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23:10, Yoshino[edit]

The sweet chocolate chip pound cake didn't have chocolate cream dumped all over it, but it was better than what you could get at one of those neighbor cake stores.


Rei-chan didn't call her after all. Who cares if it was a mistake anyways? It's this late, Rosa Foetida probably would have decided to eat, too. Yoshino would have eaten earlier if she hadn't fallen asleep. Dinner, homework, bath, and then when she settled into her kotatsu, she'd fallen asleep until this late hour.

"Pretty good."

She'd just intended to have one bite, but that turned into two, three… She felt she wouldn't be able to stop herself if she went any further, so she tore off a fourth bite and shut the box.

"The cake being this good makes everything even more vexing."

Yoshino muttered, as she flicked the box.

The eldest and youngest of the Yellow Rose sisters have a rather complex relationship as they settle on different sides of the middle.

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