sea water was torn to pieces and turned into water bullets flying at Koyuki.

“O rejection of absolute zero, protect my body and become the armor of isolation! Water Chamber BarrierFreeze Barrier!”

Koyuki immediately froze all the bullets using defensive magic, making them ineffective.


Eleonora’s offense was not stopping at just that. The water bullets were coming consecutively.

At that moment Koyuki couldn’t make it in time with her defensive magic. Just then, the phantoms of the swordsmen that Kazuha summoned covered Koyuki and were exterminated. …She was helped by her comrade!

It was impossible for Koyuki to not recognize the excellent skill the opponent had in manipulating the sea.

However, Kazuki said to her to not fight solo. There was no need to harbor any sense of defeat. It was fine to cooperate with this senpai from the Sword Division called Kazuha to defeat this enemy.

While Eleonora was protected by a body of sea water that used for offense and defense, she began to chant a high level spell.

“When the opponent’s sea get hit it scatters, we're going to shave it all! Let’s speed up our attack!”

Koyuki lined her shoulders with Kazuha and called out.

“I know even if you don’t say it!”

Kazuha too was creating Sacred Treasures one after another and rained them down. However even with the two of them together they couldn’t break Eleonora’s wall of sea. If it kept like this then she would finish chanting the high level magic first.

―The flying Lotte decided her target of attack at that moment.


Using Prometheus’ level 4 magic, Lotte equipped a lance on her left hand.

Magika No Kenshi To Shoukan Maou Vol.03 217.jpg

To further support the impact of the charge, the thruster system’s weapon container was opening, a machine arm was fixed on Lotte’s left arm.

With the lance positioned firmly, the thruster unit spouted up fire with its energy in full throttle. Lotte swooped down while her body was receiving that fierce acceleration. Exceeding mach speed, Lotte’s defensive magic power was removing the air resistance. Not even noticing such a trivial thing, she changed into an enormous meteorite.

“Prometheus…Blitzkrieg tacticsBlitzkrieg!”

Eleonora noticed it and looked up to the sky. And then when the approaching enormous weapon entered her eyes, she became lost for words.

Aiming for a part of the sea wall that Koyuki and Kazuha’s magic whittled off and became thinner, Lotte’s spear pierced through. While the heat of the electricity evaporated the sea, the super accelerated enormous mass smashed down the barrier of sea water in one attack. Even after piercing through everything, Lotte’s charge didn’t lose its momentum. The violent lance charge blew away Eleonora to the wreckage of the school building a few dozen meters away.

“Mission complete desu!”

Eleonora was crashing into the rubble, when she sensed that the spell Eleonora chanted was breaking, the shortstop Lotte left behind a happy voice and withdrew back to the sky.

“Kaguya-senpai, please return to your senses!”

“Senses? I'm fine though.”

Toward Kazuki’s shouts, a flat voice like a doll's replied.

…It’s no good. Headmaster Otonashi was also like this but, the human’s mind that Nyarlatoteph made abnormal with his magic didn’t have any symptoms of self-awareness at all.

The Kaguya-senpai that he dearly missed was so coldhearted, like she was a completely different person.

Kazuki made up his mind to fight, preparing his katana he ran ahead.

Right now in this situation it was fine even if he ignored Nyarlatoteph. In front of Germany’s Einherjar, the guy was supposed to be unable to reveal his true colors.

Those Einherjar were pinned down by his comrades.

No one was obstructing him, he could confront Kaguya-senpai alone.

“O shapeless mute shadow, become a fish swimming in the darkness filled with obstructive thoughts. Origin of nightmares, materialism vicissitudes, respond to terror and hope and eat…Deep Specter!”

Kaguya-senpai summoned a Deep Specter.

The shadow under Kazuki’s feet shined with the violet color of magical power and turned three dimensional like it was swelling up. It was a shadow monster possessing a big mouth like a shark's, it opened its mouth and came to bite Kazuki.

However the shadow monster was, so to speak, just a lump of magical power. Kazuki was able to Foresight its movements.

Slipping through the attack of the shadow monster, he drew near Kaguya-senpai!

“Not hesitating even though cursing thee also hurt me…shared pain is my joy! Cry and scream toward the mirror projection! Suicide Black!”

Kaguya-senpai was covered with a dark haze. If this haze was faced with an attack, that attack’s [pain] would be reflected entirely to the attacker as if that attack reached the body.

Kazuki unhesitatingly drew out his Iai.

‘ZUBAA’ The slash scraped off Kaguya-senpai’s magic power. [Suicide Black] didn’t have any substantial protection effect. However to Kazuki who swung his sword down, the illusion of pain was sent back to him.

Kazuki was hallucinating the pain of his own Iai draw cutting his belly diagonally up to his chest.

An intense pain of steel blade digging into his internal organs. It felt completely like his insides were scorched.

Kazuki immediately shut out his sense of pain using the Trance that he learned from Lotte. The sharp pain was dulled like it was wrapped by a silk floss, decreasing to the degree he could endure it.

There's no way I’ll lose to this kind of pain…!

Kazuki paid no concern to the pain and let loose a second slash. A diagonal slash starting from Kaguya-senpai’s shoulder scraped off her magic power. Kazuki received even more hallucinations of pain but the pain was abating and he endured. Endure!

“O God of Death’s whispering voice that awaited the visitor for a long time, resound deeply and widely, dye the dream with agony! Resound o evil voice of sadism! Ultra Violence!!”

With fast chanting, Kaguya-senpai was singing the magic for doubling the sensation of pain.

This was the devilish combination that Kaguya-senpai and Asmodeus took pride in.


Kazuki screamed in a loud voice. Endure it. He was able to keep his sanity thanks to Lotte.

In the previous fight the tremendous pain was doubled. But this time what was doubled was only the reduced pain in the degree that he could endure. Just barely, it was really just barely that he could endure it.

“O desire lurking in the sea of the heart, passing through the sinful flesh this hand reaches out to that hand! O avatar of violation, entangle according to my desire! Desire Tentacle!”

From the shadow under Kazuki’s feet, this time tentacles were created and reaching out. Capturing the opponent who was in agony then after sealing his movement she would chant high level magic. That was Kaguya-senpai’s basic tactic.

But the me right now can still endure the pain! Possessing a will of steel, Kazuki Foresighted the timing of the tentacles creation, dodged, and then he cut away the tentacles.

At that moment the Deep Specter came to assault him. While enduring the intense pain, Kazuki must also deal with the monster of shadow. This guy’s attack was…a physical attack!


Kazuki blocked the bite of the monster with heavy armor. Most of the armor was broken apart with one attack, but Kazuki was mostly unharmed.


The flame bullet dug into the monster, the monster was destroyed with the addition of multiple layers of slashes.

Using that opportunity, Kaguya-senpai was chanting her spell.

Judging from the scale of the magic power―a large-scale attack magic. A magic of Asmodeus that he had never seen until now. Probably it was around the border of level 4 or 5. Its attribute was…freezing!

Even if he attacked with his sword right now, he wouldn’t make it in time to obstruct Kaguya-senpai's spell chanting!

Then he would weather it using defensive magic! …Using defensive magic that had good affinity against freezing attribute!

“Blooming flower of blood tearing apart the skin, eternally echoing scream…sinking the betrayer, awaken the hell right here! Grand Lotus Freezing HellCocytus!”

“Freeze Barrier!”

The space that surrounded Kazuki and Kaguya-senpai was wrapped in a pure white cold wave. If this cold wave touched human skin, the skin would immediately get torn apart from the cold, making red flowers blooming in profusion inside this white space.

However Kazuki’s whole body was enveloped by the mermaid’s divine protection toward cold attribute.

As expected it couldn’t protect from Kaguya-senpai’s attack magic completely, the Freeze Barrier was soon smashed up, but Kazuki managed to reduce the damage from cold drastically.

“…Even though this wide-scale magic with no place to escape was my only counter-measure against Otouto-kun and Kana-chan.”

The Hayashizaki–style was able to Foresight all uncomplicated offensive magic and dodged them. However large-scale offense magic that you couldn’t evade even if you try was the Hayashizaki-style’s natural enemy.

However the current Kazuki was not just a swordsman. He was a magic swordsman.

“Not only sword but also Foresighting magic, then choosing defensive magic with superior attributes to use. I see, so this is a magic swordsman, Hayashizaki Kazuki’s new possibility…”

Kaguya-senpai whispered admiringly. This was something that could only exist solely due to the presence of the Hayashizaki-style’s Foresight and King of Solomon's 72 Pillars Omni-magicBasilleus Goetia.

“Senpai’s offensive magic was prevented completely!”

Kazuki proclaimed such while slashing with his katana. However Kazuki too, since the opponent’s body was covered with Suicide Black, he couldn’t use a powerful offensive magic.

Using a katana he could only whittle away Kaguya-senpai’s magic little by little.

And then Kaguya-senpai kept chanting her spell in defiance of some of the impact of the smashed magic.

“Five stars shining in the interstice of life and death, around pillaged by the whim of the god of death, become the clay doll of unspeakable misery! …Neighboring Death Extreme RingNear-death Roulette!!”

Summoning the human’s five-senses stealing sycthe, Kaguya-senpai aimed for the timing of simultaneous striking when she swung the sycthe. Kazuki dodged with paper-thin difference, so that only his own katana can manage to hit senpai.

While enduring the hallucination of agony, dodging the sycthe that he absolutely mustn’t get hit with was an extremely difficult work. His mental strength was grinded down steadily.

“Deep Specter!”

Even during those exchanges Kaguya-senpai summoned the Deep Specter again. Not only the scythe, Kazuki must also escape from the assault of this shadow monster.

“My wicked thought is filled with curses, I beseech for thy agony…. I have no shame of my wicked thought! Feel Pain!”

A bullet of curses flew at Kazuki!

This bullet too, if he couldn’t avoid it then the illusionary pain would be doubled by Ultra Violence!

While enduring the illusionary pain, dodge…dodge…dodge! Everything was dodged with a paper-thin gap.

He never fought a Magica Stigma as strong as Kaguya-senpai in a one-on-one fight like this. Even the attack of the scythe, the assault of the monster, if he got hit by even one it would have become a fatal wound.

On top of the thin ice where not even slight mistake was allowed, Kazuki continued to dance.

Even so if he didn’t defeat Kaguya-senpai, there would be no chance of victory in this battle!

“It’s useless. Senpai’s attacks…all had been sealed.”

What supported Kazuki that continued to dodge using his sharpened concentration was only a single determination.

That was a certain single―faith.

“All had been sealed?”

Setting up her scythe, Kaguya-senpai talked expressionlessly.

“…Even though I have Guernica?”

Asmodeus’s level 9 magic, Guernica. If the opponent was not in the class of materialized Diva then the hated opponent would die instantly without question, a flame of hell.

The strongest magic that propped up senpai as the strongest. A magic that represented senpai. Yes, as long as the opponent couldn’t deal with this magic somehow or other, no matter how much the opponent elaborated counter-measures against her other magic he wouldn’t be able to win against Kaguya-senpai. However―

“Senpai’s Guernica won’t work against me though.”


“I like senpai, and senpai also likes me. The illusionary pain is scary. That sense-stealing scythe is also scary. The Deep Specter is scary too. However from the start I didn’t fear senpai’s flame of hatred for even a second.”

[Compared to the period when you couldn’t believe in Amasaki Mio’s positivity level, you have grown considerably.]

Leme’s telepathy echoed inside his head.

Kazuki remembered that time when Mio was dying inside his arms. Not believing in the feelings of the other party and because of that he hurt his very important person, he didn’t want to do that.

“…I wonder if it’s not just too much hubris.”

Kaguya-senpai whose emotions were sealed by Nyarlatoteph’s magic directed a cold voice to Kazuki.

“I couldn’t use Guernica against Otouto-kun you said? I am not that sweet you know?”

“Wrong, senpai is a kind person.”

From here on is not a fight between me and Kaguya-senpai.

It is a fight between Nyarlatoteph’s mind manipulation and the strength of the bonds between me and senpai.

“I…must defeat you. There is no other method left to defeat you other then the very best. …I have no hesitation.”

Senpai started to chant a long spell.

“Then I’m going to…accept everything of Kaguya-senpai as you are right now.”

Kazuki sheathed his katana, he awaited Kaguya-senpai’s magic while striking a daunting pose.

The time flowed in an instant and an eternity. He could hear the sounds of fighting of Beatrix and Mio and all the others, but even all of that gradually moved far away from his consciousness, Kazuki and Kaguya-senpai were shut inside the silence.

Kazuki’s mind recalled his memories with Kaguya-senpai. Kaguya-senpai who kindly came to him who was assaulted with feelings of alienation in the Magic Division. The sweet aroma that tickled his reasoning when she embraced him. Kaguya-senpai who was embarrassed with her Magic Dress. Tempting Kazuki due to Asmodeus’ side effect and then crying in shame from the embarrassment, that kind of senpai.

I…love Kaguya-senpai!

Inside the time when they looked hard at each other, the magic was finally invoked.

“O chest scorching thought, paint the scene of hell in this world…thy are the demon king of wicked desire, o incarnation of deep-seated delusion inviting tragedy, following this wish…paint out the world. Guernica!”

…There was no uneasiness whatsoever! Kazuki awaited with conviction.

At Kaguya-senpai’s side, Asmodues was floating.

“This is baad, Kaguya.”


“There is no feeling like that inside you, y’know?”

Leaving behind those words to the dumbfounded Kaguya-senpai, Asmodeus vanished.

And then nothing happened.

A color of surprise mixed out into Kaguya-senpai’s face who was expressionless throughout all of this.

“That kind of…why…”

While whispering, a crack entered that expressionless face. [Emotion] was invading Kaguya-senpai’s mask. Like she was being released from the hypnotism.

“Why, I can't fight like this…?”

Kaguya-senpai murmured like she couldn’t believe it herself.

The shock finally came this late. At this late hour, evidently senpai had understood this situation that she had left herself behind.

“Why am I…fighting Otouto-kun?”

The flame of hell burned using Kaguya-senpai’s hostility as fuel. If Kaguya-senpai harbored even a little bit of hostility, then it would be just like when Kaya’s life was stolen before, where something like going easy or control couldn’t be done.

But conversely if she couldn’t find any hostility even after turning her heart upside down at every nook and corner, the flame of hell wouldn’t come out. Identical with how flame was not going to burn if there was no oxygen.

It was absurd in the first place, Kazuki thought. The current Kaguya-senpai who held a fabricated sense of duty with her emotions suppressed by magic, how would she chant something like an attack magic that was fueled by emotion?

The backlash from doing such an absurd thing that ended in failure woke up Kaguya-senpai from her hypnosis.

For Kaguya-senpai to fight despite holding not even a little bit of hostility, that realization opened her eyes.

Color returned to Kaguya-senpai’s pupils.

“Even though I don’t want to do this kind of thing…why…”

The fake sense of duty was peeled off, what was laid bare were intense regret and feelings of guilt.

The original emotions of the kind Kaguya-senpai were overflowing all at once.

“Even though I don’t like that kind of thing …why did I do such things without mercy, there is no reason I can do that…why…Why!?”

In the sadness and confusion, Kaguya-senpai raised a voice that was tinged with a shriek.

Sensing that Kaguya-senpai had no will to fight anymore, Kazuki approached her. Kaguya-senpai twitched in fright and looked hard at Kazuki.

“O, Otouto-kun…I…did a really cruel thing…”

Senpai’s voice was trembling pitifully.

“Senpai, haven’t I said it before? I like senpai very much. I won’t turn to hate senpai just because of something like this so, please look forward and don’t cry okay?”

Kazuki said so to prevent Kaguya-senpai from crying, but in the blink of an eye tears were pooling in senpai’s eyes.

“Sorry…I’m sorry…!”

“I said it’s okay to not apologize already.”

Kazuki hugged Kaguya-senpai who was bursting into tears.

“I, no more…I don’t want to do something like this anymore-…!”

“Senpai was seeing a bad dream. But it’s okay already. Just like how senpai protected me who is her kouhai, from now on I will protect senpai too.”

“But, even though, I am the student council president…”

“Even if senpai is the student council president, it’s okay to not bear the burden by yourself alone.”

“But, I am the strongest magician after all…”

“Right now, I had already beaten senpai .”

“Is it…okay for me to rely on Otouto-kun…?”

“Because I like senpai very much.”

Those words didn’t lose its glow no matter how many times he said them.

With every single word, Kazuki unraveled the things that were binding Kaguya-senpai’s heart.

Kaguya-senpai hugged Kazuki back. He could feel the dearly missed sweet aroma and the soft sensation.

Kazuki brushed senpai’s head comfortingly.

“…It feels go~od.”

Senpai let out a voice ecstatically.

“I already…want to become Otouto-kun’s little sister…”

Released from the heavy pressure, somehow Kaguya-senpai let out a strange talk.

A large heart mark came flying, the fight between Kazuki and Kaguya-senpai was over.

Part 5[edit]

“Wai, you, what the hell is thatttttttttttttttt!?”

Damian who saw Kazuki and Kaguya-senpai hugging each other, raised a shriek.

“Wait right theree! When I thought why there was no backing at all from the rear, it turns out that this bastard is changing to the enemy’s side huuh! What are you bastards doing hugging each otheer! Rather than netokaeruchanging sides, isn’t this netorarestealing lovers huuh!?”

Losing the rear guard was something that couldn’t become a joke, the Einherjar were forced into bitter fights.

“Beatrix-taichou…let’s retreat for the moment.”

Eleonora advised Beatrix. Even her expression was pronounced with the fatigue from battle.

“Elii…but I haven’t crossed swords yet with Kazuki. On the contrary it seems seeing that situation only makes my chest burn with jealousy.”

“Please stop rushing ahead because of your personal feelings.”

Eleonora flatly scolded Beatrix who was the only one full of energy.

“Although we were given this chance by this sudden contact, the members that could move were only three people, however this opponent is not someone we can go against without a plan. Even the student council president who was supposed to give support is hugging the enemy for some reason, in the end the way things are going it doesn’t look good. In the worst situation it’s possible that this might be a trap from that Headmaster Otonashi.”

“Mu…? When you said that, it’s true the wind direction is strange.”

Beatrix made a face as if she was biting a bitter bug.

At the other side Kanae and the others were thinking that if the fight was over already then just get lost already, they were watching what decision the Einherjar would make. The other two were done, but Beatrix still hasn’t been really serious while Kanae and the others’ nerves were worn down from the intense battles.

“Even at the best of times, our positions are delicate.”

This was not their homeland. Pushed by that fact, Beatrix shouted out.

“Yosh, Einherjar is to make a retreat! …Kazuki, the next time we meet we are going to cross[3] swords for sure okay!!”

“Oi, that handsome woman over theree! Just remember this you bastaard!”

Damina gave Hoshikaze-senpai a middle finger.

“As a magician of a Diva that can similarly manipulate the sea, I’ll give the silver girl some respect.”

Eleonora too praised Koyuki even while she was colored with exhaustion.

Beatrix lifted up Damian and Eleonora who were like that with both hands, “HAHAHAHAHA!” and then while laughing loudly without any meaning, that body with high physical ability dashed at full strength and retreated.

The Einherjar were gone before they could even say ‘ah’.

“…We won?”

Kazuha-senpai murmured with a tired voice that told the story of the hard battle she had with Eleonora.

However Kazuha-senpai still hadn’t known about the true enemy.

Without even any reprieve to bask themselves in the aftertaste of victory, Kazuki directed his sight to Headmaster Otonashi―Nyarlatoteph while still hugging Kaguya-senpai.

“Nyarlatoteph. Your soldiers were weak.”

“What did you say?”

The figure of Headmaster Otonashi twitched his eyebrows.

“The Quad-core Magica who lost their egos didn’t even have any tactics, once they got attacked they just focused at one direction while their surroundings had done them in. Even those Einherjar that received your request didn’t really try to fight seriously. Even if you create a strong magician artificially, if they are not tied with strong bonds with each other then they are nothing more than a disorderly mob. From the very beginning they were not an enemy worthy of our Heaven and Earth Formation.”

“…The likes of a human got too carried away…is that all that you are going to say to this me?”

There was no meaning to hide his true identity anymore with the Einherjar gone, muddy black magic power was seething from the figure of Headmaster Otonashi. There was no wind blowing, and even though there was not any fluctuation in the atmosphere, like there were many small shredding happening on the world itself, Kazuki could feel a sensation of ‘biribiri’ on his skin.


Kaguya-senpai separated her body from Kazuki, she doubted her own eyes looking at the transformation in front of her. Senpai still hadn’t known that her father had been hijacked by a Diva.

“Otonashi Tsukikurou! You bastard…what the hell is going on with these circumstances!”

From the shadow of the demolished school building, the figure of Board Chairman Amasaki appeared in a stagger.


Mio cried out looking at the figure of the person who shouldn’t be on this battlefield.

Even Nyarlatoteph, that assumed the appearance of Headmaster Otonashi stared at the entrance of that personage with a surprised look.

He had secretly observed the situation all along, he probably made his appearance because he thought that the fight was over.

Was Board Chairman Amasaki Mio’s step-father…! Kazuki was surprised against that fact in this late hour.

“The Summoning Magic those suspicious illegal magicians used was that of Solomon's 72 Pillars! What is the meaning of this!?”

“Hohou, so you noticed that.”

“That’s…they were humans who had stigma transplanting operations performed on them, am I right? You bastard, I thought that you had established the stigmata transplanting operation without anyone noticing, but…don’t tell me that you performed human experiments using stigmata that you took out from students…for a teacher who was supposed to protect the students…”

Board Chairman Amasaki yelled as if he couldn’t believe his own deduction with a face that looked like the truth was gnawing at his own sanity. The wrinkle-covered face of the old man was warped to its limit.

“…I never thought that you could finally reach the truth by your own power. What a great achievement, old man.”

With a whizzing sound, something was flying from the cuff of Headmaster Otonashi’s suit.

No, that was not something flying. It was something that stretched.

Headmaster Otonashi’s right arm became a long tentacle, it pierced the chest of Board Chairman Amasaki.


Board Chairman Amasaki’s eyes opened wide without understanding what just happened, then he fell down.

‘shuru’, the tentacle was pulled back to the cuff of the suit.


Mio was dashing hurriedly to the collapsed Board Chairman.

“…O pure fire of reincarnation, burn the surface of the life while the inside bud in rebirth…Fire of Life CircleAnti-Aging!”

Mio held her hands out to the wound opening, from there a small flame burns into existence, the wound opening that was touched by the flame was closed up little by little and the bleeding was stopped.

“…Is that Phoenix’s healing magic? Well, no matter, rather than that old man, first I’m going to slaughter all of you in this place.”

The body of Headmaster Otonashi began to warp due to an enormous magic power.

Kazuki was dumbfounded from the sudden happening, however he immediately recovered himself in rage.

“Everyone…! This is the last, we are going to defeat this guy!”

“Don’t get carried away, for the like of you humans…I’m going to teach you true madness!”

Nyarlatoteph exposed his true form…!

The wriggling flesh swelled out, the suit burst open.

What burst out from that suit were countless tentacles. The flat black head was located at the top, looking completely like an octopus with tentacles that grew all over, the evil god with an atypical appearance revealed himself in front of Kazuki and the others.

However that figure was not as overwhelming in magic power and sense of intimidation compared to when Loki materialized.

“Kazuki…at the Cthulhu Mythos that I know about, the being that is called evil god is not an existence like that.”

Koyuki who got close to Kazuki’s side said so.

“The evil god of Cthulhu Mythos symbolized the horror of the vast universe, an existence that transcended people’s awareness. It is said that there is no way for people to not go crazy the moment they see it. Compared with that, this Nyarlatoteph is [shoddy]. He couldn’t embody the true essence of Cthulhu.”

“That guy said before that Cthulhu Mythos was weakened.”

Nothing was understood about what kind of existence Diva was in this world, however….

Cthulhu Mythos was special.

“Yes. That’s surely why he only used the power to manipulate human mindd and secret maneuvers. Undoubtedly he is not an opponent that deserved to be feared when opposed directly from te front like this. If it’s us, then we are going to win without a doubt!”

Koyuki asserted in a strong will that was rare for her.

“…You bastards, the likes of humans such as you are still planning to mock me even now!?”

Together with those indignant words, Nyarlatoteph’s tentacles were crawling like worms. Kazuki cut apart the tentacles that were directed at Koyuki and came stretching. That attack became the opening curtain of the final decisive battle.

“We're going, everyone!”

While taking the position of the Heaven and Earth Formation, the swordsmen came out to the front and drew their swords, the Magica Stigma were starting their chanting from the rear.

“All of you bastards cannot use the power of your Divas!”

The black face at the gigantic summit of Nyarlatoteph was yelling, invoking his characteristic magic.

Madness HeartbeatPsycho Noise!”

A sound that made the scratching of glass’ surface sound lukewarm resounded in their surroundings, it felt like their brains were scraped off grindingly.

The magic power that was collected amidst the spell chanting were dispersed like mist. They couldn’t concentrate at all on chanting.

“Guh…what a Diva to be such a nuisance for the neighbors! If this is the case then this one is going to make octopus sashimi!!”

While warping her expression from the unpleasant sound, Kohaku swung her Sacred Treasure and went to cut the tentacles. However Nyarlatoteph’s gigantic magic power that was said to be weakened, with attacks from the likes of a katana, it only received damage to the degree where the end was not in sight.

“Kazu-nii…hurry, erase this sound!!”

Mio raised a scream, her tears spilled without stopping. Mio didn’t participate in the battle anymore and she was attending constantly to Board Chairman Amasaki’s healing. But because of Nyarlatoteph’s obstruction magic, Mio couldn’t maintain her healing magic, the wound opened again and the bleeding was starting again relentlessly.

The old man who didn’t have any magic didn’t have much time left.


Raising a roaring voice that made the earth rumble, Nyarlatoteph regenerated the tentacles that were slashed by the swordsmen. And then the swordsmen were hit hard by an amount of tentacles that were impossible to avoid.

“Otouto-kun…if it’s me, I cannot be lead astray by this sound anymore. I don’t want to lose to this guy anymore.”

Approaching Kazuki’s side, Kaguya-senpai talked.

However her face that seemed to look like she was seeing an awfully ephemeral dream when he saw it from the side made Kazuki hesitate to rely on senpai.

“Senpai…but that enemy is…”

“It’s okay. …I understand properly that that thing is not Otou-san anymore. I’m not fighting because of some sense of duty like [Unless I beat that guy], I’m fighting [because that guy cannot be forgiven].”

With eyes that were filled to the brim with sorrow, senpai glared up to the black face of Nyarlatoteph.

“Otou-san…I, like the name Kaguya that you gave me very much. Like the whole starry sky and aurora[5], Otou-san named me like this because of your wish for me to become a lovely girl, isn’t that right? You are not a kind father at all, but…since when had you completely changed like this?”

In the middle of the evil sound’s ringing, Kaguya-senpai chanted her spell alone disappointingly.

The avatar of Asmodeus was floating at her side. The witch in black clothes faced Kaguya with eyes full of affection.

“…Isn’t this the first time you're fighting with just your own honest feelings ehh, my cute Kaguya. Then I guess I’ll give you a reward.”


“Being able to use my ten characteristic magics skillfully, this is a magic that’s beyond all of those. You often give complaints such as that all my magic is a little difficult to use as attack magic, or something like it left a bad impression among other things, haven’t you? I will give you something better after this, you will see. By combining my magic power and your form, we will invoke a Union Magic. Your own Original Spell that even the King-sama cannot copy. With your thoughts, give shape to the illusion and crash it into that guy. Come, sing it.”

The light of the magic power that surrounded Kaguya-senpai changed from violet color to a noble silver color that resemble the light of the stars.

“I won’t let you!”

The scattered evil sounds that enveloped the surroundings completely were given direction by Nyarlatoteph’s will and converged on Kaguya-senpai. However Kaguya-senpai was completely unperturbed against the evil sounds that had been compressed several times over, her face that looked ephemeral when he saw it from the side now looked firm with a strong core inside―.

That spell was finished chanting speedily.

“O darkness of mind that contain the eternal cycle of life and death! O seven stars that shined inside it! Reveal the microcosm of heaven and earth’s creation and show the whereabouts of humankind!! …Shining NightGalaxy!”

A geometric pattern of light spread out in a radial wave around Kaguya-senpai. The space that was sketched was shifted into an alternate space in reverse.

The vicinity became a pitch black darkness with Kaguya-senpai as the center, countless lights shined in the surrounding.

“Power of the universe!?”

Even Nyarlatoteph’s gigantic body was drifting in the dark empty space. Kaguya-senpai who reigned in the center of the alternate world shined brilliantly like a sun, everything of that universe’s scene bared their fangs toward Nyarlatoteph.

“Im, impossible…this is the power that is supposed to be ours…!”

Solar wind―wind of corona gases that surpassed one million degrees rained down on Nyarlatoteph and burned him down thoroughly.

Cosmic rays―the high energy radiation that was usually absorbed by the atmosphere rained down directly on Nyarlatoteph and burned him to nothing.


In accordance with Kaguya-senpai’s will, countless meteors rained down on Nyarlatoteph. Irrational destruction pulverized the gigantic body, its dust was scattered in the darkness of space.

Once again the geometric pattern radiated out, the space was returning to the original world.

The evil god of Cthulhu had disappeared from there, what was left behind in that place was Headmaster Otonashi who was collapsed spread-eagle.

Kaguya-senpai approached Headmaster Otonashi slowly and leaned over, holding up his upper body with her arms.

And then she hung her head down for a while.

“Th, that guy was defeated…with that one attack!?”

The evil sound stopped, Mio who had finished the emergency treatment for the Board Chairman stood up.

“Tou-san…I had thought that this wouldn’t end with his heart safe, but…”

Kaguya-senpai once again lowered Headmaster Otonashi who she held to the ground, then she turned to Kazuki who was standing up.

“Otouto-kun…if you said that you had given me your forgiveness, then I won’t apologize anymore. Otouto-kun…welcome home.”

There were still sad things, but with a relieved expression that looked like she had put down her heavy burden, Kaguya-senpai came and embraced Kazuki.

“Senpai really, so soon like this…”

Kazuki became overwhelmed from Kaguya-senpai’s skinship.

“Kazuki-! We did it!”

And then naturally Mio, from there Lotte and Kanae too came and clung to Kazuki jostling him around.

After happiness welled up inside Koyuki, immediately it cooled down and she felt uneasiness creeping up in her heart.

Looking at Kazuki who was getting intimate with various girls, added with that sight Koyuki was not able to keep her courage. And then uneasiness came creeping inside her.

It was just the two of them in that underground for a long time.

However when we came up to the surface, did he already stop paying attention to me, that was the feeling that she had.

It was inevitable for Koyuki to think that she was an existence that had no value when compared to the other girls even now.

However she herself had conveyed to Kazuki that she loved him. She had already laid bare the weak parts of her heart. Because of that, even now she felt unsure, like her weak heart was smashed apart.

Koyuki felt a strong self-disgust toward herself that was separated by a step from the place of blessing.

{―So you denied your own self.}

There was a voice.

Suddenly black color was spreading inside her heart. Even though she didn’t imagine anything, inside that darkness, three burning eyeballs opened glaringly by their own accord and pierced Koyuki with a sharp look.

“A…” Koyuki leaked out her voice in fear of the unknown.

{―I’m going to take that opening in your ego! With my characteristic magic! Darkness Illusions – Limit SaturationArkham Drive!!”

―From the scream that Koyuki raised, Kazuki and the others turned to look at the girl that was in the place a step apart from them.

Something…they felt a vast magic power exploding inside the girl.

The girl’s body distorted flabbily―that form stabilized into a different shape.

Koyuki was changing in appearance. The silver hair changed into pitch-black hair, the skin color was changing into dark brown skin that was near black.

Black Koyuki―no, it’s different.

“Beforehand…I flung a part of my magic power through the Astrum toward [the human with the weakest heart]. I am the faceless god…having the same face no matter to what extent I was split up….When I was about to be exterminated, a part of me, a seed, was planted inside this young girl…!”

“You are…Nyarlatoteph!”

“I lost the majority of my original magic power, but…With this elf’s flesh and magic power I’ll show you the real power of Cthulhu! Even the power of Solomon's 72 Pillars, I will use them as a parasite for sure!!”

The black Koyuki produced magic power with chanting speed that was different from humans.

Kazuki Foresighted that magic power―a large scale attack magic that manipulated cold.

He was trying to invoke Vepar’s greatest magic. Caught in an instant of hesitation from how Koyuki's body was stolen, every member there might receive fatal damage.

Even Kazuki at this time couldn’t think of a method to deal with this development immediately.

However in this place there was only one person, one human that was not agitated by the situation at all and kept their calm.

“…I become the miko of sword. Rock cleaved, root cut, sin cut apart, that virtuous sword of crushing evil is right now in this hand! Draw sword, Futsu no Mitama!!”

Kazuha-senpai who was not particularly attached emotionally to Koyuki created the tangible god of sword as a Sacred Treasure while keeping her complete calm.

“Hayashizaki, you use this guy!”

The spirit sword that she summoned herself , she threw it toward Kazuki.

“If it’s while the flesh and the spirit haven’t become familiar yet, you can sever it!”

The moment he grasped the sword, Kazuki closed the distance according to his swordsman’s instinct and swung the sword down to the black Koyuki. Streaks of light ran. Just on the verge when the trigger of Vepar’s greatest magic was almost pulled, the spirit body that possessed Koyuki’s physical body was severed from her and blown away.

Koyuki’s body returned to the usual pure white girl and fell down.

Even while getting blown away, the form of black Koyuki remained.

Kazuki immediately held up the dead tired white Koyuki.

“To be chased out from the physical body…what is that sword!? I see, the preserved stigmata confirmation system, the stigmata other than Solomon's 72 Pillars…! This time as well, how far is this miscalculation going to reach!!?”

Black Koyuki―Nyarlatoteph was still retaining his substantiated body.

On the other hand there was no presence of magic power at all from the body of the real Koyuki.

All of Koyuki’s magic power was carried away by Nyarlatoteph, he used that magic power to maintain the substantiated body in the mimicry of Koyuki. However the stolen magic power was consumed just for him to exist, that body was in the process of breaking down little by little.

“Before I vanish…Solomon's King! As long as I kill you, the slaughter will…!”

With the face that was warped in bloodcurling hatred that Koyuki would absolutely never make, the disintegrating black Koyuki spun a spell. Kaguya-senpai cut in front of Kazuki who held Koyuki in his arms.

“Watch out! Otouto-kun!!”

“Under the freezing evil emptiness, O time, stop…freeze the fate of all that dwell in the material world, break that foundation with a freezing hammer! Ice Flower DecayDiamond Dust – Absolute Zero!”

The mermaid Diva Vepar’s ultimate magic was invoked.

From the palm that black Koyuki thrust out, minus 273 °C wind and blocks of ice flew at Kaguya-senpai.

Receiving the absolute zero with that body, the Prima Material that made up Kaguya-senpai’s body were suspended without limit, losing its elasticity, and then she was fired at with many pebble bullets. All material that received impact under super low temperature will become broken down into small pieces easily.

Huge blue defensive magic power was smashed up. Against the composite attack of the cold of absolute zero and absolute destruction…Kaguya-senpai stuck it out till the end with all the defensive magic power that she had.

“Suicide Black!”


And then she reflected that pain back.

Black Koyuki who presently had a physical body writhed in agony under that pain.

“…Ultra Violence!!”

That pain was further doubled, Kaguya-senpai was staggering and collapsed from magic intoxication.


“…Otouto-kun, please take care of Koyuki-chan. Because with only me, I couldn’t save Koyuki-chan from loneliness…”

Kazuki turned back to Koyuki who he held in his arms. The girl’s consciousness was returning, she was looking at the collapsing Kaguya-senpai with scared-looking eyes. And then she looked at the black Koyuki that came out from inside herself.

Kazuki had a feeling that he understood why during that great joy of victory Nyarlatoteph could take advantage of Koyuki’s heart.

“Kazuki, forgive me, I….I…!”

The face of the girl who hated it so much to cause trouble for other people was dyed in the despair of self-hatred.

“You don’t need to apologize. I just…want to give Koyuki peace of mind.”

Kazuki embraced Koyuki with all his strength, then he joined together those lips with his own.

With the intention of conveying the warmth, with the intention to create a definite bond, he kissed her.

Kazuki’s heart and Koyuki’s heart were tied strongly.

“K, kiss…? To something like me…”

When their lips separated, the face of Koyuki who was always pretending to be expressionless obstinately turned red in bewitchment. Kazuki thought that cuteness of hers was lovely. Not only the mutual certainty between their hearts, Kazuki also felt a strong magic circuit was forming between them.

“Everything is okay now.”

After lightly stroking Koyuki’s head, Kazuki stood up and faced the black Koyuki.

He was going to destroy this enemy and erase Koyuki’s guilt!

“You bastards…how dare you, to inflict human pain to this me…!”

Nyarlatoteph who was in unimaginable agony from [the pain of the whole body that was breaking down from inside the absolute zero] that was [doubled] recovered his battle stance with bloodshot eyes.

And then he began to chant a spell.

Kazuki too had already started his spell. At his side the mermaid Vepar was materialized.

“The other side too is using precisely the same magic that was copied from me. However from the beginning that’s just a fake. No, that man’s everything is a fake power. You understand that right, O King?”

I know. Thereupon this time for sure I’m going to absolutely exterminate that Diva.

The two people in confrontation invoked their magic at the same time.

“”Diamond Dust – Absolute Zero!””

The fierce blowing wind and rocks of ice were exactly the same yet....


“W, what…I’m being pushed back!?”

The violent stream of cold and ice was gradually being pushed toward Nyarlatoteph, that black body took hard and severe hits. Gigantic defensive magic power was smashed apart. However even so the evil god still hadn’t been exterminated.

Kazuki drove the Futsu no Mitama in his hand.

Inside a moment where everything seemed to stop, Kazuki raised the sword overhead.

While his body was gradually breaking down, Nyarlatoteph raised a scream of hatred.

“Impossible…this kind of ridiculous situation! Who do you think I am?[6] I am…the mighty Faceless God!!”

This guy is an evil god that made prey of other people’s egos to amass his power!

“There is no way I’m going to lose to a power that was earned from denying other people! My bonds are my power! If you are the Faceless God, then…I’m going to become the King of Bonds!!”

Nyarlatoteph's remaining dregs, not to mention in this world, there was not even a fragment that remained in the Astrum. Kazuki pierced the Futsu no Mitama into the flesh of the black Koyuki that was in the process of crumbling away.

Light was flashing brightly from the slashed flesh—the evil god was destroyed without leaving a single trace.

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

Board Chairman Amasaki who avoided the losing his life watched every part that happened from beginning to end.

“Come on…Kazuki is not a bad guy right? He is not something like an illegal magician at all. He is the man that I chose after all!”

Beside the Board Chairman, Mio puffed her chest while bragging about Kazuki that she loved with a bright face.

“Your chosen man you said…then don’t tell me, are you going out with him?”

“Eh, going out? Su, such a thing like going out is…no, but the relationship between me and Kazu-nii…however…”

Mio’s face was boiling and turned bright red from the sudden question, she was twisting her body and fidgeting around. From there she looked like she remembered something, then she held her lips back and “Ehehehehe” grinned widely.

Board Chairman Amasaki who was still lying down on the ground looked up at Mio’s state in discomfort, from there he turned his sights to Kazuki. Kazuki was surrounded by his comrades' blessings.

Board Chairman Amasaki released his stern expression and released a deep breath in deep exhaustion.

“Certainly you seem to have a discerning eye. Tsukikurou and I too, we had misunderstood since who knows when. Looks like we didn’t see the things what we ought to see…”

Translator's Notes and References[edit]

  1. SFX of stretching things
  2. Captain, or more accurately commanding officer
  3. The word that was used here is actually maguwau, which has the meaning of sexual intercourse
  4. Father
  5. Kaguya’s name is written with kanji of shine and night
  6. Not the mighty Kamina-sama or Anti-spiral that’s for sure
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