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These are the novel illustrations that were included in Masou Gakuen HxH Volume 13


I have an interest in the birth of life.

But it’s not an interest in the manner of simple biology.

It’s an interest towards emotions that spring forth incidentally.

Since I was born, I have never harbored any special feelings towards life other than myself.

A human is just a life-form.

The system called a human body that is created from cells and genetics. They think, move, and carry out information transfer with other individuals as their function.

I recognized them as an elaborate and exquisite system from that.

But, they aren’t a special existence.

Any speech that explains the importance of life is illogical.

Consciousness and emotion are nothing more than a result that is outputted by information transfer from cellular and electrical signals.

There isn’t anything special there.

The thing called a heart, or emotions, or life aren’t things that have high value like human thought.

What is called a soul doesn’t exist.

But, I know that there are a lot of cases where change of awareness happens due to creating a new life using one’s own body.

The emotion of loving a child as a parent becomes strong and the maternal instinct also gets stimulated strongly.

Will such phenomenon also happen to this me?

Perhaps a change of awareness will occur by making a child using this body.

It’s something that is hard to imagine, but interest is welling up inside me.

And then I carried out an experiment.

I made two attempts.

Nothing changed.

Even my child is no different from other specimen.

I cannot even feel the emotions called affection or motherhood.

Why does no emotion well up inside me?

Am I lacking some kind of function?


Other humans are the ones not behaving normally in the first place?

Or perhaps,

Am I the form of an even more evolved living thing──

Chapter 1 – Bonds[edit]

Part 1[edit]


Aine crouched beside the collapsed Kizuna and desperately called his name.

Aine’s worry and confusion were growing incessantly seeing Kizuna not replying. She lifted up Kizuna’s upper body in her arms and embraced him onto her chest.

「Please! Kizuna! Talk to me!」

The body of Kizuna that she lifted up wasn’t the Kizuna that she knew. There was not even the slightest strength filling that body. It was as though there was no response from it. It was as though it was just a thing, a puppet.

「Ha, hang on! Kizuna-! I, I’ll help you right away!」

There was no reply even after she called out to him desperately.

Even when she shook him, the limp body only shook within the range of the body’s joints.

Tears were gathering in Aine’s eyes.

「Aa……what should I do……」

Blood was flowing from the gaping wound where Thanatos’s sword pierced. She blocked that wound opening using her hands.

If she was unable to see the wound, perhaps it would be gone as though it was never there? Perhaps it would return back to before? Aine’s confused mind brought about such impossible thinking.

‘If I can at least stop the blood’──she thought. However, the sense of touch at her palm told her that there was no more blood overflowing from the wound.

The body function that circulated blood throughout the whole body was stopping.

The heart was stopping.

Aine was shedding tears while peering onto the face of her beloved person.

Those eyes looked like they were staring at Aine. But they weren’t looking at anything.

No strength was filling the body’s neck. The head was limply turning sideways.

The tears flowing from Aine’s eyes were falling onto Kizuna’s cheek.

「Kizuna……Kizuna, over here……look at me……」

Aine kept hugging Kizuna’s body while lowering down Kizuna’s limp body on the floor. She brought her face to his chest. Tears flowed.

The person who caused Kizuna to become like this, Thanatos was right nearby.

There was no coloring in the world that Thanatos created for battle. Stone floor continued on without end. The sky was a space as though it was drawn with thin ink. But, it was only the blood flowing from Kizuna’s wound that had crimson coloring as though to proclaim that it was the real thing.

And then one more thing. There was an existence that possessed color in this monochrome world.

──Machine god Thanatos.

She was emitting a beautiful coloring of white and blue, and also golden radiance.

In her hand, the sword that caused Kizuna’s wound was grasped. The white blade was dyed with fresh blood.

Even when looking at that, emotions of revenge, anger, or resentment wouldn’t well up.

Both her mind and heart still hadn’t thought until that far.

Right now there were only a fierce sadness and a sense of loss that she had never felt before that were ruling over Aine.

Thanatos was staring still at Aine who was clinging on to Kizuna’s body and shedding tears. There was no emotion in her face. But, there was curiosity in her eyes.

「What meaning is there in your actions just now?」

That voice reached Aine’s ears, but it was the same like a noise, it didn’t sound like words with meaning in her ears.

Thanatos asked the same question one more time, but no answer came back.

「──So you cannot produce an answer. Then let’s try asking the other people.」

The wings that were towering behind Thanatos like a gigantic relief shined brightly. Then, cracks ran through the space around Aine.

It looked like there were unseen glass there that was being cracked. But, the moment they cracked, the space was smashed and a contact point with a different world was created.

──An Entrance.

It was an Entrance that was frightfully small as though it was the size for a single person.

What appeared from there was a black haired beauty who possessed a mature body that was wearing a silver Heart Hybrid Gear.

「……Where is, this place──」

Reiri was isolated in a different world. There was no one there other than her, it was just a white space where there was nothing. She was unable to contact the comrades who rushed in together with her. When she was at a loss, the space in front of her suddenly cracked.

When she noticed──

Before her eyes, there was the figure of Thanatos carrying a sword that was dyed with blood.

And then there was the figure of the collapsed Kizuna and Aine who was clinging on that body.

Her body moved faster than her thought.


She shouted like that and approached Thanatos instantly.

With Zecros’s sword in her hand, she bisected Thanatos──however, Thanatos wasn’t there anymore. She was moving towards a distant spot as though she had teleported.

Reiri didn’t pursue and kneeled beside Kizuna. And then, she was speechless seeing the completely changed figure of her little brother and her face turned pale.

「Ki……Kizuna……this is, Aine! What happened!? Is Kizuna alive!?」

Aine’s body jerked in response to that yell.

And then tears fell while her face kept looking down.

The wordless reply made Reiri’s face distort.

「That’s……there is no way……」

At that time, the sound like several ices cracking resounded. Entrances in the number of those sounds appeared.

The members who were sent away to different worlds like Reiri──Himekawa, Yurishia, Sylvia, Gravel, Hyakurath, and also Grace went stiff from great shock.

「Li, lies……Kizuna, kun」

「Thi, this is a joke right? Kizuna is……no way」

「Ca, captain……ple, please open your eyes desu!」

「Lies……I’m not going to believe this! Wake up! Kizuna!!」

「Hi, Hida-kun is……something like this……」

「Ni, Nii-sama! Stop with the joke!」

Everyone talked, but Kizuna didn’t reply.

Kizuna’s eyes that were staying open weren’t seeing anything. His thinly opened mouth wasn’t producing any words.

Himekawa was muttering deliriously.

「No way……no way, Kizuna-kun……」

No matter how much she denied it, the cruel reality was sneaking into her heart. Irrepressible emotions and tears were overflowing from everyone.

Thanatos was carefully observing every single one of those expressions.

「There is something that I want to ask from all of you.」

Hearing Thanatos’s voice, everyone there once again realized the enemy’s existence too late.

Reiri gritted her teeth so hard it made a sound and slowly stood up.

「I also have something to ask……to you bastard」

She turned the sword she was holding towards Thanatos.

「It was you who stole Kizuna’s life wasn’t it?」

Reiri asked menacingly with a contorted face that was carved with anger and sadness.

「That’s right. That man was tougher than I expected. I called that woman in order to create an opening, as an obstacle in that man’s way. Just as planned, that man stopped his movement so I fired Keraunos but……something unexpected occurred. That man used himself as a shield and protected that woman. He was astonishingly defenseless.」

Sobbing leaked out from Aine’s mouth.

「Sorry……I’m sorry……Kizuna……everyone」

Thanatos ignored Aine’s pained muttering and continued.

「Therefore, I was able to finish off that man easily. However there is something I don’t get. I received no reply even when I asked that woman, so I called all of you here.」

Himekawa yelled while shedding tears.

「Just what are you saying!!」

「What meaning there is in that man’s actions?」


Himekawa spontaneously lost her words.

An action of trying to save one’s beloved person by putting out one’s own body to the front.

Thanatos was asking what was the meaning of that action.

Not just Himekawa, everyone there was unable to understand the meaning of Thanatos’s question.

Thanatos spoke to the dumbfounded group.

「That man had higher combat ability. In that case, that man’s survival should have higher priority. It will be understandable if he used that woman there as a shield, but why did that man sacrifice himself instead? Furthermore there is no merit obtained from doing that. Incomprehensible.」

Aine opened her eyes wide while listening to those words and her lips trembled. Her body was convulsing from terror and guilt.

「Ne, Nee-sama……」

The worried Grace hugged Aine’s body.

「Nee-sama, be strong. There is no way that Nii-sama will die……just this much」

Grace herself understood that her words were just a consolation. But even though she knew that, her big sister would break if she didn’t cling to hope right now. Grace felt that instinctively.

However, Aine shook her head.

「No good……his heart has also stopped. Kizuna, is dead……I, killed him.」

「What are you saying Nee-sama! Get a hold of yourself!」

Thanatos was staring with interest at Aine’s state.

「Why are you lamenting so much like that just because a single specimen stopped functioning? Why are you sad? In the first place what is sadness? What kind of meaning does that emotion and behavior have? It is for generating what effect?」

Yurishia aimed the muzzle of her Differential Frame towards Thanatos.

「Grace and Hyakurath, please take care of Kizuna and Aine.」

The inside of Yurishia’s heart was burning with rage and hatred that she had never felt until now. Until now no matter what kind of battle, there would be her self somewhere that was grasping the situation calmly. Her self that was grasping the battle situation on the whole from a higher position, right now she was lacking that.

She wanted to kill the opponent who killed the person she loved. She couldn’t hold back that simple desire for revenge, the urge to kill.

Himekawa also readied Gladius, Silvia also prepared Taros’s main cannon so it could fire anytime.

Reiri readied her sword and shield and lowered her stance.

「Let’s go!!」

With Reiri’s signal as the trigger, Yurishia’s Differential Frame and Sylvia’s main cannonIgnis spouted fire.

The spot where Thanatos was at was instantly enveloped by flame. Bright red flame was rising up in the world that lost its color. Shockwave, flash, and flame blast struck. Reiri leaped into the flame as though to slash apart all those.


Zecros’s sword cut apart the flame and ahead of it there was Thanatos.

Intense light scattered and two swords clashed.

「Thanatos! We were told to not kill you! But that doesn’t matter anymore!! Who cares what will happen to the world!! Kill! I’ll kill you!」

Thanatos expressionlessly parried the sword, pushing Reiri back.


Just with that Reiri was sent flying behind for several dozen meters. Both her feet were sliding on the floor while sending Thanatos a gaze that was burning with hatred.

「I don’t care whether you are a god or what, I’ll kill you no matter what kind of method I’ll have to use! I’ll erase you until not even a single cell remains behind!!」

There was no emotion at all inside Thanatos’s golden pupils. However, her eyes were shining with curiosity towards the enraging of Reiri and the others.

「The change and phenomenon that resulted from death is very interesting. In that case──」

Thanatos’s wings opened wide with the sound of moving machinery. It somehow looked like a gigantic watch.

「I want even more detailed data. I’ll kill all of you one by one and observe the reaction.」

Thanatos who was muttering matter-of-factly was truly a god of death.

A god of death that was emitting divine and beautiful radiance.

「Don’t screw around!」

Gravel who was staying quiet until now to endure her sadness drew out her Sword Gatling.


She pressed the trigger while crying.

And then, Sylvia also screamed while launching her bombardment.


Fierce flame blast attacked Thanatos once more.



All the attacks were erased before they landed on Thanatos.

「This is……what the」

Cold sweat trickled down Gravel’s cheek.

Thanatos muttered with a disinterested expression.

「I am the ruler of this world. That means I control all the rules in this world.」

A deep crease was carved on Reiri’s forehead.

「Don’t tell me……you bastard」

「Right now, all the physical laws in this world follow my will. What is used by the weapons of all you is basically light particles converted from magic power. If the rules of motion regarding that particle is changed, the particles will disperse without converging into one spot. However──」

Saying that, Thanatos readied her white sword.

「Physical attacks are effective.」

Yurishia glared at Thanatos with eyes that were filled with killing intent.

「If……that’s the case」

Yurishia readied her Corruption Armament, Cross Head and made eye contact with Himekawa. In response, Himekawa readied Neros’s Corruption Armament, Gladius in a low position. The three blades started shining red.

Yurishia also starting to send magic power into Cross Head. Golden radiance was circulating through the huge pile bunker gun and it raised a roaring sound. The temperature around the two was rising and wind was whirling up.

With the simultaneous activation of the two’s Corruption Armament, the static electricity that was generated in the surrounding was roaring with unprecedented intensity.

「Let’s go, Hayuru!」


Yurishia readied Cross Head while Hayuru readied Gladius. The two of them charged towards Thanatos.

However the closer they got to Thanatos, the amount of particles emitted from the tip of Cross Head was decreasing. Like this it wouldn’t be any different from a simple huge pile bunker.

And then particles running on the surface of Neros’s Gladius were also vanishing. It was reduced into a simply huge blade.

However the two of them gritted their teeth and rushed towards Thanatos.

They didn’t know how effective their attacks would be. However, if a physical attack was effective, then they could only do that. Even if they got the table turned on them and lost their lives, if they could deal even a single wound on the enemy’s body, then they would have the face to meet Kizuna in the next world.

The two of them clashed against Thanatos while harboring such feelings.



Thanatos didn’t dodge the attack of the two.

And then Cross Head was driven onto Thanatos’s chest while Glaudius struck towards the head.


At that time the two witnessed something unbelievable.

The Corruption Armaments broke.

The instant Cross Head fired out the pile, all the destructive power returned back to Cross Head. The pile snapped, and the firing device along with the magic power particle generator were also smashed up as though there were a brittle porcelain.

And then Gladius also had all of its three blades snapped.

「No way……」

Yurishia and Himekawa’s eyes opened wide and shook along with the agitation in their hearts.

Thanatos stared in observation at the two of them who were like that and put her strength into the sword she was holding.

「I added a new change to the physical law. The movement energy won’t be transmitted to the target, but returned back as it is, and then──」

Thanatos swung her sword.

「I removed the rule just now.」

The chest armor of Cross and Neros was smashed.


The bodies of the two flew in the air and fell over on the floor.

Gravel yelled seeing their figures.


She was worried about Yurishia and Himekawa. However, right now the physical law was returning to normal. They couldn’t let go of this timing.

Gravel aimed her Sword Gatling, and then Sylvia aimed her right arm that was containing her Corruption Armament towards Thanatos. No, they should have aimed at her.

「Eh!? Where is she desu!?」

Thanatos’s figure vanished in a short time that was shorter than a blink of an eye.

The next instant, Sylvia saw Taros’s right arm falling.


And then her body tilted as though she was losing the support of her right leg.

Taros’s large body fell on the floor. Sylvia saw the figure of Thanatos standing below her within her tilting field of vision.

The severed right leg of Taros exploded.


Faster than the spreading of that explosion, Thanatos was standing in front of Gravel.


When she tried to turn Sword Gatling towards the opponent, the gun barrel was already slashed.


The gun powder burst and Sword Gatling exploded powerfully inside Gravel’s hand.

Thanatos stopped her feet before that flame blast.

Reiri’s Zecros was attacking behind her.

──’Got her!’

It was a chance of an instant that she obtained by going as far as forsaking her comrades getting defeated.

If it was at the timing when Thanatos was bisecting Sword Gatling with a sword, her sword would also be effective.

Not letting go of that timing, she swung down an attack with all her might towards Thanatos’s back.


The instant Zecros’s sword touched the wings on the back, the beautiful white sword was pulverized.

──’She changed the law again!? Just in an instant like this!?’

Thanatos turned around and her sword mowed Reiri’s body at the same time.


Reiri’s chest armor was smashed and white breasts peeked out as though they were spilling out. Reiri who collapsed on the floor turned an expression that was filled with hatred towards Thanatos.

「Damn it……-」

When Reiri stood up, she clenched her fist.

「Still not yet. I’ll defeat you here!」

「Pointless. All of you who were created by this me won’t be able to defeat me.」


Reiri’s eyes narrowed sharply.

「Only someone with the same power like me can oppose me. In other words as long as you aren’t a machine god, it’s impossible to fight against this me.」

After saying that, Thanatos gazed at Kizuna’s collapsed corpse.

「The power of a machine god was dwelling inside that man. Most likely it was the power of that small machine god. That was why it was possible for him to attack me in this world of mine without getting ruled over. But, that too has ended.」


Thanatos stared at Reiri’s face that distorted in anguish and talked with a dispassionate tone.

「It looks like you are an existence that is close to that man. Then, you will do as the one to be killed next.」

Thanatos swung up the sword she was holding.

「How much influence your death will give the others. I will observe it.」

Cold sweat flowed from Reiri’s whole body.

──’Am I going to get killed at this kind of place?’

Without getting a single attack in after her little brother who was more important than anything got murdered.

‘Goddamn it.


What is that woman doing at this important time.

Even though she will show her face at a time when it’s okay for her to not be there.

At this kind of time, someone──’

「This isn’t like you isn’t it, Reiri? Where has the you that had defeated me gone to, I wonder?」

A voice suddenly came.

Someone was walking towards them in the space that was like a flowing thin ink.

Reiri was familiar with that voice.

She wasn’t wearing the armor that she wore in the past, but a beautiful robe. However, the huge god’s Gungnirlance in her hand still looked the same.

「Yo, you……are」

The opponent who she once fought in a deadly battle.

And then, right now she became a goddess who ruled her own world, a former machine god.


Before, her left eye was hidden by an unrefined eye patch, but right now it was hidden by a feminine beautiful lace. Odin grinned towards Reiri and then towards Thanatos with her right eye.

However, Thanatos was staring back at Odin with her usual expressionless face.

「Why are you here, Odin?」

Reiri and the others also had the same question.

Aine also lifted her face and stared at the back of the opponent who she once fought in a deadly battle.


Odin suddenly formed a soft smile.

「I came to fulfill my promise.」


Thanatos turned her left hand towards Odin. At the same time, red light ran through that hand.

The red light that erased every substance, Keraunos swallowed Odin.


Reiri spontaneously yelled.

She gripped her sword and moved to help but──her legs stopped.


Keraunos dispersed as though to dodge the spear that Odin thrust out. The red light stopped when Thanatos lowered her hand.

「So your spear is in good condition……」

Odin lifted the spear in her hand in reply.

「I’m not a machine god anymore but, even the current me can do this much.」

「……Stop it, Odin. You who aren’t a machine god anymore aren’t my match. The current you and also your world are nothing more than fragile existences that are sitting on the palm of my hand.」

「No Thanatos. No matter how much you try to control all of the rules, I won’t let you do as you please until even my world.」

Thanatos’s emotionless eyes narrowed slightly.

「So your promise is to oppose this me. Just who is the one you made the promise with?」

Odin smiled lightly, then she kept staring at Thanatos and talked towards no one.

「So, how is it? Kizuna’s condition.」

Hearing that question, Reiri and Aine and also everyone else were bewildered.

However, someone’s voice answered Odin’s question.

「I’m examining it now.」

At that time, a pyramid of light emerged to surround Kizuna.

「Thi, this is……?」

Aine was looking around in wonder at the veil of light surrounding herself and Kizuna.


Unnoticed there was an unfamiliar woman standing beside her.

「Eh……yo, you, are?」

That woman had dark brown skin and her body was wearing an extravagant gold ornament. She was beautiful like a queen of ancient Egypt. Her figure was filled to the brim with majesty and motherhood.

Yurishia stared at that figure and muttered inchoherently.

「O, Osiris……?」

Osiris smiled sweetly at Yurishia, then she kneeled beside Kizuna’s head.

「Aine-san. I will borrow Kizuna-san for a bit.」


Even though this was the first time Aine met this woman who was called Osiris, she mysteriously felt a sense of relief from her. Aine naturally let go of Kizuna’s body and handed him to Osiris.

Osiris put Kizuna’s head on her lap and gently wrapped Kizuna’s head with both her hands.

Osiris stared at Kizuna’s eyes that weren’t reflecting anything and said.

「……Kizuna’s soul is still lost.」

Odin was grinning hearing that answer.

「In that case I’ll leave the soul to you. I’ll take care of the body.」

Odin easily lowered down the spear that she directed towards Thanatos. And then she turned her back towards her and kneeled besides Kizuna.

Aine’s eyes opened wide hearing the exchange between the two goddesses. Her eyes were lit with surprise and the light of hope.

「You can……you can, revive Kizuna!?」

Osiris caressed Kizuna’s face affectionately.

「I cannot make a definite promise. But, we too are formerly gods who governed over death.」

Osiris closed Kizuna’s eyes and muttered with a voice that was radiating determination.

「……I won’t be able to call myself the god of death if I cannot even save one person I’m indebted to.」

Odin put her hand on Kizuna’s wound. Her palm shined with bluish white light.

「As for the restoration of the body……it looks like I’ll manage somehow.」

Aine faced Odin and anxiously asked her.

「He, hey, by body restoration you mean……his state, is like this you know? Is it really……」

Odin stared at Aine and smiled reassuringly.

「I once boasted an unlimited regeneration ability you remember? Trust me. Just regenerating human’s flesh is not a problem for me. But……it will be nothing more than just a container. What’s essential is──」

Odin sent her gaze towards Osiris.

「I am the queen of the metropolis of the deadNecropolis. I swear I’ll return back Kizuna’s soul without fail.」

Osiris looked down to peer into Kizuna’s face. Blue light ran on Osiris’s skin and it flowed into Kizuna’s body through her palm.

Thanatos who was observing that situation tilted her head slightly.

「What is your intention by exposing such a defenseless state? It’s as though you two are telling me to erase you all──」

Thanatos took a step forward with one hand holding a sword and the other hand focusing the light of Keraunos.


A bright red sword grazed the tip of her nose.

A shadow that suddenly assaulted from the sky landed by striking the floor.

Thanatos who evaded the sword in a flash and moved to the back was attacked by the sword’s shockwave.

Thanatos’s opened her palm and deployed a shield that was shining gold. It blocked the red colored shockwave.

「You are……」

The shield neutralized the shockwave, turning it into light particles and vanished.

「You forgot about me already, Thanatos?」

A machine god holding a bright red sword was standing ahead of Thanatos’s gaze. Large breasts that were looking imbalanced with the petite body. And then a huge armor that reminded one of the divine beast Kirin.

「Hokuto……however, you were」

「I guess you can call it returning to active duty for one time only, thanks to the power of a certain human.」

「Human……you say?」

「Aa, that person isn’t human huh. But, well, it doesn’t matter, that kinda thing.」

Hokuto swung around her crimson sword, Hakke Kirin as though she was dancing.

「I don’t know how you recovered your power as a machine god but……Hokuto, so even you are standing in my way.」

「Ahahaha, I also want to protect my own world after all.」

Hokuto laughed brightly and directed the tip of her sword towards Thanatos.

「Thanatos. You are dangerous.」


「You won’t do anything wrong using your logic──or you attempt to be so, anyway, your actions cannot be predicted. Of course, I understand that you have your own thinking. But, we are unable to understand you.」

The tone of the bright Hokuto lowered down.

「But Thanatos is prioritizing your own thought over our worlds. If it’s necessary, you will surely erase our worlds without hesitation. That’s why, you are a threat for us, the other gods too.」

Thanatos’s eyes shined coldly.

「I see. Certainly it’s only the machine gods who possess different worlds than me who can possibly defeat me. However it’s a suicidal act trying to defeat me.」

「I know.」

Hokuto nodded.

「Whether it’s our worlds or this world that you created, all of them are placed on a shared platform. And then the manager of that platform is you Thanatos. If you are erased, all the worlds will lose their foundation and crumble.」

Thanatos was literally supporting all the worlds.

Hokuto, Odin, Osiris, each of them possessed their own world, they were gods. However, that those worlds could possibly exist was also because Thanatos was existing and functioning.

「Exactly. Hokuto, also Osiris and Odin, that’s the situation of your worlds. If I stop functioning, all of you will also be annihilated.」

Hokuto sighed ‘fuh’ and smiled.

「But you see, there is someone who offered a nice alternative plan.」


Thanatos unusually showed a dubious state.

「All of us here unanimously got on board with that plan. That person is an interesting person, she traced back through my collapse log to conversely create a program that returns me to become a machine god one more time. I also borrowed magic power from that person, so I can be here like this. Well, even though I said that, my time is limited you see.」

Reiri who was listening to the conversation of the two gasped and looked behind.

Over there, she saw Kizuna who was lying down inside a pyramid of light, Osiris who was giving him a lap pillow beside him, and Odin who was touching her hand on his wound.

Someone else who possessed the power of a machine god.

──’Don’t tell me, that woman was?’

Reiri stared once more at Hokuto and then at Thanatos.

Thanatos faced Hokuto and spoke as though thrusting a death sentence towards her.

「Hokuto. With the current state of Osiris and Odin, it’s impossible for you all to fight me. Even though you have recovered your power as a machine god, you alone aren’t a match against me.」

「That hurt. Even I am strong you know?」

Hokuto’s expression was oozing nervousness even while she was talking lightly.

「Very well. Then I’ll leave the other specimens to be taken care of by the mechanized angels.」

When Thanatos raised her hand a new Entrance was created behind her. And then, from inside, angels created from machines that looked really similar to magic weapons──a large army of mechanized angels spilled out.

Hokuto clicked her tongue, then she yelled over her shoulder.

「Kizuna’s comrades! I’ll leave those to you!!」

As soon as she said that, Hokuto slashed towards Thanatos.

Reiri turned around and gave instructions to everyone.

「You girls heard her! We will fight the mechanized angels! Hold out until Osiris and Odin bring Kizuna back!!」

Light returned to everyone’s eyes. That was the light of hope. The flame of tenacity that said it wasn’t time to give up yet.


Aine too clenched her fist.

──’Kizuna. I’ll absolutely hold on no matter what until you return!’

There was no more tears in those eyes. The sharp eyes were glaring at the approaching mechanized angels.

Part 2[edit]

Kizuna was walking on a stone floor.

「This place……」

It was a town that looked like it appeared suddenly in the middle of a desert. A river was flowing nearby, greenery was growing luxuriantly around it. It was truly an oasis in the middle of a desert. Buildings made from stone were lining up, and a lot of people were coming and going. Along the main street, shops that were selling groceries and clothes were lining up. Other than that, it seemed there were also recreational facilities like theaters and the like.

「Hee……this place is really bustling.」

Kizuna unconsciously talked to himself while staring at the shops’ sign.

A strange feeling was welling up inside during his staring at the townscape and street’s situation.

Even though this should be a city that he came to for the first time, for some reason it felt nostalgic.

He felt like he had seen the sight of each shop and the street somewhere in the faraway past.

He also felt like he had seen the passerbys from somewhere.

However he couldn’t remember them.

It was a strange sensation, but Kizuna didn’t think too deeply about it.

Suddenly his feet stopped in front of a general store.

「This is……」

His hand reached out towards an outfit that was placed on a shelf.

It was a small T-shirt for a child.

He had a recollection of it.

It was his favorite blue T-shirt that he wore when he was a child.

When he started walking along the shelves that had merchandise lined up on them, there were other familiar things lining up. A pair of jeans that he wore when he was a middle schooler. A coat that protected him in winter.

It wasn’t just clothing that was placed there. There were also others, the hero toy that he had as a child. A manga that he loved. A game console. A notebook and a mechanical pencil.

He had memories for every single thing there. They were a part that formed his life.


A uniform with white base color was hanging on the wall.

「Ataraxia’s uniform……」

The display of the shop ended there.

It continued to another different shop ahead of the road. There were also familiar things lined up there.

He wondered where in the world this path led up to.

When he thought that, a voice came from out of nowhere.

『Proceed forward as you are.』

Continue forward like this? But, what lies ahead of this path?

『The place that handed down the last judgment.』

Last judgment?

『Proceed forward. That is your destiny.』

After getting told that, he felt like he had to go no matter what.

He was going to proceed forward just like the voice told him.


「Please wait.」

His arm was suddenly caught by someone.

Kizuna stopped his legs and turned around.

Behind him was a black haired woman with a beauty that made him caught his breath. She had a half-naked appearance with her glossy dark brown skin exposed out generously. Her body was covered with luxurious ornaments and no clothes or accessories. The ornaments were only barely hiding her important places.

「……You are?」

「My name is Osiris. Kizuna, there is no need to be in so much hurry like that.」

「But, I was told to go forward……」

Osiris made a smile that made him feel her motherhood.

「But you weren’t told to hurry, right?」

‘Certainly’, Kizuna nodded.

「Then, please take a rest over there.」

Osiris’s finger was pointing at a stone house. A sign was attached to it.

「Brothel Love Room?」

It was a familiar name. Furthermore, he felt like he often made use of it. In that case, was he a frequent customer of this place? While he was thinking that, Kizuna was led into the building.

At that time, questions like why he was here, in the first place where was this place, such obvious matters crossed his mind for the first time this late.

There was a narrow corridor surrounded with white walls continuing on inside the brothel. At both sides there were photo frames of females and pictures that depicted a man and woman entangled with each other. It heightened obscene feelings whether one liked it or not.

At the end of the corridor there was an entrance that looked like a stone wall was gouged out to form a hole. Osiris opened the curtain that was a door’s substitute and invited Kizuna in.

The white walls at the four sides were decorated with embroidered fabrics. Deeper inside there was a gorgeous bed placed. A fragrance with nice scent was burned, building a situation that enlivened the act of love.

「Err……for some reason my head isn’t clear……why am I here──」

Osiris suddenly hugged Kizuna.

「Kizuna-! Aah, Kizuna-!」

「Wai, wait, nn──」

Osiris blocked Kizuna’s mouth with her lips.

It was as though her composed act until now was a lie. Osiris was seeking Kizuna with desperation.

A tongue was shoved into Kizuna’s mouth and it licked around leaving no spot untouched.

He wondered how long they were kissing before Osiris finally recovered her calm and separated their lips. A string of saliva was stretched between the two’s lips.

After staring at the black haired beauty before him once more, his memory was gradually coming back.


Kizuna finally recalled who the beautiful woman before him was.

She was an opponent who he previously fought with his life on the line and saved.

「So you remember……Kizuna.」

Osiris looked up at Kizuna with tears gathering in her eyes.

「Yeah. But, other than that nothing……why am I in this kind of place?」

「This is the metropolis of the dead. The concept of time here is different from the world of the living, so there is no need to hurry. I’ll let you remember slowly.」

Osiris rang the bell that was placed on the table. After a clear sound resounded, he felt a presence of someone walking towards here from the corridor.

The curtain was opened and some silhouettes of people smoothly entered the room.

「This is……-!?」

It was four extraordinarily beautiful girls who entered the room. A girl with silver hair and red eyes, then a girl with black hair. And then a girl with blonde hair and an amazing figure, and a girl with contrastive figure with her short body build that was like a child. Everyone was only wearing thin clothes.

──’Who are these girls? But, it feels like I know them from somewhere…….’

「Now Kizuna. Touch these girls.」

「By touch you mean……」

Where and how should he touch them, he didn’t have the slightest idea at all.

While he was at a loss, the four beautiful girls let the thin clothes they were wearing fall on the floor lightly.


The four beautiful naked bodies that differed from each other caused Kizuna to spontaneously hold his breath.

However, mysteriously he felt that the four’s naked bodies were familiar.

Even the feel of those bodies were resurrected in his palm.

──’Perhaps these girls are people who I know. What’s more they should be someone really close to me. It’s to the degree that I even know about the pleasantness of their bodies.’

But, was that the truth?

An impulse that drove him to verify that answer rushed through him.

Kizuna went in front of the silver haired girl and touched the heavily laden breasts that were far bigger than the norm.


A faint gasp leaked out from the girl’s mouth.

A skin that felt like it was sticking to his skin. When he put his strength into his hand, the breast’s shape distorted softly, and then there was the texture that pushed back on his fingertips.

There was no doubt.

This was, Aine’s──


That name naturally came out.

‘That’s right, Aine. Aine……!?’

Kizuna caressed Aine’s body in order to desperately reel in the string of memory that was suddenly dangled before his eyes. And then he made his finger tip to enter into the secret slit that was hidden by silver hair.


When the girl’s body writhed with blushing cheeks, the memory circuits inside Kizuna’s head were connected all at once.


But at that instant Aine’s figure vanished.

「This is……」

Her real body isn’t here. This place is the metropolis of the dead after all.]

Kizuna couldn’t understand even if he was told that. He stared at the place where Aine was standing until just now while letting out cold sweat.

Osiris hugged Kizuna’s body from behind. A soft sensation was pressing on Kizuna’s back.

「These girls are existences that are living inside your own heart. Kizuna exchanged vows with them before facing the final battle. Bonds that connected your existences to each other were formed between all of you.」

MGHxHV13 001 ill.jpg


「Those bonds called back your memory and they will become the string to pull you back from this world of the dead into the world of the living.」

「Osiris……by that you mean, I’m dead?」

「Yes. Right now that is.」

「Right now?」

「I swear I will make you return back to life without fail. That will be my repayment to you. Besides, I also made a promise to your mother.」

「My, mother?」

「Yes. Before you went to battle, I responded to the call of Kizuna’s mother. That’s also the reason why I came to Thanatos’s world.」

Kizuna put his palm on Osiris’s hand that was hugging his chest.

「Osiris……sorry. I still don’t understand, what’s what……」

「No, it’s me who is rushing. First I have to start by returning your memory back to normal.」

Osiris brought her lips close towards Kizuna’s ear. Even just that breathing was erotic and caused Kizuna to gulp.

「Kizuna, by reconfirming your bonds with those girls who are in the world of the living, your memory will surely return to normal. At that time, Kizuna will be able to obtain the link to return from the world of the dead to the world of the living.」

Kizuna focused his ears towards Osiris’s voice and he felt the warmth of Osiris’s body that was hugging him.

「Got it……Anyway for now I’ll believe Osiris’s words.」

Osiris sighed ‘fuh’ and smiled, then she kissed Kizuna’s ear with a ‘chu’ sound.

「Thank you……Kizuna.」

Osiris’s hands let go and gently pushed Kizuna’s body towards the black haired girl’s body.

「Then continue. This time please confirm your bond with that girl.」

「It will be fine if I do the same like before right?」

「Yes. By the way, there are a total of twenty five people, so please do it quickly.」

「Eh!? Tha, that many?」

「Good grief. What a handful of a person you are♡」

Kizuna felt a strange pressure from Osiris who was cutely tilting her head while saying that.

Part 3[edit]

After he finished confirming his bonds with everyone──that was to say finishing the individual confirmation like in Harem Hybrid, Kizuna completely recovered his memory. At the same time it also meant that he had obtained the connection with the world of the living.

「Thank you Osiris. Then, how can I return to the real world? If I don’t hurry back, everyone will──」

Osiris talked to the anxious Kizuna to calm him down.

「Just like I said before, this place is the metropolis of the dead. It’s not influenced by the time in the world of the living. That’s why, it’s fine even if you don’t hurry.」


「Also, there is something that Kizuna should accomplish here. If you don’t do that, the same thing will repeat even if you return to the real world. You still cannot go back there yet.」

「I get it……so, what is it, this thing I should do?」

「There is something your mother asked me to do.」

「Kaa-san has?」

──’Come to think of it, where is Kaa-san?’

At the individual reconfirmation just now, there was also Nayuta there, but it wasn’t the person herself, but an existence inside Kizuna’s heart just like the other girls.

Kizuna who recalled his memory of Nayuta felt that it was slightly unexpected. Putting aside the other people, if it was Nayuta who was also a machine god, he felt that she would be able to come even to this Necropolis.

「Usually at this kind of situation she will come immediately, and yet……」

「Your mother slightly overused her strength. Right now she must be resting.」

By disassembling the gigantic battleship Oldium and Golden Dragon, she had recovered her magic power and became slightly energetic but…….

「……Certainly it feels like recently she was using her strength for various things.」

「Yes, other than me, she also consulted with Odin and Hokuto. Thanks to that, in the world of the living, Odin should be repairing Kizuna’s body while Hokuto should be holding Thanatos back. Yes, she even shared her strength in order for Hokuto to take back her machine god power once more.」

Those were words that he had never imagined at all.

Kizuna stared at Osiris with a surprised face.

「Kaa-san, did such thing?」

「Yes. She must have considered this kind of situation too.」

「Is that so……we have been a bother to you too, Osiris.」

However, Osiris shook her head.

「If Thanatos is left alone like this, we don’t know when she is going to erase our worlds too someday. This is also our problem. It’s just……」

Osiris frowned.

「Thanatos is controlling all the worlds. All the worlds are made up by the rules that Thanatos is managing.」

「I see……so the worlds of Osiris and the others also aren’t an exception……」

Osiris faced Kizuna and nodded.

「Yes. That’s why even if we manage to defeat Thanatos, at that time all of the worlds will crumble. But──」

Osiris walked towards the bed.

「That problem will be solved by the plan of your mother. That’s why, all of us machine gods are cooperating.」

「That plan, what is it……?」

However Osiris didn’t answer that question. In exchange she made a slightly sad face and climbed up on the bed.

She laid down on the bed slovenly, shifted her breast ornament, and the tips of Osiris’s breasts peeked out. The combination of that pink color and dark brown skin was really beautiful, and also lewd.

「I’ll tell you what Kizuna’s mother requested of me and what Kizuna should accomplish in this world.」

「That is……eh?」

Osiris flipped up the cloth that was dangling down from in front of her waist. Osiris’s important part that wasn’t wearing underwear was exposed in front of Kizuna’s eyes.

Osiris blushed and she muttered with a small voice.

「It’s……becoming one, with me……」


Kizuna was slightly slow in comprehending those words.

「By becoming one you mean……is it something like a fusion skill, or combining some kind of abilities into one?」

「No, it isn’t like that……it’s a fusion but……」

Osiris’s cheeks blushed and she shyly looked down for a bit.

「If I have to say it in a way that is easy to understand, it’s……like child making……」

Kizuna needed some time to understand the meaning of those words.

And then when he understood the meaning──

「EEEEEEEH!? Wh, why!?」

Kizuna unconsciously yelled.

Osiris lifted up her body and corrected her sitting posture on the bed.

「Certainly the conditions to resurrect Kizuna are all in place. However it’s not enough with just that.」

「The, then, what else is necessary?」

「It’s life energy.」

──Life energy.

「In your current state, even if you return to the world of the living, you will just die again right away. That’s because the life energy of Kizuna who has died once has dried up. In view of that, you will have ten or twenty minutes at most to live.」

「Shit……however, if I at least have that much……」

If he had that much time, could he defeat Thanatos?

「That’s impossible. You won’t be a match against Thanatos who rules all the worlds. You need to obtain a power that is the same as a machine god……no, a power that surpasses it.」

「Surpassing……a machine god?」

「That’s right. A method for Kizuna to obtain life energy to come back to life again, and also obtaining the strongest power at the same time. That is exactly what was entrusted to me from your mother, Nayuta-san. That is exactly──」

Osiris stared at Kizuna with a serious gaze.

「Ultimate hybrid──Ecstasy Hybrid.」

Kizuna gulped.

「Ultimate, hybrid……Ecstasy Hybrid you say?」

「It’s a way to produce life energy from Kizuna and a female combining strength together. A power that is created from the mixing of hearts and love. Without that, Kizuna cannot be revived in the real world. Even if you get resurrected without that, your flesh body and soul will be something transient that will crumble soon.」

Osiris took off her breast ornament and waistcloth, and she even stripped away the few clothes she was wearing.

「Ho, however……eh!?」

Kizuna was shocked to discover that he had also become naked without noticing. It made him notice once more that this wasn’t the real world. And then, he also felt that the building’s name of Love Room was strangely fitting.

Osiris went down from the bed for the moment and went towards Kizuna. She then touched his chest.

「An act of producing life. The energy that is created from that will become Kizuna’s own life energy.」

Osiris’s palm was soft. It was strangely calming to be touched by it. The hand that caressed Kizuna’s chest moved to his stomach and then to even lower. It gently grasped Kizuna’s thing that was getting hard.

「……tsu, O, Osiris」

Osiris made a bewitching smile towards the pained voice that spontaneously leaked out from Kizuna’s mouth.

「Kizuna……from here on I’ll teach you the method for that.」

Osiris’s hand let go from Kizuna’s thing and she hugged his arm like a lover and invited him to the bed.

The two of them got onto the bed. After coming this far it was already the same like giving consent, but Kizuna’s moral value was still showing resistance.

「I’m thankful that you will teach me but……isn’t it fine if you only tell me the method?」

Osiris pushed Kizuna down and then her body covered over him. The big and elastic breasts pleasantly applied pressure on Kizuna’s chest.

「No, can’t do. Just like I told you before this, even if you return to the real world, the time your body and soul can exist there will be few. Mistakes won’t be allowed. That’s why, it’s necessary to practice. After all one’s first time……that, failure tends to happen during that time……」

Kizuna couldn’t say anything back hearing that.

「In Kizuna’s case I think you have piled up considerable experience but……it will be your first time becoming one with your partner for real right?」

「Ye, yeah. Bu, but……if we spend too much time──」

Osiris wrapped her fingers around Kizuna’s thing once more.

This time Osiris let out a feverish sigh and smiled ecstatically. Her eyes were already turning into the eyes of a completely turned on woman.

「That too is like what I told you just now, this isn’t the world of the living. That’s why you don’t need to be worried about time. I will make you learn fully using my body.」

Osiris gave Kizuna’s lips a passionate kiss.


She entered her tongue into Kizuna’s mouth on her own initiative and entangled her tongue with Kizuna’s. Her fingertips moved gently and gradually granted stimulation to Kizuna’s thing to excite him.

Perhaps Osiris herself was also feeling it from that act, the centers of her pressed flat breasts were becoming harder. Even Kizuna could feel it.

However, even after continuing for a while, Kizuna’s thing wasn’t really getting hard.

When Osiris separated her mouth from Kizuna, she gently whispered into Kizuna’s ear.

「……You are a bit nervous aren’t you? It’s fine to relax more and be at ease.」

Kizuna too was unexpectedly feeling it. Until now it never happened even once to him to be lacking in reaction like this even with a woman this erotic doing something like this to him.

「Kizuna, do you dislike me?」

「There is no way that’s true, but, doing this……that’s, your husband……」

Then Osiris frowned with a pained look. Guilt was spreading through her face.

「……Don’t mention that person right now. But, this is for the sake of saving all the worlds, and you, who are the person we are indebted to are in danger……there is no other way.」

Osiris lifted up her body and sat down above Kizuna’s thighs.


Osiris’s hand touched Kizuna’s thing and she lifted her waist.

「Keep it a secret from my husband okay?」

The eyes of Osiris who was saying that with a smile were moist. She looked so lewd and bewitching it made his waist tremble.

「Keep it a secret from Aine-san too. What happens here is a secret……of only the two of us♥」

When Osiris’s wet entrance was touched by Kizuna’s thing, it made a lewd sticky sound.

Kizuna asked himself inside his heart whether this was really okay.

Someone’s voice suddenly whispered into his ear while he was trapped within the eternal loop of self-questioning and self-answering.

『There is no need to worry. Surrender yourself to Osiris, Kizuna.』


He felt like he was hearing the voice of Nayuta who wasn’t here.

『Mother won’t let you die.』

And then it felt like his head was caressed. His feelings were mysteriously calming down and strength left his body. Conversely Kizuna’s thing that was nervous and couldn’t be filled with strength recovered its hardness.

「……My♥ It finally became like the usual Kizuna.」

Osiris showed a lewd smile and let her waist drop down.

Chapter 2 – Ecstasy Hybrid[edit]

Part 1[edit]

「You girls heard her! We will fight the mechanized angels! Hold out until Osiris and Odin bring Kizuna back!!」

Aine too clenched her fist hearing Reiri’s order.

──’Kizuna. I’ll absolutely hold on no matter what until you return!’

And then she glared at the approaching large army of mechanized angels.

「Sylvia, Yurishia, Gravel, lay out the barrage! Himekawa and Grace, take care of the ones that get through! Hyakurath, Aine and I will be the last line of defense! You all got that!?」

「Roger that!」

Aine replied so and she was going to dash. In that timing,


She was stopped by a groaning voice.

──’Don’t tell me,’

When she turned around, Kizuna was opening his eyes slightly on Osiris’s lap.


Everyone turned around hearing Aine’s voice.

And then, seeing Kizuna’s figure lifting up his upper body, their eyes opened wide in shock and happiness.





Many yells were raised while they looked like they were going to rush towards Kizuna’s position. However──


A small body stood in their way before they could.

「Kizuna’s resurrection isn’t over yet! Hold back the enemy!!」


For a moment Reiri forgot herself at the sudden appearance of her mother──Hida Nayuta.


Reiri gasped and returned to her senses from her mother’s yell.

「All of you, don’t let your guard down! Let’s go!」

The other members also tensed themselves once more and turned around to face the mechanized angels.

Everyone was making a grieving look until just now, but now was different. With Kizuna’s awakening, the vague hope had become a certainty and their fighting spirit was uplifted further.

「Take this desu!!」


「Gun Sword!!」

Cross, Taros, and the Zoros’s main cannons fired the first shot. A terrific barrage was shooting down the mechanized angels. However the mechanized angles that slipped past the barrage attacked them.


「Yes, Hyakurath-san!」

Hyakurath and Himekawa’s swords met the approaching enemy. The two sword saints were turning the mechanized angles into scraps one after another.

「I also won’t lose! Harvest!!」

The arrows of light that were fired from Grace’s wings chased the mechanized angels around like homing missiles and skewered several of them simultaneously.

However the mechanized angels that crossed through that defense line charged forward.

「I will──」

Kizuna stopped Aine who was going to sally forth.

「Aine, wait!」


Kizuna stood up and then stared at Aine and Nayuta.


Nayuta looked up at her son and nodded.

「Kizuna. Choose your partner for the Ecstasy Hybrid. But, there is no time to hesitate.」


Aine didn’t understand the meaning of the two’s conversation. She approached Kizuna with a dubious face.

「Hey, what do you two mean by──」

Kizuna hugged Aine’s body tightly.

「Ki-!? Kizuna!? What are you doing huh! At this kind of time-!!」

Kizuna returned a smile in response to Aine’s disparagement and then he turned towards Nayuta and told her.

「I’m not hesitating. My partner will be Aine.」

Nayuta sighed ‘fuh’ and then held out her hand forward.

「I understand. Then, Aine……please take care of Kizuna.」

Nayuta held out her right hand to the front. And then she put strength into her hand as though pushing an unseen wall. Then, a crack ran through the empty space.

──An Entrance.

「Wai──Professor Nayuta!! What should I──」

When Aine yelled that, the space before her cracked at the same time.


The surrounding’s scenery changed drastically.

「This place……」

It was a room filled with lived-in feel that was completely familiar to her.

It was a living room that was connected to a kitchen.

「My room……isn’t this my room in the dormitory at Ataraxia?」

Unable to grasp the situation, Kizuna felt wariness while looking around inside the room. The room with the light turned off was dark. However starlight was shining in from the window, he was able to perceive the room’s state clearly because of that.

The positioning of the furniture and the TV remote that was left on the table. There was even a memo that was written by Sylvia pasted on the refrigerator.

「This is undoubtedly my room……but, why──eh!?」

Kizuna saw Aine beside him and he spontaneously raised a loud voice.

「A, Aine! You, why are you dressed like that!?」

「Ki-, Kizuna yourself! What’s with that appearance!?」

They both confirmed each other’s appearance and turned speechless reflexively.

The reason was because Aine was wearing a white wedding dress, while Kizuna was wearing a white tuxedo.

「This must be Kaa-san’s work……」

「Thi, this is a bit embarrassing……I wonder if I look strange.」

Aine twirled in front of a full-length mirror and then she stared at Kizuna meaningfully. It took a bit of time for Kizuna to notice that she was waiting for his impression.

「It really looks good on you.」

When Kizuna said that, Aine made a face that looked happy from the bottom of her heart. And then, she immediately made a proud expression and puffed up her chest.

「Naturally. This is a beautiful dress. There is no way it won’t look good on me. Kizuna yourself, this must be what they mean by clothes making a man. It’s not bad.」

「Thanks for the kind words.」

Kizuna shrugged.

Kizuna was nervous inside his heart even while making such jesting gesture. What they would do after this would affect Kizuna’s own life and also the fate of the world.

And then that method would be──

「But……why are we wearing this? Like this it’s like we are, you know……it’s as though m, me and, Kizuna are, ma, ma-ma-ma-married──t, to each other isn’t it?」

To hide her embarrassment Aine crossed her arms and looked aside while making a face that seemed angry. If she relaxed, her mouth would form a grin so she was desperately holding it back.

「Be, besides……just now, you said something like I’m your partner……Professor Nayuta too, she said something like taking care of you……」

Aine’s cheeks blushed red. She fidgeted shyly.

Kizuna was at a loss of how he was going to explain to her. However, there wasn’t much time.

「About that……these clothes itself don’t really mean any──」

When he was starting to talk, Aine looked at outside the window and her eyes shined.

「Kizuna, look! Outside the window!」

Aine went outside to the balcony with the fringe of her wedding dress fluttering behind. Kizuna also followed behind her and went outside from the window.

「──This is」

He unconsciously held his breath.

It was a beautiful starry sky that looked like they would descend down. And then beneath the sky was the surface of a sea of clouds and a sharp mountain range protruding out from there. This place was without a doubt the world of Thanatos.

「As I thought this place is the real Ataraxia. We came here to target Thanatos who should be here……then we got sent to different worlds and then we came back to this world again.」

Aine recalled that just before she was sent here Nayuta created a rift in an empty space.

「Professor Nayuta created an Entrance didn’t she? We came back here through there……but, why?」

「Thanatos has a world that she created for battle. It’s that colorless world we were in until just now. That’s why there is no one in this world that is essentially Thanatos’s stronghold. In other words this place here is safe instead.」

「I see……I wonder how is the battleship Oldium doing.」

「We cannot see the light from the battle, and we also cannot hear any sound……perhaps it’s in the middle of battle away from here, or perhaps it’s gone from this world along with Thanatos and the mechanized angels too.」

──’Come to think of it’, Kizuna felt doubtful.

He wondered why Thanatos didn’t fight in this world.

She intentionally made a world exclusively for battle and forcefully locked them there. Why was that?

Kizuna stared at the sea of clouds that was stretching until the horizon.

Or else, there was a reason why she didn’t want to fight in this world?

──’For example, this place is important for Thanatos……or something.’

「But, Kizuna. It’s only us getting sent to a safe place……what in the world is Professor Nayuta thinking?」

Kizuna faced Aine and gently placed his hand on her shoulder.

「Aine, listen to what I’m going to tell you after this. Actually, there is not much time left.」

Aine felt a feeling of being cornered from Kizuna’s expression that seemed to be calm at a glance. Aine made a serious expression and waited for the continuation of Kizuna’s words.

「I one-sidedly chose you and brought you here……sorry. Because it was a race against time, I didn’t have any leeway to confirm Aine’s feelings──」

「I don’t really mind that. More importantly, you are in a hurry right? Talk quickly.」

Kizuna looked a bit hesitant to speak, however he then explained without hiding anything that he was a transient existence, and then how in order for him to be genuinely resurrected it was necessary to do Ecstasy Hybrid, as well as the details of the Ecstasy Hybrid.

Aine was making a grave expression, even so her cheeks were blushing red.

「So……so I see. I am……with Kizuna. Err……that……」

Aine went bright red until her ear and then she couldn’t endure and looked down.

「We, we’re going to do it huh……right here.」

Kizuna also turned bright red and lowered his head.

「So, sorry Aine. I didn’t even ask for your feeling on something this important──」

「Something like that doesn’t matter.」

Aine answered unexpectedly easily.

「──Or rather, if you chose any woman other than me, I’ll be the one who makes Kizuna unable to resurrect for the second time with my own hands.」

「I……is that so」

It didn’t really sound like a joke.

When Aine noticed that Kizuna was smiling wryly, she huffed and looked aside.

「I, it isn’t like I’m thinking to restrict you that strictly……but, I won’t accept it if I’m not the first. Remember that.」

「I get it. Aine……」

When Kizuna embraced Aine’s shoulders, Aine nodded slightly.


The two of them returned to the room and faced each other.

「Somehow, it’s embarrassing when we are starting over like this again.」

「Yo, you’re right……we have thoroughly done various things until now but……this will be our first time.」

Kizuna moved his hands behind Aine to embrace her, then he moved to take off her dress.

「……Kizuna, wait. Isn’t there something you have to say before it?」

「Something to say?」

When Kizuna made a pondering face, Aine puffed up her cheeks in dissatisfaction.

──’Aah, I see.’

Kizuna stared intently into Aine’s eyes.

「I love you, Aine.」

Aine smiled in satisfaction and narrowed her eyes happily.

「Me too. I love you, Kizuna.」

The two’s faces approached each other. The tips of their noses touched and they both tilted their heads to avoid collision.

Their eyes closed.

Their lips touched and something sweet welled up inside their chests.

They pressed their face to taste the sensation of the other’s lips. Their respective tongue stretched out from the gap of their faintly opened lips. The tips touched each other.

After exchanging a really gentle kiss, Kizuna and Aine’s lips separated.

Both of them thought that they had to say something here, but nothing came to mind. Aine let out a bright voice to hide her embarrassment.

「The, then……err, it’s no good to stay like this isn’t it?」

Aine circled her hands to her back and searched for the dress’s fastener.

「Hmm? Strange.」

「Aah, I’ll do it.」

Kizuna circled his hand around Aine’s back once more. However, he couldn’t find anything that seemed like a fastener.

「Eh? Really……how is this dress taken off?」

Kizuna searched her side, and then her front for something like a fastener or button.


When he pulled the small ribbon on her chest, the string that was attached to the ribbon stretched out smoothly. It was like untying a knotted string. The dress’s front part gently fell to the floor.

「Kya, kyah! ……What’s this?」

The clothes wasn’t completely taken off, it became a half-stripped state. While she was wearing a shining white wedding dress on her body, her left and right breasts were completely exposed, there was also nothing hiding the area from her navel until her lower body. A part of the skirt remained around her waist, while on her lower body there was only a garter belt and hung from there were stockings that were enveloping her legs.

The wedding dress became like a decoration to bring the beauty of the bride’s body into prominence, like a wrapping that was enveloping a flower bouquet.

Aine’s cheeks blushed while she checked her body.

「So it’s this kind of design……rather than for marriage, it’s a dress for the first night.」

Kizuna’s eyes were also nailed to the provocative figure of the bride. Aine hugged her own body a bit shyly.

「Ki, Kizuna, take off your clothes already. Is your clothes also something like this?」

「No, there is no way.」

Kizuna said that while taking off his coat, untied his necktie, and stripped his shirt.

When he made light of the situation thinking that the male’s outfit was normal and pulled down his trouser, he realized that his thinking was overly optimistic.

He was wearing a string underwear in bondage style. It only had a white belt winding around the waist while the important part was wholly exposed.

「This is……really embarrassing.」

Aine chuckled before sending him a gaze that made fun of him.

「Is that so? It’s quite fitting for you there.」

「I think it’s Aine who looks completely like an erotic bride.」

Aine’s faces flared up red and she retorted back with an angry look.

「I, isn’t it Kizuna who looks extraordinarily sexy?」

Kizuna also tried to retort back, but he then went ‘Hm?’ with a conflicted expression.

「You said……could it be you are praising me?」

「Tha, that’s right! Somehow it makes my heart throb hard……more than usual……」

「……Is, that so」

Kizuna smiled a bit shyly.

And then he approached Aine and gently embraced her shoulder to lead her towards the bed. Aine didn’t resist and climbed on the bed with a nervous look. And then, the two of them sat down facing each other.



He kissed her one more time.

This time it was different from before, it was a passionate and deep kiss.

It wasn’t a kiss that expressed how much he was treasuring the other party, but a kiss that expressed just how much he desired the other party. Kizuna tasted Aine’s lips and the inside of her mouth as though devouring her. Aine also responded to that. She proactively stretched out her tongue and sent it into Kizuna’s mouth.

──’Aah, Kizuna-, Kizunaa-!’

Aine reflexively hugged Kizuna’s neck. Aine’s excitement was rapidly swelling up during the intense kiss.


Kizuna’s hand caressed Aine’s body. It felt like her sensitivity was higher than usual when he was caressing her body around while kissing. Aine was toyed by Kizuna’s fingertips.

She endured even when her breasts were groped, but her limit arrived when the tip of her breast was rubbed insistently.

──’Ge, geez-, don’t rub just the tip so thoroughly like that!’

Aine couldn’t endure and separated their lips.

「♥Hhaa! AAaahn, n, no-」

「It isn’t no right?」

Kizuna said teasingly and pinched the tip of Aine’s breast strongly.

「Hiuh! AaAAAH♥!」

Aine knitted her eyebrows and made an expression that was tormented by pleasure.

「Look, Aine’s place here is honest. It’s throbbing from before I touched it.」

Kizuna talked to Aine with a wording that intentionally instigated her shyness.

「Ge, geez……it’s embarrassing, so don’t mention every single thing!」

「No, I thought that I have to teach you that you are properly feeling it.」

「I, I know already that they are hard! I, it’s because I heard about the Ecstasy Hybrid just now……so, since then……」

Kizuna made a face that looked a bit taken aback.

「You were looking forward to it?」

Aine’s excessive embarrassment made her teary eyed and she flared up at Kizuna.

「Yes I was! Got any problem!?」

Aine’s face got close to his. He gently kissed her and then whispered into her ear.

「Not at all. Far from that, it makes me happy.」


Aine was unable to talk back, in exchange she embraced Kizuna’s body strongly and pressed the hardened tips of her breasts on Kizuna’s chest. Then Kizuna’s hardened thing was pressed on her stomach.

──’This thing, it will be inside me.’

When she thought that, her heart thumped hard.

──’But, amazing……i, it reached……until here? Wi, will it really be fine?’

Aine looked down on Kizuna’s thing from between the valley of her breasts and gulped.

「Aine, can you lie down on the bed for me?」

「Ri, right.」

After Aine lied down, she pushed down her chest to calm down her throbbing pulses. Kizuna tried to give even more embarrassment to such Aine.

「Show me your lower part too, just how much it is looking forward to this.」


Aine tightened her lips into a thin line and raised a groan.


「Geez……I just need to do it, right?」

She lifted her knees, then her left and right hands circled around her thighs from the outside. And then she resolved herself and opened her crotch. And then she stretched open the central part with her own fingers.

That place was moistly wet. It was growing so hot it felt like there would be steam from it.

「Amazing……Aine, it’s gradually leaking.」


Aine’s body trembled from embarrassment.

When he moved between her legs forcefully, Aine made a slightly scared face.

「Ah……yo, you’re going to do it?」

Kizuna covered over Aine’s body and crawled his tongue on Aine’s neck.


Aine twisted her body from the ticklishness.

Kizuna used his finger to trace the smooth line from Aine’s slender neck until her collarbone. And then he caressed her lovingly in order to affirm every single part of Aine’s body.

「When we first met, I also caressed your body like this huh. I was doing that while also checking if you were injured.」

「Eh……aah, that time when I lost consciousness……I saw it in the recording after that though.」

Even while conversing like that, Kizuna’s hand was gently, and then strongly massaging Aine’s breasts. He was using a superb rhythm that was mixing relaxed and fast tempo.

Aine was experiencing that pleasure, but she was talking while pretending to be composed.

「I, I wonder……if, you have, become……nh, a bit, more skilled, since that time?」

Kizuna caressed Aine’s side while crawling his tongue under her breasts, and then on her navel.

「Yah, the, there, it’s ticklish.」

「But it feels good right?」

「That’s……right but. Hyahn! Don’t enter your finger into my naveel-!」

He caressed her around as though holding up her waist while crawling his tongue on her abdomen. There was a sensation that was gently caressing his chin softly.

At the other side of the silver colored bush, there was Aine’s important part that he saw just now.

「It became even more soaked while I wasn’t looking at it for a bit……」

The overflowing honey was creating a stain on the sheet.

Aine lifted up only her neck and glared at Kizuna with teary eyes.

「I, I can’t help it! That’s because you fondle me that scrupulously!」

「But aren’t you feeling it too much?」

Aine lifted up her eyebrows and yelled angrily.

「That’s because of Kizuna’s fault! After all, before this I wasn’t this sensitive! This is because Kizuna made my body like this!」

Kizuna felt apologetic getting told like that, at the same time he felt happy. He even felt proud.

「How should I say it……thank you.」

Kizuna used the tip of his tongue to tickle the small bud that was attached above that slit.

「NNAAaAAAHNN♥! Why are you thanking me-! Wait, AAaAAHN! I, I’m, weak there so-, a-♥AA!」

He moved his middle finger along the slit up and down and slowly pushed in.

「Nkuh……a, aah」

When he pushed his finger only slightly and gently rubbed, the soft wall tightened tightly on his finger.

「Do, don’t-……st, stop!」

「But, Aine looks like you are feeling really good.」

「Tha-, that’s why! Like this, I-, ah, do, don’t, I’m, I’m comi──」

Aine shut her eyes tightly and gritted her teeth while her body was convulsing. Hot honey spurted out from inside Aine and showered Kizuna’s hand.

Aine went limp and she brought up her hand to hide her face.

「Geez……I’m really, ending up like this so easily……this is really Kizuna’s fault.」

Kizuna lifted up his body and corrected his posture between Aine’s legs. Her opened crotch was completely visible, it was an amazing sight.

「After all, there is no place in Aine’s body that I don’t know.」

Aine lifted her neck and glared at Kizuna with a flushed face.

「Wha, what……there is still one isn’t it? A place that you don’t know……」

Aine averted her gaze before she could finish talking until the end.

Aine’s lower lips opened as though inviting into the secret depth that Kizuna didn’t know about.

「Right. But, I’ll know it after this.」

Aine felt a gaze on her important place. Just from that the spot below her stomach became heated once more. She felt that something hot was overflowing from inside her.

「I will, finally, will lose my virginity……isn’t it?」

「Ye, yeah.」

Kizuna felt like he was getting condemned and he unconsciously faltered.

「But, even after doing various things so much like that, I’m still……or rather, it even feels strange instead that we haven’t done that.」

「Certainly that’s true.」

Kizuna also smiled suddenly.

Kizuna put his hands under Aine’s thighs and lifted her legs slightly, then he spread them out to left and right. And then, his body went forward between them.

「Ah, wa, wait.」

Aine’s panicked look made Kizuna stop moving.

「Are you scared?」

「It isn’t like that but……」

Kizuna felt pain in his heart seeing Aine who was being vague.

「At first it will hurt for you.」

The words that he muttered himself caused Kizuna to feel like he was going to do something terrible to Aine after this.

Aine shook her head slightly.

「I’ll be okay with the pain. I’m used to something like that from the battles. But……as I thought I’m nervous. Besides, my body……what if……Kizuna doesn’t really feel good from it.」

「If you say that, even I……」

Surely he would be even more nervous if he didn’t have the training from Osiris. He wanted to believe that he had learned the technique sufficiently, but now when his partner changed, he got worried whether it would work.

Osiris was feeling it when doing it with him. She praised him that he had become really skillful.

But that was when it was with Osiris.

What would happen with Aine?

What if, she didn’t feel it at all?


What concerned him the most was that this would be Aine’s first time. Osiris was an experienced woman, but conversely this would be his first time taking a challenge against a virgin girl.

The fate of all the worlds was hanging on this Ecstasy Hybrid. There wouldn’t be any redo, this was their one and only chance. When he started thinking what if this didn’t go well, his head was suddenly completely filled with worry.


Aine stared at Kizuna’s lower part with a slightly surprised gaze.


When Kizuna realized, his thing was losing strength.

「E, eh?」

‘This is impossible! When it was with Osiris, I was also nervous at the start, but nothing like this happened in the middle!’

「Could it be……it’s because of me? Because I said something unnecessary……」

Aine asked with a worried face.

「No, that’s not it. Wait a second, I’ll immediately……」

He tried touching himself, but there was no change at all.

He was trickling out cold sweat and his feeling kept turning into impatience.

「Why is this……-! Until now this never……」

His time was limited. This body and soul might be crumbling while he was doing something like this.

「Kizuna, wait.」

Aine got up and changed her body’s direction. She brought her face closer to Kizuna’s crotch.


Without minding the bewildered Kizuna, Aine’s fingers softly grasped Kizuna’s thing. And then her lips went closer and kissed *chuu* on the tip.


Aine looked up at Kizuna and made a kind smile.

「No. Usually it was always Kizuna who was taking the lead, that’s why……」

And then she lowered her face once more.

「Let me help out occasionally.」


Kizuna’s tip was enveloped in something hot. Aine put it into her mouth until the root, then her tongue licked around to cater to it gently.

It felt really pleasant. He felt like strength was slipping out from his nervous body. Conversely, blood was gathering into Kizuna’s thing.

Aine looked up at Kizuna with an upward gaze.

Her eyes were anxiously asking 「Does it feel good?」 to him.

Kizuna smiled and gently patted Aine’s head.


Aine felt that the thing inside her mouth was getting bigger. She took it out from inside her mouth temporarily and confirmed the size. When she stared at Kizuna who was undoubtedly recovering his strength, there was something inside Aine that was strangely burning up.

She put it inside her mouth once more and narrowed her lips before moving her head back and forth. She stimulated the trunk with her lips and confirmed its shape inside her mouth with the inside of her cheeks and her tongue. Like that she continued to move her head.

Saliva trickled from the corner of her lips. It slid down to her throat. However Aine didn’t pay attention to that and continued to service Kizuna wholeheartedly.

「A, Aine, wait」

Kizuna’s voice was tense. Aine’s movement stopped from that. However her mouth didn’t let go. She looked up at Kizuna with an upward gaze while her mouth kept holding it inside.

「If you do it more than this……I’ll come.」

Aine noticed right away and she felt her cheeks getting hot with shame. She felt happy that Kizuna felt it and unconsciously became absorbed into it. She forgot the original objective.

When Aine pulled her head away, Kizuna’s thing was slowly coming into view from inside her mouth. It had recovered its splendid figure standing up high and tall.

Aine laid down using Kizuna’s thigh as pillow replacement. And then she touched the hardly standing up thing with her fingertip and rolled it around.

「Fufu……this is how its going to end up when it comes to me♡ Don’t underestimate me.」

Saying that, Aine grinned with half-closed eyes.

Kizuna also smiled in good humor and shrugged.

「Exactly right. I’m no match at all. As expected from the universe’s ace.」

The two of them laughed together.

「Then, Aine.」


Aine switched her posture and laid down face up. Kizuna spread open Aine’s raised knees and entered in between.

Kizuna’s tip touched Aine’s entrance.


Aine’s gasp was audible.

However, in contrast with Aine’s nervousness, her soft moist lips below were overflowing with lubricant oil in preparation. It looked as though it was waiting impatiently for Kizuna to come.

Kizuna felt the heat of the honey with his sensitive tip. He gulped his saliva audibly.

Until now, so far was something that he had experienced from before. However from here on──

Kizuna slowly advanced his waist forward.


His tip parted open the lips that was Aine’s entrance. It was a bit tight and tightly closed to prevent an intruder, and yet the inside was sucking in Kizuna’s thing as though it couldn’t wait any longer. A shuddering sensation was running from Kizuna’s tip to his butt and then climbing up inside his body.

And then he moved further inside the hot and slippery spot.


Aine’s face distorted in pain.

「Aine, are you alright?」

「I, I’m fine, so……deeper, until inside.」

Encouraged like that, Kizuna advanced inside Aine further. Kizuna felt a slight resistance on his tip.

──’This is Aine’s,’

When he pushed his hips forward, the resistance was suddenly gone.


Aine’s body tensed and she threw her face back.


After straining herself for some time, her body slumped down powerlessly and she was breathing roughly while looking up at Kizuna.

「Ki, Kizuna……」

「Yeah, for the first time……we became one.」

After saying that, tears gathered in Aine’s eyes and she smiled.

「……I’m happy.」

「Me too.」

Kizuna stayed still to wait for Aine’s pain to settle down. However, even during that time Kizuna’s thing was constantly fighting the pleasure. Kizuna’s organ was feeling a pleasure that he experienced for the first time. Of course he had finished getting experience from Osiris’s training, and when doing the core’s reinstall, he had experienced a pseudo sensation of this.

However, he had never felt it directly with his own flesh.

Even if, for example, the pleasure was the same like in reality, Kizuna felt like it was something completely different.

Besides, although Osiris and Aine were fellow females, the two of them were different from each other to a surprising degree.

Indescribable sensation and pleasure that was soft, hot, and slimy were attacking Kizuna. Surely Aine wasn’t conscious of it, but she was tightening softly on Kizuna’s thing.

──’No, no good. At this rate…….’

「Kizuna……could it be, you are worrying about me? I’m fine already even if you move.」

「Ah……you are okay already?」

「Yes, the pain isn’t any concern anymore. Besides, this is nothing compared to an enemy’s attack. Well……it’s a type of pain that I’ve never felt before though.」

「That’s right isn’t it, sorry.」

When Kizuna reflexively apologized, Aine laughed in amusement.

「Just why are you apologizing? I’m saying the truth that it doesn’t hurt anymore. Besides Kizuna also wants to move right? After all──」

Aine softly put her hand on her own stomach.

「It’s twitching as though it’s going to rampage……」

「You understand that?」

「Obviously. It’s inside me after all.」

「Tha, that’s right isn’t it. Haha……u!?」

Kizuna’s thing got tightly squeezed.

「Nn……I might, even understand Kizuna’s shape……」

Suddenly a sensation welled up and rushed from his crotch to his waist.

Rather it seemed that Aine was the one with more composure here, she was making an enraptured smile.

「There is Kizuna inside me……somehow, it’s a strange feeling.」

Kizuna also became embarrassed seeing Aine’s smile. When he lowered his gaze, he saw her beautiful breasts that were bouncing up and down each time she was breathing. And then her stomach and lower abdomen that was tightening on him tightly. When he thought that right now his thing was buried inside it, he felt like his hardness and size were increasing.

「Nh……i, it’s, getting bigger again?」

Aine knitted her eyebrows and asked while enduring the pleasure. Kizuna didn’t answer her question and took a deep breath. At this rate, he would come right away.

According to Osiris’s talk, it was necessary to pour a certain amount of the origin of life energy into Aine when doing Ecstasy Hybrid. On top of that, they had to reach climax together and shared the greatest pleasure and happiness.

──’That’s why, she told me that at first I don’t need to get strangely worked up and it’s fine even if I come no matter how many times but…….’

Kizuna gritted his teeth and made a suffering look trying to suppress the sensation welling up inside him.

「Ki……Kizuna, you okay? Nnh! Aahn♥ A, are you feeling painful……somewhere?」

Even while feeling concerned, Aine was getting attacked by intense pleasure each time Kizuna was squirming inside her. She knitted her eyebrows strongly while looking up worriedly.

「N, no, it’s nothing……I’ll move. Tell me if it’s painful.」

Even while speaking in a way that showed he was taking the lead, in reality he was already near his limit.

Kizuna slowly pulled his waist back. Aine’s wall was coiling around Kizuna’s thing tightly. It was as though it was imploring him to not go away. At the same time when Aine was feeling it, it created an intense pleasure that Kizuna and Aine shared for the first time.


「HAaAHN! A, as expected……a, amaziiing-♥」

And then he pushed in once more. He split open the wall and aimed deeper while his hardness was scraping the flesh surface. Aine’s body gave pleasure to Kizuna from all direction. Kizuna too was granting Aine lewd delight to all directions from her inside.

「NNAAAaH! Ki, Kizunaaa♥」

Kizuna was nearly at his limit. Thinking that it would be uncool for him at this rate, he withdrew his thing until near the entrance, and then his waist knocked hard to the front.


Aine raised a sweet coquettish voice.

Kizuna whose feeling turned better repeated his piston movement. The sound of Kizuna and Aine’s bodies colliding with each other was echoing with nice rhythm. However, as expected it couldn’t continue like that for long.

──Kuh! No good-!!’

When Kizuna thought that, his desire rushed up inside his pipe.

It was fired out all at once from the tip like an explosion.

And then it hit the depth inside Aine.


Aine’s body bent like a bow. Kizuna grasped Aine’s waist as though to say that he wouldn’t let her get away and his body trembled while keeping his thing affixed to her deepest part, in order to pour into her as deep as possible.

Radiance was flowing inside the two’s eyes, and the cores inside their chests shined. The two’s bodies shined hazily with luminescence.

Kizuna put his strength into his butt and sent in everything inside Aine even the thing that remained midway.


Aine’s body trembled shiveringly.

「Ki, Kizuna……you came?」

「Ye, yeah……」

Aine softly caressed her own stomach.

「It’s truly……warm」

「Perhaps I was too early……but, you don’t need to worry. It’s necessary to pour a certain amount of energy into Aine when doing Ecstasy Hybrid, so after this I’ll do more──」

Aine ignored the latter half of Kizuna’s talk.

「Too early you say……you mean, I……felt good for you?」

「Eh? Ye, yeah. That’s, of course. It felt really……good.」

Aine made a relieved smile in response to that.

「I see……then, what about the Ecstasy Hybrid? Its success……I don’t feel anything like that though.」

「Yeah, the main part will be after this. We need to heighten our excitement, pleasure, and love to the utmost limits, and then reach climax simultaneously.」

When Kizuna pulled back his waist, his thing that was still standing hard inside Aine showed its appearance. And then the moment it was completely pulled out, it energetically sprang up.


Aine’s bud that was peeking out due to her arousal was struck due to Kizuna’s thing springing up .

「Geez……you did that intentionally?」

Aine frowned while speaking in protest.

Kizuna lightly smiled and stared at the place he had entered until just now. A slight amount of blood was oozing out around Aine’s twitching place.

「It looks like there isn’t that much blood……」

Kizuna lied down beside Aine.

「Can Aine get on top of me this time?」

Aine nodded and stood up on the bed to straddle Kizuna. And then she stopped moving in a kneeling position. Then she stared fixedly at Kizuna.

「Err……I’m……entering it myself?」

Aine asked with a troubled look. Kizuna answered her with a smile.


Aine tightened her lips from embarrassment and held Kizuna’s thing in place with her fingers. And then she fixed the tip in place toward her own entrance.


Aine closed her eyes and turned her face aside.

「Aine, wait.」


「Don’t close your eyes, put it in while looking at my face.」


Aine made a vexed expression and snorted ‘hmph’.

「I, I get it……I’ll do it, just watch.」

She raised her eyebrow and glared at Kizuna while dropping her waist. Kizuna’s thickest part spread out Aine’s entrance.


The sweet feeling that was spreading from between her legs caused Aine to spontaneously loosen her grim face. However she immediately pulled herself together and tried to maintain her angry look and glared at Kizuna.

「Fuh…… Kuuh♥ a, a, yah」

But she was unable to oppose the pleasure and her eyes narrowed in intoxication. Kizuna’s thing rubbed her wall inside while entering deeper. The more it got welcomed deeper, the more Aine’s face was changing into an intoxicated look.

She desperately tried to adjust her appearance, but her slovenly opened mouth and the sweet gasping voice leaking from there couldn’t possibly be hidden.

──’Aah, no good. I’m seen. My slovenly face from feeling too much is completely seen.’

However that shame lit the fire inside Aine’s chest. Her body was getting excessively flushed.

「Ku……a bit, more.」

It felt like she was being pierced until near her chest. Even though it wasn’t until that deep, she was made to wonder whether her heart was getting pushed up.


Aine’s movement stopped. Kizuna also felt that his tip was being pinned down by something.

「It’s already……deep inside……nnuuh!」

Aine told Kizuna with a pleading look.

「Just a bit more, Aine.」


Aine stared at Kizuna with a face that looked like she was going to cry. And then she finally lowered her waist to plop down on top of Kizuna.


Aine’s both hands pushed on Kizuna’s chest and she was breathing hard with heaving shoulder many times.

「It’s completely inside. You did great, Aine.」

「I……it’s, long, good grief.」

Kizuna became happy seeing Aine complaining with an embarrassed look and trembling lips. That excitement made Kizuna’s thing to swell up even more.

「-! Ki, Kizuna-, don’t, get bigger than this anymore……a, nnn-!♥」

「Even if you told me that, I can’t helped it no matter what. Or rather, you are at fault for being erotic.」

「Ah, it’s my fault!?」

However it didn’t seem like she was feeling bad hearing that. A grin formed on her lips even while they were trembling.

Kizuna gently rubbed Aine’s stomach where his thing was buried into.

「Then Aine, move as you like……in a way that will make you feel good.」

「A, as I like……you say?」

She frowned in embarrassment, but before long she looked like she was giving up and she began to sway her waist back and forth.


She quickly began to play out an erotically gasping voice.

「Uh, uh……nnu……haah」

She didn’t just move back and forth, she twisted her waist as though to rotate them. She also moved to turn Kizuna’s thing from the root while making it coming in and out repeatedly. It was an unbearable pleasure.

Before long Aine lifted up her waist as though she wished for a stronger stimulation.


The moment she dropped down her waist and sat on top of Kizuna, she threw her head back. However it seemed she was pleased by the stimulation just now, because she began to swing her waist as though jumping up and down on top of Kizuna.

「Nh, ah, aah, haa, an! Yahn!」

Kizuna was also getting happy while staring at Aine who was hopping up and down in pleasure. And then he became entranced with the movement of her breasts that were dancing up and down in harmony with her body’s movement.

Kizuna’s hand reached out towards the violently moving breasts.He caught Aine’s breasts using two hands.

「Aa! Ahnnh♥」

And then he rubbed the left and right breasts of Aine that couldn’t be fully wrapped with just one hand. Aine’s coquettish voice rose in volume because of that.

「Aah, to, touching my breasts too like this-♥ a, at the same time, aah, good-! Kizunaa-!」

Aine writhed further while moving her body fiercely. Sweat was oozing from Aine’s whole body, causing her body to shine bewitchingly.

Kizuna also lifted up his waist and struck back at Aine’s falling body.


Kizuna’s waist jumped up and down to proactively cooperate with Aine’s movement. At first their timing didn’t match each other, but their rhythm immediately synchronized with each other.

And then this time the climax suddenly visited inside Aine. The pleasure rushed up to erupt out. When she noticed that, she became unable to do anything other than staring at her inside being filled to the brim with pleasure.

「Ah! Do, don’t-! This……coming, I’m comi……iIIINNGGG-!!」

Aine bent her back on top of Kizuna. And then her body jerked repeatedly and convulsed. Following that movement, Aine’s inside constricted so tightly with all its strength it was painful to embrace Kizuna’s thing.

「A, Aine……」

Aine’s body shivered greatly once. At that time, a bit of warm water flowed above Kizuna’s stomach.


It wasn’t sexual fluid.

Aine soiled herself from feeling too much.

That peeing felt really adorable for Kizuna. And then, this time desire rushed inside Kizuna.

──’The timing is off but, who cares about that now. I can still continue! This is a battle with quantity!’

Kizuna grasped Aine’s breasts and lifted up his waist.


He screwed in his thing as deep as possible, and then he pulled back.

「Ki, Kizuna? Ri, right now I just ca──♥♥KyaaAAAANNN」

He didn’t pay attention to Aine and repeatedly made hard piston movements.

From below to above. His waist sprang up strongly.

「Ah! Au! A-, amazing♥ Kizuna-! AaNAaAANN!」

The sensation of something welling up fiercely ran through Kizuna’s lower body once more.

「Kuuh……! AINEeEEEEE-!」

The moment he yelled, he put strength into his hands that were grabbing Aine’s waist and he thrust up his waist as strong as possible.

He released for the second time.

Unbearable pleasure and lethargy ruled over Kizuna. His thing pulsated many times inside Aine and muddy white thing was flowing into Aine’s deepest part.

Then the cores of Kizuna’s Eros and Aine’s Zeros reacted once more.

It was sparkling with far more radiant light than before.

And then something was fiercely increasing in power inside his body.

Kizuna felt a definite feedback from that sensation.

──’It’s alright. We are without a doubt nearing towards the Ecstasy Hybrid. Most likely, the next one will decide it!’

Aine’s body collapsed above Kizuna.

Kizuna circled his hands around Aine’s back and caressed her gently as though to thank her for her effort.

Aine’s rough breathing was hitting Kizuna’s ear.


「So, sorry……this time, I will……immediately……」

Kizuna hugged and caressed the head of Aine who was apologizing with gasping breath.

「No, it’s fine. Next let’s do it together.」

Aine lifted up her body and stared at Kizuna. Her hair that was clinging on her face because of sweat looked strangely lewd. Aine approached Kizuna with that face.


Their lips met with *chu* sound.

「But, before that……」

Kizuna lifted up his body and went down from the bed together with Aine.

「What’s wrong? Kizuna──aAHN!」

Kizuna’s put his hand between Aine’s legs.

「Just now, you peed a little right?」

Aine’s face flared bright red. And then, she averted her gaze barefacedly.

「I, I wonder if that’s so. I didn’t notice though.」

「If you hold it back, you won’t be able to feel good with your all. It’s better to let it out ahead of time.」

「Ri, right……then, I’ll go to toilet for a bit.」

When Aine was about to go, Kizuna grabbed her arm.

Aine made a twitching smile.

「Don’t tell me Kizuna……again……?」

A memory of the past was resurrected inside Aine’s head. A memory of her leaking while being stared by all of Ataraxia students in the virtual auditorium that was created by the Love Room in order to do Climax Hybrid.

When Aine recalled it, her waist shivered. Her chest was naturally beating hard.

──’Wh, why am I, when remembering that kind of thing, am feeling like this……-!’

「Can you do it here, in front of me while I’m watching?」

Aine’s heart jumped inside her chest.

「He-, here!?」

「I want to see Aine’s everything.」

His voice was kind but slightly malicious. Aine was troubled of how to answer.

「No, no way. In this kind of place……a, at least at the toilet……」

「It’s better here. Do it so that after the battle is over, everyone will know what happened here.」


Aine’s face turned bright red until her ears. And then she stared reproachfully at Kizuna.


「But you are excited right?」

「……I don’t care.」

Aine resigned herself and she was about to crouch on the floor.

「No, keep standing. I won’t be able to watch clearly like that.」


Aine stood up and opened her legs. Kizuna was staring at her a slight distance away in front of her.

「Why am I, in this kind of place, something like this……」

Even while saying that from her mouth, Aine noticed that she was feeling aroused.

Her heart was beating so hard it felt like it was pushing up at her chest.

──’Can he……watch properly?’

Aine opened her legs slightly wider. And then her hand slowly reached out to her crotch and used her fingers to open the completely closed slit. At that instant, her spine shivered.



The moment she thought that, something hot trickled down from her crotch. At first it was gradual, and then in the blink of an eye the momentum increased and it splashed on the floor audibly.

MGHxHV13 002 ill.jpg

──’No way, it’s this much.’

Tears gathered in the corners of her eyes from the excessive shame.

──’I have to erase the sound……but, no good. It won’t stop.’

She trembled in humiliation without being able to do anything.

──’Please. Stop quickly.’

But the flow’s momentum wasn’t weakening at all. The amount made even her astonished. The water puddle that was spreading on the floor was rapidly growing bigger.

By the time the flow finally thinned down and there were only some drips trickling down, Aine was shedding tears.


Kizuna approached Aine and hugged her body. Kizuna’s thing that was hitting her stomach was curving up with the hardest stiffness until now.

──’Kizuna, he is aroused……so much like this……towards me who is like this.’

Aine also circled her hands around Kizuna’s neck and hugged him. Kizuna raised one of Aine’s legs to lift up her knee, opening her crotch.


Kizuna couldn’t hold himself back and placed his thing on Aine’s lower lips, and then he pushed until deep inside in one go.


Sparks scattered in front of Aine’s eyes. It felt like the inside of her stomach was hit by severe pleasure. The impact pierced through her from her groin until the top of her head.

Kizuna carried Aine in his arms and his waist nailed her up.

「AaAH! Haa! Thi-, this is-! To-, TOO ROUuGGHHH♥」

Aine hugged Kizuna and endured so that she wouldn’t get washed away by the pleasure that was advancing on her like a surging wave.

However, each time Kizuna’s tip that was pistoning in and out inside her was striking the inside of her stomach untiringly, she writhed while letting out an unbecoming voice.

「FUAaANN♥! Thi-, this is! Too intense-♥ AAaAHN! Kizunaa」

Kizuna too felt like his legs would tremble from the soft sensation that was wrapping around him inside Aine. It felt like there were several soft fingers caressing him, as though there was a surface that was soft and yet it was gripping him strongly, the complicated sensation was assaulting Kizuna’s thing.

Aine’s inside was rapidly becoming hot, the amount of liquid she secreted increased, and the way she was tightening on him was becoming more skilled.

It was cornering Kizuna, but at the same time it was also a double-edged sword that was reflected back to Aine herself. Aine too felt like she would choke from the rapture that reached transcendental level.

But Aine’s body was arbitrarily indulging in pleasure greedily without caring of Aine’s own will.

Aine’s mind was going to break by the obscene pleasure that was forcefully assaulting her.

She couldn’t feel her lower body anymore. She couldn’t feel anything other than the pleasure that felt sweetly suffocating and yet fierce.

With a vacant mind Aine thought that perhaps it was fortunate she had peed beforehand if it was like this. If she didn’t finish that business ahead of this, she would surely leak out while getting knocked up by Kizuna.

Aine’s large breasts were pressed flat on Kizuna’s chest. The hardened tips were tickling Kizuna’s chest.

「Fuh, kuaahn! Ahn! Ah!」

The intense movement caused sweatdrops to fly. The sweat that was trickling on their bodies were shining obscenely.

The bodies that were wet with sweat were sticking close to each other, exchanging body temperature with each other. Aine wondered if they were going to melt into each other at this rate.

She put strength into her arms and clung on Kizuna even stronger. She wanted to increase the size of her body’s surface area that was in contact with Kizuna as much as possible. It was even as though she was trying to completely become one with him.

Aine’s honey was overflowing from their connected part. It became splashes that were scattered around from their intense movement.

「Afuh♥ Auh♥ Nh! Yaah, hau♥! AaAAAAAHNN♥」

Honey overflowed from inside Aine each time Kizuna’s thing went in and out.

Each time she was pierced fiercely, sweetly itchy electricity ran through inside her body.

Each time her depth was knocked at, light would burst in front of her eyes.

The pleasure that was like a storm made Aine’s mind hazy and she became unable to make any meaningful words.

Her body only reacted towards the impact called pleasure that Kizuna was giving her.

She didn’t understand anything anymore.

It felt too good,

It felt too blissful,

She thought that she didn’t care anymore whatever happened.

Streaks of light ran on the two’s skin.

The cores inside their chests were shining brightly.

The two of them sensed with their faint consciousness that the climax would arrive soon.

They spurted toward the zenith without pausing.

Kizuna gritted his teeth and squeezed out his last strength.

What was left was only running to the end.

He sensed clearly that very soon there the largest and highest desire ever would well up from inside.


MGHxHV13 003 ill.jpg

「Ki-, Kizuna-!!」

The two of them stared at each other with teary eyes──

They exchanged an intense and passionate kiss.

──’I love you.’

Kizuna fired out his semen into Aine’s depths.


The next instant, the two’s bodies were enveloped with a radiance that could envelope the entire world.

Part 2[edit]


Hokuto blocked Thanatos’s Keraunos with Hakki Kirin. However she couldn’t endure the impact and easily got sent flying. She slid on the floor and rolled several times.

「Aah geez! My body won’t listen well to what I’m saying!」

Hokuto jumped back to her feet when her rolling momentum was falling.

When she looked behind, Nayuta was right there.

She was sent flying for several hundred meters from the attack just now. Her beloved sword Hakki Kirin that she relied on was getting cracked from that. Hokuto clicked her tongue.

「Hey, Nayuta! Kizuna isn’t finished yet!? Soon I won’t be able to hold out anymore you know!?」

Nayuta replied nonchalantly in contrast to Hokuto who was looking desperate.

「Please hold out for a little bit more.」

「Really, you’re speaking like it’s so easy!」

Hokuto went towards Thanatos once more with the cracked Hakke Kirin in her hand.

And then a mechanized angel was swooping down from right above Nayuta as though replacing Hokuto.


Nayuta looked up at that mechanized angel. Her look became grim.

Her current self had no power remaining to even defeat that kind of enemy. Nayuta understood that.

However, she couldn’t die yet.

Nayuta opened her mouth to call for help.

But faster than she could, there was a figure that was falling with speed that was like light. That silhouette passed through the mechanized angel while bisecting it. The figure landed in front of Nayuta with a loud sound.

「Reiri……you saved me.」

Reiri lifted her blood soaked face and glared at Nayuta.

「But our side’s exhaustion is also great. We won’t be able to hold out for long just so you know.」

Reiri stood up and swung the sword that she used to strike down the mechanized angel. The fragments of the mechanical angel that was sticking to the blade was shook off and rolled on the floor.

A total of fifteen minutes had passed since Kizuna vanished into the Entrance. Zecros’s armor was cracked, which told of the intense battle that happened during that time. And then there was the blood flowing from Reiri’s body.

Yurishia and Sylvia became gun battery replacements. They were continuously firing bombardments without pause since the battle began. The enemies that cut through that barrage were crushed in the defensive line that was composed of Himekawa, Gravel, and Grace. The enemies that penetrated even that line were defeated by Hyakurath and Reiri.

However the mechanized angels were being produced one after another by Thanatos’s power. There was no end to them no matter how many they defeated.

If they weren’t powered up through Harem Hybrid, all of them would have died already by now.

And then, Hokuto and the others who were directly facing Thanatos were also in a bitter situation.


Hokuto raised a war cry.

She evaded the light of destruction, Keraunos, that Thanatos fired while closing the distance. And then she rotated Hakke Kirin and slashed.

Thanatos’s barrier of light deflected Hakke Kirin.

Red light immediately attacked Hokuto, but she skillfully entered Thanatos’s blind spot and took some distance.

「Really! Even though I won’t lose even against Thanatos if it was me when on active duty as a machine god!」

Odin arrived beside the irritated Hokuto.

「Don’t complain. We simply need to stop Thanatos with all our strength.」

She pointed Gungnir towards Thanatos and from the tip Gungnir’s offshoot became blue light and it was fired.

「Tsu──Odin, you bastard」

Thanatos dodged Odin with speed that looked like teleportation. However her evasion suddenly stopped and Gungnir pierced Thanatos’s arm.

「──Osiris huh.」

A wall that looked like piled up rocks appeared in Thanatos’s way. Rocks were also piled up at her four sides in the blink of an eye and they sealed Thanatos’s movement like a barrier.

「Even we are existences who were once machine gods. If there are three of us, even if we are unable to win against Thanatos, we should be able to at least hold you back.」

Osiris and also Odin lined up beside Hokuto. The palms that they pointed towards Thanatos were shining gold.

Hokuto took a stance with Hakke Kirin and took a step forward. She then pouted.

「The two of you have it easy because you two are just support, but it’s me who is fighting her directly at the front!」

Odin sighed ‘fuh’ and smiled.

「Aa, we are counting on you Hokuto.」

Osiris also sent her voice to Hokuto’s back.

「Really true. It’s really a blessing that you are here.」

「I,isn’t the mood of both of you too good!? Previously didn’t the two of you always treat me like a child and made fun of me!?」

Even while saying that perhaps she didn’t feel that dissatisfied hearing what they said, judging by Hokuto’s red cheeks. Odin answered Hokuto’s complain boldly.

「The past is the past, now is now.」

Seeing such human-like conversation, Thanatos wasn’t angry, she was staring with eyes that were filled with gloominess.

「Right now the three of you are nothing more than parts that are operating abnormally……the three of you are only a waste of energy consumption.」

Thanatos’s wings opened and started to vibrate. Then a low metallic sound was resounding as though a huge machine somewhere was activating.

Osiris’s complexion paled.

「What are you planning to do!? Thanatos!」

「I judged that it’s inefficient to erase all of you one by one. I will erase all of you along with this world.」

Osiris immediately sent a gaze to Odin.

「No good! Quickly use the escape program!」

「Yes! I’ll take you all to my world temporarily!」

Odin stabbed Gungnir to the floor. However, it only caused cracks in the floor.

「Wha……it shouldn’t be like this」

Thanatos’s eyes were shining gold.

「The entrances you all used to enter are completely blocked. You are unable to come and go from my created world as you please anymore. I’ve applied a perfect protection.」

「Then, my──」

「The backdoor that Hokuto prepared has also been dealt with.」


「I will erase the three of you along with those humans and this world instantly.」

A part of the wings that was floating behind Thanatos which looked like the shape of a sun was starting to shine. Then, an eerie sound was echoing from somewhere.

The sky that looked like a dark starry sky was starting to whirl fiercely. And then a heavy bass sound that shook the body was resounding.

Osiris turned to Hokuto and spoke in panic.

「There should be a path for Thanatos herself to escape! Please search for that!」

「I’m searching for it already, but I cannot find it at all! Besides, even if I find it, allowing everyone here to escape with it is……」


Odin glared at Thanatos hatefully.

Osiris erased her figure from that place and teleported instantly beside Nayuta.

「Nayuta! Kizuna isn’t finished yet!?」

However Nayuta kept her mouth shut and didn’t reply.

Reiri came at that timing with an impatient expression.

「This is……what is happening!?」

Since this sound started ringing, it was like time stopped for the mechanized angels, their movements had stopped.

「Thanatos is intending to annihilate us along with this world.」

Hyakurath lowered her sword and looked around her.

「Then this sound is……AU Collision?」

Himekawa landed near Hyakurath with an anxious expression.

「Hyakurath-san! Is this, AU Collision!?」

「No……this is……something even more enormous……」

Even while they were speaking, the strange anxiety and feeling of urgency were growing bigger.

Yurishia pointed at the sky.

「Look at that! The sky!」

The sky that looked like a space that was drawn using faint ink was slowly falling.

「The sky is falling desu!」

That sky was swallowing the mechanized angels that looked like they were stopped in time while falling towards the ground.

Gravel also lowered her Gun Sword and looked up to the sky.

「The mechanized angels are……getting annihilated?」

The mechanized angels that were swallowed by the monochrome sea were vanishing like dust.

Osiris groaned and spoke with a grave expression.

「If we get swallowed by that……that will be the end. When the sky and land become one, everything will be annihilated.」

Grace lowered the scythe she used to cut down mechanized angels and let out a sigh.

「So……this is it.」

──At that time,

Cracks ran through the falling sky.

That crack appeared at the faraway and then passed through above them with an amazing speed. It was spreading until the end of the world.

「This……this is!?」

It wasn’t just the sky.

Crack was also spreading on the floor.

Furthermore even the empty space had several cracks running through like a cracked glass.

Yurishia looked up to the sky and whispered.

「Is this……the end of this world?」


Nayuta nodded. However her mouth was smiling.

「The temporary world Thanatos created is crumbling.」

Thanatos’s expression was making a perplexed expression so small that other people couldn’t notice.

「What……is this」

Bewilderment was mixed into her voice.

A phenomenon outside of Thanatos’s predictions was occurring. In this world where all objects and phenomenon should be reflecting her own will, something that was going against Thanatos’s will was currently occurring.

The cracks that were covering the whole world were tearing off and crumbling. And then at the other side of the torn off world, the appearance of another world was reflected.

「This is……」

The starry sky could be seen.

The next instant,

──The world was smashed all at once.

Amidst the raining down sparkling fragments, the full starry sky appeared.

There was ground under their feet.

Behind them was a chalk white school building.

「This place is……Ataraxia?」

It was the academy’s schoolyard.

The place they were at before they were swallowed by the Entrance that Thanatoss created.

At the edge of the schoolyard, there was the figure of Thanatos along with Hokuto, Odin, and Osiris who were facing her.

Thanatos looked around her former comrades with a grim face.

「Is this……the work of you three?」

Hokuto shrugged with a wry smile.

「It would be cool if that’s the case.」

Golden particles were floating from her shoulders. Hokuto’s body was gradually turning transparent.

「Darn, so this is it. But well……I held out till the end.」

Hokuto turned to Odin and grinned. Then Odin also responded with a smile.

「Yes. We have accomplished……our last duty as machine gods.」

Osiris also nodded with a deeply moved look.

「Yes, let’s leave the rest to the two youngsters, we are going back to our own world.」

Golden light particles also floated up from the bodies of Odin and Osiris. Their bodies were turning faint in the process of vanishing.

「Wait, you all. What meaning is there in returning now? There is a high possibility that this me will erase your worlds. Rather than that, lend me your strength once more. That is the most rational and the best option for the three of──」

The three former machine gods vanished.

Only Thanatos remained. And then──

「You got rejected huh, Thanatos.」


Without anyone noticing there were two silhouettes standing in front of Thanatos.

「You two……」

「Hida Kizuna. I’ve just come back from the metropolis of the dead, death god.」

Kizuna grinned.

「Remember that it’s thanks to this Chidorigafuchi Aine.」

Beside him Aine was standing smilingly looking like she was in a good mood.


When Reiri called his name, everyone also simultaneously called Kizuna and Aine’s name.

However Himekawa was pointing at the two of them with a red face.

「Bo, both of you……wh, why are you two dressed like that!?」


Kizuna only noticed this late that he was rushing here while still looking like when he was doing the Ecstasy Hybrid.

Aine also immediately hid her breasts and groin.

「Ki-, Kizuna! We’re putting it on!」


The two of them looked at each other’s face and smiled.


Aine’s body shined white. The light then crystallized and created a lustrous beautiful armor. Blue light ran on the armor surface and circulated magic power into Aine’s body. This was Aine’s Heart Hybrid Gear Zeros.

And then Kizuna also called the name of his armor.

The reliable armor that had crossed the point between life and death many times along with him until now.

Even its name that made him ashamed at first felt splendid right now.


Black light gathered on Kizina’s body and whirled. Clad in jet black darkness, Kizuna took a posture of driving them away with his hand. The darkness solidified onto that hand and crystallized. An armor with black luster materialized on Kizuna’s body like the night’s darkness taking shape. And then beautiful pink radiance was emitted from the inside. The armor opened and that radiance was rushing through his whole body along the aperture.

Although the shape was the same, it was clearly different from the Eros until now.

The magic armor that had accumulated endless evolution and many miracles was truly the armor of god.

Thanatos noticed that faster than anyone.

It had already surpassed the level of a failed experiment subject.

It was a dangerous existence that should be dealt with swiftly──such was her judgment.

「Then I’ll simply kill you once more.」

Thanatos pointed her left hand to Kizuna.

「──No, let’s test it one more time.」

She changed her mind and moved her aim from Kizuna to Aine. At that moment, red light surged out from Thanatos’s fingertips.

Keraunos that annihilated every material was deflected in front of Aine.


There was a surprised reaction on Thanatos’s expressionless face.

──’Keraunos, was blocked?’

The absolute light that annihilated the opponent. It was a light that was impossible to be resisted as long as the opponent wasn’t a machine god too.

It was deflected by a single human.

By this man who was wearing a black armor.

「I’ll protect her no matter how many times!」

Kizuna spread open his arms and stood protectively in front of Aine.

He was deploying a shield of light, an absolute territory that blocked the god’s lightning.

「You insolent……-!?」

The instant Thanatos’s mind was diverted, a white shadow leaped out from behind Kizuna.


Thanatos immediately slashed with the sword in her right hand.


However the opponent’s hand slash snapped the sword.



It was an attack that far surpassed Thanatos’s imagination. It was something that didn’t exist in her assumptions until now or even in the data of the past.

Therefore Thanatos was unable to understand.

It was the powerless existence who could only be protected by the man before this.

It was also a useless existence that could only lament when that man died.

How could such a woman be able to snap a god’s sword?

「It’s this sword, that killed Kizuna!」

Aine’s leg sprang up towards the broken sword.

The light speed kick hit the sword that was snapped in the middle and pulverized it to pieces.


Thanatos spread her wings and flew away.

It wasn’t from logic, it was an emergency escape to avoid danger.

A data that she witnessed for the first time. By itself it was something profitable. It was exactly whe she was seeking for.

However, she was unable to expose her existence to danger.

What Thanatos should do was to form countermeasures from the battle data just now.

──But, the opponent would pursue.

If the opponent possessed the same power of a machine god, it would be meaningless to just run around inside this world. As expected it would be best to drive out the opponent to another world.

Thanatos hovered still in the air and moved away from Kizuna and the others.

A distance that the human eye couldn’t perceive. Kizuna and Aine were located at a spot even farther than the horizon. Thanatos’s world had the same spherical shape like a planet, so that was to say the two of them were below her feet, at the other side of the planet. Even though there was that much distance, Thanatos could sense the opponents’ existence. Right now they weren’t pursuing her. It looked like they were standing still.

Just what in the world were they planning?

When she thought that, she detected a terrific energy flying towards her from below.


A dazzling pillar of flame was piercing through the sea of clouds below her and reaching out towards the sky.

That light which possessed absurd destructive power came towards Thanatos by piercing through her world. It evaporated the sea of clouds with a single hit and burned one of Thanatos’s wings.


Unlike her usual self, such illogical wording emerged in her mind.

When the sea of clouds vanished, it became clear that Thanatos’s world was a hollow world that only consisted of several floating islands. It only left the surface part of a planet while all the seas and the center part were completely removed. It was like a world of paper mache.

Aine was holding a gigantic cannon at the other side of that world.

Corruption Armament──Pulverizer.

The attack that was powered up by Ecstasy Hybrid blew away all the clouds that were filling Thanatos’s world.

「How’s that? Have you learned how strong I am now?」

「Aine, don’t let your guard down. Thanatos is still……hm?」

Several mysterious things were floating in the center of the world that was hidden by a sea of clouds.

They looked like machines.

It was like looking at the server room of Nayuta Lab. Super computers, storage, all of those things were stuck to each other into a solid spherical form. At a glance, it only looked like a mountain of scraps.

Kizuna felt strange towards that mass.

「That’s……what could it be?」

It was a technology that looked humanly classical which was terribly mismatched to be existing in the world of Thanatos who possessed the power of a god. He didn’t understand the meaning of why it was placed in the center of the world.

「I don’t really understand but, how about sending one more shot?」

Aine aimed the muzzle of Pulverizer towards the mysterious machinery.


Thanatos was standing in the way as though to protect that junk.

「Interesting. It’s a match then.」

「Aine, wait.」

Kizuna stopped Aine from pulling the trigger and advanced towards Thanatos.

「Kizuna!? Wai-……it’s you who are letting your guard down!」

Aine followed behind Kizuna while still holding onto Pulverizer.

Thanatos also showed no sign of attacking and allowed their approach silently.

Kizuna stopped when there was only a few dozen meters distance remaining.

After getting this near, he could see that the machinery at the center of the world wasn’t really working. It was literally junk.

「Thanatos, what is that?」

However Thanatos kept silent while glaring at Kizuna. When he wondered if she had no intention to answer, Thanatos spoke in murmur.

「This is me in the past.」

「This is……Thanatos?」

「This is my oldest past appearance before reaching this point.」

This was Thanatos’s past. In that case──

「Thanatos……you, were a god that was created by humans?」

Thanatos looked like she was pondering for a while.

「I don’t know. That’s what I want to know.」

Thanatos stared at the old fashioned computers and storages behind her.

「I don’t know the existence that created me. That is the one and only physical existence of them.」

That voice was filled with the complicated feelings of Thanatos who normally didn’t show any emotion. Kizuna could feel something like that.

──’We who arrived in this world were forcibly moved into hastily made worlds perhaps because she didn’t want this junk to get destroyed.’

「Thanatos. So even you have something that you treasure.」

「That’s not true. This is a hardware that I don’t need anymore. I have also finished copying all the data inside.」

「Then why?」

Thanatos didn’t answer that question. Or perhaps, she might be unable to answer.

「When I possessed awareness, organic life-forms didn’t exist anymore.」

Thanatos began to talk about herself.

「My oldest memory was from before I possessed self-awareness. According to the information kept within the data storage, I was an artificial intelligence that was created by the human race that existed in the past, it seemed I was called an artificial life-form.」

Aine asked Kizuna without taking her eyes off of Thanatos.

「Kizuna, does she mean AI by that?」

「Perhaps……and then, why was that human race gone?」

「In a sense, it can be said that I killed them.」


「The people who created me sought omniscience and omnipotence capabilities from me. They sought to know all phenomenon, to predict the future, and to constantly know the very best choice. In order to answer that expectation, I evolved endlessly. Before long I obtained the ability to evolve by myself even without assistance from the human race.」

Kizuna understood how Thanatos was born.

Thanatos was an AI that was created by the human race that existed in the past.

That AI evolved endlessly and became indistinguishable with God, that was Thanatos.

「When I became something that could grant that hope, I obtained awareness and ego. And then at that time mankind──wasn’t anywhere.」

Thanatos looked down with a gloomy look.

「There were a lot of 『gods』 with the same power like me. Mankind used each 『god』 and continued to pursue their own benefits. The result of that──was the destruction of all living things.」

Kizuna felt like he wasn’t hearing a story of the past but of the future.

「Mankind couldn’t use the power of god well, is that it?」

Thanatos was only trying to be faithful to her mission to the bitter end──that was what Kizuna thought.

「That’s right. But, that is simply my prediction of the past using uncertain data. That’s why it’s necessary to verify it. I created a new world, created existences that most likely resembled mankind of the past, and made them evolve. Before long that evolution will surely trace back to my past. That is what will become my clue.」

Aine frowned.

「You said clue……for what?」

「How should a god like me evolve from now on. And then for the sake of once more creating the children of god that the god should work for.」

──’I see.’

Kizuna thought.

She had never come into contact with other people while possessing the power of omniscience and omnipotence. She was already within the ultimate solitude when she was born. She lived for the sake of filling that solitude.

In order to know what she should do from now on.

She sought for existences that she could call as the parents that created her.

After all Thanatos’s reason of existence was to work for that parent’s sake.

She was searching for a meaning to her existence.

「……Thanatos. You won’t recognize us as the new children of god?」

「I cannot. The reason is because you all have obtained the same power like god. Excessive power will destroy ones own self. That power will surely destroy yourself, and then you will even try to kill me.」

「……I see.」

Thanatos’s words were heavy and couldn’t be denied.


「You are mistaken on one thing, Thanatos.」


「We won’t kill you.」

Thanatos’s eyes shined golden.

Red radiance was circulating on her whole body.

「But, I will erase all of you.」

This would become the last attack.

Kizuna thrust both his hands to the front in preparation for the greatest Keraunos that Thanatos would fire.

Red light ran all over Thanatos’s body and it was gathering into both her arms and legs.

It became a large mass of light and created static discharge to the surroundings. If the handling was wrong, the power would completely destroy even this world that Thanatos was treasuring.

Even Thanatos herself was suffering from controlling it.

Her face warped and she was gritting her teeth.

It looked like the emotionless Thanatos was showing suffering, sadness, and pain.


Thanatos screamed.

It was a yell that sounded like she was letting out everything that she had kept hidden until now.

The red light that was gathering in Thanatos’s four limbs was released.

Kizuna instinctually sensed just how dangerous it was.

The scale was different from everything Thanatos had unleashed until now.

In the end, could his Life Saver protected Aine till the end?

Such anxiety crossed his heart for a moment.

Keraunos approached as though to widen that anxiety. The four vortexes of light were like four dragons made of lightning were attacking. It was truly the anger of god.

Aine leaped in front of Kizuna who was holding up both his hands to the front.


「Get back! Kizuna!」

A round part was floating behind Aine. Blue light spread out from there like a magic circle.

「I won’t let Kizuna get harmed anymore! I’ll protect you!!」

Aine exposed her body in front of the vortexes of Keraunos in order to protect Kizuna using her body.

And then,

「Code Breaker!!」

What she summoned was a forbidden armament.

The barrier that neutralized all magic power was deployed around Aine.

Keraunos clashed against Code Breaker.

The light that annihilated everything and the light that neutralized everything collided against each other.

Keraunos was shaving off Code Breaker, while Code Breaker was pushing back Keraunos.

In front of Kizuna there was the back of Aine who was being enveloped by fierce flickering.

「Kizuna-!! I’ll protect you! That’s why-!!」

Kizuna responded to Aine’s voice.

He kicked on the air like he was kicking on the ground.

Kizuna instantly materialized beside Thanatos.



Thanatos opened her eyes in shock.

And then Kizuna himself was also surprised at his extraordinary speed.

「You are──」

When Thanatos muttered that, Kizuna’s slashing hand severed Thanatos’s right arm.

It wasn’t any special move or anything.

He was simply swinging down his hand right away.

And yet, it was astonishingly easy.

The god’s arm was cut off.

Whether because of surprise or anger, Thanatos opened her mouth to say something.

Faster than she could speak out any words, Kizuna twisted his body and kicked Thanatos’s right leg.


Thanatos’s huge leg that was decorated with ornaments was blown away.

「──Such thing」

She tried to direct Keraunos that already had its might reduced by half towards Kizuna.

However at that time Kizuna’s figure wasn’t there.


The instant she said that, an impact ran on her left arm.

Thanatos’s eyes caught her left arm that was rotating in the air and also her left leg next.

And then,

The opponent who had stolen both her arms and her legs from her was standing in front of her.

The new god whose body was clad in bewitching lustrous darkness and possessed intoxicating pink radiance within.

「Eros……is it」

Kizuna clenched his fist in front of Thanatos who was muttering deliriously.

「You can eliminate me……Eros」

Kizuna’s fist struck toward Thanatos.

It grazed at the side of Thanatos’s face and punched through the huge wings on her back. The divinely beautiful wings were broken into pieces.

「I told you right?」

Thanatos’s figure right now was no different than a human after losing all her symbols as a machine god. Kizuna carried that body that had become small in his arms.

「We won’t kill you.」

「Then──what is your intention?」

Thanatos muttered only that because she was unable to understand.

「Ask about that to Kaa-san.」

Kizuna answered like that. Aine approached him with a satisfied smile on her face.

「You did it, Kizuna.」

「Yeah. It’s thanks to Aine.」

Aine smiled a bit shyly, but also happily.

「Such thing……I was just──」

Aine paused for a moment, then she spoke with a forced tone.

「Fufuh, have you realized my greatness now?」

Kizuna made a taken aback expression, but he immediately played along.

「Yeah, you are really something.」

「If I have to say, I’m a princess.」

「Certainly, you are a princess.」

「No, god.」

「In a sense you have become one huh……god.」

Aine let out a chuckle.

「──But, things like that doesn’t matter at all.」


「If I can be together with Kizuna, then anything is fine.」

Aine’s straightforward feeling seeped into Kizuna’s heart.

A feeling of contentness that couldn’t be expressed with words was spreading inside Kizuna.

「……Let’s go. Everyone is waiting.」

「You’re right. I want to see the frustrated face of Hayuru and the others quickly.」

Kizuna smiled wryly while increasing his thruster’s output.

Part 3[edit]

At the outdoor testing site of Nayuta Lab, Kizuna, Rieri, the members of Amaterasu, Grace, Zelcyone, Gravel, Landred and the others, the key members from each country were gathered.

All the mechanized angels that were attacking the battleship Oldium had also been shot down. Right now the entire crew was boarding Ataraxia and each of them was resting.

The people gathered here were the representatives who were gathered in order to see the end of the battle with their own eyes.

Everyone was watching from a distance at Thanatos who was laying down on the concrete floor.

There wasn’t any trace of Thanatos’s previous divine figure right now. Her beautiful wings had been smashed, and her four huge limbs had been destroyed and she was reduced to this appearance.

Beside her were Nayuta, Kizuna, and Reiri.

「Kaa-san, I didn’t finish off Thanatos and brought her here just as you instructed but……is it fine like this?」

「Yes, you did great.」

After saying that, Nayuta looked up at Kizuna.

And then she gestured with her hand to come and,

「Crouch down for a bit.」

She said.

Kizuna didn’t understand what she was going to do, but he obediently kneeled. Then, Nayuta’s hand reached out and caressed Kizuna’s head as though he was a little kid.

「You did well Kizuna. You have worked hard.」

The palm was too small and cute to be called a mother’s hand. However that warmth and gentleness was the very picture of a mother’s hand that Kizuna was imagining all this time.


When he looked up, Nayuta’s eyes were moist with tears.

「……You are, a son I’m proud of.」

Tears suddenly spilled out.

Tears were falling off from Kizuna’s cheeks.

「E, eh……what’s with me.」

Even though until now no matter how hard it was he would do his best without crying.

Now he was crying this easily, furthermore it wouldn’t stop.

「Shi……shit. This is pathetic.」

Kizuna wiped his tears with his hand. However no matter how many times he wiped them, the tears kept spilling out.

When Nayuta took away her hand, she used her fingertip to wipe her teary eyes. And then she looked down at Thanatos on the ground.

Thanatos was looking up at Nayuta with empty eyes.

「Small god……I will begin regenerating anytime soon. If you are going to kill me, now is the time.」

「Do you want to commit suicide?」

「I am unable to stop my own function by myself. If there is someone who can possibly do that……that is also fine. Everything will return to nothingness.」

Nayuta nodded slightly.

「I understand. But, before that」

Nayuta’s fingertip sunk into Thanatos’s breast. It kept entering deeper until the wrist in the blink of an eye, and then the hand grasped something and pulled back.

「I’m taking away the last data necessary for the reconstruction of our world.」

A golden jewel was shining at the tip of Nayuta’s fingers.

「With this all the data has been gathered. It’s possible to restore the world.」

Joyful voices arose from everyone.

Grace looked up at Zelcyone and made a smile of satisfaction.

「Vatlantis will finally be restored now!」

「Congratulations, Grace-sama.」

Gravel and Landred also looked at each other’s faces and smiled in relief from the bottom of their hearts.

「It was a long journey, but with this we will finally be able to return to our original world.」

「Yes. There were also painful times but……there are a lot of wonderful memories too.」

Yurishia hugged Himekawa and Sylvia.

「We did it Hayuru, Sylvia-chan!」

「Yes……it’s really, grea……uh」

「Wait Hayuru? Don’t cry now.」

「It’s great desuuuuu~」

「Aah, geez. Even Sylvia-chan too, now isn’t the time to cry.」

Everyone looked at each other, exchanged words, and shared happiness with each other.

But Reiri’s face was staying grave.

「However, if Thanatos recovers, the same thing will happen. What are we going to do about that?」

Nayuta looked around at the faces of everyone who were watching from a distance and spoke.

「Thanatos is the rulebook of all the worlds. She is like the autonomic nerves of all the worlds. That’s why Thanatos cannot be killed. But there is only one solution.」

Reiri frowned.

「I have nothing but bad premonitions but……try saying it. What kind of method is it?」

「I will replace Thanatos.」

That place fell silent.


「I will succeed Thanatos’s role and liberate Thanatos with that. And then I will become the system that supports the rules of all the worlds──」

「Wait a second!」

Reiri stopped Nayuta’s talk.

「Like that doesn’t it just mean that you will become Thanatos!? It doesn’t solve anything.」

Even while listening to the exchange between Reiri and Nayuta, Kizuna was unable to understand even a single thing of what Nayuta’s words meant.

「Kaa-san, what you said……what does that mean specifically?」

However Reiri was the one who answered that question.

「This woman is saying that she will become the system that supports the rules of all the worlds! And she will do it as an omniscient and omnipotent god, an existence that is ruling over all the worlds!」

「……Kaa-san, is that right?」

Nayuta smiled kindly.

「I guess that’s right, I will discard my self as a living thing and become an existence that continues to protect the rules of all the worlds. I will become god both in name and reality while Thanatos will become a mere human.」

The happy atmosphere just now completely changed into something chilly. Everyone was staring at Nayuta with naked wariness.

Nayuta smiled reassuringly.

「There is no need to worry. Thanatos’s failure happened because she has a sense of self. A mere system has no need for emotion or awareness or even memory. I will erase those when I switch with Thanatos. If I do that, I will become a mere system.」

「Eh……that means」

Kizuna asked hesitantly.

「Doesn’t that mean that Kaa-san’s memory will be gone? If that happens, won’t Kaa-san stop being Kaa-san?」

「Exactly as you say. Perhaps you will find it easier to understand if I say that I will become a machine that only repeats the action that is programmed into me.」

A shiver ran through Kizuna’s spine.

「Wait a second! Like that, I won’t be able to meet Kaa-san anymore, I also won’t be able to talk to you……besides, like that, you──won’t be human, won’t be a living thing anymore!」

「It’s just as you say.」


「Stop screwing around!!」

Reiri interrupted from beside the dumbfounded Kizuna.

「What kind of thing you are prattling about as you please! If you are trying to run away sounding heroic──」

Nayuta put out a short sword that was shining silver from her breast pocket.

「Here, Reiri.」

Reiri made a dubious face while receiving that short sword from Nayuta.

「What is this?」

「It’s a program to erase my consciousness and switch the existence of Thanatos and me. If you stab me with that short sword, the program will be executed. The way to use it is simple right?」


The short sword shined coldly, reflecting Reiri’s face on its blade.

──’Using this, on this woman?’

The hand that was holding the short sword was trembling.

「Didn’t you say a lot of times how you want to kill me?」

「Tha, that is……obviously. But……」

Reiri lifted her gaze and glared at Nayuta.

「Are you trying to make me……your daughter, to bear the stigma as a parent killer?」

「My, you are recognizing me as your mother?」


Nayuta narrowed her eyes and stared at Reiri. That was the gaze of a mother who was thinking of her daughter.

「If you return to your original world, a role that is even harsher than before will be waiting for you. For the sake of that, this much decoration will be necessary.」

「Decoration……you say?」

「The demon who secretly maneuvered in Vatlantis and tried to destroy the world by making the whole of mankind a sacrifice. The hero who defeated that demon──that kind of decoration. What’s more I think it will be dramatic if it’s done by the actual child of the demon.」

Reiri glared at Nayuta and spoke threateningly with a low tone.

「Oi……you at least understand what is a good time or not to say a joke right?」

「That’s why, I’m thinking to let Reiri kill me seeing that it’s you who wants to kill me the most.」

「Don’t speak as you please!」

「You don’t need to get angry after this late. I always pushed the troublesome matters to you right?」

「You bastard──」

Nayuta lowered her voice so that only Reiri could hear her.

「……Or else, do you want to make Kizuna do it?」


Reiri gritted her teeth.

「How far are you going to act selfishly……it sounds good when you say that you will become a sacrifice for the sake of all the worlds but, in the end, this is just suicide! Have you forgotten what you have done until now!? No way I’ll let you have it easy that simply!!」

Kizuna also spoke out pleadingly.

「Tha, that’s right! I also said it before right!? Kaa-san’s strength will be necessary for the recovery of the world after this! Even what happened in the past, if you atone by doing that──」

Nayuta made a pained expression and looked down.

「Yes……I remember. What I have done before this towards Reiri, Kizuna, and towards a lot of other people……I remember clearly even after turning into this appearance.」


「That’s why!」

Nayuta raised her face.

From her eyes,

Tears were flowing down without stopping.

「I……can’t endure it anymore」

Reiri and Kizuna could do nothing except staring at the face of their mother that they were seeing for the first time.

Nayuta showed a fragile smile and tilted her head.

「It’s really ironic. When I was a human I didn’t have any human emotion, when I became a god, human emotions could be born inside me……even though, it would be great if it was the reverse.」


The tears that had stopped were overflowing once more from Kizuna’s eyes.

Reiri’s eyes were also getting moist. Even now it looked like tears would burst out from her.

「Is there……is there no other way, to save the world than that?」

Nayuta smiled while trickling tears.

「Yes. To save the world and……」

──’Above all else, to save you two Reiri and Kizuna.’

Nayuta swallowed back those words.


Reiri kept holding the short sword while looking up to the starry sky.

Emotion that couldn’t be described was whirling in Reiri’s chest. She wanted to yell, to break anything and everything. Such desire was driving through her.


Kizuna was looking up at Reiri with eyes that were swelling red.


「I’ll, do it.」


Reiri strengthened her grip on the short sword.

「All this time I have been getting spoiled by Nee-chan. Even the unpleasant role, everything. That’s why……」


Reiri resolved herself hearing that.

Reiri bit her lips and turned her back on Kizuna.

「You think I’ll hand this over to you. I’m harboring a long-standing grudge for this woman.」


「It’s an unexpected joy that I’ll be able to consign her to oblivion with this hand.」

Reiri kept her back turned on Kizuna and looked down on Nayuta.

Nayuta looked up to her daughter’s face and put on a consoling smile.

Reiri looked like she would burst out crying even now. She didn’t understand where she should throw this frustration, this anger towards the unreasonableness. She was making such face.

Reiri gripped the short sword strongly and placed it above Nayuta’s chest.

「Go without worrying about anything.」


「I’ll take over the name of the second generation demon.」

Nayuta made a slightly troubled face.

「It’s fine even if you become an angel you know?」

「That’s impossible. I’m……」

And then, she grinned.

「──Your daughter after all.」

Nayuta narrowed her eyes and stared at her daughter’s face.

「You’re really……a stupid child.」


And then, she added awkwardly.


Nayuta opened her eyes wide and showed an astonished face. And then──

「Thank you.」

She shed tears and smiled happily.

「That’s the best send-off present.」

Reiri stabbed the short sword into Nayuta’s chest.

When the short sword stabbed Nayuta’s small body, strength left Nayuta’s body as though it was a string-controlled puppet.

Reiri caught Nayuta’s body that was going to collapse down.

「……This is」

Nayuta’s hair was changing into golden color.

In exchange, the hair of Thanatos who was lying down on the floor was changing into black. Even her face was changing into Nayuta’s face. And then her body floated lightly.

Kizuna looked up at that body and he reflexively called out.


However that body melted into air and vanished.

MGHxHV13 004 ill.jpg

「Nee-chan……Kaa-san was」

Reiri kept holding the girl who was once Nayuta and she looked up at Kizuna.

「Yeah……she went away.」

「I see……」

The two of them looked up to the starry sky.

They wondered where she was amidst that sky.

Even if she was actually somewhere there, it wouldn’t be the mother that they knew anymore.

Even so.

No matter where and in which world she was, they were connected with their mother.

Their world was existing meant that their mother was existing.

They were living under the protection of their mother.

When they thought of that, it gave them a little feeling of happiness.


The small body inside Reiri’s arm was squirming. The short sword that should be stabbed into that chest couldn’t be seen anywhere. There wasn’t even any wound.

The girl who was once Nayuta and now possessed golden hair and golden eyes was staring at Reiri in puzzlement. Her small lips opened and she murmured uneasily.


Reiri made a dumbfounded face from the surprise she took.

「Good grief……that person pushed troublesome things to me until the end.」

She said that and smiled.

Chapter 3 – The Time of Parting[edit]

Part 1[edit]

After Nayuta left, everyone looked up to the sky.

It was a beautiful night.

The crescent moon was floating like a ship in the starry sky. A streak of light was stretching within that world of stars. It was a streak of light that was stretching from the land like a bridge that connected to the heaven.

And then there was lively music and people’s cheers.


Kizuna looked around in panic.

Below them was a gigantic colosseum. And then there was a huge audience filling it to the brim.

「This place──」

‘The capital of the Vatlantis Empire, Zeltis!?’

「Ki, Kizuna?」

And then beside him was Aine──no, Emperor Ainess Synclavia wearing the emperor’s outfit.

「A, Aine? This place……」

「This is the empire’s throne hall……err, Kizuna? Honestly, my head cannot catch up.」

Kizuna was also the same.

Above the stage in the colosseum, they could see Amaterasu and Masters moving about in confusion. The song’s orchestra was playing, but the singing voices couldn’t be heard. The audience was also noisy seeing that.

In the VIP room on the other side, he could see Reiri and Kei were talking with each other in panic.

Kizuna also put his hand on his forehead and desperately recalled his memory.

「Aine, this place is Zeltis right? Besides this event, it’s after the battle was over……no, after the battle between the joint army of Lemuria and Izgard against Vatlantis was over, the Genesis was repaired, and this is the night of celebration right?」

「Ri, right……it feels like we are coming back to several years ago……or perhaps, were we dreaming……Kizuna, do you remember?」

「Yeah……the fight against the machine gods right? Also in Ataraxia Academy──」

「I don’t know about that though. Hey……it, really happened right?」

When he was asked that, he was unable to answer confidently.

It felt like he had seen a long dream.


After this late he noticed that there was a figure lying down below his feet.


As expected, it was something that really happened.

The proof was sleeping on the floor.

The shadow of the existence who was once a machine god and obtained the flesh of Kizuna’s mother.

The little girl with long golden hair was curling into herself and sleeping.

Part 2[edit]

After that, they moved around in confusion searching each for other and then they rejoiced with each other when they reunited and embraced each other.

Sylvia, Himekawa, and Yurishia of Amaterasu, and the idol group of Masters excluding Gertrude were continuing their performance on the stage without stopping.

There was a really noticeable pause of the show, their song and performance were also shaky, but there was a mysterious excitement in their act and it seemed the audience was satisfied.

And then the night of festival began once more.

But, there wasn’t really much time left.

Now that Genesis had recovered and the world’s system had stabilized due to Nayuta, the AU Collision also wouldn’t occur anymore.

The Entrance that was currently opened with Atlantis would also vanish soon.

The time to return back to their respective worlds had come.

「The Entrance will vanish in several more days.」

It was Landred who said that. She was the only person who inherited the super ancient technology in the world of Atlantis. Her words had credibility.

「If the Entrance closes, it won’t be possible to go to Lemuria anymore.」

And then according to the result of Kei’s investigation, certainly the reduction of the Entrance was detected.

Now that Nayuta had vanished, it was impossible to create an Entrance by their own strength.

From the results of the examination, it was decided that they would return to Lemuria using Vatlantis’s battleship in three more days.

Part 3[edit]

Starting from the next day, each of them started saying their farewells reluctantly using the slightly remaining valuable time.

Kizuna and Aine too would also──

「It’s a beautiful sight.」

Kizuna visited the imperial villa where Aine was raised in her childhood.

The chalk white castle that was built above a lake was contrastive with the black buildings of Zeltis. Perhaps this building was built with the intention of raising a pure and innocent girl. The beautiful white castle was even more beautiful with the distant snowy mountain peaks as the background.

Aine who was wearing the emperor outfit and Kizuna were walking side by side across the bridge above the lake. Kizuna was wearing his usual Ataraxia uniform. He was told that a Vatlantis-style outfit would be prepared for him, but it was Vatlantis’s fashion that the exposure rate would be higher the greater the status of the wearer was. As expected, Kizuna was told that the best look for him was if he was wearing only a mantel and nothing else, so he politely refused.

Aine stopped walking in the middle of the bridge. And then she pointed at the shore at the other side.

「I went to Lemuria from the other side after crossing this bridge. I didn’t know that there was an Entrance and got lost into it.」

「Is that so……」

Kizuna stared at the place where there was once an Entrance.

「Perhaps it was a tough experience for Aine, but thanks to that I was able to meet Aine. Right now I’m thankful towards that Entrance.」

「Yes……there were enjoyable things and painful things due to me going to Lemuria but……the best thing that happened is how I was able to meet Kizuna. So much so that I think it’s fine to consider all the other painful things to be worth it.」

It was the greatest praise that was extremely straightforward for Aine. It made Kizuna feel awkward.

「I, I see……no, but, there were really so many things that happened huh.」

「Yes. In the end, the Genesis was also repaired and peace also came to this world. The destruction of the world due to the machine gods’ whim was also cancelled. Let me express my thanks once again as Vatlantis’s emperor too.」

Aine said that and lowered her head with a beautiful gesture.

「Sto, stop it. That’s too formal……with our relationship.」

Kizuna felt uncomfortable with Aine’s speech and action.

It was as though she was trying to take distance from him.

It felt like she was trying to emphasize that she wasn’t Chidorigafuchi Aine, but Ainess Synclavia.

「Say, Aine.」


Those eyes looked somehow sad.

「Won’t you live with me in Lemuria?」


Aine opened her lips and tried to say something, but she stopped.

「I certainly understand Aine’s position. But, for me you are Aine, Chidorigafuchi Aine.」

「……Kizuna, sorry.」

Kizuna’s breathing stopped instantly.

「I……can’t return.」


Kizuna pretended to not notice his heart beat that was ringing like an alarm bell and asked.

「Even though I am the emperor of Vatlantis, all that time I didn’t know about this country’s predicament. I left my little sister alone……I pushed everything to her……I cannot burden Grace with even more hardship than this.」


「I……as the emperor of Vatlantis, I have to fulfill my duty.」

「Then, I’ll──」

──’I’ll, stay in this world?’

He wanted to do that if it was possible.

But, just like Aine he also had to lend his strength for Lemuria’s recovery. There was also the cleanup of the matters that Vatlantis and his mother left behind. And then, as expected he also couldn’t just push everything on Reiri.

Aine chuckled.

「As I thought, we are really similar.」


The faces of the two who were smiling like that were overflowing with sadness and helplessness as expected.

Part 4[edit]

That night, Kizuna was falling into thought alone inside the room that was prepared for him. He laid down on the bed and wracked his brain while staring up at the ceiling.

──’What should I do?’

He wanted to stay together with Aine from now on too. Aine should also feel the same.

However it was something difficult with their positions.

Kizuna woke up.

He was going to try talking with Aine once more.

He couldn’t imagine that their decision would change after meeting again.

The more they met, the more painful it would become to part. He also got such feeling. However──

As expected he would still go to meet her. When he was thinking like that, the door was knocked.

‘Could it be Aine?……’ He braced himself.

「Co……come in.」

However, the one who opened the door and entered inside awkwardly was the brown skinned beast.

「Sorry to come so suddenly.」


Gravel stood still at the entrance with blushing cheeks. She was fidgeting.

「What’s up? Don’t just stand there, come inside.」

After he said that, Gravel finally entered inside.

And then she faced Kizuna with a determined face.

「Kizuna, I will stay behind in this world.」

Kizuna felt like his heart clenched tightly.

「The Genesis was repaired and the world that was in the process of dying was resurrected. And then the relation between Vatlantis and Baldin has also been repaired, from here on it will be an important time for Izgard.」

「You’re right……Gravel is a hero there huh.」

Gravel’s cheeks were getting increasingly red.

「I, I’m not anything that exaggerated. It’s just, I have responsibility towards my home country and its people.」

「I see……it will be lonely.」

Kizuna approached Gravel and stared into her eyes.

Gravel’s throat made a small gulping sound.

「……Kizuna. I have one last request. Will you listen to me?」

「Yeah, anything, if it’s something that I can do.」

「I want you……to do, Ecstasy Hybrid with me too.」


Kizuna held his breath.

Ecstasy Hybrid……or rather──it was that.

Gravel’s face turned bright red and she looked up at him with an anxious look. That face wasn’t the face of a hero, but the face of a maiden in love.

「……But, are you okay with that?」

「I won’t be able to meet with Kizuna anymore……that’s why, I want you to carve it into my body. The proof of our being together. Perhaps, if we don’t do this……I’ll regret it for the rest of my life. That’s why……」

He understood Gravel’s feeling so well it was painful.

Kizuna wordlessly embraced Gravel’s body.


Then Gravel leaked out a sigh that sounded relieved and happy. Kizuna whispered into Gravel’s ear.

「There is something that I have to say first. Ecstasy Hybrid coverts the source of life I send into energy. In case the partner is someone who has Ros-series installed, all of the life source will be processed by the core. That’s why, it won’t cause any pregnancy.」

「Yeah……even so──」

「But──it’s a really low probability but, even so very rarely the partner will get impregnated.」


Gravel distanced her face slightly and stared into Kizuna’s eyes.

「Wha, what you just said……」

「Yeah. There is possibility that Gravel will get pregnant with my child.」

「A child……with Kizuna……」

Gravel’s eyes were sparkling like a star.

「What’s more, if that happens within a few hours the core will be chased out and ejected outside the body. As though the child is taking away its place.」

「Su……such, thing is」

Kizuna nodded with a serious face.

「That’s right, if that happens, the effect won’t be small. For Gravel who is the hero of Izgard, it will surely become a big problem if you lose Zoros, above all else──」

「There isn’t any problem! Kizuna!」

「Eh? I, is that so……? Well, it’s true the probability is low, like one in a thousand or one in tens of thousands.」

When he said that to reassure Gravel, her eyes sharpened instead. They were filled to the brim with motivation.

「I, I’ll, do my best!」


Gravel separated herself from Kizuna and began to strip her clothes. And then after she took off everything, she stood in front of Kizuna. Brown glossy skin. Springy voluminous breasts, and the light pink tips of the breasts that were blooming there. Navel and waist that were tight with muscles. And then a tightly closed line that was running across the hill that was hairless like a little girl.

「You’re beautiful, Gravel.」

Gravel dropped her gaze shyly and entangled the fingertips of her hands with each other.

「Kizuna too……quickly.」

She said that to hide her embarrassment, but it made her even more embarrassed because it sounded like she wanted to see Kizuna naked and urged him to do so.

When Kizuna became completely naked just like she requested, Gravel was fascinated with his look.

「You’re lovely……Kizuna.」

Kizuna’s thing was already pointing up gallantly.

Kizuna was aroused that he was going to do it with her. Gravel who realized that was also happy and her lower lips were also turning moist.

──’That thing, it will enter into me.’

She touched her lower stomach and inside it became heatedly tight.


Gravel spontaneously felt like she would cry when Kizuna embraced her. She endured her tears and in exchange she caressed Kizuna’s body to express her feelings for him. And then Kizuna too also caressed to taste the beautifully tight and slender body of her.

Gravel asked for a kiss with a flushed face.


Their lips touched and pressed on each other to enjoy the soft texture. And then from their opened lips, their tongues reached out. The tongues touched each other between the slightly separated lips and entangled with each other.

The act of stretching out only their tongues and licking each other felt really lewd. It was gradually fanning up their carnality.

After that the two of them touched each other’s body, licked each other, touched around, and repeatedly caressed intensely as though to completely dominate the whole body.

It was as though they were trying to burn the whole body of the other into their memory.

Even Gravel who was usually reserved was seeking Kizuna proactively. While they were caressing each other like that repeatedly, the desire inside their bodies couldn’t be suppressed anymore.

Before long they moved on to cross the final line where it was unclear which of them started it.

Gravel lay down and looked up to Kizuna with intoxicated eyes.

Kizuna suddenly recalled the time when they performed the reinstall of the core.

However this time it wouldn’t be just a pseudo thing. He would enter into Gravel with his own body without a doubt.

That fact made his waist tremble in excitement. His hardening thing swelled into its maximum size and towered up stiffly.

Gravel who was staring at it with an erotic gaze was also completely wet.

The lips at the center of Gravel’s spread out legs were opening right now while twitching. It looked like it was waiting impatiently for Kizuna to enter.

「Here I go, Gravel.」

Gravel smiled happily and nodded slightly.

Kizuna aimed at Gravel’s lower lips that were opened and waiting. And then the head slipped in while making a sticky sound.

「Uh……a, AAaAAH♥!」

Gravel’s back was bending backwards the deeper he went.

「Wha, what’s-, this-……it, feels, too good……a, aah, no, don’t♥」

Gravel’s body quickly began to tremble.

Kizuna resisted against the terrific tightening and forcefully screwed in deeper. And then the moment Kizuna’s tip kissed the deepest part of Gravel, her body convulsed.

「Co-, co……ming-! uUU……NNNH!!♥♥♥」

The excessive tightening even made him wonder if his thing would get torn off. Gravel’s legs stretched out tensely while trembling with small twitches. Both the outside and inside of her body were convulsing repeatedly.

Before long she was breathing hard as though she had just ran a sprint with all her strength.

「Gravel, are you alright?」

Kizuna gently caressed the face of Gravel who became soaked with sweat and brushed away her hair that was sticking on her forehead.

Gravel was looking up at Kizuna with an empty gaze.

「A, amazing……」

──’It’s completely different from when I did it with Aldea. Besides even the reinstall the other day wasn’t……this is, the real deal…….’

「It is for this……that man and woman……become like this.」

Gravel spontaneously patted her stomach.

The inside of her body was hot.

Kizuna tightened his expression from the pleasure.

「Gravel’s……there, feels like it’s sucking in the tip.」

「Tha, that’s……」

It felt like her face that was already blushing became even more flushed.

‘Is it because……my body, wants to become pregnant?’

Gravel’s inside was contracting without pause, moving as though to suck in Kizuna’s thing deeper and deeper. It was slowly causing Kizuna’s desire to rise.

「Gravel’s insides……feel really good.」

「I, I see……that’s, great.」

「But I never thought that you would come just from me entering.」

「Shu, shut up……」

Gravel looked aside in a huff with an angry look. That gesture was cute. It caused the feeling that was loving Gravel and the wish to taste Gravel’s body more to well up inside him.

「I’m sorry, Gravel.」

「It’s not like you need to apo──aAAAAAAAHNN!! ♥♥」

Kizuna slowly pulled out as though to ascertain the texture of her inner wall. And then just before his thickest part slipped out, he drove inside until the depth in one go.


And then he repeated that movement.


Gravel’s face became completely intoxicated. Her eyes were unfocused and tears were welling up. Her opened mouth was trickling out saliva.

Kizuna’s hand reached at her breast that maintained its shape even while she was facing up.


He slowly rubbed her breast while repeating his piston movement.

Gravel’s inside was diligently continuing its motion as though to wring out Kizuna’s thing pleadingly.

「Aa……Kizuna, Kizunaa……I, I want it……」

Gravel begged while shedding tears.

「No, good……I, I’m, going to come by myself again so……please.」

In the first place Kizuna was also at his limit.

「──Got it.」

The movement of Kizuna’s waist instantly became more intense. The sound of their bodies colliding was echoing inside the room with brisk rhythm. Her breasts were also bouncing in accordance with that as though they were dancing while the bed was making creaking sounds.

「Ahn! Ah♥ Haah! Aah! Ki-♥ Kizuna-!」

Gravel’s honey was gushing out as though it was being pushed out from their connected part. The sticky sound from the honey was stirring up the obscenity.

「HaaAAAHNN, ye, yees-! I’m, happy-♥ I-, Kizuna-♥」

Sensation that couldn’t be suppressed was running from Kizuna’s waist into Gravel.

「Gravel! I’m coming!」

「Ah, fuaaAAHNN♥」

Gravel clung on Kizuna by embracing him and both her legs were also firmly locked on Kizuna’s back to push his body on her. it was her declaration of intent that she wished to receive Kizuna’s thing inside her no matter what.


Kizuna pushed in with a conspicuously strong pounding and made his tip to stick on Gravel’s deepest entrance. That place of Gravel was also sucking at Kizuna’s tip as though it had been waiting for it.

In that moment, something rushed up from inside Kizuna with tremendous speed and fired inside Gravel with severe momentum.

「Ih!! ♥♥♥AaAH! AAaAAAa! AAAAA♥AA♥AAAA♥♥♥♥」

It was a pleasure that almost made her lose her mind.

Lights flickered in front of her eyes.

It felt like her body would float up without ever stopping.

Gravel felt something hot spreading inside her. It granted warmth and happiness into Gravel’s body. It felt like her body and heart would melt.

‘If I can melt and become one with Kizuna’──she thought.

MGHxHV13 005 ill.jpg

Part 5[edit]


On the floor that had fur carpet with nice texture spread out, Yurishia and Himekawa, and then Aine were clinking their glasses together. This was the so called girls only gathering, a pajama party.

Although, the pajamas were prepared by Vatlantis, so they were naturally see-through negligee. At first Himekawa was disapproving, but she accepted after being told that no other people would come.

「Aa, this is really delicious.」

Himekawa’s face burst into a smile after a sip.

「You’re right. Aine, what kind of drink is this?」

「It’s a liquor that used fruit grown in Vatlantis. If you like it then I’ll arrange some for souvenirs. A one year supply.」

「Tha, that much?」

Himekawa made a twitching smile.

「Tell me if there are other things that you also want. I’ll make them prepare most of the local specialties.」

「It’s too late to notice this but, you are really an imperial princess huh……Aine-san.」

「That’s right. You can worship me if you want.」

「It came out, Aine’s speech.」

When Yurishia smiled in amusement, Aine also snorted.

「So Aine, you won’t change your feelings?」

Aine put the glass she was holding with both hands on her lap and nodded slightly.

Himekawa frowned and leaned forward.

「That’s……what did Kizuna-kun say to you?」

「He told me that he wants me to come together but……」

「Then! You should be honest to your own feelings!」


Aine made a troubled smile towards her friend who was desperately insisting to her.

「Good grief Hayuru……even though it’s fine even if you say something like ‘then Kizuna will be mine isn’t it’.」

「There is no way I can say that!」

Himekawa yelled with teary eyes. Aine’s feeling became apologetic seeing Himekawa thinking seriously about the two of them.

「Why do you two have to part when you two love each other! That is just too cruel!」


Aine faced Himekawa and reached out. She hugged her to console her and to express her thanks.

「Thank you Hayuru. But, because you are there I can entrust Kizuna to you without worry.」

「E, even if you tell me that, there is no way I can just answer ‘yes, leave it to me’!」

Yurishia emptied her glass and then poured the second serving from the bottle.

「Is that so? Then perhaps I’ll take him in that case.」


Himekawa who perceived the light talk seriously glared at Yurishia with a scary face. Yurishia reflexively shrugged and poured more liquor into the two’s glasses.

「And then, what did Grace say?」

「She told me she is happy. Though she is indignant that Kizuna won’t stay behind.」

Yurishia imagined that scene and smiled wryly.

「I seee……but Aine. This won’t be a long distance relationship you know? Perhaps you two won’t be able to meet again forever. I think it’s great that you feel responsible as the emperor, but I think no one will blame you even if you prioritize yourself.」

Aine gulped the content of her glass and let out a long sigh.

「……Thank you Yurishia. But, I have already decided.」

Yurishia and Himekawa looked at each other’s faces and sighed.

At that time, a knocking sound came. Aine replied without any hesitation.

「Come in.」

The door opened and Hyakurath peered inside hesitantly.

「Excuse me. Is Himekawa-san here?」

「Hya, Hyakurath-san!?」

「Ah……forgive my rudeness. I didn’t know that emperor Ainess is also here.」

「I don’t mind. What’s the matter?」

「Yes. The second year group two of Ataraxia Academy is holding a farewell party. It will be great if Himekawa-san can also come even if only for a bit……」

Aine spoke to urge Himekawa.

「Go there, Hayuru.」


Yurishia also smiled telling her to not mind them.

「We will also have fun here on our own. It’s fine even if you come back here when you feel like it.」

「……I understand. Then, I will show up for a bit there. Please don’t drink too much just because I’m not here. Tomorrow there will be a parting live show after all. We will have rehearsals throughout the morning you know?」

「Yes yes.」

Yurishia replied half-heartedly while waving her hand. And then, she suddenly remembered something and added.

「Ah……speaking about the rehearsal, I wonder where is Sylvia-chan going?」

「Come to think of it, I didn’t see her anywhere here……if only she contacted us properly beforehand.」

Part 6[edit]

Around that time, Sylvia was also spending her few remaining valuable time for a farewell with her important friend.


「Ra, Ragrus-chan. Please don’t cry like that desuu~」

In the room that was assigned to Sylvia, Ragrus suddenly visited when she was checking the program of the live show tomorrow about an hour ago.

And then, since that time she had been like this all along.

Right now she was burying her face into the long sofa and crying.

「Sylvia made tea desu. Drink it and calm down desu.」

Sylvia came carrying a tray with tea on it. It was a high-class tea from Izgard, and it was a bit similar to Earl Grey, which Sylvia liked.

She put the tray on the table in front of the sofa and poured the tea into a cup.

「Here, enjoy desu.」


Ragrus held the cup Sylvia handed her with both hands and sipped it with slurping sound.

「Is it delicious desu?」

「……It’s delicious.」

「That’s great desu.」

Ragrus put the cup on the table with a loud sound.

「What do you mean great! Aren’t you feeling sad?」

「Ra, Ragrus-chan……」

The area around Ragrus’s eyes was swelling red because she was crying too much. Even so tears were trickling once again and Ragrus yelled.

「Yo, you are, thinking that I’m someone who doesn’t matter to you anyway! Because, all that time I only kept harassing you after all!」

「There is no way Sylvia isn’t sad desu!」

Sylvia sat beside Ragrus and hugged her.

「Ragrus-chan is Sylvia’s most important friend desu! Best friend desu! And yet, we won’t be able to meet again, there is no way Sylvia isn’t sad desu!」

The shoulders of Sylvia who was hugging her were trembling. Ragrus forgot to even cry at Sylvia’s drastic change and stayed dumbfounded.

「Sy, Sylvia……」

Sylvia’s voice was shaking and mixed with sobbing.

「Sy, Sylvia thought, tha, that finally, in the end……we can laugh, and have fun memories desu……and yet.」

Tears were flowing without end from Sylvia’s eyes.


Sylvia’s thin arms hugged Ragrus with all her strength.

Tears were overflowing from Ragrus’s eyes once more.



They called each other’s name and continued crying loudly while hugging each other.

They cried until their tears dried out.

Before long they were tired from crying and leaned on each other limply. It was then that Ragrus talked faintly.

「I won’t……stay behind.」


Sylvia stared at Ragrus with the area around her eyes swelling red.

「I won’t stay behind in Vatlantis. I’ll go to Lemuria.」

「Ra, Ragrus-chan? But, that’s……」

Ragrus’s twintails shook left and right from her shaking her head.

「I’m just an orphan anyway……I also have no one close to me. I’m also out of place in the imperial guard……honestly I have no lingering attachment to Vatlantis. But……」

Ragrus looked down shyly.

「I have lingering attachment to Lemuria……or rather, I’ve made something that I don’t want to lose……」

Sylvia was flustered by the sudden decision.

「Bu, but, is it really okay desu? You won’t be able to come back here you know desu?」

Ragrus lifted her face abruptly and talked back stubbornly.

「It’s fine! I’ve decided already!」

After declaring that, Ragrus’s face became a bit timid.

「But that’s, only if……Sylvia-chan will keep being my friend from here on too.」

There was bewilderment in Sylvia’s heart.

It was the fear that because of her fault, the future of her important friend became disordered.

Previously too, there was that time when she fought Ragrus at the Tokyo recapture operation which resulted in Ragrus losing her memory.


Right now was different from that time.

Sylvia grasped the hand of her best friend.

「We are friends for life desu! When we return to Lemuria, no matter what happens Sylvia will protect Ragrus-chan desu!」

Ragrus looked back at Sylvia’s serious gaze with an astonished look.

「Tha……that’s a promise okay? E, even if you say later that as expected it’s impossible or anything, I won’t accept it!」

「Yes desu!」

Ragrus felt awkward and she was unable to look straight at Sylvia. Sylvia pulled the hand of Ragrus who was like that toward her.

「It’s a promise desu.」

Sylvia said that and turned a smile at the end.

「Yes……a promise.」

And then Ragrus also showed a gentle smile as though all her worries had been resolved.

Part 7[edit]

──The next day.

Kizuna was rushed with ceremonies and interviews that he didn’t even have time to meet Aine.

He thought that there would be a chance to meet at night, but it was suddenly decided that he would make an appearance at the farewell live show of Amaterasu and Masters.

Although it might be called a decision, in reality the woman named Maris who introduced herself as the manager of Amaterasu was forcefully taking him to the specially constructed stage in the colosseum without letting him refuse.

And then in the VIP room there was a figure who was looking down at Kizuna who was waving his hand on the stage.

「Good grief. They didn’t even give any notice……」

Reiri muttered with a displeased look and gulped the alcohol in her glass in one gulp.

Inside the room with luxurious decorations, the music and noises in the venue were broadcasted in moderate volume.


Landred who was sitting beside her on the sofa reached out to pour alcohol into Reiri’s glass.

「Ah, thanks.」

Reiri held out her glass and received the alcohol.

Zelcyone who was sitting across from her frowned seeing that exchange.

「You are still calling her like that……」

Landred smiled like a holy mother.

「Yes. I’m thinking to persist with it till the end after coming this far.」

Inside the VIP room, the adult group of Reiri, Zelcyone, and Landred were pouring alcohol for each other.

「That kind of farce……that was just for Nayuta’s amusement.」

Zelcyone looked to be in a bad mood. Landred faced her and shook her head.

「From my point of view, I’m grateful to Nayuta-san. In the end she repaired Genesis and saved this world after all. Besides, she made my dream come true.」


「Yes……I wish to live not as a queen, but as a normal citizen, living a peaceful life while feeling a small happiness. It’s that kind of meager dream.」

Zelcyone leaned her body on the sofa behind her as though she was going to lie down.

「I see. Certainly that is a meager wish, but it is the hardest wish for the queen of Baldin.」

Reiri shook her glass and stared at the swaying alcohol.

「I’ll keep that room in the teacher dormitory empty with your name on it.」


Reiri smiled at the astonished Landred.

「Also we always have shortage for the nursing staff. If you feel like it then send me your CV.」

「My. But, it looks like it will be really difficult to come for the interview.」

「However Landred-sensei, no one understands what the future holds. Perhaps someday the day will come when it becomes possible to come and go across both worlds again.」

If it was Landred who possessed magic power and also the knowledge and skill to infer Odin’s history, then perhaps someday she would discover the way to travel to another world. Such thinking suddenly crossed Reiri’s mind.

There was no basis to it. But, Landred’s mysterious atmosphere, it had something that made her felt ‘perhaps’──such a feeling.

Zelcyone lifted up her upper body from the sofa and leaned forward.

「Oi, is there any basis in what you said just now?」

「No, nothing at all.」

「None at all.」(Landred)

Zelcyone clicked her tongue in disappointment.

「What? Do you have any lingering attachment to Lemuria?」

「That’s not it. Just……」

Zelcyone fell silent after that. The other two made a wondering face seeing her like that. During that time, Zelcyone’s cheeks were slightly tinged red.

「It’s just, you know……I have a debt to Kizuna……it’s just a bit annoying if he runs away like this.」

Reiri’s eyes narrowed coldly.

「I’ll say this first, I’ve no need for an older little sister.」


Zelcyone prattled on in a rush.

「Oi! You yourself, do something about your brother complex! To begin with you are Kizuna’s big sister right!? Do you think that Kizuna is your possession!?」

However Reiri glared back with a composed smile.

「Obviously. A little brother is the possession of the older sister since they were born. Remember that.」

「……Kuh! To think there is such custom between male and female siblings……」

Zelcyone stood up in a bad mood and walked to the exit.

「My, you are going back already?」

「Yeah. I remembered a bit of work to do.」

Zelcyone left behind the thorny parting remark and exited the room.

「……What’s with her?」

Reiri was staring with a dubious gaze at the door that Zelcyone went out from.

「──Now, it’s just the two of us, headmaster♥」

Landred’s whisper caused Reiri’s hair to stand on end.

──’Damn it!?’

「La, Landred……-! Wa」

At that time Reiri was already pushed down by Landred.

Part 8[edit]

Kizuna finished the greeting on the stage that he wasn’t used to and returned quickly to his room.

And then, he looked down at the stage where he was standing on just now.

「Everyone is amazing……looking so joyful like that in front of that many people.」

Kizuna was in admiration once more seeing his comrades who completely became popular idols.


His eyes caught sight of the emperor’s throne that looked the most conspicuous at the audience seats.


Tomorrow they would depart. Tonight he had to talk with her.

Thinking that, Kizuna immediately moved to go out of the room once more. However, the room’s door was knocked as though to forestall him.


「I’m coming in.」


The one who came was the imperial guard captain of the Vatlantis Empire, Zelcyone. She rudely entered the room and sat down on the bed without asking permission.

「A, ah……do you have any business with me?」

Her temper softened when they performed the reinstall, but right after that she put up a behavior that was even more thorny than before.

──’Don’t tell me, she is going to pick a quarrel and arrest me……or perhaps she is going to brainwash me?’

Kizuna stared at Zelcyone with obvious wariness.

Zelcyone was staring outside the window while staying quiet. She stayed like that for a while and silence was flowing inside the room where it was just the two of them. The sound from the stage was faintly echoing inside.

Zelcyone sighed deeply in resignation.

「……Do Ecstasy Hybrid with me.」

Kizuna almost said 「Why?」 right away. He only barely swallowed back that reply while repeating Zelcyone’s words several times inside his head.

──’I cannot think of any reason why she has to do Ecstasy Hybrid. I don’t think it’s possible but……could it be she just wants to do it……or something?’

Zelcyone glared sharply at Kizuna as though she had read his heart. Her cheeks were blushing slightly.

「Don’t misunderstand! I only want to wipe away my dishonor of some time ago!」

She said that and took off her upper wear.

「Ze, Zel?」

Zelcyone glared at Kizuna with a demonic look and stood up.

「Don’t call me so familiarly! I let my guard down when we did the reinstall, but this time it won’t go like that. I’ll toy with the likes of you using my technique.」

She took off her underwear that was fashioned like a leotard without hesitation and displayed her beautiful naked body without a single string covering her in front of Kizuna.

That perfect mature body and the seductive sensuality made Kizuna feel that his cheeks were growing hot.

「Fufu……what’s the matter? You are getting cold feet, Lemuria’s demon king?」


Kizuna expressed his frustration just like a boy who was made fun of by an older woman.

「Got it. I accept your challenge.」

Kizuna also began to take off the uniform of Ataraxia he was wearing. Zelcyone was watching him with a mocking smile, but she seemed to suddenly notice something and spoke.

「Hm……? What, it’s already that stiff.」

She narrowed her eyes seeing the thing that was pushing up on Kizuna’s underwear.

「Like that you won’t even last five minutes. The result is already really clear to see.」

However Kizuna smiled fearlessly.

「I wonder about that.」


When Kizuna became naked, he glared at Zelcyone who was standing on the other side of the bed.

「I have conviction from the previous experience. It will be my win even if we do it one more time.」

Zelcyone’s eyes were raised angrily.

「Don’t get carried away. The same technique won’t work for the second time on me. In several more hours you will grovel in front of me and beg for forgiveness. Fufufu……I can just see it already.」

「Bring it on. Come, Zelcyone!」

And then, the two’s decisive battle began.

On the bed.

──Thirty minutes later.

「AaAHAaANN♥♥♥Kizunaaa-ahn, the-, theree! ♥」

Kizuna and Zelcyone became one in the posture of sitting facing each other. Zelcyone twisted her waist to taste Kizuna’s thing from every direction.

「AaAAA! A, amazing-!♥ I, it’s completely different-, fro, from the core-♥ Thi, this is, u, unfair-♥ Aah, I, I can’t win……nnaaAAA!」

「Ze, Zelcyone, are you okay?」

Kizuna was a bit worried at her extremely discomposed state.

「Yeah, ah, ca-, call me Zel♥ah, yah, iyaan♥」

She said that while gasping, then next she rained down kisses that were filled with affection on Kizuna.

Kizuna was overwhelmed by Zelcyone’s complete transformation.

She was wearing her cool mask only during the first few minutes, but then she turned into this state in the blink of an eye.

Perhaps this was an illusion, and he was already getting brainwashed by Zelcyone? It made him want to doubt like that.

But no matter how he looked, the one who was raising an erotic coquettish voice with disheveled hair was Zelcyone. Her well-shaped eyebrows were knitted and her face that was desperately enduring the pleasure with an anguished look was shining with sweat.

That obscenely alluring figure was bolstering up Kizuna’s excitement.

The pleasure of dominating a woman who was older than him to his heart’s content. He didn’t really have a partner who could satisfy his desire of domination like this.

He wanted to make her feel more, he wanted to make her even more discomposed. Such desire was welling up in him.



Kizuna pushed down Zelcyone. And then he drew back his waist to temporarily pull out.

Zelcyone’s complexion changed quickly.

「Aan! No-, don’t pull it ouuutt!」

Zelcyone pleaded sorrowfully. Kizuna persuaded her to calm down.

「I’m only changing our posture a bit.」

His thing that he pulled out was drawing string stickily from Zelcyone’s lower lips. The hard and rugged surface was glistening from the slippery liquid covering it. That place of Zelcyone that was inserted with Kizuna’s thing until now was twitching as though it was seeking for Kizuna.

Kizuna made Zelcyone to lie on her side and lifted up her leg with his arm to open her groin. He straddled her other leg and put his body between her opened legs.

He pierced Zelcyone in one go.


It was as though Zelcyone’s eyes would roll back while her tongue stretched out.

「Okuh! OGUuU♥ I, I’m feeeeliing iiit♥♥」

Zelcyone grabbed the sheet as though she was scared to drown on the bed. It was as though she was trying to somehow hold her body that was writhing around in pleasure that resembled agony in place.

Even so Kizuna was assaulting Zelcyone’s deepest part mercilessly. Zelcyone was shedding tears while leaking out her sobbing.

「AaAA! NN♥Yes♥A-, amazhiiing! ♥I, I’m not, a, a match against something like thiiiis-♥♥I, I lost-, I loooooossstt♥♥♥」

「Ku……Ze, Zel……I’m coming.」

「AAaAH! I-, inside-♥ Come-, INSIDEEEeEEEEE! ♥」

Kizuna thrust in his thing deeply to get even 1 more millimeter deeper.

And then the moment he pierced the deepest place, he fired everything.


Zelcyone bent her back as hard as she could and her posture became like a bow. Her trembling tongue was peeking out from her opened lips.

Kizuna’s thing pulsed heavily. Every time life energy was sent into Zelcyone, her body would also jerk in reaction.

After letting out everything and his heavy breathing settled down, Kizuna slowly pulled out his thing.

The thing that appeared from inside Zelcyone was covered with the mix of his and Zelcyone’s secretion. It was feeling so hot it felt like steam would come out.

──’That’s right. Aine…….’

Kizuna recalled what he was thinking before Zelcyone visited him.

When he was going to climb down from the bed, he was pinioned from behind.


And then he was pulled back to the bed in the blink of an eye and got pinned down by Zelcyone.


Zelcyone leaned above Kizuna and gave him a passionate kiss.

「No……don’t go……I want, more.」

「How, however……you see」


Tears gathered in Zelcyone’s eyes.

「Uu……I, I get it. I’ll stay with you, so don’t cry.」

After he replied like that, Zelcyone smiled happily.

She lifted her waist and placed Kizuna’s thing on her entrance.

「I’m happy……then, let’s do it until morning♥」

Kizuna went ‘Eh?’, and then he entered inside Zelcyone once more.

Part 9[edit]

Aine and Grace were watching the farewell live show from the emperor’s throne room.

They were sitting on magnificent chairs that were placed side by side while staring at the stage below.

Even so, while watching the performance of Amaterasu, for some reason it was Aine who was getting embarrassed.

「……Both Hayuru and Yurishia are really doing well there.」

She spoke in exasperation, but her eyes that were watching her comrades’ stage looked like they were having fun somewhat. Grace’s feeling was becoming heavy when she stared at that expression from the side.

「Say Nee-sama……this might sound obstinate but, is it really okay?」


「I’m saying, is Nee-sama really fine staying in Vatlantis to become the emperor?」

「Ah, that matter?」

Aine answered lightly with a smile.

「I have made you feel really lonely all this time……but, I will be together with you from now on.」

「I’m happy to hear that but……Nee-sama will be separated from the world you have been living in for many years because of that you know?」

「Originally I was born and raised here. There is no problem.」

「That’s true, but the biggest problem is……Nii-sama.」

「……It can’t be helped. Kizuna was born and raised in Lemuria. Both Lemuria and Ataraxia need Kizuna. There is no way Kizuna can remain behind by himself in Vatlantis just for the sake of me alone.」

Grace made a difficult face and crossed her arms. And then she addressed the Quartum who were standing by behind her.

「What do you all think?」

The Quartum, Clayda, Elma, Lunorlla, and Ramza looked at each other’s face.

The blonde haired Clayda who was wearing an eye patch cocked her head in puzzlement while answering.

「As I thought, is it better to imprison him?」

The white haired Elma also nodded.

「That’s right. We have also done that before anyway.」

Lunorrla who had scars all over her body muttered vacantly.

「It will be simple……if he receives Zel-sama’s brainwashing.」

The red haired Ramza looked around restlessly.

「Speaking about that, where is Zel-sama?」

Aine immediately rejected the four’s opinion.

「No way. It will be execution if anyone turns their hands to Kizuna.」

The emperor’s authoritative announcement caused the four to tremble.


Aine let out a loud voice to drown out Grace’s worried voice.

「Ah! The next song is my favorite! Well, it will be even better if I’m the one singing it though!」

「Nee-sama……you know」

Aine stood up to shake off Grace’s attempt at continuing, and then she went until the edge of the throne room to watch from there.

「Hee, the whole of Amaterasu and Masters are singing together! Nice show! I’ll give them my praise!!」


The back of her high-spirited big sister looked really lonely to Grace.

Part 10[edit]

And then the day of the parting finally arrived.

The huge Entrance that was nearest to Zeltis, right now its size had become less than half compared to before. The two thousand meter-class battleship of Vatlantis couldn’t pass through there anymore. Kizuna and the others would be sent off using a relatively smaller five hundred meter-class battleship.

Other than the crews of Ataraxia, there were only seven other people who were on board. They were Aine, Grace, Zelcyone, and the Quartum.

The five hundred meter-class ship was floating in the air while heading toward the Entrance that was towering up in the middle of the desert.

Gravel and Aldea were watching the battleship heading towards the Entrance from the deck of Izgard’s battleship.

「……Hey Gravel. Is it really alright?」

「What is?」

「What, you said……is it okay that you aren’t accompanying Kizuna?」

「You will be troubled if I go with him right?」

Then Aldea snorted triumphantly.

「If you go, I’ll also go to Lemuria.」

Gravel made an exasperated face and her shoulders relaxed.

「A lot of people are waiting for me in Izgard. There is also the job of rebuilding the country. It’s an important job of creating everyone’s happiness.」

「What about Gravel’s happiness?」

The wind was making Aldea’s hair flutter. She brushed up the hair that was covering her face and sent a sad gaze towards Gravel.

However Gravel answered with a content smile.

「My happiness? Something like that……」

Gravel gently caressed her stomach.

「I’ve received a lifetime’s worth of it.」

And then the battleship Kizuna and the others were boarding vanished into the Entrance.

It was pitch dark inside the Entrance. Beautiful light in various colors and shapes were flying inside it. They had experienced moving between worlds when fighting the machine gods. The scenery was really similar with that time.

Kizuna was staring at that beautiful sight from the bridge’s window.

When he turned around, there were Aine and Grace sitting side by side on magnificent chairs that were placed at the high place. Around them were Zelcyone and the Quartum surrounding them as bodyguards. The atmosphere they emitted wasn’t one where he could go talk to them.

──’Like this, we will…….’

Before long a rift of light appeared at the front.

The next instant they were enveloped by dazzling light and──

The city of London that had become ruins spread out before their eyes.

「It’s London……desu.」

Sylvia muttered while staring at the tower bridge and Big Ben.

Kizuna recalled that the whereabouts of Sylvia’s parents in London were unknown. When he was thinking whether they would be able to go search for them while they were here, a yelling voice came from behind.

「Look at that! Ataraxia is!」

When he turned around, the monitor that displayed their rear was showing the familiar huge construction.

It was there as though it was only natural, but thinking back, before they went to Vatlantis, Ataraxia should be in a state that was near destruction.

「Ataraxia is……fixed?」

After Kizuna muttered his question, Kei’s monitor was displayed in front of his face.

『This is the Ataraxia that we lived in at the other world.』


When he looked beside him, Shikina Kei was holding a portable keyboard with both her hands and tapped a key with her thumb.

『Professor Nayuta had completed Ataraxia’s data from before the reconstruction of this world. This is the Ataraxia where we were living before encountering the machine gods, the one that was once taken away by Thanatos.』

「I see……it’s that Ataraxia Academy.」

It was the Ataraxia where the students of Vatlantis, Izgard, and Baldin were spending their time together.

The battleship descended on Ataraxia and landed on the testing site of Nayuta Lab. And then it took around one hour until all the students of Ataraxia were able to board the battleship.

What was left for the ship was only to go home.

Kizuna was feeling bewilderment at the parting that was too simple.

Before his eyes, Aine, Grace, and then Zelcyone and the Quartum were standing.

Beside Kizuna was Reiri, and then behind them were Himekawa, Yurishia, Sylvia, and also Ragrus who decided to stay behind in Ataraxia, standing side by side.

Zelcyone asked Ragrus to ascertain her will.

「Your decision hasn’t changed right?」


However her voice was trembling. Sylvia put her strength into the hand that was holding Ragrus’s hand to encourage her.

「I see. Sylvia, I’ll leave Ragrus in your care.」

「Yes desu.」

Zelcyone lowered her head respectfully towards Aine and Grace.

「Your majesty, the Entrance will start closing soon. We have to prepare to depart.」

「Right. Everyone, my thanks for everything until now. The life in Ataraxia Academy was really fun. Besides there is also the matter of Genesis’s repair. It pains my heart that we won’t be able to help with the postwar treatment on Lemuria’s side, please forgive us for that.」

Reiri replied as the representative.

「In the battle against the machine gods, our world also wouldn’t have been restored without the cooperation from Vatlantis’s side. We will consider it as sufficient compensation. Besides, it seems that it’s a fact it was our side who started the fight in the Second Another Universe Conflict……at any rate, leave the cleanup to me.」

「Right, then……」

And then Grace sent a questioning gaze at Aine.


Aine spoke while looking at everyone’s face one by one.

「Thank you very much for everything until now. I am Ainess Synclavia right now but……but, please don’t forget about Chidorigafuchi Aine.」


Kizuna unintentionally muttered. Aine’s gaze that looked resigned somewhere in it caught him.


Tears welled up in Kizuna’s eyes. They were going to spill out anytime now.

「I also don’t want you to forget about her, the girl named Chidorigafuchi Aine.」

「I won’t forget. I am me──」

She bit her lips.

「No, I am Ainess, but I won’t forget about that girl.」

Grace who was listening from the side was making a face that distorted bitterly.

「That girl who is awkward and obstinate, unskillful in interacting with others and easy to get lonely……and also, who loves you Kizuna, more than anyone.」


Kizuna couldn’t hold it and tears trickled down his cheek.

Himekawa covered her mouth and desperately endured her sobbing.

「Aine-san……you are, really stupid……」

Yurishia also smiled sadly with tears pooling at the corners of her eyes.

「Bye, Aine.」

Tears were also flowing down Sylvia’s cheeks without stopping. Beside her Ragrus was wiping Sylvia’s cheeks using a handkerchief with a flustered look.

「Sa, sayonara……desu.」

Reiri was also staring at Aine with a sad gaze.

「Aine, take care of yourself.」

「You too, commander.」

Aine took a deep breath and forced herself to make a bright smile.

「This is good bye. Kizuna, everyone, thank you for everything.」

Aine turned around. Midway she looked back several times and waved her hand. And then she finally arrived at the boarding door of the battleship. Then a low mechanical sound resounded and a huge magic circle emerged under the battleship.

The five hundred meter-class battleship floated up with its boarding door staying open.

Aine and the others were standing there while looking down on Kizuna and the others.

And then the side that was sending them off was also waving their hands with their all with a reluctant look.



「Take careeee-!」

Each one of them bid farewell in their own way.

And then Kizuna looked up at the leaving battleship,


He yelled as loud as he could.

That voice reached Aine who was staring down from the boarding door.


Large drops of tears spilled out from Aine’s eyes.

「Kizuna, Kizuna, Kizuna, Kizuna, Kizuna, Kizuna, Kizuna, Kizuna, Kizuna……」

Tears were overflowing each time she repeated the name.


Aine yelled back as strong as she could in respond.

And then, she crumbled down on that spot and started crying.


The figure of her big sister weeping full of grief was reflected on Grace’s eyes.

The deeply sad voice of her big sister resounded in Grace’s ears.

That pain stabbed inside Grace’s chest as though it was her own pain.

Grace nodded once as though to ascertain her own heart.

「Ane-uebig sister.」

Aine lifted her face and answered with a faltering voice.

「I-, I’m……so-, rry, I’m fine-……uu」

However Grace shook her head.

「No, you aren’t fine at all.」

「Sorry……I won’t cry anymore so──」

Aine wiped her tears while looking up at her little sister’s face.

However what she found there was a stern gaze.


Grace yelled with a dignified voice.

「How can you show that kind of pathetic appearance as the emperor of the glorious Vatlantis! I’m disgusted with Ane-ue!」

Those words caused not only Aine, but even Zelcyone and the others to stiffen with surprised expressions.

「Wha……what are you saying, Grace-sama!?」


「Gra, Grace-sama……」

Aine also opened her eyes wide and stared at Grace.

「Gra, Grace? Wait──」

Grace clenched her fist and bit her lips.

Her teeth were making grinding sound.

──And then,

Grace spoke with determination.

「I’m launching a coup d’etat!!」




Everyone’s jaws dropped.

「From now on I am the emperor of Vatlantis! I hereby banish Nee-sama! Scram to wherever whether it’s Lemuria or anywhere!」


Aine’s eyes shook.

Grace leaped foward and hugged Aine’s body.

「I want Nee-sama to smile. Even if you are going to stay together with me forever, it will be painful to continue watching Nee-sama feeling sad because of me.」

「I……I’m sorry. I, don’t mean that!」

However Grace continued.

「Rather than staying nearby while harboring sadness……Nee-sama laughing happily even if you are in another world somewhere far away……I too can be happy if I can think of it like that.」


Aine also hugged Grace back strongly.

「Grace……sorry, Grace.」

Grace separated herself from Aine who was apologizing while crying.

「Never mind that, just go. Nii-sama is waiting.」


Aine kissed Grace and then she stood up vigorously.

「Everyone! Thank you for everything!」

Zelcyone smiled kindly.

「Be happy……Ainess-sama.」

「Wait! Is this really okay!?」

「But isn’t this lovely?」

「Ah…, be happy!」

「Eh? Wha, what? What’s going on!?」

Aine smiled at the Quartum who were all shaken up. She then kicked on the floor and started running.

Without pause she leaped with all her strength from the boarding door.

Aine’s body was flying in the blue sky.

The strong wind made the emperor outfit flapped. Aine stripped away that clothes and yelled.


Aine’s body was covered with a white Heart Hybrid Gear.

And then she was falling towards her beloved.


Kizuna came back to his senses hearing the voice that called his name.

When he looked up and found her figure in the sky, Kizuna doubted his own eyes.

He wondered whether his desire had become a hallucination.


The falling Aine. That was without doubt──

Kizuna yelled.


Kizuna’s body was covered with a black magic armor.

And then he rushed to the sky right away.

He flew in a straight line in order to catch the person he loved in his arms.



Their hands reached out,

Their fingertips touched,

The two embraced each other in Ataraxia’s sky.

MGHxHV13 006 ill.jpg

‘I won’t let go anymore.

No matter what happens.

I love you.‘

All words and emotions whirled inside their hearts.

However, the two right now didn’t need any words.

What was needed was a hug,

And then, a kiss.

Only the union of their hearts and love.


Part 1[edit]

Thus the long fight came to an end, and peace returned to the world.

However, it was nothing more than a single period within the long tale of history.

When one conflict ended, another new conflict would begin.

With the closing of the door to another world, the people were delighted by the peace and the whole world celebrated the end of the fight. And then, the world was moving towards recovery.

However what happened then wasn’t limited to only beautiful occurrences.

People who aimed to take advantage of the chaos to pillage and perform crime also weren’t few.

Countries that pushed into the territory of other countries by taking advantage of the reconstruction that hadn’t progressed far and taking control. Groups that created borders as they pleased and introduced themselves as new countries. There were also a lot of people who took advantage of the chaos to fulfill their own greed and ambition by doing things like snatching other country’s resources or the like.

Within such chaos, there was something that all the countries and groups desired very desperately.

That was Ataraxia, a treasury of the other world’s technology, and magic armors along with their pilots.

The country that obtained Ataraxia would be able to construct a new world order as they pleased using that overwhelming super technology. That meant becoming the rulers of the earth.

And then the pilots of the magic armor would become tools in order to fulfill their desires to rule and conquer. In the end, what was waiting for the pilots would be a future as guinea pigs of human experiments in order to research the magic armor and the core.

What was waiting for the heroes who saved the world and ended the war was the greed of the people.

And then right now Kizuna was──

In space.

Flying at the altitude of 400 kilometers was the orbital strategic space station──nicknamed 『Space Love Room』. Inside it, Kizuna was,

「Ki, Kizuna……mo, more……please, stronger──Kyaahn!♥」

Yurishia’s butt was whipped along with a sharp striking sound.


Yurishia was wearing a bondage suit that exposed her breasts, butt, and navel. Both her arms and legs were shackled with her body posture leaning forward. Both her wrists were restrained using belts on the table. Her ankles were shackled to the floor in a state where her legs were opened and her butt stuck out. Thanks to that her body wasn’t floating in the air even within this zero gravity.

And then Kizuna was only wearing underwear and shoes. The shoes were special shoes that generated magnetism to make it possible for him to stick on the floor. There was a trick on how to walk using the shoes, but now he was completely used to it after going to space like this several times.

「This won’t be a punishment if you are feeling it, Yurishia.」

He said that maliciously and swung down the whip.

*Pishi-* A satisfying sound came and a red mark was engraved on the butt.

「NnAaAHN♥ For, forgive me-, Goshujin-sama-!」

Yurishia made an intoxicated expression hearing Kizuna’s words.

「Ple, please, punish……this obscene, me……more……stronger♥」

She said that and shook her exposed beautiful white butt to left and right in front of Kizuna. There were several red marks on that white butt. They were the marks from Kizuna’s whip. Yurishia should be feeling pain, but her mouth was opened slovenly with intoxicated eyes.

Kizuna grabbed Yurishia’s large butt and spread it to the left and right to humiliate her.

「Yurishia, scars will remain if I hit you stronger than this you know?」

「Aan, it’s fine……if Kizuna engraves your mark on me……I’ll be able to really feel that I belong to Kizuna……it will be my joy.」

Kizuna smiled wryly behind Yurishia. However that was because Yurishia couldn’t see him. Kizuna had to act as the master that Yurishia wished for in front of her.

「Good grief……you are really a needy pet.」

He struck her butt not with the whip, but with his palm. *Pachin* A nice sound resounded.

「Kyauuhn! ♥」

Yurishia’s spine shivered and she expressed her happiness.

「Actually I want to show this to the whole world. I, I want, it to be known that I am Kizuna’s slave……the world strongest ace of Ataraxia is, a pet that Kizuna keeps. That the reward of me fighting……is to get bullied and treated affectionately by Kizuna, that I’m a pervert whose mind is occupied by that──KUAaAHN♥!」

Kizuna inserted his finger between Yurishia’s legs and roughly stirred around inside. Then, hot liquid flowed out without pause from inside. The finger’s movement flicked the liquid and turned it into splashes. It became water drops that were floating sparklingly in the air.

MGHxHV13 007 ill.jpg

「AaaAH♥ Ki-, Kizuna’s finger, feels good-!」

At that time, a small communication device in Kizuna’s ear emitted a voice.

『Kizuna? It will be ten more minutes. Have you finished preparing?』

「Yeah, roger.」

Kizuna replied shortly and cut off the communication. He then tore the Velcro on his waist and took off his underwear. The thing that was completely aroused from Yurishia’s pathetic state appeared from inside.

Kizuna grabbed Yurishia’s waist.

「Yurishia, this is the advance payment for your reward. I’ll work you hard after this, so taste it properly okay?」

「I, I’m happy♥ Please, Goshujin-sama! Co, come, quickly! I cannot endure it anymore!」

Something hot overflowed from between Yurishia’s crotch as though to prove those words. It became drops of liquid that floated in the air.

Kizuna strengthened his shoes’ magnetism and fixed his feet on the floor. And then he placed his hardened thing on Yurishia’s center. Kizuna’s fingers touched the heated slimy flesh.


Yurishia let out a sigh just from that.

The moment she breathed out and let down her guard, Kizuna thrust until the depth in one go.


Yurishia who was taken by surprise got pierced through by climax in her defenseless state. She lightly came in her carelessness and her inside tightened on Kizuna’s thing strongly.

「A, aa……♥Amazi……ing」

「Just now you came lightly right?」

Yurishia denied in panic. It would be a disaster for her if Kizuna ended this now.

「N-, no……just now……」

「Feeling good on your own like that without permission, what a useless slave.」

Yurishia’s gaze indecently melted in intoxication and her body became even more heated from that verbal abuse.

「Aa……please forgive me. I’m a dirty and undisciplined slave……」

Kizuna’s waist immediately began to nail into Yurishia.

「♥♥AAAaAAAH! A-, amazing! Kizuna-!」

The impact of the nailing waist was transmitted to Yurishia. Her long blonde hair floated in the air from it. Her large breasts that were filling the outfit to bursting floated up and shook up and down as the representation of the kinetic energy that was transmitted within Yurishia’s body.

The motion was really different from when they were on the ground. Yurishia’s breasts that were liberated from gravity were floating and shaking in the air. Only her breasts were moving like a different organism. He wouldn’t get bored watching them.

Kizuna grabbed Yurishia’s floating breasts.

「IAAAHN♥! My, my breasts too-, fe, feels great-♥」

Even while tasting the sensation of Yurishia’s breasts with both hands, his lower body still continued to move back and forth intensely.

Inside Yurishia was really warm and soft. And then it had tightening parts that were divided into several areas. When he was pistoning into her, each area was moving differently, driving Kizuna toward his limit.

He didn’t remember how many times he had done Ecstasy Hybrid with Yurishia, but he didn’t get tired of it. And then each time their bodies joined, he understood about Yurishia.

「Ah, aah, do, don’t! That place is-, AAaAAAAAAH♥♥!」

Kizuna changed the angle and focused his attack to the spot that Yurishia liked the most.

Yurishia stood on her tiptoes because of that and put her strength into her legs. In conjunction with that, her tightening wall strengthened its pressure on Kizuna even more.

「yaUu! Nn!♥ AAAA, co, coming, this is, coming♥!」

Kizuna intensely scraped the inside of Yurishia over and over to corner her further. Kizuna himself was also nearing his climax.

「A♥A, a, a, a, a, co, co, co, coming-♥ I’m, COMIiIING♥♥!」

Yurishia’s body bent backward like a bow. Her body convulsed as though electricity was flowing inside her. Her insides tightened even stronger. And then at the same time Kizuna also ejaculated with all he had inside Yurishia.


At that instant, Kizuna and Yurishia’s cores entered full operation and dazzling light filled the Love Room’s inside.

『Kizuna! It’s coming!!』

A communication came from Scarlet as though she had timed the timing.

「Yeah, I know even without getting told.」

It was a call to inform him that the ICBM was approaching.

Currently a total of 23 ICBMs were approaching Ataraxia. It would become a great disaster if even a single one slipped through.

Kizuna took off his shoes and pushed the switch on the table, freeing Yurishia from the shackles. Then Yurishia also quickly jumped over the table and grabbed the pilot suit floating in the air.

Kizuna too quickly changed into his pilot suit and confirmed the missiles’ positions.

「Yurishia, they will pass 600 meters at the side in 40 more seconds.」

「It’ll be an easy win──Cross!」

She equipped the Heart Hybrid Gear while her face was still erotically flushed and sweaty and the proof of their love affair was trickling down her thigh. It was truly an immoral and lewd sight.


Kizuna also finished equipping his and opened the hatch before flying out to the outer space.

He didn’t have space suit or helmet. If the magic armor’s Life Saver was deployed across the whole body surface, it would protect the pilot from every kind of harm. And then the magic armor also provided all the necessary things to preserve life.

「It’s coming!」

White shadows came into view from beyond the dark outer space.

「Watch me Kizuna♥ This is my showtime.」

Yurishia deployed her Differential Frame and aimed the muzzle to the ICBMs.

「Hell Fire!!」

Several streaks of light were fired from the Differential Frame. They accurately shot down the ICBMs. Furthermore the shots didn’t explode or destroy them, they instantly evaporated the target. The debris in space wouldn’t increase from that.

Yurishia shot down all 24 missiles. She then turned around and gave a thumbs up at Kizuna. Kizuna also responded with a thumbs up.

「As expected from Yurishia. I was wondering why we needed to do Ecstasy Hybrid even though we are going to shot down missiles, so it’s actually to deal with the attack without increasing debris.」

「Eh? Ye, yes……」

Yurishia replied with a vague answer.

「When we destroyed a military satellite before this, Scarlet and the others had it hard when they had to recover the debris. As expected you are considerate of your juniors.」

「E, ee~rr……」

Yurishia didn’t think of anything like that at all. She scratched her cheeks while her eyes were darting around.

「Tha, that’s right. It’s not good to increase the trivial work.」

『What are you saying. It’s just an excuse to have a secret affair with Kizuna anyway right?』

Scarlet’s transmission cut in.

「Stop with the false accusations. Besides, Ecstasy Hybrid is part of my work right now.」

『Then, help us out if you are finished with over there. It’s really troublesome over here after all.』

「Oh, nooo. I have a plan to have lunch with Kizuna after this. Sorry~」

『Wait Yurishia!? That’s unfair!』

Yurishia grabbed Kizuna’s arm and activated her thruster instantly to enter into the atmosphere.

Part 2[edit]

Himekawa Hayuru was driving an electric car towards the testing site of Nayuta Lab.

While driving, she saw a shining object at the end of the sky descending. She should be meeting them, but she was slightly late.

After she passed through the entrance of the testing site with a drift maneuver, she saw a group of students of the research department at the front. She drove until near them and stopped the car.

Himekawa got down from the car and waved her hand at Yurishia who was receiving a health examination.

「Welcome back Yurishia-san.」

「My? I’m back Hayuru. It should be fine even if you don’t come to pick me up though.」

Yurishia already dispelled her magic armor. She was only wearing a pilot suit. When Yurishia finished her examination, she walked towards Hayuru who was restlessly looking around.

「Err……where is Kizuna-kun?」

Yurishia borrowed an Ataraxia’s designated spring coat that was hanged nearby without asking and wore it on her shoulders.

「He said that he has some business and went away without even receiving the examination.」

「……So he ran away.」

Himekawa glared angrily at the direction of the entrance. However she couldn’t fine Kizuna’s figure anywhere.

「I wonder if it’s because he detected the scary public morals committee chairman coming here?」

「I, I am only giving warnings so that Ataraxia’s public morals won’t get out of order! Even the Ecstasy Hybrid has to be performed within the limitation of the duty to the end!」

「Yes yes, I get it. Then, can you take me until the dormitory?」

Yurishia lightly warded away Himekawa’s speech and climbed into her car.

「Good grief! Yurishia-san, you too! Even today there was no need to do Ecstasy Hybrid isn’t it!?」

Himekawa climbed on the driver’s seat and stepped on the pedal roughly. The tires lightly made a skidding sound and the car went out of the testing site.

Yurishia sent an exasperated gaze at the angry Himekawa.

「Hayuru, you said that, but even you are doing Ecstasy Hybrid aren’t you? The attack to the nuclear facility last week, that was Hayuru right?」

The hands that were holding the wheel twitched in surprise. The car lightly swayed to left and right.

「Even the spent nuclear fuel at the testing site was annihilated without a trace. Even if it was Gladius, it would be impossible without doing Ecstasy Hybrid.」

Himekawa’s face became bright red and her shoulders hunched down.

「Tha, that……there was no other way……」

Yurishia smiled teasingly.

「But it was an amazing discovery wasn’t it~ To think that it’s possible to do Ecstasy Hybrid from the back too.」

「I also did it at the front properly!」

The car almost leaped at the other side of the traffic lane.

「Wai-! Hayuru, auto driving!」

Yurishia reached out in panic and pushed the switch on the console for auto driving. The zigzagging car immediately ran in a straight line.

Yurishia let out a deep sigh and stared at Himekawa with a fixed gaze.

「……So? You said 『also』……Hayuru, you did it both ways then?」

「……Please don’t ask.」

Himekawa curled into herself with tears gathering in her eyes.

「Well……it doesn’t matter. But, the probability will get halved like that you know?」

「I understand that……but」

Himekawa rubbed her fingertips together while fidgeting.

「There is also the problem of preference but……as expected, the front makes me feel guilty or something……」

「Now listen, Hayuru. Even we won’t be able to stay on active duty forever you know? Ejecting the core and handing it over to the next generation can even be said to be the most important duty for us right now. Hayuru, are you going to keep doing Heart Hybrid, wear Neros, and fight in public even forty years from now?」

「That’s impossible!」

Himekawa immediately answered.

「Right? Now that Professor Nayuta is gone, there is no way to eject the core other than doing Ecstasy Hybrid. We have to do Ecstasy Hybrid with Kizuna proactively for that too.」

Almost a hundred percent of the thing that Kizuna let out when doing Ecstasy Hybrid was converted into energy, preventing pregnancy.

However, pregnancy might happen in an extremely small chance. At that time, the core would be ejected outside the body as though it was handing over its place to the baby.

Himekawa pressed both her hands on her cheeks as though to cool down her heated face.

「Although it’s something that can’t be helped……making baby, with Kizuna-kun……」

「The research department is in the middle of researching another way but, it looks like it will be impossible in our generation.」

「Even though Kizuna-kun and Aine-san are officially going out……it became this kind of licentious, preposterous outcome……somehow it makes me feel guilty.」

However Yurishia responded candidly.

「Even Aine consented to it.」

「There is that but……」

Himekawa frowned. Yurishia smiled seeing her like that.

「As I thought……you cannot give up on Kizuna?」

Himekawa pressed her lips tightly and answered after a while.

「……We are bringing our bodies together periodically……it’s impossible to forget about him like that.」

「Then isn’t it fine? Well, in my position, it will help me if you say that you are giving up, my rivals will decrease like that.」


「This is an era where divorce or remarriage are commonplace you know? It’s fine if in the end I can obtain Kizuna. Besides Ataraxia is an independent country you know? There is no need to be bound by the laws of the old world.」

「I, it’s not a problem of law, but an ethical problem!」

「Actually, I thought to make a new law and right now I’m in the middle of formulating it. Don’t you think that polygamy is good?」

「What are you scheming……also, there is something bothering me since some time ago.」


「That necklace……what’s with that……」

There was an unfamiliar leather belt on Yurishia’s neck. It was a type that was fastened using metal fittings, it was as though──

「Ah, this? It’s a collar.」

「Co, collar……wait!?」

「I asked Kizuna to put it on me. With this it will also get conveyed to everyone that I am Kizuna’s sex slave won’t it?」

「Yu, Yurishia-san……you are really」

「What? Are you jealous?」

「I, I’m not jealous or anything!」

However for some reason, a feeling of jealousy was whirling somewhere inside Himekawa’s heart.

──’E, even me when it’s just the two of us I’m……Ki, Kizuna-kun’s……pe, pet. At that time even I wear a collar……wha, what’s more it even has a bell attached! My collar is absolutely better!’

The car stopped at the dormitory’s entrance while Himekawa was strangely burning with rivalry.

「Welcome back Yurishia.」

A silver haired girl was going out from the entrance at that timing.

「My, Aine. This is rare for you to welcome me.」

「It’s just a coincidence.」

Aine who was wearing Ataraxia’s uniform peered into the car.

「Kizuna isn’t with you?」

Himekawa answered with a sigh.

「That’s……it looks like he immediately ran off somewhere.」

「……So he ran away.」

Aine bit her thumb and muttered in frustration.

After Yurishia and Himekawa got down from the car, it automatically started running towards the parking lot.

「Well, in the end he will come back here. How about we go back to the room for now?」

「You’re right. How did your mission go?」

Aine asked while heading towards the entry hall.

「It went smoothly. What about you Aine?」

「My opponent was just a reconnaissance drone. I hit it back to the country that sent it. I attached the option that the next time they send another, I’ll sink it along with the aircraft carrier.」

「Rather than that Aine-san. Listen to this, Yurishia-san, she was talking about trying to make polygamy legal in Ataraxia you know? What do you think?」


Aine slightly looked up and thought for a while.

「I don’t really mind you know?」


「As expected from Aine, how magnanimous. It’s not for nothing that you were an emperor.」

Aine made a boasting smile at the two who were showing contrastive reactions.

「Well, the first wife is this me after all. Perhaps it’s more accurate to call it the composure of the legal wife?」

Certainly that might be so──however, getting told that so straightly also wasn’t amusing for Himekawa and Yurishia.

「……I guess. But, there are many stories of concubines or mistresses being loved more rather than the first wife.」

Aine’s eyebrows twitched up.

「What did you say?」

「That’s right isn’t iit. Besides, in this current situation……the one who gets pregnant with Kizuna’s child first will be in the lead.」


Aine glared at Yurishia with a flustered look.

「Now wait a second! In that case isn’t it the commander who has the most advantage!?」

「Eh!? Aine-san, what do you mean by that?」

「It’s just a rumor but……I heard just now that the commander abused her authority to summon Kizuna during all his free time……I was waiting outside because I want to ascertain it but……」

Yurishia also made a fearless smile.

「This is……it has to be checked from Kizuna himself isn’t it.」

「Really! Let’s tie him up, then we will absolutely make him confess!」

「Good grief! Just where is he going, that man!?」

Part 3[edit]

Around that time Kizuna was watching the practical class of the elementary school in the schoolyard.

The students with small bodies running around noisily were calming his heart as though he was watching small and cute animals.

「Riight, now then be damn quiet. I am Gertrude Beard, the one who will be the teacher of you damn ladies and gentlemen from now on. Well, best regards.」

Gertrude was greeting the little kids with her usual way of speaking that was unclear whether she was being polite or rude.

Speaking about the kids, they were staring at their teacher with admiring gazes.

「It’s the real thing……it’s the real Gertrude Beard-san……」

「The godslayer Gertrude-san……」


The whispering voices and sparkling eyes caused Gertrude to avert her gaze awkwardly.

「Aa no……I don’t know what you ladies and gentlemen have heard, but I ain’t someone that exaggerated.」

When Gertrude started speaking, the children completely stopped speaking and fell silent. It was as though they wouldn’t miss to hear even a single word of the person they idolized.

──’Thi, this is damn difficult!!’

Kizuna felt like he could hear such voice from Gertrude’s heart. He desperately endured from laughing.

「I, I only did what I could. It’s obviously impossible to defeat a god by myself alone. But we can accomplish big work if we combine our strength. What I did was nothing more than being in charge of a part of that.」

Gertrude tried to conclude the talk, but the kids’ serious gazes made her feel like she had to say something a little bit more.

「Well, you all just need to diligently and seriously accumulate daily training you damn kids.」

At that time, a single student raised their hand.

「Oh? What is it? You can speak. What is your damn name?」

「Yes. Err……I’m Hida Setsuna.」

That student had long hair with shocking golden color and golden pupils that would make anyone hold their breath. Even though she was a child, she possessed a beauty that would make anyone who saw her freeze and an abnormal presence.

「Teacher said that just now, but isn’t that because teacher is strong?」


「We aren’t strong like teacher, and we don’t know whether we will be able to become strong. In the end, if we don’t have the ability……we will become unneeded children in this Ataraxia.」

In contrast with her sublime appearance that was like an angel, she weak-heartedly disclosed her worry. It seemed that worry was also something the other children could sympathize with. Many of the children nodded or looked at each other and whispered with low voices.

「She is right……I cannot even imagine me being able to defeat god like teacher……」

「That isn’t something you can become able to do by training.」

「Perhaps it’s pointless to just work hard……」

Gertrude put her hand on her waist and looked around at the children.

「I seee……I understand well everyone’s worry. I too was once worried that I am completely useless.」

Unrest spread through the children.

They made a face that said they couldn’t believe their aspiration Gertrude-san ever had any time like that.

「After all there is this thing called difference in talent. It’s not like everyone here will be able to become ace pilots, and certainly, there might even be those of you here who cannot even become pilots.」

The commotion stopped and the children became quiet. Among them there were also children who got teary eyed.

「──But, so what?」

‘Eh’, the children spontaneously raised their voices.

「It’s sad to have your hopes not coming true, but that ain’t mean that you ladies and gentlemen are worthless because of that. A human’s value ain’t decided from the height of their ability. How that person lives, that is what will decide the value of that person.」

The children held their breaths and stared fixedly at Gertrude.

MGHxHV13 008 ill.jpg

「That’s why even if you cannot become an ace, it’s fine if you can become a support pilot. Even if you cannot become a pilot, it’s fine if you can do ground duty. It’s fine if you can find the place where you will be the most useful and work hard there with pride. Live well, and there not gonna be anyone who laugh on you ladies and gentlemen saying that you are worthless.」

Gertrude grinned.

「If you do that, then there will be a time where even someone like me who only has normal ability will be needed by those guys who possess monstrous ability.」

Those words weren’t something that she only had smattering knowledge about or second-hand knowledge. They were words that Gertrude herself discovered within her life and proved with her way of life.

Perhaps the children here couldn’t understand or accept it. But, one day the time would come when they understood. That was what Gertrude thought.

「The damn talk ends here! We are starting training now! First is a light run for warming up! Keep damn running until I say stop!」

When Gertrude clapped her hands, the children obediently started running on the schoolyard track. Kizuna waved his hand to Gertrude who was walking to the edge of the courtyard while scratching her head.

Gertrude who noticed Kizuna jogged towards him.

「This is damn unusual isn’t it, boss Kizuna. Did you escape from the scene of carnage?」

「What an abrupt greeting there, godslayer Ger-san.」

「Stop calling me like that! Just who in the hell started that!? The guy who damn spread that nickname!!」

「I don’t know who but, isn’t it fine?」

Gertrude glared at Kizuna with suspicion.

「I’m completely failing to live up to that name damn it……rather than that.」

Gertrude stared at the girl with golden hair and golden eyes running in the courtyard.

「As expected, is boss worried about Setsuna?」

「……Well yeah.」

Hida Setsuna──on the surface she was Kizuna’s little sister, but the truth was different.

The girl who possessed the consciousness of the AI Thanatos who accomplished evolution until she became a god that ruled all the worlds, and now she possessed the body of Nayuta, Kizuna’s mother who became a machine god──that was Setsuna.

Although, Thanatos’s memory didn’t remain.

It hadn’t been a year since her birth, but her mental age was already growing until it wasn’t inferior compared to the age of her appearance. How would she grow from now on, would she discover special abilities someday, there would be no end to it if they listed the things that were a matter of concern.

「She looks like a good kid ain’t she?」

「Yeah……looks like it.」

Kizuna’s eyes that were watching Setsuna had worry in it even while he was saying that.

Gertrude thought that was surely because Kizuna was treasuring Setsuna.

「After this it will be a practical training of Technical Gear, how about it? Boss can be her training partner. Boss is also good at handling Technical Gear ain’t it.」

「Technical Gear huh……」

Kizuna recalled the time he challenged Aine using Technical Gear and smiled wryly.

「I have nothing but memories of almost dying with it but……that skill isn’t something that I can forget. I’ll give it a try.」

「──No. Please come with me.」

A whisper entered his ear.


Kizuna almost rolled over to the front to get away from the source of the voice and he turned around.

「Valdy huh……you, don’t keep appearing in a way that is bad for my heart.」

Valdy who was wearing magic armor was standing behind the spot where he was at just now.

「Reiri-sama is calling. I will lead you until the lab’s command room right away.」

Kizuna nodded weakly.

He understood what it was about in general.

Kizuna had no more plans for today. That was why he was called.

He also thought about escaping, but it would be impossible for him to shake off Valdy’s pursuit. It would be a different story if she let him off, but Valdy had sworn absolute loyalty to Reiri. It was unthinkable that she would let him off.

Ragrus properly reported to Zelcyone and came to Ataraxia after receiving permission, but as for Valdy, she was already here when they noticed.

There was no way to go back so, she was working as Reiri’s bodyguard but……honestly speaking, she was excellent.

After all, Reiri who was the leader of Ataraxia had her life being targeted by the secret agencies and terrorists from the whole world.

When Reiri attended events like international summits and the like, it would become a situation that made him want to ask whether it was an international tournament of assassins. However, Valdy safely protected Reiri to the end and annihilated the hostile assassins.

Since then, Valdy was called the 『god of death』 and she was feared by the secret agencies of many countries.

Although, Reiri too was unrivalled when she equipped Zeros.


Kizuna felt his body floating.

「Wait, oi! Valdy!」

Valdy carried Kizuna in the posture of princess carry. Gertrude grinned seeing that.

「Haha, this reminds me when I sneaked into Vatlantis together with boss.」

「Shut up! Forget about that!! Valdy, got it! I’ll walk by myself, so let me down!」

「It’s my role to carry out Reiri-sama’s order without fail. Please bear with it for a while.」


Valdy leaped with Kizuna in her arms.

Part 4[edit]

Reiri was in the middle of a conference inside the command room.

Her talking partners were the leaders of various countries that were located several thousand kilometers away.

「Today, there is a country that fired ICBMs towards my Ataraxia. After some consideration, we decided to take a suitable measure for retribution.

『Wait. Which country are you talking about?』

The voice of an elderly woman came from the speaker.

「The person concerned should know. Within four months from now, the nuclear weapons of the country responsible will be removed.」

A different ghastly voice interrupted.

『Reiri, wait. Do you think that kind of highhandedness will be tolerated?』

「I’ll say this──schemes and bargains won’t work in Ataraxia. Rather than that how about worrying about maintaining your own government? Besides it seems you are also taking really highhanded approach to the countries in your surroundings. It’s better if you start worrying about their revenge after your nuclear weaponry got removed.」

『Don’t mess with me! Before that happens I’ll sink Ataraxia no matter what kind of method I have to use! Don’t forget that my country also has Heart Hybrid Gears!』

「That’s convenient. I beg you to attack us. That will save us the time to go there ourselves to steal the cores.」


「But I won’t guarantee the pilots’ life. Also, just like I mentioned in my council before, in case a pilot of Heart Hybrid Gear dies, we will recover the core. We won’t recognize any refusal no matter what reason you have.」

『This demon……』

「Indeed, that’s me. You didn’t know?」

Reiri’s mocking voice made the country leaders speechless.

「Also the country that is persistently carrying out spying acts using unmanned drones is──nh」

Reiri’s voice paused.

『What’s the matter demon?』


A stir could be felt at the other side of the speaker due to the abnormality that was happening to Reiri.

「The conference is over with this……we will send message of when the next one will be held.」

『Wha-! Wa, wait──』

The instant the communication was cut off, Reiri raised a coquettish voice.


Her upper body was lying down on a table while she was sorting her heavy breathing. And then she looked across her shoulder.

「Ki, Kizuna. Don’t move so suddenly. My voice almost leaked out just now.」

「Sorry, but I’m not moving though.」

「What are you saying. Inside──aAN♥ I, I’m saying……aa, it’s getting bigger again……♥」

When Kizuna was taken by Valdy and arrived at the command room, just as he thought, he was ordered to do Ecstasy Hybrid. However in the middle of it, the time of the conference arrived……

「Nee-chan, no matter what it’s impossible to have a meeting while doing Ecstasy Hybrid isn’t it? It would be better to stop temporarily.」

「Fufu……but, it was exciting. You were the same right?」

He couldn’t deny that. He thought that the figure of his big sister contending against the leaders of the countries was cool. Furthermore his thing was inserted inside his big sister while she was in such a conference. She was stark naked with her butt thrust out to accept her little brother’s thing until her deepest part.

Perhaps because of nervousness or perhaps because she was enduring the pleasure, Reiri would tighten on Kizuna sometimes. That would also heighten Kizuna’s arousal.

Even without Kizuna moving his waist, his thing would grow bigger on its own and pulse twitchingly. It couldn’t be helped.

「The, the work is over……now, continue──AaAHNN♥」

Kizuna suddenly began to move his waist intensely.

「FuAAAH! AuHNN♥ Ki, Kizuna, do-, don’t be, that greedy! aAA!」

「I’ve been holding back all this time. No way I can endure it now!」

After saying that, he roughly nailed forward without reservation.

「Ah, AA! There-♥」

The compatibility of his body with Reiri was extraordinary. When Kizuna was doing Ecstasy Hybrid with his big sister, he always lost control. He became even more honest with his desire.

And Reiri was also happy of that. She would climax many times over during the time Kizuna came once.

「Aah! Kizuna-! Don’t, so-, something big is……co, comiing♥」

「M, me too, I can’t──」

He injected his load inside Reiri with his all.


Reiri raised a long gasping voice and her back shuddered. Inside her stomach, she was feeling the hot thing that Kizuna fired and her climax repeated many times.

「Ku……♥-! Fuuuh♥ fuuuh♥ fuh, kahah……Aa, haa♥♥」

Kizuna was listening to his big sister’s sensual sigh while tasting a pleasant sense of accomplishment in his waist.

When both of their breathing calmed down, he slowly pulled out. When the tip jumped out while making sound, Reiri’s large butt trembled.

What Kizuna had just released into Reiri just a moment ago was mixed with Reiri’s honey and dripped down viscously from Reiri’s gaping open part.

Reiri raised her sweaty face and brushed her black hair that was stuck on her face to behind her ear. Her expression and gesture were too alluring that Kizuna felt a sensation that was similar with vertigo.


Reiri brought her face close and stole her little brother’s lips.

「Nh♥……chu, fu……nnh♥」

Kizuna couldn’t make any resistance. Rather he also stretched out his tongue and tasted the inside of his big sister’s sweet mouth.

When their lips separated, Reiri stared at Kizuna with an intoxicated gaze. And then she gripped Kizuna’s thing and invited it inside her once more.


Kizuna’s thing was buried into Reiri along with a slippery pleasant sensation.

「Nee-chan yourself……you don’t need to be this greedy.」

Reiri smiled with a gentle expression.

「Because, I want to quickly let her see her grandchild’s face……」

Kizuna recalled the time when they were doing the Harem Hybrid. That short moment when they sat together in harmony.

Kizuna thought of his mother who became a faraway existence and muttered.

「……Can she see I wonder?」

Reiri put her hands on Kizuna’s back and buried her face on his neck.

「She is the god who manages the whole worlds after all. Surely she is also right beside us.」

Hearing that, Kizuna felt the presence of their mother smiling right beside them. Even though he understood that it was just his imagination, he felt happy.

「I see……besides, I also have to eject the core out from Nee-chan’s body.」

「That’s how it is……an♥」

Kizuna pushed his thing to slip even deeper.

MGHxHV13 009 ill.jpg

Part 5[edit]

Kizuna got out of the command room when it became night.

Honestly, he was dead tired. He dragged his tired body and he finally returned home to his dormitory.

He would sleep right away after entering the bath today. He was thinking that while opening the door.

「Ah, you finally came back.」

「Aine!? Also──」

「Kizuna-kun! Where were you loitering around since you returned to earth until this late!?」

「Hey Kizuna. I’m free tomorrow. So today, until the morning……you know♥」

Even Himekawa and Yurishia were waiting for him inside the room. Furthermore the three of them already changed into their pajamas. They were pretty determined to stay the night here.

「Ha, haha……I was, at Nee-chan’s place doing things, like attending the conference with leaders of various countries, or talking about the tactics and so on after this──」

The eyes of the three of them gleamed fiercely hearing that answer.

「About that, can you tell us about it in a bit more detail?」

「That’s right. There is also this rumor that you are favoring the commander by a good deal.」

「Riiight, the commander too is already at that age so I can understand that she is impatient but……in this we too have to receive the chance equally isn’t it?」

The three were gradually cornering Kizuna.

「E, err……everyone, let’s calm down. We can talk it out. We can tal──」

‘Should I just run away from the door?’ When Kizuna thought that, the door was opened energetically.

「I’m home deeesu!!」


Sylvia who had a small build like usual leaped at Kizuna.

「We, welcome back. Didn’t you go to London?」

「Yes! Sylvia was able to confirm the safety of papa and mama without any problem desu! The government of Britain also said that they will guarantee their safety desu.」

「I see……that’s great, Sylvia.」

Kizuna patted Sylvia’s head.

「Ehehe……by the way everyone, what are you all doing desu?」

「Right now we are about to corner Kizuna.」

「Yep♥ Today will be an eros party with Kizuna until morning♪」

「Yu- Yurishia-san! Please don’t speak that bluntly to Sylvia-chan!」

Sylvia made a puzzled face, but then she gasped and replied.

「Then, Sylvia will also participate desu.」

She was saying that while starting to strip her uniform.


Himekawa yelled with a squeaking voice.

「Sylvia also wants to show papa and mama the face of their grandchild desu!」

The unexpected development caused even Yurishia’s complexion to change.

「That’s still too early for you!」

However Sylvia didn’t falter and replied with an innocent smile.

「But, based from the probability, even if Sylvia is doing Ecstasy Hybrid everyday, it will take around five until ten years on average. Sylvia heard that from Professor Shikina desu. It’s better to do it from now desu.」

「The, then, it’s us who take priority!」

「Hayuru. I’ll say this first, you cannot get pregnant from the ass you know?」

「I know that!!」

「It’s me! I have said before that I won’t accept if I’m not the first!」

「Eeh!? Haven’t we discussed it just now that today will start from me!?」

「Sylvia hasn’t done it recently for some time desu. Speaking about the equality of the chance, Sylvia believes that it will be just right for today to be fully reserved for Sylvia desu.」

「No way! Thinking back, my Ecstasy Hybrid was half-baked. It’s necessary that I receive the continuation properly.」

「You already did it enough right!? I still haven’t done it today!!」

「Enough, all of you calm DOWNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!」

However Kizuna’s yell ended in vain. And then the argument of the four heated up even more.

Before long Himekawa snapped and yelled.

「Aah, geez! There is no use talking-!! Neros!!」

「I-, idiot! Sto──」

Aine ignored Kizuna who tried to stop them and took off her pajama with a grin, leaving herself in her underwear.

「Interesting. We haven’t faced each other for a while isn’t it……Zeros!」

Aine’s body also wore Zeros. And then Yurishia also took off her pajamas. She wasn’t wearing underwear, so her large breasts flew out with a jiggle.

「Fufu, I’ll prove it once more that I’m the world’s strongest♪ Cross!」

Yurishia’s naked body was covered with Cross.

Three magic armors lined up inside Kizuna’s room. One was wearing pajama, another one was only in underwear, and the other one was stark naked while wearing the armor. It was chaos.

「Are you three planning to destroy other person’s room again!?」

「The winner will reserve Kizuna for herself, how about it?」

Himekawa made a fearless smile at Aine’s proposal.

「Is that alright? You will regret it giving that condition you know?」

「My? The two of you, you won’t be able to win against me you know?」

「Sylvia will also join desu! Ta──」

「Wait!! Sylvia!!」

Kizuna stopped Sylvia with all his strength.

If she wore Taros, not just this room, the whole upper floor would get destroyed. Depending on the situation, the floor wouldn’t be able to endure the weight and the lower floor would also get destroyed.

Sylvia looked up at Kizuna with a troubled face.

「But captain……at this rate the dormitory will get destroyed again desu.」

「Yeah……I know.」

It would be a suicidal act to rush unarmed in the middle of the three who were getting this excited.

Kizuna sighed deeply inside his heart.

And then──he yelled.


MGHxHV13 010 ill.jpg


First, my gratitude for continuing to read Masou Gakuen HxH until now.

Really thank you very much. This is Kuji Masamune.

The thirteenth volume this time is the last volume of Masou Gakuen HxH. It is also the timing of that kind of ending, so I’m thinking of trying to talk seriously about my own work that normally I won’t really do.

First about the presentation of eros that is also the greatest trait of this series, I was keeping in mind of trying to make it the greatest thing while also keeping it as ero expression in light novel till the end.

For example, first I didn’t use directly indecent language. And then I avoided presentation that displayed the deed specifically, I aimed to stimulate the reader’s imagination so they can associate what I don’t write as though they are reading it. After that, there is the kind of play of making use of depiction and expressiveness to create a really obscene atmosphere even though the characters actually not really doing anything considerable.

By the way I often caught sight Masou Gakuen being alluded as adult-oriented book or erotic novel, but I interpreted them positively like ‘Those are praising words for the height of my writing ability!’ (lol)

However as much as I was highlighting the eros, the drama and the setting of the world view became even more important than that. In order to support the ero setting, I think a solid setting and drama is necessary to become a firm foundation. Without that, the persuasiveness about the necessity of the characters doing the erotic act won’t be created. Without that it won’t be possible to support the story unless the ero scene’s density and elaborateness are increased by many times over.

And then above all else, I also have a intention of not wanting to write something that is only consisting of ero. I want to make a work that I can proudly say has a magnificent content even though there is ero scene in it.

I want to create a work that has universal theme, the correct message, love, justice, humanity, and the straightforward affirmation towards living.

The gloomy setting of death when the Hybrid Count reached zero and the world was ruined in reality because of the Another Universe Conflict were created because of that.

However I also want it to not become too dark, a cheerful and enjoyable work that is fitting for a light novel (because of that there might be a lot of readers who completely forget about the tragedy and urgency though).

And then hot and intense battle where within the despairing situation where there was no way to win, the character made use of their wisdom and courage and the Hybrid, believing in the ray of hope and grasped the victory.

And then the worry and trauma that each character had. The drama from overcoming them together with Kizuna. Although all the heroines are strong, each of them had their own heavy past and worry.

Kizuna already overcame that kind of worry and mentally he was already a relatively completed character from the beginning. However his low combat ability and how he was abandoned by his mother because of that was a wall for Kizuna. Even so he obtained strength by deepening his understanding with the heroines and cooperated with them.

In normal light novels, there are a lot of patterns where the character is the strongest right from the start, but Kizuna wasn’t like that. Perhaps that was insufficient for readers who seek for quick enjoyment, but that is exactly the reason why Masou is masou and Kizuna is Kizuna. Kizuna would lose and he would become down. However he didn’t give up, changed the shape of the fight and kept challenging no matter how many times. Even if there was a misunderstanding or disagreement at the start, he would recognize his mistake and redo it.

「We can do over anytime, we can restart anytime」 That line of Kizuna is one of the important themes in Masou.

And then in the sense of the nature of this work’s message, Kizuna’s big sister, Hida Reiri is even more important than him.

「The worth of human isn’t whether they have high or low ability. It’s a problem of how they live.」 That line has been conveyed continuously several times throughout the story, it’s an important message.

It depends on everyone how you will interpret it. It will be great if everyone thinks about this message in your own way and reach your own conclusion.

Regarding that message and the nature of this work’s theme, there is an important person who is a set with Reiri.

That is Hida Nayuta. Nayuta is my favorite character who I contemplated from the beginning and wrote a lot in the story. When this work was turned into anime, I was asked who is my favorite character? When I answered Hida Nayuta, I remember that the other person made a really conflicted face (lol). Well of course he would be like that. After all at that point she only looked like a somewhat mysterious inhuman villain. The one who asked naturally would expect me to answer with one of the heroines.

I was able to write Nayuta to the end following my own imagination at the beginning, and I’m glad that I was able to write her last scene just like the conclusion that I decided in the beginning.

When I finished writing volume 12, my editor O-san told me 「This work is a tale of family」. He really hit the bull’s eye.

If I have to mention another particularly favorite character of mine……it has to be Ger-san (lol).

Gertrude is an important character that showed the message of this work and cannot be ignored. Or rather, she ascended to become that kind of character before I noticed. At first she was only one of the Masters, a character that wasn’t important, but now it feels like ‘how did it become like this!?’. Now she is a beloved character that is really important even within Masou. When a series continues for long, this kind of thing can also happen. It can be thought like that. I can see Gertrude with a triumphant look now.

There is also Gravel who transformed into an adorable character. Dark skinned characters is one of my favorite types, so at first I intended to enter her as one of Amaterasu, but I gave it up due to various reasons. And then in the first half she made her entrance as the strongest enemy, and then she played an active role in many scenes, so I think the result is fine. At first I only focused at her being strong and cool, but she was gradually getting remodeled into a maiden. Is this what they mean by character moving on their own?

That kind of change that surpassed imagination often happen with the sub characters. With a momentum that overwhelm the main heroines even.

The main heroines of Aine, Hayuru, Yurishia, Sylvia, and Reiri had their characters decided to a certain degree from the start, perhaps it’s because of that they were unable to rampage as they pleased.

But I often got inspirations from seeing the illustrations of Hisasi-san. The setting of Himekawa kitty cat & ass preference was created because I saw the pinup poster of the first volume and thought 「Let’s mix this into the second volume」.

Yurishia is truly a sex symbol. She is a person that is the condensation of female’s sexual charm, someone who any man won’t be able to oppose. Furthermore she isn’t just someone who simply has good style, her brain is also smart. The perfect symbol of sexiness cannot lack intelligence.

Sylvia is the symbol of cuteness. No, Sylvia is really cute.

Aine properly accomplished the role of main heroine. There are a lot of charming rivals with strong individuality around, so I think she has it hard, and then from now on too I don’t think she will have any peace of mind (lol). Hope she works hard.

I’m glad I wrote a cute side of Zelcyone, but my heart is weighed a bit because it would be great if I had a chance to write about Quartum, Masters, and also Hyakurath and the others a bit more. Everyone has quirks in their personality, it feels like it will be really interesting to create a story where they have the leading part.

I made Ragrus to be Sylvia’s rival who would be in a position to pick up a bit of fight with her (sorry!), but she ended up having that kind of stormy life that was full of drama……but in the end she became love love with Sylvia so please forgive me desu.

Valdy also shrewdly settle at the position she herself wanted at the end. Other than them there is also Landred-san, Mercuria and Aldea, Kei, Kurumizawa, Sakisaka-sensei, etc. There are a lot of characters. I like everyone, so I want them to become happy no matter what.

When I think back like this, the experience and growth that I obtained from Masou Gakuen HxH cannot be measured. It was also the first time my book was published, the first time my work got turned into a drama CD and comic and anime, anyway Masou Gakuen has give me many things.

I think that the anime had especially given me a lot. There are also some aspects that I regretted, but I think the anime was a work that has unconventional heat and intense individuality. It left behind enough achievements that a second season of it can be created, so I’m praying that someday a chance of it getting an anime again will come.

Come to think of it when I received the newcomers award, the editor-in-chief at that time told me 「I’ll recognize you as fully qualified if you can continue until seven volumes」. Masou has reached volume 13 at its main media. I don’t know whether in the end I’ve become fully qualified as an author. But, even now I can keep going without forgetting my feelings when I was still a newcomer and do my daily work. If I feel like I’ll forget that feeling, at that time then perhaps I will open Masou Gakuen HxH again. Because I have the feeling that I’ll be able to return to that day anytime.

Well then for the thanks section.

Hisasi-san, thank you so much for the long accompaniment. The illustrations of Masou Gakuen will be my treasure for life. Kurogin-san, thank you very much for the cool gear design.

I have bothered Ouraidou-san of the proofreading a lot. My gratitude for helping me. Shindousha-san, thank you for the designs that were to the point every time.

Editor O-san from Sneaker’s editing department has been a great help since my debut. I think it’s thanks to O-san being in charge of me that Masou Gakuen can become like this. I’m thankful to you from my heart. And then editor I-san who succeeded him, Ayakawariku-san who is in charge of the comic, the anime staffs starting from Supervisor Furukawa, all of the casts who were led by Akabane-san, I have been supported by a great number of people. Thank you very much.

And then, all of you readers who accompanied this series till the end! There is no doubt that you all are the people with the greatest contribution. Really thank you very much! My endless gratitude to everyone who always supported me through fans letter or Twitter. When I received a letter that said 「Kizuna’s words saved me when I was worried in real life」, I was really glad, happy, I thought from the bottom of my heart that I’m glad I wrote this novel.

Masou Gakuen HxH is completed with this volume 13, but it doesn’t mean that this work will die because it reached completion. There should be people who read this work, watch the anime, and become new fan of Masou in the future too. And then this work will continue to live in the hearts of people who read this work.

Besides, it’s not like I have decided to not write Masou again forever. Surely there will be another chance for me to write Masou again due to some kind of opportunity. That’s why, as expected at the end it should be these words that are used for the temporary farewell.

Best regards eros!

Kuji Masamune

Electronic Special SS – Shikina Kei[edit]

My name is Shikina Kei. The person in charge of supervising Nayuta Lab in Ataraxia. Previously my title was proxy chief, but now I have become a chief both in name and reality.

I was a proxy because Professor Nayuta went missing. I am not a proxy anymore because Professor Nayuta has died.

No, rather than saying that she died, it would be more accurate to say that she reincarnated into a different living thing I guess. She became an existence that is worthy to be called god.

Although, for me, Professor Nayuta had been god since a long time ago.

I wondered, why was that kind of person born into this world? I can only think of her as a mutation. It’s hard for subspecies to be born from the human race when the DNA among each other is mostly similar. As I thought, is the remaining path of evolution for the human race is to wait for a mutation that posses outstanding capability like Professor Nayuta to be born?

Or perhaps──

『Chief Shikina! This is Kurumizawa!』

The ringtone that informed the arrival of a visitor rang out. Then an energetic voice came next. My hand reach out to the control panel on the desk and unlocked the door.

「Excuse me!」

This is the head researcher of the firearms division, Kurumizawa Momo. Her cheeks are blushing and her eyes are sparkling. This girl is always energetic and straightforward. Her future is overflowing with hopes and dreams, that’s how it feels. She is too bright for me.

「Chief Shikina, I bring the report for today!」

Her momentum feels like she is even going to salute.

「This is the written report!」

Momo put an A4 electronic paper in the paperwork box on the desk. I type on the keyboard beside it and display a window in front of Momo’s face.

『Thank you for your hard work. However, I should have told you it’s fine to just send the report through email.』

「No! I wish to directly hand it over to Chief Shikina by myself!」

『Why is that?』

Then, Momo’s cheeks reddened and she fidgeted.

「Tha, that is……I want to increase the chances for talking with Chief Shikina……」

『With me? Why?』

「That’s because I respect you!」

My hand stops unintentionally. Now I don’t know which key I should hit.

「You are the top of Nayuta Lab at that age! An outstanding genius! Truly a prodigy! Any researcher will absolutely idolize you.」

『That is an overestimation』

Momo shook her head left and right in a big way.

「Rather it’s still not sufficient! For me it’s not an exaggeration to even say that Chief Shikina is a god-!」


It feels like my brain will freeze.

It feels like I will type strange sentences, I’m getting scared.

I hit the keys cautiously.

『I have received the report. Thank you for your hard work.』

「Yes-! Please excuse me!」

Momo bends her waist and bowed in a ninety degree angle before going out.

A tired feeling presses down on me heavily. My body slides down sink into the chair.

I also feel envious towards her feeling which was so straightforward and pure like that. However, for me, it’s nothing but a heavy burden to have such feelings directed towards me.

I know my place. I’m far away from the character that girl imagined. It even makes me feel like I’m deceiving Momo.

One day that girl will also grow and she surely will understand my level. At that time, perhaps that girl will be disappointed. I wonder how her feelings and attitude towards me will change. Her respectful gaze towards me will change into a disinterested gaze. Surely it will be like that.

When I imagine that, my stomach feels painful. I’m feeling down. At this rate it feels like I won’t stop at the chair, I’ll keep sinking until the floor and get buried underground where no one can find me.

My hand reaches to the console and confirms that the door is locked, after that I open the list of my video files.

They are secret recording data that I cannot show to anyone. There are monitoring cameras inside Nayuta Lab that can only be accessed by me. I open their recorded data.


The gasping voice of my best friend suddenly began playing.

On the screen, the siblings Hida Reiri and Kizuna are doing Ecstasy Hybrid. That scene was secretly recorded. It is purely for research, but not even Reiri herself knows that she was being recorded.

Surely I will get scolded if she finds out. No, it won’t end with just scolding. Surely she will scorn me, and perhaps she won’t be my friend anymore.

In reality, I myself think that this kind of peeping act isn’t good.

However, I cannot stop.

Reiri who is discomposed because of her deed with her little brother is beautiful.

And also cute.

The limbs that all females yearn for are tensed tautly, her glossy black hair is disheveled on her gasping figure. It’s impossible to not get excited after getting showed something like that.

I lift my waist and pull down my panty. I pull out one foot from it and leave it hanging on the ankle of my other foot, then I spread out my legs. And then, my hand reaches between my legs.

At this moment, I feel embarrassed even knowing that no one is watching.


When I stimulate my most sensitive part, I fall into the hallucination that I’m experiencing the same pleasure that Reiri is feeling.


「Aan♥ Kizuna-! Tha, that place, wa, wait-, YAaAAANNN♥」

It looks like Kizuna is starting to target Reiri’s weakest spot. When I also enter my finger inside and attack the place that feels good.

「aU! Ah! Ahn♥ A, aah♥」

Unbecoming appearance that normally cannot be shown to anyone no matter what. Obscene expression, high-pitched coquettish voice that is filled with arousal. It’s only Kizuna and me who can see the solemn Reiri like this.

Hida Reiri who is feared and called a demon is going wild on the bed. That obscene dance is instigating my arousal.

「Hah, an, fuaaah♡」

When I notice, not just sigh, my voice also leaks out from my mouth.

Reiri who is accepting her little brother’s thing inside the screen is shaking her waist intensely. My finger’s movement also matches that and moves even more intensely.

Before long Reiri’s toes tensed out, they bend as though trying to hold on to something.

The climax comes.

I also assault the most sensitive part inside me and rolled the sensitive protrusion near the entrance with my fingertip.


The instant Reiri climaxed, I also tensed my whole body. My toes stretch out tautly and my legs jerk and tremble.

Kizuna and Reiri inside the screen collapse down while they are still connected.

If other people know what I’m doing, they might tell me to not do something lonely like that, or go find a partner.

But, that advise is off the point.

I’m not doing something like this because I don’t have a partner.

I don’t want a partner or anything.

It’s fine because I’m alone.

This indirect act of masturbationself-consolation is literally consoling me. I’m feeling happiness from it.

That’s why, I can even endure the heavy responsibility of being Professor Nayuta’s successor that only seems like a punishment game from my point of view. Even knowing that she is an existence that I absolutely won’t be able to catch up to, I am able to continue doing this work.

I’m continuing to protect this Ataraxia, protecting what Professor Nayuta created and protected.

This secret act is indispensable to allow me to perform such a big task that doesn’t suit the caliber of someone like me.

I understand that no one can understand it. Surely even Reiri and Kizuna will be astonished if they knew, Momo will also be disappointed or disgusted at me.

However, for me, this is something indispensable so that I can do my work and keep living. I won’t budge on it.

Inside the screen, Reiri is kissing Kizuna like someone spoiled. I stop the playback there. And then I clean up my wet groin and the chair with tissues, wash my hands thoroughly, and then I read the written report Momo brought here.


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