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It has been three months, this is Mihara Mitsuki. And then and then with the pace of every three months until this fifth volume, Magika is going to greet its one full year!

Even if the author is going to welcome his own birthday but “I have passed half of my twenty and the course of the thirty is approaching, there is not even a bit of feeling joyous here…” that kind of feeling, but the birthday of Magika-chan really makes me deeply emotional.

Five volumes. Totally unbelievable. Thinking back I have come far.

It’s only five volumes you are too exaggerating, people might thinks so but the truth is that I am an abnormally negative human. On the other hand Kodama-san who is in charge of editing is an S realist.

It’s a combo that combine two moods in bad meaning. When I and Kodama-san interact with each other we constantly bite at each other shrewdly with the talk heading to minus direction, the guided conclusion always ended with me cornered to a precipitous cliff without fail.

First Kodama-san was saying “But there is this kind of data so the next volume is already no good you know” things like that.

“As, as expected is Magika no good already!?” like that, I got scared.

“Surely it’s no good right? Please struggle to write an interesting manuscript as best as you can. I’m waiting for the manuscript.”

“UWAAAAAAAAAAN! If I don’t write an interesting manuscript then Magika is dead~!!”

Continuing the argument back and forth from this [even] had already become a beautiful pattern, no matter how favorable the sales is let’s make an additional printing and let’s finalize the comicalization, there is not even one thread that is out of order.

However even while my heart is totally disarrayed, “I’m waiting for the manuscript” when that was said additionally in nonchalant tone, “Ah, this or that are said, the fact is what is needed for me is given…” like that my chest tightened and “I’m going to do my best” such feeling boiled up inside. That’s why I too am a simple man that appear negative.

With this kind of state I’m always getting cornered with my mind pushed to the utmost limit just like usual. When I wrote the manuscript wholeheartedly, before I realized it I achieved one full year…this is an actual condition.

No good, no good, while being told that isn’t this unexpectedly still okay….

Although actually, when a light novel lost the support from all of you readers it’s easily discontinued and become a gate of hell. Scary. So from now on too the more the volume advance it will become the more interesting. I’m going to do my best with my whole heart and soul for that so that next two full years, three full years, I’m thinking to aim for ten volumes. Please I beg for the support to keep continuing. I’ll be very happy if you readers also recommended this to the people around you, like that. Wink wink. Magi love is taking application.

I’m moving to thanks. CHuN-san, with new characters one after another making their entrances whatever kind of child they are with no compromise they are really cute. As the one in charge of writing it makes me feel that I too have to work hard and makes me tense. And then to the person assigned to be in charge of Magika’s comicalization Monrin (SDwing)-san, I’m extremely looking forward for it every month. This is not thanks but advertisement, though last month the first volume tankoubon[1] had been released for sale! Each coma one by one are overflowing with spirit and service mind becoming a magnificent quality.

The two of them and that agent-san are Taiwan gentlemen, but in the end of last year my wish to meet eye to eye was fulfilled, things like myth and culture, I heard various story that become a great stimulus for me!

I too feel some love from the editor Kodama-san. And then the support of the readers, everyone is the source of energy for all the staff concerned with this book. In the sixth volume not only that character but that character and that character are planned to play active roles! I’ll do my best! Look forward to it!

Mihara Mitsuki

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  1. Separate volume, usually used to refer for one volume of manga