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Chapter 1 – White and Black[edit]

Part 1[edit]

The morning of that day was not like the usual morning.

The tip of Kazuki’s nose was tickled by a sensual sweet aroma that made him awake. It was the aroma of a girl’s skin. That was what his instinct told him. But this aroma was something he had never smelled until today, the aroma of a foreigner’s skin. The owner of the aroma burrowed herself into Kazuki’s futon and was in a postion of right beside Kazuki, clinging close to him.

‘Who is this’, Kazuki felt dubious while still half-asleep.

―He raised up his blanket and determined the true identity of the intruder while still half-asleep.

The morning sun that shone in from the window illuminated the figure of the girl that was laying on her side.

Her long silver hair shone in sparkles while entangling with the dark brown skin.

The owner of such vibrant contrast between silver and dark brown was―Leme.

Kazuki moved his eyes to the clock and confirmed the time. From the point of view of the usual Kazuki, he had greatly overslept just from the brightness outside his window.

But it was already decided from the start that he was going to oversleep today.

The investigation of Fuji’s sea of trees yesterday was extremely severe. He encountered Ikousai and Ilyailiya in succession and fought them consecutively, not to mention the physical fatigue, even his magic power was completely empty.

His most important job today was to rest. …After sleeping like a log from the excessive fatigue, it seemed he didn’t notice when Leme sneaked into his futon as she pleased.

―Sleeping together with Leme itself was not a particularly rare occasion.

What was not usual was Leme’s appearance.

Leme contracted with Kazuki in a little girl appearance and grew little by little as she recovered her strength, and now at this point of time she grew in a great leap. The one who was sleeping defenselessly besides Kazuki was not a little girl anymore, but a bewitching beauty that was only clad in a single piece of black clothing.

From that mature body, an aroma that should be called a foreign sex appeal was rising up.

“Have you woke up, my King?”

Her long glandular hair swayed and Leme’s eyes that he thought was still asleep opened completely. And then she moved inside the futon slidingly and snuggled her body closely to Kazuki.

There was a sensation of something soft being flattened around Kazuki’s stomach. A sensation that was impossible for Leme from before―Leme’s breast that had grown big was pressing on him.

Everything was different from usual. Whether her sensual aroma and also the sensation of her adult skin.

…Shit, to feel like this from someone like Leme as the partner.

“Nn? What is it, your face is a little red even though you just woke up you know, my King?”

Leme grazed her big breasts at Kazuki in a jest. Separated by a single piece of thin silk, that felt fluffily and bouncily soft.

“…You, when did you slip into the futon?”

“Nn? It’s just the usual thing right? When you are not sleeping together with another girl, Leme materialized and slipped into your futon. Though for the sake of making you feel shocked like this in the morning, I purposefully waited until you were completely asleep before slipping into the futon.”

“Don’t just slip into the futon like this anymore now that you have grown up this much, okay.”

Kazuki pushed Leme’s shoulders until the edge of the bed. The charming feeling was separated away.

“Why? Fufun, even though your face becomes that red, might there be something that is troubling you? …Leme materialized with Kazuki’s magic power, so it’s better for Leme to be as close as possible to Kazuki when materializing like this. The time when Kazuki is not together with the other girls, I want to be together even when we are on a pillow like this.”

Leme warded off Kazuki’s hand that was pushing her away and sidled up at him once more. While persistently grazing the bulges of her breast at Kazuki, pointed edges were hitting Kazuki’s chest.

“…Your heart is throbbing fast. Like that when your head is invigorated, the magic power that is flowing into Leme too is going to be active and become better. It’s fine, get your heart throbbing more at Leme. Like that your worked up magic power is completely like a sweet nectar for Leme.”

An entranced voice like being drunk from sake. Leme grasped both hands of Kazuki that she swept away and guided them onto her own breasts. Kazuki’s palms were buried into the bulges of Leme’s chest.

There was excessive largeness on his hands. It was not an avatar, but the breasts of a materialized girl. The breasts that was only clad in a thin silk transmitted an endless raw softness to him.

Spontaneously Kazuki massaged it from mostly a reflex.

“…Ann-♪ When Leme’s breasts are rubbed, somehow, Leme too feels good…♪”

Each time he massaged, Leme leaked out a sweet voice ‘ann-♪”.

At the center of the bulges that was covered by a thin silk, something was swelling out isolatedly. Leme’s nipples were swelling out from the sexual excitement. Physiological reaction happened at Diva too the same like a human. That fact turned Kazuki’s head into pure white. She is a girl―that Leme.

The dark brown skin that had depth was soft from what he saw. His palms kept massaging continuously as long as he liked, Leme too was continuing to leak out a sweet voice “ann-♪” happily from being massaged.

With a partner that was not a human, he passed a short time that halted his reasoning inside the futon.

A sweet body odor that was like a foreign fruit that was separated from a Japanese person, pheromone was filling the room. Kazuki pinched Leme’s nipple. Leme’s spine shivered “Nnn-!!” and she raised a noticeable high voice.

“That’s good, the magic power from you too became spiritedly lively and is flowing into Leme! Leme too feels good♪ Play with my nipple more♪”

However his reasoning finally came back, even though late. ‘More than this is no good’, Kazuki finally thought like that.

He stiffened his fingers with his willpower and slowly floated his hands from the charming bulges.

“Oo-? You are stopping…?”

“You… If you are also a girl, don’t make someone that you don’t even like rub your breasts just for a joke. Your value will go down like that. I too don’t want to do something that lowers your value.”

Even though he was saying that he had kept massaging her for quite a long time now. That was the fault of his head that was still in la-la land after just getting woken up.

She was a girl even though she was a Diva… then she had to treasure such thing.

“What are you saying? Surely Leme won’t hate my own master right?”


“It’s obvious that I like you and so I chose you as my contractor.”

Leme brought her face near and pressed her lips at Kazuki’s cheek.

“…Leme also loved my previous contractor.”

Setting aside the dumbfounded Kazuki, Leme talked with a voice that was laced with nostalgia.

“That fellow was a woman, but Leme liked her. I liked her and Leme grew to love her too much… Leme had the feeling that it was a little abnormal to love a partner of the same sex until that much, so Leme is glad that the next contractor, that is you, is a male.”

“The previous contractor…” That’s right, Leme had finally recovered her memory.

There was a different contractor of Leme before.

At the Fuji’s sea of trees, that time when a mysterious voice was talking inside Kazuki’s head―Leme replied at that voice affectionately. It might be that the master of that voice was―the person that was once Leme’s contractor.

The third wall that partitioned the deepest part of Fuji’s sea of trees, there someone put up a seal in order to not let anyone enter inside at all. That meant… it was the previous generation’s King of Solomon.

But for some kind of reason Leme lost her contractor, lost her power and memory, and separated with a long period of time she made Kazuki into her new contractor.

‘Aah, I see. That is why, compared to the other Kings, I am lagging behind.’

When compared to a [completed King] like Arthur or Regina, he felt that it was only him whose days since his contract with Leme was obviously too short.

Because he was too inexperienced… to the degree that he couldn’t straighten up anything.

However Leme said that she still had no intention of talking about what had happened to her and that contractor in the past.

“Fufun♪ I had my eyes on you since the time when you were just a baby, so there is also this reverse Genji-like aspect in our relationship, how cute.” [1]

Leme who had a completely adult look was staring fixedly *jii―* at Kazuki, and then she smiled complacently.

“…You, if you recover your power even more than this, by some chance will you grow even older?”

“Are you thinking that at the very last Leme is going to become an old hag?! How rude, Leme’s current appearance is the peak. There are also Divas whose strongest state are in old people's appearance, but Leme is not that kind of type.”

“…Leme whose appearance was still like a child is more relaxing.”

Kazuki released a deep sigh while still feeling the lingering sweet sensation at his fingertips.

“If you say that you like loli, I can also turn back into a child again just in external appearance you know?”

“I don’t mean that… until now I look after your selfishness in your child form all along, yet for you to suddenly act as the older one here really makes me troubled.”

“Fufun! From now on too, I’m still intending to keep saying out my selfishness though!”

Leme proclaimed with her eyes closed and a smile on her mouth.

If he had to say, the current Leme was in the age just before twenty years old. Her external appearance looked like the age of a university student young lady.

From a child to an adult in one go. Thinking back on it, Leme had completely grown splendidly and rushed off to [an age around the same as Kazuki].

“It’s not like Leme’s mental age has changed all along. It’s just that there are some places that are governed by emotion and body. When Leme’s body changed into an adult’s, naturally, concerns other than the appetite for food will also heighten. This time there is this itchy feeling inside… perhaps this is what you called as [sexual desire] I think. Appetite for food and also sexual desire, both of them are enjoyments that are distinctively coming from materializing into a flesh body, but Leme loves them♪”

Leme once again pulled Kazuki’s hands, trying to make him touch her breasts for the second time.

“Come on, rub Leme’s breast more, play around with my nipples♪”

Kazuki recalled Leme’s appetite until now that was her [tenacity for food]. She was a fellow that mostly thought only about food.

If now her tenacity for this kind of thing was also similarly heightened like her desire for food, then that was something awful. [2]

“Don’t persistently try to make me touch them! Don’t try to vent out your sexual desire to your contractor. Even for my side, it’s troubling to harbor some kind of wicked feeling for my own contracted Diva…”

“Don’t say such cold words like wicked feeling for this.”

Leme’s face suddenly turned serious. “Even though both of us are existences that are most close to each other… to draw a line between a human and a Diva, that’s really lonely.”

Suddenly Kazuki recalled of what Leme once leaked out to him before, about how [I want to become a human].

Looking in reverse, there might not be any meaning in trying to draw a line with a feeling of avoidance just because she was a Diva.

A faint sound of footsteps became slightly audible from the corridor outside the room. Someone was coming to wake him up.

It was not like there was something here he had to feel guilty for, but for some reason Kazuki immediately blocked Leme’s mouth.

The footsteps stopped right in front of Kazuki’s door and next whispering voices could be heard.

“…Kazuki, is he still sleeping I wonder? This is a chance for a wake up kiss! Just like a princess and a prince!!”

“That’s a romantic idea, but normally isn’t it the reverse? The one who is wakened up from the eternal sleep using a kiss, it’s the princess’s side.”

This highly spirited voice with a punch line and the calm tsukkomi, its Mio and Koyuki.

“Someone like Kazuki is close to a princess you see. He is always on the side that is being chased around by a lot of admirers after all.”

“Those girls’ conception is really interesting.” Leme said that with a broad grin.

“I finally noticed that it’s no good for our side just to keep waiting with a feeling like a princess! Even Hiakari is like that right? If you just keep quiet and fidgeting around then the chance will be gone in a flash!”

“Tha, that’s…”

Mio incited a stir inside the introverted Koyuki. Unexpectedly it seemed that Mio felt a female friendship with Koyuki. It was just when he thought of their personalities… he had the feeling that Koyuki was not the one that actually could be said as introverted.

That was because there was another side of Koyuki that she never showed except to Kazuki, where she became strangely bold when the two of them were alone together.

“Let’s do a romantic kiss for waking up someone once! The chance for someone like Kazuki to wake up later than us is super precious! I won’t hand over the right for the first turn to Hiakari!”

“Ple, please wait, I too…!”

Mio said so determinedly with her mouth and then she opened the door carefully and sloo-wly.

“I’m awake already.”

“Wahyan!” When Kazuki talked the moment the door opened, Mio raised a strange scream and backed off, she crashed into Koyuki that followed her behind who said a protest of “puu”.

“Even though you say that you are going to rest from the morning training because yesterday you used up your magic power.”

Mio showed up her face a little from the door and said her complaint.

“I didn’t say that I’m going to rest from the chores too. Right now is around the time I’m thinking of waking up you see.”

“We came thinking of waking you up just in case, but… isn’t it fine for you to sleep just a little bit more? Because you are tired right?”

“Even though I’m resting but I have taken the necessary time for sleeping enough with this. Sleeping more than this is just indolence.”

“Muu―, if you said until that far”

“…It’s not a big deal but can you quickly move forward for me?”

Koyuki lightly tapped the back of Mio *peshi peshi* who showed out her face just a little from the door for conversing with Kazuki.

Both of them was in the maid appearance of the summer version that looked light.

“Fu-fu-fu, how unfortunate for you two to be unable to give my master a wake-up kiss.”

Behind Kazuki, Leme raised her upper body from the bed and chuckled. The way she laughed was as if an evil mastermind was entering the stage and gloated provocatively. Mio raised a voice of ‘ahh’.

“Le, Leme!? You are sleeping together with Kazuki even though you have grown that big!?”

“Is it not allowed? Kazuki belongs to everyone of the Witch’s Mansion right? Fu-fu-fu.”

Leme hugged Kazuki from behind while pressing her breasts at Kazuki.

Mio couldn’t find any argument to just say that it was not allowed and could only moan “Uu―”.

“But Leme looked like someone that is always together with Kazuki all along, it didn’t bother me when you looked like a kid, but to cling close to Kazuki like that with an adult appearance is…”

“Fu-fu-fu, then you two just have to approach Kazuki with even more boldness too. If you don’t, then Leme will use the position as his contracted Diva and monopolize my master like this~♪ Fu-fu-fu~♪”

Leme leaned her body forward from behind and lined up her face with Kazuki, before nuzzling her cheek at him.

Magika No Kenshi To Shoukan Maou Vol.09 017.jpg

Mio went “Aaa~!” with a pitiful voice.

While his cheek was nuzzled, Kazuki became suspicious of Leme’s behavior. It was not like the usual Leme.

Until now Leme had always shown a behavior that conceded her contractor, that was Kazuki, to all the other girls.

That was only natural, after all Leme’s objective was to make Kazuki into a Harem King.

‘…Don’t tell me that now just because she has recovered her memory and got back the minimum of her power, she is planning to change her behavior from now on.’

Just when he suspected so inside his heart, Leme’s figure vanished with a pop in an anticlimax.

{My master, with your magic power still not recovered, don’t do anything rash for one or two days. Right now is the time to give your undivided attention to flirt with these girls and raise their positivity level.}

Leme who lost her physical body resounded her voice inside his head so that Mio and Koyuki couldn’t hear.

Was he over thinking it? Leme was only provoking these two and incited them up.

Leme was still Leme, she didn’t change even after turning into a seemingly adult woman.

Suddenly, “Kazu-nii!” “Kazuki!”, Mio and Koyuki talked at the same time and leaped onto the bed.

“Uwaa-!” He raised a surprised voice while being pressed down on the bed, Mio and Koyuki embraced him from his left and right.

The frilly sensation of the frills and the soft sensation of the skin inside it. Now that he was getting caught between the two, the situation he was in was completely a maid sandwich.

“Kazu-nii! I too, am going to flirt even more with you than before!”

“…Ka, Kazuki should flirt with me today!”

Mio and Koyuki insisted from his left and right. But even if both of them said so to him at the same time…

Lately everyone was accepting of Leme’s advocated harem even more than Kazuki, Kazuki’s feeling of avoidance has also kept thinning. However he loved everyone, yet it was the most difficult when he was told to choose.

Mio turned to Koyuki with an expression that seemed to say she accepted the challenge.

“Why? With what kind of reason are you asking to monopolize Kazuki?”

“…It’s only me who still didn’t have a date just together with Kazuki. That’s unfair.”

“Mu, certainly… But hadn’t you explored the academy’s underground together with just Kazuki?”

Mio talked about the day when they battled Nyarlathotep. Now that she said that, it was different with everyone else, at that time they were in a situation where he absolutely had to shrink his distance with Koyuki to escape from the dungeon.

“You became really close with Kazuki from that, thinking carefully that was also a date right?”

When Mio said that forcefully, Koyuki talked as if to throw out everything that she had kept piling up inside until now.

“That kind of blasphemous date that kept throwing out SAN value check is just unpleasant!”[3]

“Wha, what is SAN value check?”

Mio asked Kazuki while feeling scared, Kazuki too tilted his head saying “Is that Cthulhu language?”

“I have been thinking that it’s unfair all this time! Even I want to have a date with Kazuki without any grotesque tentacles anywhere…”

Koyuki hung her head down in dejection while saying that. Kazuki reflexively embraced back Koyuki’s shoulder and petted her head.

Sunlight poured in from outside the window, and a blue sky spread out without a single cloud in it.

The academy was currently in a special holiday the next day after they challenged the Grand Haunted Ground.

It was a day that was exactly the most ideal for a date.

“…Well, as expected from my compassion, should I say it can’t be helped.”

Mio withdrew while making a deep sigh. In the end she was not that insensitive to keep forcefully pushing.

{This is good. After all Hiakari Koyuki’s positivity level is just barely under 150. Let’s raise it right before the decisive battle.}

Leme too ran her mouth inside Kazuki’s head calculatingly.

Part 2[edit]

“Fufu, so it was Koyuki-chan that invited Otouto-kun to a date? Then you have no choice but to give her a date.” Kaguya-senpai smiled gently while saying that.

“It was said before that it’s time for flirting until your magic power recovers so I too am expecting it somewhat though~. Ahaha, But if it’s like this then it can’t be helped.” Hikaru-senpai said that while laughing generously.

“Koyuki-oneesan is really looking forward to it inside her heart, but it’s cute that she works really hard to not let it show on the surface desu-!” Lotte grinned brightly like an angel saying that.

“…Don’t leave me alone too much, okay? I feel that the time I can be together with you is too short because I’m in the Sword Division, it feels a little lonely.” Kazuha-senpai honestly became sulky while saying so.

“I too have never been together with Kazuki except in that forest where many dead people were wandering around. If we go by that argument then next time should be my turn.” Shinobu-senpai said so and booked her turn in advance.

“When the conflict with Yamato becomes clearer, take me and Shinobu to the sea just like you promised okay? Because I had bought a new and more amazing swimsuit already.” Miyabi-senpai said something dreadful.

“It doesn’t concern me at all that Hayashizaki Kazuki is going for a date. Nn? But if he is doing that then who will make today’s dinner? If it’s not you who make it then and I don’t wanna―!” Like that Karin was crying while hitting him.

“I don’t know the feeling of a person that likes to go outside of his own free will degozaru.” Kamimura-san rejected this thing called a date right from the bottom of her heart.

―Without even any discord that especially happened, everyone gave their official recognition for this date without difficulty.

It was surely the embodiment of everyone’s good relation with each other. Also, as far as it went, it was also their trust in him.

If it was like this then it might be fine even if they didn’t purposefully rendezvous at another place sneakily.

When Kazuki tried to propose so, Koyuki shook her head with an expression that fixated on something.

“But, until now Kazuki’s date with everyone all started after rendezvousing with them at the arranged place right?”

“Well, it’s just as you said.”

Since his first date with Mio, the front of the station became the place where he would be waiting for the date.

This was the habit that Mio created because she was embarrassed to be seen by the students of the academy when she was together with Kazuki, but now there was no more necessity for it since their relation had become public knowledge.

“But if everyone did it like that, then I too want to do it like that.”

Koyuki stared at Kazuki with upturned eyes filled with emotion while saying that.

“Because, this is our first date.”

“…Sorry, did I make you wait?”

Saying that, Koyuki appeared in front of the station that was the place where they arranged to meet. Of course Kazuki replied like this to that question,

“No, I just arrived here too.”

“…But of course, after all, this is still one hour earlier than the arranged time… Why was Kazuki here already…”

Koyuki heaved a deep sigh with an amazed face.

“Koyuki too. It seems that we both came too early so as to not let our partner wait.”

Both of their amazed face immediately changed into a smile that this couldn’t be helped.

Koyuki was mostly lightly dressed. Before he noticed, the season had already changed into the early summer.

Koyuki was wearing a no sleeve blouse that was decorated with light blue ribbon together with a beige hot pants.

The blouse was sized just right to bring the bulges of her chest to the fore, it had short length and so Koyuki’s navel was peeking out. The hot pants with light earth colors clung tightly to her round bottom and smoothly exposed her dazzling white thighs. Her feet were wearing sandals with a leather strap.

“Koyuki, you look cute but it’s fairly bold isn’t it?”

Magician could regulate their body temperature no matter how, but exactly because of that embodying the season with the clothes made her all the more stylish in contrast. Having said that, he had the feeling that Koyuki today was just too bold.

Her clothing not feeling vulgar was surely thanks to the fresh combination of the colors and Koyuki’s own cool atmosphere. Her stature was short but her legs were long, the goodness of her style was making her atmosphere even firmer.

In other words it was actually suiting her even though it looked contrary to her personality.

“I bought it through mail order. I heard on the net that this is the current fashion trend and so I bought it, but now that I’m wearing it…”

Koyuki fidgeted around from receiving Kazuki’s gaze,

To be stared at by Kazuki continuously even now without stopping, Koyuki looked down while her face became completely red.

“You don’t need to get embarrassed Koyuki, it really suits you after all.”

For her to order that through mail order meant that she had been preparing for this date with Kazuki for quite a while. She thought hard of what suited her and prepared the outfit and then became embarrassed when the appointed day came. It was really like Koyuki.

“Wh, why are you looking at me so intensely like that?”

“Because your embarrassed appearance made you even more excessively cute.”

“That’s sexual harassment…”

Even while saying a complaint, Koyuki’s expression burst open slightly in delight. Kazuki understood well that Koyuki also had such an aspect in her.

“If you show me such a lewd appearance, then it can’t be helped even if my gaze becomes nailed on Koyuki like this, don’t you think so?”

“So, something like a lewd appearance… I don’t intend for that kind of…”

Koyuki became increasingly bashful when she was tormented by words from Kazuki like that. Just from her behavior, even without looking at her positivity level he knew that this was the correct manner of speaking in regards to Koyuki.

Koyuki too was staring at Kazuki’s appearance. Kazuki came wearing a simple polo shirt and jeans. These clothes chosen for him were fairly good items that were cheap in the store that Mio often visited. Kazuki didn’t really understand much about clothing, but due to its silhouette that followed along the body line and its three dimensional sewing, it was easy to move in like a second skin regardless of its smart and tight look.

Koyuki said “Kazuki too, that, you look cool…” while fidgeting around acting embarrassed. Having said that something like a man’s appearance was just a thing that looked like a mere extra. Kazuki also became self-conscious then wordlessly he encircled his left arm on Koyuki’s waist before embracing her closer. Koyuki’s head hit his chest with a light knock and her body became glued to him.

Magika No Kenshi To Shoukan Maou Vol.09 021.jpg

“We, we are going to walk sticking to each other like this?”

Koyuki was flustered even with a heart mark of positivity level up flying at him.

“Because Koyuki, the gazes of the surrounding are gathering on you, see.”

Koyuki went “Eh?” and for the first time she paid attention to the surroundings outside of Kazuki.

Although today was a weekday but a considerable number of people were walking through the road from the station toward the public park. The males walking down the road all had their eyes stolen by Koyuki’s appearance that was like a summer fairy. It made Koyuki’s face turn excessively red.

“If a cute girl like Koyuki is showing that kind of appearance then of course you’re going to become the center of attention. By any chance perhaps Koyuki was choosing those clothes because you wanted to expose yourself?”

Before Koyuki said to him that [she liked to expose her embarrassing appearance to Kazuki].

She liked for her embarrassing self to be received by Kazuki.

“Tha, that’s not it. …Please don’t say a mean thing like that.”

Koyuki clung to Kazuki in order to hide her face on Kazuki’s chest. But he understood that she didn’t hate it from her sweet tone of voice. A pleading tone of voice that implicitly said [I want to be bullied more] to him.

Kazuki who had completely grasped Koyuki’s preferences that was like that, raised the looking down blushing face of Koyuki forcefully with his right hand, and gazed at her right from the front.

“Because Koyuki is like this, strange men won’t approach you, I have to show the surrounding people that you are my girl to be safe.”

Kazuki gave the first kiss for today on Koyuki’s soft cheek. It made Koyuki’s spine shiver.

“…Yes. I am Kazuki’s possession, so it doesn’t matter what other people think…”

There was no doubt that Koyuki’s peculiar preference appeared as the manifestation of how she still didn’t have confidence in herself.

‘I want to be liked’, ‘I want to be loved’, her feeling that wanted to feel for real those kinds of things more and more became a worldly behavior and manifested towards Kazuki.

‘Today. let’s do a date that will fill the gaps that are still left inside Koyuki’s heart’―Kazuki was determined to do that.

Both of them were heading to their first destination from the station in a walk. Along the way, Kazuki repeatedly kissed Koyuki’s cheek each time they walked a few steps forward. Of course if Koyuki showed any sign of hating it then Kazuki too wouldn’t do anything like that, but

“Ka, Kazuki… please properly walk normally…”

Because Koyuki was making a face that seemed to say ‘I want you to do more’ while fidgeting around, it couldn’t be helped.

“I said don’t…♡”

A heart mark came flying at him while Koyuki was saying no.

{Kazuki-oniisan, there is this thing called <Sasoi’uke> among many attributes desu…}[4]

Kazuki recalled when Lotte was giving him a lecture while watching anime. So this was what it meant.

Koyuki was waiting in expectation for an attack from Kazuki. Her posture was a posture of a receiver(uke), she was demanding a resolute attack from Kazuki. As a swordsman he couldn’t withdraw back from this.

Although today was a weekday but they were in front of a station, this was why the pedestrian traffic was quite busy. The people who walked down the road were directing gazes that seemed to say “There is an outrageous bakaple here…” at them. But Kazuki was an able man that would do something thoroughly when he was doing something.

Over and over he tasted the white and smooth cheek of Koyuki with his lips.

“Don’t kiss me here…” While saying that Koyuki was directing her lips at him full of desire.

Considering Koyuki’s wordless will, Kazuki stopped his walk, then he kissed her lips to lips.

After sucking at each other’s lips for a while, they began their walk again.

However immediately “…more” Koyuki leaked out a small voice.

“Wasn’t it no good here?” Kazuki immediately returned a bullying reply. Koyuki looked down with a bright red face and fidgeted around, but she wordlessly turned her desiring lips at Kazuki.

Kazuki stopped his walk again and kissed her.

While sucking at each others’ lips, Koyuki was fawning at him by rubbing her body to his body.

“Now you want your body to be touched?”

“Tha, that’s not what I mean… in this kind of public place…”

As expected doing such in a public place like this was bad. Kazuki worked out a plan and stroked Koyuki’s long ear with his right hand.

“Hyann-“ A sweet voice escaped Koyuki’s mouth. “Haven’t I said before that the ear makes me feel lewd feelings… please don’t do this kind of thing in front of this many people…”

He was told that the ears of an elf are more sensitive than the average person and so it gave off a lewd sensation.

But that was something that was unknown for normal people.

“If Koyuki doesn’t make an expression that seems to feel good like that, then no one will know we are doing anything perverted here.”

“I’m, not making such an expression at all.”

“You are doing it so obviously. Your face is bright red, and your breathing is rough.”

“Li, lies…”

Fingering his partner’s ears while walking around this much was surely still barely in the category of something they could do in the public’s presence. However a sensuality that couldn’t be hidden was oozing out onto the young beautiful face of Koyuki, forcefully attracting the eyes of the males that were walking down the road. The attention from those people made Koyuki become even more thrilled.

The distance that usually only took five minutes to arrive now took more than ten minutes.

Perhaps they were now mostly just like a pervert that exposed themselves on a road.

“…Perhaps it’s just as I thought that I am a pervert… I’m sorry…”

In translation it became an expectation that said [You will accept a pervert like me right?].

“Perverted Koyuki is also cute, I like it.”

Koyuki that he first met was cool and reliable, a girl that took a brusque attitude at Kazuki saying things like [I don’t care at all]. Yet now

“Then please kiss me more…” Right now she had completely melted like this at him.

Kazuki kissed her for who knows how many times already.

“Everyone is looking at Koyuki.”

“…It doesn’t matter because I’m Kazuki’s possession.”

Hiakari Koyuki―144

Suddenly, a worry about what became of yesterday battle’s later-processing flashed through Kazuki’s head.

What happened to the Einherjar and the Ryouzanpaku fellows that fell into magic intoxication?

But for now he was going to concentrate on Koyuki―his work for today was to flirt.

Both of them finally arrived at the combined movie theater near the station with an already abnormal mental state since the start of the date.

There was more than ten screens in this building, there was even screens that was installed with Projection ProjectorPsycho Projection that was a state of the art alchemy technology.

The Phantasmagoria that had spread even into the ordinary household was an alchemy technology that made use of thoughtography magic that transmitted three dimensional image information to the mind of people watching it. But Psycho Projector had advanced a step further than that, it was using [Shared Reflection MagicSympathy Graphic] that could even transmit the emotion information of the film maker’s intention to the people watching it.

When an excellent movie director that had grounding in magic power possessed a strong emotion like [I want to convey this image] and filmed a movie, the alchemic flim would also sympathize as far as that image too and it could preserve it.

Psycho Projection could project out the light that contained that image to the screen.

The light that was projected to the screen contained even the emotion information, and when that light entered the retina of the audience, the emotion image would be recollected at the same time when the brain read the electric signal and shook the audience’s heart.

But it was not so strong that it could take over a human’s heart. Until the end it was only something just to the degree that strengthened the emotions and the feeling of immersion towards the movie.

Kazuki and Koyuki bought the ticket for a romantic movie. To watch a romance movie, for these two who was still beginners about dating was something that was really date-like that exhilarated their heart.

Furthermore there was a ticket for a couple seat.

Kazuki and Koyuki entered the designated screen room and took a seat in a couple seat.

The seat was wide and looked more like a sofa, the shape made it possible for the two of them to take any kind of sitting posture they liked. The intervals between seat and seat were also pointlessly wide, making an atmosphere that seemed like they were in a personal room.

Even further there was also the fact that currently it was an afternoon of a weekday, not to mention the couple seat, even the general seats were vacant from visitors. When the lighting turned off, it became a space exactly just for the two of them.

On the screen the romantic movie that had its immersion feeling strengthened with the Psycho Projector was projected.

It made him and Koyuki feel like they were the main character and the heroine. It made him feel like he was meeting Koyuki back once again inside a completely different storylife and fell in love with her.

When it reached the scene where the main character held hands with the heroine for the first time, Kazuki and Koyuki naturally connected their hand with each other.

Even in the scene where the main character and the heroine did their first kiss, Kazuki and Koyuki kissed sweetly just like in the movie. That kiss became the second first kiss for Kazuki and Koyuki.

It was fine if that was the farthest it went, but the content of the movie was quite extreme.

Barely staying inside the age limit by avoiding a blunt depiction using a clever camera work, the main character and the heroine completely accomplished a wonderful bed scene with each other.

The scene where both characters were loving each other mutually was projected without any omission.

Inside the screen, the heroine bared open her own clothes and became naked.

Kazuki and Koyuki were watching that with their mental state still being abnormal somewhere.

{Kazuki…} Koyuki called him with a small voice of Telepathy. Koyuki too put her hand on her blouse with an intoxicated expression and unfastened the buttons one by one just like the heroine on the screen.

When Koyuki’s front was opened and the appearance of her light blue bra appeared, she didn’t even hesitate and lifted it up completely.

It was a good thing that there was no other audience at all around them―just like the scene in the movie―the white small mounds and its peach colored buds on the center were exposed.

The main character on the screen, Kazuki who was inside the darkness, had their breath taken from the beauty of that bare skin.

The main character of the movie, massaged the breast of the heroine.

{Me too… please touch me just like that…}

Koyuki shook her small chest in temptation. The last bit of Kazuki’s remaining reasoning made his reached out hand hesitate. But his gaze was completely nailed on that sight. Just from Kazuki’s gaze, Koyuki’s breathing turned rough, and the peach colored buds on the center swelled and sharpened aloofly.

{Qu, quick…} He had no intention to keep Koyuki in suspense, but her face looked like it was going to cry.

Kazuki turned his back to the movie while covering the small mound with his palm. Then he massaged just like that as if enveloping the mound. He pinched the buds on the center with the tips of his fingers. Poking. Koyuki’s body was trembling in small shivers.

{Fe, feels good! More…!} Koyuki’s reaction was honestly sensitive.

There was also the passion that reached them from the movie, but perhaps from the start of this date his desire of [I want to touch] towards these breasts have been piling up all along.

{Koyuki, it’s no good to let out your voice, okay}

While looking around their surrounding, Kazuki pushed his thought to Koyuki with Telepathic communication. They were completely alone just the two of them, but this spot was by no means a closed environment. But it seemed that fact only made Koyuki even more aroused instead.

{…As I thought, perhaps I’m a pervert…}

She murmured in self-torturing way with a rough breath. But her eyes that was staring at Kazuki in tears was colored with expectation that she wanted to be accepted even while debasing herself as a pervert.

In exchange of a reply, Kazuki raised the right leg of Koyuki who was sitting at his left and put that leg on top of his knee. Koyuki’s waist was jutting out forward with a slide.

Her posture became like a baby that was made to pee with both her thigh widely opened, exposing her crotch.

{N, no… this kind of posture…!}

Even while Koyuki became full with shame, yet she shook her hot pants contrary with what her mouth was saying.

{If I, am touched in this kind of posture…}

She was saying that she wanted to be touched.

Kazuki smoothly caressed Koyuki’s largely opened thighs.

Even inside the movie, the main character and the heroine was getting along well with each other.

Both of them were being aware of two realities without any contradiction and it heated the passion in their heart doubly.

{…Kazuki, this place too…} Toward Kazuki who was continuing to caress her thighs, Koyuki shook the nether region of her hot pants and urged Kazuki. There’s a thin cloth that was biting into between her legs, clinging snugly there, its center spot looked wetly moist. Kazuki pressed his finger on top of the hot pant’s center line and rubbed up and down.

{…!♡}The tips of Koyuki’s toes spasmed tensely.

He wanted to make her feel even better. He wanted to see Koyuki that was feeling good. Such feeling spurred on Kazuki. Where did he need to touch to make her feel good, with trial and error he moved his hand and began to search around the hot pants.

He sharpened his mind as if he was in a place of a serious match.

At that time from Koyuki’s chest, a swarm of small heart marks that normally was not visible was flying to him. That was the micro change of positivity level that he had never perceived until now.

When Kazuki changed the way he touched, the size and amount of the small heart marks also changed.

The places where she had good and not good reaction were visible to his eyes.

Kazuki opened the front button of Koyuki’s hot pants and slipped inside his finger smoothly into that opening.

Koyuki’s underwear was perfectly wet and sticking to her skin.

He slipped into there too―and directly, he searched for Koyuki’s most sensitive spot.

{Kazuki… directly-!♡ My important place…!♡}

Inside there was a vertically long slit that was softly stirring up, the entrance was splitting open with how her legs were opened out. When he pressed his finger, it was as if his finger was absorbed and it got buried there.

From Koyuki’s important entrance, into the inside of Koyuki’s body. Inside it was wet with liquid, a watery sound *kuchu kuchu* was leaking out. Koyuki’s face was dyed crimson and rough breathing of arousal escaped her mouth.

His fingertips gently stimulated the places it could reach at the inside and the outside both simultaneously. On the upper part of the outside, there was something small and sensitive that stood out. When he pressured that with the ball of his finger, a scream with her breath caught escaped Koyuki.


{You shouldn’t leak out your voice Koyuki.} Kazuki kissed her while talking telepathically. He sucked her lips and blocked off her voice.

This place felt good for her. Kazuki toyed around with that protrusion he found while a different finger played with Koyuki’s dripping wet inside. A large amount of heart marks flew at him.

His powers of observation that was forged by the Hayashizaki-style perfectly saw all of Koyuki’s weak points. Kazuki moved his fingertips trying to bring about the maximum stimulation for Koyuki. The heart marks’ amount decreased when he did it strongly instead. Till the end he would gently―

Koyuki opened out both her legs immodestly even further in order to coax Kazuki more and more.

{Ka, Kazuki-! How do you know the places which feels that good!? It, it feels far better compared to when I did it myself…! ♡}

{Doing it yourself? Like how?}


Koyuki self-exploded and wasting no time at all Kazuki attacked. He attacked and bullied Koyuki with both his words and hand.

Koyuki’s spasms became even fiercer and her white navel was rippling. Feeling the sign that Koyuki was going to scream, Kazuki beat her to the punch and he sucked her lips as much as he could.

“…Nn―n! Nn―n!!”

Her scream was blocked in the exit due to the kiss, the intense thing inside Koyuki ran in counter-current and that small body of hers was trembling *gaku gaku* like a broken toy.

“……! ……!” Something hot gushed out from Koyuki’s important place.

With that as the last, strength left Koyuki’s body and she turned limp.

Kazuki stroked her head gently for a while and waited until her breathing turned calm. But when her breathing calmed down, Kazuki stimulated her breast and important place again.

Immediately Koyuki reacted intensely once more, she trembled. Time and time again Koyuki was carried to an extreme high. So that she wouldn’t scream out, all that happened while she desperately sucked onto Kazuki’s lips like a baby.

―When the movie was over, Koyuki had completely become messed up sloppily.

Her limbs stretched out like a puppet whose string was cut, her thighs were sopping wet as if she had just peed, her expression loosened from being short of breath and absentmindedness, the saliva that spilled out from her mouth drew a line to her chin.

Koyuki was completely messed up similar to when Kaguya-senpai became sensitive from Asmodeus’ influence.

A staff name roll streamed down together with a splendid music. Getting ready for when the room would be turned bright, Kazuki put Koyuki’s clothes in order quickly. He then wiped away the traces of their act just now with Pyrokinesis and Psychokinesis.

The light turned on.

“…No, now that I have calmed down, I feel like I have exposed out an unsightly appearance…”

“Koyuki was really cute.” Kazuki kissed her from the side.

“…To accept a perverted elf like me, Kazuki is also an unthinkable pervert…”

Koyuki kept clinging at Kazuki and for a while she kept lying on the couple seat with him without any sign of standing up.

Hiakari Koyuki―148

When Koyuki finally arrived in front of the ramen restaurant, her expression turned tense.

Various things had been vented out in the movie theater and it seemed the wicked thing inside the two of them had fell behind.

This place was the famous ramen restaurant in the city that Koyuki had wanted to try out for a long time. Because today was a weekday, there was almost no line and they didn’t have to queue in.

Koyuki was hiding an unexpected aspect of her as a ramen freak, but it seemed that she had never come to this restaurant. When he asked why was that, she said it was because this restaurant was famous for its [couple ramen].

“Isn’t it a heresy to compete with such made-up thing like that?”

“Ramen is freedom, you cannot judge without eating it.”

The tensed Koyuki pulled Kazuki’s arm and went through under the restaurant’s banner.

The interior design inside was not like a ramen restaurant but like a stylish modern restaurant. There was not a single drop of oil stain on the tables or the floor, in place of things like ticket machine, decorative plants and artistic pictures decorated the place, the atmosphere of the place was completely like a café. A young waitress in apron appearance lavished a refreshing smile at them.

After they were guided to a table, Kazuki and Koyuki were told to not sit facing each other but sitting side by side horizontally. This is a characteristic of this ramen restaurant. Both of them then ordered the couple ramen without any hesitation.

After a while, a jumbo ramen was put in the space between the two who were sitting side by side.

This single ramen had to be eaten together by the both of them.

The soup was a vibrant red with tomato as the base. A fragrant shrimp aroma was tickling their appetite.

A ramen with tomato base… it looked curious with a single glance, but tomato contained umami component that was not inferior even against a soup stock made from konbu[5], it also went well with the seafood flavor of katsuobushi [6].

Pink colored naruto[7] in heart shape were floating on the soup, pastrami beef in replacement of roasted pork fillet, and then lustrous green herbs were coloring the bowl.

The noodles were thick. Kazuki promptly paid attention meticulously so that the soup wouldn’t fly everywhere and offered it to Koyuki with “Aa―n”. Koyuki ate a mouthful―and her expression changed.

Koyuki too fed Kazuki with an “Aa―n”. Kazuki also slurped the noodle carefully.

“The noodle’s texture is really tender to chew despite how thick it is.”

“Most likely this is…so that the noodle won’t grow stale even if a couple is eating this while taking their time, the cook heightened the water dilution ratio.” Koyuki answered with a serious tone as if she was on the middle of a battlefield.

“I see…!” Kazuki shouted a little. When people were eating their ramen slowly, the noodle would grow stale no matter what. The noodle would be soaked by the soup and its texture would get degraded completely.

But if the noodle’s water dilution ration―namely its water amount was already a lot beforehand and then it was boiled up, because since the beginning the noodle had contained a lot of water, it would be hard for the soup to soak the noodle and so the noodle would stay tender.

But a noodle with high water dilution ratio was easy to get sticky when it was processed by a roller machine, a lot of time would also be necessary for its fermentation time, it would take a lot of effort for this. There was no doubt that this noodle was a homemade noodle original of this restaurant.

“The noodle is a little short isn’t it…”

Koyuki said with a sharp glint in her eyes. This time it was Kazuki that first noticed the meaning of such size.

“If the noodle is made short then there is little need to slurp the noodle. Even if a couple fed each other this noodle then it will be hard for the soup to fly at their clothes, don’t you think so.”

Koyuki noticed with a ‘hah’ and her countenance hardened.

“For me to come to a ramen restaurant with this kind of clothes, what a blunder…!”

It was as if she noticed that she had made an unforgivable mistake on a battlefield, an expression that was filled with terror. Koyuki today was wearing a white blouse. “I got too elated by the date and got careless…”

“No, I think you can just float the stain and drop it off with magic even if your clothes get dirty though.”

“That’s no excuse, to get your clothes dirtied in the middle of a date, everything will go to ruin just from that clumsiness…”

Kazuki tilted his head saying “I wonder if that’s so” looking at Koyuki who was trembling in shivers. Anyways, back to the ramen.

“Even though the noodle is short but there is no unsatisfied feeling after a mouthful of it, that must be because of this thick noodle with high water dilution rate that has really firm texture and gives off the feeling of substantiality when eaten.”

“This soup is delicious but, I feel something a little different from a normal ramen here.”

“The combination of tomato and shrimp… This is the technique of [American sauce] that is used well in cooking pasta. There is also the umami that is extracted out from the shrimp’s head and shell.”

“I see, while being a ramen it also incorporated the stylishness of pasta into it…”

“Furthermore with the refreshing aroma of the herb, it relieves you from bad aroma that gives you a peace of mind even if you continue the date…”

Several meaningful things were hidden in each single one of this ramen’s schemes. While the ramen connoisseur and the maid youth were seriously investigating the ramen a lot, suddenly, a sharp glint of eyes flashed from the inside of the kitchen.

“That young couple… they really get it don’t they…”

Kazuki suddenly realized and raised his face from the ramen bowl. There was the presence of a craftsman that was glaring at them like a beast.

Inside the restaurant refreshingly young employees were rushing about busily, but there was a single employee in the depth of the kitchen whose disposition was obviously different, lurking inside. Standing stock still in front of a container that was seething with boiled noodle with high temperature vapor rising up without even blinking his eyes, a towel that was wrapped around his head, and burly arms that peeked out from the black T-shirt he wore.

It was a traditional ramen artisan from the old times. (AN: What he means is that the appearance of the cook here is really similar with the normal ramen store). He had heard the conversation between Kazuki and Koyuki. That man was completely like a bear that had woken up from its winter hibernation. He was sluggishly peeking out his face from the kitchen into the restaurant.

“Wait a second Oyaji-san[8], please don’t show out your face here! The atmosphere of the restaurant will get destroyed if you do that!”

…He was scolded swiftly by another waitress.

The big man that was like a bear trembled with a twitch saying “So, sorry” and withdrew back to the kitchen. However before the oyaji left into the kitchen, he sent a last gaze filled with affection to all the couples inside the restaurant saying “Become happy for sure…”

Kazuki and Koyuki once again clearly comprehended that this ramen restaurant was the real thing.

“For a long time I had wanted to talk about this with someone while eating ramen together.”

Koyuki slurped the ramen with a smiling face, happy from how her maniac preferences were being accepted.

Hiakari Koyuki―149

The aquarium was filled with light and shadow.

The site area of the urban-type aquarium inside the city was cramped, the variety of the animals that were exhibited was also few.

But in its place it possessed a water tank that was provided with gimmicks to the fullest, and the aquarium became a famous date spot to [look and enjoy]. Kazuki and Koyuki came here next.

Inside the building was dim. But there was a sensor that functioned to match Kazuki and Koyuki with the fishes’ movement, brightly colored light ran after them, and images were projected with the fish tanks as the screen.

It was a technology that was called as 3D Projection Mapping. Lights and images were illuminated at the landscape in reality, combining them together, and created a completely new magical world from them.

Moreover the floor, the wall, and also the ceiling, 360° around them were all turned into a fish tank. With acrylic panel that had its transparency and hardness improved due to alchemy engineering, it was possible to construct a space the fish tank itself without even needing any joint to connect them. It gave off the sensation as if they were walking inside the sea.

The shower of artificial light made the unpredictable fishes’ movements sparkle in irregular reflections.

Large shark, large jellyfish, they all passed through while sparkling inside the light.

Inside the romantic atmosphere, both of them lost their words and were watching in fascination for a while.

“Won’t we be unable to see the essential fish with all of these excessive shows… that was what I thought, but this is more beautiful than I thought and I got overwhelmed. But…”

“The water tank had been turned into a magic mirror and it seem that the light is not visible from inside the fish tank. It’s written here that the fish won’t be stressed from the illumination of the strong lights.”

Koyuki made a face that was a little relieved. It seemed that it was bothering her.

“What a lovely room of art isn’t it?”

At the end of the route, a normal tank that was completely different from all the shows until now was waiting for them.

When they stood in front of that fish tank, the light shower that kept following them all this time was also cut off.

What was entered into the last fish tank was various kinds of goldfish. It was as if it was saying that excessive show was unnecessary for such beautiful fishes. It was a fantastic show for a normal fish tank to make its entrance at the very end.

A goldfish that elegantly swam while swaying its tail fin to turn backwards, a goldfish which had a pattern like a picture on its back, a goldfish with a protuberance on its head that looked like a flower bud, there were various goldfish.

“…Perhaps these goldfish are similar with the elves.” Koyuki said to herself.

“Goldfish are loved by influential people since the ancient times, outrageous selective breeding that [culled] all the goldfish except for those that possessed unexpected variations was performed, piling up competition for its beauty and rareness for generations, and finally the shape of goldfish became what they are now.”

Koyuki was reading up the explanatory note that was written near the fish tank.

For the sake of beautiful goldfish, a large numbers of goldfish became sacrifices in the [selection].

He had heard before that goldfish had once became a problem from the point of view of animal protection. However goldfish had become weak against sickness and stress from the repeated abrupt variation it had undergone, they were already unable to return back to nature.

“When we sympathize and think of the goldfish as pitiful, the species called goldfish will vanish won’t it?”[9]

Certainly elves are too similar to goldfish. In trying to invent humans with strong magic power artificially, many sacrifices were paid and the elves were born.

Now that Nyarlathotep had been banished, the number of elves wouldn’t increase anymore. However there was no going back anymore for the people that had been turned into an elf.

“Even if you curse your origins after all this time, the past won’t disappear and become nothing. That’s why at the very least… the beauty of goldfish, the magic power of an elf, each of them have to demonstrate the significance of their existences…”

Kazuki embraced Koyuki, who was facing the fish tank, from behind.

“But by no means is Koyuki’s worth just your magic power.”

The previous Koyuki frequently said that [my only worth is just my magic power] in self-abasement. But there was a lot more human appeal inside her. Things like her sad past, or the magic power that she obtained in exchange of that, he didn’t want Koyuki’s heart to only get caught up with such heavy facts.

If Koyuki still felt that what she had now was insufficient, then he would more and more―.

“If Kazuki doesn’t get affectionate with me, I won’t be able to keep on living, that’s why…”

Koyuki put her body weight on Kazuki who was hugging her from behind and leaned her body against him.

“…Though I am a masochist, and a pervert, and a ramen maniac, and a really hopeless elf.”

A large heart mark flew from Koyuki’s chest and it was absorbed into Solomon’s ring.

Hiakari Koyuki―150

Part 3[edit]

The night of that day―a forest was burning.

It was inside the forest that surrounded the Grand Haunted Ground <Fuji’s sea of trees>.

The King of Russia who pillaged one of the Three Sacred Treasures <Yasakani no Magatama> from Fuji’s sea of trees and then tried to escape by turning into lightning and soared to the sky, Ilyailiya, was shot down by the <Ptéra Lonkhé> that was thrown by Regina Olympia Folnar who was laying in ambush.

In order to give the finishing blow to Ilyailiya who crashed in the forest―Regina pursued her into the forest.

Although the opponent was also a <BasilleusKing>, she had been wounded already.

She would easily finish her off. That was her intention at first.

The battle began―a fierce hell fire betrayed Regina’s expectations.

“…You bastard, what is the meaning of this?”

Regina asked while being surrounded by burning trees that split open with popping sounds.

To [ask the answer] from the opponent was a humiliating behavior, but this was a question that had to be asked.

The woman who stood in front of her separated by a few meters distance was―black. Her appearance was like a jet black god of death. The woman’s surroundings was gouged and sinking forming craters.

Ilyailiya Muromets. Right now she was in a completely different appearance compared to the time when she was fighting Hayashizaki Kazuki. The Magic Dress of the god of sky <Svarog> that shone silver was―changed completely into an ominous jet black Magic Dress. It was a puzzle that couldn’t be let go unanswered.

In principle, one person was attached with one contracted Diva. For Magic Dress too, there should be only one type per person.

“What is the meaning of that appearance!?”

In place of a reply, the black clothed King resounded her spell chanting to the Astrum.

“O tremor of Prima Materia, derive the end of all thing from the beginning of all thing right here…”

…That magic would come again!! The magic that burned the surrounding forest and gouged the earth deeply!

Prima Materia particles were glittering brightly in the surrounding of the jet black Ilyailiya while starting random movements.

“The chain of world creation reside in my body, become the white flame that tear the world…”

Every single one of the particles became a ball of fire and swelled up. The fire balls overlapped with each other one after another, turning gigantic like a sun. Ilyailiya’s figure was buried inside that brightness.

‘She can cause this kind of phenomenon?’, Regina felt dread. ‘Just spare me this joke…!’

“―Demise of OriginEl De・Es Nui.”[10]

A one of a hundredth second later, the fire ball exploded.

With Ilyailiya as the center, shockwaves of destruction radiated out with an intense heat.

“…What an idiotic act! Suppress, Ptéra Lonkhé!!”

With <Spear that Grows Wing> in hand, Regina faced the shockwave and brandished it.

From the tip of the spear, Zeus’s great storm arose.

Its objective was not to protect Regina’s own body. The great storm whirled and rotated, then it concentrated into a single direction the shockwave that radiated outward with Ilyailiya as the explosion center.

It was an act with the purpose of limiting the damage to the land of this Japan to the minimum.

And then the shockwave that had its intensity magnified instead from being concentrated assaulted Regina.

Regina too didn’t just stay quiet doing nothing while waiting for Ilyailiya’s chanting.

“Show the majesty of Zeus right here! Repulsing every disaster, the great protection that promised victory right here! The Radiant Olympia’s ProtectionKyzemonikos Aigis!”[11]

A brilliant wall of light appeared and stood in front of Regina.

It was Zeus’s protective wall that was also called as [Zeus’s shield] in legend. It was Regina’s trump card of protection which she had the self-confidence as the hardest defensive magic without compare in all kinds of Mythology.

But her prided wall of light was rattling due to the shockwave. Regina had to concentrate all of her concentration power to maintain the wall. Regina had concentrated the shockwave in order to suppress the damage to a small area but the trees at her surrounding all snapped and got burned severely.

The fire ball finally used up all of its energy, blowing upward a cumulonimbus cloud that looked like a mushroom to the sky. Like that the magic phenomenon ceased from being.

“Flare up, arrive―Agouni Koparyof.”

At the other side of the light and smoke, Ilyailiya’s Magic Dress transformed from pure black into silver.


Ilyailiya’s right arm was enveloped with silver flame―the flame elongated from the tip of the elbow slimily and turned into a large blade that emitted metallic luster.

In contrast with the grand magic just before, this time her chanting almost took no time at all.

Ilyailiya’s appearance shone like a lightning―and appeared in an instant in front of Regina’s eyes with a flash.

“An attack power just to that degree is pointless!”

Regina easily repelled the slash with her Aigis that was still in a sound condition.

And then she thrust back at Ilyailiya with the [Ptéra Lonkhé] in her right hand.

The spear stabbed empty air―Ilyailiya’s figure had already vanished from her sight.

She was fast when she was in her silver appearance.

Regina magnified her Extra Sense and searched the surroundings.

A few dozens of meter behind. Regina found Ilyailiya right away and turned back.

―At that moment Ilyailiya had already changed into her jet black appearance.

The swift attack and the instantaneous mode change. What in the world is going on here.

Ilyailiya, when she was in her jet black appearance, was slow.

But she exhibited a truly tremendous power like that. Now she had already began chanting the spell that should be rightly feared.

“O tremor of Prima Materia, derive the end from every beginning…”

…That attack magic would come again! Regina had to focus herself on defence.

“The chain of world creation reside in my body, become the white flame that tear the world…”

Regina had to chant back her defensive magic once again. Even Aigis wouldn’t hold getting hit with that twice consecutively. Although it was Regina, but if she was hit with that attack magic while defenseless then she would surely explode and scatter into the four directions ignoring her Resist. It was that much of a magic―now it was going to be cast again solemnly.

“El De・Es Nui.”

Prima Materia shone at Ilyailiya’s surroundings, overlapping with each other, and became a giant fire ball.

Against the radiating flash and shockwave, Regina once again concentrated all of that towards herself with [Ptéra Lonkhé].

“Kyzemonikos Aigis!”

And then she was protected by the Aigis that she cast again.

While protecting her body, Regina reinforced her perception and observed the phenomenon that was currently happening.

“This is… Prima Materia are decomposed and produces energy, the so called [nuclear fission] phenomenon! Contaminating the land like this, isn’t this a cursed power!?”

The fire ball used up its energy and a repulsive mushroom cloud once again blew upward.

Regina looked around at her surroundings. She had suppressed the explosion into a really confined area, however there was still a radioactive reaction all around her. A magician was able to repel even the negative influence of radioactive contamination with their defensive magic power, but surely it would take time and labor to decontaminate this area using alchemy. During that time, this forest would become a land that humans couldn’t live in.

Although this was the land of another country, Regina who loved nature felt fury towards this indiscriminate power.

But rather than this fury, what she should be even more surprised with was how she could almost feel none of the fatigue that Ilyailiya should be having. Her damage should be extreme from her continuous battle against Hayashizaki Kazuki, and then against this Regina.

Regardless of that, Ilyailiya was still coming at her with a large scale magic to this degree.

This attack magic―possessed a terrifying efficiency in its magic power usage.

As for her own Aigisdefensive magic, the waste might be more fierce for her.

The trees at Regina’s surrounding were bursting into flames and the damage was still spreading.

The radioactive pollution was also a problem, but if it kept like this a forest fire on this mountain would happen.

“Damn! It’s trivial whatever happened to this kind of country, but there is a thing called a position! Someone who has no righteousness won’t have any right of judgment!”

Regina spread out the wings of a swan from her back and flew to the sky.

She confirmed the damage situation of the conflagration from the air and chanted a magic anew.

“The radiance of my hand become the Callis that loves the earth. Fill this sky, please moisten the blazing field and grant it the rain of blessing! Thunder of GraceKraunos!!”[12]

A strong radiance was created in Regina’s right hand and she launched it to the sky.

This light transformed into the thunder of destruction when it was thrown at Hayashizaki Kazuki before.

But this thunder could also be transformed into a power of blessing.

[Kraunos]―it was the symbol of the god of sky, Zeus’s great power.

The light spread on one surface of the sky and turned into a rain cloud in a blink of an eye. Everywhere rain was pouring down as if a bucket full of water was overturned. Regina twirled the Ptéra Lonkhé in her hand in circles and scattered the heat with wind, advancing the fire fighting work effectively.

But while her attention was taken by that―a silver light flashed inside the smoke.

“Mec.” Ilyailiya turned into a silver lightning and assaulted Regina who was in the sky without expanding any defensive wall. Regina poured her concentration in her Resist in panic.

A backlash of smashed magic power. “…It’s hard as expected.” Ilyailiya murmured.

Regina was beaten down to the ground.

“…Kuh, the damage is not a big deal but to dare to fall this me down onto the earth!!”

Regina was in indignation while standing up. But even while in rage, she was still calmly observing.

Ilyailiya was hovering in the sky. While floating in the air, she transformed her silver Magic Dress into the jet black Magic Dress. For the sake of chanting that attack magic again.

―’Right this instant, that woman isn’t able to do anything, whether to evade with high speed movement or chanting defensive magic.’

“Drill, Ptéra Lonkhé!!”

Her judgment was instantaneous. Regina threw < Ptéra Lonkhé>. It pierced Ilyailiya with the speed like an arrow of light, shooting her down onto the ground helplessly.

“Hmph, this is the second time I shoot you down today, Queen of Russia!”

Regina scorned while treating her fall onto the ground just now as nonexistant.

“A variegated abilities on top of firm defense… I acknowledge your balanced fighting strength. Queen Regina.”

Ilyailiya immediately raised her body slowly.

Suddenly an alarm rang piercingly in her ear. The bracelet that was fixed on Ilyailiya’s wrist was resounding a clamorous sound of *PI―! PI―!*

That was the adamantite bracelet that Japan's government forced them to equip. Inside it was installed with GPS transmitter device.

“Why is that device transmitting only now?” Regina was suspicious.

“In the first place how did you render that device invalid until now? …You have some kind of machine that emitted something like jamming electromagnetic waves… no, are you embedding it inside your own body?”

It was something that couldn’t be hidden. After all there was a body check when they first arrived in Japan.

For Regina who had a creed that rejected machine civilization, it was something repulsive to even imagine but… she couldn’t think of any other method to prevent the GPS from capturing Ilyailiya’s location except for her to embed a jamming device inside herself.

“You are not only strong but also wiser than I thought, Queen Regina. The [Deception Repeater Device] embedded below my skin had a breakdown. After all defensive magic power doesn’t extend to machines.”

Ilayiliya looked up to the sky as if seeing off the electromagnetic wave’s departure.

“So the true present location of mine has been transmitted…”

“Hmph, whichever it is, it’s just a problem of time with a flashy battle like this. Before long Arthur and the Knight Order of this country will arrive here.”

If there is something strange happening then they will scramble immediately and rush there―that fellow of Japan’s Knight Order said so. That vigilance of them was not just putting on air.

“It’s over for you already, Ilyailiya.”

“Over?” Ilyailiya tilted her head particularly.

“I am waiting for the moment when you throw that spear once more. Because while that spear is inside your hand, I have no hope to withdraw. …This time, I have caught it firmly see.”

Ilyailiya raised the spear that was thrown at her and shown it to Regina with triumph.

Regina made a ‘hah’ face and commanded “Return, Ptéra Lonkhé!!”

But the spear was gripped by Ilyailya and didn’t even twitch. Only the wings that decorated the spearhead were flapping frantically in vain. “What a cute spear.” Ilyailiya sarcastically spoke. Regina’s whole face was dyed with rage with how she humiliated herself.

[Ptéra Lonkhé] would pursue its prey until it hit the target once. Furthermore its speed rivaled the movement speed of Ilyailiya that was like lightning.

It was Regina’s only method that could obstruct Ilyailiya when she was trying to escape.

Ilyailiya raised her left hand and showed in display the thing that was coiled around her wrist.

“I’ll draw back here. The reason is that I have to bring this Sacred Treasure back with certainty.”

What was coiled around her wrist was a line of magatama connected with a string―one of the Three Sacred Treasures that Japan and Yamato were struggling for, <Yasakani no Magatama>.

“You intend to run from a battle between Kings!!”

“It’s decided that someone who doesn’t retreat from this situation is a fool.”

“That’s so but, you bastard!!”

Ilyailiya’s Magic Dress changed from jet black into silver. It was a baffling transformation no matter how many times she saw it. Regina made a huff from her nose and recovered her composure.

“…Just run away as you like. But, you have revealed an outrageous true character huh, Ilyailiya. Your two types Magic Dress… if that’s not a double contract with two Diva then, that means your contracted Diva is a Diva that possesses two faces! That appearance! That ominous power! That’s not a Diva of Cosmos Side(Order Side) but a Diva that belongs under Chaos Side!!”

Regina pointed out in condemnation. Divas from different Mythologies were still enemies even if both belonged to Cosmos Side, but― those that belonged under Chaos Side were enemies that didn’t deserve any respect.

Chaos had to be exterminated, that was Order(Cosmos)’s absolute premise.

“…That is not an important secret. We in Slavic Mythology don’t have the concept of [good and evil] in the first place. The reason is that before such doctrine could be ripened, we were a Mythology that was eliminated by Christianity once.”

Ilyailiya turned her back in a twirl.

“…Therefore, we are doing revenge. We are not Order nor Chaos. Therefore, our chief god [Svarog] possesses one more face―the face of [Chernobog].”

[Efficient destruction Chernobog] in [lightning speed Svarog].

“Revenge you say?” Regina knitted her eyebrows.

“What a foolish objective. That’s a pathetic reason! Even though we as Kings are fighting for the sake to repaint the World SoulAstrum… the world order! You primitive Mythology that doesn’t even hold any ideal or creed! Know some shame!!”

“Shame? That’s an unknown concept for us. What’s important is efficiency. If it’s for the sake of becoming the last one standing, whether it’s Order or Chaos, we don’t mind whichever side we are in. …You, it’s fine for you to know the shame of failing to catch me.” [13]

Regina’s face convulsed from overwhelming rage. Her forte was defensive magic but, she was weak against provocation.

“Queen Regina!” A husky voice cut in between the two.

From the other side of the burned forest, a gentleman wearing a glen check suits―Arthur Basileus was rushing at their direction. He had finally caught wind of the situation.

“You are slow Arthur!” Regina yelled.

“You too, why are you not contacting me or doing battle without the Japanese government’s permission!?”

“Just what I thought. Why did you not come immediately, you were asking something like a permission from Japan’s government weren’t you!? You’re late because you did such a thing so honestly, you idiot!”

“Even if I’m called as an idiot, even if it’s irrational, I won’t do anything that goes against my chivalry!”

“…Farewell, o Kings of the Order.”

Neglecting the two’s quarrel―Ilyailiya’s back turned into lightning and she vanished.

It was impossible to pursue her or anything like that. …Regina didn’t know whether Arthur too had any method to pursue or not. At the very least there was no chance for chanting spells.

Regina and Arthur glared at each other as if pushing the responsibility to the other party.

Slightly after that, a squad of Japan’s Knight Order was coming after Arthur.

“I’ll say this in advance, I didn’t do anything bad at this country. Damn, I should of just left things like mountain fire or the like alone.”

Regina kicked away the ashes that were scattered about below her feet.

“…We have to talk about this situation. Looks like there are many things that are extremely chaotic. It seems that the Einherjar and Ryouzanpaku were fighting each other at another spot.”

“What’s with that? Why are those guys fighting amongst themselves, how incomprehensible.”

Arthur shrugged his shoulder exaggeratedly.

“Really. How incomprehensible. Looks like the situation moved greatly with Japan’s King succession as the impetus. More than we even thought―this country might be the turning point of the world.”

While Loki was gulping whisky and relaxing inside his personal room in Oosaka’s government office building, the large window of the room where the night scenery could be viewed in one sweep of the eye was suddenly smashed apart without any advanced warning.

The one that came from the sky and leaped into the room was a light that looked like lightning―that light landed in front of Loki’s eyes.

It was Ilyailiya Muromets.

“Why the hell didn’t you enter from the front gate?”

Loki, who was a luxurious person yet was actually stingy in his roots, was frowning with thought like [how much do you think this stupidly large glass is worth for huh?] even though he was not the one that was actually going to pay for it.

The gods of Asgard didn’t have any techniques to produce tools. Formerly it was Loki who administered the role of procuring weapons and tools for Asgard from the dwarf artisans.

Consequently he hated pointless spending more than anything else.

“The reason is that it’s inefficient to purposefully climb up here from the front gate.”

Ilayiliya answered somewhat sullenly.

“…What? You look somewhat worked up?”

Loki’s sharp eyes noticed the strangeness of Ilyailiya’s condition.

Ilyailiya didn’t answer that and untied the string that was encircling her left hand. Several magatama that were stretching out by a long string―she faced Loki and threw it to him.

It was <Yasakani no Magatama> of the Three Sacred Treasures.

“Hmph, it’s the real thing. I have confidence in my eye for tool. You ain’t coming back for a while so I was doubting whether you were preparin’ a fake somewhere, or maybe you are gonna ask for something before giving this. Looks like you don’t have any intention like that eh.”

Loki released a sigh of relief after Ilyailiya handed the thing over to him sullenly.

“I fulfill my promise. The reason I’m late is because there was an accident.”

“Uncertain factor that can delay you…Arthur and Regina huh.”

“They recognize me as an enemy. …Similar with Hayashizaki Kazuki.”

Ilyailiya was expressionless, but without doubt there was a [worked up] atmosphere on her.

“So you decided already which side you are gonna stand with. Enemy of enemy is an ally yeah.”

Loki warped his mouth in a broad grin. Ilyailiya nodded.

“We are not Order or even Chaos. Therefore we can choose ourselves which side to stand in. First in order is to crush the other Cosmos Side, I’m going to join hand with you. That is for my proof.”

Ilyailiya said so while pointing at the Yasakani no Magatama that Loki held.

“Kukuku, honestly I didn’t really believe you until now but, I gotta trust you like this eh. This thing is the proof of faith, now we are comrades.”

‘…But then, this is only a matter of turn.’ Loki murmured inside his heart.

Ilyailiya first joined hands with Loki and China to destroy the weak Japan, next they were going to crush the troublesome Britain and Italia…for the last she had the ulterior motive to sweep off Loki and the rest.

Battle Royale. The one who could change the world in the end was only the last victor.

They had to use and outwit each other skillfully. Loki also thought like that―surely Ilyailiya also thought like that.

Arthur and Regina couldn’t think in this kind of way. After all they were too fastidious. [14] That was why they were concerned with [The Magic Advanced Countries’ equilibrium], and only thinking was about standing on a stage where they would fight beautifully.

No, perhaps if it was Japan’s Solomon Mythology that didn’t have any creed―what if that King became the cornerstone?

Loki’s pondering was interrupted by a panicked *gon gon!* sound of knocked door. “Huuh?” When Loki answered so, a group of swordsmen were rushing into the room.

“The, there was a report that some kind of suspicious light was entering into Kaya-sama and Loki-sama’s room…”

“It was Ilyailiya, there ain’t any problem. Just take care of the window glass’s repairing.”

“Ha!? Yes! …Ha? Window glass? Why is the window glass?”

“Seems troublesome.”

“It’s not troublesome. It’s a problem of efficiency.” Ilyailiya amended expressionlessly.

“Forcing this Ilyailiya-sama to leisurely climb the building from the front gate is gonna take far more cost of expense than a mere window glass. Just resolve yourself from now on too.”

“…Sir, I will do as you said.”

Those swordsmen left behind that place while still in a state that couldn’t grasp what had happened.

Passing the leaving swordsmen, a woman in glamorous Japanese clothes was entering the room this time.

“…Looks like Ilyailiya has returned back.”

Aisu Ikousai―but her atmosphere was not like usual. Her breathing was rough like a beast and her eyes were bloodshot with a fierce glare.

Her right hand that opened the door was like an old man’s hand, no, the hand was trembling as if it was not her own. Her gait that was entering the room too was somewhat shaky. She couldn’t move her body just as she wanted.

There was a lack of harmony in her body and also her mind… Even so her back was straight and dignified, even her Japanese clothes that looked hard to move in didn’t have a single disorder in it from a single glance, surely that was the manifestation of her aesthetic.

“Here, the thing you’ve long awaited for.”

Loki handed over the Yasakani no Magatama to Ikousai by throwing it.

Ikousai embraced it with her both hands in order to catch the irreplaceable item.

“So you brought it back, you did well! Ilyailiya Muromets!!”

“Its impolite to call me without honorific. Why are you talking as if looking down on me?” Ilyailiya became testy.

“Fufufu… two of the Three Sacred Treasures! With this it’s not an exaggeration to even say that I have become two-thirds a king!” Ikousai laughed madly. Loki scowled and retorted.

“That’s exaggerating. Even if you have the Sacred Treasures of King, you ain’t equipped with the King’s Authority ain’t you?”

“But there is the power of Susanoo in me! If I can use these Sacred Treasures and Susanoo’s power skillfully then I can win against Hayashizaki Kazuki! This me will… guh!”

Suddenly Ikousai cramped in her right body half and she crouched down in that place.

It was completely like a different living thing was lurking right under the skin of her right body half.

“Looks like it’s still gonna be mostly a hard fight eh. Are you having special training until this late to suppress that guy?”

Looking down at Ikousai, the corner of Loki’s mouth twisted and a grin appeared.

“Fu, fufufu… it’s just this insignificant thing… Just something on this level is no big deal at all. I will use this power skillfully without fail…”

Ikousai didn’t let Loki’s amused gaze to bother her and stood up shakily, then she left behind the room with a ghost-like gait.

“I can’t feel any ambition or pride in her, her figure just looks like a wet stray dog. Can she challenge the decisive battle in that condition?” Ilyailiya murmured.

“Kukuku… don’t make light of that woman like that. She looks like trash that doesn’t stand a chance, but only the light of her eyes are flaming ablaze. Her broken pride is turning into the fuel of hell inside that woman. What is called human is the strongest when they already got cornered like that.”

“Is that so? In my circumstance I don’t have the experience of being cornered.”

Ilyailiya tilted her head expressionlessly where one couldn’t feel any humanity from it, perhaps she was even more inhuman than someone like Loki.

“…In reality, that woman is in the process of mastering the technique to control the power that she got from Susanoo partially possessing her body. It ain’t summoning a Diva, that woman is trying to become a Diva. Currently that woman might be the human race’s strongest excluding the Kings.”

“Thing like human race’s strongest excluding the Kings is meaningless.”

“That’s so but… I gotta tell Hiroko-chan too, that this side is doing ok.”


“I mean China’s King Fu Shi. Her name read in Japanese language is Hiroko-chan. It’s the nickname that our most beloved princess attached to her. …She is our comrade. Ku-ku-ku…”

Russia in addition of China. Two of the Magic Advanced Countries were in the process of being fixed in place as Yamato―no, as Loki’s backing.

“However, I didn’t expect much from Ikousai but, ain’t she turning interesting now. Humans that make that kind of eye is just so fun.”

Against Loki who continued to chuckle ‘ku-ku-ku’, Ilyailiya was once again turning her back expressionlessly.

“Even though you are a Diva of the Chaos Side, but surprisingly you like humans don’t you?”(AN:Like in this sentence means loves or is pleased by. In other words Ilya is saying to Loki you are amused/pleased by what humans do, don’t you.)

Loki stared back in blank puzzlement, as if he was just told of something that had never even entered his thought.

Part 4[edit]

His cell phone rang. Currently he was returning to his room after his date with Koyuki was over.

The one who called his phone aiming for this time was Commander Yamagata.

The commander talked in a way that poked fun at him.

“Right now should be the time that your date is over already right?”

It was strangely embarrassing to talk about something like this with an opponent whose age was like his father.

“It’s true that I was in a date, but why do even you know about it…”

“I got completely scolded by Yagumo-kun to only call you at night so that I won’t be a bother on your date. Though I don’t know where did Yagumo-kun knew about it.”

Yagumo Akane-senpai―she was a third year of the Magic Division that had already piled up practical training in the Knight Order.

Surely it was Hikaru-senpai that spread the rumor to her in a mixture of fact and fiction. The figure of Akane-senpai back-talking coolly saying ‘It’s not like I really care about that though’ was floating in his mind.

…But what the commander said next was the exact opposite of what Kazuki imagined inside his mind.

“Yagumo-kun is really caring about you, you know? When the talk’s topic is about you it’s clear that all her calm is gone.”

“Is, is that so…”

Akane-senpai was a charming person. She was always cool and intellectual, but that didn’t mean she was a straight-laced person.

She was a hard-worker that liked tactical thinking, through that she had many common points with Kazuki, her affinity with him was also good.

Now he was told that such Akane-senpai was caring for him. When he thought that the other party was an onee-san that was even older than Kaguya-senpai, for some reason he felt his heart beat faster or something.

“Kazuki.” Suddenly Leme materialized beside him and rammed her body at him with a *don*.

“Even older people are targets for conquering. Feeling timid about that is no good, okay?”

Leme whose appearance was completely an adult linked her arm with Kazuki’s arm and she pressed her heavy breasts at him.

“That is so huh.” While his attention was taken by Leme, Commander Yamagata started his talk in a surprise attack.

“Last night, Regina and Ilyailiya were fighting each other.”

Even though Kazuki was switching his awareness for a more serious talk, but it took time.

His fight with Ilyailiya was yesterday evening. In other words…

“Ilyailiya who retreated from her fight with me in the Haunted Ground, was attacked then on her way back by Regina, is that what you mean?”

It became a series of event like that in that kind of time. Two Kings were fighting in a time he knew nothing about.

What kind of fight it developed into?

In the first place, how did Regina intercept Ilyailiya who was escaping in lightning speed?

…No, the most important essential point in this story was not that kind of thing.

“What is the result of the fight? …The Sacred Treasure that Ilyailiya took away?”

Even Ilyailiya should be exhausted from the attack in which Kazuki betted his everything. And if after that she was forced to battle Regina in succession then―

“No, unfortunately it seemed she escaped.”

A strange feeling was whirling inside his chest. It was a kind of relief and also a kind of unfortunate feeling.

If in the case that Regina took back one of the Three Sacred Treasures for him, then Kazuki would surely stand in an overwhelming superior position. But inside his heart he had already resolved himself.

This was a hurdle that he was determined to overcome without fail. It would be an anticlimax if that hurdle was unexpectedly lowered by another person arbitrarily.

It was his own selfishness even though this was a battle that would decide the future of the country, but… he wanted to settle his rivalry with Ikousai who was in a condition beyond flawless.

“I heard the story from Regina but, it seems that Ilyailiya had buried a device that emitted interference electromagnetic wave inside her body beforehand to escape the GPS monitoring.”

“Doesn’t the other Advanced Magic Countries treat machines as heretical?”

“…That’s how its supposed to be but, seems like that Ilyailiya’s circumstance is strange somehow. We cannot lump her together with the other Kings in thinking how she will act. We were thinking about this too simply.”

“Every single one of those Kings is strange somewhere inside.”

It was impossible to predict what kind of move those fellows would make.

Whether it was Arthur or Regina, at this point of time they were neither ally nor enemy.

“Of course that’s true. I don’t have any intention of slackening the monitoring of Arthur and Regina.”

However the Knight Order’s [perfect monitoring readiness] had been breached twice out of two times until now.

“What happened with the Einherjar fellows that Kaguya-senpai encountered?”

Kazuki asked about the thing that bothered him the most.

“Beatrix and her team is still in magic intoxication, they still haven’t woken up yet.”

“…Is that so.” Kazuki’s feeling turned somber.

The true color of this despondency he felt was also complex. Even Beatrix was neither his ally nor his enemy.

But he didn’t want to think of her as an enemy, somewhere, his heart thought so.

But the Einherjar suddenly turned into Japan’s enemy and attacked Kaguya-senpai and her team in the Fuji’s sea of trees. They exposed Kaguya-senpai and her team to danger. And then Ryouzanpaku’s Silirat intervened and the situation developed into Beatrix and Silirat striking down each other.

It only stood to reason that Kazuki should be angry at Beatrix who came attacking and felt grateful to Silirat who came in assistance. But before he could come to a clean decision like that, he wanted to hear the detailed circumstances from Beatrix.

“Worry is unnecessary because their magic intoxications are not a deep one. The prospect is that they will wake up before long. It’s just, the only one who is still energetic among the people involved, Roshouko, is pretty annoying with her complaint from getting embroiled into this.”

“Is she coming with some kind of troublesome request?”

“No, it’s not anything concrete… she is saying a complaint for us to [recognize Ryouzanpaku more like a comrade]. Well, certainly there is a good excuse to shrink our distance and ally with Ryouzanpaku to form a common front of anti-China.”

Ryouzanpaku was a resistance organization that opposed China.

From some time ago if Japan was misunderstood to have a good relation with Ryouzanpaku―it would completely justify China’s intervention into Japan’s internal conflict with Yamato.

But now that Ryouzanpaku had held back Germany’s rampage before this, it only stood to reason that Japan was grateful and from now on both would take each other’s hand and strengthened their stance in relation to China.

“But if we do that, won’t our relation with Germany worsen?”

“It’s without doubt that Germany was suddenly commencing an attack at us.”

Commander Yamagata talked as if cutting down that line of talk. Logically it was just as he said. But….

Commander Yamagata’s voice was colored with fatigue. Inside the chaotic situation, the one who moved the government and the Knight Order was essentially this person.

“…Now when the battle is over, the one who move the situation is the adults huh.”

Leme whispered on Kazuki’s ear.

{I don’t really understand politics and diplomacy.}

Kazuki communicated that telepathically so Commander Yamagata wouldn’t hear it.

“I don’t mean to say to break any civilian control. But if it’s in regard to battle tactic then even you should be able to interfere.”

What was called civilian control was the principle that the people who controlled the army must not interfere too much into the politics. Kazuki too was a knight apprentice―so to speak he fell under military personnel.

―The statesman must be able to control the Knight Order. The statesman who was the representation of the people moved the Knight Order. The Knight Order must not stand on top of the people.

It was of the inviolable rule of the country called Japan.

―And more, since the ancient times, Japan had the emperor as the country’s symbol as a [constitutional monarchy].

This too was another of the absolutely inviolable things.

Then how should the King(Basileus) be positioned in this country then. It seemed that Arthur and Regina ruled as tyrants but….

‘I, if I accept the fact that I am a King, how should I behave then?’

“In the first place, in all this time until now, wasn’t it you the one that continuously kept wiping our ass for all the misses that the Knight Order and the academy made? You too should insist your opinion more to the adults.”

Leme kept pulling Kazuki’s arm while being indignant as if she was the one being slighted. He wanted to get away from her breast that was pushing at him sweetly. Like this he couldn’t think seriously.

“It’s a grave situation for you who are the King to be kept out of the loop of everything except for the fight. Listen well, a King mustn’t become a tool of battle.”

Tool of battle. …Certainly, he didn’t want that by any means.

In other words―he had to move the situation by his own will.

“Commander Yamagata. Please let me question Beatrix and the others when they wake up. Until that happens, can you put on hold the matter of communicating our thanks to Ryouzanpaku and forming a common front with them?”

“You are…?”

“Please let me be the one to decide the treatment of Beatrix and her group. Regarding Beatrix, I know things about her that you don’t know about.”

This should be the first time for him to ask for something like this. This was something that he wished for the most right now. From the other side of the phone’s receiver, a serious voice of “hm~mm” was audible.

“I feel it’s inexcusable to advance all this talk while you are not there. Actually this was also pointed out to me by Arthur Basileus. That this country doesn’t respect the King as a King.”

“That person was? …He is unexpectedly a meddlesome person isn’t he?”

Regina disdained Kazuki about how he didn’t have the standpoint of a King. On the other hand there was this feeling that Arthur kept interjecting unnecessarily here and there saying things like “Like that, you won’t be able to become my worthy rival!” Should he call that as Britain’s chivalric mind?

“Certainly, there are still a lot of people that has yet to recognize you as King. But, at the very least, Headmaster Amasaki and I plan to be your supporter. I want you to believe that.”

He could feel the sincerity from his voice. Things like Commander Yamagata’s positivity level couldn’t be known even with the power of King. But as fellow males, they could understand that each other was worthy of their faith, he had that kind of feeling.

“I will calm down Roshouko. The treatment for that woman is really troublesome but…”

‘Looking at your relation from the side, you two look like you are getting along well though’, Kazuki thought inside his heart.

“Also I will put an arrangement in order, so that you will be contacted immediately when Beatrix wakes up. I will show that this matter is also about you without fail. I will make the surroundings recognize it. Without fail.”

Commander Yamagata said that and cut off the connection. Kazuki felt relieved for the moment and released a deep sigh.

He guessed that it would take a little more time to clean up the aftermath of the extremely chaotic battle the other day. He was told that his current job was to flirt with the others, but by no means could he also completely ignore all the other matters.

―And then, next he had his schedule for the night.

There was one other thing, a business that Kazuki had to ask about with his own volition.

Part 5[edit]

The courtyard of the Magic Division at night where there was no human presence―when Kazuki brought the proposal that he wanted to talk, that person called out Kazuki to this place. Tonight was a quiet night with no wind.

“Sorry to call you out in the middle of night.”

“Not at all, after all it was my side that wanted to talk.” Kazuki replied.

The owner of the voice was―Liz Liza-sensei.

Her full name was Liz Liza Westwood. She was a naturalized Japanese that crossed over to Japan at the time when Japan still had diplomatic relation with Britain and obtained her nationality then. Now, she was a teacher here.

Beyond that, she had also became the first generation chosen by Solomon 72 Pillar.

<The First Knights>. In that period of chaos where the matter about Diva was still not understood well, they were the pioneers that fought the illegal magicians whose minds were violated by Diva and the Demon Beasts that suddenly appeared by tearing apart the space itself.

Even though they were able to borrow the power from Solomon 72 Pillar, the people at that time was still weak in magic power, it was said that they was mostly unable to communicate with their Divas.

The Knights at that time were still immature about the way to use magic and also the tactic to use that skillfully in an organized way.

He learned by hearsay that in that extremely chaotic situation [those people who obtained a strange power while they knew nothing at all] then became [the people that fought in order to protect the others in their surroundings even while knowing nothing at all].

Each time illegal magicians rampaged at that time, people in a number so large that he couldn’t imagine in this peaceful time died.

The first Haunted Ground in Japan, <Fuji’s sea of trees> was also created at that time.

Before long Liz Liza-sensei retired from being a knight because of her weakening magic power, and then rather than choosing to be promoted into the top brass of the Knight Order she chose to raise the next generation and cooperated in the establishment of the Knight Academy.

―That was Liz Liza-sensei’s profile.

If it was this person then she should know. Regarding the affair that happened before in the Grand Haunted Ground. And then also regarding the character that put up the seal in the Grand Haunted Ground.

Kazuki was planning to immediately head back to the Grand Haunted Ground as soon as his magic power recovered.

However before that, he wanted to know beforehand as much as possible about the person that put up the seal. Who put up that seal and how did they do it. What happened before in the Grand Haunted Ground…

There was still some things that the Knight Order hadn’t explained to Kazuki.

“But why did sensei choose this time?” Kazuki asked.

Even though she didn’t want anyone else to overhear the story, it seemed that she was excessively being careful.

“That’s most likely because this talk will not end with just talking.”

Liz Liza-sensei made a mysterious response. This wouldn’t end with just a talk…?

“Before we talk about what had once happened in that Grand Haunted Ground, first there is something that I want to confirm from my side.” Liz Liza-sensei talked quickly without any calmness.

“The will that resides inside the seal in the last wall of the Grand Haunted Ground, and your Lemegeton, they exchanged intimate words with each other right?”

Kazuki answered “Yes” and nodded honestly. The person in the seal was Leme’s previous contractor.

“Lemegeton, she has recovered her memory right?”

Kazuki noticed how her voice was trembling when she asked that.

Liz Liza-sensei who was always calm was now acting completely like a young girl that didn’t fit her age.

Beside Kazuki, Leme materialized and the person herself replied “That’s right”.

Liz Liza-sensei kept looking at Leme’s figure that had grown up into adult over and over with a bewildered gaze.

After taking a deep breath, Liz Liza-sensei asked Leme.

“Were you―Hibiki-neesama’s contracted Diva?”

“That’s right.”

…Hibiki? It was an unfamiliar name for his ear, but strangely it felt like he had heard the name somewhere, a name that felt pleasant when he heard it. Was that, the owner of the voice in that seal?

Liz Liza-sensei looked down as if hiding her expression. As if asserting that an adult couldn’t that easily let her emotion come to the surface, she closed her eyelids strongly.

Kazuki said nothing and waited for Liz Liza-sensei to be the one that opened her mouth first.

After listening to the sound of the night wind for a while, Liz Liza-sensei finally began to talk.

―Well then, how about I tell you the story about that period just as you wish.

This is a night individual class for you, Hayashizaki.

At the same time with the human race obtaining the power called magic power, they knew about the existence of a mental world called Astrum, and encountered the consciousness body that lurked there―the Divas.

Among the Divas there were existences with ill will that drove the minds of human crazy in exchange for power, and in the end they would try to take over the flesh body. The people that dirtied their hands with this dangerous contract was then called as <illegal magicians>. Those people had their minds go insane and rampaged around.

…Recently we had heard about words like [Cosmos Side Diva] or [Chaos Side Diva] from the mouths of various Divas and the Kings. It seemed that the fellows that created these illegal magicians were those Divas of the Chaos Side.

The Divas of the Cosmos Side granted humans the power to oppose these Divas of the Chaos Side. They were humankind’s protector. But in exchange they demanded faith―that is a strict order. You can understand that this absolutely cannot be said as a good thing when you see Lotte’s case.

In Japan, these fellows called as Divas of the Cosmos Side didn’t show their appearance.

…Why didn’t the Japanese Mythology try to protect us I wonder?

When Liz Liza-sensei suddenly let out such question from her mouth, Amaterasu’s avatar appeared beside Kazuki in order to answer that. She was in her jersey appearance with a sleepy face, a sun goddess (shut-in) that couldn’t give off the feeling of it’s virtue at all.

{That’s… even if we wanted to show our appearance to the humans, we were not in a condition to show up at that time. I had talked about this a little with Kazuki and Kazuha before though.}

Amaterasu exchanged a glance with Kazuki.

{During the long history of the Japanese people, their religious piety was weakening. Because of that, our <will for power> was completely weakened. Diva’s appearance change depending on people’s feeling.}

Amaterasu talked in justification.

{How we hate to fight and like to play is because the relation between the Japanese Mythology and the Japanese people was made up of <playing>, with the festivals as the core rather than <faith>. All this is absolutely not because I am a lazy person, but because this is what everyone demanded from me nyan. …It’s true you know?}

It sounded fishy because her tone was too lax, but he guessed that actually it was just as she said.

{At that time, I practically didn’t have the power to surface to the outer layer of a human’s consciousness> I was still asleep that time. By no means I just left the people to die without doing anything, don’t resent me―}

Saying just that, her figure vanished, as if escaping.

“I see. The syncretism of Shinto and Buddhism from the ancient time, the anti Buddhist movement at the beginning of the Meiji era… this is all also because of the complexity of the history of Japan’s faith.” Liz Liza-sensei nodded with a satisfied look and began her talk once more.

Anyway the other Magic Advanced Countries could immediately obtain the divine protection of the Divas of the Cosmos Side, but… Japan was unable to obtain Divine Protection from anyone.

Thinking back, those like Loki or Nyarlathotep, how a bunch of Diva that didn’t have any relation at all with Japan could even appear here too, I think this might be the reason. That’s because this country was the most optimum place for the Divas of the Chaos Side to go wild.

We at that time didn’t understand about such things at all. We didn’t even have time to be excited of obtaining a new power called magic, we just kept getting scared from all the illegal magicians and Demon Beasts that suddenly went on a rampage.

At that time the one who reached out their hand to us was Solomon 72 Pillar.

It seems that Solomon 72 Pillar is not strictly Divas from the Cosmos Side but… anyway they didn’t drive human’s mind mad and they became our power. And then they didn’t even demand faith from us.

It was mostly a selfish story, but… Solomon 72 Pillar too might have had the objective to [build their influence in this land]. And also, they might have had their attention attracted to this Japan, who didn’t receive any influence from other Mythologies too.

…Let’s stop this strange speculation that doesn’t have any relation with the main topic of the story. If Lemegeton-sama has recovered her memory, then someday, when the timing is right, she will surely talk about this to you.

What to choose, we at that time had no other option than to completely rely on Solomon 72 Pillar.

This was how it started that the generation that got contracted first with Solomon 72 Pillar… how we became the [First Knights]. Even if I called it a contract, we at that time were unable to clearly hear the voice of our Diva or talk to them. Most of us didn’t even understand which one among the Solomon 72 Pillar we got contracted with. We didn’t even work out the method to give birth to a contract with a strong tie, called Stigmata.

…That’s why, Lemegeton-sama.

I didn’t even notice that you, who were contracted with Hayashizaki, was Hibiki-neesama’s contracted Diva.

“But that kind of you became the very first ally of my King, in spite of how you didn’t notice Leme’s true identity. This, too, is surely what they call destiny.”

Leme crossed her arm and talked to Liz Liza-sensei self importantly.

Liz Liza-sensei’s expression slackened slightly and she smiled. It was a kind expression that was rare from her.

“It saved me, for you to say that. Now that I know everything―I can do nothing else, other than to devote my entire power for you, who is the forgotten memento of Hibiki-neesama.”

Forgotten memento―those words sounded like it was filled with an extremely heavy feeling.

There should also be other First Knights outside of me and Hibiki-neesama, but we didn’t know our exact number.

Hibiki-neesama―was a person that was like a big sister for me, we got along really well. That was why we fought together but, we didn’t even know about the existences of the other guys other than us. We knew that there were other people than us that also fought, but that was only after we had defeated all the illegal magicians that were rampaging at that time. …Not all of us were expected to survive in the end.

I don’t know anything about the names of the First Knights that died unseen by anyone.

Our fight at that time compared to all of you currently was completely a crude thing.

The strength of the magic power of our generation was still in its infancy compared to you guys, even the way to use Summoning Magic was something that we didn’t understand at all.

Even using Summoning Magic around level 3 was already the most we could do using all we had.

But thinking again now, the same also applied to the Divas of the Chaos Side I guess. They, at that time, were also immature compared to now. Surely they didn’t understand the way to manipulate a human’s flesh at that time.

When I recall that time I can only snicker scornfully. It was really a low level battle. Though it was really desperate.

Aah, now that I mentioned it, it seemed that when Loki obtained a flesh body in front of your eyes he said [I had grasped the trick to break a human] right? …We at that time might had also fought Loki even without realizing it. Though we didn’t know that the opponent was Loki.

At the same time with the illegal magicians appearing one after another and going wild, [Malignant Boundary AlternateCancer] sprang forth and Haunted Grounds were produced everywhere in Japan, then Demon Beasts were also coming out.

Those too also couldn’t be left alone, but… we had no choice but to leave those for later compared with the illegal magicians that went on rampage in the middle of the city. We had also liberated the smaller Haunted Grounds when we had spare time and from there got our hand on Sacred Treasures but… there was not enough people at all for Fuji’s sea of trees and it spread out bigger rapidly.

To at least delay the expansion of the Haunted Ground, a wall was constructed around the Haunted Ground.

It seemed that unexpectedly the wall had some effect.

The wall created at that time was the crumbling wall inside the Haunted Ground that even you had seen.

Of course, at first no one put any seal or anything like that on it. There was no one that could use such advanced magic skillfully that time.

We of the First Knights fought frantically. We didn’t even understand what was this power that we possessed, but anyway, we had to protect those important to us for the moment.

Summoning Magic couldn’t be used really well that time so actually the Sacred Treasures were really useful. The truth was we used Sacred Treasures often enough.

Among those First Knights, there was a person that was outstandingly stronger from the rest. That was Hibiki-neesama.

…Why was that person so strong like that? Only that person wouldn’t be inferior even if she is compared to your current generation… no, I think she was even stronger than your generation.

These are words that a person who idolized her big sister should not say, but she was so strong like a fierce god.

I know this because all along I had fought together with Hibiki-neesama, but I think those illegal magicians that went wild at that time was mostly defeated alone by Hibiki-neesama. Even I didn’t have many memories of scenes where I clearly gave the finishing blow by my own hands.

In a period of time, there was an interval where Hibiki-neesama distanced herself from the battle, but…when Nee-sama distanced herself from the front lines, the situation everywhere got worse, and soon it wouldn’t hold anymore if Hibiki-neesama didn’t return to the front lines.

At that time, the confirmed last person―the illegal magician who possessed the greatest strength was taking refuge inside Fuji’s sea of trees. Hibiki-neesama left me behind and pursued him alone.

And then… ending at that point she didn’t return back.

Hibiki-neesama left me who was just a hindrance… and didn’t return back for the second time.

After that, even when I headed to the Haunted Ground to confirm what happened with the battle, a powerful seal was fixed on the wall and entering inside the Haunted Ground was impossible.

For a long time, I was thinking that the seal was something Hibiki-neesama gambled her life to put for the sake of not letting out the strongest illegal magician because she was unable to defeat him.

But, after hearing Hayashizaki’s story, it seems that I was wrong.

What lies beyond the seal is… one of the Three Sacred Treasures, <Ame no Murakumo>.

Surely in the middle of her battle, Hibiki-neesama discerned that the Sacred Treasure she was using was something special. That was why until a worthy successor for that Sacred Treasure appeared, Hibiki-neesama sealed it.

It was something like that. This is everything that I know.

“It’s just as you said. Until the next worthy wielder appeared, she was not going to hand over that Sacred Treasure to anyone.”

―When Liz Liza-sensei’s story was over, Leme threw in some appropriate words.

“Worthy wielder… you mean Japan Mythology’s King?”

Liz Liza-sensei looked up to the night sky and whispered.

“The Three Sacred Treasures, they acted in concert with the King’s entrance to the stage and appeared in this world. If that’s so… then Hibiki-neesama, did she notice that she was someone that was chosen as a King?”

{…This is still the tip of the story but, I had the feeling that the direction of the story is heading to something that will incite my guilt…}

Once again Amaterasu’s avatar appeared.

{That child called Hibiki, she was Japan Mythology’s King. If the King really entered the stage, in response to that the chief god had to show the way for that child. But I at that time was late in my revival… I was sleeping. That was why that child had to fight wielding that Sacred Treasure without understanding anything. Although it seemed that in the middle Lemegeton looked after her in my place.}

“But I lost her completely.” The tone of Leme’s voice dropped and she hung her head down.

“That was why Hibiki-neesama and Lemegeton-sama put up that seal in order to wait until the next person that is worthy as King appeared. …And that aforementioned successor, is it Hayashizaki Kazuki?”

Liz Liza-sensei asked Leme.

“That’s right. Leme chose him.”

“Thereupon Hayashizaki finally arrived at the destiny where he will not only have the same contracted Diva but he will also wield the same Sacred Treasure as Hibiki-neesama right now.”

After Liz Liza-sensei said that, she made a ‘hah’ face from noticing something.

Her eyes opened wide and she stared at Kazuki with intense concentration.

After a while Liz Liza-sensei’s expression softened and a smile that she usually never showed appeared on her face.

“…Is that so. You are, so it’s like that…”

Kazuki was looking back at Liz Liza-sensei in a daze. He didn’t know what she meant.

“Liz Liza Westwood.” Leme shouted.

“Once again, you too swear your allegiance to my King, Hayashizaki Kazuki, and fight together with us.”

Kazuki was the one that was panicked with Leme’s high-handed attitude.

“Leme, sensei is sensei you see… also isn’t she already at an age where her magic power has weakened? That’s too unreasonable.”

Liz Liza-sensei glared at Kazuki fiercely. “Hayashizaki, don’t you dare say anything about a woman’s age.”

“My King, does this woman look like she is in an age where her magic power has weakened?”

Leme said that in a matter-of-fact voice.

“Eh, no, certainly sensei doesn’t look like that. But we are not talking about whether she looks like it or no…”

“Listen well. This woman’s age, is 18.”

With her voice still sounding so matter-of-fact, Leme said something that he couldn’t possibly believe.

“…Just wait a second there. Didn’t we just talk about a story that happened more than ten years ago in the past?”

Don’t tell him that Liz Liza-sensei was around three years old at that time, that was impossible.

Without doubt she should be around a thirty year old female teacher. That was what was written on the official papers.

“Saying it accurately… this woman’s age is freezing still at 18 years old. It was still too early for you to retire, Liz Liza Westwood! Right now is exactly the time for you to repair your ties of Stigmata contract with [Agares], it’s fine for you to liberate all of your power!!”

Shem ha MeforashI remember thy name… thy name is [Agares]. O the sage sitting in the center of the space-time rotation, show that discerning eye.”

Liz Liza-sensei instantly finished her Astrum ConnectionAccess with her mastery of mental concentration.

She was wrapped with a powerful light that turned the night like the afternoon and Agares’ avatar floated beside her.

Straddling a dark-reddish crocodile that could be mistaken as a rock was an old sage wearing a robe with a hood attached. On his neck, a pocket watch that symbolized himself as a Diva that manipulated time was shining.

At the same time, Liz Liza-sensei also chanted a Summoning Magic. An enormous magic power was whirling. Everything of that magic power had its tip directed onto Liz Liza-sensei’s small body.

“O principle of time, listen to the calling voice of my sage. From beyond the long stagnation, awaken the waking up of the once existing fierceness… Freezing Time’s Secret FormulaLeap Stasis!”

Strong magic power light shined from Liz Liza-sensei’s whole body, and then with a fierce speed the light rotated to the right direction―completely like a clock needle.

Kazuki sharpened his Extra Sense in order to detect what was happening.

That radiance explosively expanded the magic power of Liz Liza-sensei that before this could be described as a rust-covered thing. The magic power overflowed.

It was a magic power that should be impossible to be emitted by an adult that had passed her peak. Not just that, Liz Liza-sensei’s essential something was transforming. No, it was moving. It was a something that had stopped moving until now.

―Was that time?

“Agares! …Give me the Stigma!!”

At the same time when the expanding magic power was calming down, Liz Liza-sensei shouted with a strong voice.

Liz Liza-sensei’s suit that was specially sized in a child-size, disintegrated into light and was reformed into a new shape. A green robe fluttered in a flap and a rod that imitated a sand hourglass was grasped in her hand.

It was a Magic Dress with the appearance of a sage worthy for Agares who governed over the three mysteries of the universe, earth, and time.

―It was an appearance that originally shouldn’t be able to be worn by Liz Liza-sensei who had already retired as a magician. But from the bare skin of Liz Liza-sensei that peeked out through the Magic Dress, lines of light―were running through carving the Stigmata.

“Sensei… what in the world just happened…”

He couldn’t understand what kind of magic that was just from looking.

However he only got the hunch that Liz Liza-sensei had become a warrior that possessed the power to fight.

“Just now is me and Agares’s Original One―the ultimate evasion magic that freeze all [change] and preserve it beyond the boundary of time. During these 14 years, I have frozen the growth and the aging of my flesh all along, freezing them beyond the boundary of time. Right now I have taken them back.”

“…Yo, you mean it’s perpetual youth and longevity?”

Kazuki trembled. Though of course she would die if she was killed or she got infected with a deadly sickness.

“Who knows. Doing something this absurd will create a distortion somewhere in your body and your mind, so I think immortality is out of the question… I didn’t grow into adult and had my magic power declining. It was just because I kept maintaining this magic continuously, my magic power was constantly consumed all this time.”

Right now, sensei had stopped pouring her magic power into her grand magic and recovered her original magic power.

…However, he understood that she was not aging at all since she was eighteen years old, yet it looked like even as an eighteen years old her appearance didn’t look appropriate for her age at all, that was surely because originally she was already a child-faced person with low height from the start.

“Why did sensei do such a thing…?”

“Right now, I understood my destiny. Surely it’s to raise you and then to fight besides you. Agares told me very vaguely before all this to preserve my strength until the next generation, strive diligently to study magic skill, and then impart those upon my juniors. He granted me [Leap Stasis] for these.”

Being told very vaguely… such ambiguity told him the story of the hardships for the magicians of that time.

{I raised this child.}[15]

The old sage beside Liz Liza-sensei―Agares’ avatar was floating.

{Liz Liza was the generation immediately following the time when magic was born in this world, so her magic power amount was far fewer than the children of this time. But her magic skill that she had continuously forged during these fourteen years couldn’t even be compared to the children of this generation, surely. With quickness and efficiency, she can cast my Summoning Magic with high power. She also excels in Resist. Most of all, o King―you are young. Even compared to the other countries’ Kings you are far younger. To have a composed adult beside you should be the best support for you.}

“Agares’ eye to discern people is the real thing. Liz Liza is a good woman.” Leme too kept nodding while being ‘hmm hmm’.

“When My King was not blessed by the surrounding adults and was even in the process of failure, the one who became my King’s first ally from the beginning was Liz Liza Westwood. Only you.”

“Everything was destined.”

Liz Liza-sensei repeated one more time with a voice that was filled with a flood of emotions.

“I too, am able to know the truth of what happened fourteen years ago inside the Grand Haunted Ground from the story I heard from you and Leme-sama. That the Divas concealed that fact until now… is because they won’t hand over the thing that Hibiki-neesama left behind to any other person until you come to inherit it.”

For Liz Liza-sensei, too, this was a puzzle that had haunted her for long years. With Kazuki’s report about the mysterious happening inside Fuji’s sea of trees, all the puzzle pieces was lined up and brought about the answer.

“Hayashizaki Kazuki… I too will swear my allegiance to you. I’ll be going with you too, to grasp tight your destiny, to the Fuji’s sea of trees.”

Destiny―it was not by chance for him to be picked out by Leme.

The secret of Fuji’s sea of trees―the clear intention of Solomon 72 Pillar was guiding him there.

There were still things Kazuki didn’t understand. However, Leme who had recovered her memory said to him to directly go there to confirm it himself.

“…That person called Hibiki, what kind of person was she?”

Kazuki asked at least that. Liz Liza-sensei pondered for just a little.

“It’s hard to describe her with just a single word, but… she is a strong and bright person, who resounded hope to the surrounding people just by being there.”

“How poetic.” Leme too closed her eyes in nostalgia.

Both Leme and Liz Liza-sensei drifted off an atmosphere that sympathized with each other as the people that knew about that time.

“She resembled you a little.”

Liz Liza-sensei said that while once again making a smile as if she was tickled.

“That’s true huh, you resemble her.” Leme too grinned widely.

…What’s with them, this lukewarm sensation that could be felt from Liz Liza-sensei and Leme.

As if the aunties that were relatives of his were staring at him like he was a kid…

“That’s right, there is one more thing that I have to tell you.”

Liz Liza-sensei suddenly diverted her face aside and then talked while adopting a formal attitude.

“Right now, there is no student in the Knight Academy that is contracted with Agares. Someone close to you that is contracted with Agares is just me. There are several people among the graduated students and the third years but…”

“There is not a single person in my year? Deviation like that exist?”

Each of the Solomon 72 Pillar was in charge of many contractors, the Diva were dividing their power into each of their charges. The contractor of Phoenix and Vepar was not only Mio and Koyuki.

“If there are sociable guys among the Solomon 72 Pillar, there are also guys with high pride. Agares too is someone that doesn’t choose his contractor lightly. Kaguya’s Asmodeus too is that kind of type. Then next is… this guy called <King of Indignation Beleth> is the extreme, until now he still hasn’t choosen a single contractor.”

Leme averted her eyes a little awkwardly.

“Well… that’s because each of the 72 Pillar are different in how much they can cooperate with the humans. Saying it frankly, there are also those guys that are not serious.”

“Leme. You, aren’t you just a self-proclaimed King of gods, that leads the 72 Pillar? You need to let them have it and lead them along properly.”

“Le, Leme is the type that doesn’t shackle her comrades too much okay-! Nununu, Beleth you bastard…”

Although she had grown into an adult, she was someone that didn’t have much of a dignity…

“Anyway there is no one close to you that that can use Agares’s magic that is really powerful even among the 72 Pillar except for me. Ehem, do you understand what that means?”

Liz Liza-sensei that kept averting her face to the side cleared her throat purposefully.

For some reason Kazuki’s head was blank and his thinking got suspended. This was a matter that cut off his imagination for some reason.

Liz Liza-sensei waited for his reply for a while, but she impatiently fidgeted around and glared at Kazuki with upturned eyes.

“I’m, I’m saying for you to conquer me too! For the sake of this country’s future!!”

“Ee, EEEEEEEEE!? Do, doing that, to sensei!?”

“Wha, what’s with your reaction! You are really that dissatisfied with me huh!”

This was not a problem of dissatisfaction or anything.

This was about a relation between teacher and student. Much less how in Kazuki’s whole life it was beyond his imagination to think of a female who was [a little girl in appearance yet thirty years old in mental age] as an object of romantic interest.

“My King, don’t you become timid in regards to older woman. It’s actually okay right? An older woman.”

From the side, Leme, whose appearance had completely become an older woman, collided her shoulder with a *don* at him. Now that he thought again, she too was the same as Liz Liza-sensei, young in appearance, but unknown about the substance.

{These days are all about lolibaba desu, Kazuki-oniisan!} Lotte’s voice said inside his brain. [16]

“Oi, Hayashizaki. How much is my positivity level?”

“So, so sensei is going to ask that so directly…”

The number reflexively floated inside Kazuki’s mind. Liz Liza Westwood―38

“…It’s 38.”

“Muu…”Liz Liza-sensei felt awkward.

“You need a score of 65 in order to use my magic right!? Raise up my positivity level more!”

“Even if the person herself said so to me! What should I do to make sensei like me!?”

“That’s… something like, using cool and tasteful speech or something.”

“You are going to get burned if you touch me so carelessly.” Kazuki said with a made-up austere and low voice.

“Oo! As expected from my King, it really pierces a woman’s heart that will chase someone in reverse when they were bluntly thrust aside.”

Leme leaned her body forward excitedly but Liz Liza-sensei was “Lame…” with an amazed scornful eyes.

“It’s impossible even if sensei suddenly ask me for something cool without any context! Isn’t cool speech something that is said because there are a clear flow of events! …Besides, 38 is really not that low sensei.”

“That’s true, that number is around something like [a friend of different sex with good relation], a relationship that feels a little conscious toward the other party. Maybe that’s a fairly good number already for a relationship between a teacher and a student.”

When Leme too nodded to that, Liz Liza-sensei’s face turned red suddenly.

“Fo, for the sake of this country’s future, I can only forcibly make myself become conscious about Hayashizaki!”

“For the sake of this country sensei said, it’s really strange there. Does sensei not have a lover or someone that sensei likes?”

“The, there isn’t any guy like that for me.” Liz Liza-sensei averted her face to the side and pouted her lips like a child.

“…In the first place the guys who are in the same generation with me have all completely become middle-aged men. And yet me who got left behind, looks like this. Still if it’s only men then even I have some that approached me. But once you see, accidentally, I became aware about how those men that liked me talked about me behind my back.”

“What, what were they saying?”

“Legal loli.”

Kazuki covered his face with his hands from this overwhelming tragedy before him. Leme too was making an expression like an “Uwaa” on her face.

“Since then, somehow I became unable to believe the good will from those guys who are the same generation as me. Certainly it’s strange right, a guy who had already passed the later half of their twenty, yet they liked a woman whose appearance is like me, it’s scary.”

“I, I think it might not be even a peculiar taste that can be called strange that made them approach sensei though…”

“No, it’s strange without doubt. Since then, things like love is something unrelated to me and I continued to be zealous in my work… that’s right, I didn’t have any free time for a thing like love! All is for the sake of inheriting Hibiki-neesama’s will and to raise the magicians of the next generation!” The loli teacher stamped her feet on the ground and lost her temper.

Besides her, Agares too leaked out a dispirited voice.

{At least if she grew old fitting for her age it might have turned out differently, but… O King, from me too I beg you to take care of this child. Suddenly a self-awareness that I had completely done something inexcusable is gushing out inside me. Tampering around with one’s age will make someone into a distorted human being isn’t it…}

“Even if you begged me… I’m asking what should I do here?”

“Hayashizaki! How did you raise the other women’s positivity level then!?”

“That’s… playing together or…”

“After this, when school is over, we are going to play together! But what should we do to play…?”

“Doing something like playing a game…?”

“Go study if you have time for doing something like playing a game!”

“Please don’t say something teacher-like! No, this is sensei but, somehow it seems difficult to go play with a teacher after school…” Kazuki was at a loss and looked up to the night sky.

Part 6[edit]

The courtyard of the Sword Division at night was dark.

The lighting was few and when the night came there was only the moon light illuminating the area.

In the first place comparing the Magic Division with the Sword Division who was treated coldly, Sword Division’s facility was terrifyingly meager. But at this time when Kazuki became the Chief Student Council President and he proposed “Won’t it be safer to increase the lighting here”,

“This can become an extra training so it’s fine even if it stay like this.” Kanae rejected the proposal curtly. The common students too went “If Kanae-taichou said so” and all of them agree with that, so in the end it was left as it was. The Sword Division was filled with people who was sports-minded from the root.

‘…That is, because if they strengthened their eyesight using magic power then the surrounding will be visible even in darkness though….’

‘…But somehow it feels like a ghost will come out here.’

Kaguya was called out at midnight to the Sword Division and she was fearfully walking ahead while thinking so.

The Japanese-style courtyard’s darkness that was like an ink painting was the most suitable world for a test of courage. Even now it felt like a human’s shadow was going to leap out from the shadow of the pine tree all of a sudden.

Magic power was the power of the mind. Therefore she had the feeling that it wouldn’t even be strange for the mind to become a ghost after the death.

‘…But wait. Perhaps it’s too hasty to act scared from deciding that the ghost is a bad person just because it’s a ghost.’

‘A strong attachment is not just limited to negative emotion. The ghost is just too pitiful if suddenly everyone gets scared of it.’

‘…Yosh, if a ghost come out, let’s try to make contact with it friendlily.’

Kaguya resolved herself so and raised her face that was looking down.

Suddenly a footstep rang from the shadow of the pine tree on her path. Kaguya immediately shivered in twitches and her resolve from just now was thrown to the wind before she made a U-turn back to the Witch’s Mansion.

“Sorry to call you out this late at night, Otonashi Kaguya.”

A voice she was familiar with called out to the back that was making a U-turn, Kaguya made a U-turn once more and after rotating in circles from excess force―she jumped Kanae with all her strength in a hug.


“Uwa, what the!? Don’t suddenly be hugging like this!”

“I have decided already that I will greet the ghost friendlily if it comes out seee―!!”

“What’s with that!? I’m not a ghos…mugu! My, my breath…”

The face of Kanae whose height was short was buried right into Kaguya’s chest.

“So you are tempting Nii-sama with this giant fluffy lumps huh…mugugu…”

“Ann-. …Don’t, Kana-chan, don’t taste it…-!”

“It’s just my mouth flapping up and down searching for oxygen!!!!”

Kanae filled her four limbs with the light of Enchant Aura to the brim and shook off Kaguya’s embrace with brute force. Kaguya pouted her lips from the reluctance of parting and fanned both of her opened hands up and down. She looked like a penguin. Kanae was going “You strange animal” while frowning her face.

“Then Kana-chan, what is your business? In the middle of the night like this…ha-!? Don’t tell me Kana-chan, you are finally going to return my feeling…with a perverted act!”

“Don’t say such disgusting thing! …I want you to keep me company in my secret training.”

“Secret training?” Kaguya blinked her eyes.

Kanae drew out her sword from her waist smoothly. The body of the blade melted into its surrounding because of its black color.

Kaguya noticed the strange thing. It mentioned the Sword Division’s <Storm Cat(Wind God Kitten)>, two sword style using two kodachi was supposed to be her trademark.

But Kanae tonight was different. What was prepared in her hand was a jet black katana.

“This is the sister blade that form the pair with <Road WindDoufuu> that Nii-sama use, <Path ShadowMichikage>.”

“Is there…something you want to test?”

“I want to test using you, a new technique that I realized. Because around me the one with the highest spell chanting skill is Otonashi Kaguya, it’s you.”

In other words―Kanae’s new technique was a technique for the sake of destroying the chanting of enemy magician. Kaguya guessed that wordlessly and performed <Access> to change into her Magic Dress.

“While chanting some kind of magic, it’s fine for me to show that I can face that technique right?”

Kaguya puffed out her chest full of confidence.

In the first place Kaguya had prepared for her duel with Kanae and trained predominantly in her spell chanting ability until now.

The result of that―she had maintained her chanting even while receiving Beatrix’s fierce attack, if it was just a magic around middle level then she could cast it. She had reached the stage where she could just tell the Heaven and Earth Formation to hell with it. [17]

Kaguya didn’t understand how deep the mysteries of the world of sword art went.

But she couldn’t imagine Kanae to exhibit an attack power that surpassed Beatrix.

It was a little pitiful but, that new technique would undoubtedly fail against her.

‘…Is magic around level 5 fine?’ Kaguya began to chant.

“It helps that you accept my request so quickly. …After all in the end the duel with you didn’t get realized.”

Kaguya was suspicious how Kanae showed a smile so full of confidence at her. She shouldn’t be able to succeed.

―Kaguya’s silent light of magic power, smoothly and slowly whirled like a vortex.

‘As expected from her’ Kanae thought inside her heart. For her to not produce a flashy light was the proof that her chanting had been polished instead. Like a cat that was confirming the timing to leap into her prey, Kanae observed that vortex while breathing lightly.

Their distance was only a few meter apart. It was a far closer distance than the usual duel. Her whole body was already overflowing with willpower and her katana was drawn out, her preparation to leap forward could be done anytime.

But Kanae kept her stance still and continued to observe Kaguya’s magic power.

The flow of magic power resembled breathing. Reading the breathing was a standard secret art for a swordsman.

The flow of this magic power was trying to construct a single shape.

Inside the forming structure, there was a pillar that supported everything. There was a vital point. What should be cut, was that.

―Now. Kaguya’s chanting created that exactly right now.

Kanae kicked the ground. At the same time she raised <Michikage> overhead. Her whole body automatically moved just as what she had done through countless training. She was just doing this one more time, she would do it without even a single millimeter of deviation.

Namely, this was the most optimum movement solution that was the most natural for her own body.

…She once aimed for two sword style because of her own powerlessness. She once chose not the destructive power of a single strike but the number of attacks, she would scatter the opponent’s concentration with fast consecutive attack and fight in a way that obstructed the chant’s magic power.

―But that was not the essence. Before she realized she had revised her thought like that.

The impetus for that thinking was that time she was defeated by Nii-sama’s team in the battle election tournament.

‘Isn’t my sword, becoming sloppy instead from recklessly searching for speed?’

As expected, the essence resided inside the single strike.

But destructive power was not everything there was in the single strike. Things like power or speed…the truth of sword art was not in that kind of thing. The truth of the sword art…was probably inside the single instant that had been refined to the limit.

Whether in the movement or in the timing, to reach the single ultimate instant where not even a single deviation would be forgiven―.

While feeling the wind, Kanae’s whole body was operating together with an endless smoothness.

There was [kata][18] in Hayashizaki-style. The greatest common divisor [standard movement] that was applied to everyone. [19]

After repeating the movement following that kata thousands of times, tens of thousands of times, she reached the [quintessence movement] that matched her individuality―her body build, her muscle mass, her bone volume.

Her two sword style before searched for speed and became really sloppy, she distanced herself from that.

Right now one more time, she returned back to the starting point. ‘The optimum movement just for me. Even with my powerlessness and small build, the movement that is only for me.’

The muscles of her whole body contracted, and then stretched. The Enchant Aura magnified that expansion and contraction. That magnification would enlarge even a tiny deviation into a great deviation. Not even a single deviation, would be tolerated.

―Kanae followed her quintessence movement.

The black blade was buried into the vortex of magic power of Kaguya’s chanting as if it was absorbed.

Kaguya’s Resist repulsed the blade.

That repulsion―the shockwave of the smashed magic reverberated into the magic power vortex of Kaguya’s chanting.

A crack entered the magic power vortex. Originally it should be a crack that wouldn’t affect anything.

But Kanae had taken a careful aim. Like the movement of billiard ball where even the rebound movement had been calculated. She had aimed for the instant where the backlash from this Resist would enter a crack into the pillar that became the cornerstone of the magic construction.

A movement and timing where even a single deviation wasn’t allowed conformed each other like a miracle.

‘It reached―this is what I had been pursuing all along, the one other dream sword.’

The second Hayashizaki-style dream sword―<Holy PrecinctsShin’iki>.

  • Pachin*, it was a too quick sensation.

For an instant Kaguya didn’t understand what had happened.

Kanae who leaped into her bosom swung down her blade at Kaguya. She was hit with a slash.

But this was…just now was not a fierce impact that reflexively made her concentration toward her chanting get disturbed. If it was just a mere impact…her concentration power had held out even against Beatrix’s fierce attack.

Kanae’s slash was just a weak attack. So weak to the degree that she didn’t even notice she was slashed.

‘Why am I right now completely stopping my chanting then?’

It was as if she had lost the track of time and her spell vanished in the middle.

“Just now is…?”

“…A cut with the perfect movement in the ultimate instant. If I have to explain, it’s like that.”

Kanae stood her body upright from her cutting down stance, then she said that while taking a step back.

Kaguya didn’t really get it, but in other words it was a superhuman feat that overlapped the perfection and the ultimate. What’s with that?

“Wait, wait a second! It was only my carelessness just now-!!”

She didn’t really get it, but she didn’t think that such miracle-like technique would be practical in a real battle.

“Aiming for such nonsensical timing, how will it hit if the opponent moves away? Just now I planned to get hit with it so I just stupidly stood stock still like that but…”

“It’s just as you said. It’s still impossible to use in real battle.”

Kaguya released a relieved sigh, then she reflected herself that her reaction just now was too unsightly.

“Before Nii-sama climbs to an even higher height, I have to master this technique…”


Kaguya couldn’t perceive what kind of meaning was entered into that resolve. But a spirit that quietly burned like a bluish flame was entered into the small murmur.

“Next fight me for real without standing still like a scarecrow. I don’t mind even if you train your Resist on the same occasion and cast your magic if you finish your chanting.”

“…That’s just what I hoped for! I won’t lose next time!”

Kaguya swung her arms up and down then once more she began to chant her spell.

Light and shadow danced in the Sword Division at night. The special training of Kaguya who was clad in magic power light and Kanae who swung a black blade that seemed to melt into the night’s darkness continued until late at night.

Inside Kanae’s cool heart that swung her blade free from any obstructive thought, a low humming voice was echoing.

―Hayashizaki Kanae. Thy, art a girl that possess a heart like an earnest blade.

―I desire thy to listen to my voice without fear.

Without even a little bit of disorder in her swordsmanship, Kanae asked {Who’s there?} toward the darkness of her consciousness.

―My name is Beleth.

―The most noble devil king of Solomon 72 Pillar. The black cat of indignation, devil king Beleth.

{I don’t know that name. What business do you have with me?”

She didn’t plan to get agitated but, her swordsmanship disordered slightly.

Kaguya’s [Cocytus] which had its power moderated was invoked and smashed Kanae’s defensive magic power.

Kaguya immediately chanted again, Kanae too recovered her posture and once more challenged [Shin’iki].

In the middle of that repetition―the telepathic communication inside her consciousness continued.

{What business do you have with me? My magic power is weak and I also don’t have any magic skill, what do you want from me who has no worth other than swinging a sword?}

―Even without borrowing something like the power of Diva, thy skill has already been in the region of miracle.

―O girl who rely on nothing else but your sword to advance single-mindedly on your own path.

―Thy have no business with someone like a Diva.

{So you understand? Then leave immediately.}

―Be that as it may I want thy to lend thy ear. I want thy to turn thy face at me even for just a short time.

―My name is Beleth. In these ten years, I have continued to search a possessor of soul that is worthy to be my contractor, in the end I am but a wandering devil king who can’t find even a single person.

{Isn’t your pride really high? Such a thing is not good you know, that’s what I think.}

―But finally I find a possessor of a worthy soul.

―Rather than a possessor of a great talent of magic, thy single-mindedness is exactly what is worthy for me.

―Become my contractor.

{I refuse. You too understand right, that I have no use at all of you.}

―Even if thy make a contract with me, thy can obtain everything thy wish for?

―I am the only one among the 72 Pillar, who is specializing in reinforcement magic. Power and also speed, I can grant those to thy.

{I already don’t need any power or speed. I will become the blade itself.}

If she unskillfully affixed something like Summoning Magic on her body and fooled around with magic training, the brightness of her sword would surely grow dull. Even if she obtained speed or power, <Shin’iki> would be unusable with that.

{I don’t choose the same path with Nii-sama. Even if I cannot be a match against Nii-sama in overall strength…just in sword, I want to become an existence that shows Nii-sama the path ahead. …As the daughter of Hayashizaki family.}

―Not only power and speed. But love too.

―If you make a contract with me…you can become Hayashizaki Kazuki’s conquering target.

{That is exactly… a needless help!!}

Her swordsmanship was disturbed.

“Kana-chan, your concentration dropped! Are you sleepy!?”

Kaguya brought forth a piercing blizzard and lightly blown away Kanae.

“Damn-, as expected using it in real battle format is not so simple!”

Kaguya too like this accompanied Kanae in her special training until late at night.

Honestly Kanae had respected her since the time she first met her.

{Don’t be a hindrance anymore. It’s impolite to Kaguya after she has troubled herself to accompany my training like this…}

‘With my own way…as a big sister, I will go even farther than Nii-sama ahead of this path.’

‘Even if I lose at everything except in sword against Nii-sama, even if my love won’t come true.’

―How unfortunate.

Beleth was finally gone from Kanae’s consciousness, the night where the black cat danced continued indefinitely.

Translator's Notes and References[edit]

  1. Genji, Minamoto Genji. A story character of classic Japanese story,who, in his story, had a plan to raise a young girl into an ideal wife for him.
  2. The hiragana used for this word ‘awful’ can also mean great or excellent in Japan. This is like a double meaning.
  3. SAN check, a certain game about Cthulhu has this parameter called SAN(sanity) for the character, in which the SAN will keep decreasing each time the character encounters the outer god. When the SAN parameter reaches zero, the character will forever be lost in darkness.
  4. This word Sasoi’uke, ‘sasoi’ mean inviting, while ‘uke’ mean receiver, usually used to indicate the receiver side in a gay relationship. You guys know about those BL illustrations that sometimes appear from the wild delusions of a female character? One of the men will try to force the uke into the forbidden relation, and the uke will act hesitatant or rejecting, but even though the uke act like that you can see how their face blush or their eye is just full of desire. They ain’t fooling anyone. That is Sasoi’uke. PS: For me to understand something like that, god, I don’t want to fall into the Dark Side.
  5. Konbu is kelp
  6. Small pieces of sliced dried bonito
  7. Steamed seasoned fish paste with spiral whirlpool pattern
  8. Oyaji can mean father, old man, or boss. In this case I guess it means both father and boss
  9. Sorry but I don’t understand this sentence. Here is the raw, 金魚を可哀想と哀れむと、金魚という種が消えることになるんですね.
  10. Please help. The katakana for this is エル・デー・エス・ヌイ. Read as Eru Dee Esu Nui
  11. Another name I don’t know. The katakana is キゼモニコス. Read as Kizemonikosu
  12. Not sure of this translation. The Callis is written with katakana カリス(karisu), don’t know what this refer too. While Kraunos is written with ケラノウス(keranousu) – Edit(OmegaWeaponZ): callis could be refering to a calus – a type of hard skin formed to protect the skin from further injury. In this case it would be a calu of the earth.
  13. What are you, Jack Sparrow?
  14. Don’t know if it’s the author mistake or not, but here Loki used 彼女たち to describe Regina and Arthur, that’s a plural form for woman
  15. This guy’s style of talking is similar with Futsu no Mitama, though more reservedly
  16. Lolibaba, ‘loli’=little girl, ‘baba’=old woman. Lolibaba=an old woman with little girl appearance
  17. It means that even without that formation she would be fine fighting alone. If her opponent is not Beatrix that is
  18. Standard form of a movement, posture, etc. in martial arts, sport, etc.
  19. Kinda hard to explain this one. I guess it means that even though the kata that was taught to everyone will have some slight difference based on the gender, body size, and body type of the practicioner, but the basic form of the kata was basically the same

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