Masou Gakuen HxH:Volume 13 Bonus Short Story 2

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「So Hayuru, which one do you want?」

Kizuna asked with an intentional maliciousness.

「Tha, that’s……i, it’s fine……if Kizuna-kun do as you like.」

「Are you really fine with that?」

Kizuna’s hand reached towards Himekawa who was on all fours.


She wasn’t wearing anything on her body. He caressed her white butt and then continued caressing to the front.

「There isn’t that much time until the mission starts. If we are going to make the Ecstasy Hybrid a success with certainty……as I thought, it should be this one I think.」

Kizuna touched Himekawa’s drooling lower lips. Himekawa’s back jerked up in that instant.

「Bu, but, if we want to be certain, that……doing both is……」

Himekawa’s face turned bright red and she muttered with a voice that was like a mosquito’s cry.

「By both you mean, this place and the breasts?」

Kizuna played stupid. Himekawa gritted her teeth hearing that.

「Thi, this place!」

Himekawa resigned herself and reached out to her butt. She spread opened the crack there by herself. From there he could see a small, wrinkly, and narrow organ.

「I, it’s fine so……please do it……i, in my butt……」

Tears gathered in her eyes and she begged with a trembling voice.

Kizuna checked the time. There was half an hour until the mission started.

The content of the mission was to deal with the nuclear facility of a certain country. In order to completely annihilate the facility and nuclear fuel, it was necessary to do Ecstasy Hybrid to make Neros’s Gladius available.

In order to do that, Kizuna and Himekawa were in the middle of doing Ecstasy Hybrid inside the Love Room that was loaded in the transport.

Kizuna took a lotion and applied it to Himekawa’s tightly closed butt.

「Nh……a, aa……」

Himekawa’s arms lost strength just from that and she collapsed on the bed. She entrusted her body to Kizuna’s caress with a posture where it was only her butt that was raised up.

「Ki, Kizuna-kun? That, I have properly cleaned up the inside before this so……」

Himekawa timidly informed so. To Kizuna she looked really adorable.

「As expected from Hayuru. You are thoroughly prepared.」

「Tha, that, it doesn’t mean, that I’m especially expecting it or──NNaAAA♡!!」

Kizuna’s fingertip entered into the entrance. The tightness was harsh, but thanks to the lotion he could enter inside smoothly.


The foreign object that intruded inside her butt made shivering pleasure to well up inside Himekawa’s stomach.

Normally it was an organ that was used for excretion. Things should come out from inside, but right now it was used in the completely opposite direction.

The simple stimulation also brought her pleasure. However more than that, the feeling of immorality, the fact that they were doing an abnormal perverted act, they made Himekawa’s brain to produce a lot of pleasure chemicals inside.

「Au, aan! A, gri, grindiiing……tha, that hard, aaAAAHNNN♡」

Kizuna’s finger was thoroughly stirring her up to loosen the dirty organ. Every single one of that movements made Himekawa writhe.

Before long the tightness became loose and even when Kizuna pulled out his finger, the hole stayed slightly opened.

「Then Hayuru, have you resolved yourself?」

「Ye, yhes♥ Please, dho it♥」

Even though they were still in the middle of foreplay, her speech was already inarticulate. Her drool trickled out and her eyes were shining with anticipation. There was no trace of an honor student at all in the current Himekawa.

But, Kizuna thought that such a honest Himekawa was cute. Normally she would act firm and tight, so he at least wanted her to expose herself at this kind of time. That was his thought.

Kizuna placed his thing on the entrance, then pushed inside while feeling strong resistance.


A groan slipped out from Himekawa’s lips. Kizuna tasted a sensation that was different from the front while advancing deeper inside, then Himekawa’s soft butt softly put a stop to Kizuna’s invasion.

「It’s completely inside now, Hayuru.」

「Aan……re, really? All of Kizuna-kun, is……♥」

Himekawa looked over her shoulder at Kizuna with an intoxicated gaze. Her face with her black hair sticking on her cheek looked really erotic.

「I also cannot hold back anymore. I’m moving now.」

「Yes. Please do as Kizuna-kun pleases……after all, that place too belongs to Kizuna-kun♡」

Those words became a stimulation that filled Kizuna’s thing with strength to the brim. It twitched and reared up its neck.


He slowly pulled out, and then he pushed inside once more with even more cautiousness.

「AaAAANN! Haa, haa, hah, a, a, AaAAAAA!♥」

While repeating that, his speed was gradually increasing.

「Ah! aA! YaaAANN♥」

The severe tightness made Kizuna to almost reach his limit quickly. A thinking that switching to the front here for the sake of the Ecstasy Hybrid crossed his mind. However Kizuna passed that thought.

「Hayuru! I’m coming!」


In response to Himekawa’s sweet yelling voice, Kizuna fired everything he had deep into the hole that originally wasn’t the place he should release into.

Himekawa fell prostrated on the bed and her body trembled. Just now it didn’t lead to Ecstasy Hybrid, even so it was obvious from a glance that Himekawa had just climaxed fiercely. Sweat was covering her whole body and her body was trembling.

She blocked her mouth using a pillow and desperately stifled her indecent yell.

When Kizuna’s thing finished pulsing and stopped spewing out its load inside Himekawa, she muttered absentmindedly.

「My ass is……hot……」

Even Himekawa didn’t understand whether it was because of the intense friction inside or because of what Kizuna fired inside her ass.

「Are you alright Hayuru? I also got too into it and forgot to control……」

Himekawa smiled gently and shook her head to the left and right.

「No……I’m happy.」


Seeing Kizuna was unable to understand what she meant, Himekawa looked down shyly.

「Because it feels like, I alone get loved by twice more than other people.」


Himekawa lied down facing up and her hand moved towards her groin. Their act just now caused the place there to get wet as though she had been peeing. Her fingers spread that place open as though to show from where the honey was welling up from.

「Then, please take care of this place too, my danna-samahusband♡」