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Chapter 2 – Hero of Another Universe[edit]

Part 1[edit]

“The outline feels kind of like this I think……no, the stuffing in each form of part is still to indulgent. More, the line here is gentle, not swelling like this.”

Kizuna stared at the floating three dimensional image in front of his eyes and crossed his arms.

It was a smooth form with undulation, rotating slowly on the physical modeling manufacture apparatus, alias potter’s wheel. It was a model created from the data of a 3D scanner. It was not the latest information, so the work to update it had to be done by relying on sight and touch.

The data obtained from combat was recorded in this model. It was a plain steady work, but the accumulation of this was connected to the protection of everyone’s life. Even a little bit more data and detail could be vital.

“Wha, what is with this shameless object!”

When he turned back at that voice, Himekawa Hayuru with a bright red face was entering the data workshop room. Behind her, a lot of students were whispering in small voices at the room entrance.

“All of you, close the door and return to class!”

“Hii! Ye, yesss”

With a glare of Himekawa, the students were gone like baby spiders scattering away. And then, she directed a severe gaze at Kizuna.

“Just what in the world are you doing! Ma, making something, like this”

She pointed with trembling hands at the rotating solid object on the potter’s wheel.

“This is not just a mere something. This is a tenth to one model that feasibly reproduce the sense of touch. By directly registering this model with the combat data until now, it can be used in the mission from now――”

“What combat data! This is just merely an erotic figurine!”

What was rotating in front of the two was a fully naked solid female model.

The detail of the face hadn’t been manufactured, but the shape of the body was accurately reproduced. One could understand from seeing it that the form of the whole body and even the muscle and bone frame were created faithfully. Even the texture of the skin and the color of the nipple looked real.

In other words, no matter where someone looked from up and down, left and right, it could only be seen as an erotic figurine.

“Besides……it feels like I remember seeing this before.”

Himekawa said her impressions while scowling her face.

“Aah. That’s because this is the reproduction of Himekawa’s body.”

“I see, so that’s……haaaaaaaaa-!?”

“I created this model based on Himekawa’s vital sign and my memory. Then I will turn the Heart Hybrid and Climax Hybrid’s detail until now into data and register this model, that’s the plan. How much result comes out when I did something somewhere. By making a database regarding that, I can make use of it for the mission from now on.”

Kizuna reached out his hand to the solid model of Himekawa and touched its breast.

“! ahN-“

Himekawa unconsciously leaked out voice from her mouth.

“Hm? What’s wrong, Himekawa?”

“No-, nothing at all-!?”

Himekawa raised a loud voice to dodge the question.

Because the solid model looked too real, she felt like it was her own breast that was touched and she let out a strange voice reflexively.

The shame was converted into anger and she glared at Kizuna in order to protest.

However Kizuna was caressing around the solid model with a serious expression.

Masou Gakuen HxH V03 BW 02.jpg

“It sounds good when you say the excuse that this is for the sake of future missions, but……looking at you from the side, you look like a mere pervert.”

Even while thinking that, Himekawa was looking at that serious face. Before she realized it, her heart was throbbing hard.

‘He looks really passionate……i, is it, because it’s my body, I wonder?’

The moment she thought that, her heart was beating so hard it felt painful.

‘――Hah!? Just what stupid thing am I thinking!’

“Kizuna-kun, I understand your reason, but in the first place is such thing really necessary? Besides, there are also the eyes of other students so……that”

Kizuna concentrated so much that it seemed Himekawa’s words didn’t enter his ear. He wholeheartedly caressed around the model to reproduce Himekawa’s body.

‘Wha, what’s with him, to caress that kind of data so passionately like that. Even though the real thing is right here, why does he caress that model instead? I don’t know what he is confirming, but isn’t if fine to just confirm it directly by touching my bo――’

“――Wait, just what am I thinking!”

“Uwaa! Wha, what is it, so suddenly?”

‘Aah, geez! I don’t know what is going on anymore!’

Himekawa’s face was so red that it seemed like steam would come out from the heat.

“……Haa, my head really hurts.”

“Hurt!? Oi, Himekawa, your body condition is bad!?”

Kizuna suddenly left the model alone and rushed at Himekawa’s location.

“Eh? Huh. No, what I said, hurt, is just a metaphor……”

Kizuna grasped Himekawa’s shoulders and peeked at her face worriedly. From his expression, she could see that he was seriously anxious about her body. Himekawa felt that the inside of her stomach went tight.

“Tha, that’s not it. You worry too much. My body doesn’t have a problem anywhere.”

“Himekawa, let’s do Heart Hybrid.”

“Haa!? Wha, what are you, saying so suddenly like that?”

“Perhaps the cause is because your Hybrid Count has been used up too much. After all you used the Corruption Armament so much at the battle in Guam and made a great contribution. Also from the start, I’ve thought already that we might need to do Heart Hybrid today or tomorrow.”

“Wa, wait, please wait. But, we are in the school, also this is just a normal classroom……”

“What if there is a danger, this might be a race against time! That’s why――”

Kizuna loosened Himekawa’s necktie and exposed her chest. From below the uniform, white brassiere could be glanced a little.

“Also the timing is just right, there is place in Himekawa’s body that I cannot recall no matter what. Besides, there is too much unclear data in the drawing of the erogenous zone mapping. This is nice timing, so let’s confirm――guhoo!”

Himekawa’s iron fist struck into Kizuna’s stomach.

“E, erogenous zone map……wha, what shamelessness……what insolence……no, no matter what that’s just too perverted!”

Kizuna who collapsed and writhed in pain wrung out his voice painfully.

“Wa, wait, Himekawa……this is an important……”

Himekawa turned on her heel and headed to the exit with loud footsteps.

“It’s fine even if you grope around my solid model as you please! But, if you show it to other people then I’ll kill you!”

“Please wait, Himekawa!”

Himekawa’s feet stopped from the unexpectedly serious voice.

“At least, please teach me just this one thing. There is something that I want to confirm one more time since a while ago.”

Kizuna’s desperate face shook up Himekawa’s attitude.

“Just……what is it? I’ll only answer this one okay?”

“Right, it’s about the Climax Hybrid before this, I pulled out Himekawa’s tail that time but――”

At that instant, the air froze.



“Err……Himekawa, san?”


An aura of fury was surging out from Himekawa.

“Please wait, Himekawa. Let’s calm down for the time being. Humans can use words to――”


The data workshop was destroyed together with the wall, it couldn’t be used for a month.

And then this was a digression, but in the few days after that, the rumor that Hida Eros Kizuna was going to produce and sell [Himekawa Hayuru 1:1 model (Cast off possible)] was spread as if it was the truth. Kizuna knew about that rumor after he received several dozen emails of booking request from male students.

Part 2[edit]

Grey clouds were lingering in the sky that couldn’t be determined as red or pink colored.

A beautiful and radiant quadrangle was floating in the sky that was dyed by the evening sun. It was a gigantic quadrangle, with its side that could reach above one kilometer, it was reflecting the sunset waveringly.

That beautiful flat surface distorted as if bulging out. As though a stone was thrown on a water surface, a ripple spread. And then from the center of the ripple, boorish metallic lumps made an appearance. It pushed through the beautiful flat surface, showing its appearance. However, its end couldn’t really be seen. It was an object so large and long that one couldn’t understand how far it would continue.

“My, isn’t that Gravel-sama’s fleet?”

People looked up at the gigantic shadow obstructing the sunset that appeared in the sky and raised cheerful voices.

Invited by those voices, the people of the AU rushed outside from inside their houses and buildings and looked up to the sky guided by the sound raised from the magic mechanisms of the battleship.

“It’s true! The fleet is returning from Lemuria―”

“It’s the return of Gravel-sama!”

The military ships appearing from the Entrance one after another were welcomed by the people with cheering and applause.

The people raised a great cheer when they found on the deck of the ship, the figures of Gravel and Aldea.

“It’s a happy thing to be warmly welcomed like this isn’t it?”

“I guess, Gravel is really popular.”

Aldea’s pleasant voice made Gravel smile wryly.

“What popularity? I’m just a mere warmonger.”

However if one looked at Gravel’s smile, it was obvious to anyone that she didn’t find this really that bad.

Gravel looked across the city of Gringam that was the home port of the fleet.

Gringam of Vatlantis Empire was a provincial city far distanced from the imperial capital. It was also a strategic position for transportation, so in spite of its distance from the capital, it was a wealthy city both materially and culturally.

The view of the city had the atmosphere that resembled the townscape of gothic-style Europe, possessing several spires and splendorous structures made of stone lining up, giving the city a profound refinement.

However the constructions were peculiar, bridge supported by elegant pillars that were surprisingly slender, spiraling building that interlaced complex curve. Large stone houses that were built high above as if ignoring the strength calculation in its construction were standing in a row composedly.

And then, one more difference with this place compared to the world of humans, was the mechanisms called as magic machinery all over the place which were emitting mysterious light. The machinery were based on magic power, it was the source of energy and the lifeline of the AU, which converted magic power into various shapes, like energy that resembled electricity or heat and cold.

The fleet was crossing over that city of Gringam, the ships were lowering their altitude gradually and landed on the harbor that was built at the coastline. Large waves broke ashore the harbor and soaked the ground.

Gravel and Aldea walked across the deck, heading to the stairs that descended down to the harbor along the pier. The deck of the gigantic battleship was almost as high as a five-storied building, it was a pain to descend down from it. And then, while it was a ship this large, the one descending down were only Gravel and Aldea. There was no sign of anyone else going down.

The moment the two came down, the battleship, no, the whole fleet drifted off bleakness like abandoned ruins. The fleet that lost its master was completely like a gigantic gravestone, or a cast-off shell.

“Hey, Gravel. What are you going to have for dinne――”

A gigantic humanoid magic weapon fell down from the sky.

Thunderous roar resounded, the ground shook up and down. The thing fell about ten meters ahead of Gravel and Aldea, its leg parts sunk into the ground. The impact made the surrounding stone pavement to be lifted up and danced in the air.

The total height of that humanoid weapon was fifteen meters. The image was like a luxuriously decorated Albatross. The fuselage that was coated red had a white crest painted on it. That crest for some reason resembled the kanji of emperor (帝).

“What’s this, so suddenly out of nowhere! Just why is the exclusive magic weapon of the imperial guard coming to this kind of place!?”

Aldea yelled angrily from indignation that she couldn’t clear away.

“Ahahahaha, what a fine manner of speaking? Maybe this is too much stimulation for a country bumpkin.”

A high-pitched voice like a child resounded.

“This voice, is it Ragrus?”

There was a petite shadow on the shoulder of the magic weapon. A large mantel unsuited for that figure billowed out on her body. The crest painted on the magic weapon was also similarly drawn on the eye-catching red mantel. That showy red color fluttered, with the body wrapped in pilot suit falling down. As if ignoring gravity, the figure gently dropped on the ground as though it was using a magic to fly in the air.

The small figure dropping in front of Gravel and Aldea stood cockily and showed a smile that looked down on them. The childish face had large rolled twintails hanging down in front of her body. The expression full of confidence gave the impression like a highly haughty cat from somewhere.

“This Ragrus-sama is expressly coming until this faraway sticks! Be thankful.”

“For the imperial guard who always shut themselves inside the castle in the capital to come until this place alone as a messenger? How admirable.”

Aldea replied back without even trying to hide her irritation.

“I didn’t ask for your impolite mouth! Besides I’m not alone here.”


Aldea looked around the surroundings, then a silhouette of a person appeared relaxedly under the feet of the magic weapon.

It was a slender and tall female with deep blue hair. She was putting on the same coat as Ragrus with her unconfident gaze roaming about.

“I also brought Valdy along too. She is here as my attendant!”

Valdy opened her mouth timidly.

“He, hey Gravel……that, you found Zeros……is that, true……?”

Her cowering attitude was truthfully contrastive of Gravel.

“Who knows.”

“Is that so……thank you.”

“Wait, what are you doing pulling back that easily! Gravel, Aldea, I won’t accept the two of you hiding something from this me!”

Ragrus raised one of her hand and a magic circle materialized in the air. In concert with that radiance, light entered Gravel’s fleet. Magic mechanisms moved and gun turrets rotated. The target was fixed on Gravel.

One of Gravel’s eyebrows went up.

“So you rescinded the magic formula and stole my ownership?”

“Ahaha, that’s just too easy! Are you listening? We understand already that Aldea over there obtained the information about Zeros and headed to the world of the other sideLemuria! Now confess!”

“My my, is that so? This is really troubling.”

Aldea shrugged her shoulders exaggeratedly.

“But, that’s just a misunderstanding. Certainly I was taught of information about some Cores. But I have never received some kind of special information regarding Zeros by any means.”

“Certainly we have confirmed that several Cores exist in the world over there, but that’s all. We have never seen the likes of Zeros there――rather than that.”

When Gravel waved her fingertips, the magic weapon exclusive for the imperial guard which was standing behind Ragrus started to move. The gun it held in its hand was directed at Ragrus.

“Wha-……wait! Just what are you doing to someone’s magic weapon-!”

“Ragrus, rescinding your magic formula is also a simple matter.”

Ragrus clenched her teeth toward Gravel who was grinning broadly.

“Youu……! How dare you point a gun to an imperial guard, do you think you will get away with this!?”

“My fleet is about to be taken away by a thief. This can’t be helped.”

“Just who do you call a thief! To, to point a gun toward us the imperial guard, is the same as pointing a gun to the emperor! Do you understand that!?”

Ragrus yelled with such caustic words.


Ragrus’s body was enveloped in red light. And then that light promptly equipped the magic armor [Demon] on Ragrus’s body.

“Ahahaha, looking down on people really is a good feeling.”

The face of Ragrus who was laughing loudly was now in the position where they needed to look up at her. Magic armor Demon was a magic armor with hugeness that didn’t suit Ragrus’s petite body. Rather than calling it a magic armor, perhaps it would be more accurate to call it a robot. Just the leg unit that enveloped Ragrus’s leg increased her height for more than a meter. And then what stood out most of all were the two strong huge and thick arms. Following Ragrus’s crossed arms, the robot arms were moving similarly and crossed its arms in front of Gravel. Ragrus’s mantel that was too large looked small right now.

“In the place of the emperor, how about I raise a festival of blood for you right here, Gravel?”

“That’s really a disrespectful way of talking, to treat the emperor of Vatlantis in the same rank with a petty thief.”

Gravel’s eyes shined sharply.


Gravel’s body was also equipped with a magic armor [Zoros].

Zoros was a magic armor with four wings. The true identity of those wings were three rows particle cannons, two were in symmetrical position at the left and right on the back, and two were equipped on her waist. When the cannon was fired, they were angled at the enemy and the direction could be freely changed. On that armor, orange light the same color as Gravel’s eyes was running across the surface. And then, one more thing that stood out, was the large sword shouldered on her back.

Before the two that were at a critical point, Aldea’s eyes were sparkling. And then she yelled with an excited voice.


Six shields instantly lined up in front of Aldea protecting her body.

“Aah, this makes my heart throb! Looks like this will become a lovely party.”

“There is still something wrong with you as usual! Aaah geez-, I’ll hand down the capital punishment for you two altogether in this place!”

“Wait……Gravel. Err, Rael……”

Valdy falteringly cut in to stop them. Light of light blue color converged on her body. The magic armor [Rael] was equipped on her, it was as though her body was clad in mist. Beautiful light blue luminescence was traveling on the navy blue armor. What stood out from it was the sharp shining claw on Valdy’s fingertips.

“Don’t stop me, Valdy! I will teach them my true streng……thh-!”

The collar of Ragrus who was going to rush forward was grasped by the claw of Valdy who was several dozen meters away from her. Valdy didn’t actually move from her spot, there was only a hand starting from wrist that was floating in the air near Ragrus. As for Valdy, her actual arm was currently reached out toward Valdy, but her arm starting from her elbow was gradually thinning off until the area where her wrist was supposedly at, completely vanished.

“Kuh! Can’t breath……i, idiot, re, release……”

Her neck was wrung by the driving force of her own magic armor. However Ragrus’s choking voice didn’t reach Valdy who was standing quite far from her.

“Err, Ragrus……please, I want you to calm down. If you fight……it’s dangerous you know? You might get hurt…..e, everyone, let’s get along……”

“I, I’m going to die-……I said, release your hand-!”

When Valdy released her hand, Ragrus pitched forward and collapsed.

“You planned to kill me!?”

Ragrus became teary eyed and yelled angrily at her partner.

Putting aside those two, Aldea was making a ruckus.

“Hey, heyy! I wonder which one is better for me to kill? Gravel, which one do you want? Of course, I’ll surrender the one you like for you-! Aah, to make the imperial guards as the prey of all things……Gravel, you are really lovely!”

“……Aldea, shut your mouth.”

With a bitter face, Gravel pushed aside Aldea.

Valdy talked to her timidly without meeting their gaze.

“Sorry, Gravel……certainly, we are also too forceful……but, that’s because this is an important matter……we have to hurry. That’s why, don’t be angry……”

“Valdy, I too don’t like a pointless quarrel. I also intend to understand your position. If you can just go home to the capital like this, I don’t intend to worsen the situation more than this.”


Aldea glared at Gravel with a wholehearted dissatisfied face.

The collapsed Ragrus finally stood up and raised her stout arm. The thruster on her legs emitted light to gather the power for flying.

“Don’t decide it as you please! There is no way we can just go home like thi――gah!”

Ragrus’s neck was hit by a hand chop. Similar with before, there was only a hand starting from the wrist floating in the air. It was obvious with a glance whose arm that was without even confirming Valdy who was in a pose of swinging down a hand chop.

Ragrus lost consciousness and her magic armor was called off at the same time.

“Ah……Ragrus, you okay? She fainted……what to do”

Unnoticed, Valdy’s arm returned to normal. Valdy nervously rushed to Ragrus and carried her small body under her arms.

“I’m sorry……I will immediately carry you to the bed……”

When she lifted up her hand with an apologetic face, the fingertips of that hand shined. Thereupon, the magic weapon exclusive for the imperial guards that was now under the control of Gravel crouched down as if it had heard of Valdy’s order. Its gigantic palm turned to Valdy and gently moved forward.

Valdy hopped on the gigantic palm while still carrying Ragrus’s body, then she turned around to Gravel.

“Gravel……that, are you planning to……stay here, for a while?”

“I guess so, I plan to relax for a little while. There is much that I wanted to annex from the occupied area named Okinawa at the other side into city of the Vatlantis Empire, but there is no need to rush.”

Valdy only responded ‘is that so’ and flew away to the sky riding on the palm of the magic weapon. While watching that figure fly away across the sky, Gravel whispered idly.

“Aldea. Is your story really true?”

Aldea too kept watching the sky and replied with a small voice.

“Ufufu, actually it’s true. The truth is, I met an interesting person in the workshop. Then, she said that she will teach me about a place where there is a clue about Zeros in the world of the other Lemuriaside.”

“Really……just why are you keep bringing trouble without pause.”

“Because, I want Gravel to build your achievements.”


“Well, but I too had done something arbitrary. Don’t you think it’s fine even if we leave this to the imperial guard?”

“We also couldn’t do that. Those lots in imperial guard surely wouldn’t think about the damage to Lemuria at all if it is for the sake of searching for Zeros. Rather than stealing their lives pointlessly, it will be far more profitable for both sides for them to become the slaves or semi-citizens of Vatlantis.”

“……I say, Gravel. There is one more thing that I have to say here.”

“Is there still something else?”

Gravel let out a fed up voice.

“This is about the girl wearing Zeros but……she said that her name is Aine.”

Suddenly Gravel’s eyes opened wide in shock.

“If that’s the case than it’s even more important for them to not know of this. If they hear about this, the elites of the imperial guard will march to Lemuria in great number. They will undoubtedly massacre all that get in their way.”

“Then, we will slip off the imperial guard and head to the other side?”

“Yeah, one ship is enough. Prepare a ship with long range.”

Before the imperial guard could be suspicious, they would capture Zeros.

That was the only way to protect the future of Vatlantis Empire’s people.

Part 3[edit]

“Captain, the rice is finished cooking desu―”

The next morning, Sylvia came since early morning even though it was Sunday.

“Today is a standard breakfast of England desu.”

He was sitting across Sylvia at the table of the living room. The cooked cuisine was puffing with steam on the table.

“Ooh, looks delicious. Itadakima―su.”

Potato, then bacon and sausage roasted on frying pan, in addition there were tomato and sunny-side-up fried egg, mushroom stew and boiled bean, all was put on one plate. And then toast.

The surface of the potato was fried crispily while the inside was fluffy. The bacon that was roasted fragrantly, the sausage was overflowing with meat juice when bitten, the boiled beans was truly delicious with its superb sauce. Eating only Sylvia’s cooking, he came to think that the review of how English cooking was bad could only be a lie.

“Sylvia is really skilled at cooking huh.”

“Ehehehe, it’s a honor to be praised desu.”

“No, it’s not just flattery that this is delicious. If it’s cooking, then no one in Amaterasu can match you.”

There was also a certain someone there which made a sandwich from a convenience store into bento just like that. Well, he was happy with the feeling though.

“Sylvia can become a good wife like this.”


Sylvia raised a weird chirp and held her spoon in her mouth.

“A, a wife desu-!? Tha, that’s……that’s just too sudden.”

Sylvia raised the fringe of her apron and hid her face.

“Sylvia is still not in the age where she can marry desu……but, if it’s Captain……”

Sylvia was fidgeting around and whispered something unintelligible. What was wrong with her? Her face was red, did she have a fever?

“Or else Captain, as long as there is love, then it doesn’t matter……”

Sylvia was looking up at him with moist eyes.

“Sylvia, are you okay? Is your health――”

“Captain, how many children do you want desu?”

“……What’s wrong asking that so suddenly.”

Just what was she prattling about, this girl with elementary school appearance?

“Rather than that, how about your school? Is there no problem?”

“――Ah, yes. I’m hard working in my schoolwork and military training desu.”

Sylvia stood up in fluster and began to tidy up the plate that they had finished eating from.

“I will also clean the room after this desu.”

“No, please don’t spoil me that much. I can do about just that much by myself.”

“No, Sylvia is not useful for Captain in battle desu. That’s why, I want to help Captain in a way that I can desu.”

Sylvia’s figure disappeared into the kitchen.

“Ah, but, since a while ago, the training of using Technical Gear has begun desu. I will work hard so that I can also be useful for Captain in battle quickly.”

‘Technical Gear?

Aah, that thing our student used to escape with his porn book before this.’

It was a replica of Heart Hybrid Gear created with the existing technology. Even without a Core installed, it was an excellent thing where one could use it for practicing Heart Hybrid Gear. The replica was also fairly high in its capability.

Now that she mentioned it, he had never seen Sylvia’s figure in the school……though he had heard from his sister that she was an excellent student when she was introduced to him.

“Now I want to see Sylvia’s training.”

“Really desu!?”

Sylvia’s head peeked out from the kitchen.

“I’m happy desu! Sylvia is completely in high spirit.”

She clenched her small fist with a cheerful smile that seemed truly happy.

“Then Captain! When will you come desu!? Will you come today desu!!?”

“N, no, I promised Aine that I will go to the lab together with her today. My bad.”

Kizuna looked at the watch and stood from his chair.

“Lab, is it Nayuta Lab desu?”

“Yeah, it’s a periodical check-up……also, there is something I want to investigate a little.”

Part 4[edit]

The periodical check-up was done to confirm whether there was any abnormality in the body or the Core, so to speak it was a health examination. Kizuna who had finished his check-up a step ahead was waiting for Aine at the corridor. After waiting for around five minutes, the door opened and Aine came out.

“Aine, do you have time after this?”

“Time? For such thing, I’ll decide the change of my schedule based on the content of the invitation? If it’s for something insignificant then I don’t have time, if it is about something that attracted my attention then I’ll make time.”

This girl, she always talked so bluntly.

Aine turned on the spot and with a twirl she rotated to face Kizuna. The fringe of her white one piece gently spread out. He felt like he could get a glimpse of her panty like that, but he tried to not pay attention to it.

The pure white one piece which had its arm-hole largely opened was different with the uniform that he was familiar with, it gave off a fresh feeling. While feeling a slight nervousness, Kizuna answered Aine.

“I want to go looking at the lab’s residential area. Especially the room where we were living here when we were children.”

“That’s……yes, that’s fine.”

She showed a slight worry, but she okayed it unexpectedly easily.

“Is that so, I’m glad. Then, this way.”

Both of them headed to the residential area which usually they didn’t enter. After walking through a corridor that was like in hospital, the door that was their destination came into view.

“This is, the room that I used when I was in this lab.”

‘Aine and I spent a long time together with Kaa-san in this Nayuta Lab. Even if other people don’t find anything, but if it’s us then perhaps we will discover something.’

Thinking so, first Kizuna visited this room where he lived in the past.

“This room……how surprising. It’s still the same like in the past.”

Inside the room that had the size of twelve tatami, there was a bed and a desk, then bookshelves and also a closet. The layout of the room almost didn’t change from the image in his memory. Whether the bed or the desk, even the note placed on top of the desk, it was like time had stopped since seven years ago, everything was left as it was.

“Yes, this is really……nostalgic.”

Aine too murmured with a deep feeling.

“Aine. You had ever entered my room before?”

“Yes. Though it was after Kizuna left. The person before me, what kind of person is he……it was fun because of the various things here.”

‘I didn’t put anything embarrassing inside this room here did I?’

Kizuna looked around inside the room. Things like photo and toys here that looked like nothing to other people, every single thing disturbed his heart. Somehow he had the memory of all the things here, that memory shook his heart with intense strength. It made him felt painful no matter what.

He tried to examine various things, but the result was that he only understood that almost everything had stayed untouched since he left. This was the room he lived in everyday. As expected there was no clue here at all.

“Then, how about we try taking a peek at Aine’s room next.”


‘Ah, although it was only as a child, it is still a room of a girl. That’s too indelicate of me.’

“……I guess, let’s go.”

However Aine soon nodded, she exited the room and stood in front of the neighboring room.

“It’s here.”

‘……So it’s right next to mine.’

“But, I think it’s the same like Kizuna’s room, there is really nothing that is particularly special to examine.”

The instant they stepped into the room, he understood the meaning of Aine’s words.

There was nothing.

It was a bleak pure white room without any window. The furniture inside were only a bed attached on the wall and the door of a closet on the opposite side.

“This is……have the luggage been removed from here?”

“No. Nothing changed since the past.”

When the sliding door of the closet was opened, there were only barely some western clothes hung in it.

“It’s still the same like when I lived in this room.”

Aine sat on the bed.

“Is……that so.”

Aine narrowed her eyes and looked around the room.

“How nostalgic.”

“Aine, wasn’t it hard for you? It doesn’t make you, feel discomforted?”

“Hmm, are you worrying about me? But unfortunately, whether it was toward the experiment and also this room, I don’t feel any dissatisfaction at all.”

“Is that so, if so then……well, it’s fine.”

“I didn’t even understand what I wanted then, so I didn’t even feel dissatisfaction. However……”

Kizuna sat beside Aine.

“Just where did the boy who lived in the room next to me go? I felt that question.”

‘Aine and I only passed each other just for a short time. Aine came to this Nayuta Lab and I just passed her to leave this place. Because Kaa-san obtained a new excellent experiment subject that was Aine, I was discarded.’

“There were various things placed inside the room of a boy, ‘why is this kind of thing here? Just what kind of person he is?’ I was thinking about such things.”

“Is that so……”

“Though when I met him, I never thought that he was a pervert who fondled the breasts of someone that he had just met.”

“That was not by my own will! That was an emergency situation!”

Aine chuckled.

‘――This girl.’

“Hey Aine, while you are feeling nostalgic, do you want to try an experiment?”


“When we were children, we were experimenting here. If now we try to do a make-believe experiment, perhaps we can remember something of that time that we had completely forgotten.”

“It’s fine. But, what are we going to do as experiment?”

“Heart Hybrid.”

Aine drew back with amazing momentum until her back hit the wall with a thud.

“Coincidentally your Hybrid Count has also decreased quite much. In your fight with Aldea, and then with your great activity in the fleet battle after that, you had used up a lot right?”

“Ri, right here? Now? We, well, I don’t particularly mind, it’s not a big deal, but, but even if it’s not right now, it’s still fine I think?”

Aine covered her head with the folded blanket, then she hugged her knees. It was just like a fortress of blanket where she holed up herself, it faced him to a siege battle.

Kizuna sighed.

Just where did that assertive approach she had before she obtained Corruption Armament vanish to? Although he knew, that time she was resolved desperately, she faced him with even the resolve to die.

That was why, even the shy Aine could act until that bold to him.

He understood that.

However, now that she had already finished experiencing as far as Climax Hybrid, wasn’t it fine already for her to get a little more used to it?

Kizuna was at his wit’s end in front of Aine who was glaring at him with a red face that seemed like she was going to cry anytime.

He was made to recall the time before this, of the hardship that he went through when they were going to rescue Himekawa.

{――And so, let’s review Nee-chan’s tactic. First Aine will shoot down the aircraft carrier of the enemy from afar with Corruption Armament. Yurishia, who is already in the sky will head to the aircraft carrier and drop me. Yurishia will lure the enemy that has lost their cool and retreat from that place. Then I will get Himeka――Aine, are you listening?}

{Yes, I know that already. There is no time until the start of the operation right? How about we quickly do the Climax Hybrid?}

{……If that’s what you think, then open the door.}

He spent three hours convincing Aine who locked herself inside a room, then after entering inside he spent four hours until the Climax Hybrid began.

“Today is a bad day. I think it’s better to do it another time.”

And then even now, she was pulling in her limbs like a turtle and hardened her guard solidly. She was unmoving like a mountain.

‘We have done this already before!’ He reflexively wanted to yell like that. That was just how much Aine was clattering in shame. She was talking haughtily with her mouth, but when the time actually came, this was how she acted.

“Just what is going on with you? Where did all that vigor at the first time go?”

“I, I don’t know. That’s what I want to ask myself. Before……I felt a little bit calmer. But, around since I did Climax Hybrid……it’s strange. Like, it’s embarrassing just imagining about the Heart Hybrid……this is impossible. Surely this is because of the side effect or something. It’s not like we are going in emergency scramble or anything, it’s fine even if we don’t do it now right?”

Certainly they were not going to sortie right now in a hurry. If it was him from before, he would respect Aine’s feeling and do as she told him. However, right now the situation was different.

“We don’t know when Ataraxia will enter battle situation. If at that time, the Hybrid Count became zero――”

‘――Aine will, die.

Just who is going to let that happen.

Absolutely no.’


He flipped off the blanket and plunged in his hand. He crawled his hand through her smooth thigh.

“Do, don’t-“

Aine panicked and he seized the blanket. He wasted no time to hug Aine.


Her resistance slackened. In that gap, he unbuttoned the buttons at the back of the one piece nonchalantly.

Aine who noticed that she was stripped raised a short scream, but she was already too late. He took off the white one piece from her shoulder and her breast wrapped in pure white underwear appeared from under it.

”This, is shamef……”

Aine hid her breasts with both her hands. However Kizuna lifted the fringe of the blanket and crawled inside. If the bottom was pinned down then he would go through above, if the above was covered then he would attack below, Aine became panicked not knowing what she should do.

“Like this you won’t feel embarrassed will you?”


Kizuna showed out his face from Aine’s shoulder, smiling in mischief. He brought his face near with the two of them in a posture like children wrapped in blanket side by side.

However under the blanket, bodies and happening that couldn’t be associated with children were carried out.

“Ce, certainly I cannot see but……tha, that’s not the problem.”

Kizuna’s hand touched the cup of the bra that felt a little hard. Under that hardness, an absurdly soft object was hiding.

“Kya, au……-“

He had the data of all the Heart Hybrid and Climax Hybrid with Aine until now. This was a good chance to demonstrate it. Kizuna’s hand groped around, caressing around Aine’s upper body. And then his index finger slid up and down tracing her back.


Aine twisted her body and raised a painful voice.

‘Yosh, here we go.’

{Kizuna, are you there?}


Suddenly, a window popped up in the middle of the room. Text was typed and flowing onto the window, covering over Kei’s expressionless face.

{If you are investigating about Professor Nayuta, then I think it’s better for me to offer you of the information when she disappeared.}

“Eh, aah, certainly.”

‘――Damn it, I should tell her to give it to me later!’

{……Nevertheless, the relation of you two is really good. The appearance of you two wrapped up in a blanket like that, is completely like children close to each other. By any chance, are you two reminiscing the past?}

“We, well, something like that.”

“Liar. There is no memory like this……children won’t do something perverted like this.”

Aine murmured to herself.

{The last time we confirmed Professor Nayuta’s location, was when the 2nd Another Universe Conflict occurred and Megafloat Japan connected with Ataraxia.}

They were listening to the story calmly, but under the blanket Aine was only in her underwear. And then, his left hand was still put on Aine’s back. What should they do?

When he looked at Aine’s face from the side, he could see that she was quite nervous. Doing perverted thing like this when it was not even a mission, she was questioning continuously whether they would get exposed or not. In this line, his heart couldn’t stop beating hard.

But, according to the material that he read for the sake of Heart Hybrid, it was written that shame had the same meaning as excitement. If that was the case, wasn’t this actually a chance instead?

Kizuna searched for the hook of the bra.

Aine turned at him with a stiff face. The movement of her neck was so forced that it felt like they would give out a creaking sound *gigigi*. Her eyes seemed to speak ‘Don’t tell me……in this kind of situation?’

The hook was unfastened.


Aine’s mouth flapped open and closed. She wanted to complain, but it would be more embarrassing to get exposed, so she couldn’t say anything.

{Hm? Is something the matter?}

“No, nothing at all. Can you continue the story?”


Aine’s body slightly bent backward. Kizuna’s hand was groping at the breast that had lost its protection.

{But, your face looks painful, your voice too……are you really fine?}

“It……it’s no……thing.”

She answered so while glaring sternly at Kizuna with eyes wet from tears.

But, it was pointless no matter how much she was glaring. The solid sensation that was gradually pushing up at his palm faithfully revealed that Aine was getting excited in this situation.

The breast that was big like a melon shook when he lifted it up, he played with it like a toy. No matter how much he played with it, he didn’t get bored. Each time it shook like jelly, an anguished sigh leaked out from Aine’s mouth.

Aine bit her lips and her face looked down so that her voice wouldn’t get out. Without even caring, Kizuna’s hand was enjoying the sensation of Aine’s breast.

He couldn’t see the shape of the breast. He was dreaming of the shape from the pleasant feeling that his hand and fingers perceived. Right now what kind of shape it changed to and what kind of color tinged it. By doing that, Aine’s breast that was hidden by the blanket felt several times more lewd compared to when he directly looked at it.

{The last time I saw the professor was when I was verifying the remaining Core of the Heart Hybrid Gear. The professor said that there might be a hidden function……like that she told us that she would concentrate on the research and severed all communication with the outside, the professor blocked all access from the outside world.}

He couldn’t concentrate, so he read back the letters displayed on the window until three times. Even so――uooo!?

He felt a sensation that chilled him from his crotch. Aine’s breath was rough and she glared at him with a challenging expression. The true identity of the sensation on his crotch was Aine’s slender fingertips. Now he got it, she was trying to resist him.

Masou Gakuen HxH V03 BW 03.jpg

Then it was convenient. Kizuna too was sliding his finger from her breast, navel, then to her abdomen. Even during that, Aine’s body was convulsing twitchingly. Ignoring Aine’s will, her body was reacting arbitrarily from pleasure.

“――mm, ku……uu”

Her appearance that was desperately enduring that was awfully cute.

The instant he thought that, pink light ran through Kizuna’s eyes. And then a change happened in the face of Aine that was reflected in his eyes. Blue light began to swing inside Aine’s eyes.

{That’s why, we don’t know the exact time when the professor was gone.}

This was the fastest the omen of Heart Hybrid occurred compared to everything until now. In other words this was,

――Aine was feeling sexual excitement at the same time when she was feeling embarrassed.

This was like Yurishia’s SM play and Himekawa’s cosplay exhibition play in the Love Room.

Kizuna forcefully pushed his hand between Aine’s closed thighs. Aine too was desperately trying to guard that place. However his fingertips reached her secret place.


It was as though Aine felt despair, as though she was overcame with emotion, she raised a gasping voice.

{The 2nd Another Universe Conflict was seven months ago. The regional floats that departed from each region converged in Pacific Ocean, the linking work was finished five months ago. The time when Professor Nayuta vanished from Ataraxia was determined to be three months ago from today. Somewhere in the blank two months, the disappearance of Professor Nayuta――}


It was a though a dam broke, a coquettish voice flowed out from Aine’s mouth.

And then, the wave of light of Heart Hybrid flowed out from the body of the two. Blue and pink waves of light spread inside the room, their radiance filled the surroundings.

{……Both of you, what are}

The window of Shikina-san that was surely amazed of what happened, suddenly vanished with those words as the last.

At the same time, the lighting of the room vanished. Even the noises generated from the air conditioner and the lighting faded out and became inaudible. The room without any window in it was closed in the darkness. Inside such pitch black darkness, there was only Kizuna and Aine floating. The vestiges of the Heart Hybrid made their bodies faintly emitted light. However, the darkness of the room seemed like it absorbed even that light completely.

“Ki, Kizuna?”

Only Aine’s anxious voice could be heard, she was pressing her soft body to him. Kizuna hugged Aine’s body to assure him. Her shoulders was greatly heaving up and down from the excitement of Heart Hybrid.

“I guess there is a power outage. You don’t need to wo――”

A large bluish white window appeared in the middle of the room.

In that window, a lone female was projected. It was as though the image was observing them, it was staring fixedly at them right from the front. The image was of a fair-skinned beautiful woman with long black hair. The almond-shaped eyes and red lips were faintly smiling. That appearance resembled Reiri really well like sisters.



It was Hida Nayuta. That appearance almost didn’t change at all from his memory as children. Was it a past image, or else she didn’t age at all?

“Professor Nayuta……is this, real? What in the world……”

Aine too was shaken from the sudden happening.

“Kaa-san! Answer me, where are you right now!?”

{Automatic recording of today’s experiment. Activation rate of Core is recorded as above 70%. Success of Heart Hybrid is confirmed.}


“Don’t tell me, is this a part of the system for experiment use? This is not a communication?”

The Nayuta inside the monitor didn’t answer anything. In exchange of reply, windows of various sizes appeared one after another. Every single window was displaying info of measurement. Letters and numbers were flowing in speed the eye couldn’t follow.

“Kizuna……this is”

The window that Aine pointed had a child projected in it.

“This is――”

‘Me, huh.’

The video began to be replayed in reaction to his voice. The video recording of the laboratory when he was a child and parameter of measurement device were being displayed.

{I cannot expect anymore result from Kizuna’s Core. However, for the sake of determining, whether this is the standard or the exception, there is the need to gather data from other Cores. Right now the children that will become candidates are gathered and selected. The human selection is advanced carefully. In the case of bad affinity with the Core――}

This was his mother’s study in regards to that experiment.

They walked around inside the room and looked around at the windows one by one.

“Aine, was the experiment carried out inside this room too?”

“No……this is the first time I’ve seen this kind of interface.”

In reaction to the two’s voices, the windows closed and a new one appeared again.

Had a mistaken operation occurred because of voice input?

The newly appeared window projected a silver haired girl.


A large window popped up in front of Kizuna.

{She is named as Chidorigafuchi Aine. Her family name is from the place where she was discovered, and her name is picked from among the few words that she showed reaction to. The Core equipped in her is Zeros.}

“Equipped……at that time the Core was already installed in you?”

A new window appeared in front of Kizuna again.

{Currently there are three Heart Hybrid Gears in operation at Ataraxia. However, I haven’t arrived at the explanation of the puzzle. The technology in regards to the Core is still a mystery. From now on, I plan to move into field work.}

‘Field, work, she said……just where in the world would she go to――.’

Professor Nayuta spoke with her smile steady without a single wavering.

{Towards the other side of the Entrance.}

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