Maou na Ore to Fushihime no Yubiwa:Volume 3 Prologue

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Opening his eyes, before him was a plain of sea.

The scent of tides. Wave after wave occurring repeatedly in the sea.

Not bad.

Though some abnormalities were presented, but when mentioning sea, what’s come to mind would be summer vacation, amongst those was the sound of male students looking forward to seeing girls in swimsuit.

Um. Thus said.

After affirming the kind of development of being on an unknown island after opening up the eyes for awhile.

This is quite heart-wrenching indeed.

Moreover… front of me, problems kept piling up high like mountain enough to obstruct my vision.

“......Um. You’re finally awake.”

Shifting my head towards the familiar sounding voice, I spotted a person I’m familiar with.

Iris Scarlet Lindblum.

The person who I am talking to was a Red Dragon girl; she was wearing a cute pink laced swimsuit, but there’s something more important he needed to ask right now.

“That. No good. It appears that my…...memory is a bit fuzzy……”

Um. For starters.

“Where’s this place?”

Saying the same thing as before, he got no issue with going to the sea, it would be better to say that he was eager to. But the current problem is “He can’t remember how did he arrive here.”.

“Huhuhu. Speaking of which, this is a first for you.”

Iris, with the same attitude as before, said some astonishing facts.

“——This is of course the demon world.”


Um. I had an inkling.

Though I had an inkling, still I couldn’t help but think you guys were pulling a prank on me.

Looking carefully, some subtle changes could be seen in the sun’s shape, though I tried to avoid looking, the seagulls (?) in the sky, aren’t they the same size as a helicopter.

In the end, how come I am spending my summer vacation in the demon world.

I slowly reviewed all the events up until this point.