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Chapter 3: Audience with the king of ghouls[edit]

After another 20 minutes or so of riding in the car, we arrived at last to our destined place, the king of ghouls' castle (Zonmi’s parents’ home).

‘I’m very sorry. Since from here on I have to greet the members of my family in turn… Why don’t you all please go to another place to kill time?’

I’m glad that we have reached our destination, but… Zonmi’s word’s left us with unexpected free time.

“… How bothersome. Let’s get done asap with those stiff greetings, I want to be all lovey-dovey with oniichan.”

“There’s no other way, Manami-chan. That ghoul, most probably… Has her own circumstances.”

“… It’s as Kyouko-sama has said.

Zonmi-sama’s… country’s princess status comes wrapped with several obligations.

Seeing the act of her prolonged absence from home, the many members of her family must have some advice to convey to her. Zonmi-sama’s attitude… Must be out of concern so that we won’t feel any discomfort.”

“… That woman. Needlessly reading too much into things.”


Right now, all of us were in the middle of a city tour led by the AruMeru sisters.

City tour… They’ll have a great reputation, but as we have been for a while doing nothing but go around the castle’s outer wall, the scenery is always the same.

However, no matter how much have we been walking on the same path, walking down the streets of a foreign country is in itself interesting.

Above all, what caught my attention the most were the signboards with ‘Hundred deaths course—Recruiting participants’ written on them with suggestive letters planted each about ten meters[1].

“Lilith-san. Erm… What’s the hundred deaths course?”

Hearing my doubt, fixing her glasses in a way that said “how wonderful that you ask!”, Lilith-san,

“The hundred deaths course is a survival race handed down since long ago by the undead tribe… Isn’t it really easy to understand from its denomination?

Just as it says, it happens to be a harsh race where you have to be resigned to die a hundred times. Compared with the human world, the development of sports has been slower in the Netherwold, but… For its scale, it would be appropriate to call them the Olympics, Netherworld-style.

Isn’t it like the human world Olympics even on the point that it’s only held once each four years?”

“Heeh. By the way, can you participate even if you are from the human world?”

“… I’d say that I think it's no problem.

Though they were originally used to compare the physical strength, which is the greatest virtue of the ghoul clan, I’ve heard that now, so as to raise the level, they allow participants from tribes other than the undead.

Although there hasn’t been in past races anyone from outside the undead tribe to achieve overall victory.

Let’s say that Chiharu-sama becomes the victor… It would be so important a development that it would leave a mark on the undead tribe’s history.”

“Is that so?”

“Let me give you some advice from the kindness of my heart, you better forget it. If a puny human entered it, he would freeze to death.”

Looking back to us who were walking behind her, Meruru chuckled.

I don’t know if it was out of disgust for her attitude or just looking for a fight with a fellow little sister character, Manami threatened her with a strong glare,

“What the heck! I’ve been listening to you in silence for a while… Don’t take us humans for fools! Besides… Just you know, oniichan is not hu…”

“Manami-sama. Stop right there.”

“Mogaa… Mogaa…!”

Lilith-san obstructed the mouth of Manami, who was about to leak a secret with the impetus, with her tits.

Manami, with her head suddenly pressed against Lilith-san’s chest… Soon, due to the lack of oxygen, she finally ended in a daze as if her soul had went out her mouth with a *chin!* sound[2].

Lilith-san… Good job.

The fact that my body is unique in the world, a chimera between human and monster, is, of course, a secret that must not be leaked to outsiders.

If it’s imprudently spread among the public, people like those who massacred Iris’s family… The gang of heinous monster tamers—the Black Tamers, who are after my body, may grow.

“By the way, Meruru. Until when will we be circling around the castle? It’s time you show us inside the city…”

Right after I nonchalantly tried to touch Meruru’s shoulder.




My right arm got bitten by Meruru, who turned back with the nimbleness of a stray cat[3].

“Hey! Meruru! What are you doing to Chiharu-sama?! Apologize!”

“… Don’t wanna. I absoluuutely won’t apologize! To begin with, it’s the fault of that human there

Maou na Ore to Fushihime no Yubiwa 4 p077.png

for touching my body without warning!”


Meruru kept threatening of biting me again anytime.


What’s with this little beast…

“My apologies. Chiharu-sama. I apologize on behalf of my sister.”

Aruru frantically bowed my way and politely bobbed her head.

“Right. Yeah. I’m just fine. By the way, are you two really blood-related sisters?”

“… Yes. Meruru and I are genuine blood-related sisters…”

“I-is that so?”

Contrastive to the calm and gentle-mannered Aruru, Meruru’s disposition is emotional but ferocious.

Can two sisters that share blood get so different personalities?

“… On that topic, you two are not step-siblings[4].”


The words Kyouko rebutted with with scornful eyes were too right and bitter.

“It’s natural for Chiharu-sama to be displeased by the tedium of being shown again and again the same scenery.. However, this was a request from Zonmi-oneesama.”

“… A request from Zonmi?”

“Yes. There are many among us the ghoul clan that, like our Meruru, that feel ill will against humans.

That’s why oneesama requested us ‘while I’m not there, please don’t walk through roads too crowded’…”

“… Is it? Then, there’s nothing to do about it.”

Now that you mention it, I was strongly told that it wasn’t recommended to sight see the land of the ghouls since it’s dangerous for a human to walk through town.

Certainly, it may be dangerous to bring one of us, my thoroughly human sister, to too crowded roads.

“That aside, Chiharu-sama, isn’t your body injured in some place?”

“If it’s for that injury, I’m fine! Since I, look… Though I don’t look like it, I have a strong constitution.”

“There’s no way. Show me the wound on your arm right now. I can administer simple first aid right here.”

“… If you say so.”

I rolled my sleeve to show the wound opened by Meruru’s bite.

This damage, even though it was done by a child… Should I praise it with an “as expected from the ghoul clan”?

Though what’s on my right arm can be considered on the level of a joke, it’s bound to leave a lasting scar.

But, well, thanks to my resilience, it seems that my body has already healed most of it.

“… Then, excuse me."

With that sentence, Aruru, after pushing aside her forelocks with her hand, engaged in a surprising action.

“… Eh?”

I’d say that no one here wasn’t left dumbfounded by her action.

“… Mm. …Chuu. *ROLL*”

Thinking who knows what, Aruru started to instantly roll her tongue over my wound.

“… Mm. How’s your injury?… Chiharu-sama.”

“E-errrm, quite good!”

“Heeeh. What’s so good, oniichan?”


A stinging chill ran down my spine.

Looking towards the blood thirst, there was my sister, totally recovered from Lilith-san’s tit attack, staring daggers at me in a daunting pose.

So as to evade the pressure from my sister, *ahem*, I cleared my throat and

“Isn’t it… I feel quite good! (With the arousal) my pain has gone away in a flash!”

I corrected my previous remark.

Licking wounds.

That immoral situation that lately doesn’t show up even on spicy love comedy shounen mangas is, in all honesty… Something that any man yearns for.

“Wa-wait. Aruru-chan! Go away from Haru right now! And, hey! You too, Haru, stop grinning!”

“Muu… Those lascivious tongue movements… Look a lot like… One thing from the ‘48 ultimate techniques for enslaving a man’ that I got instructed in by little sister-kun.”

“N-no matter if it’s for healing, directly running your tongue over a man’s wound… I-i-i-i-i-it’s not good!”

Contrasting with our various reactions before the sudden sexy happening, the human-hater Meruru remained awfully composed.

“… Hah. Aruru’s bad habit has kicked in again?”

“? What bad habit are you talking about?”

“Look closer. That’s not just licking a wound.

It’s not like I can say it out loud. Aruru still possesses a trait from the ghoul clan that has presently almost disappeared… She’s really weird.”


“In other words… Aruru is, right now, eating the human.”


We all were taken aback.

N-now that she mentions it, I think that for a while she has been forcefully thrusting her tongue inside my wound!

Sure, In mangas and the like, I think there are lots of them where ghouls are depicted as man-eating monsters”

Of course I don’t have any interest in cannibalism!?

“Aha!… Is the cat out of the bag?”

Aruru showed a full marks perfect smile… It didn’t look like until a while ago she had been preying on my body.

Am I imagining things?

After knowing her true self, that smile… I can’t help seeing in it hints of a devilish smile.

“My apologies. Since Chiharu-sama’s blood was the most delicious I’ve tasted until now, I lost my sense of time and got entranced♥”

“Ah. OK. Mm. That’s… fine.”

“I… Won’t forget this taste in all my life.”

“… I-is that so?”

The chills settled in my back.

Aruru’s expression, sending me a torrid glance while drooling slightly, was enough to plant a trauma inside my heart.

“H-how envious! Enjoying special sex plays like biting or eating and leaving out the real sister, Manami!”


I’d dare say it’d be since my mood has reached bottom after the unprecedented experience of having my blood sucked by a girl.

For this time only, my heart has been somewhat healed by my sister’s nonsensical speech.

× × ×

“Sorry. As excuse for my impoliteness a while ago… Though it may be presumptuous of me… Would you please let us treat you for dinner?”

Us being tired from walking, we went to an eatery introduced by Aruru where we were told we could eat traditional cuisine passed down within the ghoul clan.

Rather than wandering aimlessly around the place, we deemed this more safe and convenient.

“Old man. Bring six of the heavy stuff.”

“… Hah!?”

Right after we took seat, Meruru ordered with an experienced tone.

“Wait, Meruru-chan!? I don’t know much about the ghoul clan’s culture but I think that minors shouldn’t drink alcohol~”

“… Alcohol? What are you saying, giant neechan?”

“T-that way of calling me, it’s not cute so could you stop!?

“That’s right. Calling Kyouko giant neechan is fine since it’s amusing… But I’m also against minors drinking.”

“It’s not fine! Giant neechan is hurtful in many ways!”

“Here. Your heavy stuff!”


As soon as we had before us the stuff they brought to our seats, we all were left speechless.

By heavy stuff… They mean a heavy serving of raw meat? (Surprise)

Certainly, at the hotel we stayed before Zonmi was fond of eating raw meat…

With that nonsensical arguing, time passed in the blink of an eye.

× × ×

“… Chiharu. Sorry for the wait.”

As the appointed time drew near, waiting before the castle’s gate, I heard Zonmi’s voice.

I turned in the direction of the voice.

What now?

The one there was Zonmi, wearing a gorgeous dress worthy of the royalty.

On her head there was a silver tiara endowed with a large sapphire.

The gaudy dress designed with a white and blue basis, was so smooth that a finger would slip by touching it.


How come?

My heart is throbbing faster than ever.

“Chiharu… Chiharu…”

Let's cool down. Our relationship is that of monster tamer and partner.

No more, no less.

That’s a line that shouldn’t be crossed even by mistake…

This is bad. I, right now, am helplessly conscious of Zonmi’s inner “girl”.

“Chiharu… What are you spacing out about?”

“… Aah. My bad.”

I got back to my senses with Zonmi’s light tap on my forehead.

“Since the Nephilim and the rest are waiting outside, we have no time to spare. Let's get done with our greetings to my father soon, and from tomorrow on we’ll be free to go sightseeing.”

“… Understood.”

Bringing a group to greet a country’s king is bad manners.

While Zonmi and I go greet him, the rest of the group should wait before the castle.

“Thinking once again… Zonmi, you are amazing.”

I spontaneously let out those words.

Thinking about it, I… Haven’t I been treating a country’s princess in quite a carefree way?

When I met her, I gave Zonmi clothes that should be used for rags, when we don’t have the time, we eat instant ramen for dinner… The usual things.

Hearing my words, a shadow fell over Zonmi’s face,

“I’m not that amazing.

Besides, the position of princess of a country isn’t as pretty as fairy tales put it.”


She muttered meaningful words while sighing.

“Well. Now stop thinking about that and straighten up. Don’t show my father such a slovenly face.”

“… Understood.”

Between this and that, being tugged by the arm by Zonmi, I went up the stairs to the throne room.

× × ×

I… Couldn’t but understand even if I didn’t want.

Though Zonmi’s family has received us with open arms, I could feel on my skin an air of unrest coming from the throne room.

“… Yo! Are you Chiharu-kun? Sorry for making you come here so out in the boons.”

“No. Don’t mind it.”


About Zonmi’s father, it seems that he usually is a gentle person.

That thing about monsters aging less than humans was truth.

His age, should it be around thirty in human terms?

With the same silver hair as Zonmi and a fearless countenance, he was a cool guy.

However, unfortunately sensing a tinge of enmity from his gaze, it seems that he holds no good feelings for me.

“Today, I called you to a face-to-face meeting because there’s something I want to request you, Chiharu-kun.”

“A request, you say?”

“Yeah. Incidentally, though you have heard it from my daughter, do you know about the incident of the attack on the Grandeel archipelago by the Black Tamers the other day?”

“… Yes.”

Though being someone involved, I can remember it like if it had happened yesterday.

Due to the attack of the Black Tamers, the flourishing tourist spot of the Grandeel archipelago suffered devastating damage in just a day.

And the founder and top member of the Black Tamers was my superior from the monster tamers… Luka-san.

No matter how many days go past… I think I won’t forget that day.

“Originally, many among us the ghoul clan held ideas against cooperating with humans, but… Since that incident, said trend has become more remarkable. In the end, facing that I had to choose an extreme political course of action.”

“Erm… In other words…”

“This country’s princess, Zonmi, serving under a human is a mistake.

We can’t leave our princess in the hands of such a weakling race as the humans. In fact, just the other day we decided in parliament our country’s policy.

Chiharu-kun. Let’s get to the point.

Could you cancel your contract with Zonmi?”


Ahead of me, who kept silent not knowing how to reply, the one who revealed her feelings was Zonmi.

“Father! What the heck is your intention!?”

Zonmi rudely approached the throne and directed a strong glare to her father as if drilling a hole in him.

“What is my intention… How harsh.

Since the start, wasn’t I against you serving under a monster tamer?

Sure… For those ghouls who favor cooperation with humanity, having one of us ghoul clansmen serving under a tamer may be their lifelong wish.

However, things have changed.

Due to the incident the other day, right now, in this country, almost no ghoul remains on the human supporting faction.

For that, it has become meaningless for you to mingle with humans.”


Zonmi, with a face of having bit into something bitter, “… Things like meanings of reasons… Let me decide them for myself! I don’t want nobody telling me!”

“That’s right. In most cases, it may be as you say.

However, that reasoning only applies to people raised on fairly regular run-of-the-mill households.

… After all, aren’t you aware of it?”


“People born into royalty cannot decide their way of life by themselves.

Since that is the duty of those who stand above the rest of the people.

Zonmi. Henceforth, live listening only to what I say. Do you understand that though you dissent at first you don’t have right to veto?

This is an order.”


Anyone can see clearly that Zonmi is at disadvantage in this dialectical battle.

Zonmi casted down her eyes and bit her lip in frustration.

“… Chiharu.”

In the end, Zonmi grabbed my arm and forcefully took me outside.

“Chiharu… You don’t have to take seriously what my father has said! I… will follow the way I’ve decided on myself!”


“Good grief… You have disappointed me.

Things have surpassed the level you could handle with your selfishness alone… If you were smart, you’d understand that.”

Satosu’s lines we heard as we left kept clinging to our ears.

In the end, I, having said no words, just left the room tugged by Zonmi from the arm.

× × ×

“Hey. Zonmi.”

“I’m very sorry. I had no idea that it would come to this… I’ve gotten you involved.”

“… No, it’s not like I mind.”

“Let’s go home.”

“… Eh?”

“With this, we have no reason to stay in this country. If it’s now, my father should still be unaware.

If we board a boat asap, to the Grandeel archipelago… I think we could avoid canceling the contract like my father said.”


In other words, planning to run away before pursuers come?

“But in that case… Wouldn’t we be simply postponing the issue?

It doesn’t solve the basics.

I don’t like it. Going against your family, secretly running away…”

“… Whoa!? So you say you want to cancel the contract with me, Chiharu?”

“No one has said that. Listen, calm down.”

In order to calm Zonmi’s feelings, I placed my hand over her head.

“… Yes.”

“Listen, Zonmi. It’s easy. If those around us are against us, shouldn’t we make the ghoul clan acknowledge us?”

“… But, I don’t think there’s a way that father of mine will acknowledges us.”

“Just one… There is.”

Just for the records, if I wasn’t fully confident about my own idea, there’d be no way I’d say such a thing.

“The survival race passed down among the ghoul clan—the hundred deaths course. Let’s win this race!”

“… Wha?”

Zonmi was dumbfounded, as if charmed by a fox[5].


I’m well aware that I’m saying something preposterous.

However, hasn’t Lilith-san said it?

If we achieve victory at this historical race, we’ll accomplish an exploit that’ll leave its mark on the undead tribe history.

Just for a moment.

If we accomplish an exploit that makes our names written down in history… Zonmi’s father may change his mind about our contract.

… I know from the start that the odds are against us.

Nevertheless, at least this…

Better than run back home facing the opposition of her family—.

Better than giving up from the start to an unreasonable decision—.

I think that it’s a somewhat acceptable course of action.

× × ×

At the same time.

800 kilometers[6] southwest from the continent where those from the undead clan live—Living Lodge, there was a lone island on the distant seas surrounded by a powerful kekkai[7].

That island, where a castaway couldn’t be draft ashore by the tides, was a perfect island for people with a shady past to hide in.

Eight years ago.

All lifeforms on this island where annihilated without exception by the hand of a single woman.

Her name was Kanzaki Haruka.

She, who was the youngest in history to be promoted to high class monster tamer, with the talent that made her known among her peers as “Luka the Snake charmer”, bestowed hope and despair to many people.

Bearing the persona of the founder of the Black Tamers, contrastive with her brilliant career, she made this place into the Black Tamer’s secret hideout.

Applying the same technique as the Abyss Gate that allows freely going and coming between the human world and the Netherworld, though at exceedingly small scale, inside the hideout there was installed an special black hole that connected both worlds.

Neither monsters nor humans… A whole new neutral partythird party.

In order to build in this place their renewed world—.

“…d grief. Why me, such an unpleasant duty.”

The man nicknamed the Tamer of the Black Beasts—Clarie Shernfelt went to a certain youth’s room at the request of his boss.

The youth’s name was Lance Patriot.

He was one of the six Firsts[8] that belonged to the Black Tamers.

“… Tch! No matter how many times I come, it’s nauseating… This smell…”

In front of the youth’s room, drifted a choking stench of rottenness.

Lance Patriot.

According to hearsay, he who was granted by the Association the nickname of Tamer of the Spirits had a hobby of collecting corpses.

For that reason, Lance was kept living in isolation from the rest of the Firsts.

Not even knowing him, his bad reputation had become a well-known topic inside the organization, so Clarie didn’t hold good will for him ever since before he met him.

“Clarie Shernfelt here. I’ve come to bring you a request from the boss.”


He knocked, but there was no response.

This is why I hate dealing with Firsts, deeply regretted Clarie.

It’s futile to expect normal communication skills from a First.

They, subjected since tender age again and again to aberrant medication and human experimentation, have all had their hearts twisted.

Since Noelle and the rest of the Firsts are all like that, Lance wouldn’t be an exception.

“… I’m coming in.”

Cautiously, he turned the knob and opened the door before him.


It may take a while for the eyes to get used to it.

And, as he had predicted to some extent, an intense rotten stench.

It’s not an environment where an ordinary person can live.

If there’s a hell in this world, right now I’m standing in front of it, thought Clarie.


Something weird happened the exact moment Clarie set foot inside the room.

Suddenly, something cold grabbed Clarie’s ankle.

(What’s this… Is there something at my feet…!?)

He tried to look downwards to assess the situation, but inside the dimly lit room he couldn’t even do that.

Clarie took a lighter from his breast pocket, lighted it and tried once again to assess the situation at his feet.


He kicked the ground with force due to his great shock.

What was there was the slowly rotting corpse of a girl.

Indeed. From the outer appearance, no matter how you looked at it, it was just a corpse.

(W-what’s with this guy… Isn’t it a regular corpse!? Has it moved on its own will!?)

For that reason, Clarie couldn’t help shivering.

At first, he thought it was a monster from the undead tribe contracted through a ring, but it somehow seems that’s not the case.

At least… What has grabbed Clarie’s ankle is just the corpse of a human with no magic power.

What’s the source that allows this magic power-free lump of proteins to move?… Clarie couldn’t comprehend the trick behind it.

“… Mary. Isn’t that no good? You can’t play pranks on guests.”

As soon as he heard someone’s voice, the room was completely lighted by a faint clarity.


If it was like this, I was better without any light, Clarie thought to himself.

Not just at his feet. This room had heaps of different corpses from all places and times scattered all throughout.

Moreover, all of the corpses in this room… Like the aforementioned girl’s corpse, were moving on their own will.

“Sorry. Mary is extremely curious about things from the outside world.”


His approximate age, around the last years of elementary school?

Extremely young… But, ironically the youth’s appearance concurs with the information learnt beforehand.

“… Are you Lance?”

“Yes. I’ve heard everything about the job from Luka-neesan. Leave everything in my hands. I’ll definitely achieve a result up to expectations.”

“Quite the self-confidence. It’s already been said, but the mission this time can’t be achieved by ordinary means. To say the least, it’s the monster that defeated that peer of yours, Noelle, twice.”


If we have to rely this mission to kids like these… The organization will be done for before soon, thought Clarie.

If we say that Noelle is the one who boasts greatest battle power among the Firsts, her counterpart as the weakest was Lance.

There were other Firsts with excellent battle power, even if not to Noelle’s extent.

Why has their superior bestowed this task onto Lance, Clarie held that great doubt.

“Ahaha. Are you worried for me? Thank you very much.”

Lance, showing an innocent smile suitable for his age,

“In my opinion, the reason for Noelle-san’s defeat was honestly engaging in an upfront battle. Don’t worry. I will be more successful.”

“… Is that so? I hope that.”

Really surprising, Lance’s reaction… Leaving out the corpses scattered throughout the room, he’s very normal.

At least among the Firsts that Clarie has met up until now, he was the one you could best hold a conversation with.

“… By the way, there’s a question I want to ask you.”

As we are engaged in normal communication, I surely can try asking.

“Yes. What is it?”

“That corpse there… No, could it be said about all of the corpses in this room? How come each and every of this guys… move?”

“… Eh? You didn’t hear?

I… possess the skill as a necromancer to bestow transient souls on corpses.”

“… Ne-necromancer!?”

Among all the monster tamers, those specialized in employing only monsters from the undead tribe—necromancers.

Like Clarie with beasts or Noelle with rocks, usually, monster tamers specialize in the employment of monsters of a single tribe according to their capabilities, but among them all, monster tamers specialized in the undead tribe are scarce.

However, supposing he really held the skills of a necromancer, it makes sense that he was selected for this mission.

With his advantage of freely manipulating corpses, it may be an effective way to drive Chiharu and his gang, currently located in the undead tribe’s continent, to the wall.

Who would guess that there was someone at the organization who hid this special ability…

This is a sudden… Bringer of hope.

“If there’s no complaints, I’ll take my leave.

It could be said that this time my work consists on just seeing you away and welcoming you back… In other words, I’ll be dismissed until you return from Living Lodge.”

“Understood… By the way, senpai. Before you leave, there’s something I have left to do, so, may I?”

“Yeah. If you make it short, I don’t mind, but… What the heck is it?”

“Nothing much… Just some scolding.”

Lance showed a daring smile and, next moment, his factions grew distorted in the blink of an eye.

… No, should it be said that it turned back to how it was?

Lance’s excessively angry face of unidentified cause, wasn’t it the same that all of the Firsts that Clarie had met until now had?… It gave a feeling beyond insanity.

“You biiiiiiitch! Hey, Maryyyyyy! You can’t touch men other than me! You whore!”

Lance engaged in kicking the decomposing corpse at his feet.

The trampled corpse of a girl filled the room with a smelly gas.

“I don’t need a slut like youuuu!! Quickly, get rid of that filthy soul and get out of my sight!”


I retract my previous words.

This guy… Is quite the psycho.

Thinking that he had to look after him, even for a short time, Clarie’s mood hit rock bottom.

References and Translation Notes[edit]

  1. Around 30 feet.
  2. You are bound to have seen this in anime, when someone gets out of their lights (by a hit, a shock or too much horniness, for example), a *chin!* sound effect is heard and their soul goes out of their mouths. Meaning: done for.
  3. Yes. RIGHT arm. Even though the picture shows a left arm. It’s right.
  4. Meaning Chiharu and Manami.
  5. Foxes, raccoon dogs and badgers (the last two often mistaken with each other) are pictured as shape-shifting tricksters on Japanese culture.
  6. Around 497 miles.
  7. A barrier, often spiritual.
  8. You know, like Nono.

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