Masou Gakuen HxH:Volume 1 Prologue

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“Aa-……n-no. Ki-Kizuna-kun, that place, nn……-“

The girl twisted her body in order to escape from the hand of the man called Kizuna.

Her long black hair shook smoothly.

“My, my bad! Himekawa, you don’t like it there then.”

Kizuna pulled his hand back in panic.

“……So which area is it that makes you feel good when touched?”

The face of the girl, Himekawa Hayuru, turned red in a flash.

“Th-the-there is no way I can tell you that! So-so-so-something like tha――aAnn-“

“Anyways, it seems that this place makes you feel good.”

While saying that, Hida Kizuna crawled his hand on Himekawa’s thigh.

They were in a wide room of the size of twenty tatami mats.

In the center of the dimly lighted room, there was a bed of a white so pure that it looked dazzling.

On top of that bed, a boy and a girl around the age of typical high-schoolers were embracing each other.

Kizuna was wearing something like a training wear that fitted tightly on his body.

With short sleeves on his upper body and a spat that reached his knee, the attire that he wore had the upper and bottom separated, and faint muscles could be seen from his exposed stomach.

He couldn’t be qualified as muscular, but just from seeing it, one would notice that his body was fairly trained.

As for Himekawa, she too was wearing an attire that fit tightly on her, similarly to Kizuna, but the impression that hers left was quite different. The fabric was so thin, and the cut at her crotch was also extremely risqué in the style of a swimming race swimsuit, that it seemed like a leotard in appearance.

On top of that attire, she was wearing a coat that was like a part of shrine maiden clothes, but it had already been completely worn out of shape.

Those clothes that hid her body half-heartedly made her look excessively erotic.

There was an opening at the front of her chest, making the smooth curves of her breasts visible. They were a little small, but looking at them would make one’s heart throb.

Having a girl with such a figure looking upwards toward him with these eyes made this scene nothing but lascivious.

‘――No matter how many times this happens, it still makes me so nervous.’ Was what he thought.


As Kizuna lifted Himekawa’s hair, Himekawa’s body trembled in response.

“Himekawa, you…… are really sensitive, aren’t you?”

“Is, is that so? I-I am…… aau”

He then caressed her, letting his hand slide from the top of her head along the flow of her hair. With the tip of his finger, he slid his hand until he reached her waist.

“Aa-a-an…… u”

She knitted her eyebrows and endured the pleasure.

“I wonder how does your back feel?”

“I, it’s ticklish.”

“Ticklish? How strange…… didn’t you say before that it feels good?”

Kizuna pondered with a troubled face.

“Yo, you are wrong! By no means something like that is-!”

Himekawa shook her head and denied it.

“It doesn’t feel good or anything, in, in the first place, I didn’t do this because it feels good! This is a mission, so it can’t be hel…… hyaun!”

Kizuna’s hand slid through her back in reverse, from the bottom to the top.

“Himekawa, any time now――”

At that moment, *zushin*, the room shook.

Vibrations like those of a local earthquake assaulted the room. Kizuna worriedly looked around.

“This is bad…… we have to finish this quick.”

“……Isn’t it fine? I think there is no need to be concerned though.”

Himekawa answered calmly. As if to wait for something, she looked up at Kizuna fixedly.

Somehow, those eyes of hers looked coquettish.

“I, I wonder if that’s so?”

Kizuna once again reached out his hand to Himekawa.

“Aa-! Again-, just where are you touching-, haa…… uun.”

Kizuna stroked around Himekawa’s white thigh. The smooth texture felt good in his hand. Even the soft elastic sensation also felt good.

From the thigh, his hand next reached out to her calf. The slender calf gave a slim and elegant image to her whole leg.

From there Kizuna’s hand once again traced through her leg, heading to above her knee. His finger continued to advance stroking from the inside of her thigh toward her body.

“Mou, how long you are going to touch, don’t get carried awa…… aaa-!”

Kizuna crossed over from her thigh to her crotch, he grazed her nether region and advanced his finger tip toward the depression of her navel.


At that time, along with Himekawa’s gasping voice, a glittering like a star could be seen from Himekawa’s eyes.

――It’s here!?

That instant when Kizuna became excited, a large tremor attacked the two of them again.

A dull sound of metal reverberated from the wall.

“Wasn’t just now really bad?”

Kizuna tried to confirm the situation and he was going to go away from the bed.


He was pulled back by an amazing strength.

“Geez, aren’t you still in the middle of replenishing me? Where are you planning to go?”

Himekawa’s condition was clearly different compared to before.

A light of obscenity shined from her eyes.

“N, no. I’m just going to look at the situation a li……”

Himekawa’s hands grabbed Kizuna’s face and like that she pushed herself down on the bed pulling him back.


Kizuna’s posture was now bending over Himekawa.

“Fufu. It’s fine you know, about the outside…… if we just leave it to Aine-san and Yurishia-san, everything will be fine.”

Glazed eyes and flushed cheeks. Red particles of light began to come out from her body.

――No mistake.

It was the indication of Union RemodelingHeart Hybrid.

Himekawa bent her body while taking off her upper wear.

Himekawa’s slim hands embraced Kizuna’s head with a fierce strength.

“Hey? This place of mine…… it already became like this you know…… Kizuna-kun too, you cannot hold back anymore right?”

Himekawa’s sweet whisper tickled Kizuna’s ear.

――Then, let’s settle this here.

Kizuna’s eyes shined.

Pink light swam inside his eyes and light particles also began to scatter from his body.

Kizuna who was embraced by Himekawa pushed his face into Himekawa’s small breasts.

Even so he could feel enough softness. Himekawa’s body temperature was warm and he could hear the sound of her heartbeat going faster.

Normally, she didn’t want her breasts to be touched, but……

Kizuna circled his hand on Himekawa’s body and turned their bodies over in reverse.

He slid his fingers on the back of Himekawa who was now on top of him.

And then, he grabbed her butt.


Himekawa leaned back and her long black hair spread open.

His left and right hands were each respectively gently holding the left and right hills.

Regardless of how softly he was holding her, Kizuna’s fingers were sinking without end into those hills.

His hands were rubbing those two hills sticking on his hands while drawing a circle.

“Ya-, yan, iyaaan!”

Himekawa shook her head as if to escape from the pleasure assaulting her body.

As if to give her a finishing blow, Kizuna put more strength to his fingers and grasped Himekawa’s butt even tighter.


Himekawa raised a coquettish voice and bent her back like a bow.

At the same time, red light surged out from Himekawa’s body.

And then, pink light particles rose up from Kizuna’s body.

The lights appearing from their body gradually turned brighter and filled the inside of the room with red and pink radiance.

The two lights mixed and melted into each other.

Matching with that, a change occurred in Kizuna’s portable terminal that he put aside on the bedside.

Kizuna didn’t overlook that and focused on the terminal.

Himekawa’s parameter that was near zero was restored in one go.

“Yosh! Heart Hybrid success! The replenishment is complete with this.”

Kizuna made a small guts pose happily.

“Himekawa, you are fine already with this right?”

“Sheesh…… it’s over already?”

Himekawa looked down with a befuddled face.

“Ye, yeah…… because, the replenishment is complete already see? If we don’t hurry, Yurishia and Aine are also going to complain.”

Himekawa scowled as if her mood was worsening, then-

“Sheesh, something like that doesn’t matter right-?”

She buried her face on Kizuna’s chest and hugged him tight, as if to not let him go.

“Eh? Hime, kawa…… san?”

Himekawa put her hand on Kizuna’s chest and raised her body.

Kizuna released a deep breath in relief.

“So you understand…… that’s great. Well then, u-!?”

Himekawa put her body weight and straddled Kizuna’s abdomen, then she smiled bewitchingly.

“Buu-t, this place, you still…… haven’t touched them.”

Masou Gakuen HxH V01 06.jpg

She let out a sweet voice and gestured by lifting up her own breasts.

Himekawa’s body was slender, but when she did that he was made conscious of that existence whether he wanted it or not.

As if inviting him, Himekawa moved her hands.

The two hills wrapped in a pilot suit had their shape changed elastically.

Himekawa leaned forward and her long black hair touched Kizuna’s face.

“Here, Kizuna-kun……”

As if being charmed, Kizuna’s hand reached out towards the protrusion of the breasts that were drawing gentle lines.

{Hey, both of you! Just until when in the world are you two going to stay inside?}

A floating window appeared on the tip of the finger of the reaching out hand.


Kizuna pulled back his hand with amazing speed.

A blonde beautiful girl was reflected inside the window which was floating in the empty air.

{The replenishment is over already right? We are busy here, so I want you two to quickly get out here.}

“My, my bad, Yurishia. We’ll go out immediately.”

When Kizuna raised his body, Himekawa’s body was shaken.

“Are you okay? The replenishment is over. Let’s get out soon.”

Himekawa brushed up the hair clinging to her skin due to sweat and looked at Kizuna languidly.

“Reple…… nishment?”

“Get a hold of yourself, Himekawa. Aah, you need some time before you get your sanity back like usual huh.”

Kizuna grasped Himekawa’s shoulders and shook her body really exaggeratedly. Himekawa’s head was turning round and round.

“Nn…… eh? Replenishment, o, ver……?”

With her eyes still being dazed, her gaze was swimming everywhere.

Her shaky gaze was stopping at the location of Kizuna’s face, and after she stared fixedly at his face, the focus of Himekawa’s eyes was gradually turning sharp.


Himekawa opened her eyes wide in a flash and jumped.

After wriggling for a while, she covered her reddening face with both her hands.

“Yo, you are wrong! Just now is not me! Tha, that, vulgar act is not me!”

“Yeah, it’s okay. That’s because it was Heart Hybrid’s influence. I understand okay?”

Kizuna waved his hand and smiled before getting down from the bed.

“D, do you really understand? It was by no means at all that I――”

Kizuna responded with a wry smile, then he pulled Himekawa’s hands towards the door.

When he rotated the door knob, a thick sound that couldn’t be imagined from the door’s outer appearance resounded.

What appeared after the door was opened, was a surface filled with mountains of rubble.

The place was a business city once. However the multistory business buildings there were destroyed altogether, the remaining buildings also couldn’t escape from partial destruction or blazing fire.

The smoke welled up from flames and sudden gust were blowing, hitting Kizuna’s face with hot wind.

The explosive sound and shooting sound reverberating from afar were reverberating until here like an echo.

Inside that world which was turned into scorched earth, there was a container that was left standing alone.

That was the room where Kizuna and Himekawa were inside until now, the middle-range mobile-type tactical replenishment room, its nickname was [Love Room]. If there was a request, it was possible to immediately transport the room using a transport helicopter, furthermore, it could also endure attacks by magic weapons as a solid private shelter.

And then, the surrounding of the room was currently surrounded by multiple humanoid weapons.

They were mechanized magic weapons [Mechanical InfantryBrigand] with a total height of around three meters.

The girl standing in their way turned back from the sound of the container opening.

“Ah, you two finally got out-.”

Matching with her turning back movement, the girl’s large breasts shook.

A vest was tightened on top of the large breasts with her waist largely sticking out. That body was wrapped in a wear like a swimming race swimsuit made from thin fabric.

The word gorgeous was perfectly suited for that body which possessed a glamorous violent modulation coupled with that golden hair and blue eyes.

Yurishia Farandol.

She was the girl which was talking to Kizuna from inside the floating window just now.

Yurishia’s extravagant body which couldn’t be seen from the small window was equipped with a beautiful protector and brusque armament.

This was exactly mankind’s greatest trump card against the army of AU. [1]

It was the decisive weapons in the battle with the other universe.

――Magic armor “Heart Hybrid Gear”.

This [Cross] of Yurishia was one of those Heart Hybrid Gears.

It was a protector with beautiful material. The sleek surface reflected the surrounding light and gold lines of light was running inside it. It had a small surface area which made one feel uneasy whether it could really accomplish its role as a protector.

And then, weapons were integrated on the back and around the waist. The two large Units stretching out from the back, the Offensive Mobile Particle EngineDifferential Frames were dividing the energy they produced for propulsive power and the particle cannon. The Units had a mobile style where Yurishia could move them freely using her will, leaving no blind spot for her.

And then, the two particle cannons hanging at her waist were the main equipment of Yurishia.

When she drew out the two particle cannons with both her hands,

“Shoot through!”

The particle cannons in both her hands and the Differential Frames on her back spouted out fire.

Bullets of light hit the large crowd of Brigands one after another as if they were being sucked right into the enemy. The bullets swept through the line of fire, mowing down the Brigands and built a wall of explosion.

“YES!” [2]

Yurishia smoothly holstered her particle cannons as if handling two handguns, then crossed her arms cockily, further emphasizing her big breasts. Her breasts bounced following that movement.

“Really, when Hayuru enters the Hybrid, you reaa―lly take too long! I wonder, just how long were you two planning to continue having fun?”

Yurishia peeked into Himekawa’s face with a mean smile.

Himekawa made a flustered expression and,

“Wh, what’s with, that false accusation! There is no way for this me, to wish for such indecent act, at all!”

Himekawa kept talking on and on without pause.

“Okay, okay, I understand. Well then, you have been completely replenished with how long you took then, aren’t you-☆”

The tremors in the ground were intensifying.

“――Even without getting told by you”

A giant shadow made its appearance from the other side of the flame.

That shadow had a total height that could even reach 10 meters, it was a giant. It was called [Blue KnightBlue Head] from its blue color and its shape that looked similar to armor, a magic weapon from the other universe.

“Then we are going, [Nelos]!!”

Red light was emitted from Himekawa’s body. The slender body was enveloped in red light, the glittering radiance materialized in the blink of an eye, equipping Himekawa’s body.

The red light changed her silhouette one after another and performed the materialization. As if pushing into Himekawa’s body, the light clung closely and performed the attachment of the protector similar with Yurishia.

The protector and armaments were formed and red lines of light ran through her whole body.

The Heart Hybrid Gear [Nelos] was completed.

Yurishia had golden line of light running through her, but Himekawa was red. And then the shape of their Heart Hybrid Gears were also largely different.

Nelos was a device that gave the image of a sharp bladed tool. And then, an armament that looked similar to a Japanese katana was fixed at the waist while eight long and slender mechanical parts were floating on her back. The reflected light that seemed to be dripping wet gave the impression of a giant blade.

“Go! Crossbow Drive SwordBlade!”

As if waiting for Himekawa’s order, the parts on her back flew out. The giant swords [Blades] were heading fast to the Blue Head.

The Blue Head took a stance with a weapon that seemed like a combination of gun and sword and met the attack.

However, the Blades drew tricky trajectories and toyed with the Blue Head. The Blue Head couldn’t keep up with those movements.

The eight Blades looked like they were flying around as they pleased, but in reality they were taking coordinated movements. That was because they were controlled by Himekawa.


Together with Himekawa’s voice, the Blades assaulted the enemy all at once.

The Blades pierced through the Blue Head’s giant body one after another.

The enemy’s armor could repel all the weapons of mankind. Mankind didn’t have any chance of victory with normal weapons.

However, the Heart Hybrid Gears that the girls were equipping were different.

The armor of the Blue Head was torn apart like paper, crushed like styrofoam, the Blades gouged large holes on that body.

That big body of the Blue Head tilted to the side unsteadily and fell to the ground.


Together with Himekawa’s smile of satisfaction, the defeated Blue Head raised a large explosion.

The splinters from that turned into crystal of light and scattered apart in the air.

The magic weapons of the enemy didn’t leave any wreckage when destroyed. The reason for that was still not understood yet.

“The both of you are amazing as usual huh. Okay, then, I too――”

The two who caught of Kizuna’s monologue came flying in panic to Kizuna’s location.

“What are you saying!? Kizuna, you just enter Love Roomthe shelter there!”

“That’s right! After all the current Kizuna-kun won’t even become a considerable fighting strength. It’s fine if you just give out instructions from a safe place!”

He was overwhelmed by the two’s pressure.

“I, I got it ok. That’s, my ability cannot compare to the two of you but, even I, can be useful in my own way.”

Yurishia flatly spoke towards Kizuna who was grumbling unclearly in reluctance.

“I earnestly ask you to not come out to the front line! Okay?”

“I got it. Shit-…… even though I’m the captain.”

“Because, if you come out to the front line, it’s worrying for us……”

Yurishia murmured in a small voice.

“Hm? What did you say Yurishia?”

“No, nothing at all!”

At that time, a giant silhouette appeared from the shadow of the building.

It was a force of category-B magic weapons, [Armed PirateViking].

With their horned helmet and tough muscular form, it reminded one of the image of the ancient Vikings and so they were named like that. Their upper body was abnormally large, their arms were thick and long. They had humanoid form, but their proportions were greatly separated from humans.


“Yes! Himekawa Hayuru, departing!”

Both of them raised the output of their thruster and flew away from their previous floating state slightly above the ground.

The enemies were five or six category-B. He guessed that if it were those two then they wouldn’t fall behind against such force.

“Well, I guess I should follow their words……”

He was going to use the portable terminal inside the Love Room and tried to draw up the information from the battlefield network.

Thinking that, he was going to go back to the Love Room, in that instant a giant mass descended down from the sky.

“Wh, whaatt!”

Along with a tremor, Kizuna’s body floated in the air. The Love Room was fixed with anchor, so the container didn’t get blown away, but it was greatly shook up.

A newly appearing magic weapon, an Albatross was descending down behind Kizuna.

It had the atmosphere like a knight wearing armor, but because it was attached with parts that looked like wings and it actually possessed the flying ability, so it was called as [The WingedAlbatross].

‘Shit-‘, it was as if it had been looking for the timing where the other two were gone.

The Albatross raised up a weapon that looked like a combination between a gun and a sword.

――This is bad!?

{Don’t move.}

A transmission that was just a sound resounded in his ear.


A girl descended down from the sky.

Her long hair that fluttered in silver color combined with her red eyes. Her skin was extraordinarily white, and even though her body was slender, it was only her breasts that were large.

And then a white Heart Hybrid Gear with blue light running on it.

However, no weapon like in Yurishia or Himekawa could be seen anywhere on her. She was really weaponless.

That girl descended down towards the Albatross without any fear and then she rolled forward in the air with a twirl.

The thruster on her waist spouted fire and put more momentum on the rotation.


The girl’s right leg stretched out.

At the heel of that leg, there was an eruption outlet that originally was for obtaining propulsion force.

Blue light spread out from there.

Particles surged out with terrific speed before they thinned out and sharpened, transforming into a sword of light.

Using the momentum of the rotation, that heel was swung down with a speed of sound.

The right leg of the girl struck the head of Albatross.

The head part was pierced from receiving tremendous mass.

The armor of the head was smashed and a mechanism from AU could be seen inside it. Those mechanisms were also crushed and the head part was cruelly pulverized.

It was a mere heel drop.

That attack possessed the destructive force of an explosive grade and pulverized the magic weapons.

When the girl finished swinging her right leg, the blue light spreading from her heel tore apart the body of the Albatross.

The girl rotated and landed on the ground.

The bisected Albatross raised a great explosion.

And then, the splinters of the exploded armor and mechanism became fragments of light that rained down.

The girl didn’t even pay attention that she had defeated the enemy and got closer to Kizuna.

“What are you doing staring blankly like that? I wonder if right now you are having a stupid wild delusion, like if there will be a beautiful girl descending down from the sky or something.”

It was her usual wicked tongue.

“My bad. I let my guard down a little.”

“It’s true you let your guard down, but it has nothing to do with that right? You are weak after all.”

……Haa, she really said that clearly didn’t she, this woman.

“Something like Kizuna’s fighting ability is like…… that’s right, compared from my memory I think you are around the same like Bastet.”

“Bastet? I have never heard of a magic weapon with that kind of code name. Is that a new type?”

“He is the neighborhood cat you know?”

“You are saying, that my fighting strength is just like a cat!?”

He didn’t understand whether she had a wicked tongue, or she was merely looking down on others, or if it was just that her thought circuit which was unusual.

This was the girl who equipped the Heart Hybrid Gear [Zeros], Chidorigafuchi Aine.

“Though even for someone like you, there is a way where you can become useful.”

Aine grasped the collar of Kizuna and entered inside the Love Room.

“Aaa―! Aine-san, what are you doing!”

Himekawa and Yurishia who had defeated the Viking force were literally flying back to them.

“Next is my turn! You are cheating, Aine!”

Aine slammed the door of the Love Room right in front of the noses of the two and immediately locked the door.

It seemed the other two were banging on the door from outside, but the soundproofing of this room was outstanding. Something like an angry yell wouldn’t enter the room.

{Come out -! Kizuna, Aine! Right now!}

Just when he thought that, a floating window appeared in front of his face.

“Really, what noisy outsiders they are.”

{Who, who did you call an outsider! I’m really a related party here-!}

{Exactly! Aine-san, you always disturb the order and bother everyone! Please seriously reflect on yourself! Also, Kizuna-kun! I won’t allow something like a shameless act that is not even a mission. The behavior of Kizuna-kun is being managed by this me――}

“Please have the debauched person shut up.”


Aine forcefully ended the transmission and set the receiver to reject any more transmissions.

“With this the noisy fellows are now gone.”

“……Aine, someone like you is really…”

Kizuna held his head in his arms.

Aine shook her large breasts and approached close to Kizuna.

“Kizuna. Do Heart Hybrid with me.”

Kizuna confirmed the display of the portable information terminal. However, Aine’s parameter was still in the safe zone.

“Aine, you are still fine right? Rather it was Yurishia that’s more……?”

“This is not about replenishment. What I want is the forbidden armament.”

Kizuna gulped.

“Aine, we should be more careful with that……”

Aine’s red eyes were serious.

“I understand. But, the enemy is strong. Besides the army marching from now on is most likely the enemy’s regular army. We cannot keep acting like until now. If we stay like this, we won’t be able to overcome this battle. Besides……”

Masou Gakuen HxH V01 07.jpg

However, was it really okay to do this?

“Kizuna. There is no need for you to worry.”

Aine’s tone of voice became gentle. Aine’s face was approaching to Kizuna’s face.


“I am me. No matter what happened that will not change. That’s why――”

Aine’s lips were going to overlap with Kizuna’s lips.

“Let’s do it, the [Climax RemodellingClimax Hybrid].”

Heart Hybrid GearHHG

Magic armor which was provided with overwhelming power.

If a <Core> was installed inside the body, then the user could freely equip this armor.

What was called <Hybrid Count> was the life force energy of the user. However, when that number count decreased then the armor would vanish.

After some time passed, that energy would recover. Furthermore it seemed there was also a way to power up the armor, but this armor was still enveloped in many mysteries.

Translator's Notes and References[edit]

  1. Another universe
  2. She said this in English
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