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These are the novel illustrations that were included in Masou Gakuen HxH Volume 4



With rising crimson flames behind her, Hida Nayuta was wearing a soft smile.

‘――Don’t tell me, it’s really her?

But, why is she in this kind of place?’

Kizuna was dumbfounded from the sudden appearance of his mother.

The parent that gave birth to Heart Hybrid Gear. So to speak, the person who made they, the members of Amaterasu, to be burdened with the fate of fighting by shaving their life. And then, she was also the perpetrator that created the situation where they had to do Heart Hybrid without any choice.

He wondered if he was mistaken and this was only an accidental resemblance with other people. However, no matter how he looked at her, he could only see that it was the person herself.

The gust that raised the flame made the white coat she wore like a doctor’s robe flap. The mother inside his memory was also always wearing a white doctor’s robe. Her appearance too, her smile that looked gentle too, all those didn’t change at all from ten years ago. That appearance which was really similar with Reiri looked so youthful that rather than calling the two of them parent and child, they looked more like sisters.

“Are you, really……Kaa-san.”

The happiness of being reunited with his mother, didn’t well up at all inside him. On the contrary, cold sweat was drenching down his whole body from the unspeakable terror and alertness that ruled Kizuna’s body.

“Long time no see isn’t it, Kizuna. It’s about ten years……and twenty one days already.”

Her voice was soft and elegantly reverberated.

A gentle voice that was colored by a gentle smile. It was the same like when he was praised from doing experiments on Heart Hybrid Gear when he was a child.

And then, it was also the same smile when she chased him out from the lab because she had no use for him anymore.

Himekawa too opened her eyes roundly wide from the sudden appearance of Nayuta.

“I heard that her whereabouts are unknown, but……why is she in this kind of place?’

Kizuna gulped audibly and somehow restrained his voice from going shrill.

“……At the lab, we found a movie that said she was going to the AU for field work. Did Kaa-san, really, go……to AU?”


In contrast with Kizuna’s nervousness, Nayuta answered as if it was nothing. Himekawa that didn’t know about the circumstance looked alternately at the figures of Kizuna and Nayuta as if to look for answer.

“To, to AU!? Wha, what in the world is the meaning of that?”

Restraining Himekawa who was getting agitated, Kizuna took a step forward.


A chill rushed through Kizuna’s body, from the tips of his toes through his spine.

Navy blue darkness appeared in a sway from behind Nayuta. It was a slender and tall female with deep blue hair. But, she was not an ordinary woman, he could understand it whether he wanted to or not from seeing the magic armor equipped on her body.

It was a supple armor that gave the impression of a steel reptile. Light blue light was circulating like blood flow on its surface. That light converged on her steel claw, emitting a bewitching light. Kizuna’s eyes were attracted to the small metallic lump pinched in the tips of that claw.

That was something taken just now from Brigit’s chest. However, at that time this woman was located twenty, thirty meters from here. He didn’t understand at all, just how could that woman from that far could make only her arm appear from inside Brigit’s body. But, he remembered seeing it before, the taken metal that was shaped like a capsule with length of five centimeters and a diameter of two centimeters.

“That’s, a Heart Hybrid Gear Core……right?”

There was also the Core of Eros inside Kizuna’s chest. When he was a child, that Core was embedding operationinstalled in him by his mother Nayuta. That Core absorbed Kizuna’s life, and in exchange created the black armor on his body.

“Right. Even for me, this is practically the first time taking out a Core from the body it was installed into. However, I’m satisfied that I obtained a result that is exactly as I predicted.”

“Satisfied? Satisfied you say……just now, Kaa-san said that if a Core is extracted then the user will die. Then, Brigit is……”

After Brigit had her Core taken out, she fell on the ground and didn’t make a single movement. Kizuna looked down on Brigit’s body with a trembling voice.

“She……she is dead?”

“Why are you bothering to ask something you understand already, Kizuna?”


He felt an impact like his head was punched from the great shock.

‘――That’s……Kaa-san is, Kaa-san is, really…….’

“Ki, Kizuna-kun! Anyway let’s go back to Ataraxia for the moment. We have to bring Brigit-san to the lab! Also we have to safeguard Professor Hakase!”

Himekawa passed through Kizuna’s side and tried to rush to Nayuta.

“……-! Himekawa, be careful!”

The woman wearing deep blue magic armor stood on their way hiding Nayuta behind her.

Himekawa stopped her legs and glared at that woman.

“Wha? What is it with you!? Move away from there!”

Against Himekawa who exposed her anger, that woman was making a troubled expression.

“Do……don’t. Nayuta-sama is……an important person.”


That woman brought up her right hand and aimed her fingertips at Himekawa. Her distance from Himekawa was approximately five meters. Himekawa also drew out her Sword and took a battle stance.

The woman was unarmed. She didn’t look threatening at all.

However, the moment light was emitted from the tips of that steel claw, Kizuna’s instinct trembled in fear.

“Himekawa, get back! That thing is dangerous!”

“Eh? But, if that’s true then we have to save Professor Hakase even――”


Before he even finished hearing Himekawa’s words, Kizuna jumped out. At the same time, the woman thrust the hand aiming at Himekawa forward.


He clung at Himekawa’s body in a tackle and pushed her down from there.

“Wha, what are you doing so suddenly-, ple, please know about the time and place-“

Ignoring Himekawa whose face turned bright red while protesting, Kizuna turned back at the place where Himekawa was standing just now. Cold sweat flowed down Kizuna’s forehead.

“Kizuna-kun? What are――”

Chasing after Kizuna’s gaze, Himekawa’s breath hitched.

In the air, an arm fixed with steel claw was floating. It was the same arm that took out the Core from Brigit’s chest.

When they looked back to the front, the woman wearing magic armor had her arm starting from her elbow down vanish.

‘――So it’s just as I thought.’

If, Himekawa had kept standing at that spot, surely her Core would have been taken out similarly like Brigit.

The arm floating in the air vanished, and in exchange the thrust forward arm had its vanished part materialized back.

Nayuta suddenly leaked out a smile.

“This child is my bodyguard Valdy. The magic armor she wears is [Rael]. El-series possess the ability to manipulate space. The Zeel of Aldea that you all fought before this was also like that wasn’t it?”

Kizuna jumped to his feet and stood in front to cover Himekawa.

“……Kaa-san. I have a mountain of things that I want to ask and say, but first I’ll have you return back to Ataraxia quietly.”

“That’s impossible. There is no such schedule in my action.”

{Kizuna! Absolutely don’t let her get away!}

Reiri’s angry voice resounded. Eros’s floating window started up, and there the desperate look of Reiri was projected.

“What’s the matter Reiri? Getting so flustered like that.”

{What’s the matter you ask!? Do you understand just what it is you are doing!?}

“Do you want to say that I’m of unsound mind like that? Or else, do you doubt that my actions created a result that is not in accordance with my own actions I wonder?”

{I’m asking you the meaning of your actions!}

Nayuta made a surprised voice.

“Reiri, you cannot understand the meaning of my actions?”

{Just who the hell can understand it!}

Nayuta tilted her head with a troubled expression and propped up her cheek with her hand.

“Reiri, I’ve thought this since a long time ago.”


“You are an idiot aren’t you?”


Kizuna felt like he heard the sound of something snapping from across the floating window.

“Aah, it’s fine to not worry about it. It’s said that a stupid child is cute, after all, humans in general are stupid.”

A terrific angry voice that couldn’t be imagined coming from the usually calm Reiri gushed out.



Kizuna faced Valdy and took a stance. However, Eros had lost most of its functions from the battle with Gravel. The weapons had vanished, and his armor had broke into a state of partial destruction.

“Kizuna-kun! It’s impossible in your condition! Please leave this to me.”

Himekawa turned the point of Sword at Valdy, Valdy too lowered her waist and readied her sharp claws.

Nayuta stared at Kizuna who was making a grim face and narrowed her eyes.

“Don’t say something unreasonable. Having my children getting emotionally attached to me is also not bad, but I’m still in the middle of work so there is no way I can go home. Perhaps you are lonely, but endure it.”

“We aren’t talking about something like that here!”

“Then let’s go back, Valdy.”

When Nayuta called her, a flash ran to the left and right from Valdy spreading both her arms.


The moment he recognized that her arms disappeared starting from her elbow, Kizuna’s body was blown away to the side.


Similarly, Himekawa was blown away to the opposite direction and struck into the wall of a crumbling building.

“My……my, apologies.”

Valdy lifted up Nayuta in her arms like carrying a princess, then a ring of light spread around her waist. That ring increased in brightness and floated the bodies of the two in the air.

Kizuna raised his upper body and yelled towards Nayuta.

“Wait-! Wait there, Kaa-san! I need Kaa-san to do something about everyone’s Core! What is the way to stop the decrease of Hybrid Count? Is there no other energy than life? Something other than Heart Hybrid――”

“Kizuna, if you have business with me, come to Tokyo. Aah also, I want to meet Aine too. Bring her together when you come there.”

“Kaa-san, is in Tokyo!?”

“Yes, correct. If you come, I’ll let you see something interesting……for sure okay?”

Something, interesting?

Valdy’s magic armor raised in altitude while scattering light particles. And then her direction changed to the Entrance and she sped up in one breath.

“There is the seal at the Entrance! You won’t be able to go back to AU!”

Nayuta waved her hand in response towards Kizuna’s agitated yell.

“Ki, Kizuna-kun! The Entrance!”

Himekawa let out a shrill voice and pointed at the mountain at the afar. It was like mist was rising from the mountain, a thinly shining wall was appearing in the air where there was nothing.

“That’s, impossible……just how in the world…”

It was a gigantic rectangle that might reach even a kilometer vertically and horizontally. The door to AU, Entrance once again displayed its appearance.

A floating window opened beside Kizuna’s face.

{This is Aine! The sealing system was destroyed! Just when I thought that the enemy had been exterminated, at the gap when we were going to collect Yurishia and Scarlet……Kizuna! Be careful! It was going to your side!}

“Wha……what is it!? Report properly――”

A metallic sound like the sound of a flying jet airplane was approaching near.


From the direction of the Entrance, he could see a lump of steel flying here.

“Kizuna-kun, dangerous!”

The flying near object swung its fist.

A steel……fist?


That object rushed in without decreasing its speed. And then the gigantic fist struck the ground while a war cry was raised.

In front of Kizuna’s eyes, a fierce explosion occurred.

The shockwave shook the ground like an earthquake. The ground sunk down and the asphalt pavement cracked in one go, the flat street had its appearance changed into uneven surface like rock skin.

It was a terrifying strong arm.

Furthermore that shockwave blew away Kizuna and Himekawa’s bodies a few meters away.


Kizuna crashed to the ground and his little remaining armor broke apart.

“Kuh, shit-! What’s, that thing!?”

“Ahahahahaha, how is it? The power of this Ragrus-sama’s magic armor, the Demon!”

Inside the gigantic magic armor, a petite girl was settled in. Her rolled twintails shook, when she was crossing her arms haughtily, the metallic arms were also crossing themselves matching with that movement.


It was a large type magic armor he had never seen before. Rather than calling it armor that was fixed on the body, it felt closer to riding a robot.

It was a vivid red magic armor. And then, the overwhelming massiveness and mass possessed by that giant body made those watching it unable to help but to be pressured.

Amidst all that, the most standing out thing were those stout arms. The two arms growing from Ragrus’s back were unnaturally thick and long even for the large Demon. It was rugged like a rock, the large fist looked like it could crush even Heart Hybrid Gear in its grip if that fist managed to catch its prey.

Masou Gakuen HxH V04 BW 02.jpg

Kizuna glared at Ragrus while raising his body.

“Shit-, more of AU’s bunch. So you are the comrade of that Valdy just now and Gravel over there huh!”

Ragrus made a blatant displeasured face.

“Haa? You are grouping me together with those kinds of bunches? Valdy is like my underling, and Gravel and Aldea are from the subjugation army you know? Their status is just different from an imperial guard like me. Even their strength is evidently falling behind someone like you guys.”

Ragrus was literally looking down on Kizuna while speaking.

The height of Ragrus herself likely didn’t even reach 150 centimeters. However, those metallic leg parts resembling western armor that covered her legs were increasing Ragrus’s height by more than a meter.

Demon’s stout arms were picking up Gravel that was lying on the ground.

“Then, I’ll have you return this woman. I don’t mind even if she dies, but she has to compensate for her sin……next is Aldea… Yep, she is nearby here isn’t she?”

Ragrus opened a window and confirmed Aldea’s reaction.

“I won’t let you do whatever you please!”

Himekawa stepped swiftly and slashed at Demon. The Sword that could cut apart magic weapon like paper drew a sharp orbit. Ragrus didn’t make the slightest movement, as though she didn’t even notice Himekawa’s attack. The Sword mercilessly cut at the arm carrying Gravel.

The sound of two metals colliding with each other resounded, intense light and sparks scattered.


“Hm? What are you doing there?”

Ragrus scowled her face as though she had just noticed Himekawa slashing at her.

“No, no way……”

Himekawa put her strength into the fingers that were gripping Sword. The enemy’s stout arm was supposed to be cut down. But, the Sword didn’t even dig into the armor of Demon.

“Aah geez, you are a bother!”

Demon’s stout arm was lightly waved as though it was shooing off a bug.


The arm that was casually waved grazed Himekawa a little. Just from that, Himekawa’s body flew in the air.


Kizuna immediately circled behind Himekawa and caught her body.


However, the impact received from Demon was tremendous, Kizuna who caught Himekawa’s body was blown away altogether to behind.


At the same time with Kizuna deploying Life Saver on his back, both of them plunged into a destroyed building. Ragrus’s fingertips played around with one of her twintails that were rolled loosely, her looking down gaze was directed at the mountain of rubble which was raising a dust cloud.

“It’s troublesome, I wonder, I should just kill them here.”

Demon’s leg stepped on the ground firmly. That weight made the leg cave into the ground for a few centimeters. With a cruel face and red mantle flapping behind, Ragrus was walking towards Himekawa, step by step.


Kizuna moved away the piece of concrete that covered him and somehow crawled out from the mountain of rubble. However, Eros used up all its power right there. It became particles of light and the Heart Hybrid Gear vanished from Kizuna’s body.

Kizuna shook the body of Himekawa that he embraced on his chest.

“Himekawa! Pull yourself together, are you conscious!?”

Himekawa’s face that was covered with soot twisted, she opened her eyes thinly.

“I……I’m fine. I’ll, defeat her……with the next.”

With unsteady feet, Himekawa stood up. Cold sweat also flowed down on Kizuna’s cheek.

‘――This girl is tough. With our exhausted state right now…….’

“Himekawa, contact all members. Open your window for me!”

“Eh? Ye, yes.”

Following Kizuna’s order, Himekawa opened a communication window that was connected to Amaterasu and Masters all at once. Kizuna faced that window and yelled.

“All members retreat! Carry the injured and return to Ataraxia ASAP!”

Himekawa opened her eyes wide.

“No, no way! We have come this far, how can we return without any result at all! Even Professor Nayuta, we can still make it if we give chase!”

Himekawa’s reproaching words made Kizuna grit his teeth.

“This is an order. More than this……I won’t have the confidence to protect all your lives.”


Kizuna’s fist was clenched tightly. To the degree that his nails dug into his palm.

“……Roger. Himekawa Neros, returning to base.”

“I cannot use Heart Hybrid Gear. Can I rely on you?”

“Of course.”

Himekawa showed a little hesitation, but she embraced Kizuna who was pursing his lips stiffly. And then, she fully opened her thruster and rushed until few hundred meters to the sky in one go.

“Ah! Hey, don’t run away-“

Ragrus looked up at their figures and tightened her lips in ^ shape.

“Nn……well, it’s only obvious for them to get scared towards this me. Rather than that, let’s quickly pick up Aldea and go home. With this……even Captain Zelsione……will surely praise me.”

Ragrus opened her sensor window and confirmed Aldea’s location, then she walked through the burning city while humming a song.

Chapter 1 – Vatlantis[edit]

Part 1[edit]

A week passed since the Okinawa Capture Operation.

Megafloat Japan and West USA were moving to the offshore five hundred kilometers east of Chiba’s Bousou Peninsula. There was no contact with the enemy since the battle of Okinawa, Ataraxia also regained the peaceful ordinary days.

“But, the previous battle was a failure as an operation. Although we crushed the enemy, the endgame was poor.”

Reiri looked at the written report while murmuring in annoyance.

“We cannot repeat that in Tokyo.”

Kizuna nodded strongly to Reiri’s words.

The preparations for the next operation was steadily progressed in the research room of Nayuta Lab. The gathered data was projected at the four surrounding walls, the map with Tokyo as the center was displayed on the floor. Lines of light were stretching from various regions, each line was connected to floating windows that floated in the air. Each of the floating windows was displaying various information in text or video. Amidst the floating windows covering the room, Kizuna was walking around in irritation.

“But, the investigation is not progressing at all. If there is no more information of the actual place……Shikina-san, what happened with the unmanned aircraft’s investigation?”

Kei was sitting on a chair that was surrounded by consoles. As usual, no expression could be seen from her eyes behind her glasses. Only her fingertips were busily moving, typing text on the window.

{We are sending out several unmanned aircrafts. However, not a single one came back. We expected that most likely they were shot down above Tokyo. The details are unclear due to the electromagnetic interference from the Entrance. The aircrafts also couldn’t send back the data they gathered, so if the aircraft cannot return, we cannot obtain even a single information.}

“Even though we could scout with unmanned aircrafts at Guam and Okinawa……”

Kizuna groaned with a difficult face.

{It can be thought that at those times, there was the intention from the enemy side to offer the information.}

Like this they didn’t understand the number and formation of the enemy. Even if they attacked with all their might, they couldn’t discover what kind of trap might be waiting for them. There was a limit to leaving everything to chance.

Kizuna suddenly recalled what happened previously.

“Then, how about we rely on Yurishia to scout like at Okinawa?”

Reiri sighed, as if telling him to not ask something he understood already.

“Tokyo is not like Guam and Okinawa that is an isolated island. Even if we carelessly send a scout, by the time they arrive at Tokyo, there is the possibility they will be surrounded by the enemy with the escape route severed.”

{It’s possible if it is a Heart Hybrid Gear that excelled in sensor and measurement ability to possibly scout from long range and high altitude. However, unfortunately there is no one that specializes in scouting, whether in Amaterasu or Masters.}

Kizuna looked down and stared at the map of Tokyo spreading under his feet.

“……Then, what should we do?”

Reiri crossed her arms and answered naturally.

“We can only try to do it.”

Kizuna too didn’t have any answer other than that.

“So we also stop any forceful methods for breaking the deadlock of the current situation… it? Can we secretly infiltrated, like that time in Guam?”

“It’s best if we can infiltrate unnoticed by enemy and investigate. But, they are surely not that naïve. We are going with surprise attack tactic right from the start.”

Kei separated her eyes from the monitor and stared at Reiri. A change that was mostly unnoticeable appeared in Kei’s expression.

{Reiri, I understand that you are getting impatience about the matter of Professor Nayuta. But……}

Reiri glared at Kei as though to repulse her gaze. Kei looked down in a fluster and dropped her gaze fixedly on the keyboard.

Reiri took a large deep breath and brushed up her front hair.

“……But, don’t think that we can make Tokyo fall with one attack. We are thinking to divide the capture in several times. First we are going to launch a surprise attack with the objective of confirming the enemy’s battle strength. Gather as much information as possible. However, you are forbidden to go too deep.”

“Right, I’m not going to force myself……but…”

Kizuna knitted his eyebrows and spoke ambiguously.

“What is it? Is there something that bothered you?”

“No, it can’t be helped that we don’t understand the situation……”

Reiri opened her mouth instead of Kizuna after reading what was in his mind.

“You are bothered by the [interesting thing] that mother said right?”

Kizuna raised his face in surprise and nodded silently.

“Shedding light on that is also one of the missions this time.”

Kei tapped her keyboard to add something.

{There should be some kind of meaning in Professor Nayuta’s action. She telling us to come to Tokyo, there must be something there.}

“Yeah. But, even if we are thinking about it there should be no way we can understand what that something is huh……roger. However, how will you give instruction from Ataraxia? When we get near the Entrance, it becomes hard to communicate right? We can make do somehow with the communication of fellow Heart Hybrid Gear, but how will Ataraxia make contact with us?”

“Gertrude that is in the middle of recuperation will remain in Ataraxia to be in charge of communication. But even so, I think that most of the situation will need to be dealt with by making decisions on the spot. Ataraxia will also separate from Megafloat Japan and approach near Tokyo as much as possible. We are making preparations so we can send reinforcements anytime, but there is no satisfactory backup here. Keep that in mind.”

Ataraxia’s current position and the map of the Kanto region were reflected on the wall. Several lines were stretching from Ataraxia heading to Tokyo.

{The infiltration and retreat route are currently in the middle of designing. There will be no problem if it’s possible to hit once and then withdraw. However, for the sake of our peace of mind, we also want to assume of cases where the battle with the enemy intensified and also if due to some kind of trouble, withdrawal becomes difficult.}

Nervousness ran through Kizuna’s heart.

‘――No, certainly we have to think about the worst case scenario too. It will be ideal that it doesn’t come to that, but it’s out of the question to not have anything that can be done when we actually fall into a predicament.

Kizuna faced Kei and nodded with a meek face, he then urged her to continue.

{In that case, the usage of Corruption Armament adapting to the situation and efficient replenishment of Hybrid Count will become the key.}

“What does that mean specifically?”

{To inflict damage to the enemy, the most effective way is to use Corruption Armament that possesses vast destructive power. However, once it’s used, it cannot be used again for a while. It’s desirable to carry out Climax Hybrid in the needed timing looking at the situation.}

“You mean to tell me, to do Climax Hybrid in the middle of battle?”

{Correct. Besides in the situation that there are a large number of enemies or when the battle turns into a protracted one, there is the necessity to put into consideration the effect of the decreasing Hybrid Count. In the worst case, when someone falls into a condition where they are unable to fight, it will be indispensable to replenish their energy with Heart Hybrid at the spot.}

Kizuna cocked his head in puzzlement with a complicated face.

“However, even though we don’t know what kind of situation it will be, where are we going to do the Heart Hybrid? There is also no way we can bring the Love Room with us right?”

{Regarding that, we have been thinking of a way. No need to worry.}

The letters displayed on the window were strangely overflowing with confidence. Just what in the world were they thinking, on the contrary it only stirred up anxiety inside him.

“Whether it’s exterminating the enemy, or stopping with a little skirmish then withdrawing, what will be the deciding factor is as expected, the Corruption Armament. So that you can carry out Climax Hybrid with the members of Amaterasu without any problem, have a favorable relationship with them.”

“Yeah, I understand.”

――’However’, Kizuna murmured inside his heart.

There would be no problem with Yurishia and Himekawa, but Aine was as usual in a reluctant state. She felt it was scary to have her memory resurrected due to Climax Hybrid.

Kizuna also tried to talk about various things with her to give her reassurance, but it was quite hard.

“There is a bit of problem with Aine but……but we will have to rely on Zeros’s Corruption Armament [Pulverizer] later. I’ll try to persuade her somehow.”

“Yeah, I’ll leave that to you……also, there is one more work that I want Kizuna to do.”

“Nn? What is it?”

“That is……”

Reiri paused her word and showed a worried expression. However, she raised her face as though she had made up her mind and spoke resolutely.

“There is one Core remaining in Ataraxia’s possession. It was decided that this Core will be installed into the selected candidate.”


“What did you say!? Just wait a second, Nee-chan. What you mean by that, is a student of Ataraxia will be chosen to be made to fight on the battlefield, isn’t that so?”

“Right. We have already picked up the excellent students to be chosen. Before the next Tokyo recapture operation, I want the pilot to be in a condition that can possibly participate in the mission.”

Kizuna swallowed his saliva.

A new Core would be installed. In other words he was told to choose a candidate to fight at the front line risking their life.

“Wait a second. The Core……what is its name?”

Letters were displayed in Kei’s window.

{Taros.} [1]

Kizuna’s body stiffened. The inside of his chest quickly turned cold.

‘――Of all things, it’s a Ros-series.’

There were several types of Heart Hybrid Gear’s Core. The [Ros-series] of Kizuna and the others in Amaterasu. The high powered [Res-series] with Scarlet’s Ares as an example. And then the series named [Gra] [Ruba] [Nil] and so on that the other members of Masters were using.

Even among them, Ros-series’ combat ability stood out from the crowd. And then, being in possession of [Corruption Armament] which possessed irrational destructive power was the characteristic of Ros-series. However, in exchange for that high combat power, there was the need to supply it with one’s own life. When the remaining amount of life, so to speak the Hybrid Count became zero, the wearer would meet their death.

So that it wouldn’t come to that, Kizuna performed replenishment to the members of Amaterasu with Heart Hybrid. So that the Hybrid Count wouldn’t go under the red zone, he was paying meticulous attention to it.

But even so, it didn’t change the fact that this would make someone into a new sacrifice.

“……But, Nee-chan. Is it really fine?”


“We, the current members of Amaterasu, were given the Core by Kaa-san. Even Nee-chan didn’t know that Heart Hybrid Gear is doing something like using life as energy. So to speak, Nee-chan is also a victim. But――”

“If I know that and still give out a Core, I too will join the rank of the perpetrator both in name and reality. I won’t escape the vilification as an inhuman person, is that what you want to say?”

Reiri’s tone flared up Kizuna.

“No one is saying that at all! Nee-chan was really that angry about Kaa-san, Nee-chan also said that you had never approved this for even once. You said that actually you don’t want to do this, I understand those words are not something that came out from superficial feeling! But, that……how do I say it, this is also hard for Nee-chan right……giving that order.”

Reiri’s mouth smiled broadly.

“You are saying something impertinent even though you are just a little brother huh. What, I don’t want to act hypocritical after this far. Even if I make someone install the Core, it doesn’t change my responsibility as the one that gave the order with full knowledge of the circumstances.”


Reiri raised her hand and stopped Kizuna who persistently opposed this.

“I also don’t want to use Taros’s Core proactively. However, it’s also the fact that it’s hard to close the gap of battle strength between us and them. A large damage came out from the battle with Gravel the other day. If by increasing our battle strength, the probability to return alive for all members can go up, I have to use that method no matter what.”

Reiri took into her hand the file that was put on the console.

“This is the list of the candidates.”

Kizuna reached out his hand to take the file presented to him. But, his hand stopped right before he took it.

‘Is this really fine? I’m forcing Ros-series onto other people with this. If I do this, I cannot criticize Kaa-san anymore. But…….’

Various conflicts were born inside Kizuna, they were circling around inside his head. Those conflicts were gradually accompanied by emotions of impatience and fear, robbing from Kizuna his ability to think. “What to do?” Only such words were ruminated inside his heart, Kizuna merely stood stock still while sweating coldly.

“Kizuna. This is something that I ordered. There is not something for you to worry about.”

That voice was very soft, carrying a kindness that wrapped around Kizuna.

With a ‘hah’ in realization, Kizuna raised his face and stared at Reiri’s face. There, gentle eyes that were sympathizing with Kizuna were looking at him.

‘――Nee-chan saw the damage of the battle with Gravel and reluctantly took this method. The damage of Ataraxia that received a surprise attack. Gertrude of Masters was seriously injured, and Brigit……she died in battle in the end. Even Yurishia and Scarlet, they almost lost their life.

Who was the one commanding them?


Whose responsibility is it that so much damage came out?

Isn’t that the fault of me who was the commander at the scene?

Everyone was fighting with all their strength bravely.

But I kept disappointing, making everyone meet danger, in the end I made Nee-chan pick a method that she didn’t want to use.’

Kizuna bit his lip and accepted the presented file.

When he flipped the front cover where nothing was written, there was the profile and photo of students lined up in a row. The files had several pages, but Kizuna’s eyes stopped at the name written on the top of the first page without moving.

“That list is lined up in order of their grades and aptitude’s excellence. The current top is――”

――Sylvia Silkcut.

The hand holding the file was trembling.

“Sylvia is the top of the candidates, to say nothing of how far she left behind the second and third places. Thinking normally, there is no ground for doubt. However, the captain is you. You choose who will be added into Amaterasu.”


I’ve to decide something that important no matter what?

Perhaps my decision might steal the life and lifestyle of that person here.

I’ll have to do Heart Hybrid in order to recover the decreasing life, irrelevant with the wish of the person themselves here.’


Sylvia in the photo was making a serious face that normally he had never seen. He understood that she was a little nervous and tensed in the photo. When he looked at the picture, Kizuna recalled Sylvia’s smiling face that was without worry. Her voice that talked with idolization at him was resurrected in his ear. Sylvia came everyday to his room and was too helpful for him in various ways.

He was thinking that he wanted to protect Sylvia, he never thought for even once that he wanted to make her fight.

However, who would he make as a sacrifice in exchange of protecting Sylvia?

“……You don’t need to decide immediately. Take your time. Think so that you won’t regret it.”

Reiri spoke to him as though she had read his sentiments.

However, it didn’t change the thing that he must do.

The current Kizuna had the feeling, that the answer wouldn’t come out no matter how much time he spent.

Part 2[edit]

The sky of AU, in the high altitude above Vatlantis Empire, a gigantic battleship was moving. With its narrow and streamlined shape that cut through the blue sky, it gave off the impression of elegance and delicateness even while being a tool of war. And then its red hull that made those seeing it to feel awe. That red color was the proof that this ship was of the fleet of the imperial guard.

Its total size surpassed five hundred meters, but almost no sign of people could be seen on its hull or inside it. The battleship was also a gigantic magic weapon, it moved following the order of the owner and moved automatically. There was no need of ship crew to move the ship. What was needed was just a single commander that handed down orders.

There was the figure of the person handing down orders to this battleship on the ship’s bridge. That person was wearing a long mantel that was mismatched with the petite body while standing haughtily. She was a member of the imperial guard, Ragrus.

The inside of the bridge was like a living room of a high class mansion, it really couldn’t be seen as the inside of a military ship. The whole surface of the bridge’s wall in 360° was turned into window making the room really bright, the gigantic fur of an unknown animal was spread on top of the marble floor. And then it was combined with the stone tabletop with golden legs and a sofa that looked comfortable to sit at. On the table, fruits and bottles filled with alcohol and juice were lined up, and flowers were scattered everywhere on the floor of the bridge.

On the place a step higher in that bridge, a big leather sofa for the commander to sit was put. Ragrus was standing in front of it and looked down at the guest that was boarding from Okinawa.

“How is it, this ship of mine! It was gifted personally to me from the captain of the imperial guard you know?”

The black haired female that was sitting near the window that faced the direction the ship was moving turned her head back.

“Yes. I’m really grateful to be let onboard in this wonderful ship Ragrus-sama.”

Looking at Nayuta that reverently bowed her head, Ragrus smiled proudly.

“Isn’t that right, isn’t that right! You really understand well even though you are just a Lemuria person. If you have such a modest attitude, then it’s fine for you to be here. But, if you say something impertinent, I’ll lock you into the cell like Gravel and Aldea just so you know! Valdy, you too relax however you like.”

“Ye, yes……thank you.”

Valdy who was standing beside Nayuta turned to Ragrus and lightly tilted her head.

Nayuta was enjoying the scenery from the window with deep interest. Looking at her appearance, Valdy spoke to Nayuta a little bashfully.

“Nayuta-sama, you have few chances to get out from the palace so……is it, unusual?”

“Yes. This is an extremely precious experience. I only listened to the story, I didn’t really have a chance to look outside the palace with my own eyes.”

It was the scenery of the suburbs of Vatlantis that usually she couldn’t really witness. The green rural landscape was spreading as far as the eyes could see. The gentle hilly area was going on, extending to the mountains with snow covered peaks at the far distance, drawing the beautiful scenery of a mountainous area.

There was also thick forest in the middle of vast grasslands, making one understand that the land was blessed with abundant nature. And then, there were cities here and there. Those cities were not something huge, small cities were developed in a fixed distance of each other.

With a glance, it looked like a lineup of Victorian-style buildings that resembled the townscape of Europe. The buildings were all built from stone, splendorous spire and luxurious building and so on, everything was designed devoting to delicateness and with ornaments decorated on it. It made one imagine the excellent technology and culture they possessed, of the wealthy livelihood the people there must have.

However, regardless of such splendid cities, there was no figure of people in the city below her eyes.

“Is there no people living in that city?”

Nayuta asked Valdy.

“Yes……the cities around here, are all……abandoned.”

Before long they could see another different city. However, this city too was deserted, they couldn’t see a sign that people were living here. The door, window, and so on were left open.

“The people are gathering in the capital, in addition it’s only natural if the population is decreasing isn’t it?”

She answered so, but in her heart she didn’t think that this was something natural. Based from Nayuta’s investigation, the reduction rate of the population of this world was abnormal. In this ten years, the population was decreasing by ten percent. There was war, but she couldn’t believe that it was the cause. There was also the case with the Another Universe Conflict, but it was a war where they mainly used unmanned magic weapons, there was almost no human damage from it.

And then the total population was also few. The land size of Vatlantis was mostly the same with earth, but its population was nothing more than one-thousandth of earth. However, from what she saw on the number of cities that had become ghost towns, there was supposed to be quite a number of people before this. She guessed that something happened, and the population dropped sharply.

Right now, most people were living concentrated in the capital Zeltis and few provincial cities. However, even that capital was being approached by danger.

“Ah! We can see it now, the capital Zeltis!”

Ragrus’s voice became excited. As though invited by that voice, Nayuta looked at far ahead of the ship.

What was visible first was the black line stretching straight to the sky from the horizon. Before long, a dyed black land was showing its appearance from under that line.

――Vatlantis’s imperial capital, Zeltis.

That was a city that was like a black armor covering the land. Regardless of the light that was pouring down from the blue sky, that town rejected light and its body was always clad in the darkness of night.

The black imperial capital that was the center of Vatlantis.

And then, further in its central part.

There, was the center of this world.

A gigantic pillar that pierced the sky, the [The Pillar of World CreationGenesis].

It was created from a baffling material that wasn’t stone or metal, it had the shape of a square with width of two hundred meters on each of its sides. That pillar which was growing from the ground stretched so high it pierced through the clouds heading to the sky, its tips were largely spreading in the sky, like a tree trunk that took root in the land.

The gigantic pillar of mechanical device that connected heaven and earth. It was the system that administered everything of this world, the heaven and earth, and then also the whole creation, it was also the object of faith.

As if to protect that Genesis, a jet black palace was surrounding it.

It was a jet black castle that emitted really ominous pressure. Its appearance that was completely covered with black shining armor emitted prominence even among the black city Zeltis. It was like the palace itself was wearing magic armor.

This palace was built for the sake of protecting this Genesis which was worshipped as god. For that reason, the palace itself was shaped attached with armor.

That palace was surrounded by triple layer of high protective wall. In this city that was partitioned by castle walls, the social status of the people here were lower the more outside the place they live was at. And then, outside the wall spread the city where the normal citizens lived.

Each of those layers of city were also all black.

That was because all of the city was built using black colored material. Inside that city, beautiful lights in variety like green or blue were running everywhere. Those lights circulated to wall or rooftop from the edge of the street, covering the city in every way. Zeltis’s black streets and buildings looked much better due to those bewitchingly beautiful lights.

All of those were light of magic power. The energy of this Zeltis were totally supplied by magic power, dynamic force was shouldered by the mechanisms called as magic mechanisms. Those were similar to magic weapons, machines that activated using magic power.

For example, automobile cars in the shape like a horse carriage were running through the road, but all of those were also magic mechanisms. Looking just at its front part, it looked completely like a magic weapon in the shape of a horse, but behind it was a boarding space like a car that was connected to the horse. Each parts of that body were shining with the radiance of magic power, showing that it was a mechanism that was moving using magic power.

The blimps flying comfortably above the city were also similar. They were not floating using gas, they were also moving using the same theory like magic weapons.

At the side of the hull, monitor like floating window was floating, seeming to perform various contact and advertisement and the like. It was flying quite low, but it was skillfully evading the buildings.

Above this city, Ragrus’s battleship was advancing towards the palace.

As they approached the palace and Genesis, the hugeness of the Genesis and its complex structure became obvious.

The Genesis was like an absurdly gigantic mechanical clock. Uncountable gears, pendulums, etc., were interlaced complexly, it was packed full with really intricate mechanisms.

Some parts of that mechanical pillar were covered with outer wall that was applied with geometrical carving. Along with those pattern carved on the surface, magic power light was constantly shining while changing shape. However, by no means were all of them shining. It was as if the light was lacking in electricity, the light was thinning from the middle before vanishing completely. And then the system that was moving like mechanical clock was also moving extremely slowly, it felt like that even now it was going to stop moving.

“It seems that the activation rate of Genesis was going down again.”

Valdy peered at Nayuta’s side face.

“Err……then, as expected……”

“The destruction of Vatlantis is caused by the Genesis that became unable to function enough, correct? And then, it’s thought the cause is the drying up magic power.”

Saying that, Nayuta looked up at the pillar that was even extolled as god. Chasing after that gaze, Valdy too stared at the sky with a serious expression.

“The sky is……lowered, again……”

Ragrus also grimaced.

“I have to lower our altitude a little…..I wonder, is the Genesis really alright?”

Following Ragrus’s instruction, the battleship lowered its altitude a little.

There was no ceiling in the sky of Vatlantis. However there was a strange pressure, the position of the cloud was also far lower compared to the sky of earth. It was as though the sky was going to fall even now.

Such sky was supported by the gigantic pillar called Genesis. It looked like that. However, the surrounding of the tip that was spreading in the sky was greatly distorted, cracks was running in the sky with the pillar in the center.

The pillar that was trying to support the sky that was going to fall, on the contrary now looked like it was stabbing the sky, trying to destroy the whole sky.

On the other hand, at the ground too, fissures were also running on the ground in radial shape with, as expected, the Genesis at the center. There was also place with gap that had reached about several tens of meters at the center. The palace that was created like armor was only influenced a little, but large damage was coming out from the city outside the castle walls.

Buildings were torn apart due to the fissures, bridges crumbling down, streets were divided.

The same with the sky, it also looked like that below the Genesis also pierced the land, trying to break the earth crust itself.


Valdy raised a short voice.

Exactly while they were watching, the land began to crumble. Together with fierce tremor and roar, the ground was tearing apart. And then, the street and the cars running on top of it were sliding down toward that gulf. The pavement of the road, the buildings, all were crumbling as if sliding down on a slide.

There were terrific sound of destruction and screams. The cry of pain of the swallowed people reached until high in the sky. Without even any time to rush to their help, one of the area of the city was crumbling in its entirety in the blink of an eye. And then, water sprouted out from the ground, flooding up the surrounding city.

Valdy and also Ragrus had no word for that really tragic sight.

“It seems that the collapse is advancing again.”

Ragrus felt irritation at how calmly Nayuta was talking.

“You’re annoying! That’s obvious just from looking at it! Or else what? You are thinking that it feels good right? After all, you are someone from Lemuria! I’ll send you too to the cells because of the crime of treason!”

“E, err……Ragrus, calm down……”

Valdy was interjecting in a nervous state. Ragrus averted her face with a huff of her nose.

“Do something about this situation quickly. If not, you will――”

Valdy raised a cornered voice to obstruct Ragrus’s words.

“Ah…..Ra, Ragrus, the castle, you are going to crash……”

“He? Wait! KYAAAAAAAA-, dam dange-, avoid it! AVOID ITTTTTTT!”

One of the spire that formed the palace was approaching in front of their eyes. When Ragrus gave the order that took the rudder in panic, the battleships tilted greatly. The battleship barely avoided contact just several meters from a crash.

“I, I thought that my heart would stop……”

Ragrus sat down on the floor of the bridge from her waist giving out.

Even while almost causing an incident that would end up in the death penalty, Ragrus’s battleship gradually lowered its altitude and landed on the spacious landing place exclusive for the imperial guard nearby the palace.

The hatch of the battleship opened, from there Ragrus showed her appearance.

“Now, walk promptly!”

Red carpet was spread from the landing place until the gate of the palace. Ragrus was walking triumphantly on the carpet. From behind her, Gravel and Aldea’s figures appeared. Both of them had their upper body bounded by a leather belt that was inserted with restraining magic and were locked inside a cell all the time since Okinawa. Blindfolds and gags were untied from them and they walked by their own strength. Hida Nayuta and Valdy were following after them.

Although they were restrained, Gravel and Aldea were acting dignifiedly. They easily overtook Ragrus with her small steps with their gallant walk.

“Hey, wa, wait there! What are you two doing going past me huh!?”

“The one telling us to walk promptly was you.”

“Kuh, no back talk! Do you understand your place? You are a criminal here, criminal! Act fitly with that……hey, wait I said―!”

After Ragrus ran and returned back to the front of the line, she paid attention to the back while walking on the carpet with a trot.

Ahead of the red carpet, there were the figures of the imperial guard members lining up in a horizontal line. Around fifty members of the imperial guard standing in a row, all of them were good looking women.

And then at the center, was a female with an air that was obviously different with all the group members.

The highlight was her whitely shining purple hair, white skin, and coupled with her well-ordered face that was like a doll, she was drifting off a mysterious atmosphere. And then her pressure that was overwhelming other people. Even amidst the beautiful girls lining up, she was emitting a conspicuously large presence. From her mantel and clothes’ design, it was clear that woman was also an imperial guard. However, from the extremely intricate decoration applied on her clothes, and the first-class fabric it used, it gave the impression of a position that drew the line with the other group members.

Ragrus hit her fist on her chest with a little nervous look, making a gesture that displayed respect.

“Captain Zelsione! I come bringing Gravel and Aldea for the crime of treason.”

Ragrus puffed up her flat chest and reported proudly.

“Good work Ragrus. Also, you too Valdy.”

Zelsione generously nodded then moved her gaze to Gravel and Aldea.

“However, it’s a dangerous talk to accuse them of treason isn’t it? What is the meaning of this?”

Gravel accepted Zelsione’s gaze without faltering. Without minding Gravel who acted like that, Ragrus proudly continued her report.

“Yes. These people were intentionally neglecting to report while knowing about Zeros’s whereabouts in Lemuria. Furthermore they headed by themselves to Lemuria and are suspected of scheming to take Zeros as their own.”

Zelsione knitted her eyebrows.

“Hou? What are they going to do after obtaining Zeros?”

“Gravel is originally not one of the people of our Vatlantis Empire. She was the general of a foreign country that is ruled by Vatlantis. She is of a savage tribe in the first place. Surely she pretended to enter our jurisdiction, aiming for a chance to fly the banner of revolution.”

“Don’t mess around! I’ve never done anything like that!”

Gravel howled with an angry expression.

Ragrus jumped and backed off away from Gravel.

“Wha-, what’s with you, yelling angrily like that, the current you cannot do anything at all!”

Gravel faced Zelsione straightforwardly with sincere eyes.

“Imperial guard Captain Zelsione. Do you also believe such nonsense?”

Zelsione stared at Gravel as if licking with her eyes from the tips of her toes until the top of her head, she looked like she was evaluating her.

“So the hero of the remote region is going mad……this is not really nonsense that can be considered as an absurd story. Until now, something like this has happened several times. As long as you are not a pure blooded person of Vatlantis, such possibility cannot be denied.”

Aldea interjected as if to mediate between the two.

“No. When it comes to Gravel, she will not do such things. This me who is a pure blooded person of Vatlantis guarantees it.”

However Zelsione rejected Aldea’s smile with a cold stare.

“A guarantee of someone like you means nothing. From the beginning your eccentricity is something intolerable. You were demoted to the subjugation army, but far from reflecting, now you are waving your tail to Gravel.”

Zelsione jerked her chin and gave instruction.

“Bring the two to my room. I’ll interrogate them later.”

The lining up imperial guard members rushed to Gravel and Aldea with quick movements. The two were restrained by four people each and ten people were surrounding them. They were on guard toward Gravel and Aldea to the degree that they wouldn’t separate their eyes even for an instant from the two.

“We won’t struggle even without you being that vigilant, rest assured.”

Gravel murmured with a fed-up face, but the imperial guard members didn’t slacken their wariness. Leaving behind the four people lining up at the left and right of Zelsione, the other members carried the two into the palace.

Zelsione gave a sidelong glance to that procession before moving her gaze to Nayuta.

“――So, Nayuta. You didn’t report anything to us even while knowing about Zeros. Why?”

Nayuta smiled softly with a ‘fuh’.

“I am a human from another world. Furthermore I’m nothing more than a single researcher. How could I possibly know how important Zeros is for all of you? I talked to Aldea-san only for the purpose of making idle talk. I first noticed Zeros’s importance from this commotion, it really shocked me.”

“You too are an engineer employed by the royal palace. Didn’t such information enter your ears?”

Nayuta kept smiling and shook her head to the left and right.

“I’m not so boorish to prick my ears for the internal affairs of the royal family. I intend to know of right from wrong there. It’s upsetting if I’m thought of as such a base person.”

Zelsione was staring at Nayuta with a doubting eye.

“I see……however, if that’s so then why did you act together with Gravel and Aldea? If I recall correctly, you are supposed to build an experiment facility in Lemuria’s Tokyo.”

“Yes, the magic power plant’s construction is going favorably. The other day too I received the cooperation of Zelsione-sama, I am truly feeling grateful.”

Nayuta lowered her head deeply.

“It was a coincidence that I encountered Gravel-san and Aldea-san in Okinawa. When I went there for confirming the material, a Lemuria attack happened in a stroke of bad luck and I received the favor to board the retreating battleship of the imperial guard. There, the two were also coincidentally in the same location.”

Zelsione crossed her arms looking bored.

“Hmph. Your story seems straight for the moment……and then, that magic power plant something, does it produce result? You have bothered me to use my time, so I won’t let you say that it failed.”

“I returned here for the sake of confirming that.”

“Hou? So it’s complete.”

“Coincidentally this evening I’ll carry out the experiment. If you have the interest, please come to watch by any means.”

“Is that so, then I’ll look forward to it. I have the principle that I won’t believe anything except of what I see with my own eyes after all.”

Nayuta faced Zelsione and lowered her head respectfully, then she entered into the palace gate.

Looking at her figure from behind, Zelsione murmured.

“Even though she is just a person of Lemuria, but she is someone suspicious……Valdy.”

“Ye, yes, Zelsione-sama.”

Valdy answered with a flustered look.

“There wasn’t anything suspicious from Nayuta?”

Valdy wrung out her voice with a cowering look.

“No……none. She, she is really working to save Vatlantis……even in Tokyo, she did her all to complete the magic power plant……at Okinawa, she also told me……to kill a soldier of Lemuria.”

Valdy took out a small piece of metal from inside her mantel. Zelsione accepted that piece of metal and raised her eyebrow slightly.

“This is, a Core of magic armor……you are telling me that Nayuta ordered you to take it out from the soldier of Lemuria?”

Valdy nodded.

“Hm……Valdy, continue to guard and monitor Nayuta. Don’t let anyone meddle until we determine whether that woman’s experiment proves successful or not.”

Valdy made a happy face then she went to follow Nayuta with a light step.

Zelsione also flapped her mantel and headed inside the palace gate. After that her four close aides that were called the [Four Swords of DisciplineQuartum] also followed her. Ragrus who was going to be left behind called to Zelsione’s back.

“Ca, Captain, where are you going?”

Zelsione’s legs stopped, she then answered without even looking back.

“I’m going to interrogate Gravel.”

“Ah, the, then, I’ll go together with Captain.”

Zelsione looked across her shoulder and made a sadistic smile towards Ragrus.

“Is it okay? My interrogation, is a fun time you know?”


Ragrus’s face became bright red from imagining something. A stifled laugh leaked out from between the close aides.

“It’s too early for you. Go home and rest in your room.”

Ragrus stayed quiet and saw off Zelsione and her close aides leaving.

“What’s this……even Captain is treating me like a kid.”

‘I found Zeros, and I even captured Gravel and Aldea who acted as they pleased, isn’t this my achievement? Yet despite that――.’

Ragrush stomped on the ground, then she turned right about face to and walked towards the town.


She stopped walking and turned back at the black luster castle. She looked at the highly towering spire and narrowed her eyes.

‘But, if I raise even greater achievement……perhaps even Captain will pay more attention to me.’

Ragrus turned her back to the palace in resolve, and she began to run to the city.

Part 3[edit]

The jet black castle reflected the color of sunset. The sun of AU was changing in shape matching with the distortion in the sky. The sun that was crushed unshapely was going to sink beyond the sea. Several high spires dropped long shadows on the city around.

One of those spires became the imperial guard’s headquarters. Its height was around three hundred meters, boasting the second highest height after the spire that the emperor lived in. Zelsione occupied several of the upper floors to set up her office and residence.

Inside one of the rooms there, in a spacious bedroom with size of a hundred tatami, four people that were Zelsione’s close aides were gathering. However, their appearances were clearly different with just before. There was not even a little bit of strict tidiness as military personnel in their appearances. All of them were wearing clothes that exposed their skin which excessively made them conspicuously obscene by wearing the clothes on their body. Each of them had different design, but the clothes incorporated the image and motif of the imperial guard uniform in some respects, it excessively engendered the air of immorality.

One of them, a blond girl wearing eye patch was nestling on the sofa. A white haired girl with an air like a lady was lying on the large sofa that could have three people sitting on it in an inflammatory posture.

A female with large scars on her face and body, and a red haired girl with heart mark tattoos on her breast and abdomen were sprawled on the bed entangled with each other.

The sofa and bed the four girls entrusted their bodies on were luxuriously and beautifully decorated with devoted engravings of embroidery and design.

And then, the room itself that was the living room of Zelsione was something extravagant filled to the brim with luxury. The interior, whether the floor or the wall were created from deep red stone, ornament of gold craftsmanship was added on the wall. On the table with beautiful tabletop that was like a jewel, alcohol gathered from all over the country and luxurious meal created by the palace’s chefs with all their skill were lined up.

Everything of those were things that aesthetically didn’t suit a military that fought for the sake of the country and it’s people. The overdone extravagance emitted the fragrance of immorality, this space of Zelsione, whether it was the room, the furniture, even the people that were inside it too, were degenerately obscene everywhere.

But, there was only one thing that didn’t suit this space that pursued beauty.

Gravel was hung in the center of the room.

A chain hanging from the ceiling was connected to a shackle, forcing her to a posture where both her hands were raised. Her legs were in contact with the floor, so it wasn’t the chain that supported her body weight, but she was unable to move freely. Her clothes were the simple thing that a prisoner was made to wear, the top was only a white tank top and the bottom was only a spats.

Gravel yelled angrily with an irritated voice.

“What kind of self-indulgence this is for the elite imperial guard of Vatlantis! Do you understand what kind of situation Vatlantis is currently in? There are also people that are in poverty don’t you know that? Know some shame!”

The imperial guard’s degenerated act made Gravel feel fury.

Once, her own country fought Vatlantis, got defeated, and became a part of the empire. Even at that time, her anger didn’t well up until this much. She thought in the past that there would be peace with this. If her country was managed under justice and ethics, it wasn’t too bad even if they became a part of a huge empire. Compared to having the people’s livelihood threatened by the fires of war and their lives tragically stolen, it would be a far better future.

However, that was the story only if the country was managed justly. The forceful invasion of Lemuria, then this state of the imperial guard, Gravel couldn’t comprehend this.

One of the close aides raised her body from the bed. She was a female with an eye patch that didn’t suit her beautiful blonde hair and lovely face. Her whole body was wrapped in a tight clothes, not a single line of her body was hidden. And then things like her breast and nether region, the parts where they had to be hidden were on the contrary inserted with large cuts, giving a peek of the white skin. The contrast of the black fabric with luster and the white skin which awakened the eye seeing it was drifting off obscene atmosphere.

“Shame? Why do we have to be shameful? O hero of the frontier-san.”

Laughter leaked out from among the close aides.

Gravel endured her irritation and talked back.

“It’s still better if it’s just a common soldier. But you all are the top of Vatlantis’s army, the imperial guard directly under the emperor. Furthermore you four are the close aides of Zelsione, the symbol of fear that is the Quartum! By nature, aren’t you in a position to enforce the discipline of us the subjugation army and the other units? Yet, what’s with this depravation! If you have the time to invent some pretext to treat this me as criminal, there should be so many other things that you have to do!”

However the four people of Quartum were only making puzzled faces.

Doubt was swelling up inside Gravel.

‘――What in the world, is this? These fellows.’

At that time, the crimson large door that was the entrance was opened.

“Thank you for your opinion, but your words won’t reach them.”

The owner of this room Zelsione entered the room with her purple hair fluttering behind her.

The clothes worn on her body should be better called as underwear. They were a purple bra and shorts arranged with beautiful laces combined with see-through material. And then stockings that were suspended with garter belt.

And then, she was wearing armor that shined in silver on her limbs. The unbalanced feeling with the underwear conversely colored Zelsione’s body obscenely with lewdness that was several times greater than if she was stark naked.

“Come on, you also think so too right?”

Zelsione pulled the chain that her hand was holding. The person that was connected at the end of that chain entered into the room.


“Ahaha, Gravel. Facing each other in a sexy appearance like this……guh!”

The chain held by Zelsione was connected to the collar on Aldea’s neck. When Zelsione strongly pulled, Aldea raised a painful voice and staggered.

Aldea was wearing a red corset. It was shaped to lift the breast from below, but the essential breast was exposed bare, it was shaking greatly each time she walked. And then, she was wearing underwear that was a short with terrifyingly small area covered and also red stockings.

Zelsione was looking over the room with a gaze that was looking down on everything except herself, then she sat down on the luxurious sofa set up in front of Gravel. Aldea had the chain of her collar pulled and made to stand besides Zelsione.

“Zelsione……you bastard.”

Gravel gritted her teeth.

“Fufufu, don’t be that angry. Rather than that, you are feeling a doubt right? How about you try to ask this me?”

Zelsione spoke in jest. Gravel felt that her guts were seething, but she somehow endured it and spoke her question.

“Yeah……you all that are the top of the imperial guard are making boisterous merrymaking in obscene appearances, without any dignity or pride, I cannot think of this as a sane affair. In addition, the loyalty of the Quartum towards Zelsione too, it’s in an abnormal level.”

Gravel glared at Zelsione without hesitation. Zelsione narrowed her eyes joyfully.

“That’s because everyone loves me see. They wish to offer their heart and body to the person they love, such thinking is only natural right?”

Zelsione turned at the direction of her close aides and threw at them an erotic smile. Like a pet that was called by its owner, the four people of Quartum rushed to her. And then they made joyful expressions, kneeled under Zelsione, and rubbed their bodies to her legs.

“Yes, we are the servants of Zelsione-sama!”

“If it’s something that Zelsione-sama wishes, I want to offer everything that I can.”

“I yearn for you, Zelsione-sama.”


The four people were speaking passionate words while twisting their waists. They were like puppies that shook their tail fawningly so that their owner would be affectionate to them.

Gravel grimaced.

“The military of Vatlantis has fallen so far……”

“You don’t need to worry, you too will soon become like this.”

Gravel made a sneer.

“How foolish……something like that, is truly impossible.”

“Is that so, then I’ll prove it.”

Zelsione pulled the chain and drew Aldea near her face.

“You can see with your own eyes, how this Aldea becomes my pet.”

Aldea’s face twitched.

“No, no way, Zelsione-sama. Even if Vatlantis is destroyed, I will not do such thi……auu!”

Zelsione grasped the collar of Aldea who obviously hated it and forcibly made Aldea faced at her direction. And then, she brought her face near that her lips almost touched.

“Don’t avert your face. Look at my eyes.”


Aldea stared at Zelsione’s eyes while raising a painful voice. Zelsione’s bluish green eyes was like a clear lake, it felt like she will be sucked in if she stared fixedly at those eyes. Aldea was unable to avert her eyes from those pupils. Before she knew it, her consciousness went through those eyes and dove through a bluish green lake. And then she was falling into a bottomless abyss invitingly. That was a pleasant experience without anything to compare.

“You are my servant. Isn’t that right, Aldea?”

Zelsione’s eyes were shining in bluish green.

“Yes……I, am a loyal servant of Zelsione……sama.”

Zelsione distanced her face and released the chain that was connected to Aldea’s neck.


Aldea raised a painful voice, she then dropped to the floor and picked up the chain which she then presented to Zelsione reverently.

“Zelsione-sama, are you throwing away this me? Don’t do such thing……I beg you, put this Aldea in your side forever……please be the owner of this Aldea.”


Gravel witnessed an unbelievable sight. That Aldea was kneeling and clung to Zelsione’s leg.

“Fufu, it’s fine to keep you if it is as a dog, you don’t mind that?”

Aldea’s eyes shined from Zelsione’s words.

“Thank you very much! So that Zelsione will give me your affection, I’ll become a splendid pet dog!”

Cold sweat flowed down Gravel’s cheek.

“Mind, control……huh.”

Zelsione turned at Gravel with an exaggerated gesture.

“Correct. The ability of my magic armor [Teros] is the ability to rule over the other party’s heart. No one can go against this me. With only one person as exception, just the emperor.”

“……I see, that’s a sleazy ability that suites you.”

“You too will soon become the captive of this me.”

Gravel’s eyes were lit with flames of fury.

“The hell with that! Even if it’s tyrannical, but if I’m processed in formal procedure, I planned to obediently accept whether it’s a trial or even punishment, but my patience can only go this far!”

And then, Gravel called to her magic armor.


She should have recovered her magic power already. This time she might be treated as a traitor for sure, but there was no way she could just leave alone Vatlantis who had become rotten from the inside.


But, Zoros didn’t appear.

“Impossible!? This is……how can……”

Zelsione raised a broad smirk.

“Did you think that this me will bring you into my personal room without preparing anything?”

“Don’t tell me……”

Cold sweat oozed out from Gravel’s whole body.

“It was when you were dragged out in front of me. At that moment, I had grasped your heart. After all it was the best chance when your magic power was reduced and you were weak. For the current you, even if you try to call your magic armor in the tip of your mouth, in your heart you are not thinking of wanting to put on your armor. No matter how much you hate me, you should not be able to point your sword to me seriously.”

Zelsione stood up from her chair and walked near Gravel.

“Fufu, o hero of the frontier, you beast of the tan skin. I’ve desired you since before this. That tan colored skin that doesn’t exist among us……I want to add that into the collection of this me.”

Zelsione’s finger stroked up from Gravel’s breast to her throat. Gravel’s body twitched. Her chin was lifted up by the finger and made to stare at Zelsione’s eyes. Gravel glared back at Zelsione with straightforward eyes.

“Zelsione, if you intend to brainwash this me, then just do it. But, my soul will never submit to you by any means! Someday, I’ll defeat you for sure!”

“That’s make me more and more looking forward to it.”

Zelsione took a whip that was put at the side of the sofa and swung it toward Gravel’s chest.


Tearing sound reverberated, anguished voice leaked out from Gravel’s mouth. One of her shoulder strap of the tank top was snapped, exposing the abundant protrusion of the breast.

“Fufu, you really purred with a nice voice.”

Zelsione circled around Gravel observing her. Her legs stopped behind Gravel, she bent her arm and swung the whip. The fabric of the spats snapped, and the tanned ass peeked out its face from the gap of the white cloth.

“How about you stop this roundabout act……and just put your technique on me already.”

Gravel raised a painful voice.

“No. Such thing is artless. I want to have you submit to me, right from the bottom of your heart. That’s why, I’ll take a lot of time to break you.”


Gravel got goosebumps all over her body.

A satisfying voice sounded from Gravel’s ass once more.


“Now, this is still only the beginning you know? I’ll carve the taste of this whip firmly into that body.”

“Ku…, bastard-!”

Fear and bewilderment spread inside Gravel. Those emotions were not regarding the pain or even about the fate that was waiting for her from here on. It was a fear of herself becoming a self that she didn’t know about.

A paralyzing sweet pain spread from the place she was struck at. Each time the whip struck, her spine shivered and pleasure drove through her. It was a sensation that she had never experienced until now.

‘――Impossible! Why, something like this……this should be only pain…….despite so.’

The sound of the whip cutting through air resounded.


A coquettish echo mixed inside the shriek.

The thin clothes became rags in the blink of an eye, countless traces of the whip were carved on Gravel’s body. However, there was no wound to the degree of breaking the skin. The superb handling of the whip granted pain together with numbing pleasure to Gravel.

“How is it? Won’t the taste of the whip turn into pleasure before long?”

Zelsione put her index finger on Gravel’s chin and raised her face.

“Wha……what, nonsense……su, such thing……is, impossible-“

Gravel answered with a trembling voice.

Zelsione laughed scornfully and put her hand on the tank top that covered Gravel’s breast.


Before Gravel could raise a voice to stop her, that cloth was torn off. Gravel’s large breast fell out in a bounce. The charming light brown globes were shaking to the left and right from their weight. The color of her skin was light brown, but the tip was standing out with its light pink color. It was conspicuous due to its contrast with the skin color, as though a flower that bloomed on a tree. And then that tip was standing up from blood congestion, it was pointing so stiffly that it looked painful.

Sigh of admiration leaked out from the mouths of the Quartum and Aldea who were surrounding Gravel.

“Fufu, this thing is not lying.”

Zelsione pinched the summit of Gravel’s breast.

“Sto, stop it-! Do, don’t tou……aaa-!”

Zelsione mercilessly kneaded the sensitive tip with her finger. Each time, Gravel’s tanned body was convulsing twitchingly. And then, the tip that became hard was increasingly stretching.

“Fufufu, it become this big……don’t you feel embarassed?”


Gravel’s face was colored with shame.

“Aah……Zel-sama, you only play with Gravel……not fair.”

A murmur of envy leaked out from Aldea’s mouth. The Quartum too were also staring at Gravel jealously. Gravel became excessively embarrassed from feeling those gazes.

“Kuh, don’t look! Do, don’t come near!”

Even though something really embarrassing even at the best of times was done to her, but to have such sight of her being seen by other people was a humiliation that was hard to endure. Furthermore――,

“How nicee, Gravel. To be able to feel that gooddd”

One of the Quartum, a girl with red long hair was speaking enviously.

For Gravel, having other people knowing that she was feeling good from this kind of act, was a disgrace so great that she wanted to die.

“Such, such thing……you are just manipulating my mind to forcibly grant pleasure to me! It’s absolutely impossible, for me to feel pleasure or anything from something like this!”

“Yeah, exactly.”

Zelsione easily recognized Gravel’s point.

“-!? You bastard-!”

“But, by repeating this, your brain will memorize this stimulation as pleasure. When that happens, there will be no more need for mind manipulation. Your body will become something that cannot live without the pleasure that I grant you.”

Gravel’s complexion changed.

“Tha……that’s, foolish. Impossible, I, won’t become like what you think!”

One of the Quartum, the girl with a large gash on her face raised her voice as if to ridicule Gravel’s yell.

“Hahaha, now that you mention it, I also said the same thing didn’t I? Now it feels nostalgic.”

The white haired girl laughed gracefully in response to that.

“Yes, I too was also the same. Now that I think about it, I was really a big fool wasn’t I? I was pointlessly resisting……although, Zelsione-sama was enjoying the course of our fall anyway.”

She chuckled after saying that.

Gravel’s face turned red and she yelled angrily.

“Foolish idiots! Even now you all are being manipulated. Come back to your sanity!”

Gravel appealed to them desperately. That was because for an instant she thought, that the fellows in front of her eyes might be her future self. She had to reject that no matter what. Her future self had to see that she rejected this.

However, the four people were only smiling obscenely.

Zelsione lowered her right hand straight from the valley of Gravel’s breast, from Gravel’s navel to her abdomen, and the fingers were slipping into the spats.

“Wha-, stop! Don’t touch there!”

“Hm? This is……”

Zelsione was making a dubious face, but she soon made a cruel smile and began to move the hand that she inserted into Gravel’s spats.

“Sto-, don’t, take away your hand right no-――shh! A, aahnn”

Zelsione’s fingertips dug into Gravel’s crevice and rubbed up.

“Hii, sto, stop it! Ah, a, aaahaaaann-“

Suddenly sticky watery sound started to become audible.

“Fufu, you yourself, what do you have to say for your obscene state like this?”

“I-, I don’t care-, no, noo-, a, a, AAAAAAA-“

Gravel extended her toes and her body trembled.

Zelsione made a joyous smile and withdrew her fingers from inside Gravel.


While the fingers were extracted, they were also flicking Gravel’s most sensitive part. The tan body jumped with a start.

And then that wet fingers were put in front of Gravel’s face to flaunt it. And then when the fingertips were separated, strings were pulled between them.


Gravel’s face turned red and her body trembled from the great shame.

Masou Gakuen HxH V04 BW 03.jpg

“You cannot see it from that position, but your crotch is drenched and the shape of your crevice is really standing out from the honey you know?”


Gravel rubbed together her thighs in a fluster trying to hide her crotch. However in her hanged state, she really couldn’t do that well.

“There is really no meaning of you hiding it. Rather I think it’s better to take it off from you. You might catch a cold like this.”


Gravel’s complexion paled.

“What about you girls too, don’t you want to see Gravel’s hair style?”

The four heavenly kings and Aldea expressed their approval of Zelsione’s words with obscene smiles. [2]

“Sto, stop……only that is…”

Gravel begged with a wrung out voice, but no one listened to it.

Zelsione put her hand on the torn spats and tore it off with all her might.


“Thi……this is…”

The eye patch girl leaned her body forward.

“Well well, my my, this is really clean.”

The white haired lady put her hands together.

“Hee, are you shaving?”

“Buttt, this is just too clean for shaving isn’t itt? Maybe it’s actually not growing from the start?”

Gravel bit her lips with teary eyes.

Zelsione was in a really good mood that she might break out in a dance anytime.

“Is that so, so Gravel is hairless. So the hero of the frontier has her body like that of a little girl. Hahahaha, this is amusing.”

“Yo…, are satisfied already right? Just do whatever you like, execute me or anything……”

Zelsione made a sadistic smile to Gravel who dropped her shoulders crestfallenly.

“What are you saying? Have you forgotten already? You are to become the love slave of this me. It’s unthinkable for me to kill you or anything.”

At that time, the eye patch girl spoke as though noticing something.

“Which reminds me, Zelsione-sama, it soon will be the time for Nayuta’s experiment, what are we going to do?”

“Hm? Then let’s watch it in appreciation with everyone. Let’s go out to the balcony.”

Zelsione threw open the window and went out. The outside had become completely dark and cool wind passed through while stroking the body. There was no star in the night sky, darkness like a flowing ink was spreading above. The town around the palace was overflowing with light, but the crumbled area and dislocated part were sinking into blackness as if eaten by a worm.

However when the gaze was lowered, one could grasp the state of the downtown that was crowded with onlookers. When one looked at the spires nearby, there were people on balconies and faces coming out from windows visible from here. A great number of people were having interest in Nayuta’s experiment.

Zelsione was struck with an idea and she returned back into the room.

“It is pitiful to be left out. Let down Gravel too.”

Following the order, the four heavenly kings slackened Gravel’s chain and unbound the binding. Gravel crumbled down and collapsed on the floor. Zelsione dragged up that body.

“Now, we are going. Gravel. I’ll unveil your matter to everyone too.”

Gravel’s face cramped. And then she looked at the thrown open window.

“Do……don’t tell me, in this appearance……”

“Of course. It’s wasteful for you to hide those limbs.”

Gravel struggled with her weak body.

“Such, such act-……tha, that’s insane! No-! Stop!”

The eye patch girl came bringing a leather handcuff. Aldea accepted that handcuff.

“A, Aldea, stop, what are……”

Gravel stared at the face of her partner with scared eyes.

“Ufufu, how nice Gravel. To receive this much affection……but, I also love looking at Gravel’s cute place♥”

Gravel’s back became cold from terror.

Aldea put the handcuff on Gravel. Her left and right arm were fixed on her back and she became unable to hide her body at all.

The tan body without a single string on it was pulled to the balcony.

“Stop! It’s better for me to die rather than being seen in this humiliating appearance! Kill me!”

“What are you saying? It’s too wasteful to not appreciate a body this beautiful. Let’s show your cute place to so many people.”

“Don’t! Ah, do……no-, stop it-! NOOOOOO!”

And then she was led until the edge of the balcony.

Gravel’s heart was ringing like an alarm bell. She was having cold sweat with bright red face.

‘I, it’s fine. As long as no one notice――.’

“That’s Zelsione-sama!”


Gravel’s wish came to nothing, the moment Zelsione showed her figure on the balcony, the gazes of the people converged on her. Many mouths said out Zelsione’s name in cheering voice.

“Hmm? That’s, who is that I wonder? Isn’t she naked?”

Gravel’s heart felt like it would stop.

The people that were in other spires and also the people looking up from the city below, they saw all of her embarrassing places.

There was distance so it was fine. She was not seen. That was how she was persuading herself, but the spectators who came for sightseeing were carrying telescopes and binoculars.

Despair spread inside Gravel’s heart. It felt like her thought circuit was going to stop from the great humiliation. She didn’t feel like it was real that she was doing an act like this. Gravel’s eyes were overflowing with tears.

“How is it? What do you feel?”

As if to give her the finishing blow, Zelsione’s fingers slipped in directly into Gravel’s crotch.


Gravel’s body was pierced with a terrific pleasure.

Her body reacted unconcerned with her will. Her waist was starting to move by itself to search for more pleasure.

“Uu, uuu……stop……stop it, alreadyy”

Gravel spilled out tears. She couldn’t even oppose the severe pleasure that she had never experienced before, only letting herself being toyed like this. Gravel shook her head until her hair was in disarray in order to endure the pleasure desperately.

“How is it Gravel? The feeling of stepping your foot into a world that you don’t know?”

Gravel leaked out heated breathing as if it was going to let out steam, she answered while drool was slovenly dripping down from the corner of her mouth.

“Hic-……forgive me, already……please, please I beg youu.”

Her flushing cheeks were wet with sweat, her disarrayed hair was clinging there. Tears were collected fully in her eyes, that appearance of her supplicating while looking up, didn’t have even a sliver of trace of the hero of the frontier anymore.

Shivers were creeping up inside Zelsione’s chest.

“You are really cute, Gravel. Now, you can come.”

Zelsione’s fingers strongly pinched the firmly standing up breast’s tip of Gravel. And then the fingertips caressing the crotch were also deeply thrusting up, stirring inside the heated honey jar.

“N? Nno-, ah, kuuu……hahHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA-!”

Gravel’s toes stretched and her whole body convulsed. Spray that looked radiant overflowed out from inside her body, wetting Zelsione’s hand and the veranda.

Gravel’s body was convulsing over and over, as if she was shocked by electricity. The intensity was gradually settling down, and strength was leaving from Gravel’s body.

She lost consciousness and fell down, where Zelsione caught her in her embrace.

“You girls, take Gravel to the bed. Don’t forget the restraints and keeping watch on her.”


Quartum and Aldea received Gravel’s body from Zelsione, they held her body at the left and right and took her inside the room.

There was a single figure watching that full particulars from afar.

Hida Nayuta took away her eyes from the binoculars and looked at the Genesis that was a few meters near her. A lot of blimps were floating around Genesis. With a request from Nayuta for the sake of the experiment, Nayuta and Valdy were riding one of those blimps.

“Valdy. I heard that children are created from this Genesis in this world, is there no mistake of that?”

“Eh……ye, yes. That’s correct. When one’s blood and the partner’s blood are offered to this pillar, it will give birth to children.”

“The human race of the AU, are living things which are all created artificially……that’s how it goes. Really very interesting.”

Nayuta nodded with her usual smile.

“Err……is it different, in Lemuria?”

“Yes. In Lemuria male and female perform intercourse to create children.”

Valdy opened her eyes wide from shock.

“Creating children by yourself……that’s something miraculous. Bu, but……in this world, there is no living thing called man……though in the past, it seems they existed.”

“If that’s so, then you too might be able to create children by yourself.”

“Such thing……for me to be able to create children……unbelievable.”

Nayuta’s lips suddenly burst open in a smile from Valdy’s bewildered look.

“I also had created children before you know? Before this, the Lemurian person wearing the black armor we encountered at Okinawa……he is my son. Furthermore, he is a man.”

Valdy became even more shocked.

“No way……I thought he was a peculiar race but……that’s a man, is it? I only knew from the report that they exist in Lemuria but……that was the first time I saw the real thing.”

The imperial guard which was an elite group didn’t participate in the invasion mission to Lemuria. That was the work of the subjugation army appointed to people with low status or someone like Gravel who came from a country that was ruled by Vatlantis.

“Well then, I can understand that the child-making is performed by this Genesis. If that’s the case, I have a question regarding the act that imperial guard captain did just now. I saw them performing intercourse between fellow females, but what is the purpose of that?”

Valdy didn’t understand the meaning of the question at first, but when Nayuta explained in detail of the scene that she had just seen, she went bright red until her ears.

“Tha, that is……an act of love. Captain……is a little, err, special but……when we become adult, that’s something to do……was what I’ve been told.”

Listening to Valdy’s answer with a voice that was like a fly’s buzzing, Nayuta nodded in comprehension.

“It’s not for production activity, but an act that is purely for pleasure is it? I understand now.”

Nayuta looked up to Genesis. There was not a single star that was visible in the pitch dark sky.

She was told that once it was a starry sky. However right now they couldn’t see it. Similar with the crumbling ground, the starry sky was also being lost.

This world was slowly breaking down. The sky, the land, and also even the human life.

Nayuta began confirming the machinery assembled on the scaffold. Thick cables were creeping out from the Entrance to Lemuria far away. Those cables went through the city of Zeltis and pulled up towards the blimps floating in the air. And then, at the end it was connected to the Genesis.

The blimp that Nayuta rode was lined up with a variety of measurement devices and control panel and monitor. Machinery brought from Lemuria and machinery created in Vatlantis were mixed, other people wouldn’t understand at all just what function would those machines accomplish.

Vatlantis’s appliance was abundantly decorated, refined, with charm like high class furniture. Despite all that, the technology was far surpassing the technology of the human world.

Nayuta reached her hand to the panel that was used as a console. In a glance it looked like just a stone slab, but when her hand was held over it, a control panel made from light was floating.

“……Now, it’s time to begin the experiment. Let’s start.”

Without even a second slower or faster from the schedule, Nayuta pushed the button of the experiment start.

At that moment, lights of various colors began to flow inside the cables. That was the light of magic power. A large amount of magic power was flowing into Atlantis from Lemuria. Then the magic power traveled through the cables that were spread inside the imperial capital Zeltis and led into the Genesis. The devices piled up on the blimp groaned and began to activate.

Light of magic power traveled the surface of Genesis and several magic circles were floating on top of one another. Those radiances were gradually turning brighter. The running lines carved on the surface in detail like an ancestry map were beginning to shine. The light even reached to places that until now didn’t shine due to insufficient magic power. It was like water was flowing into trenches, one could understand well that the magic power was reaching over every nook and corner.

The gigantic system which looked like a mechanical clock that until now seemed like it would stop anytime also began to move as if life was breathed into it. The movement of each gear and pendulum became smooth and the motion speed was rising.

“Nayuta-sama! That’s!”

Valdy raised a loud voice that was unusual for her.

Ripple of light was spreading at the tip of Genesis, with the part that was sucked into the sky as the center. And then, the starry sky showed its appearance with the pillar as the center.

The pitch black darkness was erased and full starry sky was spreading wide. Voices of admiration, and then voices of joy were raised from the mouths of the people looking up at the sky.

“The sky is……healed.”

Valdy was looking up in a daze at the beautiful starry sky.

Nayuta was staring at the urban area of the imperial capital Zeltis with her binoculars.

“Yes but, it seems like it doesn’t go as far as the mending of the land. However, we have verified the methodology of this world’s recovery. What’s left is only to gather a large amount of magic power.”

Nayuta didn’t show any reaction at all to the success of the experiment and only confirmed the results indifferently.


“What’s the matter Valdy?”

Valdy lowered her head deeply.

“To return the sky to this Vatlantis……Nayuta-sama is our benefactor.”

Nayuta stared fixedly at Valdy who kept her head lowered.

“Raise your head Valdy. This is also thanks to your assistance.”

Valdy raised her head and shook it in fluster.

“Such thing……I, didn’t do anything……everything is Nayuta-sama’s……”

“But this will not become a fundamental resolution.”

“Is, is that……so?”

Valdy’s shoulders dropped in dejection.

“Yes but, I’m also in the middle of investigating a new countermeasure.”

Valdy raised her head in a flash. Her eyes were shining in expectation.

“Re, really?”

“Yes. For that sake, your strength is necessary.”


Nayuta smiled kindly.

“Yes, I am a human of Lemuria. Surely I’ll also receive various misunderstanding and obstruction. Even so, will you protect and follow me? In order to save this Vatlantis.”

Valdy knitted her eyebrows tightly.

“As you wish. I will, protect……Nayuta-sama.”

Nayuta closed her eyes and put her hand on her chest.

“Thank you Valdy.”

Nayuta turned her back and headed to the small flying boat that was connected to the blimp.

“Well then let’s head back to Tokyo. We will be busy again.”

Valdy followed after Nayuta’s back and accompanied her like a shadow. Nayuta was walking while smiling gently like usual.

It couldn’t be peeked just what she was thinking. That was how her smiling face looked like.

Chapter 2 – Install[edit]

Part 1[edit]

She could hear a voice calling her from afar.

What a noisy fellow. It would be troublesome in various things if she was caught.

She threw open the door and went outside.

So that she wouldn’t be caught, she ran with all her strength.

It felt really good. She loved running cutting through the wind.

She looked back and confirmed that no one was pursuing her.

She ran across a bridge built from white stone. A large quantity of water was flowing under the bridge, falling down to the waterfall ahead from here. It was dangerous, so she was always warned to not cross the bridge alone.

But, it was fine. Nothing would happen if she didn’t cross the fence.

She went across the opposite bank, there was a lake after passing the hill. If she went until that far, surely she wouldn’t be easily discovered. Besides, the scenery was nice there. The peaks covered in snow were reflected on the lake, it was very lovely.

She wanted to see that scenery quickly.

She crossed the bridge with fast beating heart.

But, today was a little strange.

The scenery was distorting. What was going on she wondered? A dizziness?

Suddenly, her body floated.

As though her foothold was suddenly gone due to a pitfall.

She fell from the bridge?

Her body was falling.

How could that be, even though she was running right in the middle of the bridge and she didn’t cross the fence.

Her view was distorted. She became unable to understand, the scenery, her own body, she didn’t know which was which.

There was a violent sound of water, her body sunk into the water.

At this rate she would be washed away to the waterfall, surely she would die. If she fell, she would be beyond help……that was what somebody told her. That……who was it again?

But, inside the water was really quiet without even a flow.

Suddenly it became bright in front of her eyes, her body was floating up to the surface.

Black sky.

It was night.

Silver moon was shining in the night sky.

Pink flower petals were riding the wind and fell with that moon as the background.


There was only such feeling.

Nothing came to mind except that.

She stared at the sky and continued to drift on the pond that was surrounded by stone fence indefinitely.

Part 2[edit]

With his treatment and break over, the day for Kizuna to resume going to school finally came.

“Good morning.

“Go, good morning. Himekawa, you are doing uniform checks right on the day you are returning to school?”

In front of the school gate, there was the figure of Himekawa Hayuru with electronic paper in one hand doing inspection.

“Yes, because I had left all of my public morals committee member work to other students, I have to help a little at least.”

Bathed in morning sun, the figure of Himekawa calling out to the students was really beautiful. Her black hair was sparkling from the light of the sun, her expression and voice were lively.

Even though before this she was doing checks with a solemn look, now her atmosphere was completely different.

He guessed that because for the current Himekawa, this normal day was a breather for her where she could feel tranquility.

They had slipped through the verge of death several times, and then even more severe battles would be waiting from now on. Until the next mission, this brief ordinary day was an important time.

“? Is something the matter, Kizuna-kun? You will trouble the other students if you are standing still distractedly in that kind of place.”

“Eh, yeah, I guess. My bad. Then I’ll head first to the classro――”

“Ah, please wait.”

“Hm? What’s wrong?”

Himekawa was approaching the position of Kizuna who was going to leave to the classroom. She stepped to a distance that was too close for talking, Himekawa’s hand suddenly reached out to Kizuna’s neck.

“Oi, what are you……”

Himekawa’s white and slender fingers were put on the knot of the necktie that was at Kizuna’s collar.

“Geez, the way you tied the necktie is untidy.”


She loosened the knot and untied the necktie temporarily.

“You are the captain of Amaterasu, so please take care of your personal appearance.”

“Ye, yeah……”

‘Wha, what’s with this newly wed situation? This is the time of going to school at the gate you know?’

Himekawa’s face was right near Kizuna’s nose. In this distance it felt like he could even hear the sound of her blinking. Himekawa’s long eyelashes looked even longer from this near. Himekawa was pouring her gaze fixedly at Kizuna’s collar, she briskly untied the necktie once and tied it again. Her slender and soft fingers was ticklishly touching Kizuna’s neck.

There was a gentle fragrance of flower.

The glossy long black hair was swaying by the wind, swaying silkily like in a dance.

‘Is this, the aroma of Himekawa’s shampoo I wonder?’

Kizuna’s heart was suddenly beating fast.

The students who arrived at the school were throwing subtle glances at them while passing through the school gate, but he became unbothered even by that.

However right at that time, his neck was tightened up tightly as if opening a curtain. And then, his chest was lightly tapped. Suddenly returning to his senses, his eyes met the eyes of Himekawa that were looking up at him.

“Ok, it’s fine with this now……is something the matter?”

Kizuna felt that not only his cheek, but even his ear became hot.

“Hee-!? N, no, nothing at all-, then, work hard!”

Kizuna headed to the entrance with an awkward way of running.

He walked through the corridor heading to the classroom. After meeting the surprise attack of the AU, the war situation was in the middle of getting strained, but there was not even a little bit of darkness that could be felt from the expressions of the students.

‘Well……guess that’s how it is.’

Something like an emergency situation had been there the whole time since the 2nd Another Universe Conflict. It was no use to make a fuss over it at this late hour.

Rather, from Guam to Okinawa, Ataraxia was in the middle of steadily drawing near to Japan. The number of enemies they shot down was also increasing, they had become able to defeat the enemy battleship that they hadn’t managed to do before this. Even the weapons of anti-magic weapons use that was in the middle of development, was entering the stage of testing in real battle. Surely even the students were feeling the atmosphere that they were going out in offense even further than before. Far from shaking in fear, on the contrary there was the air of firing up in enthusiasm.

Perhaps everyone’s strength would be necessary for the recapture of Tokyo. At the very least, the technical research department had to hurry in their development and mass production.

He opened the classroom door even while thinking about such thing.


The instant he entered the classroom, a red ponytail flew to Kizuna.

“Uwaaa! S, Scarlet!? You, your year is different!”

“The class hasn’t started yet, so it’s fine right? My building is different, so I cannot come here unless it’s lunch break or a long free period.”

Her hands circled on Kizuna’s neck and her body was glued to him.

“N, no. Wh, why are you making it a given that you will hang out in our class?”

“What’s with thatt, it’s no good?”

Scarlet puffed up her cheeks.

“Leave it at that, Scarlet.”

Yurishia stood from her chair and approached them while her large breast was shaking.

“What’s with you, I can decide for myself a thing like this right? There is no reason for me to follow Yurishia’s instruction.”

Scarlet averted her face standoffishly.

“This is not an instruction or anything like that, the class is starting already you know? Go back to your classroom quickly.”

“Hmm―ph. It’s fine even if I’m late just for a little.”

Yurishia released a sigh ‘haa’, she then took out a communication device from her chest and put it on her ear.

“Yesss, this is Yurishia. Please come to collect your boss here. ASAP. After all if you are late for thirty seconds, there will be a dishonorable rumor that the ace of Masters is late coming to class.”

“Wa-, Yurishia, who are you talking with!?”

Without even waiting for the answer, the sound of several Heart Hybrid Gears flying in the corridor could be heard approaching here.


A student wearing a Heart Hybrid Gear on top of her uniform rushed into the classroom. Looking at that figure with braided brown hair, Scarlet let out a panicked voice.

“Clementine! Wha, what are you doing coming here!?”

It was Clementine from Masters. She also participated in the Okinawa recapture battle, she was a gunman that liked western genre with the braided brown hair as her trademark.

“Scarlet yourself, what are you doing in the classroom of the upper classman? If you are late, we are going to get shouted at.”

Clementine grasped Scarlet’s arm without letting her say anything.

“We are going back quickly. Henrietta, take care of the opposite side.”

One more person entered the classroom, a platinum blonde intellectual girl wearing glasses. The same like Clementine, she was wearing Heart Hybrid Gear over her uniform. And then as expected, she was similarly taking the arm of Scarlet forcefully.


Because Henrietta was in charge of protecting the Megafloat at the previous battle, so Kizuna and the others were not an acquaintance with her. However after the Okinawa battle, she was transferring to Ataraxia similarly with the other members.

“Then, let’s quickly return. The class will start in ten more seconds.”

“Ah, hey! Let go of me! YOU TWOOOOOooo”

Without even any time to talk, the two ignited their thrusters and literally flew back to their own classroom.

Himekawa entered the classroom as though replacing them.

“……Just now, what happened?”

Yurishia answered with a wry smile.

“Aah, don’t mind it. Rather than that how about taking a seat? The class will start soon.”

“Yes, I can tell you with confidence…..that the first hour of today will be self-study.”

The classroom was stirring. Himekawa lightly cleared her throat and continued her notification.

“It seems that Sakisaka-sensei, is late to school.”

Finally that red jersey couldn’t even operate normally. The whole classroom was enveloped in a disappointed air.

‘――Well, it can’t be helped for Sakisaka-sensei.’

Kizuna glanced at Aine’s seat from the side. The desk without its owner looked lonely.

He didn’t hear that Aine would be absent today. Had something happened to her?

At that timing the door of the classroom opened and Aine showed her figure. She was feigning her cool face as usual and took a seat at her chair while fluttering her silver hair.

“Aine, what happened? Do you feel bad?”

“No, I’m just cutting class. I think that it’s more beneficial to count the stains in the wall rather than going out to class.”

Himekawa knitted her eyebrows and let out a worried face.

“Aine-san, it’s better to not force yourself and rest in your room you know?”


Aine was looking back at Himekawa in puzzlement from the unexpected reaction.

“Because, your complexion is bad, your voice is also not energetic.”


Aine looked down without even retorting back with her abusive tongue.

Kizuna stood up and took Aine’s arm gently.

“Himekawa, I’ll take Aine to the infirmary for a bit. Perhaps we will go to the lab after that……”

“I understand. Please take care of Aine-san.”

“Now, let’s go Aine.”

Unexpectedly, Aine was obeying him obediently. Her step was firm, but it was like her heart was not in it, she looked unreliable in any way.

The doctor was absent when they went to the infirmary. There was a pod for use of treatment in capsule shape, so he thought to first examine Aine there, but Aine obstinately insisted that the normal bed was better, so for now he made her lay on the bed.

“So, how is your condition?”

“It’s fine……in the first place, I don’t feel bad anywhere.”

Even so she was awfully lacking in vitality. Even her usual abusive tongue didn’t make any sound.

“……I just, saw a little bad dream.”

“Is that so? It’s fine if that’s the case.”

Kizuna confirmed Aine’s vital sign in his smartphone.

“Your current Hybrid Count is 70%. Heart Hybrid is not yet――”

The moment he said that, Aine wrapped her body inside the blanket and turned her back to Kizuna.

“Aine. As I thought, is Climax Hybrid scary for you?”

Aine didn’t answer with her back still facing him.

“There is something that I have to say. In the mission next time we plan to recapture Tokyo. Naturally, this will be the largest scale mission compared to everything until now.”


Aine raised a small voice.

“Climax Hybrid cannot be avoided. Especially, Aine’s Pulverizer will become the trump card at the crucial time. That’s why Aine, I want you to do Climax Hybrid with me.”

Aine kept her silence inside the blanket. After quite a time passed, finally she answered quietly.

“……I don’t want to.”

“The mission next time will be with the full power of Amaterasu and Masters. It will be hard to survive unless we devoted all of our strength.”

Kizuna touched Aine over the blanket.


Aine’s body was trembling in shivers.

“Because……it’s scary.”

Aine turned her face across her shoulder to Kizuna. Kizuna felt like the heart inside his chest was clenched. Aine was making a helpless expression as if she was going to cry anytime soon, like a lost child.


Kizuna embraced Aine’s body.

“Each time I did Heart Hybrid and Climax Hybrid, I remembered strange things. It felt like I was changing into something completely different.”

Aine was scared of recovering her memory. The image she recalled couldn’t be thought of as something of this world, they were all just absurd scenes, so she was harboring fear towards those unknowns.

“It’s fine. Calm down Aine.”

Kizuna gently put his hand on Aine’s shoulder to reassure her. Aine didn’t resist and sat on the shoulder following Kizuna’s urging, but he couldn’t feel any vitality from her figure. Her shoulders dropped like a withered flower.

“There was no such thing like this before……I didn’t care who I was and where I came from, I felt that it’s fine even if I die if I cannot fight……despite so, right now it’s scary. The current me, my current life, to have them completely gone is really scary.”

“Aine, no matter what your remember, there is nothing to fear. No matter what happened in your past, all of those had come to pass.”

Aine raised her face and glared at Kizuna with a sharp gaze.

“Don’t say whatever you like thinking that this is another person’s problem! Just about everything that I recalled doesn’t seem to be the things of this world you know? I thought that maybe they are things that I saw at a movie or on television in the past, but if that’s the case then the content should be more scattered yet……everything strangely feels connected as one. It looks completely like a connected world. Besides……even the dream this morning…”


Aine shut her mouth and lowered her gaze.

Kizuna too scratched his head awkwardly.

“Aine… bad. Sorry, I only made you scared all this time.”

Kizuna gently embraced Aine’s body closely. Aine leaned her body to Kizuna as if to entrust her body to him.

“……No, even I understand. I’m like a kid, to get scared from something like a dream. But, this is not about logic. Even if I think to welcome it, the feelings that say it’s scary are rapidly arising……I cannot stop it.”

Kizuna entangled his fingers in Aine’s hair. And then he lightly slide his fingers as if to comb her hair. The silky hair slipped through his fingers without getting stuck.


Aine partly closed her eyes and twisted her body.

Her hair was beautiful silver. The sensation of it slipping through between his fingers felt really pleasant. It smoothly tickled on his skin, the comfortableness healed even the caressing side.

“Aine, no matter what kind of past you have, no matter who you were and where you come from, I……we won’t change. You are our important comrade. For me, you are no one else but Chidorigafuchi Aine.”

Kizuna caressed Aine’s head repeatedly.

“That’s why you don’t need to worry. When your past becomes known I……not just me, surely Nee-chan too, even Himekawa and Yurishia. There will be no one that changes.”


Aine buried her face onto Kizuna’s chest. And then Aine circled her hand on Kizuna’s back and hugged him tightly. Aine’s large breast was pressed on Kizuna’s body.

“I’m happy you say that…..but, surely……”

“Yeah. It’s fine to not hurry. It will be a large scale operation, but at the beginning we will only scout. Let’s slowly put your thoughts in order. Have faith in us more.”

Aine kept her face buried and answered with a stifled voice.


‘Yes. No matter what I will become, surely Kizuna and the others won’t change.’

Aine swallowed back the words that almost came out from her throat.

‘――The one who will change, is me.’

Part 3[edit]

The bell that notified the end of the class resounded in the school building of the middle school.

Saving the data, closing the monitor installed on the desk, and turning off the power. The data of the class and the note was also synchronized in real time with her room and her student notebook. She had a little point of uncertainty, so she was going to review on the way of going to Captain’s room.

While thinking of such things, Sylvia Silkcut collected her baggage. There her classmates approached her with a smile.

“Sylvia-chan, after this everyone will go shopping, won’t you come together with us?”

After Sylvia stood up from her seat, she looked up at her girl classmate. All of her classmates, no matter if they were male or female, loved this cute and petite like a doll transfer student that came from Britain.

The girl who called out to her, and also the group of seven, eight people waiting behind her, their eyes were shining in expectation. They were eager that today they would invite Sylvia who always looked busy for sure.

“Shopping desu?”

“Yes, something like looking at accessories, or going to a family restaurant to chat.”

The girls behind her also began giving support fire.

“Also it looks like there is a new holograph print coming in. Let’s take a picture together.”

Sylvia looked at her wristwatch.

“Yes, it’s fine if it’s for two hours desu.”

“Waa! Really? Hooray!”

“But you only have two hours? You are really busy huh. It’s work in the lab?”

“Ye, yes…, something like that desu.”

Actually she planned to go to the Captain’s room like usual. However, she also thought that it was inexcusable to refuse her classmates invitation so many times.

‘This time Captain is also going to the lab, his return will be late desu. I planned to use that time for picking up a new cooking repertoire but……let’s do that at the next chance desu. Today I’ll make curry that is also Captain’s favorite desu.’

“Then, let’s go!”


Sylvia shouldered her leather bag like a rucksack and got out of the classroom surrounded by her classmates. They exited the entrance while talking about the class and the military training. Thereupon they could see a limousine stopping in front of the school building.

“Hey, isn’t that Amaterasu’s exclusive limousine?”

“Really. I wonder if it came here to meet the principal?”

When they finally got near the school gate while talking about such thing, the door of the limousine opened.

Sylvia was surprised looking at the character that appeared from the inside.


Hida Kizuna came out from the car with a serious expression.

“Sylvia, get in. I have something important to talk about.”

Part 4[edit]

“Eeh! Sylvia is going to be the pilot of a Heart Hybrid Gear……desu!?”

Sylvia forgot to even close her mouth and stood stock still with a shocked expression.

The ones present inside the research room of the lab were Kizuna and Reiri, Kei, and then Sylvia, just those four. Kizuna answered with a quiet look.

“That’s right. Among the current candidates, you are the top whether it’s in aptitude, talent, or anything else.”

“Re, really……Sylvia is…”

“What’s left is only your feeling. We won’t force――”

“Please let me do it! Sylvia will defeat the enemy for sure and retake Britain, the earth without fail desu!”

Sylvia didn’t hesitate. Hard determination was conveyed from her expression and words.

Rather, it was Kizuna who felt evasive as the side which was starting the talk.

“Sylvia……that, it’s fine even if you don’t answer immediately. We are not particularly in a hurry. Think hard about it more……even if you give your answer after that――”

“I’ve been thinking! I’ve seen it all this time inside my dream desu!”

Sylvia appealed with a desperate look.

On the contrary Kizuna was grimacing.

“This is a significant decision for you. No one will complain even if you refuse.”

Sylvia looked at Kizuna’s attitude and her face clouded in anxiety.

“Captain……Do you think, that Sylvia is not worthy to receive the Core desu?”

“Eh, no. That’s not it, it’s not something like that at all. That’s not it but……”

“Then, why is Captain talking in the way that recommends Sylvia to refuse like that desu? Captain was the one that said that you will give Sylvia the Core desu. Sylvia, doesn’t understand Captain’s thinking desu!”

Sylvia clenched her small fist and questioned Kizuna.


“Captain……you don’t want to make Sylvia fight desu!?”


Kizuna yelled in a conditioned reflex.

After he yelled, Kizuna made a face of now he had done it.

Enthusiasm quickly drew back from Sylvia.

“Why……is Captain, doing such thing desu……after saying something that made Sylvia happy……Captain is telling Sylvia, to give it up is it desu……”

Sylvia’s eyes wandered. Tears were gathering fast in those eyes.

“No……Sylvia, wait, it’s a misunderstanding. I……”

“So that’s how it is desu……surely, Sylvia was chosen but, that’s not Captain’s wish desu. Actually Captain, wants to hand over the Core to someone else desu……”

Tears were overflowing in the blink of an eye, they were flowing down following her cheek.

“But, if that’s the case then Sylvia……doesn’t want to be told this from the start desu. Even though this is Sylvia’s objective for all this time, even though this is Sylvia’s dream……it’s cruel to make Sylvia hope like this desu.”

Tears were flowing without stopping, she raised her voice and began crying.

“Wait! I want Sylvia to――”

“It’s enough already desu!”

Sylvia ran away and rushed out from the research room.

She was running through the long corridor. Sylvia could hear from behind a voice that was calling out her name.

However she continued to run.

She didn’t want to hear anything.

She couldn’t see well in front of her due to the tears.

But, such thing was trivial.

It was trivial even if she was going to crash into something, or fell and got hurt. After all, she wouldn’t be able to fight anyway.


Her foot slipped on the corridor corner. Her body collapsed, she dragged a trash can that was put nearby, and slide on the polished floor. Her back hit the wall and she stopped. She was falling alone in the corridor without anyone.

The place that hit the wall hurts, but it seemed that she wasn’t particularly hurt.

‘――Rather, it’s better if Sylvia just breaks.’

She sluggishly raised her body and crawled into a hollow in the wall. It seemed that it was actually a space for putting an automatic vending machine, but it was merely an empty space, perhaps from being removed. If it was here, she guessed that she wouldn’t be found in this blind spot even if someone peeked from the corridor. Sylvia leaned closer to an even more deserted spot in the corridor where there was no sign of people, she sat down while hugging her knees.

She didn’t want to meet anyone. She didn’t want to be seen. She didn’t understand anymore what she was going to do from now on. She felt like her whole existence had been denied.

It was impossible to fight the enemy with her ability.

She didn’t know if it was other people, but it was the greatest shock that the Captain that she loved was thinking such things about her. And then at the same time a fierce regret was welling up inside her heart.

She had said such thing and then rushed out. Surely it was impossible already to be of assistance to the Captain anymore. Besides, she didn’t know what kind of face she should make if they met again. Far from being in Amaterasu, she would surely be expulsed out from even the Kizuna squad. It was just a two person unit that consisted of a single captain and a single squad member, but Sylvia was pleased with the Kizuna squad. She didn’t particularly go to battle or did anything combat related, but even so she had emotional attachment to it.

And that also ended already now.

“Sylvia wants to go home……to London.”

She sniffed.

Things like the home where she lived, perhaps, had gone already. Even her family, surely they had died. Actually she understood that. But, but, if by some chance――

‘That’s why I promised right? That we are going to take back London together.”

“Ca-, Captain!?”

Kizuna was standing in front of her eyes.


Sylvia who was sitting inside a hollow had no place to escape. There was also no place to hide, she didn’t even know where she should look, her body fidgeted unable to calm down.

“Have you forgotten completely the promise with me? I said that we will take back London with Kizuna squad’s strength.”


It was a talk when Kizuna had just arrived in Ataraxia, when no time had really passed.

‘――Captain, remembered desu.’

“……But, Sylvia is not recognized by Captain desu……Sylvia cannot fight together with Captain desu.”

Sylvia asked hesitantly while looking up.

“What are you saying? Whether you enter Amaterasu or not, you are my subordinate. Aren’t you my first subordinate, the only member of the Kizuna squad?”

Sylvia opened her eyes in surprise.

Kizuna squatted and met his gaze with Sylvia.

“Sylvia, you are more talented than anyone. I guarantee that. You are my, the Kizuna squad’s pride.”

“But……then, why can’t Sylvia receive the Heart Hybrid Gear Core?”

Kizuna released a large sigh, and then spoke in determination.

“I don’t want to make you die.”

Sylvia’s heart jumped largely feeling a shock.


“It’s my disqualification as Captain saying things like this……but, it cannot be helped. Sylvia is precious to me. I believe you are someone important. I want to protect you. Against someone like that, there is no way I can do anything that will make you hurry to your death!”

Kizuna spoke as if spitting out his worry.

“But……no matter how I thought about it, you are qualified for this. There is no other choice but to choose you. But, I don’t want that. I’m reluctant. How can I send the cute Sylvia to the battlefield with this hand? But, then am I going to make another person do it? With a reason that I don’t want you to die, am I going to push that dangerous fate to another human?”

Kizuna felt pain saying out those words one by one. The option that controlled someone’s life and fate. He became unable to see the answer from that weight.

“I don’t understand. What is the correct thing to do, what is the best thing to do!”

Looking at that appearance of Kizuna, Sylvia’s heart recovered her calm in contrast. And then, she felt something warm was filling the inside of her heart. This person was thinking about her until this much. The beat of Sylvia’s chest became fierce. Tears that were different from sadness were overflowing from inside her eyes.

“Cap, tain……u”

But that person was suffering in front of her eyes. A man that was far larger, stronger, and in higher position than herself. But, that person looked like someone that was really easy to break, really easy to hurt.

She felt tightness inside her chest. And then, a new will was born inside Sylvia.

‘――I, have to protect this person.’

Sylvia crawled out from the hollow and put her small hand on Kizuna’s head.


And then she gently caressed Kizuna’s head.

“Captain is thinking too much desu. Sylvia is saying that she wants to fight desu, so it’s fine desu.’


“Captain, you said to Sylvia that you don’t want to make Sylvia die, that you want to protect Sylvia, that Sylvia is important. But, Sylvia is also the same like that desu. Sylvia wants to protect Captain desu. Sylvia absolutely won’t forgive anyone that hurt Captain desu.”


Sylvia’s eyes were serious. Facing her right from the front like this, she exuded pressure that made him falter.

“That’s why, Sylvia doesn’t want Captain to worry about Sylvia desu. When Sylvia thinks that Sylvia is the one tormenting Captain, that’s the most saddest thing desu.”

“That’s not it. Sylvia didn’t do anything bad. I’m just unable to decide.”

Kizuna gently brushed off the hand of Sylvia that was caressing his head. Sylvia grasped those fingers of Kizuna.

“Sylvia wants to fight together with Captain desu. Doing support like now is also an important work desu, being assistance to Captain is also fun desu. But, Sylvia wants to work at the place that needs me the most desu. If that place is a place where Sylvia can be together even more than now with the person that Sylvia loves……if it’s a fate of being together in life and death with that person, then Sylvia will be happy desu.”


Kizuna slowly stood up and he lent the hand that was linked with Sylvia’s hand to help her stand.

“You are going to be constantly side by side with death you know?”

“Sylvia knows that.”

“Besides……Heart Hybrid Gear practically won’t recover naturally. You will do Heart Hybrid with me. Even so, is that fine with you?”


Sylvia’s face turned bright red instantly with her mouth wide open. And then, her hand that was linked with Kizuna was swung up and down.

“Geez-, Captain doesn’t have any delicacy desu!”

“Tha, that’s so huh……my bad.”

After somehow soothing Sylvia who complained with a sulky look, they started to walk back towards the research room.

While walking, Sylvia whose cheeks were red whispered to herself.

“……There is no way……Sylvia feels reluctant desu.”

“Hm? What did you say?”

Sylvia glared at Kizuna with a face that couldn’t believe it.

“Why did Captain missed to hear the essential thing desu!?”

“Eeh-? No, sorry about it. That, can you say it one more time?”

“No way desu! Please don’t make Sylvia say such embarrassing things so many times!!”

They returned to the research room while quarreling like that.

“You done talking?”

Reiri and Kei were drinking tea leisurely on the sofa.

“You two are just too relaxed……”

Kizuna felt irritated when he remembered about his dispute with Sylvia.

“There is nothing we particularly need to do while waiting for you two’s return after all.”

Kei poured black tea on tea cups, put them on plates and handed those over to Kizuna and Sylvia. Kizuna drained down the black tea in a few gulps and put the cup back on the plate while intentionally making a sound.

However, somehow he felt soothed by the fragrance of the Earl Grey.

“……But, Nee-chan. What were you going to do if we didn’t get back or our talk didn’t go well huh?”

“You returned right?”

His meager opposition was cut down by Reiri’s sentence and her self-satisfied look.

“Besides, it seemed like your talk also went well.”

Reiri stood up from the sofa and headed to Kei’s desk. There was a solid stand attached with caster beside the desk, a small safe was placed on it. Ten-digit password was inputted from the touch panel on its surface. It was a lock attached with fingerprint recognition.

“I’ll have you two do an important mission after this. Are you listening?”

A small electronic sound rang and the lock was released. Reiri took out a small metal piece from inside. It was something capsule-shaped with length about eight centimeters and a diameter of around three centimeters. She handed it to Kizuna’s hand.

“Nee-chan……this is?”

“Taros’s Core. Kei, I’ll leave the procedure explanation to you.”


Kei put a small keyboard on her lap and began to type with amazing speed. A large window popped up in front of Kizuna and Sylvia, and text was displayed in a flow.

{The content of the mission is the installing of Taros’s Core. Of course, it will be installed into Sylvia, and the one installing is Kizuna.}

Kizuna couldn’t understand the meaning for a while from the mission content that he had never even imagined.

“O, obviously that’s impossible don’t you think!? How am I going to operate someone!? I cannot do anything like that!”

Letters appeared to soothe the flustered Kizuna.

{No problem. In the early days the insertion was performed by operation, but the research was advancing after that, now we don’t need operation. What is needed is just to put the Core inside the body. With that the install will be completed.}


{The Core that is inserted into the body will dissolve for a moment, diffusing into the body. And then it will be rebuilt inside the chest. Those processes will be performed automatically by the Core. There is no need for a special operation.}

“What’s with that……then, it was meaningless for me to do that operation.”

{Kizuna’s past record and data became the foundation to progress the research. It’s not meaningless.}

Even being told that, it didn’t change his feeling of being cut open.

{Besides, in Kizuna’s case an operation would be needed sooner or later. There is no need to be vexed.}

‘What’s with that?’

Kizuna couldn’t understand the meaning of what Kei said.

“Then, that way of inserting into the body you said, how will it be done specifically?”

It was taking some time that was unusual for Kei before the reply was coming.

{I made an illustration. I want you to see this.}

In the window, a woman body in cross-section view was displayed. The abdomen part was zoomed up and then the insertion point and the path for the Core was displayed.



The opened mouth couldn’t be closed back.

When he looked at Sylvia, she was fidgeting with a bright red face.

“Err. According to the talk just now, I will, to Sylvia…..that, doing the procedure just now, is what you are saying……?”


“No no no! That’s bad! No matter how you look at it!”

In contrast with the flustered Kizuna, Kei continued her explanation calmly.

{This time is a new experiment. Until now, the install was carried out mechanically in a certain meaning. However, looking back at all the data until now with regards to Heart Hybrid, we considered if the occasion of the Core install can be said to be the same thing. That is, if the installing person and the installed person’s relationship……the factors of trust and affection might give a great influence, that’s how it is.}

“Certainly……after all both Heart Hybrid and install are something that concerned the Core.”

{If that is actually a fact, this will become a great discovery. The installing also serves as the initialization setting, if we imagined it from there, this might exert a great influence on the Heart Hybrid Gear’s basic performance and disposition rating.}

“So even if it’s the same Core, but due to the relationship with the partner installing it, a difference in performance will come out you mean?”


That was a story that he couldn’t ignore. If the Heart Hybrid Gear’s performance could go up depending on the installing method, it wasn’t a method that he could discard. After all by upping the combat power, it would be connected to the survival rate of the pilot too.

{This will be the first experiment. So it’s unclear whether there will be any effect and how much different in spec will be realized. But there is a value in doing it.}

“Yeah, I’m also in favor. But……Sylvia, what do you think?”

Sylvia was looking down and played with her fingers looking troubled. She peeked at Kizuna’s expression in a looking up glance and then murmured with a voice that seemed like it would vanish.

“If we are doing this……then, Sylvia wants Captain……to be the one entering it desu.”

“Is it okay?”

Sylvia raised her blushing face and stared at Kizuna with moist eyes.

“Sylvia cannot think of doing this, other than with Captain desu……”

Kizuna’s heart throbbed hard hearing those trembling whispers.

{We are preparing several experiment rooms. Choose whichever room you prefer.}

The appearance of the experiment rooms were projected on the monitor. There were ten rooms in total, a room looked modern, another room looked fancy, each of them was devoted to a trend.

‘……Hmm. This is troubling. I have no base for choosing.’

“Aa……Sylvia, which do you like?”

“Umm, Sylvia is stumped. All of the rooms are cute desu.”

He was worrying over this and that together with Sylvia, but in the end they decided on a cutely fancy room.

{I understand it’s the C experiment room. This is the card key of the experiment room.}

Kizuna took the plastic card that Kei presented to him. Kei kept looking to the side without meeting Kizuna’s gaze. He had the feeling that her side face looked slightly red.

{Then, get out to the corridor and go left, then enter the room with ‘C’ written on the door. An installation manual is also prepates insode.}

Perhaps Kei was also agitated, she unusually made a mistype on her keyboard.

“Go, got it. We will use the internal phone if something comes up.}

‘Damn it, its like the nervousness is transmitted. Now my heart is beating hard.’

{Good luck.}

Kizuna feigned calmness and came out to the corridor to look for the experiment room.

“Captain, this door is written ‘C’. This is the place isn’t it desu?”

“Looks like it. Let’s try to enter.”

It seemed that the door was strictly soundproofed. Kizuna opened the lock and entered inside.

The cute interior design was using red and pink with white as the basic tone. It was more frank compared to the picture they saw, the fanciness didn’t feel so gaudy. After observing the situation of the room further, he noticed that a part of the wall and the ceiling were turned into a screen. Perhaps it would project image that they liked but right now it was projecting their own figures like a mirror. It wasn’t just projecting their figures, but it was also displaying vital signs over their figures, the numbers displayed were changing in real time.

“Ah, there is a large bear-san desu~♪”

Sylvia rushed in a trot towards the sofa where she hugged the huge bear plushy sitting on it. Its sitting height was taller than 150 centimeters. There were also several other plushies placed at the end of the bed or on the floor.

The coloring of the room was vivid, but the lighting that was a little drawn back produced a calm atmosphere.

But, when he thought of the thing that they would do in this room after this, he couldn’t calm down at all.

Of all things, inside a room this lovely, furthermore with Sylvia who was frolicking with a plushy……this went past immorality and he even felt feelings of guilt.

“Stop, this is something important for the sake of protecting Sylvia’s life. Err, first read the manual.”

There was an extension telephone at the bedside, a manual was put beside it.

“Let’s see, let’s see, [Basically do the same thing like with Climax Hybrid. At the timing when the partner is in an intoxicated state, insert the Core. If it succeeds then the Core will disintegrate for a moment and spread to every part of the body], that’s it.”

‘Wait, this is all!?’

“Sy, Sylvia understands desu. Then, first, what should be done desu?”

Sylvia clenched her fist tightly and asked him.

“The, then it’s……”

‘Shit-, this is bad. I’m even more nervous than usual. Calm down me!’


Kizuna hugged Sylvia tightly.

Sylvia’s body was small, and maybe her body temperature was high because she was really warm. He felt like he was hugging a small animal. So as to not break her delicate body, he gently put strength into his arms. Sylvia’s body stiffened, but she didn’t resist.

“Ehehehe……as Sylvia thought, it’s this kind of thing isn’t it desu?”

“If you hate this……”

Sylvia shook her head.

“Sylvia doesn’t hate this desu…..bu, but somehow, it’s like Sylvia has become an adult desu.”

Kizuna made Sylvia sit on the sofa. And then he loosened Sylvia’s necktie. He unbuttoned her clothes and opened the front of her uniform.


Kizuna’s lips touched Sylvia’s collarbone. Sweet fragrance could be smelled gently through Kizuna’s nose.

“Sylvia smells good.”

At that instant, Sylvia closed the front of her uniform and stood up from the sofa.

“As expected Sylvia hates this desu!”


‘What’s wrong, all of a sudden!’

“Sylvia also had PE today, my body is dirty desu! Sylvia will take a shower desu.”

“No……you are not really dirty or smelly you know? I’m not bothered at all.”

“Sylvia is bothered desu!”

Saying that, Sylvia rushed to the shower room inside the experiment room.

Rather he thought that she actually smelled wonderful……, but he refrained from saying that. It was also awkward to be the only one not showered, so after Sylvia came out he washed his sweat in the shower.

He wrapped his waist with a towel and sat on the bed.

Sylvia was leaning on the bear plushy on the sofa. Her appearance was only wrapped in a single piece of bath towel.

“Sylvia, come here.”


She got up and shyly moved until the side of the bed. And then she sat between Kizuna’s legs. Kizuna embraced Sylvia’s body from behind.


Kizuna’s hand was caressing from Sylvia’s shoulder until the depression of her collarbone. And then, his hand caressed around at the body that was hidden under the towel as if he was searching for something.

Sylvia’s body twisted inside Kizuna’s arms ticklishly.

“You feel ticklish?”

“Yes. It’s ticklish, but pleasant……it’s a good feeling for some reason desu.”

Kizuna entered his fingers into the seam of the bath towel that was wrapped on Sylvia’s body.

“I’m taking off the bath towel.”

Sylvia’s throat made a gulping sound.

“Fe, feel free desu.”

Sylvia’s body stiffened and she closed her eyes shut. Kizuna’s hand stripped off the single piece of cloth that barely protected Sylvia’s body.

From inside, the appearance of Sylvia just like when she was born appeared.

Her skin was smooth like a boiled egg that was peeled off from its shell. There was not a single blemish on that white skin with thin pigment. There was also the sign of faint pink coloring on her breasts that were slightly swelling up.

“Ho, how is it desu-? Sylvia’s body, it’s not strange isn’t it desu?”

Sylvia kept her eyes shut and raised her voice determinedly.

Kizuna smiled and talked to Sylvia.

“It’s fine. Sylvia’s nakedness is beautiful and cute. Open your eyes.”

When Sylvia opened her eyes, the screen of the wall reflected her appearance like a mirror. Looking at her stark naked self that was embraced tightly by a naked man, Sylvia’s face became heated that it felt like steam was going to come out from her head.

“Sylvia, I’m going to do various erotic things in order for Climax Hybrid.”


Sylvia’s eyes were going in circles.

“Surely it’s embarrassing, and you feel bewildered because this is your first time, but believe me and entrust your body to me.”

“Sylvia, believes in Captain desu. Sylvia is not worried of anything desu.”

“Got it. Then, yield your body to pleasure without enduring it.”

Kizuna’s fingertips touched Sylvia’s bare skin. His fingertips were slightly sinking into the white and thin breast.


Sylvia’s breast that had never been touched by anyone yet was invaded for the first time by Kizuna’s hands. Perhaps due to the bath in the shower, her skin was soft and smooth. The skin that was like a baby’s felt like it was sticking to the hand, the sensation felt absurdly pleasant to touch.

His hand caressed every nook and corner of the whole body to fully enjoy the sensation of the skin, after that he determined the small beautiful radiant pink breast as the target. He rubbed at that small breast with his palm as if circling them around.

“Ah, a, wai-……Captain”

Kizuna’s palm began to feel the sensation of the tip of the breast stiffening.

“What’s the matter Sylvia?”

Kizuna crawled his tongue on Sylvia’s nape.


Sylvia curled her body and trembled in shivers.

“The, the body feels somewhat hot……it’s shivering desu.”

Kizuna’s left hand was put still on her breast, his right hand was caressing the line from her armpit to her waist.

“It’s fine, no need to worry. That’s the proof that Sylvia’s body is feeling it favorably.”

“Bu, but……hauu!”

Kizuna’s right hand patted Sylvia’s stomach, he poked at the depression of her navel. From there his hand moved from her thigh to her knee, he slowly enjoyed the change of sensation.

However, everywhere was soft and squishy, it felt good. And then everything was slim and small. This sensation where he could really play with her whole body inside his arms like this was uniquely characteristic of Sylvia. This was something he couldn’t possibly imagine to do to Aine or Himekawa, much less Yurishia.

His hand crawled her conspicuously soft thigh and then like that his hand went at the inner part of the thigh.

“Hah, aaah, do-, don’t……desuu”

Sylvia put strength into both her legs and closed her thighs. Maybe it was her instinct that didn’t allow trespassing, or else it might be a reaction from the pleasure, but it denied the invasion of Kizuna’s hand.

“But……too bad.”


Kizuna inserted his hands behind Sylvia’s knee and opened both her legs into a pose like preparing a small child to pee.

“Thi, this is embarrassing desu! Do-, don’t se……-!?”

Sylvia looked at her own appearance that was reflected on the wall screen and her words hitched in her throat.

“Thi, this kind of posture……i, it’s indecent desu.”

Her face got bright red and stiffened.

Kizuna put his own legs between Sylvia’s crotch and prohibited Sylvia to close her legs. And then when Kizuna opened his legs, naturally Sylvia’s legs also opened. His hand then gently went between Sylvia’s crotch in that gap.

“Fuu!? Aa……aaaaaa-, yaaaaaaahn!”

Pleasure that she had never felt until now pierced Sylvia. From the place where Kizuna played with, a pleasure that sweetly numbed her whole body and turned her head strange was spreading.

“Fuah, fuahn, iyaan!”

Kizuna’s fingers were moved rhythmically. Sylvia reacted to that, gasping voice was ringing out unconsciously from her mouth. It felt like she had became a musical instrument that was sounded freely by Kizuna’s hand.

Splashing sound of water mixed into that sound.

‘――Wh, why, can this kind of voice be heard desu?’

Sylvia didn’t understand why her body was making this kind of voice.

“Wh……y iann, haaa, aa……hyann”

She thought to ask, but her voice was overwritten by her gasping, she couldn’t talk. Even during this time, Kizuna’s fingers were beginning to further caress her attentively. It was as though he was trying to dispel his doubts of Sylvia’s structure, his fingertips were ascertaining every single thing.

Sylvia herself, too, had only went as far as touching it when she was washing her body in the bath, she had never tried spreading it this attentively.

Her whole body was feeling hot, her head felt like it was blanking. Her hazy head looked at the girl that was reflected in front of her eyes.


She thought that. She didn’t believe that it was herself. She was staring with entranced eyes at the beautiful, cute, and then the obscene figure.

Kizuna too was fascinated by Sylvia’s figure. Her cheek was flushed, tears were emerging on her eyes, then her gasping expression, it was an unbelievably sexy expression. It was unthinkable that such expression came from the small girl settled inside his embrace.

“Hyaaaann, uaa, a, AAaaAaNNN-“

Her crotch was opened in front of a man, her body twisted in pleasure, the immature body obscenely wriggled.

It was as though a succubus was disguising herself as an innocent girl that didn’t know about corruption.

“Emph! Hiaa!”

Her body bended greatly. At that instant, purple light flew from Sylvia’s body.

That was the telltale signs of Heart Hybrid.

Kizuna found the most sensitive organ of Sylvia. The instant he pinched that bud, Sylvia’s body bended backwards greatly.


Together with the convulsion that assaulted her whole body, a wordless shriek was raised.

Sylvia couldn’t breath from the fierce pleasure and stimulation, she also couldn’t raise her voice. The toes of her feet looked like they were trying to grasp something, both her legs were stretched tautly.

Inside Sylvia’s eyes, light particles were swimming. When those eyes were slowly closed, strength left from Sylvia’s body. She limply almost spilled over from inside Kizuna’s arms.

Kizuna embraced Sylvia’s body up and laid her down on the bed. And then he picked up the Core put beside the pillow with his fingertips.

“The main performance is from now on……hm?”

Something that seemed like a part of a manual was projected on the wall screen.

“The Core cannot be installed as it is. It will activate if stimulation is granted while warmed by human temperature, install after that……huh.”

Kizuna held the Core and climbed on the bed.

“Sylvia, I’m going to finally install it.”

Sylvia opened her eyes sleepily from Kizuna’s call.


Fawning voice leaked out from the mouth that was opened slovenly. The focus of her eyes was blurred, it seemed that she was still drifting in the waves of pleasure.

“Are you okay? After this is the last step you know?”

Sylvia face Kizuna in reaction to his voice.

“……Is, that so desu……Captain will insert that Core desu?”

Her way of talking was unreliably unsteady, but it seemed that her consciousness had returned slightly.

“Yeah, but a preparation is needed. Sylvia, this Core……”

At that time, the sign of Climax Hybrid also occurred at Kizuna. Pink light particles were generated from Kizuna’s body, that light was absorbed into the Core.

“What? This is!?”

The Core began to change shape. The metal was flabbily warping then swelling. And then it accomplished a change into a shape that he recognized.

“Wh-, why, has it become this shape!?”

As expected Kizuna was also flustered. He didn’t hear about this, it was also not mentioned in the manual.

“Eh? The shape changed desu……ah, that thing, it’s the same like Captain’s isn’t it desu?”

Sylvia’s vacant gaze lowered to Kizuna’s groin.

“Hm? ……Owaa!”

Before he realized it, the towel wrapped on his waist had come off.

It was embarrassing, but Kizuna also compared by sight the Core with his body. Certainly its shape and size were exactly like his.

“They said that this is the first experiment……perhaps this is a fact that we only understand for the first time now.”

However, stimulating this thing by himself is also a little, that.

“Sylvia, it seems that it needs to be warmed by human temperature……”

Before he could finish talking, Sylvia stole the Core from Kizuna’s hand.

“Ro―ger desu.”

And then after making an erotic smile, Sylvia stuck out her small tongue and licked the Core.


Suddenly pleasure pierced his spine, making Kizuna jump.

“Is something the matter desu? Captain―”

“N, no……nothing at all.”

He feigned a calm, but inside his heart was panic. He didn’t dare to think so but……no, certainly that was the sensation of Sylvia’s tongue. Thereupon――uu!

Sylvia caressed the Core that had become big with her hand.

“Something like this desu?”

Pleasure that made the waist tremble attacked Kizuna. In the warm and gentle softness of the palm were five delicate fingers that were entangling complexly.

There was no room for doubt anymore. This was a sharing of senses. Kizuna took in the information from the Core, the Core was expressing Kizuna’s reaction. Perhaps for the installation there was a need to grasp the state of the Core with maximum accuracy using this transmission of the delicate processing.

“That’s why it’s necessary to synchronize until this far……kuh, but this is……”

Sylvia was staring at the Core with a heated gaze and tasted it once more with her mouth.


Sylvia released a hot sigh.

“It’s mysterious desu……Sylvia is feeling Captain from this Core. Aah……it’s lovely desu.”

Sylvia was staring at the Core with entranced eyes. Her tongue stretched out from her small mouth and the tip of the tongue touched the Core. At that instant, a slippery and soft sensation also ran through Kizuna.

Sylvia became dazed and began to lick the Core. Severe pleasure was attacking each time Sylvia’s tongue traced the surface of the Core.

‘Shit……I have to give her stimulation too! It’s unbearable to be done in one sidedly!’

Kizuna was lying down beside Sylvia.


Sylvia happily snuggled closer to him. She put her head on Kizuna’s left arm and settled herself inside Kizuna’s arms in arm pillow posture. With an expression of rapture, Sylvia stroked the Core with her fingers while crawling her tongue on it.

She sent Kizuna a flirtatious glance while licking as if to peek at Kizuna’s reaction. And then, she wriggled her ass as if gyrating her waist, it was unclear whether she did it consciously or unconsciously. That appearance was very lewd, a gesture that couldn’t be imagined coming from the usual Sylvia.

She was clearly in the intoxicated state that was the sign of Climax Hybrid.

Sylvia that was usually pure had become a bewitching witch even young like this, he was captured with such hallucination. He couldn’t possibly believe that the current erotic smile she wore was the same face that came from the innocent smiling face that she always showed him. That Sylvia was making an expression this erotic while shaking her waist. When he thought that, it heightened Kizuna’s excitement.

“Ah, it become a little harder♪”

“It even changes in hardness?”

Kizuna asked concernedly.

“Yes, it’s metal, but the surface is comparatively squishy. It’s a little cute desu.”

She kissed *chuu* on the tip audibly, that was a lovely kiss.


In order to varnish over the pleasure granted to him, Kizuna reached out his hand to Sylvia’s breast.

“Ahn, geez Captain―……aahnn”

He rolled the small pink colored tip with his fingertips. And then he brought near his lips to the other side.

“Ah, Captain― don’t desu. Doing both simultaneously is――kyahn”

He kissed at the tip of Sylvia’s breast. He traced the part that let out its small tip thoroughly with his tongue. Thereupon, he could understand that while it was small, it was standing stiff now.

“Ah, no, HHaAuuUahm do, don’t-, don’t like tha-”

He left the breast and licked around from under her armpit to her side. Sylvia’s body had nice aroma everywhere, he tasted sweetness like candy from his licking.

“No, no more, ahn, thi, this timee, Sylvia will make Captain feels good desu.”

Sylvia opened her mouth largely and put the Core inside her mouth. At that instant, Kizuna’s body tasted the sensation of being wrapped in a something hot.

Inside the mouth was moldering hot, it was like a completely different world. There was no place to escape inside the soft mouth cavity that was protected by mucus membrane. Inside it where he was surrounded by warm and soft walls, the tongue was moving to lick repeatedly, pleasure to the degree that he wanted to scratch off his head numbed his whole body. His body stirred trying to escape that pleasure, but the thing stimulated was the core so it was completely meaningless.

Sylvia half closed her eyes ecstatically and sucked on the core passionately.

‘Thi, this is bad! If this stimulation is continued…!’

Kizuna once again brought his fingertips near Sylvia’s core part. This time he didn’t meet the guard of the thighs and reached the destination, he traced the trench and gently caressed up and down. Each time he did that, Sylvia’s ass twitched in reaction, wet sound and hot liquid was melting out from the inside.



He stared at the eyes of Sylvia who kept the core stuffed in her cheek. The light particles were rapidly converging, her eyes looked as if they were shining.

With this, the preparation for the install was in order.

“Sylvia, it’s finally the main moment. I’m installing the Core into your body.”

Kizuna took the Core from Sylvia’s hand, and changed his posture where now he was hanging over her.

“Can I?”

Sylvia spread both her hands and held them out to Kizuna.

“Come……please enter it into me.”

Tears were overflowing from those eyes. Those were tears of happiness.

Kizuna softly caressed Sylvia’s head and fitted the Core at her entrance.


And then, he slowly pushed it inside.

“Nnaa! Kufuuh……NNN.”

Sylvia desperately endured it.

“Does it hurt Sylvia?”

“I’m fine……desu……more, please come……until deep inside”

But the one who felt intense was not just Sylvia. Severe sensation also assaulted Kizuna.

Kizuna clenched his teeth reflexively.

‘Thi, this is……-!

What the hell, with this great feeling! Something like this, shouldn’t exist, at all-!’

It was hotter than inside the mouth, thrusting into this tight world that was overflowing with honey. Soft walls were constricting from every direction, as if repelling him from advancing through the narrow path.

Kizuna endured the pleasure desperately while pushing the Core as if expanding the inside of Sylvia. Thereupon, hot liquid overflowed as though being pushed out by the Core.

“Aah, haah, haah, aah-”

Sylvia’s breathing became incessant.

“Oi, are you really……o, okay? Uaa!”

Kizuna too was not fine. The tightening became even more severe than before, doubling the pleasure. He clenched his teeth and desperately endured, but his vision was getting misty, his consciousness was getting strange somehow.

“Ah, Sylvia, is fine……desu. It was only at the beginning, ahn, ahn, but it soon, feels good, aah, Sylvia is, already, becoming strange, desuuuu-!”

Pink colored radiance of Heart Hybrid was produced from Kizuna’s body. That light all passed through the inside of his body, gathering at Kizuna’s abdomen. It even felt like Kizuna’s life force was gathered from throughout his body.

“Captain-, Captain, Sylvia is, no, no good, already desu! Sylvia, is going to come from somewhere desuu-!”

Both of them were at their limit already.

Shining magic power particles were rising from their whole body. Inside the room, light particles that were shining sparklingly were on the verge of saturation.

What was left, was only inserting the Core until the end.

Until the deepest inside Sylvia!

“Here I go, Sylvia!”


Masou Gakuen HxH V04 BW 04.jpg

The pleasure felt like it was burning off the nerves in his brain. The energy that was gathered from throughout Kizuna’s body was released all at once. He tasted the hallucination like everything inside his stomach was carried away.

Sylvia’s body was pulsating as though it was trying to absorb all the energy from Kizuna without leaving a single drop behind. The Core was melting together with that energy, seeping into all over Sylvia’s body. Sylvia was intoxicated by the sensation of Kizuna’s light permeating into her body. It was like swaying to and fro inside an euphoria, an exquisite sensation.


She was murmuring in delirium.

Kizuna too collapsed beside Sylvia from using up all his strength. Intense fatigue attacked him, he didn’t have the willpower to move even a single finger. He felt as though he had poured all of the life force all over his body into Sylvia.

‘Right now, all the other matters, already……doesn’t matter.’

And then Kizuna too fell into a deep sleep.

Part 5[edit]

The morning of the beginning of the Tokyo recapture operation finally came. Ataraxia separated from Megafloat Japan once more and attempted to approach Tokyo independently.

At the maintenance spot that was adjacent with Nayuta Lab, the sortie preparation of Amaterasu and Masters was progressing steadily. Inside the gigantic bunker where even the maintenance of a jumbo jet could be carried out, a large number of people were in a great commotion.

The pilots of Heart Hybrid Gears that would participate in the operation and the staffs and the like that were carrying out examination and action confirmation, few hundred people in total were busily running everywhere.

This was the first time these many Heart Hybrid Gears were maintenanced all at once. Not only that, the new weapons developed by Ataraxia’s technical research department were lined up crowdedly. It was also the first time for those weapons to be deployed in actual combat, just giving maintenance and preparing those weapons caused a great commotion.

It was before the battle, but the maintenance spot was literally turned into a battlefield.

Amidst all that, Masters’ ace, Scarlet was looking around.

“Listen well, everyone! We are going to take revenge for Brigit who lost her life in the previous battle!”

All members raised one of their hands up from Scarlet’s command and screamed a battle cry. Scarlet nodded in satisfaction and looked over the members’ equipment.

“How is it, Clementine? Are your sortie preparations taken care of?”

“No problem.”

Clementine shouldered her beloved Winchester rifle and grinned broadly.

“There is only problem all over you! Never mind that, just leave behind that retro rifle!”

Scarlet picked up an anti-magic weapon particle rifle and threw it at Clementine for replacement.

“Eehh~ this thing doesn’t have any charm. My preference doesn’t…..”

“Don’t go to war with your preference!”

Sharon came along to the location of Scarlet that was yelling angrily.

“Then Scarlet. How to use this railgun?”

“Aah, that type is too much for you so……wait, you even made your pilot suit into a goth loli spec-!?”

Sharon’s pilot suit was lavishly using white frills and laces added with black skirt, it couldn’t be differentiated with the goth loli fashion that she usually wore.

“I thought that for this big moment……”

“Aah, all of this guy and that guy! Henrietta, you too give me help here!”

Scarlet looked for help from the excellent Henrietta that possessed comparatively good sense.

Henrietta pushed up her glasses and asserted coldly.

“I refuse. Because that’s Scarlet’s job. Please don’t disturb the stability of my mind.”

“Give me back the stability of my mind!”

“My my, this is terrible.”


Yurishia wearing her Cross appeared with her large breasts shaking. And then, Kizuna and the other members of Amaterasu also came from behind her.

“What about Masters’s preparation? No problem?”

“There is a lot here!”

Scarlet hugged at Yurishia with teary eyes.

“Geez-, help me a little here. Everyone is too selfish, even though my own equipment too is still not prepared enough yet~”

“Yes yes, it’s fine, so how about we take care of it one by one?”

Yurishia caressed Scarlet’s head with a troubled smile.

“Oo―i, is everyone working properly?”

Gertrude who was sitting on a wheelchair arrived while waving her hand.

“Gertrude! You, is it okay for you to get out?”

“It’s fine. Well, I troubled Leila for this though.”

The one pushing the wheelchair was Leila Howitt.

“Ahaha, Don’t be like that. You don’t need to be that concerned. I received the compensation for this properly so there is no need to feel worry. Ten dollar a minute or one dollar for each ten meters, which do you prefer?”

“So you are planning to take my money-!?”

Leila was similar with Henrietta, she was in charge of the Megafloat’s protection at the previous battle and didn’t participate in the fight. With short blonde hair, she looked like a refined girl, but it seemed that she was quite a money monger.

Kizuna faced all of the members and called out to them.

“Everyone listen to me. There is a new member added to Amaterasu, so I want to introduce her.”

A small girl that was guided by Kizuna lowered her head.

“I joined as Amaterasu’s member in this occasion. I am called Sylvia Silkcut of Kizuna squad. Please take care of me desu.”

Aine, Yurishia, and Himekawa had heard of this story before so they weren’t surprised. But, for the Masters, there were many people that didn’t know of Sylvia’s existence itself.

“Aah, you are the genius girl from Britain that I heard the rumors about. Nice to meet you, I’m Scarlet from Masters.”

Scarlet looked for a handshake and Sylvia responded to that nervously.

Kizuna spoke to everyone once again.

“This operation will be Sylvia’s first campaign. Everyone, I want you to keep this in mind. In the first place, Sylvia had only just gotten her Core installed. It looks like the adjustment will still take time, so her sortie will be a little late.”

Sylvia narrowed her shoulders.

“I’m sorry desu……”

“No, I was the indecisive one that couldn’t really make up my mind so……sorry.”

Kizuna coughed once and continued his talk.

“But with the result of the install, she is already finished equipped with the Corruption Armament.”

Aine’s eyebrows twitched.

‘――The Corruption Armament? Then, this girl. She did Climax Hybrid……?’

Aine’s heart was discomposed inside.

“I think it will be quite an increase in our battle strength with Sylvia’s participation. But in case of some kind of trouble happening when we rush to the destination, I want to equip one more gear with Corruption Armament. Sylvia will also be late in her sortie so this is even more important. Though the one who will do this……”

Kizuna stared at Aine. Both of their gazes collided in the air. Aine’s gaze was swimming everywhere.

“Say, Ai――”

The instant Kizuna tried to call to her, Aine reflexively averted her eyes.

“Then, I’ll do it. I also have the actual result from the last time.”

Yurishia linked her arm with Kizuna.

Looking at that, Himekawa raised her hand with a sullen face.

“Please wait a second, Yurishia-san. Cross’s Corruption Armament [Crosshead] is a weapon for use in super close range. It can exhibit its might in a special condition, but I think its use in generic situations is meager. In this operation, won’t my [Gladius] be the more effective one?”

Yurishia knitted her eyebrows.

“Even though you said that, but actually you only want to do perverted things with Kizuna right?”

“Tha-, that’s untrue-! Su, su, such thing is compelt, completely, i-i-i-impossible.”

Himekawa became bright red and desperately protested with inarticulate speaking.

The inside of Aine’s chest felt sharply painful looking at that exchange.

Her beating became fast.

Aine opened her mouth timidly.

“He, hey……”

Kizuna turned to her and asked with a surprised voice.

“What’s wrong? Do you have any opinion Aine?”


Aine faltered. She felt like something was whirling inside her stomach.

But, at the same time she could hear the alarm bell, telling her that she couldn’t do Climax Hybrid.

She didn’t understand why.

‘What to do?

But, at this rate.

She will be left behind by everyone else.

Also, Kizuna is gradually getting further a――,’

“Got it. Not only about the Corruption Armament, but if thinking about Eros’s power up too, Himekawa is more suitable. We don’t understand the situation at Tokyo, so I think that Neros that excelled in all-purpose will be better.”

“Eee―, I cannot agree with that!”

Yurishia opposed fiercely.

“Wait, wait! This time there is the possibility that we are going to do Heart Hybrid and Climax Hybrid on-site. In such case, it will be quite a dangerous situation. Saying it in reverse, I want to preserve Cross as the trump card for that time.”

“Nn……well, it can’t be helped if Kizuna said that much……Hayuru, I’ll concede it to you this time.”

Yurishia released her arm that was joined with Kizuna.

“The, then, there is no time left until the sortie. That……how about we go now?”

“Ye, yeah. I guess.”

Himekawa looked a little shy approaching close to Kizuna as if snuggling up to him, before both of them left.

Aine did nothing but seeing off the two of them in silence.

An indescribable feeling was rampaging inside Aine.


Chapter 3 – Tokyo Recapture Operation[edit]

Part 1[edit]

The Entrance of Tokyo was in a shape that traversed through the Japan imperial palace, it displayed an eerie presence.

It was a transparent wall that crossed about a kilometer horizontally and vertically. It had no thickness, the surface was dimly shining and swaying slowly like a water surface. From this wall of light, magic weapons and fleets arrived in great amount. It was an understandable story for Tokyo to be vastly damaged.

The bay coast area was particularly in a bad condition, it was turned into a burnt filed with only rubble that stretched continuously. There was almost no undamaged building in the cities of Hibiya, Ginza, and Japan Bridge. The capital highway crumbled down, the bridge fell, the common roads were also filled with rubble and the traffic was paralyzed. Tokyo had completely lost its function as the capital.

Also, the human damage was considerable too. And then, even after the battle had quietened down, Tokyo was trembling down from the figures of magic weapons that strutted around as if they owned the place, the people were living in hiding. Lifelines like electricity and water didn’t function, the food amount also hit rock bottom.

The people didn’t have hope, there was also no means of salvation. What was left was only to die. The only difference was whether it came fast or slow. Rather, it was better to die quickly with a pain that would only last for a short while. The number of people that thought so were not few.

But, that too was just the story of last month.

“The reconstruction is going well isn’t it?”

Hida Nayuta was walking from Yurakucho towards the entrance.

“Yes……the work is carried out focused on each block…..the building in, Yurakucho, and Marunouchi will be finished soon.”

Large number of people were coming and going nearby the two. When there was a person that was wearing a business suit like a company worker, there was also someone that brought their family for shopping. Also, young male and female couples that seemed to be on date were also not few in numbers.

That scene was like the situation before the 2nd Another Universe Conflict happened, when the city was flourishing in holiday. They were not concerned of anything at all, whether it was of the crumbled buildings, or the paths with holes gouged out, or the AU fleet floating above, or even the Entrance that stood tall dividing the imperial palace into two. It was as though it was only natural for those sights to be there, or as though such sights didn’t even enter their eyes.

Amidst the congestion of people, Nayuta who was wearing the clothes of AU and Valdy who was wearing magic armor were walking. Nayuta’s clothes was a white long coat that was ordered in AU. It gave an impression like a doctor’s robe at a glance, but it also looked like a military uniform. Getting told that it was clothing from a SciFi movie could also convince someone seeing it. At the very least, there was no doubt that it would gather curious gazes in the middle of the city.

However, there was no one that gave heed to these two even when they passed each other.

“In accordance with the magic power plant project that Nayuta-sama created……we are going ahead from the areas that are nearby the Entrance. Is there……any problem?”

“No. It’s truly marvelous.”

Valdy’s cheek reddened from Nayuta’s words of praise.

Sound of construction rang out from everywhere in the surroundings. A great number of laborers were removing rubble from the street and progressing the reconstruction work of the pavement.

The laborers were talking to each other about the progress of the work, they also talked about trivial things. However, the content of those talks felt dreary in some respect.

“I saw it yesterday on television you know, it featured Hibiya in the gourmet program. The food looked really cheap and tasty.”

“Then, how about we try it after the work is over?”

That store was destroyed from the battle of Another Universe Conflict. In the first place right now the broadcasting station was not functioning, so there was no television broadcasts. Regardless of that, these laborers were repeating the same conversation every day. However, they were talking lively as if they were really having fun as though they were talking of this topic for the first time. Their eyes too were transmitting full vitality that could only be thought of as coming from a human.

“Seems like there is also no problem in the mind control.”

“Yes……in the previous experiment, the emperor also understood about the usefulness of the magic power plant……thanks to that, Zelsione-sama also kindly lent her power even more than before.”

“Even so, she was able to brainwash on a scale this large. Zelsione-sama’s power is really something.”

“Yes but, it’s only for the inside of Ya, Yamanote line……ring railroad. A wide area magic is deployed using the track of that ring railroad, so…..that’s how it is, please don’t try to get out to the outside……because it’s dangerous.”

The people spending a wealthy and peaceful livelihood were only the ones inside the Yamanote line. In contrast the outside was in ruin, there was almost no humans that lived in the neighborhood. It was just that there was the possibility of resistance force of humans lurking nearby.

“Understood. I only earnestly ask to please not let humans come near the inside of the loop line. It will be troubling after all if they destroy the magi power plant’s installation.”

“Ye, yes. I think, it will be fine. The patrolling of the magic weapons is also……still continuing.”

Nayuta looked at the direction of outside the loop line. Thereupon, at the opposite side of the overhead structure of Yamanote line, she could see magic weapons [Blue Head] and [Albatross] lining up.

“Roger. Then next it’s about the expansion work of the magic power plant, what about the progress at the area from Kudanshita until Iidabashi?”

“The, the work there is……lacking in workers……looks like it will be late.”

“If that’s the case, let’s put to use the gentlemen of the American army that are now used for maintaining public order.”

In this place, the people collected from Guam and Okinawa were having their minds controlled to be used as labor force. There were especially a lot of military personnel that were used for maintaining public order. The AU were using humans to deal with the crimes of fellow humans and cracking down on the resistance forces that were against AU.

“Let’s increase the area where we can collect energy just like this. We have to hurry in order to stop the destruction of Vatlantis after all.”

Valdy nodded with a meek face at Nayuta’s words.

“Nayuta-sama, this Valdy……even if I have to risk my life――”

At that time, an explosion sound could be heard from the direction of Tokyo bay.

Valdy readied herself to protect Nayuta and became alert of the surroundings.

“The sound just now……is from the sea……did the magic weapons encounter enemies? ……But, there should be no more humans in the coastlands.”

Nayuta smiled at Valdy who was murmuring in puzzlement.

“No. It’s likely the scouts of Ataraxia, otherwise it’s a surprise attack.”


Nayuta looked up to the sky of Tokyo Bay. The five hundred meter-class battleship that was floating there exploded and fell down.

Nayuta murmured joyfully.

“So you came. Kizuna, Reiri.”

Part 2[edit]

At Ataraxia, Gertrude was taking position in the middle of the control room at Nayuta Lab on transmission duty. She kept sitting on her wheelchair, but she wore her Heart Hybrid Gear and opened several communication windows around her body. She was opening several lines to multiple people at the same time, so several communication windows were lined up.

Reiri came right beside her and gave instructions to Gertrude.

“It’s time to rush into Tokyo. Confirm the present condition.”

Gertrude nodded and chose Kizuna’s window to talk.

“This is Ataraxia, explain the situation.”

{This is Kizuna. It’s completely impossible to scout like this! The fleet and magic weapons of the enemy are too many.}

Reiri changed her expression.

“Kizuna! Can’t you go past without getting noticed?”

Reiri faced the window and yelled angrily.

Kizuna sent the image that Eros’s camera captured to Gertrude. All members that saw the image relayed to Ataraxia lost their words.

And then Kizuna yelled to the window.

“The situation is just as you see! This is the second coming of the 2nd Another Universe Conflict!”

A large force even more than imagined was stationed there. Several dozen battleships were on standby in the sky, between those ships were tens, hundreds of magic weapons flying around like fog.

“All gears charge! Be careful of stray bullets!”

Right after saying that, a bullet of light grazed passed right beside Kizuna. The battleships deployed along the Tokyo Bay began their bombardment. And then the magic weapons were surging forward. Kizuna plunged into the middle of that and flew while evading magic weapons and bombardment. He continuously changed his route left and right, he moved in inverted flight and soon rotated back again. Even so a bullet that came flying from somewhere hit his Life Saver and let flew sparks.

“It’s impossible! This is not a problem on the level that we can go past through!”

Kizuna and Amaterasu, and also Masters were evading the surging forward enemies while flying to Tokyo. They somehow slipped through the enemy and came near above the land. There, this time it was the magic weapons that were standing by at the main road and intersection that flew up one after another.

Fierce sounds roared, Kizuna looked above. Thereupon, one of the battleships that was carrying out ship bombardment was sliced into two. And then it exploded repeatedly while turning into fragments of light that were scattered by the wind.

Nearby the ship was a red Heart Hybrid Gear floating while holding two double-edged swords.

Kizuna faced the window to Ataraxia and shouted.

“Himekawa sunk a battleship with Gladius! Now that its come to this let’s rampage flashily. I’ll use that opening and go to investigate Tokyo!”

Reiri called out with a worried voice.

{Roger. Don’t forget to secure an escape route.}

Kizuna replied with affirmative and sent a communication to everyone.

“Everyone, I’ll infiltrate until the center of Tokyo like this! I’ll retreat after investigating around the Entrance. Until then, defeat every single one of the magic weapons and the battleships. Got that!?”


Voices returned from all the members of Amaterasu and Masters.

Kizuna went north from Tokyo Bay and flew above the street that continued to Ginza and Yurakuchou. And then when he passed through the overhead structure of Yamanote line, he noticed how the situation changed completely.

“What, is this……there is reconstruction work?”

Until now there were only ruins that continued without end, but suddenly the scenery changed to a city with signs of living. Construction work was being carried out everywhere in the ordered townscape without rubble.

And then, there was something that was even more shocking.

“People! There are people. Nee-chan! Also……there are a lot, or rather……”

{What!? Are they AU people? Or else, are they humans of our side?}

“I don’t know. It looks like just before the Another Universe Conflict happened. I’ll land down after this to confirm!”

Kizuna lowered his altitude. He couldn’t suppress the rapid throb of his heart and landed on the street without even decreasing his speed satisfactorily. He ran right after that and talked to a male in a business suit walking nearby.

“Wait! You there.”

However that male didn’t even glance at Kizuna and passed through just like that.

“O, oi! Wait!”

It was like his calling voice wasn’t heard. He left without turning back with unhesitating pace.

“Shit-, I’m ignored! ……Oi, you all!”

This time there was a group of female highschoolers wearing uniform. Three people were talking while walking.

“I came from Ataraxia of Megafloat Japan in order to free Tokyo. I got something I want to ask a bi――”

However, these female students were also ignoring Kizuna.

“Oi! Can’t you see me?”

Kizuna grasped the shoulder of one of the girl and turned her at his direction.

That girl finally looked at Kizuna.

“Listen, I……”

However the gaze of that girl was passing through Kizuna’s body and focused at the far ahead. She didn’t recognize Kizuna’s figure at all. There was nothing particularly unusual in this girl, she was a really normal girl with expression and eyes that weren’t wrong at all.

It was just that she was unable to see Kizuna’s figure, she also couldn’t hear his voice.

“Hey―, what’s wrong―?”

The girl’s company called to her.

“Eh? Hmm. Nothi―ng.”

The girl that Kizuna stopped chased after the other two female students with fast steps and like that they continued to talk while walking.

‘―――What the heck, just what is the meaning of this?’

Many people were passing through around Kizuna. However, no one noticed Kizuna’s existence. Something cold crawled at Kizuna’s back.

‘They didn’t hear my voice even when I was talking to them, they also didn’t see me. This is, as if――’

“It’s like they are hypnotized……don’t you think?”

He heard a voice that he recognized. Kizuna turned back to the direction of the voice with a startled jump.

“You have come Kizuna.”

At the other side of the crowd of people, Hida Nayuta showed her figure wearing the clothes of the AU. Behind her was Valdy sticking close to her like a shadow in her magic armor Rael.


The moment Kizuna saw his mother’s figure, he tasted a nervousness that was even similar with terror. His legs unintentionally froze and he was unable to immediately rush.

‘Shit-! Get a grip Hida Kizuna! What are you doing getting cold feet at your mother! Just what are you coming this far for!’

Kizuna encouraged himself and glared at his mother. And then he stepped forward resolutely as though to rush forward, he walked until in front of his mother.

Looking at Kizuna who was like that, Nayuta was showing her usual kind smile.


When he saw that smile, things that he wanted to say, things that he wanted to ask suddenly welled up. Mountains of doubt and questions searched for an exit at the same time, making his throat hitched and no voice came out.

“Fufufu, I know what you want to ask. Why are these people not recognizing us, isn’t it?”

“Ye, yeah……that’s, true.”

There were other questions, there was something even more important to him. He tried to say that, but Nayuta’s words cut him off.

“Exactly as you guessed, they are put under a powerful suggestion. They cannot recognize the current situation and live inside the happy world before the Another Universe Conflict.”

Kizuna gulped audibly.

“Why……why are you doing this?”

“Because it will be really difficult for the experiment if they have free will left.”


“I promised you that I will show you something interesting didn’t I? Look over there.”

Chasing after Nayuta’s gaze, his eyes were caught at a strange machine installed at the intersection.

It was like a tree created from metal and electronic components. The trunk part was made from metal and entangled complexly by cables, it was growing high until around twenty meters. From the middle of the trunk, several antennas protruded out like spreading branches. And then from the tips, thin cables like telephone lines were spreading to four directions.

With that metal tree as the center, a metallic magic circle with diameter that reached fifty meters was spread on the ground. When he looked carefully, he noticed that the magic circle was drawn by a gathering of metallic cables that formed the tree in the center.

“This is……the interesting, thing?”

Kizuna didn’t understand just what was this thing that was like an object of modern art. But, he also felt like it was anticlimactic.

At that time, an office worker wearing a suit was hurriedly passing through Kizuna. He was apologizing with his all at the smartphone he held to his ear while sweating from his forehead.

“I’m sorry, the train was a little late……yes, in ten minutes……yes, my deepest apology. I will arrive soon.”

“He can use……smartphone?”

Nayuta shook her head to Kizuna who was whispering in admiration.

“Of course things like base station for telephone are not activated. That office worker is just feeling that he is making a call. He is not talking with anyone. Rather than that, look at the trace of his step.”

Being told by Nayuta, Kizuna dropped his gaze to the ground that the office worker passed through. There, his footsteps were dimly shining in bluish white, before long it was absorbed into the ground and vanished.

“What’s, that light just now?”

In order to answer Kizuna’s murmur, Nayuta pointed at the tree standing in the intersection.

Light particles were rushing about inside the magic circle drawn on the ground. Those lights arrived on the cable and reached the tree at the center. And then the tree trunk raised the bluish white light above as though it was taking water from the ground. And then that light was transmitted to the cables stretching out from the branches and crossed to the other side of the street.

The light passed over the moat of the imperial palace and vanished at the Entrance that was materialized there. The radiant light traveled along the cable and flowed into the AU.

“Kaa-san……what is that, just now?”

“Life force is sucked from that human then converted into energy.”


Kizuna doubted his ears.

“What I called as energy is……that’s right, as I thought, calling it [magic power] imitating that world is suitable. Currently it only targeted the area around the Entrance, but three is the plan that before long the whole area inside Yamanote line will become a magic power plant.”

A great number of people were passing through in front of his eyes. Life force was stolen from all of the steps of the crowd. And then light particles followed the cables and flowed into the Entrance.

“Magic power? Plant……you said?”

Kizuna was unable to understand the meaning of those words.

“All of the people inside the Yamanote line are turned into an energy source for the sake of supplying magic power. They are supplying their life force that is their stamina and willpower as energy, that is what it means.”

‘What the hell, is that…….’

“Isn’t that, completely the same like the mechanism of Heart Hybrid Gear?”

“Yes. That’s why they will die if their energy is completely wrung out. That will just not work. For that reason an adequate management is necessary. The plant is absorbing half of the energy that humans recover in one day.”

“Why just half? It’s strangely kind just in that kind of place huh.”

Kizuna intended to say that as sarcasm with his all. But Nayuta didn’t even notice and continued her explanation.

“If we collect it all, humans won’t be able to do their activity. They will be completely asleep the whole day. That will inevitably invite the decline of stamina and there is high possibility of their life becoming short. That will result in a small amount of energy obtained. That’s why, in order to collect energy in the most efficient way, I make them to live following the schedule that I planned. For that sake they are given powerful suggestion like this.”

Kizuna stared at the coming and going people dumbfoundedly.

“Just why in the world, Kaa-san did something like this……this magic power, what in the world is it?”

“If I have to say it simply, it’s the all-purpose energy in the world over there. Although right now they are faced with a serious problem of the energy drying up. This is the countermeasure for that.”

‘The AU’s, energy problem she said?’

“Don’t fuck with me……they are invading this world for something like that?”

“Even if for argument’s sake it’s like that, but this is not really something that is particularly rare right? It also often happened in our world here.”

“That’s not the problem! You think doing something cruel like this can be forgiven!?”

“It can.”


Kizuna couldn’t say anything after getting an answer that was said so naturally like that.

“Isn’t this fine? They look happy see? Look at them, Kizuna.”

Kizuna looked at the faces of the walking company worker and students. There was a grim face and also a happy face, in any case they were faces that were living their respective ordinary day.

But that was a life that came from a fake ordinary day.

“Something like an ordinary day……a peace that is created from hypnotism, what kind of meaning is there in such a fictive happiness! Something like this is no different than livestock!”

Ten years ago he experienced being abandoned. Even so, someplace inside him there was a heart that was wishing for his mother. He honestly loved his mother. And now Kizuna threw his anger at that mother.

However, that mother spoke as if to admonish him.

“For the current them, being livestock is a fitting job.”

Kizuna clenched his fist.

‘――This is,

This is, my mother?

Come to think of it, perhaps I too am like a livestock for this person.

She raised me as a guinea pig, but she threw me away when I became unneeded.’

Kizuna glared at Nayuta with a grim expression.

“Kaa-san, I won’t expect anything from your conscience anymore. But, I’ll have you take responsibility.”

“Responsibility? For what I wonder?”

“For making Heart Hybrid Gear and then forcing it to other people! Why did you create something like Heart Hybrid Gear!? That kind of weapon! Not only that, you even went to AU and created for them Heart Hybrid Gear called magic armor!”

Nayuta suddenly sighed.

“Kizuna is making a mistake of the major premise here.”

“Mistake? What mistake! Making excuse after this far is――”

“The Core of Heart Hybrid Gear is not something that I created.”


“The Core is a substance from AU. I also investigated it in Vatlantis, but over there the Core is also treated as a mysterious OOPArt, it’s unclear with what kind of technology it was created from. Most likely it was created by the race in the time before the Vatlantis Empire……by the people that ruled over the AU in the prehistoric era, that’s what I think.”

“Tha, that’s impossible! Then, how……”

“Around the outbreak of the 1st Another Universe Conflict, a Core was discovered nearby an Entrance. Most likely there was an outbreak of small scale Entrance. That Entrance was connected to the place where Vatlantis stored their Cores by accident and the Cores fell into the world over here……this is nothing but a hypothesis though.”

‘It’s not something, that Kaa-san created, she said?’

“It seems that, in the ancient times, these Cores were items that magicians used. They created armor using their own magic power, equipped their bodies with powerful weapons, it was a kind of magic tool. However, there is no magic power in humans. However looking at my research, I understood that there is something with energy that is extremely close to magic power. That is……”

Kizuna scowled his face.

“That is, the life force of humans……the energy of the living is it?”

“Right. Thanks to that replacement energy, even humans without magic power can bring forth Heart Hybrid Gear. What I did was only creating a mechanism to use human life force in replacement of magic power.”

“Then……even the method to suppress the reduction of Hybrid Count, or extracting the Core……”

“I don’t know.”

‘Shit-! Even though I finally found Kaa-san, it doesn’t solve anything.’

“――No, anyway……I’ll have you return to Ataraxia. If Kaa-san doesn’t know, then think how to do it from now on. Together with the method to repel back the AU.”

Kizuna opened the communication window.

“This is Kizuna. I discovered Kaa-sa……Professor Nayuta, I’ll take her back after this. Lend me a hand.”

Before he could finish saying that, Aine landed down from the sky.

“Kizuna! Professor Nayuta!”

When Nayuta noticed Aine’s figure, she raised her voice happily.

“Aah, Aine. So you came, I’ve waited for you.”

Aine faced Nayuta with a dubious face.

“Waiting……for me?”

“Yes. I’m expecting you. For your forbidden armament.”

‘――what is Kaa-san talking about?’

Aine too tilted her neck similarly like Kizuna.

“I don’t understand the meaning of what professor is talking about but……anyway, let’s return to Ataraxia.”

At that time, an unfamiliar high pitched voice resounded.

“I found you, Zeros!”

Kizuna searched for the owner of the voice and looked around his surroundings.

At the other side of the street, a battleship of AU was slowly showing its appearance from the gap of the buildings. The sight of the gigantic battleship showing its appearance from the cover of the building possessed a bizarre pressure.

It was a 500 meter-class battleship with elegant line and slim body. Thanks to its slimness, it could fly above a wide street. The hull was colored bright red, it was a type that they really never encountered before.

However, he recognized the figure that was standing on the bow of that ship.

The large type magic armor Demon which was crossing its arms. And then, the petite girl with twintails named Ragrus who was settled inside that large body.

“I thought that you will absolutely come to meet Nayuta! Now, I’ll catch and drag you in front of Zelsione-sama!”

The gear ignited its thruster and charged towards Aine.

Valdy raised a panicked voice.

“Ra, Ragrus, inside the wide area magic circle is-”

“I know! I must not dirty the sorcery of Zelsione-sama! Rather than that, catch those guys!”

“Eh……ah, so, sorry.”

Valdy’s arm starting from her elbow suddenly vanished.

At that time when Aine tried to move from the line of movement of Ragrus’s charge, a steel claw grasped Aine’s arm.

“Wha-……what’s with this.”

Aine felt creepy staring at the steel arm that grew out from thin air.

“Aine!? Shit-, that girl!”

Even Kizuna’s arm that was trying to go to help was also similarly restrained. Kizuna had cold sweat from Demon that was approaching with amazing speed. Demon’s large hands opened and approached Kizuna and Aine.

‘Damn it! It’s going to be dangerous at this rate if we get caught by that!’

Demon’s stout arms quickly reached out and grasped Kizuna and Aine’s body.


Kizuna struggled trying to escape from Demon’s palm, but Demon’s terrifying grip strength grasped Kizuna and Aine’s body tightly. Demon ignited its thruster and rushed through the wide road. Kizuna and Aine were kept in its grasp and they passed through the overhead structure of Yamanote line in the blink of an eye.

“Now, we can rampage as we please if it’s on this side. Well, I guess you two will be crushed in my grasp first before that won’t you?”

The gigantic palms clenched with all its strength on Kizuna and Aine’s body.

Aine made an anguished expression and desperately resisted that power.


Blue light of magic power rushed through the surface of Aine’s Zeros. She put her body’s full strength and tried to pry open the fingers of Demon. However just enduring Demon’s strength was the best she could do.

Eros’s armor raised a scream at the severe pressure. Cracks entered the surface and fragments scattered all over.

‘――Damn it, at this rate, we are going to get crushed for real!’

Kizuna endured his body that was raising creaking sounds while reaching out his right hand as if trying to grasp something.

“Mode Neros!”

The pink light that ran on Kizuna’s Heart Hybrid Gear [Eros] changed color to red. At the same time, the power of Himekawa Hayuru’s Neros now resided in Eros.

“Come! Sword!!”

A sword was created inside Kizuna’s palm.

“Wai-! What’s with that!?”

It was the result of his Climax Hybrid with Himekawa. Kizuna’s Eros made the ability of the partner he had Climax Hybrid with as his and with that he was able to create the weapon of said partner. He quickly grasped the created sword and aimed not at the Demon, but directly at Ragrus.

‘――Even if she is not killed, it’s enough to stop her movement. Rather I’ll let her live and capture her as a prisoner!”


He determined his aim at Ragrus’s shoulder and swung down his sword.


Ragrus threw away Kizuna and Aine’s body with all her strength.


Kizuna’s body gouged the pavement of the street and rebounded. He rolled around for some hundred meters in bounces.


He somehow controlled his balance with his thruster and halted his body by sinking in his feet into the road.

When he raised his face, Aine had recovered her posture even quicker than Kizuna and rushed in order to intercept Ragrus.

“Here I go, big guy!”

“Show me the power of the rumored Zeros!”

Demon’s gigantic hand chop was swinging down. Aine crossed her arm and blocked it overhead.


The impact pierced her whole body. Cracks ran through the road surface from below Aine’s feet. Her arms almost broke.

“Hah! You block well. But, there is still more after this-!”

A punch with large swing blew away Aine. Aine’s body flew in a straight line and crashed into the building at the opposite side of the street.


Kizuna lit up his thruster and rushed at Ragrus.


He readied Sword right beside him and flashed it horizontally. Fierce metallic sound and sparks scattered and the sword broke right into two.


It was blocked by the thick armor that covered Demon’s upper arm.

“Just what are you……doing-!”

In exchange, Demon’s back fist bored into Eros’s body.


With one attack that lightly shook him off, Kizuna’s body once again rolled on the street and smashed into the roadside tree.

Aine who raised her body from the rubble of the building walked out in front of Demon.

“Fuh……I’m displeased with this stupidly huge body, but how it’s using bare fist instead of projectile weapon is pleasing. I’ll get serious too now.”

Aine looked up at Ragrus with her red eyes and put her fist forward, while half her body moved back. Blue light ran through her whole body.

“Are you thinking that you can win against this me with that kind of tiny magic armor? If I beat you up and take you home, Zelsione-sama will……surely praise me. She will more, to me……”

The moment Ragrus had a distant look, smoke raised from below Aine’s feet. She kicked the ground and displayed a god speed step in.


Demon immediately blocked with both its hands at the front. Aine’s fist struck at the arm shield. Shockwave was transmitted to Demon’s body and shook Ragrus’s body.

“Tsuu! ……Hee, so you can get out a really heavy attack with that kind of body. But, it doesn’t work on Demon!”

Gigantic fist was swung down. The fist that hit empty air sunk into the road and shockwave that was like an explosion happened. Fragments that became little pieces scattered at the surroundings, breaking the glass of the buildings that faced the street.

Riding that explosion, Aine ran to Ragrus’s side. She leaned her body diagonally until she almost fell and circled around while opposing the centrifugal force. She kicked the ground and jumped, twisted her body instantly, and unleashed a spinning kick.

The kick aimed at where the armor was thin, the upper arm. Even if Demon blocked it, it was supposed to inflict quite a damage.



Aine’s body was pierced by a red beam.



Demon’s palm opened and directed at Aine’s body. There was a hole opening right at the center of that palm.

“Particle cannon’s firing hole!? That bastard, so it actually has a projectile weapon!”

Ragrus broadly grinned daringly.

“After all a trump card has to be saved in reserve!”

Aine that was hit directly by the beam collapsed on the ground with smoke rising from Zeros.

‘Shit-, at this rate Aine will-!’

Kizuna stared at the broken sword in his hand.

Now that Sword had broken, there was only that left.

“Isn’t that right, Himekawa!”

Kizuna threw away the broken sword and yelled.


Four streaks of light glowed on Kizuna’s back. Those lights converged and created swords that shined like something wet. Those were the swords that soared in the sky, faithfully following Himekawa’s Neros, the [Blades].

“This is the trump card of the current me!”

Blades flew out from behind Kizuna. It rushed in the sky with speed that the eyes couldn’t follow. However, he couldn’t control them skillfully like Himekawa. It was difficult to draw complex trajectories like Himekawa could, it was his limit to prepare straight attack from four directions.

“Aah― geez, how irritating!”

Demon scattered light particle from its thruster and retreated in panic.

Kizuna used that chance to rush at Aine’s location.

“Aine! You okay!?”

After he hugged her up, Aine stood up on her own feet even while her face was distorted in pain.

“Rather than that……what about that girl?”

“Don’t worry, right now she is facing the Blades……”

Demon pulled back until an intersection and entered the side road. Her figure vanished from Kizuna’s sight.

‘――Damn it!’

The Blades floated stood still at the intersection. Blade was something that he controlled himself. The instant its figure vanished from his sight, it became impossible to control. If he had piled up experience and training as much as Himekawa, perhaps he would be able to make them fly to a certain degree. But, it was impossible for the current Kizuna. It was something like flying with your eyes closed. It was impossible if he didn’t have the map of the city memorized perfectly.

“Aine, it’s dangerous if we don’t move!”

The moment Kizuna and Aine’s thrusters spouted out rings of light, the department store right beside them exploded. The glass of the entrance was blown away into pieces and the marble pillar broke. A huge hole was opened going through the department store, the light of the particle cannon that gouged out that wall attacked Kizuna and Aine.


Explosion of flames occurred at the place the two were at. Fierce shockwaves and flames enveloped Kizuna and Aine’s body. The bodies of the two were sent flying by the explosion and floated in the air before crashing and rolling on the road.

Passing through the gaping wide hole in the building, a gigantic magic armor appeared.

“Really, you really give me a lot of trouble.”


Strength couldn’t enter his body. If he didn’t quickly take distance, they would be killed.

Demon’s feet stomped on the rubble, and step by step, it was approaching.

“I’m taking away Zeros. The black one over there…..I should kill it I guess.”

Blood and sweat flowed down Kizuna’s forehead. He could put strength into his arm and leg, but he was dizzy and couldn’t concentrate.

Demon came right beside Kizuna.

“Now, have your resolved yourself I wonder?”

Ragrus was looking down at Kizuna with a haughty face. The inside of Kizuna’s chest froze instantly.

‘Shit-! I don’t care what method it is, I’ve got to get away from this girl!’

Kizuna raised his body with his elbow and rolled on the rubble trying to escape.


When Kizuna’s posture became looking up, Demon’s leg stepped on Kizuna. His ribs creaked and his internal organs felt like they were going to burst.

”Don’t dart about like a pest! Be obedient already.”

He was lightly stepped not for crushing him but for stopping his movement, but even so it was a heavy mass that could crush him to death.

Demon’s gigantic fist was slowly lifted up. The gigantic steel fist could pulverize Kizuna’s head just by its weight. That brutal weapon was now hanged over Kizuna’s head.

‘Damn it! At this rate I’ll be crushed to death!’

“Her I go black one! Drop dead!”

“Don’t fuck with me-! No way I’ll die in this kind of place!!”

As though in response to that scream, light gleamed in the sky.


The next instant, a pillar of light pierced in front of his eyes.

Ragrus opened her eyes wide in shock.

“!? ……Wha-!!”

A fierce explosion happened.

The shockwave made even Demon’s gigantic size step back. Kizuna’s body was blown away by the shockwave, he rolled out from under Demon’s floating foot.

Demon hardened its guard by its both arms and endured the impact while staggering a few meters back.

“Wha, just what in the world is……”

What happened in the next moment was an impact that should be feared even more.

Gigantic mass dropped down from the sky. The ground caved in and the cracked pavement broke and floated in the air. The water pipe and gas line underground ruptured causing a fierce explosion and water spray.

“Captain! Are you safe desu!?”

A sound he was familiar with resounded. Kizuna pushed away the rubbles weighing on him and raised his upper body.


With the arising conflagration on its back, the figure that fell down from the sky was flickering. Ragrus unintentionally whispered from looking up at that figure.


A huge monster could be seen. It had arms and legs, but it didn’t look humanoid. Its balance was bad, and its irregularly long neck that stuck out to the front even looked animalistic.

And then, above all, was its largeness.

With flames on its background, the figure that shed black shadow was running with purple light. It could be understood that it was using magic power as energy from that radiance. But――,

“Ju……just what is, is this……magic weapon?”

Until now Ragrus had never seen a magic armor even larger than Demon. No matter what kind of opponent it was, she always looked down at them from above.

But, this thing was different.

The head that looked like a dragon, but also looked like a rabbit, was shining with light that imitated eyes and mouth. Those purple eyes were shining far above Ragrus’s head.

Its shape and size wasn’t like magic armor. Rather it was closer to a magic weapon, but if that was the case, then just what was that girl settled at the center of that body could possibly be.

“I made you wait desu! The adjustment finally just finished desu!”

Kizuna opened his eyes wide at that size which he witnessed for the first time.

“Sylvia……this is, you?”

“Yes! This is Sylvia’s Heart Hybrid Gear [Taros] desu!”

It was a super large Heart Hybrid Gear. Exactly like a monster Heart Hybrid Gear.

Kizuna stood on his feet staggeringly and looked up at that large body.

“So this is……the result of the install that Sylvia and I performed, huh.”

“Yes! This is our first group work, the crystallization of love desu!”

Looking at it from nearby, he once again felt for real the largeness of every single part that composed Taros.

There were thrusters on the shoulder that controlled the posture, but with that many it felt like they could be used for several normal magic armors’ share. And then there was a large caliber main cannon at the exterior. The cannon muzzle had the size where a person could comfortably enter, it was not a weapon that could be handled by a magic armor. Rather it was a size that should be packed in a battleship.

The left and right arms were asymmetrical, at the right hand was a rectangle tough hammer, and the left hand became a gun. Something like a huge safe key was attached on the hammer for some reason. As for the gun, it looked nothing more than a thick metallic plank at a glance, but there were two eeriely large holes opened on the tip.

There were two-motored large rockets that were in charge of the mobility. A sword shaped large thruster was supplementing it. That absurd propulsive force looked like it could even fly away Taros’s large body until outside the atmosphere.

Masou Gakuen HxH V04 BW 05.jpg

Sylvia tensed her expression and glared at the enemy in front of her eyes.

“Sylvia won’t let you lay even a single finger anymore on Captain desu!”

Ragrus whipped up her faltering heart and roused herself.

“What’s with you! Just because you have a big frame doesn’t mean anything!”

Demon ignited its thruster and struck at Taros.

Sylvia turned at Kizuna’s direction and yelled.

“Captain! Please leave this to Sylvia!”

“Bu, but!”

The charging forward demon broke the street light and the lowered fist gouged up the ground. It was like a launched rocket, the steel fist was shot heading to Taros.

The two gigantic Heart Hybrid Gears clashed.

With its tough hammer that looked like a safe, Taros blocked that fist. And then it swung its left arm that was like a thick steel plank.

Demon was blown back altogether with its guarding arm and crashed into the building that faced the street. Its body sunk into the wall and the impact of the crash tilted the building, glasses cracked all at once.

In order to deal attack to the downed enemy, Taros’s hammer was driven horizontally. Just on the verge of the hit, Demon escape and the hammer pulverized the wall and the pillar of that building into pieces. The building became unable to support its weight from that impact and crumbled down. Intense dust clouds and flames rose.

Kizuna opened a communication window while evading the dust.

“Aine! We are leaving this place to Sylvia and retreating!”

Aine was projected on the window and let out an amazed voice.

{Wait I mean, what is that? That’s really Sylvia’s Heart Hybrid Gear? That looks more like a monster.}

“Save the question for later. Rather than that, we will rendezvous at the sky for the moment!”

After saying that, Kizuna ignited his thruster and flew to the sky. When he came out of the dust smoke, Aine whose figure came out similarly like him entered his eyes. Aine also noticed him and flew towards Kizuna.

Kizuna opened a communication window with Sylvia.

“Sylvia, I beg you don’t force yourself! This is an order!”

{Roger desu!}

A smile and energetic voice returned from the communication window. Kizuna was slightly relieved and closed the communication window.

Aine stared in astonishment at the explosion that Taros and Demon created.

“So, that thing is……no, we can talk about that later. Rather than that, what are we going to do about Professor Nayuta?”

“Aah. Maybe we should go back to the place just now. Or else……”

Kizuna got quiet and created a grim scowl.

He wanted to catch her so much. However, the longer they stayed the higher the risk. If there were more powerful opponents like Demon that appeared, it would be hard to deal with it. He couldn’t get impatient and expose everyone’s life to danger by his whim.

“No……we understand well now of Tokyo’s situation, the result is more than enough as an operation. There is no meaning in remaining here longer. We are falling back.”

Kizuna opened a communication window in order to give out the retreat order to all members.

However, Kizuna lost his word from looking at the figure that was projected there.

{Going home already Kizuna? Take your time a little more slowly here.}


Nayuta’s figure cut into the communication window as if it had been hacked. The communication from Gertrude in Ataraxia opened beside the window that reflected Nayuta. Reiri’s face came out from the side and reflected in close-up.

{Kizuna, don’t listen to her! You’ve got enough result. We can form the next strategy with this! It’s fine already, just go home!}

Nayuta showed an exaggerated shrug of her shoulders.

{Reiri is too impatient. You can take a bit more time……that’s right, after two hours the elite squad native of Vatlantis, the imperial guard, that is under the direct control of the emperor will arrive here.}

Elite squad……the imperial guard she said?

{That Ragrus just now and Valdy over here are members of the imperial guard you know? If you come here for scouting, then isn’t it better to pay some respect to them once?}

{No need. If those kinds of fellows are coming as reinforcement, we’ve got to retreat as fast as possible instead. Kizuna, give the retreat order to everyone. Hurry!}

Reiri acted obstinately and rejected Nayuta’s words.

{Is that so……then it can’t be helped if that’s how you act. Well then, let’s kill all the humans that are becoming the energy source of the magic power plant all at once.}

It took him time to understand the meaning of those words.

‘――Kill she said……does she mean, killing humans? Also, all of them!?’

Kizuna opened his eyes wide and yelled with a loud voice.

“What are you running your mouth about! I don’t get what you mean! Besides, something like that……killing all of them all at once, there is no way that’s possible!”

{It’s simple. It will happen if the limiter is just released and their life force is sucked out all at once.}


Even Reiri questioned her with a hollow voice.

{Right now……how many people are there in Tokyo?}

{There are two million people in the experiment site. Aah, but you don’t need to worry that much about it. In the present condition only a part of them are becoming the energy source of the plant, so the one that will die will be nothing more than around a hundred thousand people.}

Kizuna felt dizzy.

“You are taking a hundred thousand people…….as hostage?”

Nayuta clapped both her hands.

{Let’s play a game.}

There was no one left that could follow Nayuta’s speech and conduct. The meaning was unclear. It was nonsensical.

Kizuna unconsciously held his head.

“Game……what’s with that! What the heck are you talking about!”

However Nayuta explained calmly.

{If you annihilate all the magic weapons and fleet that are stationed in this bay coast area, I’ll return back to Ataraxia. But, if you return home before that, I’ll absorb the life of a hundred thousand people dry.}

Kizuna didn’t understand at all, just what was his mother thinking, or how much of what she talked about was serious. But, he had the feeling of dread, that if it was this person then she might really do it.

Annihilate the enemy……could they do it? Kizuna asked himself.

He didn’t know if it was before, but for the current Amaterasu and Masters, magic weapons were just not a match for them. The problem was the fleet, but it was possible to deal with them if they could just use Corruption Armament. However, it would be a protracted battle with how many the enemy number was. Looked like he was really going to do Heart Hybrid on the battlefield. But if there was just time……they could do it!

Nayuta called for attention, as though she had predicted Kizuna’s thinking.

{I said it too before, but there is about two hours until the imperial guard arrive. That’s the time limit.}

“Two hours……huh.”

Kizuna knitted his eyebrows. It was really strict, but it wasn’t impossible. It was a time that made him think so.

{If you can annihilate the magic weapons and return before that, it’s your victory. It’s your lost if the imperial guard arrives. I’ll especially go without any punishment game even if you lose. After all if the imperial guard come then your survival rate will really go down, that’s already like the punishment game isn’t it?}

Reiri asked with a stiff voice.

{Why? For what reason you go that far!? If that hundred thousand people die, you won’t be able to make more magic power. Why are you taking so much risk for holding back Kizuna and the others?}

Nayuta smiled sweetly.

{This is the long awaited reunion with my children. It’s only natural to wish to be together with them as long as possible right?}

{There is limit even to being transparent!}

Reiri couldn’t hold back and yelled angrily. However, she heaved a large sigh and glared at her mother with a bold smile.

{But…..this is rare, coming from you. To dodge the question with such a stupid joke.}

{Hm? Is that so I wonder?}

Reiri snorted with a motivated face.

{Hmph, you don’t plan to kill them from the beginning. Isn’t that right? For you too, those hundred thousand people should be an important resource. To say nothing of the threat of killing a hundred thousand people with such silly reason, that’s impossible even for someone like you.}

Nayuta huffed a little, looking at the proud Reiri.

{Fuh, ufufufufu, ahahahahahahahahaha}

Nayuta raised a laugh in amusement.

{Aah, geez-, Reiri. You are really an idiot aren’t you?}

Reiri’s expression hardened.

{Something like a hundred thousand people is not that much. I told you already before right? Even just in this experiment site there are two million people you know? And then in this world there are tens of millions of humans.”

Reiri’s complexion changed, her eyes were swimming unfocusedly. Sweat flowed on Reiri’s chest.

{Bu, but, even if it’s you, to kill that many lives……}

{I don’t understand the basis of the thinking that someone can kill a person, yet they cannot kill a hundred thousand. Killing a person made you a killer, but kill ten thousand and you are a hero, there is also such saying isn’t it?}

Kizuna was made to realize once again. The dreadfulness of his own mother.

‘――Kaa-san, is serious.’

She wouldn’t steal life meaninglessly just for fun. However, if it was to achieve some objective, if it was needed, she would surely kill without hesitation. It was like dissecting a mouse in an experiment. By no means that the one doing it was having fun. But if it was for the sake of an objective, then there was no reason to hesitate.

It was irrelevant whether it was a person, or a hundred thousand people. This was not a problem of numbers.

Reiri hit the console nearby with all her strength.


Kizuna could hear from the communication window, he heard the voice of his sister that was on the verge of tears. He barely raised a voice with his clenched teeth.

“……It’s fine as long as we annihilated everything isn’t it, Kaa-san?”


“Got it.”


He could hear the reproaching voice of Reiri from the window.

“Nee-chan. Kaa-san is……this person, is not thinking of human life as anything at all. No, that’s not it. For this person, humans are the same like a thing or tool. That’s why, perhaps, she will really kill a hundred thousand people. There is no need to hesitate at all.”

Kizuna opened the communication window once more and transmitted to all members.

“Informing all members. Strategy change. With our current battle strength, there is no problem in annihilating the enemy. We are sweeping clean the enemy in Tokyo! We are finishing this in two hours! But don’t do anything reckless. Those with their Hybrid Count in yellow zone are to report to me without fail! In the case that there is no response, retreat from the front line without hesitation. Okay!? Well then, all hands a go-!!”

He cut the communication with Nayuta when he opened that communication. Kizuna slumped his shoulders then.

“Shit-! Just what is Kaa-san thinking?”

Aine murmured worriedly.

“Kizuna……I wonder if there is a reason or anything in Professor Nayuta’s action? For me, I really cannot think that she has any design. It’s as if, this is just a whim or a simple idea……”

“Yeah, honestly saying, I also think so. But, Kaa-san shouldn’t be someone that will do anything meaningless. That’s why, she must have some kind of aim.”

However, they couldn’t do anything if they didn’t understand what it was.

At that time, Himekawa’s line suddenly opened.

{This is Himekawa. Kizuna-kun! Can you hear me?}

“What’s wrong Himekawa?”

{I’m in the middle of battle with the battleships at Tokyo Bay, but perhaps it’s because I overused the Corruption Armament, my Hybrid Count’s reduction is intense……that, I’m greatly sorry but, can you, re, replenish……}

Feeling of impatience was whirling inside Kizuna. His clenched teeth made a gritting sound.

Their lifeline that was the Corruption Armament had already one that became unusable. What left was Yurishia’s Crosshead and Aine’s Pulverizer. To overcome this situation, Aine’s Pulverizer was more suitable rather than Yurishia. However…….

“Aine……this is an emergency situation, no matter what your――”

At the same time with Kizuna talking to Aine, Yurishia’s window was opened.

{Can I make a request too? After all the enemy’s number is a lot, so the reduction rate is quite steep. It will feel a little uneasy if it’s not replenished soon.}

Kizuna immediately contacted Ataraxia.

“This is Kizuna! The Hybrid Count reduction of Himekawa and Yurishia are more than imagined. I want to do Heart Hybrid urgently.”

Aine made a surprised face. That surely was because she thought that she would be ordered to equip her Corruption Armament.


Ataraxia’s window opened covering over what Aine wanted to say. In the window was a restless Reiri answering him.

{Got it, wait for five minutes. I’ll send the Love Room soon.}

“Love Room? In five minutes!?’

However, Reiri didn’t answer him and cut the communication immediately.

“Just how in the world Nee-chan is going to do it……is she going to use a helicopter like the time I did Climax Hybrid with Himekawa previously……no, five minutes is impossible with that……”

After that a contact came from Kei this time. She sent him the coordinate and told him to move to that location.

Kizuna and Aine moved in the air and headed to the designated place at once.

“This place, Tokyo’s Yaesu huh.”

It was the business district in front of Tokyo Station, but right now there was not a trace of it that could be recognized. Looking around from the sky, the surface of the surrounding was a mountain of rubble. There were also remaining buildings, but there was not a single one that was undamaged.

“Kizuna-kun! I made you wait.”

Himekawa came flying from the direction of Tokyo Bay.

“Kizunaa―, what are we doing in this kind of place?”

Next after her Yurishia arrived.

“No, even I don’t really understand about that. It’s just, I was told to wait here.”

The four floated in the air forming a circle. They watched each other’s back and waited for the Love Room’s arrival, but there was not the littlest sign that it would come. Just when he was getting impatient of what to do, a line from Ataraxia was connected to him once more.

{Kizuna, it will impact soon. Be careful.}

“Eh……impact you say?”

A sound like flying missile could be heard from the sky.

The next moment, a large rocket passed beside Kizuna and the others.


It looked like an ICBM. A sound of destruction roared and it pierced at the middle of the business district. The impact raised fiercely billowing dust cloud with the missile at the center, the cloud was spreading in ring shape.

All present had deployed their Life Saver in preparation of the impact, but there was no sign of explosion.

“The explosion……didn’t happen. Is it a dud?”

Kizuna yelled towards the communication window to Ataraxia.

“You plan to kill us!? I heard that you are going to send the Love Room, but I’ve never heard of any ICBM coming instead!”

{That’s the new model Love Room. The middle range ballistic missile replenishment room!}


The rocket divided like a three stage rocket. The engine part that was at the farthest back fell to the ground just like that and raised a loud sound, but the middle part itself was attached with posture control thruster, it laid down on the rubble without even any large impact. And then it fired fixing anchors from its four corners that stabbed into the ground.

The setting of the new mode Love Room middle range ballistic missile replenishment room was finished.

“Don’t tell me……I had never thought that it will be carried by a rocket.”

“Our technical research department really used an out of the box method huh.”

Himekawa and Yurishia spoke in astonishment.

“Yosh, then Aine――no, Himekawa.”

Kizuna turned at Aine’s direction for a moment, but he immediately changed his direction at Himekawa.


A sound leaked out unintentionally from Aine’s mouth.

Even though she was supposed to feel relieved because she didn’t get forced to do Climax Hybrid, she felt sad for some reason.

“Himekawa’s Hybrid Count is 20%, Yurishia is in 40%. That’s why Himekawa who is in more danger is prioritized. Is it fine?”

“Ye-, yes.”

Himekawa nodded with a reddened cheek.

“Actually if Hayuru and I can do Connective Hybrid, the talk will be faster though.”

Yurishia toyed her blonde hair with her finger while murmuring in disappointment.

“I guess……however, we still haven’t tried something like that in success, so we will go with a certain method.”

“Roger. I won’t let anything lay a finger on the Love Room, so rest assured. In exchange, next will be my turn okay☆”

Yurishia readied her particle cannon and took a pose with a wink. Kizuna smiled wryly and nodded, then he led Himekawa and their figures vanished into the Love Room.

Aine stared intently at the closed door of the Love Room. Yurishia lightly tapped at the shoulder of Aine who was being like that.

“Then, how about we go cleaning up the small fries Aine?”

“Yes……you’re right.”

Even so, Aine still stared at the door where the two disappeared with a sad gaze.

Part 3[edit]

Scarlet opened the missile unit on her back above the sky of Ginza that had become ruins.


The main weapon of Scarlet’s Heart Hybrid Gear [Ares] was the X-shaped missile unit equipped on her back. Large amounts of missiles were launched all at once from there. Each missiles detected a magic weapon and flew in pursuit while drawing a track of light behind. The missiles that were spreading to every directions made flowers of flame bloom one after another in the sky of Tokyo. Ten-odd magic weapons became particles of light and vanished.

“Hmph, this is easy! For the current me, this kind of bunch are just small fries!”

A magic weapon Albatross was flying from right under Scarlet that was in the middle of self-absorption.

“Eh!? Wa-, since when!?”

The Albatross that was standing by in an alleyway reacted to Scarlet and came attacking. It prepared its bayonet aimed at Scarlet and pulled the trigger.

Just right before that happened, the Albatross was blown away right to the side. A large hole was opened in its head, causing it to fall down to the city.

“Scarlet, letting your guard down is forbidden.”

It was a serious voice that seemed inflexible.


The platinum blonde girl with glasses was flying while readying her long rifle.

“Thank you, you saved me!”

“Your welcome. Rather, Scarlet is getting too carried away.”

Henrietta lifted the rifle which had a length of almost double her height.

“I’ll cover you so Scarlet will……hm?”

Smoke was rising from the building a few blocks ahead in explosion where it was crumbling down. It was like a falling domino set, buildings were falling down in succession.

“Wha-, what is that?”

Scarlet raised a flustered voice.

Something pushed out from the building, entangled metallic lumps were flying out on the wide road.

“Magic Weapon!?”

Henrietta aimed her gun muzzle at those lumps.

“That’s not it! That’s……Sylvia!?”

Demon and Taros, the large magic armor and the super huge Heart Hybrid Gear kept entangled with each other while mowing down buildings, scattering sparks everywhere.


Ragrus’s shriek burst out. Demon’s stout arm rained down consecutive blows on Taros’s armor, distorting the large frame.

“Withdraw back obediently desu! Get out from this world desu!”

The hammer at Taros’s right arm easily blew away Demon’s large body. Fierce impact attacked Demon and Ragrus.

“Kuh! How can this Demon lose in power-!”

Demon who was blown behind stabbed its leg parts in the ground. The ground was gouged up even while absorbing the impact and the body somehow held its ground.

There the gun at Taros’s left arm spouted out fire. Light bullet impacted Demon.


Ragrus retreated while putting up a shield that was the same like Life Saver. The thruster on Demon’s leg parts jetted out particles and moved the large body in high speed.

“You won’t get away desu!”

Bullet that pursued Demon impacted the side of a building and explosion occurred in a line. The building broke following that line and crumbled down one after another.

“Even I also have fire power!”

Demon that escaped the bombing made a turn and faced Sylvia’s direction. And then Ragrus pointed at the sky, causing her battleship that was standing by above the sky to start to move.

“My true strength is not just Demon. A ship that moves following my will is also a part of my strength!”

Ragrus directed her palm at Sylvia and thrust it out.

The full bombardment of the battleship was opened and a bombardment aimed at Taros began. Bombardment that was like a rain was immediately heading to Sylvia and rained down. Fierce explosion opened holes on the street. Sylvia was attacked by flame explosion and shockwave.


Taros’s figure became not visible due to the bombardment’s explosion.

“Ahahahaha! How’s that, the barrage of my battleship!”

Sylvia deployed her Life Saver and protected her body from the explosion. However, at this rate it would only be a problem of time even for Taros to be defeated.

‘――First, Sylvia will shoot down that battleship desu!’

IgnisMain cannon firing preparation desu!”

Rods elongated from Taros’s feett and back that stabbed the ground.

The large caliber particle cannon Ignis on both shoulders faced up and determined the aim at the red battleship. Purple light rushed on the whole surface of Taros, flowing into the main cannon [Ignis] of both shoulders.

The air around Taros was whirling, it was gradually increasing in momentum. And then the humming voice of low frequency wave, and a sound that was grating on the ear resounded, those sounds were becoming louder.

The purple radiance was focused in a twinkle and finally overflowed from Ignis. Taros’s figure was beginning to shine in purple color.


Light to the degree that nothing in the front could be seen was bursting out. The ground trembled together with large reverberations that shook the bottom of the stomach. Taros’s body couldn’t withstand the impact and was pushed to the back while the rods that pierced the ground gouged up the pavement.

From both shoulders of Taros, pillar of light ran to the red battleship straightforwardly. That light instantly pierced the battleship. It evaporated the front armor and destroyed the mechanism inside until there was nothing left, the light particles opened a hole on the deck and rushed until it disappeared into the sky.

“Wha-!? What the hellll!”

Ragrus opened her mouth widely without closing it and stared in astonishment of her battleship sinking down.

The crimson battleship of the proud imperial guard, the ship that she received from Captain Zelsione that she loved and respected, was shot down in a single attack. Fragments of light scattered all over and fell down to the ground.

“……Unforgivable, unforgivable-, I absolutely, absolutely absolutely, won’t forgive this!”

From the whole body of Ragrus and Demon, red light that was like an aura was rising.

Scorching Heat Soaring Arm ExplosionInferno!”

Ragrus’s body came out from Demon as if she was going to fall forward. She landed on the ground, due to her lack of leg part right now, her point of view was considerably lowered than before.

She looked up at her beloved magic armor with eyes that were blurred with tears.

In the next moment, Demon disassembled into scattered parts. And then, each single part changed shape in a transformation and reassembled once more.

The end result was like something which looked like an aircraft with arms as the frame, it could even be seen as a missile.

Looking up at the magic armor which had its appearance changed completely, Ragrus murmured with a trembling voice.

“I’ll put……all of my magic power. Demon’s strongest and worst, the true trump card……”

Ragrus’s hand touched Demon. Thereupon, red light of magic power was flowing into Demon from Ragrus’s body.

Sylvia felt a strange atmosphere from that state of Ragrus.

“By using all of the magic power of the wearer into energy, the main body of Demon will be used as a system that converts magic power into heat and light……this is Inferno. With this……I’ll erase everything.”

Sylvia’s back felt cold.

“Erase you say……what do you mean desu?”

Ragrus gently moved her hand that was put on Demon as if caressing it.

“If this is exploded in the sky, the area where the battle is carried out right now will be enveloped in heat and light of several thousand degrees. Everything will be destroyed, burnt, until there is nothing left……I’ll materialize a true hell here.”

“I, if you do such thing, even you will die desu!”

“There is no way I can live by exposing an even more shameful sight than this right!? To lose even the battleship that captain gifted me, I, don’t have any face anymore, to go home!”

Cold sweat flowed down Sylvia’s cheek.

“Of course, I will not just lie down and die. I’ll take everyone else to accompany me! This city of Lemuria, the humans, and you too!”

“Wait desu!”

However Ragrus didn’t listen. Demon too began to spout smoke, waiting for the time of the launching.

“Fly! And then, erase everything! My dream, my hope, my failure, and my humiliation too, everything. Please, Inferno!!”

The devil bullet was rushing towards the sky to make hell appear in this world.

Sylvia’s eyes shined in determination. She directed the hammer at Taros’s right arm to the sky.

“Seal release!”

The large safe key attached on the hammer was rotating. The steel bolt that sealed the mouth of the hammer was disconnected, and that door opened.

Sylvia sent communication to everyone all at once.

“Evacuate from the sky above Sylvia desu! Don’t come near one kilometer of the surroundings!”

Scarlet that heard of that transmission from relatively nearby got bewildered.

“Wha, what is it. So suddenly.”

Henrietta grasped the arm of Scarlet that was flustered.

“It’s some kind of a dangerous situation. Let’s evacuate.”

“I, I guess……wait, oy, don’t pull me like thattt!”

Sylvia directed the surface of the hammer which was released from its seal towards the Inferno that was rushing to the sky.

There was a hole that was like a cannon muzzle inside the seal. Inside it was a black whirling darkness.

“Corruption Armament [Ultimate Gravity CompressionTitania]!”

From the right arm of Taros that had been released from its seal, a pitch black darkness was launched.

It drew a black trajectory that light couldn’t get close to at all, the jet black lump chased after Inferno and rushed up the sky instantly.

Ragrus scoffed from looking at that situation.

“Hmph, it’s too late……with this……it’s already”

Ragrus who used up her strength collapsed on the ground.

“Zel, sione……sama, with this, I……”

Ragrus lost her consciousness while still keeping a happy smile on her face.

At the same time, Inferno burst open in the sky. It was an intense energy. That was the light of Ragrus’s life. It was as though one more sun was appearing above the earth.


One more celestial body was created above Tokyo.

It was a pitch black globe.

It didn’t allow for any existence of light, a black hole that opened in the sky.

The light and heat Inferno emitted were all absorbed into this black globe. The direction where the light advanced was forcibly warped and absorbed. Because of that, Tokyo’s sky was greatly distorted. And then in its center, even light couldn’t exist, a pitch black space was spreading.

Scarlet and Henrietta that were withdrawing quickly were staring in blank amazement at the black darkness spreading in the sky.

“Ju, just what is……that?”

“A cluster of gravity……that’s a black hole.”

“Yo, you are saying that such outrageous thing is a Corruption Armament!? Won’t something like that, destroy the earth instead!”

However, Titania was not something that was spreading without end. It stopped at a certain fixed range, and after it ate all of the energy of Inferno that was supposed to burn everything on the surface, it stopped.

And then, the black hole was shrinking in one go.

When that black lump was compressed until the size of a palm, it returned once more to Taros’s right arm once more. And then the sealing door was shut and locked at once.

“Fuwaaa, how nerve wracking desuuu……”

Sylvia almost collapsed from too much fatigue. In front of her reeling head, a floating window was opened. The happy face of Reiri in Ataraxia was projected.

{Sylvia, good job!}

“Commander. Thank you very much desu!”

Sylvia did her best to let out a bright voice so that her tired face didn’t show.

{But, your Hybrid Count is already near the limit. Avoid participating actively in battle from now on. Actually I want you to get replenished with Heart Hybrid, but……right now Himekawa is in the middle of Heart Hybrid, Aine and Yurishia are also waiting their turn.}

“It’s a great congestion isn’t it desu?”

{Therefore, withdraw for the moment. Stand by above the Pacific Ocean. Wait for further orders.}

“Roger desu.”

Sylvia ignited Taros’s rocket and retreated from Tokyo in the blink of an eye.

Aine standing on a building saw off the figure of Sylvia leaving.

She dealt mainly with Vikings and Blue Heads, the magic weapons which were inferior in mobility, but just when she defeated a squad of them she happened to see the battle between Sylvia and Ragrus.

And then Aine was shell-shocked from watching that battle. The overwhelming ability of Sylvia’s Taros and its Corruption Armament shocked her.

‘If it’s now, am I not needed anymore……’

Such thinking flashed in her head.

In addition Sylvia was honest. As for her, she always couldn’t be honest. She was a character that couldn’t be loved by other people, but if it was Sylvia then surely she would be loved by anyone.

‘――Surely, even Kizuna too.’

The moment she thought that, her chest hurt in prickles.

In addition Sylvia was also using Corruption Armament. That meant that she had also done Climax Hybrid with Kizuna.

Not only Sylvia. Hayuru also did Climax Hybrid, even now she was carrying out Heart Hybrid. Surely, after this Yurishia too would…….

‘Am I fine, with this?

I continue to reject Climax Hybrid no matter what. Right now Kizuna is still asking me to do Climax Hybrid, but eventually won’t he stop asking for it? And then someday, I myself will become unneeded, such day will…….’

Aine shook her head as if to clear away that thinking.

‘Right, so that even I don’t lose, Climax Hybrid is――,’

When she thought that, the next instant an anxiety that resembled terror welled up.

She must not do Climax Hybrid. Such warning was ringing inside her heart.

Something wrong would happen……she had that kind of hunch.

Suddenly a window opened and Scarlet’s face was reflected there.

{This is Scarlet. The nearby magic weapons are mostly dealt with. If there is anyone that wants help, the cavalry will rush there now!}

A window opened beside her, Clementine who liked western genre replied.

{It’s not necessary. Me and Sharon are enough for here.}

A different communication entered.

{This is Leila. There are too much enemies. It’s unmanageable with me alone. Five dollars for one magic weapon. You can defeat however many you like with fifty dollars. Just by paying fifty dollars, you can defeat as many as you like. Profitable right? It’s first come first served, so hurry.}

{On top of asking for help, you even try taking our money!? Ahh geez, putting aside Leila’s rash words, the reinforcement is a go. After this Henrietta and I will head there.}

Henrietta replied after receiving Scarlet’s words.

{But, we have to do something about the battleships and aircraft carriers at the bay coast area……there will be no end to this unless we do that you know?}

{No need to worry! Amaterasu will do something about that somehow!}

{I guess so. After all, those guys’ Corruption Armaments are phenomenal.}

After Clementine spoke cheerfully, Scarlet too grinned widely and appealed.

{Even Yurishia is there, it’s going to be fine! Well, we can just retreat if it gets dangerous, until then we will crush the enemy thoroughly!}


Aine unconsciously forgot to breath. Cold sweat flowed on her chest damply.

They didn’t know about the matter of the life of a hundred thousand people in Tokyo. Besides it was to take on battleship or aircraft carrier with the equipment that Masters had. Thinking about that, Scarlet’s response was the most correct. Aine confirmed the time that had elapsed in this operation at the display of the floating window.

The remaining time was an hour and a half.

They had to annihilate the enemy before then. However, at this rate it was completely impossible to annihilate the enemy. Nonetheless, if they withdrew before that the lives of a hundred thousand people would be lost.

‘――But if there is my Corruption Armament…….’

Aine jumped and ran on the rooftop from building to building. And then she came until the place where she could see the Love Room under her.

The timing was just right when Kizuna was attacked by Albatross. It seemed that the effects of his Climax Hybrid was cut off in that situation.

Aine danced her body in the air without hesitation. And then she opened a communication to Kizuna.

“Don’t move.”


Kizuna looked up with a surprised expression. Aine rolled forward with a twirl and swung down the heel of her right leg with all her strength to Albatross.


The heel sunk into the head of the Albatross. Its head was easily smashed and the mechanism inside it jutted out. And then the particle cutter on her heel came out. The light sword bisected Albatross’s body into two. With that momentum, Aine rotated and elegantly landed down on the ground.

The Albatross caused a large explosion behind her.

However, such thing was trivial. Rather than that――,

“What are you doing staring blankly like that? I wonder if right now you are having a stupid wild delusion, like if there will be a beautiful girl descending down from the sky or something.”

Kizuna finally noticed and scratched his head.

“My bad. I let my guard down a little.”

“It’s true you let your guard down, but it has nothing to do with that right? You are weak after all.”

‘――No good. Even if I try to bluff my nervousness with a joke, it only shakes my determination. I can only go forward resolutely.’

“Though even for someone like you, there is a way where you can become useful.”

Aine grabbed the collar of Kizuna and then took him inside the Love Room.

She could hear Himekawa and Yurishia that just came back complaining, but she didn’t pay it any attention and closed the door of the Love Room right in front of their nose with a bang, then she wasted no time to lock it.

It seemed that the door was banged at the outside, but the soundproofing was magnificent. Something in the level of angry yell wouldn’t be audible.

{Come out-! Kizuna, Aine! Right now!}

Just when she thought that, a floating window appeared in front of their faces.

“Really, what noisy outsiders they are.”

Aine treated the two noncommittally and forced ended the communication, she then setted the communication to reject any calls.

“With this the noisy fellows are now gone.”

“……Aine, someone like you is really…”

Aine faced Kizuna who made a bitter face and spoke boldly.

“Kizuna. Do Heart Hybrid with me.”

Kizuna confirmed the display of his smartphone. However, Aine’s Hybrid Count was still in a safe area.

“Aine, you are still fine right? Rather it was Yurishia that’s more……?”

“This is not about replenishment. What I want is the forbidden armament.”

Kizuna’s breath hitched.

‘――Aine, are you serious?

Forbidden armament……in other words, you are determined to do Climax Hybrid, are you?’

If it was before this, then he would raise both his hands in happiness. But right now, he honestly didn’t feel happy.

‘Is it really okay……to force her to do Climax Hybrid?’

He recalled the figure of Aine who was shaking in anxiety and fear.

“Aine, we should be more careful with that……”

However, Aine’s red eyes were serious.

“I understand. But, the enemy is strong. Besides the army marching from now on is most likely the enemy’s regular army. We cannot keep acting like until now. If we stay like this, we won’t be able to overcome this battle. Besides……”

However, was this really fine?

An indescribable anxiety was swelling up inside Kizuna. For some reason, he felt like Aine was going to go somewhere far away.

“Kizuna. There is no need for you to worry.”

Aine’s tone of voice became gentle. Aine’s face was approaching to Kizuna’s face.


“I am me. No matter what happens that will not change. That’s why――”

Aine’s lips were going to overlap with Kizuna’s lips.

“Let’s do it, the [Climax Hybrid].”

Chapter 4 – Aine[edit]

It was just a little more until the lips of the two touched each other, it was at such a time when the eyes of the two were blinking at each other.


Suddenly it felt embarrassing and the two averted their faces together in panic as if it had been arranged beforehand.

“Wha, what’s with you?”

“A, aah. My bad.”

Although he said that, Kizuna felt like he got the wind taken out from his sail because of the proactive Aine that was different than usual.

‘――Yosh, I’ll pull myself together.’

Kizuna manipulated the console and opened the Love Room’s internal setting screen.

They only had a little above one hour left. Anyway it was a fight against time. Before the reinforcements of the enemy came, he would make Aine equip her Corruption Armament and clean up the fleet. The shortest shortcut for that was to provide Aine with the situation that matched with Aine’s disposition, which could excite her the most.

“That is……this!”

Kizuna tapped the console and in an instant the normal room changed into a different scenery. It felt like a teleportation.

“This is……?”

Aine raised her voice in wonder.

Classmates were passing right beside her. The familiar classroom. The familiar desk. Aine touched at her own desk. She felt the familiar cool touching sensation.

“Ataraxia’s…….second year first group’s classroom?”

“Yeah, that’s right. I think that this place if the most fitting place to do Heart Hybrid with Aine.”

“Why, in the classroom……”

Aine didn’t hide her bewilderment and looked around the surroundings. Right now was the break time. Here and there were close groups talking with each other. The individual dialogues resounded inside the classroom, reaching Aine’s ears as a single commotion. That was the BGM that was always echoing inside the class. The atmosphere characteristic of the classroom that felt cool somehow, and the sparkling reflection of dust from the light that shined in from the window calmed down Aine’s heart for some reason. And then Aine noticed that she too was wearing an Ataraxia uniform similar with the students in the surroundings.

“You put something on me rather than taking off clothes……”

The tumult in the corridor was audible from the other side of the classroom’s noise. And then the musical performance of the wind instrument club that could be heard faintly. From the outside of the window she could hear the sound of a bat hitting a ball. The students enjoying baseball outside the window, and then the townscape of Ataraxia that could be seen outside the schoolyard.

While breathing in the air of the classroom, Aine gradually figured out just where she was. Suddenly, she remembered that she hadn’t finished her mathematics homework.

“Then Kizuna……what in the world are we going to do here?”

“Of course, to do Climax Hybrid. Here.”

“Haa!? Wha, what are you saying? There is no way we can do that in a classroom!”

Aine’s voice quivered.

“Aine, right now we are inside the Love Room.”


Aine touched her hand on her head as if she was having a headache. The excessive realness of the sight made her feel like she was unable to understand what was reality. Right now, she was in the middle of a battle in Tokyo, such thing felt like a lie.

“Then, why in the classroom? It should be, more……that, something like a quiet place, or, or a place where we can be together just the two of us……err, like a hotel?”

Aine fidgeted while complaining shyly.

“I also thought that but, as I thought this is the most fitting to match Aine’s preference.”

Kizuna sat on his own seat and smiled at Aine. However Aine was standing imposingly in front of Kizuna with a face that was fully displeasured.

“I’ll firmly reject getting told that this is my interest. I cannot calm down in this kind of place, so quickly……auhn!”

Kizuna lifted up Aine’s breast from below and fondled it.

“Wha-, wh-wh-wh-wh, what are you doing-!”

Aine turned her back to him while hugging her own breasts.

“No, with how big your breast is, I thought perhaps it feels stiff.”

The gazes throughout the classroom converged on them, the air was stirred throughout the room.

Aine’s eyes darted everywhere from that reaction.


The classmates were supposed to be merely data. But this reaction was like living humans.

“My, my breast is not stiff. The stiff one is my shoulder…..that’s how it is, everyone, it’s tru- hii!”

Kizuna’s head reached out to her defenseless back. His index finger slid down tracing her back.

“!?……ah, aaaaannn……ku”

Aine’s body trembled and she suddenly leaked out a delighted voice. She pressed her mouth in panic and glared at Kizuna with a bright red face.

While she was doing so, Sakisaka-sensei entered the classroom while wearing her usual red jersey.

“Now―, the class is starting― get to your seat―”

Sakisaka-sensei’s appearance and speech looked like her usual state Aine was familiar with. She could only see that it was the real Sakisaka-sensei, or at the very least something that the real person moved herself.

But, the moment Sakisaka-sensei entered the classroom, it was like the program changed, the classmates that were paying attention to Aine suddenly lost their interest and took their respective seats.

“Hey, Kizuna……is everyone, really just data?”

“Yeah. It’s fine to not worry about them. Everything is a character that is moved by the program. You won’t be treated as a pervert when we return to reality.”

“That’s fine then but……wait, it’s not fine. Just what do you mean by treated as a pervert?”

Aine glared at Kizuna with an anxious face.

“The thing Aine will do after this is something that will be a disaster if everyone knew about it, you see.”

“This has already gone past a bad premonition and straight to a bad feeling though.”

“Then, first can you roll up your skirt?”

Aine lost her words for an instant. However, she soon retorted back in wrath.

“I refuse. I cannot believe that such act is related to Climax Hybrid.”

But, Kizuna shook his head with a serious expression.

“No. This is the most reasonable for the current Aine, an act that can make you the most excited. Moreover, it can realize a powerful Hybrid in a short time.”

Aine snorted, as if saying that it was stupid to even listen to this.

“Me? There is no way I will get excited in this kind of situation right? I just cannot calm down.”

“Believe me, give this a try. Besides, when we just first met, there was once that time when you rolled up your skirt by yourself and showed it to me wasn’t it?”

“Tha, that time was……that”

Aine’s cheeks reddened and grabbed the end of her skirt.

“Even if they are a character made from data, it’s only obvious that they will get bothered by what we are doing. But, if you turn your back to everyone then it will be fine. If it’s in this position, no one will be able to see whether it’s sensei or everyone else.”

“Is, is that really true?”

Kizuna’s seat was near the window. Furthermore he was the second from the back and Yurishia who usually was at the farthest behind wasn’t here. Certainly, if she was in a position that faced each other with Kizuna, there was no one other than Kizuna who would be able to see.

The classmates that were here didn’t actually exist. She understood that in her head, but she could hear sounds, even their breathing. If Aine turned back, the characters would react to that movement and they would stare back with a gaze that asked ‘what’s up?’.

Just what was different from this place with reality?

However, at this rate nothing would begin. Aine resolved herself, grabbed the fringe of her skirt and she slowly lifted up her arm.

“Is……is it fine, with this?”

Aine’s cheek was dyed red shamefully. She couldn’t look at Kizuna’s face properly and averted her gaze.

From under the black skirt, a dazzling white underwear appeared. Its waist line was decorated with reserved lace and frill, and a small cute ribbon was attached at the center. It was neat and tidy, but it was a cute design that really seemed girlish. The legs that stretched out from there were trembling nervously.

“Aah……what a cute panty.

“Eh? Kyaaa!”

Aine returned back her skirt vigorously and held it down.

“I, it’s not a pilot suit……?”

“It’s artless to be the same like before. For the time being it was chosen from Aine’s wardrobe. After all the data is formed from the transaction history of Aine’s shopping in Ataraxia.

“Per, pervert!”

“It wasn’t me, the one who did it was Shikina-san though……then, next, face towards everyone else and lift up the back of your skirt to show me your ass.”

“Sto, stop playing aro……-”

Just when she was about to say that, she rethought that this was also for the sake of Climax Hybrid. Aine turned to her classmates in dissatisfaction. However, as expected she felt resistance to roll up her skirt.

“Aine, can you lean forward a little for me?”

Aine lowered her upper body and pushed out her ass to Kizuna. White panty showed its face from under the skirt’s fringe.

“Hey, just what are you planning to make me do……a!?”

She noticed this late that her panty became completely exposed, Aine straightened her back and pressed down her skirt.

“I had seen it before already, there is no point doing that this late right? Show me properly this time.”

Aine bit her lip in fixation and rolled up her skirt, pure white ass was pushed out in front of Kizuna. Aine’s head was dizzy from the excessive shame.

‘Wha, what’s this, this pose……this is just too embarrassing. How unbecoming.’

She was only worrying about Kizuna behind her, but suddenly she felt gazes and looked forward.


The gazes of her classmates were converged on herself.

‘No……don’t, don’t look.’

And then she could hear the voices of her classmates whispering in small voices.

“Wa, wait Kizuna! What’s this, everyone is……looking here, they are talking.”

“Aah, the data and algorithm of the Love Room was upgraded. It’s judging the situation in real time, a function to produce reaction and dialogue was implemented in it.”

“Why doesn’t this technology get used for other things than this!?”

Aine had cold sweat. Even if she understood that this was data, the virtual and real became jumbled up.

“Look, that pose. She is sticking out her ass to a man invitingly.”

“She is really doing that kind of thing in a classroom.”


Tears floated in the corners of Aine’s eyes from shame and humiliation.

“He, hey……Kizuna. This is enough already ri――aahn!”

‘Thi-, this man! He groped my ass-!’

The meat of her ass was rubbed thoroughly as if he was gripping it strongly. Each time, shivering pleasure was piercing through from her tailbone until the top of her head.

“Hey, you, you can touch me so……do this in somewhere else……haa-”

Her ass was opened, pulled strongly, causing stimulation to run from the joint of her legs until her groin. She unconsciously concentrated her mind to not only her ass, but also to the between of her groins.

‘Aah, don’t……even though everyone is watching. I have to keep my calm.’

“What’s wrong Aine? You are rubbing your thighs.”


Before Aine realized, Kizuna’s hands separated from her ass.

“You look like you are really getting in the mood, but the class is going to start any time now.”

“Wha, what mood……this is Kizuna’s fault-“

She said her complain with her mouth pursed tightly. However, Kizuna’s hand grabbed Aine’s waist and he pulled her closer.


Aine sat down on Kizuna’s lap.

“Wa, wait……”

“You better stay quiet because we are in the middle of lesson. You are going to gather everyone’s attention again like this.”

Aine opened her mouth trying to say something, but no words came out. Her mouth was just closing and opening repeatedly.

Before long it was like she resigned herself, she sat still on Kizuna’s lap and faced the main screen in front of the classroom.

‘――Uuu, this is abnormal no matter what. Something like this……sitting on the lap of the only male student in the classroom while receiving a lesson. Fu, furthermore……’

“Uu! Kuh……uAaa……yaa-”

“Oi, Aine. Your voice is leaking out. We will get exposed if you aren’t quiet you know?”

“The……the, n……do-, don’t touch……mee-“

Her body was touched by Kizuna the whole time since the lesson started. She was being careful to not raise her sound too loud, the gazes of her classmates would gather on her, so she was trying to not move her body somehow. Actually she wanted to twisted her body and for her leg to go taut. She was desperately enduring that while her body was trembling in pleasure.

“Hey, Aine.”

“Do, don’t……talk to me, right now. Ku-……kuu-“

If she let her guard down, her indecent delighted voice would resound inside the classroom. She clenched her teeth and pressed her mouth with her hands, desperately enduring her gasping voice.

“Where do you feel good the most Aine?”

“I ab……absolutely, won’t teach……you”

Despite saying so, Kizuna’s hand was gradually becoming bold. Even though previously his hands were only caressing her body from above the uniform or caressing her thigh, right now his hand entered into her uniform and rubbed thoroughly at her breast.

“U……ku……ah-, a……haaa”

But, her breast was rubbed, it was lifted up and toyed, but the place that she would feel the most wasn’t getting touched.

Kizuna’s finger was crawling on Aine’s breast with a movement that drew a circle. That finger gradually climbing the mountain and aimed at the summit. And then finally……the hand separated at that timing.


Having the pleasure that she had waited for avoided just before it happened, made Aine’s breast felt like it would burst from the pain. She shook her breast as if to look for Kizuna’s hand, but she was unable to find it.


Aine was embraced by Kizuna from behind and he whispered to her ear.

“You want to be touched?”


She felt like her heart was seen through, Aine’s cheek was further dyed with shame.

Aine bit her lip while swinging her neck to the left and right.

And then Kizuna suddenly blew his breath at her ear.


  • Twitch*, Aine’s body jumped.

“I really don’t understand at all the place where Aine can feel it easily……if I’m forced to say, it’s like your whole body is an erogenous zone.”

“Do, don’t say something stupid……so, something like Kizuna’s caress, do, doesn’t, make me feel it, at all like this, you, you are misunderstanding.”

“Is that so? Then, can you take off your panty to show me?”

“The, there is no way I can do that-! Is your head getting weird?”

Aine raised a high-pitched voice and gathered the gazes from all over the class.

“Oi oi, Chidorigafuchi-san. It’s no good unless you stay quiet―”

Sniggers came from inside the classroom when Sakisaka-sensei warned her.

“I……I’m sorry.”

Aine’s cheeks reddened and she glared at Kizuna across her shoulder. Kizuna’s face that was a few centimeters ahead from hers was smiling at Aine.

“Come on, show me the proof that Aine doesn’t feel it from getting touched by me.”


Aine reluctantly raised her waist and inserted her hands inside her skirt. And then, she began to lower her white panty smoothly. The rounded cloth slipped off the leg and she tried to hide it in her hand.

“Come on, it’s no good if you don’t show it.”


He stole the small rolled up cloth from Aine’s hand. The taken off underwear was warm. That underwear was spread out by Kizuna’s fingers.


Aine tried to steal it back and reached out her hand, but Kizuna’s hand easily avoided it. And then, Kizuna spread the white panty with his fingers like playing cat cradle.


Aine wordlessly averted her bright red face.

“Aine, is this just my feeling, it’s really――”

“Tha……that’s sweat.”

Aine was shrinking inside Kizuna’s arms from embarrassment.

“Hee……is that so. So this is sweat……”

Kizuna shamelessly caressed the panty’s groin part. A string was drawn between Kizuna’s finger and the panty.

“Do-, don’t-! Don’t touch the――”

Aine tried to take back the panty from Kizuna’s hand and she reached out her hand. In reaction to that, Sakisaka-sensei pointed at Aine.

“E―rr, then for the next question―, I’ll leave it to you Chidorigafuchi-san then―. Can you come to the front here?”


Her movement that reached out her hand was judged by the computer as a motion of raising her hand. Aine turned to Kizuna with a troubled look.

“Come on, sensei is telling you that. Go on there.”


Aine stood up with a face that almost cried. She pushed down her skirt tightly and her knees were shaking anxiously.

“Come on― quickly―. Solve this question, no delay.”

The main screen with width of three meters was displaying a mathematics problem.

Aine stood up with trembling legs and walked to the front of the classroom timidly. She pressed on the fringe each time her skirt swayed. The skirt was short even in normal conditions. Perhaps the inside would be seen just by a little momentum.

She somehow reached until the front of the classroom. But just by climbing on the teachers podium made her felt like the inside of her skirt would be seen.

‘――I will get exposed……that I’m not wearing it.’

Something viscous was dripping down at the inside surface of Aine’s thighs.

Her finger touched at the screen that became a touch panel. She wrote the answer and looked up at the next problem. It was in quite a high location, but the screen couldn’t be scrolled. She couldn’t reach even if her hand reached out, so she stood on the tips of her toes.

“Hey, that……”

“She really is not wearing it?”

Aine’s heart felt like it would stop. She stiffened unable to move.

The small whispering voices at her back were gradually getting louder.

Her beating heart was becoming furious, cold sweat flowed down.

‘――It’s exposed. It’s seen. What to do, what to do?’

“Everyone― be quiet―. Look here, geez, there is no way a girl, going to school in no panty can exist isn’t it?”

Aine responded with a cramped smile at Sakisaka-sensei’s defense of her. However, the students’ whispers didn’t stop. Inquisitive and scorning stares to Aine were getting stronger.

“Then, how about your show it instead? With a ba―m. After all there are only girls here, don’t mind it, show it all!”

“E, err……err”

Aine sent her gaze at Kizuna to look for help. However, Kizuna was staring at Aine intently. He was watching in appreciation at Aine that was trembling with shame, excitedly and lovingly.


Masou Gakuen HxH V04 BW 06.jpg

Aine gripped at the fringe of her skirt with trembling hands.

Everyone was raising jeering voices from their mouths, the noises reverberated inside her head. Her cheeks blushed and even her head became hot. She was sweating and the throbbing of her breasts couldn’t settle down.

She slowly lifted up her skirt and revealed her thigh, and then finally the face of her leg joints were almost seen, at that time――,

The bell that informed them of the end of lesson rang out.

“Ye―s, it’s time―. Well then, everyone be healthy―”

It was as if a switch was turned off, Sakisaka-sensei exited the classroom. The students were also standing up and bowed as if the event until now didn’t exist.

Aine ran as if escaping something and flew into Kizuna’s chest.

“Geez! Idiot! Idiott! Tha, that was really embarrassing!”

She rapidly hit at Kizuna’s chest.

Kizuna gently stroked at the head of Aine that was being like that. Aine nuzzled on Kizuna’s chest with a teary face. And then, slight light particles were rising from Aine’s body.

Aine’s reaction was favorable. If they could progress at this rate, the Heart Hybrid would be completed in just a little more.

The lesson just now only spent a few minutes of their time. Normally it would feel strangely fast, but for the current Aine those few minutes felt like a hour.

Aine separated her body from Kizuna and exited to the corridor with unsteady gait. Kizuna chased behind her.

“Where are you going Aine?”

“Ju……just the toilet. Don’t……follow me.”

“No, your condition looks bad. I’ll follow you because I’m worried.”

Aine faced Kizuna with dim eyes.

“Is that so……thank you.”

However she soon knitted her eyebrows.

“But, that’s an unnecessary worry……in a different meaning.”

Aine exited to the corridor and noticed that there were also a lot of other students from different classrooms. When she came near the stair, Kizuna stopped and grabbed at Aine’s shoulder.

“Eh? Wait……”

They turned at the corner of the corridor and he pushed Aine’s body at the wall of the stair.

“The toilet is still ahead. What are you thinki……ahn!”

Kizuna’s left hand circled at Aine’s back and crawled up under her uniform. And then, his right hand opened Aine’s chest, exposing the big breast that was enveloped in a white underwear. The bra was heavily supporting Aine’s breast. However Kizuna’s left hand unfastened the hook on her back, at that moment her breast flew out and looked even bigger by a level. The bra that was released from its duty dropped on the floor.

“Wha-, in this kind of place-. No, no way!”

Putting aside Aine that was greatly disturbed, Kizuna rubbed up Aine’s breast.

“Nnaa-! HaAh……sto-, stop it, Kizuna.”

The heat that she was made to utterly feel until now was remaining. Just by being touched a little, the wave of pleasure that had settled down once was now surging in again.

“Haaa, ah, a, kuun……do, don’t――a!!”

A student descending down the stair was staring here fixedly.

“No, noooo! Stop stop! Please, nooooo-“

She hit her fist at Kizuna’s chest. However, strength couldn’t enter Aine’s arm that was feeling it at all.


Going against Aine’s words, Kizuna’s hand crawled into under Aine’s skirt. Aine tried to close her legs in panic, but it was too late. Kizuna mercilessly granted stimulation at the place that Aine felt it the most.


Aine’s body was trembling. Something hot was dripping down on Kizuna’s hand.

When Kizuna took out his hand from under the skirt, he showed his fingertips to Aine.

“Aine, you have become this wet see.”

However Aine’s eyes that were filled with tears were dim, she begged to Kizuna.

“Please……stop it, already. Everyone, is looking……I’m completely seen. This kind of place……please, at least somewhere where there is just the two of us……”

“That’s no good like that. For the sake of pulling out Aine’s power, Zeros’s power to the maximum……pleasure that unspeakable to Aine’s imagination is necessary.”

Kizuna opened bare Aine’s chest. The student that was passing nearby stopped walking and stared at Aine and Kizuna with a shocked expression.


Kizuna sucked at the tip of the breast that he didn’t touch before. And then his right hand pinched at the opposite breast.

“It’s fine like this right? Now it’s not visible to everyone see.”

Kizuna grasped at the breast tightly like an eagle as if to hide the breast. And then like that he rubbed thoroughly at the soft breast as if to make it even softer.

“Tha-, that’s not the prOOOoo- haa, ah, aaaaa”

“Then, should I take off my hand?”

Kizuna separated his mouth and hand. Thereupon, the white large breast shook like jelly. The tip that he put in his mouth was shining wetly while standing stiff. That appearance was really obscene, it was not something that was allowed to be exposed in school.

“Do-, don’t! That’s also no good! Nhoo-!”

Kizuna’s mouth and hand once more covered Aine’s pink summits.

“Kufu-, ha-……hi, AAann”

The sensitive sense organ of Aine’s breast had its shape traced by the tongue inside Kizuna’s mouth many times over. It was licked around persistently, making the tips stand up even larger, it was becoming painfully stiff.

“How amazing, Aine. It’s standing up the most until now isn’t it?”

Kizuna sucked even more strongly.


Honey was dripping down on the floor from between Aine’s legs.

Blue light was swimming in Aine’s eyes. Her whole body was tinged with faint light.

‘――Yosh. It will be soon.’

“Aine. Let’s show everyone Aine’s cutest place.”


Aine’s head was fuzzy from the too much pleasure. But, the pleasure that came next pierced her body as an impact.

The left and right breasts were brought closer and the two pink tips were connected. And then Kizuna put the two into his mouth all at once.

It was as if he was trying to suck out the milk that wasn’t supposed to come out, he sucked strongly and severely.


The tips of Aine’s toes stretched. Her body greatly bent backwards, her white slender neck was trembling. Her body convulsed and jumped with a fixed rhythmical twitching. Each time, strong light welled up from Aine, combining with the light that was overflowing from Kizuna’s body.

At that time, the bell that signaled the start of the class rang. The instant Aine heard that sound, she sat down on the floor as if her waist was broken.


“Aine, the Heart Hybrid succeeded. Next is――”



“I’m at my limit already……if I move……it will leak out.”

From the red eyes which had light of heart floating there, tears were slowly overflowing.

“……Got it. Leave it to me.”

Kizuna carried Aine in his arms. He moved Aine with the princess carry. Aine was burying her face on Kizuna’s chest. Her eyes were closed, she grasped the collar of his uniform and desperately endured her urge to urinate.

“Yosh, we arrived here.”

Kizuna lowered down Aine. Aine’s trembling feet touched the floor and she tried to hurriedly enter a toilet stall, but then, she was bewildered.

“This……this place?”

It was a wide and dim room. The flooring under her feet was glossy. When she looked up, there was lighting setup at the ceiling for the stage equipment. In front of her eyes there was a large deep red curtain that hanged down from the ceiling as if to block her way.

“Hey, Kizuna. Whe, where is this? Didn’t you carry me to the toile…..”

Kizuna raised his right hand as a signal and the curtain was slowly beginning to rise slowly. From the gap underneath it, dazzling light and noisy voices of people talking were leaking audibly.

Aine’s face was turning blue in the blink of an eye.

“Do……don’t tell me.”

The curtain was gradually rising. Before long Aine’s field of vision became unobstructed by anything and the sight at the other side of the curtain was thrust at her together with a feeling of despair.

“Ki, Kizuna, what is, the meaning of this?”

Aine’s knees were trembling unsteadily, she then whispered in delirium.

“I gathered everyone here. I think that I’ll let them watch Aine’s Climax Hybrid.”

The place Aine was standing at was the stage of the grand auditorium of Ataraxia.

The audience seats were filled with people, people, people, as far as the eye could see. Most likely there were two or three thousand people here. It was a large crowd that made one suspect if all the students of Ataraxia were gathered here.

The audiences raised cheers when they recognized Aine’s figure. Many mouths yelled Aine’s name, applause was sent to her.

Aine felt a pressure as if the audience seating was a towering high wave that was going to swallow her. That pressure made Aine unconsciously stagger back.

“Oops, get a hold of yourself Aine.”

Aine’s body was supported by Kizuna from behind.

“Kizuna, I……want to, go to toilet, ple, please I beg you……”

“It’s fine. It’s fine for you to not hold yourself back here.”

Aine received a shock that stopped her breathing. It was as if she was seeing something unbelievable, her eyes opened widely and she forgot to close her mouth.

“Lies, stop joking……hey, please, I’m at my limit here, that’s why”

Aine begged while looking up at him with teary eyes.

“Enduing it too much is not good for your body Aine.”

“U……uu, Kizunaa……”

Aine leaked out a voice that was filled with despair together with her tears.

“I’ll help you.”

Kizuna embraced Aine tightly from behind and slipped his hand inside her skirt.

“Do-, don’t-, i, if you touch me now……I, I, cannot hold back-……a!”

Ignoring Aine’s restraint, Kizuna’s hand touched at Aine’s most important place.

It was a sensation that was different with hair. And then his finger crawled at the wet valley under it.

“Ahau! ,uaa, AAaaa……yaaaa……”

“Aine, it’s fine to not hold back anymore you know?”

“Yaa……don’tt……only that, is no good”

Tears spilled out from Aine’s eyes.

“I, I’m seen……my……place where I do it, in front of this many people……”

The audiences raised cheers and commotion at every single action of Aine and Kizuna. Aine’s brain was refusing to recognize the excessively impossible, abnormal situation.

However, unconnected to Aine’s feeling, her urge to pee mercilessly tortured her.

Her waist was trembling fiercely. It passed the limit of her endurance.

Kizuna’s finger touched at a swelling thing.


Aine raised a soundless yelling.

Her breath stopped. A sensation that she had never experienced before rushed all over her body’s nerves.

“Fuaa! Haaa, hah, hah, aaaa-, KUHuaaAAuUUU!”

Her breathing quickened and the palpitation of her heart became fierce. Her lower body felt numb and something hot was spreading from around under her stomach.

“The-, there, isn’t good, it’s scary, AAAAAAA”

Kizuna’s finger pinched at that soft stiffness and shook it.

A wall was destroyed inside Aine.


Sobbing filled with despair and sorrow, and then joy was sung from Aine’s mouth.

And then at the same time, light particles and hot liquid burst out from Aine’s body.

After piling up patience on top of patience, sparkling spray went flying, creating a puddle of water on the floor of the stage.

Aine’s whole body was assaulted by tremendous pleasure and fatigue, and flaccid comfortableness. She was feeling like she was floating in the air. And then Aine’s consciousness was carried away to the far beyond.

Her field of vision was getting narrow in a flash and darkness enveloped her.

Aine was going forward inside that darkness. Stars of various colors were appearing and vanishing. That scenery made her felt it was beautiful and also mysterious, it felt nostalgic somewhere inside her.

Before long, a lump of light that was conspicuously radiant came from the beyond. It emitted vivid and powerful radiance, a lump of light.

‘――That is, Corruption Armament.’

Inside that lump of light, a Corruption Armament was sleeping. If her hand reached that, she would obtain Pulverizer. In other words, it meant that the Climax Hybrid succeeded.

Aine faced that lump of light and reached out her hand.

But ahead of that, there was one more radiance that was like a star.

‘――What, is that?’

It was a light she had never seen before in all the Climax Hybrids until now.

She passed over the lump of light where the Corruption Armament was sleeping and headed to the dazzling light ahead of it. Blue and red, it was as if it was clad in a nebula of purple gas, a beautiful light that would make one sigh in admiration.

Inside it, something that was far more powerful than even Pulverizer was hidden.

Something different from Corruption Armament. A danger that mustn’t be touched, yet it was sublime despite all that.

That was the true identity of this light.

It was not logic, it felt like that.

Aine spread both her hands to welcome that radiance.

And then, the instant she was touched by that light, memory surged into Aine’s brain like a tsunami.

The night sky she looked up to from a pond surrounded by stone fence.

White castle with beautiful peaks at the background.

Black city, and black castle.

And the living in the castle――,

A girl with pink colored hair.

That girl was turning around this way.

The beautiful lips opened.



Aine released her hand from that radiance. And then she rapidly distanced from that radiance and her consciousness was wrapped in darkness once more.


Aine suddenly raised a yell and collapsed on the floor. Blood pulled back from Kizuna’s whole body instantly. He released the setting of the Love Room in panic and embraced up Aine’s body.

“Aine! Pull yourself together!”

Aine opened her eyes faintly. Inside the pure white room where there was nothing, her eyes met the eyes of Kizuna who was peeking at her face worriedly.


At that time Aine felt a strange sense of discomfort on her body.

‘Strange, it’s different with the usual state of Climax Hybrid. Usually, there is the feeling of Kizuna entering inside my body……there should be the information of the Corruption Armament floating inside my head.’

“Aine, you okay? You feel anything strange anywhere?”

“Strange……rather than that, it doesn’t look like the usual Climax Hybrid. Somehow……”

When Aine tried to sweep away her hair that was hanging on her breast, that hand stopped.

‘――My hair is still silver?’

Something cold crawled up Aine’s back.

“The Climax Hybrid……failed?”

Aine faced Kizuna with an anxious look. Kizuna clenched his fist and wrung out his voice in frustration.

“Sorry……there is no doubt, even though I thought that the Climax Hybrid succeeded……why”

“Kizuna……tha, that’s”

‘――my fault.’

Even though she discovered an ability that was even more amazing than usual, she became scared instead and then――.

Between the bewildered pair, a communication voice cut in.

{Kizuna! If you are finished please come outside! It’s an emergency situation here!}

They could hear Yurishia’s voice that sounded like she was at her wit’s end.

“Aah, roger. Aine, let’s go out first for now!”

Aine kept sitting on the floor in bewilderment. Kizuna opened a window and confirmed the time.

“Aine, we still have thirty minutes. It’s fine if we just think for our next move. Don’t mind it.”

Kizuna grasped Aine’s hand and forcefully pulled her outside the Love Room.

And then Kizuna who got outside, was shocked by the sight spreading in front of his eyes.

“This is-……!?”

Several dozen red battleships were floating, filling out the sky.

“Enemy, reinforcements……no way, there should still be time left.”

Kizuna felt the absurdity while staring at the red ships floating in the sky.

Himekawa and Yurishia were in front of the Love Room, they were staring up at the sky like him.

Himekawa noticed Kizuna and she asked him with an anxious voice.

“Why……isn’t the enemy attacking?”

“Aah, certainly it’s strange. What are they planning to do?”

“Kizuna, how about we try asking that person, isn’t that fine I wonder?”

Yurishia pointed beside the Love Room with a grim face.

“They arrived faster than I imagined. The game is invalid with this I think?”

Hida Nayuta’s figure appeared from the shadow of the Love Room. And then behind her was Valdy that was standing like a possessing ghost.


“But, it was quiet fun. My……”

Nayuta looked at Aine’s flowing silver hair and shrugged her shoulders.

“Aine. I’m disappointed in you.”


Aine was taken aback after being told that out of nowhere. Suddenly she recalled when she couldn’t clear the experiment task of the Heart Hybrid Gear skillfully when she was a child.

“As expected, it looks like I’ll have to bother your hand, Zelsione-sama.”

Nayuta talked to a direction where there was no one.

“Hou, so you noticed.”

Ripple like a water surface spread in the air where there was nothing. The scenery distorted and the owner of the voice appeared from inside it.

It was a woman wearing a really beautiful magic armor.

She was beautiful with a smooth body line. Then an armor that was shining silver beautifully like a mirror. Wings that gave the impression of airplane were attached on her back, shining in turquoise light of magic power. The armor enveloping both her arms and her legs was a little big, making one imagine of the firm defensive power and combat power that it hid.

In contrast, there was almost no armor on her body. There were only sexy purple bra and panty, and then a garter belt attached on her body, to the degree that it made the person looking troubled where to look. She smiled spicily with her purple hair and sent a provocative gaze to Nayuta.

“How did you know?”

Nayuta lightly bowed before answering.

“Even after the fleet of the imperial guard appeared, there was no movement at all. That’s because there is a reason they cannot attack. And also, Zelsione-sama won’t believe of anything she hasn’t seen herself, was what you told me. I thought that you will directly observe Zeros by yourself without fail.”

Nayuta tilted her head and smiled sweetly.

“Nevertheless, what a magnificent performance. You disarrayed our recognition and made us unable to notice your presence haven’t you Zelsione-sama? As expected of the captain of the imperial guard.”

Kizuna stared at the purple haired woman with a surprised expression.

“The captain of the imperial guard……you say?”

“Yes, this is the imperial guard captain, Zelsione-sama. The top of the military of Vatlantis.”

“This woman is……”

Not only Kizuna, Aine and Himekawa, and even Yurishia were filled to the brim with nervousness.

“Zelsione-sama, that’s the possessor of Zeros, Aine.”

“Zeros……so it’s you.”

She stared at Aine’s figure, from the top of her head until the tips of her toes as if licking her with her eyes.

“I see, she has the resemblance. But……”

Her eyes stopped at Aine’s silver hair.

“The hair color is wrong. Certainly normally it’s silver hair, but it’s different when magic armor is worn. This is a fact that the mass doesn’t know……you more or less have resemblance, but what a shame.”

Aine retorted back in wonderment, but also with a nervousness somewhere in her voice.

“I don’t know if you are a big shot of somewhere, but what are you doing finding fault right after appearing suddenly? You are too cryptic that I don’t understand anything at all.”

Kizuna also couldn’t hide his nervousness. The hair on his whole body was standing on its end from the appearance of the top of the enemy’s army that appeared here alone.

“Aine, everyone too, don’t let your guard down.”

Beside Kizuna’s face, Scarlet’s floating window opened.

{Kizuna, currently Masters have retreated until the Tokyo Bay. Should we return to your location?}

Kizuna answered without taking off his eyes from Zelsione.

“……No. Stand by there. But, if I give the instruction, I’ll rely on you at that time.”

Scarlet’s face was a little worried, but she immediately returned an affirmative and closed the window.

‘――What to do? Should we escape right now, or should we engage this woman?

Just defeating the enemy’s general doesn’t mean it will decide the victory of the war. I know that but, even so there is no doubt that it will become a considerable damage to the enemy.’

Kizuna gulped his saliva audibly.

Zelsione called out to Kizuna as if she had just noticed his presence.

“Hou, so you are the man I heard the rumor about. I knew from literature, but this is the first time I see a living and moving one. So the report from the subjugation army is not just nonsense.”

Zelsione stared at Aine once again after saying that amusedly.

“I’ll have you spit out how did you obtain that Core. Also, let me present a fun dream to the others.”

Light ran on Zelsione’s magic armor. Her wings opened and lens in eye shape appeared from inside. How the magic power light was running on the spread wings was beautiful like a butterfly that flapped its wings. And then the feather lens looked like a large eye that was shining bewitchingly.

A magic circle floated inside Zelsione’s eyes.

Heart and Soul RemodelingHeart Rebuild.”

A ring of light was spreading from Zelsione. That light enveloped Kizuna, Aine, Himekawa, and Yurishia.

“Wha-!? Thi……this is, what……?”

Himekawa’s surrounding was enveloped in darkness. The figures of Kizuna and others that were supposed to be nearby just now couldn’t be seen.

“Kizuna-kun! Yurishia-san, Aine-san, where are you all!?”

There was no reply even when she yelled. She became unable to understand where she was. even which way was up or down.

Inside that darkness, there was a faint light shining. Himekawa patted down her chest in relieve.

“I’m glad, there you are. I’m he――”

Whirling flame gushed out from the small light.


Himekawa’s surroundings was surrounded by hell fire in the blink of an eye. At the other side of that flame, the city of Tokyo appeared before she realized it.

In the sky that was dyed bright red, black clouds and the city’s silhouette were floating like shadow picture. And then, a large shadow that was even larger appeared.


Himekawa readied her sword with a grim face.

“Before this I was almost crushed by the past, but now is different!”

When she was going to leap forward, something caught her leg.


A hand reached out from the ground and caught her leg. Hands were growing out one after another as if crawling out from the bottom of the ground.

“Wha-……what is this-!”

Himekawa got goosebumps from the excessive repulsiveness.

“You are awful, Onee-chan.”


When she turned back, there was a girl standing in front of Himekawa. That was the girl she talked with, right before the first attack of Tri-Head.

Cold sweat gushed out from Himekawa’s whole body.

The girl was hugging a bear plushy that was burned black while tears were flowing from her eyes.

“Even though I didn’t want to die yet, even though Onee-chan told me, that you will save me.”

Himekawa’s eyes were opened wide in terror, her eyes were moving everywhere swimmingly.

“Liar! Return mama back!”


Himekawa backed off. Thereupon, she could hear voices from behind too.

“Why, did we have to die?”

It was a couple that seemed to be the same age as Himekawa.

“Even though there are still a lot of things I want to do with him! Just why, did I die, and you are alive!”


Himekawa held her head and crouched down.

“I’m sorry! I’m sorryyy! Uuu……UWAAAAAAAAN”

And then Himekawa cried like a little child. Even so, the shadows of the dead surrounded Himekawa and continued to blame her.

“Liar” “Die” “Why are you alive” “Help”

“Please……forgive me, forgive me already……”

She closed her eyes and blocked her ears while trembling fiercely. She didn’t want to hurt anybody else anymore, she didn’t want to be hurt. She wanted to sink into the bottom of the darkness and lived by closing herself inside her shell. Where no one could interfere, where she wouldn’t react at all, just quietly――.

“Himekawa! Oii, what’s wrong, Himekawa!?”

Kizuna called out to Himekawa with an impatient expression. However, Himekawa who dropped her sword and stood stock still with empty eyes didn’t seem to hear anything.

Looking at that state, Zelsione spoke proudly.

“It’s pointless. That girl is falling into the darkness inside her own heart. She is now the same like a living corpse.”

“What did you say……?”

“It’s not just that girl you know?”


Beside Kizuna, Aine fell to her knees.

“Aine-, what’s wrong!?”

Aine flowed sweat like a waterfall all over her body, her body was trembling.

“I’m having her spitting out, just how did she obtain the Core of Zeros.”

“Ku……I, I don’t know, anything.”

Aine wrung out a pained voice.

“I won’t allow such excuse. If you forgot, then you can trace back your own memory and search for it.”


Aine screamed and collapsed on the ground.

“Aine! Shit-……you bitchh!”

Kizuna clenched his fist and rushed at Zelsione. Just before he reached Zelsione, he suddenly collided with something that cut in and sparks scattered.

“Wha-!? Yu, Yurishia-?”

A blue armor stood in his way as if in protection of Zelsione, stopping the charge of Kizuna. Yurishia’s face was like a doll without will.

Zelsione calmly walked and brought her face closer that her lips almost touched Yurishia’s lips. And then, she peered into Yurishia’s blue eyes. Zelsione slipped into Yurishia’s mind from her eyes and read inside her heart.

“……Hou, this girl seems to love you huh. I don’t understand about the feeling of loving a man, but this is interesting. Then, you can break with your own hands, your important person.”

Zelsione separated from Yurishia’s body.

Yurishia turned her back to Zelsione, then her gaze was lost as if she was searching for something. And then when she caught Kizuna’s face, she glared sharply. Those eyes were changed 180 degrees from how she was usually looking at Kizuna.

“O, oi……Yurishia?”

Something shuddering ran through Kizuna’s back.

‘――This is bad.’

He immediately whipped his thruster on.

“I won’t let you get away Kizuna!”

Yurishia’s particle cannon attacked Kizuna. He deployed his Life Saver and somehow blocked the shooting.

Kizuna’s head was in chaos.

“What’s wrong Yurishia!? Why……-!”

Yurishia didn’t let him argue and directed the Differential Frame in bombardment mode to Kizuna.


The large caliber particle cannon destroyed Kizuna’s Life Saver.


Kizuna’s body rolled on the ground.


Without even time to call her, Yurishia’s unmatched accuracy with her particle cannon hit directly at Eros’s armor.

“Gah! Shi, shit-……!!”

It was like playing by throwing a rock to see how it rolled, Yurishia’s bombardment made him roll on the ground.

‘Damn it! Now that it has come to this, I don’t know if it’s usable, but it’s sink or swim, let’s do it!’

“Mode Zeros!”

Together with Kizuna’s yell, Eros’s pink luminescence changed to blue. He kicked the ground and ran. His figure vanished from in front of Yurishia with speed in a different dimension from until now.

‘――I can do this!’

The Climax Hybrid failed, but it saved him that Zeros’s ability was usable.

‘By some chance, was the Climax Hybrid actually not a failure? However, if that was true then why Aine……no! Concentrate on the battle in front of you right now! Zeros doesn’t have weapons for long range attacks. I have to fight the long range specialist Yurishia with bare arms.

That might be reckless. But, there is no other choice but this!’

Kizuna headed to Yurishia and rushed. Impact broke the pavement. He rushed on the ground with a speed that might make the asphalt melt and approached near Yurishia.

Zeros’s strong points were this speed and mobility. He didn’t understand what happened with Yurishia, but looking from the people that were used for the magic plant, he could imagine the gist.

“Come back to your senses! Yurishia!”

Kizuna aimed his right fist at Yurishia and unleashed it. Yurishia leaned her body diagonally and avoided the punch by making it slide across her shoulder. And then her left hand that gripped a particle cannon was thrust like a counterpunch.


The gun muzzle of the particle cannon hit Kizuna’s forehead. It felt like his heart would stop.

And then Yurishia pulled the trigger.

Kizuna desperately twisted his neck and avoided the bullet.

The light particle cut apart Kizuna’s temple.


Blood scattered and smoked.

However there was no time to feel relieved. Kizuna desperately grasped at the arm of Yurishia that fired the gun.

But that hand of Kizuna was easily shot through by the gun in Yurishia’s other hand.


It was a very close range with no way to evade. He received the bullet in a state without even Life Saver deployed.

Furthermore Yurishia didn’t slack down the shooting. The gun nuzzle was aimed at Kizuna in succession.


He desperately swung his arm and flicked off Yurishia’s hand that was holding the gun. Yurishia’s body twirled in a circle using that momentum. During that time, the gun in the other hand was aimed at Kizuna.


He ate an impact at his chest.

He somehow held firm and unleashed a punch. However Yurishia’s beautiful agility dodged Kizuna’s blow.

Kizuna struck up his leg by kicking the ground. The kick aiming at Yurishia’s flank was blocked by the unit of the Differential Frame. And then that cannon muzzle was directed at Kizuna’s direction.

‘――This ain’t a joke!’

The large caliber particle cannon from the Differential Frame that could obliterate a magic weapon with one attack was fired. Kizuna leaped aside, that he almost fell and evaded the bombing.

Suddenly cold sweat was pouring out from his whole body.

He fell on the ground and like that his body rolled and rose up. But, Yurishia was running in pursuit of him.


He would be eaten alive if he took a half-baked range!

Kizuna clenched his fist and charged while wringing out his courage. He leaped into Yurishia’s bosom in one go.


And then he swung his fist. A large swing was dangerous. He unleashed a combination of short punches.

Yurishia hardened her guard and endured Kizuna’s blows. Each time his fist hit, Cross’s armor surface was shaven, little fragments and sparks danced in the air. Several flashes were repeated between the two.

‘――Yosh! As expected she cannot follow Zeros’s speed! At this rate!’

The next instant, Yurishia’s body received Kizuna’s fist and she collapsed looking up.

“I did it!”

However Yurishia was looking up at Kizuna with cold eyes. And then the particle cannons in both her hand were directed at Kizuna.


Kizuna immediately deployed Life Saver. Yurishia who kept lying on the ground fired the guns in both her hands consecutively. Dazzling flashes snapped off in front of Kizuna’s eyes. His Life Saver didn’t make it in time and bullets impacted on his body in succession.

“GUAAAA-! Gah……!”

Pain that made him almost faint pierced his whole body. Yurishia jumped up and thrust her guns at Kizuna to further attack him.


He let out a loud voice to hold on to his distancing consciousness.

He swung his arm desperately and repelled Yurishia’s arms, he continued to avert the gun muzzles. But Kizuna’s speed was falling down. He didn’t make it.

The muzzle was directed at his forehead.

His body bent backwards and the Life Saver was deployed.

A particle cannon bullet ran past ten centimeters in front of his eyes. However, his stomach that showed an opening was mercilessly hit with rapid fire of bullets. Eros’s armor broke.

Kizuna collapsed on the rubble and writhed around literally.

‘――Shitt! Just who the hell was saying that Yurishia is a long-range specialist! Isn’t she totally dangerous even in this kind of super close range!’

Kizuna resolved himself of his target and took distance by flying behind. He reached the limit of his concentration from continuing the offense and defense in super close range.

He lowered his body and ran to encircle Yurishia.

Yurishia fluttered her golden hair and examined Kizuna’s state in a calm appearance. Kizuna glared at the once reliable comrade who had now become a threat that should be feared.

Whether it was her reflexes, mobility, tactical mind, guts, judgment, everything was perfect. The nickname of the world’s strongest was not just putting on an air. Just what in the world he had to do to…….

Kizuna recalled his battle with Gravel before this.

‘At that time, I multiplied Yurishia and Scarlet’s ability. I created weapons and was able to win against Gravel. Then……however, Zeros doesn’t have a weapon.’

A flame burned up inside Kizuna’s chest.

“Then it’s speed! Give me speed even faster than Yurishia’s Differential Frame!”

The light of magic power drove around Eros’s whole body. That radiance recreated Eros’s armor. Even sharper, with even more powerful thrusters.

“Here we go, Yurishia!”

Leaving behind dust cloud dancing up from the ground, Kizuna’s figure vanished. With a single step he approached in front of Yurishia. Yurishia turned and ignited her Differential Frame to widen the distance from Kizuna. She was slightly floating above the ground and aimed the particle cannons in both her hands to Kizuna while accelerating.

The bullets of the particle cannons impacted Kizuna. He was blown away but he withstood it somehow. He started to run once again and chased after Yurishia who was moving in high speed.

Yurishia fully opened the propulsive force of the Differential Frame and finally broke the sound barrier. Right now she was a bullet that advanced while destroying all the buildings that stood in her way. She came out of the city, crossed the river in the blink of an eye, and got on the road continuing in a straight line.

His distance with Yurishia was separated in one go, the figure of Cross vanished from Kizuna’s sight. At this rate, Kizuna would be sniped from a place where his hand couldn’t possibly reach.

‘――More! More speed! Faster than even sound, the speed of utmost limit!’

Large amount of particles burst out from Eros’s whole body. The ground dented from Kizuna’s movement, trench was carved and its surface flared up. The sound of wind cut raised a roar, the shockwave hoisted up the rubble.


Kizuna caught up to the speed of Yurishia’s Differential Frame. He once more caught her back in his view.

Yurishia aimed the particle cannons in her hands to Kizuna and fired.

Yurishia’s aim was accurate. It would absolutely hit.

‘――More faster! Even faster than a bullet, even faster than a particle cannon!’

The shape of Eros changed into an even sharper shape.

The brushed aside air raised a sound that was like an explosion.

The friction of the armor and air created high temperature heat.

Every single step destroyed the land.

Flame and line of destruction was drawn, he ran.

The rubble of the destroyed city were blown violently by a storm.

The light bullet from Yurishia’s particle cannon was fired.

By all rights, it was a bullet of light that was supposed to be impossible to dodge. He could see that bullet flying at him.

Kizuna avoided the bullet with a paper thin difference.

The bullets that were rapid-fired after that, were all avoided. However his distance with Yurishia was widened.

Cross’s Differential Frame also raised her speed to the utmost output power.

Particles of light overflowed, making Yurishia’s whole body shine golden.

Yurishia who was changed into a golden bullet was flying by mowing down everything.

Kizuna reached out his hand, but he still couldn’t reach to that golden light.

‘――Even faster! To overtake the light!’

Kizuna’s whole body was enveloped in blue light.

His step gouged the ground, Kizuna’s body drove away.

He was running.

Rather than that, he was flying.

Kizuna became a blue meteor that swept the ground.

The blue meteor caught the golden bullet.

Yurishia twisted her body in an exquisite timing and turned back.

The guns on her both hands fired dozens of bullets in a second.

Light particles scattered all over from Kizuna’s whole body.

‘――Surpass time!’

Kizuna’s body exceeded all speed.

Yurishia’s movement,

The fired bullets,

The whirled up rubble,

The particles of light,

The world,

Everything looked unmoving.


Eros’s fist smashed Cross’s armor.

The Differential Frame broke and was blown away into the far beyond. Yurishia’s body scattered Cross’s broken fragments while flying in the air.

She was heading to a half destroyed building with a terrific momentum. It would be instant death if she crashed.

The moment before Yurishia’s body crashed, Kizuna appeared as if he was using instantaneous movement. And then his arms embraced the body of Yurishia who lost her consciousness.


After Kizuna embraced Yurishia’s body, he hurriedly returned until the place where Aine and Himekawa were.

With Eros’s excessive mobility, it looked to Zelsione’s eyes as if Kizuna was surging out from thin air.

“Hou……so you survived. What an unexpected result.”

Zelsione was waiting in front of Aine and Himekawa. Kizuna softly laid down Yurishia’s body on the ground.

Right at that time, Eros’s augmentation became grains of light and vanished.

‘――So it’s impossible to maintain it for a long period.’

Kizuna clicked his tongue and glared at the enemy in front of his eyes.

“You are called Zelsione aren’t you? I’m going to puke from the way you are doing things.”

Zelsione scoffed from Kizuna’s insult.

“Who cares about your feeling.”

“You! ……No.”

He restrained himself that was going to rush ahead. Rather than that, right now he needed to cut his way through from this place.

Kizuna tried to rush towards the collapsed Aine. At that moment, a belt of turquoise light ran through in front of Kizuna’s eyes.


Impact like being kicked and numbness like being electrified ran on his chest. Kizuna’s body was blown away and rolled on the ground.

“Kuh! What, the?”

He didn’t understand what was done to him. Something long like snake and shined in turquoise color suddenly appeared in his sight and struck his body.

“Zelsione……this is the doing of you bastard huh.”

Kizuna pressed his chest and stood up. And then he glared at the metallic whip, held in Zelsione’s hand. Slit was carved on the whip that was shining silver, light of magic power was leaking out from that gap.

“That girl is right now tracing back her own past. I won’t let you be a hindrance.”

Zelsione swung the whip with a speed that even the eye couldn’t catch.


The whip entangled on his leg and a stimulation that numbed half his body traveled. And then that whip took his leg, making Kizuna collapse on the ground.

“I caught you.”

Zelsione smiled widely and pulled the whip.


Kizuna’s body was dragged around on the ground that was littered with rubble everywhere. And then, matching with the movement of the flexible whip, he was flew into the air and struck into the ground like a plaything.

“No matter how much speed you boasted of, it’s irrelevant if you are caught. Just a good-for-nothing boy.”

‘Damn it, if I only have the speed from before, this kind of woman――UOO!’

The whip was greatly swung around and Kizuna’s body crashed into the wall of a collapsed building. His body broke the concrete before being thrown down, where he rolled on the ground.


Even though he was released from the whip, he couldn’t immediately stand up. Using all his strength, he stood up with trembling legs.

The nerves of the opponent which was touched by that whip were directly stimulated. It was not just a mere pain, it seemed that the whip could grant various kinds of sensation to the opponent intentionally.

“Really, what a woman with a disgusting hobby……”

Kizuna wiped the blood on his lips and dashed once more.

He could only win against her in speed. He would do the power up like before one more time. He would fly with a speed that her whip couldn’t pursue and strike his attack!

Zelsione’s whip was moving like a living thing, it was fast, with no blind spot. It was like a round defensive wall was build with Zelsione as the center. There was no space to attack from anywhere 360 degrees around her.

But, there was an opening!

If he just had the speed that could leave behind everything in the lurch!

At that moment, Eros’s armor was transforming. Powerful speed was equipped in every part of Zeros.


He dashed on the ground, avoided the whip, he boosted his every single movement with his thruster. All of his motions were carried out with a phenomenal speed.

However, he couldn’t reach the previous speed no matter how. And then, the cause of that was obvious.

‘――Shit-! The Hybrid Count is insufficient already!’

Regardless of the Climax Hybrid that he had just performed, his Hybrid Count had already broken through the red zone.

This was the limit. He could only do it somehow in this situation!

The whip that assaulted in many layers was avoided barely with paper thin difference.

‘――I got through!’

Kizuna overcame Zelsione’s whip wall.

Kizuna pulled back his fist and emitted out particles from the elbow thruster. It was the thruster to make Eros’s fist punch at the speed of sound.


Kizuna’s fist was launched. That explosive power reached Zelsione, right before that, the silver whip instantly converged on Zelsione’s hand. And then, it was――,


Pierced at Kizuna’s leg.

“Fufufu. Do you think that this is just a mere whip? Unfortunately, this is its original shape.”

In Zelsione’s hand, was a silver sword filled with turquoise luminescence gripped firmly.


Fresh blood spurted out from Kizuna’s leg.

“Hmm, the scream of a man sounds different, it’s not bad.”

Zelsione was listening in ecstasy at Kizuna’s scream with a joyful expression.

And then she made a ghastly smile at Kizuna.

“Aah……certainly, it’s not bad……wha-!”

Kizuna stepped his own leg. The sword pierced the leg.


Zelsione knitted her eyebrows.

Kizuna obtained a little distance, in exchange of his blood and pain. This mere single step, was an important step in order to open the way to escape.

“With this……you are, in my range.”

Light particles burst out from the elbow thruster.


Kizuna’s fist was launched out once more from the elbow thruster. The god speed punch broke the lens on Zelsione’s back that looked like an eye.

“You……in exchange of one leg, you made my magic armor Teros……”

With a surprised face, Zelsione stared at Kizuna’s face. Kizuna was flowing out greasy sweat while showing out a smile with his trembling lips.

At the next instant, Kizuna opened a communication window.

“I made you wait Scarlet! With this, this woman’s hypnotism should be invalid! I’ll leave the rest to you!”

{Roger! We are going everyone!}

The Masters returned affirmation all at once and they flew to Tokyo once more.

However as if to take the wind out of their sails, there were figures standing in the way of the Masters.

“Wa-, what’s this? You all!”

Scarlet faced the four people lining up in front of her eyes and yelled.

“We are the imperial guard of the Vatlantis Empire, the Quartum. The loyal servants of Zelsione-sama.”

A girl with an eye-patch answered. However Scarlet yelled angrily in irritation.

“Haa? Who cares, just move aside from there!”

A white haired lady put on a coquettish air while replying.

“There is no way we will move aside. Oh girls who will cause a nuisance for Zelsione-sama……”

Quartum and Masters pulled out their guns simultaneously.

“Rout them all!”

“Bring it on! I’ll crush you!”

And then a fierce battle began.

Kizuna who watched that event from his communication window clenched his teeth.

Zelsione looked at Kizuna’s expression and narrowed her eyes happily.

“Fufufu, looks like no help will come huh.”

Kizuna was assaulted by dizziness due to the Hybrid Count’s reduction and the bleeding from his leg.

“No……but, the match with you is decided already. Now that you cannot use your hypnotism, you have no chance of victory.”

“Is that so I wonder? Then, you can look at my eyes. Are these the eyes of the defeated?”

Invited by Zelsione’s words, Kizuna stared at her eyes carelessly.

Their gazes met, just for an instant.

Freedom vanished from Kizuna’s body.


Inside Zelsione’s eyes, a magic circle was floating. When he noticed that light, his whole body was already feeling like it was chained, he couldn’t move a single finger.

“Certainly, it’s impossible to use wide range sorcery without Teros’s Heart Rebuild. However, if it’s just invading the heart of a single person……it’s a trifling matter.”

Zelsione pulled out her sword from Kizuna’s leg.


Intense pain pierced through his head. Strength left his leg and he fell to one of his knees.

“The sin of damaging my Teros is heavy. Realize that with your body.”

Zelsione once more changed the sword into a whip and hit Kizuna.

“Gah! Kuh……uu!”

While the whip was swung many times, Eros’s armor was cracked, its surface was beginning to get torn off.

And then, each of those hits inflicted intense impact on Kizuna’s body, giving a numbness that paralyzed him. And then, his flesh was destroyed bit by bit.

‘――Da, damn it! I can’t do a thing. I have to do something!’

There was only impatience overflowing inside Kizuna’s heart. The Masters that were his lifeline were stopped by the Quartum. Yurishia lost her consciousness, Himekawa too was unconscious.

And then, Aine was――.

Aine was lying down with her eyes still kept open. However those eyes reflected nothing. That gaze was directed into Aine’s own sea of consciousness, into that deep ocean trench.

“Aine! Get a hold of yourself, open your eyes! Aine-!”

Aine was hearing a voice that was calling her from somewhere. Whose voice was this she wondered? She had the hunch that this was surely a voice of someone important to her.

While listening to the voice that was resounding from somewhere, Aine looked around her surroundings. A long corridor was continuing straight forward. It was a really wide and big building. The ceiling was surprisingly high and its decoration was also beautiful like a work of art, it was like a palace from somewhere.

Aine was like a lost child, looking around restlessly.

‘Err, certainly……that’s right. I was told to investigate how did I get my hands on Zeros. And then, I need to teach it to that purple haired person.’

She didn’t know the why, but she had such a sense of duty. Aine started to walk. She turned at several corners and endlessly walked on the long corridor.

Before long, a large door ahead of the corridor entered her eyes.

This was it. Inside this, there was the answer she was looking for.

{Hey, Onee-chan. This door, you are going to open it?}

A small girl was standing in front of the door. Her appearance was about seven years old, with silver hair and red eyes, she was a really cute girl.

‘――This is……me?’

It was her appearance when she was a child. That child faced her and warned.

{Not opening it, is better I think?}

Pretending to not hear her, her hand touched the door handle.

‘――Inside this door, a fearsome power is sleeping.’

The moment she grasped the handle, she instinctually understood such thing.

{But, if Onee-chan releases this power, Onee-chan won’t be able to return back anymore you know?}

The girl whispered.

Suddenly her whole body was seized by fear, her hand became unable to move.

At that time, floating windows opened around her body.


There, a figure of Kizuna receiving Zelsione’s whipping was reflected. Eros’s armor was broken, the skin of Kizuna’s body was also torn, his flesh rend apart. Each time he was whipped, blood scattered. Kizuna was soaked in blood, soil, and dust, writhing around on rubble.

She reflexively averted her face. The sight wasn’t too much, but she couldn’t bear to see.

Aine stared at the door towering before her.

‘――If this door is opened, I can save Kizuna.’

She put strength into her hand that was grasping the handle.

{Hey, Onee-chan. Is this no good?}

Beside the girl, the Corruption Armament [Pulverizer] was floating.

Aine shook her head.

‘――No good. It won’t be useful in this situation.’

Inside the window, Zelsione stopped her whipping and opened her mouth boredly.

“I’m getting tired of this soon……then how about I change the design a little.”

Zelsione turned her back to Kizuna and headed to Aine who was lying down.

“Wa……wait, what are you planning to do to Aine!?”

Zelsione lifted up Aine and peered into her eyes. A magic circle floated in Zelsione’s eyes and the magic circle was reflected on Aine’s eyes.

After she gently separated their bodies, Zelsione faced Kizuna and smiled widely.

“This is my minimal compassion. Rather than getting killed by me who you just met, it will be to your satisfaction to be killed by the hands of your comrade right?”

Zelsione changed her whip to sword once more and presented it to Aine. With empty eyes and trembling hand, Aine accepted that sword.

“Now, kill that man.”

Zelsione’s whisper sent direct order to Aine’s body. Aine readied the sword and walked towards Kizuna.

Aine’s mind was staring at how her body was going to kill Kizuna, like it was another person’s matter.

‘――Don’t, stop it.”

Aine shuddered from that spectacle.

She felt like she was watching an even scarier nightmare inside another nightmare.

The her inside the window was standing in front of Kizuna. Kizuna was lying down under her feet while looking up at Aine with pained eyes.

Aine raised up the hilt of the sword and pointed the blade below, she held it as if in offering.

Zelsione was staring in very great enjoyment.

The sword tip was aimed at Kizuna’s chest.

Aine gulped.

‘――That, is absolutely no good.’

Aine slowly lifted up the sword in her hands.

‘――Don’t! Run away, Kizuna!’

Kizuna was desperately trying to move his unmoving body. However that was meaningless. Sweat was flowing from his whole body and his body was only trembling idly.

Inside her heart, Aine was dropping tears.




Meeting you in Ataraxia, you freed me from my worry, the more I knew about you, I become pained, shy, that’s why, I, for you――,

Aine swung down the sword she held up at Kizuna.

The heartless sword was going to stab at Kizuna’s chest.


Aine threw open the door.

From inside the door, sublime light was overflowing out. That radiance cleansed Aine’s body, like all her impurity was removed, it was a pure and beautiful light.

And then at the same time, the memory sealed inside the door was returning inside Aine. The self she lost was reconstructed. It felt like she was staring at how the puzzle pieces were automatically fitted in. And then, when she saw the completed picture,

‘――I remember everything.’

Aine’s consciousness flew out from the palace inside her heart and rose to the surface rapidly. She faced the upper layer of her mind, and the moment she broke through the wall of the awakening, her sight was synchronized with herself that was swinging the sword.

“What’s wrong? Why did you stop?”

Zelsione who stood nearby was staring at her with doubtful eyes.

Aine stopped the sword just before it pierced Kizuna’s chest.

Zelsione was looking hard at Aine’s state, but she immediately noticed and spoke.

“Aah, I see. I never thought that you will awake at this timing.”

Zelsione smiled wryly, but she asked Aine after she pulled herself together.

“Looking at your state, you seem to have accomplished your errand. Now, where did you get that Core from?”

Kizuna looked up worriedly at Aine who was standing in front of him.

Aine stopped the sword she aimed at him in the middle of the way. However, her state was strange for someone who returned to her senses. Just what in the world was going on?

Aine dropped the sword she held in her hands to the ground.

And then, she smiled at Kizuna with a face that looked like she would cry even now.


Her glossy lips, looked like they were moving like that.

Aine closed her eyes. At that moment, blue light was flickering from Aine’s whole body.

And then Aine’s hair was changing its shine to pink color.

Smile vanished from Zelsione’s face.


Aine’s eyes that were faintly opened shined red.

Her pink lips were spinning out words coldly.

“Forbidden Armament [Magic Formula DeconstructionCode Breaker].”

The parts on Zeros’s back disassembled, it began to transform. Each time the armor unfolded, new parts were created, in the blink of an eye, a large ring was created on Aine’s back. And then, the center of that ring let out a light that formed a magic circle.

Zelsione immediately lost all her composure. She poured out cold sweat and her lips were trembling.

‘――Impossible. Why, is she freely talking while under my magic? Why is she freely moving?’

“You……who are you?”

Zelsione pulled out a new whip from her back armor. When she lightly wielded it, the whip changed its shape into a sword. That sword was prepared with its tip towards Aine.

At the same time, from the magic circle floating behind Zeros, strange letters were drawn and a belt of light was created. The belt of light rotated around Aine and built a dome in half sphere shape. And then the rotation gradually increased in speed, it was expanding as if enlargening its territory.

“Hmph, is it something like a barrier?”

Zelsione readied her sword with one hand. She spurted out light particles from the thruster on her back and rushed at Aine to attack. She thrust her sword straight and cut into the dome of light.

The sword heading straight to Aine had its tip touch the dome of light.

The sword vanished.


The sword was vanishing, from the tip of the sword heading to the hilt.

By all rights, the sword should have pierced through inside the dome. However when the sword touched the dome, it was vanishing in turn from the place that touched, the sword couldn’t reach inside the dome.

Not only the sword. Even the magic armor was vanishing from the place the belt of light touched. Sword, magic armor too, all was reduced to algebraic equation made of light, those equations were detached loose and vanished. When Zelsione came out of the dome of light, magic armor was disappearing from her body into nothing.

She was shocked.


Zelsione’s body was trembling.

This was not a simple destruction. The sorcery was returned to its formula shape and then deconstructed.

If it was with this ability, then it was only logical that her hypnotism was cancelled. This was something that made all magic power and sorcery invalid. No matter what kind of powerful magic armor the opponent was wearing, it was irrelevant. Whether weapon or sorcery, they would be deconstructed into the level of magic formula.

In front of this ability, any kind of powerful weapon or sorcery was meaningless.

The dome of light was further expanding continuously. Swallowed by that light, Heart Hybrid Gears vanished from the body of Kizuna, Himekawa, and Yurishia. In exchange, the brainwashing Zelsione put them in was erased and they recovered their sanity. The barrier was further expanding, magic weapons carrying out battle on the surface were annihilated, the battleships floating in the sky were deconstructing into lumps of letter and formula. The battleships were cleanly vanishing from their edge similar with Zelsione’s sword the moment the dome touched.

Masou Gakuen HxH V04 BW 07.jpg

“This is……Zeros’s ability.”

Zelsione stared fixedly at the girl standing in front of her eyes in bewilderment.

“But, this power……this is, as if……”

Zelsione recalled the figure of a girl, who was living in her memory of the distant past. That figure overlapped with the figure standing in front of her eyes while wearing Zeros. It was a silver colored hair, but tinged with beautiful and lovely pink color.

“Don’t tell me……don’t tell me, no, that’s impossible! How can this be possible!”

Zelsione ran towards Aine, And then she called out with a trembling voice.

“You are……how can this be, you are really……is this, a miracle?”

Aine answered with a sorrowful gaze towards Zelsione whose eyes were filled with tears.

“It has been a long time, Zel.”

Tears were overflowing from Zelsione’s eyes. She endured a sobbing that was going to leak out and kneeled in front of Aine.

Kizuna desperately tried to move his body that was now free.

“Shi……shit, what is? What is going on?”


Yurishia and Himekawa that recovered their consciousness rushed to Kizuna. Both of them had their Heart Hybrid Gears vanish, they were only in their pilot suits. Both of them helped Kizuna stand up and asked with a grim face.

“Kizuna-kun……this is, just what in the world is going on?”

“I……I don’t know. Even I……”

The shocking development left Kizuna confused of what to do.

In front of his eyes, Zelsione was kneeling towards Aine for some reason.

Aine who stood in front of her was looking down with a dark and sad face.

Kizuna, Himekawa, and Yurishia too, they could only look over them with mere dumbfoundment.

Zelsione raised a voice mixed with tears.

“Vatlantis Empire’s imperial princess, your highness Ainess Synclavia. I offer you my utmost welcoming.”


Thank you for waiting, this is the fourth volume of [Masou Gakuen HxH]!

Now, the story is gradually entering the climax. You come to understand the situation of the AU, noticed that there are various circumstances and thoughts of the Vatlantis people, the fighting is going at full speed more and more, that person obtained a Heart Hybrid Gear, the big sister snapped, the mother is doing whatever she pleased, there is o—l play, Kizuna is flying in super speed, and that character is unexpectedly……!? Like that, this is the fourth volume that is full with highlights, what do you think?

This time after all is said and done, I’m able to make the mother that is earnest with her desire to genuinely enter the stage, it was really enjoyable. Was she close with the image that everyone imagined? There are also others like Zelsione that is strongly individualistic making her entrance and so on, it feels like there are only strange people making an entrance in the fourth volume. Perhaps I’m feeling the charm from the little peculiar people rather than the mainstream characters.

The development of the story is the continuance from the third volume, the story progressed while collecting various foreshadowing, but I think the intelligent reader will notice “Hm? I feel like I’ve read this somewhere?” in some scenes.

Which reminds me, it has been about one year since Masou Gakuen’s first volume was released with this fourth volume. Somehow a year has passed in the blink of an eye. What a shocking year.

A year before, I never thought that I will write the script for a drama CD of all things.

Right! On the first day of March, the drama CD of [Masou Gakuen] is planned to be sold!

By the way the script was written by me!

I wrote it by offering all of my summer holiday!

It was also the first for me making something in script form, naturally it’s also the first for me doing a media of only sound. A drama that is developed with only sound……that means there is no images and no letters. It’s falsely similar with a novel. With a content that is enjoyed by hearing sound, and it has to be easily understood with only the speech of characters, how would I make a script for drama CD that is fitting for me? It’s fun thinking those things.

I want to try doing script work again by any means!

So, about the content, it’s a little different with Sneaker Bunko original version, it became something like a fan disk with somewhat of a lot of service scenes. What it means is that it’s not a Sneaker Bunko original version,

It goes to perverted direction even more than usual.

However unexpectedly, the voice actors acting it were also enthusiast, bucking up the erotic degree by a lot! I planned to fight with conventional weapon, but when I noticed it had become something with eroticness at the level of Corruption Armament!

I was also made to participate in the recording. The work of making character in that place through voice is something that cannot be tasted from normal work.

And then the voice actors that acted each character were all magnificent. It was like they were expressing the character’s mentality and ordinary conversation, they acted a trifling scene with loveliness, and it turned out into a magnificent result.

Of course, we also recorded great number of illustrations Hisasi-sensei handed down!

It was shown to me earlier due to the author’s rights, but everything is lovely illustrations I couldn’t hold back.

……But, this time it’s not just that.

I also received really special illustration by a special reinforcement illustrator!

Who is the one drawing it, you all are really curious aren’t you? Please ascertain it with your own eyes by any means here.

Also there is the plan to include in the package of novel edition with self-novelized script! In addition, it became quite a volume. Please read that too by any means!

And then an even bigger news……

The comicalization is in the middle of progress!

Even if I say that, it’s still in the middle of various adjustment.

Do your best facing the reality, Sneaker Bunko editorial department! I want to quickly hear the follow-up report!

Now that I mentioned it, this fourth volume has a poster created where [Shinmai Maou no Testament] and [Masou Gakuen HxH] are lined up together for the use of bookstores. Uesu-sensei also left a lovely comment on the wrapping of the first volume, I’m filled with gratitude for [Shinmai Maou] and Uesu-sensei!

Nevertheless, is it really okay to write the afterword this long, you feel a little anxious because of it right? That’s right! This time the page number is increased! I got more page amount as a Christmas present! That’s a lie though!

But, next time too I’ll aim to have my page increased. If I can do that, I can spare more pages for everyday scenes and battle scenes, and perhaps the description of various things can also increase. [3]

One way or another this work became a topic about H-scene, but I’ll be happy if you pay attention to the factor outside it too.

Well then, for thanks. Seeing the illustrations are always fun Hisasi-san! And then Kurogin-san who did the mecha design. I’m thankful for always getting help, editor in charge O-san of Sneaker editorial department. Editor-in-chief M who came to drive us out from the meeting room at night, thank you very much for always worrying for us. Ouraidou-san that I bothered to proofread, Shindousha-san that designed the book, and then Tsukuru(no)Mori-san that look after the drama CD, the voice actors, and then the many production staff etc, etc, really thank you very much!

And then of course, all of you readers who always give your support. Thanks to everyone, I can continue writing [Masou Gakuen HxH]. Thank you!

Now then for the next volume……that person waiting until the time is ripe!?

Well then gentlemen, let’s meet in the fifth volume! Eros!

Kuji Masamune

Masou Gakuen HxH V04 BW 08.jpg

Sylvia: Finally Sylvia also formally entered Amaterasu desu! Sylvia will work hard to become Captain Kizuna’s number one!

Reiri: Fufufu, naïve, that’s naïve Sylvia! There is still this me remaining!!

Sylvia: Wha, what is going to happen desu? Commander is beginning to go up desu!?


  1. Could possibly be read as Talos.
  2. The four heavenly king is not a translation mistake. The author suddenly used those words. In Japan, these words are usually used to refer to the four trusted generals of the antagonist.
  3. NOOOOOOOO, translating description is a pain in the ass so please NOOOOOOOOO

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