Masou Gakuen HxH:Volume 11 Bonus Short Story

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Art Time[edit]

Ataraxia Academy was divided between the battle department and research department, but that didn’t mean that each department’s curriculum only consisted of specialized subject for that department. The same like normal school, there were also art subjects and household subjects included.

Today the second year first class had an art class.

「The problem is who will be the model.」

Yurishia looked around insinuatingly to the classmates who were gathered inside the art classroom.

Unfortunately today the teacher of art class didn’t feel well and took a rest, so they could only have self-study. But the subject was making sketching of human.

Aine stared at Yurishia in disinterest,

「Anyone is fine. Ah, but I wonder if it’s okay for the one who become model to not draw? Then I’ll do it.」

However Yurishia raised her index finger and waved it left and right.

「No no no! This role isn’t something that simple. You must not make any movement at all you know? It’s really hard to stay in the same posture all the time after all. Besides, it’s no good to wear uniform you know? At the very least the model has to strip to their underwear.」

「Eh!? The……then I’ll refrain from it.」

Yurishia smiled sweetly.

「Then if there is no other volunteer, is it alright for me to serve as the model?」

If it was Yurishia with her extremely gorgeous appearance, then being a model was really fitting for her. There wasn’t anyone who objected.

「Then I’ll prepare myself.」

She said that while facing Kizuna. Then she lowered the fastener of her skirt. Her plump thigh and lustrous sexy panty appeared.

Himekawa became red and stood up.

「Wai……Yurishia-san! Please wait! You don’t need to really strip for real! It’s fine even if you keep wearing your uniform!」

Yurishia took off her upper clothes, leaving her wearing only her panty and a sexy bra that was a set with it. Coupled with her bust size that was more than a meter, that impact overwhelmed the whole class.

「That’s no good Hayuru. If you are going to do something, you have to do it properly. Right? Kizuna♡」

「Eh? N, no……」

Several desks were lined up to serve as an improvised stand. Yurishia climbed on it and made a pose. That bold attitude made her looked good just like a pro model. If there was something that bothered anyone watching, it was how her gaze was directed toward Kizuna. Her pose was obviously focused on getting seen by Kizuna.

「Perhaps it’s better if I appeal with female beauty a bit more?」

After saying that, Yurishia turned toward Kizuna and changed her pose into something bold where she opened her legs.

Not just Kizuna, even the other female students held their breath seeing that. Kizuna turned red, even so he stared hard at Yurishia’s body to make his sketch. He confirmed the trait of Yurishia’s body once more and started drawing. Even though she wasn’t being touched, Yurishia was feeling as though Kizuna was caressing her.

──’Fufufu, just as planned♪ Recently it seems he is getting used in seeing me, but with this he I reconfirming my beauty once more. Besides, it’ only me alone who is getting watched this thoroughly by Kizuna. In that case, Kizuna is undoubtedly becoming my prisoner♡’

But Yurishia’s scheme quickly crumbled.

「Yurishia-san! That is too indecent! That’s enough, please get down. I will be your replacement!」

Himekawa said that and began to strip her uniform.

「O, oi, even Hayuru……you don’t need to force yourself.」

「Kizuna-kun just shut up and keep sketching!」

Himekawa climbed on the stand after she had only neat and tidy white underwear left on her body.

「It’s not an extreme pose like Yurishia-san but……」

Himekawa took a pose that seemed like she was readying a sword.

──’I know what Yurishia-san’s ulterior motive is. Obviously she is trying to tempt Kizuna-kun using that body that is like a nuclear weapon!’

But, Himekawa’s plan also crumbled instantly.

「A, as the class representative, I cannot let HImekawa-san to do that alone! I, I’ll also become a model!」

The owner of a dynamite body that wasn’t inferior against Yurishia, of all people that Hyakurath was stripping her uniform. On the stage she faced Kizuna and those heavy and ripe breasts shook. Kizuna’s gaze was unconsciously sucked toward them.

「Himekawa-san. I won’t let you do this hardship alone. Let’s do our best to get sketched.」

Hyakurath and Himekawa stared at each other with teary eyes.

──’Hyakurath-san……you are doing something unnecessary~-!’

「This look interesting! Nii-sama, I want you to draw me!」

Even Grace took off her clothes and took a pose like a gravure model in front of Kizuna. She fully made used of her charm as younger girl and appealed with the sexiness that was residing within that unripe body.

「If Grace is doing it then, me, me too……will also do it you know?」

「Even Aine!? No, even if the model increases more than this……」

For Aine it wasn’t funny in its own way to be told that. Aine became obstinate and stripped her uniform, furthermore she nonchalantly took off her bra strap. And then she stood right in front of Kizuna.

「Ku……perhaps I’m not a match against everyone if the beauty of female, but even the trained body of an athlete has an artistic value isn’t it!? How’s this Kizuna, can you make a sketch of me!?」

Seeing Gravel taking off her uniform, ‘Then, me too’──one after another the other students also participated aiming for the core of magic armor.

「You girls-! The model is just too many like this! Like this the drawer’s number is fewe──」

When he noticed, Kizuna became the only one left who was drawing.

All his classmates approached him asking to be drawn. Kizuna shuddered wondering if he really had to draw the sketch for everyone.