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Chapter 2 – CaryatidThe Knight Academy[edit]

Part 1[edit]

Ceasefire, and then.

While the magic light train released blue lights, Kazuki and the others boarded it and left Nagoya behind.

They passed through Shizuoka that had once become a battlefield in a flash and returned back through the path that they arrived from before.

And then they arrived at Tokyo in only an hour.

It made them think as if this past few extraordinary days of battle were only happening inside their dream.

Kazuki lined up with Kaguya-senpai and Kanae as the Chief Student Council President and stood in the lead of the students that participated in the battlefield before returning back through the path from the station to the Knight Academy. Thereupon…,

“Welcome home!” “Thanks for your hard work!” Voices were thrown at them from here and there.

This was by no means a parade of their triumphant return, but the citizens pushed out their faces from the houses and shops all over along their way, and sent their voices to the students’ direction.

Kazuki was at first bewildered, but looking at Kaguya-senpai waving her hand with a smiling face, he just imitated her for the time being.

When they finally arrived at the school gate of the Knight Academy, a remarkably big applause was raised.

With Liz Liza-sensei as the first in line, the teachers and students that were house-sitting had lined up to welcome them home.

“Everyone cheered with amazing voice didn’t they! I was surprised.”

After they arrived home at the Witch’s Mansion, Kaguya-senpai sat down on the sofa at the living room and said so.

Despite how everyone was supposed to be tired, no one headed to their room. They were following Kaguya-senpai and sat their body down on the sofas and chairs and remained in the living room. Finally their feelings calmed down, and now there was this feeling of wanting to reminisce these past few days of extraordinary experience with their comrades.

Even everyone of the Sword Division too naturally followed along here, feeling it was hard to separate from the group.

“But it looked like a war that we won, yes? Even though we didn’t retake west Japan…”

While sitting on the sofa right in front of Kaguya-senpai, Kazuki vented out awkward words.

The people that looked over this battle should be actually feeling disappointment and dissatisfaction to the Knight Order. The people that had family and acquaintances in west Japan shouldn’t be accepting of this situation of ceasefire with an okay feeling. Such feeling was not directed to their own selves, it was only mildly restrained and although there was some happiness, but there was also an uncomfortable feeling that enveloped them like silk floss.

“It seems there is also critical argument inside the mass media toward the Knight Order. But we are still not a legitimate knight so I wonder if that’s the reason why the people of this city and the house-sitting students sent us kind words.”

While sitting beside Kaguya-senpai, Hikaru-senpai directed a wry smile at Kazuki. After making sure that Hikaru-senpai didn’t sit beside Kazuki, the juniors Mio and Koyuki sat beside Kazuki’s both sides in relief.

“We are something like volunteer soldiers. It’s just too much if the brunt of the critic is also pointed at us. I was really nervous sheesh.”

Mio said. What she said was also really correct. Kazuki said “Thanks for your hard work” and petted her head. When Kazuki did that Mio went “Ehehe, you too” and leaned her shoulder. Koyuki too didn’t say anything and clung closer on him.

“Kazuki-oniisan, we were doing our best you know desu.”

Lotte sat on top of Kazuki’s lap and reclined on him. He had the feeling as if he was told that he burdened himself alone too much, Kazuki hugged Lotte tightly with a squeeze.

“For the present time we had fulfilled our role enough already, Onii-sama.”

From Kazuki’s behind, Kanae leaned over the sofa and gently embraced Kazuki’s neck.

Kanae and Lotte were in a state that sensitively sensed the emotion inside Kazuki.

“I wonder if that’s so…it might be just like you said.”

Kazuki murmured while being exhausted.

They returned to an ordinary day like this. Into a normal school life….

“The people of the city and also everyone of the academy, they all know about President’s active role actually.”

Yumeno-san who normally acted reserved approached Kazuki’s side with a lively expression.

Some kind of paper bundle was grasped in her hand. Quietly she presented that to Kazuki.

“This is…the aforementioned extra of the academy newspaper?”

Magika No Kenshi To Shoukan Maou Vol.07 055.jpg

Yumeno Shiori-san was the newspaper committee chairman. The newspaper committee was a committee that was originally established for the sake of making the Magic Division and the Sword Division know more about each other, but while the girl went along in the battle against Yamato she decided to publish [newspaper extra] because [she wanted to convey this war to the students that remained in the academy].

Although Headmaster Amasaki and Kazuki were unable to check most of the content because of their busy work, Yumeno-san wrote articles from the actual spot of the battlefield and then by the system of transmitting those data to the newspaper committee member that remained in the academy, it seemed they had already published and distributed the edition.

After Kazuki put down Lotte from his lap, he looked over that article.

―What entered his eyes at the foremost was the headline [Chief Student Council President・Hayashizaki Kazuki, Bravely Dash Forward!] and the like written. Kazuki felt something cold ran down his back. What entered his eyes next was a large illustration. A sparkling bright Kazuki in a style of shoujo manga was grandly handing down orders to his comrades.

At the corner was the sign of a mysterious pen-name [Christine Amasaki] or something signed there. Who is this guy?

Mio placed her jaw on Kazuki’s right shoulder and “Ehehe, so? So?” and so on while grinning broadly.

The content of the article was the report from the surprise attack operation of Okehazama until the infiltration to Ise Imperial Shrine, and even the happening in the battle of Sekigahara. However Kazuki’s activity in the article was too exaggerated and spectacularly decorated in gaudiness. It really couldn’t be said to be an objective article, more like a military novel with a fictional character as the leading part.

Having said that, he was lost whether this article looked reasonably interesting or a poor quality instead….

“This illustration and the writing style, isn’t this glorifying me too much? This scene for example, I have the feeling that I didn’t say something this cool though.”

When the article was distributed to everyone else too, Hikaru-senpai who had low boiling point went “Ahahahahahahaha!” in explosive laughter, Kanae went “Just as expected Onii-sama!” in great delight. Everyone else were also holding their laughter.

“It’s interesting anyway so isn’t this fine.” Kazuha-senpai who was standing near the wall made fun of him.

“Kazuha-senpai cannot think of this as somebody else’s problem you know? Here, Kazuha-senpai also made an entrance in the scene of the infiltration operation.”

In the infiltration operation of the Ise Imperial Shrine, the article changed into first-person view from Kazuha-senpai’s position. There the illustration of Christine Amasaki-sensei was also attached along.

In the boat departure with the Chief Student Council President that she yearned for, just the two of them, Kazuha-senpai was drawn in the sparkling style of shoujo manga in a state of her heart throbbing hard and where she released a rose-colored deep sigh girlishly.

“Thi, this kind of character is not meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!”

Kazuha-senpai’s cheeks blushed red and the hands that were holding the newspaper open were trembling all over.

“It’s not like I saw the Ise Imperial Shrine infiltration operation directly, that’s why I wrote it with my imagination…”

Yumeno-san whose tension was a little hyper went “Ehe-“ and stuck out her tongue.

Wasn’t that not a newspaper anymore and only a novel. She was unexpectedly a cheeky person….

“But I think this article is done well though. The course of events for every important point are explained properly.”

Kaguya-senpai kept nodding in appreciation with an extremely serious face.

“Several places become something like a novel but…exactly because of that the reader doesn’t get tired of it and the part that should be conveyed is conveyed. I think this article has a good balance that is not too formal. As expected, for everything to be conveyed properly to all the students like this is really important.”

Certainly, he couldn’t deny that the events were turned into a content that could be read.

“…Err, this newspaper, can President give your autograph on it?”

Yumeno-san’s eyes sparkled bright like a star and she presented a sign pen smoothly to Kazuki.

“This is the first time I wrote a battlefield report, and I want to receive the autograph of Chief President Hayashizaki that became a hero in that battlefield…if you do that then I'll keep this newspaper extra as a commemoration for my whole life♪”

Kazuki went “Even if you say that, something like an autograph is…” and while losing his bearing, he wrote his name on the corner of the newspaper extra using normal square character. Kazuki himself thought “…Are you happy? With something like this”, but Yumeno-san was going “Kyaa―” and raised a delighted voice before hugging the signed newspaper and twirling around.

“By the way Kazuki…”

Kazuha-senpai raised one of her hands properly.

“Itsuki has been hiding behind me since a while ago while staring fixedly here.”

Now that she mentioned it, the small statured Kamimura-san was hiding behind Kazuha-senpai’s back like she was clinging to it.

Kamimura-san had a fear of strangers to the extreme degree…rather than calling her that, she was a shut-in. Because someone like her was suddenly thrown right into the middle of a crowd of people that she didn’t know like this, surely she would get confused.

“That’s right, this is not the time to settle down. I have to introduce Kamimura-san to everyone.”

Kazuki stood up from the sofa and walked approaching Kazuha-senpai and Kamimura-san’s direction.

From behind Kazuha-senpai, Kamimura-san showed up her face all of a sudden.

“I, I…if I become a hindrance, I can go home…”

“There is no way you are a hindrance. You are saying go home, but where are you going to go.”

This girl had determined to keep living. But if she was not beside Kazuki, that flesh body of hers couldn’t be maintained.

And also Ise where the girl originally was living had already became the territory of Yamato.

There was no other place for her except here in the Witch’s Mansion.

Everybody of the Witch’s Mansion were sending wondering gaze to Kamimura-san.

As if covering her from those gazes, Kazuha-senpai talked.

“Kazuki, you might as well not just stop at introducing her, let’s do a welcoming party for Itsuki! I too have never given a composed greeting to the residents of the Witch’s Mansion.”

He thought that it was a good idea. Kazuki too could open his heart to everyone thanks to the welcoming party. When Lotte first came it was like that for her too.

Part 2[edit]

For the sake of the welcoming party, he had to prepare the food.

He felt some tiredness, but Kazuki was too proud to rely on meal delivery service.

Before at the Gate of the Celestial Rock Cave when Kamimura-san and Amaterasu said that they would become Kazuki’s comrade, it was with the condition that they were expecting delicious meals. After they had said that, there was no way he would let the first meal that would become a commemoration be finished by just some catering that had no warmth in it.

There was a proverb from Japan of the old time about this.

―[If you created it yourself it will be like something free of charge]

“I don’t like those words.”

Mio huffed and said back arrogantly.

“It doesn’t include the thinking about the labor cost of the human resource that is yourself. I too like to create western clothes by myself, but just because of that it’s not good to sell yourself cheap, that’s what I think.”

On the other hand Koyuki shook her head after hearing that.

“Wrong, the reasoning of the cheapness is correct if you think about it after looking at the long term implication. If you pay money then it will only affect you limited in that place, but by doing it yourself the experience and the skill that you get will help you throughout your whole life.”

Listening to the two opposite opinions, Kazuki was thinking that each of their personality came out in their answers.

The two who acted like that right now were wearing maid uniform.

When Kazuki began to cook the food for the welcoming party, Mio and Koyuki came wearing maid uniform and proposed to help Kazuki.

During that time, he entrusted Kamimura-san to Kazuha-senpai where she took her outside to be the guide of the Knight Academy. He wanted to finish the preparation before those two returned back here.

“The maid uniform’s design is different than the one before isn’t it?”

Kazuki sharply noticed. When they became the helper in Kazuki’s domestic chores until now they were also wearing the maid uniform that Mio created herself, but the one that they currently wore was a version of different things.

Hearing Kazuki pointing that out, Mio puffed up her chest proudly while Koyuki shrank herself in embarrassment.

“It’s the season of clothing’s seasonal change after all, so I was secretly sewing this new version! Though because we went to Kansai for quite long it just stayed quiet inside the cupboard until now though!”

Mio made a twirling turn on the spot in order to show off her maid uniform.

The new maid uniform had no sleeve with both the shoulder area exposed, the skirt too became even shorter than before. The coloring too was not black but navy blue as the main color giving the casual impression of summer.

There was also no compromise in the detail. On the calm navy blue fabric that had its charm, a shadow stripeweaving pattern was inserted. Probably that was not using polyester that was used in a cheap maid uniform cosplay costume, but surely something like a casting fabric that was used in high class formal suit.

Its design couldn’t be said as correct based on the view of traditional maid uniform, but thanks to its overall high quality it could by no means be called as a colored thing and engendered elegance instead[1].

Even if they walked outside in that appearance, the people that saw it wouldn’t think “It’s cosplay”, instead there was no doubt they were going to feel that “This is fashion”. It was a workmanship that was far from amateur.

The girl power of Christine Amasaki-sensei was just too unrivaled in every aspect….

What a versatile girl….

“So!? So!?” Mio leaned her face forward and inquired.

“The cuteness of the both of you currently might have entered the top 5 of the world.”

Mio went “Yes!” and skipped around repeatedly. He could catch glimpses of the underwear from the short skirt.

“You, if you jumped around with a skirt that short, I can see it you know.”

“Ehehe, if it’s Kazu-nii then it’s okay even if it is seen though.”

Saying that bluntly without any concern, Mio pulled up her miniskirt with both hand from the front.

…Kazuki’s gaze unintentionally got sucked in. The pure white underwear was silk. And then as if it was prepared beforehand with the assumption that it would be seen, the panty was arranged with a ribbon of navy blue color that had the same tone with the maid uniform. The thighs that were fidgeting around were pressed squishily with garter belts and it looked soft just from seeing.

Even while it looked austere like a maid, it was also the obscene content of the flowery skirt.

Mio was “Ehehe, watch it more…” with her cheek blushing red ecstatically.

“Are you an exhibitionist?” Koyuki hit the hand that lifted up the skirt with a snap.

The skirt returned back to normal like a lowering down curtain. Kazuki who became trapped in a trance returned to his senses with a look of realization.

“…I think for a man, what happened to me just now cannot be helped.”

While Kazuki was bothered with Koyuki’s gaze, he cleared his throat with ‘ehem’.

“…When it became about maid uniform, Kazuki really cannot be helped. It really makes me want to draw away.”

Koyuki looked away with a ‘pui’ in a bad mood. But Kazuki was also charmed by the appearance of Koyuki that was like that.

“Koyuki too is cute…or perhaps I should say that the maid uniform this time might suit Koyuki’s style more.”

Koyuki’s white skin and cool personality and the maid uniform that changed into navy blue color enhanced each other’s prominence. The silk that glossed like a silver light also suited her. Blue and silver were [Koyuki’s color], that was what he felt.

When she was stared by Kazuki, Koyuki blushed red and curled up into herself. That figure of hers was excessively cute.

Magika No Kenshi To Shoukan Maou Vol.07 063.jpg

“…Taking upon oneself to conduct a design that certainly suited the rival Koyuki…this composure and the depth of the heart are exactly where you can feel the work of the artisan. As expected, Christine Amasaki-sensei.”

“Well, this is a refined product of Napoli tailoring see.”

He didn’t get it all where is the Napoli factor in it, but anyway it was a work of a virtuoso.

“By the way putting aside the unveiling of the maid uniform. Chef, what are you going to make for tonight’s feast?”

Toward Mio’s question, the chef Kazuki looked worried with “Uu―nn”.

When he took a glance outside the window, it was already evening. There was not much time to make something complicated.

“…I wonder if something like finger food is fine.”

Finger food was a general term for something like canapé[2] or sandwich, food that could be picked and eaten with one hand. Because it didn’t become a hindrance for game or conversation, it was suited for a party with many people in it.

“If you pile up good quality cheese or ham or dip sauce that are sold as ready-made goods with cracker or baguette then its appearance will also look gorgeous, and it won’t take much time to make it for the portion of many people. Adding to that, if we prepare one kind of extravagant main dish then it should be good enough to be served for a party.”

“I see. Just like a buffet party Tou-san[3] had took me with before, there was also something like that.”

Headmaster Amasaki fairly seemed like someone of the society’s upper echelons. As expected from the new headmaster that stood at the top of the Knight Academy.

Kazuki began to check the content of the refrigerator.

Because they had suddenly went to west Japan, so the content of the refrigerator only had awful things inside.

“It’s not like everything has become unusable right? While Kazuki prepared the ingredients that are still usable, if Koyuki and I go out for shopping it will be more efficient won’t it?”

“There is no time so that seems good. Though it feels like my body is stabbed when I think that I will be separated for a short while with the Maid-san…”

Chef Kazuki wrote out the necessary ingredients in the memo and handed it over to maid Mio. The girl nodded repeatedly “hmm hmm” with the memo in one hand, then “We are going, Koyuki!” high spiritedly she took Koyuki’s hand.

“A, Amasaki-san…we are going outside with this appearance without changing!?”

“Because there is no time here…this maid uniform is not something to be ashamed of even if it is seen anyway!”

“In the hands of Christine Amasaki-sensei, even the food procurement of the Knight Academy is turned into a walk in the runway of fashion show huh.”

“I’m sorry, I don’t understand what you mean somewhat.”

“Fufuu―n, we are going to cast magic on the students of the whole school with our beautiful look!”

Besides the bewildered Koyuki, Mio said that while twirling and twirling in circle.

“…The both of you won’t cause anything strange from a too high tension will you?”

Mio got carried away while she also dragged Koyuki away trailingly and left the kitchen.

“Mio, if you go out in that appearance, pay attention to your skirt okay.”

Kazuki got worried about the too short skirt and pointed out. The way from the Witch’s Mansion until the school canteen was still inside the Magic Division, but recently it was not rare for the boys from the Sword Division to come here.

“You want to monopolize me that much? It’s fine, I won’t let anybody else see other than Kazu-nii for suu―re.”

Mio left the kitchen with a composed smiling face. Surely an able woman would have the hiding technique of an able woman. Though in that case he was worried for Koyuki who normally didn’t wear something like a miniskirt.

Kazuki took the ingredients from inside the refrigerator that were still usable and began the preparation.

―After a while, the kitchen’s door was knocked.

Kazuha-senpai who should be going out as a guide came in.

“Kazuha-senpai? Is something the matter with Kamimura-san?”

“That’s…it looks like she was tired after I guided her briefly, she said that she wants to rest in her room until the preparation of the welcoming party is finished, so I took her back here. Though it looks like she has the mood to come out for the welcoming party.”

“…As expected, if she is suddenly tossed into a different environment then she is going to feel nervous.”

She said it herself that she was a shut-in. However he didn’t have any idea at all for how to make that kind of child to get used to a new environment.

“I, want to be a friend to Itsuki.”

Kazuha-senpai murmured with a sigh. Kazuki too nodded with the same feeling.

Kamimura-san was by no means closing her heart completely. With her own will she chose that “I will live”, as far as he could see from her relationship with Amaterasu and Ise-Udon-ojiisan, “I want friends” she was also looking for other people. She wasn’t closing her heart like how Koyuki once was.

Just surely, she only became completely timid in facing other people.

With this welcoming party, they had to show that the Witch’s Mansion accepted Kamimura-san with unending open heart. The circumstance of Kamimura-san had been told to everyone else already.

“Fu, fufufu…”

Suddenly, Kazuha-senpai leaked out a laughing voice.

“Friend…finally I can make one more friend…. I absolutely won’t let her get away…fufufu, if someone gives a kindness to someone that is in a helpless place from loneliness, it should be easy to have her eating from the palm of my hands thereafter…!”

“Senpai is unexpectedly thinking so calculatingly about this!?”

Kazuki was shocked. Her way of thinking was exactly the same like a smooth talker man that tried to make a girl who just got rejected fall for him by acting consolingly to the girl. It’s just too desperate, seeing her like this is just too deplorable.

“Senpai is bright, beautiful and diligent, your mood is also good and you are fun to be with. You are a person that really has no flaws that truly is flawed, despite so why is it your friends are so few like now?”

When Kazuki said that with a sigh, Kazuha-senpai went “Ugu!” and she pressed her chest as if she just got stabbed.

Though he had already known that this person had quite a personal history, because she had already immersed in sword art since she was little and yet she didn’t really improve in the proportion of her effort, she held a complex toward her fellow swordsmen and in the end she couldn’t get along well with them.

But even so he still thought that a person this lovely shouldn’t be so overlooked to this degree.

“I don’t think I’m really that great of a person like you said but…I too want to ask why I’m like this…”

Kazuha-senpai pressed her chest and her shoulders dropped in a total dejection.

“I wonder if it’s not because when senpai is thinking of trying to make a friend, doesn’t senpai become too high spirited. Like senpai always have desperation oozing out too much into your behavior or your expression…”

When he thought back again, every time she conversed with her sword training partner Hikaru-senpai, Kazuha-senpai always had a dreadful expression. It was because the partner was the big-hearted Hikaru-senpai that the situation finished with just Hikaru-senpai thinking “she acted a little suspicious didn’t she”, but if it was against normal people they might draw back completely looking at such thing.

“…Spirited you say?” Kazuha-senpai tilted her head from having no self-awareness of her behavior.

“Kazuha-senpai, when you tried to make friends, your eyes glinted fiercely like a predator seeing prey, your smiling mouth strangely lifts up and you looked like you were baring your fang, and also your cheek muscle kept shaking as if in a cramp you know.”

“I was making a face like that!?”

“Though when with me you have never made a face like that.”

Most likely that was because Kazuki was the one that was coming to pursue her to become friends with her. Kazuha-senpai directed a spirit of antagonism toward that. That was why on the contrary she acted natural to him.

Exactly because he was disliked by Kazuha-senpai, that only Kazuki managed to finally arrive at Kazuha-senpai’s honest face.

“When senpai makes a face like that and the other party understands that you are nervous, your nervousness will also get transmitted and the other side also cannot become calm when they are facing senpai. In contrast if you directed a natural smile to them, the other side too will feel calm.”

If you directed hostility to someone it would make it easy to turn them into an enemy, and if you directed a good will without any ulterior motive then the other side would also relax their alertness. Communication was a mirror that reflected yourself.

Most likely success experience from the past meant everything for a person’s communication ability.

If a person piled up success in human relationship since the time he was small, it would inscribe confidence in him. With that confidence as weapon, he would pile up even more success and could rapidly ride up a rising current.

In reverse if he stumbled completely from the start, he would lose confidence there and would always get nervous with his body stiffening completely, piling up even more failure and losing more confidence, steadily falling into a closed vicious circle.

When statistics concerning the birthday of professional sports athletes was taken, it was mentioned that there were many among them that were born in the month between April-June. In the time as a child there was a difference in physique between children that couldn’t be surpassed from [having been born several months earlier].

Because children were divided into grades between their year and they went through a group activity in a group based on their grade, inside that group the children that were born in April-June who had growth just several months faster had it easier to stand in superior position whether it was in sports or playing. When those children experienced victory there, that experience became confidence, which in turn incited a positive endeavor and growth. Working hard became something fun. And then they would rapidly grow and put even more distance from their surroundings…it seemed there was such a tendency like that. The thing called success experience couldn’t be looked down at.

If someone fell into a vicious circle of losing confidence, they had to grasp a success somewhere to cut through the negative circle. In order to do that, surely the assistance of people from outside would become important.

“Senpai is a really lovely person, that’s why it’s fine even if you don’t do anything special. If senpai just stop getting too spirited and make a relaxed smile, then everyone is bound to like senpai.”

“…You say to relax more…l-like this?”

Kazuha-senpai showed a wide smile. It still had an artificial feel exposed in it but―

“You are cute senpai, just like that. That cuteness entered the top ten of the world.”

She had to be given confidence. Kazuki who thought that gave a great admiration to Kazuha-senpai.

“Do, don’t flatter me! There is no need for thing like cuteness in making friends right! What’s with you saying the world top ten.”

“It’s regrettable you are not wearing maid uniform.”

“You think I care about your personal hobby like that-”

Spouting out that in a huff, nervousness disappeared from Kazuha-senpai’s expression. Thereupon a natural smile floated in her expression, wasting no time Kazuki pointed out “Senpai, that face!” Kazuha-senpai’s face blushed.

“…Kazuki is really looking at me properly huh.”

“Because of Hayashizaki-style's prized observation.”

“There is also nothing mistaken in your advice for sword technique until now. Got it! I will do as you say and show you that I will get along with Itsuki without fail!”

Kazuha-senpai filled herself with fighting spirit and clenched both her fists.

“I told senpai already to not get too spirited just now.”

“Kazuki…thank you okay.”

Kazuha-senpai hugged Kazuki tightly in a surprise attack.

It was too sudden that Kazuki couldn’t even return the hug. A gentle warmth. For just an instant, then Kazuha-senpai immediately separated herself resolutely in a flash. She dashed outside the kitchen without saying anything.

Kazuha-senpai who rarely became honest.

Exactly because of that, the charm of the surprise attack was plenty even though it was just a short time.

At the same time Kazuki remembered the affair in the Gate of the Celestial Rock Cave with Kazuha-senpai. She made him intensely conscious of her as a girl and his feelings couldn’t calm down.

After a while, Mio and Koyuki returned back in a half run from their shopping.

Part 3[edit]

“Kamimura-san, the welcoming party’s preparation is completed already.”

After all the preparation was finished, Kazuki knocked the door of the room that was allocated for Kamimura-san.

In answer to Kazuki’s calling, the door was opened obediently.

“Long time no see o.”

―What appeared from the door’s other side was the small middle-aged man with white skin like mochi.

It was not Kamimura-san. The one he met at the Gate of Celestial Rock Cave―Ise-Udon-ojisan.

“…Why are you-!?”

This place was not a special space like the Gate of Celestial Rock Cave, it felt really out of place if a middle-aged man this queer appeared in the place of reality.

“Itsuki said that she felt tired so she pushed the leadership of the flesh body to me and is resting o. Hyahha―! This is the first time I am in the space of real world since I was born o! Abababababa!!”

Ise-Udon-ojisan exposed the white of his eyes and stuck out his tongue from his mouth before wriggling his short limbs.

“…So you can do such skillful thing. Can you properly return to normal?”

Ise-Udon-ojisan’s deformed physique was even smaller than the small statured Kamimura-san.

When he was watching him, he was driven by anxiety of the law of conservation of mass.

“Rather than calling this a light possession, it’s just a little remaking of the existence’s surface, that’s why I can immediately return back o. Wait a second o.”

Udon-ojisan closed the door, but on the brink of the door closing he stuck out his face and added some more.

“…Itsuki really thinks inside her heart that she wants to go out to the welcoming party o. It’s just that she felt a little anxious and it became a burden on her mental state o. You might see it as trying to avoid other people but, I want you to understand that it’s not like she want to reject other people deep inside her heart o.”

“It’s okay, I understand.”

Kazuki nodded. Kamimura-san too in a certain meaning was similar with Kazuha-senpai.

“Just as expected from the man we anticipated o.”

The door closed leaving behind those words. And then from the other side of the door “CHAAAAAAAAANGE-!” a voice could be heard. And then―”Samee” “Wha- it’s not you- o! The turn is for Itsuki o! One more time, CHAAAAAAAAAANGE-!” He could hear a skilled one person conversation that he didn’t understand for what reason it was performed. It looked a little like a multiple personality. The door opened once more.

“…I, I made you wait.”

Kamimura-san peeked out her face from the door timidly.

Nervousness was transmitted from person to person. When he saw Kamimura-san’s face, Kazuki too started to feel his mental state become nervous as if something that could easily break if it was touched.

That was why if his side too became awkward, Kamimura-san would surely become even more nervous.

He understood that from his experience of capturing tough enemies called Koyuki and Kazuha-senpai.

If he had to say what aspect of him that had grown the most until now, then surely it was in this kind of aspect.

Kazuki relaxed his whole body using an ancient breathing technique and endeavored to make a truly natural expression.

“I’m the one that made you wait.”

From the beginning no matter what kind of formidable enemy that he faced, Kazuki had never exposed an unsightly sight of fumbling his act from nervousness.

“I have finished the preparation that will not be shameful even if it becomes an offering for Amaterasu-sama here.”

Kamimura-san didn’t come out from behind the door shaking and fidgeting while only showing out her face.

Kazuki gently took the hand of Kamimura-san that was hiding behind the door and pulled her closer.

While Kamimura-san was someone that was scared to be disliked, she was not the type that disliked someone being over-familiar to her. As much as she could remember from the event in the Gate of the Celestial Rock Cave, she should like to be treated courteously.

Around that area, she was different from Koyuki that rejected other people itself for a period of time.

When Kazuki pulled her hand, Kamimura-san silently followed him along with a trot.

Various excellent cooking had been lined up already on the table in the living room of the Witch’s Mansion.


After toasting with cups that were filled with bubbling carbonated juice, the circle of friends were eating as they pleased inside the wide room and began to have friendly conversations. It was really close to a buffet.

While the party was going in full swing…Kazuha-senpai went crying at Kazuki.

“Kazuki~! Itsuki got netorare-ed~[4]!”

“…Netorare senpai said, but that’s a little different right?”

“But but~! Even though I have made reservation~!”

“Senpai also didn’t make any reservation right? Is senpai drunk?”

Kazuki was amazed and he did a light chop on the clamoring Kazuha-senpai’s head.

Kazuki directed his gaze to the direction that Kazuha-senpai pointed while clamoring.

When saying it from the conclusion, Kamimura-san who looked like an impregnable fortress was conquered in an instant by Lotte.

Lotte penetrated into the heart of Kamimura-san with a smiling face that looked so innocent and pure that it seemed anybody who saw it would forgive her. While making consideration to Kamimura-san’s nervousness by reading between the lines of the heart’s subtleties using Mind Sympathy MagicTelepathy, Lotte roused her up using their common hobby of anime as conversation topic, and in the time people took to say ‘ah’ it was as if the two had found a kindred spirit in each other.

Right now that Kamimura-san had went away from Kazuha-senpai’s hand, she was sitting in a line together with three people that were Lotte, Karin, and Hikaru-senpai on the sofa in front of the TV. They quietly, heatedly conversed with each other while appreciating the anime.

“[Mobile Suit Z Galpan[5]]…the long awaited popular anime sequel that depicted the springtime of youth of the high-school girl students that decided their [Robo-path] in a competition of zero-gravity space battle using robots that were considered to maiden’s taste since the ancient time! Those moe characters that were completely absorbed into robo-battle that completely didn’t give any consideration to safety at all, there is a ghastly degenerated beauty looking at them falling one after another throughout the battle…!”

Kamimura-san whose tension skyrocketed when it was about a field that she liked, right now she was leaning her body forward to the screen with an excited voice.

“I am a little weak to extreme anime like this desu but…yet the character’s treatment of Tonne Kobayashi who appear in succession from the previous work and now had grown into high school student make you feel an irony where you cannot say anything isn’t it? When you think back upon the climax of the previous work [Mobile Suit Galpan]…”

Lotte nodded earnestly.

“As expected of Lotte-dono, you understand…!”

Kamimura-san was staring hard at Lotte with a feverish look as if she had found an enlightened person.

Lotte was even now continuing as if to invite Kamimura-san’s sympathy.

“Even though in the previous work’s ending the three sisters of Tonne – Katsune – Kikune were depicted as the symbol of hope for the next generation, in this sequel where seven years have passed, Tonne is growing as a character that possesses an ego that denies the possibility that was previously hinted, she cannot restrain her young passion that is inappropriate for her true power with reason and repeatedly violated her order isn’t she desu. And then she completely died not from the attack of a powerful enemy, but from a meteor that crashed into her while she was looking aside…. I have a feeling that this ‘Z’ is a tale of ‘despairzetsubou’ desu.”

“That’s so, in spite of how in the previous work this tale had been tied up perfectly, the author’s gloominess was coming out to the surface from writing this continuation because of commercial reason. But later on the author went [this kind of negative work cannot be left behind just like this] and then he remade it into the [New Testament version] in the end!”

“I like it that way desu. The feeling from the depiction of how strong the heart can become from the existence of important people in the surrounding…”

“As expected Lotte-dono really understands!!”

Kamimura-san finally grasped both of Lotte’s hands tightly. Lotte too grasped back with a friendly smile. At their side Karin and Hikaru-senpai were going “Z Galpan is so cool~!” and they became entranced into the robot’s action scene. The four people pressed their shoulders closer together when the ending theme streamed out and sang out ‘love or something something goes to the star of water~♪’.

Kazuha-senpai went “Hii―cc!” and exaggeratedly buried her face into Kazuki’s chest.

“I, I don’t get it at all what in the world are they talking about and I cannot participate in the conversation~! Even though I have been trying to prepare my heart’s readiness and come into contact with a natural smile just like Kazuki said~!”

“Ah―. …It cannot be helped if Lotte is the opponent, yup. There, there.”

When Kazuki caressed Kazuha-senpai’s head in order to comfort her, a small heart mark came flying and got absorbed into his ring.

Her positivity level increased. That was to say that Kazuha-senpai who was not honest was right now using the receiving shock as an excuse to come fawning to him. For such thing like Kazuha-senpai embracing him like this by her own accord to happen.

“Senpai, preferably if you want to make friends then how about you also live in the Witch’s Mansion?”

“Eh?” Kazuha-senpai raised her face from Kazuki’s chest.

“Senpai is also a Magika Stigma after all, so I think it will be recognized even if you changed division.”

Right now the academy was in the middle of converting little by little with the objective to carefully recognize the Divas outside of the Solomon 72 Pillar who had been making illegal contract until now.

If Kamimura-san could be accepted into the Magic Division, then there shouldn’t be any uncomfortable feeling in accepting Kazuha-senpai too. Whether Amaterasu or Futsunushi no Kami, both of them were Divas of the same Japanese Mythology.


After Kazuha-senpai’s gaze wandered around from having her heart shook up, she hung her head down.

“But I’ll keep staying in the Sword Division like now. Just as I thought because first and foremost, I want to be a swordsman.”

After that with a small voice Kazuha-senpai added in mumbling “…Certainly I want to live in the Witch’s Mansion, or perhaps I should say that I want to be together with Kazuki but…”

“Is that so. If senpai has a fixation like that then it cannot be helped.”

“But Kazuki too don’t just stay cooped in the Witch’s Mansion, come to the Sword Division to play too sometimes! Kazuki is the Chief Student Council President after all so it’s unfair!!”

“Now that senpai mentioned it, I haven’t been to the Sword Division since the previous uproar haven’t I?”

“You haven’t come that much!? Yosh, then come! Rather you should stay there!!”

The two arms of Kazuha-senpai that were embracing him were filled with strength, and she talked while her arms kept tightening like a bear hug. No…as expected what’s going to happen if he has a stay over there?

“Otouto-kun, night amusements is prohibited you know. It’s no good if you are not staying the night properly here.”

Kaguya-senpai clung to him from the back with a bump before she whispered into his ear. *munyu munyu*, soft sensation was pushed onto his back kneadingly. Kazuki got nervous with a twitch.

“…The student dormitory in the Sword Division has the prohibition to go in and out at night, so please do it only at daytime. Tonight we have obtained permission from Headmaster Amasaki though, we are approved to stay here until especially late.”

Kanae too cut into the conversation.

Kanae clung onto Kaguya-senpai’s waist and tore her off from Kazuki’s back forcefully before she talked angrily.

“The Sword Division is a mixed education of man and woman after all, so the students are divided into the boys dormitory and the girls dormitory. The rules are imposed stricter than the Magic Division there. …Even I had actually thought several times of going to the Witch’s Mansion for a yobai[6] because I want to meet Nii-sama! If only I don’t have to be an example as the Sword Division’s president never to break the rule!!”

“I’m really glad that you are re-elected as a president once more here. I have to thank Kohaku later.”

Kazuki lightly chopped Kanae’s head.

Well, at her roots she was a serious person, that was surely why she didn’t do anything wild while she was being the student council president.

“Rather than that kind of thing Kazuha-chan, come on teach me more in detail regarding that general magic.”

When Kazuha-senpai too separated her body from Kazuki, Kaguya-senpai leaped to that Kazuha-senpai as if clinging at her and asked. After that, Kanae too continued after Kaguya-senpai.

“That’s right! I too wanted to ask about that in detail!!”

Getting caught between the two that were highly praised as the academy’s strongest, Kazuha-senpai went “Eh? Eh?” and made a bewildered face.

However after she remembered something and made a face of realization with a ‘hah’, she patched up a smile in her expression and said.

“…If, if you become my friend then…I will teach you anything.”

She just remembered Kazuki’s advice didn’t she. Although there was still some slight awkwardness remaining, it was a refreshing smiling face.

“Friend-!” Kaguya-senpai embraced Kazuha-senpai.

Kazuha-senpai who was embraced turned at Kazuki who watched over them at the side and raised a voice of wonder.

“Kazuki-!? The breast of this person is amazing!”

I know. Kaguya-senpai had the habit of immediately hugging but the sensation was always amazing.


Reluctantly Kanae too took Kazuha-senpai’s hand. Doing something like this was surely a little embarrassing for her.

Those three distanced themselves from the table a little and started to talk about general magic while also exchanging performance.

“…Kazuki, are you eating properly?”

Choosing the timing when Kazuki became alone, Mio approached his side while bringing in one hand small crackers with cheese and tomato placed on it. She was still in the maid uniform. And then putting the crackers in the tip of her lips, “Nn-“ she faced Kazuki.

For her to come to him while plainly doing such thing, Mio was dreadful.

Kazuki calmed down and accepted that action of a bakaple[7]. He held the other side of the cracker with his mouth while properly touching his own lips on Mio’s lips on purpose, then he buried his teeth with a snap.

After Mio ate the cracker that had been broken in half, “Ehehe, you pass” she revealed a smile.

“…Aren’t you too excited in the head.”

Koyuki who was in a similar maid uniform had come beside them before he realized where she made an amazed face.

“Let’s do it to Koyuki. Here.”

Kazuki took a cracker from the table and put it between his mouth and he turned at Koyuki.

Koyuki went “A, are you an idiot…”, even while saying that with her mouth “Nn” she brought her small lips near Kazuki’s cracker looking not too annoyed as she would have him believe.

*Chuu* Rather than saying that Koyuki received the cracker, she was sucking at Kazuki’s lips altogether. …When Koyuki was doing a kiss, she had the habit to profusely suck with passion.

Not only half, the cracker was stolen in its entirety into Koyuki’s mouth. Even so Koyuki still sucked at Kazuki’s lips for a while, finally after that she was satisfied and separated herself before chewing the cracker *mogumogu*.

“…It’s delicious, as might be expected from the food that I helped to make.” She averted her face with bright red face.


Hikaru-senpai who was watching anime noticed the situation here and came near them with bright eyes.

“Tou-! I don’t need any excuse like cracker or whatever! When I feel that I want to kiss I’m going to kiss immediately right away-!!”

After she gallantly proclaimed that, she suddenly stole Kazuki’s lips.

“Hoshikaze-senpai, I don’t know whether that frankness aspect of yours is just too cool or manly, but it’s lacking in girlishness you know.”

When Mio retorted from the side, Hikaru-senpai was “Nnyumu-!?” leaking out such voice and separated her lips.

“Is that so I wonder?” “That’s really so. Do it more with the feel that will make even flowers blush.” “But isn’t saying that yourself too sly?” “Romantic is something you produce with your own power.” “How difficult.”

“Hikaru-senpai, Mio too is really extreme so it’s fine if you don’t mind that.”

When Kazuki entered between the two that was in the middle of dialogue and talked, Hikaru-senpai said “I know, right?” and nodded in relief.

“…Everyone’s heads are too excited.” Koyuki murmured.

Mio immediately retorted “You are the one that was the most passionate just now!!”

“…Putting that aside, I wonder if it’s about time for the main dish to be ready.”

Kazuki led Mio and Koyuki out of the living room and entered the kitchen.

First he took out the heat-resistant plate from the large-type oven.

The main dish’s first course was Acqua Pazza. Boiling marine products with water and wine, the so called boiled food of south Italian version. With sufficient soup pooling up on the large heat-resistant plate, a fish was wholly put in the center. A lot of shellfish and mini tomato were decorated in its surrounding, it looked completely like an article of rare beauty of gorgeous treasure box filled with the blessing of sea. But actually if one was experienced at seafood’s preliminary arrangement, this dish was also a simple cooking that could be completed just by putting it into oven after that.

Next Kazuki took the large-type pressure cooker that he had left alone for a while after turning off the fire.

One more dish was a beef stew. If pressure cooker was used then the meat could be made soft in just a short time, if he used the homemade demi-glace sauce that he stocked inside the refrigerator then it would become a genuine finisher that he wouldn’t be ashamed to show wherever he was.

The cooking tool and equipment that were prepared in the Witch’s Mansion whether its oven or even its pot were all large type items for business use. It was fine to call the kitchen as professional resource mostly. He could make cooking even for large number of people without difficulty.

He also received help from Mio and Koyuki and carried the cooking altogether with the heat-resistant plate and the pressure cooker to the living room. The gorgeous appearance and aroma raised excited cheering from everyone.

“Celebration King-sama, let this one bring you the food.”

Kohaku reverently turned to Kamimura-san and distributed the food.

Look like she found a new target for lord and retainer relationship changing from Kazuha-senpai.

“…Amazing. Even though all the food until now had been delicious, that there are still more food remaining…”

While receiving the food in large serving, Kamimura-san opened her eyes wide while cowering.

“Kamimura-san called yourself something like Celebration King after all so haven’t you eaten even better things compared to an amateur cooking of someone like me? Kamimura-san is the highest celebrated personage of the Shrine Maiden right?”

“…I’m just an ordinary person that made contract with Amaterasu secretly you know. It’s not like there is particularly an existence of a post like Celebration King in the public institution of Japan. A contract with Amaterasu is an illegal contract.”

“…Now that you said that. Then the priests and chief priest that worked in Ise Imperial Shrine didn’t know about the existence of Kamimura-san that made a contract with Amaterasu?”

“Even if I come out and introduced myself saying ‘I have contracted with Amaterasu heerree’, I’m only going to get arreeessted even faster than the priests can show their respect to me. Of course Amaterasu was happy that rituals are performed in Ise Imperial Shrine. Their faith is not a one-way traffic. But, I’m different.”

“Now that you mentioned it, I brought Kamimura-san here even though I don’t know anything about most of your personal history… What about Kamimura-san’s parents?”

While it was already too late, he thought about this girl’s life circumstances. Nevertheless, Ise was still Yamato’s territory, so when she was not in the Gate of the Celestial Rock Cave and was in this world there was no other choice than to come to east Japan if she thought of going to live.

However, even this girl was supposed to have family in east Japan shouldn’t she?

Kamimura-san shook her head left and right.

“I don’t particularly mind. Both my parents…had already finished my funeral. I, am originally shunned by my family because I’m a shut-in. Surely even if I just suddenly come back to life I will only be a bother.”

…Isn’t such thing just too sad?

It seemed that the relationship between Kamimura-san and her parents was not good.

But as long as she still lived―not in a half-dead condition like now but when she took back her life properly, if Kamimura-san could get back on her feet from her shut-in tendency, wouldn’t all of it be undone?

“Something like a party, truthfully it has been a while since the last time I had a birthday party when I was small…”

Kamimura-san murmured with a deeply sinking voice.

The surrounding pricked up their ears and listened attentively to her conversation with Kazuki. The atmosphere changed into a solemn and quiet one.

“Itsuki-chan, it’s fine for you to call me as Onee-chan!”

Spontaneously Kaguya-senpai hugged Kamimura-san tightly in great force.

“It’s fine to think of this Witch’s Mansion as your own home okay!!”

Kamimura-san opened her eyes wide and looked baffled, but once Kaguya-senpai hugged someone she wouldn’t let go easily like a turtle’s shell. Kamimura-san helplessly brought her food to her mouth while kept being hugged.

The moment the food touched her mouth, that side face of hers that looked slightly tense with nervousness softened faintly.

…Something like cooking was actually just a trivial thing though. He wanted her to feel once more that it was a wonderful thing that she said she wanted to live. He cooked these dishes with that thought in mind.

“Kamimura-san, how is the taste I wonder?”

“Delicious. Really…this is the first time I ate a cooking this delicious. Amaterasu too seemed to be satisfied inside me.”

But after saying such thing, Kamimura-san’s expression suddenly underwent a complete change as if a dark cloud covered her.

“…I, I become anxious about what are going to be demanded from me after being welcomed this much…even though someone like me will surely be unable to answer your expectation…”

“You are thinking too much there. We are not particularly having any ulterior motive in welcoming Kamimura-san here after all.”

“That, that’s true. I’m too roused am I, despite someone like me is just like something extra that come along with Amaterasu, I’m just misunderstanding that someone like me is the one that get welcomed…someone like me is just an extra that is like trash right.”

Uu―nn, this person….

When Kazuki felt slightly dumbfounded, Kamimura-san noticed her own response just now with a look of realization and dropped her shoulders.

“So, sorry…I realized just now, I said a troublesome thing…I’m sorry.”

She is really a person that rushed down the stair of self-torture with steady rhythm….

Magika No Kenshi To Shoukan Maou Vol.07 084.jpg

“I think that her personality is really difficult but, it’s not like there is any real harm from that anyway.”

Kazuki gently petted the head of Kamimura-san who was looking down with an expression of ruined mood.

While Kamimura-san kept looking down, a small heart mark came flying from her.

Kamimura Itsuki―34

The night of the welcoming party advanced on harmoniously.

Part 4[edit]

And then the ordinary usual days returned.

Kazuki and others’ original ordinary days―it also included the strict class work of the Knight Academy.

“…Because of such reasons, Japan and Yamato entered ceasefire due to the interruption of the Magic Advanced Countries, but let’s look back what kind of countries these Magic Advanced Countries are in the first place.”

Liz Liza-sensei who was in charge of magic practice’s class was brandishing teacher’s pointer inside the class today.

It was a rare classroom lecture of Liz Liza-sensei.

The students straightened their backs and sharpened their ears even more seriously compared when they are in the class of other teachers.

“You guys are not simply learning the way to use magic, but you also must pick things up fast about the society’s affairs and the international problem. After all the owner of special power has the responsibility to wield that power correctly. [Idiot who doesn’t watch his surrounding] doesn’t have the qualification to use Summoning Magic.”

Kaguya-senpai too had talked about similar thing before in the ceremonial address at the enrollment ceremony.

Kazuki reflexively looked down at the back of his left hand that he put on top of his own table.

Right there was the Stigmata in pentagram shape that he earned from his contract with Leme.

The Power of King―he possessed a special power even above all the Magika Stigmas in Japan. That was not his own conceit talking, what he had was really a top category powerful strength in Japan.

The [responsibility] that Liz Liza-sensei said felt unusually heavier in his case.

Being aware of such thing himself, he had to wield this power with consideration in his own special way.

“In the first place what is magic? What is called magic is the new possibility of human that was awakened due to the product of super alchemy technique, the <Philosopher Stone>. A power that distorted physical law with the power of thought…. Fifteen years ago, the Philosopher Stone was given birth in this world due to an alchemist that called himself Basileus Basileon.”

King Among KingBasileus Basileon

Kazuki spontaneously realized in surprise. Leme had assigned him with a given name of [BasileusKing]. If he thought about that, it was a name with a really deep meaning.

Setting aside such Kazuki, the class continued on.

“Now, what is alchemy then. In the present era there are many things that are called alchemy, which is a technique that bring about change in material that is scientifically impossible by operating magic power and used magic but…the original alchemy was something far older in history than even magic.”

In the first place the Philosopher Stone was created by means of alchemy, and then from that magic was born in this world, so that sequence of history was something natural. In which case what was alchemy that didn’t make use of magic power?

“The original alchemy was something that caused phenomenon inexplicable from science using great effort and will power. Science researched [unchangeable law that bring about the same result no matter how many times it is tested]. However the world of mother nature where we put ourselves like this always has complex factors operating mutually. We called such environment a [complex system]. Even when we are planning to repeat the same experiment many times over, but actually even without intending it we are performing experiment in totally different conditions every time, there is always something that we don’t notice. Just with a wind blowing in the middle of the experiment, or a slight change in temperature we already cannot say that [we are repeating the same experiment] right? Thereupon we cannot actually proclaim that [the experiment always bring about the same result]. In that aspect there is the possibility to make phenomenon that cannot be called other than mysterious phenomenon or occult to occur. Such great efforts of persistence to intentionally attempt to make [miracle born from complex system] occur is what is called alchemy.”

Making miracle occurred intentionally….

“Alchemy was born in the Middle Age. If we have to specifically say what kind of thing the alchemist at that time did…Einstein left behind words that say [Insanity is doing the same thing repeatedly yet expecting a different result], but in short what the alchemists did was doing what Einstein said continuously. They did this not in the range of several hundred of thousand times or several days just so you know, but several dozens of years, or even if several generations had passed they kept doing it in the range of several hundreds of years. Despite doing the same experiment, they earnestly waited for a different result to be produced…. That result they waited for, it seemed there was also the phenomenon of changing lead into pure gold there.”

The students drew back from the speech. Liz Liza-sensei then continued the explanation solemnly.

“Well then, it seemed there was an organization that was continuing such insane action until they reached this present era. Fifteen years ago an organization of alchemist called <Almighty Wisdom of DawnLiber Mundi suddenly appeared. The leader of this organization was Basileus Basileon. He published the Philosopher Stone in this world and began to sell it with high price. When this Philosopher’s Stone is pushed against a human’s head, the stone will be buried into the head while assimilating and the human will awaken to the power of magic. It’s pointless to just think what kind of theory it used that such things could happen. Because at any rate it’s the product of a miracle.”

Kazuki reflexively pressed his own hand onto his forehead. It was a grotesque story now that he imagined it once again.

“When the brain before and after it get filled with Philosopher’s Stone is inspected, it seems that there is no change at all in the form and nature of the brain. Despite there being no physical change at all, brain waves and brain activity that cannot be seen until then become visible. There is no change…in other words it means that the area of the brain that couldn’t be used before is now usable. It is possibly that [the sealed power of human was liberated] or something…what happened is thought to be something like that.”

“Err, sensei.”

Mio who sat in the first front row of the class raised her hand.

“What, Amasaki. For trash to think like trash and give form to its own thought is a good thing. After all proactive argument invigorates the memory of brain. Teacher like the trash that has the desire to improve itself you know.”

“A sealed power, that’s what you say, could the people from a long time ago use magic?”

Mio stood up and inquired and then she sat once more.

“That’s a natural question. When do you think the time that you called a long time ago happened…. Even though the fossils of Australopithecus or Ramidus ape man had been discovered many times over, there is no discovery of traces of the existence of magic technique in the ancient times. How mysterious right. Such argument is also related with human race’s evolution and spreading. In places like Europe they totally ignored things like archaeology and <Resurrection of Mythology Era Theory> that say [what is called Mythology is the record of reality of human races when they could use magic] become the mainstream there but, well, it’s contradictory with Japan’s scientific society that is based on archaeology isn’t it.”

“…In other words, what does it mean?”

Toward Mio who was still tilting her head, Liz Liza-sensei said a curt comment of “It’s things that we don’t understand. There are aspects of magic that is pointless to keep pondering about.”

“So, with the profit from the sales of the Philosopher’s Stone, <Libel Mundi> became an existence so enormous that it grasped the entire world at the time just as you all know. This world has been conquered before by a secret society. But it seemed there was an internal conflict in the organization, and the leader Basileus Basileon was assassinated. Though there are also believers that claimed he is still surviving because his corpse wasn’t discovered. Anyway the outcome from that, <Libel Mundi> was divided among its headquarters in Britain and its six branches in various countries. Those parts of organization were absorbed by the countries. The Britain headquarters into Britain, Germany branch into Germany…like that the Great Seven Magic Advanced Countries were born.”

Now that she mentioned it this was a class about the Magic Advanced Countries.

Finally the discussion reached the main topic.

There was once a group that accomplished world domination, and then with that group split off the Magic Advanced Countries….

“Now then, if I have to say why such details is important to the explanation of the current international states, that’s because Libel Mundi’s headquarter and branches each came into contact with different Mythologies and Divas and then they either researched it or embracing faith. And then it was taken over by each one of the Magic Advanced Countries and made into state religion after that. In other words…”

That time Liz Liza-sensei used the blackboard for the first time, what was noted down there was like this.

Britain―Celtic Mythology

Italia―Greece Mythology

Germany―Norse Mythology

Russia―Slavic Mythology

China―Taoism Mythology

Japan―Solomon 72 Pillar (Non-faith)


“About America they are not really known. They are outstandingly applying isolationism and doesn’t try to connect with other countries after all. Even in the affair this time only America is the one that doesn’t come.”

…It was right about this time. Suddenly Kazuki looked up at the clock in the classroom and he ran his thought.

Right about now, the important people of the government were supposed to be in a meeting of talk with the envoys of Britain – Italia – Germany – Russia.

After doing small scale meetings several times for a while, in the weekend Japan and Yamato and the envoys would all gather and opened the [mass conference], that was what he was told.

Kazuki was excluded from such table of diplomacy.

All that would be going on from now on was going to progress in the place Kazuki had no knowledge on.

Kazuki was a student so it was only something natural.

Receiving lesson like this in class was only natural…. Even if he was called a King, he was just a mere student.

“A hot topic like this will of course appear in the test. There are some delay that appear in the class but the end of term exam will be still conducted just as scheduled, so don’t you dare neglect your study and focus yourself to the quest and the practical skill!”

The shriek of the students broke out inside the class that was usually obedient.

“Don’t get noisy for every little thing! No way the exam will be suspended just because of an accident in the level of west Japan becoming independent and a part of the students got conscripted. After all you first years don’t even have midterm exam anyway.”

The first year of the Magic Division was exempted from the midterm examination. There was still a lot of the students who still hadn’t succeeded in their <Contract Ceremony> at this period, because of that the contract was given maximum priority.

Therefore the end of term examination’s material covered all they studied throughout the whole year and it turned into a frightening obstacle.

“The students who were taken along to west Japan couldn’t participate in the class so it might feel unfair. But during that period, the class for practical skill was prioritized. After all it was inevitable that there were a great number of people that were not strong in practical skill among the remaining students. Because of that reason going along to west Japan cannot become an excuse. Spend your time practicing hard! That’s all!”

After Liz Liza-sensei threw a large bomb to the students, Liz Liza-sensei exited the classroom.

The students made a stir. Mio who was in a separate seat came around to Kazuki’s seat.

“Wait a second Kazuki, are you okay? If you like, it’s fine for you to get taught by this me who is also rank A in study! Fuffu―nn! I will work you hard earnestly every night-♪”

It seemed like Mio had a great confidence in her study, she treated the agonizing cries in the surrounding as if it was someone else’s problem smiled radiantly at Kazuki with her chest puffed up. However Kazuki too was keeping his cool and answered.

“For the moment, I haven’t been lacking in reviewing the lessons for a while so I think I’m going to be fine. My score shouldn’t fall below the average.”

Kazuki was still much more inferior in practical skill compared to Mio or Koyuki. Even while putting his utmost effort in that, Kazuki also had the awareness that he mustn’t get left behind even in the classwork too.

“Muu―, boring, boring, you have no cuteness!”

Mio who seemed to want to be relied on by Kazuki came punching repeatedly at Kazuki’s shoulder.

Kazuki said “That’s because I’m not aiming for something like cuteness” and smiled wryly.

“But let’s do a study group with everyone! Come on, all of you too!”

Mio exchanged looks with Koyuki who was behind Kazuki and Kamimura-san by Kazuki’s side.

Kamimura-san received the favor of having the previous person besides Kazuki move away and sat there. It was an unbecoming special treatment for the Magic Division’s spartan education, but it couldn’t be helped if he thought about the girl’s delicate mental state.

There was a value in treating the girl specially as the contractor of Amaterasu who held the key in their battle with Yamato.

Such girl was lying on top of her desk with complete exhaustion.

“…To get dragged forcefully and made to attend a school that I don’t want to go to…moreover there is also tests…”

“Doesn’t that make Kamimura-san feel the wholesome springtime of youth like this?”

Hearing Kazuki’s words, Kamimura-san was “Ugyaa―!” while raising a strange voice and she raised her face.

“Such bright energy is a poison for me see! Ugyaaa―! I have the feeling that all the gaze in this classroom are directing contempt at me! It’s better for this world to just perish!!”

“…Whaa―tt is she saying, this child?”

Mio was taken aback from Kamimura-san’s conduct. For a human like Mio that was like a lump of bright energy who tended to stand out from her great confidence in herself, it seemed that Kamimura-san’s conduct was really something that was hard to understand.

Nevertheless Mio didn’t even harbor any feeling like exclusiveness against foreign things right now. She was just merely looking into Kamimura-san’s expression with a pure countenance.

Kamimura-san twitched and once more lied on top of her desk in order to hide her face.

“School is scary…school caste is scary…”

“It’s fine, this Knight Academy runs under a complete doctrine of strength after all. So if you are strong then anything is allowed you know.”

When Kazuki said that, Kamimura-san’s shoulders shook with a twitch.

“Don’t tell me…even if you say that, here is an insular island country that valued peace so much that the people even turned malicious…. This country is an absolute world that valued communication ability rather than strength…. Strong person is ostracized, sticking out nail get hammered down, the riajuu[8] with refreshing smile get ahead at life in turns…. That kind of world…. For a doctrine of strength’s culture to take root in this kind of country should be impossible…”

“No, this is a school that is raising knights geared towards battlefield. There is no room for pigheaded heart that is bullying strong people here.”

“But I’m not strong or anything…”

Even now Kamimura-san was persistently venting out anxious voice.

It seemed this girl was probably starving for words of [It’s okay] .

Her appearance that looked liked she was going to run away from the surrounding was completely like a young child that got lost from her parent.

“No, Kamimura-san’s true strength is without a doubt top class in this academy…you are everyone’s hero!”

When Kazuki spoke empathically, Kamimura-san lifted her face and her eyes slightly brightened.

For some reason it seemed she had quite a confidence in her magic ability.

Because that was her very bond with her only friend Amaterasu.

The classmates at their surrounding went “That child who seemed to have special circumstance, I hear she is strong!” “She is at a level where she got recognized by the Chief President!?” and made a stir. Kazuki intentionally raised his voice so that it was audible to the surrounding before.

Outside of Kamimura-san’s field of vision, Kazuki was waving his wrist up and down to send a hand sign as if saying [Say it more, say it more].

Everyone went along with Kazuki in good cheers and went “Awee―some!” “Awee―some!” rousing up the atmosphere.

All of a sudden Kamimura-san lifted up her upper body.

“FUOO…you are saying that in here I’m not a person scorned because of my suspicious behavior…? I am a hero!? I, come across a sanctuary in here!!”

“Well, result is also an aspect of strength, so if your studies turned out no good then your evaluation will go poof though.”

Koyuki murmured idly.

Kamimura-san’s face became pale in the blink of eye and she lied down on the desk once more.

“Kamimura-san…you are not good at studying?”

“My studies stopped at the first semester of my middle school first year. Since that time I have been a shut-in all along.”

The surrounding classmates leaked out their voices saying “That girl, I heard she is an idiot” “Ee~, so she is an idiot”.

“Now I am being scorned! If there is a hole I want to get holed in one and die with a splat!!”

“It’s fine you see, everyone will teach you. That’s why let’s hold a study group with everyone.”

“When you teach me it turned out that I’m more of an idiot than you imagined…even if such thing happen, you won’t scorn and get angry at me?”

Kamimura-san lifted her face with a glance and stared at Kazuki. It was a gaze that was asking to be spoiled by him.

“I won’t do that, no way.”

Kazuki persevered and strongly encouraged her. He did it in order to grant her a peace of mind. With a plop, a small heart mark emerged out from Kamimura-san’s chest and it was absorbed into the ring of Solomon.

“I too want to get taught desu~!”

Hearing the uproar, Lotte too came along with an urgent expression.

“Now that you mentioned it Lotte is a year younger aren’t you.”

Lotte was not outdone by her surrounding when it came to study of magic, but she was having a hard battle in the general class.

She seemed to have it hard especially in the study of science. It was because in her motherland science had fairly retrogressed.

The other Magic Advanced Countries were religious country. Accordingly it seemed there were those who had a dogma that denied science technology.

“Yes…I’m trying desperately to catch up though.”

“Lotte cannot cheat with Telepathy?”

When Mio said that nonchalantly, Lotte went “Hah!” while making a face as if realization had been brought to her.

“Oioi, what are you saying there.”

When Kazuki reflexively interposed that talk, Lotte went bashful with “Ehehe”.

“It’s a joke desu. The most that I can perceive somehow with Telepathy is only obscure emotion desu. If I want to feel it clearer then a magic power light will break out. If that happen then the cheating will get exposed desu.”

“Magic too is not almighty huh.”

“That’s why please teach me how to study too desu~”

Lotte took hold of Kazuki’s hand and shook it up and down. Seeing that [skillful spoiled] figure, Kamimura-san said “As expected from Lotte-shishou[9]…” and directed an envious look at Lotte.

Part 5[edit]

After school ended, Kazuki visited the Sword Division just as he promised.

“Welcome, to the Sword Division!”

Kazuha-senpai welcomed him happily.

Both of them faced each other in the central fountain plaza that separated the Magic Division and the Sword Division.

“You look really happy, senpai.”

“…There is nothing wrong with me feeling happy here.” Kazuha-senpai pouted her lips to hide her embarrassment.

“No, I ‘m just thinking that senpai showed your honesty to me. I’m wondering how happy senpai feels.”

“Shaddup! Shaddup! Come on, let’s not waste any time!!”

Kazuha-senpai linked her hand tightly with Kazuki’s hand and she guided Kazuki inside the grounds of the Sword Division.

The Sword Division was once destroyed from the attack of the Quad Core Magica, but while Kazuki and the others were fighting at west Japan, the reconstruction had been finished.

Not only was it built back to how it was before, its facility was also expanded. The Sword Division’s facilities were inferior in various aspects compared to the Magic Division, but the disparity had begun to be negated.

The opinion of Kazuki and Headmaster Amasaki’s opinion coincided with each other and they were bringing the Sword Division and the Magic Division closer to equality little by little.

Crossing the bridge above the pond that was filled with floating lotus flower, the both of them were walking following the path that was dotted with stepping stones and stretching up and down the artificial hills in the garden. In contrast with the Magic Division’s western garden that was divided orderly, the Sword Division’s Japanese garden imitated the nature in a jumble with deep charm. Whichever one that he walked, both garden had a very good atmosphere.

“If senpai wants, we can link arms like the time in Ise, it will be better like that.”

While feeling the warmth of Kazuha-senpai’s palm, Kazuki talked with a light tone.

“Stupid-! If we do that kind of thing inside the school, we are going to be thought as a bakaple and it’s going to become a strange rumor you know-!”

“But I think just by holding hands and walking together it will already create strange rumors like that though.”

After Kazuki pointed that out, Kazuha-senpai groaned “Uu~” but she didn’t try to separate their hands.

And then actually, while they were walking the students of the Sword Division that happened to pass by them sporadically were throwing their gaze at them and gossiping in whispers.

“Ah, it’s the Chief President and Tsukahara-san” “There is a rumor that their relation is good but, looks like it’s true” “Tsukahara-san, recently she became bright didn’t she” “Feels like she became easy to talk with” “A man really changes a woman eh~”

Kazuha-senpai’s body trembled with a twitch and she released Kazuki’s hand completely.

But Kazuki, as if he was saying that he didn’t mind whatever people talked about, embraced Kazuha-senpai’s waist with one hand tightly. The separated two people became tightly glued on their hips.

From the surrounding students, with the girl as the core raised up their voices “Kyaa―” “How nice, how nice―!”

“Ka, Kazuki-! Geez! Come here a little!”

Even while Kazuha-senpai didn’t try to shake off Kazuki, she pulled Kazuki into the bushes behind the school building in order to get far away from people’s eyes.

It was a dark corner where people’s eyes and even sunshine were blocked by leaves.

“…About how the surrounding is tolerant about how you get along well with a large number of girls, I think that’s because there is nothing graphic in your relation with girls.”

Kazuha-senpai lowered her voice and gave him a warning.

It was an expression in a roundabout way but Kazuki understood it intuitively.

The power of magic distorted reality due to strong thoughts. There was the case where that power was invoked unconsciously.

Because of that, contraception for male and female became unreliable. A strong feeling that desired each other made any contraception method completely ineffective. The result was that the relation of man and woman in the present era became something more prudent.

Female prized their chastity and it was not rare for them to protect their purity until marriage.

Kaguya-senpai, when she was made excited by Asmodeus or Hikaru-senpai whose self awareness as a girl was thin, were quite dangerous in their awareness around this area but…. However, exactly because of that even if there was a male that got along well with multiple girls the surrounding didn’t really mind it. That was what Kazuha-senpai wanted to say.

“But if, only if…if there is a student around you that became pregnant and dropped out or took a break from school, you will lose the trust as a Chief Student Council President, no, as a Knight. That’s why…it’s fine even if you flirt with other girls but you absolutely mustn’t cross that one line, you get it.”

For Kazuha-senpai who had criticized Kazuki’s harem state since they first met, that warning was surely a compromise from her. At the same time, it was also a reasonable warning as a person.

Kazuki embraced Kazuha-senpai closer gently before lightly brushing away her bangs and kissed her forehead.

“…My heart is satisfied just doing this so it’s fine senpai.”

Kazuha-senpai stood on her tiptoes and kissed back at Kazuki’s cheek.

“…Are you really satisfied with just that?”

After she distanced her lips, Kazuha-senpai whispered into Kazuki’s ear.

Even though she was the one that gave him the warning, it was a sweet whisper coming from herself that tried to seduce him.

Senpai’s expression too was colored with a sweet color.

Kazuki tightly embraced Kazuha-senpai strongly, and kissed her lips to lips. Kazuha-senpai too embraced Kazuki back, and glued herself at him as if rubbing her soft body to him.

Whether their chest or their hips, both were sticking close to each other. A strong kiss and embrace that were trying to blend their whole body.

Kazuki felt a déjà vu toward that warmth―he remembered the time in the Gate of the Celestial Rock Cave when he was embracing Kazuha-senpai in naked while kissing. At that time he was completely thinking “I want to keep more like this”.

At that time they didn’t go further than that, was not because of the power of their reason, but it was nothing more than because the rock door opened and Amaterasu appeared.

While hugging at each other with senpai, Kazuki felt a shiver. He absolutely mustn’t lay his hands on these lovely girls. ‘I need a steel-like reasoning’, Kazuki once more thought.

Kazuki softly released her lips. Kazuha-senpai was intoxicated and making a drunk expression from the kiss.

How cute. As long as someone is a man then surely everyone will think so.

Doing his best to restrain his feeling of cherish, Kazuki opened his mouth.

“Then let’s continue the tour of the Sword Division, please take care of me.”

Kazuha-senpai’s expression returned to the color of reality.

“…Right. I got it, let’s go.”

Kazuha-senpai slapped her face with both her hand *PAN!* vigorously. By doing that she tightened her expression, then she took Kazuki’s hand and led him out from behind the school building.

Once again, the tour was restarted while the students at their surrounding bantered about them.

“That building is the female student dormitory where we lived.”

Kazuha-senpai talked while pointing at a building that looked like a Japanese castle with tiled roof stacked like layers. When he came here before there was no high-rise building like this, it was supposed to be just a building in the style of row houses before.

“It was reconstructed gorgeously like a castle. Everyone in the Sword Division is grateful to you for your stance of equality with the Magic Division. The rooms and the like turned out really spacious.”

Kazuha-senpai opened her hands wide and made a gesture, conveying her joy to Kazuki.

Like usual the surrounding Sword Division students were looking at them with teasing eyes and leaking out whispering voice cheerfully.

―However gazes that could be said to be filled with good will were mixed among those.

He could also feel some gazes that contained slight thorn.

‘What’s with that’, Kazuki tilted his head. Perhaps it was not as simple as Kazuha-senpai said where all the students of the Sword Division gave their support to Kazuki.

“And then this way is where the dojo…”

Kazuha-senpai didn’t show any sign of noticing such gazes and gave Kazuki a tour inside the school cheerfully as if displaying her own collection.

The ordinary days were passing through.

Passing the days in the Knight Academy, finally the weekend came.

“Otouto-kun, so you really remembered about your promise of going to a date with me!!”

When it became Sunday and Kazuki invited Kaguya-senpai to a date, senpai was smiling widely with a bright expression in a happy mood. That’s right, before this Kazuki had promised to go for a date with Kaguya-senpai.

Kaguya-senpai who turned up at the meeting place in front of the station was in a white one-piece with no sleeve that really suited the early summer.

Kazuki embraced senpai’s waist. The cloth of the one piece intended for summer was thin, Kaguya-senpai’s soft waist was directly transmitted to his palm. “Fufufu-“ Kaguya-senpai happily leaned her body on him and the two of them departed for their date while nestling close to each other.

Both of them rode the magic light train.

Their destination was a farm in the rural area secluded from the capital city area.

It was named <Animal Contact Farm>.

It was a facility not with the objective of raising animals for livestock but for sightseeing.

Kazuki had a really hard time in choosing the location for the date.

Failure was absolutely unforgivable. Quite a long time had passed since his promise for a date and also during that time Kaguya-senpai had completely mistaken Kazuki’s speech and conduct as [researching romantic in preparation for the date with her]. Kazuki had come under an abnormal pressure.

There Kazuki tried to rely on Hikaru-senpai. As a [close friend] that had accompanied Kaguya-senpai even longer than Kazuki, there was no doubt that she surely could grant him a wonderful expertise.

“Things that Kaguya like? Nn―, she unexpectedly like animals you know. She is absurdly affectionate to animals.”

Hikaru-senpai answered like that.

“I see, thank you very much! But I don’t think it’s particularly unexpected though.”

“Eh, isn’t it unexpected? See, Kaguya is an ‘S’ so I thought she is going to torment the animal! But she is just being affectionate to the animal with all her heart! Unexpected right!?”

“I don’t think that Kaguya-senpai personally is that much of an ‘S’ though…. For Hikaru-senpai to come across Kaguya-senpai’s ‘S’ tendency, isn’t there a little ‘M’ tendency in Hikaru-senpai instead?[10]

“I’m not an ‘M’ you know!?”

―There was that kind of conversation. And then Kazuki decided on this date course under such scrupulous investigation. And then when they finally arrived in the destination area…,


…Kaguya-senpai reacted exactly just as he imagined.

Kaguya-senpai leaped toward [Animal Contact Plaza ~Rabbit Zone~] with a violent dash.

“UOOOOOOOOOO-!” Raising such strange voice “Nyaa―! Goronyaa―!!” raising cat’s purring voice, Kaguya-senpai hugged a fluffy rabbit while petting it back and forth repeatedly.

Her tension was raising too much and she turned into a strange person to her heart’s content.

“Senpai, rabbit’s crying voice is not [nyaa―] but more like a [puu].”

“Puu? That’s Koyuki-chan's crying voice right?”

“The trademark gag of that voice is from rabbit. The phrase trademark gag feels wrong though.”

Kazuki too lifted up a young small rabbit and started to cuddle it fluffily.

The rabbits turned to these two and [puu] mumbled out a crying voice like that.

“They cried! Moreover they don’t even run away from humans at all. Ufufu, you are cute, really cute♪”

“The domesticating of the animal in this farm is very good isn’t it?”

While the two were frolicking with the rabbits, a caretaker uncle wearing a hat and overalls walked approaching them and replied to Kazuki’s words.

“For some reason with the birth of magic in this world as the impetus, there is this impression that the animals turned amiable to humans.”

Kazuki and Kaguya-senpai went “Eeh!?” in shock hearing those unexpected words. “Though there is no basis whatsoever scientifically in it though” After giving that preface, the uncle continued his story with a face of marvel himself.

“I think that it’s too conceited to consider that when there is a strange phenomenon that happened in the world, only humans get affected while there is no effect at all to the animals. It is said that all humans are connected through Astrum in the depth of their heart or something like that, but if that so then the animals too are supposed to be connected through Astrum. And then Demon Beast are born from Astrum, but couldn’t it be that such thing is a gathering of the detestable aspect of animals’ latent consciousness assembly that become Demon Beast. Though this is just my personal thought.”

Demon Beast was called as [human race’s absolute enemy]. At the same time Kazuki remembered that a great number of Japanese Mythology Divas were existences that symbolized [worship and fear to nature].

He felt that the hypothesis that the uncle said had quite a power of persuasion of its possibility.

“Next there is also Telepathy. It might be feeble but couldn’t that come into existence between humans and animals too. To put simply, the animals too are one of the members of this world.”

“I think I can say yes to that thought-!”

Kaguya-senpai’s voice was excited from feeling pleased of such thought.

Guided by the caretaker, Kazuki and Kaguya-senpai moved to the fence of the other animals. The rabbits accompanied them until the farthest the fence allowed from the regret of parting with the two, making Kazuki and Kaguya-senpai even more softened.

“This alpaca was popular a long time ago”, or “Snakes too are friendly toward people you know”, the caretaker introduced them to various animals. Kaguya-senpai rubbed her cheek to the strange face of the alpaca, twining around a snake around her neck like a muffler’s replacement, she was showing a state of great delight.

So far it was a success. But today’s plan didn’t end with just this.

It couldn’t be said as romantic with just this much.

“Senpai, I have also made a booking for just the two of us at the horse-riding experience course, let’s go.”

“Horse riding!? We can ride a horse[11]!? Moreover we are going to ride together!?”

Kazuki pulled her hand and led her to the stable inside the farm.

It was a horse. The horse that entered inside the stable noticed Kazuki and Kaguya-senpai’s approach and it protruded its unexpected large face outside with a neigh. “Dohyaa~” Kaguya-senpai raised a strange voice.

A female caretaker handed Kazuki and Kaguya-senpai some boots.

“Please change your shoes with those. You are going with a course without helmet aren’t you?”

Kazuki nodded toward the confirmation of the caretaker.

The magicians that were awakened in this present era could protect their body with the defensive magic power.

Because of that all kind of insurance and warranty were unneeded and in exchange service industry in the form of leisure with cheap price multiplied. It was limited to service for those in the age range between the later half of the tens until the twenties when they had vigorous magic power.

Kazuki who had limited pocket money was of course choosing to reserve in this form.

“This horse had earned around three hundred million monetary award when he was still active in horse racing you know.”

“Three, three hundred million!?”

While saying that triumphantly as if it was her own achievement, the caretaker lady was leading the horse that Kazuki and Kaguya-senpai would ride after this. Kaguya-senpai raised a curious voice while chasing the tail of the horse.

“I have never imagined riding a horse in a date!”

“Before this, we were fighting enemies that came from China riding horses, so I was thinking of trying to ride a horse for a little.”

“I see, this is also very interesting in that kind of meaning too. Knowing your enemy before the battle isn’t it?”

For a moment, Kaguya-senpai’s expression turned serious.

But that expression immediately crumbled now that they had reached the point where they were going to ride the horse.

First she put her foot on the stirrup on the left side of the horse and then got on its back. Thereupon Kaguya-senpai’s expression turned “Wawawaa, it’s high!” into panic. Even though she would be fine even if she fell because of her magic power, humans had an instinctive fear of height.

Kazuki followed up next and rode behind Kaguya-senpai. Then he encircled his hands around Kaguya-senpai in the front like he was hugging her to grasp the rein, Kaguya-senpai then “Thi, this is so romantic!!” said so in high spirits.

“Don’t curl up your back and stick out your chest, then please support your weight in the saddle using your ischial bone[12].”

According to the instruction of the caretaker Onee-san, rather than sitting on their bottom, they need to put their weight a little in their front section and their upper body need to take an upright posture from the horse.

“Thi-this posture, feels a little strange somehow."

Kaguya-senpai whispered a little. Strange feeling…?

From there the caretaker Onee-san taught them how to use the reins.

“The horse remembered the course and they will walk on their own accord, so it’s okay even if you don’t pay attention. Please think of the reins as something to complete the atmosphere.”

She concluded the explanation concisely, then the caretaker Onee-san rode a different horse.

The Onee-san’s horses walked ahead, Kazuki and Kaguya-senpai’s horse was following along too.

It seems the horses were trained for the use of riding, so they were pretty calm. It was shaking, but the horse’s movement didn’t have any instability. Certainly, there was no feeling that the horse needs any instructions even with humans on top of it.

“If the horse stops to eat grass in the roadside, please use the reins to pull its neck from the grass and kick with your leg as hard as possible.”

“We have to kick it? How pitiful.” Kaguya-senpai knitted her eyebrows.

“If you don’t kick it as hard as possible, it won’t get the signal.”

“…It's really pitiful and painful if you see it from the horse’s point of view, right?”

Kazuki could comprehend it, then the Onee-san also laughed “Right, right, that’s so.” and rode further ahead. Kazuki and Kaguya-senpai’s horse was also following along on its own accord. They passed the time elegantly.

The horse riding course Kazuki reserved was not a simple circle course.

It surrounded the ups and downs of the hills besides the ranch, a tracking course inside the mother nature.

“When going uphill, lean your body forward, when going downhill bend your body backward. Please keep your balance, okay?” The Onee-san advised so. Kazuki and Kaguya did as what she instructed. Each time they did that, the body of Kazuki and Kaguya-senpai touched against each other.

Along the natural road filled with broken branches scattered about, the horse kept advancing forward without care and stepped on those with its hooves. The horse entered the green dense forest course.

“Oohh, how romantic! This is a really good atmosphere!”

Kaguya-senpai was in high spirits when she saw the scenery from the horseback.

The caretaker Onee-san that was leading in front of them was taking into consideration of their status as a couple and kept quiet. She didn’t even look back at all.

Suddenly Kaguya-senpai raised “Nn…” a troubled voice.

“Ka-Kazuki-kun…this vertical vibration is, that is, gradually, somewhat…like climbing a pole…”

“Climbing a pole? What are you saying senpai? Also, calling me Kazuki-kun…”

When senpai called him using that name…. At times when senpai retained her reasoning, she called him as [Otouto-kun] in order to preserve her dignity as a senior.

Senpai turned back to glance at Kazuki a bit.

Those pupils were―turned into violet color like when Asmodeus’s magic power was rising to the surface.

“…Senpai, you're turned on in this kind of place!?”

Kazuki whispered in small voice.

“Nn, no, this is…I also don’t plan to be like this…. Yet there was still part of Asmodeus’ magic that I used a lot from the other day that still remained all along…. And then while Kazuki-kun hugged me, this vertical vibration is, that…at my bottom and back…”

Kaguya-senpai twisted her body restlessly.

This is bad, if it had became like this senpai couldn’t be stopped.

“Kazuki-kun, please…” Kaguya-senpai leaked a coaxing voice.

Kazuki directed his eyes toward the caretaker Onee-san who was leading them. As long as there was no huge accident happening, it didn’t seems like she would turn her attention to this way.

But if this horse riding course reached the end…!

While the Onee-san was not looking, he must disperse Kaguya-senpai’s mood!

Usually senpai would get satisfied after he hugged her tightly and caressed her back for a long period of time. But this time he didn’t have that kind of time….

“Understood, Kaguya. I’ll leave the rein in Kaguya’s hand.”

Kazuki handed over the reins while whispering near Kaguya’s ear.

Kaguya wouldn’t be able to do anything in this posture. Kazuki had to grant pleasure to Kaguya proactively.

Kazuki embraced Kaguya from behind closely. And then he stroked Kaguya’s stomach gently across the soft cloth of her one-piece dress. Her sensitivity was currently amplified several times over, she could attain great pleasures just by having her back and stomach caressed gently. However,

“…Kazuki-kun…” Kaguya raised an unsatisfied voice.

…To answer her pleading in this limited time, he needs to act bolder compared to how he usually was.

Kazuki made a momentous decision, he reached his hand toward Kaguya’s chest―her breasts.

He lifted the large bulge gently with both hands, it had such a heavy and thick feeling. The feedback he felt from his hand was so heavy. At the same time he buried his fingers on her cloth and felt something soft beyond the thin fabric.

Without change, Kazuki massaged those softness skillfully. What he felt from his fingers were something so frightfully soft.

“Nn! Ahnn!”

Kaguya leaked out stimulating breaths. A breathing that looks like she tried to endure a large voice of pleasure from leaking.

That was, while Kazuki was toying around with those softness, he rapidly turned even more intense. Her reaction had already passed the realm of ticklish. Breaking through that territory, it could be seen that Kaguya-senpai clearly felt good.

Kazuki also became heated up inside his mind, he couldn’t stop anymore.

The horse keep walking ‘pokupokupoku’ ahead steadily. Pushing into that rhythm, Kazuki continued his massage. Kaguya-senpai's breath rapidly turned wild, she twisted her body on top of the saddle, sometimes sweet voices like “Nnnh!” or “Yaahn!” leaked from her lips.

“Haah haah…Kazuki-kun, please…more…”

Kaguya separated her right hand from the rein, then she undid the shoulder straps of her one-piece dress. Kazuki removed his hands from her chests reflexively. Thereupon, the upper garment of the one piece dress fell down from Kaguya’s upper body without resistance.

The dress Kaguya wore was the type that inserted cups in the inside to support the breasts.

In short, Kaguya was going no-bra behind the dress. Kazuki opened his eyes wide in amazement because of Kaguya’s bold action.

In a surprise attack, Kaguya’s bare breasts shook like a jelly. No, that’s not the correct word, they were BOOBS.

Kazuki reflexively gulped his saliva while taking in the meaning of Kaguya’s bold “Please.”

Kazuki checked the reaction of the caretaker Onee-san in front of them once more. She was totally unaware of anything they did behind her. However they had already passed half of the course, the time limit was approaching. She couldn’t be allowed to see this kind of appearance.

Magika No Kenshi To Shoukan Maou Vol.07 111.jpg

Staring at a girl’s naked upper body this brazenly was the first time for Kazuki.

Moreover, when it comes to Kaguya’s huge breasts…!

Those large globes were going to be held tightly by himself.

A nervousness that he never felt in any kind of battle he was involved until now made Kazuki’s brain lose its mind.

Kazuki resolved himself. He stretched his hand to those abundant bulges.

Those tits' beautiful shape were not crumbling because of its size, he lifted them carefully. Its softness couldn’t be compared to when he touched them across the clothes, his fingers sink into them flabbily. Those tits had a profound sense of weight. Different from when he touched them over the clothes, all of those tits' weight rested in Kazuki’s palm. And then, it was warm. Kaguya’s bare skin was far smoother compared to when he felt them beyond the clothes.

The glossy and soft mass hadn’t even settled down inside Kazuki’s palm when he already massaged them lightly.

This is the first time Kazuki had ever touched breasts directly. Kaguya wore a happy expression ecstatically.

Her tits were not only soft, those pink tips that looks like flower buds swelled out, it turned hard little by little. It was the response from Kaguya’s body that had learned pleasure.

Kazuki’s hands approached those tips little by little.

When Kaguya notice what he was doing, her looks were filled with the feeling of expectation.

Kazuki stimulated those tips like he was plucking a flower with his hands.

“The-there…! Over there, more…♥”

He rolled around those tips with the ball of his fingers gently. Kaguya whose whole body was so sensitive because of Asmodeus’ influence “Nnnn♥” bent her spine backward and then she ‘bikubiku’ trembled violently.

“…mming! Don’t, …mming!!” Kaguya leaked unintelligible sounds from her mouth.

With sensation that was like the surge of a big tsunami, Kaguya forgot herself and started to react intensely. Kazuki anxiously checked the caretaker Onee-san’s back one more time.

It’s still okay. He returned his gaze back to Kaguya.

Then suddenly, he felt envy to the saddle that transmitted the vibrations to Kaguya’s lower body.

It was not only Kazuki’s both hands that gave the pleasure to Kaguya, but also the vibration of this saddle.

Kazuki separated his right hand from Kaguya’s breast and reached toward Kaguya’s right thigh. He stimulated her inner thigh in a surprise attack. While Kaguya was trembling in pleasure, she looked back to Kazuki with eyes that were filled with even more anticipation.

Kaguya hoped for even greater pleasure.

Kazuki moved his hand little by little even deeper into Kaguya’s inner thigh, his hand slide into the space between Kaguya-senpai and the saddle.

Is she sweating? There was a wet sensation.

Kaguya clapped her hands on her mouth “Nnnnnn―!!” and raised a muffled scream.

And then her whole body rippled, like everything she had stored until now were exploding.

‘Bikunbikun’[13] Kaguya’s body pulsated in the middle of Kazuki’s arms.

This reaction was not sufficient with only once. He must continue a little bit more for Kaguya to cool down from her condition, Kazuki understood that from his experience.

Since there was not much time left, he must stimulate her even more intensely.

That’s why he continued to stimulate those sensitive place like he was digging deeper.

“……! ……!!” Kaguya convulsed fiercely two times, three times. The sensation was amplified many times over, Kaguya’s pleasure was endlessly deep. It went higher without any end in sight.

She was drenched with sweat in the middle of Kazuki’s arm, the scent of a girl lingered in the air richly. Kazuki too kept stimulating Kaguya in a trance. His instinct as a man was fired up to make her experience the happiness of a girl.

She trembled many times over, finally Kaguya-senpai’s body slumped over tiredly. The rein slipped off from her hand. Kazuki picked it up in panic.

When he peeked at her expression, the color of Kaguya’s eyes gradually returned back to normal.

A thin trail of saliva was flowing down from Kaguya’s absentminded lips.

Her cheeks were also flushed red. Her breathing was rough and her eyes were hazy.

Kazuki felt a strong carnal desire boiled up for him to continue. "I want to mess her up even more." However he suppressed those desire somehow and wiped the saliva from her lips. He straightened her back and put her clothes in order.

“Kaguya, you were awfully cute just now.” He whispered so while stroking her head.

Kaguya leaned back to Kazuki while still looking like she was dreaming and said “Kazuki-kun…I love you, I love you so much.”

Suddenly the sunlight became strong. It was the moment where the advancing horse came out from the trees-covered hill into the open ranch.

The caretaker Onee-san said “Well then, let’s get down from the horse!” and turned back to look toward here.

Kaguya-senpai was “Hyah!!” and straightened her back in a fluster.

The caretaker Onee-san was in the state of being unaware of everything.

But when they got down from the horse, only the horse was staring at them with a meaningful gaze.

{What the hell are you guys doing on top of me?} That stare somehow felt like that.

When Kaguya-senpai got down from the horse, she nonchalantly used Pyrokinesis to dry the saddle.

“Again…I was doing something unthinkable. To, to be messed up like that…”

Kaguya-senpai who returned to herself wilted gloomily. To do something so shocking even more than usual in the romantic date that she was looking forward to.

“It can’t be helped because of Asmodeus. Also, I don’t hate doing that at all, so please don’t mind it too much.”

“Otouto-kun, you don’t hate it…?”

“That, well”

“That was embarrassing!!”

Kaguya-senpai covered her head with both hands.

Kazuki looked around in trouble, then his eyes stopped at a stand.

“Senpai, let’s eat soft cream. The soft cream in this ranch is absolutely tasty you know?”

Kaguya-senpai was “…I want to eat, maybe” and raised her head.

Kazuki released his breath in relief and led senpai to the stand.

“Excuse me, two of this [squeezed raw milk soft cream][14] please!”

Kazuki spontaneously read the menu frankly without even questioning it.

“Otouto-kun…that item’s name, makes me feel so complicated somehow…”

Kaguya-senpai was dealt the final blow from a strange place and received even more shock.

Even so both of them were passing an enjoyable time.

Before this, when he asked Kaguya-senpai concerning romantic thing, Kaguya-senpai gave him a high class example like a rooftop restaurant in a hotel where they could see the night scenery.

But seeing the night scenery was not just limited at the rooftop of a hotel.

There Kazuki took a reservation for a seat right beside the window in a restaurant on top of a hill near the farm. Kazuki had searched by himself for a restaurant with beautiful night view with price range that even Kazuki could afford. Both the dish and the night view gave Kaguya-senpai satisfaction and he managed to tie up the date almost perfectly.

―And then they returned to the Knight Academy with the magic light train.

Disembarking the magic light train, when they got out to the street at night from the station, Kazuki walked on the side of the roadway while embracing Kaguya-senpai’s waist tightly. Kaguya-senpai too was walking while gluing herself tightly on Kazuki.

With the end of this whole day, this whole week would end.

Suddenly, Kazuki remembered about the [mass conference]. Right about now, the conference between Japan's government and Yamato’s representative, and also the envoys from each of the Magic Advanced Countries should be over. There might be some kind of conclusion that came out from that.

The content of that conclusion was still wrapped in a veil of secrecy from those in Kazuki and the general public’s position.

Even while Kazuki spent all his time doing studies for tests and date throughout the ordinary day like this, their battle was advancing. That battle was already not his own battle….

There was also a part of himself that accepted such position as something natural.

As a student of the Knight Academy, it was a really natural and obvious…,

“…You are the King of this country right?”

Kazuki and Kaguya-senpai’s feet stopped from that voice in their path.

Illuminated under the street light, two people were waiting in the middle of the path.

One person was wearing a grey suit, a youth with luxurious blonde hair. One of his hands was propping a stick.

The other one was a young lady with a mythological appearance wearing a long and narrow hat and white mantel. Her mantel fluttered in the night wind.

White skin and blue eyes. Foreigner. Both of them looked so out of place that they were obviously not Japanese.

“Forgive us for the sudden impoliteness. My name is Arthur.”

The youth in suits appearance took a step forward and introduced himself while putting his hand on his chest.

He has a somewhat smaller stature than Kazuki. With a handsome face like a doll, he had an androgynous sweet look. He looked gallant matching with his hair that was cut short. The glen check suits his body was clad in painted a perfect curve as if a core of steel was inserted.

A youth with the body appearance that evidently embodied the words that said [not even a single opening].

The youth continued with words that Kazuki ought to be surprised about.

“<King of the Round Table>, Arthur Basileus. I am the King that ruled over the land of magic’s origin Britain.”

Kazuki swallowed his breath. Kaguya-senpai too separated her body from Kazuki’s arm along with a nervous feeling.

“This kind of child is a King?”

The woman donning a white hat and a mantel murmured with a sigh.

“In the middle of the assembly concerning the future of the world, the person who is the King of this country doesn’t carry out the responsibility of his noble birth, instead he is having a secret affair with a girl.”

Hearing the words of the woman in white mantel, the youth introducing himself as Arthur interposed with an objection.

“I cannot approve of that sense of values. He is evidently escorting a lady. That is also a noble responsibility. It is not something that can be criticized.”

“It’s only natural that our sense of values cannot approve of each other. We are seeing the world with different interpretation.”

“To begin with, how about you also introduce yourself to him?”

Arthur knitted his brows and rebuked the woman in white mantel.

The woman in white mantel released a deep sigh and took a step forward in line with Arthur.

“It’s not my real intent to introduce myself toward a low-life that is hard to approve as an equal but…I am, Regina Olympia Folnar. The <Papal BasileusPope> that preached the correct way of life according to Olympia.”

Speaking of Olympia then it must be Greece Mythology. Therefore this woman must be the King of Italia…!

“You are a Pope even though you are a girl?”

When Kaguya-senpai tilted her head, the white mantel woman―Regina then,

“The word’s original meaning mean [the person who enlighten]. I’m going to kill you you know, low-life.” She threatened.

“Misunderstanding and hardships are things that follow around the exchange of foreign cultures all right.”

Arthur knitted his eyebrows. “Especially our case where we obtained the patronage of different Mythologies. However even if it is a relation where sooner or later a conflict against each other will occur, we need to spend time talking together until the fitting place for the duel is prepared, an endeavor to understand each other is necessary. I am thinking that is exactly what is called decorum.”

“It’s not like I don’t understand your so called chivalry, but there is no merit for me in displaying decorum to these people. What kind of person the King of this country is, for the time being I’m accompanying you because I have that interest.”

Regina flapped her white mantel with a twirl and turned on her heel.

That white mantel faded away as it was standing out inside the darkness of the night.

“My my, how strict. After all, Italia is a country that is like an extremely overbearing wife. …Well, you who is still staying as someone that cannot accomplish what you should do as a King and instead is amusing yourself with a lady are also at fault here. By the way, I wonder if I can hear your name once more from your own mouth.”

After Arthur saw off Regina, he turned back to Kazuki and smiled.

A refreshing smile that mesmerized even one who was the same sex―completely like Hikaru-senpai.

“Hayashizaki Kazuki. …I’m still not someone with so remarkable a status that I can introduce myself as a King.”

Kazuki introduced himself while covering up his complicated thoughts.

Arthur presented one of his hand looking for a handshake.

“Being in the middle of your growth is not something to be embarrassed about. Being modest even while acting dignified, it’s evidently just like the samurai that I heard in legend. I’m looking forward to you becoming a worthy opponent for me.”

Kazuki accepted his hand and squeezed back. There was no brawny place in that hand at all, it was a smooth hand like a porcelain. …Is this really a hand of a man?

“Let’s stop tonight with just a greeting.”

When the handshake was over, Arthur too gallantly turned his back and took his leave dashingly.


Kaguya-senpai joined her hand back with Kazuki. A turmoil was laid bare in her voice.

“…I really got doused with unbelievably cold water in the end of this enjoyable day eh.”

…He had heard that the envoys from the Magic Advanced Countries were coming. He had already encountered Russia’s King but, for the King from Britain and Italia to also come here personally….

And then they expressly came here for paying their respect to him who didn’t show his face in the conference.

And then one of the pair looked down on Kazuki while the other one encouraged him.

In other words the both of them…didn’t deem the current state of Kazuki as equal.

He was ridiculed. ―Inside Kazuki, there was a revolting heart that felt humiliation.

Kaguya-senpai stayed quiet and strongly hugged Kazuki’s arm, perhaps from sensing the disarray of his heart.

And then the two of them resumed their strides toward the Witch’s Mansion.

…What kind of conclusion had resulted from the talk at the conference?

Kazuki thought about the matter that he had no knowledge of, then for some reason he looked up to the night sky above his head.

From this humiliation he felt…he had to question himself regarding the ordinary days where he should be at.

Translator's Notes and References[edit]

  1. I'm not too sure about what this should be since anything i would do to this text would change the meaning of the sentence. EDIT: that's why I asked in the discussion page what was the original term used, as the word "color" in Japanese can mean a lot of things.
  2. Small, open sandwich. French
  3. Father, this one is also written with the kanji of step-father.
  4. Stealing another’s lover. NTR.
  5. I think the name ‘Galpan’ here is formed from ‘gal’ or ‘girl’ and ‘pan’ or ’panty’.
  6. Stealing into a girl's bedroom at night to make love
  7. From "baka" (stupid) + "couple"; said of the sugary, loving couples that flirt constantly without minding the TPO.
  8. Person who is satisfied with his or her real (offline) life
  9. Master/Teacher
  10. S refers to Sadist and M refers to Masochist.
  11. Here Kaguya is talking like an excited kid
  13. I think you know that this is the SFX for trembling
  14. "Raw milk" in Japanese is written and read the exact same way as "exposed breasts". That's also the reason behind the popular belief that drinking milk makes girls' boobs grow despite their genetics.

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