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Hida Reiri was taking shower in a bathroom. The time was three o’clock in the morning. She had finished her public duty and returned to her room just now.

Reiri’s daily life was extremely busy. Ataraxia’s sailing conference that was scheduled to end in twenty four hours got extended by a hour, after that, there was a sudden emergency meeting. There was a preparatory meeting about weapon development starting from ten in the morning later. In reality she wanted to soak in bathtub slowly, but if she did something like that she had the confidence that she would fall asleep without a doubt.

Even after this she had to check the written reports. Reiri gave up her relaxing time in the bathtub and endured with only a shower. Even so taking a bath with moderately hot shower felt really pleasant.

The drops of hot water were flowing down Reiri’s voluptuous breasts. They trickled along the waist with tightness that didn’t match the largeness of her breasts, and fell from her butt that drew a large half-sphere to her long legs.

After washing her body quickly, she immediately got out of the bathroom. She headed to the kitchen with a single towel wrapped around her body. She took out a cold beer from the refrigerator and threw her body on the sofa at the living room. She then sighed ‘fuu’.

She used a remote to search the server’s video report and pushed the play button. Then the screen that was floating in the air projected the face of Reiri’s little brother.

「My name is Hida Kizuna. I attend the high school of strategic defense academy Ataraxia in Megafloat Japan. I am a second year high school student. Because of reason, I’m serving as the new captain of Heart Hybrid Gear squad Amaterasu. I myself have a core of Heart Hybrid Gear installed in me but……compared to the other squad members, bluntly speaking my spec isn’t anything special at all……hm? My Heart Hybrid Gear’s name? Tha, that doesn’t really matter! Who cares about that!」

Kizuna inside the screen raised his voice in embarrassment and anger.

「Aaa, anyway, we are fighting in order to protect this Megafloat Japan from invaders of another world, and then in order to take back this world. That’s all.

What? About the energy resupply and power up of Heart Hybrid Gear? That isn’t something to say in self-introduction isn’t it!? It’s enough already, Shikina-san. I don’t know what kind of report this will be used for, but it’s embarrassing to do something like self-introduction, I don’t know at all what I should say. I’m different from everyone, I don’t have any special talent, I’m just a normal person. Eh? Who is the one I like the most in Amaterasu!? Tha, that’s, everyone is my important comrade, there is no number one or anything. Besides, even Heart Hybrid is something done for energy resupply. I at least understand that those girls did it with me not because they like it. I’m not thinking anything conceited like that. Then, it’s enough right? I’m going now.」

The video recording ended there. Reiri played the next file after that.

「I am Yurishia Farandole. The former ace of America’s Heart Hybrid Gear team, Masters. I’m stationed in this Ataraxia for the sake of Japan-America joint operation. Right now I’m fighting the magic weapons from another world as a member of Amaterasu. My kill count has surpassed 400, furthermore I’m in the middle of updating the world record! And then what make such number of kill count possible is my Heart Hybrid Gear Cross. Both its speed and firepower are number one! Of course, the premise is that it has a pilot with excellent ability that is me though.

Eh? Let’s see, it’s not an appeal point but I also often get my looks praised. I also often came out in magazine’s front cover you know? My pride is……my blond hair and blue eyes perhaps. Also……fufu-, of course it’s this body figure. I know really well how all men who walk past me will look at my breast. And, after they walked past me they would look back and send their gaze to my butt. I wonder if they think I didn’t notice?

Aa but, just because I have glamorous body, it doesn’t mean that I’m fat you know? I’m properly training, look, my waist is slim right? If it’s about waist and bust size, I don’t think that there is anyone who can win against me.

A man that I like? Hmmm, let’s seee……as expected it’s Kizuna perhaps? Well, if it’s my charm then I can make him fall anytime though. Rival? Fufufu, that doesn’t matter. No one is a match against me.]

Reiri pushed the stop button.

She wondered if it was because of the national characteristic to be strongly self-confident and self-appealing or if it was because of this girl’s personality. Reiri selected the next file while thinking that.

「Himekawa Hayuru, 17 years old. Second year first class of battle department in Ataraxia high school. I’m serving as class representative and public moral committee member……err, do I need to say more? Yes. The core of Heart Hybrid Gear Neros is installed in my body. It’s main weapon is sword. It’s not equipped with firearm, but it’s equipped with swords that can freely fly in the sky called Blade. If it’s within a range that I can perceive, I can control them freely, so they are also perfect to attack enemy in distance.

Eh? Japan’s ace? I myself am still someone in training, so I think that evaluation is too exaggerated. However, if it’s for the sake of protecting this country of the rising sun, I……ha? EEEEE!? Wha, what are you saying so suddenly! That’s rude! Insincere! Tha, that kind of man……Heart Hybrid? Tha, that is a mission! I did it because there was no other way! Please don’t misunderstand. Yes, that’s right. I cannot forgive Hida-kun for always doing that kind of shameless thing. If I don’t manage him to judge whether it’s really a necessary act or not……I, if it’s really necessary no matter what, I, I will offer this body as sacrifice……eh? You are wrong! It’s for the sake of protecting everyone! As a public order committee member, I have to become everyone’s shield. The, there is no way I can make someone else to do that kind of shameless act!」

Reiri pushed on the stop button with more strength than necessary.

「Good grief……showing sex appeal completely like that.」

Reiri gulped her beer, then she selected the last file.

「The star performer enter. I’m Chidorigafuchi Aine. My age is probably 17 years old. Well, my existence transcend something trivial like age, so it doesn’t matter. For the moment I spend my life attending high school in Ataraxia as a momentary disguise to conceal myself in society.

But, my true identity I as the messenger of heaven who was dispatched into this rotten world ten years ago. I am the single ray of light shining onto this world that is ruled by chaos and darkness.

Yes. I am a messenger of god, or rather I myself am the god…… Eh? What, I’m doing it seriously here. Because, it’s boring to do normal self-introduction. Don’t you think it’s lacking in entertainment? Besides, it’s not like I’m saying anything wrong……how rude calling it my delusion.

Errr, where was I again? Well, I only talked about what popped into mind, so it won’t bother me even if I forget them……I told you, I didn’t say any nonsense. I’ll do it properly so just shut up.

Hmm soo, I wear Heart Hybrid Gear Zeros and fight day and night to protect the mass. It doesn’t have any projectile weapon at all, so I am basically forced to fight the enemy magic weapons empty handed……but, by doing Climax Hybrid with Kizuna, I am able to materialize Corruption Armament. It’s the only long range attack that I can do. The destructive power of this Corruption Armament is astonishing, it can sink even AU battleship with one attack.

Eh? Climax Hybrid? Tha, that is……a trade secret. Eerr, it’s a confidential information so I cannot say anything about it.

Eh, Kizuna? Kizuna said that he will take responsibility……that’s why, Kizuna is mine. Good grief, I wonder what kind of misunderstanding Yurishia and Hayuru have. It’s really troublesome.」

「Good grief. How troublesome……to think that I have to give Kizuna to this kind of little girls……irritating.」

It was even more offending because this happened due to her own command.

Reiri made a long sigh.

What was necessary to resupply the energy of Heart Hybrid Gear using Heart Hybrid and to power up using Climax Hybrid was for a male and female who possessed core to become one in heart and body and shared affection and pleasure with each other.

Bluntly speaking, it was by doing erotic thing.

Love was the strongest emotion that human possessed, and it was strongly related with lust. Those were emotions and impulses that were rooted to the instinct of living thing. There was no other method that was more effective than that.

Reiri stood up from the sofa and put the can that had been emptied at the kitchen. She then took out a chilled vodka from the refrigerator and poured it into a glass.

She took a little sip and thought about the movie she had just watched.

The enemy from another world was powerful. They had to strengthened their own combat potential too no matter what but……currently, the problem was that Kizuna didn’t have awareness of it being more than just mission, no, he was consciously trying to think of it as just a mission, he wasn’t seriously trying to cultivate love with the squad members.

Although, if Kizuna actually got feeling like that with those girls, it wouldn’t be amusing for Reiri. Conflicted feeling was also coming and going inside Reiri herself.

Reiri suddenly recalled that there was also written report from Shikina Kei, the person in charge of Ataraxia’s research department. There was a paper file on her desk.

Reiri flipped through that file. While her gaze was chasing after the content, her eyes were gradually filled with heat.

「This is really interesting report……perhaps it’s worth to try.」

Reiri gulped down the content of her glass in one go and slapped the file on the desk.

「I don’t like it one bit though!」

Chapter 1 – To Be Your Number One![edit]

Part 1[edit]

Inside the classroom of Ataraxia high school department second year first group, the students were talking to each other enjoyably. They were exchanging report to each other about what happened from yesterday after school until this morning, or talking in excitement about the topic of the whole day today. It was a bustling atmosphere that was characteristic of the morning before homeroom began.

「Hii♪ Kizuna」

Yurishia Farandole entered the classroom. In that instant, the atmosphere of the classroom completely changed into something brilliant. Her breasts that jiggled every time she took a step, her blond hair that was sparkling from the sunlight, everything was gorgeously overwhelming. Even the students’ commotion was giving way to Yurishia.

「Aa, good morning Yurishia.」

And then Yurishia didn’t go to her seat but stood beside Kizuna. She then twirled and turned her back at him. And then, without hesitation she lowered her waist to sit on Kizuna’s lap.

「Wait, oi! Just where are you sitting!?」

「Hm? On Kizuna’s lap. The comfort is a bit lacking, but the pleasantness isn’t bad.」

「It’s not pleasant for me! The gaze from the whole class is especially painful!」

The students inside the classroom were directing their gaze toward Kizuna as though they were looking at filth. However Yurishia didn’t look apologetic at all and directed a smile that was like a sun to Kizuna.

「Myyy, it’s alright. After aalll, this spot here is my de – sig – na – ted – seat.」

「No, it’s not. Yurishia’s seat is behind me! More importantly, is it alright for America’s ace to act like this huh!? If Himekawa see us like this」

「If I see it, what?」


Himekawa was standing nearby without him noticing. She was folding her arms and looking down on the two of them.

「What kind of shameless thing you are doing right from the morning!」

「My, Hayuru. Morning-」

That attitude that wasn’t concerned at the slightest from getting scolded was getting in Himekawa’s nerves excessively.

「It’s not morning! Please get down from there immediately. It’s indecent! Kizuna-kun is also Kizuna-kun! Look at you, getting a perverted look like that from getting a girl sitting on you.」

Kizuna was flustered when the anger was suddenly directed at him.

「I’m not making any look like that! Even I don’t have any intention of getting treated like chair! Yuishia was sitting down here so naturally that I didn’t even have time to stop here.」

「That is because you are full of opening!」

「Now now, both of you, it’s not good to have a fight you know?」

Kizuna and Himekawa snapped at Yurishia who acted to intermediate the two of them with a frivolous tone.

「Just whose fault do you think this is!」

「Whose fault do you think this is!」

They yelled angrily at the same time.

「My my, just when I’m waiting for the timing to make my entrance, what is going on here I wonder?」

Chidorigafuchi Aine was standing at the classroom’s entrance. For some reason she was standing in a pose that was needlessly cool. Her red eyes caught the sight of Yurishia sitting on Kizuna’s lap. She walked until in front of Kizuna with large stride and looked down on the two of them.

「Good grief, this is incomprehensible. To think that an American bitch is sitting on my chair.」

「Who are you calling bitch!」

Yurishia turned at Aine and raised an angry voice. In contrast Aine made a reassuring gentle smile.

「Aa……I see, it’s alright. You aren’t a bitch. Yes, it’s fine, you aren’t a bitch, no one is thinking that you are a bitch, so you don’t need to worry.」

「What’s with your tone! Somehow it feels really irritating!」

「How pitiful, so you yourself don’t understand what you are doing. No one is making fun of you, so please move away from my chair.」

Kizuna couldn’t keep his patience and cut it.

「Oi, I’m also not your chair.」

「Shut up, human chair.」

After Aine’s cold sentence, the sound of helicopter rotor came into hearing. Just when they thought that it would pass through over the building, the sound stopped right above and the sound was also getting louder.

「What’s happening?」

Kizuna tilted his head and he tried to look outside the window. There he saw a helicopter was descending to land right about that time.

「A helicopter at the courtyard? Is there some kind of emergency situation?」

When the helicopter landed and the noise got a bit smaller, a chime that was broadcasted inside the school sounded out from the speaker inside the classroom. Next, Reiri’s familiar voice resounded.

「Informing the squad members of Amaterasu. Gather in the courtyard at once. Board the landing helicopter there.」

Himekawa also made a questioning face and aksed Kizuna.

「Is it enemy attack?」

Yurishia tilted her head above Kizuna’s lap.

「The warning and alarm bell doesn’t come if that’s the case. Somehow I get a bad premonition……perhaps we should run away?」

「That doesn’t matter, move aside from there bitch.」

「Rather than that, we have to quickly go or Nee-chan will grumble.」

When Kizuna tried to move Yurishia aside, the classroom’s door opened and a small visitor raised an energetic voice.

「Captaiiin! Sylvia come to pick you up desu!」

「Sylvia? Why are you here even though you are in middle school?」

「Yes! Commander told Sylvia to come here and pick up everyone desu!」

Yurishia smiled wryly and stared at Kizuna.

「With this, we cannot escape then.」

Kizuna shrugged theatrically.

「Looks like it. I don’t really get it but……we can only go.」

After Yurishia got off from Kizuna’s lap, Kizuna also stood up. The members of Amaterasu went toward the helicopter that landed on the courtyard together.

──’Even so, just what is Nee-chan scheming……I only get bad premonition from this.’

Part 2[edit]

The sound of the rushing wave and the Hawaiian music that was playing from somewhere exterminated his whole nervousness. Kizuna himself was similarly wearing a swimming outfit in the form of surf pant, so there was no sense of nervousness from the very beginning. Kizuna who came out from the changing room saw the surrounding area and let out an astonished voice.

「……So, where is this place?」

「Captain doesn’t know desu? This is the most famous spa resort in Megafloat Japan desu.」

Even Sylvia who was serving as the guide quickly changed into wearing a designated Ataraxia’s school swimsuit. She was waiting for Kizuna to come out from the changing room.

「You said, a resort?」

「It has seven pools and seven bathing areas, it also has three saunas desu. It seems this resort is called as the water theme park that will heal the body and the heart desu. It has various zones like fantasy zone or jungle zone and the like, each zone has their own unique pool and bathing area, they also has their own attraction it seems desu! It sounds fun desu!」

「Ye, yeah. You’re right……」

Sylvia’s excessively high tension pushed him to walk on a path that had trees growing luxuriantly at both sides. After walking through that path, he found out a beach spreading out before him. It was more spacious than he imagined. The silently surging wave looked like the scene of a real beach.

When he looked up, the whole ceiling was completely in the form of skylight. The glass’s color had gradation on it was surely because it was a type that could freely change the sunlight’s penetration degree. And then the temperature wasn’t too hot or too cold, the temperature control was perfect.

At slight distance away, there was café, restaurant, mini market, and the likes lining up tidily and neatly. There was even a shopping center deeper inside. Perhaps the convenience of this place was even higher than a real resort place.

「This looks fun desuu. Sylvia want to go swimming quickly desu.」

「You’re right. Even though we are living with the sea surrounding us, we don’t really have many chances to go swimming.」

Although, when he listened to the quiet sound of the wave and the gently flowing music, it also made him wanted to lie down on one of the beach beds lining up beside the pool and relaxed. This was an ideal place to spend a whole day relaxing lazily.

「……No, in the first place why are we coming to this kind of place?」

A woman with white skin and long black hair woke up from one of the beach beds.

「Of course, it’s for a mission.」

「Wait, Nee-chan!」

Reiri got down on the floor and then she twist her body gracefully to turn toward Kizuna.

「Hmm, I see you have properly changed into a swimsuit.

「Nee-chan yourself, why are even you wearing a swimsuit here!? Rather, isn’t that swimsuit’s exposure rate too bold?」

Reiri’s swimsuit a black and white colored……string. The string that was tied around her neck crossed over her breasts and continued to below her chest while only barely hiding her nipples. And then the string was connected to the string that was circling around her body as though to held up the bottom of her breasts. The string was only barely supporting her breasts. On the other hand her lower body was covered by V-shaped string that made him wanted to doubt that perhaps it had no other intention to hide anything except her most important place.

「Fufu, what’s the matter? You are getting that red. What do you think about my swimsuit figure? Is it sexy?」

「O, obviously.」

Reiri nodded in satisfaction seeing Kizuna averting his gaze in embarrassment.

「Hmm, I see, I see.」

「No, don’t get into understanding by yourself like that. That swimsuit, it looks like string……just what are you going to do if you got seen huh.」

「There are only us here. So there is no worry of other people seeing me.」

「I, idiot. Don’t you see that I’m here. I’m still a man.」

「In the past we entered bath together you remember?」

Kizuna gave up persuading her and hung his head down in exhaustion.

「No, it’s enough already……more importantly why am I brought at this kind of place? What kind of mission need to be done while dressing like this?」

At that time, Yurishia arrived while walking confidently like a model. She was wearing a risqué bikini that was colored golden and blue. The coloring reminded him of Yurishia’s Heart Hybrid Gear.

「We also want to know the reason of that.」

「So you girls has also finished changing. Right, you all look really sexy.」

Himekawa came along with an embarrassed look from behind Yurishia.

「Sexy or not isn’t the problem! Why is there nothing but this kind of embarrassing swimsuit!? At the very least it should be a one-piece or one with skirt or pareo attached……」

「Just what are you saying? What are you going to do if you aren’t making appeal exactly at this kind of time?」

「You are appealing too much! Please have more modesty!」

「Certainly, perhaps Yurishia feels too jutting out at various places. Especially her meat.」

Aine who appeared last glared at Yurishia’s body with a sarcastic smile.

「Don’t say it like they are flab! But……certainly this swimsuit is a bit too loose. My breasts will shake every time I move. It might be unsuitable for mission.」

After saying that, she put her finger between the swimsuit and her breast. It felt like a pink colored circle almost came into view.

Aine lifted up her own breasts while making a face that seemed to ask just what kind of stupid thing Yurishia was saying.

「Breasts are something that shake right? Especially if you are wearing swimsuit, it will be the same no matter what you wear.」

「That’s also true.」

Negative aura was flowing out from Himekawa’s body.

「Just because it’s shaking……so what if they can do that huh.」

Aine’s face peered closer as though she was worrying about Himekawa’s body.

「What’s the matter Hayuru? The complexion of your chest is bad you know?」

「If you are going to say that, it should be about the face’s complexion right!? What do you mean by chest complexion!?」

「No, you look like you aren’t feeling good. That’s why I’m wondering, your breasts, are they shriveling compared to before?」

At that instant, Himekawa’s mouth stayed open while she stopped breathing.

「Di……dieting……you mean it can cause the breast to……the breast to…!」

Yurishia shook her head in exasperation.

「Aaa, that kind of thing often happen isn’t it?」

「Eh, then, Yurishia-san too?」

Yurishia answered with a bright smile.

「Nope. I’m the opposite, I’m getting fatter from my breasts.」

「Then, I’ll shave them off for you!」

Reiri lost her patience and interrupted them with an irritated tone.

「There is no end to this so I’ll start explaining now. The mission today is to play for the whole day in this resort facility and erase your stress.」


Everyone tilted their head in puzzlement.

「Is there any question?」

Kizuna raised his hand with an unconvinced look.

「That’s, rather than a mission, if you look at it from the view point of common sense, isn’t it just a holiday?」

「You idiot. If I call it a holiday, we won’t be able to take a rest, and it will also be troublesome to charter a helicopter and reserve this facility.」

Kizuna raised a dry laugh with a twitching smile.


「However, because we cleared up the people here thoroughly, there is also no staff here at all. Kizuna, there is a sandy beach zone at the other side. Prepare the beach beds and drinks for us there. I’ll hammer it to these girls here to not let loose too much.」

「Yeah, roger.」

Kizuna obeyed his big sister’s words with a conditioned reflex and rushed away. Himekawa was seeing him off while directing a dissatisfied expression toward Reiri.

「That’s unexpected commander. I don’t have any intention to let loose that it will be necessary to warn me.」

「Err, Sylvia will be a good girl, so is it alright if Sylvia go to help captain desu?」

Sylvia also made a suggestion hesitantly. It seemed she was feeling awkward to not do anything even though her captain Kizuna was rushing away to do a servant task.

However, Reiri curtly rejected that earnest suggestion.

「There is no need to be a good girl. Rather, I would recommend to act vulgarly.」


Himekawa raised a dumbfounded voice.

「Now listen, this mission is a secret to Kizuna. I’ll only say it to you all.」

Yurishia made an evil grin hearing Reiri’s words.

「I thought something is strange but, so it’s something like that. So, what is the task?」

「It’s about the newest result from Heart Hybrid Gear research. I have told you all before that the affection of both sides will have great effect when doing Heart Hybrid and Climax Hybrid correct?」

Aine nodded with slightly shy look.

「Yes, I’ve certainly heard that.」

「We got an idea. In that case, if it’s done with a partner that the subject has the deepest affection to and love the most, what kind of effect it will bring? Something like that.」

──The most loved partner

Those words echoed inside the heart of the four.

「That’s right. The woman who the subject pour the most affection into. We cannot even imagine how vast the energy obtained will be if Heart Hybrid is performed with such partner. Furthermore if it develop into Climax Hybrid, just what kind of destructive power the weapon that result from it will have……」

Aine, Himekawa, Yurishia, and Sylvia, the four of them held their breath.

「I don’t care who will it be from among you four. Someone become Kizuna’s number one. That is the mission this time. We have arranged for a stage where it’s easy to use seductive techniques and where mistake will easily occur. We will have you all do simple game under the guise of recreation to deepen familiarity with each other. The person who reaches the first place in each game will be presented with a time to be alone with only Kizuna. Use that time effectively and make Kizuna fall!」

Yurishia asked a question with an excited voice.

「How many games there will be?」

「There will be four kind of games in total. It’s fine even if the four of you here share the wins equally among you. It’s also valid to have Kizuna made the decision under equal condition after all. But!」

Reiri’s threatening tone caused Aine’s body to jerk in surprise.

「Wha, what is it now?」

「If you win all the games, it will be possible to take away any chance from your rivals and make Kizuna fall with solid preparedness.」

Yurishia nodded with a thin smile. She was already entering battle preparation inside her heart.

Himekawa was fidgeting restlessly. She was fighting the conflict inside her heart.

「I’m……it’s not like, I’m caring about winning, or making Kizuna fall……」

「Co, commander. Is it alright for Sylvia to also participate desu?」

「Yes, you are also a candidate member of Amaterasu. There is also a possibility of Kizuna having a particular fetish. I’ll allow it!」

Sylvia tilted her head in puzzlement.

「Particular……what desu?」

Himekawa raised her voice in panic.

「Commander! No matter what that is a crime isn’t it!?」

However Yurishia spoke consolingly to Himekawa.

「That’s right, well, putting aside the matter of seducing Kizuna, it will be pitiful to leave her out alone. How about participating with handicap?」

However Aine declared with a grim expression.

「It’s not good to discriminate. No matter who my opponent is, I’ll beat them down with all my strength.」

「Someone like you are really……」

Himekawa held her head as though she was feeling headache.

It was right at that timing that they heard the footstep sound of Kizuna returning.

「Oooi, what’s the matter? It looks like you all are heating up.」

Reiri brushed up her hair and turned toward Kizuna.

「Hm? Has you finished your task?」

「Yeah, I’ve prepared the drinks for everyone over there.」

Then Reiri was

「Yosh. I will stand by there. The rest will depend on you all. I’m hoping for a good fight!」


Aine, Himekawa, Yurishia, and Sylvia, the four of them performed a salute sharply.

Kizuna stared wonderingly at them.

「Wha, what? You four seem overly spirited──uwah」

Yurishia took a head start with quick movement by taking Kizuna’s hand and dashing away.

「Now-, let’s go, Kizuna! The waves are waiting for us!」

「Don’t pull at me, Yurishia uwa!」

The other three were dumbfounded for a moment, but they immediately returned to their senses. Himekawa raised the corner of her eyes angrily and chased after the two of them.

「Yurishia-san! What are you doing pressing your breast to him! That’s indecent! Please let go of him right away!」

Aine also started running with a grim look.

「I’ll take him away even if I have to use brute force.」

Sylvia followed after the three with a troubled expression.

「Everyoooone, first we have to do warm up desu~」

Chapter 2 – Water Slider And Breastfeeding Room[edit]

Part 1[edit]

Yurishia stood with an imposing posture while looking down at the pool far below and the sliding course that was connecting to there. The course had complicated meandering shape like a labyrinth that was made from plastic.

「First let’s compete using this water slider.」

「Fuwaaa~ it’s high desu. This is the first time Sylvia saw a slider this large desu. It feels exciting somehow desu.」

Himekawa frowned after she peered below from the fence.

「Rather, this feels like a height that will make you freeze in fear……however, it’s a really long course with many twists and turns. It looks like it will take some time to slide until below but, how will we have competition using this?」

Aine noticed a floating window that was hovering in the air.

「There is an explanation written here.」

Kizuna read the sentences there out loud.

「Let’s see. Sliding down with male and female pair together, it will be a competition of who is the fastest to arrive at the bottom. It said pair here, but I’m the only male among us. Perhaps we should just group up randomly?」

Yurishia raised a voice of dissatisfaction.

「That’s no good─. It will be meaningless like that.」

「Heh? Meaning?」

Aine coldly declared to shut Kizuna’s doubt.

「That won’t be a problem if Kizuna just climb up here again each time.」

「This place’s height is about the same like the tenth floor of a building! You are planning to make me climb up here so many times!?」

「There are four of us, so it will be only three more times. You don’t understand something that simple? Are you an idiot? This weakling.」

「You answered so easily like that! What’s more you are also dissing me!」

「Ca, captaiiin, Sylvia want to slide down quickly desu!」

It seemed Sylvia was unable to hold back her excitement so much that she wasn’t listening to the bloodthirsty exchange between Aine and Kizuna.

「I get it, I get it. Everyone is fine with Sylvia being the first right?」

「Yes. She is really looking forward to it like that. Please be the first one.」

「Waai! Then captain, let’s join our body desu!」


Sylvia’s explosive declaration caused everyone to raise their voice in surprise. Even Himekawa who was smiling like a holy mother changed her expression into a demonic look instantly.

「Wait, what are you saying! That’s is too early for you!」

Aine also bit her nail.

「What a terrifying child……she has to be crushed now while we still can.」

As expected even Yurishia looked bewildered.

「Ah, Sylvia-chan? Do you understand what you are saying?」

「Of course desu! Like this……」

Sylvia stood in front of Kizuna who was sitting at the starting spot of the water slider. And then, she wedged herself between his legs and sat down between his thighs, and last her back leaned on Kizuna’s chest.


「We are sticking close like this desu! It’s like riding a bicycle with two people by sitting between captain’s legs……it’s like Sylvia is being hugged from behind, so it’s a bit embarrassing desu.」

「Aa, that’s right isn’t it.」

Himekawa spoke in monotone.

「Geez, just slide down already.」

Yurishia also waved her hand uncaringly.

However, Kizuna was feeling his heart beating fast at the sensation of the skin and body warmth of the beautiful girl within his arms.

『Sylvia is small and really cute. With her within my arms like this, how should I say it, it makes me want to protect her or something. Also, is her body temperature a bit high? It’s warm, and her skin is also smooth.』

Aine was staring at Kizuna fixedly.

「I don’t know why but, I’m feeling really irritated……tei-!」

Aine kicked Kizuna’s back with all her strength.

「Owa! Wai-! My heart isn’t prepared yet!」


Kizuna and Sylvia’s figures disappeared ahead of the twisting course in the blink of eye. The two of them were sliding down the water slider in a terrific speed. It was impossible to stop once they started sliding. The momentum pushed them down and it felt like they would fly out of the course when going through the curves.

「Uwaaa, thi, this is fast!」

「Hyaa, we, we cannot stop desuuuu!」

The sound and water splash were incredible. And then the wind pressure and sensation of speed attacked the two of them. Their eyes were rolling around as though they were in merry-go-round or the like.

And then, the course suddenly became a straight steep descend.

The sensation of the internal organs floating up caused the inside of his stomach to shiver.



And then their crash made a big water pillar to rise up on the pool. The water resistance became brake. After they slid for several meters inside the shallow pool, the bodies of the two stopped.

「Uwaaa~ it was a bit scary but, that was fun desu!」

「No, that was unexpectedly scary. It was completely different compared to flying around with Heart Hybrid Gear. It was scary to simply leave your body to the flow without being able to do anything.」

Sylvia looked back at Kizuna who was still hugging her from behind and smiled in amusement.

「Ehehe, Sylvia know that captain was completely scared. Captain hugged Sylvia really tightly desu.」

Kizuna’s face went red and he prattled on in panic.

「No, that is you see, I thought it will be dangerous if we got separated.」

「Captaiiin, you were worried for Sylvia desu?」

Sylvia’s cheeks quickly went red. She was looking up at Kizuna with an intoxicated gaze. Her blushing expression was cute and also erotic. Kizuna felt how his face was naturally drawing near toward Sylvia.

「Obviously. You are an important──」

Water exploded very near Kizuna. The fierce water splash and instantaneous burst of steam caused the surrounding to smoke like a mist.


Kizuna reflexively looked around him without understanding what was happening.

「E, enemy……no, Yurishia!?」

Yurishia who was at the top of the water slider had equipped Heart Hybrid Gear Cross only on her right arm when he noticed. That hand was aiming particle cannon at his direction.

「Kizunaaa? What are you doing having a nice atmosphere with a little girl like thaaat?」

Himekawa leaped to hold down Yurishia’s arm in panic.

「Wait, Yurishia-san! What are you doing wearing Heart Hybrid Gear as you please like this! Besides, no matter what this is too dangerous!」

「I’m not wearing the whole thing, it’s only a single arm and particle cannon so it’s okay right? Besides, I won’t really hit someone else with this. It’s impossible for me to miss at this distance.」

Yurishia shook off Himekawa’s arm and aimed her particle cannon once more.

「Looook, come up here quickly! Next is my turn!」

She yelled that while continuing the threatening shot of the particle cannon.

「Uwa! Got it, I got it so don’t shoot!」

Kizuna escaped from the pool and rushed up the stair of the water slider. He sprinted up until a height that was equal to the tenth floor of a building in one go.

「Haa, haa……so, sorry to make you wait.」

Seeing Kizuna who was running out of breath he couldn’t even talk properly, Yurishia held her hands together and made a deeply touched expression.

「My, to think that you will so desperately hurry back here for my sake……this must be the power of love.」

Aine glared reproachfully at such Yurishia and muttered in contempt.

「That’s not love, but fear of death.」

「Kizunaaa~, quiiiick~, sit behind……and embrace me.」

「Please don’t talk indecently!」

Yurishia ignored Himekawa’s anger and sat down on the starting position. And then, Kizuna sat behind her and circled his hands around Yurishia’s stomach.


「M, my bad」

Kizuna hurriedly tried to move his hands away, but Yurishia held them down without delay.

「Fufufufu, what are you apologizing for? If you don’t embrace me more tightly, we are going to get separated at the middle. If that happen, it will be really dangerous when we arrive at the bottom.」

「That’s certainly true but……then, how about this?」

Kizuna circled his hands around Yurishia once more and put his strength into them.

「U……n. Aa, higher. It’ a bit painful around my stomach, so can you put your hand a bit higher?」

「No but, if I go higher than this your breasts……」

「It will be a disaster if an accident happen just because of some shyness you knoow?」

「Go, got it. How about this?」

Yurishia lifted her chin and sounded her throat in pleasure.

「U, fuan……a, this might be really good.」


「Right. It’s really comfortable to have my breasts supported from below. It feels like my shoulders are liberated from something heavy.」

「I, indeed, it’s really heavy……it feels like this will make your shoulders stiff.」

「Hmmm, then, can you support them with your palms for me?」

「Li, like this?」

Yurishia’s expression became intoxicated and her eyes shined bewitchingly.

「Hauuhn! Aa, yes……I feel a bit stiff, so can you massage them for me?」

「Ye, yeah……does it feel good?」

「Yes, it’s the best……hey, Kizuna. Won’t you become my breast support helper starting from today?」

「Does that kind of amazing helper exist in this world!? ……Wait, just what am I doing again?」

「These indecent bunches-! Hurry and slide down!」

Himekawa kicked Kizuna’s back hard.



Water was flowing on the slider, so they gained speed right away and lost the ability to control their own movement. Their body was toyed by the course and made to dance left and right while sliding down the water slider.

「Kizunaaaa-, hoold down, my breasts properly so they don’t bounce around okaaay-」

Even if she said that, they had already bounced around wildly since some time ago. Even when he tried to hold them down, Yurishia’s breasts were too big for Kizuna’s hands and they wouldn’t be still as he expected.

「Do, don’t jump around too much! Yurishia is too big, so I cannot grasp with only one hand!」

He finally caught them and grasped tightly so they wouldn’t get away.

「Kyaan! Ki, Kizuna, if you hold them so strongly, haaan!」

The two arrived at the bottom at that time.

Loud splashing sound and water spray were raised and the two’s bodies dived into the water.

「Puhaah! Are you alright Yurishia?」

Kizuna surfaced from inside the water and stood up. It was a shallow pool, so the water only reached around his waist when he stood up. Yurishia who was separated from him when they entered the water also stood up while wiping the water on her face.

「Yes, I’m alright……my?」

The swimsuit couldn’t be seen on Yurishia’s body. The bra that should be hiding her breasts was gone. Her uncommonly big breasts were completely exposed.

「It’s fine, it’s not a big problem. I don’t mind if it’s Kizuna who is watching. Then, can you help me putting on the swimsuit?」


Yurishia threw an erotic smile at Kizuna.

「Because it was Kizuna who took it off. Naturally you will take responsibility and put it on again right?」

「No, just wear it by yourself!」

「You aren’t going to help me means you are telling me to not wear swimsuit, is that iit? There is nobody else but us here anyway, so if Kizuna is telling me to go topless, I also don’t mind it though?」

Kizuna held his head and raised his voice in resignation.

「Aaaa geez, I got it! Come on, turn your back over here.」

Yurishia obediently turned her back toward Kizuna and he approached her.

「Tie the strings behind the neck……right right, after that connect the string behind……ahn, don’t do that……if you don’t properly put the breasts inside the cups……afuh……nh」

Kizuna struggled to push Yurishia’s huge breasts inside the small swimsuit. Each time he lifted up and pushed in the breasts, Yurishia would raise her voice erotically.

Kizuna persuaded himself to ignore that voice while silently trying to put Yurishia’s breasts into the swimsuit. Like that, he somehow tied the strings on her back.

「I, is it fine like this?」

「Yes. Next, do it so the flesh around is covered properly……」

There was a figure that was glaring at such act with a face that looked like demon from high above.

「Wha……what are they doing! Indecent! Neros!」

Himekawa’s body equipped Neros with a red light.

And then there was one more person. There was a demon with glaring red eyes and silver hair standing on end.

「Doing such thing before my eyes……Zeros!」

Blue light converged onto Aine’s body and formed the shape of Zeros.

The figure of the two made Kizuna faltered.

「You, you two! Wa, wait!」

Aine and Himekawa who were wearing Heart Hybrid Gear rushed toward Kizuna.

「Prepare yourself!」

「Turn into star!」

Fierce explosion burst.

A huge water pillar rose and the shockwave pushed off the pool’s water. Intense water vapor rose up like explosion smoke. The pool’s water was evaporated in an instant.

When their field of vision was cleared once more, the pool’s appearance had been changed into a mere crater.

Part 2[edit]

Reiri who was lying down on a beach bed elegantly crossed her long legs.

「──So, who won in the end?」

Aine shook her head in dissatisfaction.

「The pool was broken before I and Hayuru could slide. It’s not counted.」

「Tha, that’s right. The match is invalid like this. In the first place, we should use a more proper──」

Himekawa also followed up, but Reiri brushed her away.

「Now, wait. First let’s hear the result. Which one was faster, Sylvia or Yurishia?」

「Sylvia was faster desu. Perhaps it’s the difference in the rate of friction desu.」

「I guess Yurishia’s lower body has bigger contact surface size huh……yosh, this match is Sylvia’s……oi, where is Kizuna and Yurishia?」

Aine was shocked and looked around in respond to Reiri’s question.

「Since when!?」

Reiri made a smile that was faintly filled with anger.

「Hou, so it’s rule violation on top of destroying the game. How brave.」

However Himekawa didn’t have any composure to smile. She raised a voice that was a mix of uneasiness and anger.

「This isn’t the time to speak that leisurely!」

Aine also agreed with that.

「It’s dangerous to leave that kind of carnivore with Kizuna alone. Let’s split up to search them.」


Part 3[edit]

Around that time, there was Yurishia who was running at the shopping center inside the resort and Kizuna who was running with his hand getting pulled by her.

「O, oi, Yurishia. What’s the matter, why are you pulling me at this kind of place?」

「I think that the process doesn’t matter as long as the result is the same. I cannot go along with that kind of sluggish game.」

「Result? Process? What are you talking about?」

At that time, Aine’s voice resounded from far away.

「Kizuna! Yurishia! Give up and come out!」

Himekawa’s voice came next.

「Please surrender before your crime become heavier than this!」

Yurishia frowned and clicked her tongue.

「Chih, they are unexpectedly quick……Kizuna, let’s go inside here.」

The words 『Breastfeeding Room』 were written on the door. Kizuna opened his eyes wide.

「Brea, breastfeeding room!? Why in this kind of place?」

「I’ll give you my breast, so be quiet.」


Yurishia pulled Kizuna into the breastfeeding room, closed the door, and held her breath.

「Yurishia, why──」

Yurishia immediately covered the mouth of Kizuna who was trying to protest.

Kizuna shut up and looked around inside the room. The space of the room was around half of their classroom with three stands in the shape like table lining up. Beside them were baby beds. At the center of the room there was a big and flat sofa.

It was at that time the footstep sounds of two people were approaching from afar loudly. Those footsteps didn’t stop in front of the breastfeeding room and passed through without pause.

After a while Yurishia let out a large sigh. Kizuna was sending a dissatisfied gaze toward such Yurishia.

「Yurishia, just what are you doing?」

Yurishia closed one of her eyes and sent him a mischievous smile.

「Fufu, just a little bit of thing. A girl has various circumstances of their own. Now then. As expected it’s impossible using the baby bed……my, there is a large sofa there. If it’s this……」

「Oi, Yurishia. Listen to me──」

「Hey, Kizuna. Who do you like the most among us?」

Kizuna was taken by surprise due to Yurishia’s unexpectedly serious tone.

「Wha……what’s with that question all of a sudden?」

「Just answer me.」

The faces of Amaterasue members floated in Kizuna’s mind. He thought about it for a moment, but he immediately rethought.

「Even if you asked me that……everyone is an important comrade for me, so it’s not a matter of who is number one right?」

Yurishia glared at Kizuna with a fed-up face.

「As I thought, a reform of thought is necessary like this……ei-!」

Kizuna couldn’t even dodge or block Yurishia who was jumping him. He got pushed down helplessly.


Fortunately there was a large sofa where Kizuna fell onto. And then, Yurishia swiftly straddled Kizuna’s body.

「Fufufu, Kizuna. I’ll make it so when you are asked ‘Who is number one?’, you will instantly answer with my name.」

Yurishia put her hands on her back and untied the string that Kizuna had tied for her just before this. The breasts that were liberated from their restriction bounced off the swimsuit and the bra fell to the floor.

「Why are you taking it off!?」

「Hm? Because it’s in the way.」

Kizuna held his head in bewilderment.

「Listen to me Yurishia, stop acting strangely, let’s go back to where everyone is.」

「The disobedient mouth will get plugged up by my breasts.」

「What……o, oupu…..h!」

Yurishia did exactly as she said. She held Kizuna’s head in her hands and pushed her voluptuous breasts onto him. Kizuna seemed like he was insisting something, but it only sounded like a groan from his muffled voice.

「Eee~? I cannot hear you. What do you want to say?」

Even while saying that, Yurishia’s breasts were gluing tightly on his face and he couldn’t breathe. Kizuna tapped Yurishia’s arm repeatedly and gasped to show he was unable to breathe.

「It can’t be helped, here-」


Kizuna took a deep breath as soon as he was liberated.

「My? It looks like it was really hard for you Kizuna.」

「Be, because, I was really unable to breathe there. My face was completely buried, and because they are soft, there wasn’t any gap……I thought I would run out of breath.」

「Fufufu, I’m sorry. Then, this time Kizuna can do what you like.」

Kizuna made an exasperated face.

「No……that’s why」

「Geez, you are really obstinate. Hmmmm, then……my Hybrid Count, there is only a little of it remaining you see. Can you do Heart Hybrid with me?」

「What? Is that true?」

「Yes. It’s still far away from red zone, but it’s entering yellow already. Kizuna haven’t checked recently right?」

Kizuna put his hand on his chin and searched his memory.

「Certainly……if that’s how it is. Eh, but, if I remember right last week it was still safe──」

Yurishia whispered with a faked serious voice.

「The enemy might come attacking even while we are staying idle like this you know? Perhaps it might become a dangerous situation again if we are taking it slow like this.」

「U……I, I get it already.」

Kizuna took a deep breath and switched his feeling. And then his hand reached to Yurishia’s body from below and touched that dynamite body.

「Nh, ahn!」

「Does it hurt?」

Yurishia looked down shyly.

「No. I’m feeling it too much just from Kizuna’s hand touching me……」

Kizuna also smiled shyly hearing that.

「Let me feel Kizuna more……okay?」

Kizuna responded to Yurishia who was tilting her head fawningly by starting to caress her body once more. He stroke her thighs that were straddling him while moving up toward her tight stomach.

「Ah, Kizuna’s hands are caressing around my body……haah, I’m shivering just from that.」

The sofa was creaking each time Yurishia writhed.

「Ah, haaaah, no-……uuh, aaaahn……aah. My breasts……when they are lifted by Kizuna, ahn, don’t push them up, and drop them down like that, like a toy」

「But I am Yurishia’s breast support helper right? I have to understand my own work properly.」

Kizuna returned the trifling joke with another joke. However Yurishia was looking down on Kizuna with a passionate gaze.

「That’s right, these breasts belong to Kizuna after all. You should understand them well……until every nook and cranny, okay……aun! Ah, if you grab them that strongly, I, I’m feeling it」

The shape of the large breasts was changing shape amusingly matching the movement of Kizuna’s hands. And then, Yurishia herself also changed her posture due to the pleasure from her breasts.

「Nh, uh, ah, haaaaa……aan……hey, Kizuna? I’m, below my stomach……there, it’s painful……」

Yurishia lifted her waist pleadingly.

「That’s why……nh! Aaahaan, ah……there, my stomach, aah! More……lower……hyaaunh!」

Kizuna’s fingers touched Yurishia’s slit and caressed by moving them back and forth.

「Ah, haa……ah, ah, haauhn……tsuu, ya, yahn……do, don’t make that lewd sound-……aahaaah!」

「If you are being that loud, everyone will find us you know?」

「Because, when you are attacking me, no matter how I’ll……uau! Hih, ah」

Yurishia’s cheeks blushed and she was breathing painfully. She looked extremely lovely like that.

「Then, just a bit more.」

Kizuna smiled and put more strength into his fingertips.

「Noooo, a, a, aaauh! Hauh ahn! Yaaan!」

Yurishia threw her head backward and her throat shook. She thrust out her waist and her thighs convulsed.

「Aah, ah, ah……kuu……kuuuuuuuuuh……」

She stopped breathing and her body trembled. After a while, she let out a long exhale and she was breathing hard as though she had just sprinted with all her strength.

「Haah! Haah, haaah, haaah」

「Yurishia, you alright?」

「I, I’m alright……haa, haa, aah……nkuh, geez, Kizuna……thi, this time……I’ll……make you feel good, so」

Yurishia put her hand beside Kizuna’s face. She got on all fours and leaned above Kizuna. Her hand reached from between her legs toward Kizuna’s groin.


「Kizuna’s……it has turn really hot.」

「Yurishia, that place……」

Yurishia was staring on Kizuna’s face with an erotic gaze.

「Amazing……it turned into a perverted shape……don’t worry. I’ll caress it gently for you.」

Yurishia’s white and slender fingers caressed around to ascertain Kizuna’s shape.

「Aah……haa……fufuh, Kizuna, you look like you are really enjoying it. I’m also happy if I can make Kizuna feel good……」

「Yurishia……I’m also happy, if I can make Yurishia feel good.」

Kizuna stared at the large white breasts dangling down before his eyes. They were pulled by gravity and shaking with changed shape. His hands were naturally drawn toward them and he grasped the lusciously heavy fruits.

「Kizuna……nnau! Aah, again……my breasts-……aa, as I thought, it feels good-!」

Yurishia writhed greatly and the sofa made creaking sounds. Sweats were trickling down from Yurishia’s forehead.

「I, if you, touch, my breasts……tha, that, strongly, I’ll become strange……aun! Do, don’t stare, so much, like that……your gaze, make me conscious, the tip will be more……」

The tips of the breasts were raising their head.

And then particles of light were sparkling in Yurishia’s eyes.

「Yurishia……I can see the light of Heart Hybrid inside your eyes. It’s the proof that we are nearing success.」

「Ye-, yes, please-……kuuh……se, sent me……to the beyond-, auh, of He, Heart……Hybriiid-」

Kizuna brought his face close to Yurishia’s breasts that he grasped with both hands.


「Ah, Kizuna is-, approaching……the tip, of my breast……aah……he is going to, deal……nnh……the finishing blow……haanh……to me」

Yurishia narrowed her eyes with an intoxicated expression.

「Ah, i-, it’s fine……Kizuna…….suck it. My breasts, are yours after all.」

「Yurishia……here I go」

Kizuna’s tongue touched the tip of the nipple. And then her put the whole pink colored circle into his mouth and sucked on the breast.


The intense pleasure that pierced through her spine made Yurishia unable to hold back her scream. Her voice was continuing for long as though to prolong the end of her shriek.

And then, the particles of light overflowed from their body. The radiance rushed inside the room and enveloped the two.

──Heart Hybrid.

The light seeped into the bodies of the two before long as though they were getting absorbed. When all the lights settled down, Yurishia’s body lightly collapsed on Kizuna’s body as though she had lost consciousness.

It was as though she was drifting on the sea of ecstasy.



Yurishia made a content smile.

And then she was about to whisper words of love, it was at that timing──,

The door of the breastfeeding room burst open.

A terrific vibration shook the room and explosive sound roared. The wall crumbled down and violent wind blew hard into the room.

「Wha-, what!? Enemy attack!?」

Something that looked like human silhouette was reflected inside the smoke.

「I found you, Kizuna.」

Aine who was wearing Zeros slowly showed herself with her red eyes burning angrily.

「What are you two doing inside this room alone!?」

Himekawa also arrived from within the smoke with the main weapon of Neros, Sword at ready in her hand.

「Wait! There is explanation for this. Her Hybrid Count was low. Right, Yurishia?」

Yurishia tilted her head and smiled cheerfully.

「Eh? Oh, that……breastfeeding?」

「Wai-! Tha, that’s different!」

Himekawa brandished Sword with trembling hand.


Aine pulled back her fist and kicked on the floor.


Loud explosion that shook the whole spa resort occurred.

Himekawa and Aine’s attacks blew away the four sides of the breastfeeding room’s wall, gouging up a huge opening into the facility.

Chapter 3 – We Are Only Eating Ice Cream, That’s All![edit]

Part 1[edit]

「Then for the next recreation.」

Reiri said disinterestedly with one hand holding a beer jockey.

「Whm why are my hands suddenly got tied up!?」

Himekawa raised her voice in incomprehension sounding like she was going to cry.

Aine, Himekawa, Yurishia, and Sylvia, the four of them had their hands tied with cord and they were made to sit down in seiza posture. And then there was a stand of metal frame placed in front of each of them. For some reason there was popsicle fixed in place to the stands.

「What is this? This thing that is placed in front of our face……」

「Just as you can see, they are popsicle. They are often used at contest like obstacle race right? That one where they eat thing without using their hands. It will be meaningless to use bread, using candy inside powder also give no sex appeal. That’s why we tried using popsicle to match the resort’s atmosphere. They are fixed in place properly to make it easy to eat, so don’t worry.」

Yurishia frowned.

「Somehow they make me imagine something different though……anyway it’s a competition of who can eat faster isn’t it?」

「That’s right. The one who can finish eating the fastest without using hand will win, it’s that kind of game. However, it’s forbidden to bite using teeth.」

「I don’t really get what’s the intention of that but……」

Aine didn’t look like she was fully satisfied with the explanation, but she accepted reluctantly.

On the other hand, Sylvia was full of motivation.

「The winner will receive exclusive time with captain isn’t it desu!?」

「That’s right. Everyone, are you prepared?」

It was only Himekawa who kept muttering complains in low voice till the end.

「Why do I have to do something so unmannered like this……」


Everyone immediately stretched their tongue toward the popsicle.

The four of them crawled their tongue on the tube shaped popsicle and licked up and down.

Aine’s tongue quickly became cold and her heart felt like it would give up.

「(Lick-, slurp-)……ku, i, it’s cold isn’t it (chuuuuu-)」

「Sy, Sylvia also, (lick, lick, chu-) wo, won’t lose desu (lick lick)」

Yurishia put even more strength into her tongue and continued to lick as though to shave off the ice.

「So, something like this (lick, chuu,) I will finish it (lick lick) right away.」

Himekawa seemed like she was still bothered with the posture. She was unable to concentrate into the contest. Even so, she moved her neck to make her tongue went back and forth from the popsicle’s head until its root and vice versa.

「Li, licking in this kind of posture (slurp) without even using hands (lick lick) I, it’s indecent.」

Complaint was already leaking out starting from Aine.

「But, this ice (lick lick) it’s not (slurp) decreasing at all」

But, Sylvia too was starting to lose her initial momentum gradually.

「(Lick lick) Feels like (lick lick) Waiting it to melt (lick lick) by itself will be faster」

Kizuna who was watching the four folded his hands.

「Is it just my imagination, this look strangely, obscene……」

「You’re right.」

Beside him Reiri also responded disinterestedly with one hand holding a canned shochu high cocktail.

Yurishia uneasily moved away her mouth from the popsicle.

「Aah geez, no good. Just licking won’t be enough……that’s right! If I do this!」

Yurishia opened her mouth wide and snapped the popsicle into her mouth.

「Ahn……(muh, slur-, slurp-)」

Yurishia kept the popsicle inside her mouth and moved her tongue.

Himekawa observed Yurishia’s strategy in admiration.

Himekawa observed Yurishia’s strategy in admiration.

「I see. It looks like putting it inside the mouth is more effective……hamu-」

And then, Himekawa similarly put the popsicle inside her mouth.

「Certainly this way is, (slurp) making the ice melt faster, isn’t it」

However, she was talking with popsicle inside her mouth, so her words couldn’t be heard clearly with her voice sounding muffled.

「Hey, don’t (slurrrp) copy someone else’s tactic」

Aine suddenly also copied the method.

「But (slulurp) doing this (shlulurp) is more……」

Aine moved her head back and forth with her mouth kept holding to the popsicle. She melted the surface with her lips and slurped the ice from its head until its root back and forth.

「Nh, nh, nh, (slurrrp) nh」

However she frowned with her face looking slightly pained. Bit by bit the scowl on her expression was getting increasingly deeper.

Sylvia’s small mouth was completely stuffed with the popsicle.

「Sylvia too (slulurp) nh, nh, nnuh, kehoh, cough. It’s too big to get inside Sylvia’s mouth desu.」

The eyes of Kizuna who was folding his arms snapped wide open.

「Now I’m convinced. It’s not just my imagination, this is undoubtedly erotic!」

「You’re right.」

Reiri answered with a canned cocktail in one hand.

The four who were slurping popsicle were getting heated up in their movement. They moved their head back and forth intensely, even though they were making pained expression, they displayed a desperate battle. Melted ice and drool were trickling down from their mouth, and drawing a string behind. Even so they didn’t pay any attention to appearance and tried to devour their popsicle to the end.

And then──,

「Nnuh! I’m fiiirst!」

「Ooh Yurishia finished hers!」

Aine who was only slightly behind was biting her lips in frustration.

「Kuh, as expected from Yurishia……she boasted unrivalled strength in this kind of vulgar subject. We are completely out of her league.」

Yurishia glared reproachfully at Aine.

「Say, can’t you give a praise honestly?」

「Uu……even though Sylvia endured the cold and pain……it’s unfortunate desu.」

Sylvia’s shoulders dropped in disappointment. Seeing her, Reiri suddenly recalled something and spoke.

「Hm, come to think of it Yurishia. Before this, you stole the right of the winner from Sylvia at the pool right?」


Yurishia’s shoulders jerked. Reiri faced Sylvia and grinned.

「Sylvia, you don’t need to feel down like that. After all you are the winner of the water slider before this. It’s an exchange with Yurishia’s victory this time. That is to say, you obtain the right to spend time with Kizuna next.」

Reiri smiled at Sylvia who was making a surprised face.


「Uwaaaaaai! Sylvia is happy desuuuu!」

Sylvia jumped and expressed her happiness from her whole body.

「Now wait a second, that is……」

Reiri’s sharp glare moved toward Yurishia who was complaining.

「Do you have any objection?」

Yurishia’s face convulsed.

「Uu……no, none.」

Himekawa let out a deep sigh seeing that exchange from the side.

「It’s just deserts……no, you reap what you sow perhaps?」

Part 2[edit]

Kizuna and Sylvia were inside the large bathhouse that boasted the greatest size among the seven bathing areas inside the spa resort. It was spacious like a swimming pool and built extravagantly using marble lavishly.

「Haaah, hot spring……no wait, it’s not but, a huge bath really feels good.」

Kizuna was in a good mood. Beside him Sylvia who also looked like she was in a good mood just as expected was submerged in hot water. A folded towel was placed on her head and she replied happily.

「That’s right desu. It’s warm.」

Both of them submerged into the bath side by side and leaned on the wall relaxedly.

「Nee-san told me to treat the winner well but……are you okay with just entering bath together? Is there anything that you want me to do?」

「Captain look tired desu. Sylvia want to heal captain’s fatigue desu. Besides, Sylvia heard about naked socializing between close people in Japan. Sylvia also want to try doing that naked socializing desu.」

Kizuna smiled wryly.

「Although you say naked……I think the meaning is a bit different from that.」

「But, all the members of Amaterasu said that they had taken bath together with captain desu.」


Kizuna spontaneously choked.

「……Shit, those girls saying unnecessary things.」

Sylvia suddenly made a lonely expression and looked at Kizuna with a pleading gaze.

「Sylvia doesn’t think that she can become number one at all. But, if Sylvia do the naked socializing the same like everyone, Sylvia feels like she can become everyone’s comrade desu. Is that no good……desu?」

Kizuna was overwhelmed by that earnest gaze.

「No, there is no way it’s no good.」

Sylvia’s face broke into a bright smiled and she stood up.

「Sylvia is glad desu! Then, Sylvia will wash captain’s back desu.」

Water drops splashed on the skin that was warmed and blushed pink. The slender and small body was exposed in front of Kizuna without hiding anything.

「He, hey, Sylvia! Hide your body a little!」

「Fue? It won’t be naked socializing like that desu. Sylvia wish that captain also won’t hide anything desu.」

Kizuna’s feeling was shaken by Sylvia’s straightforward gaze.

──’Am I being too overly conscious? I’m being overly conscious at the body style of little girl like Sylvia might mean that I have that kind of interest.’

「I understand. Then, I won’t hide anything. Please wash my back.」

Kizuna resolved his heart and stood up from the bathtub.


Sylvia stared hard at Kizuna’s figure.

「Wha, what?」

「There is something strange attached at captain’s groin desu.」

「As I thought I’ll hide it!」

Kizuna covered his groin with a towel in panic.

He wrapped a towel around his waist and got out from the bathtub. Then he monopolized the spacious bathing place with only the two of them there. And then, he asked Sylvia to wash his back just as she wished.

Sylvia made a soap to be bubbly and started to scrub Kizuna’s back.

「How does it feel? Is there any place that feel itchy desu?」

「Yeah, it’s fine. It feels good.」

Usually he never had anyone washing his back, so this was a fresh sensation. The feel of the hand on his back was strangely small. He was able to imagine Sylvia’s small hand and it made him smiled warmly for some reason.

「Ehehe, captain’s back is big desu.」

「Hahaha, then let’s switch now. This time I’ll wash Sylvia’s back.」

「No, there is no need desu.」

Sylvia shook her head and her hands hurriedly as though to say that she didn’t deserve such thing.

「Don’t mind it. Come on, it’s fine so show me your back.」

「Then……please do desu.」

Because Kizuna kept insisting, Sylvia must felt that it would be rude instead to keep being reserved. Sylvia turned her small back toward Kizuna.

Kizuna gently rubbed Sylvia’s back. He washed Sylvia’s back as though he was polishing an important treasure or wiping a priceless artwork that was fragile.

Sylvia let out a sigh looking as though she was feeling good.

「It feels strange to have someone else washing your back desu. But, it feels happy somehow desu.」

「I see. Yosh, it’s clean now.」

Kizuna poured hot water and washed away the bubbles on Sylvia’s back.

「Thank you very much desu.」

Sylvia twirled around and faced Kizuna. And then she made the soap she was holding to bubble.

「Then, next is the front desu.」


「No, that’s, as expected that’s bad.」

「Why desu?」

Sylvia made a face that looked really puzzled and tilted her head.

「No, as expected morally that feels wrong……」

「It’s not like we are doing anything bad desu. Sylvia wants to do something for captain’s sake desu. Is that not allowed desu?」

「Uh, that’s……」

──’That’s right. It’s not like we are doing anything to feel guilty about. If I think of her like a young little sister or daughter, feeling nervous is more problematic instead.’

「I guess you’re right. Then, please do so.」

「Roger desu. Then, pardon me desu.」

Sylvia began to scrub Kizuna’s chest happily.

Although Kizuna was pretending to be composed, his heart was actually beating hard.

──’I’m nervous as expected. To be this near……looking carefully, Sylvia is young but she is really a beauty huh……aah, calm down, calm down, be cool, my son. A stimulation of just this level is……eh?’

Kizuna jumped from the sensation that he felt at his groin.

「Uawaaa! Whe, where are you touching?」

「Ah, don’t stand desu. But captain, as expected the more Sylvia look at it, the more Sylvia think it’s strange desu. Ah, it’s alright desu. Sylvia doesn’t hate captain because of it desu.」

Sylvia’s hand moved toward the groin of the standing up Kizuna and mercilessly began to wash there.

「No no no no! That’s not it, uguh!」

「Sorry desu! Does it hurt desu?」

「A, aa it’s sensitive there……no, that’s not what I should say huh! Auh!」

Unlike before, this time he was enveloped by a soft sensation.

「Sylvia will wash it gently with my palm desu.」

「No, that’s not it, Sy, Sylvia~」

「But, it’s somewhat mysterious desu. Somehow it’s gradually looking cuter……Sylvia feel like inside my body is getting hot desu.」

Sylvia was also gradually getting absorbed into it. Her waist moved up from the chair and she stood up. She grasped Kizuna’s thing with both hands tightly and continued to wash it with slippery soap.

「Uwaa……it’s mysterious desu! It become easier to wash it! Amazing desu, how mystical desu! It’s cute……or rather it’s manly desu……it feels intoxicating desu.」

「Wa, wait Sylvia.」

Kizuna tried to stop Sylvia by reaching his hand toward her small body.

「Hyan! Aa……captaiiin, is also washing Sylvia’s body desu? Sylvia is happy desu.」

「N, no, that’s not my intenti」

──’No, wait. Now that it have become like this, perhaps making resistance is my only option!? Simply getting done in one-sidedly will make me have no dignity as captain or anything!’

Kizuna was also already losing the strength to make sane decision.

「I, if it’s like this then!」

「Kyauhn……captain’s hand……it feels, good desu. Ah, haan! Auuuuu……kuu」

Kizuna’s hand caressed Sylvia’s slender body all over. After he applied the soap on her smooth skin, he didn’t feel anymore resistance at the slightest. Kizuna then washed his back with his palms on her back as though he was embracing her.

「Aa……nh, nkuh……haah」

His hands slid down and grasped her small butts. He caressed around there until the gap, leaving no place untouched.

「Haah, ah……haah, aa……aaaaan……yahn, fuaah」

Regardless of her little girl appearance, Sylvia’s cheeks blushed and she gasped with an erotic face. And then, she twisted her body from the pleasure and her hands grabbed Kizuna himself with a force that wouldn’t let go no matter what. She moved her hands up and down without rest, rather she was attacking even more intensely.

「Kuh……Syl, via……」

Both of them didn’t see anything else anymore other than each other.

The pleasure that they granted to the other and the pleasure that they felt completely became one and they got drunk into a sense of unity as though they were connected to each other.

「Haah, yaah……kuuh……aaaaaaa……haan……ah」

The movement of their hands became more intense.

「Do-, don’t-, desu-……something……fuuh, aan……I, in front of Sylvia’s eyes……aun……is, is turning pure……whi-whi-whiteeeeeeeee-nnn」

Finally Sylvia’s body bent backward and her whole body trembled. Each time the wave of pleasure surged on her, her body would shiver. Her eyes narrowed in ecstasy and her small tongue peeked out from her slovenly opened mouth.

With a jerk strength left her body. Kizuna gently embraced her limp body.


Sylvia was breathing quietly inside his arms.

They should be recovering from fatigue inside the bath. But Kizuna was feeling tiredness as though he had just done an intense workout.

「I won……」

Kizuna took a deep breath and tension left his body. He felt like he had just accomplished an important work.

──’What amazing latent potential. It would be dangerous if it continued for thirty more seconds. However……perhaps the next time won’t go like this.’

「Even so Sylvia……she will be terrifying in the future.」

Chapter 4 – Hida Kizuna’s Castaway Story[edit]

Part 1[edit]

Reiri drank the tequila that was poured into a chilled glass in one gulp.

「Now then, the recreation this time is very simple. Go through a lap of this flowing pool and the winner will be the first one that reaches the goal.」

There was a flowing pool that was like a river in front of them. It looked like a pool that could be found anywhere, but it was unbelievably long. A lap of it was more than three kilometers. It combined a course that circled the outer circumference of this spa resort and curves of various sizes that went around the center. There was even multi level crossing in between the course. It was a course that looked like a circuit.

Aine put her hand on her waist and glared at the flowing pool before her.

「Very well. This time I’ll show you all what I’m made of for sure.」

It wasn’t just Aine who was full of motivation.

「I cannot just keep losing. I will take the victory this time.」

「I will show you all my consecutive win.」

Himekawa and Yurishia also spoke their determination to intimidate each other. However Sylvia alone was taking a step back.

「Sylvia will just observe this time desu.」

「What’s the matter?」

Reiri asked with a dubious expression.

「No, Sylvia has received the reward just now, so Sylvia will yield this one desu. There will be divine punishment if Sylvia get too greedy desu.」

Himekawa’s eyes brightened from feeling moved by Sylvia’s words.

「What……a good child. Truly, I wish the senior people around here will learn something from Sylvia-chan.」

「Just what are you talking about I wonder?」

Yurishia crossed her arms with an astonished expression. Himekawa ignored the aforementioned senior and put her hand on Sylvia’s shoulder.

「Listen, Sylvia-chan. If there is something that trouble you, you can tell Onee-san okay?」

「Yes, thank you very much! Then, I hope that everyone will have a good competition desu!」

「Yooosh, you all. Take your position!」

The three of them lined up at the poolside.

「I don’t care whether you are swimming using crawl or breaststroke or whatever. Anyway, the one who reach the goal first will win.」

The three of them raised their tension.


Reiri’s lifted up her hand,


She swung down her hand in a flash.

The three simultaneously kicked on the poolside and their body flew in the air. And then, they dived into the pool. Right after that, they began swimming hard using crawl style.

Kizuna cheered them up with a loud voice.

「Everyoooone, do your beesst!」

「Do your best deeesu!」

That cheer pushed the back of the three and they put their strength into their hands that were paddling the water.

Himekawa was astounded by the swimming of Yurishia who was slightly ahead.

──’Yurishia-san is fast. But I won’t lose!’

Yurishia’s heart was also burning with rivalry toward Himekawa who was hot on her heel.

──’Not bad Hayuru! But, you won’t catch up to me!’

Yurishia raised the tempo of her legs and arms in order to push forward even further.

「Oh! Yurishia is in the lead. Aine is……no good it seems.」

Although Aine was also swimming desperately, she wasn’t a match against Yurishia and Himekawa at all. She was rapidly getting left behind.

──’Kuh……those two, why are they so fast……if it’s like this!’


Blue light converged on Aine’s body and created an armor. She didn’t summon the whole thing, she skillfully equipped only the thruster on her waist. And then, that thruster spouted out light particles, at the same time she began to swim in a speed that was impossible for human. It was as though she was gliding on the water surface like a dolphin.

And then, she overtook the two who were at the lead in the blink of eye.

「Ah! Aine!?」

Yurishia was puzzled for a moment at what was overtaking her. And then she immediately noticed that Aine was wearing Zeros and got angry.

「That’s cheating! Aine!」

However Aine responded with a mocking smile.

「Don’t say such rude thing. This is just the swimming method of Chidorigafuchi Aine.」

「Then, I’ll also do the same! Cross!」

Yurishia equipped Cross’s Differential Frame. With this her speed wouldn’t be inferior against Zeros. She sped up like a rocket and overtook Aine again.

「Wha-! Yurishia!」

「I’ll go ahead~. I’m unmatched if it’s speed you know!」

「Yurishia is fast only in a straight line! If there is this many curves, I’ll be the one in advantage!」

Himekawa who was left behind bit her lips in frustration.

「If the two of you are like that then me too-! Neros!」

Himekawa also equipped Neros. However she only wore the gloves on both her hands and the leg parts, she didn’t equip the thruster. Like this she was unable to obtain propulsive power. It was completely impossible to catch up to Aine and Yurishia.

「Here I go, Blade!」

A huge sword that was almost as tall as Himekawa flew out from her back. It was a sword that obeyed Himekawa’s will to freely fly in the sky and cut apart the enemy. It was the sure-kill weapon of Neros.

「Blade can also be used like this!」

The Blade dived inside the water and went below Himekawa’s feet. Himekawa put her feet on it and then Blade began to accelerate while surfacing. And then, it pushed Himekawa’s body until the water surface and surfed on the water surface like a water ski.

And then she reached Aine and Yurishia while rushing through several curves.

「Hayuru! Don’t tell me you are riding on Blade!?」

「Wait, that’s not swimming anymore! That’s surfing!」

「The rule is going through a lap of the course! There is no rule that we have to swim!」

There was three hundred meters until the goal.

There was no more time for talking.

They could only rush single-mindedly toward the goal.

The water splash the three of them created became even more intense.

The three’s Heart Hybrid Gear rushed through with a roar.


And then, the three passed through the goal almost at the same time.

Reiri who was standing at the goal line was staring at that moment.

Himekawa, Aine, Yurishia looked at Reiri’s face at the same time. And then after a tense moment, the name of the winner was announced.


A moment later, Himekawa thrust up both her hands.

「I did iiiiit-! I won, I won! It’s my victory-!」

She was extremely happy. Himekawa clapped in high spirit which was unusual for her.

Part 2[edit]

「……Thinking back again, why was I getting so into it like that?」

Himekawa was pondering while walking on a path inside the spa resort. There was vegetation at both sides of the path. The beautiful greenery was gentle to the eye.

However right now Himekawa didn’t take notice of such thing at all. She was muttering in a low voice while walking briskly.

「Then Himekawa, where are you planning to take me to?」

Kizuna was following Himekawa from behind while addressing her.

「It feels like I’m rushing into danger by my own initiative to be alone with Kizuna-kun like this.」

「Himekawa too has something that you want to do together right? What are you planning to do……wait oooi, Himekawaa. Wait for me.」

Himekawa walked with a pace that would leave him behind if he got careless. Kizuna jogged to catch up beside Himekawa. It seemed she was absorbed in her thought and Kizuna’s voice didn’t enter her ears.

「Oi, Himekawa!」

「Geez-, what is it, you are noisy since some time ago!」

She turned toward Kizuna gloomily. Kizuna made a troubled smile to butter her up.

「No, I’m just wondering where are we going.」

「You ask where……」

Himekawa stopped walking and looked around restlessly.

「Eh? Huh……this place, where is this?」

「I was also only following Himekawa……the amount of tree increased when I noticed. This place is like a forest, or rather a jungle isn’t it?」

「Is this the so called jungle bathing area?」

「Surely that’s it. Well, if we go a bit further, perhaps we will find a guide sign or something?」

Himekawa tightened her lips into a frown and she thought, but she immediately nodded.

「You’re right……let’s try take a look.」

However the farther they went, the denser the jungle became. It made them suspicious whether this place was really a spa resort.

「For a resort, this feels too much like a survival event instead.」

「Yeah, but perhaps we only entered the backyard accidentally.」

Himekawa nodded with a convinced expression.

「Certainly that might be the case.」

They pushed through the tree branches and advanced forward like that for a while. They could hear bird chirps and animal cries from the surrounding which made them felt like it was a real jungle. And then in reality the jungle didn’t come to an end no matter how much time passed.

「……We are completely lost.」

「Before that, is this place really inside the resort facility?」

「Yeah……no matter what this forest is too deep. It’s overly vast. Don’t tell me we really came into an empty island or something?」

Himekawa reflexively yelled.

「Such stupid thing is impossible!」

「For example, perhaps we passed through an Entrance without being aware or something.」


Himekawa’s face complexion changed drastically. Kizuna hurriedly waved his hand and denied it.

「No, as expected there is no way that’s true. But」

It was right at that timing they came to see blue sky ahead of them.

「Himekawa! That’s the forest’s exit.」

Kizuna and Himekawa broke into a run. Their field of vision opened up greatly when they came out of the forest.

Wind blew between them.

「Really……just, what is going on?」


──’At that time, what is spreading before our eyes is the horizon that is continuing until far beyond. And then, there was a sea that is surrounding us in 360 degree. Without noticing it, we really are in a solitary island of distant sea.’

Part 3[edit]

It was a beautiful starry sky. There wasn’t a single electric lighting in the solitary island. Kizuna and Himekawa was sitting side by side near the fire they created.

「Really……just, what in the world happened?」

Himekawa raised an uneasy voice. She hugged her legs even more strongly and shrank even smaller.

Kizuna wanted to raise the spirit of such Himekawa, so he made his voice as bright as possible.

「Nee-chan and others will find us even without us panicking.」

「But! Can everyone imagine for such illogical thing like this to happen? There is no doubt that they won’t even imagine that something happened to us! Even if they notice, there is no way they will know where we are!」


Kizuna also fell silent hearing that.

For some reason, the sensor of their Heart Hybrid Gear showed that they were still positioned at the spa resort.

「I don’t know anymore……as I thought, let’s escape from here using Heart Hybrid Gear. Nero──」

Kizuna immediately caught Himekawa’s shoulder.

「Oi, calm down.」


Kizuna pulled Himekawa toward him and hugged her.

「Wai-……what are you doing taking advantage at the confusion by hugging……」

「Don’t worry. At this kind of time it’s better to not move around randomly.」


Kizuna restrain Himekawa’s body gently without using much strength. And then his palm lightly tapped Himekawa’s back as though he was reassuring a child.

「It’s fine. Help will come.」

「How can you say that so surely!」

「I believe in everyone.」

Kizuna said that naturally without any unease or even tension in his voice. On the contrary, his voice expressed the strength of his trust toward Amaterasu. Himekawa could feel that.

「The way you talk……it sounds as though I’m not trusting everyone like that.」

Himekawa averted her face awkwardly.

「I’m not saying that. It’s just, isn’t it fine if we just do what we can? Like preserving our stamina and Hybrid Count for when it really matters.」

「Yo, you’re right……certainly.」

Kizuna guessed that Himekawa had calmed down and he let go of her body.

Himekawa stole a glance at Kizuna’s face.

Suddenly the beating of her heart became faster.

「Kizuna-kun……somehow, you have really become like a captain.」

Kizuna couldn’t hide his surprise at the unexpected sentence.

「Eh? Me? That’s not true. I’m only relying on everyone all the time.」

「No, compared to when we first met……I think……you have completely changed.」

「I, is that so? It feels embarrassing.」

Kizuna scratched his head awkwardly. His smiling expression and gesture caused Himekawa’s chest to tighten *kyun*.

──’What I can do right now……come to think of it, I am in the middle of mission right now. Someone has to be Kizuna’s number one and obtain the strongest power……Aine-san and Yurishia-san both aren’t here. There is no choice but for me to do it!’


「Yes-! ……Wait, what is it so suddenly?」

Himekawa sidled up to Kizuna and snuggled on him.

「Le, let’s do Heart Hybrid!」

「Whaat!? Himekawa is the one who is asking that on your own……what’s the matter?」

Himekawa’s face turned bright red and she spoke while looking down.

「Wha, what we can do right now. That is to prepare for when the time come. My Hybrid Count has decreased. In that case we should recharge it while we can.」

「That is……true.」

Himekawa raised her face in a flash.

「Listen to me, this is a duty. No matter what please don’t think of it as me losing to my desire! I’m coompletely reluctant to do it, but it can’t be helped!」

「Go, got it. I got it! That’s why don’t push, uwah!」

Himekawa’s body leaned forward and pushed down Kizuna.

And then the two of them stared at each other in a distance where they could feel each other’s breath.


「Tha, that……I don’t know……what to do, after this, so, that……」

Himekawa muttered with a voice that was like a mosquito’s cry. Although she followed the momentum and pushed him down, that was her limit.

Kizuna circled his hand on Himekawa’s back to continue after her.

「Yeah, I understand Himekawa’s feeling really well. Leave the rest to me.」

Kizuna’s hand moved up and down Himekawa’s spine several times.


The hand on her back slid to her waist and then moved to her chest. It touched the tip of the breast that was covered by bikini.

「Ah, bu, but don’t! My breast is……nh」

Kizuna spread his fingers and grabbed the whole breast before slowly tracing a circle on it.

「Haah, aaaaaaan……ah, ah……no-, aaaaan……i, it’s no good, and yeeet」

「Why……is it no good?」

Himekawa twisted her body in embarrassment.

「Because……because, my breast, isn’t really……big, that’s whyyyy-nh」

「It’s alright. I told you before, Himekawa’s breast isn’t small.」

Himekawa stared at Kizuna with a fawning gaze.


「Yeah. I told you many times already. That’s why, take off that swimsuit……can you show me your pretty breast to me?」

Himekawa shyly entangled her fingers with each other hearing those words.

「That’s……calling them pretty is……ahn」

Kizuna continued to give her pleasure from above the swimsuit even during that time.

「Is it no good?」

「Uuhn……I, it’s for the sake of He, Heart, Hybrid so……nh」

Himekawa’s eyes moistened and she moved her hand to her back. And then she untied the string and took off her swimsuit’s bra. It made a faint sound of rustling cloth and the swimsuit fell to the ground.

Himekawa’s breasts were illuminated by the light of the fire. Its shading was clearly depicted. It looked even more beautiful compared to when looking at it under normal lighting.

This time their skin contacted directly without swimsuit getting in the way. Kizuna’s hands squashed Himekawa’s soft breasts.

「Yah……it’s embarrassing……aahn, a-a-, don’t, rub them so stronglyyy……」

Himekawa’s hand pushed away on Kizuna’s hand. However it was only for form’s sake, she didn’t put strength into her push that it became obstacle for him.

「Uau……haah, haah, haaah……that way, of fondling, is indecent……nnoooo……nh」

Kizuna was going to take away his hand for a moment. However, Himekawa’s hand held on Kizuna’s hand instead and wouldn’t let go.


It looked like an unconscious act, but Kizuna thought that it was really cute. His hand didn’t move away and he stimulated Himekawa by rolling her tip using his palm.

「Nnnnnnnuh, no-, no way, my tip is……sensitive so……aaaaaaaaaan, don’t pinch iiiiitt-, haa, haa……」

Kizuna lightly pinched the pink bud with his fingertips. Himekawa’s breathing was gradually becoming rough.

Kizuna’s hands let go of her breasts and widely caressed around her upper body.

「Ah, don’t, a place like my armpit is……aa……hauh!」

Kizuna caressed Himekawa’s body to taste it thoroughly and then advanced to her lower body.

「Aaaan, my stomach……ah, don’t go lower than that……if, if it’s around my waist……kyaaa!」

Kizuna pulled at the string that got caught on his finger. Then the swimsuit was taken off from Himekawa’s lower body smoothly.

「Do, don’t, take them……away, everything, will get exposed……aaaaaaaaan!」

Faster than Himekawa could cover it with her hand, Kizuna’s hand slipped between Himekawa’s legs.

「Tha, that place, is no good. Hiuh! ……Uaaah, aan」

Kizuna’s hand moved up and down. Each time Himekawa’s body would jerk and jumped. And then other than the gasping voice flowing from Himekawa’s mouth, a watery sticky sound was also starting to get audible.

Himekawa didn’t notice what sound it was at first, but when she noticed the true identity of the sound she became bright red and her lips trembled.

「N, no, don’t! It’s, making sound……nnnnnnu」

Rather Kizuna was instead attacking her even more intensely to make louder sound.

「Haah……aaaaaah, nooooo-……do, dooon’t! Ple, pleaseeee」

Kizuna’s finger suddenly stopped moving.

「Is this……no good?」

Himekawa answered with gasping breath.

「Haa, haa, nh, tha, that place, make me……turn strange……so don’t」

「Then, it can’t be helped.」

「Eh? Tha, thank, you……Kizuna, kun」

Himekawa said her thanks while looking a bit despondent.

「In exchange, I’ll make you feel good with this place.」

Kizuna’s hands moved to Himekawa’s butt and spread open that soft flesh. Himekawa’s expression changed to become even more coquettish.

「Eh……tha, that place……」

「What is it?」

「Do, don’t. That place……is no good」

Himekawa leaned on Kizuna’s chest fawningly. Her soft breasts were squashed on his chest and their shape became distorted. Kizuna’s chest felt pleasure from that sensation.

「But, the front is no good right?」

「My butt is even more no good-……HAAuuAAAaaAAH」

Kizuna strengthened his grip and groped her butt’s flesh around.


「Ah! Ah! Hau! Aaaaaan. Be, because, I, I’m feeling it too much there-! NOOOOOOOOO」

Himekawa’s body reacted even more intensely than before. And then, particles of light were starting to swim inside Himekawa’s eyes.

「I can see the light of Heart Hybrid in Himekawa’s eyes. As I thought, this place is better.」

「I, idiooot! Tha, that’s not true-, aaaaah」

Himekawa raised a voice that was unclear whether it was a tearful voice or a voice of joy.

「Hyaaaaa, my butt, if they are messed up, with both hands like that-……kuh, fuaaaaah」

Himekawa was already completely in an aroused state. The sign of Heart Hybrid was clearly visible.

「AAaN,, ye-, yes-, my butt, feels nuuumb……haah, kuh……nnnh」

The stimulation to her butt was also transmitted to Himekawa’s most important part. Honey dripped down and trickled along her thigh.

「Haah……I, inside my stomach, is meltiiing……aah, ye-, yes, it’s actually, feels……very-, gooooooddd-」

Kizuna’s fingers spread open her butt and caressed the chasm. He probed around at the center.

As expected Himekawa’s complexion changed.

「Ah……wha, what are you……doing?」

Kizuna’s finger scooped up the honey that was flowing on Himekawa’s thigh. He used his wet fingertip to massage the center of her butt to loosen up that place.

「Eh……a, do, don’t……please, that’s……」

Kizuna’s finger fixed its aim. His fingertip slightly sank in.

「Haaaaaah, doooooon’t-, do, do-, don’t put it iiiiiiiin-」

Kizuna’s finger stabbed into the warm flesh cave.


Dazzling light overflowed from the two’s body at that time. The particles of light mixed with each other in the air and enveloped the body of the two.

「Haah, haah, UUUuuuN……haaa……a」

Himekawa turned limp and leaned on Kizuna’s body. Kizuna gently embraced her body.


At that time the scenery of the surrounding changed.

The solitary island at night changed into a public park at afternoon as though a curtain had been raised. An open area with green lawn all around and a plank with the words camping area written on it appeared.

「Wha-, what!? The scenery is……being overwritten?」

──’No, that’s not it. It’s returning to normal……this is, don’t tell me!’


Yurishia came running from the entrance of the camping area while waving her hand.

「Yurishia! Also, everyone too……」

「Captaiiiin-! We are worried because you didn’t come back desuuu」

「We were wondering where did the two of you run off to.」

Sylvia and Aine were also running until in front of Kizuna and Himekawa. Kizuna sighed in relieve and talked to everyone.

「We also wanted to go back, but somehow we arrived at a place that was like an empty island.」

「That is one of the selling point of this camping area.」

Reiri arrived with one hand holding a portable whisky bottle.

「It showed illusion by sending electrical signal directly to the brain. It’s an attraction where you can safely enjoy the experience of getting casted away in an untrodden region.」

Kizuna knitted his eyebrows.

「Is that, the same mechanism like Love Room?」

「It’s scaled down from it. The staff must have forgotten to turn off the switch.」

Kizuna made an exasperated expression and let out a long sigh.

「What, so it’s a false alarm huh.」

「It’s not just ‘what’!」

Himekawa slowly stood up with an aura of anger covering her.

「E, eh, Himekawa. Today you return to your senses quicker than usual huh. Ahaha.」

「I’m feeling so anxious like that, because of such thing……it will be fine if that’s all but, I was, I was, asking that kind of indecent by my own……」

Kizuna was sweating coldly while backing away.

「No! I think that it was the correct choice in that situation don’t you think!? It’s something that will be necessary sooner or later anyway! Haha, as expected from Himekawa!」

Himekawa made a smile with cold eyes.

「That’s right isn’t it……I It’s nice timing that I just get recharged, so perhaps I should try using it……Neros!」

Himekawa’s body was instantly equipped with Neros.

「Hi, Himekawa? We can reach understanding if we talk it out!」

「I have heard before that a strong impact will cause memory loss. I’ll have you forget what happened just now!」


A loud explosion sound thundered in the camping area.

Chapter 5 – The One Who Win in the End[edit]

Part 1[edit]

「Now then, this will be the last recreation……it’s troublesome but, let’s do it.」

Kizuna faced Reiri and whispered with a small voice.

「Nee-chan, Nee-chan. Your true feeling leaked out.」

Reiri put the awamori she was drinking on the table beside the beach bed. (TN: Awamori : strong Okinawan liquor distilled from rice or millet)

「Hm? Aah, good grief. To think that I have to offer my little brother as sacrifice to these wet behind the ears little girls……it’s really irritating.」

Kizuna’s face was twitching.

「Saaay, Onee-sama? Could it be, you are drunk?」

Yurishia put her fingertip on her chin and fell into thought as though she was searching her memory.

「Thinking back, the commander, she had been drinking all this time since we came here.」

Himekawa looked down with a pained expression.

「That must be just how much stress she has been piling up until now. How pitiful.」

「It’s really pitiful desuu」

Aine was coldly looking at Reiri with a fixed stare.

「Isn’t she just merely a heavy drinker……」

Reiri began to explain looking like she found it extremely troublesome.

「Aa, this facility is an attraction called as Castle Adventure. The content is a competition where some will act as hero while some other will act as monster. The two sides will confront each other to determine the winner.」

Himekawa raised her hand.

「How will the winner get determined specifically?」

「Choose one person among you to act as princess. Everyone will then do battle royale to obtain the princess. The game will be done using this toy laser gun……it’s in the shape of cane or sword, use them to shoot each other and the one who get hit will lose. The one who survive to the end will be the winner.」

Yurishia sighed in exasperation.

「It’s really half-baked isn’t it.」

「But, it sounds fun desu.」

Sylvia clenched both her hands while smiling joyfully.

「Then, I’ll decide the role cast by my own judgment! First──」

Part 2[edit]

Kizuna was walking inside a thick mist. Each step he took caused his armor to make clanking sound. The twisting stone paved path was continuing on, but the mist was thick so he couldn’t really look ahead. When he saw a faint shadow, he thought it was human but actually it was a plank sign. It had happened to him three times already.

「Even the hero role is hard huh……even so, whether it’s this armor or this set, they are really elaborate.」

It was a set in the image of middle age Europe. The atmosphere became really eerie thanks to the mist blowing device and smoke.


A sound that resembled Kizuna’s footstep was approaching from inside the mist.


The faintly visible silhouette belonged to a girl wearing armor. And then a familiar voice came.

「Aine huh? It’s me, Kizuna.」


Aine who was wearing a slender armor showed up.

「You are also, a hero……no, you got female hero role huh.」

Aine immediately drew out her sword.

「So my first prey will be Kizuna.」

Kizuna put his hands to the front and jumped backward.

「No-, wait! Aine」

「What? You are going to beg for your life?」

「Even if we fight, at this range we will only defeat each other. Because look, this laser gun is really sloppy. Perhaps even if I pull the trigger slightly later, it will still be judged that my shot hit with some leeway left.」

Aine frowned and stared at the sword she was holding.

「What’s with that.」

「After all it’s just a toy. It will be a different story if Aine wear Zeros, but there is no way you will be able to defeat me instantly using that armor right?」

「So what?」

Kizuna grinned and held out his right hand for a handshake.

「For now let’s join hand with each other. Let’s begin with defeating the monster group first.」

Aine stared at his hand for a while, but she then pointed her face away with prickly attitude.

「Hmph……well, fine. Then, let’s go.」

Aine left Kizuna behind and immediately advanced through the path into the mist. Kizuna smiled wryly at his right hand that was held out in vain and followed behind Aine.

The sound of two sets of footsteps was walking side by side on the stone paving.

This mist most likely was created in order to make the players felt that it was a big set. But even after they had walked quite long, they still hadn’t reached the goal. It felt like the set was big enough even without the mist.

Before long the form of a castle appeared from inside the mist. Seeing the size of the castle caused Kizuna to feel shocked once more at the large scale of this resort facility.

「But, this attraction is really well made huh. It’s just a papier mache castle, but its appearance is like the real thing. Well, it’s not like I have ever gone to Europe, so I don’t really know……Aine?」

Aine’s condition seemed strange. Her eyes opened wide and her gaze looked shaken as though she was receiving a shock.


Aine’s body staggered. And then her armored body collapsed loudly.

「Aine! What’s the matter?」

Kizuna crouched beside Aine and lifted up her body in his arms.

「I, I’m fine. I’m just, a bit dizzy……」

Aine smiled with a pale face.

「Ah, good timing.」

Kizuna rushed toward a room that was inside the set.

「Be calm okay? It’s a part of the set, but there is a bed that seems usable. Let’s rest there.」

Perhaps the room was meant to be the room of the princess of this castle, because it was made really extravagant and stylish. Cute pink wallpaper. Splendid dresser and a chair covered with embroidered cloth. And then there was a splendid bed in the center of the room where three people could sleep on it with room to spare.

「Here, I’ll lower you down.」

Kizuna laid down Aine on the bed.

「The bed has canopy attached. It’s an extravagant decoration, really fitting for the castle setting.」

「This bed too……somehow, it looks similar……」

Kizuna didn’t understand what was Aine talking about. He became worried if perhaps her condition was bad and her consciousness was hazy.

「Similar you say, what do you mean?」

「Like this castle, or this bed……it’s completely similar……with what I recalled when doing Climax Hybrid.」

「These things?」

Kizuna looked around him.

As expected, it was just like his first impression, this room was like the room of a princess.

「If that’s true then, perhaps Aine was a princess from somewhere?」

「Please don’t say stupid thing. Normally you will think that I had gone to play at amusement park similar to this somewhere isn’t it?」

「No, I know that but」

Kizuna felt like he had expended effort uselessly when his joke was replied seriously like that.

「Besides, the current me……isn’t anything like a princess. I am a female knight.」

Kizuna spontaneously laughed.


Kizuna also climbed on the bed and began to take off Aine’s armor.

Aine made a suspicious expression, even so she allowed Kizuna to strip her off.

「What, are you doing?」

「Hm? It’s better to be dressed as comfortably as possible when you aren’t feeling good.」


Kizuna took off the armor parts on her arms, legs, and torso. With that he was able to take off the armor completely.

「Then, lift both your hands.」


Aine was only in her underwear after Kizuna stripped away her shirt.

「……Hah, wait! Just what are you doing!?」

「Eh, I told you I’m making you dress comfortably.」

「Even so you are stripping too much that I’m left in only my underwear like this!」

Aine hid her breast with both her hands and her cheeks blushed.

「I, is that so, sorry.」

「Good grief……」

──’But, I’m dressed like this……while alone with Kizuna. Besides, we are on a bed……this is, could it be that this is the same situation like the reward for winner?’

It was embarrassing, but in a sense this was a perfect chance. At this rate the result of her being the only one unable to spend time together with Kizuna was also possible.

A sense of danger was welling up rapidly inside Aine.

「Aine, how are you feeling?」

「Hyah!? Ah, i, it’s not bad.」

──’I was unable to win even once until now……even that Sylvia got one over me. If it stay like this, I’ll be the only one……I don’t want that!’

Kizuna’s hand caressed Aine’s head. She felt like her body was being caressed when his hand stroked her sleek silver hair.

「If you are feeling well, let’s hurry ahead. The others might also be waiting ahead.」

Aine quietly grabbed the arm of Kizuna who was moving to stand up.

「I’m still not feeling good.」

「Hm, I see. Then it’s better if you sleep a bit more.」

Aine leaked out a mutter with a small voice looking like he was cornered.

「…….My Hybrid Count has decreased I think.」


「Because, Kizuna haven’t done Heart Hybrid with me recently.」

「Oi oi, that’s because you were acting shy and wouldn’t let me do it at all right? When you are feeling better──」

Aine responded with a shrill voice.

「Yo, you can just do it now.」

「But if you aren’t feeling well doing it later is」

「Then, forget it!」

Aine turned around to face the other side and buried her face into her pillow.

「Oi, why are you sulking……」

「Don’t make me……say embarrassing thing further than this.」


Kizuna noticed the ear of Aine who was hiding her face on the pillow had turned red. Mysteriously a kind feeling was filling Kizuna’s heart.

「I get it.」

Kizuna’s hands reached out toward Aine’s breasts from behind. And then his fingers sunk into those large twin globes.

「Fuah! Ju, just because I said that, groping my breasts so suddenly like that is, haah……ahn, it’s just……cannot be done-, aaaah, but-」

「My bad. When it come to Heart Hybrid, it become hard to resist the temptation.」

Once he started touching, he became the prisoner of that texture. The elastic texture had pleasantness that couldn’t be substituted by anything else.

「Ge, geez……you are really, a pervert……ah, aan」

Kizuna got on all fours on the bed as though to pin down Aine. And then he enjoyed those breasts to his heart content once more. His fingers entered into the gap of the bra and began to grope.

「Haah, aa……a, don’t, groping……so lewdly like that, ah, ah……haaaa……kuuh」

「Why is it……no good? Even though it’s this big, pretty, and really pleasant to touch. Aine’s breasts are soft, elastic, it feels like I’m healed just from touching them……it makes me feel really good.」

「Be, because……」

Aine turned her back on Kizuna once more to escape from his hands. And then she muttered with a small voice that almost couldn’t be heard.

「It’ll get seen, that they got erect……kyaah」

Kizuna took the chance he was presented with by Aine turning her back on him and released the hook of her bra.

「Wha-! Do-, don’t, take off, my bra!」

Kizuna quickly took off the bra through Aine’s arms and then he lightly dropped them below the bed.

「Noooooooo! Don’t look……haun!」

Kizuna grasped both of Aine’s arms and pushed her down on the bed.

「Ah……uun……geez, I told you, don’t look……and yeeet……」

Thanks to Kizuna thoroughly continuing to touch her before this, the center of her white and large breasts, her completely enlarged and rising up pink tips were pointing up pointily.

「Uh, it got seen……standing erect……aan」

Kizuna massaged the exposed breasts as though he was trying to wring out milk from them. They made him felt that perhaps soon milk would really come out from them.

「Haah, aa……if you, directly, grope them like that……more……uh, they became, bigger……nnuh」

Kizuna’s hands let go of the breasts and began to massage her whole body to every nook and cranny.

「It’s lonely only getting your breasts touched right?」

「Eh? Aah……a, Kizuna’s hand is, over my whole body……ahn, aa, yaaan……somehow, it’s like……my whole body, is getting licked around……ah, somehow……it makes me……shiveers, uuh」

Aine’s whole body trembled and she writhed around on the bed.


Kizuna’s hand slid from Aine’s waist to her thigh flowingly.

「Hyauh, i, it’s ticklish, if you, caress my thigh……aah」

「Aine’s skin is really pretty.」

「E, even if you say that……haah……I, I won’t get trick……eeed! Ahaaan……a, do, don’t, getting, higher than that is, wa……wait, a second……ple, please……」

「I won’t wait.」

While he was caressing her, he would intentionally touch between her legs bit by bit, and then he finally touched stronger and caressed.

「Hyah…………tsu-AAAAAAAAA! Ah, there-, I feel it, the most……so-……」

Right away her underwear was drenched with something that was oozing out from between her legs.

「……Kuh……uahn, haah, aah, uah, hih……AAaaAAH, don’t, I’m shivering-……hah」

Aine noticed the watery sound that was coming from her groin without her noticing.

「What’s the matter?」

Aine tried to push away Kizuna’s fingers with both her hands, but she couldn’t put her strength into it.

「Do-, don’t-, th, the sound-……it’s making sound so, aaaaan, e, even though I’m telling you don’t-, aaaaaaa, no-, do, don’t listen-, you mustn’t listeeen-……noooonh……ah, ah……」

Particles of light appeared in Aine’s eyes.

Kizuna’s eyes that were peering into that light were also shining with pink light.

「Aine, the light particles of Heart Hybrid are starting to come out……I’ll touch directly next……here I go.」

Kizuna put his hand inside Aine’s panty.

「Hyaaaaaaaahn……no, no way……wait, entering inside my panty is……uaauhn……」

Kizuna was searching around for Aine’s heated part inside the panty, then his fingers slipped inside it.

「A-, amaziiiing-, I’m shivering-, a, already……aan, I, I cannot……think, uun……anymoreeee-……」

The watery sound was coming in a volume that couldn’t be hidden anymore. Aine shook her head fiercely. Her hair was disheveled, tears were flowing, and coquettish voice was streaming out from her mouth.

Aine was toyed by the waves of pleasure and she drifted about in them helplessly.

「A, a, haah, don’t-, inside……entering there……aah, yah……I, I’m……co-, coming-……Ki-, Kizuna-, KIZUNAAAAAAAAAAAA0」

Aine’s feet stretched out tensely and blue light overflowed from her whole body. The light mixed with light particles that were generated from Kizuna’s body and the two radiances whirled like a vortex. Torrent of light rushed inside the spacious room like a storm.

Before long those lights were settling into the body of Kizuna and Aine.

──’Heart Hybrid success.’

Aine inhaled and for a while she breathed hard repeatedly.

「AIne……how do you feel?」

Kizuna touched Aine’s cheek with the back of his hand. Aine rubbed her cheek on it like a fawning cat.

「Nn……I’m feeling, really good……my head, is a bit light though.」

「Then, let’s go after resting for a bit. After all the evil witch and the princess are waiting.」


Aine stared at Kizuna lovingly with moist eyes.

Part 3[edit]

Yurishia yelled angrily at Kizuna and Aine who finally appeared.

「You two are slooooow!」

Yurishia was standing alone inside the very spacious room that was made in the image of a castle’s audience room.

Yurishia was wearing a long robe and a pointy hat with wide brim. It was a costume that was obviously a magician’s in a glance.

Kizuna who was scolded by the magician Yurishia apologized with a stiff smile.

「My, my bad……various things happened.」

「Just what do you mean various things.」

Yurishia who wasn’t convinced didn’t relax her questioning.

「It’s courtesy not to pursue further there isn’t it?」

Aine who appeared from behind Kizuna glared at Yurishia.

「Aine? What, the two of you are joining up?」

Kizuna made use of the diversion and readied his sword.

「Something like that……wait, Yurishia has the evil magician role? Then, Himekawa is the princess?」

「Hero-sama! You finally arrived desu.」

Sylvia in a white dress was waving her hand from the throne that was placed in a higher stage.

「Ah, so the princess is Sylvia.」

「Yes. Sylvia has been waiting for hero-sama’s arrival desu.」

「Aa, that dress look really good on you……that means, Himekawa is?」

「The monster!」

The monster costume that was placed at the corner of the room started moving.

「Uwaa, that’s surprising! Himekawa!? You are Himekawa? No, I didn’t notice at all that it’s a monster costume. Rather I thought it was just something left behind there.」

Aine stared at monster Himekawa fixedly.

「The costume looks strangely fitting on you.」

Most likely Himekawa was clenching her fist. However with her current appearance, it only looked like she was cutely lifting up her front leg.

「This humiliation……I will clear it by exterminating all of you! Here I come!」

The monster’s mouth opened threateningly.

Yurishia lifted up her magic cane in opposition.

「I will take care of everyone altogether!」

Kizuna readied his sword and turned his gaze at Aine.

「Let’s go, Aine!」


The four of them charged forward simultaneously! Was what would happen, but at that time──,

Suddenly there was a loud sound and the glass ceiling cracked.


Everyone looked up to the ceiling.


「Co, commander!?」

Reiri descended with her large mantle flapping.

Everyone was taken aback by the completely unexpected happening.

When Reiri landed, she grandly swept away her mantel and introduced herself.

「The witch……Hida Reiri, has arrived.」

Kizuna cried out.

「What’s the meaning of this, Nee-chan!」

「Fufufu, that’s because the little brother all over the world belong to their big sister. I still cannot be beaten yet by these little girls just from that much! HAHAHAHAHA!」

Cold sweat trickled down Himekawa’s cheek.

「She is……drunk, isn’t she?」

Yurishia folded her hand and half-closed her eyes.

「She is drunk.」

And then Aine muttered in exasperation.

「Totally drunk.」

「Commander looks like she is having fun desu. That’s great desu!」

Sylvia alone was smiling cheerfully.

「Fufufufu, all of you are too weak, let me teach you the true way to win.」


Kizuna was unconsciously faltering against Reiri’s pressure.


Reiri threw away her mantel.

What appeared from underneath was magic canes and swords that were attached to her whole body. It was the appearance of hedgehog Reiri.

「Wha, what’s that? Hedgehog role?」

Aine was bewildered. Yurishia yelled with a grim face.

「No! All of those are the magic canes and swords of this attraction! Just how many of those she is carrying with her!?」

Himekawa made a surprised expression. Though no one could see it because she was inside the monster costume.

「If it’s with that then it’s possible to attack to all directions simultaneously! But, how did she obtain so many!? There shouldn’t be that many spares!」

Reiri lifted the corner of her mouth.

「Naïve! I requested the manufacturer to deliver the spares! It took money though!」

「That’s dirty! How can that be possible huh!?」

「Fuh……this is, the power of adult!」

A great amount of beam cannon fired wildly from Reiri’s whole body.

There was no place to run away or hide. The yells of four people resounded at the same time.


And then, explosion sound thundered inside the castle.


The sun was going to sink into the other side of Megafloat Japan, into the Pacific Ocean. Under the light of the evening sun, Reiri and Kizuna were relaxing in a splendid open air bath that was made from cypress wood and marble.

It was a special open air bath that was opened only for the premium members of the spa resort. It was located at the highest floor of the twenty storey hotel. From here they could clearly see the townscape of Megafloat Japan, the sea, and even Ataraxia.

「Good grief……to think that wasn’t a holiday but a mission to give power up with the strongest Heart Hybrid Gear.」

「Fufufu, however you enjoyed it right?」

Reiri leaned on the cypress bathtub and raised a delighted voice. Kizuna was sitting beside her. They were so close to each other their shoulder almost touched.

「But, if that was the case then it was no good for Nee-chan to barge in right?」

Kizuna complained in exasperation, but Reiri laughed it away without looking apologetic at the slightest.

「Hahahahaha, don’t say that. In that case you can also designate me as your number one you know?」

Reiri embraced Kizuna’s shoulder and pushed her breast on him. Blood rushed into Kizuna’s head for an instant due to his big sister’s bare breast that he was feeling on his chest.

「Sto-, stop with the joke. Rather, your breast. Your breast is touching me!」

Kizuna got away from Reiri in panic.

「So, in the end who is the one who you like the most? If it’s a partner that you think as the only one for you in the whole world, it will result in even more powerful power up. That theory has high degree of realism.」

「Yeah, I understand that. But……」


Kizuna looked up to the cloud above that was depicting a beautiful coloring from the evening sunlight hitting it.

「Right now it’s better to not have number one like that. Because, if I made a girl like that……I got the feeling that I won’t be able to do Heart Hybrid with the other girls anymore. But, if that happen I won’t be able to protect their life……that’s why」

Reiri made an astonished face as though she got taken by surprise. And then, she sighed ‘fuh’ and smiled while caressing her little brother’s hair.

「……You are really serious huh.」

At that time, the sliding door of the entrance was opened hard.

「Ah! Captaiiin-! Captain is here desu! Waai!」

「Sylvia!? Why are you here……wait, UWAAAAAAAAA!」

The stark naked Sylvia embraced him, and then Yurishia who was similarly not wearing anything also ran in.

「We also came!」

Yurishia leaped into the bathtub.

Himekawa who also went through the entrance hurriedly stopped her legs.

「Wait, Kizuna-kun!? No way, I didn’t hear anything about Kizuna-kun being here……wa-, wait! At the very least please let me wear a swimsuit!」

She tried to hide her body with her hands in panic.

Aine who was standing behind her stared at the open-air bath with a grim expression.

「I, I also want to do so in this case but……the enemy already charged in. Naked.」

「Yurishia-san! Wha-, what shamelessness you are doing!」

「Hayuru, I, I will, go with the minimum equipment, a towel wrapped on me!」

Aine wrapped a bath towel around her body.

「With such thin armor!? Uu……however, leaving alone Kizuna-kun and Yurishia-san’s impure opposite sex fraternization……sometimes a sacrifice has to be made! I’ll go too!」

Himekawa also wrapped towel around her body and charged in.

「O, oi, Nee-chan, is this fine!? Whether it’s ethically, morally, or various other aspects! Besides, it was Nee-chan’s wish to enter the bath together with me, just the two of us right!?」

「I don’t mind. I was the one who called them.」


「I thought that perhaps it wouldn’t be bad to bath together with everyone.」

「……I see.」

Aine and Himekawa entered into the bathtub. They soaked into the hot water until their shoulder and then let out a sigh together as though they had arranged it beforehand.

「It’s, embarrassing but……this is nice hot water.」

Yurishia sat at the edge of the bathtub and soaked only her feet in the hot water while feeling the sea breeze.

「Bathing outside is nice. I can feel the freedom.」

She turned toward Kizuna. Following her movement, her large breasts shook from right to left.

「You are acting too free! Please have some more modesty!」

「Is that so? But, it looks like Kizuna is happy with it you know? He only has his eyes on me since some time ago. Right?」

「Don’t direct the talk to me!」

Aine glared at Kizuna hard while gritting her teeth.

「Kizuna……are you okay with anyone as long as they are naked? In that case, how about you go to zoo? In that place there are also the comrades of this Holstein cow here after all.」

「This pervert! Molester! This is a good chance. I will fix that personality of yours here!」

「Enough already just calm down! More importantly put some towel on Yurishia too!」

Sylvia ignored that commotion and poured the cocktail she found in the refrigerator to a glass and brought it.

「Commander. Sylvia brought some drink desu.」

「Right, you are really considerate. You too can drink the juice inside the refrigerator as you like.」

「Thank you very much desu.」

When Sylvia was about to head to the refrigerator, the alarm suddenly rang out. Next, several monitors popped up at the open-air bath.

「This is!」

Kizuna raised a tense voice.

「Wha, what is this about?」

Aine who confirmed the content of the monitors answered Himekawa’s question.

「It’s enemy attack!」

「Ah! Look at that!」

Yurishia pointed to the sky. A silhouette like someone riding on the back of a dragon appeared with the evening sun on its back.

「Magic weapon, Dragre!」

Kizuna yelled.

Reiri leaped out from the bathtub and took the nearby communication terminal into her hand.

「It’s me, Reiri! Kei, what happened? ……I see, got it. I understand, take care of that side.」

Reiri cut the communication short and then she faced everyone while still naked.

「You all, listen! Currently Megafloat Japan as well Megafloat West USA are under attack of AU’s magic weapon force.」

Tension ran through everyone.

「Their aim seems to be Ataraxia. The main force of the magic weapons is focused on Ataraxia. However, over there Masters under the lead of Scarlet are in the middle of fighting the enemy. They will surely be able to crush the enemy without trouble. The problem is that thing in front of us.」

Kizuna tensely turned his gaze there.

「That Dragre there huh?」

「Right. It’s alone means that it must be a trap or a scout. Although we cannot just overlook a category A. Conversely speaking, if we can just defeat that one, our job will be finished.」

「Got it, so it’s only that single guy then!」

Yurishia threw a question at the hasty Kizuna.

「But what are we going to do about the pilot suit?」


「We don’t bring any in the first place. It will take too much time if we are going to take it now.」

「Damn it……it can’t be helped. Everyone, let’s equip the armor like this.」

Himekawa raised a frenzied voice.

「Haaaa!? Are you sane!? We are, na-, naked here! There is no way we can fight in such perverted appearance, to say nothing of, doing it above the public-!」

However Kizuna immediately replied back.

「If that guy start attacking, that public will die!」


Himekawa was at loss for words toward the unreasonableness that gave no ground for any other choice.

「Let’s go! Eros!」


「Uu……Ze, Zeros.」

「Aah geez-! Neros!」

Dazzling radiance and colorful light particles whirled in the open air bath. When the light burst away, the figure of four people wearing Heart Hybrid Gear appeared from there.

Kizuna yelled with a sense of tension that was different from the usual battle.

「We cannot let other people see us like this! Listen, we’re finishing this instantly!」

Aine talked back angrily.

「Obviously! If I get seen by other people, I’ll kill Kizuna and then kill myself too!」

「Don’t say something dangerous like that!」

On the other hand Yurishia responded with a smile that was filled with killing intent which was characteristic of her when she was in battle mode.

「So a time trial battle is it. I’ll set up the new record of the fastest killing of category A.」

Himekawa emitted aura of anger from her whole body and spoke with trembling voice while hiding her chest and groin.

「I’m exposing, this kind of perverted figure, again……yo, you damn magic weapon……I’ll cut you to death in a second!」

「Yosh, let’s gooooo!」

Everyone dashed to the sky along with Kizuna’s yell.


They were flying up with their thrusters in full throttle. And then the moment they drew near the Dragre, a giant explosion burst in the sky.

Sylvia stared at the monitor with a shocked expression.

「A, amazing desu. They really create the new fastest record of destroying category A desu!」

「Hmph. That’s a nice combination they did there.」

Reiri drank the sake in her glass in enjoyment.

「Rather than creating a single the strongest……well, perhaps it’s fine right now like this.」

Reiri flicked her empty glass with her finger. She smiled in satisfaction hearing the clear echo made by the glass.

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