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Chapter 4 – Love Simulation[edit]

Part 1[edit]

“Magic Division first year class one, Yumeno Shiori.”

A docile girl, with her hair cut and evened up shortly, said that and lowered her head down with a bow.

“Despite being a first year, you want to become the candidate for the committee chairman?” Kaguya-senpai said in surprise.

Yumeno-san smiled bashfully. “I…in my middle school, I used to be in the literature club, I was also a committee member of the library so I have experience in creating the library newspaper…with that…”

“Is that so? Then you are qualified.” Kaguya-senpai also smiled.

What Koyuki proposed, Kazuki put the matter in question all together as a plan toward [the establishment of an academy newspaper]. It was also immediately approved in the staff room and now they are taking applications for newspaper committee members from the whole academic body.

As a result, six of the committee members were gathered from the Magic Division and Sword Division. Among them, the one who was chosen as the committee chairman from the interviews with each of them was Yumeno-san. Like this, she came along to the student council room for introductions.

“You also participated in the battle election, right?” Kazuki immediately noticed and asked her.

“You won through until the third round with a team made of first years as the core.”

It was plainly a great thing. At Kazuki’s pointing out, the girl curled herself up more and more.

“It’s embarrassing…I announced my candidacy even without understanding it well myself…”

She was one of the girls who was brainwashed by Hayashi Shizuka. In other words, with that, she was a person that could be said to be innocent with certainty. Kazuki felt relieved with the election of the girl as the committee chairman. From what he saw, Yumeno-san was a good person.

“…But, I can’t reach Hayashizaki-kun or Amasaki-san or Hiakari-san, it’s a little regrettable. Just a little, I wanted to test my strength so…”

In a surprising behavior, the girl murmured warlike words. It made Kazuki think ‘Oho’.

“…This girl, if, before this I was demoted to rank B, without a doubt she’s the one who would've been promoted to rank A and come to the Witch’s Manor you know? She's the top of rank B student after all.”

Mio made a complicated face. The top of rank B….

“There is no mistake that somehow, a capable committee chairman has come to us, isn’t there? Please treat us well.”

“Plea, please treat me well too, Chief Student Council President!”

“Though, I want you to talk casually seeing as we're in the same year…”

Toward Kazuki who was smiling wryly, Yumeno-san kept bowing her head *peko peko*.

Spontaneously, a graph floated right in front of Kazuki’s eyes.

Yumeno Shiori―31 Mibu Akira―42 Asamiya Anna―38

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

After school that same day, everything was completely devoted to the sample creation of the school newspaper’s first issue. Properly doing the template of the space design first was a good move. At the end of an uproarious argument, the work still couldn’t be said to be done, but they broke up for the day. Kazuki returned to his own room.

Released from the heavy responsibility of the Chief Student Council President―and then this time he faced a different worry again.

The difficult problem that Kazuki put aside in his privacy. The demand of Kazuha-senpai for a [romantic situation]. He must clear this request and then he must beg her for forgiveness.

Kazuki sat down on the bed and groaned “Uu―n”. Then with a pop, Leme materialized on his knees.

“From working phase to conquering phase! Not the worrying of the Chief Student Council President, but the worrying of the Harem King!!” Like that, she was saying some game-like things.

“What do you think romantic is?”

“It’s useless even if you ask that kind of thing to Leme.”

“That's true huh.” Kazuki circled his hands around Leme’s waist as if hugging a plush toy.

“That’s so. Generally, the King didn’t treat Leme as female for even a little bit.”

With a glance, Leme turned Kazuki’s way with a look that was a little mature. Leme-had already grown into an appearance around the same age as Lotte. Rather than a little girl, she could be said to be a girl already.

“…Do you want to be treated romantically?”

“No, if you have free time to do that kind of thing for Leme, you better use it for the girls in your harem. Even if you asked what the meaning of romantic is, how about you try asking the other girls?”

Leme left those words behind and then she disappeared with a pop from inside Kazuki’s arm.

That was certainly the most correct opinion. Kazuki assented with that and stood up from the bed.

Part 2[edit]

“Ah, Kazuki-oniisan!”

The moment he exited his room, he happened to come across Lotte, who was running in the corridor unexpectedly.

“Lotte…what’s with that appearance?”

Lotte was wearing something that looked like a blue string swimsuit and on her back, showy wings decorations were attached. The high exposure rate looked similar to a Magic Dress but it was a little different.

“Fufufu, this is the cosplay of <Bashful Angel Chirariel>, Chirariel [1] Blue desu!”

Bashful Angel Chirariel―Kazuki also watched that anime together with Lotte and Karin. Collecting the gaze of people with their embarrassing appearance, they amassed [Glance Energy] and fought. It was the tale of angel girls of justice.

At a glance, it seems like a cunning setting to aim for the perverted hearts of the male viewers, but that was nothing more than a front to gather sponsors. The content was filled with the staff's obsession for diehard battles that knew no bounds. Unrolling the figure of flowery beautiful girls, it developed stylish battles that fired up the viewer. That gap collected great reviews, not only from the male viewers, but also from the female viewers-a masterpiece of an anime.

“Chirariel Blue appeared to be cool but with heavy emotion, she is a good character really. It’s fine for you to cosplay, however running around in the Witch’s Manor’s halls is no good, okay?”

“Sorry desu…” Lotte meekly hung her head down.

“By the way, I’m greatly changing the topic here, but what kind of romantic situation is Lotte looking for?”

“Romantic, desu…?”

Chirariel Blue, alias Lotte, tilted her head in puzzlement.

“I think my current situation is the ultimate romance, so I’m not asking for even more than this desu.”

“What do you mean?”

“Because…I am a princess that took flight from my country, you know? My life was aimed at by the motherland, even in the country where I escaped to, I was not accepted, everyone was using my life as a political tool…at that time, I encountered a man who saved me even at the risk of his life desu!”

“…Certainly, I didn’t realize as a person that was involved in it myself, but that was amazingly romantic huh.”

“Right now, I’m perfectly content with this desu♪ That’s why right now, I want to go searching for anime rather than something romantic desu. Changing the shameful heart into blue healing….CHAAAAAANGE! CHIRARIEEEEEEELLL! BLUEEEEEE!!”

Lotte took a transformation pose with movement that had sharpness in it.

Like a transformation effect, a heart mark of positivity level up was flying.

“That voice…! So you are in this kind of place huh, Chirariel Blue!”

From one end of the Witch’s Manor, a voice could be heard along with the sounds of someone dashing through the stairs.

“That voice…Chirariel Red!” Lotte also raised her voice.

“Touu!” Skipping the last step of the stairs lightly―Chirariel Red made her appearance.

Similar to what Lotte wore, the one who wore a cosplay costume that looked like a red string swimsuit was―

Karin. When Karin noticed Kazuki’s existence, her face blushed bright red and she hid her own body.

“Wro, wrong, this is, because Charlotte said that she wanted to play with me…”

“Karin-oneesan! To lose against your shameful heart…you don’t have the quality to introduce yourself as Red desu!!”

“!” Karin, receiving Lotte’s scolding, made a face of realization.

It was an expression completely like she was noticing that she almost threw away something important to her by her own hand.

“Change the shameful heart into a flame of justice….CHAAAAAAANGE! CHIRARIEEEEEEEELL! REEEEEDDDD!!” Karin stopped hiding her body and took a sharp transformation pose.

‘What are they doing, these girls’…that’s not what Kazuki was currently thinking.

Kazuki too loved that anime. Confronting Blue and Red like this, his spirit reflexively blazed up.

“…Chirariel Blue! I’ll have Takashi back!!”

“Kazuki-oniisan, please do the Takashi role!”

…Is it okay for me to do Takashi’s role!? This scene is…episode 21 part A without doubt!!

“Stop it you two! Why do you two have to fight?!”

“…So I can fight, that’s why I need Takashi!”

Lotte yelled back with a voice that had completely become Chirariel Blue’s cool tone.

“Before I even knew it…when I noticed, I already cannot feel any more shame other than from Takashi’s gaze, only you. It doesn’t matter what happened with those other people that I should protect! For me, Takashi is already my everything!”

“That completely went against the iron law of Disgraced Angel Chirariel!”

“If it’s to monopolize Takashi’s gaze for myself then…I don’t care even if you become my enemy!”

“Are you losing your mind!?” If there were somebody else that was witnessing this sight from the side, they would surely doubt the sanity of the participants of this scene. Yet even while being in the middle of the aforementioned scene, Karin yelled such.

“Stop it, Chirariel Blue!” Kazuki too got carried away by the mood and yelled.

“Takashi just step back and look at me! …CHIRAAAAAARI WAAAAAAVE!!”

Lotte linked both her hands behind her head and took a pose that highlighted her chest.

Chirariel exhibited their Super Sure-kill MoveChirariism[2] through taking a sexy pose!


Karin raised a scream while trembling *buru buru* all over. Kazuki too hallucinated the violent water torrent that was created from the Chirari Energy that sprang forth from Lotte’s sexy breast valley (fiction).

“Shitt…I won’t hand over Takashi to you! CHIRAAAAAARI FLAAAAAAAAME!!”

Karin opposed the attack and pushed out her butt with a ‘boing’. From that butt, Kazuki hallucinated seeing the violent flames spouting out.

“KYAAAAAAA!” This time Lotte was the one that screamed out. Flame and water clashed against each other!

“Kuh, both of you, what a fight…!”

Kazuki completely engrossed in being Takashi and poured his gaze to the two who were taking unbelievable poses in unbelievable appearances.

“Takashi! More…look at me more!” Lotte yelled while she kept puffing out her chest.

“Takashi! The one who you have to look at is just me!” Karin too yelled while shaking her butt.

“Which one I…should look at…”

Kazuki held his head in his hands and kneeled on the spot. At that time Kazuki was making Takashi’s conflict as his own, the hall of the Witch’s Manor transformed into the battlefield of the two girls who stopped being angels.

“…What in the world are you all doing here?”

Suddenly―a voice of absolute zero dragged Kazuki and the other two back from the delusional world into the world of reality.

Koyuki opened her door unnoticed by anyone and stuck out her head into the hall.

“You two…are you sane?”

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

Lotte and Karin returned to their own respective rooms while Kazuki was remonstrated by Koyuki in the hall.

“Making them dress shamelessly like that and making impure poses, what are you doing?”

Though Koyuki was also such a girl that always wore only a white shirt put on top a pair of panties as her casual wear.

“No…we were just a little, heated up too much in playing around…”

When he thought back, Kazuki, Lotte and also Karin didn’t go through a normal childhood.

Kazuki, who was a senior in his orphanage, always held the awareness of [I have to be dependable] and matured prematurely through his childhood. He never had fun playing some make-believe game innocently even once.

Karin, who was also an orphan like him, and Lotte who was raised in an imperial court too, their circumstances were without a doubt, similar to his.

The three of them, somewhere in their hearts, they might yearn for that kind of childlike playing.

“Somehow it’s like we were discovering the lost puzzle piece that didn’t exist in our time as children, a refreshing feeling…”

“Are you always searching for chances to get a girl emphasizing her chest to you in flutter or for a girl to push out her butt to you bouncily since you were a child until now? That is really a serious sickness of perversion, isn’t it?”

That’s not it Koyuki…Chirariel is pointlessly lewd, but it’s a really great anime….

“Well, I’ll accept Kazuki even if you are a little perverted but…please refrain from perverted conduct that goes too far.”

Koyuki turned her back in a huff as she was heading back into her room. Unconsciously, his eyes became attracted to the butt that jutted out just a little from the end of the shirt that she wore, but Kazuki said “Wait a second” and called her to stop.

“For Koyuki, what kind of thing is a romantic situation for you?”

Kazuki was trying to rely on Koyuki who was an avid reader here. She might, unexpectedly, be a romanticist.

“Romantic…is it?”

“Things like what you are yearning for in that kind of situation.”

After Koyuki hesitated to say for a little while in shyness, she opened her mouth timidly.

“I…I yearn for a wall bang…”

“Wall bang?”

“Cornered close to the wall…then the right elbow banged the wall to block the escape path…”

Blocking the escape path? He didn’t understand why Koyuki yearned for that kind of thing, but Kazuki thought he would try it for real. He smoothly approached Koyuki as if cornering her to the wall of the hall.

“Like this?”

Right beside Koyuki’s face, who was glancing around restlessly in bewilderment, ‘DON!’ Kazuki banged his right elbow close.

Certainly, it felt like her escape path was blocked. Then Kazuki naturally brought his face near Koyuki’s.

Koyuki’s face blushed bright red and she looked down.

“In other words, it’s fine for Koyuki to be approached forcefully?”

“Ye…yes…” Koyuki murmured with a voice that almost couldn’t be heard. “I, am a shy coward, I always want to escape immediately so…even so a person that chased after me like this is…”

Kazuki decided in his heart that if Koyuki wished for this then he was going to try it.

“So you are thinking like that. Then Koyuki, I’m not going to let you run from here at all.”

“I, I’m ashamed…” Against Koyuki, who was averting her eyes, Kazuki directly put his hand on her chin.

“Look at me properly.” He made her face his way and then he stared hard at her directly at a distance where their nose tips could touch each other. Koyuki became completely bright red from her ears to her neck.

“Koyuki, right now you are making a really cute face.” Kazuki whispered. The whispering voice was naturally tinged with sweet reverberation.

“Noo…I don’t like to be looked at like that…”

Koyuki’s eyes were wet with tears, yet a heart mark flew from her chest. That appearance of hers was truly cute.

“You're saying that but, you don’t hate it right? Next what do you want to be done to you while we're like this?”

“I want a lot of embarrassing things…to be done to me…. Even though, I am made unable to escape…”

“Embarrassing things, for example what kinds of things?”

Kazuki blew his breath softly at Koyuki’s long ear. “Fuaa!” Like that, her body was trembling in shivers. Koyuki was weak in her ears. With his left hand finger, Kazuki stroked Koyuki’s long earlobe gently.

“Actually, you are not thinking of running away at all right? In truth, you want this to be done more to you, don’t you?”

“Ye…yes…! I want you to do more embarrassing things to me…!”

While trembling in shivers, Koyuki came appealing to him. Kazuki said “You are cute” and kissed her pure white cheek to convey his honest feelings. Koyuki closed her eyes tightly as if to endure the excitement in her chest. While doing that she said self-torturing things like “Lies…someone like me is cute, that’s…”.

“You're still saying something like that. Then I’m going to continue kissing you until you believe me.”

Not only her cheek, but also her forehead, chin, nose tip, Kazuki rained down kisses to all the places he could reach on her face. While he gently stroked her sensitive ear with his left hand, he caressed her whole face with his lips dearly. “Hauu…” Raising a frail voice, Koyuki leaked out rough breaths from her enchanting half opened mouth.

“After this, what am I going to do to Koyuki, who is pretending to dislike this?”

“Af, after this…even though it’s embarrassing, my clothes are stripped off forcefully…”

Kazuki stopped playing with Koyuki’s ear and moved his hand to the button on the shirt’s collar. Koyuki stared at that hand manner as if seeing a dream. One, two buttons were unfastened, and then the white shirt fell under the floor in a flutter. Koyuki who now only wore a single pair of panties was trembling with a vroom in shame.

“This kind of thin body…is embarrassing…”

While saying so Koyuki didn’t do anything like hiding her body―as if inviting him.

“That’s not true. It’s a really beautiful body.”

The skin that was white like snow drew a gentle-sloping line, forming the still unripe bulges. Kazuki’s sight unconsciously became nailed down on the reddening tip on those bulges. This is bad, he thought.

“…After this, how does Koyuki want to be treated?”

“I, I want to be touched…touch all over my body, I want to be loved…”

“…But if we do even more than this, my self control will be completely gone. Even if the time where Koyuki thinks that you truly want to escape comes, I won’t be able to notice it…let’s leave it around this much.”

*puni* Kazuki pinched Koyuki’s cheek. Koyuki’s rough breath calmed down little by little. Her eyes that were like looking at a dream returned to the color of reality slowly.

“…Puu. Then for the last please kiss me on the lips, gently.”

Embracing tightly the Koyuki who was only wearing a single pair of panties, Kazuki sucked Koyuki’s lips as strong as he could.

Koyuki’s spine was trembling in shivers.

“I, I…I’m going to enter the bath…”

When they separated their lips, Koyuki ran away after rubbing both her thighs against each other restlessly.

Part 3[edit]

When he thought back, it was really something that seemed completely unrealistic that they had done on a whim, but it was a deeply sweet time. In short it was romantic, that situation just now.

But the romantic situation just now…he had a feeling that to a certain extent it was from Koyuki’s peculiar interest….

He should try to ask for the opinion of the other girls just a little bit more. While the fast beating in his heart still hadn't settled down yet, this time Kazuki visited Hikaru-senpai’s room―.

“Romantic situation?”

“Yes, a situation that senpai is yearning for.”

Hikaru-senpai made Kazuki who suddenly visited sit on the bed, then when she sat beside him she came leaning on him. While conversing, she nuzzled her chest that as always was covered with fit-wear that tightly stuck to her skin, to Kazuki, probably intentionally. This person always nonchalantly appealed herself that she was a girl, coming at him with temptation.

“If we talk about romantic…then it’s a rapidly falling ceiling.”


“When a ceiling comes falling, I hold it back desperately. Then [Quickly go forward while I’m holding this back!] [How could I advance forward by leaving senpai behind…I won’t do that!] [Stupid idiot, if Kazuki doesn’t go, who will stop the great demon lord Kaguya!]”

With an expression and voice that were true to her nature, Hikaru-senpai made a lone performance. But great demon lord Kaguya….

“Right there with a ‘WHAM’, I kicked Kazuki away from the room where the ceiling is falling into the corridor. [Live for me too, okay…actually I held this feeling for you, I lov…] …GUSHA! BORIGORI! (Sound of being pulverized)[3] BICHUGUCHU (water sound)!”

“Senpai died!? Moreover, the sound effects of the result is pointlessly gross!”

“…That kind of situation, that’s what I yearned for.”

While cutely leaning her body on him, what in the world was this person saying?

“It’s different. What I want to ask is not something from a shounen manga like that, but something more like a shoujo manga.”

“Shoujo manga huh―. I've never read any shoujo manga though―. If I have to say what I’m yearning for then, I want to be treated more like a girl or something―”

“Senpai is a cute girl you know.”

“Ahaha, get affectionate with me more and more pleeease♪”

With a ‘pyon’ senpai brought her face near Kazuki’s, then she rubbed her cheek with Kazuki’s *suri suri*. Against the senpai that he respected in both character and strength, should he feel shy or troubled when she fawned at him like this….

“Hey, Kazuki. I have thought this for a long time but…”

Hikaru-senpai attached their cheeks together tightly and whispered with a sweet voice.

“My second kiss…how should I beg you for it I wonder?”

―For that request, just that word is sufficient already.

Kazuki grasped one hand of Hikaru-senpai with his left hand, embraced her slender waist with his right hand, and then he touched their lips together.

“Nn…♪” Senpai rubbed their lips together enjoying the feel of Kazuki’s lips, held his lips in her mouth, and she also nuzzled her well-ordered nose at Kazuki’s nose grazingly―eskimo kiss.

Along with ticklish frolicking around, a heart mark came flying.

After she separated their lips with a ‘chuu’ sound, Hikaru-senpai was being bashful.

“Ju, just as I thought, it’s really embarrassing and makes my heart beat really fast doesn’t it, kissing. Ehe.”

―Researching more of the romanticness of the action of kissing itself might be a good idea.

“Senpai, is there a kiss like this that you want to do? Like an even more romantic kiss or something.”

“Romantic kiss? Uu―n…” Hikaru-senpai tapped her chin with her finger and pondered.

“My breasts and my butt, I want to be kissed while being touched on those two places.”

“…Eh?” Kazuki was taken aback. Looking at Kazuki's bewilderment, Hikaru-senpai grinned widely like a young boy that just thought of some mischief. Kazuki’s left hand that was linked with her hand was moved onto her breast, then Kazuki’s right hand that was in her waist toward her butt, each of the hands were guided by Hikaru-senpai.

Kazuki’s fingers that were paralyzed with nervousness reflexively dug *funyuu* into Hikaru-senpai’s flesh. Senpai’s breast and butt that was covered with only a piece of fit-wear were soft, similar with being naked―no, it could even be thought that the softness increased even more because of how it stuck to the skin tightly.

He had several experiences of breasts that were pressed on him until this much. But the softness of a breast that he grasped with an eagle’s grip using fingers where the nerves were concentrated, it had a different dimension with his experiences in the past.

Unthinkingly he kept massaging *funyu funyu* several times just like that. Looking at Kazuki whose face heated up, Hikaru-senpai was laughing “hehehe” and then she kissed him one more time. Lips, breast, butt…tasting the three places that were full of a girl’s sensation at the same time. ―He couldn’t touch them this simply in this kind of place. Even while thinking that thought, he couldn’t release his palms from Hikaru-senpai’s breast and butt in fascination.

With ‘chuu’ sounds their lips parted. Kazuki asked what was her intention with his gaze.

“Because like this I can actually feel that you are really feeling my charm as a girl…”

While smiling bashfully, Hikaru-senpai dropped her gaze to Kazuki’s lower body.

“Also…when a change happened to your penis, for me it’s really romantic you seeee♪”

“That is not romantic…but erotic you know!”

Borrowing the momentum of the tsukkomi, Kazuki somehow brought his hands far from the soft sensation.

But against Kazuki that was trying to separate their body, senpai leaped at him “Ahaha, I won’t let you escape―. Heyaaa―!” and embraced him tightly. Like fellow children innocently, but also accompanied with the sweet thrill of a man and woman, Kazuki and Hikaru-senpai entangled together on top of the bed. And then they kissed one more time.

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

The night gradually grew late.

“If you want to know about romantic, you should come to my place right from the start you know!”

The one that he visited next was Mio’s room. Without even sitting on chairs, the two stayed standing in the center of the room. Mio puffed her chest ‘ehhem’ and answered Kazuki’s question.

“Is Myon-chan a romantic?”

“Kazuki, stop calling me Myon-chan!”

Mio-sensei ‘kohon’ cleared her throat and began the class.

“What is called romantic is a way to stir up your feelings, a play technique just so you know.”

“I have a feeling that this is the first time I'm hearing an opinion that has truth in it.”

“There are various techniques but…the most easy to understand technique is surely [poem]!”

“Poem?” Hearing that word he was not familiar with, Kazuki leaned his ears with deep interest.

“Even with a really ordinary object, but the instant you express it with poetic words, it will make you reconfirm it with a totally fresh beauty. Changing a normal day into an extraordinary day…it’s not an exaggeration to even say that poems exist to make everything romantic.”

Now that she mentioned it, when Mio made her self-introduction she said things like liking poems.

“For example when a boy says [cute] to a girl. The girl too would be happy when it was first said to her, but it will gradually change into feeling of [okay okay I get it] if you keep saying it to her right? It’s a weak word. It’s a word that will become ordinary, become obsolete. If right there the boy comes up with a more ingenious sentence like [ah, you are really cute without question] using all sorts of poetic words to present to the girl, the girl will once again notice how she is being thought of so importantly by the boy in a really fresh sensation, turning into a romantic feeling!”

“I see…but isn't it embarrassing to say such clichéd words? Even with only saying the word cute but with sincere feelings, or maybe simple is the best, I think it will already transmit the speaker’s feelings enough though…. It’s scary to make a blunder and make the atmosphere go cold.”

“Certainly, depending on the situation there are also times when simple words are enough to pierce the heart. But you know, to a certain degree it’s fine even if you fail. [Ah, for the sake of making me happy, this person tried hard that much] thinking like that, just from that won’t she feel an emotion of love? What is called romantic is not focusing on the result, but it’s something that appreciates the process too!”

“I, I see! You won’t get anything without challenging it, is that it? But I don’t have any confidence here, doing something like using words stylishly like a poet is…”

“The, then…first you need to practice. Try it by expressing my charms poetically here!”

Mio’s charm was it…she was, so to speak, a companion that was always charming through day and night. I’m going to show her.

“Mio’s hair is…as if pure gold that is made into threads, beautifully glittering in light.”

“Fufuu, it’s a little clichéd but isn’t it quite good? So Kazuki first starts with the hair…”

“This elegant brightness suits Mio’s noble heart perfectly. Mio is always proudly, magnificently, truly a possessor of a golden heart after all.”

“That’s a good feeling! The mix of not only praising the external appearance but also the inside earned you a high score!!”

Kazuki and Mio stared at each other with rapt attention.

“Your beauty is like an unattainable flower, however…Mio’s big and beautiful eyes that are gazing at me are overflowing with charm and rich in expression, that’s why I unconsciously reached my hand with a wish to embrace you. A gem so precious that it made me timidly question myself whether it is okay for someone like me to hold it in my hand…for me that is Mio without a doubt.”

“Kyaa―!!” Mio suddenly yelled and hopped up and down repeatedly.

“Kazuki, so you think of me like that!? Aren’t you loving me too much!?”

“I love you Mio. No matter how many times I convey it, when I thought that my feelings couldn’t be conveyed and how it would make Mio anxious, it made me glad that I can convey my love like this.”


Mio staggered as if she was being dizzy from standing too fast. Kazuki held her for support in a panic looking at her state.

“Fuwawa…I’m going to faint. Ah, but right now I’m in this kind of appearance…”

Mio suddenly noticed that she was in her pajamas right now and shook her head.

“I’m not a person like this! Kazuki, wait a little bit! I’m going to enter my serious mode after this!”

Mio suddenly hit Kazuki’s chest with her hand lightly. She pushed him out from her room to the hall.

The door was closed loudly, and then he could hear sounds of rustling and moving around from inside the room.

“Kazukii, how about this!?”

What she came wearing were clothes that looked midway between dress and one-piece, extravagant deep crimson clothes.

“The deep crimson feels like Mio’s theme color. But it’s not an offensive color and instead more of an elegant luster of silk’s softness and drape. It has the impression of your best clothes. To be able to face a girl this beautiful, it’s an unthinkable honor as a man.”

“Hanyaa―nn♪ …Yosh, next!”

―From there Mio modeled various clothes coordinated in every way…towards Mio’s effort, Kazuki used all his power to praise her using honeyed words. Mio’s fashion show crossed a lot of genres. She turned into a natural cute style, becoming an outdoor girl, dressing in celebrity style, and many others.

…How many clothes does this girl have, Kazuki shuddered in front of Mio’s girl power.

“…Then, next is this-!” What appeared next was an appearance he was used to see―her Magic Dress.

“The me in this form…once again what do you think?”

“…I think this is the appearance that let out Mio’s charm the best. Gorgeous, but at the same time a crisp awe-inspiring appearance of a fighting girl. When I’m looking at it, my feelings tighten from the dignified beauty, like standing in front of a work of art in a museum that I cannot avert my eyes from at a moment’s notice. However at the same time…Mio’s beautiful skin and the line of a girl’s body are mostly visible, that’s why my heart as man is tickled fiercely. Is it okay for me to be charmed by this sublime beauty, is it also okay for me to fall into my desire…am I human, or beast, the boundary line between those two is blurring…”

“Kazuki, you are turning into a beast…” Mio’s face boiled bright red.

“The, then I’m going for the next!”

Mio went back to her room once more. This time there were no sound of clothes being taken off or clothes being worn for a while.

After no sound at all the door immediately opened―what appeared in front of him, was the naked Mio. There was not even a single string attached on her body. The important places were only hidden by both her hands, everything else was fully exposed to Kazuki.

“The bare plain me…how is it I wonder…?”

While Kazuki’s eyes were being stolen, he gulped his saliva.

“This is not good, Mio. I become unable to restrain myself. In front of someone this beautiful and important, I still mustn’t become a beast.”

“Kazu-nii…do you really value me so importantly? Then…”

Mio parted her hands that hid her body, only to Kazuki, she exposed her everything.

However it was only just for a moment, the girl immediately leaped into Kazuki’s chest.

And then she turned to Kazuki’s face and closed her eyes. Guessing the unsaid meaning, Kazuki touched their lips together. Mio who was in the form just like when she was born, if they couldn’t mingle their bodies together then at the very least even if it was just her feelings, she kissed Kazuki greedily.

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

“Romantic? For me I really yearn for an adult’s romance.”

Kaguya-senpai quietly smiled and said that.

“Adult’s romance, is it…? Something like night viewing?”

Hearing Kazuki’s poor imagination, Kaguya-senpai was “Right right!” and nodded.

Inside Kaguya-senpai’s room, an incense was being lit as usual. It didn’t have strong emphasis that made him concerned, just a sweetly tickling aroma at an inadvertent moment. It even resembled senpai’s own scent. Both of them were sitting on the bed, a thick sweet fragrance was also coming from Kaguya-senpai’s body who was sitting right beside him.

Kaguya-senpai’s room, compared to others had the characteristic of the collection of various analogue games inside the cupboard. Standard card games like trump or uno, chess or shogi [4], standard board games called game of life, furthermore there were also international-made maniac games that were imported to Japan in the past. There was even a game with the Cthulhu Mythos as its theme where Nyarlatoteph made an appearance that made Kazuki felt complicated. With Kaguya-senpai’s love of bargaining [5] and psychological warfare, occasionally Kazuki also played together with her. The games results so far between them were even.

“Night viewing is also good! In a high class restaurant on the rooftop of a high rise hotel, where one side of the wall is fixed with glass where we could see an unbroken view of Tokyo at night! Well, though the current Tokyo’s night view seemed like it has become fairly darker when compared with the past Tokyo. Reserving such a place, with the waiter always staying on standby at one corner of the room, Otouto-kun is swirling around a wine glass that sparkled from the light reflection of the chandelier above, and then you make a toast in front of my eyes. The wine is a chateau that has aged for ten-odd years.”

“We're still minors, senpai.” Of course all the wine that was circulated in the market currently only consisted of domestic products.

“And then when the meal ended, continuing just like that we are going to the suite room of the hotel…. While I’m in the middle of showering, Otouto-kun will be waiting wearing a bathrobe and sitting on a chair. While swirling around a wine glass in one hand.”

The wine glass that was continued to be swirled around actually had an outstanding supporting role here.

“For the sake of me who seemed to be shy, Otouto-kun turned off the lights. And then the overlapping silhouette of the two people with the night view as the background…That kind of adult night…”

“That’s too adult really…. Also it takes too much money, it’s impossible…”

“Fufufu. Even if it's not that kind of place, something like watching the night parade in an amusement park with the two of us, having a date in a romantic place is great I think.”

For the sake of creating a romantic situation, going to a romantic place was certainly an easy to understand solution.

“By, by the way I wonder why is Otouto-kun suddenly getting concerned about something romantic!? By any chance perhaps it’s for the sake of enlivening the promised date with me…?”

“Hawaa!?” Kazuki reflexively let out a strange voice. …His promise of a going to a date with Kaguya-senpai, had completely faded out from his head. Looking at that reaction of his…Kaguya-senpai’s eyes were holding still.

“…Otouto-kun, by any chance…did you forget?”

The pressuring smiling face of Kaguya-senpai came closer smoothly.

The next instant, *ton* Kazuki’s shoulder was pushed and he rolled onto the bed.

“Se, senpai…” Although he was leaking out his voice, the fault was his own so he couldn’t resist. However Kaguya-senpai was taking off Kazuki’s pajama shirt with the popping sound of buttons. It’s fine going that far, but suddenly even his pajamas' trousers were also sliding down, as expected Kazuki became flustered.

“Ple, please wait a second senpai! The trousers too!?”

“Kazuki-kun, it’s punishment time♡”

―The color of Kaguya-senpai’s pupils were changing into a violet color. Affected with Asmodeus’ magic power, it was the color when her self-control was completely dyed with desire. Instantly senpai’s pajamas disintegrated into Prima Material and she transformed into the Magic Dress figure with its unnecessary ornaments omitted.

Her appearance consisted only of the small fabric that covered the upper part of her chest beginning from under her neck and the parts that resembled the letter ‘V’ on her abdomen.

“…Fufufu, because I had been using a lot of power in the deciding match for third place.”

“Wasn’t that already more than a week ago!”

And then *gachink* there was a metallic sound. There were handcuffs attached on Kazuki’s hands.

“…Please wait a second. This, where did senpai take that out from?”

When he didn’t resist, he really became unable to move his body at all.

Right there Kaguya-senpai’s sensual body was―bending forward on him. Kaguya-senpai’s big breasts, almost bare-naked in a liberated state shook *tapun tapun*, climbing on top of Kazuki’s chest with a great jolt. Her voluptuous thighs are entangling with Kazuki’s lower body.

The reality of a girl’s softness and warmth was thoroughly taught into his whole body―a body posture that could even be said to be a [meat blanket][6].

“This whole night, Kazuki-kun is my plaything de―su♡”

Senpai’s hand stroked Kazuki’s chest in a sliding movement. For some reason senpai liked chests.

“Kazuki-kun poke po―ke♡”

“Uwaaa!” Having his nipple suddenly poked, Kazuki let out his voice reflexively.

“Poke poke po―ke♡”

His side was poked even further, Kazuki trembled fearfully.

“Kazuki-kun pero [7] pero♡”

Kaguya-senpai crawled her tongue in a slide from Kazuki’s nape of the neck to his cheek, and then she pursed her lips on his cheek and made out a ‘chuu’ voice. And then her soft lips sucked Kazuki’s cheek strongly.

Grazing that voluptuous body on Kazuki, Kaguya-senpai began to gain a faint pleasure. Senpai’s whole body was influenced by Asmodeus’ magic power and became sensitive. Visibly tormenting Kazuki like this, senpai’s breath began to ‘haa haa’ get disordered.

The hand that stroked Kazuki’s body moved down little by little. It was heading down to a bad place.

“Sen, senpai, you mustn’t do that.”

“Things that I mustn’t do don’t exist. …I still can't kiss with Kazuki-kun mouth to mouth, so…I have to do everything else except the kiss, or else you will be taken by the other girls…”

Kaguya-senpai leaked out her voice in a whisper. In her expression that was colored with pleasure, a slight urgent feeling of being cornered was mixed. Senpai was being impatient.


Kazuki whispered to the senpai who was really kinder to him than anyone else since his enrollment here.

“I really love you.” With that he got his face that could move freely closer and kissed her cheek.

There were also times when a mere simple word could pierce the heart―With a flush, blood was rushing to Kaguya’s face.

“Sheesh! It’s no good for Kazuki-kun to be the one attacking right now! Even though this is the night where I’m the one who is attacking!!”

But perhaps the impatience and anxiety had disappeared from Kaguya, her hand that was reaching to Kazuki’s lower body stopped in a close call. She circled both her hands around Kazuki’s hips and hugged him tightly again.

“…I won’t do something too extreme, but it’s a waste to get satisfied immediately, so I’m going to enjoy Kazuki-kun thoroughly and comfortably through the whole night.”

Kaguya declared so and turned off the light with a remote control. And then she restarted nuzzling her body on Kazuki. Inside the pitch black room, only Kaguya’s sweet sighs reverberated in his ear. The large fruit of her breasts were kneaded on Kazuki’s chest. Kaguya’s nether region was rubbing on Kazuki’s thigh. Kaguya made her pleasant feeling get worked up greedily, that body of hers got damply wet with sweat. Around him was teeming with the sweet fragrance like nectar from the sweat and pheromones. Sometimes the girl's body trembled in a twitching way *bikun bikun*.

Kaguya made Kazuki’s hard body as a tool for the sake of pleasure without rushing in a trance.

It was fine to desist from escalating their action, but because of this and that, Kazuki as usual continued being completely in a half-dead state from the exposure of the sensual temptation.

He wanted to indulge Kaguya’s body in insatiable lust as much as he could. Even that kind of desire existed inside Kazuki.

However Kazuki was being handcuffed, also, even if he was not being handcuffed, there was also his self-restrain that forbid him from taking a step past the line. If he stepped past the line once, then his restraint would be completely gone.

Restraint…. It was not only Kaguya-senpai, he also had to stick it out with regards to everyone else…

As the swordsman of Hayashizaki…if he didn’t suppress his worldly desires….

“UOO…Namu Amida Butsu [8]…Namu Amida Butsu…”

To suppress his worldly desires, Kazuki chanted a Buddhist prayer with a groaning like voice. Kaguya-senpai was startled.

“Kazuki-kun, stop chanting that weird spell! That’s the total opposite of romantic!!”

Part 4[edit]

He had a feeling that he had already caught a glimpse of that concept called romantic.

Last night he could make everyone happy more than usual and passed the time in a sweet atmosphere.

{If you could grow until you could create that kind of flow deliberately, then My King will become an excellent playboy!}

Leme came transmitting her voice with Telepathy.

No, it was one kind of training to acquire skills and knowledge for the sake of spending an even better time with his precious people. It was not like he was aiming to become a playboy or something but….

The problem was that everything he had done yesterday could go well because the other parties were the amiable people of the Witch’s Manor. He didn’t know if it would also go well if he did the same thing to Kazuha-senpai.

However…nothing would change if he didn’t even do anything. To face the [romantic] problem assigned to him by senpai seriously was the responsibility of the one who kissed senpai forcefully.

As a Hayashizaki swordsman, he couldn’t run away from romance!

{However when Leme thought will something happen…or nothing will happen…}


{No, it’s nothing. My King, don’t worry and make the girl fall!}

As always, the yell from Leme that made him feel bad superbly, he thought.

After school, Kazuki finally came to the Sword Division’s school building searching for Kazuha-senpai’s figure.

With Leme’s ability―the power of <Positivity Level Map>, he could perceive that for some reason today too Kazuha-senpai was at the abandoned school building. Most likely she was just alone.

When he finally arrived at the club building after traversing the Japanese garden, his timing was just right with Kazuha-senpai coming out of the abandoned club room. Toward senpai who was raising *kan kan* footstep sounds descending the outer stairs, Kazuki hurriedly called out to her.

“Senpai, I was looking for you.”

Kazuki too raised his voice in nervousness, but even more than him, Kazuha-senpai jumped in surprise. And then as if leaping down, she descended the stairs and turned her back at Kazuki. Then she dashed away like a startled rabbit.

“Wa, please wait a second senpai!?”

Kazuki chased her in a panic. The story was different with what she said yesterday when she didn’t even give him a chance to talk.

“Hayashizaki, don’t tell me you…you are coming here to do something romantic!?”

While escaping, Kazuha-senpai looked back. Her cheeks had already become slightly red.

“Even though senpai is the one that said if I didn’t do something romantic you will cut ties with me, why are you running away!? I won’t be able to do anything romantic like this!!”

“I, it’s fine even if you don’t do it! As I thought it’s fine even if you don’t do anything romantic!!”

What irrationality. With this the chance that she promised to give was only a lie and she was going to cut ties without any questions asked. No…Kazuha-senpai’s positivity level was not that low that she would cut ties that absurdly.

Or perhaps had senpai came to become embarrassed later on after she demanded that [romantic kiss]!? The senpai at that time was in an absurd temperament after all, it was not impossible….

“Wait senpai! It’s dangerous to run away while not looking at your front you know!?”

“Eh!?” Kazuha-senpai raised her voice and looked back at her front, but it was too late.

While she was looking back here, senpai, who was dashing through the Sword Division’s garden with Enchant Aura at full power didn’t notice the excellent pine tree that stood in front of her, then she splendidly collided with it head-on. “UWAAA!” She tottered while scattering away blue defensive magic power.

Kazuki caught up right there. All of a sudden, [wall bang chance] such an idea floated in his head. The escaping Kazuha-senpai was overlapping with Koyuki’s figure.

Kazuki approached Kazuha-senpai and sandwiched her between his body and the pine tree. Kazuha-senpai turned to look his way. He thrust out his right hand through the side of her face to the trunk of the pine tree with a ‘DON’. Wall bang stance―success.

“Senpai, please talk to me.”

Kazuki naturally brought his face closer. Kazuha-senpai meekly shrunk herself.

“Why are you running away? Isn’t this different from the promise?”

“Be, because when I thought about it calmly, what kind of romantic thing you were going to do, it’s strange I thought…”

“But I’m troubled if there's no chance for me to repair my relationship with senpai. Even though it’s for the sake of that, I plan to show that I will do whatever romantic things I have to do.”

“E, even if you become that overly serious to do something romantic…”

“Please give me a chance to do something romantic. For that I'd done lots of training.”

“You said training…. …You don’t have any reason to be that attached to me right? Let’s stop this already, there are a lot of other girls after all…”

“There's only one Kazuha-senpai though.”

“……..Lusting for me that much, just stop it.” She was talking in a voice that became smaller and smaller.

“Maybe this is lust, but I don’t want my bond with senpai to be gone. But, if senpai rejects me from the bottom of your heart then I'll give up, but like this, won’t the both of us just be left sad?”

“…You can't do something like a proper kiss anyway…”

“I’m sorry, but that time there was no other choice except to kiss.”

Kazuha-senpai fell into a dead-end because she had no outlet for her emotions, she was slightly trembling with a bright red face. Then suddenly “WAA―!” she yelled and pounded at Kazuki’s chest *poka poka* with both hands repeatedly.

“Even though you don’t really like me that much! Just let me go already―!!”

Kazuki hugged Kazuha-senpai tightly altogether with the arms that were hitting him.

“Why does senpai think that? There's no way I don’t like everything about senpai.”

Just like what Mio said, his own feelings had to be conveyed completely.

Exhaust all my words.

“The same magic swordsman like me, and you love kenjutsu even more than Summoning Magic. Even when you were at the very bottom of failure, you kept trying to crawl up with your sword and hard effort. That figure of senpai made me arbitrarily think of you as a companion that is similar to me.”

“Don’t just think of me as someone similar to you as you please. At any rate, someone like me is completely weak…”

“Please don’t talk like that, I want to become stronger together with senpai.”

“If you think like that, doesn’t that mean you only see me as a swordsman and nothing else…”

He thought it was a little unexpected. Senpai’s way of talking just now could be thought as behaving like a spoiled child that wanted to depend on him.

“That’s not true. Senpai is a lovely person with that straightforward personality of yours. You scold me not to hurt girls. I was anxious whether I was hated by senpai or not but senpai came to rely on me for your kenjutsu. Through one thing or another senpai worked really hard for the sake of my battle election that didn’t have any connection at all with senpai. You also cooperated with me even though it was for saving Karin who was an enemy…”

The more he looked back at his memory, the more he realized that Kazuha-senpai was a [good person].

“And then you got angry, you laughed, you got angry to hide your shyness…senpai is an energetic lovely girl. I don’t want to see such a senpai to have a sad face.”

“…Just like everyone else?”

“Yes. Just like everyone else, senpai is precious to me.”

“Even though you understand my feelings you still say something like that, how unfair…”

Certainly it might be unfair. But he had decided not to do anything unfair. It doesn’t matter even if I become a pet or I become someone with a harem, either way I will devote my everything for my precious people.

“Kazuha-senpai. It’s okay even if it is not immediately right now, so please recognize me. Because for the sake of that, I will continue to do romantic things for senpai. And then…I will kiss senpai one more time.”

Kazuki proclaimed such in Kazuha-senpai’s ear while hugging her body tightly. Senpai groaned “uuuu…” while burying her face into Kazuki’s chest―an avatar of a small key flew to Kazuki.

It was the proof of a positivity level that surpassed a value of 65. She didn’t hate him, on the contrary.

“Senpai, just now, your positivity level had gone up.”

“Wha!?” Kazuha-senpai opened her eyes wide, “Release me, release me, release me, release me alreadyyy―!!” She struggled violently and ran away from Kazuki’s arms. And then without delay she speedily slipped away through Kazuki’s side.

“I really…really, really don’t like someone like you at alll―!!”

After shouting that, she turned her back to Kazuki and dashed away.

Part 5[edit]

“Kazuha-senpai, let’s eat lunch.”

―From there on every time Kazuki had time between his work as the Chief Student Council President, he showed his face as much as possible in front of Kazuha-senpai. If the wording was changed that just meant that he followed Kazuha-senpai around.

“Hayashizaki…from now on I’m buying from the canteen…”

Seeing Kazuki who suddenly appeared out of nowhere, Kazuha-senpai showed a forced scowl.

“I know, I heard from Kohaku. Usually senpai ate Kohaku’s homemade box lunch together with her at the abandoned clubroom, but unexpectedly she has work in the Sword Division’s student council during the lunch break so senpai is having bread from the canteen right? But isn’t it lonely to just eat bread alone?”

Because of the Chief Student Council President’s sudden entrance, the surrounding students of the Sword Division were making a stir.

“He's taking consideration for Tsukahara-san who lost her lunch companion.”

“The Chief Student Council President [9] is so kind~”

Listening on the surrounding conversations, Kazuha-senpai was grumbling “gunu” and making a bitter face. Kazuki was also a little surprised by the surrounding reactions and looked around restlessly, but then he chose not to mind and continued to talk.

“Tha, that might be, but…there is no reason to eat together with you just because of that.”

“Senpai, didn’t you say before that my box lunch was delicious?”

“Even the bread from the canteen is tasty.” Kazuha-senpai turned her back in a huff.

“Hohou…does senpai like bread that much? Cheap bread with cheap quality that has unbalanced nutrition. …Senpai’s desire to improve yourself as a swordsman is only to that degree in the end.”

The canteen of the Sword Division, because it wasn’t provided with a satisfactory budget until now by the Knight Academy, they only stocked up from vendors that could be called anything but first class. Of course this matter is also one of Kazuki and his group’s targets for reform.

“Wha, what did you say!” Against Kazuki’s cheap provocation, Kazuha-senpai quickly turned back.

The moment she turned back, Kazuki took hold of Kazuha-senpai’s hand tightly,

“I brought senpai a box lunch with a more balanced nutrition, so let’s eat together. I won’t overlook this aspect as your master in swordsmanship.”

From Kazuha-senpai, whose hand was caught, a heart mark came flying. However Kazuha-senpai still resisted.

“Do, don’t grip my hand! You are just too overbearing!!”

“Hayashizaki-kun is so kind―!” “Don’t tell me you're refusing Chief President’s invitation, don’t be like that Tsukahara-san.”

The surrounding conversations were on Kazuki’s side. Kazuha-senpai was groaning “gununu”, and she continued to get dragged away by Kazuki. Just like that the both of them walked to the abandoned clubroom.

“Senpai, your positivity level just went up a little again you know?”

“You lie-! I don’t feel happy even a tiny little bit being treated like this―!!”

Kazuha-senpai kicked and struggled in vexation.

“Ah, senpai. I forgot to prepare chopsticks for two people. There's no other way except to feed senpai with ‘aa―n’ using my chopsticks then.”


◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

Of course there was no way he could devote all his time just following Kazuha-senpai around.

Around the start of June, finally the first edition of the academy newspaper was finished in the form of data at the student council room.

Next they only need to print it and they would be in a situation where they could distribute it to the whole student body of the school.

The content was first about the introduction of Kazuki who became the Chief Student Council President and his declaration of opinion in the form of words, and also the introduction of the Magic Division and the Sword Division’s student councils. They also especially took pictures of the introduced characters and published it in the newspaper.

And then the introduction of various policies that Kazuki thought he wanted to perform from now on, and also the collection of opinions from the students regarding his policies. It became that students could express their opinions by mailing it to the student council.

Furthermore, the newspaper also consolidated the fundamental introduction of the Magic Division and the Sword Division. It was because the Magic Division and the Sword Division didn’t know much at all about each other. What kind of system each Division had, what kind of classes they received, what kind of activity they spent their time on…the first edition of the newspaper became really varied in its content.

“Even though I wanted to write about battle articles if there was leftover space, or maybe a poetry corner.”

Mio pouted her lips and booed. Well, he had the feeling that he wanted to try and read such things though.

“The committee chairman had also done her best and reduced her sleeping time you know?”

Yumeno-san had the color of exhaustion peeking out a little in her expression, but she directed him a smiling face filled with a sense of accomplishment.

“After that, for the time being, we're going to have Headmaster Amasaki do the last check including the design. Though I think there'll be no problem, because he had looked over the main manuscript.”

When Kazuki murmured that, the monitor that was attached on the wall of the student council room made a ‘putsun’ sound. It was receiving a signal and started automatically. On the monitor, Headmaster Amasaki’s face was projected.

This monitor was the hotline that connected the staff room with the student council room.

{Hayashizaki Kazuki…not just you, but everyone else seems to be present. Well fine.}

“Headmaster? We're just finishing the academy newspaper here. We have also sent the data to the headmaster’s address but…do you have any business?”

The time from when they had sent the newspaper data and him contacting right now was too fast for him to have finished checking already.

{This is something that I’m really not clear on either, so I’m getting right to the point…Board Chairman Takasugi had disappeared.}

“…What did you say? What is the meaning of this?”

{That’s also what I don't understand. He didn’t even leave a note of explanation, there is no trace of an incident. It’s just so sudden, that bastard’s figure vanished just like that. Even the guy’s family can't be contacted. There was a search request coming from the Knight Order.}

His family too, did that mean that the Takasugi brothers had also disappeared.

{Because of that, there will be a new Board Chairman coming in the near future. The front page for the newspaper’s next issue is decided already with this big scoop isn’t it? Hahhahha.}

“…What hahhahha, this is not the time.” Kaguya-senpai was making an amazed face with all her heart.

After leaving behind a careless laugh, the communication was cut.

Board Chairman Takasugi―all of his student protégées lost in the general election. Hayashi Shizuka also failed in her assassination of Hayashizaki Kazuki. Had he judged that he had no business anymore in this academy?

Even so there was supposed to be some value left that could be used in the position of Board Chairman….

In the end everything ended with their inability to grasp any proof of that man’s true colors.

In the end their excitement of finishing the newspaper was completely poured with cold water by this unknown uneasiness.

Part 6[edit]

The night of the same day.

Kazuki, together with Kaguya-senpai and Koyuki were playing card games in Kaguya-senpai’s room.

Reading the opponent’s thoughts and building the road to victory with [strategic thinking], for Kazuki who had experienced a lot of matches as a swordsman this card game was something familiar. However Kaguya-senpai and Koyuki were also extraordinarily strong opponents in strategy games, the match was being well fought.

Koyuki, who was set up by Kazuki and Kaguya-senpai and fell into last place showed a lovely sulky look with her cheeks bulging. During that time Kazuki’s cell phone rang out.


It was Headmaster Amasaki on the line with a voice so loud that it almost made his defensive magic power activate to protect his eardrums. When Kazuki tried to turn on the TV while he was soothing Koyuki who was silently burning for revenge, from the living room in the first floor “Kazuki, Kaguya, this is bad!” Hikaru-senpai’s voice came calling them.

The three people descended down from the room on the second floor to the living room. Their group was also joined by Mio who heard the commotion. In the living room, Hikaru-senpai, Lotte and Karin were becoming glued to the TV.

It looked like this group of three people were originally watching anime. However what was currently projected in the living room’s large screen TV that was bigger to the one in their room was a totally different image.

{…This is a relay from a helicopter. Please look, The Knight Order’s subdivision is burning! Amidst the flames and rubble, a state of fighting between Magica Stigma can be confirmed!}

The reporter raised an upset voice with a rough breath.

They could see that the news was transmitted in real time right from the actual location from the image’s rough quality. It was an image of a town that was reduced to rubble, reminding them of [Tokyo’s Great Destruction], and then the [flames of war].

The knights that formed the Heaven and Earth Formation to take control were unfolding a fierce battle with Magica Stigma.

{These Magic Dresses belong to Solomon's 72 Pillars.}

There was also a small clip of the news studio’s situation on the screen. There was a man that looked like an expert in it pointed at the knights that were fighting in the Heaven and Earth Formation and explained.

{Then they are the Knight Order, and then the opponents they are fighting…}

The news caster at his side asked for answers.

{The Magic Dresses of the opposing Magica Stigma―there is nothing corresponding in the database even when we make comparisons, they're unidentified.}

{So in other words, they are illegal magicians?}

{Correct. Moreover this enemy is in fairly large numbers, they are moving to take control. …Please look, right now they are showing action of taking prisoners by capturing the knights that used up all of their magic power and fainted. A movement that is taking control like this, it’s a characteristic that could be seen from <Loki Einherjar> that is led by Loki from the Norse Mythology at the center of repeated terror attacks recently.}

{Then this attack, is something caused by that Loki?}

{However…this is something on a larger scale compared to Loki Einherjar until now…Moreover, look here, we can see figures of [swordsmen] that are supporting them. There shouldn’t be any swordsmen in Loki Einherjar. Also the Magic Dresses of the illegal magicians, for some reason their design looked of Japanese origin…}

The screen image shook fiercely. The reporter’s panicked scream rang out.

{We're being targeted! The helicopter is being targeted by them!!}

Intense lightning and fireball attacks were heading to the screen one after another flying closer. The screen was disturbed together with explosive sounds―after it blacked out, the screen changed to the news studio.

{The image just now comes from Nagoya city, but information is coming in that repeated attacks are occurring in a large number of areas at the same time. The information is complicated but just now we have collected accurate information. Since the afternoon there have been reports of mass internet and radio wave disruptions in western Japan but, presently, western Japan is in a state of being isolated from all kinds of long range communication. The situation is that there is no information at all coming from the west…}

Kazuki and Kaguya-senpai were both taken aback and rooted on the spot in front of the TV.

From the cell phone that he'd even forgotten was still in a call state, he could hear Headmaster Amasaki’s voice.

{On my side as well, I’m still in the middle of collecting information from the political world but, Toyama – Gifu – Aichi, the boundary line of the archipelago including those three, all the branches of the Knight Order located on the western side of that line were attacked, every one of them has fallen. There are also branches that are still holding out but we cannot make contact, they'd already been completely isolated. This is terro…no, this is a coup d'état. On top of losing this country’s western half police – national defense ability, information is also blockaded.}

After a moment for taking a breath, Headmaster Amasaki informed him of something that was hard to believe.

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

{In other words, western Japan has seceded from our country.}

Magika No Kenshi To Shoukan Maou Vol 05 182.jpeg

Translator's Notes and References[edit]

  1. The name is a pun, chirari mean glance
  2. The art of giving a brief glimpse of something (eg: One's underwear)
  3. All these words are not sound effects, but Hikaru herself that said it
  4. Japanese chess
  5. The kanji used for this could also mean tactic or strategy
  6. Niku(meat) futon. Female bedmate (whose body is likened to a fleshy cushion)
  7. Licking sound in Japanese
  8. I sincerely believe in Amitabha / Lord have mercy on me
  9. I shortened this because it seemed strange to say the full title in a casual conversation. Also because it’s a pain to keep writing the full title.

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