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Chapter 2: Welcome to the Netherworld![edit]

I opened my eyes, before me was a plain of sea… And so we return to the present.

I tried asking Iris about the situation.

It seems that, once we were swallowed by the mysterious giant fish, we were transported all the way to the Netherworld through a side Abyss Gate that exists under the sea.

… No, If I’m dreaming I want to wake up.

They say that the different Abyss Gates that exist on land, sea and sky have each one their own control post from the IMA to strictly manage them.

Though I’d like to think that all of this was a joke… It seems that the giant fish that swallowed us is a major means of transport in the Netherworld to cross the underwater Abyss Gate.

From the start, it seems that this was the reason why Iris & Zonmi, having lived in the Netherworld for a long time, didn’t evade the attack of the giant fish.

But then… I still don’t have the feeling of “I came to the Netherworld”. It’s not that my personal image of the netherworld includes things like the “Mountain of Nails”[1] or the “Sea of Blood”[2]. Right now, if we take out part of the scenery[3], it doesn’t seem to be so different from the human world.

“Then… Where are Zonmi and the rest?”

If my memory serves right… I think both Zonmi and Kyouko were also swallowed by the fish.

Though I could call back Zonmi & Kyouko by summoning if I felt like it… It would be a pain if I left Manami out.

As I tried asking, feeling uneasy, Iris quietly snorted,

“… Thy worries are not required. If it’s those lasses, they are yonder, scrutinizing what bathing suit they shall change into.”

“… Is that so? If everyone is safe, that’s fine.”

That was close.

Had I summoned Zonmi and the rest while they were changing into their swimsuits… I could easily guess what follows.

“About bathing suits… Even though it’s the same what to change into… It seems they largely wanted to cater to thy affections.”

Mumbling unintelligibly, Iris added something.

Where Iris was looking at, there was a shed that seemed to be a beach hut.

… Guessing from her way of talking, do they run a swimsuit rental service in that hut?

“For saying that any one was fine, it seems you’ve chosen a cheekily cute swimsuit.”

“Nu…? Nunu!?”

As I jokingly told that, Iris reacted in a panicked fashion.

“T-thou…!! W-what hallucinations dost thou speak of!?

My choosing of this bathing suit… T-this one was simply the first I put my eyes unto… It certainly has no other meaning…”

“… N-no. I understand. Since I understand. Don’t glare at me like that…”

I wonder why she denied it so vehemently.

Iris is, after all, a girl of that age (?).

Taking her time choosing her swimsuit… It’s nothing weird.

Rather, I think that would have been the normal thing…

“… Chiharu. Have you finally woken up?”

Along with the sound of the waves came a dignified alto [4] voice.


I unintentionally let out a high pitch cry.

Turning my head, Zonmi, clad in a swimsuit, was standing next to me.

“O-oniichan. You woke up—♪”

“…’d grief. Till when would you keep sleeping.”

One after another, Kyouko (in a swimsuit) & Manami (in a swimsuit) also rushed to my side.

By the way, while we are at it, I’ll explain what kinds of swimsuits each of them are wearing—

Zonmi and Kyouko are wearing, respectively, a white bikini and a black one.

Zonmi’s swimsuit comes with a classy pareo, the neat feeling fits to a T with Zonmi’s honor student personality.

Kyouko’s swimsuit is a string bikini with the cloth area reduced to the extreme, signs of the effort to release a bit of sexiness while concealing the body handicaps (like the bust size) can be seen.

About Manami, though it reaches the level of, if possible, no comments… It was a shell bikini made from three shells, on the smallish side (Japanese scallop?), that cover the breast and the nether regions. Deplorable.

“Uffu~n♪ How’s it—? Having taken the trouble of coming to the Netherworld, Manami has turned into a mermaid monster. Graah!! Graah, graah!!”


Manami mimicked sound was absolutely unlike any one a mermaid would make.

The usual me would have made a retort in disgust, but… The current me didn’t have the composure.

“… Chiharu? Could it be that you are feeling unwell? In that case… You better rest under that tree’s shadow…”


“Haru? What’s the matter? Maybe coming to the Underworld has been such a shock—”

“I-it’s not like that, Kyouko-oneechan!? Look again!”

Manami opened her eyes round as if seeing an extremely astounding scene.

“Could it be… It may be the first time seeing this even for Manami… O-oniichan, are you crying for reals!?”

““… What?””

For an instant, Zonmi & Kyouko were left with their mouths agape and a face of not knowing what’s what, but as soon as they realized I was, in fact, crying, their countenances clouded.


As soon as I saw these chicks in swimsuits, recalling a trauma of mine, of all things, I started shedding manly tears.

“Say, girls… Could you keep quiet and listen to my story?”

Since, unusual of me, I started to speak in a serious mood, the four girls nodded in silence and waited for my words.

“That… Happened last summer.

Since the holidays were coming to an end with nothing happening, it was intolerable. With Youhei… We both went to the beach on the last day of summer.

On paper, the plan was to pick up girls.

However, let’s think calmly about it.

When two dull male high school students whose history without girlfriend = their age, will they succeed in picking up girls?

No, even if they accept the challenge and without fail they suffer honorable defeat, I think that’s still one more page on the bitter memories of youth.

However, you know… What sadly happened was that we weren’t able to call out to a single girl. Without courage, we couldn’t even set foot on the match stage.

And so, you know? I made a promise with Youhei.

‘Next summer, surrounded by girls in swimsuits, we’ll live a rose-colored youth’, we promised.

Youhei… My… Our dream, I realized it.

How I wish you too… Could see this scenery.”


How was it, this trauma of mine deeper than the Mariana trench[5] I’ve presented to you?

Being considerate with the seriousness of the mood (?) all of the girls remained silent.

… Nevertheless, that’s only natural.

Though I’ve come into contact once or twice with the girls’ pasts, this is the first time I talk about mine of my own volition with my own words.

“Hehe! My bad… Getting all melancholic over such a thing… Forget what I just said.”

Like that, putting an end to it with what I reckon are the coolest words, I suddenly noticed.

Looking at them, contrary to my expectations—.

“… Erm, excuse me. I don’t know how do I have to react before such an unfunny story told with a serious face…”

“… How do I put it, where was the emotive part in the story just now?”

“Oniichan, learn to read the mood…”

“What a folly, monster tamer…”

“Uh… wha…”

I’ve been told as they liked.

*GRRR* These wenches don’t understand.

The feelings of two male highschoolers who went to the beach trying to pick up girls, didn’t have to courage to call up to them and ended up with no other choice but to spend the time picking up jellyfish that were washed ashore inside a vinyl bag (true story).

“Well… Saying it with simple words, your swimsuits are excessively cute and the best. These are tears of joy.”


This is bad. Could it be I’ve dug my grave deeper?

The girls have once again become silent and have hung their heads down.

So it seems.

I may have talked without mincing words a little too much.

“… Moron. If it’s like that, don’t start talking nonsense…”

With her cheeks very red , the words of the sighing Kyouko cruelly resounded in my ears.

“I see. Exactly as rumored, a true ladykiller.”


The one who suddenly intruded in our conversation was none other than the one responsible of having brought us to the Netherworld just a while ago.

The young woman in maid clothes.

However, different from before, she had changed into a racing swimsuit.

… How weird.

Speaking of racing swimsuits with their low exposure, despite, if pushed, I’d say they give a plain image, worn by this person it’s charmingly sexy.

As I expected, is it because of her breasts? Is it due to her breasts?

“Excuse my late introduction. My name is Lilith.

I’m the succubus Lilith Artemisia.

Chiharu-sama. Firstly let me beg for forgiveness for my rudeness from a while ago. Excuse me.”

Why is it.

Certainly, it’s obvious that you should speak humbly when asking for forgiveness, but…

Is this what’s known as ‘businesslike’? In any case, I don’t think that her words are only a front.

“Chiharu. You don’t need to be so vigilant. It seems that that was her nature from the start.”

“… Is she trustworthy?”

“That… I also don’t know. However, at least it seems she hasn’t brought harm to us.”

“… Understood.”

I don’t know what has happened, but it seems that while I was out they discussed something.

“Well, then, as originally agreed, I’ll borrow Chiharu-sama. Since I think it will take a while, you can go ahead and enjoy the beach for an hour.”

“Comprehended. Take care of that master of mine… No, of ours, I sincerely beg you.”


Somehow, now it seems I have to try asking Lilith-san about the circumstances.

With this and that, I—.

Guided by Lilith-san, my feet brought me to the cabin that Zonmi and the girls seemingly used to change clothes.

× × ×

The beach house (?) Lilith-san brought me to, as it displays a great variety of swimsuits, it seems that, as I thought, runs a swimsuit rental service.

Other than swimsuits, as it has facilities like lockers or shower rooms, here too, the standard structure doesn’t seem to be very different to a beach house from the human world.

The only thing that feels different, perhaps that there’s absolutely no one inside the cottage?

It’s only natural that I worry about that, but this shop’s management, how do they organize this?

Harboring this doubt, I entered the cabin alone with Lilith-san.

“What’s the matter? Could you please stop doing nothing but looking at my breasts? Want me to kill you?"

“… Wha-what?”

Totally puzzled, what I received was a merciless threat that put a stop to my thoughts from the girl over there.

“Could it be, do you think I didn’t notice?

Men are really the lowest. With the excuse that that’s part of my work, they ogle my breasts as if licking all over them…”


Eh… Wha…

What the heck?

This girl… The moment we were alone, it seems her mood has so questionably changed into this.

“Aah, I forgot saying that I’m bad with all male beings… Rather, they are what I hate most in the world. For that reason, when talking to a man, I end up behaving somewhat rude. Excuse me.”


I see.

I see.

So that’s the reason the mood changed so suddenly.

But a man-hating succubus is a weird tale.

Be that as it may, males are the thing she hates most in the world… Does that make half the living beings on earth the thing she hates most in the world?

It seems I no longer understand what ‘the thing’ means .

“Then… Though I have many things that I want to ask you, why have you brought us to the Netherworld?”

Cutting off our conversation, I promptly started asking questions.

“That’s a justified doubt. However, in order to answer that question, there are several things we must talk about before.”

“… Understood.”

“Firstly, Chiharu-sama. Do you have any knowledge about what your mother herself usually does for a living?”

“Haah… If it’s my mom, she works for a trading company and is currently overseas on a temporary job transfer.”

“How dumb. Even though Manami-sama had long since realized it, by the point she arrived here…”


What the heck?

Surely, I do realize that I’ve been called dumb a lot by people, but what bugs me is how could I lose to Manami.

“Kanae-sama’s job is, like yours, monster tamer.”

“… Wha!?”

Before such an unexpected declaration, I cried in disarray.

“Eerrrm. Do you have any proof? How can I believe you if you tell me that so suddenly?”

“… A proof?”

Lilith-san once again made the lenses of her glasses flash,

“How come you haven’t noticed yourself?

You siblings agility is obviously not that of an ordinary human… Becoming a monster tamer is but obvious. That constitution of yours has been inherited from a special monster tamer that is called a living legend—Kanae-sama."


Surely, now that she says it, there have been several clues.

An ordinary human, unlike me, wouldn’t have the special ability of being able to bite off handcuff chains (and that’s why I try to not use it outside home as much as possible), and even Manami somehow bears the battle prowess to fight on equal footing against Zonmi.

If she says that us siblings’ abnormalities are inherited from our mother, those doubts are cleared.

“… So, does that mean our father too is someone related to the monster tamers?”

Our father, Kamiigusa Yuuto-san, divorced mom before I was old enough to understand what was going on.

Mom once showed me a photo; he was a guy that looked like a gentle-mannered refreshing handsome man.

Why do my looks not resemble those of that person… Even now I can’t help but curse my fate…

“No. According to the information taken from the central database of the IMA… Manami-sama’s father was an extremely ordinary normal man. I’d dare say, he doesn’t know of the existence of monster tamers.”

“… Is that so?”

That’s to say, mom married dad while keeping her own job a secret.

Once, when I asked mom about the reason of the divorce, I remember her giving me a worthless answer like “Errm. Because I felt he wasn’t the right one?”

Nevertheless, thinking back, the reason of the divorce may have been her being unable to properly reach a compromise between her married life and her work.

Hey, wait.

“… Just now, have you said ‘Manami-sama’s father’?”

As I pointed it out, Lilith-san’s temple twitched.

“I see. You are surprisingly perceptive. I’d say, it is as you suspect, Chiharu-sama.”

With that preface, Lilith-san bluntly made a shocking declaration.

“Chiharu-sama and Manami-sama are half-siblings with the same mother, but each one has their own father.”


Holy cow!

It's a fact so astonishing that left me with my mouth open, unable to close it.

Until just now, I believed that Yuuto-san, who I have only seen in photos, was my father, but…

Strangely, I didn’t feel like doubting Lilith-san words.

Why is it like that?

To tell the truth, I’ve been holding doubts for a long time.

Since my and Manami’s faces don’t resemble each other, and our personalities and tendencies are different.

I wondered if Manami and I were really blood-related siblings…

“… That is to say, who is my true father? Do you know, Lilith-san?”

“Yeah. Of course I know. However, rather than with words, it will be faster to do a body experiment.

Chiharu-sama, could you close your eyes for a bit?”

“… Understood.”

I closed my eyes as I’ve been told.

“Then, excuse me.”


When I opened my eyes due to the pain, I had a deep cut in my nape.

“Eerrm. Why the heck have you done this?”

“… Just look, please.”

Uu. Once again…

I’d say she has injured some blood vessel.

Were I a regular human, I’d have need to stop the bleeding and call an ambulance… But in my case, the tale was different.

Shortly after being injured, the wound that spurted large quantities of blood was healed by the monster tamer cells.

To tell the truth, it’s the first time I've shown it to another person.

Since I don’t feel good about being seen and I don’t want to worry anyone without motive.

“… I see. The flesh has completely healed in less than ten seconds? Geez, what amazing recovery power.”

“Erm… What relation does my regenerative capability have to do with my father?”

“You still haven’t understood?”

Raising her glasses, Lilith-san, for who knows what time today, said some astonishing words.

“Your father is not human. Your father is a monster… No, properly speaking, he’s a demon, the existence that is you is a chimera born between a devil and a human, never seen before in history.”

“……………… What?”

I am a chimera born between a demon and a human?

Without time to digest the information before me, Lilith-san resumed speaking as if forced to answer.

“Usually, for the children born from the breeding of different races, the blood of one of them takes precedence and the birth race gets decided at random.

Were it not like that, when monsters from different races interbred, each time a new race would be born.

However, there are some exceptions.

in the Netherworld, until now, some tens or hundreds of chimeras have been born, and those times a new race has come to be. As an example, haven’t Nephilim been born from between fallen angels and giants?”

“Erm… In other words…”

“Putting it into easy-to-understand words—the existence known as you is an existence unique in the world, a new race of monster born between a demon and a human.”



No, though I know Lilith’s words have astonished me each time all day long, this time is clearly at another level.

Lilith-san's words had power, enough to make the view of life I’ve fostered until now sway.

“Then, with all that said, why don’t we return to the original question?

The reason why you have been brought to the Netherworld—that’s because it’s essential for your decision on how to live from now on.

That is, will Chiharu-sama keep living like until now as a human?

Will you live as a monster?

Or, if you wish, you may have the possibility to live as a demon… Don’t rush it, you have plenty of time.

While you sightsee the Netherworld, think slowly about it.

That’s, above all, what your mother—Kanae-sama wishes for."


My true identity is not that of a human but a new race of monster.

Thus, I’m confused by how calmly I can accept this surprising fact.

… No, it may be that, deep in my heart, I feel relieved.

How can that be? Living until now not knowing what kind of person I am myself, I lived an aimless life.

Ever since I was a kid, I was faintly aware I was a bit different from your regular human, but… Although, if I were to probe into it, I felt I’d step onto a dangerous landmine—.

Against the doubt before me, I simply turned a blind eye.

However, right now.

At last, I could get some knowledge about who am I.

That is, the fact that I’m not a genuine human has given me a bit of a shock.

However, luckily, I… Meeting Zonmi and the girls, I knew that, be they monster or human, essentially they are living beings all the same.

For that reason, maybe that has kept the mental shock to a minimum.

Really… I can’t match up to those girls.

“… By the way, are Zonmi and the rest aware?”

“Yeah. While you were sleeping, I conveyed to them all that had to be conveyed.”

“Is that so…?”

Inside me, a single emotion.

An anxiety I can’t wash off has started to bud.

That is… If, once they know about me actually being a strange chimera between human and demon, can they keep being as they are.

Once they know about my upbringing, will they keep being at my side as they were till now?

If, for argument’s sake—.

Were they to reject me, I don’t believe I could keep my peace of mind.

“As I thought, are you anxious? Will others accept the current you…”


“In that case, your worries are unnecessary. Since, at least, those girls right there have already accepted you.”

As Lilith-san said that with a tone full of hidden meaning, a noise like wood creaking was heard.

Looking at the back door of the cabin, where the sound had come from, *THUD!*, there were four girls falling down like an avalanche.

“Chi-Chiharu!? This is not what it seems[6]! I was just keeping watch on your sister, who was eavesdropping on your conversation, so that she didn’t go wild…”

“Uu. I told you not to push…”

Maou na Ore to Fushihime no Yubiwa 3 p063.png

“… Heavy.”

The monster girl trio of Zonmi, Kyouko and Iris, in swimsuits, were bunched up together sprawled on the floor.

Among them, it seems only the shrewd Manami sensed the danger and avoided the accident…

Superhuman reflexes that best those of monsters.

I see. Is this the blood of mom, who’s known as the legendary monster tamer…

“You girls… How long have you been there?”

“Since around when oniichan was fascinated by that woman’s breasts and made me mad.”

“Isn’t that very much from the start!?”

“Before that, Chiharu… Is that about doing nothing but staring at that succubus’s breasts since a while ago the truth?”


“Why are you averting your gaze?”

“W-well, it may be that per chance they may have entered my field of view… Mostly, I can’t deny it… Ahaha.”

“… Is that so?”

This is bad.

This pattern is that one. The pattern where I get totally beaten up.

Even if I can recover thanks to the power of a demon, unlike ghouls, my sense of pain works normally[7].

What I mean is: painful things are painful.

Cloaked in an unspeakable air of intimidation, Zonmi approached me.

I closed my eyes with resignation.

A moment later, I felt something soft touching my left arm.

“In that case, as punishment, for all day today you must play with me.”

Opening my eyes, Zonmi was linking arms with me in a way so that her breasts were pressing against my left arm.

Eh. Isn’t she being awfully nice today?

Usually right now, she’d be hitting the lights out of me with her monster strength at full throttle.

… Thinking carefully, the flow of the conversation has been unnatural. I don’t understand what that “in that case” stands for.

“S-sly! If we go with that, then I’ll join too!”

Burning with competitive spirit against Zonmi, following that, Kyouko pressed her own breasts against my right arm.

“This zombie! She has the nerve to seduce oniichan right in front of Manami!”

Breaking into a run and yelling “Hop!”, Manami demonstrated a high jump reaching about 3 meters[8] high.


Being her landing point seemingly my head, the strong impact made me lose balance.

But, as Zonmi & Kyouko were supporting my body from both arms, it was only a close call and she managed without a hitch.

In the end, I got into a situation where, while linking arms with Zonmi & Kyouko, I was giving a shoulder ride to my sister for an unknown reason.


The shell is sticking to the back of my head and it prickles…

“… Good grief, what a farce.”

What Iris has just said is harsh beyond reasonable.

If having one girl on each side is called ‘a flower in each hand’, I wonder what’s the term for my current situation.

Eeeerm… Full-body flowerbed?

“… Chiharu-sama truly has nice companions.”

Hearing Lilith-san speak formally like that, I suddenly noticed.

The anxiety of ‘will those around me accept me as a monster?’ I was feeling a while ago has vanished without a trace.

I got an out of place feeling on Zonmi’s words from just before.

By any chance… Could it be that this great increase in skin ship… Is their way of comforting me?

Thinking like that, my heart was filled with warmth and I felt like a dazzling unknown emotion overflowed inside me.

I want… This precious feeling unlike any other, to protect it forever, ever.

“Gotcha, let’s have a blast all day long!”

Maou na Ore to Fushihime no Yubiwa 3 p069.png

References and Translation Notes[edit]

  1. A mountain with nails or spikes where repentants sit over to meditate, suffer and pay for their sins that supposedly exists in Hell according to Japanese Buddhist mythology.
  2. Just that. It’s also a main spot of Japanese Hell.
  3. I suppose he talks about the body-builder gulls.
  4. Kind of voice lower than mezzosoprano and higher than tenor. Known as contralto when referring to female and child voices, it’s the lowest pitch a woman can have (bar exceptional cases due to natural or artificial hormone disorders).
  5. A submarine trench, 1,580 miles in length and with an average width of 43 miles, located near the Mariana Islands (the most known of them is Guam), halfway between Japan and Papua-New Guinea; it has the deepest known spot in Earth, Challenger Deep (30,069±131 ft; error mainly due to the magnitude of the measure plus differences in the tide level) and a non-confirmed deeper point of 6.85 miles.
  6. i.e. it’s exactly what it seems.
  7. As stated in the first volume, ghouls don’t have useless functions such as a sense of pain.
  8. Around 9 feet.

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