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Finally we reached the turning point! Even the content makes you feel the turning point, this is the ninth volume of Magika. I am really thankful that I am given the chance to come this far! To be able to pile up a number of volume until this many in this extremely harsh light novel industry, even myself cannot believe this.

Moreover! Magika is still continuing ahead! (as if it’s something that is really awesome) I still want to stir it up even more, so if you reader will continue your patronage from now on too I will be happy. I, if it pleased you reader then perhaps you can recommend this novel or something to your friend or someone… currently taking application for Magilover. *Glance* *glance*

It’s not like Magika got particularly sold like crazy or anything, but I had changed my residence. At the property that my relative possess, he felt it troublesome if there is trouble so it’s fine even if he got cheaper rent, he just wanted to make a relative to live in the place. He brought a story with that kind of feeling to me along with a transcendental bargain rent. Oh yeah! So for around five days from now I will be moving home in timely manner, even though this is not really an important news but I must write about this moving. Though I always write an afterword that is not important at all like this in the end…

Right now, I’m in the middle of carrying away the baggage in my room and I’m flat out broke. My room is a six tatami room that was always in a state like a trash box, so its state right now where I can see the floor is a really fresh experience. However a crimson stain is spreading on my floor like a place of a murder scene. It’s not like I killed someone here but when I was building Cha○’s exclusive mobile suit, the Sa○fi plastic model I made a mistake and the paint spilled on the floor completely. There is no way I can make my room into a C○ar’s exclusive so I’m going to repaper the whole surface of the flooring. It’s going to take much time surely… You really got me huh, Char!

Now that I mentioned it, when my mother brought the baggage that I left behind in my parent’s home to my new home, she sorted my things in my room from around the time I was in middle and high school as she pleased and brought it over to me. When I carelessly checked the inside,

  • A mountain of ero manga (what a really nostalgic design)
  • The files that I scrapped from the page of eroge magazine (I didn’t have the courage to buy eroge)
  • Light novel production notes (Indescribable content that cannot be called as anything else than my black history)
  • A mountain of sketches of moe character drawn with extremely pathetic skill (There are also some perverted pictures you know!)

The instant I opened the baggage these treasured things felt like iron scraps piled up on my head, the killing power is too overkill and I died. Especially the last thing was just too last boss. It’s extremely painful. You really got me mama!

When doing the cleaning of the room and I personally carried the various articles of darkness to the trash processing facility, somehow I feel like I have been reborn. Moving house is a renewal of the soul. Now that I mention it I have the feeling that the content of Magika’s ninth volume is about facing the past. Like this a human grow strong don’t they?

With a completely sparkling new self I’m thinking to let fly the tenth volume of Magika to great height. Thank you very much to CHuN-san that drew super cool illustrations for this volume too! I yelled ‘nyaa’ the instant I saw the front cover. The rumored comicalization that went even more swimmingly than the original version Monrin-san, the characters of the second volume are also grandly entering the stage that I’m super looking forward to it every month! And then the editor-in-charge K-nya! Please don’t grumble things like “That guy break the deadline so calmly without any guilt” to my contemporary Iwanami Ryou-sensei… I feel bad, I’m reflecting… Fueee… Please expect even more great efforts from Mihara-san whose bath and toilet had now become separated! This is Mihara Mitsuki.

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