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Novel Illustrations[edit]

These are the novel illustrations that were included in Magika No Kenshi To Shoukan Maou Volume 6

Chapter 1 – To the Sea of Abundant Land[edit]

Part 1[edit]

Kaya was grateful to the politicians of Yamato.

To be able to make a contact with this person so very easily was exactly because there was the channel that they built with Chūkadou by spending so much effort for months and years.

This meeting was of the most extreme importance with regards to Loki’s plan.

The pure gold chandelier was illuminating the space that was painted vermilion. Chūkadou’s <Shibi [1] Palace>. That palace was richly colored with red and gold―the master of heaven’s decree, the emperor of China’s palace.

The imperial capital that loudly proclaimed that Chūkadou is the center of the world, right now Kaya was in Beijing.

There was no one else inside the room with Kaya except for that person. This was not a public audience, but a confidential talk that was conducted inside that person’s private room. Sitting on a rosewood table and with chairs decorated with mother of pearl craftsmanship, Kaya and that person faced each other as if they were fellow friends with a very intimate relationship.

“Fufufu…. O messenger from Yamato. No, O our friend. You are asking [if perhaps I might be able to borrow your strength], what an odd way of talking that is.”

That person’s lips that were distinctly drawn with vivid red warped into the shape of a crescent moon from her laugh.

She was still a girl in the middle of her teens, but excess makeup was applied all over her face. In China the use of cosmetics was not approved except for nobles. Nonetheless, because the magicians of this era utilized their magic power and polished their beauty of figure from the Prima Material of the skin, people who relied on using cosmetics rarely existed.

When the girl let out a laughing voice, *sharin sharin* such a sound was ringing. Each time this person made even the slightest movement, the many ornaments that were attached in excess all over her whole body raised a sound.

The robe that the girl currently wore was a purple Dragon RobeLóng páo . A [color restriction] permitted only for the emperor, a fabric in the color of deep purple decorated with countless precious stones, as if her whole body was clad completely with the full starry sky.

The weight of all the ornaments on the girl’s body easily surpassed ten times her own weight. For the sake of enduring that weight, the girl was constantly using Enchant Aura, blue light was constantly emitted from her whole body. That light was reflected by the countless precious stones, making her sparkle intensely.

The excessively shining girl.

Most likely even with an unpainted face, even with her body naked, she was surely an owner of beautiful looks, as perfect as human limits allowed.

But with the girl’s standing, [mere beauty within human limit was insufficient.]

The girl used up every method, she had to be an existence that was as if a star that was shining brightly in the center of heaven.

Because the girl was a symbol.

A girl that was like the height of the star―the girl’s name was <Reborn Emperor> Fu Zi.

The personification of China’s ideal. She was the BasileusEmperor of Chūkadou.

Among the vast population of Chūkadou, she was an existence chosen as the possessor of the strongest magic power.

“What do you mean, odd way of talking…?” Kaya tilted her head in an intimate behavior.

If the character in front of her was a King, then Kaya was a god. There was no reason to not be confident.

“No matter how much of a really great country China is, be that as it may, it has enemy nations in every direction. While dealing with them, you are also in the position of having to check the other Magic Advanced Countries in place. We could exchange good intimacy with each other in this way, however because of that I must not be a bother for you…that was my thinking.”

“There are two mistakes in those words of yours.”

The emperor of China, Fu Zi flatly concluded with a haughty tone of voice.

“One. People who are hostile to our country, are not equal to a country. They are mere barbarians.”

Now that she said that, that’s really so, Kaya recalled it.

The Magic Advanced Countries other than Japan didn’t consider other undeveloped countries as equivalent to a nation. The undeveloped countries in Europe were considered protection targets and as colonies, while this China…considered them as barbarians.

China saw them as objects to be invaded and controlled. They didn’t even get called hostile [countries].

“Two. We of Chūkadou, our heart, cannot possibly be so narrow-minded to see a great cause and abandon it. Our heart is China’s heart. Indeed, certainly matters we have attend to are really great in number. We are somewhat busy. However even so for you, who are our friend, we don’t want to hear such reserved words. Rely on our heart even more honestly, it doesn’t matter even if you depend on us completely you know?”

Raising a *sharin* sound, Fu Zi threw out her chest. In contrast to Fu Zi’s behavior, if she was wearing different ornaments on her body, the girl that had a body with small build would look cute.

This fellow really said some incredible things huh…Kaya was amazed inside her heart. This little emperor said [I want you to depend on us] to Loki who though imperfect was a god.

“As for us, it’s better if we have you as insurance in case we are in a pinch you know.”

Kaya made a modest smile.

“Hmm, is that so. But that reservation, 'tis no problem. Your consideration to us, 'tis really not a problem. Then until you open your heart and seek for assistance from us, we are going to look forward to it.”

Right there Fu Zi made a wide grin suitable for her age to Kaya.

It was an innocent smile but…of course as the emperor there was no way she was going to promise aid to Kaya without asking for anything as compensation. Kaya and Loki were noticing the real intention of that smile.

That China was desiring for a just cause.

In contrast with the King of Solomon that increased his power by means of positivity level that was the <power of bonds>, the King of China possessed the <power of heaven’s decree> that [increased her power, the more the territory she controlled widened].

However if China sets out to invade the surrounding countries publicly, there was no way the other Magic Advanced Countries were going to stay quiet.

That was why they made false charges with reason that sounded justified against other countries, or intervened in other countries' problems and then demand compensation. Using such methods, they took advantage of the other party.

If China received appeal from Yamato like [we wish for cooperation for the sake of recovering the true Japan from those devils of Solomon] or something like that, it was a wish come true for the just cause to legitimize their armed intervention.

If Yamato obtained the cooperation of China and achieved the unification of the Japanese archipelago, China would make Yamato into China’s puppet country in no time at all and gradually swallow them until there was nothing left of Yamato. That was what Fu Zi aimed for.

But the major politicians of Yamato were thinking that they didn’t particularly mind even if their country became like that.

Because most of them were spies from China anyway.

Loki too was the same, he wouldn’t particularly mind if it developed into that kind of situation. Only if that created even further Chaos.

There was not even a single person among the leaders of Yamato that thought of the Japanese archipelago as important from the bottom of their heart.

This conference―was a secret agreement to surrender the future of the archipelago to China in the time to come.

“Fufufu, 'tis no problem, 'tis no problem at all. We want to go help your Yamato as quickly as we can.”

The emperor laughed with her body shaking. It was a smiling face that made her real intention even more conspicuous yet on the contrary emphasized her innocence instead.

“To be able to become your friend like this is really reassuring for me. Hiroko-chan.”

“What’s with that, calling us Hiroko-chan?”

The smile vanished from Fu Zi’s face and she made a dubious face in return.

Kaya recovered her behavior that was as if making fun of other people’s characteristics and answered.

“It was how your name is said in Japanese. It’s the proof of our friendship, calling you with that nickname.”

“Hmm. Well fine. 'Tis particularly no problem. Although you are from another Mythology you are still someone called a god. [For now], as a proof of friendship I’m going to accept that nickname.”

Fu Zi laughed generously. Kaya too, returned it with a smile.

Even while exchanging an intimate secret talk, Kaya was looking in a different direction from Fu Zi.

The objective of Chūkadou’s Mythology was Order through control. However Kaya and Loki’s objective was to demolish the balance of the world and bring forth Chaos. For the sake of that objective, this war between Japan and Yamato was one of the steps.

For Kaya, victory and defeat was of no importance.

Part 2[edit]

“Uwaa…amazing…it stretches the trousers tightly and becomes like mount Fuji…”

It was a voice like when a child was standing in front of a decorated cake and gets enraptured on seeing it.

Kazuki heard that voice inside his dozing consciousness. And then right after that, he received an ambiguous sweet stimulus.

“Wah, it’s hard! It sprang around throbbing when it was pulled! Ahaha, what a rambunctious kid! Somehow it’s really cute. Take this, and that!”

Stimulus was running in his lower body with throb, throb.

“What kind of shape will it become huh? Rub rub.”

Kazuki’s lower body unconsciously startled. …He was still sleeping and there was no consciousness yet in him. However in the depths of his sleep, his instincts were ringing out his warning alarm. Something bad was being done to him…!

Little by little, Kazuki’s consciousness was being awakened.

“I wonder if he'll wake up if I lower his trousers. But, I really want to see it directly~“

*slit* Some sensation was slipping around the area of his waist. Because of that strong stimulus, Kazuki was awakened.

His blurred vision gradually connected the dots. What was in front of Kazuki’s eyes was―a girl’s lower body. Covered in a water colored fit-wear, a panorama of a butt, crotch and thighs.

Someone was directing her lower body to Kazuki’s face and straddled in reverse on top of Kazuki.

The other party’s face couldn’t be seen from Kazuki’s view but there was no doubt that this fit-wear was Hikaru-senpai’s.

The fit-wear that was even thinner compared to spats was gluing tightly to the soft bottom and thighs, and also the plump swelling crotch that got caught between them. It was really making the details come to the surface perfectly as if the wearer was naked. The only difference with nakedness was that the area was not skin colored but water colored.

Such an [important place] of Hikaru-senpai's that was [almost similar to being naked] was placed right in front of Kazuki’s eyes.

His half asleep mind was rapidly boiling up and then Kazuki yelled.

“Se, senpai! What are you doing!?”

Hikaru-senpai had stripped the trousers that Kazuki wore as pajamas and currently was placing her hands right on Kazuki’s trunks. And then Kazuki’s unprepared and moreover involuntary morning physiological phenomenon had risen, pushing up the middle part of his trunks towering like mount Fuji.

This was a super dangerous situation. Kazuki pulled up his trunks in a panic.

“Kazuki, you woke up!? Not that, it’s no good if you raise such a loud voice!”

Hikaru-senpai looked to the side after having said that. Beside the two, Kaguya-senpai was still breathing lightly *suyasuya* in her sleep.

This place was not Kazuki’s usual room in the Witch’s Manor.

Here was the front line of the war between east Japan and west Japan―the Knight Order’s garrison of Nagoya. It was the plot of land and building that was once called Aichi Prefectural Police that was repaired for the sake of the Knight Order’s activity.

Magika No Kenshi To Shoukan Maou Vol.06 015.jpg

The students of the Knight Academy that were recruited for the war against Yamato were lodging in the rooms that were allocated to them inside the garrison building. Kazuki became Kaguya-senpai's roommate once again, and then there was Hikaru-senpai who slipped in, which made the three of them sleep together inside the room last night.

…He was careless. Even though usually he was the first one to wake up, it seemed yesterday he was really tired.

“Ahaha, when I saw Kazuki’s cute sleeping face, I became unable to contain my feelings. I want to leave my body to the instincts of a girl-!”

Hikaru-senpai smiled invigoratingly and then unhesitatingly tried once more to lower Kazuki’s trunks. Kazuki grabbed hold of his trunks in panic and barely managed to cling onto the fabric.

“Please wait, senpai is too honest with yourself! Don’t just do something like lowering someone’s pants using the chance when they are sleeping!!”

When Kazuki raised a scream, Hikaru-senpai took a glance at the direction of the sleeping Kaguya-senpai worriedly.

“That’s why I told you already that it’s not good to make a loud voice-! Kaguya is going to wake up!! …Eiii-!”

Towards the face of Kazuki who was raising a scream―Hikaru-senpai’s crotch was lowered.

The bulge that was tinged with plump roundness was pressing onto Kazuki’s mouth. Then both of senpai’s thighs locked onto Kazuki’s face from the sides firmly. Kazuki’s lower face was enveloped in a sweet sensation of touch.

“Muguu!? Fenfai, fanfufafefefufafaifo―!”

Kazuki raised a scream but his voice was suppressed completely by a girl’s [meat].

When Kazuki moved his lips gasping, Hikaru-senpai went “hyann!?” raising a high pitched voice and her hips jumped with a start.

“Ka, Kazuki!? When you squirm your mouth there…somehow there is this strange feeling-!”

Against the sensation of Kazuki’s moving lips, Hikaru-senpai began to push down lasciviously and wriggled her hips back and forth.

Kazuki noticed once again that something came into contact with his mouth and then he shut his mouth.

“Wha, what is this…I don’t know this kind of sensation…but this might feel a little good…”

Hikaru-senpai took an erotic breath. Even when Kazuki finally shut his mouth and stopped stimulating the pressing body, Hikaru-senpai proactively pressed down her nether region and started grinding.

Then Kazuki’s nose got caught inside the caving in spot in the middle of the plump bulge of her nether region.

“Hyan! …Ju, just now was amazing!”

Hikaru-senpai’s spinal column was noticeably trembling intensely in shudders.

Not good. Hikaru-senpai who was innocent about genders was learning about something completely unthinkable.

Moreover, on top of a person’s face.

Senpai’s hip movement became even more intense. It was unclear whether it was from Kazuki’s exhalation or from the sweat that senpai was perspiring, but the fit-wear was starting to become slippery with moisture and tinged with luster.

Hikaru-senpai’s body hygiene that was retained by the power of magic caused the sweat that she perspired to have the scent of a pure girl. That scent passed through Kazuki’s reasoning without stopping and shook his instinct. That unthinkable spot had been pressed onto his face for some time. If he was being exposed to this much lewd temptation, then no matter how much he….

Rather, if it kept like this, soon he’d….

…No wait, calm down. He must not get tempted by senpai’s innocence and step off the straight path!

Kazuki sharpened his mind with the concentration power of a swordsman and cleared away all the wicked thoughts.

Because of Hikaru-senpai’s utmost effort in pressing her hips to Kazuki’s face, her attention had been averted from his trunks. Right there Kazuki parted his hands from holding on his trunks, then his hands that became free were tightly pinning down Hikaru-senpai’s hips that continued to move grazingly.

“Kazuki!? ……moree…”

Hikaru-senpai who was possessed by the unknown pleasure directed an unsatisfied face his way.

“This is not good. Senpai, this is bad. As a maiden, please endure that sensation.”

“Mu―. Kazuki…then, show me your penis.”

“That’s not good. What do you mean by [then], I completely don’t get it.”

“Mu―. By any chance, did I almost do something more dangerous than I thought?”

In Hikaru-senpai’s expression, a color of anxiety flashed for a moment. Just as he thought it seemed she wasn’t conscious of it herself.

Because Hikaru-senpai lived the falsehood that [she was a prince] for a long time, inside her, her self-awareness as a girl was still immature. In contrast with that, her instincts and body had already begun to mature as a girl. That unbalance was inside senpai.

“It was really dangerous, but it’s okay. I won’t hate senpai because of that kind of thing. Rather it’s exactly because I like senpai that it’s dangerous. …Haaa-!”

Kazuki put his strength to both his hands and tore Hikaru-senpai’s body from him with a roll.

The rolling Hikaru-senpai was “cheeh” and sharpened her lips while both her legs were fidgeting and rubbing together.

“Even though this is the rare chance where I woke up even earlier than Kazuki with my hard work, for some reason my chest is smoldering like this.”


Did her sleep became shallow from the sounds, Kaguya-senpai embraced him tightly from the side. He was enveloped in a soft and warm sensation. Her face felt like she was still half asleep. Similar with Hikaru-senpai in her fit-wear appearance, the magic power of Kaguya-senpai’s Magic Dress came apart in her sleep and she transformed into her negligee appearance.

“Kazuki-kun, kiss~”

While Kaguya-senpai was half asleep, she pushed out her lips to Kazuki.

Among the residents of the Witch’s Manor, Kaguya-senpai was the only one who still hadn’t experienced the [lips-to-lips kiss].

The person herself was terribly concerned of it inside her heart.

However when Kazuki kissed the lips of a girl, he was able to use a one-time only trump card where he could perform the Materialized Summoning of the contracted Diva. Kaguya-senpai decided that she wouldn’t [throw away uselessly] that trump card, and determined by herself that she would harden her heart and be patient for the kiss until the hour of need.

Kazuki respected that wish of hers and presented his cheek and not his lips.

“Nn~” Kaguya-senpai sucked his cheek and fawned on him. For some reason she cutely looked like a child.

This was the Kaguya-senpai who usually acted like a big sister, but in her heart she surely wanted to depend on someone.

“Kazuki~, me too!”

Hikaru-senpai hugged him from the other side and kissed *chuu* his other cheek with a pleasant feeling.

“Both of you, let’s get out from the bed soon. We are going to go to the beach today after all.”

“I’m really looking forward to it, the sea!”

The forehead of Hikaru-senpai who was making an excited voice pushed into Kazuki with a bump.

“We are not going there to play you know, Hikaru-senpai.”

The war between Japan and Yamato.

For the sake of the vital counterattack strategy in this war, Kazuki is going to cross the sea and sneak into Ise Imperial Shrine.

Part 3[edit]

Aichi prefecture looked similar to a monster’s face that grew fangs. The two peninsulas growing out at the southern part of the prefecture looked perfectly similar to fangs jutting out―the west Chita peninsula and the east Atsumi peninsula.

From here, Kazuki and the others would head first to the furthest point of Atsumi peninsula as their destination, the <Irago cape>.

When they arrived at this Irago cape, there was Mie prefecture across Ise Bay.

Mie prefecture had similar shape with the shape of katakana ‘ト’. After they crossed Ise bay and landed on the protrusion that jutted out to the east, they just needed to advance a little further to reach Ise Imperial Shrine.

The shortest distance sea route crossing Irago cape to Mie prefecture was called <Irago Water Path> from the ancient times.

“Together with Kazuha-senpai, I’m going to cross Irago water path and infiltrate Yamato and then invade Ise Imperial Shrine. It seems that the chief godboss of Japanese Mythology is there.”

Kazuki and company were headed to Irago cape riding in the car of the Knight Order. With just a glance it was just a black sedan that didn’t look like a military car. Kazuki was sitting in the middle of that car’s comfortable back seat. At his sides were Mio on the right and Kanae on the left sitting with him. Kazuki was explaining the strategy once more to the two girls [who were still wearing a dissatisfied face].

“Why is it only Kazuki and Tsukahara-senpai alone? I cannot consent on that point at all!”

When Mio pouted her lips and expressed her dissatisfaction, Kanae too was “That’s right, right there!” and voiced her agreement with Mio.

“This is an infiltration operation after all, we have to use the minimum number of personnel so we don’t stand out. And also the objective is to persuade the boss of Japanese Mythology to pull their hands out of this war, so I must go together with Kazuha-senpai who is contracted with Futsunushi no Kami of the same Japanese Mythology. There really is a proper reason for all this you see.”

Mio and Kanae were silent. They had no room to object in this operation.

There was no other way than this…this operation felt like that. It made him feel somewhat constrained, however….

“It seems because of that bunch from Yamato were breaking into many shrines, that the Divas of Japanese Mythology transformed into this state called <Wild Gods>. Right there that bunch from Yamato instigated them that [the ones that broke into the shrines were from Japan's government], and then those Wild Gods were won over into becoming Yamato’s comrades. That’s the story.”

“Using that kind of method that looks like children’s pranks…what a nuisance those guys are.”

Kanae breathed out a deep sigh. After all the one that was exposed to the full brunt of the Wild Gods’ menace were Kanae and the swordsmen.

The Shrine Maidens of Yamato had short chanting times because their body hosted the Wild Gods, making them able to use Drive. They kicked around the front line swordsmen with might like that of a rapid-fire cannon.

As expected, for them to have short chanting times was a large threat.

…However if the Japanese Divas turned into enemies because of a simple misunderstanding, then there are room for persuasion.

“The Japanese Divas that are in a Wild God state don’t have the ears to listen to our voice. However, when the Shrine Maiden that is in Drive is defeated and falls into magic intoxication, it seems the Wild God that possessed them will also quiet down and return to sanity.”

From the battle before―in [Magic War・Okehazama], one of the Shrine Maidens were captured and as a result <Ame no Uzume>, who possessed her, was returned to her sanity. Ame no Uzume lent her ear to Kazuki and Futsunushi-no-Kami’s persuasion and pulled out her participation from the battle.

But the number of the Shrine Maidens was not only one or two, there were more than hundreds of them on the war front. It was not an easy matter to defeat them and persuade all the Wild Gods. Right there…,

“Futsunushi-no-Kami said, when we beat the [chief god of Japanese Mythology] in Ise Imperial Shrine and her sanity returned from the Wild God state, it seems that all the other Japanese Divas will all return to their senses too.”

Chief God―an existence that exerted its influence on all the other Divas in that Mythology.

If people talked about Japanese Mythology’s chief god that was deified in Ise Imperial Shrine, there was none other than <Amaterasu-ōmikami>. Kazuki and Kazuha-senpai would infiltrate into Ise Imperial Shrine and defeat Amaterasu who had turned into a Wild God. Then if they could persuade her, it was the same as destroying the military power of Yamato.

In the event that Yamato’s government fell into turmoil from suddenly losing the cooperation of the Japanese Mythology, the Knight Order would commence attack without wasting any time. That was the strategy this time―[Magic War・Sekigahara].

“We are giving you a pair of beacons, so if you succeed in defeating Amaterasu, send a signal with them. If the operation is a success it’s the blue beacon, if it’s a failure use the red beacon.”

From the driver seat, the sunglasses wearing Akane-senpai faced Kazuki with a glance and said that.

Beacon―it was a method to transmit a code by raising a colored smoke.

“Beacon is it…it feels like that this item is in the wrong period somehow.” Kazuki unintentionally displayed his anger.

“It’s fine feeling like we're in the Sengoku period right? …Well that was just a joke, with the current situation like this, where all the long range communications between east and west Japan are blocked, there really is no other effective method of contact you know.”

Before the coup d'état, Yamato made preparations in secret toward the infrastructure business through the politicians, and then they immediately severed the radio wave and internet access between east and west Japan.

“But don’t look down on this beacon okay, we requested a skilled alchemist for the sake of the operation this time to make this custom-made item in just one night. This is not using smoke but it will blow a fire pillar high into the sky that should be able to be confirmed from Ise to Nagoya even in the middle of the night.”

“If it's that flashy, even the opponent will notice it.”

“If there is a method that cannot be noticed by the opponent where we can exchange conversations, that will be the best though. That’s why swiftness will become important in this operation. Our side has also made preparations beforehand so as not to grant the enemy time to prepare, that the moment we receive the signal we can immediately invade.”

Akane-senpai smoothly drove the large-type sedan while explaining.

“…Nonetheless it’s really amazing isn’t it, to be able to manage this kind of big car.”

“Hehehe, she's cool right! The senpai I’m proud of!”

Hikaru-senpai, who was sitting in the front passenger's seat happily looked back. Since Hikaru-senpai was the present vice president of the Magic Division student council, Akane-senpai, who was the former vice president was a direct senior that taught her how to do the work.

“I went to a training camp for a short period to get my license when I became a third year. Because a car is the knights’ feet.”

From the sunlight that shone through the front window, the sunglasses that Akane-senpai were wearing shone brightly.

Kazuki and company rode three cars that were prepared by the Knight Order separately and headed to Irago cape.

The ones who were in charge of driving each car respectively were Kanon-senpai, Akane-senpai, and Lotte.

Lotte, who was still 15 years old was unlicensed of course, but because the Diva of civilization Prometheus was dwelling inside her body, she was able to drive any kind of vehicle.

Except for the three sedans that were running in line on the road, there was no other car they could see.

That was because the surroundings of Nagoya had been designated as an evacuation zone. This place was a townscape in a state of emergency.

“…But why did we bring everyone else together with us? I thought that the only one needed for this operation is only Kazuki and Kazuha-senpai though.”

“It would be too conspicuous if we choose to bring along only you and Tsukahara-san. Because in this extremely secret operation, we have to carry out this plan without even letting the knights of the Knight Order know.”

…I see, the spy from Yamato that had infiltrated the inner part of the Knight Order.

This infiltration mission couldn’t be leaked out even to his allies.

The only one from inside the Knight Order who knew about this strategy was the strategy planner Commander Yamagata.

“We are taking all of you under the pretense of rewarding the students that gave distinguished service in the previous battle with a vacation. Also with the massing of battle strength of east Japan here, our shortage of personnel is also being reduced, so the timing also looked natural right?”

Magika No Kenshi To Shoukan Maou Vol.06 023.jpg

In the first place Kazuki and the other students were recruited into the front line of this war because the Knight Orders had personnel shortage. Matching their timing with the coup d’etat of Yamato, the illegal magicians of Yamato that were scattered throughout eastern Japan began their guerilla activity. With the Knight Order’s personnel taken to suppress the illegal magicians, the Knight Order right after the coup d’etat became too preoccupied to even think of fighting a war.

But right now most of the illegal magicians had been suppressed and the battle strength was in the process of being amassed in this front line. When it became like this, there was no need to work the cadets that were still nothing more than students non-stop.

Because of that reason Kazuki and the others who gave distinguished service in the previous battle were granted with a vacation as reward…there was some carefreeness saying it like that but it wasn't really much of a strange story.

There was a beach that was suitable for swimming at Irago cape.

“Of course that’s just the cover story, all of you of the <Knight Academy Regiment> are separated from the chain of command of the top brass and can move freely and you will be allowed to keep moving like that from now on as an independent unit.”

The spy from Yamato most likely had penetrated as far as the top brass of the Knight Order. All the actions of the Knight Order had to be reported in detail to the top brass so everything became completely leaked to the spy.

The Knight Academy was independent from that chain of commandhierarchy and stood as a different organization, making them able to move only at Headmaster Amasaki’s own discretion. The Knight Academy regiment that was composed of the students was the sole unit that was able to conduct a strategy without its information getting leaked to Yamato.

“Nii-sama, please look forward to Kanae’s swimsuit appearance okay!”

“…Somehow I lost my nervousness with Kanae by my side huh.”

Though for Kazuki this vacation till the end was just a camouflage.

However, for everyone else who wouldn’t take part in this infiltration operation, this was just a normal vacation.

“Kazuki also has the time to play together with us for a little right?”

Mio hugged Kazuki’s arm tightly from the right side.

―The car was going south to the Atsumi peninsula for a total of two hours. Leaving far from Nagoya that was unfolding like an uncouth urban warfare, the scenery was transformed into something that made them feel the atmosphere of a vacation in a southern country.

Palm trees were growing beside the road along the coastline.

From the gap between the palm trees, the sea was finally visible.

“That’s the sea Nii-sama-!” Kanae raised an excited voice first. Kazuki was spontaneously half-rising from his seat, and the morning breeze rushed inside the car when Akane-senpai tactfully opened the car window.

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

Since it was June, it wasn't yet the time when the beach had opened.

The sandy beach they finally arrived at was like a private beach.

All the beach houses nearby were in a state of closing vacation. But it seemed not everything was in the state of being unattended. Right after they arrived, Akane-senpai entered one of the beach houses where inside she had a talk with the shopkeeper inside.

It seemed the Knight Order had negotiated with this beach house, where they were given permission that it was fine to use the changing room and shower freely. After a while, Akane-senpai came out from the beach house.

“For the time being Kazuki and everyone else too, change into your swimsuits.”

Everyone raised a cheer and entered the female changing room.

Kazuki too entered the male changing room by his lonesome.

…Being surrounded by girls in swimsuits, when the only male was him.

How amazing…, Kazuki thought once more. He hadn’t thought that this environment was amazing or the like after coming this far, but he was thinking that his reasoning that was able to endure in this environment was really awesome.

Kazuki changed into trunks-type swimsuit with a swiftness that could be said is the privilege of males.

On the other side, he could hear strange voices like “Roo―ck paa―per…” from the girl's changing room. What were they doing in there? Kazuki didn’t take any mind of it, but went down and stood on the sandy beach alone before everyone else.

The sensation of the sands on the sole of his feet felt good. The temperature was still a little cool, but a magician could control temperature using Pyrokinesis. Controlling heat and cold was the magic that humans who had obtained magic power naturally learned first.

The swimsuits were something they received from the purchase by the Knight Order from an unmanned department store in Nagoya. Kazuki and the others were told to choose whatever they like. Someone like Mio had her eyes shining from all the high-class brands at that time.


While he was staring at the sea, an excited voice was calling out from behind.

When he looked back, the one who came out first from the girl’s changing room was Kaguya-senpai in a black bikini.

Kaguya-senpai looked like she wanted to say something, she was looking at Kazuki with broad grin.

“…It’s really an adult swimsuit isn’t it? The swimsuit really matches senpai well.”

“Fufufuu, when I’m like this, it’s different from using a Magic Dress, what a relief.”

Kaguya-senpai pulled the hem of the pareo she wore tightly. When Kaguya-senpai lapsed into delirium because of Asmodeus, she went beyond daring and acted a little like that, but actually she also felt embarrassed just like other people.

However although the pareo in her lower body lowered the exposure rate, the destructive power of her chest bikini was tremendous. It was heavily drooping bouncingly, that even now, it looked like it was going to burst out. In addition, even though her hips were constricted tightly, her thighs were too voluptuous, what a really lewd body.

…He was too conscious of it, that the atmosphere became really unsuitable for playing together.

“Otouto-kun’s appearance in a swimsuit is also really good! Especially your muscular chest, it's really great-!”

Kaguya-senpai’s eyes too sparkled at Kazuki as she walked toward him.

“…Kaguya-senpai strangely likes chest muscle don’t you?”

“Yes, I like it♪” Kaguya-senpai circled both her hands to Kazuki’s back and hugged him, and then she pressed her own face to Kazuki’s chest and rubbed her cheek repeatedly. Kazuki too hugged her back tightly.

Their bodies were naturally in mutual contact―senpai’s breasts were bouncingly pressing at him.

They were hugging each other in swimsuits but…for some reason it felt like they were hugging each other in the nude.

When he was stroking her smooth back, senpai was “It tickles♪” and she laughed happily.

“Kazuki-!” There was another voice calling at him and he turned back.

The second one that came along was Mio wearing a red bikini.

By some chance, perhaps the rock-paper-scissors from before was for deciding the order of the girls’ exit.

Mio was saying “How is it?” and took some poses *sa*, *sa*, in order to display her own body.

“You're really pretty. The swimsuit really brings out the high points of Mio’s style.”

The swimsuit that she chose was exactly [a swimsuit that couldn’t be worn except for the chosen person].

The area covered by clothes was considerably smaller than Kaguya-senpai’s swimsuit, the fabric and string that were cut directly enhanced Mio’s willowy limbs stylishly.

Even though it had simple cutting, he could still feel the calculation inside it, it was not a clothing that simply had high exposure rate, surely it also had the aim to enhance the femininity of the wearer to the limit. It had some artistic sense to it.

This swimsuit had already reached the zone where it absolutely wouldn’t suit someone that didn’t have a good style, but it suited Mio perfectly. There was this presence of a high class swimsuit, that just like that, presented the girl.

Mio was “Hehehe! It really suits me!”, she puffed out her chest and laughed. After that she looked alternately at Kazuki and Kaguya-senpai who were hugging, and then she opened both her hands to the front and said “Hug hug [2]!” …Hug hug?

“Come on, hug hug!!” Mio said it again in a little angry tone.

…Did she want to be hugged from his side?

Kazuki dragged Kaguya-senpai trailingly while walking toward Mio and then he hugged Mio tightly.

Kaguya-senpai’s scent was gently mixing with Mio’s scent.

There was Mio on his right side and Kaguya-senpai on his left side, making their posture to be in a dumpling state[3]. Both of them were in swimsuit, that was why no matter where he touched, his hands met the sensation of a girl's bare skin. They were wrapped together.

Mio was “Nn~♪” leaking out a satisfied sweet voice, and pressed herself loosely inside Kazuki’s chest.

“…Kazuki mustn’t temper your body too much okay. After all slender macho around this much is the best.”

While Mio rubbed herself repeatedly on Kazuki's chest, she handed down such evaluations.

“Objection [4]! …I think it’s not particularly bad even if your chest becomes a little more buff!”

From the other side, Kaguya-senpai immediately shouted her objection.

“No, I hate brawny builds! After all Kazu-nii is my prince!”

Both of them glared at each other with Kazuki in between, and then they began to argue of this and that about Kazuki’s ideal body build.

“…Something like muscle, I think it’s best if its only practical though…”

When Kazuki was gazing at their argument in dumbfounded look, he felt the edge of his trunks got pulled *kui kui* repeatedly. When he looked behind, there was Koyuki. Hikaru-senpai was also coming along at her side.

“Koyuki and Hikaru-senpai. …Wait, Koyuki, isn’t that just your Magic Dress?”

“This Magic Dress can also fulfill the role of swimsuit sufficiently anyway. …When I was going to choose my swimsuit, Vepar became sulky. Such a thing is unneeded, she said.”

Koyuki’s speech was mixed with a deep sigh.

“Koyuki’s appearance is something I’m used to seeing as usual but…as I thought white really suits Koyuki.”

The extra ornaments were omitted from Koyuki’s magic dress, making her wrapped from chest to hips only with the exterior in a white school swimsuit shape. The exposure rate was lower than a bikini―but the feel of the surface material was delicately translucent, the degree of light faintly made her skin show through. The swimsuit was fairly, no considerably bewitching.

Seeing the dumpling state Kazuki was in with Mio and Kaguya-senpai, Koyuki circled their surrounding and discovered a gap, “Puu” and then she forced her way in. The sweetness density was increased even further.

Mio and Kaguya-senpai were even now; “The gap when Kazuki looks unexpectedly macho after he took off his clothes is great.” “Looking slender in clothing is scientifically impossible. Macho is constantly macho.” saying things like that they were continuing their unproductive argument. Kazuki had the feeling that somehow the talk was not about him anymore so he left them alone.

“Hikaru-senpai’s swimming race swimsuit is cool and stylish isn’t it?”

“Hehehe, just as I thought I had the hunch that cutesy things don't suit me…”

Such things aren't true, he thought, but what Hikaru-senpai was wearing was a glossy race swimsuit of blue and water color with a yellow line inserted in it. The slender high leg that grew out emphasized the length of her thighs.

…However, the splendid high leg was amazing. With acute angles exactly like the letter V, it tightly dug into the girlish buxom hips.

“But this is fairly amazing you know. While I’m walking it dug into my bottom arbitrarily…”

Half-spinning her body with a twirl, Hikaru-senpai directed her bottom at his direction.

The steep angle of the high leg dug into her bottom, it was on the brink of looking like T-back.

Kazuki’s face spontaneously became red and he averted his eyes. Looking at his reaction, Hikaru-senpai’s expression brightened.

…This morning it was like that too, but this person was very happy if Kazuki was conscious of her as the opposite sex and it sometimes made her thoughtlessly start indecent behavior that made him troubled.

“Hehehe-! Ass Attack! I’m a person from planet Oshirifurifuri [5]!!”

Hikaru-senpai suddenly launched a hip attack at Kazuki.

Because of the hip attack that forcefully wedged its way through between Mio and Kaguya-senpai, the two who were in the middle of a heated argument were “Wa, what’s with this ass!” and got thrown back.

Hikari-senpai who turned into alien from planet Oshirifurifuri was rubbing her bottom around the area of Kazuki’s waist.

“No wait, everyone is clinging on me too much here!”

Amasaki Mio―152 Hiakari Koyuki―132 Otonashi Kaguya―129 Hoshikaze Hikaru―118

There were even more voices coming from behind him.

“Fufufu, it’s really absurd for all of you to think that you can steal Nii-sama’s heart with only swimsuits of that degree! I lost the initiative at the appearance turn but, Nii-sama please look this way! To the alluring figure of the star performers Kanae and Kohaku!!”

Kazuki looked up in the direction of the voice. In front of the beach house, Kanae and Kohaku stood there with their chests wrapped in cotton wrappings and cotton loincloth tied on their waists. They showed that appearance brimming with self-confidence and an arrogant attitude.

…Ah no, Kohaku was looking slightly embarrassed.

“This is the Japanese Traditional Sexy Fair…Doshi☆Fun [6]!”

“Kanae, Kohaku…I don’t think that kind of appearance exists.”

His reasoning that was shaken because of everyone had cooled down instantly thanks to Kanae.

“E, EEEEEEEEEE!? How can Nii-sama’s heart be that harmonious after seeing this!?”

“No, after all, that appearance is not limited only to Japanese style right? Aren’t you throwing away various important things as a girl like that? I can't think of anything else other than you running some kind of joke…”

“GAA―NN!” Kanae became teary-eyed while Kohaku directed spiteful eyes to Kanae.

“…Even though this one had said that it’s strange, Kana-nyan-senpai was bragging [I know all there is to know about Nii-sama!] full of confidence so in the end…”

“Shu, shut up! Don’t complain, aren’t you the one that copied me on your own accord even though I decided this by myself!!”

Kanae turned back and shouted at Kohaku. Her bottom was *purun!* shaking. …The bottom became something amazing to look at from behind when wearing loincloth, Kazuki reflexively averted his eyes.

“Fufufu, that being the case Kanae-san is a very shy person isn’t she? But running a clever plan while hiding one’s embarrassment is a blunder. …There is no easy path in the subtleties of man and woman except using all one’s might!”

All one’s might―the one who appeared this time along with a proclamation that sounds amazing for some reason was Ryuutaki Miyabi-senpai.

With a refreshing smile, the swimsuit that she was wearing…was a straightforward [string] swimsuit.

Slingshot―narrow belt that was fine even if it was called string was hanging on from the neck to the breast and from the breast to the waist. It barely retained its claim as a swimsuit by the belt that was hanging on the apex of the breast. Whether Miyabi-senpai should be called a celebrity or an exhibitionist, she had a really erotic & gorgeous style.

With a composed expression as if saying that it was only around this much, Miyabi-senpai sexily brushed up her long hair that was colored silver from an elf’s special trait. Kazuki reflexively stiffened from her unexpected hot body.

“Please wait Nee-sama! That swimsuit is really not for sane people!!”

Shinobu-senpai was dashing out from the beach house while raising a piercing cry in a school swimsuit appearance.

“Please stop exposing that appearance to anyone other than me!!”

Shinobu-senpai caught the arm of Miyabi-senpai. However Miyabi-senpai was “Noo!”, she made a resistance. Miyabi-senpai attempted to shake off the arm that caught her making her chest swaying *purun purun* from her movement.

Miyabi-senpai floated a composed smile toward Kazuki whose eyes became completely nailed on that sight.

“…Fufufu, when Kazuki is looking at me like that, I cannot help but feel a shiver on my spine you know.”

Composed. No…she looked like she was forcing herself somehow.

“You look just like a pervert Nee-sama-! I brought over Nee-sama’s school swimsuit too so come with me!!”

Shinobu-senpai pinioned Miyabi-senpai’s arm and was trying to lead her back into the beach house.

“I said no already!” Miyabi-senpai tried to shake off Shinobu-senpai from dragging her.

Because of that momentum of hers, *poroo* some kind of sound could be heard.

Actually there was no such sound at all, but that kind of sound effect was flashing inside his head. When Miyabi-senpai’s body that was pinioned shook to left and right, her large breasts also rampaged to the left and right, causing the belt that was only hanging on that ‘summit’ got pushed out of place *poron*, the large breasts fell out.

Looks soft…Kazuki’s eyes opened wide, fixedly staring at that sight.

“…I, I didn't plan to show until this far though…”

Miyabi-senpai’s white skin became bright red from shame. However she immediately attempted to recover her composed smile.

“…Fufu, this is not really shameful or anything though, it’s not an embarrassing body after all.”

With a composed smile as if putting on a mask, she didn’t even try to hide the jiggling breasts.

“Nee-sama! Withdraw! This is already prohibited!!” [7]

Shinobu-senpai finally went as far as using Enchant Aura and forcefully carried up Miyabi-senpai. Miyabi-senpai’s body had become all tensed up and she didn’t resist anymore. Just like that the two of them returned to the beach house.

…Overwhelmed by the event just now, no words could come out from his mouth.

Passing the Ryuutaki sisters, Karin and Kazuha-senpai finally came.

“What’s with that? Breast palanquin [8]?” Karin left behind such comment.

“Leaving that aside, Hayashizaki Kazuki! It’s just fine even if you comment on my swimsuit appearance!”

Karin made a full rotation with a twirl. What she wore was a swimsuit for the use of primary schoolgirl that was printed with anime character.

“Eh, aa…it suits you. You are extremely cute in a certain meaning. I can’t really see you as someone the same age as me.”

“Mu, something is suspicious in your way of talking…Well, that must be because you really like anime. Fufun.”

At her side, Kazuha-senpai who was examining Kazuki’s expression was wearing a wine red adult-like bikini that was arranged with white ribbons. For Kazuha-senpai to wear a bikini with high exposure rate was a little unexpected.

“Senpai’s tight abs are really well reflected as a swordsman huh. It’s a beautiful body in a supple way.”

“Do, don’t suddenly look at me with strange eyes-! Don’t review me!!”

When Kazuki voiced his impression, Kazuha-senpai lost her temper as usual.

“I’m not looking at senpai with strange eyes. It just reminds me once again what a hard-worker senpai is.”

“…What’s with you, so this is talk as a swordsman.”

Kazuki intended it as the highest praise when he said beautiful muscle, but Kazuha-senpai donned a dissatisfied face.

“But as a girl senpai is also really lovely. The practical muscle as a swordsman mysteriously doesn’t harm senpai’s womanly charm. Moreover that bikini is a little unexpected and charming.”

Getting praised with time difference, Kazuha-senpai became bright red from receiving the surprise attack.

And then a heart mark of a positivity level up came flying from her chest. However as if deceiving that heart mark,

“What are you saying [cute] for even though you are the younger one-! Youu-!!”

Getting angry once more, Kazuha-senpai hit him again and again.

Kazuki separated his body from the girls that were clinging on him and cleverly evaded Kazuha-senpai’s repeated strikes while using Foresight. Thereupon Kazuha-senpai became even more irate and came hitting him even more.

Tsukahara Kazuha―80

“Now that I’m looking, where is Lotte? I didn’t catch sight of her but…”

While evading Kazuha-senpai’s hits, Kazuki was looking around at his surroundings.

“She wasn't in the changing room, so I wonder if she isn't together with Akane-senpai and the others.”

Hikaru-senpai also tilted her head in wonder.

“Will she come if we wait for her? Let’s play first!”

Mio pulled Kazuki’s arm as if feeling that the time they had together was too precious to waste.

At that time a voice rang out from the direction of the sea.

“The event is not going there! Everyone can play except for Onii-san! Kazuki-oniisan will be together with me to get the technique of operating the boat beaten into his head desu!”

When they turned around, a single small boat was heading to the beach cutting through the waves in the horizon. The one who drove was…Lotte!

Before the boat could go up the beach, it stood still.

“Wooden small ship <Solomon>. You are going to ride that and head to Ise.”

Akane-senpai who was talking with someone in the beach house was, while still wearing sunglasses, coming down to the beach with her mantle of the knight uniform flapping in the morning breeze. She was pointlessly cool.

The group reeled back, making Mio raise a protest.

“Eeee, you're going with this kind of small shabby boat!? Even if a bigger ship like a cruiser is prepared…”

“This is not a shabby thing, it was created by skilled hands, a precious traditional handicraft. In the case that Yamato properly bring out radar and conducted border security, that small wooden boat is able to slip through the radar. The wood has a property that makes it easier to absorb electromagnetic waves compared to iron or resin.”

Radar worked by transmitting electromagnetic waves to the target and detected the target by sensing the electromagnetic waves that clashed with the target and got reflected back. By using something made from wood, moreover with a size that small it would surely be difficult to detect the boat.

The Knight Order had seen that Yamato was unable to construct a security set-up using radar, but there was no such thing as being too careful.

“Also there are quite a lot of reefs in Irago water path, so for an amateur, rather than driving a large boat, it’s better to use a small one.”

“This is a motor boat loaded with an engine isn’t it? I thought that I’m going to cross the sea by paddling.”

Kazuki asked about the surprising addition. This was an infiltration, so the number one concern was [sound].

“Just as you hear this boat is fitted with a motor that has a high degree silencer so you don’t need to worry about sound. It’s also equipped with GPS, even in the miniscule chance that the boat get overturned you can fly using magic…if I have to say my worries then it’s only if someone discovers you with sight alone. Such a worry is needless if it’s you right, Cyclops?”

Akane-senpai laughed challengingly. There was not many humans that had better eyesight than Kazuki. Before the enemy could even discover Kazuki and Kazuha-senpai, surely Kazuki would discover the enemy faster and could escape.

“By the way, is senpai not wearing swimsuit?”

“…Kanon and I have the position of leading you guys. The permission to relax doesn’t include either of us. Please don’t say anything stupid.”

Akane-senpai asserted stiffly with her sunglasses sparkling. However from her side,


With goggles on her head, school swimsuit and even a swimming ring, with such complete equipment Kanon-senpai dashed across the beach and leaped into the sea even earlier than anybody else. Akane-senpai was speechless and cradled her head, smiling wryly at Kazuki.

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

The boat was made from wood not only in its exterior but also its interior, the drive unit installed in its stern emitted a luster of modernity. The drive unit was a unification of motor, battery, and propeller. The boat’s total length was 12 meters, however the width didn’t even reach 2 meters.

With two seater sitting side-by-side horizontally, Kazuki was sitting in the driver seat with Lotte in the assistant driver seat in a cramped space where their shoulders and thighs could touch each other. Rather Lotte was happier with that cramped space.

“Fufufu, I’m monopolizing Kazuki-oniisan onboard a ship desu!”

Lotte who was sitting on the seat beside him was wearing a tankini swimsuit with white tank-top outlined by pink borders and hotpants. The exposure rate was low but she looked wholesomely cute. Amazingly cute.

Lotte happily frolicked at Kazuki’s left shoulder.

When they turned to the beach direction from the floating boat on top of the sea, everyone else was playing at the beach’s edge, competing in swimming, or burying and got buried in the sand.

For Lotte to say something like monopolizing Kazuki like this was a rare event.

“That’s because Lotte is always holding back too much.”

When Kazuki kept stroking her head, Lotte made a dazzling bright smile at him.

Kazuki nonchalantly lowered his hand that was stroking Lotte’s head to the back of her head, then suddenly he forcefully drew Lotte’s face near and stole her lips forcibly.

For a while their lips tasted each other’s softness intimately. And then when their faces separated, Lotte’s face boiled red dazedly as if she was drunk. A large heart mark flew to Kazuki.

“…Kazuki-oniisan, you had become skillful in doing this kind of thing unfalteringly, or perhaps I should say…the surprise just now was a lovely surprise attack desu-!”

Lotte jumped into Kazuki’s chest enthusiastically, making the small boat shake on top of the water surface in a lull.

…Although it was because Lotte was happy no matter what he did with her, so he was just trying to act proactively for once.

Kazuki embraced Lotte in return while recovering the balance of the ship, and then he was brushing her head gently once more.

“Kazuki-oniisan…not just my head, please touch various places on me even more♪”

Lotte whispered bewitchingly. Then Kazuki brushed Lotte’s back gently.

“Ehehe…do it in even more places♪”

Being urged further, he brought his hand from the back to her waist, then her stomach where his hand kept stroking her body. “Nn…♪” Lotte released an ardent sigh, her body was quivering.

“Kazuki-oniisan, more, I want you to do even more desu.”

Lotte rubbed her thigh on him. That act was not the childish sweetness she always did in front of everyone. Lotte who was like a little angel was becoming passionate inside Kazuki’s arms.

{Lotte, it’s extremely painful for me to disturb you here but, we have to teach Kazuki the ship controls soon.}

Suddenly the voice of Prometheus rang out inside his head. It looked like the same voice also reverberated inside Lotte’s head, the girl separated her body “Mein gott…” and sulking a little she pouted her lips.

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

“Please grip the handle with your left hand. The handle is attached to the stern of the ship and connected to the drive unit, it can change the direction of the propulsion.”

Lotte was teaching Kazuki smoothly. However Lotte was not too detailed herself in how to operate the boat, it was the god of civilization Prometheus possessing Lotte that had the thorough knowledge of civilization’s convenient tool.

When he gripped the handle just as he was told, a heavy sensation was conveyed into his palm with a jerk.

“Manipulate the throttle lever with your right hand. The throttle is like a car’s accelerator. The boat will go forward if you pushed the throttle forward and it will change into backward movement when the throttle is pushed to the back.”

“And this flap switch?”

“This flap is to control the inclination of the boat, so please always watch the condition of the sea surface attentively and operate this switch appropriately. The newest ship has sensors to automatically control the flap but…this is a Japanese boat made from wood that was hastily made and the drive unit is attached in the external, so it doesn’t have the capability to do that desu.”

“Handle with the left hand, throttle and flap with right hand…looks fairly difficult huh, this boat.”

“Because officially this boat needs a license to operate desu. Without a doubt, what we are doing is unlicensed driving.”

Lotte asserted suspiciously.

“Perhaps there will not be a situation like this but, please absolutely don’t operate the motor when there is a human that doesn’t have magic power in the surroundings. They will receive heavy injury if they get swallowed by the propeller.”

When Kazuki pushed down the slot, the boat began to move, the morning breeze changed into a strong headwind.

Lotte’s fluffy hair was swayed pleasantly by the wind.

“Kazuki-oniisan, I’ll give you a reward every time you control the boat skillfully desu-!”

Rather than calling it a reward it was the person herself that was fawning on him, Lotte kissed Kazuki’s face from the side. Kazuki practiced the boat’s operation for a while, at the same time Lotte reclined on Kazuki while they were enjoying the drive on the sea.

Part 4[edit]

Everyone apart from the Ryuutaki sisters began to play beach ball.

Miyabi-senpai and Shinobu-senpai didn’t mix with everyone and went away somewhere….

Kazuki, who was learning to operate the boat in isolation on the sea was finished in less than an hour.

“Kazuki-oniisan, how much confidence do you have in the strategy this time desu?”

On the ship that was still floating leisurely on the open sea, Lotte asked that all of a sudden.

How much confidence he had in the strategy this time huh―the one who designed the strategy this time was the person who led the Knight Order’s Shizuoka regiment, Commander Yamagata.

“Lotte doesn’t have much confidence in that Commander Yamagata do you?”

Lotte nodded with a bob of her head.

Lotte was honest in all respects towards Kazuki, but it was not like she harbored that attitude toward just anyone.

Rather for Lotte who was born and raised in a royal court which was a whirlpool of schemes and plots, she would use Telepathy on anyone she met directly and unless she had confirmed that the other party didn’t hold any ill will she absolutely wouldn’t open up her heart.

“I, think that the operation this time is dangerous desu. I don’t understand it well if I’m asked why I think that but…it’s like our direction is completely guided…”

Kazuki nodded. Kazuki had a similar feeling like that too.

The enemy’s hand didn’t reach until the seaside and its security was easy to infiltrate.

It was as if the government of Yamato didn’t think of Ise Imperial Shrine as important, their wariness was thin.

Those guys might also be unaware that if Amaterasu was defeated all the other Japanese Divas would also recover their sanity. After all, in a state of being a Wild God the Diva couldn’t communicate normally, so it was not odd even if they didn’t know but…they were too full of openings.

If this strategy succeeded against the enemy that was full of openings, the enemy’s battle strength would plummet and the victory and defeat would be decided. There was no other way but to use this strategy. However….

“Certainly, this is just too convenient.”

If in the worst case, the enemy force was waiting in ambush, then both Kazuki and Kazuha-senpai would be trapped in a desperate situation.

What if this convenient situation, [by some chance was set by someone?]

“Is it that Commander Yamagata, doesn’t think well of Kazuki-oniisan?”

“I also think that might be the case. It doesn’t matter even if it’s a trap, maybe he thinks of me as something like a sacrificial pawn.”

The King of Solomon. For the humans that had already seized power in Japan presently, Kazuki’s existence couldn’t be said to be someone that they would necessarily welcome. Such an attitude was something that he had experienced personally in the past.

Actually, there was also another [9] reason to be hesitating. …Beatrix, who had covered him and fell into magic intoxication still hadn’t opened her eyes. If he could, he didn’t want to be separated from her side. There was something he wanted to immediately say the moment she was awake, even while she was still asleep he wanted to wait beside her.

“If onii-san feels any kind of danger, please escape immediately.”

Lotte hugged Kazuki’s left arm tightly.

When push comes to shove he had to consider about the right timing to escape. Kazuki had acquired several magics that could fly in the sky. Because all of it was too flashy he couldn’t use them in the for infiltrations, but in the case of escape it didn’t matter even if he used those magics. If he flew to the sky using [Deep Striker] or [Blazing Wings] while accelerating himself using [Ride Lightning], there wouldn't be many magicians who could pursue him at that speed.

He had to make a precise self-defense…above all, Kazuha-senpai was also together with him.

Kazuha-senpai’s contracted Diva was Futsunushi no Kami of Japanese Mythology. That was why, even in the case he really fell into the worst situation, the enemy might overlook Kazuha-senpai as long as he presented himself….

“I won’t forgive Kazuki-oniisan if you yourself don’t get home either, okay desu?”

Perhaps Lotte felt Kazuki’s feelings slightly, she was glaring at Kazuki with a scowl. Kazuki was “Sorry” and smiled wryly. He couldn’t help it that such feelings flashed inside his head for a moment though.

“I’m saying this because I’m just alone with Lotte but…”

Surely the big shots of the government still hadn’t recognize Kazuki completely. Also, Solomon's 72 Pillars were still only in the stage of testing Kazuki. In regards to that, the combination of Lotte and Prometheus, for Kazuki was truly [companions that had no lies]. They are a duo that absolutely hid nothing from him.

If it was with them he had the feeling that he could be frank and spoke his true feelings.

Of course Leme was also listening in on this conversation without [10] butting in.

“Futsunushi-no-Kami too, feels suspicious for some reason. Even though he doesn’t have any excuse like Leme or Prometheus that lost their memory, he only gave a small amount of information when he talked. He might have some kind of reason but…the one who created the chance for the strategy this time was Futsunushi-no-Kami.”

If in the case that this strategy was led on by someone, the one who would fall under suspicion at the top of the list was Futsunushi-no-Kami.

“Is Futsunushi-no-Kami-san a spy from Yamato and is he luring Kazuki-oniisan right now?”

As expected, even for Lotte she couldn’t sense as far as a Diva’s state of mind.

“No, I don’t think that Futsunushi-no-Kami is in Yamato’s camp…”

The explanation of [the nature possessed by Wild Gods] that Futsunushi no Kami gave to Kazuki had already been proven as truth presently, from how Ame-no-Uzume returned to her senses.

In the first place, from how Kazuki could use Futsunushi-no-Kami’s magic, [there was no doubt that Futsunushi no Kami was fundamentally an ally, but]….

“Futsunushi-no-Kami too, might be planning to test me. He is not luring me into a trap from Yamato, but perhaps he is inviting me to the trial location of Japanese Mythology…?”

Part 5[edit]

When he got down from the boat, Kazuki didn’t join the playing girls but he searched for Miyabi-senpai and Shinobu-senpai.

Kaguya-senpai and the others said that “We searched for them too, but didn’t see them.”

But Kazuki was able to sense the whereabouts of a companion he had a bond with.

Shinobu-senpai’s positivity level was too low that he couldn’t sense her, but if it was Miyabi-senpai’s positivity level he could sense her faintly. Indeed, perhaps from Miyabi-senpai too, she might be wishing for [I want Kazuki to come], in comparison of her positivity level of 44, he could feel a strong wave of magic power.

Kazuki walked in the direction of the beach’s edge.

The area changed into a rough rocky place where the terrain was unsuitable for swimming.

He had to say something to Miyabi-senpai, some small words. That was what Kazuki was thinking.

Perhaps she was forcing herself that she wore that kind of swimsuit, and then undergoing that accident, she managed to mend her composed expression, but surely she felt hurt and embarrassed even at that time.

He immediately discovered the two sisters. They were in a rocky place separated from the beach. As if trying to hide behind a boulder almost as big as an adult, Miyabi-senpai was standing directly opposite Shinobu-senpai.

Miyabi-senpai had changed into a school swimsuit, both of them currently were in some kind of quarrel with each other.

“…That’s why, we had especially come here together with everyone after all, it’s no good if we don’t play with everyone.”

Miyabi-senpai talked with a strong tone as if reproaching.

“No. I came because I thought I could play with Nee-sama. That’s why Nee-sama, together with me…”

Shinobu-senpai’s hand reached out to Miyabi-senpai imploringly. Miyabi-senpai didn’t take that hand.

“If I take that hand, we are going to completely go wrong with the two of us.”

“Why…” Shinobu-senpai’s eyes shook fiercely in agitation. Her heart started to beat violently from receiving a large shock, but that agitation was only conveyed from her eyes.

Kazuki was standing stock still without moving a single step.

The wandering eyes of Shinobu-senpai that couldn’t calm down located the figure of Kazuki that was like that.

Shinobu-senpai gulped her breath strongly and glared hatefully at Kazuki. Looking at that change of expression, Miyabi-senpai too followed Shinobu-senpai’s line of sight, “…Kazuki!” and she finally noticed Kazuki’s appearance.

Shinobu-senpai suddenly turned her back and dashed away in the opposite direction from Kazuki. Miyabi-senpai chased that leaving back with her eyes, but she didn’t follow and walked to Kazuki.

“…Before, I showed you my shameful appearance didn’t I? Although I didn’t plan to but, to lose my composure like that…”

Was it the story about the swimsuit? …Kazuki was at a loss of what he should say to her.

“I don’t think it was something embarrassing. It was really beautiful.”

The white skin characteristic of an elf on a glamorous figure. With different individuality from Koyuki, the scene was burned vividly into his heart.

The instant the swimsuit flipped and her breasts fell out, Kazuki’s eyes became nailed on the spot as if his soul was just plundered.

“Because of that, it’s strange to say something like 'thank you' I think, but…please don’t fret or feel hurt over it too much. That's what I want to convey to senpai.”

“…I chose that swimsuit with the intention of showing my skin to you, so I’m happy if you say that to me. The truth is, it was certainly embarrassing though…”

Miyabi-senpai’s cheeks was colored red from shame, however she replied so in relief.

“Rather than something like a swimsuit, senpai has to run after Shinobu-senpai immediately.”

“…It’s fine. If I don’t separate with that child a little. Let’s just leave her alone. Rather than that kind of matter, I want to play together and get along well with you and everyone properly. This is a rare chance after all.”

After Miyabi-senpai shook her head and denied what Kazuki said, she reached her hand to Kazuki imploringly.

It was exactly the spitting image of how Shinobu-senpai reached her hand to Miyabi-senpai just before this.

While Kazuki took that hand gently―however he denied it at the same time.

“Senpai is impatient. Also senpai must not do something that will hurt Shinobu-senpai.”

Miyabi-senpai’s eyelashes shook with a start.

“That…I, I thought that the both of us couldn't keep staying like this…”

“Shinobu-senpai, she will surely think that she has been left behind by Miyabi-senpai. And yet if Miyabi-senpai got too impatient like this, senpai will only rapidly get completely cornered…”

With Miyabi-senpai’s transformation into an elf, the two twin sisters were locked into a world where it was just the two of them.

Shinobu-senpai grew to harbor feelings of distrust toward everything of the outside world that discriminates against the big sister that she loved.

[In reverse], Miyabi-senpai had gotten back on her feet because Shinobu-senpai continued to stay by her side for a long time.

On Shinobu-senpai’s side who was not the one who became an elf herself, even now she was still continuing to confine herself inside her shell….

“I didn’t mean to ignore her feelings…”

Even while saying that she thought deeply of what Kazuki had pointed out. Miyabi-senpai hung her head down crestfallen.

“…That’s right isn’t it, this wasn't for the sake of the child or anything like that. I came to the sea to be with everyone. I might be able to make friends, with you, and with everyone else, making merry and everything…. It’s really like that isn’t it, even though that child is still unable to prepare her heart for something like this. Even though I can recover this far simply because that child kept continuing to think about me all this time….I was just about to discard those feelings of hers.”

“Senpai shouldn't think that senpai is discarding Shinobu-senpai or anything like that.”

The expression of Miyabi-senpai that was always showing a composed smile crumbled and peeled off.

“I discarded her! Because, being alone with Shinobu just the two of us, I've had enough already! Being just the two of us like this, is just the same as being alone…! It looks far more fun to be together with all of you!!”

Miyabi-senpai had said to him before [Quickly conquer me too] while floating a composed smile, however,

―She was not supposed to be composed.

She was showing behavior that made people feel her elegance, but that might be just her pretending to be strong, showing [I don’t feel painful for even a little] to the outside world that had discriminated her.

Right now, Miyabi-senpai’s shoulders were shaking with self-disgust for herself [that was going to discard] her little sister.

The two that had been mutually dependent on each other for a long time. These two sisters, it would be in vain if it was not simultaneously.

“Senpai, it’s going to be okay. Because, I will show you that I’m going to [conquer] Shinobu-senpai too.”

This was the first time he had ever said [conquer], a galge-like word like that with such earnest feelings.

Kazuki lightly embraced the trembling Miyabi-senpai and pat her shaking shoulder.

“But I think it will take a little more time, so please run after Shinobu-senpai for now. Not only with Shinobu-senpai, I will become more intimate with Miyabi-senpai as well. And then after that, let’s go with the three of us to the beach or the pool again. After all, the highlight of summer will be from now on.”

“…Thank you, my King.”

Miyabi-senpai looked downward deeply as if hiding her expression. From that face, a sniffling sound was leaking out.

“Please don’t forcibly hide yourself when you are crying.”

“ are, even though I was desperately trying to look good but you see through all of it…”

A large heart mark came flying from Miyabi-senpai.

Miyabi-senpai raised her face that was wet with tears and smiled even while shedding tears.

“I’m going to Shinobu now. I’ll apologize. I have to make that child feel peaceful.”

Miyabi-senpai wiped her tears, then she decisively turned her back to Kazuki and ran.

…Let’s go back to the beach. Kazuki too turned on his heel.

There was still a little time before his departure, there still might be some time left to be together with everyone.

When he came out from the shadow of the rocky area…Koyuki was standing there.

“Koyuki? …Did you see?”

“I didn’t mean to peek but…” Her voice was just a little down.

“What’s the matter?” Saying that Kazuki approached her.

“It’s really nothing. Just…”

Her face was somehow like a good obedient child who was despondent because her toy was taken away.

“Kazuki, from now on you…might not be concerning yourself with me anymore.”


“Until now you are sympathizing with the pitiful elf and concerned yourself with me but now, a new more pitiful elf has appears…” Koyuki talked while averting her eyes in another direction.

“Are you seriously saying that?”

Kazuki was approaching Koyuki, he circled his hands on her small back and embraced her. The sensation of her body snugly settling into his arms was very lovely. He forcefully directed Koyuki’s face that was facing another direction to look at him, then he repeated one more time. “Are you seriously thinking, that I never embraced Koyuki except from something like pity?”

Being stared at directly by Kazuki, Koyuki’s face was red and her eyes became moist.

“I’m not thinking that…if I show you I’m sulking like this, I thought you might spoil me…”

“Good grief, Koyuki is really a spoiled child huh.”

Kazuki let out a deep breath and showed his amazement. And then while hugging Koyuki, his fingers stroked the girl’s sensitive long ear. “…!” Koyuki was trembling twitchingly from the sudden sensation.

“Ka, Kazuki…you always touched my ear so casually but, this, it gives me lewd feelings even more than Kazuki thinks so, that…”

“Eh, is that so? I just think of this as the extension of patting the head…so should I stop this?”

When Kazuki was going to separate his finger from her ear, Koyuki raised her voice in a fluster.

“It, it’s okay for you to not stop! …Please do it more.”

“Koyuki is…just a little perverted aren’t you?”

Kazuki continued to graze Koyuki’s ears *shuu shuu* for a while and Koyuki’s spine also continued to tremble in shivers. Koyuki’s breathing was becoming disarrayed little by little.

“Haa, haa…Please say it properly using your words, that you are not just pitying me…”

“It’s because Koyuki is adorable and I love you, that I am together like this with you.”

After whispering those words, he kissed Koyuki’s white cheek. The cheek of Koyuki who was playing in the sea just now tasted salty.

“…Please do it on my lips…”

Koyuki presented her lips adorably and demanded so. For the sake of making her say that honestly, Kazuki teased her by only kissing her cheek before this in preparation and bided his time before he kissed her as strongly as he could to demonstrate his love.

“Ka, Kazuki…n, nnn!!”

Koyuki whose lips were sucked while her ear was toyed around with continuously by one hand suddenly had her body spring strongly. And then as if power left her waist, she sank down on the spot.

Part 6[edit]

When it was time to sail out, the boat was moved to the wharf.

From where it can be reached just by walking a little from the beach, a pier of asphalt was jutting out from the coastline.

After Kazuha-senpai boarded the boat and sat beside Kazuki, she let out complaints restlessly.

“Why is the boat this cramped…”

“Please endure it a little, after all it seemed that preparing the ship’s provisions wasn't easy.”

Kazuki and Kazuha-senpai had finished changing from their swimsuits into [casual Japanese clothes] that had been remodeled, to make it easy to move while worn. It seemed that in Yamato, this kind of clothing was booming among the youngsters there.

The information between Japan and Yamato had been cut off, but the government was able to get their hands on information concerning western Japan from the ordinary citizens that had escaped to take refuge.

It was a surprising matter for differences in culture and fashion to be created already, even though it hadn’t even been one week since the separation of east and west Japan, but because Yamato advocated that they were [the true country of Japan that was protected by the Japanese Mythology], it seemed they were using propagandaadvertising in grand-scale using domestic broadcast saying [Let’s return to Japanese culture].

It was accepted favorably among the youngsters who enjoyed the change, where in turn they gave rise to a [Revival・New Japanese Style Boom] like this redesigned Japanese clothing.

Kazuki’s appearance was wearing a white kimono with tight sleeves and plain black hakama [11], but its cuffs and sleeves had been smartly redesigned to not look flabby. The clothes were fixed with buttons and a belt so it didn’t look out of shape, making it look closer to western clothes.

Kazuha-senpai too was dressed in a yukata [12] that had been redesigned into a no sleeves・miniskirt with flowery pattern, her shoulders and thighs were boldly exposed.

Inside this cramped boat, it couldn’t be helped that those shoulders and thighs became glued with him.

They were infiltrating, that was why the two attached a water-proof waist bag on their waist where they only put the minimum amount of baggage inside. So they wouldn’t be suspected by the general public, they were not carrying their katana.

“…Well then, we're off!” “Take caa―re!”

Having been sent off by the voices of everyone from the Witch’s Manor, Kazuki started the engine.

“Kazuha-senpai, the ship’s balance will be unstable if you move your body that much to the outside. Please move closer.”

Kazuki embraced Kazuha-senpai’s waist with his left arm. Precisely because Kazuha-senpai was an earnest person that could follow reason, she didn’t say any complaints and could only “Mugii―!” let out a strange sound that sounded like a mysterious animal.

“What a cute rare animal.”

“Who did you say was a rare animal-!!”

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

While the rotating propeller left behind white trails on the water's surface, the boat gradually separated from the land and embarked to the ocean. In the far horizon, even further behind the small islands that were floating on Ise Bay, was the faint hazy outline of Mie Prefecture’s Toba Shore.

Chapter 2 – Stealth MissionEnemy territory Infiltration[edit]

Part 1[edit]

“Cramped! Cramped! Cramped! The distance is too cloo―se-! I really dislike you! Despite that, how can your face stay so calm even through this much! You brute!”

Kazuha-senpai, who was like that had a positivity level of 82. There was not even a single skull mark that denoted the decrease of positivity level. Even her abusive remarks couldn’t be felt as anything other than one type of communication to him.

“Senpai, you only say that with your words, but you don’t hate me do you? Also senpai had promised to accompany me on a date hadn’t you?”

“Don’t treat an infiltration mission like a date you―!”

Right at that time, a slightly large wave lifted up the neck of the ship highly.

The neck of the ship rode through the undulating waves and was half falling with a jerk.

Kazuha-senpai was “UWAA!” surprised and her shoulder approached Kazuki.

An endless ocean. The small boat looked like an untrustworthy leaf floating on the sea.

“It’s okay, senpai. When push comes to shove…”

“When push comes to shove…?” Kazuha-senpai, who was shrinking her body looked at him imploringly.

“When push comes to shove, please stabilize the movement of the boat with Psychokinesis Kazuha-senpai.”

“You're relying on me!? I looked like an idiot for thinking that you were a little dependable heree―!!”

“Of course I’m also doing my best in driving the boat. But well, inside the bay, the waves are killed by the peninsula and island making the water quite calm so it’s okay. Though the morning seems early.”

Kazuki peered through the binoculars that were hanging on his neck while reinforcing his eyesight using magic.

“…Rather, what's scarier are human’s eyes, this is an infiltration mission after all.”

“The risk of discovery, the story is that Yamato doesn’t perform the coast security satisfactorily anyway right? If it’s just a citizen’s boat then it’s going to be overlooked even if it’s discovered, right?”

“Because the government cut the electric supply to western Japan, the emotions of western Japan’s citizen have become the worst. Something like a suspicious boat they have never seen might be reported right away to Yamato.”

“Is, is that so…this is the enemy’s territory after all…. Even though this is Mie prefecture…”

That odd way of speaking unintentionally made Kazuki float an ironic smile. Kazuha-senpai talked even further.

“…When I studied the administrative divisions of Japan in elementary school, among the few that I couldn’t remember no matter what was Mie prefecture you know? I wonder if I incurred divine punishment…”

“For some reason I always jumbled up Aichi prefecture and Wakayama prefecture, I couldn’t make the distinction between them.”

“Fufufu, in that case you really like orange.” [13]

Kazuha-senpai didn’t only insult him with abusive remarks, unexpectedly, when he made stupid talk with her, she was someone who would respond in a good mood. Finally she relaxed her stiff shoulders and showed a smiling face.

Looking at Kazuha-senpai’s face from the side where her hair was fluttering from the wind, Kazuki was charmed for a while.

And then Kazuha-senpai naturally leaned her shoulder and thigh unreservedly on Kazuki’s body. She became relaxed and from her mouth “~♪” a humming sound was starting to leak out.

“Hey, how long are we going to keep like this?”

“It might be around one hour or so.”

“Whaa―tt, that’s unexpectedly short. So it’s not a considerable boat trip then?”

“Is it disappointing?” Kazuki asked Kazuha-senpai whose face was full of disappointment.

Kazuha-senpai suddenly went ‘hah’ and made a face of realization, “I, it’s not disappointing at all, who in the world would want to spend time together with you! I want this to end quicklyy―!” She leaned her body forward in a fluster.

“The boat will shake so please don’t struggle so much I said.”

While Kazuki met an unexpected difficulty in operating the flap, he embraced Kazuha-senpai with his left hand.

When her waist was embraced by Kazuki’s arm, a heart mark flew from Kazuha-senpai with a plop.

“Perhaps, senpai wants to be like this and intentionally made a ruckus?”

“Tha, that’s not true! This lady killer!”

―The enjoyable time passed in the blink of an eye. And then,

“…This is problematic.” Kazuki murmured while peeking through his binoculars.

“There really are that many people?”

They finally reached a distance where they could clearly see the opposite shore, but unexpectedly there were people on the shoreline of Toba where they planned to disembark.

“There are a lot of fishing ships, breeding farms of oyster or seaweed, female divers…something is visible.”

“There are also female divers? Your eyes are absurdly good huh.”

In any case the visibility was exceedingly good on top of the sea, there was no hiding place.

They must go through a route where they wouldn’t enter anybody’s line of sight and make their landing.

“Let’s make a detour slightly and search for a coastline where there aren't any people.”

Kazuki steered the boat going side-by-side with the land.

“Ah. Oi, Hayashizaki, seagulls are coming here!”

Like a child, Kazuha-senpai shook the shoulder of Kazuki who didn’t peel his eyes off from the binoculars.

“Seagulls…? They might be used to humans from the pleasure cruise for sightseeing that scattered feed to them.”

“So they want some feed, yosh!”

It seemed Kazuha-senpai brought some snacks inside her waist-bag. She took out a rice cracker. She stood up on top of the unsteadily shaking boat while guarding her balance, “Here-!” and threw the pieces of broken rice cracker to the sky. The seagulls took a nose dive with good momentum and caught the cracker with its beak.

“Amazing! Come on look Hayashizaki, these guys came along! They are amazingly smart!! Ahaha-”

“Geez, what is senpai making merry for…”

Separating his eyes from the binoculars, he looked up at Kazuha-senpai who was standing beside him―Kazuki watched the girl’s radiant smile in fascination. He involuntarily lost the next word he was going to say. The fringe of Kazuha-senpai’s short casual Japanese clothes was turned up lightly from the strong wind, although she didn’t notice it because she was too engrossed at the seagulls and making merry.

(Well, it’s fine), Kazuki returned to his binoculars while his face was slightly reddening.

In her place, he was going to pay attention seriously at their surroundings.

―When he was looking in the distance, *GATAN!* the boat shook, then he heard Kazuha-senpai’s scream.

“Waaaaaaaaa, Hayashizaki, strange birds are! They scattered the seagulls and charging this way―!?”

Kazuki took his eyes from the binoculars and looked up to the sky―tension ran through his spine.

A large flock of birds blocked the blue sky, “GEE―! GEE―!” they were revolving around the boat while raising ominous chirps. It had protruding eyes that looked as if the eyeball were almost falling out, their beaks were curving windingly like old tree stumps. They were ominous birds from what Kazuki could see.

Of course they weren't natural animals― but Demon Beasts.

“Damn! …This spot is a Haunted Ground!”

Kazuki suddenly realized and looked down at the sea’s surface. The sea color ten-odd meters around them became a darkish color as if a stain was gathered in one spot of the ocean. Because Kazuki only watched the far away land and Kazuha-senpai only looked at the seagulls, they didn’t notice at all that they had stepped into a Haunted Ground.

Haunted Ground only broke out in a place where there were humans―if it was a course where pleasure ships and fishing ships often came, then surely it was possible for a Haunted Ground to be born on top of the sea. A spot where seagulls that were used to humans formed a group. It was suitable to be called a dominion of humans rather than nature.

However, Yamato’s provisional government, weren’t they dealing with the Haunted Ground properly?

Like this the people that worked on the sea would be in danger!

“O the will of whirling heaven god…gather in my hand, grant me the authority of judgement! O radiance of royalty's divine gift, become a dazzling brilliant drawn bow! Lightning Line.”

Both Kazuki’s hands hosted lightning. He drew the lightning to the limit and launched one, two streaks of lightning. This magic of Hikaru-senpai, even though each of its shots was inferior in power compared to Mio’s Barrett, it could be shot repeatedly.

One, two bodies of the demon birds were shot down and sank into the black water surface. With that as the start, the demon birds that were circling around to assess their prey directed their beaks at the boat and took a nose dive.

“I’m having a good fight, welcoming a good death, and wish to participate in even more battles in heaven! The divine protection of blood color in my eye! Berserk!!”

Beatrix’s level 1 magic that could be invoked with a short chanting time. Light flew down from between the gap of the clouds in the sky, it became power and resided inside Kazuki. His eyes were dyed deep crimson, his reflexes and physical strength were amplified.

Kazuki missed nothing of the demon birds’ beaks, he caught the beak of the bird that came the foremost barehanded. He swung the demon bird that he caught with all his strength, directing it to the second approaching demon bird’s beak and [used it as a shield]. Fresh blood scattered, he threw away the demon bird that bore a fatal wound from its fellow bird’s beak to the sea.

The third flying bird that approached him was caught by his left hand this time, and then once more he used it as a shield against the fourth bird.

He caught the birds with his hands and used them as shields before throwing them away…he struggled hard bare handed.

Looking at that scene from the side, Kazuha-senpai who was late in her battle preparations chanted her spell in a panic.

“O peerless master, make another showing from beyond the dream! Along with the flame of transformation, liberate the memory that is sealed inside the silver mirror right here!! Kenki Tensei!!”

Spheres of fire burst out around Kazuha-senpai. From there the phantom of famous swordsmen that left behind their names in history were summoned―the phantom swordsmen that were created from the spheres of fire landed on the water surface just like that―they were drowning while kicking and struggling. While unfortunate, there was no space for summoning on top of the cramped boat.

The mute phantom swordsmen were,

{What are you doing suddenly summoning us here gozaru-} {Uwaa~, you are making fun of us~}

…They were sinking into the black sea with that kind of feeling.

“Uwaa―! You guys are useless―!”

Kazuha-senpai was completely cornered into the depths of mayhem, she screamed while gripping the edge of the boat.

“Senpai, the magic that you chose to chant was mistaken there!”

That miss was surely because the tactic of first summoning the phantom swordsmen and then using them to buy time for her to chant higher magic had already completely become a habit.

“I am the Miko of the Sword…Rock cleaved, root torn, sin severed, that spirit sword of crushing evil right now in this hand! Draw sword, Futsu no Mitama!!”

While Kazuki was grappling with the demon birds, he managed to chant that spell in some way or other.

Flames welled out inside Kazuki’s hand where a holy ancient sword was created.

If he held a sword, then the fight was his. The nose diving demon birds were cut down one after another.

{Ooh, splendid! This is just like Tsubame Gaeshi [14]!}

Futsunushi no Kami’s avatar appeared and said so in cheers.

“Waa―! Kazuki! This time strange wriggling things from the sea are―!?”

When his attention was preoccupied with the sky, Kazuha-senpai’s scream reverberated once again. This time it was not from the sky but from the sea―countless tentacles were extending out and entangled the limbs of Kazuha-senpai.

“Wh, why is this thing not even sparing a glance at Hayashizaki, but only coming at me!?”

“Senpai, tentacles are that kind of Demon Beast! Before when they attacked Mio it was also like this.”

“What kind of Demon Beast is that, doing something so―! Uwa, stop it, don’t get inside the clothes!!”

The tentacles that were attached with suction pads on it pinned down the side of the boat while invading. Both of Kazuha-senpai’s arms and legs were captured. It forcefully opened up the four limbs and tried to creep in through the collar and hem stimulatingly.

The boat raised a cracking sound!

But the tentacles doing whatever it wanted to Kazuha-senpai was only for an instant.

Sensing the situation, Kazuki immediately ran his sword. First he cut down the tentacles that were going to invade into Kazuha-senpai’s clothes, then next he cut down the tentacles that were binding Kazuha-senpai’s arms and legs.

Kazuha-senpai, who became free leaped vigorously to Kazuki and hugged him, making the boat shake violently.

But no matter how many tentacles he cut down, the main body of the Demon Beast was squirming inside the black sea. Katana wouldn’t reach. Using Barrett would be useless because it would disappear from the sea water. Facing the sea and firing lightning arrows would also endanger themselves. Then….

“O singing voice of mermaid, manifest the freezing thought. Sadness into ice flowers, loneliness into light snowfall, cover the world within a freezing vacuum…White Album!”

Kazuki chose Koyuki’s level 5 magic―a large scale magic that froze the designated space in its entirety. The monster inside the sea was frozen together with its surrounding sea water. And then most likely its breath was stopped just like that.

The dusky sea that was undergoing Haunted Ground transformation quickly became clear blue color.

Haunted Ground was spreading due to the existence of Demon Beasts. By defeating the Demon Beast, the original scenery would be recovered.

“Ah, how tiresome~. Sorry, I’m just completely holding you back…”

Kazuha-senpai was weakly exhausted on top of the boat, she released a deep sigh.

“Senpai…this still isn't the time to be relaxed yet.”

When the tentacles were clamping at Kazuha-senpai, Kazuki heard an awful voice of something cracking.

Cracks were entering the boat that was made of wood. Under both their feet, sea water was entering little by little.

“It's flooding!?”

If the ship was broken in this place, the operation would be a failure. They wouldn’t be able to land inconspicuously.

“…Should we go back for a moment, using [Blazing Wings] back to Irago Cape?”

“Even though the opposing shore is just right there already…! It’s my fault…!”

Kazuha-senpai stared at the opposing shore mortifyingly. Even while she was doing that, the small boat kept sinking.

“That’s right! Let’s swim to the farther shore!”

“There are a lot of fishing ships. If we go across swimming while still wearing clothes, we will completely look like suspicious people, senpai.”

“Then let’s go by diving!” Kazuha-senpai faced the sea and pulled Kazuki’s arm.

“How are we going to maintain our breath!?”

“It’s okay, leave it to me! …I’ll relinquish my dishonor from before!!”

Kazuha-senpai forcibly kept pulling *gui gui* Kazuki’s arm, she was trying to make the both of them leap into the sea together. (If she really has some idea), Kazuki hardened his determination.

“We are going! One two-!!”

Water was splashing along with a yell, the two dove into the sea.

…What in the world is Kazuha-senpai planning?

When he opened his eyes inside the sea that had high rate of transparency, Kazuki saw a miraculous sight.

Bubbles that repelled blue lights were pouring down from the surface into the water to Kazuki and Kazuha-senpai's location.

The bubble that was as big as a person’s head followed about around Kazuki’s face and then it entered inside his mouth.

…It’s air. Kazuha-senpai was pulling air into the water using Psychokinesis.

…Amazing. Once again, he felt that Kazuha-senpai’s talent in magic was extraordinary.

Kazuha-senpai grinned broadly inside the water and pointed at the direction of the land. Kazuki nodded at that.

If oxygen was supplied like this, then it was a distance that could be traversed sufficiently.

Utilizing magic and diving with one’s own body―this was his first experience, in a transparent blue world.

Changing from seagulls, this time it was fish, they coiled about around Kazuki and Kazuha-senpai’s surroundings.

Part 2[edit]

“Puhaa―! I wondered what was going to happen to us there for a second!”

Coming up from the water, Kazuha-senpai stood up on the beach unsteadily while taking a deep breath. But,

“Before we take a breather! Let’s move to a better hidden spot!”

This area was not a beach that had been developed for swimming, and there was no presence of anyone in the area. But at any rate, the unobstructed view in the beach was too good. The afternoon sun was shining down on them. Kazuki held Kazuha-senpai’s hand tightly and ran away into the forest that grew thickly near the beach.

“Don, don’t suddenly hold my hand like this―!”

“Somehow there is this thrill that makes the heart beat fast right?”

After escaping into the darkness of the forest, finally they could take a breather.

The two let out a wry chuckle while looking at each other’s face―Kazuki spontaneously caught his breath.

It was pink―if he was asked what was pink, it was Kazuha-senpai’s underwear color.

Senpai’s remodeled Japanese clothing was wet and became see-through, making a faint pink color show through it.

Going after the swimsuit, it was lovely underwear that made him feel the gap. That senpai was wearing this kind of underwear, that fact itself was cute. By any chance perhaps she put in considerable fighting spirit into choosing that underwear.

Moreover, because of her run-in with those tentacles and also with having to swim, her collar and hem was slovenly disordered.

Kazuki’s clothes were also similarly drenched, it was clinging heavily onto the skin. Kazuha-senpai saw Kazuki’s state, then she noticed that she was also in the same state, making her face boil red.

Magika No Kenshi To Shoukan Maou Vol.06 056.jpg

“U, u, u, uWAA―!? Don’t look, don’t look this wayy―!!”

“So, sorry senpai! This is an act of god!!”

“I understand this is act of god or whatnot! I’m not particularly angry so just look behind―!!”

Kazuki and Kazuha-senpai turned back at the same time, making their backs meet.

“Senpai, let’s dry the clothes and our body with magic.”

Kazuki suggested. If they used Psychokinesis to get rid of the water and salt and then produced high temperatures with Pyrokinesis, they could dry their clothes far quicker compared to letting it dry naturally.

“…I got it. Then I’m going to take off my clothes. Absolutely don’t look back.”

Kazuha-senpai answered like that for the sake of getting through this quickly.

Dryness was a process where the water particles escape to the air. Rather than letting the clothes dry while still wearing it, taking off the clothes and drying it off piece by piece would increase the surface area that came in contact with the air, making the drying-off several times faster.

…I wonder if this means that she trusts me.

That Kazuha-senpai was, currently, becoming naked right behind him.

Of course Kazuki didn’t have any intention to betray that trust. Absolutely none.

While determining his heart that he absolutely wouldn’t look behind, he himself removed the belt of his hakama and took off his remodeled Japanese clothes. Spreading out the removed clothing with his hands, he concentrated at his magic.


However after only a few moments, Kazuha-senpai raised a scream.


Kazuki immediately turned around. It couldn’t be helped.

It couldn’t be helped but, Kazuki and Kazuha-senpai too was still in their underwear.

Their eyes met in a glance, shame flashed in Kazuha-senpai’s expression.

But on the contrary she didn’t continue that line of progress.

Kazuha-senpai screamed “Demon Beast!” and pointed forward.

Demon Beast she said? …This forest was real nature, it was by no means a Haunted Ground.

Even though this place was not supposed to be a Haunted Ground―there was a single crow in the direction that senpai pointed at.

It was just a normal bird at a single glance, but thick magic power was compressed inside that small body, warping the surrounding atmosphere slightly. And then above all, [it had three legs].

Kazuki embraced Kazuha-senpai’s shoulders near him and changed places with her. He stood in front to cover her.

The three-legged crow was staring at Kazuki with eyes that were like black gems.

“…There is no need to be alert. I hold no hostility.”

“”The Demon Beast is talking!?”” Kazuki and Kazuha-senpai were taken aback in shock.

The situation where a crow was talking was bizarre but…the words that it spoke were also strange.

The Demon Beast that materialized in this world because of Malignant Alternate BoundaryCancer was absolutely the enemy of the human race.

It was completely their instinct, the meaning of their existence, that Demon Beasts attack only humans.

…No need to be alert? Those were words that overturned the concept of Demon Beast right from its root.

“What is called a Demon Beast is something that is established in Mythology as the enemy of the human race…”

The three-legged crow opened its beak and spun human language.

“…I am different. I am something established to be the guide of the monarch <Yatagarasu>. O King of Solomon, the Japanase Mythology welcomes you. Please head to Ise Imperial Shrine just like that somehow.”

Welcomes? …Even though we came here to defeat Amaterasu.

If he assumed that this was not a Diva or a Demon Beast, then what in the world is this crow?

The crow that introduced itself as Yatagarasu informed just that and then it spread its black wings with a flap and flew away.

The instant it flew to the sky, that figure melted into the air and disappeared.

The left behind Kazuki and Kazuha-senpai were bewildered and stood stock still.

“…Kazuki, just now, what do you think is going on?”

Kazuha-senpai asked with voice mixed with confusion.

[Welcome]. Did it have the meaning exactly like the what word implied, or….

Yatagarasu―it was an existence that was made to be Amaterasu’s messenger in Japanese Mythology.

Both of them unintentionally faced each other. And then, they remembered once more that both of them were still in their underwear.

“Waa!? I forgot, don’t look this way!!”

“I’m sorry, it’s an act of god!”

Both of them sprang up startled and turned their backs to each other again.

“…What’s with you, act of god, act of god. You keep saying that.”

While they resumed drying their clothes, Kazuha-senpai talked with a hint of complaint and then, *bump*, she threw her own back to Kazuki’s back. Kazuha-senpai’s back hair that fluttered behind tickled Kazuki’s nape.

Perhaps there ought to be some more words that he should say. Not an excuse that he said because he was afraid to be scolded. Because Kazuha-senpai was a much softer person than what her surface attitude hinted.

“Kazuha-senpai’s risqué appearance, really made my heart beat fast.”

“What are you saying, idiot!”

“The pink underwear was cute.”

“Aren’t you just thinking too simply that a girl will be happy as long as she got praised!?”

“It’s fine right, I said that was an act of god.”

“You are a pervert!” *BUMP! BUMP!* the hits to his back were strengthened.

But he had the hunch that senpai at this moment was not angry but rather, she was enjoying herself.

“…Really, I’m finished here already.”

Behind Kazuki, there was the presence of Kazuha-senpai wearing her clothes in a rustle.

“Eh, already!? That’s fast!”

“Hmph, that’s because you are saying stupid things. Idii―ot idii―ot. Magic good for nothing.”

Rotating with a twirl, Kazuha-senpai who had finished changing her clothes circled around to Kazuki’s front.

“Senpai…I’m, still in emergency here.”

Kazuki was taken aback being stared at right from the front.

“It’s doesn’t really matter right, you are a man after all.”

What kind of reason was that? Kazuha-senpai bent her knees at that spot and squatted down, then her line of sight was creeping all over Kazuki’s body intently *jii―*.

“…Fuun, just as expected it’s a body with the feel of a boy. …Fuun.”

He didn’t really get embarrassed getting stared at but…for some reason he couldn’t concentrate on the magic.

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

When they walked from the coast to the city of Toba, the town that prospered from the sightseeing and fishing industry was changed into quite a place from being put under the state of a [time of war].

“First let’s settle down a little and talk about what we are going to do from now on.”

Saying that, Kazuki pointed at the eatery in the street corner. In Toba, there were a few eateries lining up. This eatery was called <Ama [15] hut> where people could eat fresh maritime products that were just picked by the diver.

“Now that you mentioned it, certainly my stomach is empty.”

Kazuha-senpai was also in agreement. …Today they were having a fairly rushed schedule until now. After Kazuki explained the outline of the operation yesterday they departed from Nagoya at the early morning the very next day, arriving at Irago Cape. There they sailed off after finishing the boat operation training, and then they landed at the town of Toba in Mie Prefecture right at this point of time, the time had already approaching midday. Everything were events that were happening throughout this morning.

They were in the middle of an important operation, be that as it may, it was hard to go against their sense of hunger.

If they didn’t have a meal here, they didn’t know what would happen from now on after this.

Kazuki and Kazuha-senpai sat side-by-side at the counter, then they ordered the shellfish combination platter that was the specialty here with the traveling expenses they received from Akane-senpai. At the opposite side of the counter, the auntie there lined up the shellfish on the earthen charcoal brazier and started grilling.

With a voice so small that could only be heard by Kazuha-senpai, Kazuki confirmed the thing that he was concerned at the foremost.

“Regarding that <Yatagarasu> from before, did Futsunushi no Kami say anything at all?”

“I too asked inside my head what that was about, but…”

A Telepathy directed at Astrum, it was that kind of thing.

“…That guy, he doesn’t give any reply and is ignoring me.”

So it was 'No Comment'. Despite making frivolous talk like commenting on someone’s sword skill as Tsubame Gaeshi or what else.

That crow called Yatagarasu, according to the myth it was the messenger of Amaterasu.

“What in the world does it mean with [Welcome]? Even though we are coming here for Japanese Mythology’s chief god…Amaterasu’s defeat. In the first place, isn’t Amaterasu supposed to lose her sanity from becoming a Wild God?”

There was something strange that he felt from Futsunushi no Kami’s story that was supposed to be [the operation’s premise].

During the operation where they were infiltrating enemy territory that required caution, it was a terrifying matter for doubt to rise to the surface towards the premise of the operation in the first place.

When Kazuki exposed Futsunushi no Kami’s insincerity, Kazuha-senpai made a sad face.

“Bu, but Futsunushi no Kami is…”

“Of course it’s not like I’m thinking that Futsunushi no Kami is Yamato’s spy or something like that.”

When Kazuki said so, Kazuha-senpai released a breath in relief.

“If Futsunushi no Kami and Yatagarasu are trying to set a trap for us, there is no need at all to make that kind of greeting to us.”

Of course he was doubtful whether he really could accept that [Welcome] Yatagarasu said at face value, but wasn’t what Yatagarasu meant to declare at that time was that [this is not a trap].

“…I feel some doubt that this operation can proceed just as planned, but for the time being there is nothing we can do except go to Ise Imperial Shrine to see what’s happening there.”

What awaited them at that place, was it really [a battle against Amaterasu] or…. If by some chance that was not whats going to happen, then for what kind of reason did Futsunushi no Kami call Kazuki and Kazuha-senpai here.

…If he was called to the enemy's territory here because of some ill will though, then that was the worst situation.

“Here, our specialty, the large manilla clam! You two are whispering secretly there, but this is not delicious when it’s not freshly baked. Chuck the food into your mouth quickly and eat up!! [16]

The auntie presented the large plate piled up with clams from across the counter.

The moment they saw it, Kazuha-senpai went “Wha, this is different from the clam that I know!?” and raised her voice. What they saw was something excessively large to be called clam, its size was almost as big as the palm of a child. Adding to its plump body, soup was pooling in plenty on its shell, the nice aroma of salt rising up.

Next the auntie handed over a big serving of rice. Kazuha-senpai immediately ate a mouthful of the clam, after that she gulped down the rice heartily, “Delicious-!” her expression brightened.

The auntie laughed in a good mood after seeing that scene.

“I’m still grilling lots and lots here! There is turban scallop, or this yesso scallop!”

Kazuki looked around inside the shop once more. It was a snug eatery, but its walls were decorated with autographs of celebrities that even Kazuki and Kazuha-senpai knew. There was even the picture of the auntie in a wet suit as a diver hung on the wall. …Inside that mundane atmosphere, it made them feel a peace of mind somehow.

It appears that even when this place changed from Japan into Yamato, the life of the normal people didn’t change at all.

“…Kazuha-senpai, your [Delicious!] just now is not good. You don’t look like a local.”

Kazuki lowered his voice and whispered on her ears. “Ah, I see!” Kazuha-senpai pressed her own mouth.

“Senpai, let’s make our setting as a bacouple that doesn’t read the atmosphere even in this kind of emergency and still came sightseeing.”

Kazuha-senpai went “Eeeehh!?” and lost her presence of mind.

“I have heard that it’s difficult to get exposed on infiltration missions when the spies act like a couple.”

While Kazuki was whispering, he embraced Kazuha-senpai’s waist and brought her closer to him.

Kazuha-senpai twitched for a moment in hesitation, but perhaps she immediately judged in her reasoning that such a method could work, she meekly reclined on Kazuki’s shoulder.

“…But, I don’t understand what we should do to act as a couple you know.”

Her cheeks were slightly colored and she whispered weakly.

“I think it’s fine if we use Mio’s words as reference.”

“…I see. It’s that kind of feeling…”

Mio, who could make someone understand in one mention was really Mio. Kazuha-senpai nodded slightly. And then she was nuzzling herself on top of Kazuki’s shoulder like a small animal. “…Kazu-kun, aa―n.” Like so, she whispered with a sweet voice while presenting a large clam with a chopstick. Kazuki received a shock in his chest. '…Kazu-kun', she said?

What in the world was this throbbing inside his chest? [This is gap moe desu, Kazuki-oniisan!!] He had the feeling that Lotte’s voice was reverberating inside his head.

After Kazuki accepted that clam with his mouth and ate it, this time he returned the favor to Kazuha-senpai.

“Kazuha, aa―n.” Like that the two of them turned in their seat while flirting and fed each other with clams.

“…Thi, this is too embarrassing…”

“But Kazuha right now, is awfully cute. I’m having a throbbing I have never felt until now.”

“Sto, stop it you idiot! Geez…stupid Kazu-kun…”

This person, wasn’t she getting too carried away with the mood?

“Ooaa~! You two suddenly become really intimate! You know this clam, when fellow lovers eat this there is this legend that you will be able to marry your companion perfectly, eat a lot!!”

The auntie in the counter lined up a lot of grilled clams one after another in front of Kazuki and Kazuha-senpai.

Somehow it's just like what they aimed for, it seemed they could finish this without looking suspicious.

“…I’m doing this, only for the sake of the mission so…”

Kazuha-senpai whispered subduedly.

“Then I will fully enjoy this situation while it lasts. Here Kazuha, aa―n.”

Kazuki embraced her waist even stronger and gave the newly arriving clam to senpai with ‘aa―n’. Kazuha-senpai helplessly cuddled her body closer and obediently chewed the food.

“…However I never thought it would become something this outrageous.”

―A voice from behind.

Even while flirting with Kazuha-senpai, Kazuki didn’t miss that voice of the local customer.

When he took a glance behind, there were two male customers around their thirties sitting in the back table seat.

“Those brats are thinking that it’s interesting, but to say such a thing like a war with Japan. They are thinking such an unbelievable idea. Saying things like Solomon's 72 Pillars are trying to take over the country, though I think there might be some truth in that.” [17]

“But those guys in the new government of Yamato became too eager in war with that Japan. They are completely apathetic with the life of the common people, it’s really vexing ze. Even when a Haunted Ground appears they just leave it alone, when it’s still Japan such a thing is unthinkable.”

“The Haunted Ground has spread until the sea around here huh, recently. When we are going fishing we have to be careful not to carelessly step into that area. …Even though this sea of Ise is Amaterasu-sama’s important kitchen don’t you agree?”

“This is because they just leave the Ise Imperial Shrine alone that it became a stupidly huge Haunted Ground in the first place. With such atrocious accursed things going on…are we really tying a contract with the Divas of Japanese Mythology here?”

“Who knows, no matter which shrine, all of it became under construction or something that we cannot even pray to god. Really, this situation really stinks. When push comes to shove us men of the sea might just use the ships to make off from here!”

“…Kazu-kun, you heard?”

Kazuha-senpai whispered into his ear while continuing their act as a couple.

There was some part of him that became mushy in his chest when ‘Kazu-kun’ was whispered in his ear, but this was not the time to think about such things.

…They said that, Ise Imperial Shrine had become a stupidly huge Haunted Ground?

Anyway, for the time being they had no other choice except to go to Ise Imperial Shrine and see it with their own eyes.

Hardening his heart like that, the moment they exited the store Kazuki and Kazuha-senpai put themselves on guard.

Because right before the store, Yatagarasu was perching on the ground and was waiting for Kazuki and Kazuha-senpai.

Yatagarasu silently directed its beak to the direction of the west, and then it flapped its wings and went flying heading to the west.

It didn’t say anything, but its intention was obvious.

There was a distance around 10 kilometers from this harbor of Toba to the Ise Imperial Shrine in the west.

Part 3[edit]

The rail transport was in operation, but the electric train of Sangū [18] line couldn’t travel to the closest station to Ise Imperial Shrine.

The train didn’t operate except until <Futamiura>, which was now the closest station to the Ise Imperial Shrine.

There was a poster inside the station premises that read [Evacuation counsel information of the present].

It was a situation where there was an evacuation recommendation for the area around Ise Imperial Shrine.

“…Surely it’s because Ise Imperial Shrine has become a Haunted Ground, it is expanding little by little that causes trains to be unable to come near there.”

Kazuki too nodded his agreement of Kazuha-senpai’s deduction.

With no other way they first went to the station called Futamiura. From there they began to walk to Ise Imperial Shrine.

Futamiura was supposed to be an area where an evacuation recommendation still hasn’t come out yet, but maybe because there were a lot of people that began to evacuate out of their own initiative, the street that the two walked in front of the station was deserted. While walking Kazuki took out a map from his waist bag. This bag was water proof, so the map inside wasn't wet.

“Futamiura is here, so the distance to Ise Imperial Shrine is…eh? There are two Ise Imperial Shrines on the map though.”

Hearing Kazuki’s confused voice, Kazuha-senpai, who was walking beside him brought her face near and peeked inside the map.

“Aah, that one.” Like that she pointed at two points on the map. “These are the outer shrine and inner shrine of Ise. You didn’t know this and you accepted the mission? There are two Ise Imperial Shrines.”

The outer shrine and the inner shrine were separated by a distance of around 5 kilometers and are respectively located in different places.

…Although, if there were two different shrines it was better if it was closer.

“It’s fine, Amaterasu-Oomikami [19] is located in the inner shrine, so I think it’s fine to ignore the outer shrine this time. But when people are visiting normally, it’s a proper to go from the outer shrine you know. At the outer shrine, there is this goddess called <Toyouke no Oomikami> that is taking care of Amaterasu.”

I see, so it’s a god of maids then. Rather, he would want to go to that shrine personally.

“There is around 8 kilometers until we get there.” While saying that, Kazuki took Kazuha-senpai’s hand.

“…What are you doing, this hand of yours.”

“Although the presence of people here is only a few, we who are intentionally walking to the direction of the dangerous Ise Imperial Shrine are suspicious when looked from the outside. That’s why, let’s act like a couple again!”

“Act, acting like a couple again!? Are you thinking that as long as we act like a couple that everything will turn out okay!?”

“I’m not thinking like that, but I’m thinking that as long as there is some kind of excuse then I want to act like a couple.”

“You are too honest there! Idiot!!”

“But it’s also true that a couple won’t get suspected. A couple that is going to a place where there are no watching eyes around…a bacouple that wants to show the girl a good place and intentionally go to a dangerous place…it has a power of persuasion in double meaning! Come here, Kazuha.”

“Uu―, certainly that, is true. …I get it okay, Kazu-kun.”

Kazuha-senpai gently hugged Kazuki’s arm and she reclined her body on his shoulder.

That Kazuha-senpai (just an act though) was fawning on him honestly.

…The day where he would get used to this gap still hasn’t come yet.

“Just as I thought, you really have a solid body…”

While lightly nuzzling herself on Kazuki, Kazuha-senpai vacantly leaked out such words.

{What an unexpected journey of pilgrimage huh?} Inside Kazuki, Leme was making fun of him.

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

While they were walking, they grasped the transformation that happened clearly. The line of a Haunted Ground was generated right there.

From around over the Isuzu River, the road was transforming little by little.

The texture of the road that was made from black asphalt was changed into something that felt clinging onto the soles of their shoes like dripping mud. The private homes along the road grew dull in color into a grayish color and looked worn out. Their outside appearances looked dirty like abandoned buildings. Even the Isuzu River, that was said to be holy, became a completely pitch black stream. The sky was also shrouded with dark clouds all of a sudden, making for gloomy weather.

It appears that what the people said about Ise Imperial Shrine turning into a Haunted Ground was true. With Ise Imperial Shrine as the center, its surroundings were swallowed and the Haunted Ground spread.

Kazuki pictured the map that he saw before in his head. It was about 5 kilometers from here to the Ise Imperial Shrine. That meant that the scale of this Haunted Ground was about 5 kilometers in radius.

“How awful…did Yamato really not set out to exterminate the Demon Beasts?”

Kazuha-senpai pulled a wry face looking at the now completely transformed street.

And then she separated herself from Kazuki. Kazuki too didn’t feel any reluctance from the separation.

The existence of Demon Beasts most likely also meant that there would be battle.

Cancer―pure magic power that spilled out from Astrum into this world, it then transformed into Demon Beasts.

If this Demon Beast isn’t exterminated quickly, it would call even more Cancer and increase the number of Demon Beasts. When Demon Beast multiplication like this was allowed, the surrounding space would be polluted by thick magic power and become completely distorted. A land of Demon Beasts where humans couldn’t live, in that case it had finished transforming into a Haunted Ground.

To defend against the expansion of Haunted Grounds, exterminating the materialized Demon Beasts quickly was also one of the most important jobs of the Knight Order. It seemed that Yamato’s provisional government shirked its duty to do that.

Like this the area of Ise would be encroached completely.

―But saying it in reverse this meant that they didn’t need to fear Yamato’s soldiers in this Haunted Ground. They didn’t defeat any Demon Beasts in the Haunted Ground and yet they posted a large number of soldiers inside the Haunted Ground, such action was not skillful at all.

As expected Yamato’s government didn’t hear anything at all from the Wild Gods about the importance of Ise Imperial Shrine.

Although the Wild Gods became part of their battle strength, their failure in taking close communication with the Wild Gods exposed a fatal gap in their armor.

“But Hayashizaki, isn’t this strange? For the Ise Imperial Shrine to become a Haunted Ground so deliberately…I think it’s just too contrived somehow.”

…Certainly. However if this happening was not just a coincidence…then that meant the government of Yamato intentionally changed the Ise Imperial Shrine into a Haunted Ground. How? For what reason?

With its change into a Haunted Ground, maybe it was for the replacement of its defense squad. Possibly Amaterasu’s change into a Wild God and Ise Imperial Shrine’s transformation into a Haunted Ground had some kind of connection.

They surely wouldn’t understand anything if they didn’t advance forward.

Kazuha-senpai patted around her own waist. Guessing the meaning of that action, Kazuki reflexively laughed. Kazuha-senpai returned a wry smile on that reaction.

“…When there is no katana on our hips, as expected people like us cannot calm down.”

“We can use Summoning Magic so it’s fine senpai.”

For a long time Kazuki had relied on his pride of his skill in sword technique. However before he knew it, he had already thought of his fight using Summoning Magic with similar pride.

It was not like sword skill had become something trivial for him. How he was able to handle sword skill just like Kanae, and how he could chant the same Summoning Magic just like everyone in the Witch’s Manor, he was equally proud of both.

“Fufufuu. Actually, I’m not only practicing sword skills but also doing special training for Summoning Magic recently! Now I’m able to use magic up to level 6 you see!”

Kazuha-senpai said that as if naturally sympathizing with Kazuki’s inner thoughts.

Kazuha-senpai was born with an excellent talent in magic, but she yearned for swordsman instead of Magika Stigma since she was a child. She was a rare person that didn’t make an effective use of that talent at all.

She made a contract with Futsunushi no Kami that was worshipped in her own household even before Solomon's 72 Pillars could discover her talent, but she didn’t do any training for Summoning Magic at all, nevertheless she could handle her magic up to level 5.

If that kind of person seriously set out to train her magic seriously…. For her to become able to use level 6 magic already, Kazuki who was also a magic swordsman like her couldn’t be careless lest he'll get left behind.

Kazuha-senpai spun a spell in preparation for battle and performed Access.

“…My crimson hand is red hot grasping the ore. Ridge in the sky, blade in the earth, combining in a flash, become namely a single sword. Thy inscription is <Futsunushi no Kami>! O god of steel and fire, show that forging!”

The god of swords and blacksmithing, Futsunushi no Kami granted a burning flame to Kazuha-senpai. The flame was spreading on senpai’s clothing, its Prima Material disintegrated transforming the shape into a totally different battle costume―Magic Dress.

“For a long time, I only fussed over swords, but when I see Hayashizaki I want to become stronger and stronger using both sword and magic together. After all you and I are the same magic swordsmen!”

Kazuha-senpai’s expression shined brightly.

“Senpai, when you talk about strength you are really lively.”

“Is that so? …That’s right huh. I was born in a household that worships the god of swords. My father is also a swordsman…but swordsmen are weak compared to Summoning Magic and the surrounding is also looking at them in contempt…I too became obstinate and became a swordsman but for a long time I had no talent at all and was made fun of…honestly it was really miserable.”

Thinking back once more, it was something like a miracle that she was raised with such a straightforward personality like this after she went through such a twisted path for half her life. The nature of Kazuha-senpai herself was strong, surely she was fine because of how bright a person she was.

“…I think that’s why the feeling of wanting to become even stronger than others is instilled into me. The feeling of always wanting to become stronger and stronger doesn’t vanish. Though somehow it’s unbecoming boorishness for a woman. …Hahaha.”

Kazuha-senpai floated a bitter smile awkwardly.

“That’s not true at all. The lively Kazuha-senpai at that time is even more charming than usual. …All the more because normally Kazuha-senpai is not honest at all to me.”

“Hmph, don’t say such cheeky things even though you are just my junior!”

When Kazuki talked as if he was poking fun at Kazuha-senpai, she scolded him overbearingly,

“…But when I’m together with you, I have a feeling that I can become stronger without any limit…”

Quietly as if whispering, she said so in addition. A heart mark that signed the increase of positivity level came flying from her chest.

She was being shy for some reason. The both of them walked side by side silently for a while.

“―Now that I remember senpai, the waist bag was also disintegrated and became the Magic Dress didn’t it?”

When Magika Stigma performed Access, things that were attached to the body were dispersed into Prima Material by the reality distortion called magic power, and then it was reconstructed as Magic Dresses with the contracted Diva’s divine response as support.

Did the waist bag also get swallowed by that distortion?

“Ah, that’s true! Like this I can't eat the crackers that I brought as snacks!!”

Kazuha-senpai who realized her lost waist bag after being told patted her own waist with some slaps and raised a sad voice.

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

While paying sufficient attention to their surroundings, Kazuki and Kazuha-senpai advanced through the road of the Haunted Ground.

―After a few minutes of walking, Kazuki went “Please wait” and held Kazuha-senpai back.

“Please reinforce senpai’s eyesight with magic power and look far ahead. Something is there.”

Ahead in the road of the Haunted Ground that continued straight forward, his reinforced eyesight caught [a bizarre human shadow].

Even though Kazuha-senpai nervously *gulp* swallowed her saliva, she gathered magic power in her eyes…then her face was dyed with a color of bewilderment. The thing that Kazuki saw was also clearly visible for her.

“…Ee―err, what is it, that thing?”

“It’s a warrior isn’t it?” Kazuki answered.

“…That’s surely a warrior huh, that thing there. …But that answer doesn’t resolve any question at all.”

What was standing in the path far ahead, was a suspicious man in armor and helmet.

Several pieces of steel plate pasted together and built into one, it was large armor that looked bulky and heavy.

Its face was covered with helmet and face cover. Only the glint of its eye could be seen from the outside.

It was an armored warrior that looked like as if it flew out right from the Sengoku [20] period, walking heavily in roaming on the road that had been transformed into a Haunted Ground.

Don’t tell me that it was Yamato’s defensive squad? Even though this was inside a Haunted Ground? Wouldn’t they get attacked by the Demon Beasts?

…No, is that actually human? He couldn’t feel any human-like will from the armored warrior that was roaming the street. Rather, its atmosphere was similar with that of a Demon Beast that wandered restlessly.

“It looks like an opponent that we cannot pass by acting like a couple. Let’s go through another road.”

All along the route they could use to reach their destination of Ise Imperial Shrine weren't limited to one path. Kazuki and Kazuha-senpai turned back through the street and turned into the bend across. They advanced through a different street.

―Even ahead of that street was also littered with armored warriors, making them come into a halt.

For some reason the armored warriors weren't alone, it looked like there were a lot of them wandering around. Their numbers increasingly grew.

…Is there no other way than defeating them? When Kazuki began to incline on bulldozing his way through inside his heart,

“Hayashizaki. How about we climb the building and go from rooftop to rooftop? I have the feeling that those guys don’t look anywhere except straight ahead.”

Kazuha-senpai pointed at the roof of the building beside them and said that.

That was actually a citizen's house before this place was transformed into Haunted Ground, but now it had lost its color and became grayish. It was weathering and looked worn-out, exposing its concrete frame and became an abandoned building.

…Certainly that armored warrior didn’t seem to be really that particularly vigilant. If they advance through the tops of the buildings it didn’t seem like the Warriors would intentionally direct their sight at them.

“But they will notice our footsteps right? Somehow it looks like they have sharp bestial senses.”

“Then it’s fine if we don’t make any noise right? It’s that easy.”

While talking, Kazuha-senpai put her hand on the outer wall of the building that looked abandoned, then she climbed to the roof in one go with physical strength that had been reinforced with magic. The moment she landed on the roof, landing without making a noise.

As if an unseen cushion covered both the feet of Kazuha-senpai.

And then she beckoned Kazuki with her hand.

Likewise, Kazuki climbed the outer wall and landed on the roof. The sound was absent, as expected. Kazuki had the sensation that his feet were enveloped by some kind of magic power. He directed a surprised pair of eyes to Kazuha-senpai.

“…By any chance did senpai erase the sound using magic?”

“This isn't really something to be surprised about right? Something like sound is just a vibration in the air, so isn’t it just a simple matter of Psychokinesis?”

Kazuha-senpai said it nonchalantly but Kazuki couldn’t help but become tongue-tied.

Certainly sound manipulation didn’t need much energy even though it vibrated the air in minute detail.

But the magic power control for it was something really difficult because it was hard to imagine something like that. Sensing the unseen sound waves, it was still easier to simply magnify it, but to do a stunt like beautifully offsetting the sound wave was not supposed to be something so simple.

…She might be a prodigy. This person might be above anybody else in the Witch’s Manor in the field that didn’t have any connection with Summoning Magic.

Of course Summoning Magic was the one that was useful in battle, but general magic that was effective in detailed practical use undoubtedly shone bright in special missions like this infiltration operations.

“I’m also erasing your footsteps, so let’s pass through the armored warriors just like this using the rooftops.”

With a little pride, Kazuha-senpai was soundlessly hopping around *pyon pyon* in the rooftop.

So that they became hard to see from the ground, the two of them took a low posture with their waist dropped and leaped from rooftop to rooftop just like the great thief of the Edo period.

After they passed an increasingly fair number of armored warriors from the rooftops, their gait became even more careful. Suddenly Kazuha-senpai pointed at something a little further ahead.

There was a blue light generated ahead of where she was pointing, *PAN!* and then a little sound as if air was bursting out could be heard.

The armored warrior reacted to that and turned away. It walked heavily to the direction of the sound.

…If she could erase sound, then producing sound was also something possible.

Kazuha-senpai grinned broadly while looking at Kazuki. Kazuki too returned a smile and jest with a light feeling.

“Senpai…how many pranks have you done until now with that ability? I have a feeling that small trick can be completely misused.”

“I, I never did anything like a prank! After all…I don’t have any friends that I can prank or boast to…”

He was just teasing lightly, but Kazuha-senpai hung her head down heavily.

“Senpai…if you are fine with me then please prank me as much as you want.”

“No, I don’t need that kind of appeal! I’m not that bored that I’m going to prank someone like you!”

While they were doing that exchange with small voices, even more armored warriors were walking heavily from ahead of the street, making Kazuki and Kazuha-senpai be taken aback. It seemed that there really is a great number of these armored warriors.

They still must not descend down from the rooftops.

They steadily flew through the rooftops of the row of low buildings in the residential area that had been transformed into a Haunted Ground and advanced.

Along the way, a tall [seven floor multi-tenant building] that stuck out compared to its surroundings stood in their way.

Likely, it was originally filled with various shops that became tenant there. On the side of the tall and narrow abandoned building, several billboards that were written with something unreadable because of the pitch black filth on them could be seen sticking out.

“Ha, Hayashizaki…are we going to climb this too?” Kazuha-senpai looked up at the building and flinched back.

…That’s right, if it was Enchant Aura then he was the more skilled one. As if opposing Kazuha-senpai who was so haughty since a while ago, Kazuki went “Fuffuffu” and chuckled.

“Well then, please leave it to me this time. I’ll leave the footsteps to senpai.”

After declaring so, he forcefully lifted up Kazuha-senpai who was in the posture of standing upright.

Kazuha-senpai who was settled into Kazuki’s arms struggled around with a bright red face.

“Wait a second! You don’t need to lift me with princess-carry like this right, you can just carry me on your back!”

“This is not just a mere princess-carry. This is the Hayashizaki-style Last Secret Art [Wedding・Love Lift]!”

Kazuki was turning round and round like a merry-go-round while carrying Kazuha-senpai in his arms.

“Last Secret Art!? So the Hayashizaki-style is just a joke school of sword arts like that!? Why are you revolving!?”

“Kanae was the one that authorized this as the Last Secret Art though. There is no meaning at all in the revolving though. Here we go!”

Kazuki faced the multi-tenant building while still carrying Kazuha-senpai and jumped.

Stepping his foot on the billboard that was sticking out from the wall, he made the second jump by using it as a foothold.

Using the billboards as footholds, he kept jumping from one billboard to the next. Kazuha-senpai was offsetting all the sounds from Kazuki’s actions. Matching their breaths splendidly, they managed to soundlessly finish leaping.

Only the distance from the last billboard to the rooftop was slightly taller than the previous jumps.


Kazuki immediately chanted a level 1 reinforcement magic that he could quickly invoke. The reflexes reinforcement was trivial in this case, his aim was the physical strength reinforcement even just for a little.

With that boosting, Kazuki was able to splendidly land on top of the roof of the abandoned building soundlessly.

He could see the surrounding Haunted Ground with one sweep of the eye from the top of the building. There was a conspicuously darkened forest and building in the center of the Haunted Ground. That was surely the Ise Imperial Shrine there.

“Perhaps both of us are a combination duo that is suited to infiltration missions, aren’t we?”

“Do, don’t just keep grinning happily, let me down quickly-!”

Even while a small heart mark flew from Kazuha-senpai, she said that from her mouth and struggled around.

Kazuki obediently lowered Kazuha-senpai down.

“..Eh? You are simply letting me down like that?”

Kazuha-senpai made an unsatisfied face. Kazuki made a stiff face and faced Kazuha-senpai.

“Senpai…[we are seen].”

…It seemed this mission wouldn’t be that simple.

Kazuki whose eyesight was further reinforced with [Berserk] sensed the small movement amidst the scenery.

“Eh…we are seen you said, this is the tenth floor’s rooftop you know?”

Kazuha-senpai whispered dumbfoundedly.

―At that moment, that human shadow moved out. A human shadow so small like a speck dust that was not visible from the rooftop where Kazuki and Kazuha-senpai were standing was moving out with terrific speed. It was heading to this direction.

Kazuki was just a moment late in his decision to escape was caused by the height of the ten-story building that originally wouldn’t let a human jump down to the ground safely that made his instincts hesitate.

The small human shadow that began to move leaped from the street to the rooftop, making all the surrounding buildings into footholds with superhuman nimbleness―with no time to even say ‘ah’, it jumped from rooftop to rooftop to the roof where Kazuki and Kazuha-senpai were.

Under the sky of the Haunted Ground that was filled with dark clouds, on the rooftop of a narrow building, Kazuki and Kazuha-senpai confronted it.

Following the armored warrior, this one was a figure with bizarre external appearance.

The image that floated inside his head with one glance was―[specter lemur].

A small build that was slender like a monkey, however, only both its eyes were big like a monster. Its eyeballs were even bigger than a clenched fist―was this really human?

With its body clad in pure black, only those huge eyeballs were exposed from the hood it wore.

A completely ninja-like figure. So that was it, there was not only armored warrior here.

At the same time Kazuki recalled once more that this place was a Haunted Ground.

Was this guy human, or Demon Beast, [he couldn’t make a distinction which one it was].

“My Lord…My Lord…I found it…Stigmata…Found it…”

The ninja with a build like a monkey's leaked out a muffled voice from its mouth that was covered with hood. It was a faint, small voice that was not audible except to Kazuki and Kazuha-senpai who were in that place. However―

{…Both of your eyes are my eyes…. Is that so, so those guys had come. If they had stepped foot on this ground, they already cannot escape!}

From above the pitch black clouds that filled the sky of the Haunted Ground, a voice was reverberating. The words could be differentiated, but it was a such a muffled voice that he couldn’t tell whether the speaker was male or female.

That was a spell being spun.

{Here a thick cloud rises, put up the barrier that confines all calamity. …My <Yaegaki> [21] of tranquility right here. …Izumo Yaegaki・Severed World CascadeDankai Bakufu!!}

A magic was invoked―the black cloud that fully covered the sky began to flow fiercely.

The clouds spread thinly in the blink of eye, and then it languidly dropped down to the ground at the direction of the sky’s edge. A dome. The cloud in the sky covered the Haunted Ground in the shape of hemisphere, shutting them in from the outside world.

…They couldn’t escape? A cold sensation ran through Kazuki’s spine. That meant the failure of their infiltration. On top of being discovered by the enemy, their escape path was blocked.

“My Lord…Stigmata…My Lord…Stigmata, Kill! Stigmata Kill!”

The monkey-like ninja leaked out a voice like he was talking in delirium.

{So the King of Solomon's 72 Pillars has come to this ground…this war is over if that guy is killed. Sounds good, if he can be killed then I don’t mind if you kill him to your heart’s content!}

The voice from the sky gave his acknowledgement. Thereupon the monkey ninja raised an unthinkably loud voice from beyond its hood.


Kazuki and Kazuha-senpai’s ears naturally shone with defensive magic power to protect their eardrums. That was just how loud a voice it was. There was no doubt that it likely reverberated through the Haunted Ground. Kazuki sensed that innumerable gazes were simultaneously directed to this direction from the ground. This guy called his comrades!

“Senpai, it’s bad if we stay here! Let’s escape!!”

Kazuki finally threw his instincts to the wind and moved in action. He carried Kazuha-senpai once more and leaped with all his strength to the ground. “Kazuki!?” Kazuha-senpai raised a confused scream.

The building’s rooftop―from the height of more than 30 meters―to the ground.

*DAA―NN!* Kazuki landed on the ground while raising a grand sound this time. The soles of Kazuki’s feet, his knees, all were shining with blue defensive magic power and erased the impact of the landing.

Kazuki took Kazuha-senpai's hand and dashed with a speed that Kazuha-senpai could barely follow.

He repeated the path that they followed until this point in one go.

“Let’s conceal ourselves and give them the slip!”

The armored warriors on the ground were all heading here simultaneously and gave chase.

However Kazuki and Kazuha-senpai’s running exceeded the heavy armored warriors. They widened the distance from the pursuers in the blink of an eye. The majority of the armored warriors would surely lose sight of Kazuki’s figure immediately if he ran away like this.


But that ninja that looked completely like a monkey also jumped down and came chasing Kazuki and Kazuha-senpai. It kicked the wall of the surrounding building and accelerated itself and rapidly shrunk its distance with Kazuki.

A pure black bow and arrow was set up in the hand of that ninja unnoticed.

*SHUU* An arrow was fired cutting through the air. The aim was, Kazuha-senpai.

As if she had foresighted the trajectory of the arrow, senpai’s body quickly evaded the arrow.

Kazuki was surprised for just an instant looking at that splendid body movement, but he immediately returned his awareness to the ninja.


Kazuki returned fire to the ninja with a fire arrow. The ninja was blown back while shining with defensive magic power.

…Yosh, they are going to hide themselves just like this!

{I already said that you cannot escape! I’m not going to let you ignore my words, you’ll see!!}

From above the head of Kazuki and Kazuha-senpai who ran with all their might, a voice and spell were coming down.

{…Izumo Yaegaki・Wind Thread BindingKumoito Shibari!!}

From the dome-shaped cloud that covered the sky, two [strings of cloud] were slithering down. Its tips chased the escaping Kazuki and Kazuha-senpai and twined itself around their bodies at once.

The cloud strings twined around Kazuki and Kazuha-senpai, but there was nothing happening to them like restricting their movement or the like. But the cloud strings kept elongating lengthily no matter how far they went, tying Kazuki and Kazuha-senpai with the sky.

This is a mark! Kazuki comprehended that string’s aim. ―If this string of cloud was followed from the sky, then no matter where Kazuki was inside this Haunted ground his location would be constantly known.

“Futsu no Mitama!!”

Kazuha-senpai immediately chanted her spell and created Futsunushi no Kami’s divine sword. The evil crushing sword that severed various magic effect like curse or seal. That sword was directed to the string of cloud and swept sideways.

But―it was not cut. The blade didn’t return any feedback to the hand holding it and passed through the cloud string completely.

“This is…a magic power that's more superior to Futsu no Mitama!” Kazuha-senpai raised her voice.

“What is the meaning of this, Futsunushi no Kami!”

Kazuki yelled while running with all his power.

“Even though there shouldn’t be any mistakes on our part in the infiltration until here, that guy called Yatagarasu sensed our presence! If by any chance someone acquired the knowledge of our movement, that must be because someone blabbed their mouth! Moreover this magic called [Izumo Yaegaki]…this is the magic of Japanese Mythology!!”

Kazuki couldn’t think of any other explanation for this situation other than that the Japanese Mythology had screwed with him.

“Futsunushi no Kami! You are betraying me and Hayashizaki, and led us to a trap!?”

Beside Kazuha-senpai who raised a sorrowful voice―the avatar of the god of sword emerged.

There was no mistake that Futsunushi no Kami was the one that created this situation.

{Wrong...that Yatagarasu is not an enemy. I led you two to this place...not for a trap. This is not a trap but a [request]. In this ground, I wish for you to save the Japanese Mythology. The magic from before, is <Susanoo> of Izumo …one of Japanese Mythology’s two great chief gods, Susanoo’s magic.}

“Two great chief gods!? The chief god is not just Amaterasu, but there are two of them!?”

Kazuki raised a shocked voice after listening to the unexpected truth. Kazuki immediately thought that he was tricked by Futsunushi no Kami. …However, now that he thought back Futsunushi no Kami never said anything about defeating Amaterasu, only that he had to defeat the chief god. But…to save Japanese Mythology?

{…Defeat Susanoo, rescue the sealed Amaterasu and save Japanese Mythology, that is my request.}

“[If I save Amaterasu just like you say, will the Wild Gods recover their sanity]!?”

Futsunushi no Kami was once more [giving them information in small amounts intentionally] and making them fall into confusion. Even if he didn’t spout lies, that was just one type of swindling. Just as he thought it was fine to say that he was deceived.

This is surely not a trap, he believed that.

However, the most important point was if he managed to achieve what Futsunushi no Kami asked then [would Yamato’s Wild Gods return to their senses?]. If that was possible, then he didn’t mind whatever course he had to go through.


A strange voice reverberated shrilly from their back. This was not the place for talking. An arrow was also fired subsequently at them.


Kazuki reinforced his dynamic vision once again and brushed off the flying arrow at him barehanded.

“Hayashizaki! If we can just defeat this guy then I think we won’t need to worry of getting discovered. Let’s fight!”

Kazuha-senpai halted, then she turned back and faced the enemy.

“That’s right isn’t it, let’s fight for now.” Kazuki also thought the same thing.

They had already returned back to the place near the edge of the Haunted Ground. The hanging down cloud that looked like curtains had visibly looked close. He wanted to confirm by touching the curtain of cloud whether they really couldn’t escape from here, but if they fought with their back facing this curtain of cloud then they didn’t need to worry about being attacked from behind for the time being.

“…Moreover, these guys don’t look like they can use Summoning Magic.”

The enemy was an unknown, but just with that fact the extent of the enemy’s threat was considerably lowered.

From straight ahead of the street, a crowd of armored warriors were rushing here. The one that was leading them was that monkey-like ninja who was much faster compared to the others. Even while running, it headed to Kazuki and Kazuha-senpai and set up its bow and arrow again.

“Barrett!” Kazuki attacked before it could fired its arrow.

The monkey ninja was blown back to the crowd of armored warriors. That became the signal of the fight’s beginning.


The instant Kazuki used Summoning Magic, the armored warriors shrieked with a volume that shook the earth.

“…Are these guys holding a grudge against Stigmata!?”

The yelling armored warriors raised their large war swords overhead at the right side of their face like Jigen-style’s <Stance of Dragonfly> and approached Kazuki and Kazuha-senpai. It was a stance that made it easier to immediately swing down the sword that bet everything on a single strike.

The armored warriors that entered battle preparation accelerated with light emitted from all over their body. That rush―was a speed outside of human reason. It surpassed the limit of a normal swordsman.

That monkey ninja was like that too, but it was as if their physical ability was using reinforcement magic. [It made them suspicious of a connection with a Diva here.]

Kazuki and Kazuha-senpai were also without their katana, they were completely unarmed.

“Senpai, watch out!” Kazuki came out to the front to cover for Kazuha-senpai.

The first armored warrior that came approaching with an unstoppable downward slash was quickly dodged by Kazuki. The downward slash of the second armored warrior that came almost at the same time as the first couldn’t be evaded this time, he caught the blade between both his hands.

Catching the naked blade of a real sword―if it was with the reinforcement of [Berserk] to his reflexes and physical strength, such a technique was possible.

However, inside Kazuki’s palms, the long sword that was pinned between them was forcing its way through *gugugu* and was approaching Kazuki.

“O divine protection of military men, double the Megin that whirl inside my body! The purpose of god that spurs me to infinite battle, to this body! …Meginjord!”

Kazuki further chanted the level 2 reinforcement magic of the Norse Mythology’s <Thor>.

The Summoning Magic of this Diva called Thor…for its level 1 and level 2 to be both reinforcement magic was a terrifyingly extreme combination, but…in regards for swordsmen this Diva had far too much great user-friendliness.

A belt of light descended down from the sky and coiled itself around Kazuki’s body. That belt of light amplified the muscle volume of Kazuki’s whole body. With his amplified power, Kazuki stole the long sword that he pinned down between his palms.

Fixing his grip of the stolen sword, he slashed back to the armored warrior in reverse.

The armored warrior was blown away by the backlash of its defensive magic power, *DOSUN!* it fell down with a heavy sound.

It was thick―Kazuki secretly shivered. That defensive magic power had more than five times the thickness of a normal person.


The third and fourth armored warriors that possessed extraordinary power and toughness approached Kazuki even closer. The downswing that they launched were more like a berserker's than a swordsman's.

“O wind of Tatara, summon the scorching heat of steel to my forging! Take the hammer of well-tempered in hand to here, pound away the soul’s disgrace!”

Kazuha-senpai, who was covered by Kazuki finished the chanting of her spell at the back.

“…Wind Hammer of Heaven Plume Fire MakeAmeno Hidzukuri no Kazatsuchi!”

While getting the shine of her magic power worked up, Kazuha-senpai thrust her right hand forward.

From that hand, *DON!!* as if an invisible cannon was fired, a number of the approaching armored warriors were blown away altogether. At the same time the armored warriors were enveloped in flame explosions.

A composite attack of shockwave and flame that was produced from the palm. It was Futsunushi no Kami’s level 4 magic.

“Kazuha-senpai, thank you very much! …Barrett!!”

From the gap that was created from the blown away armored warriors, a ninja with bow and arrow set up leaped out and came approaching. Kazuki vigilantly sensed it an instant earlier and launched a flame bullet.

The armored warriors that were blown away by Kazuha-senpai stood up and took the stance that looked like a dragonfly once more.

“Kazuha-senpai, I’m coming out to the front so please cover me from the rear!”

Kazuki called out while he took a stance with the stolen long sword vigilantly.

“Covering from the back you say? …That’s wrong Hayashizaki, I am a magic swordsman just like you!! …I become the shrine maiden of the sword. Rock cleaved, root torn, sin severed, that spirit sword of crushing evil right now in this hand!! Draw sword, Futsu no Mitama!!”

Futsunushi no Kami’s level 3 magic. Flame burst out from Kazuha-senpai’s own palm and created a divine sword that possessed the power to tear apart magic power.

Kazuki was surprised inside his heart―after she chanted the level 4 magic before, the time she took to finish chanting this level 3 magic was frightfully fast. It was a chanting speed that approached Koyuki's.

And then Kazuha-senpai overtook Kazuki and slashed at the armored warrior’s direction.

The people that once knew Kazuha-senpai would laugh at that action as foolhardiness, but if it was the current senpai then it was not foolhardiness. Kazuha-senpai first cut down one enemy, next she dodged the downswing coming from the side with paper-thin difference and slashed the second enemy in a counterattack, and then she leaped back quickly to dodge the third enemy’s downswing.

Kazuki doubted his eyes looking at her light and easy body movement that didn’t back down for even a step facing enemies with numerical superiority.

Kazuha-senpai who splendidly conducted herself in this narrow street was constantly moving an instant faster than the enemy.

It was not as precise as Kazuki or Kanae, but [she was sensing the opponent’s magic power and making Foresight of their movement].

Not only her chanting ability, her sword skill had also made a terrific improvement.

Once she had self-confidence planted inside here, she was someone that could splendidly achieve fast growth like this.

…He was having the wrong impression. Kazuha-senpai was not something like an object of protection.

She was a partner that fought with him shoulder-to-shoulder.

“Kazuha-senpai, then please I’ll leave the right side to you.”

Kazuki dashed to the left next to Kazuha-senpai and assaulted the armored warrior with his sword.

“Fufufu, leave it to me!”

Kazuha-senpai *don* bumped her left shoulder to Kazuki’s right shoulder and smiled reliably.

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

…She didn’t make any conduct that held him back like when they were on the sea. Absolutely none at all.

After Kazuha bumped her shoulder and felt her Kazukipartner’s existence, she leaped into the crowd of the armored warriors. Naked blade flashed many times over, but she slipped away through all of it and return slashing when she passed them through.

If it’s Hayashizaki then he will surely fight like this―while she gripped her sword, such imagination was naturally floating in her mind all the time. Kazuha was always desperately attempting to Trace that movement inside her mind.

This thought that she felt was, without a doubt, yearning.

That was why her own swordsmanship came to resemble Hayashizaki’s closely day by day.

Hayashizaki-style’s Foresight―its fundamental truth was a perception from thoroughly doing intensification of Extra Sense.

For those Hayashizaki siblings to acquire perception power to that level, surely they ought to have spent long months and years honing their bodies. But she was above those two in magic talent, there was no reason that she couldn’t do the same thing like those two.

Perceive―the opponent’s every single move. Those preliminary signs from their breath, muscle tension, and then their state of mind.

Moving like this, moving like this, coming like that.

Kazuha moved with her red and white Magic Dress fluttering around, she evaded the enemy’s attacks as if dancing a Kagura [22].

And then strike back at the opening in their important point. Realize that image into reality just like that, a definitive response.

―But, for making a crowd this large as her opponent, Kazuha’s Foresight was still incomplete.

An arrow was flying from outside her image.

Kazuha suddenly realized. That monkey-like ninja’s, bow and arrow…!

The instant she resolved herself to get hit, a hand reached out in front of Kazuha’s eyes suddenly, warding off the approaching arrow.


Then next a flame bullet was fired from that palm. It was not because of fast chanting, but a smooth action that was as if it had seen through everything. The way of fighting of the man that held the alias of Cyclops.

The ninja’s body was struck once more by the flame bullet and it was blown away to the other side of the armored warriors crowd.

“Thank you, Hayashizaki!” Words of gratitude naturally flowed out from her mouth.

While that guy was facing off against innumerable armored warriors, he was simultaneously paying attention to this side too.

…He is really kind when he is fighting. A fight, more than anything else, was the place that made her truly feel his kindness. The time of fighting was also the only place where she could become honest when it was about him.

That’s why, match the breathing with each other―and help each other.

“Scattering the flowers of night craft, O the tempering of artisans, reach the weave of the sky with the tip of your sword! The role of the sword is for the sake of victory…Under my command, become thunder clouds and pour down! Tenkū Battou Renge Hou!”

While fighting, Kazuha invoked her magic at the same time.

Flames burst out in Kazuha’s surroundings. That flame of transmutation made countless Sacred Treasures emerge in Kazuha’s surroundings. Swords with various shapes from all ages and countries―with Kazuha’s magic power manipulation all of those could be fired to every direction and angle like missiles.

“…GO-!” Together with that command, the countless swords rained incessantly on the armored warriors.

At the same time those Sacred Treasures pierced the enemies, flame and ice, lighting and the like, each of the swords exhibited various different power of elements. Kazuha also directed those attacks at Kazuki’s direction.

“Thank you very much, senpai!”

Kazuha’s chest leaped when she heard those returning words of gratitude.

This feeling of unity in this team battle made her head feel pure white inside with intoxication.

Just as I thought, I like fighting with him.

No…perhaps I, like him already….

It seemed Hayashizaki could perceive the change in positivity level. By some chance even in the middle of this battle right now, perhaps this change that happened inside her had been conveyed to him already.

Normally that was an extremely embarrassing matter but…right now she was happy that her feelings were conveyed. She wanted him to know more about this feeling that she could be honest about in the middle of this battle, that was what she truly felt from the depths of her heart.

What in the world are you thinking when you are being surrounded by all these grim armored warriors, me.

Kazuha’s whole body was spontaneously filled with strength from embarrassment. She directed that shame to the armored warriors and let fly a slash with all her strength to vent out her feelings.

Part 4[edit]

Kazuki too felt his heart become excited from this battle where they formed a duo.

But that feeling was sinking gloomily little by little. He became fed up before long.

Of course it was not because he held any dissatisfaction between the two of them. The problem was the enemy.

He cut and cut and felt the thick defensive magic power where the enemy kept standing back up, this crowd of armored warriors. While he kept cutting down the armored warriors no matter how many times, “This is bad” he couldn’t clear away such anxiety inside him.

There was still some allowance in his stamina and magic power. However even now the armored warriors that were scattered all over the Haunted Ground ought to be converging in on their location here following the mark of the cloud string that was hanging down from the sky.

The situation had become something he couldn’t laugh at. …What’s going on with this enemy’s toughness?

In the first place, what in the world are these enemies? Were they human or Demon Beast, he couldn’t even make that distinction.

“STIGMATAAAAAAA!!” The armored warriors raised a shriek filled with resentment and came assaulting.

Their number and toughness became a dreadful pressure, they kept surging forward.

At that time in spite of the dome of clouds that isolated the Haunted Ground, above Kazuki and Kazuha-senpai’s head something was traversing fast―it was a single crow, perching on top of the power pole at the side of the street.

Yatagarasu―a polished bright copper disk was caught between its beak.

Yatagarasu raised a high-pitched voice from the edge of its beak. That was a spell.

“…O exalted light illuminating the seven seas and all nations! Gather in my lord’s idol, emit the light that purifies the defilement…Yata no Kagami [23]Sun Flower FlashYouka Issen!”

The disk appended in the beak, the <bronze mirror> released a powerful light.

He reflexively closed his eyes, but even so, the light was so intense it felt like his retina was burned with whiteness.

Kazuki and Kazuha-senpai who had their eyes closed were supposed to become defenseless, but there was no attack coming at all during that interval.

When they opened their eyes, there were a lot of young people in casual clothes collapsed unconsciously in front of Kazuki and Kazuha-senpai’s eyes.

There were no armored warriors, he couldn’t think of any explanation other than that the light that Yatagarasu emitted made the armored warriors become like this. The fainted young people had fallen into symptoms that looked like magic intoxication.

Kazuki looked around his surrounding and what he saw made his eyes open even wider. The surrounding area was recovering from being a Haunted Ground into a normal street corner. The original scenery of Ise's city street was returning.

“The light just now is…offensive magic? It shaved off that thick defensive magic power with one attack? All those enemies!?”

“…No, that magic just now is purge magic. It has a power that can purify even stronger evil than what Futsunushi no Kami’s level 3 magic [Futsu no Mitama] can do. It’s the only power I in this form can use.”

The bronze mirror that was held between the beaks had also vanished. Most likely it was a Sacred Treasure created from magic power.

Yatagarasu pointed at the fainted young people with its beak.

“These young people had Wild Gods reside in their bodies and acted violently because of that magic power. But because the light from before got rid of [the connections with the Wild Gods] that were embedded within their minds, they are now returned to their original human appearance.”

The contents of the armored warriors; everyone of the fainted young people were between their teens to their twenties. Many were female but a few males were mixed in. They were people of the generation that were most strong in magic power.

“…So we were saved by you.”

Kazuki stared at Yatagarasu while still maintaining his vigilance. Even while being vigilant―he had to obtain information regarding this mysterious situation from this guy.

All the armored warriors in this Haunted Ground weren’t supposed to be completely annihilated just with this, but the surroundings were strangely filled with silence.

“Even if you said that I saved you two, these people could return to their original appearance only because the both of you had inflicted damage to them. As long as their defensive magic power was still considerably thick, even that light won’t be able to reach to the depths of that curse. To defeat them efficiently, there is a need for us to cooperate.”

Yatagarasu lightly flapped its wings and perched on top of Kazuki’s shoulder. It was an action that was appealing to him that they were comrades.

“…Were these people transformed into Demon Beasts?”

Kazuki asked while looking around his surroundings. The scenery where the buildings looked abandoned with the loss of color and weathered condition had returned into a normal street of stores and houses. However, it only applied to Kazuki and Kazuha-senpai’s immediate surroundings, in the distance―the direction of the Haunted Ground’s center still looked like an extensive Haunted Ground.

The Haunted Ground could only return to normal when the Demon Beasts that resided inside it had been subjugated.

Such a similar phenomenon as that Haunted Ground recovery had happened here when they defeated these armored warriors.

“No, these guys are something that only resembles Demon Beasts. They are―<God’s reliant>. Hosting the power of a wild god inside their body and yet failed in controlling that power, [a failure of a shrine maiden].”

“Failure? Don’t tell me…Yamato’s government is creating shrine maidens with human experiments?”

A possibility that made dread run through him surfaced to the forefront of Kazuki’s mind.

―Nyarlatoteph. A hateful name came to mind.

“When the government of Yamato instigated the Divas of Japanese Mythology that went wild to be added as their allies, they gathered humans that excelled in magic power and made them bind a contract with the Wild Gods. It is impossible to communicate with those Wild Gods that had lost their reasoning, so what all of them got was Possession ContractsDrive.”

In the middle of the explanation, Kazuki took a glance at Kazuha-senpai. Even though she was a similar Shrine Maiden, Kazuha-senpai didn’t experience Drive for the sake of binding a contract and borrowed the power of Futsunushi no Kami.

Possession contract with an unknown Diva was a dangerous act forbidden by Japanese law.

“The government of Yamato conducted [a group possession contract ceremony by human initiative] so to speak. People who did well can control the power of the Wild Gods that possessed them to a certain degree and become a <Drive Shrine Maiden>. The humans that failed lost their reasoning and became God’s reliant. ―In other words the failure.”

“What a crazy thing to do…”

So Yamato’s government produced their battle strength in a short time like that.

Even in the successful case, just being in a possession contract was dangerous already, if it failed―they became armored warriors.

“That was an unreasonable way of doing things. The Wild God side doesn’t even choose the human and the human is forced into doing something unreasonable. Moreover, to push something like a Wild God inside the heart…they were going to be completely ruined.”

A Diva with ill will would try to take over the human’s body by means of Drive.

Then what would happen if a Diva who had lost their senses and ran wild was made to reside in a human’s body.

Even if the Diva didn’t do any body stealing, wouldn’t the human get abused like a toy by that overwhelming power? So that was what it meant to be called 'God’s reliant'.

“If you look around you it’s just as you understand, God’s reliant emit the same type of miasma as a Demon Beast and transform the surroundings into a Haunted Ground. Wild Gods belong under the same category as Demon Beasts―an <absolute enemy of the human race>.”

An absolute enemy of the human race―it was still in the middle of being researched, but for Demon Beasts, other than [attacking humans] and [expanding the Haunted Ground in the place where humans live], it was said that they didn’t show any other instinctual action at all.

It seemed that there was never any confirmed sighting of Demon Beasts eating or sleeping.

The expression of an absolute enemy of the human race was something he could surely agree with. But―

“Is it fine to lump the existence of Wild Gods and Demon Beasts together? They are raging and rampaging around but, though imperfect they are still gods right?”

“Different with many other Mythologies, demarcation of <Good God・Evil God> or existences called <Demons> don’t exist in Japanese Mythologies. [Enemies] in Japanese Mythology are none other than the disasters caused by the god that acted wildly. Japanese Mythology doesn’t worship the dual nature of good and evil, but the two faces of nature’s blessing and calamity.”

Wild Gods were not evil. However once angered, they would bare their fangs as the human race’s greatest enemy.

Violent natural phenomenon destroyed the world of humans and encroached.

“…Among the people of Yamato’s government, there is the existence of someone that can skillfully manipulate beings that can possibly be good or evil don’t you agree?”

Loki―the trickster of the Norse Mythology.

“Yamato's government made Ise Imperial Shrine as the place for the ceremony that creates Shrine Maidens. It seems they possess the know-how of a method that is interlaced with science to make human hosts for Divas.”

Nyarlatoteph―the data from the experiments that that guy made Headmaster Otonashi do. The politicians of Yamato might make use of that. All of it was something possible if it was them.

“They carried out the ceremony to produce Shrine Maidens here many times over, those who failed and became uncontrollable God’s reliant were abandoned and left behind. Like that the Ise Imperial Shrine was completely transformed into a Haunted Ground.”

Yatagarasu sadly hung its head down.

“…I now understood how Ise Imperial Shrine became a Haunted Ground.”

For the sake of obtaining battle strength called Shrine Maidens, these young people became the compensation. To watch out for the arrival of Kazuki and the others at Ise Imperial Shrine, for defense against that happening…these armored warriors were not for that purpose.

He felt relieved that this infiltration operation was not detected right from the start but…just that was not sufficient to explain the present situation.

“Then what is the objective of you and Futsunushi no Kami?”

This guy was probably connected with Futsunushi no Kami. If not for Futsunushi no Kami’s notification about Kazuki and Kazuha-senpai’s visit, then there was no way Yatagarasu could show its appearance with timing this good.

However he knew well that it wasn’t an enemy.

“You all called us out here, what do you want us to do? Can we properly achieve the objective of our coming here by doing the thing you want from us? Just so you know, we have no intention of only being used.”

In response to Kazuki’s question, Futsunushi no Kami’s avatar appeared beside Yatagarasu.

{…We want you to rescue Amaterasu.}

Futsunushi no Kami said such a thing.

“If Amaterasu recovers her power and gives birth to Japanese Mythology’s <True BasileusKing>, all the Diva will surely return to their senses from their Wild God state and obey the true King altogether. For that sake…I want the other chief god Susanoo to be defeated.}

“I never heard about this two chief gods in Japanese Mythology before.”

Futsunushi no Kami had explained that [all the Wild Gods will return to their sanity if the chief god of Japanese Mythology is defeated] and led Kazuki and Kazuha-senpai to this land. Indeed, certainly there was no lie that was said there.

Just that for such complex circumstances to lie around in between was rushing off everything.

Kazuki exposed a dissatisfaction in his expression and pressed his question to Futsunushi no Kami.

“Give us a proper explanation now. About all the circumstances of the Japanese Mythology.”

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

“Japanese Mythology is a mythology that is made up of two powers of Yin and Yang.”

Like that, Yatagarasu got the ball rolling for the explanation.

“Therefore, there are also two chief gods. The one that symbolized the Yang is Amaterasu, the one that symbolized the Yin is Susanoo. Once, Japan was divided into two of Amaterasu’s Wakoku and Susanoo’s Izumo. These two chief gods raised their own respective king as their mouthpiece and got embroiled in a destiny of conflict. Amaterasu and Susanoo, <Wakoku King> and <Izumo King>, the victor will become the true chief god and king of Japan. [Unification in the conflict’s aftermath], that is what have been established in the mythology.”

Yatagarasu gave such an explanation about the Japanese Mythology.

“So you are going to get me involved in the confrontation between Amaterasu and Susanoo. …And then that Susanoo, right now he is forming an alliance with Yamato's government, so that’s the situation.”

When Kazuki confirmed, Yatagarasu gave a brief nod.

{What caused this situation was Susanoo. Susanoo joined hands with Yamato's government and made the other Japanese Divas become Wild Gods from the instigation of shrine defilement.}

Futsunushi no Kami made a grimacing expression.

The wiles of Yamato's government to make the Divas of Japanese Mythology into Wild Gods and manipulate them was with the cooperation of Susanoo.

“Why did Susanoo ally himself with Yamato?”

“Susanoo was thinking that the [Japanese Mythology is weak, therefore I have to borrow another Mythology’s power], that’s how it seems. From there he was approached by Loki.”

Kazuki opened his eyes wide in shock.

“Japanese Mythology is weak?”

{Right, I wonder if it can even be categorized as puny class.} Saying that, Futsunushi no Kami nodded.

“Japanese Mythology doesn’t really demand strong faith from the people of Japan. Even their will of opposition against other Mythologies is low. As long as they have companions for festivals, making ruckus and playing around with, then everything is fine. Their [will for power] is weak.”

Kazuki reflexively looked at Kazuha-senpai.

Kazuha-senpai was a Shrine Maiden that made a contract with Futsunushi no Kami, but the relationship between the two was exactly like that of friends.

“We are like that, but in the present times where [the era of Mythology has been revived], if we keep like this then [other Mythologies will swallow us], Susanoo is harboring a sense of impending crisis like that. Right now he is buttering up Loki, but most likely he is planning to catch Loki off guard slyly in the end.”

Kazuki frowned his eyebrows hearing Yatagarasu words. Planning to catch Loki off guard?

Exactly because it was Loki, he was a Diva that could easily catch Susanoo off guard instead while joining hands with him.

Susanoo and Loki…on the surface they were joining hands together, but their relationship was one where both of them kept looking for an opening in each other’s guard.

“The Divas that reign as the chief god of the Mythology not only bestow their characteristic magic to their contractor, but a power that should be called a [King’s Authority] is also granted together with being recognized as a King. You too should have something like that.”

Yatagarasu said. Kazuki stared at the Stigmata on his own left hand.

Kazuki was able to use Lemegeton’s characteristic magic, <{{{2}}}Goetia>.

The more he deepened his bond, the greater his power of bond became.

Apart from that, there was also the power to visualize the change of girls’ positivity level and their location. This was what is called as [King’s Authority].

It seemed there was still room for this power to strengthen even more together with Leme’s growth.

“Amaterasu and Susanoo, the Wakoku King and the Izumo King, they won’t be able to obtain their true power if they haven’t achieved victory over the opposing camp and become the true chief god and King. If the situation stays like this then the [King’s Authority] of the Japanese Mythology is impossible to use. Susanoo’s camp is being rash in their desire to defeat Amaterasu’s camp quickly. But Amaterasu has zero motivation for that. She didn’t enthrone her contractor as the King of Wakoku in the least and just kept playing with her contractor. Binding contracts and recognizing someone as King are two separate matters.”

Kazuki had a contract with Leme, but he still hadn’t been fully recognized as Solomon's King yet.

This was the same thing.

“Why didn’t Amaterasu make her contractor to be King? That’s because she understood that the instant the King of Wakoku is born, the fight with Susanoo’s camp will begin. Amaterasu dislikes conflict. Her contractor too is also not someone suited for fighting. However [Even though the Japanese Mythology is weak even in the best of times, also being unable to use its true power like this is intolerable], like that, Susanoo’s camp was getting even more irked.”

Despite the preordained destiny of opposition between the two, it seemed there was a difference in the degree of enthusiasm in between them.

“The angry Susanoo defeated the contractor of Amaterasu that still hadn’t become the Wakoku King yet prematurely. Furthermore he also recommended to Yamato's government to leave the God’s reliant that were created from the failed ceremony of possessed Shrine Maidens unregulated just like that in the Ise Imperial Shrine, and made the Ise Imperial Shrine into a Haunted Ground. Amaterasu obtained her power from both her contractor and Ise Imperial Shrine, that’s how she is preserving her divinity. But losing both of them simultaneously, her power weakened and she was sealed completely inside the <Gate of Celestial Rock Cave>. There is a danger of extinction for her if it keeps like this. Even the happy-go-lucky Amaterasu thought [Just as expected it’s going to be bad if it keeps like this] and she sent a messenger to the other side of the seal―that messenger is this me, Yatagarasu.”

{Yatagarasu has the privilege to come and go as it pleases from the <Territory> of Japanese Mythology’s Divas. And then he made a contact with a Diva that hadn't become a Wild God, me.}

How Futsunushi no Kami didn’t become a Wild God…was surely thanks to his Shrine Maiden, Kazuha-senpai, who secretly moved Futsunushi no Kami’s altar to an abandoned club room in the Knight Academy.

“Hayashizaki Kazuki, I heard about you from Futsunushi no Kami. I want to ask you for a favor to rescue Amaterasu. To defeat Susanoo and become the person that controls the Japanese Mythology, that is the favor that I want to ask. If it’s you, then you can defeat the Izumo King that Susanoo raised right?”


At that time together with a shout, Leme materialized beside Kazuki.

Since this operation began, there was someone that maintained silence and acted like this matter about Japanese Mythology was of no concern for her. That was Leme.

“Wait right there, Leme just stayed quiet and listened but Kazuki has already contracted with Leme just so you know! Is the Japanese Mythology intending to snatch Kazuki from Leme!?”

{I too understand about that. We are not planning to do that, so it’s fine to feel relieved.}

Futsunushi no Kami said so in order to soothe Leme.

“Just like what I said before, Amaterasu too already has her own contractor. What we want is to enthrone that [girl] as Wakoku King formally, on top of that we want to present her to the King of Solomon.”

“Mu…oh hoh? Present you say?” Leme’s expression changed and her eyes brightened.

“The King of the Japanese Mythology will be affiliated to Hayashizaki Kazuki as <Subordinate King>, Solomon's King, which is you, will be accompanied by our King, becoming an existence of higher rank than even the King―we want to ask you to become the <Emperor>. In exchange for that we ask all of you to become our substitute in fighting Susanoo and Loki.”

“I see! So you are going to present the Queen of Japanese Mythology into the harem! If it’s like that then certainly, it’s feasible for Kazuki to rule both Solomon's Mythology and Japanese Mythology! The Emperor that rules even other Mythologies by means of Harem [24]…Solomon's Emperor! That’s really not bad!!”

{Guwahhahha! If that is realized then it will become Solomon's Myriad 72 Pillars!}

Leme was really gleeful and accepted the other side’s proposal. Futsunushi no Kami too got carried away with the mood and guffawed. Kazuki interjected into the conversation in a panic.

“Hey wait, even if you say that you will present me with an unknown girl I’ve never seen before, it will just make me troubled!”

“For the time being if you just meet her first it will be okay after that right, My King. Most of all to make this infiltration operation succeed, it doesn’t look like there is any other way than this anyway.”

Leme, who had been completely won over to the other side before he could even say ‘ah’ said such to Kazuki.

Certainly, there was truth in that but….

It was a long explanation but, the main point was they wanted him to substitute for Amaterasu and fight Susanoo. If he defeated Susanoo and the true King of Japanese Mythology was born, the Japanese Divas that became Wild Gods would return to their senses and could be subdued. The objective of this side too could be fulfilled.

{Guwahhahha! You can reach the Gate of the Celestial Rock Cave [25] where Amaterasu is sealed through the deepest part of Ise Imperial Shrine! For that, defeat the pitiful children that had transformed completely into God’s reliant and rescue them!!}

Pitiful children…if they defeated those God’s reliant with Yatagarasu’s cooperation, they could return to their original human form. They have to make this operation a success, for that they also couldn’t leave these God’s reliant alone.

“Well then, we are going to meet with Amaterasu…what do we need to do to release Amaterasu from the seal? What kind of seal is the Gate of Celestial Rock Cave?”

Kazuki questioned. The guffawing Futsunushi no Kami suddenly had his expression become serious.

{That’s…for later. You will understand if you go to the Gate of Celestial Rock Cave.}

…[So he was still planning to give incomplete information].

Kazuki directed his doubtful eyes to Futsunushi no Kami. When he was going to say ‘cut it out’ to him, suddenly his hand was gripped tightly from the side. It was Kazuha-senpai.

“Hayashizaki, that…don’t get angry with Futsunushi no Kami. Rather than that, let’s rescue these people inside the God’s reliant, okay.”

Kazuha-senpai directed her sorrowful eyes to the people that were losing their consciousness. Even before feeling any distrust towards Futsunushi no Kami, it seemed Kazuha-senpai thought about the people that became God’s reliant even more strongly.

“…In the ceremony of possessed Shrine Maidens, I think these people surely became candidates by their own will. Perhaps these people were originally a Knight. And they were resenting the humans that were chosen by Stigmata. That was why they themselves wanted to become stronger…”

In the middle of battle, these God’s reliant were raising screams of hatred [STIGMATA!] many times over.

Perhaps from envy and yearning toward Stigmata, and with feelings of [we too want to become even stronger], these guys were spurred into an extreme action like this. …Kazuki also felt heavy in his chest looking at them.

“Something like that, really feels sad for some reason…”

Kazuha-senpai hung her head down despondently.

Part 5[edit]

Kazuki and Kazuha-senpai selected the katana that were in good condition from the hips of the fainted people and borrowed them, attaching them on their hips.

A lot of time had passed while they were grilling Yatagarasu and Futsunushi no Kami, but there was no attack from the armored warriors that were supposed to still remain in this Haunted Ground.

Kazuki and Kazuha-senpai were still tied with the cloud strings from the sky as yet, those strings were a marking of their position.

Nevertheless, for there to be no further attacks…,

“Most likely the Izumo King that is commanding them had already detected my existence.”

Yatagarasu said that.

“Knowing that we cannot be defeated with only force, right now they are preparing an ambush in a location where they can use their number advantage with more reliability, that’s what I think.”

Kazuki also thought that Yatagarasu’s conjecture was correct.

“That [Kumoito Shibari] is Susanoo’s magic that possesses equal power with Amaterasu. With the power of the currently weakened Amaterasu, it cannot be purged even if we use the [Yata no Kagami] from before. As long as that thread becomes the mark, it’s surely impossible to advance while evading ambush.”

“Our side has also decided to rescue the people that became the God’s reliant anyway. We have no intention to advance while avoiding them. On the contrary, if they are gathering in one place it will become easier.”

Before when they were prioritizing the original strategy, they couldn’t help but leave the Haunted Ground alone, but the situation had changed.

“Well then Senpai, let’s be off! …Senpai?”

Kazuha-senpai who only had few words from some time before was…having her attention completely stolen by one of the souvenir shop buildings.

With some of the God’s reliant defeated, the original appearance of Ise appeared in front of their eyes. With how close they were with Ise Imperial Shrine, souvenir shops intended for tourists were lining up, but…,

“…Hayashizaki, this akafuku [26], I wonder if it’s edible.”

Kazuha-senpai was directing her eyes filled with greed on the packages that were piled up in heaps on the most conspicuous shelve inside the souvenir shop. The famous product of Ise, [Akafuku Mochi]. Of course the inside of the store right now was in a defenseless and unmanned state.

“Senpai, stealing is no good. Moreover after the store became a Haunted Ground and then returned back to normal, it's unknown what happened with the flow of time during that period. It might have gone bad already. Besides, time is precious, let’s go.”

When he pulled Kazuha-senpai’s hand forcefully, senpai went “Aa~, Hayashizaki~” and raised a quacking voice that sounded like a whine.

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

When they advanced through the streets of Ise, their surroundings soon changed into the eerie Haunted Ground again. When he compared the area with the map he had seen, it appears that the size of the Haunted Ground had been reduced to around half its previous size. In other words, they had defeated half the number of the God’s reliant in the previous battle.

The remaining half was waiting for them ahead….

They finally arrived to a point with a similar feel to when they first came here. The asphalt road was muddy and wet, the surrounding buildings were weathered, and the sky lost its color. Trees outnumbered the buildings in this area. On the rotting trunks and branches that looked as if they were going to fall off, rust-colored leaves were hanging down.

They advanced even further. There was still no ambush or attack from the God’s reliant.

A large shrine archway standing in the path forward entered their view.

<Shinmei Archway>[27]―it was an archway with an extremely ancient shape before it even received the influence of Buddhist’s ornament culture.

However now that it was currently under the influence of the Haunted Ground, its color was transformed into an ominous jet black.

They had arrived at Ise Imperial Shrine.

Ahead of the archway was the Isuzu River and the bridge that crossed that river―<Uji Bridge> was built there.

The length of the bridge was 100 meters, its width was just a little around 8 meter.

…They are coming here. Kazuki felt that hunch.

Here was an open area that was just right for a large group assault. Even on the bridge it was wide enough to make the best use of numerical advantage.

As expected, the instant he stepped his foot on the bridge―war cries were raised from the dark forest ahead of the bridge and a crowd of armored warriors was approaching.

At the same time, armored warriors that went around and cut in also came along from behind.

On top of the Uji Bridge, it became a pincer attack.

“I leave the back to you, Hayashizaki!”

Kazuha-senpai immediately stood back-to-back with Kazuki.

Yatagarasu flew up to the sky from Kazuki’s shoulder in order to escape.

The armored warriors surged ahead with the force of surging waves while taking the stance of the Dragonfly, making the bridge creak worryingly. The bridge was filled with troops that surrounded Kazuki and Kazuha-senpai in the blink of an eye. They slashed away while making opponents of enemies that came from every directions.

“Ameno Hidzukuri no Kazatsuchi!”

*DON!* Shockwave and flame explosions. Kazuha-senpai blew away the enemies altogether with magic. …Defeat the enemy only using sword skill to preserve their magic power…such thinking was unreasonable.

“The light of heaven resides in that body, O bird of paradise, comply with my accusation and reduce to ashes the sin above the earth! Israel Judgment!!”

Phoenix’s avatar emerged at Kazuki’s back and emitted brightness as if every light in the world were gathered. That light dazzled the eyes, stopping the attack of the armored warriors for a moment. At that interval Kazuki set his aim at an angle that would swallow the most number of enemies, the vast light was changed into a thick laser and fired. The armored warriors in a straight line fell down altogether.


Angry voices that were like an earthquake welled up from the armored warriors.

“Wawa! Just as I thought these guys really get angry when Summoning Magic is used. Their fierceness is growing rapidly!”

“Let’s settle the bout quickly!”

“Got it! …Tenkū Battou Renge Hou!!”

The countless Sacred Treasures that Kazuha-senpai created flew about freely above the battlefield on top of the bridge. The Sacred Treasures that possessed various elements released flame or lightning, even cold here and there from each of them.

“Please take care not to break the bridge okay!” Kazuki raised his voice.

“…So that Yata no Kagami can finish off as many armored warriors as possible, please inflict damage to all the enemies evenly!”

Yatagarasu said an unreasonable challenge from the sky. …Does it think anyone can do such miraculous thing!?

“This is not for the sake of preserving my magic power! The youth that is transformed back by Yata no Kagami will faint in magic intoxication, they are going to get trampled by the armored warriors that flood in next!! If that happens then they're going to die for real!!”

“Kuh…that certainly can happen!”

Even while Kazuki complained, he couldn’t help but consent to Yatagarasu’s request.

The curtain of a long battle on top of the bridge was opened.

Part 6[edit]

After blowing away an armored warrior flying far away from the inflicted damage, the newly created empty space right there was quickly occupied with a different armored warrior. If the newly arrived armored warrior was a fresh one then it would be assaulted just like that, but if it was one that had been damaged then it would be quickly driven off by sending it flying far away…. The armored warriors that had lost their own will were also quite mechanical in some respects, the battle itself completely turned into something like a puzzle game.

After a long repetition―Yatagarasu used the completed [Yata no Kagami], where afterwards the youths of Yamato fainted on top of Uji bridge in a closely packed formation.

The surrounding scenery returned back to the original Ise Imperial Shrine. The Isuzu river shone from the sunlight, the Uji bridge that was built on top of it recovered its beautiful wooden texture. A forest where trees that looked mystical grew in abundance spread out ahead of the bridge, and a road that pushed its way through that forest was extending forward.

Heaps of corpses scattered all around on top of the bridge…such an image emerged to the surface of the mind, but nobody was dead because the youths only fainted from magic intoxication. There was no strong burden weighing down their minds but they only fainted from the state where their connection with the Wild Gods that were like a curse disappeared. It was surely not a dangerous magic intoxication.

Kazuha-senpai breathed a sigh of relief. Surely the state inside her head had become more full with the thoughts of rescuing the people that were turned into God’s reliant rather than the infiltration operation itself.

God’s reliant―they held envy and hatred toward Stigmata, because of that they offered themselves to a dangerous ceremony and in the end were completely transformed into an existence that was called a failure.

Before this, their outcry hurt Kazuha-senpai’s heart. Kazuki had the feeling that he understood the reason why.

For a long time until now, Kazuha-senpai was looked down on by the swordsmen and made fun of.

For envy and hatred to be directed at her as a possessor of Stigmata surely made her have complicated feelings.

Kazuki also was once an existence that was looked down on in the Magic Division and came this far by relying upon his pride in the sword. That was why his mental state felt conflicted to have such emotions directed at him by many swordsmen.

“Senpai, we were gifted the power of Stigmata and became far stronger than we if were just swordsmen, but that’s why it doesn’t mean that we have seen the limit of the strength of swordsmen either, that’s what I think.”

Standing stock still unintentionally on top of the bridge, Kazuki called out to Kazuha-senpai from the side hoping to cheer her up.

“…Kohaku is attempting to become a swordsman that won’t lose to Magika Stigma by making practical use of Sacred Treasures. Kanae too, recently she is trying to discover a new possibility for new techniques by putting general magic to practical use even further.”

What kind of phenomenon magic power could give birth to was the product of the imagination. Right now there were some aspects from the old sword skill outlook that still restrained both Kazuki and Kanae, but there was plenty of room for creating sword skills that had never even been imagined until now by means of new creative originality.

“Even the students of the Magic Division are stopping their high and mighty attitude just because they possess Stigmata now. They are also starting to listen to opinions that ask them to stop looking down on the Sword Division. The Knight Order in the future from now on is supposed to become nearer in equality between swordsman and Magika Stigma. If that happens, then there shouldn’t be any more swordsmen that will do something stupid like this. …Doing something like throwing one’s self away, is something that mustn’t be done no matter what."

Right at that moment, the memory of Kaya’s scream when she was eroded by Loki was replaying inside Kazuki’s mind.

“If swordsmen and Magika Stigma can look at each other right in the eye, swordsmen should be able to reach that new possibility that can only be achieved by swordsmen.”

“…That’s right huh, you are really someone that caused a revolution in the Knight Academy.”

“Calling that a revolution, that’s not…”

“Kohaku too…even I, we are really thankful for what you have done.”

Facing each other in the middle of the bridge, Kazuha-senpai softly clasped both of Kazuki’s hands.

Holding hands like this might be a skinship that Kazuha-senpai could just barely do with honest feelings. For Kazuki, this warmth transmitted to him was an irreplaceable, important feeling.

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

“Indeed it’s just like what you said. These small fries are feeling jealous without even doing any respectable hard work. Their appearance pawing at the ground while ruining their own bodies is…extremely unsightly. What is called strength should be something more pure.”

―A singing like voice that sounded really clear suddenly could be heard.

From the forest ahead, the master of the voice appeared and halted in front of the bridge.

The distance between them was dozens of meters. It was not a distance that could be closed immediately.

With a shock, Kazuki separated his body from Kazuha-senpai while calmly ascertaining that character.

It was a girl wearing a deep red kimono that looked like a prostitute's.

A loose collar to the degree that one could peek into her back, a languid style of wearing kimono, making one look graceful.

It was a gorgeous appearance that could never be thought as something for a fight, but a Japanese katana could be seen at her hip. She was a swordsman. And then at her side were two people, two armored warriors in divine possession were coming along with her. Most likely those two were the last God’s reliant.

The girl in kimono sent her glancing gaze to those two and her mouth curved cynically.

“Please look at them, their pathetic figures. Having lost their reason they are the very definition of mere beasts. Although they can now fight better compared to when they were just their former worthless swordsmen selves, even then, the current state of their souls can't really be called strong. …You two, please give your greetings.”

The girl in kimono extended both her hands respectively to the faces of the armored warriors waiting at her left and right.

The <face armors> under the helmet that were covering the nose and mouth that hid the faces of the armored warriors, were taken off by those hands.

The faces of the two armored warriors became exposed. Kazuki and Kazuha-senpai reflexively caught their breath.

“The Takasugi brothers!”

What appeared from under the face armors were―the faces of the Takasugi brothers.

The two that had become rival candidates to Kazuki in the Chief Student Council President battle election, Takasugi Shūsui and Takasugi Harunari.

Advocating the rejection of human rights for Magika Stigma that possessed far too much power and that they should be treated as mere weapons, the two young student activists!

So these two sought power after they were beaten in the battle election and were reduced to God’s reliant here.

“”Hayashizakii…Hayashizaki KazukiiIIIII!!””

The faces under the face armor were ruled by shuddering madness. Both their eyes and their mouths were opened to the limit and deep creases were engraved in their faces. They were leaking voices of curses while their jaws were convulsing with a spasm.

“The introduction is over for now…it’s okay to let loose already you guys!”

The girl in kimono handed down her command with a sharp voice as if a wild beast tamer lashing her whip.

“GO-!!” Simultaneously with the voice, the Takasugi brothers leaped at their direction.

They raised their katana overhead straight like berserkers and slashed at Kazuki and Kazuha-senpai with dauntless courage.

Kazuki and Kazuha-senpai traversed the bridge in a big leap while meeting the attack in order not to drag the people lying down around them into this fight.

“Kazuha-senpai!” “It’s okay, you don’t need to worry about me!”

They completely couldn’t make heads or tails of which one was the older brother Shūsui and which was the little brother Harunari, but Kazuki and Kazuha-senpai picked one opponent each while exchanging voices, *GIN!* *GIN!* sparks of clashing swords were scattered.

Kazuki softly redirected the enemy’s simple powerful downswing with <Instant Positioning>.

Just like that, he sidestepped the enemy’s stance and promptly slashed diagonally below with his returning blade.

His opponent was blown away together with the backlash of defensive magic power.

During that time, he directed his sight to Kazuha-senpai. Kazuha-senpai couldn’t parry as smoothly as Kazuki and she was brought into a sword-locking contest. If the attack was not quickly parried away with skill, she would have to go against the enemy’s superhuman power directly from the front. Kazuha-senpai leaked out “Kuh” in a painful voice while somehow redirecting her opponent’s heavy blow. Kazuha-senpai’s posture was disarranged.

Because her posture was disarranged, she couldn’t move into a counterattack smoothly like what Kazuki did.

But if it was Kazuha-senpai, who excelled in chanting ability, then it was enough with just that.

“Ameno Hidzukuri no Kazatsuchi!”

Thrusting her one hand forward, from there *DON!* a flame explosion and shockwave were produced.

―The two Takasugi brothers were repelled altogether from Kazuki and Kazuha-senpai and blown away from the bridge.

But they were abruptly rising back up again.

Kazuha-senpai stood in front of Kazuki in order to cover for him.

“Hayashizaki…I’ll face these two guys together just by myself. That’s why you, Hayashizaki, deal with that kimono girl there.”

“But senpai” Kazuki’s tone of voice was mixed with hesitation.

“Perhaps compared to these two guys, that girl over there is far stronger. That’s why I’ll leave her to you.”

Certainly, Kazuki also harbored that same premonition.

“I’m far stronger compared to these small fries!! I won’t let you two pass beyond this point!!”

While their attention was diverted by the Takasugi brothers, the figure of the girl in kimono vanished.

…The voice came from above! With her kimono’s fringe fluttering loosely, the girl was soaring high above Kazuki and Kazuha-senpai―it was not a jumping power that could be done somehow or other just with Enchant Aura.

The girl landed a few meters behind Kazuki, with the force of a bouncing rubber ball she drew out her sword while in the stance of turning back.

It didn’t mean that Kazuki was taken by surprise. Kazuki too instantly turned his back and drew out his sword in return.

Flashes of light collided. Both of their drawn swords bit at each other from directly opposite sides scattering sparks. From there they entered a sword-locking contest.

It was not a contest between strength. Kazuki redirected the opponent’s strength with Instant Positioning and tried to break her stance. The girl was also doing a similar thing at the same time. Their blades were mutually entangling with each other flexibly skill to skill.

If he could match the opponent’s vector of power, he could break the deadlock.

Strings of tension were stretched silently inside his brain. In the distance where they could even feel each other’s breath, he focused on nothing but to Foresight the movement of the opponent and control the blade delicately against the other.

An even sword-locking contest―at that moment Kazuki and the kimono girl were mutually making a surprised expression of [There is an opponent that is my equal]. …I can do this!!

Both of them jumped back at the same time and created some distance.

The girl held the katana languidly with her right hand, she brushed her disordered kimono’s cuff with her left hand swiftly and fixed her clothes instantly.

A natural body posture that really couldn’t be called a stance at all. But there was no opening. Even like that she could leap to all kinds of movements in any moment. There was this indication of 'all in one' in her.

There was no doubt she had the bearing of a master.

“What kind of person are you?”

Kazuaki finally questioned the girl that stood in his way with respect toward an exceptional character coloring his words.

Behind Kazuki, there was the sight of Kazuha-senpai exchanging blades with the Takasugi brothers with the roars of Summoning Magic.

“I won’t let you interfere in Amaterasu’s sealing. I am one among the hightest echelon within Kenshitou entrusted with the defense of this land…the thirtieth <Aisu Ikousai> Hidetada.”

Kenshitou’s upper echelon…he thought that this Haunted Ground held no protection squad from Yamato, yet…

No wait, rather than that, Aisu Ikousai she said?

Kazuki felt his mind became white. It was a feeling like being in the presence of a legend.

“…You are joking right? Moreover, the thirtieth?”

“Oh, so you too are doubting the reality? You who are the successor of the Hayashizaki-style sword drawing art?”

Aisu Ikousai―he was a swordsman of the Muromachi period [28]. No, perhaps he ought to even be called a sword god.

From the Muromachi period until the Sengoku period [29], there were countless schools of sword styles created in Japan.

The most famous in history among them was surely Yagyuu Shinkage-style. With the choosing of Yagyuu Sekishūsai and his child, Munenori to become the instructors of the Shogunate family, the house of Tokugawa, Yagyuu became known as the best sword-style in the whole country. It was also fine to even say that they are the best sword-style in the world of swordsmanship.

When that Yagyuu’s history was perused, there was the master of Yagyuu Sekishūsai, the <sword saint> Kamiizumi Ise no Kami Nobutsuna. And then looking even further at the master of that person was a character that was already in the realm of myth―Aisu Ikousai Hisatada.

When Japan’s school of sword style was traced back, every one of them would run into three origins. Those were namely Art of War Three Great Origins―<Nen-style>, <Shinto-style>, and then Aiko Ikousai’s <Kage-style>, those three.

Kazuki was…feeling like he was confronting his own honored ancestor.

“Hey the successor of Hayashizaki-style. Since when did you think Japan’s swordsmanship was transformed into a sport?”

The girl―Aisu Ikousai asked.

“Generally it is said that the impetus was Kamiizumi Ise no Kami’s idea to use bamboo swords but…personally I think swordsmanship had already changed into sports by the Muromachi period. The uselessness of katana in wars that were fought in groups had already become self-evident at that period…swordsmanship was just a mere fashion of samurai. True, practical swordsmanship or the like had already vanished at that time. The only scene where practical use of swordsmanship could be applied was the one versus one fights that happened behind the other side of history―only in the setting of assassination. That is surely the sword’s true long cherished desire, the thirty generation piling up in the shadows…”

That was a completely different history compared to an old style sword school like Kazuki’s Hayashizaki-style. Even though the Hayashizaki-style was also an old style sword school that was passed in secret, by no means had they erased their own name by their own hands. It was not the case that they attempted to become a legend.

The mystical assassination sword art that earnestly erased their name continuously since the Muromachi period….

“I see…and then an era like the present time came.”

“The era of magic…an era where the minority of powerful warriors dictated the battle had come. Now is the time for swordsmanship's resurrection! This Aisu Ikousai too!! That’s the reason why I formed a partnership with Kenshitou.”

Tension filled the languid limbs of Aisu Ikousai to the brim. …It's coming!

“Hayashizaki-style! I was looking forward at having a bout with you-!”

*ton*, Kicking the ground lightly, but with acceleration that ran in contrast with that lightness, Aisu Ikousai closed the distance. Kazuki didn’t chant any spell and intercepted with just only his sword.

“Secret Sword…Naked Blade Heat HazeShiraha Kagerou!”

Ikousai yelled. At that time Kazuki witnessed something hard to believe.

Aisu Ikousai’s blade that was approaching Kazuki―bent like jelly from its base.

Kazuki’s katana that was going to block slashed empty air.

Ikousai’s katana approached near Kazuki’s neck as if it had transformed into a whip. Kazuki attempted to dodge just barely from the blade. At that instant, the blade was not only twisting itself, it lengthened itself flexibly even further.

The blade grazed Kazuki’s neck and with a spark, the blue light of magic power scattered.

Ikousai passed the side of Kazuki who got slashed.

“…First is one kill.” Ikousai whispered while they passed each other.

…Just now was an advanced application of Psychokinesis. The slashed Kazuki instantly understood.

Sensing the Prima Material of the blade, then it was influenced powerfully by Psychokinesis and its shape was altered.

He could grasp the how but he was amazed that such thing was really possible. It was a technique that was completely beyond his imagination.

Kazuki immediately turned back and faced Ikousai.

Kazuki moved out without a moment’s delay. Next it was Kazuki’s turn to be the attacker―surely even a flickering blade was just a normal katana when it was reversed to be the defender. There was a necessity to hold the initiative in this fight.

Ikousai blocked the single stroke that Kazuki swung down and it became a sword-locking contest once more.

This time it was not with technique, Kazuki attempted to push her with power.

“Ou” Aisu Ikousai raised her voice. “So because I’m a woman, you think you can win in arm strength?”

Kazuki didn’t permit Ikousai to try to parry the blade and pressed her with strength.

With the difference in strength between male and female, Kazuki’s blade slowly approached Ikousai’s face.

“If it's like this then, Secret Rite…Blue YakshaAoiro Yasha.”

In front of Kazuki’s eyes, strange magic power was whirling inside Ikousai’s flesh.

*doku doku* Her body pulsed strongly…Ikousai’s face was turning blue before his eyes.

What is currently happening―this is, blood flow manipulation.

A human’s physical body was creating energy with two distinct methods, one that was [utilizing oxygen] and one [not utilizing oxygen]. The structure that utilized oxygen was making energy for stamina, but the structure that didn’t utilize oxygen―produced explosive power by decomposing sugar content.

The body automatically balanced which of the two structures would be prioritized to use.

But this girl controlled the blood flow of her entire body and closed the oxygen supply herself, making use of that to invigorate her Muscle Power Releasecreation of the energy that didn’t need oxygen[30] to the maximum. She tilted the balancing scale of her body by her own will.

That could be called an artificial ultimate anaerobic exercise. The girl’s slender arm that was turning pale was influenced with a doping effect, producing an explosive power that should be impossible from physical balance!

…He never thought that someone would reinforce their own physical strength with this kind of approach!

The balance of strength tilted from Ikousai’s instantaneous explosive force. Kazuki was outpushed. Ikousai didn’t miss the disarray of Kazuki’s balance and drove away Kazuki’s katana, breaking his stance.

Kazuki suffered a defeat in a sword-locking contest for the first time after several years.

Ikousai’s slash assaulted Kazuki whose stance was broken. Kazuki forcefully evaded that. He planned to evade but―Ikousai’s blade stretched out like a snake and grazed Kazuki’s neck.

“The second kill.” The girl floated a smile in her face.

With a stumbling step Kazuki regrouped himself with some distance. Ikousai immediately gave chase and pursued with the ever-changing twisting katana.

Just with the katana’s shape twisting, the movement became really hard to read, to a degree he never imagined.

He was bewitchingly looking at it with his eyes. With such insight…Kazuki Foresighted the magic power produced from the blade. If the magic power could be read, the he could Foresight what kind of alterations would happen to the blade next. From there he could calculate the trajectory of the slash.

Though it was a complicated calculation that had to be done in an instant….

Kazuki breathed out strongly with a huff and concentrated. He Foresighted the phantasmagoric stroke of the katana. And then he grasped the logic of the blade and *KiIN!* sparks were scattered. Ikousai went “Hou?” and showed a surprised expression.

“For someone to start seeing through Shiraha Kagerou from just one occasion, really.”

“In the Hayashizaki-style, no same technique will work twice against us.”

“Then…Secret Sword, Heaven Tower StairTenrou Kaidan!”

*PAAN!* A terrific voice rang out.

At that moment, Aisu Ikousai’s figure disappeared from Kazuki’s sight.

*PAAN!*, *PAAN!*, the sounds of something bursting reverberated around Kazuki.

Where is she!? ―Even the time allowed to think of that question, was just for an instant.

The next instant, Kazuki was slashed diagonally in the back.

On the back of Kazuki who was pitching forward staggeringly, a further second slash was carved. “Third kill! Fourth kill!!” Ikousai raised a joyful voice and attacked while pursuing Kazuki.

This swordsman of Yamato, this person…!

While Kazuki received the backlash from the defensive magic power, he rolled forward in order to take distance and escaped from Ikousai’s range. Ikousai didn’t chase too far and made a broad grin in her face from her triumph. She fixed her kimono with one hand.

“Secret Rite…Light Crimson HannyaUsubeni Hannya.”

The girl’s pale body was recovering its former complexion. If the blood flow was constrained for too long, then next the stamina would surely disappear from the body.

She exploded her instantaneous force with [Aoiro Yasha], and recovered her stamina with [Usubeni Hannya].

But, even more than that, the technique just now….

“Fufufu, it’s four times already. If we crossed swords without this thing called defensive magic power, you had already died four times.”

“…Don’t just make up an assumption that’s convenient for yourself as you please, assassin swordsman. What we are doing right now is a fight with defensive magic power aren’t we? Who can agree with that kind of simple win lose condition attached here.”

Toward Kazuki who got a little worked up in his rebuttal, ‘ku-ku-ku’, Ikousai chuckled innocently.

“This might be a little childish but, at any rate my opponent is the greatest masterpiece of the Hayashizaki-style and the famous [Cyclops] after all. It’s really unbearable, this desire of mine to prove that my sword is the strongest with you as the opponent.”

The strongest sword….

Certainly this fellow’s skill was not ordinary. That kind of conception she used in her technique had never occurred to him at all.

Even if he was struck with that kind of idea, he would surely be unable to manage to realize such technique without piling up a mountain of training.

This girl in front of his eyes was not a swordsman that just merely inherited an ancient style sword art. Matching the current era and evolving her sword together with it―she was a swordsman that had advanced several steps ahead of the path that Kanae was trying to traverse.

In this match as a swordsman, Kazuki honestly realized that he was falling into inferiority here.

[Tenrou Kaidan]…First he had to fathom the true form of that technique….

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

Kazuha dodged the Takasugi brothers' violent downswings as if dancing.

She returned a compact slash through that opening.

A battle between butterfly and boar―it was an easy offense and defense for Kazuha who was in the middle of learning the skill of Foresight.

“…Why were you guys trying to become strong with that kind of method?”

With the timing of the widening distance as the impetus, Kazuha questioned while taking her stance vigilantly.

These guys were following the orders of that girl in kimono. In other words they should still have some of their consciousness remaining.

“…Kill the Magika Stigma…!”

With a look exactly like a beast's, the Takasugi brothers’ voices leaked out.

“Hayashizaki Kazuki, Hayashizaki Kanae! They insult us that [our skill in swordsmanship is no big deal] and so on…!”

Right now the one who stood in front of their eyes was Kazuha, but perhaps they were already unable to recognize that anymore. The two of them vented their hatred in frankness to Kazuha.

“Our, revolution, our ideology was defiled, because of you bastards!”

“The battle election…what we were saying was supposed to be the most correct thought! Despite that, nobody elected us…because we lost in the battle election!! That battle election was just a farce decided only by power!!”

“Power, power destroyed our just ideal!! Power is…abominable!!”

Certainly there was an aspect in the battle election where the vote easily gathered on the students who made great showings in the tournament.

But what would happen to the Magic Division and the Sword Division from now on? The students wouldn’t give their vote just from the result of the tournament without giving a serious consideration on that.

They lost in the election not because their fighting strength was weak. What was weak of them was…,

“What is lacking in you guys, isn’t it the strength to look hard at yourselves!?”

The Takasugi brothers assaulted her recklessly. Yet Kazuha dodged them easily and slashed back in return.

The brothers were repelled from the backlash of the defensive magic power and fell onto their backsides...they stood back up with faces that looked as if they were going to cry.

“It’s you bastards’ fault, that we failed to get elected…that power, power got away from our hands! Authority got away from our hands!!”

“It’s you bastards’ fault that we are like this! That we failed to obtain the power to trample those Magika Stigma under our foot!!”

For the third time, they stepped forward like idiots that only knew how to do just one thing.

Kazuha evaded as if she was dancing. Even while she evaded elegantly, Kazuha’s chest felt gloomy.

“Authority got away from your hands you said? You want to trample the Magika Stigma under your foot you said? Even though you talked about ideals so haughtily…the inside of you guys is just that sort of thing!!?”

Kazuha slashed the two of them away with all her might. But the two whose bodies were poured with the magic power of Wild Gods would abruptly stand back up no matter how many times they were cut down.

“…It’s you bastards’ fault. It’s you bastards’ fault that we became useless…”

“…It’s you bastards’ fault, that father branded us as useless…”

The deep resentful voices of the brothers overlapped.

Father―the one that switched over from being the board chairman of the knight academy to be Yamato’s statesman, they were surely talking about Takasugi Takayoshi.

“”Power…, I want strength…!””

That lurid spirit overpowered Kazuha. However she soon glared back.

…Even I harbored a feeling of inferiority, I was wishing stronger than anyone that I want to become stronger.

But I didn’t distort my feelings like this.

“That distorted [will to become strong] of you guys…I won’t recognize something like that!!”

“GYAAAAAA! Earth Lightning BladeJiraiba!!”

One of the Takasugi brothers raised one of his hands high to the sky. At his side an avatar of a Diva that resembled Futsunushi no Kami emerged out. A Diva with the appearance of an ancient sword!

Thunder fell to the raised hand, then he took hold of that lightning where it turned into a sword of lightning.

Thousand Pull Immobile ArmSenbiki Fudouwan!!”

The other Takasugi brother was also raising one of his hands high to the sky. An avatar of a giant emerged beside him.

The arm raised overhead bulged out several times larger, transforming into an arm so gigantic that it made the gripped long sword look like a toy.

{That’s…the power of <Take Mikadzuchi> and <Take Minakata>. If the high level magic of those two are used then it won’t finish with just that much but, well, looks like those just now are only level 2 magic.}

Futsunushi no Kami conveyed his voice to Kazuha-senpai through telepathy.

…If there was consciousness still left inside them even in just a little amount, they could still manage to use even low level Summoning Magic.

The Takasugi brothers slashed at Kazuha simultaneously. Kazuha received an electric shock the moment she made contact with the lighting sword, and surely the slash launched using that gigantic arm possessed a power to the degree that she couldn’t block it.

If it kept like this she wouldn’t be able to defend. If she evaded the attack then there was no doubt that the Uji Bridge she was standing on would be broken to pieces.

Therefore Kazuha also chanted her spell. The spell that she had been preparing for quite some time from before.

“Watching thousands of lives withering in the path of the sword…O military men obeyed by hundreds of grass, please lend that hand free from obstructive thought to my morals! …Devilish Swordsman Four Directions SwordKenki Shihou Ken!!”

Futsunushi no Kami’s level 6 magic―great number of bluish-white souls drifted and gathered around Kazuha.

Those were the souls of the swordsmen that followed the path of the sword to its extremes and perished halfway through.

Responding to Futsunushi no Kami’s guidance, those souls appeared under Kazuha. They possessed mass due to magic power and transformed into something that symbolized their temper; becoming enormous arms and katana.

There were a total of four ghostly arms and katana each with a size that reached Kazuha’s stature, floating around her.

“Become my substitute, block them!”

The lightning sword born from Take Mikadzuchi’s power was blocked solidly by the two arms surrounding the right side crossing their two katana. The electric shock couldn’t flow to the spot where Kazuha was.

The one strike that was made gigantic by Take Minakata’s power was blocked solidly by the two arms surrounding the left side crossing their two katana. The three giant arms were locked in a rivalry of strength with grinding sounds.

In the center of those two spots of power, Kazuha’s own two hands were free.

Kazuha directed those two hands at the Takasugi brothers and chanted.

“Ameno Hidzukuri no Kazatsuchi!”

*DON!* The released shockwave blew away both the Takasugi brothers altogether.

The four arms created by Kazuha were controlled remotely in accordance with Kazuha’s will and even now they assaulted the Takasugi brothers who were trying to stand and pressed them on.

During that time, Kazuha turned her eyes to the battle between Kazuki and the kimono girl.

Kazuki was having much trouble with the girl who introduced herself as Aisu Ikousai….

“…What is he doing? [Just against techniques of that degree], that guy became cornered like that.”

Kazuha reflexively knitted her eyebrows. The Hayashizaki Kazuki that I know isn’t supposed to be that kind of person.

Part 7[edit]

“Hayashizaki! What the hell are you doing, just against that kind of fellow!”

―Kazuha-senpai threw a scolding voice at Kazuki who was in the middle of a glaring match with Aisu Ikousai.

“Those kind of techniques aren't really a big deal right!!?”

Hearing that, Ikousai looked sullen with her pride wounded.

“Now you really said it. I thought that it would be fine to leave the dunce of the Sword Division to those dimwit Takasugi brothers, yet…should I have carved the technique of Aisu’s Kage-style on that body of yours too?”

“Even if you don’t deliberately carve it into my body, I get it already just from watching here! [Like this right]!?”

Kazuha-senpai dashed to this direction trying to interrupt between Kazuki and Aisu Ikousai.

That figure of hers, *PAAN!* went flying together with that sound.

“!?” Ikousai’s spine trembled with shock witnessing that.

Kazuha-senpai’s body danced high to the sky. From there even more *PAAN!* *PAAN!* sounds rang out and she maneuvered three dimensionally in the air. Kazuha-senpai instantly circled to Ikousai’s back.

When Kazuki saw that from his position as a third party observer, he comprehended that trick for the first time.

…I see, certainly seeing it from outside is really easy to understand.

The sound of *PAAN!* was the sound of kicking with full power the movement energy produced by Psychokinesis. Creating a foothold in the sky with magic and making the body leap through the air under an instant. That speed was several levels faster compared to a normal jump. When the opponent was thinking vaguely that the enemy was above, she had already flew about three dimensionally who knew how many times―and circled to the back.

“Learned by imitating, Tenrou Kaidan!”

While yelling, Kazuha-senpai swept her katana sideways.

As expected from the originator herself, Ikousai was not tricked by that movement and saw through Kazuha-senpai’s position instantly and dodged the blade. But at that time Kazuha-senpai’s blade twisted like jelly. It was just a slight twist compared to Ikousai’s own, but certainly her blade’s shape distorted―Shiraha Kagerou.

Kazuha-senpai’s single stroke of katana gouged Ikousai’s neck shallowly, making her defensive magic power shine.

“Saying it in your manner from before…it’s one kill with this right?” Kazuha-senpai grinned broadly.

Ikousai took some distance with a light leap, her expression transformed from shock into admiration.

“[Just about that much is still incomplete, however,] you really can imitate my sword that easily huh. You…won’t you enter the Ikousai-style and become my disciple?”

“Who would do that, stupid-! I am with the Hayashizaki-style!!”

Hearing Kazuha-senpai make a refusal like that, Kazuki could only stare in amazement.

“Eh, is that true?”

“What kind of reaction is that! It is like that right!? You are aallways saying that ‘I am the master’ aren’t you!?”

“I was saying that half in jest but…if you are my disciple than please become more honest.”

“I’m honest in matters concerning the sword right!? What’s with you! Don, don’t tell me you are planning to order me to do something perverted!?”

“Right now I’m a romance master and I command senpai to do romance training for the whole day.”

“No Way, even if it’s for romance―!! This hentaii―!”

Ikousai was looking at them with cold eyes. “You two, looks like you are really having fun.”

“Anyway don’t you dare lose to that fellow. Besides, why are you fighting without using Summoning Magic?”

Even while saying such things, Kazuha-senpai kept making the gigantic four arms fight the Takasugi brothers. It was a splendid control of Summoning Magic.

Right there Kazuki finally noticed how he had fought while sealing his own Summoning Magic.

“The strength as a swordsman, is not all there is to your strength right-!!”

…Before, Kazuki relied on the strength of the sword as the foundation of his pride. His genius in swordsmanship was recognized and he was adopted into the Hayashizaki family, getting praised by his stepfather was the meaning of his existence.

…Right now is different. Even now, the sword was still something important for him, but it was not everything to him. The power he obtained from his bonds, and the important things he protected with it…that was also his own strength.

“You are the same as me, a magic swordsman. I don’t want to see you get defeated or the like.”

“That’s right isn’t it…I’ll stop obstinately thinking only as a swordsman.”

In all honesty…if he used Summoning Magic then he surely could defeat Aisu Ikousai easily.

He fought a straight forward match as a swordsman against his better judgment, but he had to defeat this swordsman and reach the inner part of the Ise Imperial Shrine. Reservation or anything like that was unnecessary.

“Is that so, so you plan to use Summoning Magic? Hmph. …Then I wonder, should I do that too?”

With a nonchalant tone Ikousai said that. Kazuki and Kazuha-senpai went ‘Don’t tell me!’ in their minds.

No, now that he thought back…the voice from the sky that commanded the God’s reliant―that was surely the contractor of Susanoo, but wasn’t this girl in front of him also ordered around the Takasugi brothers just now?

Then this fellow was…Susanoo’s contractor, the Izumo King!

“You two have the face that says if you are using Summoning Magic then you can win easily, I really can’t stomach that look! Both in the sword and in magic as well, I am the stronger one!!”

Ikousai sheathed the sword in her right hand. Then she folded her arm cuff and abruptly pulled off the bracelet that was on her wrist.

It was a bracelet that he had remembered seeing before―<Limiter>.

The fellows of God’s reliant held a grudge against Stigmata. Because of that she surely wore a Limiter and hid her stigmata while taking joint action with them. She only took the Limiter off when she was giving orders as the voice from the sky.

“Polished black steel of heaven, O Totsuka no Tsurugi…release a flash of light that gouges the storm! This is Snake’s Exact RoughOrochi no Arasama…the advent of tearing limb from limb, Sky Feathers DecapitationAme no Habakiri!!”

The girl didn’t even perform Access and chanted her spell directly.

She didn’t even have the blessing of a Magic Dress, yet in spite of that she chanted with speed that she seemed familiar with.

Magic of Sacred Treasure Creation's light was formed from her hand and in it, held an atypical sword with its blade divided in eight directions.

"It’s fine even if you too make your Stigmata shine! Come, this is the beginning of sword and magic’s second act!”


The instant Ikousai was going to kick the ground, a voice halting them reverberated.

Yatagarasu who escaped to the sky to avoid the fighting descended and perched on Kazuki’s shoulder.

“I’ll shut my eyes if it is just sport between fellow swordsmen, but more than this and you should stop your interference! Amaterasu chose this gentleman as the substitute of the <Wakoku King>!! You too should have no real intention to keep depending on Loki like what you are currently doing while being unable to plunder Amaterasu’s power!!”

“…Hou, so that NEET god finally intended to raise a King. I thought she was going to continue being sealed like this and vanish, but if she showed some motivation then the story is different. I see, so that’s why the King of Solomon came to this land.”

Ikousai docilely vanished the Sacred Treasure held in her hand.

“Susanoo is a rebellious god toward the Amaterasuabsolute authoritarian. Therefore the <Izumo King> too is a rebellious King. The [King’s Authority] of such a King is to plunder for herself the power of the defeated King, the [Power of Usurpation]. …Therefore the starting condition of Izumo's King is powerless. The nearest some other BasileusKing at hand…Amaterasu’s King is someone she has to defeat and to plunder for power…!!”

“Simultaneously that’s also something that Amaterasu can say. If Amaterasu’s Wakoku King cannot make the rebel Izumo King submit, she also cannot wield the [King’s Authority] of Japanese Mythology and stays powerless. Consequently both of them are Yin and Yang. They have a destiny of conflict.”

“Interesting! Moreover if you hold both the title of Solomon's King and Wakoku King then it’s two birds with one stone! This is fine, I’ll allow you to proceed forward [for the sake of plundering your power for my own later].”

…She could speak like this because the Izumo King could steal the power of another King when she defeated them. It was just that, the only one she could defeat quick and easy even in her powerless state was Amaterasu who was in the same powerless state as her.

If she had that kind of ability then Kazuki could understand her strategy to ally herself with Loki temporarily.

Ikousai swept away her disarrayed sleeves with one hand and then turned her back on Kazuki and co.

“You the <Cyclops> of the Hayashizaki-style, and also the newly appointed proxy of Amaterasu…understand well your destiny with me, I’ll carve it deeply onto your body.”

An existence with a different quality somewhere compared to all his enemies until now―Aisu Ikousai left those words behind and exited the stage.

Part 8[edit]

“If we have arrived here already, then it’ll only take a little more until the Imperial Shrine’s sacred main temple.”

The Takasugi brothers had also left following Ikousai.

Yatagarasu guided Kazuki and Kazuha-senpai in the front, walking briskly with its three legs in short steps.

Almost all the scenery around them had recovered from being a Haunted Ground to its original scenery of Ise Imperial Shrine.

Inside the Imperial Shrine’s forest that were filled with ancient trees growing in abundance, it made them feel the atmosphere of perpetuity. They continued to walk along the path made of pure white gravel until the deepest part of the shrine. The Isuzu River that flowed beside them had also recovered its transparent stream.

A scenery filled with sacred tranquility. This was Japan’s oldest shrine, the true appearance of Ise Imperial Shrine.

They were finally going to reach the end of their journey.

After they advanced through the gravel path drawing a gentle arc, they hit into a stone stairway. Ahead of the stone stairs there was a shrine archway. Passing through it, finally they saw [that].

An architectural style of ancient times that even made them feel the connection with Takakura-style warehouses from the Yayoi period. It was built based from <the only Shinmei Dzukuri> [31], yet the feel of the material felt like it was brand new. That was because every twenty years the main building of Ise Imperial Shrine was remodeled and <Shikinen Senguu> [32] was performed. Because the only Shinmei Dzukuri was built using ancient construction techniques, its endurance was short and resulted in the necessity of reconstruction periodically no matter what.

At the time of its reconstruction, it followed the style and all the rituals from the ancient times strictly and thoroughly. Its appearance from time immemorial was obstinately protected just like how it originally was. This building was not in an unchanging condition since the ancient times until the olden days. Yet exactly because of the periodic rebuilding, its unchanging appearance could be preserved for more than a thousand years in the truest meaning.

Of course with that method it would take far more expense and labor compared to merely preserving the building.

This is Ise Imperial Shrine, its sacred main temple.

Further ahead of the archway were fences surrounding the shrine―a gate could be seen on the wall.

“From here on, normal people are not allowed to enter.” Saying that, Kazuha-senpai hesitated to proceed.

“That’s true, but if you two don’t enter then we cannot begin anything.”

Yatagarasu entered without care with bobbing steps inside as if this building was its own home.

The gate opened automatically on its own.

There was another archway inside the outer fence. The inner wall obstructed the path. There were several layers of closed walls and gates in order to reject visitors coming to the inner sanctuary.

With the guidance of Yatagarasu, they passed through several gates.

And then the inner sanctuary that even resembled the Takakura-style warehouse in history textbooks appeared in front of their eyes. It had a simple architecture with a thatch roof, but its linear shape made them feel its artificial bearing rather than a respect towards nature.

Yatagarasu proceeded forward through the stairs that ascended the raised-floor building with a bobbing advance and gestured Kazuki to go inside.

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

One surface of the inside was stained with blood.

Kazuki and Kazuha-senpai were dumbfounded and lost their words. The bloodstains had blackened and permeated into the surface. It was clear just with one glance that a long time had passed since the blood was spilled. The amount of the bloodstains was enough to make them able to imagine that a person had died in that space.

“Amaterasu’s contractor was killed here through the hands of Yamato’s government and Susanoo.”

“Wait a second, you said things like you are going to present the contractor of Amaterasu to me, but like this what is the meaning of…?”

A cold shiver ran through Kazuki’s spine.

Don’t tell me…are they going to ask me to [conquer a ghost]!?

“The body of Amaterasu’s contractor had been annihilated, but Amaterasu narrowly managed to save her soul and sealed it inside Amaterasu’s Territory. On top having no physical body, if the situation stays like this then her fate will be to naturally vanish together with Amaterasu. That’s why your cooperation…the <power of bonds> that you possess is necessary. If Amaterasu recovers her power and from there also ties a bond with you and obtains power, the girl will be able to regain her physical body.”

“You're saying that a dead human can be restored to life!?”

Was such a thing possible? Kazuki had also once resurrected Mio from the grip of death using Phoenix’s level 10 magic. But such an event was supposed to be completely different compared to reviving an existence that didn’t even have her corpse remaining and the only thing left behind of her was the bloodstains that had already dried on the floor.

“The girl still hasn’t welcomed a complete death yet. Her soul is preserved through Amaterasu’s power. But the currently weakened Amaterasu simply doesn’t have enough strength. If she can borrow that power by becoming a subordinate to Solomon's Mythology…”

“Does Amaterasu want to save that contractor so much that she will even go as far as subordinating herself to another Mythology?”

Yatagarasu was trotting ahead to the center of the sacred main temple’s floor. Over there was the center of the bloodstains' spread.

“Amaterasu deeply loved that [girl]. Therefore she didn’t raise that girl to become Wakoku King and abandoned her battle with Susanoo. Yamato's government and Susanoo were furious because of that and killed the girl before pressing Amaterasu to choose a new contractor to become King. But for Amaterasu it was inconceivable to even make a contract with another human. And so Amaterasu abandoned everything and shut herself inside the Gate of the Celestial Rock Cave. …Please follow me.”

With a jerk, Yatagarasu kicked the floor of the sacred main temple. Thereupon the floorboard came off and a hole was opened.

Yatagarasu then descended down the hole. Kazuki and Kazuha-senpai too followed from behind.

When they entered under the floor, many pillars stretching up supported the floor of the sacred main temple from the surface below. In the center of the space surrounding those pillars, there was a pillar that didn’t reach until the floor of the sacred main temple with a height that only reached halfway.

It was a pillar that didn’t support anything.

In the peak of that halfway pillar, a miniature size sacred main temple was put on it.

“<The True August Pillar>…This is the entrance to Amaterasu’s residence, the path leading to the Gate of the Celestial Rock Cave. Amaterasu is ahead through this.”

“How do we enter inside through this miniature sized thing?”

“Of course its destination is <Astrum>. The Gate of the Celestial Rock Cave is a district of Amaterasu’s Territory. Being sealed inside that healing space and isolated from everything else, Amaterasu can just barely hold her ground of having herself vanishing little by little. Supply power to Amaterasu from the outside, if she cannot go out from the Gate of the Celestial Rock Cave then like this she also cannot talk with you. Touch your hand to this True August Pillar and close your eyes, then please unify your Tranceconsciousness and subconsciousness. If you do that then it will synchronize with the mind of you two and can guide you to Astrum.”

Kazuki remembered about the contract ceremony after the entrance ceremony. At that time he was guided by Kaguya-senpai and dove into the Diva’s Territory in Astrum. What he was going to do after this was the same thing as that.

“Pass through <Yomotsu Hirasaka> [33] and head to <the Gate of the Celestial Rock Cave>.”

“…Isn’t Yomotsu Hirasaka the place that continues to the world after death?”

Kazuki asked frightfully with ominous presentiment. He came along with them this far believing that their interest matched each other, but he was going to be troubled if he became a dead person just like this.

“That’s a misinterpretation of the myth. …Yomotsu Hirasaka is a corridor that linked the world with different worlds. It is the exit and entrance that leads to Takamagahara [34] which is the Territory of Japanese Divas.”

Yatagarasu went on “Anyway, please close your eyes.”, like that it prompted Kazuki and Kazuha-senpai to proceed.

Chapter 3 – The Gate of the Celestial Rock Cave ~Love Simulation~[edit]

Part 1[edit]

Astrum―Kazuki once again entered the vast darkness of the mental world that he had witnessed before.

On the surface of that darkness, a faint ripple spread. This was supposed to be the guide according to Yatagarasu. The flow of the ripple showed Kazuki’s consciousness the direction he needed to go.

Kazuki moved forward through the darkness as if swimming. Gradually, Kazuki became able to feel a different someone’s consciousness heading in the same direction and getting close to his own consciousness. This is…Kazuha-senpai’s warmth.

Gradually he could feel their own sense of existence and the surrounding darkness solidifying, becoming a definite something. Even inside the Astrum, Kazuki’s appearance was still wearing the casual Japanese clothes for use in the infiltration operation. Kazuha-senpai, who walked together with him side-by-side was in her Magic Dress appearance.

In the darkness in front of their eyes, a wide hill that shone slightly came to the front.

This hill is, Yomotsu Hirasaka….

They moved forward through the hill path. Thereupon {We have arrived} the voice of Yatagarasu echoed.

A strong light flickered with a flash in their path.

The sensation of the world changing―as if climbing over a Territory.

When the light that dazzled the eyes vanishes, the surrounding returned to the pitch black darkness. Inside the darkness where he couldn’t even peek through either the sky or the earth, there was only Kazuki and Kazuha-senpai standing side by side.

…Were they already in the Gate of the Celestial Rock Cave here? Even if they were suddenly thrown out into this kind of darkness, they didn’t know what was it they needed to do.

“Kazuha-senpai.” Kazuki gently took Kazuha-senpai’s hand.

“What’s with you, don’t touch me as you please.”

Hearing words so cold it made him doubt his ears, Kazuki felt his hand get shaken off.

“…Is there something wrong?”

For some reason he intuitively felt weird rather than anxious.

“There is nothing particularly wrong. I have said this all the time right, I hate someone like you. You are being overly-familiar with me. It’s gross.”

Inside the darkness, he couldn’t ascertain her expression. However only the cold gaze piercing him was looking bright.

“…Senpai only says that in your mouth, but I don’t think that senpai really hates me inside.”

“What are you saying? Then try to see it yourself with that special positivity level check of yours.”

Kazuki invoked that ability. Even in his current situation where he was in a mental body in Astrum, he could use magic that was a power of the mind just like usual.

An unbelievable number emerged out.

Tsukahara Kazuha―2

Kazuha-senpai’s voice was becoming increasingly laced with scorn.

“Perhaps you thought that you could understand everything about me with that ability right? How small minded is that thinking of yours. Women are not your toys.”

Something cold ran through Kazuki’s spine.

“Certainly, I have also thought before that this ability is too one-sidedly unfair. But that doesn’t mean that I decide my attitude only based on this power. Even without this, I intend to try to understand my companions.”

Kazuki forcefully gripped back the hand that shook him off.

“Then you are just being drunk with your own mistaken thinking, this narcissist.”

“What senpai is saying is strange.”

“It’s not strange. These are my true feelings. I'm not lying.”

“Certainly, senpai right now doesn’t seem like you are telling any lies. However I believe that it’s highly unlikely for senpai to say that kind of thing to me. …What’s wrong?”


Kazuki stubbornly questioned without averting his eyes from the cold gaze directed at him.

Thereupon after a moment of silence, on the other side of the darkness Kazuha-senpai’s contour melted like mud.

Even the sensation inside his clutching hand vanished. The existence that looked like Kazuha-senpai was disappearing.

It was an imposter. Who was the one that took such a distasteful action…. It made him recall the time he received Miyabi-senpai’s mental attack before. Inside a mental world, it was not strange for anything to happen.

However, even so, don’t fuck around. This kind of Kazuha-senpai is just absurd.

The imposter disappeared, but Kazuki started feeling on edge in his chest.

[Women are not your toys.]

Certainly he had a one-sided power with regards to girls….

If he abused this, then surely he would really make any girl into his toy….

Kazuki recalled how his reasoning was washed away by Hikaru-senpai’s unaware temptation.

…After I possessed this kind of ability, I mustn’t see girls as [an object to fulfill my own desires].

At the same time with Kazuki secretly resolving himself, the space was filled with white light.

{―The two of ye, I’ll recognize that ye are sufficient to establish Yin and Yang.}

A mysterious voice echoed. It was a different voice from Yatagarasu. And then―

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

When he next noticed, Kazuki was standing in a strange space. Under his feet was bright yellow, the sky was bright blue. Above the sky was the very picture of round clouds and red sun floating.

As if some child drew this with crayon, it was a space of unmixed color that looked like a two dimensional picture.

The only thing in that space that stuck out like a sore thumb with how real it looked was the gigantic rock mountain that powerfully towered up high in front of their eyes. …Surely this was the Gate of the Celestial Rock Cave.

Beside Kazuki, there was Kazuha-senpai. Senpai was shaking with slight repeated trembling like a small animal while her eyes were teary.

“Senpai, what’s wrong? By any chance…”

“Hayashizaki…you, are you the real Hayashizaki…?”

The eyes that shined wetly like precious gems stared at Kazuki’s face fixedly.

“What in the world happened?”

“Ha, Hayashizaki said some cruel words to me…. Like my sword skill is just some hack's and that no matter how long I train I won’t improve, that I am the most Totally Worthless student of the Sword Division, or that I’m a Natural Born Totally Worthless[35]…”

“There is really a mean Hayashizaki out there isn’t it? Though if it’s me then I absolutely don’t think of anything like that.”

Rather throughout this whole day he was once again surprised by her talent.

Kazuha-senpai took hold of Kazuki’s hand tightly. It was the very sensation of living flesh itself.

“I, I’m glad…this is the real Hayashizaki…. I knew that you wouldn't say something cruel like that, I believed, but…even so…that cold gaze, was really scary, it was uneasy…”

“Senpai’s imposter too said to me that you hate a harem guy so much.”

“If it was just that much, then normally I always say that so that was really nothing much, right…”

“The way the usual Kazuha-senpai said it was always filled with a lot of love you know.”

“I didn’t fill it with any such thing―!”

She clenched her fist and *poka poka* hit Kazuki’s chest repeatedly.

Kazuki hugged Kazuha-senpai tightly altogether with her hitting arm.

“Senpai…I absolutely won’t say anything cruel to you. No matter what happens.”

“Wha, what’s with you, getting strangely all serious like that. Don’t just hug me as you please-…”

Kazuha-senpai went “Hic-” and sobbed convulsively. She pressed her eyes that were wet with tears on Kazuki’s chest.

Tsukahara Kazuha―98 …There was no mistake this was the real deal.

Kazuki ignored Kazuha-senpai’s frail voice “Get away from me―” and like that he embraced her warmly and softly for a while.

“The both of you, to the <Itsuki☆Channel>-! Welcome~”

Suddenly, a voice echoed. Kazuki and Kazuha-senpai parted their bodies and turned to look at the voice’s direction.

In front of the rock wall where there should be no one until now, there was a strange group of three.

The one in the front was a girl wearing a gothic Lolita dress. White skin like an elf's. A high tension smiling face.

At her right side, a pure white bald middle-aged man. An unrealistic outward appearance. That was not the shape of a real human but a deformed appearance like a stuffed toy, a small middle aged man with four heads tall [36]. With white skin that had no color at all, his head and his body were strangely slackening.

On the opposite side at the left, was a shark. Likewise, it was also a shark with a deformed appearance just like a stuffed doll's. It had human limbs growing out of its body and was standing erect.

A goth loli girl, white middle-aged man, shark; it was an incomprehensible trio standing there.

Magika No Kenshi To Shoukan Maou Vol.06 122.jpg

“Itsuki☆Channel…it was made in Amaterasu’s Territory, a variety space of man and woman’s love.”

The goth loli girl said.

Man and woman’s variety space…?

“Diverse guests are called here for the sake of making Amaterasu delighted. The two guests are made to do various love games and forced to do coupling. As a result with the flirting act of this time’s guests, Amaterasu will be pleased and the Gate of the Celestial Rock Cave will be able to be opened isn’t that so―! The main celebrities are I, Amaterasu’s number one friend, Kamimura Itsuki andd―”

The middle-aged man and shark besides her followed after her.

“The proud local character of Ise City, the guy that is often said to have no consistency when chewed, however I, who is famed for the texture of my fluffy skin, the [Ise-Udon-ojisan] [37] and!”

“…Similarly the specialty of Ise [the dipping shark Tarou] forming our group of three…will guide you in this show samee [38]…”

“Yaa―ayy!” The goth loli girl―whose name was Kamimura Itsuki thrust her hand up high.

“This is the start of the carnival oo [39]!!” Ise-Udon-ojisan too wriggled around dancing with his short arms and feet while talking. Beside them, the dipping shark Tarou was groaning “Samee…”.

“…Hayashizaki, what is this…?”

Kazuha-senpai looked scared and drew back her body.

“Uhyo! Frightened expressions are so lovely!!” Ise-Udon-ojisan reacted sharply.

“The guest this time is a beautiful girl Shrine Maiden-san dao! Just from looking I canna’ hold my patience anymore oo, I have to make you girl taste Udon-ojisan’s soft skin oo! Hug with me oo!!”

Ise-Udon-ojisan turned to Kazuha-senpai and with a whoosh he dashed this way.

“Uwa, it came here! It’s scary, gross!!” Kazuha-senpai raised a scream.

“Dangerous, senpai!” Like that, Kazuki immediately covered for Kazuha-senpai.

Kazuki who cut between the two was―’munyuu’ embraced by Udon-ojisan.

“Muh, there is a hindrance oo. But a man is also fine for me oo…. I want you to taste uncle’s thick flavor until you have your fill oo…”

‘Munyuu’, the Oji-san pressed his flabby pure white skin to Kazuki.

“Kazuki-!? You cover for me and become the sacrifice…!”

Kazuha-senpai was worried for Kazuki. But Kazuki was losing his word. This is…it feels so good.

An intoxication one should shudder against, that was what Kazuki was currently feeling.

He was sinking deeper and deeper into Ise-Udon-ojisan’s plump and soft skin. It felt like he was completely buried in the highest grade beads cushion…no, this felt even better than that.

This felt completely like…the texture of Ise udon.

Ise udon―it was a unique udon that was boiled well earnestly until it became soft for the sake of shrine visitors that came visiting Ise from far away, to make digesting the very fat noodle easy on the stomach. The resilience/body that was said to be the most important thing from udon was not there at all. This udon possessed a fluffy and gentle texture.

Ise-Udon-ojisan’s broadmindedness and white fluffy skin were exactly the very thing of Ise Udon itself.

“O, oi Hayashizaki! You, what are you doing making that ecstatic face! Against that kind of uncle as your partner, why are you like that!”

Getting her sanity back, Kazuha-senpai called out to Kazuki from the side.

Even if she said that, because of Ise-Udon-ojisan’s face that was deformed and looked like a cutely disgusting character, there was no disgusting feeling like if he was hugged by a real middle-aged uncle. He didn’t feel bad.

Rather, being enveloped in this gentle sensation made him forget everything unimportant like the real world or whatever, peaceful…he wanted to sleep soundly…. It was a sensation that invited him into depravity.

“Being accepted like this by a handsome guy feels so wonderful oo! Oji-san doesn’t mind even if it’s with a guy oo! Uu, it’s coming! Oji-san, cannot hold it anymore, the piling up shoyu [40] is coming oo!!”

Udon-ojisan caressed his white skin even stronger on Kazuki and gotten highly strung.

“Get a grip on yourself, Hayashizaki! I don’t want to say something like this but, if you, who is the Harem King, gets awakened with a strange sexual fetish here then it’s over for this country you know!?”

With a ‘hah’ face of realization, Kazuki came back to his senses.

Kazuha-senpai’s words were a misunderstanding. The addicted feeling he currently felt was by no means a sexual interest for even a little bit. However if the situation stays like this, then he will forget their objective and fall completely into depravity!

Harem King―he didn’t recognize himself as a person like that but, the instant he heard those words there was one memory that rose to the surface of his mind.

Remember it…I should have experienced a sensation that felt even better than this.

For example, the time when he was strongly hugged by Kaguya-senpai in her Magic Dress that looked almost the same as being naked.

Kazuki pictured the sensation when he was being pressed by Kaguya-senpai’s voluptuous body, then he yelled.

“UOOOOOOO! Kaguya-senpai felt far better compared to this-!!”

Kazuki shook off the invitation to depravity and untangled himself from Ise-Udon-ojisan’s embrace, then he threw the Udon-ojisan to the ground with a judo shoulder throw.

Udon-ojisan went *Besha!* with a splattering sound and crushed flat like a humanoid doll made from clay.

“If, if you do me that violently…the accumulated shoyu is going to com….-!”

Udon-ojisan that was crushed on the ground was shivering in trembles, then pitch black liquid was slowly…spreading out like a puddle of blood. Kazuki felt a shudder spreading on his spine.

“Saying [Kaguya-senpai felt far better], you…what did you imagine just now?”

Kazuha-senpai was looking coldly at Kazuki.

“To overcome Ise-Udon-ojisan’s temptation like that…if it is a normal couple then they will surely meet the collapse of their relationship here you know. Looks like the guests this time are worthy of expectation right, dipping shark Tarou-san…”

The goth loli girl, Kamimura-san said with a whisper.

Dipping shark Tarou-san too nodded with “Samee…”.

…No wait, in the end, what in the world are these people? The meaning of that kind of self-introduction really couldn’t be processed in their heads at all.

Now that he thought back, he had the feeling that the girl said something like [the friend that is the most intimate with Amaterasu].

“By any chance, are you…the contractor of Amaterasu?”

“That’s right. I am Amaterasu’s august container. The one who stands at the summit of all Shrine Maidens, the <Celebration King>. While unfortunate, I’m dead already though.”

The girl announced with her face suddenly turned expressionless like the high tension of hers from before was suddenly blown out.

Part 2[edit]

The girl now talked with a calm tone, completely different from earlier.

“These two are the friends Amaterasu created so that I’m not lonely.”

“I want to make everyone eat Ise udon more oo…I too want to become famous like Sanuki udon oo…”


Kazuki alternately compared the Udon-ojisan that was crushed on the ground and the shark man. They were a somewhat absurd bunch, but this place was Astrum―a mental world, that was why anything could exist.

“For me who is an introverted person that hated school, Amaterasu was the first friend that I made.”

“Because Amaterasu is also someone that hates work with a shut-in disposition, she got along perfectly with Itsuki oo. Both of them always passed their time stuck in front of their PCs everyday oo. Amaterasu doesn’t have a physical body, but on the internet Itsuki and Amaterasu had the same position oo.”

“…They are a duo with the established reputation of pinning down the personal information of riajuu [41] that boasted their crime[42] on the internet and then cornering them thoroughly…they are the Elite Net Policemen samee.”

“Many of their wise sayings were also copy-pasted great number of times and they accomplished getting inducted into the hall of fame. Furthermore they also gathered respect as genius artists of kusokora image [43] oo. They are an unrivaled duo on the internet oo.”

Both Kazuki and Kazuha-senpai that did nothing but sword skill training everyday couldn’t understand the majority of what these three were talking about.

“I don’t really get it but saying things like the summit of the Shrine Maiden or Celebration King sounds quite worldly minded don’t you think?”

“Things like Celebration King is a position that we invented by ourselves as we please oo. We just tend to say it oo.”

Udon-ojisan swung his arms up and down repeatedly while denying.

“Yatagarasu that guided us to this place is not here?”

“He already vanished. Yatagarasu was [the power to influence the real world] still slightly remaining inside my soul that Amaterasu changed into [a messenger to the real world] using magic power and released outside. An existence that is not a Diva and also not a Demon Beast created from kneading together a human’s remaining dregs and a Diva’s magic power…that was only something that I control remotely from here.”

“That’s why if it has to be said, it was only a character that Itsuki acted oo.”

“Acting and also performing a part in one’s own play…are Itsuki’s special skill same…”

Even though it was unclear whether Yatagarasu was an enemy or ally, in its own way it also fought together with them against the God’s reliant as a companion.

So currently it was not necessarily their first time meeting with this girl.

“I lost my real body when I was killed by Susanoo’s Izumo King. However this mind, my soul was carried by Amaterasu into her Territory. And then for my sake, Amaterasu gave her own Territory to me as my playground. That is this <Itsuki☆Channel>. In here anything can be created according to just what I want. However Amaterasu herself that is crucial for this place got weakened and she confined herself completely inside <the Gate of the Celestial Rock cave>.”

“The gate of the Celestial Rock Cave is, so to speak, Amaterasu’s hibernation spot oo. However, even though she restrained her energy consumption to the minimum by hibernating, the physical body of the contractor that became the power supply was lost. Even the Ise Imperial Shrine that is to be Amaterasu’s place to gather faith was completely turned into a Haunted Ground. She is on a one way road to losing her divinity oo.”

“If it keeps like this she is going to vanish…the Diva called Amaterasu is going to be extinguished from Astrum samee…”

Prometheus had said before that a Diva who lost their divinity could recover their divinity gradually from a strong tie with their contractor. Prometheus who received a large damage from an unknown somebody plotted to recover gradually by dwelling inside Lotte’s body.

In this strange place with yellow ground, blue sky and white clouds drawn floating in the sky, Kazuki directed his gaze to the towering rock mountain that felt out of place here―The Gate of the Celestial Rock Cave.

The place that stood alone from everything else….

“You two came to meet Amaterasu right? In order to do that Amaterasu needs to be revived even temporarily by supplying her power, to make her able to get out from the Gate of the Celestial Rock Cave.”

The goth loli girl―Itsuki-san kept glancing and averting her eyes from the area around Kazuki’s chest while talking.

Her looking down face was pure white like an elf's, as if it never knew something called sunburn.

…He still hadn’t heard the way on how they could supply power to Amaterasu and let her out from the seal of the Gate of the Celestial Rock Cave. Futsunushi no Kami dodged the question by saying that [they would understand later], but surely right now was exactly the time.

“How we can let Amaterasu get out from the Gate of the Celestial Rock Cave?”

“To call out Amaterasu to outside, there is a need to hold a carnival to make Amaterasu happy, that is this <Itsuki☆Channel>.” [44]

“This is raising the curtain for the wonder carnival oo!” Udon-ojisan talked while thrusting up his middle fingers in both hands.

“How to supply power for Japanese Mythology’s Diva is by…<Festival> samee…”

“Festival…? So it’s going to be fine if we have fun with everyone having a festival in this place?”

“I also want to supply Amaterasu with power to let her out from the Gate of the Celestial Rock Cave, but…it’s impossible for a dour shut-in like me alone because the tension is too low.”

Kamimura-san was *doyoo~on* making a dark face and her shoulders dropped. It even made her white face look pale.

“Because Udon-ojisan and Tarou-san are existences that were created by Amaterasu, it’s useless no matter how high the tension we created oo. It’s no good if it’s not a festival done by humans.”

In the myth, for the sake of pulling out Amaterasu that had confined herself completely inside the Gate of the Celestial Rock Cave, the gods carried out a large party besides the rock mountain. Kazuki recalled back such scene in the Japanese legend.

At this time, it was exactly the same situation as that.

“It’s the festival, we are raising our tension zee. UOOOOO―UU!”

Kamimura-san, whose tension was lowered from some time ago, suddenly recovered the tension similar with what she showed when they first met face to face and she raised her fist, she talked with a loud voice.

Kazuki and Kazuha-senpai were unable to go along immediately with this wide gap of tension. They just stared at that sight open-mouthed.

Kamimura-san dropped her raised up fist with a plop and looked down with pale face.

“I’m…always making merry just alone in fruitless effort…. I want to hang myself and die…”

“You're already dead though oo.” Udon-ojisan retorted astutely.

“Ah, no, sorry! We are going to raise the tension! UOOOOO―!”

“UOOOOO―!” Kazuha-senpai too let out a voice that sounded like a boy in sympathy.

“In other words with us three… Me, Kazuha-senpai, and Kamimura-san, if we have fun then it will work out, won't it? Though I still don’t completely understand the specifics of what it is we need to do, but with you two…”

“A threesome is no good just so you know. As I thought, for me that is a little bit…. Please have fun with just the two of you.”

Kamimura-san’s white cheeks blushed with a puff.

Kazuki didn’t get the meaning of threesome and went “Eh?” then he looked at Kazuha-senpai.

Kazuha-senpai was “Eh? Eerr, I, I don’t know. I don’t know!” Like that she swung her neck left and right in a buzz.

“That’s why, what do you mean by having fun?”

“What a festival means here is a lewd festival. I want to ask you two to open a lewd carnival from now on for me.”

‘Eh’, Kazuki stiffened.

“For Amaterasu, she is a goddess that likes lewdness between men and women even more than three meals a day. The yin and yang power that is produced from a man and a woman facing each other right from the front with open and honest hearts, like a magnetic force that can’t help but be drawn to each other as a matter of course. That is the source of energy for Amaterasu. If a lewd festival is not performed in this Gate of the Celestial Rock Cave then Amaterasu won’t respond in the slightest. If you want to open this seal then the two of you should do something lewd.”

“Wa, wait just a second there! What the hell is with that!?”

Kamimura-san's eyes shined glaringly. The girl thrust her fist high to the sky and yelled with a loud voice.

“Even though we were born from everyone doing lewd things, what need is there in being shy saying that you like lewdness huh!?”

When Kazuki and Kazuha-senpai just stood there open-mouthed, Kamimura-san dropped her fist with a plop and hung her head down.

“Looks like I said something strange again…I want to die…”

This child, her tension change’s range was weird.

She wasn’t used to behaving with relaxed and open attitudes. She kept changing from withering on herself to being excited over and over again….

“No…it’s just that we can’t go along with insufficient explanations so, please don’t worry about it.”

Kazuki said to soothe the girl.

“…It’s fine, it’s fine okay Itsuki…These people need me and that’s why they came to this place. My position is the superior one here…I am the absolute strongest person here for sure! There is no need to become timid…Take it easy [45], take it easy okay, Itsuki…”

After the girl finished whispering unclearly “UOOOOOOOO-! I’m giving it my best shot!” she raised her face.

“Japanese Mythology is a mythology that considers the power of <Musubi>[46] as the most sacred power there is. At first the power of <Minakanushi> was born in this world, after that the power of Musubi was born. From there the power of man and woman was born. It’s the power of life’s blessing. That are Izanagi and Izanami. That Izanagi and Izanami performed <country birth>, giving birth to Japan, Amaterasu too was also born there.”

“By the way Musubi and Izanagi - Izanami are existences with an even higher rank than Amaterasu, however they are closer as being a concept rather than being gods oo. They are beings that are even more vague than Ise-Udon-ojisan oo.”

“Minakanushi…that might be the interpretation that Japanese Mythology uses to explain Astrum…samee. Mythologies dispute with each other over establishing [how to interpret the world]…samee.”

Udon-ojisan and dipping shark Tarou supplement the explanation with serious faces.

“The enthusiasm of <Festivals> grants energy to gods. If the god in concern is a god of weather or earth then an appreciation festival for good harvest will be hold, but if it concerns Amaterasu then there is nothing else other than holding a Festival of blessing for life. In the first place even [the anecdote of the Gate of Celestial Rock Cave] was from the scene of Ame no Uzume dancing naked in front of the male gods raising a large serving. The function of the Gate of Celestial Rock Cave is established in the myth.”

“When you explained this like that seriously it feels like I can’t help but consent but…however, something like a lewd carnival, concretely what do we have to do…”

“About that, it’s just like in the myth, by dancing naked…both of you face each other and if together you two do a strip show and get excited together, the power born from there will be taken in by Amaterasu.”

“”Strip show!?”” Kazuki and Kazuha-senpai had matched voices.

“Samee…just like that samee…”

The dipping shark Tarou had its cheek reddened with a puff, it covered its face with both hands squirmed in place.

“Dipping shark Tarou is unexpectedly innocent oo. It’s fine oo, while you two do that we will get lost oo. We can give some consideration about that much oo.”

“I too will get lost there. By no means will I record the image of your appearances and use them as material for kusokora, so rest assured.”

That consideration saved them trouble, but there was a trouble in an even more fundamental level than that.

Kazuki and Kazuha-senpai reflexively turned their face at each other and had their eyes meet. Their face turned bright red.

“The sufficiency of the relationship between you two to establish Yin and Yang has been ascertained already.”

Hearing those words, Kazuki recalled his encounter with the impostor Kazuha-senpai just moments before they arrived in this space. …Although he became happy that Kazuha-senpai too was not led astray by his impostor.

“But the upfrontness is still not enough. One of you is unable to open your heart to the other party.”

Kamimura-san didn’t clearly direct her sight to anyone in particular, but he saw her take a glance to Kazuha-senpai’s direction. Kazuha-senpai’s shoulders shook with a twitch.

“Falsehood is unnecessary in a festival before a god. If you dance naked without completely opening your heart, your feelings that try to cover up your true emotions will obstruct the energy that will be born from the attraction between Yin and Yang.”

“OHHYOOOOOOOU! NAKED FESTIVAL OO!! …you need that vigor around that much for this oo.”

“You will throw away something important as a human doing that don’t you think…”

When Kazuki said that from lack of nerve, Kamimura-san immediately denied with “A festival is exactly something like that!”

“Transcending above reason, the true essence of a festival is located in the extraordinary. What is called festival only has its worth after you throw away all your reasoning!!”

Kazuha-senpai shrank away saying “I can’t believe it, that must be a lie.”

“If, if you say something like that…”

“I understand your feelings of hesitation. Because I too have the disposition of hardships in conveying my true feelings honestly…. However this place is <Itsuki☆Channel>. A mental world where anything can happen according to my will. Cooperate with us so that you can become honest to your true feelings.”

“Ojisan and others will make you two, ‘AHYOOOOOOOOOU! NAKED FESTIVAL OO!!’, we will raise your tension like that for sure oo!!”

“Wha, that’s really scary! That’s personality breaking!!”

“I have said it right in the beginning already, this Itsuki☆Channel is something for the sake of recovering my Amaterasu. A romance variety space that forcefully coupling the guest’s man and woman relationship.”

“So that strange tension that looks like a TV show act was not just a random setting?”

“Jaa―nn! Dice Talk Corner!!”

“Samee…” When dipping shark Tarou raised both its hands, a white light flashed there, then a colorful large dice was created.

“On the surfaces of this dice, one of your names and the theme of the talk are written! And then when someone holds this dice then that person won’t be able to tell a lie in his own heart, and he won’t be able to stop talking honestly about the theme that appears! Come, hold this.”

“I, I don’t want to! I don’t want to hold that kind of weird dice!”

When Kamimura-san presented the dice to Kazuha-senpai, Kazuha-senpai was suddenly scared and disliked it.

“It’s fine. Even though I said those things but this dice doesn’t have an absolute compelling power. Itsuki☆Channel is a mental world that goes according to my mind but you two are foreign substance that are not a part of this world.”

“It won’t drag out until even your true opinion that you seriously don’t want to say oo.”

“The power that this dice holds is only to the degree to catch thoughts that you [Cannot say…however actually I want him to know] from the bottom of your heart and drag it out. This dice is the personification of the <Power of Festivals> that is [to make you able to become someone that makes merry and forget one’s troubles even more than your usual self].”

After that with a small voice in a whisper she said, “If you seriously refuse this, then I’ll just make you not exist in this world you know? Ku-ku-ku-“ Kamimura-san nonchalantly whispered.

[They are going to be expelled from this space if they are opposed of this.]

For Kazuki and Kazuha-senpai, that will mean the failure of the operation.

“Let’s do this just three times. If we do that, then half the times the name that will appear is not going to be yours. It’s also possible that it will finish without you needing to say anything even once. Come now.”

Kamimura-san whispered as if removing the obstacles in the way. Timidly Kazuha-senpai then,

“Is it really true, the thing that I seriously don’t want to say is not going to become a theme?” she asked like so.

“It’s the truth. I promise you. Ku-ku-ku-“ Kamimura-san smiled. Though it was an awkward smile from someone that normally didn’t smile and looked unused of the act. Moreover her eyes were subtly not looking at Kazuha-senpai’s way.

“Hayashizaki, are you going to do this?”

With an expression as if hanging onto him somehow, Kazuha-senpai looked up at Kazuki.

“I…I don’t have anything to hide from Kazuha-senpai after all.”

“…I got it. …I’ll do it. This dice, I just throw it?”

While the dipping shark Tarou nodded, it presented the dice to Kazuha-senpai. At the same time when Kazuha-senpai accepted the dice, “…I’ll absolutely make Hayashizaki’s turn come out.” She murmured with slightly desperate tone of voice.

Ise-Udon-ojisan and dipping shark Tarou produced vuvuzela[47] from somewhere, “Bu~bu~♪” they cheered on Kazuha-senpai with languid music.

“Eii-!” Inserting her fighting spirit, Kazuha-senpai threw the dice.

With a loud voice, Kamimura-san read up the side of the dice that appeared.

“Jaa―an! What came out is…Tsukahara Kazuha-san as the person that has to talk! The subject is the person that is her first love!”

“Eeh!? Me!? …The person that is my first love is…Kazu-kun. Be, because there was no other boy that was kind to me at all! I didn’t have friends! Uwaa―!? My mouth really moved by itself!!”

“What part of him were you attracted to?”

Toward senpai whose face was boiling red instantly, Kamimura-san questioned just like a television reporter.

“Tha, that’s…I mean the men in my surroundings, all of them just kept making fun of my sword skills…. But Kazu-kun is different, moreover, he wasn’t just flattering but every piece of advice he gave me was all true, so he really looked carefully at me…. Actually, I also want him to be together with me and always be kind to me outside of fighting too…au au au au―! Wh, why am I saying this kind of thing―!”

“…Kazu-kun, why do you call him that? Normally you don’t call him that though.”

Even while Kazuha-senpai was trembling in vibration as if she couldn’t believe herself, she still answered the question.

“Lo, looking at Amasaki-san calling him Kazu-nii and fawning at him…got me thinking that I want to be spoiled like that too…but my character is not like that, I’m the older one…. …I, I feel that I’m not cute like Amasaki-san……I don’t want already―! Stop it, don’t ask anymore―!!”

Kazuha-senpai raised a loud voice, picked up the dice, and then she kept hitting *poka poka* at that deadly weapon.

“I’m sorry, senpai right now is awfully cute. Please call me Kazu-kun more.”

When Kazuki unintentionally loosened his expression, Kazuha-senpai yelled “Fugyaa―!!”

“Your first love is it…. This theme, I wonder how I will answer if I got hit with this?”

Kazuki spontaneously pondered.

“……The first person I became conscious of as a different sex, was it Kanae? But there is this reluctance to admit that I love that girl. Also in our middle school period we were doing nothing but sword arts all the time, so the time flew instantly until the entry to the Knight Academy…Is it Mio who I reunited with, or is it Kaguya-senpai that was kind to me, which of them is the earliest one? No, but this is not something to say in front of Kazuha-senpai though. Thank god I didn’t get hit with this theme…”

“Your mouth is moving too you know!?”

Getting retorted by Kazuha-senpai, Kazuki noticed that his thoughts were spilling out from his mouth. Suddenly realizing, Kazuki pressed his own mouth. Because Kazuha-senpai kept hitting the dice that the effect of the dice also got applied to Kazuki.

“Senpai, please don’t force that kind of dangerous dice until it got me too!”

“Ahahahahaha! See―rves you right!!” Kazuha-senpa who became teary-eyed laughed madly in self-abandonment.

“Let’s do this rapidly―! Well then Kazuha-san, the dice!”

“Uwaaaaaaaa! This time for sure Hayashizaki come out!”

“Then I’ll read it! The one who has to talk is Tsukahara Kazuha-san! The subject of the talk is, where is the place you want to go on a date with him!?”

“Amusement park!” Kazuha-senpai reflexively answered.

“For a long time I had no friends other than Kohaku and Futsunushi no Kami, so there is never a time that I have gone to that kind of place! I want to line up for attractions, joining arms with Kazu-kun while eating churros-!”

“Then when we safely return home, let’s go to an amusement park.”

“Really-! I’m looking forward to it! It’s a promise okay!!? Absolutely okay!!?”

“The mood really got considerably warmer hasn’t it? Well then the next one!”

“This time for sure Hayashizakii―!!”

Kazuha-senpai sent the dice flying using a tornado throw style.

“The one who has to talk is Kazuha-san!” After chasing the dice, Kamimura-san gave her verdict.

“Until the very last it’s still me!? Whyy…”

Now that she said that…In this Itsuki☆Channel almost everything went just like what Kamimura-san was thinking, that was what she told them before. The exception was only him and Kazuha-senpai who were the outsiders here…And of course the result the dice was going to show, was inside the palm of Kamimura-san all this time. Kazuha-senpai who had a temper was splendidly getting screwed here.

“The subject of the talk is, [why can't you be honest?]”

Looking at those bulls-eye designation that came out from the dice that was thrown, Kazuki felt an unnaturalness.

“That subject, what is going to happen if it gets me? I’m always honest however…”

“Tsukahara-san, please tell us your answer.”

“That’s…because since I met him I kept continuing to say to Kazu-kun that he is shameless or a harem guy and so on, yet now this late, if I say that I love Kazu-kun too, then I am also going to become completely shameless…. Despite me being the older one here, saying that kind of overly embarrassing…”

“Senpai, I will not think of a person that feels love for me as shameless, absolutely.”

“Kazu-ku…uuuu! The truth is I like Kazu-kun so much-! The truth is that I understand you are not someone shameless, even how Kazu-kun properly considers me as someone important too…!”

“Naturally. I will use up my everything and make everyone happy.”

Kazuki embraced Kazuha-senpai tightly. Kazuha-senpai didn’t resist anymore being embraced like that.

“Kazu-kun…I love you…” Kazuha-senpai became obedient like a different person.

Tsukahara Kazuha―100

“Right now, the hearts of the two are completely open to each other, the preparations for Yin and Yang power generation are in order oo!”

Ise-Udon-ojisan stopped his vuvuzela performance and announced.

“When this Dice Corner is over, this time there is also the preparation for [Ero-Ero Twister Game that will make you unable to say ‘Something like dancing naked is embarrassing’ already], but…somehow it looks like it’s unnecessary. …It’s a little disappointing.”

Kamimura-san said while holding some kind of improper sheet and roulette in her hands.

“Well then this is Dancing Time oo! How you dance is supposed to just well out from your heart by itself oo!!”

“Samee…it’s like that samee…”

Instantly, with a flash their surroundings became dark. Everyone else’s presence vanished inside the darkness, there was nobody else reflected on their eyes except Kazuki and Kazuha-senpai mutually. The atmosphere of the place was containing a strange magic power.


He didn’t understand things like how to dance. However the two of them naturally joined their hands and took the steps. Their bodies moved by themselves. The start of the dance was―an elegant step like a waltz.

There was no music at all accompanying them. It was in the middle of silence like a stretching string, but the two of them felt the birth of a natural rhythm that could only be heard just by them. Step, step and then a large turn drawing an arc, turn and turn waltzing, matching a flowing movement of each other their bodies swung. Their dance movements displayed the compilation of the most beautiful movement possible by the human body.

Both their faces simultaneously drew near each other, they stared at each other with an ecstatic expression. The rhythm resembling a waltz restrained their passion, the elegant sense of distance produced a painful throbbing like the time when love began to grow in their chest.

Before long the rhythm changed. What next enveloped them was a rhythm that sounded like jitterbug. Their steps naturally also transformed into crisp flow. Their movement became speedy. The connection of their positivity level just like that became unison, there was no disarray at all in their breath.

Their connected hands pulled their bodies closer to each other. Unintentionally smiling faces escaped from their expression with this light sense of distance―exactly a distance between fellow lovers.

Like a man and woman repeating their date, the rhythm changed even further. A rhythm that carved a sharp staccato. Both their sense of distance connected even more sensually, their steps increased even more in passion.

This dance where their bodies moved by themselves was thrilling in some respects, making them want each other strongly.

“Kazuha-senpai…” “Kazu-kun…”

Both of their faces came near until just before kissing, their lips said each other’s name harmoniously.

The instant they wanted each other, the clothing both of them were wearing were becoming transparent. Kazuki’s rugged body, and then Kazuha-senpai’s soft fleshy female body became exposed. Both of them continued to dance without trying to hide anything. Forgetting their shyness, they watched each other’s body in fascination while dancing. A large heart of positivity level up was flying at him.

The rhythm changed. To a rhythm of salsa that played their carnality in a primitive sense. Both of them still in their appearance when they were just born danced, their hips with even more intensity than so far. They not only treaded steps but also hoisted up their legs high, laying bare everything of their bodies. They entwined their bodies together with their partner's.

“Senpai…you are extremely beautiful.”

“Kazu-kun too…I love you…”

Both of their breaths became rougher little by little. The dance that laid everything of the body bare even divulged the changes that happened in each other’s flesh. Kazuki’s body increased its vigor even more, while Kazuha-senpai’s body was going even more intoxicated and moist.

The pulsation of their hearts unified with the rhythm and ran amok. Right there the dance of the two of them was over. Both of them lost the form called a dance. Both of them embraced each other intensely in insatiable lust, each of their highly strung naked bodies, whether the places that were different between man and woman or the places where something was building up were pressing at each other like animals.

Kazuki plundered Kazuha-senpai’s lips. Kazuha-senpai too responded to that and met their lips together as if inhaling each other’s everything to exhaustion. Inside the silence, sounds of water and souns of air leaking out echoed.

Kazuki felt how Kazuha-senpai opened her heart completely and was wanting of him.

If that’s how it is then, instead of constantly enduring already…. Like this they….

It was right at that instant when such thoughts emerged out inside Kazuki’s head.

“Kazuha-senpai…!” “Kazu-kun…I’m already…!”

Magika No Kenshi To Shoukan Maou Vol.06 139.jpg


A rude voice so loud as if it tore apart the world echoed inside the darkness. At that time the darkness surrounding them was evidently torn apart and light returned to the world.

When he noticed Kazuki and Kazuha-senpai had returned to that space in front of the Gate of the Celestial Rock Cave.

And then one surface of the rock wall of the towering rock mountain’s front raised a sound of *GOGOGOGO!* that they could hear clearly. The wall opened and from the other side a dazzling light shined. A thin silhouette emerged out from that light.

The silhouette approached here for a few steps. *GOGOGOGO!* raising that sound the rock door was closing and the light that dazzled the eyes was gone.

The owner of that silhouette was…a dark haired young girl wearing a dark red jersey.

Rather than saying she was a young girl, with her age it was better to call her a little girl.

“Goo―od morning desu nyan.” Saying that, the little girl raised one of her hands.

“Amaterasu!” Unnoticed by them, Kamimura-san had returned and yelled.

“Long time no see nyan, Itsuki-chan.”

“Amaterasu, how could you leave me behind and shut yourself inside the Gate of the Celestial Rock Cave! Idiot Idiot!!”

With a hard squeeze, Kamimura-san clung to the jersey little girl―Amaterasu.

“Sorry―. When Itsuki was killed by those idiots, on top of losing my strength somehow it felt like no matter what happens it really doesn’t matter anymore ‘kay―. Though right now I still feel indifferent about various things anyway―”

“Idiot! Even if I die…Even so, as long as Amaterasu is at my side then that’s all I need!”

While brushing gently the head of Kamimura-san that began to leak out a crying voice gradually, that little girl―Amaterasu directed a relieved smile at Kazuki and Kazuha-senpai.

“I had heard the situation of you two from my only outside contact channel, through Yatagarasu and Futsunushi no Kami. …Somehow it looks like the Divas of Japanese Mythology have caused trouble to the gentlemen of Solomon's 72 Pillars haven't they? Sorry nyan.”


Kazuki was dumbfounded, and it showed in his tone, but first there was something that he had to say right from the beginning no matter what.

“…Anyway first, could you somehow do something about our clothes?”

Kazuki entreated while he and Kazuha-senpai hugged each other tightly to hide their bodies from Amaterasu and Kamimura-san. They were still in their birthday suits.

The ero-ero atmosphere disappeared as if sucked completely by Amaterasu.

Part 3[edit]

“GUWAHHAHHA! It turned out just as I planned, how joyous, how joyous!!”

After Kazuki and Kazuha-senpai made their appearances to where they could come out in front of other people again using Kamimura-san’s power, Futsunushi no Kami immediately emerged. Kazuki glared at the human-faced sword that finally showed his face.

“Isn’t it mostly just an excuse when you said that it went just as planned. You didn’t tell any lies, but you were awfully stingy with information and it restricted our actions.”

“…But if I told you upfront that you had to do this kind of thing to release Amaterasu from her seal, then you wouldn’t have come to this place together with Kazuha right? Try to imagine it.”

Kazuki imagined in his mind.

[To return Amaterasu to her sanity there is the need for two people to do a lewd festival in front of the Gate of the Celestial Rock Cave.]

Inside Kazuki’s imagination, first Mio and Kanae would rampage. Next Kaguya-senpai would secretly hatch a plot, Koyuki and Hikaru-senpai would sulk feeling that they wouldn’t get taken along anyway. It was a scene of carnage.

Kazuha-senpai surely wouldn’t try to push aside the other girls and nominate herself.

In which case…he wouldn’t obtain a chance like this where Kazuha-senpai could become this honest.

Kazuki turned his sight to Kazuha-senpai who was hanging her head down with a bright red face.

“I wanted to bring along Kazuki and Kazuha here! I thought that this is a good chance to make that Kazuha, who would always be hard-headed no matter how much time passes become honest! Good for you huh Kazuha, GUWAHHAHHA!!”

…So that’s his objective!

He had always thought of Futsunushi no Kami as suspicious all along, but it never crossed his mind that he would even do such a thing to that degree!

“Yo, youuu―! So you thought of such a thing! I’m not particularly…who cares about Kazuki-!”

“Eh, you didn’t think for even a little huh? Eh?”

“…Ugii―!” Like that Kazuha-senpai grinded her teeth.

“Wait, just now senpai, you called me Kazuki. You won’t call me Kazu-kun anymore? Even though until just now you were that honest and fawned on me like that…”

When Kazuki showed his dejection, Kazuha-senpai’s face became red again.

“Just stop saying that kind of thing to make fun of me―! You idiot―!”

Kazuha-senpai raised a yell and hit Kazuki’s chest repeatedly. Tsukahara Kazuha―119

“I…I did a terrific thing…just, what kind of face should I make here…”

Remembering the things that the both of them did, Kazuha-senpai hid her face with both her hands and leaned over completely.

{Everything is over without any quarrel happening in your harem, it’s two birds with one stone! GUWAHHAHHA!!}

“So you thought that far ahead…For this favor of preventing the crisis to my King’s harem, I’ll give you my appreciation.”

Beside Futsunushi no Kami who was laughing heartily, Lemegeton also showed her appearance.

The jersey wearing Amaterasu compared Lemegeton and Kazuki with her gaze restlessly moving between the two.

Then Amaterasu talked with a slow voice and a face void of any motivation.

“Anyhow, I will introduce myself once again. I am a chief god of Japanese Mythology, Amaterasu. My special skill is to be a shut-in, my hobby is net surfing. Each time Ise Imperial Shrine is rebuilt I am born again and become a little girl like this. Best regards. Solomon's King, my thanks to you for coming this far nyan.”

Kazuki recalled the story he heard from Futsunushi no Kami and Yatagarasu.

After Amaterasu enthroned her contractor Kamimura-san as Wakoku King, she would swear loyalty to Lemegeton. Kamimura-san, who became the Wakoku King would be presented to the King of Solomon, Kazuki, and become a subordinate king.

Basically, the chief god of the Japanese Mythology, Amaterasu and the Wakoku King would obey Solomon's 72 Pillars.

On top of that, with Kazuki’s victory against Aisu Ikousai who was the Izumo King, Amaterasu would regain her true power and Kazuki would become an Emperor that was accompanied by both sides of Japanese Mythology and Solomon's Mythology in its truest meaning.

When all the Japanese Divas have to follow Kazuki, they would return to their senses from their Wild God state….

“Uh huh, that line of thought is correct nyan.”

Amaterasu said as if she was reading Kazuki’s thoughts.

“I, after I thought that Itsuki-chan’s personality was not suited for fighting, I hesitated to grant her the throne as King. Doing that means pushing the destiny of fighting with Susanoo’s Izumo King on her after all, so…”

“You chose Kamimura-san as your contractor even though she is not suited for fighting?”

“Because, she is the best partner that I can get along well with, you see―”

“Amaterasu…” Kamimura-san clung to Amaterasu’s small body.

“I chose my contractor based on my hobby, but because that guy Susanoo looked for combat ability in earnest to choose his contractor―. What is interesting from doing such a boorish thing―, I thought, but…Japan’s best swordsman, Aisu Ikousai…Itsuki-chan is no match against that kind of fellow―”

“I got killed instantly…” Kamimura-san murmured in a whisper.

“More accurately I quickly got magic intoxicated by Aisu Ikousai, after that, the swordsmen of Yamato’s government were hacking me apart all at once zaku zaku―. My state at that time was already like a Japanese katana hedgehog see, my main temple also got completely bloodstained. I was already into an extremely foolish Stick Final Reality Bun Bun Dream [48] you know. Ah, this is slang that were popular a long time ago. Amaterasu-san loves such things.”

He didn’t understand anything she was saying just now.

“I want you all to protect Itsuki-chan and the Japanese Mythology. Japanese Mythology doesn’t even request faith, we don’t even hold any antagonism toward other Mythologies, our [will for power] had completely decayed. We are similar with how Solomon's Mythology also doesn’t seek piety, but we are also different with them who hold strong antagonism and a rebellious spirit towards other Mythologies. You all are continuing to be a Mythology that can fight.”

Antagonism and a rebellious spirit―Kazuki recalled Baal as the first and then Belial, Amon, Gremory, there were many guys like them that were originally gods from different Mythologies but were now included in Solomon's 72 Pillars. Other than gods there were also fallen angels and demons that accounted for a large number among the Pillars.

A Disgraced Mythology…that might be their motive for fighting.

Kazuki turned his sight to Leme in a glance but―Leme didn’t try to say anything.

“For the time being, I am the chief god of Japanese Mythology that symbolizes the blessing of life but…with just my power alone I cannot go as far as recreate the body of Itsuki-chan that had died.”

…Even if she had the vast magic power of a Diva, surely creating a [complex vessel] called the human body from nothing was a difficult thing.

That was why even a Diva like Loki stole a human’s physical body and remade it into his own.

“By borrowing the strength of Solomon's Mythology, and if it’s added with my power, I think it’s possible to recreate Itsuki-chan’s physical body somehow. It will probably only become an incomplete body that won’t last very long but…if a bond is created between you and Itsuki-chan and a lot of magic power can be drawn from that circuit, in that state I think she can obtain a long life span.”

So what she said was that the more the girl’s positivity level increased―the longer she could live.

“…King of Solomon. Please, I want to entrust the matter of this girl to you. I don’t want to make Itsuki-chan die with her condition staying like this.”

Kazuki recalled the atmosphere of isolation that Kamimura-san sometimes showed in her conversations with him.

At the time when someone is shivering from loneliness, if there is no one that reached their hand to them, then….

“I understood. About this girl, I will protect her.”

Of course by doing that then the objective of this infiltration mission would also be achieved.

“I’m glad…Itsuki-chan only got dragged into this because of me, that’s why…”

Relief right from the heart appeared in Amaterasu’s expression and she smiled broadly.

“Though for me…it’s not worth worrying about.”

At the side Kamimura-san murmured with a sigh.

“I’m not particularly worried…it’s fine as long as I can play with Amaterasu in this <Itsuki☆Channel>…I don’t really get it even if you say something like conquering or love…”

Hearing those words, Amaterasu turned a sad face at her.

“…It’s not good you know Itsuki-chan, saying that kind of thing. You got embroiled in this and died after all, so it’s no good unless you get angrier. That you can completely say that this is not worth worrying about emotionlessly like that is a really sad thing.”

“Why do you say that, even though Amaterasu is also a shut-in?”

“Because I’m also the god of the Sun, so I also know about the matter of the outside properly. Itsuki-chan…I can say confidently that escaping reality is a chain of reality. Even this <Itsuki☆Channel> too, the more it becomes abundant with reality it will become an even more enjoyable place. Because despite how this place is supposed to go just according to your thoughts, isn’t there nothing here except the ground and the sky spreading out? That’s why…let’s go back together to the outside world? Let out your courage.”

“If Amaterasu say so…I got it…”

“Thank you. Because, I think you will surely not regret it. …Kazuki-kun, take care of this child. Even about how you are a kind person, I have seen it through the eyes of Yatagarasu from this Gate of the Celestial Rock Cave. Susanoo has joined hands with Loki but…I think there is nobody else that I can entrust with the Japanese Mythology except you.”

Next Amaterasu turned to Leme’s direction with a twirl. Because Leme too had began to gradually grow, when the two stood side-by-side Amaterasu was the one that looked considerably younger.

“Well then, I too am pledging my allegiance to the Divas of Solomon dee―su. Together with three meals a day and a nap please!”

“Uh huh. The three meals that Leme’s contractor makes every day are delicious you know! It’s a joy in life!!”

“…Delicious, meal.” Kamimura-san’s eyes brightened for just a little.

At that time, Kazuki’s Stigmata shined, it caused an avatar that emerged out naturally.

Kamimura Itsuki―25

“With this you too hold the position of Solomon's King and the Wakoku King simultaneously, becoming an Emperor. Though I still cannot bestow you with the [King’s Authority] of the Japanese Mythology. For that you need to defeat Izumo's King and become the true King of the Japanese Mythology, and on top of that, if the positivity level from Itsuki-chan is not high then I cannot give you the present nyan.”

Amaterasu turned to Kazuki and said so. It was still attached with requirements but, with this Kazuki became able to obtain not only the power that Leme could grant but also the power that could be granted from Amaterasu.

Enormous power and the responsibility to handle it―Kazuki swallowed his saliva with a gulp.

One more step forward, he had arrived here far faster compared than he had imagined he would.

“Well then, be happy and lively and let’s get out―! Transform, Work Mode!!”

Amaterasu abruptly yelled and took a pose like a transforming hero. At that moment, powerful radiance like the sun was emitted from her forehead―that appearance of hers made a complete change.

Wearing a golden diadem that could be mistaken as the sun, putting on a rainbow colored coat with large sleeves and an ancient skirt that extended largely tied with a kimono's sash. An appearance of an outfit from ancient times that overflowed with majesty.

“A, Amaterasu-sama…”

Looking at that majestic appearance, Kazuki reflexively called her by adding [-sama].

“I wanted to make an entrance with this appearance from the start…”

Amaterasu turned to face Kazuki and made a broad grin.

“But I’m the type that wanted to make an intimate first impression after all―”

“Amaterasu in a jersey is the most appropriate you know.” Kamimura-san opposed against Kazuki’s words like that.

Chapter 4 – The Descent of God’s Descendant[edit]

Part 1[edit]

Cracks ran through the space of <Itsuki☆Channel>.

The light that was produced from those cracks repainted the area in the blink of an eye.

When they noticed, Kazuki, Kazuha-senpai and Kamimura-san had returned once again to Yomotsu Hirasaka.

“…It’s better if we hurry through the return path. [Those guys] will be coming when they catch the scent of a living person.”

Kamimura-san said that and began running down the slope.

Feeling unrest in those words, both Kazuki and Kazuha-senpai complied with her.

Without even needing to ask, they soon became aware of the meaning of those words.

Kazuki and the others felt an eerie presence behind them. When they looked back while running, a distortion appeared in the space far beyond their back. Human shadows emerged out from there.

Old women were born from the space behind them. Not just one person. One after another countless old women were created. Those old women looked down the hill and sprinted with all their strength in their direction!

“…That’s Yomotsu Shikome. The old women who leads the evil spirits that live in Yomotsu Hirasaka.”

Kamimura-san explained while desperately running without even looking back.

The space behind them was still distorting even further. What appeared from there was not only old women, even more small living things that looked like demons were created in swarms.

“That’s Yomotsu Ikusa. Evil spirits that are the soldiers of Yomotsu Hirasaka.”

Inside the darkness even more lights were arising in flickers *bachi bachi*, eight large globes of light scattering sparks burst out. These too were coming in pursuit of Kazuki and the others from behind by flying.

“That’s Yakusano Ikadzuchi. Yomotsu welcomes the people that come to this world, however they didn’t allow people to leave. They are coming to chase you around and drag you back. If you are captured by those, you will get a serious sickness like magic intoxication and you won’t be able to wake up anymore in the real world.”

Hearing those words Kazuki and Kazuha-senpai went ‘Hieee’ and panicked. The old women that came running at them at full power were especially scary.

“Why are they here?”

“When they think that humans of the present world are trying to go to a world of a different dimension, a suitable compensation is needed. Although I’m really sorry that Yatagarasu didn’t explain that at all and still invited you two here.”

Kazuki and the others began to descend down Yomotsu Hirasaka at full speed.

…Nevertheless this was a mysterious sensation. It had been like this since they came to the Gate of the Celestial Rock Cave but their body senses felt awfully real, their consciousness felt far too clear compared to when they fell into magic intoxication and wandered around Astrum. The sensation of running down Yomotsu Hirasaka felt as if their physical bodies were really there.

Kazuki, who was still in the clothes they arrived here in, still had his katana attached on his hip. It looks like they could also turn back just like this and exchange blows with them.

“…Now that you mentioned it, whatever happened to our real bodies right now? A fairly long time has passed, and isn’t it dangerous to leave our bodies lying around under the floor of the main temple?”

“…The state of you two right now is not as simple as a separation between the mind and body…huff huff.”

While running with her goth loli skirt trailing behind, Kamimura-san gave her response.

“Your state is completely different compared to when you fall into magic intoxication with your mind wandering inside Astrum. What is called Yomotsu Hirasaka is a tunnel that connects one world with another, but it also breaks down [an existence that belong under reality] like you and converts you into [an existence that belong under Astrum]. It’s something a little more complicated than just dragging your mind into Astrum …huff huff! There is no danger of yourself breaking up so it’s okay, you are the you that is properly living here right now. Un, understand?”

Even though Kazuki still took a little time.

“So Yomotsu Hirasaka is an entrance where people can enter the mental world’s Astrum altogether with their physical body?”

“That comprehension is correct. What is called Astrum is a world where a maelstrom of colossal power that distorted reality whirled, [it’s defined by the mind], then such an entrance was created. And then the Divas of Japanese Mythology possessed the power to open and close this entrance…huff haa! Huff, when we are running desperately like this, don’t make me explain such complicated things…. I’m not like you two that are in the healthy faction after all…”

Kazuki and Kazuha-senpai’s breathing weren't ragged even a little bit, but Kamimura-san who just gave out a drawn-out explanation was breathing ragged and in pants. Kazuki lifted her up from the side with ‘hyoi’ and carried her in a princess carry.

“Sorry, I didn’t notice.”

“Eh? Tha- thank you.” Kamimura-san’s eyes opened wide.

After that she panicked one beat late.

“I- I wasn’t appealing to you with my tiredness and pressing you or anything for this!”

“I’m not particularly thinking of anything like that you know?”

“Do- doing things like this and being kind to me without any reason at all is just…. Uuu, I cannot calm down. Are- are you okay? You are not tired? I’m not heavy?”

Kamimura-san was bewildered with a sobby expression.

“You are so absurdly light that it makes me worried when I’m carrying you like this, Kamimura-san.”

“Those guys chasing us from behind, are they strong if we fight them?”

Kazuha-senpai asked Kamimura-san from the side.

“Their level is just a little stronger than your average Demon Beast. What is troublesome is their unlimited numbers that keep gushing forth. But it’s okay. Because the speed of your running is above theirs, like this they cannot overtake us. The distance between us and them is widening very quickly.”

“That’s the case if there is no one that will become a hindrance to us.”

Kazuki opened his mouth as if interrupting the wishful observation of Kamimura-san. …That was exactly it, just a wishful observation. Kazuki had already sensed the presence of someone ahead of them as they finished descending this hill.

“That's true isn’t it, if the situation had developed like this, it will be more unnatural if they don’t ambush us here instead.”

“Kazuki…this presence…”

Kazuha-senpai also noticed what was going on.

When they finished descending the hill―before the long silhouettes of three people emerged out on their path.

“…I, who am the King of Susanoo can sense it you know. It appears that you have inherited the authority of Amaterasu haven’t you, swordsman of the Hayashizaki-style! With this the both of us have become destined existences even further! The two people that are battling for the seat of the strongest swordsman, and then as the two people vying for the throne of the Japanese Mythology’s true King!”

Aisu Ikousai! And the two waiting at her back, the possessed Takasugi brothers!!


The Takasugi brothers howled like beasts. While those howls were audible from below the slope it was like the damned inside hell―the brothers’ silhouettes distorted like jelly while yelling.

The silhouettes of the two [lost the shape of humans and they were melting away like dissolving mud.]

What in the world? Sensing the unknown phenomenon from afar, Kazuki and Kazuha-senpai reflexively stopped. However the army of Yomotsu was approaching from behind. This was exactly like the situation of a tiger by the front gate and a wolf at the rear gate.

From Kazuki’s arms, Kamimura-san jumped down with a hop.

“…I’ll hold back those who come from behind. Ha- Hayashizaki, -san please take care of Susanoo.”

She appeared to be a little nervous when calling a person’s name.

“Will you be fine alone against that army?”

“I have Anthropophobia [49], that’s why that kind of opponent is easier for me. Besides, as far as it goes I can use the power of Amaterasu too…so, I can fight a little.”

In front of the approaching Yomotsu army, the girl performed Access.

“…O aurora of blessing ascending to the heavens! Thy name is <Amaterasu Oomikami>! O light of affection wishing not for conflict, just for now reside in my hand, become the bow and arrow of flashes that pierces through everything!”

Kamimura-san’s goth loli clothes were wrapped by light and broke down, transforming into her Magic Dress.

That Magic Dress’ appearance was like the sublime ancient outfit of Amaterasu’s working mode, it was simplified just like that for the sake of ease in battle.

In what way would this girl fight―he was deeply interested but he had no composure left to ascertain that with his own eyes.

Kazuki faced the group of three standing in his way.

“GAAAAAAAAA…!” The Takasugi brothers were still screaming even now.

Losing their human shape, the two that had turned into a small mountain of muddy flesh began to swell and bubble as if something was going to be born from their insides. The swelling silhouettes of those two overlapped with each other and were becoming one giant ball of meat.

That was…by no means a phenomenon that could be explained by just merely calling them God’s reliant. In Yatagarasu’s explanation, the human was not supposed to break down completely that far.

Ikousai who stood on the side carelessly said.

“Looks like they wanted strength so much didn’t they? …Separate from Take Mikadzuchi and Take Minakata that turned them into God’s reliant, they still called for even more from somewhere. That is something that gathers the extreme terror of people in Japanese Mythology, the most ominous [Mythology’s undulation]…it’s fine to see, let’s make you all know about its name as well! This is that…Yamata no Orochi!!”


The gigantic pile of flesh that lost its face and also its mouth raised a noticeably louder scream even though it had no mouth.

From the gigantic lump of flesh, *ZUBOZUBOZUBO!* eight long necks and a tail extended out. The ball of meat was divided into eight and lengthened out twistingly. Its surface was changing into scales emitting black light―transforming into a giant snake with eight heads entangling with each other. It completely blocked the entire width of the hill road, a monster possessing the height of a tall building was towering there.

Yamata no Orochi―on the summit of the swaying eight necks, bright red eyes glinted bright and glared at them. It looked like there was not even a fragment of human personality left inside any more. The Takasugi brothers had already ceased to exist.

“…Wasn’t Yamata no Orochi supposed to be exterminated by Susanoo? How can it become possible for it to join hands with Susanoo?”

The Shrine Maiden that had even more detailed knowledge of Japanese Mythology than Kazuki, Kazuha-senpai murmured.

The Celebration King that stood back to back with them, Kamimura-san answered that question.

“The Susanoo right now is not [the person that suppresses the country] talked about inside the Mythology, but he became [the person that disturbs the suppression]. Susanoo, who originally possesses the rough and wild element of <storm>, has some aspects in common with Yamata no Orochi that is the huge personification of the nature’s flood.”

“…I see.” While nodding, Kazuha-senpai took a step forward.

“Kazuki, I’ll take on that guy. …I also wanted to become strong for a long time, I continue to think of wanting to become strong even now. However…surely not like that.”

Kazuha-senpai stood in front of the monster and leaked out a pained voice.

What was in front of her was an opponent that she could sympathize with, yet how could they completely mistake their path in an unthinkable direction like this? The pain of that time that couldn’t be agreed with. Just like what Kazuki felt when he stood in front of Kaya….

“Ahaha! I don’t have any intention of sympathizing with these kinds of guys at all, but I too can sympathize! What is called strength is something to use for one’s own sake! It only has worth when used for the sake of persisting in one’s own self and aesthetic! But like this…ahhahaha! What a totally pathetic pair of brothers!!”

Aisu Ikousai laughed loudly at her own former comrades that sought strength and became a monster.

…She is wrong. What is called strength is not for one’s own sake, it was something for the sake of protecting one’s important people.

“Kazuha-senpai…please take care of that monster. I’ll…settle my debt with her!”

Kazuki glared at Ikousai. As if answering that, Ikousai was enveloped with the light of Access.

“I’m going full power right from the start here, this is not just some sport between swordsmen anymore. …O honored god of fury descending from the sky, establish forth the development of unheard-of troubles right here! Thy honored name is <Susanoo no-Mikoto>! Reside in my body, rage following your violent emotions!!”

Aisu Ikousai's seductive kimono broke down into Prima Material, turning into a jet black hakama with tight sleeves―her appearance changed into a Magic Dress based on the clothing of ancient Yamato. Her original atmosphere that was like a prostitute's underwent a complete change.

Brave warrior: that was the personification of storms― Susanoo. And the one that was contracted to her, a magic swordsman.

“Come, the first act where we fussed over only swords is over! Let’s open the curtain of the second act here while letting our Stigmata shine!!”

Aisu Ikousai smoothly drew her katana and directed its tip at Kazuki.

Part 2[edit]

Aisu Ikousai didn’t even throw a glance in Kazuha’s direction.

That was why Kazuha sprinted down the slope without stopping and passed through Ikousai’s flank.

For the sake of concentrating on her fight with Kazuki, Ikousai let Kazuha do as she pleased.

Kazuha went to face off against the Takasugi brothers―no, Yamata no Orochi.

The battlefield was divided in three, Kamimura Itsuki against the Yomotsu army at the rear, Hayashizaki Kazuki against Aisu Ikousai in the middle of the slope, and then at the base of this slope was Tsukahara Kazuha against Yamata no Orochi. Each had their own confrontation.

She couldn’t let this monster become a hindrance to Kazuki!

Kazuha kicked the slope and flew. She produced energy of Psychokinesis even further on the air and kicked on it with all her strength for a double jump, and a triple jump next.

Ikousai’s Tenrou Kaidan’s…imitation. While dancing her body high in the air, Kazuha thought once more that this might be convenient. If she could do this from the start when they were trying to jump through that building before, then there would be no needs for Kazuki to lift her in a princess carry.

Kazuha danced in the sky trying to jump over Yamata no Orochi. The eight necks of Yamata no Orochi chased the figure of their prey with its crimson eyes. The nearest neck opened its large mouth and assaulted Kazuha, attempting to bite her.

It was a large jaw that could completely swallow a human whole that approached Kazuha. Kazuha drew the katana at her hip and slashed down with all her strength at the large jaw. The katana and jaw clashed with each other, then using the backlash from that power Kazuha brought her body even higher.

Keeping the momentum she somersaulted with a twirl and leaped over Yamata no Orochi to land on the base of the hill road.

Feeling Kazuha landing behind it, Yamata no Orochi turned its body in wriggles. It, in turn, was turning its neck to Kazuha.

The gigantic heads were coming in full speed with a <head-butt> ramming hard. Kazuha dealt with those by parrying the attack to the side with her katana and dodged with her body. The enormous pressure couldn’t be parried perfectly and her stance broke.

Right at that time a second neck was flying at her. Unable to dodge, Kazuha was hit with the head-butt right from the front.

<Resist>―it was not as skillful as Otonashi Kaguya, but with her excellent magic skills Kazuha counterbalanced the physical impact she got. She was rolling down through the hill road.

The huge body of Yamata no Orochi was chasing after her with the force of a tsunami.

While rolling down, ‘Yosh’ Kazuha thought.

She managed to widen their distance even further from Kazuki and Kamimura-san's battles.

She would show them…she was going to handle this guy alone by herself somehow!

Kazuha stood up with force like a spring and met the giant monster.

She challenged it in close range combat as a swordsman.

The eight necks that had the size several times larger than Kazuha were coming with altetnating head-butts or biting attacks. Kazuha parried and evaded the first neck that arrived and slashed her katana while half-rotating.

Her blade was *gakin!* repelled by the scales. Her blade was literally ineffective.

The second, third, and fourth necks were ramming at her without stopping like an avalanche.

“Ameno Hidzukuri no Kazatsuchi!”

With the flame and shockwave produced from her palm, Kazuha repelled the three necks altogether.

But there were eight necks of Yamata no Orochi. The fifth, sixth, and seventh were approaching Kazuha even now.


Kazuha earnestly attempted to Foresight those consecutive attacks. The eight necks of Yamata no Orochi were moving around independent of each other as if each of the necks were different creatures. …All of them moved well without entangling with each other.

It was as if eight people were each launching their own attacks. She couldn’t see through all their movements and thoughts.

Kazuha who earnestly ran around were glared at by the eighth neck that prepared the last attack.

That mouth was largely opened. Its deep red oral cavity that was like pomegranate was exposed.

From the depth of its throat, a high temperature Breath was fired with a roar.

“I am the Shrine Maiden of the sword, rock cleaved, root torn, sin severed, that virtuous sword of crushing evil right now in this hand! Draw sword, Futsu no Mitama!!”

Kazuha created the divine sword that severed evil in her hand, she faced the breathed out steam of scorching heat and slashed down. The divine sword suppressed the heat energy that was produced by magic power. Even so, the steam that couldn’t be erased enveloped Kazuha. Unfaltering, Kazuha used <Resist> while charging through inside the steam. She thrust [Futsu no Mitama] inside the mouth that was widely opened and breathing out steam.

That one attack was also *gaki!* repelled. Even the inside of its mouth couldn’t be hurt by the blade.

Futsu no Mitama severed magic power, but it didn’t have strong power against something physical.

In front of Kazuha who failed in her counterattack, a gigantic tail was *GUWA-!* rolling up.

Kazuha suddenly realized. …She was careless. Just because she had already evaded all eight necks of Yamata no Orochi didn’t mean that it was over already. There was one more still in reserve―the enormous tail that was far thicker than even its heads.

*BITAN!* That tail was swung down, crushing Kazuha’s small body.

Several tons of mass swung down with terrific force―if in this world there was nothing called <Resist> and defensive magic power then Kazuha would have surely got turned into a ruptured water balloon.

But a blue light of magical power protected Kazuha.

In order to crush something that it couldn’t crush before once more, the tail was rolled up again.

Just before it was swung down once again, Kazuha leaped away at full speed.

And then she thought of something. …Why am I challenging something this big in close quarters combat? Are you stupid?

The her in the past, no matter how much Futsunushi no Kami remonstrated her she would oppose him by saying [I am a swordsman so I won’t run! I’m going to cross swords in close quarters!]

The current her was different. She had already overcome her complex. She wouldn’t do anything like losing sight of what was truly important just because of her strange obstinacy and obsession.

…I am the same as that guy, a magic swordsman.

Kazuha escaped from Yamata no Orochi and took some distance before turning around.

And then she invoked offensive magic from long distance.

“Tenkuu Battou Renge Hou!”

Flame explosions arose around Kazuha, from there countless Sacred Treasures of katana type were created. This swarm of nameless Sacred Treasures each possessed different elements of fire, ice, or lightning.


Responding to Kazuha’s order, those katana flew at Yamato no Orochi like guided missiles.

Hit and Away. Kazuha ran around at the same time with the shooting.

The flying Sacred Treasures that went through the confined surroundings impacted Yamata no Orochi one after another. There was a neck of the large snake that slipped through the Sacred Treasures and rammed at Kazuha, but Kazuha counterattacked those with [Ameno Hidzukuri no Kazatsuchi].

And then she fled. While fleeing Kazuha questioned Futsunushi no Kami.

“Bakanushi no Kami…there is one thing I want to ask.”

{What is it, Kazuha.}

Inside her head his reply echoed through using Telepathy.

“Those…Takasugi brothers, can’t they return back to normal anymore? Even if I shave all of their magic power and drive them into magic intoxication, won’t they return back to normal like those God’s reliant?”

{When their existences had transformed completely to where they became that absurd, even if all their magic power is used up completely they won’t return to their original forms, but rather they will die from the shock of the backlash, most likely.}

Death from shock―Kazuha was floored from hearing those merciless words.

{Then what if you whittled their magic power, and if you pierced them with Futsu no Mitama for the last finishing blow then, maybe, they can make it somehow. If the opponent is defenseless and on the verge of death, we can try severing their very transformation itself.}

A light of hope pierced Kazuha’s heart. Even though it was only those two who had mistaken their path...even she could sympathize with that feeling of [wanting to become strong]. If there was the possibility of saving them, then she wanted to use all methods available to her.

But…the problem was that the magic of Futsunushi-no-Kami is not really suited for monster extermination.

Even if indirect attacks like [Ameno Hidzukuri no Kazatsuchi] or [Tenkuu Battou Renge Hou] hit them, it wouldn’t become a decisive blow. Even if she challenged the monster in close-quarter combat, [Futsu no Mitama]’s slashing power was too light.

{Certainly I’m fired up when we are against human opponents…but it’s quite harsh facing off against that kind of monster…}

{Then how about using me, that girl over there.}

…Hearing two really similar voices overlapping, Kazuha was confused.

That was not the voice of Futsunushi no Kami. There was an old man's voice that was really similar to Futsunushi no Kami echoing inside her head in addition, she only grasped what was happening after a moment.

…Who in the world!?

At the immediate side of Kazuha who was running around, an avatar of a Diva emerged faintly.

It was a Diva that resembled Futsunushi no Kami closely, having the appearance of an ancient sword.

Its eyes looked even more wicked than Futsunushi no Kami, it had the face that had grown a plentiful beard.

{DOWAHHAHHA! My name is <Take Mikadzuchi>! I became a Wild God and possessed the Takasugi brothers’…errr I don’t know which of them is which, anyway I am the Diva that possessed one of them, that’s me―ee!!}

“Even though you were possessing one of them, yet you don’t even know which one, you're an irresponsible Diva huh?”

{Just now there was even a stupidly huge something like Yamata no Orochi that came into them, so because of that I got pushed out you know! But because of that I can get back my sanity see! DOWAHHAHHA!!}

{Oou, isn’t this Take Mikadzuchi! So you have returned to your senses!!}

Futsunushi no Kami raised a telepathic voice.

The conversation between these two Divas were happening and echoing inside Kazuha’s head.

{Long time no see isn’t it, Futsunushi! Looks like your contractor is actually a human with a nice disposition! To have her heart troubled whether she can do something or not even for those brutish brothers, she is indeed a splendid human!}

{Isn’t that right, isn’t that right, she is my prized daughter just as you see!}


Old men’s voices were echoing inside her head like a stereo. Kazuha felt a headache arising.

…I don't remember, when did I ever become something like this Bakanushi no Kami’s daughter, no way.

{I’m pleased! I’m really pleased Tsukahara Kazuha!! It’s fine for you to also contract with and wield me!}

Kazuha was confused which old man this old man's voice belonged to.

And then she noticed what Take Mikadzuchi just said to her, she became really flustered from that.

“I’m already contracted with Futsunushi no Kami! I won’t contract with another Diva!!”

“Then it’s fine if you contract with both I and Futsunushi no Kami! It’s two sword style see!!”

Double contract! Was something like that possible. She's never heard of it.

…No, it wasn’t supposed to be possible. The Stigmata was entangled complicatedly with the contractor’s personality. If such action like further adding one more Stigmata was done on top of that…her mind would definitely fracture!

“It’s different from double contracts. This is assimilation of Futsunushi no Kami and I.”

Assimilation of two Divas inside her…? That was something that could be thought as really absurd, yet….

{No, it’s possible. Or perhaps I should say that it’s only natural from the start. That’s because Take Mikadzuchi and Futsunushi no Kami were the same being from the start.}

{…That is so.} Futsunushi no Kami too affirmed it. {We were originally one but because of the different interpretations in the Record of Ancient Matters and the Nihon-shoki, we got split up. But, right now returning into one Sword God here is also not bad.}

In the beginning they were a single being. However even so Kazuha became anxious.

“…Is it really possible? Won’t the burden become heavy for me…”

{Even if we combine, the burden will not become twice. At most it will be only 1/3 times more. If it’s only a spec just around 1/3 of an average Magika Stigma then Kazuha has it, so it will be fine.}

{If it’s the strength of the current you, then you will be able to retain your ego. Probably.}

Even during that interval they were talking, the fierceness of the necks were increasing and they came attacking like an avalanche.

While Kazuha desperately dodged those fierce attacks, she was compelled to resolve herself.

To save that monster from its [deep rooted delusions for strength], there was no other way except this!

{Come, chant the spell that emerged in your head, Access together with me!}

“…Thou who roared the thunder is the one that descends to Izumo…change the flash of lighting into blade, the sword of sky, thy inscription is <Take Mikadzuchi>! O god of shining blade, show that power!!”

The next instant, *GAN!* Kazuha received an impact inside her head.

Inside her head where it was already cramped from Futsunushi no Kami who had entered her, it was penetrated even further by Take Mikadzuchi who had around the same volume as Futsunushi no Kami…!

Take Mikadzuchi forcefully tried to settle himself inside the container named Kazuha. And then with Kazuha as the intermediary, Futsunushi no Kami and Take Mikadzuchi mixed together, sparks of magic power scattered from her.

The impact and sparks of the fusion shook Kazuha’s mind violently.

It was a sensation as if everything of her heart was jello!

…But that was something that happened for only an instant, her heart was immediately settled.

The two gigantic mental bodies immediately returned to its one true original form.

Kazuha became self-aware of the new power budding inside her―it produced a change to her Magic Dress.

A Golden shine was added to her red and white Shrine Maiden dress. Flashes of lightning was blended inside the flame.

If Futsunushi no Kami was the Diva of transmutation flame, then Take Mikadzuchi was the Diva of golden lightning.

As if downloading data, she grasped the characteristic magic of Take Mikadzuchi that could be added based on her level. Several of Futsunushi no Kami’s characteristic magic disappeared, the ten varieties of characteristic magic were reconfigured.

…Most likely these magics were also shared with Kazuki so he could also use them.

Thanks to me becoming stronger, that guy will also become stronger. She felt secretly happy inside.

And then she immediately chanted.

“O august lightning raining down due to the rage of god! Kagutsuchi’s spilled blood drips, congregating on the hilt, become a flash of blade! The sky drum lightning sound of lightning speed, Mikafutsu no Mitama!!”

While holding Futsu no Mitama in her left hand, Kazuha raised her opened right hand high.

Lightning fell on that right hand, the flash of lightning transformed into a blade.

It was bending with an inside curve, a huge katana with powerful form. Its thick blade shined gold.

The neck of the giant snake attacked.

Kazuha blocked with Futsu no Mitama in her left hand and redirected it to the side by rotating her own body.

While circling around the flank of the neck, she swung down Mikafutsu no Mitama in her right hand down at that neck.

*GOU!* Sound like a falling thunder resounded.

It was not that the power of lightning element resided in that slash. It was an enormous physical energy that sounded the thunderous roar as if thunder had fallen. The speed of the downswing was also exactly at lightning speed.

Why was a god of sword talked for generations as a god of lightning? Because people of ancient times had no way to illustrate that technique which was the expression of terrific destructive power other than as lightning.

That was the origin of Take Mikadzuchi who was bestowed with the name of lightning even while being a god of the sword.

The gigantic blade pressed and cut *BUTSUN!* with all one’s might. What was polished from this blade was its indescribable sharpness.

The neck of the giant snake was cut down halfway, It was drunkenly writhing while spurting pitch black fountains of blood. In order to not let her sacred Magic Dress get dirtied, Kazuha repelled the splashes of scattered blood with Psychokinesis.

{GUWAHHAHHA! Kazuha’s skill is still not quite there yet but the special weapon is really good huh Take Mikadzuchi!!}

{DOWAHHAHHA, it’s exactly just as you said! You make me blush Futsunushi!!}

Old men's voices were surrounding her. Even though they had assimilated with each other, it seemed these guys' personalities and voices were still separate. Even while feeling fed up…Kazuha felt a little relieved.

If Futsunushi no Kami that had been together with her until now was gone, it would be just a little sad.

Yamata no Orochi writhed around in agony. The remaining seven necks looked down at Kazuha with eyes colored by fury and simultaneously bearing down on her.

One after another, headbutt, biting, and scorching breath were assaulting her. Kazuha kicked the air and beautifully dodged with her body. Tearing apart the steam of scorching heat with Futsu no Mitama in her left hand, she swung down a deadly attack with Mikafutsu no Mitama in her right hand. *BUTTSUN! BUTTSUN!* With a terrific response in her hand, the neck of the giant snake was severed.

If it was the current her, she could fight this monster in close-quarters combat!

{Go Tsukahara Kazuha! Shave apart this guy’s magic power using my Mikafutsu no Mitama!}

{Use my Futsu no Mitama for the finishing blow, purify this guy’s evil spirit!!}

While the surrounding old man voices were pushing her back, Kazuha turned into a light sword wind and ran around the giant body of Yamata no Orochi.

Everywhere she went there was spurts of blood flying high. The giant snake was writhing around in pain.

The inferiority inside Kazuha’s heart vanished completely like a phantom. She was without a doubt strong.

This strength that by no means would make her ashamed even standing side-by-side with Kazuki, she had obtained it with her own hands.

Part 3[edit]

While Aisu Ikousai smoothly drew out her katana, she made a speech to Kazuki.

“The position of sword was ousted by magic. Susanoo was ousted from the throne by Amaterasu’s invasion. You know, Susanoo was once the ruler of Japan. The center of Japan was Izumo. …Then Amaterasu invaded and created the history of Wakoku. Chased out even while being the strongest sword skill, as the successor of such forgotten school, I understand well the grieving of the ancient era.”

Susanoo’s sideIzumo King and Amaterasu’s sideWakoku King. The side that triumphed would become the true King. Swallowed by the destiny under the Mythology, Kazuki who stood on the hill silently drew out his katana. Hayashizaki-style was using Iai technique under the assumption of dashing through the battlefield wearing a sword where attack magic were flying around everywhere. If the opponent wished for crossing swords, then he would respond by drawing his sword right from the beginning.

“In order to not lose against Magika Stigma, I had continued training in sword skill for a long time. And then, it was a really strange event. I was chosen by Susanoo and I too became a Magika Stigma. …Then I without doubt am the strongest. Both the era of sword and also the era of Izumo, I’m going to take them back with my [strongest]. Even the Japan that is ruled by Solomon 72 Pillar and also Amaterasu, I won’t recognize them. Susanoo and, this I who is the strongest, are undoubtedly the ruler of Japan archipelago…!”

One step, two step, Ikousai climbed up the hill.

In that footstep of hers, joy of fighting a powerful enemy was overflowing.

“I feel happy that I can fight you, you know? As a user of ancient style sword art and also as a Magika Stigma that possess similar power of King. The pride of swordsman, the pride of King, betting both of them, I have to defeat you. For you too I’m already not just a stranger, but such an existence like that don’t you agree?”

Certainly that was so. This enemy―for me too she is a special existence.

In that step of Ikousai’s leg, power was filled. …It’s coming!

“Secret Rite, Aoiro Yasha!!”

Ikousai ran up the hill with explosive acceleration―simultaneously, the girl invoked a Summoning Magic too.

“What is dedicated here, is a dance of flower shower like a storm! O honored god that summons storm, grant me who dance under the sky thy breath on my back! Wind Swift Blade DanceFuujin Kenbu!!”

Chasing wind blew on Ikousai’s back, making her hair bristle up.

―It was a reinforcement magic that accelerated every single move of hers using the power of wind.

The distance between the two vanished in just an instant.

Ikousai who appeared in front of his eyes as if she was using instant movement slashed up her blade diagonally.

The single blow that couldn’t possibly be evaded by human’s reflexes had its trajectory seen through by Kazuki using Foresight. But right when he was trying to block―Ikousai’s katana distorted like jelly and its trajectory changed.

Secret Sword, Shiraha Kagerou.

Summoning Magic that specialized in close-quarter combat and demon sword that leveraged common magic, she was coming while both of them were used at the same time!

Kazuki read the trajectory wrongly, but he barely clashed his own blade against that irregular slash.

*GIIN!* Such sound rang out and the situation entered a sword-locking contest. But the previous miss made his strength control become disarrayed. Ikousai didn’t overlook that miss.

Matching the bearing of strength, she immediately parried Kazuki’s blade.

Having his blade parried away, Kazuki’s stance became disordered.

Ikousai wasted no time and reversed her blade, slashing in a side sweep.

“O divine protection of military man, double the Megin that whirl inside my body! The will of god spurring for infinite battle, in this body! …Meginjord!”

However Kazuki too invoked a Summoning Magic―body reinforcement magic.

With the power of body trunk that had been reinforced, he forcefully held out his disordered stance and forcibly averted his upper body.

He barely avoided the slash….

―Just when he thought so, Ikousai’s blade noticeably lengthened out due to Shiraha Kagerou.

The side sweeping blow gouged Kazuki’s chest. Sparks of blue magic power flew around.

Kazuki leaped back using his reinforced jumping power. He regrouped by taking distance in panic.

Ikousai was not pursuing him, instead her mouth warped into a broad grin.

Looking at that expression made Kazuki sullen.

“…Don’t tell me you are going to say [It’s one kill with this] again.”

“I’m not going to say that. I’m not saying but…I wonder if with this I can prove any time now that I’m the one superior in sword skill at the very least? It’s fine for you to use long range attack magic you know. After all, a battle chasing you around like hunting a rabbit while you cry and run about getting kicked everywhere is really fitting for Susanoo.”

Ikousai spread both her hand exaggeratedly. She was elated with a sneer emerging out from her expression.

“It’s still too early for you to get happy as if you have won already.”

Kazuki fixed his stance and prepared his katana.

Shiraha Kagerou―that technique was not just merely distorting the blade. It was quite a problem that it couldn’t be explained to that extent. …The true color of this difficult act was….

Not only Shiraha Kagerou, he also felt the similar difficulty in the Tenrou Kaidan.

Kazuha-senpai had shown the imitation of these two techniques, but those were not supposed to be the complete thing. Kazuki who was currently confronting those techniques couldn’t think that it was really that simple no matter how.

There was still some puzzle that was hidden, because of that it was hard to see it through.

However this difficult act, he had experienced it somewhere in the past―he felt such déjà vu.

That’s why, let’s test it one more time.

Against Kazuki who took a stance of aiming at the eye while leaving out excessive strength, Ikousai loosened out her strength even more and took a stance with her katana lowered and relaxed. From that natural stance―she filled the distance between them with a radical acceleration.

Kazuki attempted to repel the blow that once again came with divine speed.

Just before their blades clashed, Ikousai’s blade distorted once again.

This time Kazuki was not led astray by that―he Foresight precisely the distortion of the blade also added with the opponent’s movement and met their blades with each other. This time the sword locking contest was brought about with an even standing.

“!?” Ikousai’s breath stopped in surprise. They were even in a sword locking contest right from the front. That had already been proven before. Therefore Ikousai immediately moved into her next technique.

“Secret Sword, Tenrou Kaidan!!”

*PAAN!* Ikousai’s figure vanished together with such an explosive sound.

*PAAN! PAAN!* Such sounds rang out consecutively―

―Right after that, Ikousai slashed at him from who knows where…!

But Kazuki unhesitatingly turned back at his diagonal right.

Ikousai who was trying a surprise attack exactly right there caught her breath.

That state of her was not visible from where Kazuki was, but he felt the indication that the girl had caught her breath.

“…You bastard, you are closing your eyes!?”

Ikousai’s surprise attack slash was blocked by Kazuki. Right there Kazuki abruptly opened his eyes wide. Turmoil was transmitted through Ikousai’s blade. This time Kazuki was the one that didn’t overlook that opening. He broke Ikousai’s stance using Instant Positioning. And then he reversed his blade and slashed her diagonally.

Light of defensive magic power gushed out from Ikousai’s chest before she leaped back in fluster.

“With that it’s finally one kill, I wonder.” This time Kazuki was the one that said so.

“…Have you seen through it, my technique.”

“I saw it. The essence of Shiraha Kagerou and Tenrou Kaidan are…twisting the katana to the opponent’s blind spot, and also skipping to the opponent’s blind spot.”

Kazuha-senpai was merely twisting her katana. She also showed how she kicked the air and leaped, but she only saw those techniques from the standpoint of an observer and that was why she thought those were only such simple techniques. But from Kazuki’s standpoint, he felt a more inexplicable technique from it.

He shouldn’t be toyed around this much just by something only to that degree,

Ikousai foresighted Kazuki’s line of sight. She calculated the blind spot before twisting her blade and leaping through the sky.

“…Because if you didn’t do that then no matter how great your speed was then it’s unthinkable that your figure can vanish like that.”

Kazuki had the experience of such sensation before.

Her way of fighting was similar with Kanae when she really got serious.

Storm Cat―in addition to her natural speed, that girl also moved around by perceiving the opponent’s blind spot with her wild instinct. Because of that, it felt like she was more nimble than what her actual speed indicated.

Because he had that kind of experience, Kazuki knew intuitively. Kanae was nothing more but wild instinct so there was some difference with Ikousai who trained more in this and read the opponent’s movement but….

“I’ll get led astray too much if my eyes are opened. That’s why I closed my eyes. You are using extensive magic power while moving around after all, so sensing your magic power while Foresighting is a much easier way of fighting you. I’ll tell you this again…against Hayashizaki-style, the same technique won’t work the second time.”

Hearing Kazuki’s determined speech, Ikousai gritted her teeth with a grinding sound.

“Isn’t this a little too early for you to feel like you have won already?”

“I guess so. But now, it’s the greatest feeling I felt here.”

“…Hmph, seems like you are also quite a sore loser huh. …That’s just fine, this is the third round.”

Ikousai kicked the ground. This time Kazuki too wasn’t waiting for her and kicked the ground meeting her attack.

“…Thy fury is the happiness of the war Shrine Maiden. Answer the Kagura[50] of the dead invocation break out the storm of calling, split the cloud and please descend here…. Spirits and demons in this body! Super Strength InvitationChouriki Shourai!!”

Magic power like a storm burst out from Ikousai’s body. All of that became the aura of physical reinforcement.

Adding with the speed up from [Fuujin Kenbu] from before, this time it was her power that was increased.

But Kazuki too at the same time invoked his own reinforcement magic.

…Even while the two conversed with each other they were still chanting their spell diligently. Although it might be called spell chanting, the majority of the chanting part was not chanted by mouth but by telepathic communication with Diva using Telepathy.

“Thunder fall on my body, obtain the extreme speed of lightning though…Wake up the sleeping lion! Ride Lightning!!”

Kazuki too piled up the speed of [Ride Lightning] on top of [Meginjord] that reinforced his power.

Ikousai’s sword and Kazuki’s sword that were piled up by multiple reinforcement magic clashed with each other with great force.

The next instant, after thunderous roar and sparks were scattered, the second strike, the third strike had already been clashed with each other.

Defense and offense that left behind even its afterimage in the lurch—both of them were equally strengthened too much, already both their own movements and the opponent’s movements had become something that couldn’t be sensed clearly.

This had become an offense and defense of [future sight] in how much he could Foresight from her movement’s omen.

“I do a good fight, welcome a good death, a person that wished for participation in even more battle of heaven! The divine protection of blood color in my eyes! Berserk!!”

Kazuki didn’t overlook even the slightest movement of his opponent and reinforced his reflexes using Beatrix’s magic.

“Secret Rite, Thunder Eye CrestRaiganmon!”

Ikousai’s eyes also shined with blue magic power light and sparks. Kazuki estimated that it was most likely a technique that revolved around strengthening her dynamic vision.

Within just an instant, sword and sword clashed with each other, entangling together, tactics were exchanged during the high speed movement.

Ikousai’s reaction was gradually lagging behind slightly. Her strength control started to disarray from impatience.

Without missing that opening, Kazuki flicked away Ikousai’s katana.

“Kuh…polished black steel of heaven o Totsuka no Tsurugi…release flash of light that gouge the storm! This is Orochi no Arasama…the advent of tearing limb from limb, Ame-no-Habakiri!!”

Ikousai threw away her katana without going against the strength that repelled it. She invoked the magic that she chanted while slashing at each other. Inside that hand, a strange sword with branched blade that should also be called an eight branch katana was gripped.

Turning her sight on Kazuki who was approaching in pursuit, she swung that sword.

The moment it was swung, that slash broke up into eight streaks.

With one swing many really different swordsmanship assaulted him at exactly the same time.

“!?” Even while being shocked from the unknown attack, Kazuki blocked four branches altogether with a single katana. But the remaining four slashes were carved into his body, sending him flying away from the backlash of the defensive magic power.

This time Ikousai was the one that came out in pursuit at Kazuki who was slashed flying.

“O undying bird that fly from the twilight to the dawn, please grant that wing of hope on my back! The destruction for the sake of rebirth right here…! Blazing Wings!”

Against the approaching Ikousai, Kazuki too invoked the magic that he had prepared.

Wings of flame spread out largely from Kazuki’s back—it turned at Ikousai and swept away.

A belt of flame was approaching with volume that was impossible to avoid―.

{Thick clouds stand here, protect my body from every calamity and bring forth armor. …My tranquil < multilayered fencesYaegaki > right here! …Izumo Yaegaki・Water Steam ArmorSuijougai!!}

Steam was released with tremendous force around Ikousai. It transformed into a faint wall of cloud.

The thin cloud conceived air while layering into eight. That wall swallowed the wing of flame.

Cloud and flame mutually offset and dispersed each other―making Ikousai protected.

Kazuki flapped his wings of flame, flying to the dark sky of Yomotsu Hirasaka. Ikousai kicked the air using [Tenrou Kaidan] in pursuit of him.

Ikousai raised the strange Sacred Treasure overhead. Tearing eight slash on the opponent with one attack, Orochi no Arasama.

“Secret Sword, Heavenly Chaotic StarAmatsu Midareboshi!”

The blade that birthed eight streaks with one swing was swung by Ikousai in all direction of angle using her reinforced extreme speed. Countless slashes were converging on Kazuki in reverse radial like a storm of meteor.

A storm of blade that broke the enemy into small pieces without any place to escape.

Kazuki too threw away the katana held in his hand and resisted by chanting a magic of Sacred Treasure creation.

“Futsu no Mitama!”

That was a divine katana that severed magic power. From inside the slashes that were approaching him, Kazuki saw through the slashes that were produced from the magic power and the slash of the blade’s real body. And then he clashed the divine katana with the slashes' real body.

A Sacred Treasure that produced eight streaks of slashes with one swing. However the seven streaks of slashes among those eight were produced from magic power, and the source of that magic power was the Sacred Treasure. Therefore if [Futsu no Mitama] was clashed right there…!

*KAAN!* Clear sound rang out, the divine katana exterminated the slashes that were produced from magic power. That purging power had been strengthened due to the merging with Take Mikadzuchi.

Kazuki fathomed the truth or falsehood among the eight times approaching swordsmanship and blocked only the sword’s real body with the divine katana. In the sky their blades clashed one time, two times, three times, entangling each other. The fabricated slashes were all vanished.

Throughout the high speed offense and defense, Ikousai’s reaction had fallen behind slightly again. That lag was not from her movement but from the lateness of her decision. In that gap Kazuki arrested the blade of Ikousai’s Sacred Treasure and took their fight into sword-locking contest.

Ikousai’s stance was thrown out of order immediately from Kazuki’s Instant Positioning and her right wrist was slashed.

“…!? Why-!”

Ikousai yelled as if she couldn’t believe how she was lagging behind.

With his entire speed, Kazuki swung his next third slash.


Hayashizaki-style Dream Sword, Pile UpKasane―On the wound that was carved on the layer of the opponent’s defensive magic power from the attack just an instant before, a slash drawing the exact same trajectory was piled up next, piercing through the defensive magic power, it was that kind of Secret Sword.

His aim was Ikousai’s dominant arm. Ikousai having noticed that Kazuki’s blade was trying to capture the wound opening on her defensive magic power, watching that approaching fatal attack, made her expression distort in fluster.

Ikousai yelled, as if depending on her technique that she had tempered persistently.

“Shiraha Kagerou!”

Ikousai immediately used it not on her own katana, but on Kazuki’s Futsu no Mitama.

Perceiving the blade’s Prima Materia by means of her Extra Sense, she distorted the target using Psychokinesis.

It was a miraculous feat of an instant. Futsu no Mitama that was a Sacred Treasure distorted slightly!

Kazuki’s [Kasane] that aimed for magic power wound that was only as big as a string of hair turned into a normal slash from that measurement error. Ikousai was slashed and got knocked down to the ground while scattering lights of defensive magic power.

“Dancing wing scattering sparks. Trail spiraling wind behind, become the bullet that gouge life! Flap and shoot out! Barrett!!”

Turning to Ikousai who was collapsing on the ground with her four limbs sprawled out, Kazuki attacked with a flame bullet.

Ikousai was in a posture where she couldn’t try to dodge―that was how it was supposed to be.

But *PAAN!* with an explosive sound Ikousai’s body leaped away with her posture still in sprawling condition, her body evading from the flame bullet.

Tenrou Kaidan―like an acrobatic Ikousai danced in the air with her stance still like a person sleeping. Like that, she landed and recovered her battle preparation.

Kazuki too had used up the energy of his flame wings and landed on the ground.

“…Is it fine for you to not use [Usubeni Hannya] or something any time now?”

The moment Kazuki asked so, Ikousai went “…gefu-!” with her shoulders shaking and coughing. While her lung was convulsing, she took in oxygen with great haste and yelled “U, Usubeni Hannya…!” painfully.

Humans produced stamina with oxygen and explosive power by breaking sugar content.

[Aoiro Yasha] ―it was a magic technique that made the production of explosive power energy within the body due to sugar content dissolution prioritized by closing the oxygen circulation due to blood flow inside the body.

It was nothing more than a temporary doping by sacrificing stamina.

By using the magic technique [Usebeni Hannya] that was the opposite, Ikousai’s pale skin recovered its complexion. However heavy fatigue that couldn’t be restored should have been accumulating inside her body this whole time.

“Ri, ridiculous…are you saying I’m the inferior one here…why…”

“Aisu Ikousai…you, it’s fine to have a solid conviction that you are the strongest but, you have never fought an opponent that is even stronger than you right? It’s the difference between us. You are a shut-in that trained alone too much.”

Ikousai opened her eyes wide abruptly.

“You have never fought somebody that was even faster than you. That’s why in a match where our speed is equal you feel impatient and your judgment lagged behind. But I have come this far fighting against opponents above me many times over.”

Since his childhood period, Kazuki had been continuously worked hard by a swordsman named Kanae who was far faster than him.

After he entered the Magic Division, he had experienced several scenes of carnage against an opponent that was Beatrix who was an even stronger and faster magic swordsman than him where just enduring was the best that he could do at the time.

That difference in experience was exposed during their offense and defense where even an instant of miss wouldn’t be forgiven.

“And then you have never fought against an even stronger guy than yourself, so you don’t have any doubt in the techniques that you have polished until now. Your Secret Swords are all just surprise attacks where its effectiveness is halved when the secret is exposed. However in this era where one-hit kill is difficult due to defensive magic power, what use is there in a mere fraud’s surprise attack?”

The lower eyelids of Ikousai that was glaring at Kazuki trembled with a twitch.

Aisu Ikousai was an assassin sword. But it could be said that the concept of assassin sword itself had already been out of date.

Certainly there were also assassination techniques like [Kasane] or [Shintoukei] that ignored the opponent’s defensive magic power with no question asked, but it could hardly ever succeed against an opponent of equal level.

The assassin sword Aisu Aikousai that had been handed down for generations looked down on sword art that fought fair and square from the front as [playing a sport]. But in this current era, what could be said as truly combat worthy was….

“Hayashizaki-style faces the opponent right from the front, to see through the opponent’s true essence. We have no unusual magic technique like you, but I can have faith once again on that validity.”

“…Aren’t you surprisingly…getting talkative as if you have won already…”

Ikousai glared while huffing from being out of breath.

“That’s because it will be extremely vexing if I lose against you, that’s why. Right now, I feel an unbelievable peace of mind, the best sensation ever.”

Amongst all the opponents he had faced until now, there was no human that he had ever thought as a [worthy rival] as much as this girl. It was to the degree of an obstinacy of absolutely not wanting to lose that was gushing out from the pores of his whole body.

“…Hmph, I am more adult than you, so I don’t feel even a little bit of frustration at all…I’ll recognize my defeat this time. The current me certainly might not be able to win.”

He had the feeling that such way of talking was not adult enough already though.

“But this defeat is just something temporary! I’m only entrusting the seat of the strongest to you just for this short time!!”

“…People who are stronger than us, there are probably quite a lot of guys like that all around the world you know? If you are so inclined I can even introduce you to a battle maniac maiden called Beatrix-chan.”

”I’ll show you that the seat of the strongest swordsman will soon return under me! Even the seat of Japanese Mythology’s chief god, I’ll also show you that it will immediately return under Susanoo!! Just remember this!!”

Ikousai’s Magic Dress returned to her former kimono together with a light.

And then she waved her sleeve and ran down the hill road.

On the base of the hill, Kazuha-senpai had already defeated the Yamata no Orochi while dragging trailingly behind the Takasugi brothers by the scruff of their necks who had somehow returned to their original form and fainted.

Ikousai slipped right beside them and escaped.

On the other side at the hill above…

“…O exalted light illuminating four seas and thousands countries, become the flash that clear away evil…Yata no Kagami・Sun Fire Single CannonYouka Ippou!”

Kamimura-san who was accompanied by Amaterasu’s avatar at her side fired a very thick laser and evaporated the approaching Yomotsu army altogether.

Kamimura-san then turned this way with a twirl.

“Susanoo’s Izumo King…so she escaped.”

‘Damn’, Kazuki noticed now that she mentioned it. He probably mustn’t let her escape. However chasing an opponent that had recognized their defeat and continued to fight was not something Kazuki was familiar with.

But what’s going to happen with the victory condition of this [battle concerning the True King]?

Don’t tell me I have to make her breath stop before I am recognized as the victor―?

“It’s okay, from that contractor recognizing her loss, Susanoo’s divinity was deeply wounded. Due to that the scale of balance had greatly tilted to our side. To become the true King of Japanese Mythology you have to make her submit more, but most of the Wild Gods ought to return to their senses and remember their loyalty toward Amaterasu now. Though there will be no change for the Divas that are originally close to Izumo Mythology.”

“Make her submit…I wonder if it’s fine to just fight her several times and defeat her each time.”

Even if they didn’t pursue the girl from here, he had the feeling that she would show her appearance again even if she was left alone.

“Hmph. Submission…then isn’t it fine if you conquer that person?”

Kazuha-senpai said with a malicious expression. Kazuki made a bitter face hearing that. Such absurd thing….

“Anyway, in this situation Yamato should be in great chaos right about now. We have to hurry and get out from here and give the notification.”

Akane-senpai told him to raise the smoke signal when the operation succeeded. Right now was exactly the time.

With that as the cue…[Magic War・Sekigahara] would begin!

“This side too have finished driving away the pursuer. That’s why let’s go while there is this chance.”

Kamimura-san moved as the vanguard and they ran down the hill road.

Part 4[edit]

After they had run down until the end of Yomotsu Hirasaka, Kamimura-san released the light of Amaterasu from her palm and tore apart the darkness. The next instant, the three opened their eyes at the True August Pillar under the floor of the main temple.

It was dim and dusty there. The three immediately lifted the floor plank and climbed to the main temple.

Kazuki and Kazuha-senpai lay the body of Takasugi brothers on the floor.

Beside them, Kamimura-san was looking down on the blackened blood stain on the floor.

“My blood. …But right now, I have my own body.”

Kamimura-san whispered with a tone as if there was not even so much as a strong feeling inside her.

Even though she was restored to life. As if she was only murmuring detachedly about the fact.

Kazuki circled his hand under Kamimura-san’s arm and lightly lifted her up.

“Wha, what?” Her eyes opened wide from being startled, Kamimura-san directed her face at him.

“Just as expected. I had thought so when we were in Yomotsu Hirasaka, but your weight is strangely light. It’s not something that can be explained physically…Kamimura-san’s existence is still faint.”

The feedback in his hand from lifting her up was so light as if he was only carrying her skeletal frame.

If she was tied with a bond to Kazuki and she was supplied with the power of Solomon’s Divas from there, he was told that the girl would be able to maintain her flesh body in a more complete form….

If Kazuki didn’t conquer this girl, she would keep being this indistinct like now. As if an existence of small candle light that would vanish just from the wind blowing.

“If we don’t make you eat delicious things and make you fatter….”

“Kazuki, that’s wrong right? She is not something like a piglet after all.”

Kazuha-senpai said in an amazed face.

“I’m not particularly…it’s fine even if you don’t fuss over me that much. I don’t want to be liked from pity. It’s not like I especially want to live a long life no matter what.”

Her tone of voice was gloomy as if that high tension when they were in <Itsuki☆Channel> had completely vanished somewhere.

“Kamimura-san-. After this let’s go play in an amusement park together with me-!!”

Kazuha-senpai suddenly raised a loud voice and grasped both of Kamimura-san’s hands tightly.

“E, even if I go playing to that kind of place because of pity, surely we can’t have fun mutually there.”

“We won’t know whether it’s fun or not until we have gone there y’know! Good will and pity are not something that can be differentiated that easily you know. For the sake of making sure of it too, let’s go play!”

Kazuha-senpai shook Kamimura-san’s hands up and down. Kamimura-san, unable to find a reason to shake off those hands could only “Uuuu…” moan and hung her head down. That cheeks of hers were faintly red.

“…Isn’t there, a voice of something outside?”

At that time Kazuki noticed sounds outside and lowered Kamimura-san gently on the floor.

“With Takasugi brothers defeated, Ise Imperial Shrine should have been liberated from being a Haunted Ground and returned to normal. Although I think it’s still too early for people to gather here because of that.”

Kazuha-senpai said. Kazuki and the other two went out from the main temple.

Passing through the several layers of fences that surrounded the main temple, they headed to the outer most gate of the main temple.

Arriving there, the back figure of Aisu Ikousai in argument with someone entered their eyes.

“Why are you bastards here!? It’s different with what you promised!!”

Ahead of the gate had turned into stone steps. They couldn’t see anything from here, but there was someone below on the stone steps. When Kazuki and others drew near, Ikousai glanced at them with face colored bright red from anger, but she soon ignored them and turned back to the front.

“We made our alliance with the promise that you will give your maximum cooperation so that I can become the true King of Japanese Mythology!! Even if you guys defeat Hayashizaki Kazuki then there is no meaning!!”

She shouted angrily at someone below the stairs.

“Of course if you can become the King, that is the best scenario. But I’ve already known from the start that Onii-chan will be the one to win anyway.”

“…You, you bastard…you are saying you didn’t have any confidence in my victory right from the beginning!”

“The strongest isn’t it, fufufu…it’s shameful. I have thought that Onii-chan is way stronger than you. Besides that <Power of Usurpation> the <King of Izumo> possess…it’s obvious that you will change your attitude quickly and aim for our necks the moment you steal the power of the <Wakoku King> and the other Kings. Against someone that owns that kind of bad news power, there is no way anyone can trust you or shit right from the start.”

Kazuki lined up beside Ikousai from behind and looked down the stone steps.

What were there were ten women in black clothes. Wearing pure black robes, they also covered their head with hood so low he couldn’t determine their faces.

There was only one girl that didn’t wear a hood―without any doubt, it was Kaya.

Kaya turned to Kazuki and waved her hand ignoring Ikousai completely.

“The conclusion between me and Hayashizaki Kazuki still hasn’t been decided! I won’t let you interfere until we have reached our conclusion!”

“Ahaha, what are you saying? The conclusion is there already right? At any rate Onii-chan hasn’t given you the finishing blow or anything. But because of that, do we have to continue to wait until your heart breaks? That’s something that is really hard to joke about you know, self-proclaimed strongest-kun. Ahaha, rightt―☆”

“You, you are mocking me…I’ll kill you!!”

Ikousai who was trembling in fury, caused him to get goosebumps in chill.

“Rage inside me, Susanoo!! Swallow everything of me to your heart’s content…I’ll slaughter these bunch in this place!!”

Ikousai’s form distorted flexibly with thick magic power. Looking at that state, even Kaya had impatience emerged on her expression. There was no doubt that she didn’t have the resolution as far as fighting a materialized Susanoo.

Ikousai’s current state…was where she was trying to surrender her own flesh body to her contracted Diva!!

“Stop it Ikousai, don’t throw yourself away!! Are you planning to return to nothing all that you have built up in your life until now, all the techniques of yours!?”

“Uu…guh! You are trying to stop me!?”

“Who else but me is going to stop you. I’m going to get troubled in how to treat this [seat of the strongest swordsman] you entrusted to me like this. …It’s fine if we just clear off these guys from now on right? The conclusion can be after that.”

Kazuki restrained Ikousai with his hand and took a step out passing through the gate.

It seemed that while Kazuki was inside the Gate of the Celestial Rock Cave, Ikousai was making contact with the government of Yamato.

Yamato government was aiming for Kazuki’s life, but Ikousai made them promise to not needlessly interfere until she finished her duel concerning the True King with Kazuki who became the representative of Wakoku King.

But Kaya ignored that and led her comrades to this place.

―At the very end they were surrounded by enemies and the infiltration operation became a failure. But…,

“You are acting calm like that but, Kaya, didn’t you come here with a really small number of people?”

When Kazuki said so provocatively, a twitch appeared in Kaya’s expression.

“You cannot move Yamato’s army freely right? Japan’s Knight Order is exercising their authority at the front line, and you cannot let the fact about how Japanese Divas are added as Yamato’s ally by trickery exposed to the common troops even in the ten thousand to one chances…That’s why you didn’t bring them along to this place. The only one that you can bring to this place under your own judgment is just one part of those that had been your comrades from the very beginning. You too cannot conduct yourself so importantly like a dictator, can you?”

If by any chance this place was completely surrounded by Yamato’s army, Kazuki wouldn’t even have the slightest chance to escape.

But the one who was waiting for them at this place were only ten women in black clothes.

“…That’s right. It’s just like what you said. But with me who is able to completely control Loki’s power and nine illegal magicians…I wonder if this battle strength is insufficient for facing against only four people here?”

…At the very least, Kazuki had the confidence to escape.

But that was only after buying as much time as possible.

Right now, Yamato’s battle strength should be reeling from how the Divas of Japanese Mythology were suddenly retreating from the front line and on top of that Kaya and her group were also not present! If right now in this place they could contact the Knight Order that the operation had gone well and had them assault Yamato, Yamato’s forces would become routed!

He didn’t know how Kaya and her group would react the moment he launched the smoke signal but….

Kazuki swallowed his saliva with a gulp. This was the decisive moment. For the sake of making this operation more reliable, he had to attract Kaya and her group’s attention as much as possible to this place…!

“Everyone hold back Amaterasu, Susanoo, and Futsunushi no Kami.”

Kaya gave her instruction to the nine illegal magicians around her.

“…Never let your guards down. They are just three people but they are altogether the top three strongest of Japanese Mythology. I’ll handle the BasilleusKing alone.”

“…Everyone, don’t overdo yourself. When the time comes I’ll absolutely take everyone to escape.”

“Even if you said [everyone] but I’m not included there right?”

Ikousai glared at him.

“I’ll leave the interpretation of that to yourself.” Kazuki pushed that aside.

Kazuha-senpai and Kamimura-san nodded their head.

{…Kazuki. Right now there is a significant fact that Leme have to inform.}

Leme’s telepathic talk echoed inside Kazuki’s head.

…What is it at this kind of time? Something significant in this kind of situation she said?

{With the bond that you built with Japanese Mythology, Leme’s power has also returned. Now I have become able to bestow a new authority of King to you.}

Had she grown some more again with the return of her power? Her voice sounded a little more adult.

King’s Authority―At first in the beginning Kazuki obtained the power to perceive the positivity level’s fluctuation of the girl that he had tied a bond with. After that, he obtained the power to sense the coordinates of the girl’s whereabouts.

After that a newly gained, power…?

{I could bestow you with a sensible authority here. Making your bond as a circuit, you can have a long range telepathic communication. You become able to communicate telepathically with a girl whose positivity level has surpassed 150 from anywhere.}

The condition of positivity level 150 was difficult, but Mio should be qualified under that requirement.

Then…even if he didn’t use something like a smoke signal, he could let out commence attack signal without Kaya in front of him noticing a thing. Kazuki felt an oppressive feeling in his chest. Exactly when he thought that things could go well, that nervousness came.

{And then one more thing…a new Magic Dress following after Solomon’s Ring.}

Until now Kazuki’s Magic Dress was only a single tiny ring. Because this ring didn’t have the power to support his chanting, Kazuki’s chanting ability was falling considerably behind everyone else of the Witch’s Mansion.

Light shined in Kazuki’s chest. The light that was like a small star solidified, becoming a pendant that was taking form of a complex pentagram and hanging on his neck.

“This is…”

Kaya too noticed the phenomenon and she was gazing in wonderment.

{The path that you are walking is not mistaken. Prove it against your fated opponent. The name of that pendant is <Solomon’s EmblemZekorbeni>…it’s a Magic Dress that compensates for your weakness.}

Chapter 5 – Head-On Collision ~Magic War・Sekigahara~[edit]

Part 1[edit]

“Both Kanon and I, as the commander of the general offensive?”

Akane was dumbfounded and leaked out her voice. Regimental Commander Yamagata who summoned Akane to this control room nodded gravely.

The base of the restructured division, for the sake of their counterattack to Gifu prefecture, was moved from Shizuoka to the garrison in Aichi. The room where the highest rank in the chain of command that ruled this garrison was located was in here, this station control room.

Right now this room had become the possession of Commander Yamagata. This place was Aichi garrison, but the one that recovered this Aichi was the counterattack force led by Commander Yamagata after all.

That commanding officer summoned Akane and handed down an improbable order.

“This is a joke right? I’m still a student you know.” Akane smiled bitterly with taken aback feeling.

“Student huh. Without a doubt you are a student but…let me ask you in return. Right now, can you trust the other adults in the Knight Order?”

It was a really sharp question that cut like a blade.

For her who was still in the position of knight candidate, it was hard to answer this question honestly.

But Akane guessed what was it that Commander Yamagato was looking for. She gathered her courage and answered frankly.

“Saying it clearly, I cannot trust them at all.”

“Isn’t that right? I too think so about all the people around me. I don’t know at all who in the world can be the spy from Yamato in the Knight Order. While feeling such paranoia, you are one among the few humans that I can say without doubt is not a spy. You get it right?”

“Yes but, for someone inexperienced like me…”

“I don’t think you are inexperienced. If you ask me why, that’s because you are also among the few people that had experienced leading a troop in a magic war. …You are the one that handed over the report concerning the previous [Magic War・Okehazama] to me, aren’t you? In that report there is this opinion written, that [the magic war from now on is going to be completely different compared to all the war until now]. I think it really hit the point. There is no one that had experienced something similar like you among your senior knights. In other words you are the one that have already become the number one veteran here.”

“The one who took command of that battle was not me, it was Hayashizaki Kazuki.”

“I heard. But don’t tell me that you want to make a first year of Knight Academy a commander. To say nothing, that currently Hayashizaki Kazuki is in the middle of infiltrating the enemy’s territory. If he comes back, it’s fine to make him your vice officer.”

Akane’s feeling became complicated. …For her, she thought of him as a [King], she was the one who wanted the position as his vice officer instead. She felt that such way suited her personality.

“…I too want a right-hand man that I can trust. That’s why even though this is more or less coercive, I’ll attach you to a fitting position and I want you to pile up achievement that anyone will recognize. The one who should build up the new era must be the young.”

“…Even so just as expected this is a complicated feeling.”

Akane said with a squeezed out voice.

“In the previous battle, I held nothing but a defeated feeling. In regards of Hayashizaki Kazuki, in regards of my own inexperience, it’s only deplorable. Despite so, even if you said that battle experience is recognized…”

“But you are able to find your own composure, you are a human that can grow the more you experience failure. I am someone that can see such quality in a person you know?”

Akane unconsciously tightened her fist hard. The gorgeous delicate fingers became white from putting too much strength.

Yagumo Akane―was being self-conscious that her own self was just a mediocre person compared to Koudzuki Kanon or Hayashizaki Kazuki. For a person like her to be in a place like the Witch’s Mansion where geniuses were gathered, she managed to accomplish her responsibility as the Vice President, though imperfect, by always thoroughly [being kind to other person and harsh to one self], that was how she came this far.

Because she was a mediocre person that could work hard that she was relied on by the geniuses.

If she rejected this request, then surely she would lose even that single foundation of hers.

Could she do this? No, she had to be able. The creative power Hayashizaki Kazuki showed in the previous battle―should have already become her own flesh and blood.

“I understood, I accept.”

“Good. I should have already entrusted everything of the force composition to you, haven’t I? Then you should have already put in order the arrangement so that you can move this counter attack force as your own army. As soon as possible…”

At that time a hurried footsteps from outside the room could be heard and the door was opened.

The figure that appeared was Amasaki Mio.

“Re, re re re reporting informationnnnn-!”

The girl was too nervous and her speech was in chaos.

“When entering the room of your superior, get permission first for entering the room through the extension interphone.”

Akane warned with a bitter face, but Commander Yamagata’s expression broke out into a smile seeing an inexperience that was so like a student.

“Don’t worry about it. She is still a first year that is inexperienced in the Knight Order’s custom after all. What is your business?”

“Kazu-nii…Hayashizaki Kazuki had sent contact that the operation is a success! Invade immediately right now he said!”

Hearing those words, the expression of Akane and Commander Yamagata were filled with tension.

“Is that true? Has the smoke signal been fired?”

“No, it’s not from the smoke signal…he sent his voice of the heart to me!”

Akane and Commander Yamagata’s expression that were full with tension went a complete change into a frown filled with doubtful feeling.

“Is that the delusion of Kazuki inside you, or something like that…”

When Akane questioned her doubtfully, Mio went “That’s not it-“ and shook her head.

“With the power of love, our hearts are connected with each other-!!” She said that while puffing her chest proudly with ‘ehem’.

The commanding officer and the commander exchanged their glances.

“She is saying a really stupid thing but…what do you think? However to say the least, youth is really enviable huh.”

Magika No Kenshi To Shoukan Maou Vol.06 180.jpg

“They are connected with the power of bond. A long range telepathic communication by means of the power of King…it’s not something that is really that impossible. If this is really true then this method is far more effective rather than something like a smoke signal.”

This was a chance they had waited long for, but it came in the best form that they never even imagined.

Both of them nodded at each other—they immediately moved in action.

Lightning fast was necessary for this operation.

Part 2[edit]

The troops that moved to the neighborhood of the provincial border using the army buses disembarked and separated into vanguard and rearguard, then they marched to the direction of the border. There was a national highway that headed to the prefectural border between Gifu and Aichi.

An older knight arrived to convey the report from the scout toward Akane and Kanon who became the commander.

“There was a military response from inside Yamato’s territory. They had sensed our movement and quickly assembled the troops they distributed in Toyama and Yokkaichi garrisons here in Gifu using the magic light train.”

The troops had surely been given a detailed instruction from Commander Yamagata, that they had to act courteous even toward Akane and Kanon who were younger. Akane once again became self-aware that she was currently holding the leash of her own army and her nervousness increased.

“They are not as confused as we thought and moved quickly huh.”

Kanon said so but, for Akane the report was just as she expected so far.

The main bases of Yamato were <Kagamihara garrison>, <Toyama Garrison>, and <Yokkaichi garrison>, these three places. The objective of the Knight Order’s offense this time was Kagamihara garrison located in the southern part of Gifu prefecture.

What made Kagamihara garrison as the most suitable location to be the offense’s target was not only its short distance from Aichi, there was also the mountain that separated Toyama and Gifu in the east border as the cause. Gifu’s south border―namely Kagamihara was exactly the best location suitable for head-on collision.

Yamato sensed that movement through their spy and summoned their troops from Toyama and Yokkaichi.

The diligent older knight continued his report.

“Around the time we come into contact with the enemy, the other side will surely have finished concentrating their manpower. Also Yamato have burned the town and fields in the direction of our marching. The situation is they are awaiting us in the field they had prepared.”

“So they are not naïve enough to give us one more chance for a surprise attack.”

Anxiety flashed through the expression of the older knight. Akane sensed that anxiety sharply and endeavored to wipe away that anxiety with her act as a commander.

“With their failure in the previous battle, they are excessively fearing a surprise attack right now. Then reversely we are going to take them by surprise by attacking them head-on. A head-on collision is exactly the surprise attack.”

“I don’t intend to doubt our troop skill but, in regards to the other side who concentrated their battle strength, our side’s front-line swordsmen are at the very least inferior in number compared to the enemy. Is it okay to have a frontal fight like this?”

The knight asked. ‘At the very least’, such phrase meant that he asked implicitly in doubt if [was it really true that the Shrine Maidens of the Japanese Mythology were withdrawing from the front line?].

Just before this military operation, they had announced that the Shrine Maidens had withdrawn from Yamato’s troop due to Kazuki’s infiltration mission.

Was it really true that Kazuki had succeeded in his mission. Depending on that, the difference between the two army’s battle strength would greatly change.

Head-on battle—if there was no fear of [surprise attack] in the middle of the battle, it would become a simple battle of quality and number of soldiers. Certainly that was a way of fighting that could be called [no strategy].

“Doing a head-on collision, and then from during that battle you create a [surprise attack], that is what we call [tactics]. While forming [formation] and breaking up our force, we are going to find the weak point from inside the enemy’s formation then we will concentrate our force at that point immediately. [Effective maneuver of breaking up and focusing]…that is something that cannot be done except by soldiers who have extensive training. If it’s about training amount then our side is overwhelmingly superior. This difference in soldier’s training is what will allow us to bring about a surprise attack.”

The older knight opened his eyes wide and dumbfounded.

…Kazuki said that [they had to think over everything from phase zero on how to go about this completely new magic war]. For Akane who was too fixated on common sense, that became a severe reflection.

But on the other hand, she could also sort out which of the methods among the old knowledge that could still be relevant in this era.

To be able to do that was the forte of her who had come this far after piling up a lot of effort.

“They've become excessively alert against surprise attack from their defeat in the previous battle, that they lost sight that what matters the most in a head-on collision is the quality of the soldier. That is the indication of the enemy’s crude tactics command. Rather than the differences of the battlefield, they are using emotion as the base of their decision too much. …Just as arranged, when we arrive at the battlefield they are waiting for us, please form the <horizontal formation>.”

Ahead of their advance’s path, suddenly an open wasteland appeared. Due to large scale attack magic, far from being rubble, it was a wasteland where all the buildings had been thoroughly destroyed into pebbles. The concrete pebbles that were created from destroyed buildings transmitted a man-made texture through the soles of their shoes with crunching sound when stepped.

It was an excessively spacious wasteland where there was no way to work out a clever plan with only a small hill at the far away.

Because there was not even a response of magic power, ambush troop was also impossible.

A battlefield suitable for the naming of [Magic War・Sekigahara] had been created right there.

The 900 soldiers of Japan Knight Order stormed into that battlefield with a horizontal formation in accordance with the previous arrangement before this.

Horizontal formation―it was the most basic practical form of Heaven and Earth Formation.

A unit of knights lined up in a row as the vanguard.

At the rearguard, the unit of Magika Stigma was in waiting.

At the middle, the reserve troop was stationed. The reserve troop’s duty was to immediately plug up gaps that were created in their own side’s formation. On the contrary, if there was gap that was created in the enemy’s formation instead then they were to charge at that opening. Although they were called as reserve but they were the elite unit that was the cornerstone of this tactic. The unit that Akane put there were the students of the Knight Academy who had no qualm at all in taking her command.

Yamato too was forming a similar horizontal formation at the wasteland.

The moment they mutually confirmed that they had come into contact with the enemy, the rear guard Magika Stigmas began to emit blue magic power light while the vanguard swordsmen ran forward while cooperating with each other so there was no disorder in their ranks.

The weak point of horizontal formation was the lack in mobility. If there were Shrine Maidens unit in the enemy rank, they could completely mow down the swordsmen before they clashed with the enemy’s swordsmen due to their quick Drive.

“From the distance, the enemy’s rearguard magician unit―the Shrine Maidens are visibly gathered in plenty enough number though.”

Kanon asked Akane in order to confirm.

“They are fakes.” Akane concluded. She was in the position where she must conclude that in full confidence.

Her spine was freezing. There was nothing else but having faith on Kazuki.

Even among the advancing soldiers there was agitation running through them.

Kanon who was even more popular than Akane yelled “Everyone calm down! It’s okay!!”

While advancing, the signs of the enemy could be seen more clearly.

At the rearguard of Yamato’s army―less than a third of the Shrine Maidens were emitting magic power light.

“Look! Those guys' rearguard is just paper-mache! They are not worth fearing!!”

When Kanon raised her loud voice, the troop’s advance with the knights that went along well with Kanon since a long time as the center livened up straightaway. And then both armies collided head-on.

Part 3[edit]

Kazuki and his allies ran down the stone steps all at once and challenged the women in black clothes.

“Polish the black steel of heaven o Totsuka no Tsurugi,…release the flash that gouge the storm! This is the Orochi no Aramasa! The descend of tearing limb from limb, Ame-no-Habakiri!!”

Aisu Ikousai chanted as if yelling. Just slightly behind her, Kamimura-san chanted her spell.

“Cloud above the giant snake, in the sky we become the throne of god. The oath of the country’s tutelary god taken in the steel of white clouds…the touted sword is, Ame-no-Murakumo!”

What was in Ikousai’s hand was an eight branches katana, but what was created in Kamimura-san’s hand was a refined Japanese katana with a hilt made from plain wood.

Each of them were the Sacred Treasures that should even be said as the symbol of Susanoo and Amaterasu.

Amaterasu’s white katana seemed to be more fitting to be said as a sword for self-defense rather than a weapon for attacking. The moment she seized that katana, white clouds whirled in a billowing vortex above Kamimura-san’s head.

White Clouds ArmorShirakumo no Yoroi!” When Kamimura-san roared that, the clouds descended down to Aisu Ikousai and hardened, becoming a smooth white armor.

Similar things were also created for herself and Kazuha-senpai.

“Giving me something like defensive magic…you are just doing needless things! Besides I don’t plan to do anything like fighting together!”

Even while spewing out such abusive words, Ikousai stood in front to bear the full brunt of the enemy attacks.

Contrary to her words, Ikousai as the close-quarter fighter, Kazuha-senpai who was an all-around fighter, and Kamimura-san from the long-range distance, the trio naturally took a balanced action.

“Hel!” One of the black-clothed women summoned the power of Norse Mythology’s goddess of death.

An avatar of a beautiful woman in black clothes with half her body decaying grotesquely appeared.

“Nya, Nyarlathotep!” Among the black-clothed women there was also a black elf taken along―Maya. A really small weakened tentacle monster’s avatar emerged out.


Sun WolfSkoll!”

Moon WolfHati!”

Three black-clothed women made three avatars of wolves appear respectively.

Knowledge GiantVafthrudnir!”

Whirling Fire GiantUtgarda-Loki!”

Three Body Nine Head GiantThrivaldi!”

Fortune GiantThrym!”

The other four black-clothed women summoned the power of Norse Mythology’s giants one after another.

But there was something Kazuki understood from his experience fighting illegal magicians in Magic War・Okehazama. The illegal magicians certainly had fast chanting speed, but those who could chant high level magic among them were few in number.

The story would be different if those girls were fully taken over but…. Kaya was the only one who could make full use of Loki’s power skillfully, she was still only one of the few exceptions.

If they couldn’t use high level magic, even in the case that they had fast chanting speed, those like Beatrix or Hayashi Shizuka who could use their contracted Diva perfectly were far more formidable opponents.

Of course for the number of the opponents to be nine people was a threat. But Aisu Ikousai, Kazuha-senpai, and Kamimura-san, against those three he didn’t think those nine were a challenge they couldn’t oppose. Ikousai and Kazuha-senpai had evading ability while Kamimura-san was likely to excel in defensive strength. That was why Kazuki left it to those three.

Kazuki dashed in a straight line to Kaya.

Kaya too wished for a one-on-one duel with Kazuki and met his attack.

“Armor Invite!!”

Kaya summoned a Sacred Treasure from a different dimension. *BIKIBIKIBIKI!* Kaya’s surrounding space cracked apart.


What appeared from the rip of the space was a pure black robe of feathers. The robe of feathers spread out like wings and made Kaya flew lightly. Kaya who danced in the air chanted a Sacred Treasure summoning even further.

“Weapon Invite!!”

Loki possessed the power to summon various Sacred Treasure and Demon Beast. Surely even if people reworded Norse Mythology as [a mythology of Loki bringing about various things] no one could refute it.

That magic invocation speed far surpassed Kazuki by order of magnitude.

But Kazuki focused his mind on the newly created Magic Dress <Zekorbeni> on his chest. Inside his head the voice of Leme guiding him rang out.

{This Dress can make the contracted Diva of the girl whose positivity level surpass 150 possess the inside of this Dress. Through this Dress you can contact directly with the Diva, become able to use telepathy with them, and also become able to invoke magic with the same speed of those that use Drive.}

Kazuki imagined. This Magic Dress in the form of a pendant will Access with Phoneix through the circuit of his bond with Mio. The image of enormous magic power was flowing inside through that bond.

Phoenix possessed the pendant. And then, Phoenix’s image color that was orange like firelight shined.

Kazuki strongly appealed.

“Come! …Immortal Bird DressMode・Phoenix!!”

The orange light of the pendant grew large and enveloped Kazuki.

Kaya who held Burtgang in her hand opened her eyes wide witnessing that light.

“…That’s!? New power!?”

While shining strongly, Zekorbeni in Kazuki’s chest spewed out flame that enveloped Kazuki’s body. The enveloping flame materialized like an armor―and created Phoenix’s original new Magic Dress.

The orange armor responded to Kazuki’s telepathy and it was flickering with light. Right there the consciousness of Phoenix possessed it and he became able to communicate directly with Kazuki’s telepathy.

Turning to that direct circuit, Kazuki made an Phenomenon DemandOrder. A Response came right away. Kazuki who was poor at Telepathty needed a long time at Order and Targeting, but this time he could commence Cast in an instant.

“Burn to ash all that you touch…scorching heat of rejection that has no place to go! Self Burning!”

The defensive magic that had short chanting time from the start was invoked almost instantly.

Large flames enveloped Kazuki’s whole body.

He also felt a power up compared to the previous times when he usually chanted this same magic.

Kaya assaulted Kazuki with Burtgang. Kazuki didn’t try to block it with his katana but stopped the attack with the flame on his whole body. The magic power that was residing inside the sword and the flame that was trying to meet the blade were competing with each other.

At the same time Kazuki lengthened the flame to his katana and slashed at Kaya with katana of flame. The [Fiaðrhamr] that covered Kaya’s whole body moved automatically and protected Kaya from the blade.

Kaya’s sword against flame, Kazuki’s sword against feather robe, both were jostling at each other with grinding sounds.

“O immortal bird flying from twilight to dawn, please bestow that wings of hope on my back! Destruction for the sake of rebirth right here…! Blazing Wings!”

Wings of flame spread out in fire from Kazuki’s back. With the largely expanded wings of flame, Kazuki mowed down Kaya.

The jet black feather robe covered Kaya trying to protect her. Kaya, who had turned like a black chrysalis passed through the gigantic wave of flame.

“Kuh!” A voice leaked out from under the feather robe.

The [Fiaðrhamr] was burned down until half of it. At that time―,

“Ku…kukukuku-! It has been a long time huhh! King of Solomon!!”

The Fiaðrhamr that enveloped Kaya was burned down. From there a silhouette of a different person emerged out.

Sickly pallid skin, a male god with long blue hair fluttering behind him—Loki.

Kaya had handed over the control of her body to Loki so he could exercise all his power.

Loki spread out the feather robe that was just barely left as scraps on his back like wings and flew away from Kazuki to take some distance. And then,

“Dragon Invite! …Stampede, pterosaur!!”

The space was ripped, this time three middle-sized pterosaurs flew out from there one after another.

Against the crowd of the flying dragons that flew aiming at him, Kazuki matched the preparation of his attack magic.

“Wings danced what scattered are sparks, trail behind the wind of spiral, become the bullet that gouge life! Flap your wings, whirl up the storm of sparks! Consecutive Spiral FlowerTri Barrett!!”

A level 1 magic that could be invoked with short chanting time, and when its chanting was shortened even further, the magic was naturally attached with the property of [rapid firing]. From the left hand that Kazuki thrust forward, three shots of flame bullets flew at the same time.

The three pterosaurs raised a scream and got shot down.

―It was done with just Phoenix’s attack magic, however it was insufficient.

Kazuki also began to chant a reinforcement magic.

“Kukuku-, interestin’! I’m gonna test how far you can resist!! Dragon Invite! Scatter apart pollution, Fafnir!”

A conspicuously larger rip compared to those that appeared until now was carved largely. From there a giant dragon with scales that shined vibrantly in emerald green flew out like it was tumbling down.

The six armed poison dragon came swinging its giant poisonous claw at Kazuki. Kazuki flapped his flame wings, evaded and counterattacked with a flame sword.

While performing offense and defense, he accomplished his spell.

“Lightning fall on my body and earn the lightning thought god speed…wake up the sleeping lion! Ride Lightning!”

It took time, but it didn’t mean that he became unable to use magic other than Phoenix’s.

A magic that elevated his physical ability electrifyingly―with flame sword that had its power and speed increased, Kazuki hacked the Fafnir into pieces.

Fafnir spent its strength and its body that was created from magic power crumbled apart and vanished.

“Here, your second helping! …Dragon Invite! Drown out the light, Niddhogg!!”

Along with Loki’s screwing around words, what next came out from the rip was a black dragon.

This thing would just regenerate its wound if it was attacked normally, death couldn’t bring about at it.

Even so Kazuki wielded the flame sword against the black dragon. Even though in the end its wound would regenerate without a doubt with its resurrection power, it didn’t mean that it could make the damage it got into zero in an instant.

The time when he fought the God’s reliant together with Yatagarasu became a hint. The moment he made the Niddhogg bore countless wounds and shaved off its strength exceedingly, Kazuki invoked that.

It was a magic in the class that was very hard to chant if he tried to do it normally in a real battle.

“O bird of paradise where the light of the heaven reside on that body, respond on my accusation burn away the sins above the ground! Israel Judgment!!”

Aurora shone on Kazuki’s back. That light was fired as a huge laser.

The Nidhogg was swallowed inside the light, its body was peeled off and becoming worn-out.

Light element―the death dragon that was weak against that element couldn’t exhibit its regeneration ability against such an attack.

Loki laughed as if praising Kazuki’s strenuous fight.

“Kukuku! So you can do it!”


At that time the ground welled up and burst out, from there the upper body of a man protruded out.

“Midgardsorm…what business do you have?”

Loki looked down from the sky.

The illegal magicians that was contracted with Midgardsorm and owned another name of [Earth Snake] had been defeated in the previous battle and made prisoner. But Midgardsorm that was possessing that Earth Snake had already escaped from his body.

And then the time when Hayashi Shizuka was still in good health, Midgardsomr surely had already possessed the body of another man.

That man who just appeared right now reported to Loki with an expressionless reptilian flat face.

“…The Knight Order of Japan came attacking. A lot of the Shrine Maidens and those Japanese Mythology’s bunches are retreating, the camp of Yamato is in great pandemonium. Urgent, they asked you to return back and appeal those Divas…”

{Fufufu, no way♪}

Kaya’s voice echoed around as if the air in their surrounding was vibrating.

“The princess has said so already. My bad, even without the Shrine Maidens the number should be still somewhat even, so tell those politicians to hold out somehow. Kukuku!”

Loki laughed amusedly.

The new Earth Snake nodded his head expressionlessly and went back inside the ground again.

“I see…so you have already let out the signal. The Authority of Solomon King that draws out the power of the comrade that you had formed a circuit of bond with…it’s not really strange then if you can use that to exchange conversation from long distance with that eehh. That’s a power you never used until now…you have grown huh.”

“You are okay just leaving Sekigahara alone?”

Kazuki questioned. Looking at how Loki was not really disturbed with the course of events made Kazuki as the one that felt agitated instead.

This guy…is he fine with what’s happening?

{…I, want to see Onii-chan’s strength more.}

Kaya’s voice rang out enthusiastically.

{C’mon show it more! That power that Onii-chan just got your hands on!!}

“That’s so huh…something like a war over there ain’t really that important.”

…These guys!

They had already caused turmoil until this far and yet were they saying that it really didn’t matter whatever happened with Yamato!?

“Kukuku, let’s keep going! It’s going to end with this if you are still the same brat from before…show me your stuff as the person that princess is looking for-! Weapon Invite!!”

The space at Loki’s hand ripped, from there a large blue transparent sword appeared.

Loki grasped it tightly―and immediately swung it down.

“I’ll show you the essence of divine sword…World Bisection SwordLævateinn!!”

That was the attack that once made Kazuki lose Mio.

The swung down sword blade *ZUBAAAAAAAAA!* surged out blue shockwave.

This sword wave would follow no matter where he escaped, it brought about fatal destructive power with just one attack. Kazuki had known that already.

“O divine protection of military man, double the Megin whirling in my body! O the will of god spurring me to endless battle, in this body! …Meginjord!”

Kazuki further magnified his physical strength.

And then as if shaking off Loki’s line of sight, Kazuki moved instantly.

“…Wha-! Fast!?”

This was not merely a pure speed. Kazuki imagined Kanae and Ikousai’s movement in his heart.

From a blind spot―to another blind spot.

Kazuki erased his own figure from Loki’s field of vision.

Kazuki agilely circled behind the dumbfounded Loki with his wings of flame.

He took hold of Loki’s both shoulders who was in the posture of swinging down the large sword and pinioned him from behind.

“What the-! You bastard, you want to make me a shield!? The great god, this me into a shield!!”

With his posture still restricted from being pinioned Loki rattled his right hand, with one hand he swung Levateinn. Even with imperfect form a shockwave was produced from that and both shockwaves clashed with each other. They counterbalanced―no, the shockwave that couldn’t be counterbalanced hit Loki directly from the front.

*GARIGARIGARI!* The backlash of Loki’s vast magic power being scraped off was also transmitted to Kazuki.

“You, bastard, how dare you make a damned conduct like this!!”

Loki converted that vast magic power of Diva into pure physical strength reinforcement and forcefully escaped from Kazuki’s pinioning.

He flew away from Kazuki and fixed his stance.

That magic power of his was still going strong very well and overpowering. Kazuki really couldn’t sense any damage on Loki.

“Ku, kukuku! …You really got me. Then this time I’m going to break you personally!”

The space at Loki’s hand distorted―from there a form that he had remembered seeing before appeared.

In proportion with its hugeness, only its hilt was bizarrely short, a characteristic hammer.

“Weapon Invite!! Bless the life, Mjolnir!! Now-! What are you going to do!?”

That was the strongest weapon of the Norse Mythology that was Thor’s favorite.

So Loki could summon things even up to this weapon that should be said as the synonym of Thor.

But if he thought back, the one who brought about this weapon to Thor in the myth was also Loki.

Mjolnir―this steel hammer that produced terrific [destruction power field] from its striking part couldn’t be parried or dodged just by superficial reinforcement magic.

Then with defensive magic…?

Loki brandished Mjolnir and approached Kazuki. Loki’s martial art was inferior, but that enormous magic power of his reinforced his physical ability. And from the beginning this steel hammer didn’t need any complicated martial art. Just by swinging it down would burst and scatter everything in its surrounding.

Kazuki’s strong point was in magic the opponent’s attack’s element and contained it with defensive magic, but in regards to pure physical element he didn’t have any effective option other than Lotte’s [Seusenhofer].

But with just that degree of defense it was nothing more than a mere consolation in front of Mjolnir’s overwhelming destruction power, Kazuki had experienced it himself before.

A method to defend against this attack with defense was…nonexistent.

“Soaring wings, glaring eyes, invading world-destroying conflagration―manifest the authority of god here, as the agent of civilization I will advance deeply and deeply! Deep Striker!!”

Kazuki summoned the armament for the sake of charging on his back.

He couldn’t defend. Then do the opposite.

Kazuki’s mental power that was magnified due to [Ride Lightning] lit the fire in the magic thruster unit. He faced Loki who raised the hammer overhead and instead charged forward.

“Against a physical shockwave…just offset it with an equal physical shockwave!!!!”

Due to the effect of Kazuki’s reinforcement magic, the [Deep Striker] accelerated passed the limit. Together with an ultimate acceleration he stabbed his magic sword that had been reinforced with [Meginjord]. That was the greatest attack power that Kazuki could possibly exhibit at this moment.

Grinding his teeth, Kazuki charged. This was reckless but there was no other option.

“Are you sane, bastardd-!!”

Against Kazuki’s charge that didn’t think of any consequence ahead, Loki raised a shuddering yell of fear.

…If he kept this then it wouldn’t end with just a light damage even for Loki.

The hammer that possessed the destructive power that even distorted the space, and the charge of a huge mass with sound surpassing speed, clashed with each other with irregular sounds as if the laws of physics were crumbling down.

Part 4[edit]

The <hit-and-run attacker> Lotte dashed through the sky above the battlefield using [Deep Striker].

The few numbered Shrine Maidens tried to shot Lotte down by letting fly firing magic. While running away from those with high speed mobility, Lotte grasped the magic power movement of the battlefield with her goggle-type enemy searching unit.

Where, what kind of magic power sprang forth, what was going to happen in the next moment at the battlefield.

In addition to Lotte’s prodigious Telepathy magic, she could also read the atmosphere of the battlefield.

Lotte’s [eye of the sky] looked down on the battlefield.

The role that Lotte was trying to accomplish was something like what weapons like battle helicopter were accomplishing in the past. The Magika Stigma Lotte who possessed similar power with modern weapons was able to revive the tactics of the past in this current era.

What Lotte did was observing with caution was the outbreak timing of large scale attack magic―was not all there was to it.

What was more important was [the formation distortion created from formation and formation clashing against each other].

“Swordsman platoon 17 and 18 are in disadvantage! Send the reserve force!!”

All the units were assigned with number.

When Lotte detected a seam that came apart in the battle line, she contacted Akane with a wireless device. Akane then quickly responded with making instructions and maintained the defensive power of the horizontal formation solidly.

On the other hand―

“The enemy in front of swordsmen platoon 32 is retreating! The enemy’s horizontal formation is dented!!”

Lotte made her report after discovering the hole in the enemy’s formation.

Dispersing and concentrating―clashing with each other with the states of both troops mutually dispersed, then concentrated one’s own battle strength at the seam that opened in the enemy formation, destroyed the formation and broke through―that was tactic.

“Platoon 31, 32, 33, form <bullet formation>!!”

Akane ordered without delay. For the knights they had the experience to be able to respond immediately to that command.

That was a strong point that the young swordsmen of Yamato didn’t have.

Bullet formation―the battle formation that built the core of [blitzkrieg tactic] that German army thought of in World War 2.

The platoon 32 that hit the seam in enemy’s formation from the front had platoon 31 and 33 sent in their elite members from both side, making the battle strength of platoon 32 heavier temporarily. Platoon 32 who concentrated their battle strength charged the seam of enemy formation with force like a bullet and opened a hole in that wall.

From both side of platoon 32 who turned into an elite force, platoon 31 and 33 blocked the enemies that tried to plug that hole with all their strength from the side and preserved the hole in the formation.

At this time the three platoons that received Akane’s direction formed a shape like a tip of an arrow that protruded into the center, piercing the enemy’s horizontal formation.

Now that it had become like this it might be more fitting to be called <wedge> rather than a bullet. Just opening a hole couldn’t be said as breaking through. What was needed next was mobility.

Even the enemy possessed the reserve troop to immediately plug up the hole when one was opened in their formation. Platoon 32 that opened the hole was immediately becoming driven into the verge of total annihilation when receiving the counterattack.

“Assault squad, follow up the thirty third!”

Akane called for the turn of the squad that specialized in mobility among the reserve troops.

“Thunder fall on my body obtaining lightning thought god speed…wake up the sleeping lion! Ride Lightning!”

Hoshikaze Hikaru who reinforced the physical ability of her whole body stood at the head of that squad holding a Sacred Treasure pike in her hand.

“Hyahha―! We live in accordance of Hodur’s wish, I too entrust my body once more in the exaltation of battle! The violent emotion wartime fire running in the blood and fat of my sword!! Stories Flame!”

While brandishing sword of flame, the Einherjar that loved melee battle Damian also went along with them.

“O Astaroth that commiserate with the sin of the foolish! For the purpose of being the agent of your indictment, please lend me thy servant the mounted beast!! Trampling Drake!!”

Mibu Akira summoned a giant lizard―mounted beast summoning magic. The very instant Akira mounted the lizard, the lizard was inducted with Mibu Akira’s individuality and transformed into a huge armored car.

“The loyal servant of Lucifer, o Gamigyn! Please lend me that symbol of loyalty thy swift horse!! Gallop Racer!!”

Simultaneously Asamiya Anna who was Akira’s protégée too summoned a riding horse with fluttering flaming mane. When Anna mounted it just as expected it similarly transformed into a large type bike.

The armored car and the large type bike resounded the characteristic music of biker gang [PARARIRAPARARIRA♪] in the battlefield and rushed forward.

After platoon 31, 32, and 33 drilled a hole in the enemy formation they were desperately maintaining that hole from being closed by the enemy. During that time a squad composed of Magika Stigmas that possessed both mobility and offense power charged ahead in one go. Their speed far surpassed the reaction time of Yamato’s soldiers who had shallow experience.

The assault squad with Hoshikaze Hikaru as the leader immediately moved into <breakthrough maneuver>. They charged the Shrine Maidens and illegal magicians that were casting Summoning Magic in the rear guard. The enemy formation was shredded into pieces from the inside.

This was exactly a surprise attack of a head-on collision.

Of course, that it could go well until this far was because Kazuki had reduced the number of Yamato’s Shrine Maidens sharply with his infiltration operation. If it was like usual then attack magic would rain down on the swordsmen squad like a bullet wave due to the Shrine Maiden’s Possession ContractDrive, making a proper tactical action impossible.

However right now Japan’s swordsmen squad was liberated from the threat of Shrine Maidens and they clearly displayed the difference in power between them and the swordsmen of Yamato who were suddenly only composed of conscripted soldiers.

The one who became the cornerstone of this fast tactic were the experienced veteran knights and the hit-and-run attacker Lotte. However this pair were originally people that should be incompatible.

For Charlotte Liebenfrau who legally was still an [illegal magician] to participate in this major battle, Regimental Commander Yamagata and the veteran knights were in opposition at first.

However with Akane’s persuasion and the plan’s proposition, they had no choice but to recognize that the country’s policy until now was not the right thing. Lotte displayed her function as the cornerstone of the tactic splendidly in the battlefield.

The one who first saw through Lotte’s suitability for the role of hit-and-run attacker was Kazuki.

Then Akane included her into an existing tactic from previous era and persuaded many people.

Lotte whose body hosted <the god of civilization> Prometheus was more fitting to be called convenient rather than powerful. If people were asked the essence of civilization then without a doubt it was [convenience]. It was one of the aspects that had the most affinity with war.

Kazuki’s creativity made [Magic War・Okehazama] succeed.

And then in this battlefield, [Magic War・Sekigahara], people could say that it was Akane’s knowledge which sublimed Kazuki’s creativity into something resembling a tactic.

The balance of the battle had greatly tilted, toward the direction of Japan’s overwhelming superiority.

When Akane self-evaluated the excellence of her own command, she couldn’t say that she had done well no matter what.

Even so hearing the battle cries resounded from a completed tactic felt really pleasant in her ear due to her own profoundness.

Part 5[edit]

“You, you really just did something outrageous…kukuku! What a messed up King…!!”

With the clash of gigantic energy in the sky, Kazuki and Loki were both blown away together for few dozens meter. Loki stood up while laughing.

Kazuki didn’t have any composure to do something like trying to protect Ise Imperial Shrine, but it was fortunate that the attack unfolded at the sky above the forest of the Imperial Shrine.

The damage was heavy in Kazuki’s side. However he was safe somehow.

Kazuki too stood up and faced Loki. He could sense the sounds of the others fighting far away.

“Finally you’ve risen to the stage where you can fight with a materialized Diva huh, you bastard.”

Loki said that, praising Kazuki. Between the two who were facing each other, Kaya’s voice echoed.


“I don’ really mind but, more than this and one of us is gonna die y’know. It’s likely the other side though.”

Kazuki was out of breath from his disordered magic power. The offense and defense between them were even—that was how it looked like but, the consumption of magic power was evidently intense at Kazuki’s side. That was because his fundamental magic power's total amount, and also because of the fatigue from fighting continuously since he arrived in Ise for a long time.

And then <Zekorbeni>. Certainly chanting became easier but—from the magic power that poured into his circuit that became shorter and wider without stopping, he felt that his magic power consumption was even more severe than before.

…If they continued more than this then he had to think about their way to escape. If he used [Ride Lightning] and [Deep Striker] together to escape, Loki shouldn’t have any method to pursue such speed.

“We’ve confirmed Solomon King’s growth enough! Ku-ku-ku, you guys, we’re retreating now!”

Suddenly Loki said those words that was outside of Kazuki’s expectation who right now was contriving a method to escape.

…The one who is going to retreat is these guys’ side?

The black-clothed girls who were fighting inside the compound of Ise Imperial Shrine instantly gathered below Loki.

Kazuha-senpai and Kamimura-san, also Ikousai who were fighting them gathered under Kazuki.

The black-clothed women and Kamimura-san still had a composed expression but Kazuha-senpai and Ikousai who had fought continuously was in a state of deep distress.

“Hmph, are you guys protected by Amaterasu? Even rotten, she is still a chief god huh.”

Loki said in dissatisfaction.

“Japanese Mythology’s group becomes all the more troublesome, so it’s better to just kill you off here though.”

Loki and his group headed to the entrance of Ise Imperial Shrine and turned on their heel.


Kazuki asked a question.

“Why didn’t you fight to the end…and try to kill me?”

At that time, Kazuki and Kaya should have already said their farewell.

If Kaya intended to be hostile to Kazuki, then she ought to kill Kazuki here without fail.

If inside Kaya there was still a feeling of wanting to see Kazuki….

{That’s not it, Onii-chan.}

As if betraying Kazuki’s thought, a cold voice echoed.

{Onii-chan is…onii-chan too is a cog of even more chaos. Today we just want to confirm the strength of the completed cog, that’s all. Onii-chan’s speed in raising bond and Loki’s speed in laying out scheme are equal. Our cogs are perfectly in sync with each other. That’s why chaos will be born from that. Right now things like win or loss is just unnecessary.}

After Kaya’s words, Loki was looking back at him.

“For the last, for you who now have the air of becoming a competent tactician, this trickster-sama will give you an advice. …Compared to guys who are only chasing for just one correct interpretation or essence, the guys that can lead everyone around by the nose and make things interesting no matter what roll his way is exactly the most awesome guy! Ku-ku-ku! See ya!!”

―Essence and leading around. That contrast made a greatly perturbed sensation in Kazuki’s chest, it was freezing.

With just that one sentence, an indescribable feeling of failure assaulted him.

Kazuki and his group saw off Loki’s group leaving.

“…What do you plan to do, Ikousai?”

Kazuki took a glance at Ikousai.

“What am I going to do you ask? You guys have no business at all with what I’m going to do. I’m going back to Kenshitou. …But I’m going to kill those guys without exception. After that is you. I’m also going to take back the seat of the strongest from you without fail. I’ll plunder the seat of the King of Japanese Mythology…then I’m going to plunder the power of all the Kings in the world.”

She looked exhausted, but a glaring light was still remaining in her eyes while Ikousai told him that. And then she disassembled her Magic Dress and returned to her kimono appearance before she turned her back at Kazuki and left.

The girl was an upper echelon of Kenshitou. As the strongest swordsman, in a certain meaning she should be also a symbolic existence. That girl held opposition against Loki. Moreover there, the Japanese Divas that Yamato held as their flag draw their cooperation from Yamato all at once, even more when they suffered a great defeat in Sekigahara….

With this, wouldn’t Yamato’s provisional government crumble down in tatters already?

But, Loki and Kaya’s state that was as if they were saying that they didn’t mind even if that did happen….

{The guys that can lead everyone around by the nose and make things interesting no matter what roll his way is exactly the most awesome guy.}

“…I have a bad premonition. Everyone, let’s hurry back to Japan’s territory.”

Part 6[edit]

The enemy’s horizontal formation was falling apart and scattered from each other. Akane was convinced in their victory.

“That Akane, when she can move things just as planned is absurdly strong after all! You are weak when something unexpected happens though!”

Kanon laughed brightly at the side.

That was a comment of someone that really knew her best. Akane didn’t object and returned a wry smile.

In the end, there was no soldier of Yamato that could reach the stronghold where the two were located. The two girls weren’t exposed to any kind of threat at all and everything was finished with just exchanging contact with the troops using software wireless device. The troops of Yamato were still struggling in vain but it was only a matter of time before they began to retreat. Of course Japan’s troops were taking prisoners as many as they could, they had to aim for the enemy’s total annihilation.

…Any time now they could relax their attention without any worry. Even Akane thought so.

Exactly at that time.

Akane’s software wireless device received a transmission from the channel that was specially assigned for Lotte.

{Akane-senpai…enemy’s reinforcement desu! There are a lot of magic power reaction coming with great speed!}


Akane opened her eyes wide, she froze fully around thirty seconds. Kanon who saw her state sensed that something outside expectation was happening and stole Akane’s wireless before yelling.

“From which direction, around how many enemy!?”

{Their number is unknown but, I think it’s more than 50 desu! The direction is, from north!}

“North!? Wait a second, just what kind of speed they have!? It’s not like there is rail for magic light train spread out there right!?”

Even from where Kanon was standing, she could see raising sand smoke from far beyond the distance. Something dashing here while scattering sand smoke was approaching near while its form that looked like a small dot was gradually growing bigger.

{Horse-sa[51]…it’s horse desu! They are riding horses and getting closer here!!}

Yamato’s troops artificially created the wasteland of Sekigahara.

On the top of the towering far small hill there, those silhouettes were faintly emerging.

Cavalry―rather than calling them that, they looked somewhat rustic. They were wearing yellow bandanas on their head altogether. Rather than calling them cavalry their appearance made it easier to associate them with <mounted bandit>.

Japanese knights were agitated.

Right there, a vigorous loud voice resounded as if a cannon had been fired.

“…Listen to the gracious august[52] words of the Emperor! We will announce this to friend and the savage tribe of barbarian!!”

It was a Japanese language with a somewhat broken pronunciation. For the Japanese people of the current era who almost had no chance at all to come into contact with the existence known as foreigners, this granted them the fear like someone who was encountering a strange war machine.

The one who stood in the head of the mounted bandits like a leader raised a loud voice even more.

“[Tis’ no problem][53]!! We bestowed to you the august words of the Emperor!! [Tis’ no problem] the Emperor said!! Graciously our Emperor had her noble heart pained for these xiǎo rìběn[54] whose true culture stolen by these demons of Solomon, and then to help our friend…Yamato’s provisional government from its unfavorable situation, our Emperor gave her consideration even without being called, the august Emperor pushed her overworked body pondered in plenty for a full thirteen seconds before bestowing us [the Emperor’s directly controlled squad] her prompt decision to dispatch us!! Surely that vast compassion, is exactly the spirit of China! O those who are our friend, you had better listen to this gospel! Thy peoples of savage tribe, you can be grateful for this honor of our hand reaching to you in assistance! We will make known the generous heart of China here…[tis’ no problem]!!”

The mounted bandits atop the small hill altogether “Tis’ no problem!” “Tis’ no problem!” cheered in chorus with mechanical pronunciation. For the Knight Order of Japan their appearance was just absolutely bizarre.

The mounted bandits yelled “Tis’ no problem!” while driving their horses forward, they simultaneously dashed down the hill.

Their speed was unbelievably fast.

“If the opponents are horse then…Lotte! Get near and rout the enemy!!”

Kanon replaced Akane and made the decision, she yelled into the wireless. Lotte burned out fire from [Deep Striker]’s thruster system and took off with an explosive force. She was immediately nearing the enemy and let loose a volley of gatling bullet from the sky. Its power was low as an attack magic, but it was an overkill fire power just to slaughter all the horses altogether.

“Nnn…tis’ no problem!” “Mere child’s play! Tis’ no problem!!” “Tis’ no problem!!”

The mounted bandits yelled as if welcoming the bullets. They didn’t take any single evasive action.

The bullets hit the horses―right that instant, the horses were enveloped with pure blue light *PAKIPAKIPAKIPAKI!* and repelled away the wild rain of bullets.

The mounted bandits raised their yelling voice while they kept charging without paying any heed to the gatling gun.

“The horses have magic power…!?” Akane who had petrified for a while already returned to her senses and yelled.

“…That’s not it! That’s…they are making their Enchant Aura extended until the horses! It works the same like magic sword’s mechanism!!”

For swordsmen who had piled up training, their beloved sword became something like a part of their body and the magic power that enveloped their whole body naturally became extended until the body of the sword. That was magic sword. Long range weapon like arrow and bullet couldn’t be bestowed with magic power like this but this phenomenon was the one and only reason that the swordsmen could display battle strength that stood equal with Magika Stigma in this era of magic.

Most likely these horses had the same theory applied to them. These bandits ate and slept along with their horses, earnestly piling up training of horsemanship—there was no mistake that they had reached the mental state of <Unity of rider and horse>.

Magic Cavalry―such concept was completely inexistent for Japan’s Knight Order. Hayashizaki too had pointed out the importance of mobility to Akane before but, seeing that how things like car from the tool of civilization was useless in battle of magic, she had only ever thought of mobility limited from means of Summoning Magic.

Magic power drove out science from the battlefield. If so then—how about horses. It was an idea that returned back to the age of heroes of their ancestor’s time.

At the wars that happened in the middle age, when armed forces who fought only with infantry faced a cavalry troops for the first time, how much an impact they experienced. At that time the form of war ought to be toppled over completely.

The shock of that time was once more manifested in the magic war of this era.

Akane was once again made to taste how the outlook of war tactics inside her was being overturned.

With her gatling fire ended futilely, Lotte who failed in her role as a scout made a U-turn in the sky so she didn’t receive counterattack from the enemy.

Without even paying attention to that as if it was just a small bird, the bandits formed a long formation of two verticals line while charging. Witnessing that, Akane immediately yelled.

“That’s…<vertical formation>! Everyone, put your formation in order and intercept!!”

Vertical Formation—in contrast with the most basic war formation of horizontal formation, it was a formation that formed a vertical line and charged in perpendicular. It excelled in penetrating power and easy for the troops to match their speed with their comrades so this formation possessed speed several times faster than horizontal formation.

However there was a large weak point in vertical formation. When vertical formation thrust into horizontal formation, the soldier in the head of the formation would be surrounded from the front and received attacks from left and right. Even if their mobility and penetrating power were excellent, the table would undoubtedly be turned back to them if they didn’t have a considerable surprise at their side, a double-edged formation.

“Surround them and intercept!!” Akane barely recovered her accurate judgment.

The bandits that dashed here from the small hill in one straight line averted the awareness of Japan’s Knight Order from the wounded Yamato soldiers. They formed a wall in the front and met the enemy.

The figures of the mounted bandits that descended down from the hill soon became obscured from where Akane and the others were standing in the headquarters because of the wall that their comrades formed. But from the other side of the wall, sounds and voices reverberated.

“For the sake of our Lord, sever the turbulent era with this hand…thy name is <Kansei Teikun>[55]! Highly honorable Green Dragon Crescent Blade in hand, show that chivalry!!”

“Violent person born from the hermit stone of Flower and Fruit Mountain, thy name feared even by heaven is <Seiten Taisei>[56]! Unrestricted Nyoibou[57] in hand, display a very thrilling active role!!”

Continuous sign of Access―Chinese Mythology. Once again Akane’s head became pure white.

…These guys are reinforcement army from China! The connection between Yamato and China had been sensed from the case of Hayashi Shizuka and the spy but, don’t tell me they are going to intervene so brazenly like this on another country’s domestic matter!

These guys were invited by Yamato and crossed over the Japan Sea to come here!

<Kansei Teikun> and <Seiten Taisei>. Akane who was always top in her year at mythology test naturally knew the name of these Diva.

But generally rather than their name as gods, their other names were surely far more overwhelmingly famous.

The mounted bandits and the swordsmen finally clashed.

The two who stood at the head of the bandits yelled while invoking their magic.

“My contracted Diva is Kansei Teikun! If you don’t want to suffer pointlessly, open the path at once!! …Guiding the divine will o Azure Dragon, cut open the path of faith with the inside of my hand! Green Dragon Crescent BladeSeiryuu Engetsu Tou!!”

“My contracted Diva is Son Goku! Japanese monkey is insufficient actor, open the path!! …Grasping the leading part is possible! O divine rare steel holding infinite mass, hand down the single attack with certain death to all evil! Wishes Golden Barrel PoleNyoikinkobou!”

Akane and the others couldn’t examine the state of that clash from the headquarters. But they knew that the horizontal formation was shaking like an undulating wave even from behind.

The sounds of blade and blade clashing―didn’t reach their ears at all. Only screaming was reverberating.


“Hi, he blew away a platoon altogether just with one swing…!! That’s…!!”

“Stopping something like this…they are breaking through!”

The frontline swordsmen in front of Akane were blown away, then from that crack as if Moses was splitting the sea, the two bandits from the head leaped out.

It was easy to turn the table on vertical formation―that was the story only if there was no hero leading them in the head. In this era of magic war, individuals that were a match for a thousand existed. Akane was once more made to realize that.

That was the limit of tactics.

The mounted bandits’ vertical formation broke the horizontal formation into two right in the middle and moved into [breakthrough maneuver]. They spread out as fast as the command given and attacked the Magika Stigmas in the rear who had lost the protection of the horizontal formation frontline swordsmen. Losing the reserve deployment power and control, the fighting back to hold that spot began.

The two mounted bandits who ran in the head of the formation immediately came approaching the headquarters of Akane and Kanon.

Both of them stopped their horses completely right in front of Akane and Kanon. The horses fast rush splendidly stopped as if they were communicating telepathically with their rider.

One of them held what was called as naginata in Japan with its blade part attached with a thick and heavy long, two handed sword―Seiryuu Engetsu Tou in her hand. Even while being a female the holder was a military soldier with a big build to the degree that it made the horse she rides look small.

She was wearing a Magic Dress of green colored clothes.

The other person was holding a mysterious golden pole with two golden rings adorning both its ends―a divine mysterious steel pole in one hand. The holder was a male that was extremely rare as Magika Stigma, but his age too was still looked like a young boy.

His face was painted white while wearing a Magic Dress of golden chainmail.

“Catching sight of the commander’s neck. For the sake of ending this battle speedily, I’ll receive that life of yours.”

The military woman with large build thrust her Souryuu Engetsu Tou and announced gravely.

“I don’t mind even if you resist cause it’s more interesting that way ze.”

The young boy with small build thrust his pole of divine mysterious steel and smiled complacently.

Akane who was weak in unexpected situation froze. To cover for Akane, Kanon stood in front of her, but she too was a type that could only display her true worth when she was protected by the vanguard.

In front of the heroes of China, the young two commanding officers had their everything taken away already and their spines felt cold.

Part 7[edit]

Strangely Kazuki was not surprised and understood in no time at all. …This is the troops of China.

While carrying Kazuha-senpai and Kamimura-san at both sides, Kazuki traversed through the sky using [Deep Striker]. Reinforcing his eye sight with magic power, he caught the figures of the mounted bandits plunging into the horizontal formation at the battlefield far away.

Right now, if there was an unknown butting in on this battlefield―if he thought back to the sequence of events with Hayashi Shizuka then there was nobody else that could be here except Chukadou.

He could see a duo of mounted bandits rushing through to figures that looked like Akane-senpai and Kanon-senpai.

“Kazuki! Hurry, they are in danger so hurry-!”

Kazuha-senpai who was being carried in Kazuki’s right arm yelled animatedly. However even if he was told to hurry he couldn’t raise the speed of this magic even further. After all Kazuki too was in the same feeling and he had already in his maximum speed.

“Kazuki, after you get closer a little more then just throw me and Kamimura-san! Like missiles!”

“…Eh, you are also going to treat me roughly like that…? Just wai-, high place is scary so…”

Watching Akane-senpai and Kanon-senpai being held in the tips of the weapons of two mounted bandits, Kazuki nodded his head on that proposal so that he could rescue them for even a second faster.

“I understand!”

With Kazuki getting closer from the sky―the two bandits noticed him and looked up his way.

Kazuki calculated the timing and yelled.

“…Kazuha-senpai missile firing!!”

He threw Kazuha-senpai that he held in his right arm with all his strength from the sky. “YOSSHA―!!” Raising an excited voice, Kazuha-senpai flew like a streak of meteor.

“Mikafutsu no Mitama!!”

While flying she created Take Mikadzuchi’s steel sword in her hand. Keeping that momentum―she slashed at the large military woman. That one attack that raised a thunderous roar like a falling lightning was blocked solidly with the long large blade―Seiryuu Engetsu Tou that the military woman raised with both her hands. The Seiryuu Engetsu Tou grasped firmly with both hands shook in clatters. Kazuha-senpai was repelled away and landed on the ground with a hop.

“…An attack like lightning…excellent performance! Is this Japan’s samurai…interesting, I ask you to be my opponent.”

The military woman looked down on Kazuha-senpai, who took a stance with her Mikafutsu no Mitama, from on top the horse.

―Without a moment’s delay Kazuki threw away one more person.

“I’m sorry Kamimura-san but please go…Kamimura-san missile firing!!”

“Why are you doing such heartless thingssssssssssssssssss!?”

This time he was using both his hands, moreover Kamimura-san was light so she was easy to throw.

While becoming teary-eyed, Kamimura-san too flew like a falling star and crashed around in front of the small build young boy bandit. With the backlash from the defensive magic power she bounced away *boing* from the ground.

While bouncing away like a rubber ball, Kamimura-san also invoked her magic.

“…Ringing clear sound o thread of life, resonance with that soul, tied that body and become a barrier! Yasakani no Magatama[58]Eight Gate BindingYachimon Shibari!”

From Kamimura-san’s hand, a large ring expanded. It was a long ring that went through a lot of magatama[59].

When the magatama that were went through clattered and clashed with each other raising *chirin!* sounds, that ring suddenly converged inward and restrained the body of the young bandit.

“What’s with this ring! If you want to bind me then you need something like what priest Sanzo’s had ze!”

The restrained young bandit put his strength in an attempt to tear apart the ring. Undauntedly Kamimura-san continued to pour her magic power into the ring of magatama. Power of sealing competed against power of opposing.

They managed to avert the attack toward Akane-senpai and Kanon-senpai just in a hair's breadth.

―Right at that timing Kazuki flew there late. He hardened his charging posture and prepared his Japanese katana then he took a nose dive with [Deep Striker]. He aimed at the young bandit whose movement was sealed, but the large build military woman reacted first.


The nose dive with terrific speed and power was blocked by the military woman with her Seiryuu Engetsu Tou. The instant the Japanese katana and Seiryuu Engetsu Tou came in contact, Kazuki sensed the [element that hosted the power of wind] in the sword blade of Seiryuu Engetsu Tou.

The combination of the military woman’s power, technique, and power of wind surpassed the pressure of Kazuki’s nose dive. She succeeded in blocking Kazuki’s momentum. She diverted the direction of Kazuki’s thrust diagonally and his katana was buried deeply into the ground after having its target slipped away. Blue light of magic power shone from the energy of crashing.

Kazuki cancelled the [Deep Striker] on his back and leaped back while pulling out his katana from the ground.

The large military woman adjusted her slightly disordered stance and glared at Kazuki and Kazuha-senpai.

“Looked down as worthless o great fallen angel, with right eye of rage and left eye of fury crush the light of ostentation! Divinity CollapseDead Asset!!”

Under the chaotic battle situation, Kanon-senpai was not just being dumbfounded and accomplished her spell chanting.

A beautiful fallen angel with her whole body burning in blue flame―Belial’s avatar emerged out.

While laughing, with a dreadful expression in fury, Belial glared at the Sacred Treasures―Seiryuu Engetsu Tou and Nyoikinkobou that the large military woman and the small young boy held in their hand.

Right that instant, without even a sound the Sacred Treasures disappeared.

That was a magic that annihilated Sacred Treasure that was created from magic power.

Immediately Kazuha-senpai slashed at the military woman with Mikafutsu no Mitama. The military woman that was struck with surprise attack was hard pressed to react and received that one blow. “…guhh !?” She raised her voice and that large body was reeling.

Running off while her horse neighed, she took some distance from Kazuha-senpai.

Kazuki looked over his surrounding. Akane-senpai was rescued, but right now everywhere in Japan’s formation horse neighing and hoof steps sounded and the soldiers was falling into great pandemonium.

For the other mounted bandits to not come near here, was surely because they held faith in these two people who seemed to be their leaders that even with unexpected intruders appearing their leaders would be fine.

“Communicate your heart to god, fill the mind shell to my Genshin[60]! Learning Buddhist teaching the rock monkey carry the ecstasy to the extremes right here, invite the haughty great man! Houten Shouchi[61]Three Heads Six Arms Sanmen Roppi!!”

The small body of the young bandit that was restrained by Kamimura-san’s ring was overlapped with a giant avatar that looked half transparent. That avatar gradually began to materialize and pushing open persistently the restraining ring.

The giant spread its six arms radially and finally tore apart the binding spell with a snapping sound.

“We are going, Sanmen Roppi’s specialty is exactly this kind of thing!”

The half-transparent giant that enveloped the young boy owned three faces, those three faces glared angrily at Kazuha-senpai, Kamimura-san, and Kanon-senpai. It swung its long six arms around like a storm and bashed those three people. Kazuha-senpai who had the knowledge of martial arts dodged it somehow, but Kamimura-san and Kanon-senpai were bashed away by the giant.

{―Even more magic power is approaching desu!}

Lotte’s voice rang out from the wireless of Akane-senpai who was standing stock still dumbfounded.

“…There is still more additional reinforcement coming from China you say!?”

Kanon-senpai who was bashed away by the young boy stood up while raising a yell.

Muu…don’t tell me those bunches are coming along!?”

But the one who became agitated was not only Kazuki, for some reason the large military woman was also shaken.

*DODODODODO!* From far away sand cloud was rising up and the sounds of horse’s hoofs became audible.

And then something was rushing here from the same route where the mounted bandits arrived before from beyond the small hill.

That figure was—again different from the mounted bandits that came before.

All the members were wearing matching sleeveless undergarment that was pure black from up to down, it was a jet black group.

“There is no righteousness of Taoism in Chukadou!”

The jet black cavalry raised such voice.

“For the order of Asia, we of <Ryouzanpaku[62]> is reinforcing Japan!”

The group of black knight shined blue magic power light while barging into the battlefield. The mounted bandits left the knights of Japan as is and showed movement of going to intercept the black knight.

Japan and Yamato, and then mounted bandit and black group―for two wars to be exchanged in one battlefield….

“O emissary of heaven’s decree, let’s announce right now the end of the era of heaven’s decree! Thy name is <Taikoubou>! O sealed move of soul, carve that name!!”

The person in the lead of the black-clothed knights performed Access. Beside her an avatar of an old hermit emerged. Her black clothes disintegrated, transforming into a Magic Dress that looked like a loose clothes of China’s Taoism garment carved with a complex pattern. The one who put on that Magic Dress on her body was a woman with darkish skin.

That hand of hers was wrapped with even more light of magic power.

“Change that soul into stamping out whip of god! Awaken the surge of genshin’s disturbance right here…Gods Hitting WhipDashinben!”

What was created from the light and grasped was around a one meter long pole of plain wood.

Just with a glance it didn’t look like a powerful weapon. But when she directed it to an empty space and swung it, something like an undulating shockwave was created. That wave motion spread out far and wide in the battlefield.

When the wave motion transmitted until where Kazuki was, Kazuki felt the sensation like his head had gotten hit with a thump. At the same time the spell that he was in the middle of chanting dispersed completely from the vibration.

That happened not only to Kazuki. It seemed that all the Magika Stigmas around him were going through something similar with him―a Sacred Treasure that disturbed spell chanting without questioning whether one was ally or enemy. Just like Nyarlathotep’s magic.

But for Kazuki and the others that was not a bad effect. When the Summoning Magic of the bandits were chanting dispersed, the swordsmen who were kept done in one-sidedly until now didn’t miss that opening and resolutely slashed their katana. Even the avatar of Sanmen Roppi that overlapped with the body of the small young boy undulated in vibration and vanished.

“We are retreating! While we are receiving guidance to Yamato’s base from Yamato’s soldiers, we are going to support the retreat of Yamato as the rear guard!!”

The soldiers of Yamato urged by that voice finally began their retreat. Their rear was protected by the bandit soldiers while the mysterious black-clothed knights who came from behind pursued them.

“Let’s pull back too. Our side’s damage is also really great.”

Kanon-senpai urged Akane-senpai who was still being in a slight shock.

The knights whose formation had collapsed was lost whether they should pursue ahead the retreating troops of Yamato or should they just see them off, they were each in the state of going to take decision by themselves.

“Retreat!” Before that could happen, Akane-senpai let out a clear command.

Yamato’s troops together with the mounted bandits were becoming more distant. The black-clothed knights who were trying to attack while pursuing sensed Japan’s knights’ retreat and returned back this way. With a beautiful two lines vertical formation, the black clothed knight determined that Akane-senpai and Kanon-senpai were the commanding officers and came around this way.

“You all need our reinforcement. Add us in your war front.”

The dark-skinned woman who moved at the head of the group announced with one-sided tone of talking.

“We are the liberator of east Asia, <Ryouzanpaku>. With the [True Daoism] as the first in line, the Mythologies of east Asia were making alliance and opposed the rule of Chukadou―we are the resistance.”

Epilogue – Archipelago of Chaos[edit]

“The King?...It’s you?”

The person called as the head of <Ryouzanpaku> that had been invited into the command room looked at Kazuki with her eyes wide open.

When the black clothes she wore was seen from nearby, it was an outfit that consisted of a field jacket and short pants. It felt like a practical military uniform, but with the zip of the jacket around her neck largely opened, she also looked somewhat rough.

That girl of a leader held her hand at her mouth and looked around the command room with sharp eyes. She possessed a wild beauty with her skin that had darkish color from sunburn, but her eyes and expression were rational.

The other girl with short stature that accompanied the head of Ryouzanpaku turned to Kazuki with blinking eyes.

“Hee―! So the <BasilleusKing> in this country is something like a man-!?”

When the girl that felt like she was the one that was worn by her black clothes approached Kazuki casually, she caught hold of Kazuki’s cheek and stretched it apart *munyuu* while smirking. Rather than calling it innocence, it was a behavior that looked down on Kazuki somewhere.

“Stop it, that’s rude.” The leader girl let out a sharp voice.

“But this is strange yeah! Someone feeble like man to be some King!!”

“Son Shouryuu of Chukadou who is contracted with Sun Wukong is also a man you know.”

“That’s an exception right! There is no way there are a lot of monsters like that out there!”

Listening those words, Akane-senpai came out forward readily in that place because of something that she couldn’t just overlook.

“This person is by no means weak. As far as I know this person is the strongest person in this country.”

Hearing that unexpected words, Kazuki reflexively stared fixedly at the side face of Akane-senpai.

“Hee―!? Is that true, that’s unbelievable huh, I want to test that claim!”

When the short-statured girl said that, she separated her hands from Kazuki’s cheek, then she lowered her left leg sharply behind and leaned her center of gravity there. She lightly floated her right leg. At the same time she opened her armpit and put both her hands right in front of her face.

Martial arts―this is, the stance of <Muay Thai>.

“Cut it out, Silirat! …Our apologies. The one who takes the command of Japanese Knight Order in this place, there is no mistake that it is you isn’t it? Rather than this King here, you are the superior officer aren’t you?”

While the leader girl caught hold of the neck of the girl called Silirat tightly and dragged her beside her, she turned around to face Regiment Commander Yamagata that stood in front of the desk of the command room.

Kazuki and Akane-senpai had come to the place of Commander Yamagata where they discussed the infiltration mission and war information before.

At the same time they also led the leader of the mysterious group who had trespassed into the battle and the room was made into a place of meeting.

The first thing that came out from the mouth of the girl was asking if “Will the King of this country come here?”

“Yes, that’s true. I’m Shizuoka Regiment Commander, Yamagata Koyata.”

“Eh!? You lie right!? The number one important person is a geezer with withered magic power like this…”

Against the yelling Silirat that opened her eyes wide roundly, that girl who was the leader held her partner in her arm and blocked Silirat’s mouth.

“…Pardon my shitty idiot’s impoliteness. Looks like our cultures are really different somehow, so she is feeling confused. Please forgive her.”

“Why do we have to behave that modestly here, our position is the one that came to help them right!?”

“Shut it, shitty idiot. …Think about the future after this. Our position is one where we have to get their cooperation.”

For an instant, her rational atmosphere until now vanished like a mask and she glared at the girl called Silirat with rough eyes.

The leader girl turned around to Kazuki and put back a friendly smile on her face.

“…I am Ryouzanpaku’s rank number one, Roshoukou[63]. My contracted Diva is [Taikoubou].”[64]

“I am the rank three, Silirat Denkaosen! My contracted Diva is [Shiva]!”

“In Ryouzanpaku we have never called each other with surname, so please call our names with Shouko and Silirat.”

“…Sorry but, what is Ryouzanpaku?” Commander Yamagata asked.

“You don’t know anything about us?” Shouko-san asked back.

“With my position as a regimental commander of a region, I really don’t get much information about the international state of affairs. I just know to the extent that Chukadou is making troubles here and there in Asia.”

“About Chukadou piling up cross-national troubles here and there showily is the story just a little before this, right now most countries are already in the process of yielding to Chukadou. These few years, the process of making Asia as their vassal states had progressed rapidly. That’s because there is also the matter that the ruling of Chukadou in practice became known to be really not that severe.”

“Hou…so you mean there are some countries that wish to become vassal state voluntarily.”

“Well, the number of countries that think the ruling of China is not as bad as one would have other believe is increasing. Even if they are made to be a vassal state, a humane livelihood for the people is still guaranteed by Chukadou. A few hours of alchemy labor in a day is levied to the people but…”

“Alchemy labor?”

“Simple alchemy labors are levied to the people. Possessing vast territory, in Chukadou who was left with deep ravages of environment destruction from the previous era, work for resources production and environment normalization using alchemy are not lacking. For that sake, enormous magic power is needed. There, the people of the vassal state that can use simple alchemy technique if they are trained are made to work without payment until they used up all their magic power.”

“I think that’s severe enough a treatment already.” Commander Yamagata scowled his face.

“Is that so? For you to think so…Japan is a really wealthy country isn’t it.”

With the blessing of alchemy, the world became abundant with material resources to the degree that had never been seen before in history until now. That happening was one of the factors that made it easy to sever the diplomatic relations in the world, so he was told before.

But it seemed it didn’t really go that fortunately for China.

“Well, just alchemy labor is really not that bad, but there is one more obligation levied to the conquered people, and that obligation is the one that we viewed as a problem. That is the obligation of [assimilation]. The country and people that become the vassal country of Chukadou has to discard their language and mythology that they have until now as uncivilized barbarian culture, and they are burdened with obligation to assimilate the culture of Chukadou and faith of Sinocentrism.”

Culture invasion―In the era where material resources were abundant, invasion now aimed for integration of culture and mythology.

“Most of the countries in Asia had completely accepted becoming China’s vassal country. However we don’t want to recognize that. We don’t want to lose the culture and mythology passed from generation to generation. People who thought such things separated from their motherland and gathered together and began activity of continuing to resist at any cost, that’s what we are.”

“You said faith to Sinocentrism but…Chukadou should be a Taoism country right?”

When Commander Yamagata said that, Shoukou-san shook her head in denial exaggeratedly.

“Their Taoism is just a sham. There is this phenomenon where Mythology produced distortion because of human’s perception…I don’t understand the theory but, currently, the Taoism Divas that are being contracted with Chukadou has gone astray from the original Taoism and becoming existences that are dyed with Sinocentrism.”

Nyarlathotep’s Cthulhu Mythos and Amaterasu’s Japanese Mythology too were weakened from human’s influence. So Taoism Mythology was also completely changed until they had become different things by some sort of influence.

“In the first place, Taoism is not a type of teaching that forces religious belief. Taikoubou whom I’m contracted with is a rare Taoism Diva that leaves behind his original form. On the contrary, Taikoubou is entrusted with the exact opposite heaven’s decree. That is…passing down the end of the age where Divas are ruling over humans. When the era where Magic Advanced Countries that had been reduced into religious countries were quarreling with each other and Mythologies are unified arrive…human’s soul will be lost. That has to be prevented. That’s what Taikoubou said. We began to move to realize Taikoubou’s heaven’s decree and gathered comrades.”

“For me[65]…it’s not like I fully consent with Taikoubou-san’s thinking though. I’m just cooperating to overthrow Chukadou. At any rate, doing something about China[66] is the priority.”

Silirat who was contracted with Shiva whispered with small voice.

“India, Vietnam, Philippines…Asia’s various countries and ethnic groups’ Magika Stigmas who can fight were gathering under me. Everyone have different faith to their each crumbling apart Mythologies, but we are united with our feeling of not wanting to lose their culture and the objective of defeating Chukadou. We are occupying an island in southeast Asia <Ryouzanpaku>, with that island as our stronghold we began our opposition against Chukadou[67]. …We don’t belong to any country and we are not a part of any military but, we are a ruffianpicaresque group baring our fang and fighting against an enormous Order as our opponent…my explanation take a little detour, but what is called Ryouzanpaku is that kind of bunches!”

Shoukou-san talked with a hearty tone as if giving a peek to a honest personality.

“Picaresque group of Ryouzanpaku―however why are you here in Japan then?”

Kazuki asked. Of course that was surely because a confrontation between Japan and China had come out however….

Commander Yamagato continued as if supplementing Kazuki’s question.

“While rude but Ryouzanpaku is still a small private organization. In a conflict between fellow Magic Advanced Countries…to stick your nose in the middle of a conflict that might disturb the balance of the world should require no small amount of determination. Why have you arrived with the decision of taking such bold actions?”

“…We had known already that the day will surely arrive before long where Chukadou is going to antagonize another Magic Advanced Country and disturb the balance of the world. But we predicted that it would be a conflict with Europe. We had schemed that we will rampage from Chukadou’s behind when they enter conflict with Europe. Nevertheless before that can happen the turn of affairs developed into a conflict between Japan and Chukadou. Our stronghold is located in an island of southeast Asia…almost right in the middle between Japan and Chukadou. For the balance of the world to crumble to be centered in east Asia is pretty bad. For us, if the balance doesn’t crumble in a little more inconspicuous place then…”

“So before you get mixed up in this and get crushed…you are trying to enter Japan’s camp?”

“Our reason is something like that. If Japan is weak then we are only going to share our lot with one another, but from the start we are a desperate group. Thereupon right after when we make up our mind, the unit right under the direct control of Chukadou’s Emperor had entered the harbor of Yamato using ship, so we too chased after them…We were making face that we are also reinforcement from Chukadou and attempted to enter this country using that excuse. We failed, you see. We have a lot of people from the south so they suspected the color of our skin. Can’t be helped so we made a riot in the harbor…After that we were a little late so we made you receive our assistance in the battle. I think if we rushed here faster the damage could be suppressed, I have no excuse for that.”

The damage was not small. There were some knights that fell into magic intoxication and taken along by the mounted bandits as [prisoner] in great numbers. Of course Japan obtained more prisoners from Yamato than what was taken from them but….

“Chukadou said that Yamato is the legitimate government of Japan and sent reinforcement, but this is that country’s same old way of doing things. Intervening in domestic problem like this, then they are going to make Yamato as puppet administration from the position of a patron, finally they will insist their own privilege little by little…. They first start from fabricating a just cause. Japan will enter a battle against a mighty enemy called Chukadou in the end without fail.”

Shouko-san talked about the threat of Chukadou exaggeratedly as if persuading Commander Yamagata.

That was for the sake of setting up an alliance of cooperation with Japan, but―,

“We can become a considerable battle strength. We should be able to become a kindred soul that fights for the same objective.”

“Most likely it cannot be that simple though.”

Commander Yamagata said it clearly.

“Japan is the balancer of the seven large Advanced Magic Countries. Just because China meddled here, doesn’t mean that we can immediately form an opposing organization and counterattack. First there is the necessity to let out a statement directed to the world. That our side is the victim, such statement like that.”

“And then if beside you there is us who are an active anti-Chukadou organization it will be inconvenient for you, that’s what you want to say.”

“Most likely this won’t go like what you thought, where the development will immediately become a full collision between the two countries. First there will be a ceasefire of war with Yamato…. And then other Magic Advanced Countries will dispatch investigation teams to Japan to determine which one between Japan and Yamato has the legitimacy, surely the course of events will develop like that. It seems until now there was something like this happened, where the Magic Advanced Countries dispatched investigation teams to the quarrel of other countries.”

“Aah, certainly before the weak countries in Europe get protected like now as a provincial territory country, each time there were troubles a third country would investigate, and then they seemed to open things like international conference don’t they?”

Shouko-san nodded. With a cautious expression, Commander Yamagata continued his prediction of the future.

“This is the first time there is trouble between fellow Advanced Magic Country. Most likely all of the other Magic Advanced Countries will dispatch their investigation team to this Japan archipelago. Then won’t an international conference never seen before in history where all the Magic Advanced Countries attend get opened? If in that place the opinion of the Magic Advanced Counties get split up whether Japan is more suited or Yamato is, this Japan archipelago might become the stage for a world war. If we don’t avoid that much…”

The legitimacy for governing this country…naturally without even investigated it was clear that Japan was in the right.

On the other side of that thought, Kazuki recalled one fact. ―If he didn’t make Aisu Ikousai and Susanoo completely submit then he was not a true King of Japanese Mythology.

“…When it becomes like that, if there is a [stimulant] like an organization of anti-Chukadou in your side, you won’t know what kind of influence it will bring about. But Commander-san, imperfect as we are, you won’t just act ungrateful and chase out us who was your benefactor that helped you from the pinch in the previous fight just like that right? Ruffian like us hate such things the most you knowww…”

Shoukou-san who had maintained her smiles all along suddenly had that expression vanish. A shuddering glint in the eye threatened Commander Yamagata. Commander Yamagata unintentionally faltered at that.

“…Well, I don’t have the authority to decide what we are going to do. What I said just now is also just my own arbitrary prediction.”

“But you have the power to influence the decision by putting a good word to the big shots up there don’t you? We wish for that to…”

―At that time the extension telephone on top of the desk in the command room rang. Commander Yamagata took the phone.

“What? …What do you say? …Understood, please enter[68].”

After exchanging one and two words, Commander Yamagata put the telephone device back. Someone whom the commander talked to using polite language?

“Hayashizaki Kazuki, sorry but open the lock of the door.”

“Whom did that call come from?” Kazuki asked while approaching the door.

“It’s the Einherjar. Eleonora Abendroth.”

Eleonora―suddenly Kazuki felt an anxiety.

“Commander, is this room soundproofed?”

“…Of course it’s soundproof. No matter how much you strengthened your hearing with magic power, it’s impossible to eavesdrop from the corridor.”

Most likely Eleonora is a personage coming to Japan that doubled as a spy. Kazuki opened the door while being relieved from the commander’s reply, then he invited Eleonora to enter the room.

“Thank you very much for your permission to enter the room. There are two urgent reports I need to tell.”

Wearing Einherjar uniform, Eleonora talked with her usual calm expressionless look.

“Eh!? She is not Japanese!” Silirat raised a surprised voice.

“What in the world is…?” The commander urged her.

“Beatrix Baumgard had wakened up just now. The person herself vehemently request to meet face to face with Hayashizaki Kazuki…. I’m looking if Hayashizaki Kazuki is in this room.”

“Beatrix is…!?” Kazuki spontaneously raised his voice.

At that time *DOZUDOZUDOZU!* footsteps was running after here.

“Oi Erii, don’t just go ahead by your own! I already said that I’m also going together to Kazuki’s place you hear!! Where is it, is it here―! Wrong place, this is the toilet. Is it here―!!”

Along with a voice Beatrix in a pajama appearance leaped inside from the door that was left opened.

“Captain, I told you already to please keep resting in your bed right!? I’m going to take Hayashizaki Kazuki along to your room after all!”

Eleonora raised a yelling voice. But Beatrix ignored that and,

“Kazuki!” When she discovered Kazuki in the room, she rushed over to him with her eyes shining.

“Kazuki! …Muu…I wanted to meet you but, when I’m facing you face to face like this without any business at all, that, I don’t understand at all what to do! Right now I didn’t bring any sword…”

As if searching for words, Beatrix fidgeted around in front of Kazuki. Beatrix in her pajama making a ruckus in high tension strangely felt like a lovely [girl].

“…Long time no see is it, Beatrix-chan.”

Right that instant, Beatrix’s white skin was colored bright red, a splendidly large heart mark came flying. ..’That’s huge’, it was a largeness that reflexively made him astonished.

Because right now he was in the state of cooperation with Beatrix, he could see her positivity level alteration.

“Be, be be be Beatrix, ch-ch-ch-chan you said!? You bastard, so you finally recognized me as a cute girl…! What are you saying suddenly making a surprise attack like that!!”

At that time Kazuki instinctively felt a danger and took a back-step in panic.

At the spot where Kazuki’s shoulder was located an instant before *FUUUUN!!* Beatrix’s fist was passing through with terrific force. It was a swing that was really close with a right hook of a heavy class boxer.

Is this that…? The behavior of an embarrassed girl punching the shoulder repeatedly?

So it became like this when Beatrix-chan was doing a [shy shoulder punch]….

“Why are you dodging…?” Beatrix hung her head down dejectedly and turned her eyes upward in dissatisfaction.

“That’s because the power is just too high…” Kazuki answered while shuddering.

“What’s with these guys…” Shouko-san was drawing back with plain tone of voice.

“Captain Beatrix.” Eleonora called out Beatrix with coldly penetrating tone of voice.

“The situation had changed. Please don’t support Hayashizaki Kazuki too much. From now on we have to watch the situation intently and reconsider once again from an objective position.”

“Mu, has something happened while I was unconscious?”

Eleonora ignored that question. First she took a glance at Kazuki, after that she turned around to Commander Yamagata.

“This is the second report. Due to Chukadou’s intervention, the war between Japan and Yamato become something that might bring chaos to the world’s order. That’s why…”

“The three of us Einherjar that stay in Japan, from today will completely cancel our cooperation arrangement with Japan. Which of the governments possess the legitimacy of this archipelago’s sovereignty…to ascertain that we are turning over into an [investigation team].”

What she was saying, wasn’t it really just like what Commander Yamagata said before this.

…This girl, as expected she had heard the conversation from before hadn’t she?

“…I completely don’t get the situation…. What’s this? What is happening?”

Beatrix was looking at Eleonora and Kazuki alternately while losing her bearing. Suddenly her cheeks were dyed red thinking of something. “I don’t get it but, is this love that is torn apart because of position…Kazuki and I are just like Romeo and Juliet huh…”

‘For some reason it seems inside this girl’s brain I am the one that is made to be the Juliet’, Kazuki thought.

―The Magic Advanced Countries started to move. This Japan archipelago was turned into a stage of chaos.

At that time Kazuki recalled Loki’s words. That guy’s objective for involving China was to drag the seven large Magic Advanced Countries into this.

[The guy that can make things interesting no matter what roll his way is exactly the most awesome guy.]


“Eh…Is Amaterasu in Ise Imperial Shrine or Izumo Grand Shrine, which one is it? …Izumo Grand Shrine?”

When I said such thing, I received a tsukkomi “It’s Ise Imperial Shrine you know!” from CHuN-san and the others in the other side of the sea. This is the no good Japanese person, Mihara Mitsuki. But the editor in charge Kodama-san ignored it too, you know.

The stage in this volume is Ise Imperial Shrine. At any rate it is the top holy land of Japan so “Making this kind of misunderstanding and keep writing following my perception like this mustn’t be done” like that, I focused my mind and went for a trip to Ise for collecting data. It was not playing, until the very end I was collecting data.

When I became like that Mihara Mitsuki is a Super Follower of new Fad Light Novel Author, so when I do “Something that is really indeed like an author” I have the nature where my tension becomes an ecstasy. Finally when I boast about my collecting data trip to my fellow author, they went “Then I too am going to write about shrine through my book so I’m coming along” “Ah, then me too” and bunches that are taking advantage started coming out.

"Refreshing Prince" Sagara Sou and "I-got-hit-by-a-truck-hard" Asano Hajime.

Inside my heart I was going “Don’t get in my way these bastards” like that, but if I went against these two popular authors then I won’t be able to work for the second time in MF Bunko J, so “Waa―, if we go together with everyone like this it’s going to be fun right desu―” there is no other way than welcoming them wholeheartedly.

[The steady collecting data trip of an author that doesn’t sell] changed completely into [the ‘isn’t it great?’ Ise pilgrimage group of three idiots]. It already wasn’t bound to be a diligent trip.

Even so, for the sake of undergoing an academic trip, I went “It might be good you guys, the architectural style of Ise Imperial Shrine…” directing the conversation topic into an academic thing like that, but those two ignored all that and went about things like “Amaterasu is a little girl isn’t she” “A hikikomori little girl right” and fell into a daze of turning Amaterasu into a moe-chara. In this kind of holy place, what an impolite bunches toward Amaterasu-sama these guys are. …But it was a really valuable idea, so I finally used [the hikikomori little girl goddess Amaterasu].

Even when I was seriously taking pictures of the surrounding scenery with my camera on top of the ferry, the two of them were throwing feed to the gulls at my sides and laughed like they are going to die. For some reason it really made my stomach boil and I was going to say some complaint, but Sagara-sensei was surrounded by gulls and his smiling face looked like he was having a blast like an innocent kid so in the end I didn’t say anything. …Sagara-sensei at that time strangely looked cute, so I made a heroine that did a completely similar action like that without any change in it.

I planned to burn my fighting spirit and collected data, but even the book itself turned completely into stupid contents like “writing infiltration operation while read as a date”, so the fact that I relaxed the burden from my shoulder and the travel changed into a fun trip might have became a plus for the book. Because of such things, my thanks for both Sagara Sou-sensei and Asano Hajime-sensei. Bu, but it’s not like I’m a particularly good friends with those two or anything okay! And then for CHuN-san and others of FriendlyLand, thank you very much for the wonderful illustration. Sea! And then swimsuit!! I’m very sorry for my late manuscript…. Thank you very much too for the editor Kodama-san for your guidance. And then most of all, to the everyone of you readers, thank you very much as usual! I’m happy if you enjoy this volume!

Mihara Mitsuki

Translator's Notes & References[edit]

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  3. Being crowded together. Dumpling in Japan is usually skewered together where the dumplings were pressed against each other.
  4. Phoenix Wright reference I think
  5. The meaning of this word is Ass Shake Shake, if anyone can think of a better name feel free to edit this.
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  7. Shinobu always talked in polite language.
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  14. Swallow Reversal, Sasaki Kojiro’s secret technique
  15. Female diver who collects shells, seaweed, etc.
  16. The auntie is speaking with some kind of local dialect here. [Should be Mie dialect; they are in Mie, after all]
  17. These locals also talk with really heavy accent.
  18. This is the word they used in Japan that means visit to the Ise Imperial Shrine.
  19. Oomikami means god. It’s a more honorable way to refer to gods in Japan
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  31. Shinmei Dzukuri is a unique phrase in Japan. Shinmei here can refer to Amaterasu or god. While Shinmei Dzukuri means building a shrine with an architecture style based on that of Ise Imperial Shrine. So the meaning of the phrase in the brackets here is that the building that Kazuki and co are seeing is the originator of all the Ise style shrines throughout Japan.
  32. Construction of a new shrine and transfer of the enshrined objects from the old to the new, occurring at a regular, preordained time
  33. Yomotsu Hirasaka is a hill where it can lead to Yomi (world of the dead) in Japanese Myth.
  34. The heavens
  35. The two titles there are said in English
  36. Ratio of total height to length of the head
  37. Udon, a type of noodle. Oji-san mean mister or uncle or old man
  38. This shark guy always adds -same in the end of his sentences. Same mean shark in Japanese.
  39. Same as the shark, Udon-ojisan also adds -oo in the end of his sentences.
  40. Japanese soy sauce
  41. Person who is satisfied with his or her real (offline) life
  42. It’s unclear whether the crime meant here is a real crime or the crime of riajuu being damn riajuu
  43. Kuso here means shit while the kora is from the word collage. In Japan this is a term for a collage image that is like shit. Shit in the sense that the image has unclear or negative meanings.
  44. Might be late for this, But Itsuki speaks with the style of a refined lady. Yatagarasu speaks with polite language. While when she first appeared Itsuki spoke like an energetic girl
  45. She is talking in English here
  46. This is the name of the god even before Izanami and Izanagi.
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  51. Lotte is about to call a horse as horse-san here. Usually kid in Japan add honorifics in animal name when they are excited.
  52. This bolded words is marking their broken pronunciation. In the raw novel, the author used katakana for the end of the sentence instead of hiragana to impress that the person talking here sounds a little choppy, I use bolded words here to imitate the author.
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  58. The grand jewel or string of jewels; one of the three Imperial regalia
  59. Comma-shaped jewels
  60. This should mean soul. Seems like this is some phrase for China. The original kanji is元神. Chinese reader, if your recognize this feel free to edit.
  61. Journey to the West in magic name
  62. Place of assemblage for the bold and ambitious
  63. Lu Shang Ziang in China. But the author here give the Japanese reading.
  64. Roshoukou here talked using polite language with Kazuki and others while talking casually with Silirat.
  65. Silirat refer to herself using ‘ore’, usually this word is only used by male to refer to himself
  66. Not a mistake, the author use China and Chukadou alternately
  67. Just realize this myself after this far, but Chuka is one way of saying China in Japan, while dou is how you read Tao or Taoism in Japan. So I guess translating Chukadou will be Chinesetao, or something. I’ll just keep typing it Chukadou. Forgive this incompetent translator.
  68. Here at first he was talking with casual language and suddenly he switched into polite language.
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