Masou Gakuen HxH:Volume 2 Afterword

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I’m really grateful to you all for obtaining this book.

This is Kuji Masamune.

Hyahhooou! Truly! I never thought that there will be figurine planning for this in progress! You know even without me telling? Isn’t that right.

Nevertheless, who ever thought that a light novel that only have one volume published will get figurine……how terrifying! Alpha Max company-san! Just who in the world will you make 3D!? Everyone, wait for it in expectation okay!

Well then, for thanks. Hisasi-san that always creates magnificent ero-cute illustrations. When thinking about the story, I felt like I can imagine it with illustrations of Hisasi-san! And then, the story can be well-knitted because there are the cool mecha-designs! Kurogin-san.

Supervisor editor O-san from Sneaker editorial department. You always keep assisting me.

And then everyone of you who read this book. Really, thank you very much.

I planned for the third volume to have a surging development! Look forward to it!

Masou Gakuen HxH V02 286.jpg

From up to bottom

‘The next mission is?’

‘Finally even Hayuru did Heart Hybrid hasn’t she. But the next one I will be the main for sure!!’

‘Fufufu, be happy Yurishia. The next mission is the dreamed multiple simultaneous Hybrid! We are going to crush the enemy in one go!!’

‘Why do hindrances always come…….’

Translator's Notes and References[edit]

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