Masou Gakuen HxH:Volume 13 Bonus Short Story 1

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Sylvia was absent from Ataraxia for a while. Together with Ragrus, she went to Britain in order to ascertain the safety of both her parents. During that time, Kizuna was taking care of himself by his own.

He cleaned up his room, he also used the washing machine in his room to wash his clothes. Most of the time he ate outside, but he was slightly enjoying living alone by himself after so long.

In reality he was living by himself, but because Sylvia was acting like a regularly visiting wife and took care of all his daily needs, he didn’t feel like he was living alone during that time.

There was a great commotion the day she came back, but the next day Sylvia came once more and checked his room. She then said this──

「It immediately became like this just because Sylvia went away for a bit desu.」

She said that with a huff and glared sharply at Kizuna.

From Kizuna’s point of view, he believed that he had properly done his housework, but from Sylvia’s point of view, it seemed that his work wasn’t good at all.

「As expected, captain is no good without Sylvia here desu.」

She muttered such thing while spending her whole day to clean every nook and cranny of the room, took care of the laundry, went out shopping for ingredients, and displayed her new recipes at dinner.

「Thank you Sylvia.」

「Ehehe, Sylvia is also happy if captain is happy desu.」

「However, Sylvia now is already a full-fledged squad member. There is no way I can make you to keep looking after me forever.」

「Sy, Sylvia doesn’t want captain to say that desu. Sylvia wants to be allowed to look after captain forever desu.」

Sylvia pleaded so with tears in her eyes. Kizuna couldn’t say anything more after seeing that.

「Then, how about a reward? Is there anything that you want?」

Sylvia put her finger on her lips and thought hard. And then her cheeks blushed,

「Then……today, is it alright……if Sylvia stays here today desu?」

It was decided that night he would sleep together with Sylvia.


Sylvia who was wearing an adorable pink pajama was climbing on the bed.

A long time had passed since they first met, but her appearance hadn’t changed at all since then. Kizuna was tormented by a light feeling of guilt as usual while unbuttoning her pajama.


Sylvia’s white skin and her slightly bulging chest appeared. Sylvia also moved her body to make it easier for Kizuna to strip her, so it didn’t take long for her to look just like when she was born.

Kizuna also took off his clothes and embraced the naked Sylvia.

When he embraced her in his arms, he realized once more how small her body was.

And then, she was really warm. Sylvia’s body temperature was high.

Kizuna caressed that warm body without leaving any place untouched, making the body to become even more flushed.

「Haa……an……I, it feels……good, desu」

Sylvia’s sigh started to get mixed with a voice that was gasping from pleasure.

Around the time her skin was starting to turn pink, drops of liquid were starting to trickle from Sylvia’s other lips. It immediately caused stains to form on the sheet.


「Yes desu……」

Sylvia averted her face shyly and spread open her legs to welcome Kizuna. However, the slit below the faint golden bush that was like soft downy hair was still closed tightly.

He spread open that drenched slit with his fingertips, then a secret entrance that was wetly glistening beautifully showed its face.

「Here I come, Sylvia.」


Sylvia’s mouth that was going to reply back leaked out a strange voice when she felt Kizuna’s thing touching her sensitive part.


The thickest part spread open Sylvia’s narrow entrance. The petite Sylvia had a tight entrance, and the inside felt even tighter. There was always the sensation of forcefully spreading it open that worried Kizuna. When he stared at Sylvia’s face, she was making an expression as though she was desperately enduring something with knitted eyebrows.

「A, aah, ca, captain’s……a, HAaAAaA♡」

Kizuna was relieved and advanced further until the depth. And then Kizuna’s tip stopped moving when it touched the wall deep inside.

「Ca, captain? Is everything, inside desu?」

「No, it looks like I reached the end already──」

「Sylvia, is still alright desu. That’s why……Sylvia, wants the whole thing desu.」

Sylvia talked to him pleadingly. With reservation Kizuna slowly thrust his waist.


After the sensation that was like pushing up Sylvia’s inside, Kizuna’s abdomen had advanced until it stuck close to Sylvia’s stomach.

「Everything is inside now……Sylvia.」

「An……Sylvia is happy desu……captain」

Kizuna wondered a bit when he looked down at Sylvia’s stomach. He wondered how his thing could settle inside there. He wondered if it hurt.

But, Sylvia’s inside was wrapping around Kizuna as though it was unable to wait longer for the next development. And then her inside pulsed again and again to invite Kizuna’s movement.

「……Sylvia, I’m moving.」

「Yes desu♥」

There was no sign of pain on Sylvia’s face. Her face also wasn’t the usual face of a pure angel. It was a face that was intoxicated with pleasure with her eyes shined bewitchingly. That eroticness caused a shiver to run through Kizuna’s spine.

At first he moved gently like shaking his thing, and then his movements were gradually getting bigger.

「Hah, aan♥ Hyah, ah, HAAaAAAANNu♥!」

Sylvia’s coquettish voice was getting louder following his movement. Her voice to Kizuna sounded sweetly coaxing as though she was asking more, more. And then when Kizuna noticed, he had been swinging his waist intensely.

「AaAH! A-, amazing desu♥ Captain-, CAPTAIiiiNNNN♥」

「Aa! Sylvia! I’ll go faster!」

In order to make Sylvia feel even better and experience a climax that she had never felt before──

Kizuna unconsciously caught Sylvia’s waist with both his hands. And then he moved her body back and forth, and his waist struck forward by matching the timing. He was piercing Sylvia as though he was handling an object.

「HAaAaYAaAaAaAuANNNNNu! Ca, captain! Thi-, this is, a, mazing♥desuuuuu! Captaiiin-♥!」

Sylvia shed tears that drew a single streak on her cheek that was dyed bright red. The faint pink tip of her breast was pointing up as much as it could.

「Sylvia, is, no good already desuu. Ca-, captain, Sylvia is」

Kizuna was at his limit too. Suddenly Sylvia’s inside tightened on Kizuna’s thing severely.

Sylvia held her breath.


Kizuna felt Sylvia’s climax. In that moment, his instinct made him release his everything inside Sylvia.

The hot sensation that was fired inside Sylvia increased the sensation that Sylvia was feeling even though she thought what she was feeling was at the highest already.

「Hih!? Gu……NOOoOOOO-♥ KYAaAaAaNNNNNN♥♥♥」

Her body trembled while she was receiving what Kizuna released. For a while her body stiffened while continuing to convulse, but that too settled down before long and she turned limp and her whole body loosened down.

Kizuna was also sweaty and he was breathing heavily. He slowly drew back his waist to pull out from inside Sylvia, but then Sylvia’s hand entwined around Kizuna’s body.

「Captain, next, Sylvia will……make captain, feel good desu.」

Saying that, she looked up at Kizuna with eyes that were filled with obscene light.

It felt like he would be wringed out for the whole night by this small succubus.