Masou Gakuen HxH:Volume 12 Bonus Short Story 2

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Enjoy Eating Me[edit]

The dessert was over after eating Sylvia’s Nyotaimori sweets. Right after Kizuna thought that the meal was finished, a big sized sweet that far surpassed the scale of Sylvia’s sweets appeared in front of Kizuna.

「What do you think, Kizuna? This is my Pudding a la Mode you know♥」

It was a huge dessert where Yurishia’s breasts were likened to pudding. However the pudding was huge like a melon. Whip cream was beautifully and elaborately decorating it like underwear, and above the swelling breasts there were fruits like strawberry and cherry placed by a lot.

It was truly American size.

It was a feat that was only possible for Yurishia whose bust size was 150 cm. Kizuna spontaneously staggered seeing the volume of those sweets.

「Now, it’s fine for you to eat them without reservation you know?」

The breasts that were already protruding out greatly even during normal times were slowly presented before Kizuna.

Kizuna resigned himself. This wouldn’t end unless he put them inside his mouth.

「I got it……perhaps it’s impossible to finish eating this but, I’ll accept it.」

Then Yurishia smiled happily.

「Yes, eat up☆」

Kizuna brought his face close to Yurishia’s explosive breasts. The whip cream decoration drew heart mark shapes at the tips of Yurishia’s breasts. Yurishia’s own fruits, the pink buds showed their face at the center.

Kizuna gave a lick at the tip that had already become hard.


Yurishia’s body twisted ticklishly. Without delay Kizuna licked the cream around it with the tip of his tongue. He tasted the faint aroma of milk and liquor. He felt like he was tasting the taste of Yurishia’s breast itself.

「Ufufu, how is it Kizuna? The taste of my breast?」

It was amazing that breasts this big didn’t lose their shape, and how they weren’t wavering from this many decorations on them. And yet they were soft to the touch. Kizuna ate one of the strawberries on the breast and then he lifted his face.

「Yeah, it’s really delicious. It’s a different taste from Sylvia.」

Yurishia smiled sweetly and both her hands held Kizuna’s cheeks. And then she pulled his face towards her own and stretched her tongue to lick the cream at the area around Kizuna’s mouth.


She leaked out a sigh from being unable to suppress her arousal and right after that her tongue slipped inside Kizuna’s mouth.

Yurishia’s tongue entangled around his tongue as though to taste the flavor that remained within Kizuna’s moth.

She unconsciously became absorbed in it and the tips of her breasts touched Kizuna’s chest. The shape of her breasts flattened, the decoration was messed up, and the fruits fell to the floor.

「──! I can’t.」

Yurishia’s lips hurriedly pulled away. Although some decoration remained above her breasts, most of them were messed up.

「Aah geez……even though I planned to have Kizuna eat them in their pretty state……」

Kizuna smiled wryly.

「Well, it can’t be helped. Then, with this──」

「Let’s move on to the next plate♪」

Landred smiled brightly. She was holding a large plate with both hands and put her own breasts above it. It was a super dreadnought sweet using gigantic breasts that surpassed even Yurishia.

The impact was amazing. Rather than the level of pudding, he wanted to call it bucket pudding instead. Patterns were drawn on them using heaps of whip cream. Decorations from fruits that were cut into pretty shapes were beautifully arranged on them. It looked like the underwear of a queen that was decorated with jewels.

「Please enjoy♥」

The breasts were placed on the plate perhaps because they couldn’t oppose the gravity as expected. That also became an immoral show that stimulated Kizuna.

He would feel apologetic to refuse only Landred. With that feeling, Kizuna charged towards the gigantic pudding a la mode.

「Nnuuuhn♥ That’s good……rougher, eat them up wildly」

The provocative whisper made Kizuna put more strength into his tongue. It wasn’t enough to only suck with his mouth, he also grasped the breast with his hand roughly.

「Nnh! Yes, stronger……aa, it’s fine even if you cause pain, so don’t mind it.」

Seeing Landred writhing fiercely, the other girls turned red and fidgeted while rubbing their thighs on each other.

Aine finally ran out of patience and yelled.

「I cannot endure it anymore! I’ll also have someone decorate me!」

「Even Aine-san! The, then, me too……」

Himekawa followed next. Then the other people also rushed to the kitchen.

「O-! Oi-! I’m begging you all stop with the sweet things alreadyyyyyyy!」

Kizuna’s scream didn’t reach.