Masou Gakuen HxH:Volume 12 Bonus Short Story 3

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Sylvia and Ralgrus[edit]


When Sylvia suddenly woke up, Ragrus’s head was right near her.


Ragrus yelled and leaped back from above the bed.

「Ragrus-chan? What are you doing desu?」

「No-no-no-nothing at all! I, it’s just, you won’t wake up no matter how much time passed, so I got a bit worried.」

Sylvia looked around her. More than twenty females were lying down on a huge bed.

「That’s right desu. Sylvia was in the middle of the Harem Hybrid desu.」

「Yeah. Fortunately right now the others are unconscious, so it’s a chance for you to have your beloved captain be affectionate to you.」

When Sylvia discovered Kizuna leaning on a large pillow in spread-eagled pose, she took Ragrus’s hand and stood up.

「Wa, wait, I’m alright, no need for that.」

「That’s not good desu. It’s better to do it together with Ragrus-chan desu.」

Ragrus’s cheeks reddened in embarrassment and she came along with Sylvia with a troubled look that couldn’t hide her happiness.

「……Captain is sleeping desu.」

Sylvia sat in seiza beside Kizuna’s pillow and peered down, but she could only hear him breathing calmly. He had led all 26 people here into climax. They had just gotten started, but it wasn’t strange for Kizuna to feel tired as though he had just finished a big job.

「Then, Sylvia and Ragrus-chan will heal captain’s tiredness desu.」

Sylvia began to lick Kizuna’s neck. Ralgrus also got urged by Sylvia and brought her face to Kizuna’s chest and crawled her tongue there. The two’s tongues gently caressed Kizuna’s body while gradually moving lower.

「Ah……it became a bit larger than before desu.」

「Hmph. That’s because he is getting serviced by two beautiful girls like us. That’s only natural!」

「What is natural?」


Ragrus leaped back once more.

Kizuna lifted up his head and stared alternately at Sylvia and Ragrus.

「Aa……you two are the ones who woke up first huh.」

「That’s right desu. Because of that we are now healing captain’s fatigue desu.」

Sylvia’s small mouth was approaching his thing that was half hardening. Kizuna reacted with a jerk when her breath that was like a gentle breeze blew on him.

Ragrus also rallied herself and lined up beside Sylvia, then the two of them started licking Kizuna’s thing.

「Nnu……haa……ca, captain……♥」

「Geez……be thankful……nh……slurp-」

The two small tongues crawled around. Each time the thing that was glistening from saliva was getting even harder.

Sylvia’s lips pulled back for a moment, then next her lips touched Kizuna’s tip. The squishy and soft sensation made Kizuna’s thing shivered.


「Sy-, Sylvia!? Yo, you, eating tha──」

Sylvia narrowed her eyes with the thing still inside her mouth. And then, like that her head slowly moved up and down. She couldn’t make a movement that was too big. However the feeling of immorality of making the small Sylvia do something like this was irreplaceable. Sylvia too was able to sense that Kizuna was feeling it and felt happy from how his thing was gradually getting bigger inside her mouth.

However, doing that was hard for Sylvia’s small mouth. ‘Puhah’ she exhaled and her mouth let go of the thing that had completely become burly.

「I……it’s already impossible desu. Captain……♥」

「Haha……thank you Sylvia. Ragrus too.」

Kizuna woke up and patted Ragrus and Sylvia’s head.


「Hm, hmph……」

「Then next……Sylvia, can you lie down facing up, and Ragrus to lie down on top of her?」

「Yes desu.」

「Is it……like this?」

Ragrus got on top of Sylvia who was lying down so that they were staring at each other. The tips of their flat chest touched each other and tickled each other slightly.

「Then what are……hyahn!♥」

「Ca, captain-!?♥」

The two of them felt intense pleasure from between their legs. Something big was forcing its way from between their legs and entered the gap between the two. It then mercilessly trampled the two’s very sensitive part.

「Kuuh♥……haaaah! Do-, don’t, this is♥」

「Fuaaaah♥ Ca-, captain-, amazing desu-!♥」

Kizuna’s waist struck at the cute butts of the two that were lined up vertically.

「The two of you are really close with each other after all. Surely the effect will also be great with doing the Hybrid together like this.」

「E-, even if you say-, su, such thiiiiiiiiiiing♥」

「Fuah! Aau! Ra-, Ragrus, chan-♥」

Sylvia became tearful and called Ragrus’s name. In that moment, something that she didn’t know whether it was love or desire was overflowing from inside Ragrus. It made her unable to think of anything.



Ragrus’s lips covered Sylvia’s lips. She was enjoying the sensation of the lips for a while, but before long she became bold and entangled her tongue with hers.

「Haaahn, Sy……Sylvia-♥ Lo-, love-! I love you♥」

「Aan♥ Sylvia too……love, Ragrus-chan♥ desu」

And then the bodies of the two trembled and began to emit beautiful light.

Seeing that, Kizuna thrust into the two of them even stronger. In that moment, the three of them surpassed the limit at the same time.

The two of them lost consciousness once more. Kizuna stared at them with a gentle gaze. With this he could relax again. When he thought that──

「Are you finished with them?」

A voice suddenly called from behind. Kizuna leaped in surprise.

「Aine……and Grace too.」

The two sisters slovenly climbed onto the bed.

「Keep me and Nee-sama company next, Nii-sama.」

Kizuna could only respond with a wry smile.