Maou na Ore to Fushihime no Yubiwa:Volume 2 Chapter 6

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Chapter 6: Captured "heroine"[edit]

Running at full speed, I could see Kyouko’s apartment in less than five minutes.

That’s really weird.

If I’m not wrong, I think I was a distance of 2-3 kilometres[1] from my starting point, but… This watch, could it be broken?

If I lose my job as a monster tamer… I may join a short-distance running team.

I was starting to think about it.

When I received mail from Kyouko on my cellphone―

If you value her life, come alone to the designed point.

I first thought it was spam mail.

For starters, being that the contents were something so crazy, it made me think it hadn’t come from Kyouko.

However, once I opened the attached file, I fell into the abyss of despair.

“… What the heck. This…”

Displayed on my cell’s screen, was Kyouko, unconscious and with blood oozing from her head.

Tied to a tree with thick ropes, she could not even twitch a finger.


Who has done this terrible…

Tightly clutching my fists to the point of bleeding, forgetting myself with rage, I managed to keep myself in check.

Let’s think it over calmly. Getting angry here won’t solve anything.

And besides―I have to first decide how to save Kyouko.

For starters, what’s the aim of the sender of this mail?

Since he took Kyouko captive, and then expressly contacted me, it’s safe to think he’s somewhat related to monster tamers, but…

Who the heck is he? What’s his aim?

… Only one. I happen to know about an incident like this one.

The evil organization that abuses monsters―Black Tamers.

If it’s those guys… Chances are high they could pull off an incident like this.

From the attached image, I could guess Kyouko’s whereabouts.

It’s a high place from where you can have an unbroken view of Saegusa city’s landscape―the best spot to watch fireworks from. It was the place I’d dreamt of before.

Well, what do I do?

I have two options to choose from.

That is, do I give into the culprit’s demand and head there alone? Or do I go back and ask for help from Zonmi and the rest?

If I think first about my own safety, undoubtedly the latter.

However, is that really right?

I can’t rule out that Kyouko will be harmed if I disregard the culprit’s demands.

Once it comes to it, I can also employ summon.

It’s never too late to ask for help even if I get in a pinch. Anyhow, right now Kyouko’s safety comes first.

… I’ve more or less decided what to do.

No problem. It’s totally not safe, but rather than hoping to converse with the culprit, it’s simply to prevent Kyouko from suffering harm.

This time alone I’m grateful that my body is so far off from a human’s…

… I feel that the me right now can run even faster than when I came here.

Loosening the grip on my fists, I headed full speed toward the high place where Kyouko was being held captive.

× × ×

That place was located after crossing over a not very well-known mountain path.

The people who knew of it were few even among the locals. Talking about people who used it, it was mostly used as a morning walk course by the elderly.

“… Good. Are you unharmed?”

“Haru… Why are you…!?”

As soon as Kyouko saw my figure, she opened wide her eyes in surprise, but, soon, once her gaze fell on ‘that’, she started trembling with fear.

“How pleasant♡ You’ve come alone as we agreed.”

“You? The one who sent the mail…”

“That’s correct. My name is Noelle. Noelle North Norm. Feel free to call me Nono.”



The tamer I fought before looked like 5-6 years older than me, but this one looked younger than me.

And, moreover, a girl.

Her features were like those of an exquisitely crafted antique doll, impressive ringlets of a vivid red―judging by looks alone she’s an unblemished pretty girl, but… Why is it?

The impression I gathered from that child was ‘eerie’.

More like she lacked something any human should have… When I looked at that child, it’s like some baseless anxiety overwhelmed my chest.

“My bad, but I don’t have the time to get acquainted with you, so I won’t call you by pet names at all. I’m sorry, but I have something scheduled for later.”

At worst, if a battle starts, I’ll summon Zonmi and settle it in one swoop.

“―Give Kyouko back.”

Once I threatened her like that, Noelle burst into a theatrical uncanny laughter,

“Aha♪ You say amusing things. That I return her even though this child is already mine?”

Those were very significant words she said.


I felt uneasy about Noelle’s words, but I walked up to Kyouko.


Surprising. Certainly she should have summoned a monster, but contrary to my expectations, Noelle didn’t show any signs of moving.

“Dust Pain[2].”

So. She simply brought the ring she was wearing near her mouth and chanted that in an indifferent tone.

“Uuu… Ga!”

As soon as Noelle muttered whatever those words, Kyouko’s body started twitching in agony.

“Oi. You alright!?”

Suddenly from nowhere there appeared countless black particles that surrounded Kyouko.

I tried to clear them away by using my jacket, that I took off, but none of the particles that appeared one by one gave signs of disappearing.


Panicking, I tried to hit her in the back, but Kyouko’s seizure didn’t gave signs of getting better.

“… Uu!… Gu!”

“Didn’t I say it? She’s already my property. If you value that child’s life, it’d be better that you didn’t get closer. Too much energy could kill her♡”

On Noelle's middle finger; who showed a triumphant mood, there was a black ring I’ve seen somewhere.

That ring… It’s something I saw on my previous battle. A ring that forcibly enslaves a monster against its will.

Enforce Ring.

Also, taking a closer look at the rope Kyouko was bound with, it was the same kind Iris was captured with before.

But among monster tamers, possession of these items was forbidden―

This girl… Is a Black Tamer?

“…Could it be!?”

A very bad premonition crossed my mind.

When I slowly directed my eyes to Kyouko’s finger―she was wearing the same ring as Noelle.

“You… Could it be, a contract with Kyouko…”

“Kyah♪ Do you understand with this? The Enforce Ring lets me have power over an enslaved monster's life and death. If I keep sending her pain like this, what will happen to her?… Can you picture it?”


It seems that what Noelle has just said could be true.

In any case. Even if I suppose Enforce Rings don’t have a function to take lives, after seeing Kyouko’s suffering a while ago, that had enough weight as a threat.

“Haru… I’m sorry.”

Astonished by the unbelievable development, Kyouko, with a meek expression, muttered in a thin voice.

“Don’t worry. You have no reason to apologize.”

“… Nope. That’s wrong. This, you know? It’s divine punishment.”

“…Divine punishment?”

Parroting her words as a question, Kyouko’s eyes became red and swollen,

“I… It was said by dad… I’d be introduced to a new contract partner.

However, I wouldn’t like to make a contract with someone other than Haru… So as to not say that, I tried to snatch away the ghoul’s contract. I intended to say it yesterday night, but… I… It scares me to be hated by you.”

“… I see.”

So recently, Kyouko seemed strange because of that.

I don’t know how snatching a contract and making me a bentou or showing me her panties can relate to each other, but… In Kyouko’s way, her behavior should be well thought of.

Since to take advantage of someone who's cornered requires coldness.

“I had decided that my first contract was reserved for Haru… Why did this need to happen, I wonder…”

“… Don’t worry. Enforce is not a proper contract. I’ll rescue you in a flash.”

Well. What do I do?

Until I came here, I―felt that I had to take Kyouko back, even if by force.

However, it doesn’t look like this could be so easily resolved.

It’s no wonder. Since Noelle has power over Kyouko’s life and death, I can’t employ underhanded methods. Since if I fail to keep her in a good mood, she doesn’t need a reason to kill Kyouko.

Here with, I the only way is this one trump card. Even summon, it’s very likely it’s not allowed. (!)

“Have you finished with your last chat? I have gotten tired of waiting.”

“―Sorry for making you wait. We’ve just finished.”


Even if the situation is heavily unfavorable, I wouldn’t say there is no hope.

“Then… What do I have to do to free Kyouko?”

I had a reason to ask with so much confidence.

Let’s think about it.

Had Noelle’s aim been simply taking my life, she needn’t do it in such a roundabout way.

Her aim was not killing.

In that case, I may be able to save Kyouko by negotiating.

“Aha♪ It’s a relief you seem so perceptive~”

Noelle laughed with innocence while glaring with cruelty,

“M―, that’s right. If so, what about this? From now on, you’ll risk your life by fighting the monsters I’ll summon.”


This girl… What the heck it’s now…?

“Ah, Of course, it’s forbidden to use summon to call for monsters. It’s a promise. If you can defeat my monsters, I’ll give you this child back.”

“Have you lost your mind? There’s no way a regular human can defeat―”

“If it’s you, you can. Or rather, if you cannot win, it will be troublesome.”

As soon as Noelle said that meaningful thing with her face shrouded in darkness, she loudly shouted towards her ring,

“Summon―Killer Mantis[3].”

And, the next instant.

From nowhere appeared a huge mantis monster with a length of 7 meters[4].

… No, looking closer it was not a regular mantis.

That monster, equipped with 2 scythes, 6 legs & 8 eyes, like a cross-breed between a mantis and a tarantula, had quite the terrifying appearance.

Haha… Is this a joke?

There’s no way a flesh-and-blood human would win against thi…


…It seems it’s not the right time to get lost in despair.

The mantis monster swung down its huge scythe-like hands toward my head.

That was dangerous. Had I reacted a bit later, my head would have been severed from my body.


And, right after avoiding the attack.

From behind me came a thunderous noise, as if the earth was trembling.

“What… This…”

As I tried looking over my shoulder, the attack the mantis had released became a shock wave and the trees behind had been mowed down.

Unconsciously, I let out a bitter smile.

Haha… In addition to being in a desperate situation… The worst thing is that mantis… Seems it can release long-ranged attacks.

Well, what do I do?

I can’t get into close range. I can’t get out to long range.

… Become to this, there’s but a single way of taking it down.

Attacking from the sidelines without it noticing―that is, a surprise attack.

Of course I fully realize that it’s not so easy, but I have no time to spare.

As a result of thinking it out, I turned on my heels and dashed at full throttle.


The mantis released a shockwave with a sharp wind cutting sound, but I closely evaded it by bending my body at the same time the sound was made.

“A―ah. I expected something from you―. How unco―ol. You run away leaving the girl behind―?”

Despite Noelle babbling that, there’s no way I was fleeing without thinking it out.

I’m taking refuge in the copse, which had bad visibility.

As much as possible… So as to survive… A bit deeper…!!

Luckily, it seems I can win inside here thanks to my mobility.

After running for a while and getting out of sight of my enemy, I managed to put some distance in between us.

Hiding in the shade of the bushes, I laid in wait for my foe’s passing.

*BROOOOM!* There was noise of trees being mowed down.

… As I thought. It seems like the big bodied mantis has difficulty following me through the copse.

Hiding inside the copse was the correct decision.

It won't be easy taking it by surprise.

Once it gets careless, I’ll throw a single hit with full strength.


Wait a minute.

Can I really cause any damage if I punch it with my full strength?

I’ve heard about it on the net or somewhere.

According to it. It seems a human being cannot win in a fight against a chimpanzee that weighs 30 kilos[5].

I think that mantis goes easily over ten times that weight.

If, by any chance, I manage to take it by surprise… could I give it a lethal hit?

Perhaps… No, totally impossible.

If I attack it, chances are good that the situation will be reversed against me.

So, what do I do? Should I only keep holding my breath like this…

Mm, Wait…?

That moment, something flashed in my mind.

To begin with, the thing about a human being incapable to defeat another animal is based on the premise of both of them being unarmed.

That’s why, I may be able to win.

If I could get familiar with that mantis’s powerful weapon that leaves you silent with its impotence―.

“Talking about weapons… There’s only this one.”

I’d say I only have a single chance.

I’m scared of dying. Extremely scared.

I don’t have a manga’s main character composure of “This guy… He’s in a life-or-death situation and he still laughs!?” or the like.

My limbs are trembling with force.

However, here ends the running from place to place.

That day, my trembling childhood friend said thus:

―If I keep trying without giving up, surely a way will open itself.

During yesterday’s evening shower, didn’t rays fall?

I lifted the perfect spoils from that―a fallen tree with a bit sharp pointy end.

It weighted about… 50 kilograms[6] or so.

Should I look for something heavier? That doubt flashed through my mind, but I think that a bit heavier than this one and I’ll conversely lose mobility. While taking my time to search for a weapon, I couldn't let myself be discovered by the enemy.

The sound of falling trees showed me the enemy’s position.

I took a step. another step. I got closer to the source of the noise.


Luckily, the monster mantis didn’t notice me.

Without turning its eyes in my direction, it mowed down the trees that hampered its movements.

Just when the mantis swung downwards its arm to cut down the next tree.

Gathering my resolution, I, muffling my voice, targeted my opponents bosom and broke into a run.

―I’d say, not even a second after I started my run.

The mantis composite eyes, *TURN*, turned in my direction.

Crap, it noticed me.

However, due to the momentum of having started to run, I can’t turn back.

The dice had been cast.


Weird. I should have charged with considerable impetus, but―it didn’t look like it.

That’s no wonder. Since my weapon was deflected by the mantis’s arm and was thrown far away.


The first attack has ended in failure, I’ve even lost my weapon… It fits inside the plan, but it’s the worst pattern.


In no time, the mantis started throwing attacks at me with each of its eight limbs.

Totally centered on evading, I barely managed to avoid its attacks.

“Eeh. You seem to have very good reaction speed. However, can you keep evading like that?”

Appearing from nowhere, Noelle muttered seemingly with admiration.

“… Shut your trap. Compared with Zonmi’s attacks, these look like there standing still.”

Despite me running my mouth, it didn’t seem like I could keep this for long.

For starters, it’s clearly obvious that it’s becoming more and more difficult for my eyes to keep following its slashes.

Is my speed falling, or is its speed raising?

When I took a glance at Noelle, she was staring with ecstatic eyes.

A sadist… is it? By gradually rising the speed, maybe she’s plotting torturing me to death.


And, earlier than expected, ‘that’ happened.

Before realizing it, my right arm was cut off while spurting fresh blood.

Aah. Well. That hurt. Incredibly so.

However, more than the physical pain, the fact of ‘I’ve lost an arm’ was worse to endure.

Why is that so?

Could it be because the right arm that has accompanied me for sixteen years was suddenly amputated?

No matter how much inhuman resilience monster tamers have. I can hardly picture an arm growing back like a lizard’s tail.

It could be the shock or it could be the stupefaction.

For a short while, I lost the willpower to even think.

“Kyaha♪ It’s checkmate. There really is no reason for me saying it, but… I couldn’t endure it♡”

Noelle started to breath roughly.

“That’s why, please. Get killed♪”

She passed the death sentence with bloodshot eyes.

Aah, one last thing. It seems I’ve made a great mistake.

The killing intent that makes one shiver that Noelle is emitting… It’s not much, but it’s not faked.

It seems that she had planned killing me since the start.

In that case, why doing it in such a roundabout way?

Before death, these questions kept popping into my head, but I don’t know what meaning they have.

Since I’ll die here.

Having given up on living, when I closed my eyes.

The mantis in front of me, *SNAP* disappeared from my sight.

Next instant. The mantis was blown off 10 meters[7] while mowing down the trees with the impact, and like that, it ended up not even twitching.

I did… it?…

I’d say… My tactic of using the mantis’s shockwaves to cut off Kyouko’s restraints was successful.

Noelle, for an instant, with a face of not knowing what just happened, seemed to be dumbfounded.

This is my chance!

As I give some whipping to my damaged body and hastily cut distances with Noelle, I roughly grasped her right hand with my remaining left.

“My bad, but… It seems the one who did the checkmate before was me. Isn’t it right that you can’t kill Kyouko like this?”

“Good… It seems I made it in time.”

Kyouko and I trapped Noelle between us.

Noelle, immediately after blinking in surprise, before long, as if she had understood the situation, she showed a faint smile,

“I see. You are really amazing. I think I understand why onee-chan is so fond of you.

Plunging without second thoughts, did you use the shock waves of the killer mantis to free the Nephilim from the Catch Net? You had taken into account even the angle of the slash…. That’s one point to you."

It’s a miracle that this tactic has developed so well.

However, it doesn’t matter how low the chances were. I think that there was no other way for me to win.

Is that really true?

For starters, no matter how much you do your best, it’s impossible to fell a foe five times your size like a tree.

What I’d say I could do would be, at most, earning some time.

At the end of the day.

The weapons of monster tamers―are the monsters under them.

“The best someone could do in a desperate situation is keeping their cool. Courage is needed in order to, when needed, using yourself as a bait to find a way out. Your behavior has been impeccable and deserves praise.”

“… Many thanks. But I’m not happy of being praised by you. Well, give up now and free Kyouko from the contract―”

“However, what you should be asking me is not that.”

And, next instant.

A revolting scene unfolded before my eyes.

Noelle’s arm, that I had kept tightly grasped up till now―changed shaped before my eyes.

I’d say this… It’s undoubtedly rock.

Without knowing what to say myself, I don’t want to admit it, but… I don’t know how to express it.

Noelle―has transformed her arm into a rock clump.

What the heck is this…?

Noelle’s right arm is clearly not human.

A monster enslaving monsters… Is that even possible?

Zonmi said before that ‘humans are the only species able to become monster tamers’.

So, shouldn’t this be a shocking fact?

Let’s suppose. If there was another species apart from humans able to become monster tamers, there would be no reason for Zonmi and the lot to depend so much on me.

While I was troubled by this question with no answer, Noelle widely grinned.

“Then, you… Until when will you keep holding my hand?”

The next instant, my body was floating in the air.

I’d say that in order to free her hand, she must have swung her stone-turned arm. The movement was too fast, so I didn’t realize in the least something had happened.


Crashing on the fallen trees unprepared, my bones creaked.

Aah. That’s bad…

I think that attack just now has taken out five or six of my ribs.

Moreover, I think I’ve lost too much blood due to missing an arm.

My sight is blurry and I’m dizzy. It doesn’t matter how many signals my brain sends, my body can’t lift a finger.


Could it be because I was so carelessly tossed with so much force?

As if worried about my condition, Kyouko came running without delay.

“Idiot… Even if you come here…”

This time, Kyouko should disregard me and engage in combat with Noelle asap.

After all, if she doesn’t―

“Kyaha♡ Foolish girl. You’re finished. Die like this♪”

As soon as Noelle approached right away the contract ring she was wearing to her mouth,

“Dust Pain”

She chanted mercilessly without hesitation.

The next instant. Black particles surrounded Kyouko and covered her.

This time there were twice… No, thrice the earlier amount, and it was clearly stronger than before.

“… Gah.”

As soon as Kyouko raised a soundless shout, she crouched on the ground like that.

How much pain, I honestly can’t say. She’s not threatening, she truly intends to kill her.

“… Please. Don’t kill her.”

What I managed to squeeze out by gathering what little willpower I had left were real honest thoughts.

“It’s fine whatever you do to me. I don’t mind if you want to boil or roast me. But, only Kyouko… I beg you, don’t kill her.”

“Could it be―, do you think I’d give in to that plea?”

“… I beg you.”

“Interesti―ng. Why would I had to listen to the words of a dead person―?”

Drooling all over; pleasure filled her face, Noelle stepped on my head.

“Aaaaan♡ That face is goooood!! That’s why I can’t stop killing yooooooooooooooou!”


“Kyaha♪ Onii-chan, this is where you will die. But I can’t kill you now.

Since I want to see your pathetic face―. Killing you will come after that girl over there kicks the bucket!”

“Ha… ru…”

Kyouko mouthed my name without strength.

Those eyes tinged with despair were empty and lifeless.

Quickly… As quickly as possible… I must save Kyouko…

But… How do I save her?

It’s decided.

Why didn’t I realize something so easy?

The Noellehindrance, she shall die.

Making that decision inside my heart, next instant―

With a rumbling, there was the sound of something bursting open inside me.

What the heck. Isn’t this weird even if I am on death’s threshold?

I realized that my body temperature suddenly rose, and my heart was literally beating at about twice the normal speed.

My body was as hot as if I were inside flames.

Since a while ago… What the heck has been happening?

What’s with this power that’s gushing out from the depths of my body…?

…It’s gradual, but I feel like blood is circulating throughout my body.

For starters―let’s try to grab Noelle’s ankle that has been stepping on my head for a while with my right hand.

*SPLAT* It was the sound of flesh being smashed.


I thought it was a very stupid voice.

“Ouch. Ouch. Ouch. Ouchouchouch!!”

I’ve only touched a bit the body of the girl before me, why does she raise such a fuss?

She’s noisy. I wish she’d shut up a bit.

Miraculously, getting up was very easy.

So as to silence the girl before me, I grabbed her right hand with full strength.

The sound of rocks cracking was heard. I’d say that, in order to protect her right hand she turned it into stone.

“Ha… ru…?"

For some reason, I thought things around me were boisterous, but the me right now didn’t pay it any mind.

My body is as hot as if I was burning.

Somehow, it seemed like my chest was being baked in an oven.

My magic power had exceeded the allowed levels since a while ago, and was crying to get out.

I have to let out even a bit of that excess magic power. If not, my skin will be charred by that excess magic power.

“… Aha. Now I’m mad. Thinking about it, wasn’t it a promise? If you could defeat my summoned monsters, I’ll give you the girl back. But, what a pity. Truth is, I don’t have only one monster…”

As soon as the girl yelled something, three monsters appeared in succession.

I’m surrounded.

The ones I’m stuck between left and right, are a carnivorous plant-like monster & that human-shaped bull-headed monster I’ve fought before, the Minotauros.

The third one that appeared was a stone monster that, as if protecting Noelle, loitered around her.

Were I the usual me, I’d be struck by despair, but, mysteriously, I didn’t feel like I’d lose.

It’s the first time I'd felt like this.

It’s a bit excessive… I feel like punishing someone.

As I was confused by this unknown feeling that surged from the bottom of my heart, countless plant roots surged from the ground that restrained my body.

It seems that, without me noticing, I was attacked by the enemy.

“Aha♪ An opening.”

The instant she muttered that, a strong impact run through my skull.

Without being able to resist, I sunk around fifty centimeters[8] into the ground.

Looking at where the attack came from, there was the Minotauros brandishing its large axe.

… However, that axe seems to have suffered a chink beyond repair.

Strangely, it doesn’t hurt.

On the contrary, I couldn’t help but smile while thinking how to slaughter them.

“You are an unpleasant person till the end… What do you find so funny?”

It seems she has said something with a puzzled face, but words from outside didn’t enter my ears no more.

Moving by instinct, I closed distance with my prey.

The first target I’ve decided on is the carnivorous plant monster.

Warding off the countless roots that drew near and getting past its defenses, I simply smashed its stalk.

… What, it’s finished?

Since it’s become completely motionless, I think so.

The match had ended very quickly, but a fight of this degree is not enough.

Making that assessment, I decided on my next target.

The second one I chose as prey was the one who has just attacked me with its axe, the Minotauros.

If it’s this one that hurt me before… No doubt, it will become interesting. My heart full of expectation, I dashed right to its chest full force―with the momentum, I cut off the Minotauros left arm.

As if cutting tofu with a knife, there was no feeling of resistance.

Only the Minotauro’s spray of blood and yell were left.

That’s weird, the Minotauros… Was it so weak?

Doubt crossed my mind, no matter how much I think, the outcome is the same.

In the end, not totally satisfied, I cut off all four of the Minotauro’s limbs .

…What a letdown.

With my sharp as a blade right arm, I decapitated the Minotauros, who was already no more than a flesh daruma[9].

So, the last one left, the rocky monster was my last hope at the bottom of the box[10].

“… Stop.”

Just when I was about to decide how to massacre the foe before me.

On my back, there was a pleasantly cool sensation.

It seems that someone is hugging me from behind.

Is that so… This is body warmth. I feel it awfully cold since my temperature is very high.

The heck. Do I know this warmth…?

“That fighting from before… You have to return to being human…”

This chap… What’s with that…

Saying it like that… Do I not look like a human?


Wha? But… Now that I mention it.

Too late, I feel uncomfortable on my own body.

I don’t know the reason why, but my right arm has turned into the shape of a huge reddish-brown blade.

Maou na Ore to Fushihime no Yubiwa 2 p197.png

That’s weird. Earlier, how could my cut off right arm grow back again?

Questions kept bubbling out, that moment.


As if dry ice had been forced deep inside my throat, I felt a throbbing pain inside my head.

*THROB* My heart raised a big beat.

When I opened my eyes, my right arm had returned to its usual color.

What the heck… is this…

‘That’ from a while ago… Did I see it wrong?

“… That’s good. I… Had Haru died like that…”

“Uoh!? Wh-why have you hugged me that all of a sudden!?”

“Eh… Sudden…?”

“I see… That’s right. The price of power are the memories?…”

Eeeeerm. Who’s this?

This gothic loli[11] dressed pretty girl―.

I’m still confused, but frantically racking my brain, I―managed to retrieve a faint string of memory.

… That’s right. How could I forget something so important?

Her name is Noelle. The mastermind behind Kyouko’s abduction who sent a message to me.

And, right when I recalled her name, memories of the battle that just happened unfolded inside my head.

“That’s weird. I wasn’t informed of this, but… It may be a bother, but I must go tell onee-chan asap…”

Right when Noelle was grumbling to herself,

“But, before that… I shall slay those who know about his power.”

She drew the ring near her mouth.

“… Darn.”

Noelle must not use that ring.

Quickly… If she’s not stopped somehow or other… Kyouko’s life will be in danger…!!

“Dust Pain.”


The instant she chanted, something totally unexpected took place before my eyes.

“Guh. Ouch. Ouch. Ouch. Ouchouchouch…”

Contrary to what I expected, it was Noelle who started grasping her chest in pain.

And… Is this what they call a point for me?

The contract ring that, until a while ago, was wrapped in a dusky murkiness―was now just dazzlingly shining.

“O-oi. You alright…?”

Noelle’s manner of suffering is not normal.

Since I can’t bear to watch it even if she’s my foe, I rushed to her side and,

“Shut your trap! Don’t touch my body!”

Raged Noelle.

Next. I felt as if my surrounding had gotten darker.

Looking up, the golem’s giant hand palm was about to smash me any moment now with force, isn’t it near the top of my head?

Ah, crap. I’ll die here.

I will, in the end, be denied the victor’s mercy and killed… Isn’t it an inhuman way of dying, even if I say so myself?

As I regretted my own rashness.

*BOOM!* With a sound like something exploding, the golem was thrown away.

“Really… Unreliable, like always.”

Holy crap… What kind of power is this?

When I go to save someone, in the end I do nothing but get saved by that very person.

Kyouko―my childhood friend has felled an opponent ten times her own size with a single dropkick.

This hit, clearly―was more powerful than the one she sent away the mantis with earlier.

By any chance, could Kyoko’s contract ring that, the same as Noelle’s, was faintly shining have something to do with it?

… Let’s stop getting deep in thought for now. There should be another chance for detailed thinking.

“… Che.”

As soon as Noelle took off her now useless contract ring, tossing it with force against the ground,

“I’m not in the mood to fight anymore today… Later, onii-chan.”

Just when she tossed her parting words seemingly indifferent, she merged into the darkness of the night like that.

“… Are you letting her flee?”

If I let her get away before my eyes, chances are good that she’ll put me in danger again.

When, giving a whipping to my exhausted body, I tried to pursue after her.

My vision strained, my legs gave out.


Aah. Now that I think, today all along… did nothing but fighting.

I’m suddenly tormented by a monumental despondency as if I had been working for three days and three nights straight without rest.

My vision slowly darkened.

Having used up all of my internal magic power, I―like that, I lost consciousness as if going into deep slumber.

Maou na Ore to Fushihime no Yubiwa 2 p204.png

References and Translation Notes[edit]

  1. 1.25 to 1.85 miles.
  2. Written as 断命処罰 (punishment for defying commands).
  3. Weird thing, though it says this, the monster data says “Large Mantis”; there’s also a Killer Plant.
  4. Around 23 feet.
  5. Around 66.2 pounds.
  6. About 110.2 pounds.
  7. Roughly 33 feet.
  8. Around 1 foot, 8 inches.
  9. that Japanese bean-shaped doll that’s a moustached face with a torso, and no limbs.
  10. Pandora’s.
  11. Fashion where the girls try to imitate the appearance of a French doll, with heavily laced dressed that cover as much skin as possible and a little parasol. Often times they dress in black.

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