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“Eh…Is Amaterasu in Ise Imperial Shrine or Izumo Grand Shrine, which one is it? …Izumo Grand Shrine?”

When I said such thing, I received a tsukkomi “It’s Ise Imperial Shrine you know!” from CHuN-san and the others in the other side of the sea. This is the no good Japanese person, Mihara Mitsuki. But the editor in charge Kodama-san ignored it too, you know.

The stage in this volume is Ise Imperial Shrine. At any rate it is the top holy land of Japan so “Making this kind of misunderstanding and keep writing following my perception like this mustn’t be done” like that, I focused my mind and went for a trip to Ise for collecting data. It was not playing, until the very end I was collecting data.

When I became like that Mihara Mitsuki is a Super Follower of new Fad Light Novel Author, so when I do “Something that is really indeed like an author” I have the nature where my tension becomes an ecstasy. Finally when I boast about my collecting data trip to my fellow author, they went “Then I too am going to write about shrine through my book so I’m coming along” “Ah, then me too” and bunches that are taking advantage started coming out.

"Refreshing Prince" Sagara Sou and "I-got-hit-by-a-truck-hard" Asano Hajime.

Inside my heart I was going “Don’t get in my way these bastards” like that, but if I went against these two popular authors then I won’t be able to work for the second time in MF Bunko J, so “Waa―, if we go together with everyone like this it’s going to be fun right desu―” there is no other way than welcoming them wholeheartedly.

[The steady collecting data trip of an author that doesn’t sell] changed completely into [the ‘isn’t it great?’ Ise pilgrimage group of three idiots]. It already wasn’t bound to be a diligent trip.

Even so, for the sake of undergoing an academic trip, I went “It might be good you guys, the architectural style of Ise Imperial Shrine…” directing the conversation topic into an academic thing like that, but those two ignored all that and went about things like “Amaterasu is a little girl isn’t she” “A hikikomori little girl right” and fell into a daze of turning Amaterasu into a moe-chara. In this kind of holy place, what an impolite bunches toward Amaterasu-sama these guys are. …But it was a really valuable idea, so I finally used [the hikikomori little girl goddess Amaterasu].

Even when I was seriously taking pictures of the surrounding scenery with my camera on top of the ferry, the two of them were throwing feed to the gulls at my sides and laughed like they are going to die. For some reason it really made my stomach boil and I was going to say some complaint, but Sagara-sensei was surrounded by gulls and his smiling face looked like he was having a blast like an innocent kid so in the end I didn’t say anything. …Sagara-sensei at that time strangely looked cute, so I made a heroine that did a completely similar action like that without any change in it.

I planned to burn my fighting spirit and collected data, but even the book itself turned completely into stupid contents like “writing infiltration operation while read as a date”, so the fact that I relaxed the burden from my shoulder and the travel changed into a fun trip might have became a plus for the book. Because of such things, my thanks for both Sagara Sou-sensei and Asano Hajime-sensei. Bu, but it’s not like I’m a particularly good friends with those two or anything okay! And then for CHuN-san and others of FriendlyLand, thank you very much for the wonderful illustration. Sea! And then swimsuit!! I’m very sorry for my late manuscript…. Thank you very much too for the editor Kodama-san for your guidance. And then most of all, to the everyone of you readers, thank you very much as usual! I’m happy if you enjoy this volume!

Mihara Mitsuki

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