Masou Gakuen HxH:Volume 12 Bonus Short Story 1

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Masters’ Patissier[edit]

Sylvia Silkcut was worried.

「Captain hasn’t been affectionate with Sylvia even once since the Harem Hybrid began desu……」

Ragrus stared at her friend who was leaning on the window at the corridor in a dejected state.

「Wha, what’s with you. This only gotten started. He will come after this.」

「Perhaps, it’s because Sylvia isn’t charming at all desu……」

Ragrus’s gaze crawled on Sylvia’s body that was standing beside her from top til bottom.

Certainly the two of them were the youngest among the members participating in the Harem Hybrid. And then, their bodies was also still immature──no, they would still grow from now on. But compared to the other members who already possessed mature bodies, she couldn’t deny that they were overwhelmingly lacking in pheromones.


A slim body without a single string covering it. The delicate white skin without a single stain dirtying it, limbs that were only wearing golden accessories. They roused up immoral arousal in anyone watching more than anyone else.

The luscious white breasts that were slightly bulging up, with the faint pink circle at the center. Slim and slender waist that looked so dainty that it felt like it would break if an adult’s hand touched it, and the smooth abdomen gave an impression as though it was a holy land that must not be touched.

The honey that was oozing out from inside that sacred slit was slightly trickling down the inner thigh of Sylvia.

Ragrus unconsciously gulped.

「Tha, that’s not true. Yo, you are, that……I think you are charming.」

「Ragrus-chan, thank you desu. You are consoling Sylvia aren’t you desu?」

「Wha……-, consoli……」

Desire and delusion were spreading inside Ragrus’s head.

As expected perhaps she should console Sylvia’s body here. Or rather she wanted to console her body. Rather she also wanted to get consoled. She couldn’t suppress such desire.

This space where the Harem Hybrid was being carried out was also greatly influencing Sylvia and Ragrus. They were also at their limit in enduring the itchiness that was tormenting their bodies.

「Eeeeh, what are you two doing?」

The Masters group that was led by Scarlet arrived from the other side of the corridor.

「Another troublesome bunch came……」

Ragrus answered that they weren’t doing anything with a fed up expression. However she finally got beaten up by Masters’ persistent questioning.

「…….Hm hm, I see!」

Scarlet folded her hands and nodded.

「Hey, everyone. Do you have any good ideas?」

Henrietta raised her hand slightly.

「Come to think of it, I heard that something called 『Nyotaimori』 is popular at the Japanese restaurant in New York.」

「……What’s that?」

Leila leaned forward to push away the low-tensioned Sharon.

「It’s a get rich quick scheme! I’m smelling money here!」

「It seems that it’s a dish where a female body is used as a plate, and Japanese food like sashimi and the like are put on there. If we present a dish with Sylvia-san as the plate, then inevitably Sylvia-san too will……」

Scarlet grinned at Henrietta’s explanation.

「He will deliciously eat her. That’s the plan.」

「But how are we going to cook the damn dishes? I cannot make any y’know?」

Everyone knitted their eyebrows and groaned ‘hmmm’. Amidst that one person suddenly got an idea and raised her hand.

「Aa……making sashimi is impossible but, I can make cake or food decorations.」

The one who spoke out was Clementine, the girl who came from Texas and looked like she had no interest in anything other than guns.

「Eh? Seriously!? You!?」

Everyone starting from Scarlet were staring at her with doubtful gazes.

「Mama loves to create sweets and I often helped her out. If it’s just decorating with fresh cream and fruits then leave it to me.」

「You are lying right!?」

Everyone spontaneously yelled in harmony.

「This is too shocking, I’m damn surprised!」

「Really……to think that you can do anything other than pulling a trigger……」

Scarlet folded her hands and stared at Sylvia and Ragrus with a triumphant look.

「This is the abundance of the variety of knowledge and experience that Masters possess! Now, let’s go to the kitchen. This Masters will solve the worry of you two without fail!」

「Thank you very much desu!」

Sylvia responded energetically. Ragrus glanced at such Sylvia and whispered alone.

「Will this really be okay……?」