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Chapter 3 – Idol Project[edit]

Part 1[edit]

Aine was lying down on the bed at her room. Beside her, her little sister Grace was also lying down slovenly. Surrounding the bed where they were lying in line was the projection of a concert stage in Zeltis. It was like the bed was flying in the air, floating on the concert stage.

Teen girls were singing on the stage. Wearing fluttering costumes, they were singing and dancing delightfully. The audience was all standing in unison while waving their hands. This kind of idol and music weren’t really different than in Lemuria, Aine thought.

However the image transmission system was a little different with earth. The concert stage itself was reproduced by the signal receiver. The projection had a similar surface with a floating window, but the projection had depth and it felt like it had the same width continuing like the actual concert stage.

And then the singer standing there looked as if she was actually right in front of their eyes. Furthermore, the surrounding passion and the shaking atmosphere, and even the sound that shook the body were reproduced with extraordinary realism. All those were things created by magic power particles.

The technology of Vatlantis felt wonderful now after she had been intimately familiar with the earth culture.

“According to Nayuta, the difference of our technology and Lemuria is the difference in the technology system, from the start the technology foundations that are used as the premise are already different.”

“Professor Nayuta said that?”

“Yes. Our way that uses magic power as the premise and applies sorcery as technology have obtained results that are several levels ahead. However, she said that that foundation is brittle. If there are aspects where we are more advanced, then there are also aspects where we are inferior.”

‘I see, that’s really like Professor Nayuta to say that’, Aine thought.

“Though, I don’t think so.”

Grace took the nearby glass with her hand and gulped down the liquid inside.

“I commanded her to restore the Genesis. After all, if we are talking about our anxiety, it’s only that the Genesis stopped working.”

A single anxiety fluttered through Aine’s heart. Was it okay to entrust such an important thing to Professor Nayuta’s hand? She already said that she didn’t have anymore interest in herself and Kizuna. However, if the wording was changed didn’t that just mean that her interest was moved to other things? Speaking of the thing that held Professor Nayuta’s interest the most right now then――,

“If Genesis is not restored quickly, our population will only keep decreasing. At this rate Vatlantis will be ruined. For the sake of repairing Genesis too, it’s necessary to advance the domination of Lemuria in one stroke.”

When she thought about invading another country, Aine’s feelings clouded. Regarding Genesis, she pulled on the knowledge that she learned when she was a child.

“……Speaking of that, the surrounding countries are also in possession of monuments with the same function aren’t they? What about making a use of those?”

“Ooh! As expected of Nee-sama. Actually, we are in a skirmish with Baldein that is a little to the north, I’m thinking of taking their pillar in the course of settling the conflict.”

Aine was startled. She didn’t think that Grace would speak of stealing a pillar.

“There are also the allies of Vatlantis right? Are they no good?”

Grace rolled in a flop and swung around her legs.

“That’s no good. All of them have the function in a halt. That’s why we left them alone because they have no worth to be conquered and we have to reach our hands to the surrounding countries……although, there is no other pillar that is on a scale as large as our country’s Genesis. Our pillar is literally supporting the heaven and earth after all.”

She said that with a proud sniff.

“That’s why, even if we use another country’s pillar to create children, it doesn’t change that we have to do something about our Genesis somehow. The natural disaster that happened recently originated from Genesis. We have to quickly take a countermeasure.”

Aine recalled the large earthquake the other day from hearing those words. Her heart hurt when she thought of the people that became sacrifices.

Grace lifted her upper body and stared at the screen.

“……Oh, looks like it’s the last group.”

Aine once more directed her attention to the image. The lighting became dark and the voice of the host resounded.

{Now, finally the next artists will be the last. Today the girls will have their debut that should be commemorated! A talent that will come once every ten years? Or once every hundred years? No! They are the greatest newcomers, that will be the first in the history of Vatlantis, the only ones with no match, the most supreme in history!}

The host standing on the stage fanned up the anticipation with an exaggerated way of talking. The audience too raised a crazed voice in response to that.

It seemed that next would be a popular idol. She guessed that it would be the debut of singers.

Aine took a glass that was put at the bedside. Inside it was filled with juice that resembled wine. Her soft lips touched the transparent glass.

{The living legends, the fairies that have arrived from the beyond.}

Shining plank was lifted up from the stage and floated in the air. Various shapes of planks also appeared from the wall and the air, shining in flickers. Those were floating in the air in resemblance to an Entrance.

{Everyone here are witnesses of history. Only now a new history is created! Right now in this instant!!}

The planks floating in the middle of the stage broke all at once.

From inside, three maidens flew out. Widely spreading and fluttering miniskirts and stage clothing that was like an Ataraxia uniform that got designed flashily. Tails of light were pulled from those bodies, scattering light particles around while dancing in the sky. The broken fragments flew everywhere, becoming pieces of light that rained down on the heads of the audience. It was like stars raining down from the sky.

{The goddesses that came from another universe, Amaterasu!}

Himekawa, Yurishia, and Sylvia, those three landed and took smart poses. At that instant, fireworks were fired behind them.

The juice inside Aine’s mouth was spurted out with great strength.

“Wha……wha, wha……-!?”

“What’s the matter Nee-sama?”

“What……just what are they doing―! Those girlsssssssss-!?”

Ignoring the perplexed Grace, Aine crawled on the bed on all fours and clung to the screen. When the intro began to flow, the three stepped and separated from each other, moving to their respective positions. The center was Sylvia, at her right was Yurishia, and the left was Himekawa. When the intro ended, the three began to sing with a precise timing.

Their singing voices were really beautiful.

The audience raised cheerful voices with their excitement whirling.

Puppets that were created with sorcery appeared from the stage. With resemblance to a Blue Head, the puppets looked like miniature magic weapons. They circled the surroundings of the three and formed a line behind with a run before beginning to dance. They were puppets, but they served as back dancers properly.

And then the choreography of the three also made the watcher spontaneously charmed. As expected of the people who were chosen to be Amaterasu, their motor nerves had nothing to be criticized. Their dance was actually like experts. Speed, sharpness, everything was obviously beautiful.

Every single movement of theirs enlarged the rapture that filled the venue.

When it was Himekawa’s solo part, the line-up order changed, Himekawa came to the center. Each time she danced her body to the left and right, her glossy beautiful black hair also danced. Her clear penetrating voice reverberated in the venue, inside the audience’s heart. Invited by the voice that could make the listener listened in ecstasy and rapt attention, warm fountain of flowers of light overflowed on the stage. As if swimming inside it, the three displayed their elegant movements.

Himekawa sang with her body bending backward like a bow. That pose and her voice were absolutely coquettish.

And then, golden light rained down from the sky, this time it was Yurishia who was shining.

The song was Yurishia’s solo part now.

She quickly stretched her hand and wriggled her waist lewdly. And then with amazingly sharp movement that looked rhythmical and unified, her whole body danced. Beads of light scattered in combination with her breast and ass that shook dynamically. She repeated twirled in rotation and stopped in a halt. That skilled dance raised applause and cheers from the audience.

She made the shape of a gun with her fingers while singing which she directed to the audience. The pointed audience was greatly delighted just with that. And then she tilted her head a little and winked. It was a gesture that was constantly aware of the spectators. She smiled, and then winked again. She shot through the hearts of the spectators one after another.

And then Sylvia came to the center once again. With her small body, she leaped powerfully. Sweat scattered everywhere, and light in heart and star shape from the production effect flew. Sylvia who expressed happiness from her whole body created a smile on the faces of all the spectators in the venue.

The three people came together at the center of the stage before they twirled. Thereupon their costume suddenly changed, transforming into a costume that was modeled after Vatlantis’s imperial guard. With white and red military uniform style, light particles drove around the surface. The exposure rate was high with their shoulders and arms exposed, a hole was opened on their chest that the valley of their breast peeked out. And then each time they moved, their high leg leotard nether region could be seen from the gap of the clothes.

In their sexy military uniform figure, the three sang the high point of the song enthusiastically together. The melody was actually catchy, the rhythm was also good. It was a song that spontaneously made one want to listen to it many times.

The resplendent storm of light and sound swept over the venue.

And then the climax of the song. From the stage and the audience seat, and then from the sky, gear, pendulum, then piston, retro mechanical parts were converging. And then a mountain of junk was built at the center of the stage. When the three pointed their fingers, the mountain of junk was assembling something by itself. And then after the junk became a shining miniature of Genesis, the three took their last pose.

At that instant, sparkling and sublime radiance enveloped the three.

The wild enthusiasm and excitement of the venue reached the zenith.

The three of Amaterasu undid their pose and smiled at each other, after that they faced the audience and bowed deeply.

The stage darkened and the announcement of the event’s ending streamed down, even so the spectators didn’t seem like they would go home. That was just how much Amaterasu had grasped the hearts of the people of the Vatlantis Empire.

The three took advantage of the theatrical blackout and drew back to the wing of the stage in a hurry. Amidst the raining down terrific cheer, they ran and returned to the backstage, there a grand applause welcomed them.

All the co-stars and the people behind the scenes of this event welcomed the three people of Amaterasu. Amidst them, a female with tied hair and glasses rushed out and charged to the three.

“How great―! That’s really the beeest-! Everyone is really lovelyyyy!”

She hugged the three without minding the sweat. Himekawa raised her voice awkwardly.

“We, well, we understand. So calm down Marisu-san.”

“Aah, everyone is really cute. You are beautiful, and the song and dance is also perfect! Even though there was almost no time for training, yet the talent of you three is amazing! Aah, I wonder just how much you three will make me happy before you three are satisfied-!”

The really high tension of Marisu that was the producer in charge of Amaterasu made even the surrounding staff smile wryly. Being shook around by the excited Marisu, Sylvia raised a troubled voice.

“Sa, say, Marisu-san? If I remember correctly, there is still more work after this isn’t there desu?”

Marisu separated her body in a flash and lifted her glasses.

“Now, fix back your cosmetics in the changing room. After this we will travel using flying boat. We will go to the broadcast station and record an interview for a variety show! Today you three won’t be able to sleep!”

Dragging the three, they rushed into the changing room.

And then thirty minutes later, the three Amaterasu members and Marisu boarded a flying boat and left behind the concert venue. The flying boat was something luxurious exclusive for VIP use, its passenger cabin was also spacious. It was too spacious for just four people riding it. Himekawa sunk her body on the fluffy sofa near the window and gazed at the imperial capital Zeltis.

“Haa……just why, did it become like this I wonder.”

Himekawa sighed while staring at the city shining with the light of magic power. Marisu that noticed her state sharp-sightedly spoke with a bantering tone.

“Eee―, wasn’t Hayuru-chan really in high spirits befo―re♪”

“You’re wrong! Because we are doing it then we need to do it properly……I only thought that!”

“Hm―m. that’s fine! That seriousness is Hayuru-chan’s good point-”

Marisu was smiling cheerfully. The first stage was a great success, so she was really satisfied.

Marisu was a staff member of the Vatlantis Empire’s propaganda department. She operated various events and broadcasts based under the national policy, tied to that she was also conducting management of talent performance.

Marisu who knew about Amaterasu’s existence from the incident in the Colosseum visited the prison right on that very day.

“Let’s aim for the zenith of the idol together with me!”

She entered the prison and declared that with a smile on her whole face, making the minds of the three Amaterasu members go blank with uncomprehending faces. However Marisu’s really strong push felt like they were washed away by the momentum of a surging wave, and then they greeted the day of the major debut while looking on in blank amazement.

Of course, there was also the condition that they were permitted to get out of the prison and obtained freedom to some extent. However, it was also the fact that they were moved in the way by Marisu’s personality that knew no hesitation. Marisu didn’t treat them like prisoner and treated them like important talents. And then, together with eating and sleeping, they passed the time lodging together with intensive training of singing and dancing, and finally reached this day.

“Even so this is an amazing degree of attention! The story that the photo taken secretly in the Colosseum has been sold for several tens of thousands of sheets seems to be credible like this. Well―, everyone wants to know about what is happening at the other side of the Entrance. And like that the day came that a group of three cuties like this appeared, there is no way they can stay quiet.”

Sylvia was calculating the timing for when she could cut in Marisu that continued to talk in high tension.

“Say, until when does Sylvia and the others have to do this work desu?”

“Ha? Of course it’s forever you know, forever. Isn’t that obvious?”

The three wore dejected faces.

“That’s no good! Have more pride in your work! This is not just a mere public entertainment work. This is an important work that will build the bridge between Vatlantis and Lemuria! We are making harmony between the two worlds! Saving the life of people, building peace, and opening the door to a new world!”

Yurishia cut in with an apathetic voice.

“What bridge, what new world. This is just mere propaganda isn’t it?”

“Sheesh, Yurishia-chan, your head is sharp even though you are an erotic character!”

Yurishia stood up with a look that seemed to say ‘good grief’. And then with a speed that couldn’t be caught by the eye, she pulled out a cable from the gap of the chair and wrapped it around Marisu’s neck.


Yurishia pulled the cable with both hands and constricted Marisu’s neck.

“Thi, this is, a little……surprising, I think, Yurishia-chan.”

It was a cable that was put on the dressing room. Yurishia hid it and waited for a chance. And then right now that cable was digging into Marisu’s neck. Yurishia’s lips leaked out a shudderingly cold voice.

“Do you think we are seriously going to assist propaganda as idols or anything? With this flying boat we can go to Lemuria using the Entrance right? Now, change the direction.”

Matching Yurishia’s sudden act, Himekawa and Sylvia were also leaping to action and ran off inside the flying boat to confirm. It seemed that the boat was operating on autopilot and there was no other human riding aboard.

Marisu knitted her eyebrows painfully and smiled.

“I cannot really recommend that―. The course has been decided since the start and if it gets changed then the imperial guard will come you know? In that case, the current Yurishia-chan and the others won’t be able to come to blows with them right?”

Yurishia recalled the collar that was wrapped around her neck. Himekawa and Sylvia were also touching the collars wrapping around their neck.

That was something fixed on them in exchange of exiting the prison and obtaining freedom to some extent. Magic formula was incorporated into the collar, one couldn’t equip magic armor as long as the collar was put on. In addition it had the function to absorb magic power in fixed amounts. It was like a simplified edition of the prison where Yurishia and the others were locked at.

“Then Marisu. I wonder if I should take you hostage.”

Marisu smiled wryly towards Yurishia’s threat.

“Sheesh you girls, just how much do you think you’re worth? If it is for the sake of capturing the three of you, the imperial guard won’t think anything about the life of someone like me.”

Sylvia directed a supplicating gaze to Yurishia.

“No way……Marisu-san is someone from Vatlantis but……she is a good person desu. It’s not good to let her die desu.”

“Sylvia, chan is……really a good kid aren’t you?”

Marisu was sweating on her forehead while smiling. Himekawa yelled unable to endure it.

“Then, please take off this collar! If we escape from attacking you, then you won’t be implicated at all right!?”

Himekawa was also planning to look for an opening to escape and participated in this farce. However, she didn’t think of sacrificing Marisu who had been accompanying them until now for that.

“That’s impossible. I don’t know the way of taking off that collar. There is no way someone like me will be permitted to carry such an important authority.”

Yurishia clicked her tongue and put strength into her fingers.

“You said peace and whatnot, but we are just propaganda for the sake of easily advancing the policy of occupying the earth in the end. There is no reason for us to lend our hands for such a thing.”

“Guh……I guess. Certainly that is……true. So that people of the empire, don’t harbor reactions of rejection and fear towards Lemuria. And to remove, the hostility of Lemuria’s people towards Vatlantis, and change it into adoration……I cannot deny that this is a means for that. But, just like Vatlantis is making use of you three, you too can……just make use of Vatlantis.”

“……What are you talking about?”

Yurishia’s eyebrows twitched.

“Even you understand……from the stage today right? You three……are idols. The hearts of Vatlantis Empire’s people, were seized by you three for a moment. That means that you three have influence towards Vatlantis. If……if you consider, that you can make allies for yourself in the empire, it’s not really a……bad thing I think?”

With strength still filling her arm, Yurishia glared fixedly at Marisu.

Sylvia was watching over the development with suspense.

At that time the state outside the window changed. The brightness of city was approaching below.

“Yurishia-san, the altitude is lowering. We will arrive at the destination soon!”


Yurishia’s forehead was sweating. Marisu groaned painfully.

“Even so, if you are still saying that you are going through with this no matter what……I, I won’t stop you. My dream is realized already.”


“Whe, when I started this work, I had a dream. With these hands……I will produce, the greatest star of the empire. If I die at the hands of that star, then that’s also fine.”

Tears spilled out from Marisu’s eyes.

Yurishia faltered from those tears.

However she clenched her teeth and filled her hands with strength once more.


The cable was digging into Marisu’s neck.


Himekawa and Sylvia called to her pleadingly.


Yurishia released her hand and threw away the cable.

Marisu collapsed on the floor and coughed her throat painfully. Sylvia rushed to her in panic and stroked her back.

“Are you okay desu?”

Marisu smiled to reassure Sylvia who looked worried. And then she staggered to her feet and stood up, she faced Yurishia with narrowed eyes.

“Yurishia……thank you.”

“Just what are you saying thanks for to someone who almost killed you.”

Yurishia crossed her arms and spoke with an astonished attitude. Marisu rubbed her neck while looking outside the window and confirmed that they were approaching the next destination.

“There are three more minutes to the next venue……as long as you all stay in Vatlantis, I will protect the three of you for sure……that’s why, won’t you work together with me from now on too?”

Himekawa and Sylvia awkwardly looked at Yurishia.

“……It can’t be helped. But, this is only until the best timing for escaping comes. If the time comes, that’s farewell. Conversely I’ll have you cooperate at that time.”

Marisu smiled widely hearing that reply and stood up vigorously.

“Yo―sh, then, let’s quickly work! Go in full spirits-!”

Himekawa smiled amazedly.

“Your recovery is really fast.”

“Now that you mention it, are you serious that today will be an all-nighter? I want a vacation already.”

“Holiday? What sleepy-talk are you talking about! The schedule for the next three months ahead is already closely packed without even a single free hour you know!”


The three yelled dissatisfiedly in unison.

“Because that’s how it is! You three are already idols you know? Don’t think that you have the same freedom with the common people! In the next week your rivals will also make their debut!”


Right at that time, a communication came. A window popped up in the air.

“Yurishia, Hayuru, Sylvia, congratulations on your debut!”

Scarlet and the four other Masters were projected on the screen.

“What’s this Scarlet, so you watched it……wait, what’s with that appearance of you guys!?”

Scarlet and the other four were wearing flashy and cute costumes that reflected the light sparklingly.

“Right now we are in the middle of rehearsal. We too will debut next week after all! As the Masters see!”


The three once again raised an astonished voice.

“We were overtaken by Amaterasu ahead, but the star performer always makes their entrance at the end. We won’t lose to the likes of you guys!”

The five Masters with Brigit and Gertrude removed were strangely in burning spirits and one-sidedly cut the communication.

Himekawa talked to Yurishia with damp eyes.

“They are……already, losing sight of the objective aren’t they?”

“Please I beg you, don’t think that all Americans are idiots like them……”

The flying boat landed on the rooftop of their next destination that was a broadcasting station right at that time. When the hatch opened, a large number of staff were waiting for them.

Marisu clapped her hands and motivated them with rough words.

“Now it’s time to work! After all you three are superstars! Go with your fighting spirit on!”

Yurishia smiled wryly.

“For me to be a superstar……”

While lightly brushing her blonde hair, she gallantly descended down the hatch of the flying boat.

“Who cares about something like that.”

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Part 2[edit]

Below was a vast dry land that continued without end. Above it, Vatlantis’s fleet was calmly advancing in the middle of the cloudy sky. The battleships in formation were all painted red. From that color, it was obvious to whoever seeing it that it was the fleet of the imperial guard. While some people would feel safe looking at their appearance, some other people would feel fear.

The ascending large fleet with fifty ships in total was now advancing for the sake of inflicting fear to the opponent.

The one ship that was noticeably conspicuous even amidst that fleet was the flagship of the Vatlantis army, the exclusive ship of the emperor. It was gigantic with a total length that surpassed two thousand meters, but there was no roughness at all in its design, it was gracefully filled with delicate beauty like a beautiful bird. Its shape was slender and sharp, but its hull undulation that was depicted with a smooth curve gave off the impression of a beautiful female.

“What an amazing force……hey, Grace. Isn’t this overdoing it for a mere show of force I wonder?”

Inside the warship’s bridge that was like a luxurious castle relocated to the ship as it was, was Aine. All of the battleships of Vatlantis had stylish interior, but this personal ship of the emperor was extraordinary even among all of them.

Even though the chair where Aine was sitting was not as amazing as the throne of the imperial castle, it was inlaid with silver and gold jewelry, an extravagantly luxurious item. A level under it was the chair for Grace. It had a definite difference with the chair of the emperor, but it didn’t change the fact that it was created luxuriously.

Grace who was sitting on that chair with composed air faced Aine with a mischievous smile.

“Nee-sama yourself, just what are you talking about? This is Nee-sama’s first campaign. It’s only natural to gather this much army.”

“First campaign……wait, eh?”

Zelsione made a friendly grin to the perplexed Aine while adding an explanation.

“The commemoration ceremony for recording the first victory of the returning emperor is also in the middle of preparation at the imperial capital. It will be busy again for these few days after this.”

“Grace, what is the meaning of this?”

“Yes, just as I said before this, Baldein in the north is repeating skirmishes with Vatlantis’s public safety force. I meant to make them meet a painful experience for once.”

“Not only the north, Izgard at the east also began to be overflowed by an air of unrest. There is also the information that Gravel had returned there, perhaps there will be a trouble with the east after this. Even so, that tanned beast……it’s regrettable that she got away.”

Zelsione sighed in disappointment.

Grace glared at Zelsione fixedly, but perhaps thinking that it was pointless to say anything, she soon gave up.

“It’s troublesome to pacify insurrection, but it’s a good chance to display Nee-sama’s authority. We will force Baldein to yield anew and make the whole continent realize Vatlantis and Nee-sama’s power.”

“But, it’s too hasty to think about the first victory already. We haven’t even started fighting yet.”

“There is no need to worry Nee-sama.”

Grace laughed pleasantly.

“Because I will absolutely make Nee-sama come to triumph.”

At that time, the bridge shook together with a fierce explosive sound.

“What happened!?”

Zelsione’s question was immediately answered by an operator.

“It’s Baldein’s attack!”

“Whaat? The encounter with the enemy’s fleet is supposed to be in one more hour!”

Magic weapons in the shapes of a dragon passed through outside the bridge. Explosions were occurring in succession outside the window, blowing away the window glass.

“A surprise attack by magic weapons!”

“I see. I heard that Baldein is prided for their dragon magic weapons. They were hiding their troops in this area beforehand.”

Grace approached the broken window without any fear and confirmed the situation outside. Great variety of dragon form magic weapons like Dragre or Tri-Head were flying everywhere, they had come close without being noticed. Furthermore their number was quite considerable. The sight was as though they had flew into a great crowd of birds by mistake.

“So they are not using a fleet made of battleships as their main force and instead focused their whole battle strength into their prided magic weapons. Certainly they have no chance even if they try to engage our fleet right from the front. In that case it’s the correct choice to gamble their chances on fast and powerful magic weapons.”

Baldein’s dragons ran through between the fleet like a gale while adding attacks one after another. The red battleships of the imperial guard were toyed with by the magic weapons with their great maneuverability, the battleships couldn’t even counterattack. In contrast the enemy’s magic weapons were equipped with firepower in the class of a battleship’s main cannon even with their small body. The battleships of the imperial guard had their armor destroyed and ships that began to go up in flames started to appear.

“Let out our magic weapons too!”

Zelsione let out an instruction. However, ironically the aircraft carrier which transported their magic weapons went up in flames at that timing. It tilted to the side violently and went falling to the ground. Nothing could support such a huge body once it began to fall. The aircraft carrier that fell on the wasteland raised an explosion and it scattered apart into pieces, turning into fragments of light altogether with the magic weapons it transported.

In succession, a corner of the fleet crumbled, a battleship was sinking down.

Grace smiled joyfully and raised an excited voice.

“How nice! This is a good battle! Now it became interesting.”

“Grace-sama, the battleships are at a disadvantage having the dragons as opponents. If you give out the command to let the imperial guard sortie, we will scatter them apart with magic armor――”

“No need. Just us will be enough.”

Zelsione looked like she was chewing a bitter bug.

“Grace-sama, the jest is……”

Ignoring Zelsione who was like that, Grace presented her hand to Aine. And then she showed a wide smile. That smile was exactly like when they were children, the smiling face when she approached Aine because she wanted to play together.

“Let’s go, Nee-sama.”

At one side the Vatlantis army was collapsing, at the other side the commander of Baldein was hitting her knee while laughing loudly.

“Hohohoho, it is completely clear that those Vatlantis bunches are completely like a chicken with the head cut off now. Aah, how fun, how really fun!”

The commander entangled her fingers in her soft wavy light blue hair.

On the rocky mountain of the wasteland that was distanced several dozen kilometers from the battlefield, an improvised front line base was made here. She had hid magic weapons all over this wasteland beforehand and laid in wait for the battleships of Vatlantis to come. They had been waiting for several days, but it was worth it. The commander was standing on the rocky mountain and watched in satisfaction the floating window that projected the battle progress. The staff officers standing beside her were also naturally smiling.

“It’s exactly as the commander aimed for. To even go as far as dismantling our fleet and allotted the resources to our magic weapons was the correct choice.”

“Yes. We have to pay back Vatlantis who has done whatever they pleased until now. Besides, I heard that currently there are many natural disasters happening in Vatlantis. By riding in this chaos, not only becoming independent, we will even crush Vatlantis like this.”

The staff officers were also in the same opinion with the fervent commander.

“Earthquakes are occurring in repeated occurrences and the decay of nature is also advancing. Even this area was previously supposed to be a forest but……most likely the disorder in the Genesis that they are retaining is the cause. There is no way we can leave the possession of Genesis to Vatlantis even more than this.”

“Fufufu. If we can give a crushing defeat to the fleet of the imperial guard, even the face of Vatlantis’s emperor will……eh?”

The commander of Baldein looked at the silhouettes that appeared in the window and her eyes opened wide. There were figures leaping out from the broken bridge and ran on the bow of the battleship. Shining pink hair and red eyes. It was undoubtedly the figure that she had seen previously in an audience at Zeltis.

“That’s……don’t tell me, the emperor of Vatlantis? She is coming out to this frontline!?”

“So the rumor that she shows up at the frontline proactively is true……besides, the one beside her, is that the vanished first princess who was recently talked about?”

A silver haired girl running with her hand pulled by Grace. The hair color was different, but the color of the eyes were the same.

“This is convenient! All units, shoot down that flagship!”

The direction of magic weapons which were fighting other vessels changed, they headed to the flagship of Vatlantis and commenced attack. At their destination, were the figures of Grace and Aine standing on the bow of the ship.

“Here they come, here they come. Fufu- Nee-sama, I’ll go play ahead. Koros!”

Grace’s body was wrapped in armor and the wings of a fallen angel grew on her back.

“Now, how about I eat you all deliciously.”

Her pink hair shined, the golden and silver colored wings flapped largely. From the wings that were only bones, light arrows in the shape of feather were fired. Those arrows became a torrent of light and rushed in the sky.

“What is that!?”

The commander of Baldein got flustered. Her composure just now vanished and unpleasant sweat was flowing down her back. Something, an unknown bad premonition came to her.

“All units, take a fixed distance! That is, something――”

Before that instruction could reach, the light feathers pierced through the dragon type magic weapons one after another. The pierced magic weapons stopped moving as if they lost their life. And then, obeying gravity, they were falling down to the ground. Those magic weapons which were so lively and freely running in the sky just now were stiffened like a mere ornament and fell from the sky.

“Hahahahahaha! What a lively banquet of dragons!”

Grace made merry like a child and laughed innocently.

However for the side of Baldein this was nothing more but a nightmare.

The several hundred dragons were falling down like rain. They struck the ground one after another, raising a cloud of dust. The dust cloud was rising up like a carpet bombing had just happened, before long the whole ground looked as if mist had enveloped it. Inside the mist, the bodies that had become pieces became fragments of light and vanished.

The light feathers were converging to Grace’s position and were absorbed into the wings, her pink hair became even brighter.

“Co, Commander……”

The staff officers were raising trembling voices.

“That monster……!! Still, it won’t end just like this!”

Together with the commander’s voice, the last machine hiding in the wasteland was raising its head from inside the cloud of dust. It was a shockingly gigantic dragon. Its mouth looked as if it could crunch a Dragre with one bite. Long neck that reached a hundred meters and a smallish torso. From there four wings in golden shine were growing. And then its large and long tail that might be double the neck length might be able to knock down even a battleship.

Inside the dragon type corps of Baldein, this was the magic weapon that was prided to be the biggest and strongest, the [Gold Dragon EmperorGolden Dragon]. It surpassed even the category-Ultra Tri-Head, a machine that ruled at the summit of magic weapons.

The rising dust cloud was like a smoke curtain that hid its figure. As the body that was buried rose from the ground, even more dust clouds were rising up. The commander handed down an order to that gigantic body.

“Shoot down that flagship!”

The built-in magic machine raised a sound that was like the roar of a beast. Its wings emitted golden light and that gigantic body lightly flew up.


Aine opened her eyes wide towards that gigantic body which was flying up from the front. A gigantic dragon that shined gold. Its size was equal to a battleship, compared to that even a Tri-Head looked just like a lizard.

“Hohou. So that’s the trump card of Baldein. Then, I’ll defer this prey to Nee-sama.”

Grace happily smiled.

There was no leeway to refuse or accept. This ship would be sunk down if that thing was not defeated. The magic weapon was unmanned, but this battleship had people on board.


Aine’s body was equipped with white armor. And then her hair was changing color to pink.

She stretched her right hand forward and a magic circle drawn from light was spreading from her fingertips. And then when her hand reached inside that, she pulled out Pulverizer from inside the magic circle.

For Aine who had taken back her memory, it was already unnecessary to do Climax Hybrid in order to use a Corruption Armament. It was possible for her to use Pulverizer anytime.

Aine’s finger pulled the trigger.


A terrific ring of flash and shockwave spread instantly with Aine as the center.

And then a belt of light that destroyed everything and left nothing behind was heading to the Golden Dragon. The Golden Dragon received that attack right from the front. Fierce light raised an explosion in the air. The shockwave shook the flagship that Aine boarded and even granted tremors until the ground.

From inside that fierce explosion, the Golden Dragon stretched out its neck.


Aine raised her voice reflexively.

Even while its armor was destroyed, the Golden Dragon endured through a single attack of Pulverizer. Raising the roar of its magic machine that resembled an anguished voice, it faced Aine and came approaching.

“……I see. So I cannot defeat you with something like this.”

Aine threw away the Pulverizer.

“Code Breaker.”

The blue light flowing in Zeros’s body was increasing in speed and it started to shine dazzlingly. The parts on her back unattached and created a ring on her back. At the center of that ring, a magic circle was drawn.

‘――In the past, I lamented that I didn’t have any projectile weapon. That I don’t have any powerful weapon.’

Belt of light was flowing out from the magic circle, it wrapped around Aine’s right arm.

‘――Just what in the world did I worry about. Even though from the start, there is already the strongest weapon inside me.’

Aine pulled back her right arm, she faced the Golden Dragon charging at her and took a stance with half her body forward.

“Even though this me myself, these arms, these legs, are already the strongest weapon!”

Aine’s right fist struck out.

The gigantic nose tip of the Golden Dragon that was charging with a terrific speed, was intercepted by Aine’s small fist.

It was an attack with exquisite timing, the greatest timing there was.

However, due to the enormous difference in mass, the Golden Dragon squashed Aine as it was and sunk the flagship of Vatlantis――was how it was supposed to be.

The Golden Dragon’s face was smashed.

It was as though it collided with an unseen wall, it was smashed by its own mass.

And then the magic circle of Code Breaker flowed into the Golden Dragon from Aine’s fist, encroaching into its body.

The body of the Golden Dragon from its head, torso, wings, and tail, was dissolved in turn by the Code Breaker. The dissolved body of the Golden Dragon was deconstructed into shining bright magic letters and formulae and vanished into the air.

And then in the blink of an eye, the strongest magic weapon Golden Dragon vanished beautifully into nothing. It was as though it didn’t exist right from the start.

Baldein’s commander that was watching that development with her own eyes became dumbfounded.

“What is……that……just what is, that magic armor.”

“Wha, what are we going to report……back to the country?”

The staff officer asked the commander with a voice that almost broke into a sob.

“Ku……we, don’t have……any method to resist. Non resistance……allegiance to, uuu-”

The commander fell to her knees and hit the ground with both her hands. And then she raised her voice and cried like a child.

The staff officers also flowed their tears and looked up at the flagship of Vatlantis that was passing through above their heads.

There were two figures standing at the end of the ship’s bow.

They didn’t have any means to resist those two magic armors, Koros and Zeros. They could only do as they were told by Vatlantis, that was what they realized.

The shadow of Aine who was standing at the furthest ahead of the bow lowered her fist slowly.

Grace who was watching the battle behind her approached her with applause.

“Splendid, Nee-sama. Even so, how Nee-sama’s hair color changed when wearing Zeros is the same like when we were children. However, Nee-sama’s hair will soon be able to keep retaining the pink color. There is no need to worry.”


“The original hair color of us the royalty is pink. In our childhood the amount of magic power we can gather is few so there were also some royalty that had silver hair like Nee-sama. Even so, in adulthood the color of the hair will be fixed as pink.”

Aine pinched her hair with her fingers.

“Then, my hair is usually pink colored?”

“But, Nee-sama stayed for long in Lemuria……so Nee-sama is basically lacking in magic power. At any rate the consumption of magic power on the other side is intense. What, sooner or later when Nee-sama’s body becomes familiar with this world, surely Nee-sama’s hair will habitually become the same color as mine.”

‘――I see’, Aine thought.

The silver hair color of hers was not normal, it was because there was not enough magic power that it stayed silver. And then when she was filled with enough magic power due to Climax Hybrid, her hair color recovered its original color and changed into pink. Aine finally understood the reason why her hair changed color when doing Climax Hybrid.

“We are riding to Baldein’s capital just like this! Tonight we will have a victory celebration at Baldein!”

The imperial guard raised a war cry at Grace’s command. Grace gripped Aine’s hand and they returned inside the ship. And then she spoke elatedly.

“Isn’t it exactly as I said? This is Nee-sama’s first victory.”

“Yes……that’s right.”

She won the battle, but Aine’s heart didn’t clear up.

For some reason, she felt like she was rapidly walking the path that was irrelevant to her own will. And then before she realized she had passed through the parting road, and now she realized she had stepped onto a path that she couldn’t turn back on.

She couldn’t repress such feeling.

Part 3[edit]

That night, the army of Vatlantis entered Baldein’s castle.

Baldein was located in the northern mountains area, a land that was covered in ice and snow. When it was summer the ice and snow would melt and the ground appeared, but right now the snow piled up until around fifty centimeters.

The royal castle of Baldein was located at the valley among the mountains. It was built from the lumber that could be taken in this region, a gigantic wooden castle with height higher than 100 meters.

Even though it was called wooden, the lumber had the strength and fireproof that was equal with rebar. Many of Baldein’s buildings were created from this lumber.

At the audience room of that wooden castle, Baldein tied a peace treaty with Vatlantis.

Aine carried out the signing with the sign of Grace added beside it. Zelsione and the Quartum were also present as close aides.

“With this the signing is over.”

The queen of Baldein elegantly tilted her head and smiled thinly. The queen was an adult woman in her thirties. Even with her age passing thirty, her body line didn’t crumble at all, she was drifting off allure that was stacked by her age.

That amorousness was also largely caused by her outfit. Similar like Grace, in order to display her body’s beauty, the queen was wearing a sexy outfit with high exposure rate. She was wearing a lot of precious metals on her body like necklace, bracelet, and waist belt, it was also the role of the accessory to hide the tips of her breasts and between her nether region.

“My deep gratitude of your recognition towards Baldein’s autonomy. Still, about the pillar that is included in the condition, unfortunately the pillar is currently not functioning.”

The pillar that was located in Baldein. The pillar that gathered the faith of this country and birthed life was located inside this castle. It was a blue shining pillar of ice with height around five meters. It constantly emitted beautiful radiance since the founding of the country, but right now it lost its light and became unable to even birth life.

“That is truly unfortunate……but, I understood that this problem is a problem of the whole world. I want you to lend us your power to resolve this problem from now on too.”

After Grace said that, the queen of Baldein lowered her head as if nodding.

“Then Vatlantis’s emperor, this way. The banquet of welcoming has been prepared.”

The queen of Baldein stood first and guided Aine and Grace towards another room. After them, Zelsione and the Quartum also followed.

They were progressing through a corridor with a large window. It was heavily snowing outside, but the inside of the castle was warm, But the lighting of the castle was gradually decreasing, and the destination they advanced to was becoming dark.

Aine felt a strange anxiety toward the creeping darkness.

“Hey, Grace. We are going forward to a direction that is gradually becoming dark with no human presence, I wonder if this is okay?”

“Yes. It looks like we can have expectations for this.”

The corner of Grace’s mouth was lifted. The Baldein queen stopped in front of a certain door.

“This way, please change your clothes here.”

When they entered inside, there was a spacious fitting room. Outfits were lined up in a row inside, the whole surface of the wall became mirror. Maids without even footstep sound were approaching and began to take off their clothes.

“Wa, wait!?”

Aine looked around her surroundings in a fluster. Thereupon, everyone was quietly letting their clothes be taken off.

“Ainess-sama, there is no need to panic. This is the welcoming preparation.”

Zelsione left the maid to do their work with a composed expression, and then, her figure soon became like just when she was born.

“Welcoming? By getting stripped like this?”

Grace nodded with a self-satisfied look.

“Yes. This is something like the highest grade of warm welcoming that is conducted between the royal family of Baldein. It seems that it’s the custom for our clothes to be changed into a suitable one.”

‘――So this is something like that?’

Even while feeling doubt, Aine obediently let herself get changed into a new outfit.

“……Although you say that.”

Aine hid her breast with a bright red face.

“Why, is my appearance like this!?”

The outfit she was made to change into was a one piece using a high grade fabric that was like silk. However her shoulders and breasts were laid bare. A ribbon was tied in a shape that sandwiched her lower breast, from there thin cloth that looked see-through was covering the body. That cloth was tailored to cling snugly on the waist, then from the waist below it became loose on the contrary and spread out in flaring shape with drape.

The clothes that was already transparent under the best condition had the front connected but it was not the type that had its left and right fixed with button. It was only tied under the breast, so when she walked the front opened. And then she was not allowed to wear underwear.

Her arms were wearing gloves until above her elbow made from thin cloth that was transparent combined with laces, her legs were also covered until her thighs by tights that were made similarly, her feet were made to wear high heels.

With her parts that had to be hidden in plain sight, it was an inflammatory dress with the objective of emphasizing the beauty and charm of her body.

Aine hugged her breasts and curled up her back shamefully.

“Something like this is not clothes or anything. Thi, this is merely naked.”

“That’s not true. As clothes that displayed the beauty of our body, it’s quite good.”

Grace puffed up her chest with brazen attitude. Matching her motion, the tips of her breast shook like pudding.

Baldein’s queen was also putting her hand on Aine’s shoulder from behind and praised her appearance.

“That is so. You are really lovely and beautiful. Surely even the northern fairy will feel jealous of you. Of course Grace-sama and Zelsione-sama are also lovely.”

Grace and Zelsione too were wearing dresses that were strangely similar even though the color and design were different.

“Well then to continue, we are putting on the cosmetic for the use of party.”

Baldein’s queen clapped her hands and called in different maids.

“Ye, yes.”

Aine lifted her face so that they could easily put the makeup on her, but the maids gently grasped both Aine’s arms, separated her arms and exposed her hidden breasts.

“Eh? Wha, what is”

Ignoring Aine’s bewildered voice, the maid standing in front of Aine took a white cream on her hand and painted it on Aine’s breasts.


The unexpected stimulation and pleasure made a voice leak out from Aine’s lips.

The maid spread the cream with her palm thoroughly on Aine’s skin and carefully rubbed them evenly.

“Whe, where are you applying……ah, haaa, the cosme……tic”

“My, Ainess-sama. This foundation cream is a really good item you know? It will make your skin nicely colored, tight and glossy, it will make Ainess-sama’s breasts a step more beautiful.”

Baldein’s queen was also similarly painted with the cream by a maid. Her breasts were big so there were two maids taking care of her. Each maid was dividing the duty for the left and right respectively.

“That, why are my breasts……are applied with makeup”

After the maid separated her hands from Aine’s breasts, this time a different maid carrying a red bottle came in front of Aine. And then she wetted a small brush with the liquid inside the bottle. The tip of the brush was dyed with vivid pink color. With that brush, the maid began to pain the tip of Aine’s breast.

“Hii, a, yaaaa”

Ticklishness and pleasure attacked her. Aine was unable to endure and her waist almost crumbled down. In no time at all a different maid prepared a chair and made Aine sit there. And then without a break, just like how lips were applied with crimson to attract attention, the tips of her breasts were painted with a glossy and vivid pink.

Cosmetics were applied on Aine’s breasts and its spiciness increased even further than before. The radiance of the whole breast, and then the contrast with the part at the tips. The tips also let out luster and reflected light.

“It……it’s over, with this?”

Aine tried to adjust her disarrayed breathing and took a deep breath.

“No, we still haven’t done hair setting. Please be patient for a little while more.”

“I see. But, if it’s my hair than before coming here I……eh?”

A maid carrying a tray with a scissor and a brush on it that looked high class from its silvery shine came, she kneeled in front of Aine. And then she opened Aine’s legs.

“Wai-!? Wait, a second!”

Aine’s perplexed yell made Baldein’s queen tilt her head from Aine’s attitude.

“My, what is the matter Ainess-sama?”

“You said hair setting right? Why, did she open my legs then-?”

“Yes, that’s right……she will be the one trimming.”

Blood was drained from Aine’s face.

“I, I-i-i-i-I’m going to pass for this. I, don’t need……”

“No. Saying this is really impolite for me but, from what I see Ainess-sama’s place is in a state that hasn’t been trimmed at all. At this rate it will bring shame to Ainess-sama. Now, all of you. Make Ainess-sama to be clean and tidy.”

Aine’s shoulders and her four limbs were restrained by maids.

“Wait, wait, stop I say! Save me Grace!”

Even Grace that was her last lifeline was only watching with a wide grin.

“Resign yourself Nee-sama.”

Zelsione was flipping a hair catalog lively.

“Grace-sama, about Ainess-sama’s hair style, what do you think about something like this?”

“No, I think this heart shape will suit Nee-sama more though.”

Aine yelled angrily with a bright red face.

“Yo, you two! ……Ah, don’t!”

Ignoring the struggling Aine, the maids opened the groin of Aine and spread her legs widely. During that time a maid was taking a seat. And then the place that normally Aine would never show to other people was laid bare. She felt a piercing gaze between her groin. For Aine, that was a shame that couldn’t be described.

The maid that was sitting between her legs was glaring at Aine’s crotch with a strict gaze like a first class artisan. On top of staring fixedly like that, she suddenly began to comb with the brush.

“That person is Baldein’s hair artist. Please rest assured.”

“Just what can I be rest assured of!”

The snipping sound of scissors began to be heard. The cut hair fell to the floor. Using several brushes and scissors, the maid was trimming the shape with amazing concentration and seriousness. After using the scissors for a while, she combed the cut hair with a brush.

After staring fixedly for the last time, the maid stood up with a satisfied face and wiped the sweat from her forehead.

“Is it to your highness’s satisfaction?”

She looked for an opinion with sparkling face as if she had just finished a well-done job.

The Baldein queen also nodded in satisfaction before taking Aine’s hand and made her stood up. And then she opened the front of Aine’s dress and displayed that place to all who were present in that place.

“Oo, Nee-sama. It becomes even more touchingly lovely see.”

“Certainly. It feels as though the grace of a lady has been imbibed there Ainess-sama.”

Aine became bright red and looked down with teary eyes. Her lips were undulating and she couldn’t even complain anymore.

“Then, the party venue is over here. Please enjoy to your hearts content.”

When the maids opened the door that continued to the neighboring room, there was a wide hall there. The room was dim, but it could be easily understood that it was luxuriously decorated even more than all the rooms until now. Most likely it was some kind of special room.

A carpet of long fur was spread on the floor where her foot could sink into it. Other than chair and table for reception use, there was other furniture like several beds and flat sofas lining up. It seemed that a great number of people could have pleasant chat here in relaxed posture.

Inside the room was misty, faint smoke was hanging in the air. She guessed that some kind of fragrance was kindled here. A peculiar sweet fragrance tickled her nose. Thereupon, Aine’s body was mysteriously turning hot.

‘――I wonder, what is this smell.’

She stared inside the room looking for the true identity of the fragrance.

Works of art were lined up everywhere inside the room. A small lithograph decorated the center of the room, and smoke was rising from the incense burner that was put in front of it. It seemed that was where this fragrance and smoke came from.

‘However what’s with the lithograph? I cannot read it, and something like letters are carved on it.’

That color and texture, and the shape of the letter, Aine felt like she had seen them somewhere.

The queen who noticed Aine’s gaze explained it.

“That is our country’s national treasure. It was a part of Genesis that is in your country.”

Grace was surprised and stared at that lithograph.

“Certainly there are parts of the outer wall that were broken, so this is a part of that……you don’t say, I didn’t know that something like this is in Baldein. Why is it here?”

“I don’t know, but it seems that it has been here since the prehistoric times. It’s just that there is a legend about it.”


“[Goddess is dancing. With nothingness, with death, with the emperor. And then to eternity] That song is written. And then, the meaning of that song is……”

The queen clapped her hands. Thereupon the doors at the four directions opened and females wearing the same dress like Aine and the others entered. Their numbers were more than dozens of people.

“Then let’s begin. The dance party of the goddess.”

Thanks to the fragrance that filled the room, Aine’s head became hazy. Her body was hot, and the beating of her chest was becoming a little harder. The tips of her exposed breast were also beginning to point hard as it pleased.

‘――This is like, the time when I did Heart Hybrid.’

Along with the queen’s proclamation, the half naked females throughout the room took each other’s hand with the other nearby and began to caress lovingly at each other’s body.

“Thi, this, is?”

Aine gulped audibly. Perhaps from being affected by that obscene atmosphere, the below of her stomach ached automatically.

“Ainess-sama. It seems, that this is the rumored secret banquet handed down inside Baldein’s royalty which I had heard of, it appears to be a secret technique to regulate magic power.”

Even while saying that, Zelsione was already getting entangled with the Quartum. The eye-patched Clayda and the white haired Elma entangled themselves at Zelsione’s both hands, while the scarred Lunora and the red haired Ramza clung at her feet.

With blushing face, Zelsione faced her four subordinates with sadistic eyes. In contrast the four people imagined what would happen after this and rubbed their thighs with moist eyes.

“Secret you say……what is the secret about?”

“It’s about adjusting the disordered stream of magic power.”

The queen of Baldein was lying on a sofa slovenly while being waited upon by a maid. They rubbed their bodies together and shared their pleasure.

“The stream of magic power? Adjusting?”

“This is a ceremony that is held according to the almanac. Borrowing this ceremony room and the power of intoxication fragrance, all of you magic knights need to get intimate and console each other, replenishing the magic power, and become even more powerful, that’s the legend handed down to us for generations. [Goddess is dancing. With nothingness, with death, with the emperor. And then to eternity]……this song is said to convey the teaching of this matter.”

‘The meaning……of that song?’

“To be invited to this ceremony which is only carried out in the royalty is a really great honor. And so, I invited all of you on this occasion.”

‘――But, something like this is really……similar with Heart Hybrid and Climax Hybrid.’

“Having said that, there is actually no effect in reality. In the present time it has a strong ceremonial implication. Also, even though right now it has lost its light, but this ceremony is carried out to express our faith to the ice pillar. This is the work of us royalty to carry out this festival as the main festival of the nation.”

Aine listened to what the queen was saying with a faint mind.

She entrusted her body to the pleasure granted on her. Someone’s hand was rubbing her breast.

“Eh……wh, who?”

When she tilted her head and looked behind, Grace was embracing Aine from behind.

“Nee-sama……Nee-sama is really beautiful and cute. More than any other doll.”

“Gra, Grace?”

When they looked at each other from the front, Grace buried her face into Aine’s breasts.

“Nee-sama is mine. I won’t hand you to anybody else.”

“Wait, wait Grace-aaah!”

Grace sucked at Aine’s nipple that was already standing stiff. And then Grace caressed from Aine’s side to her waist. Soft hand and fingertips that were characteristic of a female were sliding on Aine’s body.

“Mm, do, don’t, aaahaaaaah!”

Thanks to the intoxicating fragrance that filled inside the room, Aine and Grace felt like they were floating feverishly. Grace severely attacked Aine’s body and Aine’s body was honestly responding to that.

“How is it, Nee-sama. Does it feel good?”

Aine thought of what she was doing right now with her head that gradually stopped working. In her eyes, was reflected the sight of white limbs entangling with each other all over the room.

She saw a single strange thing.

The lithograph that was said to be a part of Genesis that was put in the middle of the room.

A steel claw that appeared from empty air grasped that lithograph. And then that claw vanished together with the lithograph into thin air.

‘――That, is?’

She tried to think about what she had seen just now with her hazy brain. However, as if to obstruct that, Grace’s fingers slipped into the most sensitive valley of Aine.

“Ii! Haayaaaanh, ah, ah! Don’t, not thereeee!’

“How is it Nee-sama? This is the punishment of leaving me alone for ten years.”

Grace’s thin and supple fingers split the valley and caressed up and down. Drips were flying to the hair style that had been tidied neatly, making it sparkle as if it had been soaked with evening dew.

“Nee-sama who is feeling it is so cute. Nee-sama, you can fawn even more on me.”

“Haah, aah, it, it feels good……Ki, Kizuna”

Grace’s eyebrows twitched.

And then the movement of her fingers became rough.

“Ah, do, don’t! It’s too stro……ngggg-nn”

Being fiercely attacked, Aine reached the summit in one go.


Her body bent and then trembled. From between her groin, the flowing out hot honey was wetting Grace’s hand.

Masou Gakuen HxH V05 BW 06.jpg

Grace licked her fingers that were wet with Aine’s honey in an entranced face. And then she caressed affectionately the face of the fainted Aine.


Right now Zelsione was receiving service from the eye-patched Clayda and the white haired Elma. The other two, Lunora and Ramza were lying on the floor with their consciousness gone.


Zelsione replied while still receiving the service of the two. Clayda and Elma sandwiched Zelsione’s body and wholeheartedly licked up her body with their tongues.

“The man that came from Lemuria, Kizuna or something if I remember correctly?”

“Yes. His name is Hida Kizuna. He was a former teammate of Ainess-sama and seemed to be intimate with her highness. After escaping, I received the report that he seems to have returned to Lemuria’s mobile fortress.”

Grace clenched her teeth so hard that a creaking sound was audible.

“That guy……Kizuna, kill him.”


Zelsione made Clayda and Elma stop their service.

“Even though Nee-sama finally returned at great pains, Nee-sama is absentminded somewhere inside. She is always making sad eyes. Even though she has been reunited with this me!”

Grace clenched her fist and hit the back of the sofa.

“That man is making Nee-sama strange. If we kill him, only then Nee-sama will wake up. She will also forget about Lemuria. Her time in Lemuria is nothing but a fleeting dream. Only after he is killed, Nee-sama’s heart will return to this Vatlantis, to my side.”

Zelsione showed a slight bewilderment. However she immediately grasped the chin of Clayda and Elma and lifted their faces to look at her.

“You two, go to Lemuria, and kill Hida Kizuna. Understood?”

The magic circle that was shining inside Zelsione’s eyes was reflected on the eyes of the two. Clayda smiled ecstatically.

“As you command.”

Elma too smiled joyfully. While cold light was filling her eyes.

“I’ll display to you, Zelsione-sama, his cut, carved, and crushed body.”

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