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OP Drama Major League story part 3[1][edit]

FX:*mini-drama intro music*

Yuuri: Say, Murata. A lot has happened since I became the maou of Shin Makoku.

Murata: Oh? Yeah, that's right. But what brought that up out of the blue?

Yuuri: It's just that I suddenly started wondering if I'm behaving more like a Maou now.

Wolfram: What are you talking about? Everyone can see that you're only a henachoko (rookie).

Yuuri: Hey, that was blunt...

Wolfram: Well, I can't deny that recently you've been improving. So instead of being a so-so henachoko, now you're a good henachoko.

Yuuri: But both of them have the henachoko part in them.

Murata: No, no. I think Shibuya has been trying really hard to improve. It seems that you can handle both jobs, the one as a maou and a high school student pretty well. No matter how you look at it, you're the busiest high school student in the universe.

Yuuri: That sounds like the name you'd give an idol.

Wolfram: But jokes aside, I think it would be best if you could improve your knowledge as to what it means to be the maou. Even if you have a nice appearance, for those who are not mazoku, your presence may be perceived as unpleasant. So you need to behave more kingly before foreign countries.

Murata: Mhh... well, I think Shibuya is fine the way he is right now, but I guess that if he will be leading his people, that might be necessary.

Wolfram: At least, when you're standing by my side, you need to try and match my attitude. If you don't show yourself majestic and solemn, people won't take you seriously.

Yuuri: And why do we have to be standing side by side? And at any rate, what do you mean "match your attitude"?

Wolfram: In other words, what I'm saying is that I'd like for you to look twice as good as you do, with your future partner by your side. AH! But you shouldn't be doing this to get the furtive glances of other men!

Murata: Now, now. Look, Shibuya looks kinda childish, you know? His appearance is like that of a good little boy, or rather, like a dumb kid...

Yuuri: That's a weird statement that praises and hurts me at the same time... But, it's not easy projecting the maou's majesty and dignity. I mean, since back at home everyone's still calling me Yuu-chan and stuff.

Murata: Oh, that's it! Why don't you try and change the way you address yourself. Clothes make the man.

Wolfram: He's right. Why don't you try to call yourself something more grand and imposing?

Yuuri: Grand and imposing? Like what?

Wolfram: Right, let's see. How about my royal self (ore-sama)[2]?

Yuuri: My royal self (ore-sama), huh? All right. *clears throat* (Ore-sama) My royal name is Yuuri!

Murata: It doesn't really sound all that grand at all....

Wolfram: Okay, then use 'We' (wagahai)[3]

Yuuri: 'We' (wagahai) are Shibuya Yuuri! *muahaha*[4]

Wolfram: Why are you laughing?

Yuuri: No, it's nothing...

Murata: That sounds more like an evil ogre than the maou.

Wolfram: All right. Now try with I (ora)!

Yuuri: "Sup! I'm Shibuya Yuuri, as always I'm fighting..." WAIT![5]

Wolfram: Then, try with Yuu-chan.

Yuuri: Yuu-chan is the maou *chu*[6]! What are you making me do!? At any rate, I hate it when people call themselves by their name.

Murata: Oh, really? Muraken doesn't agree with you at all[7]!

Yuuri: Even if you say it like that, it's not cute at all.

Murata: Really? But I bet that if Lord von Bielefeld would do it, it would suit him really well, don't you think?

Yuuri: No, no. No matter who does it, it's gross[8].

Wolfram: What did you say!?

Murata: Now, now... Lord von Bielefeld, come here a sec. Say it like this.

Wolfram: What? Oh, I see. *clears throat*

Yuuri: I'm telling you, it grosses me out when people use their own name to address themselves.

Wolfram: 'If you say something like that, Wolf will be sad'.

Yuuri: HUH?

Murata: So, whatcha' think? Ain't it cute? Doesn't he sound like a character you need to run after in a game?

Yuuri: Don't start talking like Shouri.

Wolfram: 'Really? You don't think that Wolf is strange, nya?'

Yuuri: Uh... I guess it kinda... suits him...

Show intro Murata/Wolfram: Kyou Kara Maou - Shin Makoku Broadcasting Corporation

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  1. Although the name for this track is on the official site, this doesn't seem to be related to the 'major league drama'.
  2. 'Sama' is used for royals, calling oneself ore-sama (My royal self) is something that only kings and arrogant a**** who believe they're better than the rest, do.
  3. Royal we.
  4. Wikipedia says: When this word is used today it's often a pun on the title of Natsume Sōseki's novel, and the usage follows the form 吾輩は[...]である. Yuuri was probably referencing it.
  5. He's imitating Goku, who uses ora.
  6. Oh, I've totally heard this before, but the reference escapes me.
  7. Crayon Shin-chan.
  8. Yuuri must have forgotten that Greta calls herself by her own name. It's something children often do.