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Chapter 2 – Forbidden Hybrid[edit]

Part 1[edit]

Hida Reiri was alone in the ship’s Captain’s Room facing her desk.

Formal office procedures were meaningless in this kind of situation, but even so there were minimum confirmations and problem processing that needed to be done. Her eyes went through the reports and written reports from each post and processed them.

Fortunately everything was digitalized, so there wasn’t a mountain of paper piling up. Thanks to that mentally it was somewhat easier, but it didn’t mean that the work amount decreased.

「Ha―i, Reiri-chan♪ Thank you very much for your hard work. Here is a snack for you―」

A happy-go-lucky voice echoed inside the quiet room. Reiri suddenly wanted to snap the pen she was holding.

「……No one asked for that.」

Reiri glared and responded with a voice that was filled not by thorns anymore, but by spears. Hida Nayuta didn’t even pay that any attention and put the tray she was carrying on Reiri’s desk. On top of the tray there were roasted green tea and Nanbu rice cracker. Nayuta showed a motherly smile with the appearance of a little girl, wearing strange clothing of tights on her lower body and a furisode on the top.

「You liked this didn’t you? You have astringent preferences since you were a child.」

Reiri scowled and grasped the teacup in irritation. She put her lips on the teacup and slurped the hot tea along with breathing in air. The inside of her dry mouth was moistened and she felt something warm was flowing in from her throat through to her chest. After that a sigh came out naturally from her mouth.

Her hand reached towards the Nanbu rice cracker and she crunched on it with an angered expression. Nayuta was looking at Reiri’s state that was like that with a puzzled face.


「No, this is the first time, you ate something that I brought……」

Reiri’s hand that was carrying the half-eaten rice cracker to her mouth stopped. Reiri made a shocked expression as though she only noticed this late.

She stared fixedly at her hand that was holding the rice cracker.

――I thought that this person doesn’t know my preferences. However, there is no way she doesn’t know I guess.

As though to swallow back the complicated feeling emerging in her heart, Reiri put the remaining Nanbu rice cracker into her mouth and crunched it. And then she gulped down the tea and faced the monitor screen once more.

「It’s not the food that is at fault after all.」

「Fufu……you’re right.」

Nayuta saw that figure of her daughter and squinted her eyes in a smile.

「Then do your best.」

「There is no need for you to tell me that.」

「Ah, but your body will break down if you work too hard. You were stubborn since in the past. You have a habit that tends to make pointless effort because you work too hard.」

Reiri couldn’t bear it anymore and hit the desk.

「It’s fine already so get out! I’m busy!」

「Yes yes. Okaa-san will get out now.」

Nayuta turned her back with a slightly pouting face. And then her foot was stepping forward towards the door, but she didn’t move from that spot.

Reiri frowned staring at that back.

「Is there still something else?」


That voice completely changed into something coldly flat. Reiri spontaneously stood up with a bad premonition.

「What’s wrong, did something happen?」

Nayuta turned around and spoke with a cold expression.

「Ataraxia fell into Thanatos’s hands.」

「What did you say!?」

Reiri stood up so forcefully that the chair almost fell down, and then she walked away from the desk toward Nayuta’s side.

「……Is that certain?」

Ataraxia was something Nayuta restored using the data she stole when the Deus ex Machina were recovering the whole data. Ataraxia was something like a part of Nayuta’s body, so she could sense if something unusual happened.

「What I felt was that Ataraxia was moved far away from the space it was originally at. However, something like this is only possible to be done by a machine god. That means――」

「You are saying, that Ataraxia was stolen by Thanatos.」

Reiri gritted her teeth audibly.

「Calm down Reiri.」

Nayuta took out a fan from her chest area with a cool face, and she spread it.

「Try to think further. What we have obtained from this matter.」


「Ataraxia was stolen, but we understand where it was taken to. In other words, what is the meaning of that?」

Reiri frowned and then she spoke in a whisper.

「The location of Thanatos, became exposed.」

Nayuta closed her fan with a snap.


And then she smiled cheerfully.

Part 2[edit]

「Gehoh! Gohoh!」

Aine coughed because she tried to jump to her feet, and she spitted out blood.

Because she raised her body, intense pain traveled through her chest. That pain pierced through her head and for a moment her consciousness was getting far away again. She collapsed on the bed once more and writhed while pressing on her chest.

「Aine! That’s great, you are awake!」

Just what is great from this much pain huh!? Even though she wanted to curse like that but her chest was too painful, she was unable to say her words out loud.


Aine didn’t understand where she was. She also didn’t understand why her chest felt this pained.

Even when she was lying down, she felt like the world was rotating and her field of vision couldn’t focus.

There was a brown skinned girl wearing a joyful expression inside her blurry field of vision.


Why, is Gravel in this kind of place……eh? This kind of place……where is, here again? Ataraxia? Vatlantis?

「Queen Landred! Aine recovered her consciousness! Please come and take a look here!」

「Yes yes, aa―, wait Aine-san. Don’t move around okay―」

An excessively huge breast appeared. Most of her view looking up was filled with soft-looking breasts.

――Wha, what is this? This breast monster.

Her own breast was touched by something cool and soft. It seemed this breast monster’s hand was touching her. Then mysteriously her pain was receding. And then pleasant, calming feeling was spreading inside her chest.

「How is it? Have you calmed down?」

Like a moon that was rising up from behind a mountain, a gentle-looking woman showed her face from behind the huge twin hills. Under her faint blonde hair, her drooping eyes were smiling.

「Queen, Lan……dred.」

「Ufufu, wroo―ng. The correct answer is the health teacher of Ataraxia♪」


Aine fell into chaos once more.

「Queen, please refrain from bewildering Aine with your prank.」

When Gravel said chidingly, Landred stuck out her tongue cutely and shrugged her shoulders. Gravel peered into Aine’s face and then she leaked out a relieved sigh.

「You were lucky Aine. You would have died if Queen Landred wasn’t there.」


「Why……did I almost die?」

Gravel smiled wryly at Aine who was responding with a vacant voice.

「So you don’t even remember that. Well, surely that’s because your memory is in chaos right now.」

Around an hour after that, Gravel slowly explained what was happening to ascertain Aine’s memory.


Masou Gakuen HxH V10 BW 07.jpg

「I see……I couldn’t even make a scratch.」

「Yes. If there wasn’t the healing power of Queen Landred, right now you would be completely dead.」

This place was an apartment around three kilometers away from the arena. At the fourth floor of a ten floor wooden building. Even though it was made from wood, the wood’s hardness and quality were greatly different from earth’s wood. The lumber that possessed surprising hardness and flexibility could even endure being turned as material for high-rise buildings. And then the lumber was carved with magic circuit that was filled with various functions. This aspect was also similar with the culture of Landred’s country, Baldin.

Aine turned her face to the side and said her thanks to Landred.

「Thank you Queen Landred.」

「No no, you’re welcome.」

But what did she mean by health teacher? Aine thought that inside her heart, but it wasn’t even something terribly important so she ignored it.

At that time the door of the room opened and a green haired beauty entered.

「I’m home……my, Aine. You are awake?」

Former Vatlantis Empire’s Imperial Guard, and currently an aide of Gravel at Izgard, Aldea. She was holding baggage in both her hands, when she entered the room she closed the door using her butt.

「Then I’ve to prepare the meal. You need to supplement for the blood you lost and also to repair your body function.」

Aldea disappeared into the kitchen while holding her baggage.

This room was a room that was rented using the money Aine earned from her ranking’s reward. Even Gravel and the others who arrived here to save Aine were currently living nearby.

The Golden Dragon they boarded broke down when they landed in this world, it seemed that it couldn’t fly with its own power for now. In this case they could only stay here until the Lemuria group or the Vatlantis group found them.

All the residents of this world were equally warriors, there was no class system here.

However there was an hierarchical system.

Then how was that hierarchy decided?

This world was actually simple, ruled by a primitive sense of value.

What decided the hierarchy was by who was the strongest.

Ranking showed that hierarchy. All the people in this world were given a silver bracelet. The number displayed there showed the whole value of that person.

The rank was decided by pure strength. Who was stronger between this person and that person? There was a number to display one’s fighting strength that was called divinity number as standard, but that number didn’t include other factors like affinity and tactics and so on.

There they were made to fight for real. If the lower ranking person won then they would steal the opponent’s ranking, the loser would have their rank decreased by one. While that was being repeated endlessly, the ranking of everyone in this world was formed.

And then the winner had a special privilege. They would be able to steal one weapon or authority from the loser. The loser would be kicked down even further. Naturally it was also not rare for someone to lose their life.

This ranking decided the value of everything. That was to say, social status and income also wholely depended on one’s ranking.

For example Aine who ranked 133rd won against Frei who ranked tenth, so Aine’s ranking became tenth rank. The loser Frei fell to eleventh rank from tenth.

However, surely Frei would be unable to fight in his condition. He couldn’t accept other warrior’s challenges and he would loss by default continuously. And then what would he become? His income that was provided from Odin would stop and his living place taken away. He would be evicted from this city and live out in the wild, he could only obtain food by hunting wild animals and eating the grass under the snow.

Other than Aine, Gravel was at rank 450th. Aldea was at rank 382nd. Aldea’s rank was higher than Gravel was because Aldea was looking forward happily to matches one after another.

This ranking was applied to all people, so Landred was also not an exception. But, Landred was a non combatant so she quickly gave up against others every time she fought, her ranking fell until several tens of thousands lower. Even so she was able to survive thanks to the income Aine, Gravel, and Aldea earned.

Those who didn’t have anyone to rely on would do business with the warriors, for example providing food or alcohol, maintaining weapons or body, and so on. They would endure like that with bare livelihood.

In this world, there was no one who could escape from this ranking system.

It was unrelated with their own will. Whether Aine or Gravel, when they noticed they already had a silver ring put on their wrist. When someone was summoned to this world, a ring would be fitted on their hand naturally.

This was the admonition, shackles that Odin imposed on them. As long as this ring was on them, Aine and Gravel were a part of Odin’s world, they couldn’t escape from that curse.

But, not everyone was grieved because of that. Aldea wearing an apron showed her face from the kitchen.

「But, this place is rea―lly a good place isn’t it. I wonder if it’s fine if we just live here forever.」

She was seriously thinking that so she was hard to deal with. Gravel replied with a fed up voice.

「Then you will stay here behind all alone? I’m going back to the original world.」

「Ee~ don’t wannaaa. Gravel, you too stay together with me here.」

Ignoring Aldea who behaved like a spoiled child with a wheedling voice, Gravel was going to replace Aine’s bandages. Aine stared at a spot on the ceiling before she murmured with a firm voice.

「I……will absolutely return to the original world. To the world where Kizuna is.」

Gravel’s hand that reached towards Aine stopped.

「……Queen Landred. Can I ask you to do the rest? I’m going to help out Aldea.」

「Yes yes. Leave it to me~」

Queen Landred’s personality completely slackened because of life in Ataraxia huh, thinking that Gravel smiled wryly inside her heart. But, the person herself didn’t hate that change of herself.

Aldea leaped at Gravel and took her arm with good mood.

「Ufufu♪ As I thought, Gravel is fine with me aren’t you?」

「Don’t hug me every time.」

Aldea didn’t even get discouraged by that tone and she leaned on Gravel while heading to the kitchen.

「Then Gravel, can you wash the vegetables?」

「――I get it.」

After entering the kitchen, Gravel took out a vegetable that resembled a potato from the paper bag Aldea carried and turned on the tap at the sink.

「Hey Gravel?」

「I know. You want to say to take the sprout out too when I peel the skin right?」

Aldea put a slab of meat on top of a chopping board, and then she took out a knife from a drawer.

「Do you, have any prospect of winning against Aine?」

Gravel washed away the dirt sticking on the vegetable with the water flowing from the tap.

「What are you saying? There is no need to fight against Aine right? From what happened before we understood that defeating Odin is not realistic. We can continue to live just by protecting our current ranking. What’s left is only to wait for help. There is no need for us to raise our ranking deliberately, much less a fight between comrades…….」

Aldea put her knife on the meat and started to slice.

「That’s not what I meant.」

Gravel put the vegetable she had finished washing on a plate and took out one more vegetable of the same kind from the paper bag. And then she stared fixedly at that vegetable.

「……I wonder.」

Water continued to flow from the tap, flowing down to the drainage.

Gravel suddenly made a smile and put down the vegetable, she then returned to the room where Aine was sleeping.

「Aine, you think your throat can take in food?」

「I don’t know. Honestly, I don’t have any appetite but……but if it’s necessary for recovery then I’ll wash it down my mouth.」

She answered Gravel with a wry smile.

「Let’s make something that won’t be too heavy. Queen will also be eating right?」

Queen Landred joined her hands together and smiled.

「Wa―i. I’m happy. My children, all of them are scattered everywhere and I’m lonely.」

The Baldin group had few people among them that could fight, many of them were operators. Therefore they weren’t fighting and worked hard to contribute by trying to investigate this world. They walked until every corner of this city, investigating if there was any data regarding this world’s origin and Odin.

Gravel confirmed Aine’s complexion one more time before returning to the kitchen.

She really understood how Aine was feeling. Because similar to her, she also wanted to meet him so much it was unbearable.


Returning to their original world, then reunited,

And after that?

――What will happen with me at that time?

Such thinking suddenly passed through her heart.

Part 3[edit]

「Everyone has gathered?」

Reiri entered the bridge of the battleship Ataraxia. And then she sat at the captain’s seat that was on a high position like on a tiered platform inside the bridge. Kizuna and Yurishia were standing in front of there.

「Looks like Hayuru hasn’t arrived yet isn’t it?」

When Yurishia looked around the bridge, it was right at that timing the door opened and a black haired girl arrived with a small run.

「I’m sorry, I’m la――」

The girl stood still when her eyes met Kizuna. Her cheeks were turning red at once.


Kizuna also felt his cheeks getting heated. He felt embarrassed and also somewhat awkward at the same time.

That was an understandable reaction.

『I, love you.』

Since then, both of them were somewhat distant. They were even avoiding to look at each others’ face.

――How should I answer?

It would be a lie if he said that he didn’t know about Himekawa’s feelings. He vaguely felt that she was directing good will at him. However, he also wondered if asserting that might be an overconfidence or excessive self-consciousness on his part.

And then at the same time, they were also doing Heart Hybrid and Climax Hybrid due to their duty. Kizuna looked back at himself and wondered, that perhaps it was because of those that he tried not to be conscious of romantic emotions as much as possible.

He wasn’t behaving like that intentionally. However, now that he was looking back, it could also be thought that he was acting with such thinking at the bottom of his heart.

Kizuna was at a loss at how to answer Himekawa’s confession. Seeing such a Kizuna, Himekawa continued what she was saying in a fluster.

『I, I don’t need to, hear the answer right away-. Besides, doing this while Aine-san is not here, somehow it also feels cowardly.』

Himekawa stood up from the bed.

『It’s just, I want you to think about it.』

『……Got it. But, why, so suddenly?』

Kizuna thought ‘damn it’ after saying that. Surely this wasn’t something that suddenly occurred in Himekawa’s mind. Undoubtedly she was worrying about it all this time until now, and today she finally gathered her courage to confess.

『Sorry! Forget what I said just now. I’ll think properly――』

However Himekawa smiled gently without showing any sign of anger.

『Because we don’t know what will happen from here on.』


『There will be an operation against a really powerful enemy where we cannot really see any prospect. It won’t be strange even if the world ends or we die any second. Even until now we have been continuously going through difficult situations, but I have the feeling that what will be waiting for us ahead of this will be something so dangerous that it cannot be compared with that.』


『That’s why, I thought of doing everything I can so I won’t regret anything.』

She cutely shrugged and showed him her smiling face.

『Well then, excuse me.』


And then she turned her back to Kizuna and exited the room.

――Such a thing happened and his reply was still postponed.

Was the reply postponed because it was awkward, or else was it because the reply was postponed that they only ended with this awkward atmosphere? Even the two of them didn’t know which one it was.

But, they understood that right now wasn’t the time for them to be preoccupied with that.

「What’s wrong?」

When Reiri inquired with a suspicious look, Himekawa shook her head and answered「There is nothing」 and lined up beside Kizuna.

『Currently, the battleship Ataraxia is approaching Thanatos’s world favorably. The time until our arrival is approximately twelve hours of this ship’s internal time.』

A staff officer chair was placed diagonally in front of the captain’s seat, where Reiri was sitting. The one sitting there was Shikina Kei. She was typing on her keyboard and the contents was displayed as text on the screen.

After Megafloat Ataraxia was stolen by Thanatos, the battleship Ataraxia changed course to Thanatos’s world urgently. The Oldium is currently taking separate action and is keeping their course heading towards Odin’s world.

There were also voices that felt cautious of dividing their battle strength, however――,

「We don’t have any intention of fighting Thanatos from the start. Until the end this is a rescue operation. If possible, it’s desirable if this is carried out covertly by a few elites. Besides, the Oldium also won’t be attacking. First please start from investigating. I also feel some kind of abnormality with the Golden Dragon, so I think it’s better to hurry with that side too.」

Those words of Nayuta made the others reluctantly agree.

In the end, they were still divided into two teams, where the Lemuria group was still on the battleship Ataraxia, and the Vatlantis group still inside the Oldium, each of them were heading towards their own destinations.

And then, the time to invade the stronghold of Thanatos was rapidly approaching Kizuna and the others on the battleship Ataraxia. Kizuna, Himekawa, and Yurishia who were assembled at the bridge had their expressions colored with nervousness. The only one who looked relaxed was Nayuta who was sitting on a chair that looked even more splendid than the captain’s seat.

「Well, please don’t be that nervous. If you are like that then even things you can succeed in will end in failure you know.」

Saying that, Nayuta then waved her fan. Reiri glared fiercely at such a Nayuta. However, she didn’t say anything and turned back to Kizuna and the others.

「Listen. The mission this time is not defeating Thanatos. It’s to infiltrate Thanatos’s world and rescue the captured Ataraxia students. That’s our objective. If we are going to exaggerate, than the most ideal situation is for you all to return here without firing even a single bullet.」

Yurishia raised her hand with a face that looked unconvinced.

「But what about Ataraxia? Is it okay to just leave it like that?」

「I don’t mind. One day the time to steal the world’s configuration information Thanatos has will come. We can leave Ataraxia in Thanatos’s custody until then. What we need is battle strength, and then the lives of our comrades.」

Nayuta narrowed her eyes staring at Reiri who was handing down orders with dignity. Kizuna felt like he had seen that look and expression of Nayuta somewhere. He suddenly remembered after thinking for a while.

It was when he was a child, perhaps at his upper grades in primary school. There was a student that raised his hand to answer the question the teacher asked at the parents’ day. When that student answered with a splendidly correct answer, a slight commotion occurred at the back of the classroom.

During the parents’ day, the students were told not to look behind just because their parents were coming. However, Kizuna looked back because he thought no one would mind anyway, after all his parents didn’t come. There a mother at the center of the commotion was smiling looking embarrassed, but also happy and proud somehow.

He recalled the smiling face he saw at that time.

「Kizuna, are you listening?」

「Eh? Aa, sorry――no, my apologies! Commander.」

Come to think of it, there was someone that made great mistakes when he answered a simple question from the teacher, and then he got laughed at if I remember right. When all is said and done, I’m in that guy’s position right now huh.

He somehow held back his face that almost broke into a smile.

「Do Climax Hybrid with a partner that is the most optimum for this rescue operation. You get that Kizuna?」

「Roger……but, optimum partner Nee-san said……who do you mean?」

Zelcyone’s face immediately came to mind, but unfortunately she was heading to Odin’s world in Oldium.

Reiri tilted her head slightly to the back and called out to empty air.

「Valdy. You’re there?」


The unexpected name caused Kizuna to be taken aback in surprise.

「Right here.」

The wall behind the captain seat flickered as though a shadow was peeled off from it. In the blink of an eye it became a substantial figure of a female, turning into Valdy, former Vatlantis Empire’s Imperial Guard, the one who was acting as the watcher and also the bodyguard of Nayuta.

Kizuna didn’t notice at all that she was standing there until now. As expected from the assassin of the Vatlantis Empire’s Imperial Guard. It was a splendid stealth ability.

However it seemed she received a really great shock after she was used and thrown away by Nayuta, but had she recovered from that? He didn’t understand her actual condition just from seeing her behavior. She was staring fixedly at Reiri and didn’t even glance at Nayuta. That appearance of hers looked like she had overcome her past, but it also looked like she was still dragging out something.

Himekawa was strangely bothered by that state of Valdy.

Perhaps it was because she had confessed? She was feeling an emotion that was close to jealousy inside her chest even more than until now hearing about Kizuna doing hybrid with another girl.

However, she shook her head trying to shake off such obstructive thoughts.

――This is a mission! Get a hold of yourself Himekawa Hayuru!

Yurishia tilted her head and spoke out her doubt.

「……You, you weren’t staying behind at Ataraxia because of injury? Even if you came along you should be on the Oldium right? You are one of the Vatlantis group after all.」

Valdy’s expression clouded.

「My injury……is fine already. Rather than that I have to protect……Reiri-sama’s safety.」


Kizuna and Yurishia’s expression convulsed spontaneously. However Himekawa turned to the other two and spoke with a relatively calm tone.

「Valdy-san’s admiration to the headmaster is famous among the girls don’t you two know? Ah……thinking back that’s at the Ataraxia that Professor Nayuta created, so I guess Yurishia-san doesn’t know about it.」

Kizuna murmured in surprise.

「Is, is that so……」

「Yes. Among the headmaster’s fans, Valdy-san is an existence that formed a matchless pair with Landred-sensei.」

「What kind of academy life were you all going through……」

Yurishia spoke with an astonished voice. And then she added saying, ‘I want to go to a school like that too.’

Valdy swore her loyalty once more in front of everyone there, but Reiri herself wasn’t even shocked. Most likely she had already heard that from the person herself many times. Reiri looked up at Valdy with a sharp look.

「Valdy, it’s just as you heard. Will you do it?」

Valdy sent a glance at Kizuna. Kizuna’s heart throbbed unconsciously from feeling startled.

Tall and thin body type like a model. Flexible and slender waist that made him want to say that it was truly a willowy waist. Her white skin and glossy long blue hair entangled on it was really sexy. And then, her hesitant attitude, her timid gaze, it stirred up his sadistic heart fiercely no matter how he felt about it.

She was a bewitching beautiful woman somewhat clad in a dangerous aroma.

「If that’s what Reiri-sama commanded……bu, but……」


「That, this is Reiri-sama’s, little brother……is it okay? Because――」

「I don’t mind! I permit it!」

Reiri yelled with a voice that contained anger as though to veil up Valdy’s words. Perhaps it was just his imagination, but it looked like there were blood veins emerging on Reiri’s forehead.

Valdy who was already looking fearful even at the best of times opened her mouth in an excessively scared state.

「The, then……that, there is……just one thing, I want to request……」

「What, say it. I cannot promise that I’ll grant it for sure, but I’ll consider it depending on the situation.」

Valdy joined both her arms together and approached Reiri fidgetingly. And then she reservedly left some distance opened and whispered with a small voice that Kizuna and the others could not overhear.

The color of Reiri’s eyes were changing while she was listening to that whisper.


――Instant answer!?

Kizuna and the others were spontaneously staring at Reiri and Valdy in a dumbfounded state. As for Nayuta, she was sinking into her chair while her face seemed to say ‘good grief’.

――Just what kind of request was it?

When Kizuna looked up at Reiri, Reiri was grinning with her eyes looked smiling.

Part 4[edit]

When that girl showed her appearance from the fitting room, the staff that numbered around twenty that were waiting for her were causing a commotion.

Tall body with a height of more than 170 centimeters. That slender body was being wrapped in a white lovely dress that looked like a wedding dress. The long black hair was shrouded with a veil, and her face that was shyly looking down was worthy to be called a beauty. Her sharp eyes with their long slits were wandering around looking anxious, that separated that girl from the image of a cool beauty which produced another kind of loveliness from her.

A black body suit protected the skin under the dress, firmly covering from the tips of her toes until her neck. There was no skin exposure, but the suit that clung tightly conversely gave off an obscene aroma, coupled with the white pure dress, the combination granted the girl an immoral impression.

There was also the breast that looked large for her slender body. That female was like an existence that stirred up contrary feelings in every aspect.

That appearance caused Reiri, Himekwa, and even Kei to stare in astonishment with their mouths opened wide unmoving.

「Is, is it really that strange?」

What came out from that female’s mouth was a lovely voice that sounded a bit husky. However her tone was awfully manly. And then she looked around anxiously with blushing cheeks at the people who were paying her attention.

Reiri wordlessly took out a camera and clicked the shutter towards that girl.

「Ah, wai……」

The girl in the dress raised a flustered voice.

「I-, I too……-!」

Smartphones that doubled as student handbooks were directed to the girl, and shutters clicked.

When Kei signaled, the students who acted as the archivist of the lab brought out the lighting and real video camera, then they surrounded the girl in the dress.

「Wa, wait」

The girl who became a photographic subject could only get flustered going ‘hawawa’. Behind her, the door of the fitting room opened and Yurishia with several other students appeared. Himekawa was clicking her camera shutter while calling towards Yurishia.

「Ah, Yurishia-san. Thanks for your hard work……wait, you look really exhausted don’t you.」

Yurishia responded with a frail voice looking like she had really exhausted her mind and spirit to the end.

「I was……getting a little too serious there. I got carried away unconsciously……but」

Yurishia crossed her arms, and then she and the students who came out from the fitting room together with her――the students who were Yurishia’s hanger on, they all displayed a smile full of confidence.

「This is my greatest masterpiece! If it’s this, then it won’t be shameful to show her out in any kind of party!」

The students around Yurishia also nodded.

「It’s true, Yurishia-sama. It’s really unthinkable for the raw material to be this good.」

「It’s really unimaginable from her usual figure in the classroom.」

「For a raw material like this to exist……this erosuke, what a terrifying child.」[1]

The girl in the dress couldn’t endure it anymore and yelled.

「You all, a person is not a toy!」

「What are you saying Kizuna? This is a fully-fledged mission.」

Reiri chided Kizuna with a crisp expression.

「Even if Nee-san said that, with a camera in one hand, there is no persuasiveness at all in it!」

Himekawa was also staring at Kizuna with sparkling eyes.

「Neverthelesss……for, for something this good, to be done when we became prisoners of war last time, it’s unfair.」

「What’s unfair! I endured my shame that time in order to save you all you know!」

In the past, when Kizuna once infiltrated the Vatlantis Empire, Kizuna disguised himself as a girl. This time was the same as that time, he was using a body adjustment suit that was developed by the technical research department. However, due to the evolved type that had advanced even further right now, the suit’s fusion with the body was heightened even more. It had a mechanism where the body of the wearer would feel that they were actually touched when it was the suit that was touched in reality.

Kei walked until in front of Kizuna and she reached out her hand to grasp that breast without any reservation whatsoever.


Kizuna grimaced and his body twisted. And then he hid his chest with his hand in panic.

「Wait, what are you doing so suddenly!」

Kei took out her keyboard with a satisfied face.

『There is no problem with the sense of touch and pleasure feedback. We can do this.』

And then she and Reiri gave a thumbs up and nodded to each other.

「Yosh, go Kizuna! To your battlefield!」

Saying that, Reiri pointed at the other side of the door. In contrast with the spectators who were excessively high-tensioned, Kizuna slipped through that door with heavy footsteps. The inside of that room was an experiment room that was spacious like a warehouse, something like a square container was set up in the middle of that room.

It was the Love Room.

「I understand what this is but……it’s only this time that my feelings are heavy like this……」

Reiri talked in consolation towards Kizuna whose shoulders dropped in a heavy mood.

「Certainly it will be hard for you to make use of your experience until now in the mission this time. There is a need to cut open a path to a new world. But, you are someone who has overcome any mission no matter how difficult they were. I believe that this time too you will surely make it somehow.」

『If the new type of Love Room that is currently still in the middle of development had made it in time, then there would have been no need to actually dress as a girl for real. I’m feeling regretful that we have to force the burden onto Kizuna for that.』

「No, it’s not about that fundamentally……」

Suddenly Kizuna asked about a point that bothered him after he reread Kei’s text.

「What? You are developing something like a new type of Love Room?」

『The new type won’t just have western clothes and toys, it will be able to even change the appearance of the person themselves. Of course, it won’t be a real transformation, the room will just make the target to have misrecognition.』

「I see……somehow there is no end to the addition of the functions huh……」

Kei’s fingers hesitated above her keyboard. She was somewhat showing worry in her gesture, but she soon began to type.

『That new function is Professor Nayuta’s idea. It’s planned to be realized by implementing the program that Professor Nayuta newly wrote.』

――Kaa-san was?

『For me it’s impossible』


Kei who was always expressionless was unusually making a grim expression. Kizuna tried to call out to her, but Reiri’s command stopped him.

「Kizuna, it’s time to start already. Your partner is waiting inside.」

「Eh? Aah……understood.」

Kizuna entered inside the Love Room like someone who had his butt whipped by Reiri.

There was no light inside, it was pitch dark.

When Kizuna entered inside, behind him the sound of the hatch closing resounded, making a sound of compressed air. After that, operating sounds and electronic sounds that signaled the beginning of the Love Room’s activation could be heard. And then after a sensation like a light dizziness had attacked him, the scenery before his eyes changed.

There it was like a castle of a witch.

The room was dark and mysterious, with the light from candles flickering due to wind.

Furniture and wallpaper with excessive decoration. The silhouette of a shining red velvet chair and a large bed with a canopy could be made out faintly in the middle of the dark room.

The view looked aristocratic and old fashioned. It gave of the impression of Victorian-style and gothic-style, a room with a somewhat decadent fragrance.

The moon was shining outside the window, that light was shining into the room.

A dark shadow like a god of death was standing at that window.


Valdy was standing still like a doll. She didn’t even twitch, staring fixedly at Kizuna like a hunter aiming at her prey.

「Ah……err. Wha, what do you think, about something like this?」

Kizuna lightly spread his hands and made a show by twirling once on the spot. His dress’s fringe floated gently like a flower petal.

「I heard that Valdy is not good with men, so everyone did their best and made me like this.」

However, Valdy didn’t reply. She was just staring still at Kizuna.

「Aa―haha, ha……」

Kizuna was gradually feeling unbearable. He held his arms together with a twist of his body, and then he tilted his head so that he looked as cute as possible.

「Is, is it……no good?」

「Nayuta, sama.」

Valdy’s lips moved slightly.


「No, Reiri-sama……for you to appear before me with such a lovely appearance……is this, a miracle of god?」

Under the moonlight shining in from the window, Valdy’s body was swaying.

oreI……no, watashiI am Ki, Kizuna you know?」

Kizuna showed a cheerful smile.

「You’re right……you are, created from your Okaa-sama. You are your Okaa-sama, you are your Okaa-sama’s daughter, the princess of my dreams.」

――Pri, princess?

Valdy kneeled in front of Kizuna and she looked up at his appearance looking radiant.

「What an exalted figure……」

「E, err……」

Kizuna felt a bit apologetic getting praised that much. He was unconsciously driven by an impulse of wanting to escape.

「Princess, you are my mother, my queen. The flower that I have to protect by putting my everything on the line. Everything of mine is yours.」

「Eh……tha, thank, you?」

Kizuna had a cold sweat running down on his cheek while saying that.

Kizuna was starting to feel something terrifying from Valdy. He knew that from the start she had instability in her mental state. If the current Valdy was simply getting drunk with the atmospehere of the Love Room’s world, then there wouldn’t be any problem. Rather, it was something that he should welcome in order to make the Climax Hybrid a success.

However, he got the feeling that the light of madness was lurking inside Valdy’s eyes.

Valdy stood up and stared straight at Kizuna. Valdy was taller than Kizuna. Kizuna needed to look up slightly when she approached him. Her eyes that were filled with passion were shining on her expression that was shaded with the shadow of the moonlight behind her. Kizuna was feeling a strange pressure and terror.

Valdy’s both hands caressed Kizuna’s cheeks.

「Aa……how lovely.」

The sensation of a cold hand tracing on his cheek caused his spine to shudder. Valdy approached near with a feverish gaze.

「What is here is my, my Nayuta-sama, Reiri-sama, and then Kizuna-sama that is only for me.」

It seemed that Valdy was mixing Nayuta, Reiri, and Kizuna inside her mind.

「Many times, I saw a dream.」


「I desired……an Okaa-sama only for me, a princess only for me……possessing what I don’t have, my yearning」


Kizuna felt like he saw the sadness inside Valdy’s heart. He raised his hand to put his own hand on the hand caressing his cheek.

However Valdy’s hand was lowering down as though to dodge Kizuna’s hand. That hand traced Kizuna’s neck, reached his shoulder, and then moved towards his breast, her slender white fingertips were crawling like a snake twisting its body.


When Valdy’s fingertips arrived at the tip of the breast, a voice leaked out from Kizuna’s mouth.

「……is to kidnap, and take her to a secret place that only I know.」

Valdy’s hand embraced Kizuna’s body.

「Va-! Valdy!?」

Holding Kizuna’s body in her arms, Valdy rushed through inside the room instantly. And then she pushed down Kizuna on the bed.


The bed was soft, he felt no pain. However Kizuna couldn’t say anything with how sudden it was.

His dress’ fringe spread, looking like spreading wings. Valdy was kneeling on top of those wings, as though she was putting pins on those wings, so the bird couldn’t fly away.

「Right now, that feeling……I’ll have them accomplished.」

Vadly straddled Kizuna’s body and looked down on his face.

「Wait Valdy, oreI, I, watashiI am――nn!?」

Valdy used both her hands to grope Kizuna’s breast that swelled up largely even laying down face up like this. It wasn’t a real breast, but it was sending electrical signals to Kizuna’s brain which conveyed pleasure.


――Wha, what the hell is this! A, amazing, how can it feel this good!?

The pleasure that he felt for the first time made his head almost overheat. Kizuna’s body unconsciously writhed on the bed. Valdy was looking down joyfully at that state of his.

「Aa, even though I mustn’t do something like this……it’s like I’m dirtying my important person.」

She put even more strength on her fingertips with a speech that sounded like lamenting.

「Nn! A, aaaaaaaaaah!」

Because of the medicine that was applied on his vocal cords, Kizuna’s voice became like a girl’s. The voice that leaked out from his lips was exactly like the gasping voice of a girl that was confused from feeling pleasure for the first time.

That voice was enticing Valdy further into another world. Valdy wasn’t in reality, but she was inside a world that was only hers right now.

「But, no good……I want to break Okaa-sama. I want to dirty the beautiful, lovely princess with this hand.」

Her eyes were looking at an illusion even more fantastical than what the Love Room was showing. Valdy leaned forward on top of Kizuna, her face getting near to the point where their nose tips almost touched each other.

「Valdy……calm do――nnh!」

Kizuna’s lips were blocked with Valdy’s. Kizuna was shocked and his eyes opened wide. A long tongue used that opening to invade inside Kizuna’s mouth.

――Da, damn it.

Masou Gakuen HxH V10 BW 08.jpg

By the time he thought that, Valdy’s tongue was crawling around inside Kizuna’s mouth. It entangled around Kizuna’s tongue that tried to expel out the invader, and licked around to her heart’s content instead. And then her tongue traced along his teeth and caressed around the inside of his cheeks. That soft melting tongue was turning Kizuna’s consciousness hazy as though it was a hypnotist.

Valdy’s both hands were crawling around Kizuna’s body even during that time. Valdy’s slender body was entangling Kizuna’s body like a snake. It was as though a snake was constricting its prey alive. Both her hands and legs were wrapping around his body, restraining him, not letting go of him absolutely. He was being gradually constricted and eaten up slowly.

When Valdy separated her lips from him, her long tongue slipped out from Kizuna’s mouth smoothly. Their saliva was pulled into a string, and Kizuna finally could breathe in outside air. Valdy’s lips were licking on his throat that was breathing up and down.

「I finally obtained you……I absolutely, don’t want to let go……aa, but」

Valdy opened up the chest part of Kizuna’s dress and sucked at the breast that was wrapped in the body suit.

「Haaaaaah! Wha-, that, that’s, sto……-!」

Kizuna struggled to try to escape, but he couldn’t escape from Valdy’s body that was firmly binding him. He could only let himself be toyed by the pleasure that Valdy was forcefully giving him.

The gasping Kizuna made Valdy show an expression of ecstasy.

「Aa……how cute. You are really cute and beautiful. I absolutely don’t want to let go of you anymore. It will be great if everything ended like this. If I can welcome an end with a lovely feeling like this, that feeling will be eternal.」

Valdy buried her face onto Kizuna’s breast, both her hands were lovingly caressing his waist and butt.

「That’s why……I want to do something that cannot be taken back, and ruin you. I’m not alone anymore. Rather than living in a bitter reality, I’ll live in a beautiful dream.」

Valdy was talking deliriously while desiring Kizuna even more. That fierce torment was mercilessly beating Kizuna’s mind that had no resistance against female pleasure. Kizuna was swallowed by waves of pleasure while he desperately held on to his consciousness.

Kizuna mobilized his whole consciousness and lifted up both of his hands. And then――,

Softly, he embraced Valdy’s body.


Valdy’s movement stopped.

「Wh, why……do you want ruin that much?」

Valdy was staring fixedly for a while, but before long she lifted up her face. Her face looked like a child that could burst into tears anytime, there was also no color of madness inside her eyes.

「Because……Nayuta-sama who finally seemed like she would become my Okaa-san was……」

Tears were falling in large drops from those eyes.

Even though he understood that it wasn’t his fault, Kizuna’s chest felt helplessly filled with guilt. Kizuna gently caressed her head, as though he was handling something that was easy to break.

「I’m sorry Valdy.」

Valdy was sobbing convulsively very much when he apologized and her voice stuttered.

「Re, Reiri-sama……hics, I, I thought, if she became the substitute……but, when, when I thought what if I am abandoned again……u, uaa-」

Kizuna lightly tapped on Valdy’s back to reassure her.

「Don’t worry. Nee-chan isn’t someone like that.」

「Bu, but……」

「Certainly it might be difficult for her to become a replacement for mother, but she won’t do something like simply betraying you. She is even giving Valdy a place to belong. Isn’t that right?」

Valdy nodded quietly.

「I, I was……an orphan, I was alone all that time……even when I entered the Imperial Guard……everyone only thought, that someone like me was just like a shadow.」


「Anyone is fine. If it’s someone that can embrace me. If it’s someone that can become like a parent. If it’s for that person’s sake, I’ll do anything. I’ll even polish my killing technique. But――」

Valdy smiled sadly.

「There is no such person.」

Kizuna caressed Valdy from her head to her cheek.

「But you have comrades. Even friends. I think Nee-chan is a good superior yeah?」

Valdy nodded and closed her eyes.

「Reiri-sama is……like Okaa-san……if Reiri-sama, won’t throw me away then……」

「She won’t. I’ll guarantee that.」

Kizuna looked up at Valdy with a serious gaze. Valdy stared back with tears floating in her eyes.

「I understand……I’ll believe you. If that’s what……my princess says.」

「I see……eh?」

Valdy’s cheeks blushed and her face approached Kizuna once more.

「I swear, I’ll protect you along with Reiri-sama. What I can do is only protecting my important person from the shadows……dying this hand with blood for the sake of my important person is my happiness.」

She licked up on Kizuna’s throat.

「It feels like……I want to protect, anyone other than Okaa-san for the first time……usually you hide your appearance with the shape of a male but……I know. Only I know. My princess.」

Kizuna who thought that he had made Valdy understand, had his face cramped with this strange misunderstanding.

「N, no, someone like oreme, watashime, is nothing special…..Ne, Nee-chan, Reiri-san, is, isn’t it better if you only protect her, I think.」

「I swear I’ll protect Reiri-sama, and……my lovely princess.」

She began to grope Kizuna’s chest once more.

「Nn……aa, aaah!」

Getting hit by a surprise attack, Kizuna raised an unbecoming voice unconsciously.

――Shit-! Did everyone feel this kind of amazing pleasure!? There is no way, not to gasp like this!

「But……I cannot, just getting done in forever!」

Kizuna turned his body to the side while he kept embracing Valdy. Perhaps Valdy was also letting her guard down, that she slipped off from above Kizuna. Now they were staring at each other while lying on their sides.

Kizuna crawled his hand on Valdy’s breast and groped to pay back the pleasure that he received.

「Aah! Yo, you must not. I, I’m……」

Kizuna thought for a bit, then he intentionally changed his tone and spoke.

「It’s fine Valdy. You can also feel good.」

In that moment, Valdy’s body shook noticeably. And then her face was becoming bright red.

――As I thought, this way makes her excited.

Kizuna resolved himself to act the princess that Vadly wished for. It seemed that Valdy still had the tendency to dream, but he judged that mentally she wasn’t going to a bad place. Then he should rather take advantage of Valdy’s delusions and make the Climax Hybrid succeed.

「What’s the matter Valdy? Your tip is obviously getting harder even from on top of your clothes you know?」

Her face was increasingly getting redder and she replied with voice so small like a mosquito’s buzzing.

「Su, such thing……pri, princess, yourself……it has been turning hard since before.」

Kizuna was startled inside his heart.

――Eh? Is this breast made with that much detail?

Kizuna did his very best to ask Valdy calmly so that she couldn’t sense what was going on in his heart.

「My? Where is it that you are saying is hard?」

Hearing that Valdy’s hand quietly reached out to below.



Valdy flipped his skirt and exposed the crotch of Kizuna that was swelling up there in hiding.

――That’s a blind spot! Or rather, that’s just obvious!

「Just, what in the world……is princess hiding here?」

Valdy was saying that while lowering down the fastener on the crotch.

「Aah! Opening there is still too――」

Suddenly a feeling of liberation visited Kizuna’s crotch when he was yelling that.

「!! ……!? ……」

Valdy’s eyes were staring in bewilderment at the hard towering thing that leaped out from there.

「Pri……princess……at your groin, something……like this is」

Kizuna felt like he would writhe in shame.

――This is a hundred times more embarrassing then getting seen normallyyyyyy!

He suddenly lifted up his face and his figure was being reflected on the mirror that was decorating the room’s wall.

At the groin of a beautiful girl wearing a clean and pure dress, something unbelievable was standing up with manliness.

It was a sight that was too perverse and immoral.

The excessive shame caused tears to ooze from Kizuna’s eyes.

He should have understood this, but he didn’t imagine it tangibly. When he saw the reality visually like this, the great impact almost caused panic in his mind.

Furthermore the unrealistic truth that the beauty reflected in the mirror was himself needlessly caused chaos in his mind.

Valdy was staring continuously at that thing that peeked out its face from the skirt as though she was entranced. Her slender throat gulped audibly.

「It’s strange……something like this, at the groin of q beautiful princess……this ugly thing……but」

Vadly quietly reached out her hand. And then she touched the tip.


Kizuna reflexively turned away his gaze and raised his voice. Valdy felt her chest beating fast seeing that.

「It, it’s fine……princess, I……will do something about it.」

She opened her hand and timidly wrapped her finger on Kizuna’s thing. When Valdy grasped it reservedly, she breathed out a deep sigh.


That comment caused Kizuna’s cheeks to be dyed red. Valdy looked up at Kizuna worriedly.

「That……does, it hurt……」

「N, no. It, it’s all right.」

――Get a grip. This is a chance for Climax Hybrid.

「You see, Valdy……actually, your hand……it feels good.」

Valdy felt like her heart tightened so much it made a *kyun* sound.

「Th, then……more」

Valdy’s gripping hand gently slid down.


「Are, are you all right!?」

The surprised Valdy reflexively let go.

「I, I’m fine. Rather than that continue……because, I’ll also make you feel good.」

Kizuna also touched between Valdy’s legs.


This time it was Valdy’s turn to raise an unbecoming voice.

「What’s the matter Valdy?」

「Ye, yes……tha, that place……the stimulation, is too strong……」

「It didn’t feel good?」

Valdy’s face got red until her ears and she looked down when he asked her that.

「……it feels good.」

「I see. I’m glad♪」

Kizuna smiled and pushed his fingers stronger.


The thin suit dug into between her legs and formed a valley. Kizuna slid his finger along that crack.

「Pri-, princess-! Do, don’t!」

A stain was spreading between Valdy’s legs, and a viscous sound was gradually starting to echo.

「It’s good right? Valdy too, can you do mine properly?」

「A……fo, forgive-, me, AAaaAAh!」

She held Kizuna’s thing in backhand grip with a trembling hand, and then she enveloped it within her hand and rubbed up.

It was a superb moderation of strength. Coupled with Valdy’s palm that felt like sucking him, it brought about violent pleasure within Kizuna.

「H, how, does it feel?」

「I, it’s, good. Valdy.」

They brought their faces closer to each other and their lips naturally piled on each other. And then Valdy’s tongue entered inside Kizuna’s mouth greedily once again.

The two white and black girls hidden kiss. And then they reached their hand to each other’s lewd place and continuously moved their hands devouringly, it was an act of taboo.

Furthermore the white girl had an unthinkable thing towering there. The black girl’s fingers were gradually getting immersed in that act and repeatedly moving up and down vigorously.

The white girl put strength into his fingertips in order to escape from that pleasure. And then, his finger was getting buried even deeper into the black girl’s valley. Each time, hot honey dripped along his fingers and gathered on his palm.

That situation was a sight that was really perverse and esthetic.

Valdy’s gasping voice was entering from mouth to mouth into Kizuna.

And then Valdy also desperately continued to stroke Kizuna’s thing.


The immoral pleasantness was quickly driving the two to the summit of pleasure. Pleasure was swelling up. Inside, their buzzing heads couldn’t think of anything other than indulging in that pleasure.

And then――,

「「!? ……!! ……!!!!」」

Both of them welcomed the climax simultaneously.

And then both of them simultaneously released their respective height of passionate feeling.

Something hot was flowing on each of their hands stickily.

Even so both of them didn’t let go of each other’s lips, hiding each other’s gasping voice.

Perhaps that was because of a feeling that didn’t want to let other people know of this secret flower garden.

This perverse pleasure mustn’t be known by others.

Such forbidden game pulled up the two’s excitement to the extreme all at once.

A heart shaped light emerged on Valdy’s eyes.

And then lights that were floating up from the two’s bodies were melting into one.

Kizuna murmured inside his heart.

――Climax Hybrid…….

They had blown right through Heart Hybrid and suddenly rushed until Climax Hybrid.

That overly dangerous pleasure caused Kizuna to be completely spent in mind and spirit. When he looked to his side, Valdy had also lost her consciousness with her eyes closing.

Kizuna caressed her hair and closed his eyes too.

Translator's Notes and References[edit]

  1. Erosuke refers to a video poster on niconico, this person recorded a video of her playing a game and when she did something lewd to a female character the video audiences will often call her with erosuke, combination of ero+(suke)part of her name.
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