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These are the novel illustrations that were included in Masou Gakuen HxH Volume 1


“Aa-……n-no. Ki-Kizuna-kun, that place, nn……-“

The girl twisted her body in order to escape from the hand of the man called Kizuna.

Her long black hair shook smoothly.

“My, my bad! Himekawa, you don’t like it there then.”

Kizuna pulled his hand back in panic.

“……So which area is it that makes you feel good when touched?”

The face of the girl, Himekawa Hayuru, turned red in a flash.

“Th-the-there is no way I can tell you that! So-so-so-something like tha――aAnn-“

“Anyways, it seems that this place makes you feel good.”

While saying that, Hida Kizuna crawled his hand on Himekawa’s thigh.

They were in a wide room of the size of twenty tatami mats.

In the center of the dimly lighted room, there was a bed of a white so pure that it looked dazzling.

On top of that bed, a boy and a girl around the age of typical high-schoolers were embracing each other.

Kizuna was wearing something like a training wear that fitted tightly on his body.

With short sleeves on his upper body and a spat that reached his knee, the attire that he wore had the upper and bottom separated, and faint muscles could be seen from his exposed stomach.

He couldn’t be qualified as muscular, but just from seeing it, one would notice that his body was fairly trained.

As for Himekawa, she too was wearing an attire that fit tightly on her, similarly to Kizuna, but the impression that hers left was quite different. The fabric was so thin, and the cut at her crotch was also extremely risqué in the style of a swimming race swimsuit, that it seemed like a leotard in appearance.

On top of that attire, she was wearing a coat that was like a part of shrine maiden clothes, but it had already been completely worn out of shape.

Those clothes that hid her body half-heartedly made her look excessively erotic.

There was an opening at the front of her chest, making the smooth curves of her breasts visible. They were a little small, but looking at them would make one’s heart throb.

Having a girl with such a figure looking upwards toward him with these eyes made this scene nothing but lascivious.

‘――No matter how many times this happens, it still makes me so nervous.’ Was what he thought.


As Kizuna lifted Himekawa’s hair, Himekawa’s body trembled in response.

“Himekawa, you…… are really sensitive, aren’t you?”

“Is, is that so? I-I am…… aau”

He then caressed her, letting his hand slide from the top of her head along the flow of her hair. With the tip of his finger, he slid his hand until he reached her waist.

“Aa-a-an…… u”

She knitted her eyebrows and endured the pleasure.

“I wonder how does your back feel?”

“I, it’s ticklish.”

“Ticklish? How strange…… didn’t you say before that it feels good?”

Kizuna pondered with a troubled face.

“Yo, you are wrong! By no means something like that is-!”

Himekawa shook her head and denied it.

“It doesn’t feel good or anything, in, in the first place, I didn’t do this because it feels good! This is a mission, so it can’t be hel…… hyaun!”

Kizuna’s hand slid through her back in reverse, from the bottom to the top.

“Himekawa, any time now――”

At that moment, *zushin*, the room shook.

Vibrations like those of a local earthquake assaulted the room. Kizuna worriedly looked around.

“This is bad…… we have to finish this quick.”

“……Isn’t it fine? I think there is no need to be concerned though.”

Himekawa answered calmly. As if to wait for something, she looked up at Kizuna fixedly.

Somehow, those eyes of hers looked coquettish.

“I, I wonder if that’s so?”

Kizuna once again reached out his hand to Himekawa.

“Aa-! Again-, just where are you touching-, haa…… uun.”

Kizuna stroked around Himekawa’s white thigh. The smooth texture felt good in his hand. Even the soft elastic sensation also felt good.

From the thigh, his hand next reached out to her calf. The slender calf gave a slim and elegant image to her whole leg.

From there Kizuna’s hand once again traced through her leg, heading to above her knee. His finger continued to advance stroking from the inside of her thigh toward her body.

“Mou, how long you are going to touch, don’t get carried awa…… aaa-!”

Kizuna crossed over from her thigh to her crotch, he grazed her nether region and advanced his finger tip toward the depression of her navel.


At that time, along with Himekawa’s gasping voice, a glittering like a star could be seen from Himekawa’s eyes.

――It’s here!?

That instant when Kizuna became excited, a large tremor attacked the two of them again.

A dull sound of metal reverberated from the wall.

“Wasn’t just now really bad?”

Kizuna tried to confirm the situation and he was going to go away from the bed.


He was pulled back by an amazing strength.

“Geez, aren’t you still in the middle of replenishing me? Where are you planning to go?”

Himekawa’s condition was clearly different compared to before.

A light of obscenity shined from her eyes.

“N, no. I’m just going to look at the situation a li……”

Himekawa’s hands grabbed Kizuna’s face and like that she pushed herself down on the bed pulling him back.


Kizuna’s posture was now bending over Himekawa.

“Fufu. It’s fine you know, about the outside…… if we just leave it to Aine-san and Yurishia-san, everything will be fine.”

Glazed eyes and flushed cheeks. Red particles of light began to come out from her body.

――No mistake.

It was the indication of Union RemodelingHeart Hybrid.

Himekawa bent her body while taking off her upper wear.

Himekawa’s slim hands embraced Kizuna’s head with a fierce strength.

“Hey? This place of mine…… it already became like this you know…… Kizuna-kun too, you cannot hold back anymore right?”

Himekawa’s sweet whisper tickled Kizuna’s ear.

――Then, let’s settle this here.

Kizuna’s eyes shined.

Pink light swam inside his eyes and light particles also began to scatter from his body.

Kizuna who was embraced by Himekawa pushed his face into Himekawa’s small breasts.

Even so he could feel enough softness. Himekawa’s body temperature was warm and he could hear the sound of her heartbeat going faster.

Normally, she didn’t want her breasts to be touched, but……

Kizuna circled his hand on Himekawa’s body and turned their bodies over in reverse.

He slid his fingers on the back of Himekawa who was now on top of him.

And then, he grabbed her butt.


Himekawa leaned back and her long black hair spread open.

His left and right hands were each respectively gently holding the left and right hills.

Regardless of how softly he was holding her, Kizuna’s fingers were sinking without end into those hills.

His hands were rubbing those two hills sticking on his hands while drawing a circle.

“Ya-, yan, iyaaan!”

Himekawa shook her head as if to escape from the pleasure assaulting her body.

As if to give her a finishing blow, Kizuna put more strength to his fingers and grasped Himekawa’s butt even tighter.


Himekawa raised a coquettish voice and bent her back like a bow.

At the same time, red light surged out from Himekawa’s body.

And then, pink light particles rose up from Kizuna’s body.

The lights appearing from their body gradually turned brighter and filled the inside of the room with red and pink radiance.

The two lights mixed and melted into each other.

Matching with that, a change occurred in Kizuna’s portable terminal that he put aside on the bedside.

Kizuna didn’t overlook that and focused on the terminal.

Himekawa’s parameter that was near zero was restored in one go.

“Yosh! Heart Hybrid success! The replenishment is complete with this.”

Kizuna made a small guts pose happily.

“Himekawa, you are fine already with this right?”

“Sheesh…… it’s over already?”

Himekawa looked down with a befuddled face.

“Ye, yeah…… because, the replenishment is complete already see? If we don’t hurry, Yurishia and Aine are also going to complain.”

Himekawa scowled as if her mood was worsening, then-

“Sheesh, something like that doesn’t matter right-?”

She buried her face on Kizuna’s chest and hugged him tight, as if to not let him go.

“Eh? Hime, kawa…… san?”

Himekawa put her hand on Kizuna’s chest and raised her body.

Kizuna released a deep breath in relief.

“So you understand…… that’s great. Well then, u-!?”

Himekawa put her body weight and straddled Kizuna’s abdomen, then she smiled bewitchingly.

“Buu-t, this place, you still…… haven’t touched them.”

Masou Gakuen HxH V01 06.jpg

She let out a sweet voice and gestured by lifting up her own breasts.

Himekawa’s body was slender, but when she did that he was made conscious of that existence whether he wanted it or not.

As if inviting him, Himekawa moved her hands.

The two hills wrapped in a pilot suit had their shape changed elastically.

Himekawa leaned forward and her long black hair touched Kizuna’s face.

“Here, Kizuna-kun……”

As if being charmed, Kizuna’s hand reached out towards the protrusion of the breasts that were drawing gentle lines.

{Hey, both of you! Just until when in the world are you two going to stay inside?}

A floating window appeared on the tip of the finger of the reaching out hand.


Kizuna pulled back his hand with amazing speed.

A blonde beautiful girl was reflected inside the window which was floating in the empty air.

{The replenishment is over already right? We are busy here, so I want you two to quickly get out here.}

“My, my bad, Yurishia. We’ll go out immediately.”

When Kizuna raised his body, Himekawa’s body was shaken.

“Are you okay? The replenishment is over. Let’s get out soon.”

Himekawa brushed up the hair clinging to her skin due to sweat and looked at Kizuna languidly.

“Reple…… nishment?”

“Get a hold of yourself, Himekawa. Aah, you need some time before you get your sanity back like usual huh.”

Kizuna grasped Himekawa’s shoulders and shook her body really exaggeratedly. Himekawa’s head was turning round and round.

“Nn…… eh? Replenishment, o, ver……?”

With her eyes still being dazed, her gaze was swimming everywhere.

Her shaky gaze was stopping at the location of Kizuna’s face, and after she stared fixedly at his face, the focus of Himekawa’s eyes was gradually turning sharp.


Himekawa opened her eyes wide in a flash and jumped.

After wriggling for a while, she covered her reddening face with both her hands.

“Yo, you are wrong! Just now is not me! Tha, that, vulgar act is not me!”

“Yeah, it’s okay. That’s because it was Heart Hybrid’s influence. I understand okay?”

Kizuna waved his hand and smiled before getting down from the bed.

“D, do you really understand? It was by no means at all that I――”

Kizuna responded with a wry smile, then he pulled Himekawa’s hands towards the door.

When he rotated the door knob, a thick sound that couldn’t be imagined from the door’s outer appearance resounded.

What appeared after the door was opened, was a surface filled with mountains of rubble.

The place was a business city once. However the multistory business buildings there were destroyed altogether, the remaining buildings also couldn’t escape from partial destruction or blazing fire.

The smoke welled up from flames and sudden gust were blowing, hitting Kizuna’s face with hot wind.

The explosive sound and shooting sound reverberating from afar were reverberating until here like an echo.

Inside that world which was turned into scorched earth, there was a container that was left standing alone.

That was the room where Kizuna and Himekawa were inside until now, the middle-range mobile-type tactical replenishment room, its nickname was [Love Room]. If there was a request, it was possible to immediately transport the room using a transport helicopter, furthermore, it could also endure attacks by magic weapons as a solid private shelter.

And then, the surrounding of the room was currently surrounded by multiple humanoid weapons.

They were mechanized magic weapons [Mechanical InfantryBrigand] with a total height of around three meters.

The girl standing in their way turned back from the sound of the container opening.

“Ah, you two finally got out-.”

Matching with her turning back movement, the girl’s large breasts shook.

A vest was tightened on top of the large breasts with her waist largely sticking out. That body was wrapped in a wear like a swimming race swimsuit made from thin fabric.

The word gorgeous was perfectly suited for that body which possessed a glamorous violent modulation coupled with that golden hair and blue eyes.

Yurishia Farandol.

She was the girl which was talking to Kizuna from inside the floating window just now.

Yurishia’s extravagant body which couldn’t be seen from the small window was equipped with a beautiful protector and brusque armament.

This was exactly mankind’s greatest trump card against the army of AU. [1]

It was the decisive weapons in the battle with the other universe.

――Magic armor “Heart Hybrid Gear”.

This [Cross] of Yurishia was one of those Heart Hybrid Gears.

It was a protector with beautiful material. The sleek surface reflected the surrounding light and gold lines of light was running inside it. It had a small surface area which made one feel uneasy whether it could really accomplish its role as a protector.

And then, weapons were integrated on the back and around the waist. The two large Units stretching out from the back, the Offensive Mobile Particle EngineDifferential Frames were dividing the energy they produced for propulsive power and the particle cannon. The Units had a mobile style where Yurishia could move them freely using her will, leaving no blind spot for her.

And then, the two particle cannons hanging at her waist were the main equipment of Yurishia.

When she drew out the two particle cannons with both her hands,

“Shoot through!”

The particle cannons in both her hands and the Differential Frames on her back spouted out fire.

Bullets of light hit the large crowd of Brigands one after another as if they were being sucked right into the enemy. The bullets swept through the line of fire, mowing down the Brigands and built a wall of explosion.

“YES!” [2]

Yurishia smoothly holstered her particle cannons as if handling two handguns, then crossed her arms cockily, further emphasizing her big breasts. Her breasts bounced following that movement.

“Really, when Hayuru enters the Hybrid, you reaa―lly take too long! I wonder, just how long were you two planning to continue having fun?”

Yurishia peeked into Himekawa’s face with a mean smile.

Himekawa made a flustered expression and,

“Wh, what’s with, that false accusation! There is no way for this me, to wish for such indecent act, at all!”

Himekawa kept talking on and on without pause.

“Okay, okay, I understand. Well then, you have been completely replenished with how long you took then, aren’t you-☆”

The tremors in the ground were intensifying.

“――Even without getting told by you”

A giant shadow made its appearance from the other side of the flame.

That shadow had a total height that could even reach 10 meters, it was a giant. It was called [Blue KnightBlue Head] from its blue color and its shape that looked similar to armor, a magic weapon from the other universe.

“Then we are going, [Nelos]!!”

Red light was emitted from Himekawa’s body. The slender body was enveloped in red light, the glittering radiance materialized in the blink of an eye, equipping Himekawa’s body.

The red light changed her silhouette one after another and performed the materialization. As if pushing into Himekawa’s body, the light clung closely and performed the attachment of the protector similar with Yurishia.

The protector and armaments were formed and red lines of light ran through her whole body.

The Heart Hybrid Gear [Nelos] was completed.

Yurishia had golden line of light running through her, but Himekawa was red. And then the shape of their Heart Hybrid Gears were also largely different.

Nelos was a device that gave the image of a sharp bladed tool. And then, an armament that looked similar to a Japanese katana was fixed at the waist while eight long and slender mechanical parts were floating on her back. The reflected light that seemed to be dripping wet gave the impression of a giant blade.

“Go! Crossbow Drive SwordBlade!”

As if waiting for Himekawa’s order, the parts on her back flew out. The giant swords [Blades] were heading fast to the Blue Head.

The Blue Head took a stance with a weapon that seemed like a combination of gun and sword and met the attack.

However, the Blades drew tricky trajectories and toyed with the Blue Head. The Blue Head couldn’t keep up with those movements.

The eight Blades looked like they were flying around as they pleased, but in reality they were taking coordinated movements. That was because they were controlled by Himekawa.


Together with Himekawa’s voice, the Blades assaulted the enemy all at once.

The Blades pierced through the Blue Head’s giant body one after another.

The enemy’s armor could repel all the weapons of mankind. Mankind didn’t have any chance of victory with normal weapons.

However, the Heart Hybrid Gears that the girls were equipping were different.

The armor of the Blue Head was torn apart like paper, crushed like styrofoam, the Blades gouged large holes on that body.

That big body of the Blue Head tilted to the side unsteadily and fell to the ground.


Together with Himekawa’s smile of satisfaction, the defeated Blue Head raised a large explosion.

The splinters from that turned into crystal of light and scattered apart in the air.

The magic weapons of the enemy didn’t leave any wreckage when destroyed. The reason for that was still not understood yet.

“The both of you are amazing as usual huh. Okay, then, I too――”

The two who caught of Kizuna’s monologue came flying in panic to Kizuna’s location.

“What are you saying!? Kizuna, you just enter Love Roomthe shelter there!”

“That’s right! After all the current Kizuna-kun won’t even become a considerable fighting strength. It’s fine if you just give out instructions from a safe place!”

He was overwhelmed by the two’s pressure.

“I, I got it ok. That’s, my ability cannot compare to the two of you but, even I, can be useful in my own way.”

Yurishia flatly spoke towards Kizuna who was grumbling unclearly in reluctance.

“I earnestly ask you to not come out to the front line! Okay?”

“I got it. Shit-…… even though I’m the captain.”

“Because, if you come out to the front line, it’s worrying for us……”

Yurishia murmured in a small voice.

“Hm? What did you say Yurishia?”

“No, nothing at all!”

At that time, a giant silhouette appeared from the shadow of the building.

It was a force of category-B magic weapons, [Armed PirateViking].

With their horned helmet and tough muscular form, it reminded one of the image of the ancient Vikings and so they were named like that. Their upper body was abnormally large, their arms were thick and long. They had humanoid form, but their proportions were greatly separated from humans.


“Yes! Himekawa Hayuru, departing!”

Both of them raised the output of their thruster and flew away from their previous floating state slightly above the ground.

The enemies were five or six category-B. He guessed that if it were those two then they wouldn’t fall behind against such force.

“Well, I guess I should follow their words……”

He was going to use the portable terminal inside the Love Room and tried to draw up the information from the battlefield network.

Thinking that, he was going to go back to the Love Room, in that instant a giant mass descended down from the sky.

“Wh, whaatt!”

Along with a tremor, Kizuna’s body floated in the air. The Love Room was fixed with anchor, so the container didn’t get blown away, but it was greatly shook up.

A newly appearing magic weapon, an Albatross was descending down behind Kizuna.

It had the atmosphere like a knight wearing armor, but because it was attached with parts that looked like wings and it actually possessed the flying ability, so it was called as [The WingedAlbatross].

‘Shit-‘, it was as if it had been looking for the timing where the other two were gone.

The Albatross raised up a weapon that looked like a combination between a gun and a sword.

――This is bad!?

{Don’t move.}

A transmission that was just a sound resounded in his ear.


A girl descended down from the sky.

Her long hair that fluttered in silver color combined with her red eyes. Her skin was extraordinarily white, and even though her body was slender, it was only her breasts that were large.

And then a white Heart Hybrid Gear with blue light running on it.

However, no weapon like in Yurishia or Himekawa could be seen anywhere on her. She was really weaponless.

That girl descended down towards the Albatross without any fear and then she rolled forward in the air with a twirl.

The thruster on her waist spouted fire and put more momentum on the rotation.


The girl’s right leg stretched out.

At the heel of that leg, there was an eruption outlet that originally was for obtaining propulsion force.

Blue light spread out from there.

Particles surged out with terrific speed before they thinned out and sharpened, transforming into a sword of light.

Using the momentum of the rotation, that heel was swung down with a speed of sound.

The right leg of the girl struck the head of Albatross.

The head part was pierced from receiving tremendous mass.

The armor of the head was smashed and a mechanism from AU could be seen inside it. Those mechanisms were also crushed and the head part was cruelly pulverized.

It was a mere heel drop.

That attack possessed the destructive force of an explosive grade and pulverized the magic weapons.

When the girl finished swinging her right leg, the blue light spreading from her heel tore apart the body of the Albatross.

The girl rotated and landed on the ground.

The bisected Albatross raised a great explosion.

And then, the splinters of the exploded armor and mechanism became fragments of light that rained down.

The girl didn’t even pay attention that she had defeated the enemy and got closer to Kizuna.

“What are you doing staring blankly like that? I wonder if right now you are having a stupid wild delusion, like if there will be a beautiful girl descending down from the sky or something.”

It was her usual wicked tongue.

“My bad. I let my guard down a little.”

“It’s true you let your guard down, but it has nothing to do with that right? You are weak after all.”

……Haa, she really said that clearly didn’t she, this woman.

“Something like Kizuna’s fighting ability is like…… that’s right, compared from my memory I think you are around the same like Bastet.”

“Bastet? I have never heard of a magic weapon with that kind of code name. Is that a new type?”

“He is the neighborhood cat you know?”

“You are saying, that my fighting strength is just like a cat!?”

He didn’t understand whether she had a wicked tongue, or she was merely looking down on others, or if it was just that her thought circuit which was unusual.

This was the girl who equipped the Heart Hybrid Gear [Zeros], Chidorigafuchi Aine.

“Though even for someone like you, there is a way where you can become useful.”

Aine grasped the collar of Kizuna and entered inside the Love Room.

“Aaa―! Aine-san, what are you doing!”

Himekawa and Yurishia who had defeated the Viking force were literally flying back to them.

“Next is my turn! You are cheating, Aine!”

Aine slammed the door of the Love Room right in front of the noses of the two and immediately locked the door.

It seemed the other two were banging on the door from outside, but the soundproofing of this room was outstanding. Something like an angry yell wouldn’t enter the room.

{Come out -! Kizuna, Aine! Right now!}

Just when he thought that, a floating window appeared in front of his face.

“Really, what noisy outsiders they are.”

{Who, who did you call an outsider! I’m really a related party here-!}

{Exactly! Aine-san, you always disturb the order and bother everyone! Please seriously reflect on yourself! Also, Kizuna-kun! I won’t allow something like a shameless act that is not even a mission. The behavior of Kizuna-kun is being managed by this me――}

“Please have the debauched person shut up.”


Aine forcefully ended the transmission and set the receiver to reject any more transmissions.

“With this the noisy fellows are now gone.”

“……Aine, someone like you is really…”

Kizuna held his head in his arms.

Aine shook her large breasts and approached close to Kizuna.

“Kizuna. Do Heart Hybrid with me.”

Kizuna confirmed the display of the portable information terminal. However, Aine’s parameter was still in the safe zone.

“Aine, you are still fine right? Rather it was Yurishia that’s more……?”

“This is not about replenishment. What I want is the forbidden armament.”

Kizuna gulped.

“Aine, we should be more careful with that……”

Aine’s red eyes were serious.

“I understand. But, the enemy is strong. Besides the army marching from now on is most likely the enemy’s regular army. We cannot keep acting like until now. If we stay like this, we won’t be able to overcome this battle. Besides……”

Masou Gakuen HxH V01 07.jpg

However, was it really okay to do this?

“Kizuna. There is no need for you to worry.”

Aine’s tone of voice became gentle. Aine’s face was approaching to Kizuna’s face.


“I am me. No matter what happened that will not change. That’s why――”

Aine’s lips were going to overlap with Kizuna’s lips.

“Let’s do it, the [Climax RemodellingClimax Hybrid].”

Heart Hybrid GearHHG

Magic armor which was provided with overwhelming power.

If a <Core> was installed inside the body, then the user could freely equip this armor.

What was called <Hybrid Count> was the life force energy of the user. However, when that number count decreased then the armor would vanish.

After some time passed, that energy would recover. Furthermore it seemed there was also a way to power up the armor, but this armor was still enveloped in many mysteries.

Chapter 1 – Ataraxia[edit]

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===Part 1===

“Kizuna, the test for today is this program.”

A long haired female displayed the content for today’s experiment on the monitor.

Kizuna nodded largely after confirming that content.

“I got it, okaa-san. I’ll work hard too today.”

“Right, you really are a good child. Do your best.”

It was a pure white experiment room where there was nothing. There his mother spent all her time doing experiments day by day.

Those experiments were about the development of a new weapon called Heart Hybrid Gear.

That weapon seemed to make use of AU’s technology, a bundle of state of the art technology.

However, Kizuna didn’t understand well just what kind of thing it was.

What he understood was that a small thing like a capsule called core was embedded inside his body through an operation. And then, with the power of that core, a cool protector like an armor and a weapon would be equipped on his body.

And then when he used that and did the experiments, his mother would be happy, that was all he understood.

“You are the only one in the world who is in possession of Heart Hybrid Gear you know? The result of this experiment will become the key to save the world.”

He was proud to be relied on by his mother.

He felt triumphant that he was the only possessor of Heart Hybrid Gear in the world.

He was happy that he was useful to his mother.

He felt a little like a hero.

――Like that, on a certain day.

“Who is that?”

A girl put on a stretcher was carried into the laboratory.

“Looks like she is a lost kid. She was discovered in Tokyo recently.”


He wondered why was she brought here then? While he was thinking of such thing,

“That’s why, it’s fine for Kizuna to not come here anymore.”


“That girl’s aptitude ability for Heart Hybrid Gear is amazingly high. With Kizuna’s spec, it’s meaningless to experiment more than this. You are not needed anymore.”


Wait, a second.

“Good bye, Kizuna. Sayonara.”



I, will work even harder!

――That’s why!

Part 2[edit]

With a gasp, Hida Kizuna’s eyes were awakened.

He reflexively looked around him, he was currently inside a train.

It was the linear motor car that moved in the underground between the megafloats. He was nodding off while sitting in it just now.

――I was seeing a dream of the past in a long while huh.

He felt worried whether he was also talking in his sleep, but there was no one boarding the train other than him.

For him to see that kind of dream…… it had been a long time since he went to the academy float, so he wondered if he was nervous.

His image which was reflected in the window was not a kid, but a face of a highschool student. The digital synergy which was located near the door was displaying the map of the Pacific Ocean. On that map there was a red dot moving.

Extra-large Floating Ocean StructureMegafloat Japan was in the middle of sailing the Pacific Ocean. Inside the train the air conditioning was working, but recently the Megafloat was nearing the equator, so outside was humidly hot.

The float was a giant city created above the sea.

Tokyo Float, Oosaka Float, etc, each created floats of Japan’s administrative divisions were joined, becoming a giant structure that was Megafloat Japan.

That largeness, if it was compare with something of the past, it could rival the hugeness of district 23 of Tokyo, but such scale was still small compared to super large countries like America and the like. The largeness of a megafloat represented the national power of that country. Each country was wandering the seas of the world with their respective unique megafloat.

Currently the very megafloat itself was exactly the country for the countries all over the world which lost their territory, that megafloat was all the territory that they had. The crews and residents of the megafloat were all the people of the country which could be confirmed as safe in the current condition.

For the megafloats that sailed the seas throughout the world, things like territorial waters held no meaning.

World map also didn’t exist.

Everything began since the day where the world was overturned.

――The First Another Universe Conflict

Fifteen years ago, without any omen at all, without any advance notice, it happened out of nowhere.

North America, South America, Russia, China, Australia, South Africa, France, Collision SurfaceEntrances towards the alternate universe were appearing. And then, magic weapons that were a fusion of magic and science appeared from those Entrances.

Now that it had come to this condition, nobody understood which side was the one that started it. But, it was an unmistakable fact that it turned into battle situation. And then the fires of war spread in the blink of an eye.

The Entrances towards the alternate universe were opened only for two weeks, but hundred of cities and fifty million people lost their lives. Mankind was completely powerless against the army of the AU.

Like that, the first contact with an alternate universe ended in the worst shape.

Moreover, it was a disappointment that they didn’t understand anything about the AU.

They only kept getting attacked by the enemy and their side was unable to attack back. Mankind was still yet to understand the objective of the people of the AU or even their appearance.

And then, half a year ago.

――The Second Another Universe Conflict occurred.

It was a conflict on a scale incomparable with the first one.

Entrances were appearing on each continent and island country, without exception. From there the magic weapons of AU were surging in with great numbers.

Mankind attempted to resist desperately, but mankind’s conventional weapons were powerless in front of the technology of AU.

The army was ruined in a flash and the world was conquered.

From the experience with the First Another Universe Conflict, each country was building a megafloat as the ark for emergency use and also as the trump card of battle. So to speak, the megafloat was the country’s backup plan. Not to mention the city function, government, economics, etc, the megafloat was equipped with all societal mechanisms, the megafloats were a miniature version of the countries.

Each country that was invaded by AU abandoned their original territory and became a mobile country wandering above the sea with their megafloat.

However, the people unable to board the megafloat were still left behind in the old territory of the country. Right now the megafloat didn’t have any means to know what happened to those people. Was everyone massacred, or perhaps they were living safely under enemy rule, they didn’t understand the situation in Japan at all.

Even if they tried to make contact, electromagnetic waves were cut off in the land and they couldn’t get any transmission.

When they approached their home country, the magic weapons and fleet of AU appeared from the Entrance, that was why the megafloat couldn’t carelessly get near even if they wanted to confirm their people’s wellbeing.

Even while the people living above the megafloat were living a peaceful life above the safe area that was the sea, they were wishing to once again take back their country, rescue the left behind people, and return home to their city and house.

The linear underground train passed through the Tokyo station.

One wouldn’t understand from the underground, but supposedly above the ground there was the station building of Tokyo station that was dismantled from the original Japan and rebuilt here. At the occasion of the construction of each floats, famous buildings from the region of each respective administration divisions were dismantled and rebuilt back on the floats to keep living the characteristic of the regions, schemes to reproduce the scenery and the likes were performed in the construction.

Outside the window suddenly became bright.

His eyes were dazzled by that brightness. He narrowed his eyes and then looked out the window, outside was an endlessly continuing blue sea that glittered from the light of the sun. White clouds floated in the transparent sky, and then the sun of southern country was shining brilliantly.

The linear train ran above the sea crossing over a long bridge.

Ahead of this bridge Kizuna could see the destination where he was going. A special float that was isolated from this Megafloat Japan.

Buildings like a protective wall encircled the surrounding. Rapid fire cannons and missiles protruded out toward every direction at 360°. The atmosphere was exactly like a fortress.

――Tactical Defense Academy Ataraxia.

It was a self-supporting float with a diameter of three kilometers, it was also one of the oldest floats.

Every region’s floats were also equipped with unmanned city defense functions, but fundamentally the defense of Megafloat Japan was shouldered by this Ataraxia.

Right after the Another Universe Conflict, this Ataraxia was the foremost line of anti-AU technology, it was a research institution that constantly developed human resources and R&D, other than university, this float was also a joint establishment with high and middle school.

His mother owned a research facility in Ataraxia, so Kizuna was also living in this float when he was small. He was chased out from the research facility seven years ago and was forced to move into Tokyo float. Though it was only for a short time, but he began to live with his big sister there just the two of them.

However his big sister too soon enrolled into Ataraxia. It made Kizuna live alone by himself.

The only ones who could enter Ataraxia were just they who received permission. Kizuna was unable to even approach near Ataraxia.

Every month there was a public advertisement being held for several dozen people to go for a field trip there, but he had never got chosen even once.

He thought that by any chance he might be excluded from the lottery since the beginning, but every month he kept applying.

Although he had sent mail several times to his mother, but he had never received any reply even once.

For a while he also had some exchanges of conversation with his big sister, but it seemed that she was busy and the two of them gradually became estranged.

And then it was yesterday night that his big sister, Hida Reiri, called him by phone after a long time.


“Nee-chan!? It’s been a long time, you never contacted me at all but…… what are you doing right now?”

{I’m busy with my work. Rather than that, I had arranged the procedure for your admission into Ataraxia. Tomorrow, come to the reception at noon. After you take care of the enrollment procedure, report yourself to the command headquarters. You got that?}

“Ha? What are you saying so suddenly Nee-san? My grade is not that excellent you know. There is just no way I can go to Ataraxia.”

Ataraxia was a place that gathered people in order to turn them into the cornerstone of mankind in various fields. No matter how he thought about it, it was not a place he could go to.

{I have business with your Heart Hybrid Gear.}

Kizuna’s chest felt a sharp pain.

“Ahaha, Nee-san said something really nostalgic…… but, this thing is not useful you know?”

Frankly, he didn’t want to activate the thing for a second time.

He didn’t want to recall how he was being treated like an unneeded child by his mother.

Moreover, there was also one other reason.

There was a necessity to call out the name of the gear inside oneself in order to activate the Heart Hybrid Gear. That was because it was the activation code.

He didn’t want to shout out that name.

When he was a kid he didn’t mind it at all, but right now it was a keyword that he didn’t want to say overtly.

{I’ll be the one to decide whether it’s useful or not. If you got it, then do as I say. If you are late tomorrow, I’ll make public all of your embarrassing secrets. For example, when you were a child you were trying to go to toilet――}

“I, I got it! I understand!”

The linear motor car arrived at the station and Kizuna got down from the train.

‘Just what is Nee-chan thinking? No, rather than that, why did Nee-chan make that kind of call? If I remember right, I heard that Nee-chan’s work is some kind of office work though.’

By any chance, was she employed in a company related with Ataraxia?

He didn’t know what his big sister was thinking, but honestly he was reluctant to do this.

This place was a place where he had an unpleasant memory as a kid, and it was also the same float where his mother was, those facts made Kizuna’s heart become heavy.

He might encounter his mother. He wanted to meet her, but he also didn’t want to meet her.

While still harboring such contradictory feelings, he received the entrance inspection.

The inspection was to restrict people without permission to enter Ataraxia.

The reception was not human, but a three dimensional CG character. A pink haired beautiful girl was talking with a synthetic voice that sounded really close to a human voice.

“Confirmation finished. You are Hida Kizuna-san that is arranged to enroll into Tactical Defense Academy Ataraxia today correct? Age is 17 years old, is there no mistake that you will be transferred as a second year high school student?”

‘Uwaa, I’m really going to be transferred here!’

“Ye, yes. There is no mistake.”

“Welcome to Ataraxia! May luck be with you.”

After he passed the inspection and went through the gate, he was met with the grounds of Ataraxia.

“Heee…… I thought it’s going to feel savage because this place is combined with military facility, but the townscape is really beautiful and stylish instead.”

Small type electric automobiles were coming and going through the main street and students and residents were walking through the road. Digital synergies floating in the air were lining up along the sidewalk. Advertisements of products and news and the like were projected on them. These things would supposedly also get used in an emergency for urgent information and evacuation instructions.

At both sides of the sidewalk, shopping malls and cafés, brand shops, etc, various shops were standing in a row. Ataraxia fundamentally had a boarding system where all students live in dormitories, houses were also prepared for the personnel and researcher here. There was also the inspection that was performed every single time someone entered and exited, and so there was a demand for the inside of the float to provide all the necessities for living.

In order to answer that demand, all kinds of shop, medical institution, and various recreational facilities were established inside Ataraxia. Everything in here was built under the hands of first class architects, so the design here became avant-garde and futuristic.

“Hee, even chain convenient stores have cool appearances here.”

When he got attracted by the coolness and tried to enter, inside the store was flourishing with Ataraxia’s students. Everyone was talking with their friends while happily choosing lunch or snacks.

‘I wonder if right now is lunch break? Or the convenient store also doubles as the school canteen?’

There was also exciting things like cup ramen or snacks limited for Ataraxia, but he would surely have many chances to buy them in the future.

He had arrived here after much trouble, so maybe he should try looking around at other stores too? His stomach was also a little hungry.

However, whether it was café, fast food, or gyudon shop, everywhere was packed with people. Furthermore, ninety percent of the customers were wearing Ataraxia’s uniform. [3]

‘How awesome. It’s like most of the place is the cafeteria for Ataraxia.’

Kizuna thought about the fierce battle for lunch that he would have to go through starting from tomorrow.

And then while he was walking around like that, he became increasingly fond of Ataraxia.

If the facility was the best, then the shop employees were also polite and kind.

The students were also the same, looking at him who was wandering around with casual clothes, they asked him where did he come from, was something troubling him, was he looking for someone, he was being called by many people in concern.

Above all, everyone looked happy.

At the plaza of the shopping mall, there was an amateur band doing a launching concert, at the game center too there were also some guys playing games while holding bento in one hand.

In outline, this place should be a military facility, but…… in reality this place was really full of freedom.

“Wait, this is bad-! I forgot to go to the command headquarters!”

Well, if he just walked through the appropriate streets, he would surely find a building that fits the bill, there must also be some guide board around. Even if not, everyone here was kind, so it would be fine if he just asked someone for directions.

Having an idea like that, he began to walk.


“I’m lost……”

Ataraxia was wider than he thought, he couldn’t find the high school or the command headquarters anywhere. Furthermore, along with the end of the lunch break, there was no more students walking around outside.

“Or rather, where is this place?”

For some reason he was walking inside a forest.

“Why is there a forest and river inside an academy float……”

Even if he tried to go back, he already didn’t understand which direction he should go to go back.

“Am I, going to get stranded on my first day going to school and die? It’s already past the level of being idiotic like that.”

Right when he was thinking that, he walked into an open space further inside the forest.

“I did it! I finally returned to the city!”

Happiness welled up inside him and he rushed ahead.


When he got out of the forest, he found a sea there.

Kizuna stopped his run so suddenly that his body pitched forward.

The spot where he was at was the brink of the float. It was like a precipice cliff, the wall of the float’s hull was continuing until far below.

The hull of the megafloat was gigantic. The height could even reach several dozen meters.

“I…… I almost died.”

But, there was something that attracted his attention even more than that.

A large type rapid fire cannon was set at the outer edge.

A girl was standing at the tip of that cannon.

Her back was facing him, her silver hair and her Ataraxia uniform were fluttering from the sea wind.

He was going to call out to her, but he hesitated.

If he called out carelessly, she might fall.

Cold sweat flowed down Kizuna’s forehead.

‘This place looked deserted. Shit, what kind of scene I’m finding here.’

Should he call for help?

Kizuna was going to step back, but he stepped on a branch lying under his feet.

The sound of the branch snapping made that girl turn to him.


Kizuna’s eyes were stolen by her appearance.

‘Aah, she is not a human, she must be a CG character like the receptionist. If that’s so, then it might be normal for her to stand so calmly in a dangerous place like that’……was what he thought.

He was thinking like that because he couldn’t think that someone like her was a living human.

Long silver hair and red eyes.

Delicateness and beauty that was like precisely crafted porcelain, it was a girl that gave the impression of hardness and yet also brittleness. There was no way that this much conveniently beautiful human could exist.

Her height was normal, but her head was a little small compared to her body’s tallness. She had slender proportions to the degree that it made him worry that she would break, but her breasts were so big in imbalance with her body.

Her skin was white and smooth as if it was highlighted and looked shining. Looking at her face from the side, he couldn’t think of any other word to describe it other than a perfect beauty. Her red eyes that looked as if they were emitting light themselves were filled with sadness, it was as if her long eyelashes were hiding that sadness. That sorrowful gaze was directed at Kizuna.

Those red eyes were reflecting light in a sparkle.

Was she…… crying?

But rather than that, a girl with a beauty this transcendent was looking at him. He was monopolizing this girl’s gaze. Just that fact made him feel as if he was soaring in the sky.

Even the idols that made appearances on TV, if they were compared with the girl in front of his eyes, they were just like normal people.

This girl was like a different living being from somewhere, he could feel that difference in dimension from her.

That girl, was walking to his direction.

‘Eh? Eehh-? A, a real thing?’

She lightly jumped, passing over the bumps, and moved back from the rapid fire cannon to Ataraxia.

Her glossy pink lips were moving.

“Who are you?”

‘She talked!’

‘Err, how should I reply? My, my name? Is it fine for me to introduce my name?’

The girl knitted her eyebrows and showed a face that was seriously glaring at him.

“I wonder if you don’t have the intelligence to understand words? This is the first time I saw an animal like this……”

Just now she said something really mean to him!?

“No, I understand your words but…… I’m Hida Kizuna. Since today I attend the high school here. You are, a student here right?”

“That’s obvious isn’t it? If I’m not a student then just what do you think I am, I wonder. Someone who purposefully ordered this uniform, slipped into this place of heavy security, and stared at the scenery in this kind of place?”

“No, you don’t need to find fault in me like that……” [4]

“Finding fault? Just why in the world this me has to take the foot of someone like you? Rather it’s a different story if you are the one that cries and begs to me, saying, ‘please let me kiss your beautiful foot’.”

“I’m not begging like that at all!”

“What a dishonest man.”

What was with this girl? Even though her appearance was the most beautiful and cute he had ever seen, but he couldn’t understand her strange thought process at all. Whether she had a bad mouth or a bad personality he didn’t know.

“I am Chidorigafuchi Aine, a second year. It’s fine if you want to worship me.”

“What I’m talking about doesn’t get through to you at all! Just how does it take this much just to hear your name.”

“Rather, you should express your joy that you can hear the name of this me this easily. Now, dance the dance of joy, make this me enjoy the attraction.”

This was hopeless. Her visual appearance was the greatest, but it seemed that not getting involved with this girl was for the best. He was thinking of asking her for directions, but like this his mind would be destroyed in return for the directions he asked for.

“Ah, well, I’ll be going――”

At that time, a loud siren was resounding.

“Wh, what!?”

What kind of alarm was this? At the very least, it was certain that it was not the signal for the class starting.

Or else, was this a disaster drill?

“Evacuate to the shelter immediately.”

Aine spoke to him with a serious expression.

“This is the air raid alarm.”

Ai…… air raid, alarm?

“Tha, that’s impossible. Because, right now we are in the safe area of the Pacific Ocean you know? Those AU bunch should not have cruising range this far……”

The army of AU for some reason couldn’t advance outside a certain range from the Entrance. That was why this megafloat was created.

“But, this should not be a false alarm. The enemy has appeared, that’s a fact.”

After saying that, Aine began to strip off her clothes.

“Wha, oi! What the hell are you doing!?”

After taking off her upper wear and hung it at the nearby tree, this time she unfastened the hook of her skirt. Like that she took off her skirt and hung it at the tree like her upper wear. Wearing a panty with amazing cut, when she turned her back to him, he could see almost half her butt bared naked to him. Furthermore, the fabric was digging into the crevice, so it made him fell into an illusion as if the fabric was not hiding anything.

“……You are still in a place like this?”

Her movements stopped from a little shock.

When he saw that her cheeks were a little red, it seemed that it was not like she was not embarrassed.

“I’ve told you already to go evacuate haven’t I? You dullard.”

“You yourself, just why did you suddenly begin to strip! What are you going to do if somebody sees you!?”

“The one looking here is only you. This molester.”

While saying that, she unfastened the buttons of her white shirt.

“Turn away your eyes. If you do that then there will be no problem at all. I’m the victim who got peeped at one-sidedly, while you are the pervert who is one-sidedly peeping at me.”

“You are the pervert who is showing all this to me one-sidedly!”

But certainly if he averted his eyes right now then all this would be settled. Though he couldn’t comprehend this at all!

“If we are going by your reasoning here, then that means exhibitionism is not something obscene you know…… hey, oi!!”

Aine unhesitatingly took off her white shirt.

Kizuna tried to avert her eyes in panic, but his movements stopped in the middle.


What could be seen under the white shirt was not brassiere.

What she was wearing under her uniform was a leotard with surface area that was extremely small.

The center of the leotard was opened, it was as if the clothes were flaunting the valley of the breasts and the navel, exposing them to the open. The cut of the crotch also had a steep angle while her sides were virtually uncovered.

It looked really erotic.

Aine’s body line became completely obvious without anything hiding it, her large breasts were shaking in jiggles following her motion taking off her clothes.

However, this leotard with high exposure rate was not something for the sake of gymnastics.

“That’s…… a pilot suit?”

“Even though you are ignorant, but you are widely knowledgeable only in female underwear aren’t you? The way you are using your head is really troubling.”

“That’s not underwear in the first place! No wait, it looks like underwear though!”

He was staring fixedly at Aine once again.

There was no mistake, this was a pilot suit.

This girl, could she be――


When Aine shouted that, glittering blue lights surged out from her.

“You-, you have done Internal OperationCore’s Install!?”

The blue light was turning into the shape of Heart Hybrid Gear.

The created shape of the gear was equipped onto Aine as if digging into her soft body.

Armor modeled after vertebral column ran on her back as if in protection of her spine. And then, the largest thruster appeared on her bottom. This part was responsible for the majority of her propulsion force.

On the other side, the front part of the body had surprisingly few areas which were protected. There was no conspicuous armor from her neck until her thigh. However attack from the front could be confirmed by sight, so evading was easy. Moreover, there was the basic function of Heart Hybrid Gear, the Absolute TerritoryLife Saver system which gave protection to the wearer.

This was a sudden talk, but Life Saver was a powerful barrier equipped on Heart Hybrid Gear.

When the blue light enveloping her four limbs was burst open, standing there was a girl equipped with a gear that combined protector and thruster. There were a lot of thrusters on her whole body, so he could guess that it was a gear with fairly high mobility.

When her silver hair was brushed off smoothly, blue particles danced in the air.

“This is…… Zeros.”

Its brilliance was beautiful, blue light was running through the sleek white armor.

It was a simple but really sharp Heart Hybrid Gear.

He thought that this beautiful gear didn’t lose to that stunningly beautiful girl possessing silver hair and red eyes.

Heart Hybrid Gear was hiding a power that greatly eclipsed mankind’s conventional weapons. It was the ultimate anti-AU weapon. Behind this technology that displayed an unrealistic performance, there was a rumor that it incorporated the technology of AU from the enemy.

But, there was one point that bothered him from the Heart Hybrid Gear in front of his eyes.

――There was no weapon.

“Can I ask you a little? Is there no weapon in that Heart Hybrid Gear?”

Her red eyes glared at him.

“Please don’t say impolite things. Of course it has proper weapons.”

What? No wait, perhaps it was an internal type weapon. So even a gear this small had the parts fitted really well.

“It’s a weapon invisible for an idiot. So you cannot see it. How pitiful.”

“Rather than calling me an idiot, the one telling that kind of story is the one that sounded like an idiot!”

“This gear is paying serious attention to its stealth.”

“A technology that make you unable to see your own weapon is just something completely meaningless!”

Aine was crouching down on the ground and then she grasped something like a handle.

What was that? He didn’t realize something like that was there at all.

When the handle was twisted, the ground opened quickly, then a metal box appeared from inside it.


Inside the box was firearms lining up in a row.

Aine took one firearm from among them. It was a 89-style pistol.

There was nothing unusual about the gun, it was just the official firearm that the Ground Self-Defense Forces utilized once.

“Yo, you…… you are, using that?”

“What is it, you have complaints?”

No, he was not complaining though.

Heart Hybrid Gear was something that had armor and weapons combined into it. Even his own gear was furnished with a beam cannon although its offensive power was low.

But, Aine’s gear was not furnished with weapons from the beginning.

“You are going to fight with that kind of weapon!? Conventional weapons are ineffective against magic weapons right?”

A ring of blue light was floating around Aine’s waist.

The Heart Hybrid Gear was raising its output. That was the sign of commencing flying.

“It’s fine already, just escape, you are going to die if you stay here.”

Leaving those words behind, Aine faced to the sea and ran, then she flew away from Ataraxia. Blue light stretched out from the thrusters on her waist and feet, flying up Aine to the sky.


Kizuna started running.

‘Her mouth was bad, but what Chidorigafuchi told me is correct.

My aptitude with Heart Hybrid Gear is low, and to begin with I haven’t trained for battle with it since I was a child. So that I won’t drag her down, I should evacuate to the shelter.


I just can’t forget Chidorigafuchi who was standing still alone with tears shining in her red eyes.’

Kizuna was walking towards the direction where Aine was heading.

His speed was gradually turning faster, before long he had started to run.

From here he couldn’t see well the sky of the city. He had to go to a more open place!

When he ran along the outer edge of Ataraxia, before long he exited the forest and came out into a wide park.


A gigantic object was flying above his head where it almost grazed him. A terrific gale attacked Kizuna.

Giant!? No, that was a magic weapon!?

By crouching on the ground, he somehow endured from being blown away.

That was the magic weapon of AU! He had seen it before from a photo.

It was a mechanized giant with a total height that surpassed ten meters. Even among the magic weapons which were designed with armor impression, this one had a pair of wings that possessed flying ability, an [Albatross].

No matter how he saw it, it shouldn’t be able to fly in the sky based on aviation mechanics, but it was soaring in the sky with mobility that was even higher than an airplane. He didn’t understand at all with what kind of technology it was flying in the sky.

The technology of the AU far surpassed the common sense of mankind.

And then, after that a small shadow was passing through him in an instant.


He chased the back of the figure flying past him with his eye, but the figure was gone already. When he looked up, he could see a white Heart Hybrid Gear ascending high to the sky chasing after Albatross.

Aine pulled the trigger of the type-89 gun in her hand and scattered sparks on Albatross’ back.

That was a good skill.

If this was a dogfight, then this would be Aine’s victory.

However, the armor of Albatross repelled those bullets really easily.

On the contrary Albatross stopped still in the sky and directed its bayonet towards Aine while turning its body behind. Normally, a bayonet was a rifle which had a short sword fixed on its tip, but the bayonet of AU had the shape of sword blade fused with gun grip and trigger as its handle.

When the trigger of that bayonet was pulled, the sword emitted light and a bullet of light was fired heading to Aine.

The speed of the bullet was fast. It was hard to chase it with eyes, but Aine evaded that bullet nimbly. And then she was encircling Albatross and rained bullets from all directions.

But there was no effect.

Aine threw away the magazine that had become empty and inserted a new ammo magazine.

She beautifully evaded the bullet of light that Albatross fired again then she closed the distance in one breath.

And then――

She struck.

“Wait…… eeeh-!?”

A strong punch hit Albatross’s chin, making that giant body bend backwards greatly.

‘Eh…… isn’t that attack the most effective compared to all she had done until now?’

Aine thrust the muzzle of the type-89 gun into the gap of the raised neck and pulled the trigger. She kept shooting until her ammo ran out, then Aine kicked the Albatross and took some distance.

The kicked Albatross powerlessly began to fall, after a while it exploded largely. Its scattered fragments transformed into fragments of light while raining down to the ground.

‘Amazing! She really defeated a magic weapon with a normal weapon!’

Aine descended down to the ground. Kizuna hurried on to the location where she would land in order to greet her.

“Oi, that’s amazing just now! You did it! You defeated a magic weapon from AU!”

However, Aine ignored Kizuna, she once again crouched in the corner of the park and twisted a handle of a hatch.

The box that flew out from the opened ground was lined up with firearms.

“Wait, this kind of thing is everywhere in the float!?”

“Of course. We don’t know when the enemy will come attacking after all.”

This time Aine took out an even bigger gun than the type-89. It was a 12.7mm heavy machine gun. Normally it was not something that a human could use by carrying it by hand, but this one had been forcefully remodeled so it was usable by hand. Just its main part had the total weight of nearly 40 kilo, but Aine lightly lifted it up.

“Type-89’s firepower is just too weak.”

After wrapping ammo belt on her body, she flew up to the sky once more.

Seeing off her figure, Kizuna felt like he had been left behind.

In contrast with Aine’s action which had no hesitation, Kizuna didn’t know what he should do. He was standing still in that place for a while.

――’Shouldn’t I also fight?

No, no, just what kind of impertinent thought you had, me.

With my aptitude for Heart Hybrid Gear, I cannot properly fight the enemy’, that was what his mother told him. He had beam cannon, but it was hard to break through the armor of magic weapons, and even if he could fly in the sky, he couldn’t fly while carrying something heavy.

{Kizuna, it’s pointless for human without any talent no matter how hard he works. Talent will shine if it is polished, but if there was nothing to be polished in the first place, then it won’t turn into anything.}

The words of his mother were revived in his ear.

His mother was a genius. A person that was like a mass of talent.

His mother’s last academic background was as a third year student of elementary school.

At that time she was already publishing numerous reformative papers on the internet. She had tied contracts with several corporations and research institutes as a researcher and mysterious consultants at the same time. Even with her identity unidentified at that time, her existence was like a kind of deity.

The Heart Hybrid Gear was one of the inventions of such a mother.

His big sister was also an abnormally superior person since she was a child. It was overwhelming for him to always be compared with his sister.

But, that big sister herself was always kind to Kizuna.

{Kizuna. The worth of a human is not from the height or depth of their ability. It’s a problem of how you live.}

On top of being superior, she was a really good person.

‘Among such superhuman family, how should this me that is the most average should live?’

Kizuna stared at Aine who was fighting in the sky.

Even if he couldn’t fight directly, wasn’t there still something else he could help with?

To equip his Heart Hybrid Gear, there was a need to yell that, its name.


‘No, no, no!

Calm down, Hida Kizuna!’

Courage was necessary just to shout that name.

Of course, courage was also needed for fighting.

Courage was also needed even for facing his past where he was abandoned by his mother.

And then, it was embarrassing to speak of the code for equipping his gear.

‘Shit-! Of all things, just why did that mother of mine pick a naming like that!’

He absolutely hated that name!

When he was a child he didn’t understand its meaning and he yelled that name innocently, but then he knew the meaning of that word at a certain time and he felt greatly wounded――

“Hm? What?”

A small shaking was repeating in the ground.

The tiles covering the park were beginning to open like accordion curtains.

“Uwaa-, this is bad-!”

Kizuna started to run.

“Shit-, so this park is using interception system!”

He crossed over the road and hid in the shadow of a building nearby.

From the opened ground, a missile was fired, rising to the sky while trailing flames behind. However, there was no figure of magic weapon where the missile was going.

“Just what are they aiming at?”

Suddenly the missile exploded in the sky.

He took a deep breath and then looked up to the sky once more.

“……hm? That’s, what’s that?”

The sky where he looked up was strangely distorted when he looked carefully.

When he focused his eyes, that distortion was like something rectangle that was slim and long. It was fairly big.

No way…… was that the battleship of AU!?

Shivers ran through his back.

It was mainly rumored that the ship from AU couldn’t be discovered by radar searching. If it couldn’t be identified by eyesight on top of that, then there would be no way to hit them.

And then from that warship, new magic weapons were descending down.

The second wave of missile was further fired from the park. When he turned back, the wall of the building behind Kizuna’s back was beginning to open like a shutter.

“Oi oi! This thing is also a camouflage!?”

Megafloat was constructed with the assumption of fighting the AU. Due to that, defense systems were incorporated everywhere.

From the defense system that was camouflaged as a building, a large type particle cannon appeared.

“Aa―, I cannot keep up with this at all!”

At the same time with him sprinting away, a tremendous roar resounded from his back.

He felt severe heat at his back, but he somehow managed to not end up dead by being roasted.

He patted his chest while sighing in relief before looking for a place where he could calm down, he continued to run recklessly.

After a while, he arrived at a place where there were many warehouses lining up.

Perhaps there were stray shots hitting this place, but there were many cardboard boxes scattered around haphazardly, the snacks stored inside the boxes were scattered everywhere.

Kizuna put his hand on the wall and tried to put his breathing in order.

“Haa, haaa…… a, anyway, seems like this place is not a dummy warehouse. As expected it’s not a defense system.”

At the other side of the warehouse was immediately the sea. In the end, it seemed that he had run along the edge of Ataraxia.

He could see explosions happening in the sky far away. A red light was drawing a line, flying around in the sky.

Was that Chidorigafuchi Aine?

Suddenly, while he was thinking about such thing, a gigantic hand appeared before his eyes.


That hand which had sea water dripping from it caught hold of Ataraxia’s edge.

With a pull-up trick, that body showed its figure.

A giant body with horn growing on it was overflowing with sea water, a magic weapon was landing on Ataraxia.

Its total height was ten meters. A category-B magic weapon, [Viking].

Shit-! Now that it had come to this, he wouldn’t be able to escape without making some sacrifice. There was nothing to do but equipping his Heart Hybrid Gear.

It was not for fighting, but for escaping.


At that moment, a hole opened in the Viking’s body.


Thinking that, he looked for the Heart Hybrid Gear with blue light running on that white body.

However, what entered his eyes was a girl holding a katana charging here.

“Go! Blade!”

Together with that calling voice, the black haired girl moved the swords floating at the surrounding air. With agile movement, the swords flew in the air and assaulted the Viking. The Viking tried to intercept them, but the blades skewered it like a joke.


The girl took a stance of holding her sword above her head and slashed at the Viking.

The Viking was bisected into two from its head.

The girl landed in front of Kizuna and waved her sword as if assuming a posture.

The Viking raised an explosion as if that gesture was the signal.

The splinters turned into clusters of light in the air.

‘E, eh?’

Was he, saved?

However, when that girl swung her sword, the tip was directed right at Kizuna’s nose.

“What is an ordinary student doing in this kind of place! Furthermore in casual clothing like that!”

“Eh, who, are you?”

“You don’t know about me? I am Himekawa Hayuru, a public morals committee member of Ataraxia! What year and what group of students are you!?”

“E, err, I’m a transfer student, this is my first day……”

The girl who introduced herself as Himekawa Hayuru was taken aback before she stared fixedly at Kizuna’s face.

“Then you are the new team member then! Do you have a Heart Hybrid Gear?”

Kizuna nodded his head repeatedly.

“Then, please fight together with us! Right now is an emergency situation!”

‘Eeeeeeeeeeeeee! That’s, even if you suddenly told me! No, rather please don’t expect any fighting ability from me!’

Himekawa seems to be losing her temper when Kizuna didn’t reply, she snapped at Kizuna.

“What are you doing! Please hurry! We who possess Heart Hybrid Gear are existences that should become the shield of the people! We have to become the sword of the powerless people!”

Himekawa talked passionately, but Kizuna could only feel uneasy.

That was because new magic weapons were descending down to here.

Furthermore, this time their number was many. There was ten category-C Blue Head. Also, there was even a larger group of Brigands coming down here.

Even when looking at that large group of enemies, Himekawa didn’t falter at all.

“Hmph. Again they come…… come! You too, let’s fight together!”

“No, that’s why, I――”

Blue Heads raised a tremor in the ground with their landing, they brandished their swords and headed here.

At that time, flashes and sound of shockwaves pierced the sky of the park.

Wind hole was opened in a Blue Head’s body, then it exploded greatly.

He thought that it was Himekawa launching her Blade once again, but the Blades were still floating around the back of Himekawa this time.

“Hayuru? Can you stop playing around I wonder?”

There was one more person in the air, a girl with Heart Hybrid Gear put on her body.

It was a beautiful girl with blonde hair and blue eyes.

‘So this is what they mean by dynamite body’, Kizuna thought.

From her large breasts, to her waists that radically turned slim, and a butt that was stretching as if it were going to explode in a turn.

She was glamorous and gorgeous.

The gaps between her gear were shining, that luminescence which was golden in color also played a part in her gorgeous impression.

And then, the armaments which were fixed on her back and around her hips also showed the powerful fire power at her disposal.

The cannon muzzles that could possibly fired in all directions were moving separately, each of them was establishing a different target.

All of them spouted out fire all at once.


Intense explosive sound rumbled, particle bullets were grazing Kizuna from all directions.

The shockwave from that made his body stagger.

Until the bombarding was over, he didn’t feel like he was going to stay alive.

The bombarding was over after a few seconds, the surroundings were wrapped in silence.

When he timidly observed the surroundings, the Blue Heads and Brigands had been wiped out.

‘A…… amazing.’

It was not just because the firepower was powerful. That was an accurate shooting. It looked like she was firing randomly to all directions, but not to mention himself and Himekawa, there was no damage at all even at the surrounding facility. She was attacking only aiming accurately at the magic weapons.

When the girl softly landed on the ground, she faced Himekawa and continued talking as if there was nothing.

“That’s why, it’s hard doing this alone. It’s severe doing this when Hayuru slacks off.” [5]

Hearing those words, Hayuru stepped forward with a clink.

“Yu, Yurishia-san-! This I is a committee member of public morals! And you called me slacking off!? That’s an offensive insult! Please take your words back right now!”

Her face was bright red and she kept talking on and on.

“Araa, I wonder if I stepped on a landmine here?”

The blonde beautiful girl called Yurishia parried Himekawa’s fury with a smile.

“Rather than that, I wonder who is that boy over there―♪ Hayuru’s boyfriend?”


Her face that was already too red became even redder.

“I-i-i-I, impossible-! Licentious! Filthy! In the first place even touching a boy is something that is not allowed! We, we are shouldering a lofty goal of――”

“Ok, ok, I understand. Then, let’s just clean up the descending down magic weapons. If we don’t quickly tidy this up, then not only Ataraxia, even Megafloat Japan as a whole will be sunk down you know?”

With a bright smile, she said something terrifying.

“Guh…… I, I understand. Certainly right now is not the time to argue. Let’s properly talk about this matter later on!”

The Unit at Yurishia’s back emitted light. The next instant she flew up to the sky. Her figure turned small in the blink of an eye. Himekawa also followed after her.

Kizuna was left completely by himself alone in that place.

{You too, let’s fight together!}

He recalled back Himekawa’s voice.

Even if he was told that, there were things he could do and couldn’t do.

Just as his mother told him, he couldn’t even stand at the start line if he didn’t have the talent in the first place.

When he moved his gaze to the city’s direction, Chidorigafuchi flying in the sky drawing blue tracks behind her entered his eyes.

‘Even I actually want to be like that――,’

However, Chidorigafuchi’s condition was strange.

Her movement was dull. Her nimble body movement like before this had disappeared, even the machine gun she held in her hand was hanging down heavily.

What? Just what in the world was going on?

And then finally, her movements stopped.

‘D, dangerous!’

Direct hit.

The enemy’s cannon hit Aine. Flame explosion spread in the sky like a blooming flower.


Kizuna was dumbfounded.

From inside the flame, the figure of Aine with smoke trailing behind her appeared.

However, power had left her whole body, she was falling to the ground.

‘O, oi! That’s seriously bad right there!

Kizuna’s eyes wandered. His gaze roamed the sky, he was desperately looking for the Heart Hybrid Gear of Yurishia and Himekawa.

‘Save her quickly! Your comrade is in danger!’

Even when he yelled so in his heart, there was no signs of those two coming.

‘What to do?

What to do!’

{Kizuna. The worth of a human is not from the height or depth of their ability. It’s a problem of how you live.}

His sister’s words resounded in his mind.

‘That’s right isn’t it, Nee-chan. If not right here right now, then just when I’ll use it!’

Kizuna took off his jacket.

He wasn’t wearing a pilot suit, that made his affinity with the Heart Hybrid Gear even lower.

“Kuh, can’t be helped!”

In order to make up for the demerit of not wearing pilot suit even for a little, he also took off his T-shirt vigorously. When his upper body became naked, Kizuna took in a large deep breath.


All over his body was wrapped in pink light.

This sensation…… how many years has it been already.

The pulsation of his heart released particles of light, those particles united and created magic armor that wrapped his body.

Kizuna put on the Heart Hybrid Gear [Eros] on his body.

On the black armor, pink streaks of luminescence were running.

When he concentrated his consciousness, he raised the output of the thruster and beads of light danced from the jet propulsion nozzle.

The sensation was not different at all with what he felt as a child.

“Okay-, I can do this!”

Kizuna flew to the sky.

With all the speed that he could muster, he headed to Aine’s falling point.

Aine’s natural falling continued, it would only take 100 meters more before she crashed.

“Make it in time!”

The yell of his heart accelerated the Heart Hybrid Gear.

Kizuna’s arms caught Aine’s body.

“I did it! E, eh?”

It was all fine that he caught the body, but he couldn’t support Aine’s weight. That was just how weak the output of Eros was.

“U, uwaaa!”

He was dropping diagonally and fell on a field that had grass growing.

He embraced Aine to protect her before he slid on the lawn.

After rolling for several tens of meters, he finally stopped.

“So…… somehow, it looks like I’m saved.”

‘So I can actually do it when I try.’

He soaked in a prideful feeling for a moment. Aine was still breathing, but she looked as if she was in a great pain.

“Oi, Chidor――gah……”

Aine was hit by enemy attacks and bore damage.

There was no problem in her Heart Hybrid Gear, but the damage to her pilot suit was great.

In other words, it was torn.

The suits already had great exposure rate in the first place, but it became even more terrible with this damage in addition. Like this he guessed that it could actually put up a challenge against a micro bikini.

Around the collarbone and around the stomach were holes opened from tears of the fabric. Like this, it was nothing more than some sorry patches that hid the breasts and nether region.

*gulp* Kizuna made a noticeable sound from his throat.

‘N, no. This is not the time to think about perverted thoughts.’

He persuaded himself like that, but he still wasn’t able to oppose the absolute eroticism of the beautiful girl.

He had seen erotic manga on the internet before, but the presence and pressure of the real thing far surpassed his imagination.

Moreover, this was a girl with transcendental beauty. Trying to resist was an impossible talk from the outset.

He barely mobilized all his remaining reasoning before talking to Aine.

“O, oi, Chidorigafuchi. You okay? Get a grip of yourself.”

There was luminescence everywhere on her body that was the proof that the Heart Hybrid Gear was operating. However, Aine’s light looked dim, it looked like the light would go out anytime.

But anyways, she was safe for the time being. However, he better bring her to a hospital as soon as possible――

At that time, in front of Kizuna’s eyes a floating window opened. Projecting monitor window in the air where there was nothing could be done by using Heart Hybrid Gear’s communication function.

“What is it, at this kind of time!”

A close-up of a beautiful woman was projected on the window.

{Kizuna. It’s me.}

“Ne-, Nee-chan!?”

The transmission was from his sister, Reiri.

“Ne, Nee-chan!? Right now, I got a serious――”

{Shut up.}


He reflexively swallowed his words.

{I understand your current situation. Listen well to what I’m going to say after this. Understand?}

He didn’t know what was going on, but for the time being he nodded.

“I got it. Then, what should I do?”

{First, rub Aine’s breast.}

Kizuna reflexively held Aine’s breast.


“Uwawawaaa! Wh-, what are you making me do!”

He released his hand as if it was repelled away.

{Kizuna, do it more gently. Gently, but slowly put more strength into it, rub and wrap it in your hand.”

“No, listen! Why do I have to rub the breast of a girl that I just met for the first time!?”

{Don’t think. Feel.}

“Feel what!?”

{Aine’s heart and body. Unless you can do that, you guys will die for real.}

He could see an Albatross landing down on the roof of a nearby building.

If that thing came here, it would be seriously bad.

{Then touch Aine’s body to make sure if she has wounds or not. Look through every nook and cranny of her body.}

“A…… go, got it. If it’s something like that then……”

With trembling fingers, Kizuna touched Aine’s body.

‘Shit-, don’t get nervous.’

Kizuna was sliding his finger tips from her shoulder to her arm while looking at the girl’s reaction.

The thin glove that reached until her upper arm was torn and had holes opened in it. However, it seemed that she was not injured. The softness of her arm was directly transmitted to his hand.



She was groaning, but it seemed that her consciousness hadn’t returned.

{Don’t mind, just continue.}

“Ah, yes. I got it.”

He ascertained other places similarly like that. From her armpit to her side, her waist, and then her thigh, her calf.

Was the body of a girl really this soft?

He thought that because they were the same human, even though they were male and female it was only their shape that was different, but it was like they were made from different raw materials.

{Open up her legs. Enter between, then pay thorough attention to her leg one by one.}

“Ri, right.”

Before he realized it, Kizuna had already become absorbed in the pleasant feeling of touching Aine’s body.

“Aa…… n, haa……”

The girl’s cheeks were colored red.

Somehow, the feeling of fondling the body of a beautiful girl earnestly was not bad.

Furthermore, in the current situation, he opened her legs and right now he was in a position between those legs where he was holding in his arm her thigh.

Suddenly he could smell a nice aroma like a flower.

He didn’t notice it in his fluster, but this was the aroma of a girl.

Her blushing face was truly bewitching.

He unintentionally gulped his saliva.

Sweat flowed down the nape of her neck.

Her breasts largely moved up and down.

And then, the tips of the breast were obviously conspicuous even more than before. It was standing up as if going against the suit, pushing up the fabric from below.

‘No, no good! My eyes cannot move!’

He put all his power to the muscle of his neck and tore away his gaze from the breasts.

Far below her breasts, there was her navel.

The navel itself was not a big deal, but the fact that the shape of the body under the suit was blatantly displayed uplifted his mind mischievously.

‘Shit-! Even though I’ve finally get away from the breast’s binding spell! What a body that I can’t let my guard down with!’

However, ahead from that area was a spot that was even more dangerous.

The triangle zone made up from the body and the thighs. For Kizuna it was an unknown territory.

The pilot suit was digging into that between, shadow and highlight were creating a valley that looked soft.

His head was dizzy from the charm of her body. The throbbing of his heart was strong, becoming faster. The desire welling up from his depths was driving his body mad, as if an unendurable pain was going to explode.

And then, pink radiant light particles were born inside Kizuna’s eyes.

A painful sounding voice leaked out from Aine’s lips.

“Nn…… haa…… an”

Aine twisted her body as if she was feeling Kizuna’s gaze on her.

At that instant, blue particles scattered from Aine’s body.

This was…… the light of Heart Hybrid Gear?

“Uu…… n”

Aine dimly opened her eyes.

Her expression was entranced, she looked completely defenseless, she was irresistibly lovely.

The moment he saw that, pink particles of light also raised from Kizuna’s body.

{Right now, Kizuna! Grab her breasts!}

When he returned to his senses in surprise, he moved faithfully following his sister’s instruction.

His hand reached out heading towards the magnificent breasts which were drawing beautiful lines.

Just how could this thing possibly draw a line this elegant?

Masou Gakuen HxH V01 08.jpg

It was exactly like a work that god accomplished.

He wanted to touch this miracle of god.

White, with pink tips blooming on top of the soft hills.

――Right now, that summit was conquered.

His eyes met Aine’s.

Under the silver hair, there were the red eyes.

Those eyes which were even redder than her red blushing cheeks were unfocused inside the widely opened eyelids.



Both of them were wordlessly staring at each other.

Shock, confusion, passion, all of those became one, making the throbbing of the heart unstoppable.

Aine’s red eyes were moist, shining sparklingly. Her pink glossy lips was slightly opening, sweet breath was leaking from there.

She was truly beautiful and lovely.


“~~~~-!! !?”

Her red face became even redder to the degree as if one could hear a *puff* sound.

At the same time, the pink particles emitted from Kizuna’s body and the blue particles produced from Aine’s body mixed with each other. Belt of light was enveloping the bodies of the two.

{Success! You did well Kizuna!}

The voice of his sister was unusually excited.

“Su, success you said!?”

The light particles melted into Aine’s body. Following that, sparkling radiance was appearing inside her red eyes and power filled her eyes.

{This is Union RemodellingHeart Hybrid.}

Aine raised her upper body. It was like she was still in a dream, her body was wavering unsteadily.

“This is…… what in the world”

She spread both her hands and stared mysteriously at the flow of light clinging around her body.

{The mixing of heart and affection. That is exactly Heart Hybrid Gear’s true ability!}

Aine was looking at Kizuna with heated eyes.

{I see. It seems that the Heart Hybrid makes her sexual desires still in a heightened state…… Kizuna, try to hit Aine’s cheek.}

“Eh!? Is it okay doing something like that?”

{If you don’t do something like that, Aine is going to coax you for even more erotic actions you know.}

Just what the hell did that mean? He couldn’t understand this at all!

“Eei, what the hell, whatever!”

Saying that, he hit her cheeks sharply with both his hands as if to restrain her head.

Thereupon, Aine’s eyes recovered their focus.

At the same time, the thruster on her elbow was gushing out light.

Aine’s shooting punch buried itself into Kizuna’s stomach.


He was lightly blown away for twenty meters and crashed into the field’s wall.

After taking a glance at Kizuna, Aine put out a floating window and checked the condition of her own gear.

“This is…… what is the meaning of this? The Hybrid Count is rising…… even though, it should have been used up already.”

{Aine. The Albatross heading to your spot is in the middle of descending. You can do it?}

A new window opened up in front of Aine’s eyes and projected Reiri’s face.

Even before Reiri’s words ended, Aine sharply directed her face to the blue sky.

The figure of the magic weapon swinging the bayonet was reflected on her red eyes. It was falling straight down with a speed that was faster than a natural fall should be.

The girl who until just now was in a condition where she had used up her strength stood up gallantly. Her white skin was shining beautifully while her red eyes were radiating luminescence.

“I’ll do it.”

Her eyes where no vitality could be felt before now changed into a gaze that possessed strong will. Several streaks of light flowed on the surface of her gear, she understood that energy was supplied to her whole body.

Aine bent her knee and dropped her body with a jerk.

The next instant, Aine’s figure disappeared. Shockwave blew through the stadium field.

‘Buha-! Wha-, what happened?’

Kizuna warded off the wind with his hand while looking up to the sky with narrowed eyes.

Like a launched rocket, Aine flew up to the sky. Ahead up there was the magic weapon possessing tremendous mass falling down.

A girl with body height of 160 cm and the magic weapon with height of ten meters clashed.

Aine should be crushed from the extreme difference in mass.

She pulled back her arm largely.


Large amount of light exploded from her elbow thruster.

With a terrific speed, Aine’s fist was buried into Albatross’ stomach.

The astounding destructive power smashed the armor into pieces.

Like that the armor warped, broke in, and the back was pierced through.

‘――What the hell, is that?’

Kizuna murmured while looking up at the Albatross which had a hole opened in its stomach and was now falling down.

“That’s absurd……”

At the other side of the hole opened in Albatross, there was a girl with silver hair.

Aine was staring at Kizuna.

Albatross’ body became fragments of light and disintegrated.

Kizuna noticed that the warship of the enemy at the back was changing its direction.

{It seems they are returning. Himekawa, Yurishia, you don’t need to pursue. Come back.}

{Aa―, geez, that’s unfortunate! As expected, a mother ship is tough!}

A new window was opened and it projected Yurishia’s sulky face.

{It can’t be helped. The majority of the enemy’s magic weapons are beaten, so let’s look at this positively.}

The relieved gentle smiling face of Himekawa was projected.

{Rather than that, what about Aine-san?}

Himekawa questioned worriedly.

“There is no problem with me.”

He could hear her natural voice rather than from the transmission device.

Aine was coming down from the sky and landed in front of Kizuna.

“Rather than that……”

And then she walked closer in front of Kizuna.

“What kind of person are you? What in the world did you do to me?”

‘Hee? Why is she asking me a question like that――wait, aahh-!’

No matter how it was the instructions of his sister, he had done erotic things like that to her while she was losing consciousness.

This was not a mere outcry about sexual harassment! If he thought carefully, wasn’t all of that already a crime!

Cold sweat came out like a waterfall.

“No, I’m just a normal transfer student…… no, it seems that today is really busy, should I excuse myself with this……”

{Wait, Kizuna.}

Reiri’s window circled and cut in front of the nose of Kizuna who was trying to leave.

{I still have business with you. Aine, take Kizuna and come to the usual place. Himekawa and Yurishia too.}


Aine answered with a dissatisfied voice and caught the nape of Kizuna’s neck.

“Wa, wait!”

“It’s fine already, just come. This is an order so it can’t be helped, I’ll guide you. It’s great isn’t it, you have made a good memory to take to the afterlife.”

“Don’t say something ominous! You, where are you planning to take me!?”

Kizuna was literally dragged away somewhere.

Part 3[edit]

‘――So, why am I in this kind of place?’

Kizuna was made to stand in front of the students of the whole school.

The destination where he was taken away was a large auditorium that could accommodate several thousand people.

He was made to change his clothes that had become scraps into Ataraxia’s uniform, now he was standing on the stage in a row with Aine and the others.

The seats were filled with all the students of Ataraxia gathering here. Combined with the middle school, the number of the students approached near four thousand people.

“Well then, this time the enemy’s attack has also been splendidly repelled, by the pride of our Ataraxia, the members of the Heart Hybrid Gear team [Heaven and Earth GoddessAmaterasu]. Ladies and gentlemen, give them a grand applause!”

The inside of the building was wrapped in loud applause that could crack the building.

“Well then let’s continue, we will have some words from the principal of Ataraxia who is also our commander-in-chief.”

Someone was holding the post of the principal and commander concurrently? Just what kind of pers――,

The one who appeared from the side of the stage was, a young female.

Her long black hair fluttered while she was walking on the stage. She had a slender face and sharp almond eyes. A military uniform was fitted smartly on her body, it had a tight design that firmly clung to the body line, even the shape of her large breasts could be understood over the clothes, it was truly a sexy figure.

But, the most important thing was,

――He knew that face really too well.

“Ladies and gentlemen, Hida Reiri.”

‘Ne-! Nee-chan!?’

“Regarding the emergency situation on this occasion, the accurate actions with calmness of you ladies and gentlemen deserve praise.”

‘Just what in the world, that person is doing in that place―!? Quickly, quickly get back!’

In panic, Kizuna talked on and on at Himekawa who was standing beside him.

“Wa, wait! I don’t know the reason for this, but my Nee-chan, she is doing something like that! I’m truly sorry! We have to drag her back immediately!”

Himekawa frowned her face in wonderment.

“Err, I don’t understand what you mean. Is there something wrong with the commander giving out words in this general meeting?”

“Aah, geez, you don’t get it at all! I’m saying that person there is my Nee-chan!”

“That seems so.”

“No, that’s why――……eh?”

“I’m aware that you are the little brother of the commander.”

‘……eh!? She is joking, right?’

Putting aside the dumbfounded Kizuna, the meeting was progressing.

Reiri that was supposed to be the older sister of Kizuna spoke to the four thousand people with a dignified behavior.

“Well then, I want to introduce a new comrade in this chance. He is a transfer student but, for certain circumstances a Heart Hybrid Gear is residing in his body. Therefore, together with his enrollment, it has been decided that he will also enlist into Amaterasu.”

‘This talk…… I don’t think it’s possible but, is this talk about me?’

“Then, I’ll introduce him. High school second year first group, Hida Kizuna.”

Reiri on top of the stage reached out her hand as if inviting him.

No, that was impossible.

Kizuna made a right-about face and tried to head to the wing of the stage.

“The way is not there you know. O-ver-there.”

Yurishia stood in his way and pressed at Kizuna’s chest with her index finger.

Reluctantly he walked towards the center of the stage.

When he climbed on the stage, Reiri was there holding out her hand with a smile. He took that hand and made a handshake, the applause inside the building became even louder.

“Kizuna, you did well until here.”

Reiri talked to him in a way that was not broadcasted by the mic.

“……After this, I got a mountain of things I want to ask Nee-chan.”

Reiri laughed in a huff and once more stood in front of the mic.

“The strategy that I will explain after this will become the most important and the most prioritized strategy. And then, this new team member will shoulder the most important role in that strategy.”

The lighting on the stage dropped down a little and an image was projected on a screen.

He wondered if perhaps the data for the strategy’s outline would be projected on that screen.

The instant the image was projected, it felt like Kizuna’s breath was going to stop.

The image that was projected was the one taken when Kizuna was looking after Aine.

However, looking from just the image, there was nothing that could be seen except him carefully touching all over the body of the unconscious Aine with thoroughness.

The inside of the auditorium turned noisy.


“No way, what is, this”

“Pe, pervert?”

Kizuna timidly looked at the direction of Aine and the others.

Aine’s face was pale. If this was a manga, than surely the upper half of her face would be shaded off by gradation.

‘This is baddd, she is angry! She is really angry! She is extremely angry!’

Himekawa’s mouth was half opened, she was looking up at the screen dumbfounded.

As for Yurishia, she was tilting her head as if saying ‘What is this I wonder?’

And then, the moment where Kizuna’s hand was touching Aine’s breast, the auditorium shook from screams and angry roars.


“What the hell, is thisssssssss!”

“Don’t shit with meee! What are you doing to our goddess there!”

“How envious! That’s just too envious, die!”

Even none other than Kizuna himself was also screaming.



“Yo, you’re wrong! This is a mistake! This is, listen to my explanation!”

Aine was unchangingly staring fixedly at the screen.

Himekawa’s face turned red and she pressed her mouth with her hand, but before long she couldn’t hold herself back and murmured with a voice of deep resentment while her shoulders were shaking.

“Wha…… what, is this, picture. This thing, this thing”

“Err, Himekawa…… san?”

“How…… how, cowardly!”

Shout of anger pierced him.

“While other people were fighting the enemy, just what in the world were you doing-! Furthermore you did that while the other person was fainting, unbelievable! Impossible! Filthy! Disgusting! Repulsive! Indecent! You coward! Pervert!”

And then, similar vilification were mercilessly raining down on him from the audience seating.

‘Aah, why, why does it become like this!?’

“You really did it didn’t you― even though I thought you were just the typical herbivore♪”

Yurishia was making a mean smile at him.

Kizuna grasped the shoulder of Reiri while crying.

“Aah! Geez! This is all Nee-chan’s fault! You have to settle this down somehow!”

Reiri held the mic and declared.

Masou Gakuen HxH V01 09.jpg


With that thundering voice, silence returned to the auditorium.

“Listen well! This is not a joke or game or anything. This is a fully-fledged strategy. Until now even when Heart Hybrid Gear consumed their energy, there is no other method to replenish that energy except by slowly waiting for natural recovery. However, after a long time of research, we finally obtained the answer for this! That is by a man and a woman possessing Heart Hybrid Gear to join their body and heart into one and share their affection and pleasure.”

On the screen, the scene where particles of light were overflowing out from the body of Kizuna and Aine was repeated.

“By doing this, the energy of the Heart Hybrid Gear is replenished and [Heart Hybrid] becomes possible.”

Aine parted her eyes from the screen and stared fixedly at Kizuna’s person.

‘Wh, what? Just as I thought she might be really angry. Well, that’s just obvious. Aa…… how should I apologize for this to her?’

“In the image you can see that the energy of Aine’s Heart Hybrid Gear ran out, but she succeeded in doing Heart Hybrid with Kizuna. The result is just as you can see.”

The scene where Aine destroyed a magic weapon with one attack was replayed.

Certainly, her movement and power were completely different compared to before. That was the true power of Aine. Had her energy been consumed until that much before the Heart Hybrid? Or maybe by doing that right now her battery was already in a state of almost running out again.

“Listen well! In order to continue fighting the enemy from AU, from now on the members of Amaterasu are going to endeavor to replenish their energy and power up themselves!”

Reiri’s index finger was directed at Kizuna as if it would pierce through him.

“Do erotic things with this Hida Kizuna here!!”

Once again the auditorium was turned into a feverish state of pandemonium.

Himekawa snapped at Reiri.

“I, I cannot accept this! If we need to do something like making our heart as one, then it should even be fine to use other methods than this! Just why do we have to use a shameless way like that!?”

“Listen well Himekawa, love is the strongest emotion that humans possess. And then, sexual desire strongly connects two people. This is the emotion and impulse that are rooted in our instinct as a living being. There is no method more effective and stronger than this.”

“Kuh-……such, such thing”

“It’s also the same for all of you who wish to enlist into Amaterasu. Carve into your hearts that it will be indispensable to perform Heart Hybrid with Kizuna after enlisting into the team!”


The shouts of all the students roared inside the auditorium.

“Wha, what the hell is thattt! Just how could such thing be possible!?”

The agonized screams from the male students were especially loud.

Kizuna couldn’t endure it and yelled into the mic.

“E, everyone, don’t misunderstand! I never had that kind of intention at all! Something like erotic things…… is not something that can be done with just anyone. It’s something that should be done between two people loving each other, it’s mistaken to force it due to a strategy or whatever!”

The angry roars inside the hall began once more, the commotion was pushing back like a wave to him.

‘If it keeps like this I won’t be able to stay here. At best, it will be like lying in a bed of nails, at worst, I’ll get killed. If I don’t resolve the misunderstanding somehow――’

At a great timing, the screen was projecting the scene where Kizuna was renewing his determination just before he was going to save Aine.

‘Great. If they see this scene, then there is no doubt that my feeling of just wanting to save Chidorigafuchi will be conveyed to everyone!’

“Everyone, see here! This is when I was going to save Chidorigafuchi――”

And then the Kizuna inside the scream stripped naked his upper body and yelled gallantly.


“This bastardddd! Ain’t you really eager there huhhhhhh!”


“Unbelievable! Beast!”

“Pervert! Pervert! Pervert!”

Merciless vilification were thrown at Kizuna on the stage. It was a barrage of words.

Kizuna was burned out into pure white.

‘――It’s over…… my school life.’

Chapter 2 – The First Mission[edit]

Part 1[edit]

Kizuna awoke after being unable to sleep well.

His body was heavy.

After all, yesterday was completely wretched for him.

“My fatigue, is still not going away……yy-!?”

“To wake up even later than this me, there is a degree even if you want to slack off.”

About 30 cm in front of his eyes, there were red eyes staring at him.

It was Chidorigafuchi Aine in her uniform appearance, she was lying on her belly above the futon.

“Yo, you! Why are you here!?”

“I have come for yobai.” [1]

“This is morning!”

“Isn’t yobai called as an early-morning attack?”

“No, it feels like that, but it’s different somehow!”

When Aine tilted her head, her silver hair smoothly flowed down on his chest. A nice smell gently drifted in the air. Even through the futon, he could feel the breasts of Aine which were full with the sense of weight.

Putting aside the yobai, she might be really serious in her early-morning attack statement. After all, yesterday her half-naked body was touched around, her naked breast was rubbed, and the whole particulars of it were screened in front of the whole student body. Looking from her point of view, she would surely feel embarrassed.

“Then how are you feeling I wonder? Feel excited?”


“So you cannot even say any word. I wonder if far from being excited, you are now already becoming an animal in mating season instead?”

“I’m not! Rather, a human won’t have anything like that!”

Just what was going on with this girl? Wasn’t she coming here for her retaliation on him?

“How strange. According to my material, an erotic event should occur when a girl comes to wake up a boy in the morning though.”

“What kind of material is that! It’s fine already, just move away. I’m already awake.”

Looking at the clock beside the pillow, the time was already 8 o’clock. Although the dormitory and the high school building were near, he wanted to go to school with some time left because this was his first day.

This place was Ataraxia’s student dormitory.

After the commotion yesterday, he was forcefully taken away somewhere. He didn’t bring a single thing from his residence in Tokyo float, but this dormitory had already provided the full set of furniture for the resident, so he was not inconvenienced at all. Home appliances like television and audio were completely provided here that he had no complaint about it, and the furniture and equipment were so splendid that he wanted to doubt whether this place was a high class hotel.

Most of all, not all the rooms were splendid like this. Only members of Amaterasu who possessed Heart Hybrid Gear were treated specially like this, so he heard.

When Aine stood up from the bed, she ripped off the futon from Kizuna.

“Wa-! Don’t pull it off so suddenly!”

Ignoring Kizuna’s words, Aine was glaring at Kizuna with a grim look.

“Then should we begin?”

Hearing those words, he felt a pressure that was nearly a killing intent.

‘Do, don’t tell me…… as expected, she is coming for me?’

“Wha, what is it?”

“Of course, it’s for activity of love. With the flow until now, the love between you and me should be heated up enough correct?”

Aine took off her jacket and threw it away.

“Nothing is heating up for even a millimeter. Rather I’m shrinking here from terror.”

“You are really noisy about every little thing. It’s fine already so let’s just do it quickly.”

Aine grasped the collar of Kizuna’s sleepwear and took it off with a force that almost tore off the front button.

Kizuna’s collarbone until his stomach became exposed.

“Uwaaaaaa…… a……?”

Aine froze while still grasping the sleepwear. She was staring fixedly at Kizuna’s upper body without averting her eyes. Her cheeks were also slightly colored red.

“……No, now! Quickly do Heart Hybrid with me!”

“Wa, wait! Just wait a second, why are you rushing this much!”

At that time, the door was knocked.

“Hida-kun? If you don’t wake up soon, you will be late to the homeroom you know?”

That voice was, Himekawa Hayuru.

It would be terrible if she found him in this kind of situation.

“It was inexcusable for me to be angry yesterday with you without giving you the chance to explain yourself. Perhaps you also have your own circumstances…… excuse me, are you there?”

‘Uwaaaa! What, what to do!? But, there is nothing that I can do!’

He could do nothing but pray so that Himekawa would leave just like that!

“By any chance, if you are still sleeping then I have to wake you up…… then excuse me.”

Just limited to this situation he was being really troubled from that kind heart!

“Ara? You are he…… re, are……”

Himekawa’s eyes could see nothing except Kizuna whose upper body was naked and Aine whose uniform was disordered hugging each other on top of the bed. Moreover, Aine was straddling Kizuna’s waist.

Three seconds later, Himekawa reached her own conclusion.

“Illicit sexual relationship…… ho, how shameless…… in this sacred dormitory, to, to-…… what an, indecent act! Yo, you are trying to rape Aine-san again like this! You can’t be forgiven anymore!”

“You’re wrong! No matter how you see it, I’m the one being pinned down here! I’m the one getting attacked!”

“Haa? You are still saying idiotic things like that! Are you thinking that such unsightly excuse can possibly be believed? A girl attacking a boy, how nonsensical.”

No, that was the truth though!

“Hayuru. It’s hard to say this but, what this sexual offender is saying is true.”


“The one attacking, is this me.”

“That, that’s……”

With a face that expressed how she couldn’t believe it, Himekawa staggered on the spot.

“There is the need to perform Hybrid Heart even for a second faster, so this can’t be helped.”

Aine puffed up her chest proudly.

“No…… just why are you looking that haughty?”

“But, I wonder if this is what is called as a female carnivore? It’s obvious but I love meat you know. Especially the specialty product of Mie float, the Matsusaka beef, it’s really delicious. Kanagawa float’s Hayama beef is also hard to discard. I wonder what kind of meat Hayuru likes?”

“Thi…… this is, my limit already. The, the both of you……”

Himekawa’s shoulders were shaking in fury.

“I’ll punish you! Neros!!”

Red light filled the room, a red armor was fixed on Himekawa’s body.

‘Thi, this girl-! She is putting on her Heart Hybrid Gear!’

“Le, let’s calm down and have a talk! It should be strictly prohibited to have a personal with by putting on our gear!”

“No need to worry. After all this is an official duty as a public morals committee member!”

Himekawa drew out the sword hanging on her hips and slashed at him.

“You’re forcing your own rule too much!”


Aine too materialized her gear and stood in the way of Neros.

However there shouldn’t be any way to block the sword of Neros that was swung down.

Something like catching a blade with bare hands was an impossible story from the beginning. The empty handed Zeros could only get cut down like that――was how it was supposed to be.


However, the sword was stopped.

Zeros moved with amazing speed and stopped not the sword, but restrained the hand that was holding the handle of the sword.

“……Impudent act.”

“In this range, you are no match for Zeros.”

“Is that so? Such thing won’t be understood unless we test it.”

Himekawa showed a belligerent smile.

“You, you girls! Don’t fight in someone’s room! The scale of your fight is ――”

After that, Kizuna’s room met with devastating damage after a defense and offense of less than ten seconds.

Part 2[edit]

‘……What a terrible experience right from the morning.’

Kizuna exited the dormitory and headed towards the school building.

It seemed that his room couldn’t be used for a while. Fortunately, there was still an empty room and he could exchange his room.

The two perpetrators were severely reprimanded by the dormitory head. Due to that they might arrive late to school.

Well, they reaped what they sowed.

He was thinking of going by using public transportation, but he would still make it in time even by walking.

He went by walking while viewing the townscape at the same time.

The transportation in this Ataraxia was mainly underground trains, thinking from how the enemy might attack. The inside of the underground train could also be used as a shelter in emergency time.

Next was the unmanned electronic automobile, but it was applied as a taxi. It was convenient how it could be used to go everywhere no matter the route.

While thinking of such things, he was walking through the roads that were cleanly maintained.

It seemed that, somehow, around this area was not affected by the battle yesterday.

Both sides of the road were planted with trees, giving tranquility to the people walking down the road. Passing through that road were many students heading to the school.

Kizuna planned to walk mixing with those students, but he noticed something strange.

There was no one coming closer around Kizuna.

Everyone was getting out of the way from Kizuna’s vicinity, they were whispering gossip from afar.

‘Aah…… I see. So this is also, reaping what I sowed…… is it?’

He could listen to the whispering voices.

“That’s Eros.”

“Eros you know.”

“The Eros.”

‘Aah-, geez! Ero, ero, how noisy!’

He made his steps faster as if to run away toward the high school building.

When he passed through the gates, he could immediately see the school building standing tall. Its steel frame was exposed, the wall was made using composite materials, it looked rustic but it was a cool building.

He entered the building from the entrance.

But everywhere he went he was met with curious stares and malicious gossip. It was wholly uncomfortable.

‘Let’s not pay it any mind and head to the classroom. Though, this situation will also happen in the class too.’

“Err…… the second year first group if I remember right.”

The high school part was largely divided into battle department and research department. He was in battle department so this first group must be a battle department…… was how it should be.

He confirmed the plate of the classroom and opened the door.

The attention was gathered at him all at once, but the students immediately averted their gazes.

But among them there was only one person raising her hand smiling at him, a female student.

“Haai, Kizuna. I wonder what kind of business you have in my class?”

It was Yurishia Farandol.

Blonde haired and blue eyes, her uniform was filled to bursting with her breasts and waist. As usual, she had a showy appearance. She was by no means gaudy, she was like a high grade precious stone where he could feel her fine quality and elegance.

Also there were five, six female students that seemed to have fine upbringing surrounding around Yurishia.

“Wai-, Yurishia-sama! You must not call out to that man.”

“That’s right! Exchanging word with someone like that will dirty Yurishia-sama!”

The hanger-on group were glaring at Kizuna with eyes filled with hostility.

‘How amazing. When all’s said and done, she is like the queen of the high school.’

“Now, now, everyone. He is a transfer student. It’s no good to not be kind to him♪”

“My, how kind you are, Yurishia-sama.”

“As expected from the queen of Ataraxia!”

Somehow, rather than a clique it looked more like a religion.

“Wait a second the lecher over there! Yurishia-sama is the ace of the American army and the flower of high society, she is a lady of American celebrity. It’s a dream that cannot possibly be granted for someone like you to exchange words with her. Don’t come closer to her in a radius of 5 meters from now on!”

Now that she mentioned it, he had watched the news before that America dispatched their Heart Hybrid Gear to Japan. If he remembered right it was something about advantageous deployment for the strategy in the Pacific Ocean as allied nations, or returning the favor for Japan’s provision of Heart Hybrid Gear technology to America, that kind of content.

So that pilot in the news was this Yurishia Farandol.

“Right, right, how awe-inspiring that is. I understood already.”

“What’s with that attitude of yours!”

At the other side of the angry hangers-on, Yurishia was looking at Kizuna and sent him a wink.

That act and expression of hers made his heart jump for a second unconsciously.

“Oka―y, everyone take your seat. The homeroom is starting now―”

A female teacher wearing a red jersey entered the room.

Her hair was carelessly tied behind her and tiresome aura was coming out from her whole body. He guessed that her age was around the later half of the twenties. Even though she was a beauty when he looked carefully, there was the feeling that it was ruined by none other than herself.

“Aa― Hida-kun. You neglected going to the staff room and came here haven’t you―”

“Ah…… is that so, I’m sorr――”

“Right, it’s fine so don’t let it bother you. I am Sakasaki Saki. Your homeroom teacher.”

With a sleepy gaze, she waved her hand tiresomely.

“This is a good timing, oka―y, come to the front.”

Obeying what Sakasaki-sensei told him, he stood at the podium in front of the class and looked over the class.

There he felt an uncomfortable feeling.

“Err, sensei…… there are a lot of girls here isn’t it?”

A lot, that expression was not an accurate one. The correct one was that, there was nobody but girls here.

“Hm? Because this is an all-girl class after all.”


“Look, you students are boys and girls in that age right? Especially the stimulation of pilot suits are strong see―. So that there will be no mistakes occurring, the classes and training are divided between the boys and girls. If I have to make a reference, this first group is the top of the battle department female group. This class is called Flourish class.”

He didn’t know at all that was how the class was divided.

“Then, it’s really bad for me to be here. I have to quickly go to the boy class.”

Sakasaki-sensei firmly took hold of the wrist of Kizuna who was trying to get out of the class.

“Aa―, it’s fine, it’s fine, your place is right here.”


“Then, you all know him but I’ll give an introduction one more time. This is Hida Kizuna-kun who newly enters this class. Everyone, get along well with him. In that kind of meaning.”

“Teacher, please don’t say anything like ‘in that kind of meaning’.”

The door of the class was opened loudly and Himekawa made her entrance. Behind her there was also Aine.

“Oh, Himekawa and Chidorigafuchi. It’s rare for you two to wake up late.”

Himekawa walked until the teacher podium with loud steps before she pointed at Kizuna.

“I didn’t wake up late! It’s the fault of that man over there that I came this late! Rather than that, what is the meaning of a boy joining the girl class!? Such thing cannot be permitted!”

“Yep. Sensei also thinks so, but this is actually permitted.”

“Please explain!”

Only in this kind of time Kizuna and Himekawa were in the same opinion.

“Th, that’s right. Besides, sensei too already said it yourself just now. That we all are boys and girls in that age and so this division is so that no mistakes will happen.”

“Aah, rather you need to do that mistake. With all you got.”

“What the helllll, is thatttt!”

“Because this is the strategy so it can’t be helped. Everyone too, do your best in various things with Hida-kun, okay? Errr―, yesterday the seats had been rearranged to make place for your sitting. Over there, near the window.”

The seat the teacher pointed at was located behind Himekawa, his right was Aine, and in front of Yurishia, then at the left was a window where he could always dive out for the next world, that location was perfectly surrounded by enemies from all sides, it was truly a land of death where he was isolated and helpless.

No, no matter where he was sitting, there was no safe area for him in this class. The cold gazes of all the class members were mercilessly shaving off his will power.

When the morning class was over, Kizuna’s will power was already endlessly close to zero.

Part 3[edit]

“Haa…… I’m tired.”

Afternoon break. Kizuna exited the school building as if running away. He couldn’t bear the gazes of his classmates that were filled with disgust. The atmosphere made him feel like he was going to choke, that when he went outside he breathed in relief.

“I wonder what I should do about lunch…… maybe it would be better if I asked about the school cafeteria.”

However, if he took a step outside the school, there would be a lot of food stores outside.

When he peeked outside, there were a lot of students having fun talking while having their meals.

If it was like this, then even without a school cafeteria there would be no problem at all.

After hesitating, in the end he entered a fast food store that was safe.

However, the moment Kizuna entered the store, the bustling atmosphere inside froze.

‘――Eh? Wh, what?’

“O, oi. That guy, that’s Eros.”

“Don’t look, it seems that you will get pregnant if your eyes meet his you know?”

“I heard that the second year Chidorigafuchi and Himekawa had already become his prey.”

“Is the implementation for the assassination plan not finished yet?”

“Shh, about that talk……”

‘Oi oi oi! There is a dangerous talk that’s not a laughing matter mixed there!’

Kizuna exited the fast food store to escape, but on the outside, gazes from the girls as if they were looking at something filthy were directed at him while gazes filled with envy and grudge were glared at him from the boys.

‘Aah…… can I keep living here like this?’


Kizuna was surprised from hearing a voice calling his name.

So there was a person who would talk to him in this Ataraxia.

However, he comprehended it after seeing the owner of the voice.

“Chidorigafuchi huh…… what business do you have with me?”

“What are you going to do for lunch?”


He couldn’t answer. Honestly, he didn’t have anymore prospect.

“Is that so? If so then come with me. I’ll bless you with a meal.”

“Are you treating me, or are you saying that I’ll be the one treating……”

However, there was nobody else that would eat together with him. In the first place, it didn’t seem that he would be able to obtain any lunch. As far as he was concerned, he had no other option.

“……Got it. I’ll accept your gift. Then, where to?”

“Follow me.”

He was led into a forest where there was no human presence.

When they passed through out of the forest, there was a terrace that faced the sea with chair and table put there.

Or perhaps it should be said, that this place was right near the spot where he met Chidorigafuchi for the first time.

Kizuna nervously sat side-by-side with Aine.

When Aine opened the wrapping that she was holding, a bento box appeared from inside.

“Here, eat up.”

Inside the box were crammed with beautiful sandwiches.

“Oo-! Don’t tell me this is handmade?”

“That’s right. For you to be able to eat the handmade bento by this me, you are truly the happiest person in the world.”

He didn’t know about that, but, anyway, this was a lunch that he had prepared to give up just now. Let’s just eat it gratefully.

“Itadakima―su.” [6]

Tuna sandwich, egg sandwich, he ate them one after another.

“Oo-, it’s really delicious! But, this……”

“Is there something?”

“No, it’s like…… the taste is really similar with the sandwiches sold in the convenience store.”

“Of course it’s like that. It’s something I bought from the convenience store.”

“Then this is not handmade!”

“I cut them into half and put them into the bento box.”

“What kind of explanation is that! If that’s true, then even heating instant curry counts as handmade, putting hot water inside cup ramen also counts as handmade cooking!?”

“Then I’ll ask you this, where does the definition of handmade cooking begin and where does it end?”


“For example, if you buy bread and tuna can in a convenience store, then can you call it handmade cooking if you jammed the tuna between the bread I wonder? I cannot feel any fundamental difference from there, though.”

“No, well, certainly that might be true but……”

“If you talk about handmade cooking in that kind of meaning, then as expected you will need to grow the wheat and catch the tuna fish from the place where they set out, you have to do everything from the start. However, if Hida-kun tells me to do that no matter what, then I think I’ll submit permission to leave school and board a tuna fishing fish.”

“I’m sorry! Chidorigafuchi’s handmade lunch is delicious!”

“It’s fine if you understand.”

What a tiresome woman, this girl.

“Right right, also there is one more thing, there is something I want you to eat.”

“Hm? What. Something like a desert?”

Aine stood up and stood in front of Kizuna.

And then, she pinched her skirt and slowly lifted it up.


“To call this a desert, I’ll take off my hat towards the extent of your sleaziness.”

“Just who means that! It’s fine already, just put back down your skirt! It’s totally visible from here!”

“……You’ve seen it?”

“N, no…… just barely, only almost, I didn’t see it though.”

However, the thighs that could be seen from the gap between the skirt and the over-knee-socks were dazzling. And then, if the skirt was raised one more millimeter, the panty would be visible.

In the case of this morning she was also like this, but, did this girl not have this thing called shame?

When he stared fixedly at Aine’s face, her cheeks seemingly had a reddish tinge.

“Look here…… by any chance, are you actually embarrassed?”

“There is no way that’s true. Look at how calm I am.”

When he saw her wrist, the finger tips that were pinching the skirt were shaking.

“How is it? It seems that by doing an act that cannot be done inside the school, the feeling of immorality gives rise to excitement.”

Kizuna gulped his saliva.

“If you want to see, it’s fine to flip it over you know.”

Her voice seemed calm, but her expression looked anxious somehow.

This girl, actually she was unreasonably forcing herself wasn’t she?

……Should he test it?

Kizuna slowly reached out his hand to her skirt.

Aine’s thighs quivered shiveringly.

“As I thought, you are really forcing yourself right?”

“……I wonder what are you babbling about, you animal. There is no way that this me will falter from just this much.”

“But, you are shaking you know?”

“This is warrior’s excitement from the anticipation of obtaining the [Corruption Armament] from now on. I’m really happy I cannot bear it.”

――Corruption armament?

“What is that…… this thing called [Corruption Armament]?”

“It’s fine already, just strip this off. I don’t mind at all so…… just this much.”

Aine’s cheeks reddened and she averted her eyes.

“I, if you say until that much then……”

After Kizuna pinched the skirt’s hem, he slowly lifted it up.

He could almost see the area where her long and slender two legs were connected into one.

And then, finally that summit became visible.

At the other side, he could peek at her ass right from the front.

This was, a girl’s panty……?

“Err, Chidorigafuchi-san.”

“What is it?”

“……This is a pilot suit isn’t it?”

“Yes. I don’t know when I will need to scramble out after all. Naturally I’m wearing it under my uniform.”

Honestly, this was also erotic so it was completely okay! But, for some reason he felt cheated!

“No doubt you are aroused right? Now, with this, all the preparations are complete. Quickly make the Corruption Armament――”


There was a voice that was not Kizuna’s or Aine’s.

Without them realizing it, there was a girl standing nearby. She was a middle school student but her height was short like an elementary student.


Just what kind of scene he showed to this innocent girl!

‘Like this ain’t I completely a pervert! A hundred percent molester!’

That girl, with her petite body and beautiful blonde hair completely looked like a westerner. Her large eyes opened wide in perfect circle looking at him.

Perhaps he had already planted a trauma inside a girl this cute that she wouldn’t be able to forget for her whole life.

‘However, if that happened then I would continue to live inside that girl forever…… This is not the time to think something stupid! I’ve got to think of an emergency countermeasure now!’

“By the way Hida-kun. I wonder if you can release you hand from my skirt soon? It’s a little bad to show this in front of an underclassman I think.”

‘GYAAAAA, I’m still flipping over her skirttt!’

Kizuna separated his hand in panic and desperately began to make an excuse.

“Y-, you! This is not how it looks like, by no means I’m doing something that I need to feel guilty about!”

That girl tilted her head a little with a puzzled face.

“Yes. This is a mission right desu? I thought that this might be the strategy that commander talked about yesterday desu, but…… am I mistaken desu?”

‘Eh…… what?’

“Excuse me for my lateness desu. I am called Sylvia Silvercut. I was told by the commander to bring Hida-senpai to her desu.”

She smiled in a friendly manner and bowed cutely.

He left Chidorigafuchi on that spot and was led away by Sylvia out to the street. There, a large limousine was stopping at the roadside.

The door was opened by Sylvia and he boarded the car as he was told.

“Kizuna, sorry to be sudden like this.”


After Sylvia also got in, the car started to move without sound.

Kizuna stared at his sister sitting in front of him in a glare.

“There is a lot of things I want to ask Nee-chan.”

“What a coincidence. There is also a lot that I want to talk with you. But, I think it’s fine to do that after we arrive, first let’s finish the small chores.”

From her bosom, Reiri took out an appliance that looked like a small communication device.

“I’m giving this to you.”

At a glance, the thing looked like a smart phone’s show model.

He recognized this thing…… now that he thought back, the students here were all using this.

“That also doubles as a student’s identification card, a communication device exclusive for Ataraxia. From all sorts of contact methods, schedule, attendance and grades, health condition and the likes, everything is managed by that device.”

When Kizuna touched the screen, an interface he had never seen before was booted up.

“Heee…… this is cool.”

“Yours is specially made, there is an Amaterasu icon there correct? Try to start up that application.”

Kizuna did as he was told and tapped Amaterasu’s mark that was designed as wings and heart mark. Thereupon, the names of Aine and the others, and all sorts of parameters were displayed.

“What is this? From height and weight…… even the three sizes are shown here!? Isn’t this personal information?”

“That’s why no one but you can see it.”

‘Aah, is that so…… no, isn’t that also no good?’

“From basic specs until their vital sign and current location, all of those are being monitored in real time. There is an item named Hybrid Count there right?”

There was a graph signed with a heart mark there.

“That’s the remaining energy of the Heart Hybrid Gear. Do Heart Hybrid before the gauge enters the yellow zone.”

Yellow zone was starting from 25%, and under 10% was the red zone.

“When the energy remaining is less than 5%, it will become hard to even maintain the Heart Hybrid Gear. Pay careful attention so that the energy won’t get lower than that. Understand?”

“Just wait a second! About that story, since yesterday it’s just full of things that I don’t get. Just what in the world is happening, explain it to me so I can understand a little bit more!”

Reiri took out a juice from the car’s mini-bar, then she offered it to Kizuna and Sylvia.

“The detailed explanation will be after we arrive.”

Kizuna felt a little dissatisfied having the explanation delayed, but he obediently consented.

He believed that now Reiri had said that, she would surely give him an explanation later. Reiri had never failed to keep her promise to Kizuna.

“Rather than that, I’ll introduce Sylvia to you once more. She is a transfer student from Britain, Sylvia Silvercut.”


Research and development of Heart Hybrid Gear was also conducted outside Japan, but most of them came from the technology gifted by Ataraxia. And so promising human resources from all over the world came to this Ataraxia.

Although, that was the story before the Second Another Universe Conflict occurred.

He guessed that Silvia too arrived in this Ataraxia before that time.

“She is a first year of middle school, but she is an extremely excellent personnel. From today on, she will work as your subordinate.”


Masou Gakuen HxH V01 10.jpg

“Please take care of me, Captain!”


“Yes! Sylvia is Kizuna-senpai’s subordinate. I was assigned with formal appointment to this position. That’s why, Kizuna-senpai is Sylvia’s captain desu.”

“Ne, Nee-chan, a subordinate for me, what is the meaning of this?”

“I don’t mind whether you make her help you for your daily life or whatever. It’s fine for you to order her for any kind of business. She is your first subordinate. Be affectionate to her.”

Be affectionate!?

“No matter how you look at it, isn’t that a crime!?”

“……What are you thinking inside your brain?”

‘Ah, so it’s not in that kind of meaning…… shit, it’s like I got completely brainwashed unwittingly.’

“Well, this girl is also one of the candidates. If it looks like she has good prospect, I won’t stop you from that.”

“No, stop me! As an elder sister, as a person in position of responsibility!”

“Also, I’ll make Sylvia report whether you make progress in your relation with those lasses or not.”

‘So that was your true objective making Sylvia my subordinate! Isn’t that just a nice way of saying that she is my overseer!

“Err―, are you fine with that? Having me as your captain?”

“Yes! Sylvia is the number one member of Kizuna squad desu. It’s an honor desu!”

She was looking up at him with bright eyes.

Kizuna was unable to do anything except powerlessly smile towards that pure eyes.

“As poor as I am, Sylvia too will do her best! I will become the strength of Captain, I want to make this strategy a success desu!”

“At first it’s only Sylvia, but I expect you to someday become a captain that leads the Heart Hybrid Gear force, Amaterasu.”

“……That’s a really unthinkable long distance for me.”

After the car drove for ten minutes, they arrived at the destination.

“Eh…… this place is”

When he got off the electric automobile that was automatically driven, he was in front of a building that he recognized.

“Sylvia will explain desu! This is the Heart Hybrid Gear laboratory desu. It’s called Nayuta Lab. But, why is this place called Nayuta Lab?”


That was because his mother’s name was Hida Nayuta.

Sylvia returned back using the car after that and Reiri and Kizuna entered the lab.

They walked a corridor that he was familiar with.

When he was a child, he had come many times to this lab. He felt strange freshness and nostalgia.

“But, is this corridor this narrow? The ceiling is also low, even the entrance should be bigger.”

Kizuna spoke while observing the pure white corridor.

“You are the one that had grown bigger.”

Reiri who was walking ahead gave a calm retort.

‘There’s that.’

Before long, they arrived in front of the room that his mother once used as her research room.

Nervousness ran in Kizuna’s heart.

“This is Reiri. I’m entering.”

It was an excessively spacious and pure white room.

At the center, there was a console that looked like a cockpit. A lot of floating windows were surrounding that console.

In front of that console, a girl in a white research coat was sitting. She was busily operating the keyboard and touch panel.

“This girl is the supervisor of this lab, the person working in charge of Ataraxia’s technology, Shikina Kei.”

When she was introduced, she turned to Kizuna with a glance.

She had a petite body so he didn’t know but, it seemed that she was the same age as Reiri. Her hair was in a bob cut style and put in place by several pins, perhaps it was so that the hair wouldn’t become a hindrance in work.

Her cold eyes behind her glasses were observing Kizuna intently.

She didn’t say anything and turned her back to him before running her fingers through the console’s keyboard.

A floating window popped up in front of Kizuna.

{How do you do. I am Shikina Kei. A close friend of your big sister since our time as students. You can call me Kei. Nice to meet you, Hida Kizuna.}


“She is a fellow that is poor in communications with other people. Well, don’t mind it.”

“Y, yes. Then…… why am I here?”

“It’s for adjusting your Heart Hybrid Gear.”

Kizuna’s heart jumped sharply in his chest.

‘Don’t tell me, Kaa-san will?’

“I’ll say this first, but if it’s mother then she isn’t here.”

“Eh-? Is, is that so……”

He felt complicated, as if he was relieved and disappointed.

“That person right now is missing.”


“Missing you say…… how?”

“She disappeared. A certain day when we noticed, she was already nowhere.”

“Disappeared? Just where in the world did she go then?”

“Because we don’t know that we say she disappeared.”

“But, with the world right now, just to where can she go? She cannot move anywhere except to the other floats in this Megafloat Japan, the coming and going of people is also being managed. She should be discovered immediately right?”

Kei was typing with a speed that even the eye couldn’t follow.

{She couldn’t be found. No matter what we did anywhere. Looking just from the investigation result, Professor Nayuta right now is not in Megafloat Japan anymore.}

“That’s…… was she moving when we came into contact with other country’s float?”

{That’s one of the possibilities. But, if the professor felt like it, the security of all float will be meaningless. Searching for her is a pointless waste of time.}

Just what in the world happened?

He thought that even a mother like that was advancing her research for the sake of the world and mankind…… despite that, she vanished in this essential time, there was a degree even for being irresponsible.

“Kaa-san…… just what in the world is she thinking?”

“Who knows. That person’s thinking cannot be understood by us. I don’t even want to understand anyway.”

Reiri spitted those words out.

{But, last month an unregistered mail was sent to us. The content was the data regarding the ability of Hida Kizuna, about your Eros. Most likely it was something written by Professor Nayuta.}

“Eh? Then……”

{Of course, we tracked the mail but it was pointless. It’s just, there is only one person in the whole world that knows of the detailed data of Heart Hybrid Gear. Only Professor Hida Nayuta.}

“Kei analyzed that data, it was three days ago when the meaning and conclusion of the data could be derived. And then I called you here.”

When Kei operated the console, windows were started up around Kizuna, several formulas and graphs that he couldn’t comprehend were displayed.

{This is a ground-breaking discovery. It is explaining about the special ability that is possible only by Hida Kizuna’s Eros.}

“My gear?”

“Right. And then, there is also the answer about just why the performance of your Heart Hybrid Gear is low there.”

Kizuna’s heart felt a sharp pain.

Without a single change in expression, Kei continued to type in the keyboard.

{The performance of Hida Kizuna’s Heart Hybrid Gear is low because he has no aptitude, that explanation is not accurate. The correct answer is, because you are a male that the trait is different.}

Because he was a male?

{Only after Heart Hybrid Gear was installed into a female that it would display its original performance. The reason was unknown, but from the experiment result, it had to be recognized as fact.}

Reiri nodded in affirmation.

“In reality, we are sorting out the candidates who have high aptitude for Heart Hybrid Gear and also excellent skill, but the chosen personnel are all female students.”

So that was it. Because of that, the ones who possessed Heart Hybrid Gear, Chidorigafuchi, Himekawa, and Yurishia, all of them were girls.

{However, we understand that this is the difference of trait between male and female. In exchange for male’s low battle ability, their consumption rate of Hybrid Count is little.}

“Eh! Isn’t that really advantageous――”

“Their Life Saver is long lasting I guess. However, only having high stamina won’t defeat the enemy.”

Kizuna was jumping in joy, but his shoulders immediately dropped in dejection.

{But, your Heart Hybrid Gear [Eros] has a special ability that is only available when it is installed in a male.}

“That’s, the special ability, that was written in Kaa-san’s mail?”

{Correct. That is the Heart Hybrid phenomenon. We called it [Union Remodelling].}

Kizuna recalled yesterday’s occurrence.

“That’s the thing that I did with Chidorigafuchi yesterday right?”

“Right. I also explained it in the general meeting yesterday.”

If he remembered right, with two people, man and female possessing Heart Hybrid Gear, their body and heart into one, sharing their affection and pleasure…… something like that.

{With the proffesor’s data as the basis, we tried various simulations. The result, we obtained the conclusion that this was something that only Hida Kizuna’s Eros could do. For that reason, we called Hida Kizuna from Tokyo float until Ataraxia in a great rush.}

So that’s it…… he finally felt like he could comprehend the situation.

{There is an unlimited possibility in this technology. It’s not limited to simply replenishing energy, it also included the possibility of realizing power up of the Heart Hybrid Gear. An addition of new weapon that is not there until now. We are also having expectations for that.}

Now that she mentioned that…… before this, Chidorigafuchi was also talking about something strange.

“Is there any relation about that with this thing called Corruption Armament?”

Kei’s hands stopped. She was staring intently at Kizuna.

However, he couldn’t read Kei’s thinking at all from her face. He felt like she was not looking at him, but perhaps to something that was behind him.

Kei’s fingers moved while she was still facing him.

{Where did you hear that story from?}

“Err, just now from Chidorigafuchi……”

{I see, I understand. Exactly, they are connected. Until the end, Heart Hybrid is nothing more than energy replenishment for Heart Hybrid Gear. However, when the heart and body become one even far deeper than that, the two’s energy resonance will reach the limit and one can obtain a new weapon, the [Corruption Armament].}

“What kind of weapon is that?”

{Unknown. But from the research result, we can only confirm that such a weapon exists. But no one has seen it before, so it cannot be verified.}

“And Aine wanted that?”

“Yeah. At that time, I didn’t get it all just what she was talking about though. In short, she wanted to do erotic things and obtain a new weapon…… something like that.”

Reiri crossed her hands and smiled.

“Isn’t that fine? Give her that present.”

Kizuna’s face scowled.

“But, I said this yesterday at the auditorium too, I think that it’s important to consider each other’s feeling in this. Even if Nee-chan suddenly told me to do that kind of things with a girl that I just met for the first time, that’s obviously impossible isn’t it?”

“Is that so? I think that this is a happy situation for a man.”

“We, well, perhaps that’s so but….. that’s not it! Even though I look like this, I have reasoning and common sense! Hearing an absurd story like that, you think I can just suddenly say ‘Oh, okay’! Just what kind of harem manga this is!”

“It’s fine like this. I’ve made all kinds of preparations.”

{Not touching the feast before one’s eyes is a man’s shame.}

Even Kei was backing up Reiri.

“Bu, but even so, the feeling of the other party cannot be ignored I told you!”

“Then, everything will be fine if you just make those lasses to like you.”

“No…… that’s impossible. If you use your common sense.”

“But, if you don’t do it then Heart Hybrid cannot be realized.”

Just why on earth were they this persistent?

Whatever the circumstances may be, their methods and ways were irrational, they were too forceful.

“About that, I have a stupid question here.”


“When I was doing experiment as a child it was the same but, this energy of Heart Hybrid Gear will naturally recover to normal if you just leave it alone? Just why do I have to go that far to recover this energy?”


Reiri was unusually hesitating to talk. Kei’s fingers were also tapping on the keyboard, but they were hovering in the air without going anywhere as if lost.

“……It takes too much time, waiting for the energy to recover naturally.”

{Just as we explained previously, the energy consumption rate of males are low. Furthermore, the experiment result of Hida Kizuna in the end is just from the initial stage experiment content. It cannot compare with the amount consumed in real battle. Also, the greater the obtained combat ability is, the compensation for that is also great. In this half year since the Second Another Universe Conflict, all of this has been proven.}

“I see…… similar with a car, if they travel a lot then it will take a lot of fuel to consume, if the performance is high then the fuel consumption is also bad, so it’s something like that.”

“Rather than that, let’s accomplish our objective today. The adjustment of Eros. If it goes well, it might be able to power up you know?”

“Eh!? Power up?”

Kizuna became excited.

“Right. It’s great that you saved Aine in the battle yesterday, but it’s a problem that you already fell from just that much mass. According to the data sent by mother last month, it seems that adjustment matching the wearer’s age is necessary. Though it’s different from Heart Hybrid, in the end this is just on the level of adjustment.”

“Even so at least the performance will go up a little!”

“That’s right.”

Reiri smiled gently.

Kei stood up from the console and moved close to Reiri. She pointed at a door and whispered something to Reiri in a small voice.

“Kizuna, if you go through that door, at the end of the path is the adjustment room. There is also a change of clothes there, so go ahead first and finish your change.”


Kizuna got out of the room with joy welling up within him.

Silence visited the room where Reiri and Kei were left behind.

Worry was carved at Reiri’s forehead.

Kei faced Reiri and whispered in a voice that could be barely heard.

“Re-ri. Is it fine…… to not tell him the truth?”

“Yeah, this is something that someday I have to tell him…… I know that.”

Kei closed her eyes and nodded.

“I think it’s fine for Re-ri to follow your determination.”

“Sorry, Kei.”

Kei’s lips smiled a little.

Part 4[edit]

――And then, the next day.

Kizuna was flying on top of the blue sea in excellent condition. The weather was also good, and he felt really good.

{How is it, your condition?}

Communication from Kei was displayed in a floating window as text.

“I’m in a really good condition here. Somehow, it’s like I’m reborn.”

The sea under his eyes was flowing behind very quickly. He was at a speed that he would absolutely be unable to display if it was before.

He purposefully flew until he barely touched the sea surface, it was also fun dodging the waves. He got carried away and took a steep ascent and descent, he even tried somersaulting.

Today, Kizuna was given a mission to survey for resources. This mission was unrelated with other students of second year first group, this was a mission assigned by Ataraxia, for Kizuna this became his first mission.

The content of the mission itself was simple.

Currently Ataraxia was sailing through the open sea of Indonesia.

Nearby there was an unpopulated island that was rich with resources, so he was told to go survey the island.

He thought that if it was not the specialist then such investigation couldn’t be performed, but it seemed that everything would be fine if he just operated the investigation device following the manual. The collected data would be transmitted to Ataraxia in intervals, and then combined with the sample they would bring back, the specialists would take time to investigate that.

A lot of the parts of Megafloat Japan was made up from ocean resources and recycled resources. This was a simple mission, but it was important.

“Haai, Kizuna. You are in a good mood aren’t you.”

Yurishia took Kizuna’s side.

“Ah, Yurishia. Yesterday my gear got powered up a little. So I’m checking the movement a little.”

“Fufufu. You look like a kid that received a new toy, how cute♡”

‘U, certainly, I might have gotten too hyper here…… it’s a little embarrassing.’

At that time, Yurishia received a private communication from Reiri.

“My, commander. Is there something wrong, for you to call me directly like this?”

{There is one thing you should be careful about. Yurishia, your remaining Hybrid Count is few. Right now you only have 20% left. Avoid combat at all costs.}

Yurishia looked over the blue sea.

“Aa―, it will be fine. After all this is really a safe place―”

Yurishia turned aside Reiri’s worry with a smile.

“Rather than for me, isn’t it better to worry more about the little brother I wonder? He is really in high spirits you know.”

Yurishia smiled amusedly.

‘――Really, it’s fine as long as he doesn’t get carried away and holds us back though.’

{Indeed, that guy getting merry like that is also one of my worries. In any case, I don’t think that this mission is dangerous, but there is nothing better than being careful. Don’t you dare let your guard down, okay?}

The communication from Reiri was cut off.

“Yurishia, who was that from?”

“No, it’s nothing. Well then, I’ll be going ahead.”

Leaving those words behind, Yurishia accelerated. Just in an instant she reached a tremendous speed.

“As expected from the ace of America’s army. No way I can catch up with that……”

“What are you saying? Something like someone you can catch up with, doesn’t exist anywhere here.”

Himekawa was coming closer to him while saying such harsh thing without hesitation.

“Ahahaha, well, now that you said that, that’s exactly right.”

Himekawa heaved a deep sigh and glared at Kizuna.

“Anyway, although this is a safe mission, carelessness is prohibited. Listen sincerely to what I say and refrain from arbitrary action. Especially, Aine-san!”

Looking at his other side, before he realized, Aine was also flying along his side.

“Right. I’m listening properly. Your question is what should be done so the breasts can become bigger, right?”

“No one is asking that kind of question!”

After shouting that with a red face, Himekawa flew away with amazing acceleration as if kicking away at the air.

“Uwa, incredible. So the one with fast speed is not just Yurishia huh―”

“I guess so. Her breasts are small, but Hayuru is Japan’s ace you know? Even though her breasts are that small.”

“No…… that’s not related to breast size at all.”

He couldn’t feel anything but ill will from that already.

{I heard that! Please stop playing around-!}

Himekawa’s angry transmission shook his eardrums.

Himekawa too was pitiful.

Kizuna sympathized with Himekawa from the bottom of his heart.

Honestly, her breasts were not that small but, well…… if the comparison was with those two then it might really look small.

Kizuna took a look at the owner of the smaller one between those two.

The large breasts were shaking without pause from the vibration and wind pressure. It possessed an overwhelming presence.

“Ah, err, you saying that means Chidorigafuchi, you are Japan’s number two then? Or else are you from another country?”

Her appearance was like a foreigner, but her name was in Japanese style. By any chance, perhaps she was an ace from somewhere in Europe.

“Don’t look down on me. I’m not such a small human that can be rated on that scale.”

“Eh? You mean……”

“I’m the earth’s ace.”

“E, earth!?”

‘Oi oi! That’s just too big!’

“That’s wrong, I’m mistaken just now. Yes, I’m the universe’s ace.”

“I got the feeling that I have seen something like that on the internet a long time ago!”

{You guys, leave the joking around behind.}

He could hear Reiri’s voice that was mixed with anger.

‘Dangerous, scaryyy.’

{The destination island will enter into view soon. When you arrived, begin investigation as planned.}

“Ro, roger!”

The unpopulated island that was their destination was actually a small island. Shallow shoals were extending wide, in the center there was a land with a radius of less than one kilometer.

Even so, there were trees and greenery typical of a southern country, it had the appearance a little like a private resort.

So that was how it was. If it was an island this small, then even an Entrance of AU shouldn’t manifest here.

The Entrance that sprang forth from the collision with AU existed everywhere all over the world, but there was a fixed rule about their appearing spot.

That rule was they could only appear limited in a land with certain surface size.

The reason wasn’t understood, but until now there had never been an Entrance discovered above the sea, there was also no confirmation of an Entrance on an island with a size below a certain limit.

For that reason, a Megafloat was a safe area.

At the event where they got near large land, meticulous vigilance was necessary, but an island this small was safe.

Kizuna was relieved and assembled the investigation device he brought.

“Err, I wonder if it’s fine like this?”

Because it would be a hindrance for the work, he called off his Heart Hybrid Gear.

{Yes. What’s left is just to push the switch, then it’s finished.}

The manual Kei created was extremely easy to understand, so the setting was finished without any trouble.

“Then, switch on.”

The investigation device was started up.

{Data transmission is confirmed. It will take around two hours for the data gathering, so during that time carry out the sample collection of the plants and minerals of the island. After completion, recover the device and go home.}


Kizuna heaved a single sigh and dropped his shoulder.

“Ah, the setting is over already?”

Himekawa who was a little far away noticed him and called out.

“Yeah, it’s finished. I’m told that the data collection will take two hours as expected.”

“Then we will collect the sample just as planned. How about we divide into two groups?”

“That’s right. Although this is a small island, it will take more than two hours if all of us are together.”

They separated into two groups just as Yurishia proposed.

“Well then―, Cross – off.”

Yurishia removed her Heart Hybrid Gear.

“Eh, Yurishia-san. You took off Cross?”

“Yes. There is no enemy here. This is a southern island that we rarely visited. At the very least we have to let our hair down♪”

Himekawa and Aine looked at each other and followed along by removing their gear.

After that, with a reason to balance their combat strength, they were divided into groups of Yurishia-Kizuna and Aine-Himekawa.

Yurishia-Kizuna group would be in the south side while Aine-Himekawa group would investigate the opposite side.

The island was surrounded by white sandy beach, coconut trees were lining up along the beach.

Yurishia went ahead for just in case, so Kizuna was instructed to follow along from behind.

Kizuna followed that instruction and he was walking behind but――

“The scenery is really beautiful isn’t it―”

“Tha, that’s right……”

The scenery was beautiful, but the back figure of Yurisa walking was also beautiful.

Swaying golden hair. Under it was the large ass wrapped in the pilot suit.

Voluptuous thighs stretched out from the ass that looked voluminous, in accordance with those legs alternately moving forward, the ass changed its orientation to the left and right.

Saying it frankly, his eyes were troubled where to look!

“Hey, Kizuna. That tree――”

Yurishia suddenly turned back. Kizuna was greatly shocked and averted his face.


His eyes swam around, he scratched his head, he had no composure at all.

Yurishia who saw his state made a really wide mean smile.

“It’s no good unless you properly listen to what I’m saying you know―”

Yurishia twirled and faced Kizuna. Matching that movement, her large breasts shook.

Kizuna’s eyes became nailed to that place.

Yurishia’s breast jolted to the opposite side as if hopping back, and then it returned back again to the original side. While that movement was repeated, its shaking was gradually settled down. His eyes were naturally chasing that shaking.

“Heyy, Kizuna-kuun?”

“Hah, yess-“

“It’s no good if you are staring that much☆”

She raised her index finger and closed one of her eyes.

“Uu…… ye, yes.”

After that, even when Yurishia was occasionally turning back, Kizuna was facing at the sea’s direction all the time.

Looking at Kizuna who was like that, Yurishia smiled thinly.

‘――He utterly has no resistance to girls doesn’t he? Like this then, something like Heart Hybrid will be impossible.’

“……Well though, as long as he is not becoming a burden, then it doesn’t matter.”

Yurishia leaked out a small murmur.

“Hm? Did you say something?”

Kizuna called her.

Yurishia smiled cheerfully and turned back.

“No, nothing. This is a rare chance, so let’s collect the samples around this area.”

“Aah, ri, right.”

Even after that, Kizuna kept getting flustered towards Yurishia’s figure in her pilot suit.

And then, the collection ended, and by the time they returned to the previous sandy beach, two hours had just passed.

Joining Aine and Himekawa that had returned, they began the preparation for returning home.

“Then, we are returning ahead.”

Leaving behind Kizuna who needed more time to retrieve the investigation device, Aine and Himekawa would carry home the collected samples ahead of him.

“Okay. But, I might catch up with you two immediately later.”

“A race? Certainly Yurishia-san’s top speed is amazing, but…… if there is a handicap then I won’t lose.”

Himekawa was completely eager to race.

“Then, Aine-san. We too are going to race. The one who can return first to Ataraxia will be the winner.”

“Hayuru will be overwhelmingly advantaged in something like that. It won’t even be a match.”

Himekawa’s cheeks reddened and her body fidgeted around because she was happy from being praised.

“Tha, that’s not true at all. Aine-san yourself also has wonderful mobility don’t you?”

“I mean, the air resistance of our chest is just too different.”

“Here I go-!!”

Himekawa flew away with a demonic look.

After that Aine chased behind her.

“Now, we too should tidy up and return back immediately.”

“Yeah, guess so.”

Kizuna answered while moving his hand.

“By the way, Kizuna’s Heart Hybrid Gear, how much spec it has?”

Yurishia gave him an unexpected question.

“Eh? How much…… even if you ask me that…”

Weak, he could only answer with that.

“Hmmm, I see…… then, until now how many enemies have you defeated?”

“Eh…… that’s, zero.”

Yurishia raised a surprised voice.

“Then, you are really a brand new rookie? Your combat experience?”

“When Ataraxia was attacked before this was my first…… even if I say that, I was just catching the falling Chidorigafuchi, after that I didn’t do anything. Hahaha.”

“Nn― but, you saved Aine, so I think it’s fine even if you feel proud of yourself isn’t it?”

‘――Whaat? So he really is an amateur. I wonder if it will really be okay like this?’

“Until now, how many enemies have Yurishia defeated?”

“Me? Approximately, about three hundred.”


Kizuna lost his words.

“I thought you were amazing but…… as expected, America’s ace is just incredible……”

“I’m not…… incredible or anything.”

Yurishia had a distant look. As if she was looking at something at the other side of the sea.

“Is something wrong? Yurishia?”

With a ‘hah’ Yurishia returned to her senses.

“……That’s only natural. After all being called America’s ace, that means being the world’s strongest☆”

She winked energetically at him.

Kizuna felt like his blood was rushing to his head.

“I, I got it. At the very least, I’ll take care of this tidying up.”

Putting aside Yurishia who was leisurely sitting on the sandy beach, Kizuna progressed the tidying up of the investigation device.

Five minutes later he finished his work and turned back to Yurishia’s direction.

“O―I, I’m finished. Yurisi――”

Kizuna doubted his eyes.

Behind Yurishia, a magic weapon Blue Head was standing.

Such thing.


White sandy beach and southern country’s tree. Blue sky and white cloud.

All of those were looking cheerful no matter where one looked.

The magic weapon struck by sunlight like a demon was standing toweringly.


Yurishia reflexively turned around from Kizuna’s shout.


Yurishia wasted no time to put on her Heart Hybrid Gear and deployed her weapon.


Yurishia’s main cannon, the Differential Frame spouted out fire.

The head of the Blue Head was hit directly. In addition, its body was filled with wind holes from the cannon’s rapid fire.

Blue Head’s large body was collapsing behind slowly.


The scenery behind it was flickering gently. The blue sea and white clouds wavered. It was just like seeing scenery through a warped glass.

Looking up at that, Yurishia shouted in disbelief.

“This is…… AU’s Entrance!?”

From that wavering scenery, a gigantic armored leg appeared. That leg blew up the white sand and stepped out on the beach. And then from ten meters above the ground, armored head, and then next the upper body, that appearance revealed itself as if breaking through an unseen wall.

A second Blue Head stepped forward.

‘God dammit, why did it turn out like this!”


Kizuna emitted pink light then his body was wrapped in a black gear.

“This is Kizuna, Ataraxia, respond! Shikina-san, Nee-chan!”

However, nothing came out from the window except noise.

“What happened, Kizuna?”

“I cannot make communication! Ataraxia, also Himekawa and Aine, all of them cannot be called!”

“What did you say!?”

Yurishia glared at the AU’s Entrance.

“Right, so that’s the cause……”

For some reason communication malfunction occurred at the vicinity of AU’s Entrance. The reason why they couldn’t communicate with their homelands that were Japan and America was also thought to be caused by this.

“But, if it’s just Blue Head, then it’s not a big proble――”

The Entrance that was connected straight to the AU, its space was slowly wavering.

‘――Don’t tell me,’

Similar with the Blue Head, from the air where there was nothing, an Albatross made its appearance.

By no means that there was nothing. When he looked carefully, he could see that the space was distorted in a rectangle shape.

That was the proof that an Entrance to AU was right there.

They were quickly surrounded by ten Albatross. With a sidelong glance, Yurishia took a look at Kizuna.

‘――This is why a burden is just troublesome.’

“Kizuna, I will hold them back here. That’s why, you hurry and return back to Ataraxia.”

“Eh!? But, Yurishia, what about you?”

“I alone am enough against the likes of Blue Heads and Albatrosses.”

“But! Leaving Yurishia behind, there’s no way I can do that!”

Yurishia glared sternly at Kizuna.

“Even with Kizuna here, you will be just a burden!”


Kizuna dropped his gaze with a bitter expression.

Yurishia immediately displayed a smile looking at Kizuna who was like that.

“There will be no problem against enemies of this level. Rather than that, you need to report this quickly!”

Certainly, Yurishia was a super ace that had shot down three hundred enemies. In contrast with that, he didn’t even have proper experience of real battle. Even for someone like him, what he could do to be useful was――

“……Go, got it! I’ll call for help immediately!”

“Now, here we go!”

Yurishia drew out particle rifles from her waist. She took a stance with both her hands holding the particle rifles like handguns, she directed it at the Albatrosses in the air and began shooting.



Kizuna flew out skimming the sea surface, like that he dashed away with all his power.

An Albatross was trying to aim at his back.

“I won’t let you do that!”

The Differential Frame faced the back and fired the particle cannon. Without a moment’s delay she directed both her hands to the front and the rifles shot through the Blue Head. The Albatross that was trying to pursue Kizuna was shot down by the particle cannon.

Confirming that Kizuna had distanced himself away, Yurishia used her sensor to confirm the number and position of the surrounding magic weapons.

‘――Five Blue Heads, and eight Albatross is it?’

She made a plan to clear them all with an all out bombardment and use that opening to retreat.

“Then, I wonder if you all have resolved yourself? I’ll sho―ot down everyone now.”

Light began to fill the nozzle of the particle cannon.

All cannon shootFire!”

Yurishia’s weapons spouted out fire.

In addition to the particle rifles in both her hands, bullets of light were fired from her back and waist.

Those light bullets pierced the Albatrosses’ bodies and pulverized them with one attack.

Yurishia’s weapon moved and changed their deployment pattern. It was as if each cannon muzzle was possessing their own will, they pursued after the enemies’ movement.

The conclusion was reached in about five seconds.

A sudden silence visited the battlefield.

Yurishia ‘haa―’ breathed out a large deep breath.

Those many figures of magic weapons couldn’t be found anywhere. What could be seen were only fragments of light, raining down on the sea.

“Somehow…… it looks like I barely made it.”

She only had little Hybrid Count left. She had already entered the red zone right now. Just a little more and her Heart Hybrid Gear would be forcefully called off.

“The commander…… she surely will tell me ‘I told you so’ with this.”

She became a little depressed, but Yurishia played with her hair and renewed her mood.

“But well, I made it somehow anyway♪ Now, when I get home a bath with aroma oil entered will be――”

Yurishia lost her words.

From the Entrance, a figure of an object she had never seen before was going to appear.

A mechanized lizard.

At first that was what she thought. A long neck appeared, before long a body with wings growing out made its appearance. And then on its back, there was an upper body of an armored knight that looked similar with Blue Head and Albatross.

Dragon CavalryDragre

It was considerably rare to encounter, a magic weapon in category-A.

The upper body of the armored knight didn’t have any great difference compared to other magic weapons, but it had a long neck and tail. And then when it spread out its wings, that pressuring appearance was overwhelming.

A sweat flowed down Yurishia’s cheek.

If she was in a perfect condition, it was not an enemy that she couldn’t defeat.


Her body was heavy, she couldn’t enter any strength.

It appeared that the energy of Heart Hybrid Gear was almost used up.

The dragon neck was slowly turning as if it was searching for prey.

Inside the caving in eyes, red light was eerily shining. Its mouth opened. There was no tongue inside it for sure, but a tube like a firing nozzle for something was visible.

In the next moment, the sight before her eyes turned pure white.


Her body flew in the air. The sky and the sea were rotating.

‘I was blown…… away?’

Inside the rotating circle and circle scenery, she could see a straight line of flame being drawn at the sky.

Unable to control her movement, she crashed into the sea.

Part 5[edit]


Kizuna was surprised from the sudden restoration of the floating window that he kept connected the whole time. By opening distance from the Entrance, it seemed that he had escaped from the range of the communication obstruction. The half transparent window displayed the figure of Reiri.

{Did something happen, Kizuna?}

“Ne-, Nee-chan!?”

With a chaotic face, Kizuna desperately tried to explain the situation.

“A, an Entrance appeared on the island! Right now Yurishia is in the middle of battle. I request instruction!”

{What did you say!? What does this mean, Kei.}

{Such thing shouldn’t happen. If the data until now is correct.}

Kizuna sent the image of what he saw to Ataraxia. With the function of Heart Hybrid Gear, everything that he saw was automatically recorded. It was something like a drive recorder.

The data was sent to Ataraxia and replayed inside the command room.

Magic weapons were appearing one after another from the Entrance that appeared above the sea.

{This is……}

{The shoals.}


{The ground for it to appear is small. But, this island has shallows with depth less than a meter that continued for several hundred meters. If those areas are totaled, then there will be enough space for an Entrance to be formed.}

“Shit-! So that’s how it is.”

{Kizuna, you said that Yurishia is in battle situation? What about Aine and Himekawa?}

“They returned back ahead. Also Yurishia said that she alone will be enough, so――”

{Got it. Kei, call Aine and Himekawa. Tell them to immediately turn back.}

“What’s wrong, Nee-chan? Why are you that rushed?”

Reiri spoke worriedly.

{Yurishia’s remaining Hybrid Count is only a little. We thought that there will be no battle occurring in the mission this time and let our guard down…… shit-!}

Taken aback, Kizuna opened the floating window of Eros.

He confirmed the vital sign of Yurishia displayed there and lost his voice.

Her remaining Hybrid Count had passed below 10%, further, even now it was continuing to decrease.


{Don’t worry, right now Aine and Himekawa are heading there. You just come back here!}

Kizuna glared at the meter gauge that was continuing to decrease.

In Kizuna’s mind, the figure of Aine crashing down when her Hybrid Count became zero was resurrected.

“Don’t joke around! If she is shot down in a situation of being surrounded by the enemy……”

{Oi! Kizuna――}

Kizuna cut off the communication and made a rapid turn toward the island.

‘Shit-, am I going to make it!?


The fastest you can until now!’

The surrounding scenery was streaming behind and vanished.

He raised his gear’s output until the maximum.

“I can see it!”

Yurishia was crouching on her knees at the shoal.

A hundred meters in front of her, at the white sandy beach, a magic weapon he had never even seen before was standing in her way.

Yurishia was breathing with her shoulders heaving up and down, she didn’t even have strength to stand up anymore.

But, she was still alive.

Her Life Saver was also still functioning.

He made i-――,

At that time, Yurishia’s Heart Hybrid Gear, Cross became beads of light and vanished.


The Hybrid Count had already went down passed the limit.


She turned around with a jerk at Kizuna’s voice.

“Ki, Kizuna!?”

He caused the water to splash and slid at Yurishia’s position. He deployed Life Saver just before stopping.

Dragre’s flame clashed with the Life Saver.

The flame that was bounced back by the Life Saver impacted at the sea far ahead.

At that instant, the sea water evaporated.


The water caused large explosion and a water pillar higher than a hundred meters was rising up.

Kizuna embraced Yurishia in her pilot suit into his arms.

Wall of water collapsed on him and a severe impact ran through his whole body.

“You, you okay Yurishia?”

“I’m, I’m fine…… wait, Kizuna you…”

The armored knight growing on Dragre’s back was moving. The weapon with the shape of a lance in its hand was directed to the two of them.

Dazzling light burst out and a beam of light was fired from its tip.

That light hit directly at Kizuna’s Life Saver.


The shield of Life Saver was wavering from the tremendous bombardment.

That beam was not stopping and continued to attack the Life Saver.

Intense high temperature attacked the two. The sea water in the surroundings evaporated, producing steam like a smoke screen.

Even now Eros’s Life Saver looked as if it was going to break.

Kizuna held out his right hand to the front and desperately supported the Life Saver.

“Why, did you come back!? Just run away quickly!”


His right arm felt like it was burning, his body felt like it was going to come apart from the impact.

“Do you hear me!? Run away quickly!”

“I don’t wanna!”

Yurishia’s words were involuntarily jammed in her throat.

“Do, don’t say something childish! That thing is a category-A magic weapon don’t you know! With something like your Life Saver it will shave off all your Hybrid Count in a flash and that’s the end you know!?”

Kizuna directed a frantic gaze at Yurishia.

“Don’t worry! A male’s consumption of Hybrid Count is lower compared to girls! Haha-, what the hell Nee-chan. I’m seriously useful…… aren’t I!”

Yurishia looked at Kizuna with a shocked face.

The dragon head opened its mouth. It was as if the kettle of hell was opened, flames surged out from it.

A shockwave even greater assaulted the two.

The Life Saver of Eros screamed from the simultaneous attack of the armored knight and the dragon.

The Life Saver that passed the limit was smashed apart.



Both of them were blown away from the intense attack of the magic weapon.

The body of the two flew in the sky.

After flying through a long distance, they fell into the sea.

Kizuna’s face landed on Yurishia’s big breast.


Kizuna’s limp body still covered over Yurishia unmovingly.

“Yurishia…… you…… okay?”

Kizuna leaked out a painful voice.

“Why are you doing this?”

With a shaking hand, Yurishia stroked Kizuna’s head.

“Why are you going this far for the sake of me who you haven’t met for long?”

“What, are you saying…… a girl, meet this kind of danger…… it’s obvious, just what to do.”

Kizuna raised his face and looked for the Dragre with a painful face.

‘――Just for that kind of reason?’

Yurishia hugged Kizuna to her bosom as if to console him.

‘――Even though you cannot even fight against magic weapons well…… you are going to protect me with your body, until you become like this?’

‘――Risking your life.’

There was no focus in Kizuna’s eye, as if his consciousness was blurry.

Perhaps he was desperately looking for something to support his body, his hand was wavering in the air.

And then, that hand grasped at Yurishia’s large breast.

“Ah! ……-”

Yurishia’s chest jumped greatly.

Even though her breast was touched, but she didn’t feel any unpleasantness at all.

In its place, deep inside her chest, she felt as if her heart was strongly squeezed, painfully and heartrendingly.

‘――Wh, what, is this?’

The throbbing of her heart was unstoppable.

As if her heart was going to break.

Golden radiance was born inside Yurishia’s eyes.

When she peered into Kizuna’s face with those eyes, the gazes of the two met.

Within Kizuna’s eyes too, a beautiful pink radiance was dancing.

Yurishia felt that that radiance was really beautiful.

The next instant, their bodies were enveloped in golden and pink radiance.

“Eh! Thi, this is…… what in the world?”

Yurishia was staring wonderingly at the radiance coiling around her body.

“……Heart, Hybrid?”

Together with the radiance covering his body, Kizuna’s consciousness was becoming clearer.

This was――.

It was similar, with that time before when he met Chidorigafuchi.

“This is, Heart Hybrid…… amazing. Strength is welling up inside my body.”

In a complete change from before, vitality was overflowing through her whole body.

Yurishia’s golden hair looked sparkling, her skin was also so glossy with bright luster.

Kizuna too unintentionally became completely fascinated.

“Thank you, Kizuna…… for coming to save me.”

Yurishia smiled sweetly.

“Eh! No, that’s”

When she saw Kizuna being shy, Yurishia’s heart mysteriously turned warm.

“Then, right now I need to pay back that magic weapon☆”

Yurishia directed a smile to the Dragre. However a killing intent was dwelling in her eyes.

“Yeah! Blow it away!”

Cross’s weapon began its bombardment preparation.

Dragre’s mouth opened. Inside that mouth, beads of light were dancing.

“Watch me Kizuna. This is, my showtime!”

Flames were gathering inside the dragon’s mouth, at that instant,

Fall to HellHell Fire!”

Cross’s full bombardment was opened and an all-out fire was carried out focusing on one point.

It was an intenseness that couldn’t be compared with Yurishia’s full power shooting until now.

The main cannon pulveriszed the dragon’s head.

The armored knight was blown away altogether with its hand that was holding the spear.

Unable to endure, the Dragre spread a shield with its remaining arm.

However Yurishia’s full power shooting ignored the shield as if it was nothing.

The dragon’s wings became full of holes and completely lost its control.

The bombardment that gave the impression as if it would continue forever pushed back the Dragre like that until the Entrance to the AU.

Yurishia’s bombardment demolished the shoal of the unpopulated island into pieces as it was.

The body of Dragre already lost its shape and not even its shadow was left behind, it was smashed up into fragments of light.

At the same time with that, the Entrance to the AU was terminated.

Chapter 3 – Calm Ordinary Days[edit]

Part 1[edit]

The fragrance of aroma oil was filling the bathroom.

Inside a large bathtub where one could stretch out their body relaxedly, white limbs were swaying.

A large deep breath was taken.

This was the time where she could relax the most in the whole day.


The bath taken on the day where she had almost died made her feelings turn complicated.


A voice naturally leaked out from the mouth due to the good feeling.

She was going to rise from the bathtub to wash her body.

“-! Ouch……-“

She sunk into the bathtub once more.

She raised her arm from inside the hot water.

There was an awful bruise there.

Her whole body was bruised, there were also inflammations appearing here and there.

How humiliating.

She was the ace of America, therefore that meant she was the world’s strongest.

She had such conceit in herself.

――Despite so,

Hida Kizuna.

She was saved by that amateur rookie with almost no combat ability at all.

This her of all people.

At that time Cross’s Hybrid Count was completely used up, it could be said that it couldn’t be helped.

But, right now her Hybrid Count was recovered until more than half.

It was like magic.

If, after this too she continued to fight, then would it happen again…… that thing they did today?

“Hida…… Kizuna.”

When she said out that name with her mouth, her chest mysteriously heated up.

Why, she wondered?

If she talked about the men that were close to her until now, then there were only fellows who envied herself who was a super ace and laid their hostility bare, or those who got close to her with ulterior motives.

Yurishia looked down to her breast.

With the hot water’s buoyancy, the white bulge was floating in the bathtub.

She put her hand on that big breast.

She was hugging Kizuna’s face right here.

Her hand was crawling on her left breast.


This breast, was touched by Kizuna’s hand.

And then that hand grasped forcefully.

Yurishia’s lips burst open in a smile.

What a curious man.

She felt really happy of getting touched by Kizuna,

She felt proud somehow.

Herself who was feeling like that was the most mysterious of all.

Part 2[edit]

“How are your wounds?”

Kizuna stared at Reiri who arrived to visit him.

Inside the spacious treatment room, whether it was the floor or the wall or even the bed, everything was pure white. Reiri who was wearing black military uniform inside this room looked as if she was floating on air.

“Yeah, everything is okay. Rather than that, what about Yurishia?”

Three days had passed since the battle at the unpopulated island.

After that battle, Kizuna and Yurishia who were picked up were sent directly to Nayuta Lab. The wound Kizuna got when he covered Yurishia was deep, he couldn’t avoid being hospitalized.

“From the examination result, that girl didn’t have any particular problem so she was released on the same day. From today she will be going to school. She is really annoying asking to meet you.”

Reiri made a wry smile.

“Is that so…… then, about her Heart Hybrid Gear?”

“Aah, if it’s about that, you can confirm it yourself with this thing.”

Reiri took out Kizuna’s student device from her breast pocket.

When Kizuna received his student device, he confirmed Yurishia’s vital sign. Her Hybrid Count had recovered until around half.

“……As I thought, we succeeded in Heart Hybrid.”

“Looks like it. However, to recover that much only by hugging is something significant. Furthermore, she had shot ceaselessly until the shape of the island changed, and she still had the amount remaining til this much.”

“That’s true huh…… it’s strange but, why did it succeed?”

His consciousness was dim and he didn’t remember that event well.

However, he had the feeling that his face was buried into something absurdly soft and elastic, his hand even grasped it but…… right now he couldn’t collect it into a definite memory.

“Hybrid Heart is also greatly influenced by the other party’s trusting relation and affection. We don’t even know if by any chance that was influencing this.”

However Kizuna crossed his arms and pondered.

“Hmmm, there is too many things I don’t follow about that…… I didn’t do anything significant that could make Yurishia trust me, to say nothing of something like love, that’s impossible I guess?”

“Kizuna, a guy like you is really……”

Reiri held her head.

“……Well, it’s fine already about that. Rather than that, take to heart the lesson from this incident. There is always something unexpected and it might be possible to occur again.”

Reiri faced Kizuna with a serious gaze.

“That’s why, it’s essential to always maintain the Hybrid Count in the safe area.”

“……I got it, okay.”

“Hybrid Heart is by no means a joke or messing around. It’s an important method to protect the lives of all of you, it also has an influence on the survival of mankind.”

Kizuna released a deep sigh from the heaviness of the responsibility assigned to him.

And then he heaved a deep sigh once more from the detail of the act that he had to actually do which was the contrary to the heaviness of that responsibility.

“In any case, Heart Hybrid Gear is not a safe weapon. Pay meticulous attention. If there is a next time for something like this, then it will not be strange even if someone dies.”

“Preferably, if we can just stop using something like Heart Hybrid Gear……”

“However, there is no other way to oppose the AU other than Heart Hybrid Gear.”

Certainly, they couldn’t oppose the AU’s magic weapons with their current weaponry.

“So in the end, there is no other way than to do Heart Hybrid.”

“Right. Combine the heart of two people and create a single power. That power recovers the energy and even strengthens the Heart Hybrid Gear. This greatly influences the fate of all Ataraxia’s students, and also the fate of mankind.”

That was a little exaggerated.

“But, well…… if the other party doesn’t feel like it, then it won’t succeed right? I also got to respect the other party’s feelings…… but, thinking of that, I become more and more confused just why the Heart Hybrid with Yurishia succeeded.”

“……Two, or three days later you will be discharged from here. Until that time, keep thinking as much as you can.”

Reiri left the treatment room.

Kizuna who was left alone collapsed onto his bed.

He kept worrying for a while, but in the end no answer came out.

Part 3[edit]

After that, he spent three days in the lab before Kizuna was finally released to go.

It was already time to go to school, so he didn’t go back to the dormitory and directly went to the school.

“In the end, one week passed. For some reason, I already feel nostalgic.”

He opened the door of second year first group.


“U, uwa, Yurishia.”

The moment he entered the class, Yurishia rushed to him.

Their distance was close.

And then her face was close.

Commotion and agitation ran through the class.

“You okay? Your injury is already better?”

“A, yeah. But, my collarbone still has a crack, and the hole on my back is not closed yet…… ahahaha.”

Yurishia was dejected.

“I, I’m sorry…… it hurts doesn’t it? Because of my fault……”

“Eh? Ah, no. This is not Yurishia’s fault right? It’s not a big deal. Rather than that, Yurishia, you okay? I heard that you don’t have any big wound though.”

“My…… even though Kizuna is also injured, you still worry about me. I’m happy……♡”

She pressed her cheek and stared at Kizuna with upturned eyes.

Kizuna was severely shaken.

‘――Wh, who is this person?’

Certainly, her appearance was Yurishia.

But her behavior didn’t seem like Yurishia at all.

“Actually, I wanted to go visiting you immediately you know? But, that mean commander hindered me…… it’s really vexing!”

‘That mean commander is my Nee-chan though.’

“Wait a second, the two over there. What are you two doing flirting here! This is the school!”

Himekawa showed an energetic appearance.

“Myy―, Hayuru-san. This is a matter between me and Kizuna. I wonder if someone uninvolved like you can kindly not interrupt us?”

“As a public morals committee member, I have the responsibility to protect the order of this academy! I cannot overlook actions that disturb the public morals!”

‘Really, the two of them are amazing huh.’

Even though Yurishia just went through a life-or-death battle like that, she came normally to school and talked idlely, Himekawa too reacted to that as if it was only natural.

As expected from the aces of America and Japan. His respect to them raised another notch.

At that time, Aine entered the classroom.

“Myy―♪ Aine-san. Good morning.”

“……What is it?”

Yurishia moved in front of Aine and she faced her with an elated face.

“Aine too wants to do Hybrid Heart one more time correct? Just so you know, from now on I have the confidence that I can achieve Hybrid Heart successfully anytime. I wonder how about you?”

“……That’s unrelated to you.”

“Well, I think Aine-san’s Heart Hybrid was merely something like an accident, wasn’t it?”


Aine ignored Yurishia and sat at her own seat. Her face looked like frustration and impatience were mixed in it.

“Oka―y, everyone go back to your seat―. Oo, Kizuna―, so you come back―”

Sakisaka-sensei entered the classroom.

The class began.

After surviving through a life-and-death battle, he felt it, just how irreplaceable, how important an ordinary day like this is.

Part 4[edit]

“I’m back―”

He came back to his dormitory room after a long while.

After school, he was invited by Yurishia because she wanted to have a celebration for the hospital release, but he asked her to postpone it for another day.

For today he wanted to be in his room, alone for just a little――,

“Captain, welcome home desu!”

“Sy, Sylvia!? Why are you in my room?”

Sylvia in an apron was rushing to him happily until the entrance. And then she welcomed him with a smart salute.

“Yes! While Captain was absent from home, it’s Sylvia’s duty to protect this room desu. Also, I heard about the strategy’s success desu. As expected Captain, how amazing desu!”

“Strategy’s…… success is it?”

“What’s wrong desu? Is Captain not happy with that desu?”

He suddenly returned to his senses.

“No. That’s not it…… you did well guarding this place for me while I wasn’t here.”

He patted Sylvia’s head.

Her golden hair was soft, it felt far more comfortable than he imagined.

“Ehehe―, I got patted desu―”

With a happy smiling face, Sylvia returned back inside the room.

‘Sheesh…… but, somehow I feel healed.’

Kizuna followed behind Sylvia and entered the room.


On the table, fish & chips, roast beef, meat pie, Yorkshire pudding etc, foods that he usually never saw were lined up.

“Was this made by Sylvia?”

“Yes! This is the dish from Sylvia’s homeland, Britain desu!”

“British…… food.”

“Ah, just now Captain thought that British food is bad didn’t you desu?”

“Uh, bull’s eye.”

“Please try to eat. It will taste absolutely delicious desu!”

He picked up a chip, the so-called fried potato that seemed safe and brought it to his mouth.

“Oh, it’s unexpectedly good. I mean, it’s delicious! Britishfood being bad has become a really popular material, so I misunderstood here. So the authentic British food is unexpectedly tasty like this.”

“It’s great if Captain understands desu.”

Sylvia proudly puffed up her breastless chest while going ‘ahem’.

“Sylvia tried seasoning it in Japanese taste desu. Mainly, Sylvia used the taste of the food at British food store in Japan as reference desu!”

Was it okay to call this as British cooking then?

“Sylvia heard that today Captain is discharged from hospital, so Sylvia prepared a celebration desu.”

She was smiling friendly with a bright face without any shadow in it.

“Sylvia is happy to become a subordinate of a good captain desu.”

“Eh? N, no. There is no such thing right?”

He felt ill at ease from that evaluation which was too high.

“Captain, you are kind desu. When Sylvia came from Britain, Sylvia felt anxious desu.”

“Now that you mentioned it…… why did Sylvia come to Japan?”

“Sylvia has a high aptitude for Heart Hybrid Gear desu. Because of that, Sylvia came to Ataraxia that is the center of the research and development desu.”

“Heee, Nee-chan also told me but, as expected you are really an excellent talent huh.”

Syliva was shyly fidgeting with the fingers of both her hands poking each other.

“Even like this, Sylvia is a noble desu. Sylvia’s family has an ancient and honorable origin, but we lost our money and then lost our home desu. My family right now is in the homeland’s London, they are living in a small apartment desu.”

“Eh…… that means…”

Not in the Megafloat UK, but her homeland? Then that meant…… the army of AU had――

“It’s fine desu. Surely they are safe desu. That’s why, Sylvia will become a full-fledged knight and return to Britain. Sylvia will be recognized by her majesty the queen too and the Silvercut house will be restored desu. If that happens then Sylvia can live together with my family again desu.”

Sylvia tilted her head and smiled cheerfully.

“I guess…… okay, someday, we will take London back with the strength of the Kizuna squad for sure!”

“Yes! For sure desu!”

For the sake of this small squad member too, he had to do his best.

Kizuna swore it in his heart.

Part 5[edit]

Sylvia’s smile didn’t vanish until the end where she went home to her own room.

Kizuna laid on the bed and stared at the ceiling.

‘I am holding the life of everyone.

However, even though I’ve resolved myself that I’m going to do Heart Hybrid when the time comes for sure, it’s meaningless with only my resolve.

What about the other party’s feelings?

Is this really fine for the other party?

Seeing from the view point of the people around, how do they see it?

If I respect the others’ will and don’t do Heart Hybrid, am I going to be still resented for letting them die?

Or the reverse?’

He couldn’t collect his thinking and his thoughts were continuing to go in a circle at the same place.

“Aah…… I don’t get it. Rather, it’s better if someone just replaces me.”

“Do you think a human that wants to become the replacement of a vulgar man like you exists in this world?”

Kizuna jumped to his feet.

A silver haired girl was standing at the room entrance.

“Chidorigafuchi! Why? How did you enter!?”

“I tricked…… no, persuaded that tiny girl that I need to enter for the mission.”

“You! Just what are you doing to my healing!”

“I know that you are a vulgar being already.” [7]

“No one is saying that here!”

“It’s because you were a vulgar being since you were born that you are lamenting it this much aren’t you?”

“Don’t force that to me! I don’t think that I am that vulgar!”

Aine opened her eyes wide and stepped back.

“That…… for you to not lament your own existence that is like that…… how, how pitiful is that I wonder. Just how wretched your own existence is.”

“……My bad to not be aware of that myself. So, if you like, I want you to teach me just how amazing your existence is then.”

“Oh well…… I’ll specially teach you then.”

Aine went up the bed, then she stood up imposingly over Kizuna. She was looking down on Kizuna with full pressure.

“If I have to say, I’m the queen.”


“No, a god.”


Certainly, only her attitude was big.

“So, how about for real?”

Aine lowered her waist from that posture and straddled Kizuna.

“I wonder, just how many humans in the whole world know about themselves, what kind of person they are deep down?”

“I’m not talking philosophically like that.”

“Rather than something like that, listen to my demand.”

Kizuna gave up and gestured with his hand for her to continue.

“Do Heart Hybrid with me.”

“But Chidorigafuchi, since we did the Heart Hybrid before this…… your energy hasn’t decreased that much you know?”

“I’m not talking about something like that. What I want is the [Corruption Armament].”

Aine’s expression was her usual cool one. He couldn’t read her emotions from that expression.

“No……rather than that, there is something more important right?”

“There is none.”

She really declared that!

“What I cannot tolerate the most is my low combat ability. That’s why, there is nothing more important than the Corruption Armament right now.”

“No, you are strong enough right? You won’t lose if it’s in close range, that’s what you said.”

“In reality, it’s rare for the enemy to come to the range where one’s hand can reach. If there is no possible method for a long range attack, then one cannot fight properly.”

Certainly…… at the dogfight above the sky of Ataraxia, she fought by using conventional weapons, that way of fighting seemed to be difficult.

“That’s why it’s necessary, the [Corruption Armament].”

“Corruption Armament…… you said that before. Is such a thing really that――”

Aine took off her upper clothes. And then she was unbuttoning her shirt.

“You! Just because you wear pilot suit underneath doesn’t mean…… eh?”

It was a normal underwear. A white brassiere appeared from underneath the shirt.

“I tried to change the mood. If I can obtain the Corruption Armament with this, then this is cheap.”

Kizuna once more looked up at Aine’s figure.

The breast that was so big it looked improper for her slender body, when it was looked up from below, it looked excessively large. It possessed an amazing mass that it felt like it was pressing on him.

“Now, touch it.”

“That’s, even if you told me ‘Now come!’ like that…”

“How irritating.”

Aine took Kizuna’s hand and led it to her own breast.


He had the feeling that Aine’s hand was slightly shaking, but it was not that much.

A swelling sensation spread in his palm. The feel of touching over the brassiere was even more indirect compared to touching over the pilot suit. The hardness of the bra and the ornament on the bra’s surface gave a slight stimulus to his palm, yet it mysteriously made his heart throb fast. The bra felt like that last fortress protecting the important breast.

“Co…… come on, stronger.”

Aine pressed Kizuna’s hand on her breast. His fingers opposed the sensation of the breast pushing back at his hand and they slightly sunk into the breast.

This was done across the bra, but the softness of the breast inside it was conveyed enough to his palm.

It felt like it was even larger than before…….

Was it because now he was looking at it from below?

It was a large breast to the degree that Chidorigafuchi’s face was not visible from where he was.

Even though this is the same body of Chidorigafuchi that he had seen in her normal uniform and pilot suit, his feeling felt like this was the first time he was seeing this.

Was it because Chidorigafuchi was in an unconscious state before? He felt like the volume that he felt with his hand and the mass were superior.

No matter how long he stared, it was beautiful, it was impossible to not get excited from seeing. It was such a bewitching body.


However, Kizuna’s hand was still being moved by Aine, he didn’t display a voluntary motion.

“What’s wrong? If you don’t play with it more, the Heart Hybrid won’t succeed right?”

“I know that. But……”

For Kizuna right now, the feeling of wanting to touch proactively didn’t well up inside him.

“Are you, unconcerned? Doing something like this.”

“Something like this?”

“That, doing something lewd…… with a man like this.”

Aine’s expression hardened a little.

“Don’t mind it. What I’m concerned with is just whether I can obtain the Corruption Armament or not.”

“But that means you just want to get a weapon right? That doesn’t mean that you want to do something lewd. Heart Hybrid is also like that as well. To continue to fight, the Hybrid Count has to be replenished. I understand that reasoning. But, just because of that, is it really okay to do something erotic only for that?”

“That’s a silly worry.”

“Just what are you calling silly.”

Kizuna was irritated from Aine’s words.

“Before this was Yurishia, and before that was you, you two were about to die. I only knew all of you just for a short time, but I want to beg off seeing someone that I know die in front of my eyes. Furthermore, I have the method to actually prevent that…… I have it but……”

“Then, it’s fine if you just do it.”

“Don’t say that so simply! In reality this is something erotic you know? This is not something that is okay to be forced one-sidedly by me. Even the feeling of the other part――”

“I don’t understand the feelings of other people or anything.”

She declared.

“What I understand, is the thing that I have to do no matter what. That’s all.”

“Are you, not thinking what happens if you die or anything at all?”

“That’s right, that’s not a problem at all.”


Just what’s with this girl.

“What I want is just a powerful weapon. So that I won’t lose to Yurishia and Hayuru. That’s why I don’t need to worry about anything. I’m fine to do whatever, erotic things or anything else.”

“Is it really okay?”

“How persistent. How about you just try it without delay?”

“……I see.”

Kizuna raised his body and reached his hand to Aine’s body. That hand was heading to her breast.

Aine’s complexion changed in a flash. Her body stiffened and she was watching the going of Kizuna’s hand with a held breath.

When Kizuna’s hands were put on Aine’s shoulders, she made a relieved face.


Kizuna repositioned their bodies, he pushed down Aine on the bed.

“Wha, what?”

“We are going to do it right? Erotic things.”

Kizuna’s hand was going to grope Aine’s breast.

Aine wrinkled her forehead and her body stiffened. When Kizuna’s hand approached near, her eyes were glistening with tears.”


Kizuna heaved a deep sigh and withdrew his hand, he scratched his head.

“See here, Chidorigafuchi. To make Heart Hybrid a success, we have to make our hearts into one. You, what do you think about me?”

“……I’m not interested in you.”

“……Isn’t that right.”

Kizuna answered with a tired face.

“I too cannot get into the mood to do lewd things with you.”

Aine raised her body and glared at Kizuna.


“It’s impossible if I’m watched at by eyes that looked that scared.”

Aine’s face reddened in a flash.

“I, it’s not like, I’m scared or anything!”

“Don’t force yourself. Isn’t it fine if we wait to know each other more, to become closer first before doing this?”

Aine looked down and she didn’t move for a while.

“That’s…… unreasonable.”

She whispered that and got down from the bed.

“……Chidorigafuchi. Don’t you have anyone close to you?”

“Something like that…… there is none.”

Aine picked up her clothes and exited the room without saying anything.

“Geez…… what’s with that girl.”

Kizuna collapsed on the bed.

When he buried his face into the sheet, suddenly he smelled Aine’s fragrance.

‘――But, that girl.’

The figure of her back when she exited the room.

‘――For some reason, she looked…… strangely sad.’

Part 6[edit]

Unexpectedly, even though he had spent a night where he couldn’t really sleep, sleepiness didn’t particularly attack him even in the afternoon class.

When he recalled the events yesterday night, he fell into a light self-hatred.

For some reason, he felt like he was bullying Chidorigafuchi.

‘Haa’, he released a deep sigh.

“When you sigh, happiness will escape together with it you know☆”


“Hey Kizuna? Do you have time after this?”

‘After this? Aah, so the class today is over already.’

“Yeah, I don’t really have anything to do……”

Yurishia clapped her hands happily.

“That’s great―. Then, I wonder if you can accompany me for shopping? After that, how about having dinner together with me?”

“I’m happy you asked me, but my mood is a little……”

“Now, let’s go.”

Yurishia forcefully took Kizuna’s arm.

“Eh? Wa, wait.”

The corridor that was jammed with students going home became noisy from the two of them walking arms linking.

“Yu, Yurishia-san? Where are we going shopping?”


The application for going outside Ataraxia took some time, but one hour later they arrived at Kyoto float.

“Why in Kyoto float?”

“We are just taking a walk a little♪”

They walked through the streets while giving sidelong glances at the historical buildings reconstructed here. Compared to the original Kyoto, the size of this float was only its one-thirtieth. There they experienced the condensed sightseeing of the famous historic places.

The stage of Kiyomizu, hall of Sanju San’gen, Kinkaku temple, etc., all of those spots were in a range that they could walk around by foot.

“Ah, look Kizuna. What a lovely townscape!”

It was a street that made one mistake it for the Edo period. Yurishia’s feet stopped in front of a building that had several stores in it.

“Pretty…… hey, I wonder if this suits me?”

What Yurishia pointed at was a kimono of Nishijin brocade. It was a pink kimono and a golden belt with flower patterns drawn on it put on a pedestal.

Yurishia’s eyes were shining with expectation.

“Yes, I think it will suit you.”

“Then, I’ll buy it―”

‘Eh? Isn’t this really expensive?’

Kizuna confirmed the price and he felt astounded by the price that reached seven digits.

When Yurishia exited the store, she had already worn the kimono that she just bought. It also suited her blonde hair.

“Well then, where should we go next?”

“This is a rare chance, so how about to the place that Yurishia wants to go to.”

“Is it fine?”

Yurishia asked worriedly.

“Of course.”

Yurishia smiled pleasantly,


She said.

“That’s not inside Kyoto float……”

After that they went to Okinawa float, and they ate sweets while going through international window shopping.

“Next I want to try seeing a large Buddha statue.”

They took a commemoration picture at the Kamakura Buddha statue in Kanagawa float.

“I want to try looking at the Megafloat’s ranch.”

Toward the Hokkaido float.

“This thing called takoyaki, it doesn’t look like octopus at all, so why is it called takoyaki?” [8]

Osaka float.

The distance between each place was not that far, but traveling around everywhere this much was quite difficult.

Even so, Yurishia was really active. While he was being led around, the hand of the clock had already reached eight o’clock.

“Not good, let’s have dinner soon. Western or Japanese, which one is good I wonder?”

“Hmmm…… that’s a little puzzling.”

“Oh, when you feel puzzled, you should do both☆”

Yurishia winked at him.

They went to a super high class traditional restaurant in Kyoto before moving to a first class hotel restaurant in Tokyo float.

When the time almost changed into a new day, they finally returned back to Ataraxia.

Both of them walked side-by-side through the road from the station to the dormitory.

It was a path where they could see both the night scenery of the city of Ataraxia and Megafloat Japan.

It was a very beautiful sight.

And then, most beautiful of all, was the starry sky that seemed as if it was going to rain down.

It was a night sky that they couldn’t see at the homeland Japan.

“Today was really fun♪ Thank you Kizuna.”

“I was the one that got treated for everything…… next time it will be my treat for you.”

“This is my thanks to you, so don’t mind it. I wonder if you are satisfied by the dinner?”

“Yeah, I never thought that we would really go for both. Both were luxurious that it made me nervous.”

Yurishia breathed out amusedly.

“I’m sorry if you didn’t enjoy it because you were nervous. For some reason, even though this should be my thanks to you, I also enjoyed it myself.”

“I had fun too. It feels like ten days is compressed into this normal after school though. Yurishia, you are really active aren’t you?”

“I guess so…… for some reason, since the battle on that unpopulated island, it seems that I changed a little.”


“Yes. It’s mysterious isn’t it? Even though I have gone through life-and-death battles several times until now, but that was the first time that I thought I might really die.”

That might be the proof that that was just how strong Yurishia was he guessed.

“Since then, I become really greedy. I want to see the things I haven’t seen yet. I want to go to places that I haven’t gone to. I want to wear clothes I have never worn. I want to eat foods I’ve never eaten. Also…… I want to go on a date with a boy, something like that?”

After saying that, Yurishia stared at Kizuna.

“Kizuna, this is all thanks to you because you saved me you know?”

‘Because, I saved her?’

“Rather than calling that saving, it was more like just buying time. Rather the one who did the saving was Yurishia right? Cross’ firepower is just awesome. Just as expected from the ace of the American army.”

Kizuna laughed ‘ahaha’.

“But since then Kizuna is not energetic aren’t you?”

“Eh, no, that’s not……”

“Especially today, you are not energetic at all. Did something happen?”

Yurishia peered into Kizuna’s face.

“Tha…… that’s…… you really understand huh.”


‘Because, I was always looking at you after all’――she didn’t say that.

“Try to say it if you have something bothering you. I’ll give you some advice.”

Yurishia showed a bright smile like the sun.

As if being invited by that smile, Kizuna opened his mouth.

“Yurishia, is your relation with Chidorigafuchi good? I’m wondering, what kind of person that girl is?”

Immediately Yurishia’s face became sullen.

“Ee~!? You are not worrying about me? That’s rea―lly a let down.”

“No, sorry. But, it’s about the Heart Hybrid……”

Eh? Just why did he apologize?

“It can’t be helped then.”

Yurishia crossed her arms and moved her fingers antsily.

“Well, it doesn’t even seem like you like Aine or anything…… fine then, I’ll specially teach you. But, I too don’t really know that girl well you know?”

“But, you two are comrades in the same team Amaterasu right?”

“Because, we don’t really talk much. Even when we talk, she is always in that kind of manner right? She has a wicked tongue, she only talked about incomprehensible things, she doesn’t really talk about herself.”

“She didn’t talk about herself?”

“Yes. That’s why, I don’t even know what did Aine usually do to pass her time. I don’t even know about something like her hobby, her favorite thing, or even her family.”

“Then…… any person that seems close to her?”

Yurishia pondered a little, but she shook her head.

“No one comes to mind.”

There was no one close to her, he remembered Chidorigafuchi saying that to him.

That girl was popular among the male students but…… actually, she had no friends or anything?

“In the first place, where did that girl come from? Her appearance doesn’t look like a Japanese at all though.”

“I also don’t know that.”

“You don’t know?”

“I was also interested in that, so I tried asking around once. But, no one knew. Nobody in this academy knew about Aine’s past.”

Chapter 4 – Heart Hybrid[edit]

Part 1[edit]

Kizuna was peeking at Aine from the cover of a building.

Since he was trying to know more about Aine, he had been following Aine for these past three days all the time to observe her.

Saying it frankly, he was stalking her.

Right now was afternoon break. Aine went away from the school towards the park to eat the bento that she bought in the middle of going there.

Kizuna tried to hide behind the digital signage display lining the road and peeked at the situation.

After this, Aine would return to the classroom with barely any time to spare like usual, after school she would go to the command headquarters to train and practice. When she finished she went directly to the dormitory. When she arrived at the dormitory, she wouldn’t go outside anymore for the day.

“Just following her around doesn’t give me any clue……”

“What kind of clue are you looking for?”


Suddenly a voice called out to him from behind, making Kizuna jump in shock.

“Hi-, Himekawa!?”

Himekawa Hayuru was standing there with her hands on her hips.

“What in the world are you doing, Hida-kun?”

“No, no. This is…… that…”

Masou Gakuen HxH V01 11.jpg

Hayuru breathed an amazed sigh.

“Just when I heard that there is a student stalking a female student, and try to look…… really, a person like you is……”

“This, this is a misunderstanding! I’m not doing anything I need to feel guilty for――”

“What do you want to know about Aine-san?”


Himekawa put out her face from behind the digital signage display and stared at Aine.

“I too have questions about her since before. Her usual words are also hard to describe as a normal person, and most of all, her unusual fixation towards battle. That fixation of hers already went off the proper track.”

“I’m concerned as a fellow member of Amaterasu. Can something be done to help her? Surely you too are thinking like that right?”

Kizuna nodded largely.

“When did Himekawa get to know her?”

“It was at the high school entrance ceremony I think. I remember feeling that ‘there is a really beautiful girl here’ that time. At that time, Aine-san already had a Core finished installed inside her.”

“Is that so…… then is there anybody that knows about Chidorigafuchi in middle school?”

“No. Aine-san didn’t go through middle school. She was admitted starting from high school…… it seems there is no one that particularly knows her from before.”

Was it impossible to know more than this?


Based on how she had a Core installed in her, surely there should be some clue in that place.

Part 2[edit]

Kizuna visited the laboratory of Heart Hybrid Gear, [Nayuta Lab].

{Hida Kizuna, what is your business?}

When he entered the laboratory, there was Shikina Kei there facing the console that was like a cockpit.

“Can I get the information about Chidorigafuchi’s past?”

{An authority to release the information is necessary. Chidorigafuchi Aine’s information level is high. It cannot be released with Hida Kizuna’s authority level.}

“No, it’s fine even if it’s not any important information. For example, something like her birthplace or her elementary school.”

{Everything is listed as secret. The information cannot be disclosed.}

What’s with that?

“Even though I have the authority to know everyone’s personal information as well as their three sizes and their location in the real time? Then who in the world can look at Chidorigafuchi’s information?”

{The only one with the authority for that in Ataraxia is only Hida Reiri.}

‘So it’s Nee-chan.’

“Got it, I’ll ask Nee-chan. Perhaps she is in the command headquarters right――”

“No need for that.”

The entrance of the room opened and Hida Reiri with her long black hair fluttering behind her entered.


“Kizuna, you want to know about Aine’s past?”

“Yeah. I want to know.”


“I’m…… worried about her. I have something worrying me even though I cannot say it clearly, but it feels really frustrating――”

No, wrong.

That was not it.

“――Perhaps, I’m feeling irritated. That girl is not thinking about other people, about herself, even whether she would die or anything at all.”

[A worthless worry isn’t it?] [9]

“What is inside that girl’s head is just to obtain an even more powerful weapon, she is thinking that something like our worry is really trivial.”

[What I cannot forgive the most, is my low combat ability.]

“She is not thinking of raising her combat strength for the sake of surviving. I don’t understand her. Because I don’t understand, it irritates me.”

[I see…… it seems that this is pointless isn’t it.]

Her sad back was reflected in his eyelids.

“That’s why I want to know about her!”

Reiri crossed her arms and listened to Kizuna’s words.

“……Fine then. I’ll teach you.”


“But, even the information that we have about Chidorigafuchi Aine is limited. Understand that.”

Kizuna nodded silently.

“The beginning of this matter is seven years ago. Tokyo…… not the one in Megafloat, it was at the mainland Tokyo, the imperial palace there is surrounded by canals around it and there is a canal there named Chidorigafuchi. A report that a girl was floating there was received. That girl was sheltered then, that was――”

“That’s Chidorigafuchi?”

“Correct. The girl who was sent to hospital and opened her eyes didn’t remember at all, just why was she in that kind of place. On the contrary, where did she come from, who was she, she couldn’t even recall those information. She didn’t even know her own name, that was the state she was in.”

“So she is…… amnesic?”

Reiri nodded.

“She didn’t have any external wound, so it was examined to be caused by temporary shock. However, even after that there was no sign at all that she was recovering her memory.”

“But, didn’t Chidorigafuchi’s family search for her? There must have been search requests coming out.”

“There was nothing. It seems the police made a search, but Aine’s family couldn’t be found in the end. Her appearance looked like she was around ten years old, so the elementary schools throughout Japan were searched, but there was not a single clue.”

“Then…… as expected she was from abroad?”

“Even asking around the Immigration Bureau didn’t result in any clue.”

Then, just where in the world Chidorigafuchi came from?

“The person herself was an extremely normal and healthy girl. There was also no problem in the examination result. But――”

Reiri knitted her eyebrows.

“It’s just, there was only one point that was worthy of special mention. Her aptitude for Heart Hybrid Gear is abnormally high.”

“Abnormally……? Is Chidorigafuchi that great?”

“Recently she is falling behind Yurishia and Himekawa. Her Zeros exhibited its ability in close range battle, but it’s disadvantaged when there is a distance with the enemy. It’s not that her talent is inferior, but the difference in the gear’s aptitude resulted in a large difference of battle results.”

……So that was how it was.

“――Anyway, the one who had an eye at that girl’s high aptitude, was our mother.”

Kizuna’s heart felt like it was grasped tightly.

“Mother took custody of Aine. Even the one who named her Chidorigafuchi Aine was also our mother. And then, Aine was made to engage in the research and development of Heart Hybrid Gear.”

“Then…… since then, all this time?”

“Right. She was staying in this lab all day, becoming a guinea pig.”

“Then, her school?”

“She started attending school from high school.”

“I see…… so she finally started a normal life only since high school.”

“That was when the practical application test began.”


Then…… that girl.

Since she was a child, she was isolated in this lab,

All the time as a guinea pig,

All alone,

The only thing she had was the Heart Hybrid Gear and Professor Hida Nayuta.

Excellent talent.

But, she was overtook by her rivals.

――After that?

Suddenly, an alert window popped up. All over the room was filled with crimson floating windows and alarms.

“Kei! What’s going on.”

{Enemy attack. Enemy warship appeared two hundred kilometers ahead of Ataraxia.}

“Enemy scale?”

{One two thousand meter-class battleship. Roughly thirty warships below one thousand meter-class. Half among them are aircraft carriers, the remaining seem to be escort ships.}


As expected, even Reiri lost her words.

It was an unprecedented large fleet.

Until now, there were cases where they battled enemy ships, but the number of enemy ships were invariably only one. Even so each time they received vast damage from them.

And now there were thirty ships.

To encounter this large fleet, perhaps this was the first time since the mainland decisive battle of the Second Another Universe Conflict. If they entered battle situation like this, it couldn’t possibly be imagined that whether it was Ataraxia or Megafloat Japan could go through this safely.

“Kei, connect the line to the command room! There is no time to return there, I’ll take command from here.”


The alert windows disappeared, and in their place windows that displayed the battle network and Megafloat Japan’s information appeared in large amount.

All those made a lump like a school of fish in the center of the room, connected to each other organically, building up a system. The walls in four directions and the ceiling, the floor surface too, all became monitors that were reproducing Ataraxia’s outside.

Kizuna saw the enemy fleet that was projected on the wall.

The black battleship that looked like it was cutting apart the blue sky was floating in the sky. Patterns that didn’t seem like words or shapes were shining on the ship’s body.

It was a fantastical battleship that was obviously made from different technology than mankind.

Its shape was completely unrelated with fluid mechanics or aerodynamics. Its width was wide, gun turrets were directed at every direction. It felt like a fortress or a castle of middle age Europe was flying in the sky together with its defensive wall.

That figure of an object with gigantic mass leisurely flying in the sky couldn’t be described as anything but absurd.

{Connection with the command room is finished. The time lag is about ten milliseconds. There will be no problem for you to give instructions thinking of me as the command room.}

Kei lifted her face a little. Her gaze met Reiri’s and both of them wordlessly nodded at each other.

“Okay, calculate the evasion course of Ataraxia.”

Kei’s arm was dashing on top of the console with tremendous speed.

{Most likely the enemy fleet is coming from Solomon direction. Ataraxia’s evasion course calculation complete. Now running away to the northwest direction with full speed.}

“The time until the encounter with the enemy!”

{If the situation doesn’t change, we will enter the enemy fleet’s firing range in fifteen more minutes.}

The flagship of the enemy fleet, the two thousand meter-class large battleship was magnified, its gun turret was largely projected.

{What will be the threat is the main cannon of this large battleship. If we are bombarded continuously by this, Megafloat Japan will sink.}

Reiri clicked her lips.

“All members of Amaterasu, reply!”

Responding to Reiri’s voice, Aine, Himekawa, and Yurishia’s faces were reflected in the appearing windows. Looking at the background behind them, it seemed that the three of them were in a classroom.

“You understand the situation? Then all hands, sortie!”


The three saluted and cut off the transmission.

Reiri faced Kei and yelled.

“Activate all defensive systems of Ataraxia as well as Megafloat Japan’s all area!”


Reiri pulled an operating window floating in the air to her. She tapped an icon for broadcasting towards the whole of Ataraxia from inside it.

“Informing all students! This is not practice or a school event, this is a real battle! Show your efforts’ result to those another universe lot!”

The window that projected the image inside the school showed the students standing up from their seat and exited the classroom. Each one of them were scattering to every department of Ataraxia in order to accomplish the order assigned to them. The technology department performed confirmation on the defense installation inside Ataraxia, combat department used those weapons and intercepted the enemy.

Ataraxia that entered battle state made a complete change at the city’s appearance. Shutter was lowered down on the buildings’ walls, important facilities was lowered underground. In reverse combat facilities were appearing from underground to the above ground.

The street opened and unmanned aircrafts appeared from inside, they made use of the straight road to launch. The camouflaged buildings opened, showing particle cannons which began charging while scattering electrical discharge. The ground of the park opened up like a shutter and middle-range missiles peeked out their heads from below.

“Yosh, then me too!”

Kizuna who was going to go outside was stopped by Reiri.

“Wait Kizuna. You are staying here.”

“W, why!?”

“It’s meaningless even if you go now. For now wait here.”

“Just why is it meaningless!? Even I can do something if it’s against the likes of category-C magic weapons!”

“That’s why. Currently, magic weapons of C-class and lower that even you can face still haven’t come out yet. Besides, exposing yourself towards the enemy warship’s firepower with your mobility is just suicidal.”


“If the enemy let out their landing unit, that time will be your turn. Until then prepare yourself.”

Kizuna stared at the figures of Himekawa, Yurishia, and Aine which were projected on the huge monitor.

The three of them were already putting on their Heart Hybrid Gear and flew heading to the enemy fleet.

Himekawa was staring at the information sent from the battlefield network so hard, a hole might be created in it.

“This is the first time a warship that huge came…… moreover, a fleet that large…… really, can we protect the Megafloat until the end…… when I think that the future of Ataraxia and everyone is put on our shoulders……”

A deeply depressed voice came out from Himekawa’s mouth.

“That’s really not like you Hayuru. Well, it’s going to be fine if we just do our best I wonder?”

In contrast, Yurishia’s voice was bright. She was carefree as if playing a game after going home from school.

“……Aine-san, are you okay?”

Aine was shouldering a machine gun on her back, a great number of magazines were hanged on her waist. And then in her hand was an anti-material rifle, Barrett M82A1 dangling down.

“I’m fine you ask? I don’t understand the meaning of your question.”

“Ah, no. The bombardment of the battleship will be fierce, so please don’t force yourself. Aine-san specializes in close range after all, so follow after us――”

“That’s unnecessary help.”

Aine declared to Himekawa coldly.

The enemy fleet visible far away was gradually becoming bigger.

In front of the three, Reiri’s floating window was opened.

{Listen well. What you need to shoot down is the enemy’s flagship, the two thousand meter-class large battleship. It will be fifteen more minutes until that ship catches Ataraxia in its shooting range. Before that happens, crush the enemy’s main cannon!}

“Rea―ally, commander says that so easily.”

Yurishia breathed out a deep sigh.

At that time, in front of Yurishia and the others, a glint of light the sign of an airplane could be seen.

“……Moreover, it doesn’t seem like we will be able to reach the enemy ship easily―”

Magic weapon groups taking off from the aircraft carriers were heading to their location.

It was a crowd of category-B Albatross. In total there were fifty.

“Well then, we are clearing them all at once now♪”

Yurishia stopped in place.

The Differential Frame on her back changed its distribution of energy from propulsive power into attack power.

Golden light flowed into the surface of the gear, carrying energy into the particle cannon.

The Differential Frame was deployed and the particle cannon’s muzzle was directed to the front.

Ahead of it was the squad of Albatross.

Aine and Himekawa who went ahead spread out to the left and right, running away from Yurishia’s line of fire toward the Albatrosses.

Energy was gathering in the muzzles of the particle cannons.

At that time, the Albatrosses’ bayonets were firing all at once.


Himekawa turned around to Yurishia.

However Yurishia didn’t show any sign of moving.

The light bullets of the bayonets flew, grazing Yurishia.

Cross’ particle cannons were filled with energy until the limit. The radiance of the cannon muzzles were emitting light that couldn’t be suppressed.


Together with an explosive light, a bundle of light was fired from the Differential Frame.

The radiance of the particle cannons opened a hole in the Albatross squad for a moment.

The Differential Frame moved as if opening to left and right and the beam of light traced a line horizontally through the enemy squad.

As if chasing after the particle cannons’ line, the Albatrosses were exploding one after another.

Half of them turned into fragments of light in a flash.

“Thank you very much for the opening attack-!”

Himekawa charged at the surviving units.


The large swords freely flying on her back flew out. While drawing large arcs, the swords circled the explosion smoke.

Albatrosses appeared from inside that explosion. They headed to Himekawa in front of them and prepared their bayonet.

Himekawa drew out the sword on her hips.

However, she had no projectile weapon.

The distance until the Albatrosses was roughly three hundred meters.

Himekawa’s sword couldn’t possibly reach.

And then, the Albatrosses’ bayonets spouted out fire――,

At that instant, Blades piercing through the Albatrosses’ chest appeared.

The Albatrosses exploded greatly while exposing out their internal mechanism.

The Blades that cut apart the magic weapons continued to move in high speed and aimed for the next prey.

They attacked from the top of the Albatross’ head, bisecting the enemy from its head until its crotch into two.

The Blades flew around freely in this air combat and raised bloodbath from the magic weapons one after another. They were weapons that displayed unparalleled might in middle-range combat.

However, high concentration was needed for its operation. Because of that, Himekawa herself easily showed an opening.

Himekawa who was naturally hovering in place was attacked by an Albatross from behind.


Himekawa who noticed that turned around holding her sword.

The Albatross’ sword was swung down.

Fierce sparks scattered.

A roar from torn off metal resounded, the head of the Albatross was torn off and blown away.


Aine kicked away the Albatross.

She halted as if sliding in the sky. There, another Albatross was lying in wait and rained her down with its shooting.


She deployed a shield of light and repelled the magic bullets.

Zeros’ defense system, the Life Saver was instantly deployed and protected Aine’s body.

Aine looked around her surroundings with a grim face.

When she confirmed the attacking enemy, Zeros was already circling into the enemy’s flank.

However the Albatross was also trying to maintain the distance with Aine and moved back.

And then, it directed the gun at the charging Aine.

However, Aine readied the anti material rifle in her hand and pulled the trigger.

Staggering explosive sound resounded, wind pressure that seemed like a strike had hit her face.

Even the rifle that could destroy trucks and armored cars wasn’t effective against magic weapons. However, it was enough to divert the gun muzzle directed at Aine.

The magic weapon’s bullet grazed Aine right from the side.

Aine threw away the rifle and pulled back her arm. The thruster on her elbow was gathering light.


The thruster ignited.

Like a fired bullet, Aine’s fist was driven into the enemy.

The sound and destructive power that were like an explosion pierced through the Albatross’ body.

The shockwave passed through until the back and a large hole was gouged into the Albatross’ body.

Together with a large explosion, fragments of light scattered apart.

When Aine came out from the smoke, she could confirm the enemy fleet.

“The distance is only about…… two, thirty kilometers more.”

“Ah! Please look at that.”

When they looked at the direction Himekawa’s finger pointed at, magic weapons were flying out one after another from the enemy fleet’s aircraft carrier.

Even Yurishia who was in a slightly separated location made a fed-up face.

{Hurry! Only seven minutes left!}

Reiri’s impatient voice resounded in their ears.

Yurishia’s voice that was answering her was also irritated.

“We know already! If I can just get a little bit closer, I can settle this with my particle cannon!”

Even while they were talking, the Albatrosses were attacking them. The enemy number was just too many in any case.

“Just how many are they launching here!?”

Himekawa was cautious to the enemy attack while confirming the map of the battle state.

The circle that displayed the enemy range was going to reach Ataraxia soon already.

Blood left Himekawa’s face.

“F, for now let’s not get too focused on the magic weapons! Anyways we have to hit the enemy’s main――kyaaaa!”

Himekawa was grazed by a flame pillar.

That fierce heat and pressure blew away Himekawa altogether with her Life Saver.


When Himekawa stopped with her brake, she looked at the enemy that attacked her.

It was a magic weapon in the shape of a dragon with a person buried on its back.

A Dragre.

It was a category-A magic weapon that troubled Yurishia before this.

“I hate persistent guys, really!”

Yurishia raised her output and headed to the battleship. Himekawa too immediately pursued behind.

“Yurishia-san! What about the Dragre?”

When she looked back, she could see the Dragre pursuing them.

“There is no free time right now for taking on a category-A!”

However the Dragre couldn’t be shaken off. It was gaining in its pursuit of the two.

When the dragon’s mouth opened, flame was forming a vortex in it. Faster than the two could fly, it hit directly at their backs.


The impact was like being hit from behind by a car.

“Guh…… you bastard!”

They forcefully changed their direction and escaped from the flame attack. However, although they were protected by the Life Saver, their Hybrid Count was considerably shaved off.

Yurishia wiped off her sweat.

“If it stays like this, we won’t have any energy left to destroy the main cannon!”


Himekawa put her hand on the sword on her hips.

Looking at that, Yurishia stopped her pace.

Himekawa also imitated her.

“We are killing it, Hayuru!”

“Yes, that’s what I wish for!”

However, there was no time. The remaining time until the starting of the battleship bombardment was only three minutes.

“Both of you, head to the battleship.”

The wind that passed through the side of the two left those words behind.


With a tremendous speed, Aine was charging at the Dragre.

Dragre’s flame attacked Aine.

However Aine didn’t dodge it and deployed her Life Saver.

The flame and the Life Saver collided.


The Life Saver parted the flame heading to the Dragre.

Inside the flame, a floating window was opened.

“You idiot! What are you doing!”

“That’s absurd! Aine-san!”

Both of them screamed.

Kizuna who was also looking at that situation opened a line unable to bear it.

{Chidorigafuchi! Stop!}

Aine yelled as if to shake off those voices.


She pierced through the flame.

She passed through the dragon neck.

In front of her eyes was the humanoid upper body.

The thrusters on Aine’s waist and legs spouted fire.


The full power acceleration added to the force of her charge. A flying kick like a meteor was settled on the Dragre’s body. The shockwave made the Dragre twist its body.

The next moment, the upper body of the Dragre exploded. The dragon body was broken into two and the internal mechanism protruded out. A sound of metal getting wrenched sounded like the death cry of the monster.

The Dragre caused a large explosion.



Aine’s shoulders were heaving from her painful breathing.

“Even I, can defeat, A-class…… I don’t lose, to, Yurishia……”

A monologue leaked out between her gasping breaths.

A communication came from the two that were going ahead.

{Aine, don’t be rash! Think of combination!}

{That’s right! Let’s form formation! Quickly, this way――}

Aine waved off the noisy windows with her hand and hurried towards the battleship.

In front of that Aine, Kizuna’s window was projected.

{What are you doing so rashly! You use the Life Saver too much!}

“I defeated the category-A right, I didn’t use it pointlessly.”

{Right now your Hybrid Count is…… o, oi! It’s already in 10% see!?}

“If there is that much then it’s enough.”

Aine answered nonchalantly.

“If there is that much――”

Yurishia looked back and confirmed Aine’s figure.

“Good grief…… what a stupid girl-!”

Yurishia clicked her tongue and distributed the Differential Frame’s energy a hundred percent as propelling force.

“We are going ahead!”

“Ah! Even Yurishia-san!”

Himekawa seemed like she was going to cry, but she went away to the rear of the enemy.

The commencement of the bombardment was one more minute.

Cross’s full acceleration shook off the enemies’ pursuit and brought Yurishia until above the battleship.

“Looks like, I somehow made it.”

Yurishia stopped stock still in the sky.

She deployed the Differential Frame, and this time she directed the whole output into the particle cannon’s attack power.

Below her the large battleship was slowly but surely invading forward.

While she was charging her attack, Himekawa and Aine caught up.


“Yes. I’ll settle this now.”

In contrast with her light tone, Yurishia was glaring grimly at the battleship.

Yurishia’s particle cannon was directed at the battleship’s main cannon.

“Now, prepare yourself, Hell Fi――”

At that time when Yurishia was going to start shooting, the enemy battleship was flashing momentarily.


The next moment, barrage of light was fired spreading from the enemy battleship filling their whole field of vision.


They barely defended against the enemy’s bombardment using the Life Saver.

“Kuh……! Thi, this thing…… uu!”

Yurishia couldn’t endure and moved back from the pressure.

Himekawa and Aine were also the same.

It was anti air shooting with dreadful density. There was no place to evade or escape.

{Oi! You all okay!?}

Communication from Reiri came, but they couldn’t even respond.

And then, the large battleship’s main cannon began to move. The cannon turret was facing diagonally above and ominous light began to gather in that direction.

Aine and the others opened their eyes wide.

――Time up.

The battleship from another universe was beginning the bombardment.

Glaring flash ran. The explosion shockwave assaulted the three above the sky like an earthquake.


A giant ball of light flew heading to Ataraxia.

The ball of light landed on Ataraxia in a flash, it crashed into the defensive wall at the outer circumference and exploded. The building’s armor was torn off and broke down.

Intense bombardment was beginning.

Bombing of light was thrown from the enemy battleship one after another.

It hit the city one after another, the streets and buildings that lowered down shutters were blown away ridiculously. Large amount of glasses and fragments scattered apart, they were breaking down in flame.

Enemy bombardment covered the sky and literally rained down.

“Aaa, geez! What should we do now!?”

Nearby the large battleship, Yurishia and the others were also bathed in concentrated firing.

“If, if it keeps like this, our Hybrid Count will only decrease little by little! We have to do something!”

Aine was staring at the enemy’s flagship.

“――Nothing we can do but flying into its bosom.”

Aine’s thrusters radiated light, raising its output.

“Aine-san? What are you planning to do?”

“We have no chance of victory in bombardment battle. If that’s so, then we have to board the enemy’s battleship and fight hand-to-hand.”

Himekawa and Yurishia doubted their ears.

“Please don’t say something absurd! There is no way you can get close through this barrage!”

“That’s right. First we have to take distance, yes, from different direction we――”

Aine flew away without listening to the two’s talk.


Himekawa immediately yelled.

“No-! Aine!!”

Aine deployed the shield of Life Saver right from the start and charged into the enemy ship with her full speed.

Enemy’s shell hit her and greatly affected her trajectory. Even so, she pushed on.

At that time, her lifeline the Life Saver vanished.



She immediately understood the reason.

There was no more energy.

Aine bit her lips.

She had no means of defense anymore. Aine dodged the enemy’s shot while heading to the battleship. She predicted the orbit of the enemy’s main cannon and evaded with marvelous mobility.

‘――Just, a little more.’

The anti-air cannons at her flank fired all at once.

With a turn she largely rotated to the side, from there she spun and took a nose dive.

The enemy’s anti-air cannons too couldn’t follow that movement.


She could feel the battleship’s deck was within the range where her hands could reach.

At that instant, she felt an impact as if she was fiercely struck from the side.


It was the bombarding of the escort ships accompanying the flagship which were silent until now.

Getting hit directly straight from the side, Aine was sent flying.


Kizuna screamed while looking up at the monitor of the command room.

Her silver hair was spreading out, Aine’s body was falling to the sea.

Kizuna rushed out from the command room.

“Wait, Kizuna!”

He shook off Reiri’s restraint and ran through the corridor.

‘――Just wait, Chidorigafuchi!’


Part 3[edit]

Aine was in a pitch black world.

She didn’t understand just where she was.

She didn’t understand who she was.

Where could she go?

She could see a faint light.

Was it okay for her to go there?

Aine walked forward heading to that light.


“……Hida, kun?”

She could see Kizuna’s face with blurry eyes.

“I’m glad! You’ve come to yourself.”

They were in a pure white room.

She was not on a bed, but lying down on the floor. Beside her was Kizuna wearing his Heart Hybrid Gear sitting on his knee.

“This place……”

It was a room she remembered seeing, but her head was in chaos, she couldn’t recall the name of the place.

“This is the adjustment room of Nayuta Lab. You were shot down and fell into the sea. You were safe from being hit directly by the escort ship. You can thank your lucky star.”

Aine’s body was still wrapped in Zeros. She tried to raise up her body, but she couldn’t put strength into her arm.

“Oi, don’t force yourself.”

After she lied face down, she managed to raise her body into creeping on all fours.

But just by doing that much, she needed to put all her body strength into it. In addition from the damage of getting shot down, this was also because of her little remaining Hybrid Count.

“The situation…… what is going on?”

“The enemy fleet has advanced until five kilos from Ataraxia. Right now their bombardment is stopping, but in its place magic weapons’ descending unit is landing down.”

“The bombardment stopped? Why is that……”

“Who knows…… perhaps the plan is to occupy the Megafloat, not sinking it down. Well, we don’t know what those guys from AU are thinking…… aah, also don’t worry about Yurishia and Himekawa. They came back safely…… well, in a nutshell, the strategy failed.”

“I have…… to go back soon.”

Aine stood up even with her knees trembling.

“That’s why wait…… I told you.”

Kizuna put his hand on her knee and she finally managed to stand with great difficulty.

“Here we go…… Chidorigafuchi. You cannot go back to the battlefield.


Kizuna took out his student device and opened Aine’s vital sign to show her.

Aine saw her number and for an instant she made a grim face.

“……Is that so, my remaining Hybrid Count is below 5%. I see, it won’t be strange if my gear stops working anytime, that’s what you mean.”

Aine who smiled self-deprecatingly stared at Kizuna with a serious face.

“Even without looking at this, you are at least aware yourself that you’re not in a condition to fight right? Even if you go right now, you are just going to die.”

“……Even so, I don’t mind.”

Kizuna stood in the way of Aine who was trying to head to the entrance.

“Move aside.”

“There is no way I’m going to let someone who is trying to go to her death go.”

Aine stared fixedly at Kizuna’s eyes.

There was no luster in Kizuna’s black eyes.

“Even you are looking tired aren’t you?”

“Yeah. Nursing a certain reckless someone left me so tired. I wonder if this is what is called nursing fatigue?”

“I don’t remember asking you to do that for me!”

Aine’s sharp voice resounded.

After that silence visited the room.

“I, I, I don’t have anything else other than Heart Hybrid Gear! I cannot forgive myself that I’m inferior to anybody else in Heart Hybrid Gear.”

Aine was making a face that even now looked like she was going to cry.

“And now…… I cannot even fight? I cannot even equip my gear you said? Something like that, means…… I don’t have any worth anymore. There is no meaning in me existing. Then doesn’t that mean there is no meaning in me to keep living!”


“Inside me, there is nothing. Nothing at all. I don’t know who I am or where I came from. Name, family, home, I don’t remember anything at all.”

Aine was staring at Kizuna’s expression, but before long she suspiciously asked him.

“……You aren’t surprised. By any chance, did you already know?”

“Yeah, I knew it only just before this.”

“Is that so…… then the talk will be quick. I was taken into this lab. After that, I became Professor Nayuta’s guinea pig all this time and helped with the research.”

Kizuna’s heart felt a stinging prick.

“Apart from that I know nothing about my past. Apart from that I was only being used as a guinea pig here without thinking about the future. That’s my everything.”

“I understand that you are amnesic, and also that you were raised in a unique environment. But, isn’t it okay if you just make new memories. Things like your favorite food, new hobby, even friends.”

“Even if I have an interest in anything, my true…… my past self, did she have an interest in something like that? I will start thinking like that, it made me unable to have interest in anything. When the test for real battle began and I attended high school, it became excessively hard.”

“Just why, isn’t it fine if you just talk normally and get along well with your classmates?”

“It’s scary to come into contact with other people. Because in the lab, I didn’t talk with anyone there. I cannot do something like talking properly with other people.”

Kizuna recalled Aine’s wicked tongue.

So that was actually the materialization of this girl’s desperation.

Or else, that was a shield to protect herself from fear. Possibly it might be a camouflage to hide her heart. He guessed that most likely, even she herself wasn’t aware of it.

“But you see, even for me there is one single thing, something that became my place to belong.”

“……Heart Hybrid Gear.”

Aine nodded.

“――Yes. When I become strong, Professor Nayuta praised me. She was happy for me. At that time, I was the only one who could use Heart Hybrid Gear. Saying it in reverse, I couldn’t do anything other than that. Using Heart Hybrid Gear more skillful than anyone, stronger than anyone. That was me.”

“Even now you are still like that aren’t you? You have an amazing genius, even everyone else thinks that you are amazing. Even Yurishia and Himekawa, they should be relying on you too.”

“Don’t say whatever you like!”

Aine’s voice was trembling.

“I’m tired of getting told that I have an amazing genius! No matter how strong I am in close range battle, there is no meaning in it at all! I cannot defeat the enemy at all! Hayuru has shot down two hundred enemies, Yurishia is in three hundreds, I only shot down thirty enemies until now!”

“Chidorigafuchi…… that’s…”

“At that time I remembered. In the past, Professor Nayuta talked to me. There is an amazing weapon called the Corruption Armament sleeping inside me, she said. When the Hybrid Count passes the limits, there is the possibility that it will materialize.”

Mother said that? Then as he thought, the one who sent the data about his Heart Hybrid Gear was――

“If I can obtain the Corruption Armament, I will make it somehow. But, how can I make my Hybrid Count that just keeps decreasing to go further than the full charge? As I thought it might be impossible, when I thought like that, you appeared.”

Aine pointed at Kizuna.

“You, Hida Kizuna. The Man that Breaks the LimitLimit Breaker of Hybrid Count.”

‘I…… am?’

“I was happy. I was filled with hope, the world looked different all of a sudden. I felt like you are the prince that Professor Nayuta created for me.”

“Pr…… prin, ce?”

He couldn’t see that at all from her attitude until now.

“I have to make you pleased. I have to make you like me. But, I don’t understand what to do. I searched the database, looked at the magazines that boys read, I investigated various things. There was an article written that boys will be happy from a girl’s handmade bento so…… but, I cannot cook or anything, just when I thought what to do――”

‘Aah…… so because of that she made that sandwich from the convenience store.’

“I prepared a bento that I didn’t make myself, then I read a porn book for boys, what to do that would make a boy happy……”

“Don’t tell me…… you looked at that porn magazine aimed for males, because of that, you came waking me up that morning?”

“Ac, actually, there were more things…… various plans to wake you up but…… tha, that was impossible for me.”

“At the school…… that time you flipped up your skirt outside?”

“That time, it was so embarrassing that I was going to die already. And, an underclassman also saw that……”

“Bu, but, your face that time was really unconcerned! You said that you weren’t shy! Weren’t you even talking on and on wickedly to me!”

“That’s because if I didn’t do that, my head would go strange from all of that embarrassment!”

Kizuna faltered from Aine’s yell.

“Even before this, there was an article that wrote if I just go alone to a boy’s room at night giving the OK sign…… I didn’t know what I was doing but…… it was scary but, even so, if I did that, I thought that Hida-kun will also lay his hand on me.”

“Tha, that’s…… even I, that was really chaotic for me, I kept getting worried――”

“What do you mean by that! This useless man! Coward! You didn’t even know what I’m feeling!”

“Yo, you are fucking kidding me! Just who is a coward. Besides, looking from your usual behavior, just how can I possibly understand your feelings like right now huh! The difficulty is just too high! No matter how you think about it, that’s lunatic level difficulty right!?”

“Understand it if it’s just that much!”

After yelling that, tears were gathering in Aine’s eyes.

“I cannot obtain the Corruption Armament. In the end, I’m just a human that has no use whatsoever. From the beginning I don’t have any worth for living.”

At that time, a vibration like an earthquake shook the floor.

Aine made a deprecating smile towards herself.

“Sooner or later, this Ataraxia too will end from taking on that large battleship as an opponent. Because of my fault, everyone will die――”

“Cut it out! Chidorigafuchi!”

Kizuna’s angry yell struck Aine.

“……What, what’s with you?”

His pressure that was different from anything so far made Aine wince.

“Shut up and listen, you cocky girl! You’re not useful? You don’t have any worth for living? And what’s with you saying only thirty enemies? I’m still at zero enemies here, total zero! Ain’t you super skilled already shooting down that many enemies! Also just because I cannot do Heart Hybrid that well, don’t make it all as my fault! Even I am not that used to girls. If I get approached by a transcendent beauty like you, there is no way I’m going to understand just what the hell I should do, you know! Understand my feelings too!”

“Wha, what, so you are now proud that you’re a good-for-nothing! It’s fine if you just laid your hands on me! Someone like me, doesn’t have any great worth, in the first place I’m a human that didn’t exist!”

“Stop shitting me! You are beautiful, your style is great, your status is absurdly high.”

Aine’s cheeks were dyed red in a flash.

“Thi, things like those cannot defeat the enemy!”

“Who cares-! Besides, something like your worth of living, or your usefulness, that’ not something that you should talk like you know anything about it. Aren’t you just treasuring yourself. You just think that you are the best and get insecure when no one fusses over you! You are just unable to accept the gap between your ideal self and the real you! Just because there are those you cannot win against, that there are people even more superior than yourself, you abased yourself and got sulky, isn’t that what this is about!”

Aine’s expression changed from bewilderment to fury.

“……Don’t talk like you know anything!”

However, Kizuna continued without caring.

“Listen well! Even if you think that you don’t have any talent, that you are not a big deal at all, then what you have to do is think about what you who is like that can do. What should you do so that even your power can be useful? Make your way of thinking like that. If you do that, then there will be no one in this world whose existence is unnecessary!!”

Aine shook her head as if saying that she didn’t want to listen.

“Aah, annoying! I don’t want to hear a sermon that is just lip-service!”

Light ran through Aine’s Zeros. The thruster on her elbow was shining.

“Quickly step aside from there! Or else I’m going to strike you to death right here!”

Aine pulled back her fist. It was a stance where she could pierce through Kizuna’s body anytime.

“So you are going to wring out your last energy to beat to death a single man that irritated you? How great, this dunce-sama that once aimed to be the strongest.”

Aine’s eyes were wrapped in a dangerous color.

“You are really going to die.”

“Do as you like.”

He accepted the gaze filled with killing intent right from the front.


Aine’s arms headed to Kizuna in an attack.

Tremendous wind pressure struck Kizuna’s face. Wind was rolled up and raised the dust of the floor whirling.

Aine’s fist stopped a centimeter in front of Kizuna’s nose’s tip.


Aine made a voice from biting her back teeth.

“Why didn’t you dodge!? At least deploy your Life Saver! This idiot-!!”

Kizuna laughed powerlessly.

“Honestly, it’s tiresome to even dodge…… something like deploying Life Saver, is absolutely impossible for me.”

Aine suddenly realized that Kizuna’s hair was wet.

“You, don’t tell me, you went to save me when I fell into the sea……”

Kizuna awkwardly averted his sight.

“No, my mobility is not great like yours after all. I ate an enemy’s bullet like a joke…… hahaha.”

“What, what are you laughing off! How many percent is your remaining Hybrid Count right now?”

“No, that…… about 2%――I think.”


Aine hit Kizuna’s chest.

It was not with the power of the Heart Hybrid Gear, but with the power of Aine herself.

“You! Idiot, idiot, incompetent, fool, useless! Even though you are a weakling! Even though you are powerless! At least evade something like a mere bullet!”

She was hitting Kizuna’s chest while crying.

“Why, for the sake of me who cannot fight anymore, you…… did something like that-“

Kizuna gently held down the shoulders of Aine who was like that.

“Uu…… hic, uu, u……”

Aine pressed her head onto Kizuna’s chest, she stifled her voice and cried.

“Even though, I, cannot do anything…… other than dying……”

Shining tears spilled down from Aine’s eyes.

Kizuna gently embraced Aine’s body.

“Hey…… this place is really nostalgic.”


“That’s right, this was the place where you and I met for the first time.”


“Seven years ago, you arrived to this room lifted on a stretcher. At that time, I was helping mother…… Hida Nayuta with her research.”

With a look of realization, Aine looked at Kizuna.

“Then, the boy at that time…… since that time, I didn’t see him for the second time……”

“So you remember.”

Kizuna smiled.

“You who had high aptitude for Heart Hybrid Gear arrived here, that made me get put into the trash can. At that time I was also thrown away by Kaa-san. She said, I’m already unneeded.”

Aine was shocked and her eyes opened wide.

“That’s why, I understand well how Chidorigafuchi feels. After all at that time, I too was the only owner of Heart Hybrid Gear in the world. That’s why, when another fellow that had superior aptitude appeared, moreover, I got told that I’m already unneeded, that was really shocking.”

Aine bit her lips hard.

“How you are rushing to death, I understand that too.”

Aine slowly looked up at Kizuna’s face.

Kizuna’s face was indicating of a nostalgic memory, his expression was calm and looked awkward somehow.

“When I was told by Kaa-san that she didn’t need me, I was thinking of dying for real. Up to that time I was always in the laboratory, I had never even gone to school. I didn’t understand anything except the experiments. That was why, I who got driven out from the lab was nothing at all. Even though until that time Kaa-san and the research were my everything, I lost them all. All of my past until that time, I completely lost them all.”


Kizuna laughed embarrassedly.

“Haha, after that I went to Tokyo Float alone, and when I began to attend school that was just tragic. After all, I could not converse with other people properly at any rate. Really, just how similar is that with a certain someone you think.”

Kizuna’s hand touched Aine’s cheek.

“But, at that point it’s not a problem about the reason why you exist, or what kind of ability you have. It’s a problem of how you are going to live from then on. We can always do over at any time, we can restart again at any time. That was what I learned at that time.”

Kizuna recalled the words of the person who made him stand back up.

{Kizuna. The worth of human is not based on the height or depth of their ability. It’s a problem of how they live.}

‘――Really thank you, Nee-chan.’

“But…… I don’t understand, how I should live.”

“I’ll give you life counseling service then. At any rate, I’m an experienced person when it comes to standing back up from failure after all.”

Kizuna proudly threw out his chest.

“Getting all puffed up like that from being a no-good man, really, what an idiot.”

Aine suddenly smiled.

And then, she called off Zeros by herself and became dressed only in her pilot suit.


“Kizuna…… won’t you, that, the Heart Hybrid…… won’t you do it with me I wonder?”

“But, you……”

“I’m, starting over again right? It’s embarrassing but…… if it’s you, I……”

Kizuna’s fingers scooped up her silver hair. It was soft like silk, a really pleasant sensation to the touch.

“I got it…… Aine.”

Kizuna too called off Eros.

“……Take, responsibility okay?”

Aine looked up at Kizuna with reproachful eyes.

Kizuna faltered a little, but he soon smiled wryly.


Kizuna’s hand caressed Aine’s body.

Gently, and affectionately. From the top until the bottom, he relished in it as if making his hand remember the shape of Aine’s body.

“Haa…… aa”

Heated breath spilled out from Aine’s wet lips.


He caressed her side from the bottom of her waist. If it was himself he thought it would feel unbearably ticklish, but Aine knitted her eyebrows and raised a soundless voice from her mouth.

“A. aa…… fu”

Her well trained abs were squeezed firmly, a faint vertical line following her navel was coming to the surface. His finger was sliding tracing that line.

“Kuu-…… ya, yaan”

A lovely voice that he couldn’t imagine coming from Aine was raised.

He poked at her bellybutton with his finger.

“Do, doing that, with, someone’s body is…… ha, ahn-“

When he lowered his hand until her abdomen, Kizuna’s movement stopped suddenly.

If he kept moving down like this, the hurdle was a little high. Should he return back from here? However, where was he going if he returned?

Kizuna’s gaze was absorbed into the two large swelling breasts which were rising undauntedly by gravity.

‘Even if I touch them…… I won’t be scolded right?’

His gaze moved from the breasts to Aine’s face.

Her face was staring at Kizuna as if in befuddlement. And then, inside those eyes, beautiful blue lights were swimming.

Kizuna decided in his heart.

With a degree that was unclear between touching and not touching, he confirmed the shape of the breasts with a weak loving caress.

“Aa…… uu……”

Aine knitted her eyebrows as if enduring something.

“Does it hurt?”

He asked that question from being too anxious.

Aine faced Kizuna with unfocused eyes, then she smiled shyly.

“It, feels…… good.”

‘――How cute.’

Inside Kizuna’s eyes, pink lights were flashing.

Putting strength into his hand, he grasped Aine’s breast.


That instant, blue light surged out from Aine’s body. The light entangled with the pink light that was emitted from Kizuna’s body, becoming a single flow, it was enveloping the bodies of the two as if in caring of the two of them.

Inside the glittering light, they tasted an indescribable tranquil.

――Heart Hybrid.

“I will make it succeed…… this time for sure.”

“Aah…… hauu”

Aine’s waist collapsed and she flopped down on the floor. Kizuna also sat down on the floor together with her, in order to embrace her body.

The sensation was like Aine’s heart was connected to his heart. And then, strength was overflowing inside the body.

The radiance inside Aine’s eyes was increasing. Her skin’s tone and gloss looked all the more striking.


With a feeling that was filled with a sense of accomplishment, Kizuna stared at each other with Aine.

However, Aine’s state was strange.

Her eyes that tended to look downcast shined bewitchingly, she sent Kizuna an inviting gaze.

“Kizuna…… I want more…… you too, you feel that this is still not enough right?”

“Eh…… uwaa!”

Aine leaped at Kizuna’s neck.

She pushed down Kizuna and held him down, Aine was now above him.

“Hey, Kizuna…… I, feel that my body is hot…… can you quickly take responsibility?”

She whispered to him teasingly, with a tone that was like bullying him.

Those eyes were turning moist bewitchingly.

“Wha…… what are you doing, Aine?”

{Let me explain.}

Suddenly Kei’s floating window appeared beside his face.

“Uwaa! Shi, Shikina-san? You surprised me!”

{That’s Heart Hybrid’s side effect. In the case that Heart Hybrid reaches a success, symptoms that is similar with an aphrodisiac can be seen from the girl partner. In addition to this intoxicated state, the girl’s state will be in an exceedingly heightened sexual desire.}

“Now that you mentioned it, previously it also felt like this…… what a troublesome side effect!”

{But, by using that effect skillfully, you will be able to advance to an even higher stage.}

“Higher stage?”

{Yes. For the sake of obtaining the Corruption Armament, a new Hybrid Heart.}

A new Hybrid Heart…….

“Shikina-san, that is――”

Aine’s hand crushed through Kei’s window.

“Aa! Oi, Aine, what are you――”

Aine’s sword hand was thrust at Kizuna’s neck.

“While you are doing good things with me…… you are going to talk with other woman?”

Killing intent welled up inside Aine’s eyes.

‘Dangerous! She’s seriously scaryyy!’

“N, no such thing at all, Aine. Right now I’m only looking at Aine.”

Aine was staring at him fixedly with doubtful eyes, but her looks became lewd once more and she embraced Kizuna.

“If that’s so thenn, show me your proof, quicklyy.”

Aine crawled her lips on Kizuna’s nape of the neck.


Her heated breath and her wet and soft tongue were slowly crawling from Kizuna’s earlobe until his collarbone slowly. It was something he had never experienced before, a ticklish sensation, his spine was shivering.

‘Shit-! If it turned like this, then there is no way but to do it!’

By any chance, was Shikina-san still monitoring them right now? Such terrifying thinking flashed through his head, but for now he put it away from his mind.

Kizuna embraced Aine tightly. The shape of Aine‘s breast greatly warped, pushing back at Kizuna’s chest. Aine also circled her hands on Kizuna’s back, caressing around as if to confirm the shape of his backbone and shoulder blade.

Aine pressed her lower body on him and entwined her legs. Her desire of wanting to be glued to Kizuna for even a little bit more was expressed through her body. Looking at such Aine, he felt her to be unbearably lovely.


He wanted to touch her face and reached out his right hand.


However, Aine welcomed his fingers with her mouth. She put his index and middle fingers into her mouth and licked them around. Wet licking sound *chupa chupa* produced a strange lewdness. As if being possessed, Aine attentively sucked at the fingers. It was as if she was trying to squeeze out something.

On the other side of Aine that was sucking the fingers, her breasts were shaking in jiggles. With his left hand, Kizuna began to rub those breasts.

“Hyann, geez Kizuna…… han.”

He caressed slowly, however this time he did it with more strength than before.

Masou Gakuen HxH V01 12.jpg

“Fuu, an, it feels good…… Kizuna, aaaan”

While enjoying the smooth feel of Aine’s bare skin and pilot suit, he played with her breasts with both his hands by circling both his hands.

He wanted to feel directly Aine’s skin with his whole palm. Such desire filled his head.

Unable to endure his desire, Kizuna shoved his fingers inside through the gap between the skin and the pilot suit.

“Aah, Kizuna……”

This was the first time he had ever touched a bare breast. The fact that he was directly touching breasts directly heightened Kizuna’s excitement all the more. The throbbing of his heart was unstoppable.

The skin under the suit was slightly sweating, he felt a moist feeling on his palm. During that, he felt something that clearly had a different feel. There was a feedback from his palm, feeling something protruding out from the tip of the breast which felt harder than the surroundings.

His fingers tightly pinched at that protrusion.


Aine raised her voice as if she was overcomed with emotion. She bent her body with her body trembling from being struck with pleasure.

As if to express that pleasure, blue light burst out from Aine’s body once more. And then, the pink light rising up from Kizuna’s body was dyeing the silver hair of Aine from the tip.

Kizuna reflexively pulled out his hand from the intenseness of her reaction.

However as if demanding for that pleasure, Aine embraced Kizuna’s face.

“Mu……-……!! ……!?”

His face was buried between the valley of Aine’s breasts. The breasts were soft, its shape freely changed, clinging closely to his face. Aine’s sweat smelled sweet somewhat.

But, his condition soon became a grave one.

‘――I, I can’t breath.’

“Haa, haaan…… do, don’tt…… a, aa”

It seemed that Kizuna’s squirming felt good that it made Aine raise a satisfied voice.

‘No good, I’m going to get suffocate like this!’

Kizuna boldly opened his mouth. Kizuna’s tongue touched Aine’s breast.


Kizuna too became dazed from tasting the sensation that his tongue felt from Aine.

“Aan, aa, aah, aaaa”

Light of heart mark was rising to the surface of Aine’s eyes.

Once more, particles of light began to spring forth from the bodies of the two. However, it was an intense radiance that couldn’t compare to everything before this.

Masou Gakuen HxH V01 13.jpg

Unable to endure, Aine’s hands slackened.


Kizuna escaped from the breast hell.

But, the momentum of his face getting away slipped off the pilot suit, making Aine’s breasts spill out.

White breasts were liberated from the suit’s binding, they shook to the left and right.

The tips were shining in pink light, they were beautiful and lewd protrusions. Just now, he felt that protrusion’s figure without seeing it and only confirmed the sensation using his fingertips. Inside the soft curved surface wrapped in mellowness, it was the only thing different that threw the harmony out of order. However, with the existence of that, the lewdness of the breasts were exceptionally increased.

It was as if the jiggling, shaking motion was putting Kizuna in hypnosis.

It was as if Kizuna’s face was naturally sucked closer, his face was approaching closer.

That thing which was sticking out conspicuously on the tips, was held into Kizuna’s mouth.


A scream gushed out from Aine’s mouth.

Her back bent backward with all her strength, and her body was convulsing.

Her eyebrows knitted, her eyes were shut tight, she left her body into the pleasure.

And then, a radiance so bright it made them unable to see anything in front of them enveloped their bodies.

The explosive radiance became waves of light that were spreading around.

Inside that radiance, Kizuna saw Aine’s body was equipping Zeros.

Blue particles were creating up the magic armor. However, it didn’t stop just there.

The pink radiance emitted from Kizuna’s body traveled as if caressing Zeros’ surface. Thereupon, Zeros’ surface emitted beautiful light as if it was just getting polished.

It was not just beautiful, it was as if the hardness of Zeros’ whole frame was also increased.

Furthermore the pink luminescence was converging on Zeros’ arms and legs, then around the waist. Inside that light, the parts’ shape were changed and a new weapon was added.

All of those had the same coloring with Eros.

Exactly like a hybrid between Eros and Zeros.

Blades were integrated into the arms, weapon that shot out shockwaves.

At the legs, from the knees until the tips of the toes were blades to tear apart the enemy.

And then, the thrusters on the waist were reinforced, on top of that they were unified compactly.

Zeros’ characteristic was further sharpened, further brutalized.

A power up that derived the gear to exterminate the enemy at hand to hand battle with certainty was carried out in it.

Kizuna was also undergoing a sensation that he had never experienced until now. Something different was inserted inside his body, mixing with the content of himself, a sensation as if hybrid was happening.

――This was, [Climax RemodelingClimax Hybrid].

And then Aine brandished a very long weapon that had never been seen before, the weapon was set up to be shot from the waist.

The length was even taller than the height of Aine’s body.

One side was sharp like a sword, while the opposite side was becoming a large caliber particle cannon.

It had the same coloring with Zeros.

A weapon for the sake of Zeros.

A long range attack method, prepared only for the sake of Zeros.

When Aine grasped the grip hidden in the covering, each of its parts lighted up, light was rushing around the weapon’s surface as if in a dance.

As if it was happy that the owner who would use itself finally appeared.

Aine too made a smile on her lips.

“This thing is, obtained from a corrupting act, possessing corrupting destructive power, the weapon of corruption.”

Corruption Armament [All Space-Time DemolisherPulverizer]

Aine whose fundamental combat ability had been reinforced by far and also armed with a new long range artillery, was standing there.

When she brushed off her hair with one hand, particles of light scattered in glitters.

Aine’s silver hair was right now shining radiantly in fresh pink color.

“Kizuna, let’s go.

After Aine said that, she started to run without even waiting for his answer.


When they came outside, the disastrous scenery of Ataraxia entered their eyes.

The surrounding buildings were all crumbled down due to the battleship’s bombardment. They were receiving devastating damage. The lab barely escaped from the wartime destruction, but even so a part of the facility had been destroyed.

“……Now they have really done it, to do whatever they pleased like this.”

Ten kilometers separated from Ataraxia, the fleet of AU was floating.

Aine’s eyes were beginning to get filled with a dangerous light.

“I’ll pay you all, with a suitable retribution in return.”

Zeros raised its output and flew high to the sky in one breath. It was ascending until the same altitude as the enemy fleet.

A lengthily stretching out balancer from the Corruption Armament lengthened to the back, and the cannon was directed to the enemy fleet.

When Aine grasped the grip, blue light began to flow to each parts of the corruption armament. The apertures of various parts absorbed the particles of light drifting in the air.

The target was the enemy’s flagship, the two thousand meter-class large battleship.

Kizuna also chased after Aine, and ascended to the sky.

“Aine, that thing, how much offensive power it has? Certainly it’s a jumbo cannon, but can it exchange fire with a battleship!?”

“I don’t know.”

“Is, is it going to be okay?”

“I’m busy here. I cannot talk with you right now――”

The pop-up window of alert warning popped up.

Enemy’s descending unit, the Albatross squad was heading straight to Aine.

“Five Albatrosses huh…… normally this is the time for turning about-face and running away isn’t it?”

“I don’t mind if you run away Kizuna.”

Aine nonchalantly said.

“Don’t say stupid things. There is no way I can abandon Aine and run by myself.”

Aine got flustered from looking at Kizuna who laughed fearlessly.

“……Wait. Perhaps your tension is a little hyped-up because of the Climax Hybrid’s success, but stop doing something reckless.”

The Albatrosses prepared their bayonets and charged right at the two.

“Don’t worry. Thanks to that success right now my Hybrid Count is also at full charge. If it’s now then I can work to my heart’s content. If it’s just buying time for you to shoot that large cannon of yours, I’ll do it.”

Cold sweat was flowing down on Aine’s cheek.

“Wa, wait, calm down. Anyway just wait――”

“I’ll take care of all the magic weapons that are approaching you. That’s why, I’ll leave that large battleship to you yeah!”

Kizuna raised the output of Eros’ thruster and flew away.

“Stop it! Kizuna!”

Ignoring Aine’s scream, Kizuna headed to the Albatross squad, flying with all his speed.

“Here we go, Eros! Show your true strength right here!!”

Kizuna noticed it.

The something rushing about inside himself, something that was not him.

Its true identity.

“Mode Zeros!”

As if responding to Kizuna’s shouting voice, blue radiance was rushing around Eros’ body.

The line of light running on Eros’s surface was changing from pink to blue.

Looking at that figure, Aine reflexively murmured.

“That’s…… Zeros?”

Eros’s flight speed changed.

It was as if one changed the ride from Cessna plane into a fighter jet, a speed of a different dimension.

It was obviously not the speed of Eros.

Entering the range of the Albatross, shooting from the bayonets attacked Kizuna.

The thrusters in Eros’s legs and waist ignited, the gear accelerated to the second gear as if kicking on the sky.

Kizuna flew past the bayonet’s range in one breath and appeared before an Albatross’ eyes.


Kizuna’s fist struck into the Albatross’ face.

With that one attack, the Albatross’ face was pulverized.

‘――As expected.’

Kizuna was convinced of Eros’ transformation.

Inside the broken fragments of the scattered light, he faced the next prey and flew.


A round kick was launched at the giant body. The enemy’s armor was crushed and sparks flew from the gaps of the armor. The Albatross couldn’t endure the impact from the kick, its body was torn off.

‘――This movement, this combat ability,

This is Zeros’ power.

――The Hybrid of Zeros and Eros.’

With Climax Hybrid, the ability of the partner was reproduced.

This was exactly the true ability of Eros.

Right now the Albatrosses didn’t judge Aine as threat, their target moved to Kizuna. They turned to Kizuna and rained him down with concentrated firing. However, the fired bullets looked unmoving. While evading those bullets with a paper-thin difference, he charged at the Albatrosses.


He struck that face with a flying kick.

The face sunk inside, forcing out the mechanisms from the back of the head.

“Aine! I won’t let anything get close to you! Blow that ship away without reservation!!”

With a sigh, Aine’s lips slackened.

“Deceiving this me is something unforgivable. Just remember. After this, I’ll give you your punishment.”

Aine returned her gaze to the enemy fleet.

In the eyes of Aine that were glaring at the enemy fleet, red and golden orbits rushing through the sky were reflected.

When Aine opened her floating window, a transmission was sent.

“This is Aine Zeros. I will carry out bombardment to the enemy flagship from Ataraxia’s sky. If you get in the line of fire you will die. Hayuru, Yurishia, move aside from there.”

{Eh, eeh, Aine!? What are you doing in that kind of place! It’s no good unless you rest!}

{Aine-san! You are safe-? You said bombardment……}

Yurishia and Himekawa that were projected in the windows were greatly shocked from Aine’s figure that looked energetic.

“Both of you, the talk is for later. Do as I said.”

{Waitt, Aine. I don’t understand what you said at all――}

“Please, I beg you.”

{……Haa, it can’t be helped.}

{I don’t really understand…… but for the time being, we will temporarily withdraw from the battle front.}

The golden and red lights were visibly withdrawing from the front line.

“Then, here I go!”

Wind and radiant light were forming a vortex with Aine as the center. Below her, several rings of light also appeared.

The wind and radiance were gradually becoming stronger, it was just like a tornado of light.

The atmosphere was shaking repeatedly.

The clouds whirled and thunder traveled inside those clouds.

Aine and the Corruption Armament caused electrical discharge phenomenon, haze was flickering in her surrounding.

“This is the retribution for doing whatever you please. I’ll show you hell.”

Aine pulled the trigger.

The wind stopped.

It felt like the time itself had stopped.


The eyes were blinded.

Fierce flood of lights and explosion sounds were created. And then shockwave assaulted the surroundings.


Kizuna received a shockwave as if he was hit by a car, he was blown away to the back.

Thunder rushed through the sky.

The space distorted, the scenery at Aine’s surrounding was deformed.

The light emitted from the Corruption Armament was swallowing everything with explosive amount of light and pressure.

Magic weapons were swallowed into the vortex of light and pulverized.

All things that were in the line of fire, whether it was magic weapon, dust, air, even space and time was being destroyed all the same.

The gigantic whirlpool of light was like the wrath of god, heading toward the AU battleship.

The battleship materialized many layers of shield at its front.

The bombardment of the Pulverizer pulverized all of those shields entirely.

And then the bombardment traversed the sky in an instant and impacted the large battleship.

The hull of the large battleship, from its bow towards its stern, was skewered through by the spear of light.

The part that received direct hit was completely erased from time and space, smashed apart, compressed, and exterminated.

The gigantic battleship that even reached two thousand meters was being swallowed by light.

Its armor and deck, everything was stripped off, the mechanisms inside were scattered to the sky.

Masou Gakuen HxH V01 14.jpg

The enormous hull was warping as if it was being squeezed. The sound of metal torn off by unimaginable power roared through the sky.

That was the shriek of this enormous battleship. Flames and explosions were continuously happening without pause.

And then, finally a large explosion occurred. Intense flash was covering the sky with pure white color.

It was as if a second sun was created in the sky.

The fragments changed into fragments of light, crumbling down everywhere. Drops like glittering snow were raining down on the ground.

“I…… incredible.”

Kizuna was dumbfounded from that excessive destructive power.

The heat from Aine and the Corruption Armament made the scenery flicker.

Haze were rising up from the blade part doubling as the ejection of the Corruption Armament’s residue heat. Hot wind and light particles was spitted out from the exhaust port in one go.

Right at that time, Yurishia and Himekawa who withdrew from the front line returned back.

“Wait! Just now, what in the world――what’s with that artillery!?”

“Don’t tell me……the incredible bombardment just now, Aine-san was the one who did that!?”

“Yes, I did that with this Corruption Armament.”

Aine said that with an extremely triumphant look.

“Co, Corruption…… Armament!?”

Himekawa reflexively raised a shout.

“That’s…… Zeros’ new weapon.”

With a face unable to believe what she was seeing, Yurishia alternately looked at Aine and the Corruption Armament.

“Please wait. ……Then that means…”

Himekawa pointed her sword at Kizuna.

“This time, what kind of perverted act the two of you just did!?”

“Uwaa, wait wait. You, you’re wrong! Something like that is――”

Putting aside those exchange, Aine set up the Corruption Armament one more time.

“Rather than things like that, I’m going to shoot one more time. I’ll turn the remaining fleet into dust without leaving a single ship behind.”

With the lost of the flagship, the enemy fleet was trying to retreat.

Facing their back, Aine entered the stance of bombardment.

“Terrible shockwave will come when the Corruption Armament is shot! Everyone, be careful!”

Following Kizuna’s voice, Yurishia and Himekawa put themselves on guard, at that instant,

Once again an explosive impact and tremendous light was heading to the enemy fleet.

The light carrying an absolute destructive power was assaulting the enemy fleet.


The light of the Pulverizer was greatly repelled in front of the fleet.


It was a severe collision between light and light.

Something that looked like a shield of similar variety with Pulverizer was blocking the attack.

“That’s, impossible!? This is the Corruption Armament that shot down that large battleship with one attack!”

After a fiercely conspicuous shine, the light was suddenly converged.

“Oi…… that’s…”

A figure was floating in the sky.

Right at the spot where the light of Pulverizer was stopped, something was floating.

That silhouette looked humanoid.

“Is that…… magic weapon?”

“It’s too small for that. Don’t tell me……”


However, its limbs were too thick for a human. Around the body, something like weapon was floating.

It was as if,

“Is that…… Heart Hybrid Gear?”

It had emerald green luminescence, a Heart Hybrid Gear that they had never seen before.

The one equipping it was a female with great style, tall height and long legs.

Was that…… someone from Ataraxia?

However, other than the four people here, there was no more official team members. There shouldn’t be any other student who was granted with Heart Hybrid Gear.

The mysterious Heart Hybrid Gear raised one of its hands.

Thereupon, the surviving warships began to accelerate as if that was the signal.

The figure that looked really similar with Heart Hybrid Gear was staring at Kizuna and the others for a while. Before long it turned around and left together with the AU fleet toward the other side of the sky.

“Just now…… what was that?”

Questions naturally spilled out from the mouth.

“Don’t tell me, that’s also, a magic weapon of AU….. is it?”

“In addition…… wasn’t it too similar with us I wonder.”

The Heart Hybrid Gear.

What was similar was not only the gear. The one wearing it couldn’t be seen as anything other than human.

Kizuna shook his head.

“No matter how I see it, isn’t that a human…… that shouldn’t be a human from another world.”

“――But, at the very least it was not an ally.”

Aine was staring fixedly at the blue sky where the enemy had vanished to.


Part 1[edit]

Fireworks were launched into the night sky.

Colorful flowers were blooming at the glittering starry sky.

It was the victory party that Megafloat Japan was carrying out. Kizuna was staring at the outside from the balcony of Amaterasu’s exclusive lounge in the command headquarters.

After the victory celebration meeting at the large auditorium, Kizuna together with Amaterasu’s members were made to visit several victory parties in succession. Now he finally managed to get out from those and took a breather here. He opened the button of his uniform and he felt like he was liberated from the suffocating feeling.

When he peeked below from the balcony, people were overflowing fully on the street, they were drinking and singing boisterously.

The damage was great, but thanks to the defensive installation and shelter, the human damage was suppressed to the minimum. Everyone also understood that. They made merry like in a festival.

The fleet of AU was repelled, most likely this would be the first in history. If this information was transmitted to the other Megafloats, surely it would become a great hope.

Looking at the whole picture, this might be a small victory. However, for mankind, this was a big step.

Right now we are still only running around from the enemy, but someday, the day we take back our homeland will surely come. Without fail.

――The person making that speech in the large auditorium made her appearance here.

“What’s wrong Kizuna? What are you doing looking melancholic in this kind of place?”

“Nee-chan yourself? Isn’t it bad for you to escape to this kind of place?”

Reiri in her full military uniform gulped down the content of the glass she was holding in one breath.

“I finished the greeting in general. Really, the political things in these times as well…… it’s tiresome. Aah, can I finish already, how nonsensical.”

She grasped the wine put on the table of the balcony and began to drink straight from the bottle.

“If the students see this, they will become disillusioned.”

Kizuna grinned broadly.

Looking at such Kizuna, Reiri glared a him with a sullen face.

“Shut up. I too have my stress. In contrast with that, you are in a good mood huh! Flirting with those lasses!”

“Just who do you think is making me do that!”

“Do you think I made you do that because I like it!”

{Sibling fight?}

A floating window appeared in front of the two.

“Kei. You’re having fun?”

It was Shikina Kei’s window. It seemed that she didn’t come to the meeting at all, instead she watched the situation of the victory celebration from the lab.

{I’m having my fill.}

“Is that so? Then that’s fine.”

He became a little bothered just what was she having fill for shutting herself in the lab.

At that time, the door of the lounge opened and the sounds of many footsteps of the celebration’s action committee were coming here.

“So you are in this place, Commander!”

“Now, please hurry. After this the friendship meeting with the prefectural governors of each district float will begin.”

Reiri was making a sour face with her all, but she immediately pulled herself together,

“Got it, I’m going soon.”

She recovered her commander face and exited the room with a firm step.

“Your big sister is a big deal isn’t she? You as her little brother don’t have the slightest resemblance to her. The only explanation I can think of is that there is a lot of bugs in your genetic information.”

There was a girl that entered the room in exchange of Reiri. She was wearing a very beautiful white and blue dress with spreading skirt. Her shoulder was exposed while wearing a glove that was covering until above the arm. Wearing a faint makeup, her facial feature that was already pretty originally became even more prominent.

“…..Eh, ah, Aine?”

“Who else do you think I am? You think I’m a princess?”

“Aah…… you look exactly like a princess.”


Aine had her words lodged in her throat, she averted her gaze and stared at Ataraxia’s night view.

“T, the party after this is not wearing uniform, so the PR department told me to participate using a dress and prepared this. It’s like I’m an attraction panda, what a bother.”

Aine’s cheek was tinged with a little red.

“I, is that so……”

Kizuna became embarrassed this late from his own words that he carelessly said.

With the atmosphere staying awkward, the two stood side by side watching the night view.

“……Hey, Kizuna.”


“You see, by doing Climax Hybrid, there is one more thing other than the Corruption Armament that I obtained.”

“Eh…… just what in the world?”



“Memory I said. Perhaps…… it’s from seven years ago, or further than that.”

Kizuna approached Aine with an expression mixed with shock and joy.

“What did you say! That means――”

“Even if I said that, it’s not really something that clear. Like…… a scene, just a single scene, it’s only something vague.”

Even so, that was greatly different than not remembering anything.

“There is a beautiful lake, and a spire covered in snow. Tall buildings are lining up in a splendid city. Besides that there is a complex wall, its whole surface filled with mechanized clocks.”

Aine closed her eyes and whispered as if reciting from her memory.

Kizuna reflexively shouted.

“Isn’t that great! But, just why??”

Aine put her hand on her chest.

“By any chance, perhaps the Climax Hybrid released the seal of my memory…… together with the liberation of my heart.”

Saying that, Aine smiled at Kizuna.

“That’s why Kizuna, with me――”

“Aaa―, you are in this kind of place!”

The door of the lounge opened, then Yurishia arrived with quick steps. Yurishia was also in a dress appearance.

“Reaaally, I cannot let my guard down even for a single moment―”

When Yurishia finally arrived with a troubled face, she embraced Kizuna’s arm.

Those big breasts were pressed on his arm.

“Wa, wait! Yurishia!”

“Kizuna, will you accompany me tonight?”

“Hey! What are you all doing here-!”

Himekawa who was wearing a furisode turned up in this place, terrifyingly she was carrying a katana in her hand.

“Wait, calm down, Himekawa!”

“Who can calm down with this happening! You two separate right now-, or I’ll give the death sentence!”

“Then, if I do this, I wonder if that death sentence will become even more fixed in place?”

Aine too embraced his arm in the opposite side of Yurishia.

“Oi, even Aine! Le, let go.”

The eyes of Aine that were looking up at Kizuna were laughing.

It was the first time for Kizuna to witness that smiling face, a happy smile of Aine.

Part 2[edit]

The AU fleet was advancing through the Pacific Ocean.

At its tips, a silhouette that looked really similar to the Heart Hybrid Gear was standing.

Different with the AU, the consumption of magic power in the world of this side was intense.

If they didn’t quickly return to the Entrance, they wouldn’t be able to recover.

The farther they went from the Entrance, the harder the strategy became.

This time, even the large battleship was shot down. But, there was a result that counterbalanced the loss.

The glossy soft lips were smiling.

{The search target has been confirmed. Urgent, dispatch the main force.}


Nice to meet you, this is Kuji Masamune.

In the selection of the 18th Sneaker Big Prize <Autumn>, I received the excellence award of my work that was called [Soul Synchro Machine], and in this chance I finally debuted.

Please take care of me!

By the way this work, this lewd story was written by me who is pure and honestly innocent with all that I had, when I submitted it I toned down the ero component a little bit. Then in the briefing session for the first time after winning the prize,

“It’s quite lewd isn’t it? But, if it’s like this, then isn’t it fine to tamper with the setting a little bit more?”

Is what the supervisor O-san proposed.

“Eeh, lewd is it―? But, as expected, it will be embarrassing for more than this you know―”

“No, no, you just need to entwine it a little bit more skillful. With this content, it’s more interesting to insert some kind of scheme, rather, please write it right from the start.”

“If you told me that, then I got in the mood! I understand. I’ll do it.”

“But this is a light novel, so please don’t forget something like that okay?”

While being told that, if I was going to do it, then do it thoroughly.

If I think about it carefully, the eroticness of the anime and manga intended for the general public is really something isn’t it?

As I thought, it’s not good unless I do at least that much! Yosh.

Now that I’ve decided, I’ll make the eroticness become thoroughly extreme yeah!

――And then a month later. Full of confidence, I showed O-san the manuscript.

“I wrote it full of ero! Really ero-ero right!”


I got extremely scolded.

I feel really apologetic to O-san who I troubled really much. Nevertheless, he has guided me with much perseverance, I’m really filled with much gratitude.

Well then, for the last thanks.

The illustrations are really erotic, cute, and beautiful, they are just too lovely! Hisasi-san.

Even though the mecha design is cool and stylish, they suited the beautiful girl so much, how magnificent! Kurogin-san.

And for Uesu Tetsuto-sensei who always give words that were wasted on this newcomer.

Similarly, Nitroplus’s Ookuma Nekosuke-san that always gave me the permission to post illustration.

Editor-in-chief M and vice editor-in-chief Y of Sneaker editing department.

All the gentlemen involved in the selection of [Soul Synchro Machine] as the winning work.

Masou Gakuen HxH V01 15.jpg

All of you who read this book. Really, thank you very much from the bottom of my heart.

The battle in the second volume will be more solid. And then Himekawa Hayuru is planned to have a great part. I will do my best from now on too!

Kuji Masamune

Aine’s bubble: Wha, what is the next mission?

Reiri’s bubble: The next mission, for the sake of strengthening the battle strength, Himekawa Hayuru will be changed into a girl that loves lewd thing!! Well, that little girl, even with that small breast if it get rubbed properly then――,

Himekawa’s bubble: Even if you are the commander, I refuse you know……!?


  1. Another universe
  2. She said this in English
  3. Gyudon – Japanese food that is a rice covered in meat and vegetable.
  4. Finding fault here in the raw is written with the kanji of ‘raising foot’. Some kind of metaphor in Japan, but in English it means finding fault.
  5. Yurishia had a characteristic way of talking. She often drag off the end of her sentence a little. For example ‘that’s whyy’ ‘slack offf’ like those, I wonder if I should write it like that here or it’s better to just write it normally?
  6. Itadakimasu, a phrase Japanese people say before eating.
  7. Here the sound of healing and vulgar in Japan is similar. One is ‘iyashi’ and the other is ‘iyashii’.
  8. Takoyaki means fried octopus.
  9. This is a flashback of Aine’s words, not Kei

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