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Author's Notes[edit]

This is Kankitsu Yusura.

Thank you very much for picking up this book.

To introduce the contents of this second volume without spoiling anything from the first one, I’ll say that in this story Kyouko gets the spotlight as a heroine.

Since we are at it, I feel that there are more romance ingredients than in the first book.

Because of that just because the author wants to see niche illustrations, as expected, for a pro, before publishing a book, it seems that he needs to thoroughly gather market info in order to write his piece.

Truth is, even before my debut being a person who likes panties very much, with a highly pro attitude, the word “panties” appears seventeen times on the first volume[1] . The fact is that the word “underwear” is used thirty-two time throughout the text[1], but the surprising thing is that each time a scene where panties appeared and there wasn’t a single illustration I shed bitter tears, I felt a bit of sorrow.

If I had to explain how come that despite using the word “panties” (underwear) like that there wasn’t a single illustration… Please, ask the editor in charge of selecting the scenes to illustrate.

Surely, panties may have killed his parents, or maybe panties ate the pudding he kept inside the fridge… There should be a reason for holding such strong hatred against panties.

Some of you may think otherwise, but… Even so, I can’t help but getting angry.

Especially, Kyouko.

Despite her having three scenes where, instead of pantyshots, it was more like panty showing, there isn’t even a single illustration.

Truly… I have no words to express my regret!

How the heck a heroine cannot get an illustration despite even showing her panties…

Kyouko, so as to completely retaliate from the previous book, couldn’t her peacefully get an illustration of a panty scene!?

That’s where the sense of accomplishment from a book comes from even for the author.

For those reasons, I think I’ll better proceed with the preview of the next book.

In the first book, Zonmi. Since the story in the second book revolved around Kyouko, the third book is for that red dragon kid.

I plan on writing Iris’s story.

Additionally, since on the second book the term “panties” surpassed “underwear” [1], I was thinking that on the third book I want it to be the turn of “swimsuits”.

In the end, not even I, the author, have an inkling on what kind of story it’ll turn up being…

Expect too the lovely illustrations by Shugasuku-san!

Lastly, I’ll gladly make an announce here.

It’s decided this work ‘Maou na Ore to Ghoul no Yubiwa’ is getting a manga version!

Hobby Japan’s free web comic magazine.

It’s expected to be serialized on Comic Dangan (http://comicdangan/).

It seems the adaptation will start at the end of the year and the mangaka on charge is Yaya Hinata-san.

I’ve accidentally already seen the roughs, but… They are of an amazing high-like quality!

I wish they get to adapt this volume too.

I hope we can meet again…

Kankitsu Yusura

References and Translation Notes[edit]

  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 Occurrences in translated text may vary.

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