Masou Gakuen HxH:Volume 6 Chapter 1

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Chapter 1 – Powerful Enemy Reunion[edit]

Part 1[edit]

“Kei, could you confirm the result of Kizuna and Gertrude’s Climax Hybrid?”

Inside the Nayuta Lab’s central control room, Hida Reiri was staring at the monitor floating in the air. After the Climax Hybrid inside the fully packed train succeeded, the ability experiment of Kizuna’s Eros and Gertrude’s Sigura was carried out at Nayuta Lab’s experiment facility. Just now all the experiment list had been completed and currently that data was being analyzed.

{We obtained the result that is almost exactly as we hypothesized. The destructive power of Sigura’s particle cannon has increased by 50%. Each of Eros’s specs are also upped to be equal with Sigura. The creation of the particle cannon by Eros also succeeded. The destructive power of that creation is also equal with Sigura.}

“I see. If that’s the case we can feel relieved for now then.”

In contrast with her words, Reiri looked unsatisfied somewhere.

‘――If it’s about the Core aptitude and the compatibility with Kizuna, then this me is……!!’

{What’s wrong Reiri?}

“No……I think that compared to the Climax Hybrid with the girls of Amaterasu, there is a large gap of spec here.”

{That cannot be helped. Compared to Ros-series, the Core’s specs are different in the first place.}

“If I had the Core of Ros-series installed in me……what would happen?”

Kei made slightly shocked eyes and stared hard at Reiri.

“……It’s just a jest. Forget it.”

Reiri averted her eyes and stared at the Core storage case that looked like a safe which was left alone at the corner of the room. It was the case where Taros’s Core was once stored. Taros’s Core was installed inside Sylvia’s body and now the inside of the case was empty.

There was no more reserve Cores in Ataraxia. Their only lifeline was just Kizuna and Gertrude. Right now what they needed to do was to win with just these two Heart Hybrid Gears. They had to focus at just that. She understood that. Even so she unconsciously thought of this.

‘――Even though if we just had more Cores, I also can fight.’

At that time, the door of the central control room opened, Kizuna and Gertrude had returned from the experiment room.

“Nee-chan, Shikina-san. What is the experiment result?”

The two of them entered the room still in their pilot suits, they looked around the floating windows floating in the air looking for the one that might display their data.

Kei typed on her keyboard in order to display her text at the window they looked up at.

{We obtained the result that was roughly as we hypothesized. With this we can carry out the next operation.}

Kizuna unconsciously clenched his fist.

“I see……with this I can go there one more time!”

‘――To the AU.’

“Just wait, everyone……also, Aine.”

Gertrude looked up at Kizuna who was like that anxiously.

“But boss. No matter how you look at it, isn’t it too reckless to come to blows with them with just the two of us? No, it’s not like I got cold feet after all this though.”

“I told you not to worry. We are not going to sell a fight right to their faces. This operation is properly thought out.”

Kizuna smiled to Gertrude. When she looked at that smile, her anxiety mysteriously vanished, it made Gertrude surprised about herself who was like that.

“It seems……recently, boss has changed, haven’t you?”

“Hm? No, I don’t think that I’ve changed anywhere.”

Somehow, the atmosphere Kizuna had when she first met him was different compared to now.

After he returned from the AU, especially after going through the battle with Clayda and Elma of the Quartum, the air clad on his body was different. It felt like he was extremely reliable, or he was worth to be relied on.

There was no basis to it.

It was just, that was how it felt like. For that reason, she didn’t feel like resisting even in the Climax Hybrid. Rather, she even felt happy. Though she couldn’t say this out loud by any means.

“……Somehow, I got a little angry. Don’t get carried away okay.”

“? What’s the matter? You are odd since just now.”

“Boss is the odd one here. After this we are going to AU with the objective of recovering Masters and Amaterasu. No matter what, we won’t be able to avoid fighting.”

Faster than Kizuna could answer, Reiri interjected into the talk.

“Eventually it will become like that. But, first there is the need to know the enemy.”

Reiri brushed her hair and flicked the touch panel of the console. Thereupon, the landscape of Zeltis, the imperial capital of Vatlantis that Eros recordered automatically was projected.

“Even if we rush into the Entrance of London, we also want to grasp what happens at the other side. The information that we currently have acquired all came from the observation of Kizuna when he became a prisoner. At the very least we need to get the general map of Zeltis and the place where Amaterasu and Masters are being held. In other words the next mission is to sneak from the Entrance and scout the enemy’s capital.”

{According to Kizuna’s information, the members of Amaterasu and Masters seem to be locked in the prison of the castle. However with Kizuna’s escape, there is also the possibility that their imprisonment location was changed. Other than the deciding of that information, the route from the Entrance until the rescue location, the place where the enemy security is strict, and reversely the place where security is lax. We need to obtain the information for our infiltration path and withdrawal path.}

Kizuna didn’t have any objections about that operation. But there were still factors he was uneasy about.

“It’s fine to do scouting mission, but what should I do? There are no men in the AU. If I walk inside the city, I’ll get found out as the enemy instantly. A countermeasure regarding that is needed.”

{No problem.}

Kei’s letters were displayed in an extremely strong assertion. He got the feeling that the font size was double from the usual.

“Eh? Aah, do you have some kind of idea?”

This time it was Reiri who answered with a somewhat fidgety look.

“Yo, you can say that……regarding this matter, you don’t need to worry. Though it will take a little time.”

“What’s the matter? Is this just my feeling……you two seem to be having fun.”

“Don’t say such stupid things. There is no such thing.”

Reiri averted her face.

‘――That’s absolutely a lie.’

Reiri’s face broke into a grin and she wasn’t composed at all. Just what in the world was she scheming about……?

“Then, I have one more thing I’m uneasy about. It’s the lack of combat power. Gertrude has recovered and it’s possible to do Climax Hybrid with her, even so the level is different compared to a Ros-series. If an enemy at the level of Quartum appeared again, we might not be able to repel them like before. Besides……”

Kizuna’s look became grim.

“If Aine really becomes our enemy and appears here……in front of Zeros’s [Code Breaker], no matter how powerful a weapon is, it will be meaningless.”

“Certainly that’s true. Especially regarding Aine, currently we have no method to deal with her. The only method we can take is to avoid having direct confrontation with her as much as possible. We can do only that.”

The photo of the situation at London which was taken by unmanned drone was displayed at the monitor. There, the figures of people leading a life that was the same like before the Another Universe Conflict was projected.

{Similar with Tokyo, the whole of London is becoming a magic power plant. The only difference with Tokyo is that there is no deployment of large force like a fleet or anything here. In exchange there are a great number of magic weapons. Also a lot of the magic weapons deployed are the powerless small type magic weapons.}

“There is nothing to fear from us anymore, that’s what they are saying huh.”

Reiri murmured in annoyance.

{It’s easy to reach London. However if you go there, the magic weapons will soon notice. Thereupon their large number is troublesome. With the current Kizuna and Gertrude, the two of you will not be defeated by something like magic weapons, but it’s also difficult to scatter them in one go. And if reinforcements appear from the Entrance during that time, it will become hard to deal with them. The problem is how to send Kizuna and Gertrude to the Entrance without the enemy noticing.}

Kizuna raised his hand as if he was struck by an idea.

“There is a little something I want to consult……there is promising reinforcements for us, I’m wondering how about borrowing those guys’ strength? Though it’s necessary for the research department to make a little effort so that we can have them fight with us together.”

{Reinforcements? Who do you mean?}

“I too only got to know them just now. Right, Gertrude?”

Even though the talk was suddenly directed at her, Gertrude completely didn’t understand what Kizuna was talking about.

“Haa? ……What are you planning to do? Boss Kizuna is……”

Part 2[edit]

London was welcoming a gentle day of Autumn.

The people were leading their usual life. In London that was also a sight-seeing city, many tourists were visiting even today, the people visited famous places like London Tower, Buckingham Palace, and so on which were well known in the world, raising cheers with sparkling eyes. They did that today, and yesterday too, and then from now on forever.

The magic power plant constructed in London was something that reflected the experiment result in Tokyo. In Tokyo the plant made use of Yamanote line, creating a physical barrier, but here in London that was unnecessary. An unseen barrier was surrounding the whole London area, restraining the hearts of the people. They could leave if they wanted. But the people under the brainwashing had the very concept of leaving this city stolen from them.

And then magic weapons were lining around the city, obstructing infiltration to London.

The tourists visiting by chance couldn’t go home to their country for a second time, also there was no new tourists coming into this city.

But, today was different.

New visitors were trying to enter into the prison without cage.

The city outside the magic power plant was destroyed, there were only ruins continuing without end. It was a wasteland with bricks and concrete mixed with rebar that had become pieces scattered everywhere. Amidst that, magic weapons [Albatrosses] were standing. The ruins and the green hill area far ahead of it, and then the cloudy sky that continued for far away. The Albatrosses that were like gigantic statues without a single movement were directing their bayonets to the sky for a long while.

There was an object drawing a parabola from the sky beyond with tail of flame dragging behind it flying at them. It was a rocket or possibly a missile. The Albatrosses protecting the magic power plant of London from outside enemies judged like that.

They readied their bayonets and sniped at the soaring object.

Together with dazzling flashes and intense blast sounds, bullets were fired from the bayonets.

The bullets hit the flying object and caused a large explosion. Black smoke was rising and three large fragments separated, falling into London city.

――Shot down. Albatrosses who judged so overlooked the falling fragments. The capsule-shaped fragment was spewing out black smoke while passing above the Albatrosses and falling at the park in front of Buckingham Palace. But that fragment spurted out fierce flames from its four corners right before crashing.

That capsule, the middle range ballistic missile style replenishment room, the Love Room was performing posture control with its reverse thrust and landed levelly.

“Boss! We landed safely!”

“Yosh, operation start! Gertrude!”

“Roger! Now, let’s go flashily!”

The hatch of the Love Room opened, from the inside black and pink colored armor, and gun metallic and yellow armor rushed out. The two armors cut through the park with speed equal of short range sprinter and came out to a large street.

“How is it Gertrude?”

“There is no problem. It’s going well! At this rate we can go at full speed until the Entrance!”

The Entrance was at the other side of London Tower and Tower Bridge. With their current speed they could arrive in enough time.

But, the Albatrosses that noticed the abnormality were chasing from the sky. However the human sized infiltrators were running in the middle of the city. With the Albatross’s weapon, the surrounding city and the humans that were the energy source of the magic power plant would also get blown away together if they used their weapon here.

In exchange of the Albatrosses that couldn’t get the targets, the small type magic weapons [Brigands] were rushing inside the city. Their height was around two meters and among the magic weapons their combat ability was inferior, so to speak they were existences like infantry. However, for public order maintenance and combat versus humans, there was a way to use their size. In order to catch the intruders, those Brigands were running at the street where many brand shops were lining up.

“They caught up!”

“Yeah, it’s inside the range of prediction!”

The two intruders crossed an alley and came out at a main street of Trafalgar Square. What was left to reach until Tower Bridge was mostly just to run at a straight line.

They further accelerated to raise their running pace――at that instant, suddenly a figure of a Brigand appeared from the road corner. It headed to the intruders and struck its steel arm like a counter. That stout arm directly hit the throat of the intruder, the body that was hit rotated like a circling movement. The body was thrown largely to the air and then crashed on the ground head first.

The Brigand’s attack and the falling impact tore off the head.

The head was rolling on the ground. It hit the curbstone of the street and the head stopped moving. The Brigand was slowly approaching and picked up the head.

It was not a human head.

The Brigand stared alternately at the collapsed body and the head with wonderment. Anyway they had cleaned up the intruders with this. And so they returned to their normal duties. The moment they decided so, another different intruder rushed through from beside.

The new intruder turned on the corner and this time the intruder headed to a different direction from the previous intrude, running towards the direction of the Great Britain Museum. When it tried to pursue, another different intruder arrived, this time it was running away to the direction of the Big Ben.

The Brigands inside the city began to move about in confusion. Right now inside London ten-odd intruders were rushing about everywhere.

“All of you extra dummies, go berserk! The magic weapons are also falling into chaos nicely now, boss!”

The true identity of the intruders was the experiment dummies which were used for the practical experiment of weapons in Ataraxia.

They were the extras which were used at Kizuna and Gertrude’s Climax Hybrid.

“Yosh! We too are also going!”

The water surface of Thames River suddenly swelled up, the figure of a bizarre existence that didn’t suit the flowing river of the metropolis showed its appearance. It split the river surface, and half of a ship’s long hull that had black luster was rising.

――A submarine.

The small submarine that launched from Ataraxia went upstream the river and arrived until here. The dummies were sent using Love Room was for the sake of diversion to confuse the magic weapons.

That operation succeeded, now the Entrance was already right before their eyes.

Manifested at the other side of the Tower Bridge, its length and width even reached several kilometers, it had the shape of a rectangle with dim luminescence. That was the point of contact with AU, an Entrance.

The submarine slipped through under the Tower Bridge and the hatch at its deck opened, Kizuna and Gertrude showed their appearance from inside.

“There is only a little under two hundred meter until the Entrance! Here we go, Eros!”

Kizuna who stood at the deck was wrapped in pink radiance. Light particles converged and clung on Kizuna’s body, it increased in density and crystallized into armor with black luster. The black armor with beautiful luster was circulated with pink luminescence of magic power. It was the manifestation of Kizuna’s Heart Hybrid Gear [Eros].

“Roger! Sigura!”

Gertrude also called the name of her Core and equipped the Heart Hybrid Gear [Sigura]. Headset that looked like cat ears. Gun metallic armor with yellow light streaming on it, particle cannons were dangling down at her left and right thighs. Then there was the unit at the back that was like small wings, and a generator equipped at her waist with shape like a tube that was set horizontally.

The two Heart Hybrid Gears that were standing in front of the London’s Entrance emitted light particles from their thrusters and flew up from the deck of the submarines. The two gears that had been applied with Climax Hybrid accelerated with instantaneous force that was far higher than normal and rushed into the Entrance in one go.

And then their figures vanished from earth.

{Kizuna, Gertrude, the existences of the two are terminated. It seems that they are succeeding in breaking into the Entrance.}

At the sea several kilometers distanced from London, Ataraxia gave up tracking the two.

Reading Kei’s report, Reiri crossed her arms.

“What’s left is only to wait believing in those two……”

The destination of Reiri’s gaze was the screen where the image of London’s Entrance was projected.

Kizuna and Gertrude were currently moving right inside there. Inside the Entrance was a huge tunnel. Inside the tunnel were lights in various shapes and colors coming and going. The lights seemed to be some kind of energy that was coming and going between earth and AU. Those lights rushed about inside the tunnel, sometimes they changed shape into various geometrical patterns or three dimensional objects in the middle of flight.

It was a very beautiful, unrealistic, and mysterious corridor.

Before long, a strong light from the beyond was approaching.

――The exit.

“S……so this is, the AU.”

The two who came out from the Entrance hid their bodies at a rocky cliff of a wasteland. Gertrude was looking around restlessly at the surroundings with deep interest from the shadow of the rock.

“It’s comparatively cold here……London is also in autumn, so it feels similar.”

“I guess. When I came here before too, it also felt like this. Perhaps the seasons don’t really differ.”

“Bo-, boss. What’s with that sky!?”

When he looked up, there was a crack at the slightly cloudy sky. That was a very bizarre sight. The sky was cracked, just like a crack that entered a wall. Jet black darkness peeked out from the gap of that crack.

“So this is the aforementioned cataclysm huh. There is no point worrying about that right now. Rather than that……”

Kizuna stared hard at the black castle wall ahead of the wasteland. The gigantic wall that had the height of around three hundred meters was continuing endlessly. The imperial capital Zeltis was inside that.

“I heard the story but, that’s really a big wall isn’t it……”

“Yeah, first we need to somehow get in――”

At that time, huge battleships were passing through above Kizuna and Gertrude one after another. The battleships were scrambling forward, their figures vanishing into the Entrance where the two of them just came out from.

“It seems, they heard about the commotion in London and set out, haven’t they?”

“Yeah. In exchange the defense here is getting thinner. It’s a huge success.”

Looking at Kizuna who burst out into a broad smile, Gertrude informed him with a severe expression.

“But, from now on the greatest obstacle is waiting for us ahead.”

“Yeah……seems so.”

Gertrude lowered down the backpack she shouldered and took out a tube and a bottle from inside.

“Perhaps this will leave a scar that cannot disappear from boss’s life forever.”

Gertrude faced Kizuna with a serious gaze. Those eyes gleamed glaringly.

“Have you resolved yourself, boss?”

Kizuna’s throat gulped audibly.

“……Yeah. Since this operation was decided, my resolve had been made. Give me all you’ve got!”

Part 3[edit]

The three layers of castle wall protecting Zeltis. The outermost wall was left open.

At that gate, a large number of people carrying large baggage were passing through.

“Refugees, advance slowly! Running or rushing is strictly prohibited! It’s safe already, so there is no need to panic!”

The guards standing at both side of the gate were raising their voices. It was unclear whether their voices were heard or not. The people with tired faces dragging their feet were processing forward through the tunnel dug in the castle wall.

A lot of baggage was piled up on luggage carrier which was pulled by people joining strength. There were people crowding together in confined carriers of a ragged vehicle. Each of their birthplaces and status were different. However what was the same was their haggard faces and dirty appearances, and then their reason that they had to abandon their home town.

The cataclysm caused by the malfunction of Genesis.

Earthquake and drought, desertification and tsunami, and so forth, various cataclysms caused these people to lose their living place and they crossed the wasteland to arrive here.

It was an emergency situation, making it impossible to check the background of every single refugee who arrived in large number. Outside the castle wall, the people who arrived looking for help were making a refugee camp, and while they waited for the deliberation whether they could enter inside or not, they followed the course where the cases of people passing their limits of exhaustion were dying keep increasing. The emperor of Vatlantis Empire, Ainess Synclavia grieved for this situation and opened the outermost third castle wall for them.

“Boss, in the end we can enter inside the castle wall easier than expected.”

Gertrude who was wearing a mantel with hood attached couldn’t be distinguished from the people of Zeltis. She lightly wore the hood, hiding her face to the degree that was not frankly suspicious. The short mantel that reached until her waist to hide her body on the other hand, the exposure rate under her face was conversely high. With a top that was like a band wrapped around her flat chest and low-rise hot pants. These clothes were created in Ataraxia before the start of the operation. This appearance would inevitably become conspicuous if they were at earth, but from the research of the image Kizuna brought home from AU about their fashion, they understood that clothing with abnormally high exposure rate was preferred here. The researcher tallied the virtually recorded clothes, selected the most innocuous design, and created the clothes for use in infiltration.

“It seems so. It’s fortunate that we can slip between the refugees……however, the world over here is also really chaotic huh……”

What Aine said, that Vatlantis was on the verge of danger, it seemed that it was true. Furthermore the situation was quiet dire.

Kizuna recalled the appearance of the people walking beside him when he passed through the castle gate. Ragged clothes with thin body from hunger and exhaustion. Amidst them there was also a girl around the age younger than an elementary school student, her hand pulled by a person that seemed to be her mother. It seemed that she had cried miserably. Traces of tears were distinctively remaining on her dirty face. But right now, even her emotion to cry had already gone, not even tears were coming out from the girl’s blank eyes.

Thanks to this chaos Kizuna and Gertrude succeeded in infiltrating the capital Zeltis. However, along with the nervousness of infiltrating, a disconsolate feeling ruled inside his heart. Although this was an enemy country, witnessing the appearances of their citizens suffering this much made him unable to feel good. The reality of AU that Aine told him made a dark shadow fall in his heart together with the feeling that it was all real.

“…….Nevertheless, this is…”

Gertrude stared fixedly at Kizuna and grinned widely.

“What’s with you, grinning like that.”

“No―, even if I say so myself but I really did a satisfying job. As I thought the raw material itself has also already been good from the beginning.”

There was nothing but females in AU. That was why, it was impossible for Kizuna to infiltrate and investigate by himself. When they considered this operation, this was the point Kizuna felt anxious about the very first.

However, until this current situation where they had slipped through the castle wall and walking inside Zeltis, there was no one that suspected Kizuna.

The reason was――,

“Reallyy~ Boss is really cute you know? That I even feel offended looking at it.”

“……Shut up. Don’t mention about this matter more than this.”

The tall beautiful woman walking beside Gertrude replied. Her long black hair and sharp look were making impressions. She was wearing a mantel in the style of the AU similar with Gertrude, although the exposure rate of her body was not high, the line of her body was firmly drawn due to the jumpsuit she wore.

“It will be bad to be suspected because we are talking carelessly.”

Beautiful pink lips. However, the voice that came out from there was Kizuna’s voice.

“Wai-, boss! This is bad!”

Gertrude took out a spray in panic from under her mantel and sprayed it at the girl’s face.

“Geho-, oi, don’t spray me so suddenly like that!”

The throat that inhaled the spray once more let out a cute girl’s voice.

“Haa……the voice is properly female now. Boss yourself, pay attention at yourself. No one will care of the conversation of someone they passed through, but that voice is bad news.”

“Ku……I got it already.”

Kizuna whose voice was changed into a different person started to walk side by side with Gertrude once more.

Thanks to Gertrude’s make-up and the body adjusting suit that Ataraxia’s research department developed, Kizuna was splendidly tailored into a female.

In a nutshell, he was cross dressing. He was a girl. No, he was a boy girl.

Kizuna sighed deeply.

“……This kind of appearance, must absolutely not get shown to the members of Amaterasu.”

Gertrude easily replied towards that troubled murmur.

“Is that so? I think they will be happy though.”

“I don’t understand that feeling. Why do you think so?”

“No, because, the commander at boss’s place, your onee-san also got delighted didn’t she?”

A deep crease formed on Kizuna’s forehead.

Before the operation started, a rehearsal was carried out at Ataraxia. At that time he put on make-up for the first time and covered his head with a long hair wig. And then the liquid for changing voice cord was sprayed in his throat and they confirmed that his voice was changed into a female. Furthermore, the disguise suit that the research department developed for spying activity was also retailored for Kizuna’s personal use. The tight places like waist were tightened, and the places where it should swell like hips and breast were filled with silicon jelly inside.

When everything was over, what was reflected inside the mirror was not himself, but a beautiful girl that anyone would accept if she was called as Reiri’s little sister.

The splendid disguise using the latest equipment made even Kizuna himself surprised.

And then it was the first time he saw his sister and Kei to be that delighted.

“Both of them even brought out cameras excitedly and held out a little photography exhibition that time. Well, even I took boss’s photos that I think I can publish a photo album with all those photos……with this I won’t get troubled with spending money for a while.”

“Wait a second. Didn’t you just say something I cannot overlook just now?”

“Really―, your face is really similar isn’t it? If boss is lined up with the commander, you two will look completely like sisters.”


“Look, the commemorative photo is also like this.”

Gertrude showed a glance of her information terminal in the shape of a smartphone from the corner of her mantel. A photo with Reiri and the cross dressing Kizuna in it was fully set as the wallpaper.

“Erase it right now!”

Dodging Kizuna’s extending hand smoothly, Gertrude stored back her smartphone inside her mantel.

“Now now, let’s quickly finish our work. First is to create a map, and then we confirm the place of the target.”

Saying that, she began to walk briskly as if she was going inside a city she knew well already.

“Shit……just remember this. This guy and that guy, all of them are really”

While his clenched fist was shaking, Kizuna chased behind Gertrude.

“First we should go look at the castle.”

Kizuna looked up at the gigantic pillar and the castle that was under it. The castle was supposed to be considerably big, but the hugeness of the pillar made it look in contrast small.

Both of them were walking at the main street with the Genesis as the landmark. This was the street that Kizuna passed inside the prisoner transport when he was first taken away to the AU. Right now there was no human crowd and welcoming decorations, so he could understand well the situation of the city. Clothing shop and restaurant, general store that looked like a supermarket, greengrocer that displayed vegetables he had never seen before, fish dealer lining up fishes with strange shape, and so forth, the view of shops lining up in a row was truly magnificent. There were a lot of commodities he was not familiar with, but the atmosphere of the shopping district wasn’t that different with earth.

Of course, with how many of the things sold here were things he didn’t understand, like items that seemed to be suspicious sorcery tools, shops that sold swords and shields, all those made him feel the difference with the earth.

If there was an aspect of living here that was close to earth, there was also a part that made him feel the large difference. The same thing could be said about this very city of Zeltis itself about that.

The townscape resembled Europe, but because the whole city was created from black material, with the streets and walls streamed by colorful lights, the impression was greatly different with Europe.

“If I remember right, there should be a castle gate if we follow this path straight. And there will be the castle after we passed two gates like that.”

Kizuna recalled the path when he was taken away here.

“This kind of city will still continue ahead of here?”

“No. The nearer we get to the castle, the city will feel even more polished and luxurious. Perhaps, there is a difference in livelihood level or status here.”

After walking for a while, they came to see the second castle wall. However, that castle gate was different with the third castle gate located at the outermost, the gate was firmly closed and they couldn’t easily enter inside.

“The number of guard is……perhaps there are around a hundred from a glance.

“There are three people wearing the imperial guard uniform. Those guys should be able to equip magic armor……how troublesome.”

When they got nearer, there were magic weapons [Blue Head] and [Albatross] lining up along the castle wall, around thirty of them.

Kizuna and Gertrude observed the situation of the checking station built in front of the castle gate from a distance. The front of the castle gate was enclosed by fence and there was only one place of entry. Around that place, the guards’ eyes were sharp as if to say that they wouldn’t let a single bug get through. However, it seemed by showing something like a card to the guard someone could enter into the fence of the checking station. Since the two of them started observing, more than ten groups already entered inside the fence. And then the groups passing went until before the castle gate and were standing by there. There, several dozens of citizens, and several dozens of platform trucks for transporting luggage, and cars were lining up.

Before long the gate slowly opened. It only opened a little gap so that a vehicle could pass through, the people and vehicles standing by were entering through that gap.

“This place looks tough doesn’t it……”

“Are those vehicles transporting goods……it will be great if we could slip into it.”

Gertrude turned back at the main street of the shopping district. Several vehicles were parking in front of the stores.

“But, we don’t know which vehicle will pass through the gate.”

“Yeah, it’s impossible to quickly pass through that gate. Besides, perhaps there will be other ways to enter or other entrances. First let’s try investigating the outer city a little more.”

“Roger. So, which way are we going?”

“…….There is a place I want to go a little.”

Kizuna returned through the path they came from and turned at a large intersection. Then they went up a street that was a little steep like a hill.

“If I remember right I think it’s around here……oh, looks like I’m right.”

At both sides of the street, there were a lot of food stands where it seemed customers could eat while standing and souvenir shops.

“Just what are we looking for here boss?”

“The Colosseum.”

There was the huge Colosseum at the end of the hill. The place where Kizuna fought Gravel.

“I say, it’s quite bustling here.”

Around the Colosseum was a park which was taking considerable space, but in there people were crowding fully that there was little space left.

“Perhaps, today there is a match here. Because of that……”

‘――Don’t tell me,’

Kizuna’s heart was beating like an alarm bell. His pace naturally became faster.

Weaving through the crowd, he advanced to the entrance gate of the Colosseum.

Posters were pasted on the wall near the entrance. Using some kind of mechanism, light particles clung on the wall, moving by itself to draw the image.

‘――That’s the match card.’

His bad premonition was swelling uncontrollably. He couldn’t look straight at the poster and his gaze dropped on the ground, he kept looking down while advancing to the wall. He then lifted his head while praying.


He couldn’t read the letter, but all the fighters had their photos attached in the projection. There were no faces of Amaterasu and Masters put on the poster.

“I’m glad……they were not made to fight.”

“Boss, don’t suddenly disappear on me like that! What am I going to do if I lose sight of you!”

Gertrude also finally arrived after swimming through the sea of people, she found Kizuna and then looked up at the poster herself.

“Aah……so it’s about this.”

Gertrude also guessed the reason Kizuna’s face changed.

“Well, it can be that they only don’t have matches for today though.”

‘They already fought and died, such thing…….there is no way that happened! Don’t think about stupid things!’

Shaking off his unpleasant thinking, Kizuna shook his head.

“――So, what will we do after this?”

“Let’s see……let’s progress as it is and try going to the other side of the city to observe there.”


Kizuna looked up at the poster one more time. Amidst the faces projected there, there was only one face he knew about.

A beautiful girl with long blue hair. However that face had a large scar.

If he remembered correctly, that girl was one of the Quartum, the girl called Lunora. Two of the Quartum, Clayda and Elma were already defeated. Only two remained. This Lunora, and the red haired Ramza.

Clayda and Elma were strong. Most likely he also couldn’t face this girl with an ordinary method. He didn’t understand, why this girl who had a high position even in the imperial guard was making an entry in a match at the Colosseum. However, he guessed that she appeared here surely because she had considerable confidence.

“What’s the matter boss?”

“No, nothing……let’s go.”

Perhaps he would fight her too eventually. While thinking about that, Kizuna lined up with Gertrude and left behind the Colosseum.

After they descended the hill from where they came from, and went to the opposite direction, there they met a city with another different atmosphere.

“What’s, this?”

Gigantic fissure ran in the middle of the city.

“Is this a ground fissure? No matter how I look, I don’t think that it’s originally a part of here.”

‘Is this also the influence of the cataclysm occurring in Vatlantis?’

Kizuna was pondering that, but he had no way to confirm it. Looking from afar at the fissure that was surrounded by fence forbidding entry, he then headed to the direction of the business district.

Compared to the area from before, there were a lot of small shops here with complicated alleys. A nice smell was drifting from the street corner. When he looked around tempted by that smell, there was a small shop that was like a stand.

“Uwa, what is this?”

It looked like they were selling meat roasted whole and scraped off like kebab, but there were six legs at that lump of meat hung down from the ceiling by its large tail.

“It seems to be a living thing characteristic of this world. The appearance is like that but……the smell entices the appetite.”

Its surface was roasted crispy and meat juice overflowed from the inside while raising flame. It was cut already so they didn’t understand its original shape, because of that they weren’t really bothered about it. They were assaulted by the impulse to eat, but unfortunately they didn’t have anything like this world’s currency. Kizuna pressed on his noisy stomach and passed the stand.

However even ahead of that there were still many food stands continuing ahead. Next to that stand was a stand selling boiled cooking, this food was also cooked with peculiar spices, it was giving off unbearable aroma.

“This is the city of the common folk……I think.”

When he was a prisoner, he couldn’t really look around the city. That was why there were only few things he could see and hear. If the fact that there were only females here was removed, it felt like he was having a trip at a foreign country.

“Boss. For some reason there is a great crowd there see.”

At the direction Gertrude pointed was a gathering of a large number of people. It seemed to be a plaza place at the city center, but it was really packed full with people.

“Yeah……what is the commotion there?”

Their interest was tickled, but the onlookers were surrounding that place in many layers, so the two didn’t understand what was happening inside there. What they could hear was only ‘kyaa kyaa’ cheers. Before long, a loud voice that seemed to use a megaphone resounded.

“From now on the shooting of [Vatlantis city strolling] will begin―! Please stay quiet.”

The content really shaved off their nervousness.

“It seems like a recording of Vatlantis’s TV show isn’t it?”

“It’s really similar with our world like this……then those crowding people are the curious onlookers of the celebrity acting here, maybe they are even something like groupies here.”

“A star of this world is it, what kind of mug they have? Let’s take a little peek.”

Gertrude hopped around *pyon pyon* trying to sneak a look at the other side of the crowd, but it was completely pointless. What she could see were only the heads of the spectators, although she tried to peek aiming from the gap, the waving hand of the spectators obstructed her and she couldn’t see anything.

“Gertrude, let’s go soon.”

Kizuna unnaturally moved only his eyes at another direction. Gertrude peeked at that direction during a natural movement. At a spot a little distanced from the crowd, there was a knight wearing imperial guard uniform standing on top of a three storey building. Looking carefully, there were several imperial guards placed among the crowd.

“I say……there must be really important people here like this.”

“It’s futile to stay for long here. Let’s leave inconspicuously. Slip along the stream of people naturally.”

Kizuna and Gertrude pretended to enter a nearby store and then entered into an alley, they slipped into a crowd and left that place.

Right after the two left, the preparation of shooting at the plaza began. So that the camera could project the situation of the city nicely, the gathering gallery was made to move. When the crowd stepped aside, the filming location’s state became bright.

At the center were the number one idols of Vatlantis Empire, it was not an exaggeration to say that right now this idol group was the national star.

“Then, we are starting the main event! Start!”

Voices of three girls came out with matched rhythm.

“ “ “Amaterasu strolling the city of Vatlantis~!” ” ”

Amaterasu who was in the height of popularity was playing the role of presenter in an information variety show.

Himekawa, Yurishia, and Sylvia matched their voices to call the show title. The spectators who heard the voices of the three in live raised their cheers in great delight and roared applause that split the air. Every time, they visited the cities of Vatlantis and the surrounding countries and introduced the locality while delivering various information about Vatlantis and Lemuria to the viewer, this was a popular show.

Himekawa who stood at the center of the three began to talk with the signal of the director.

“Previously we were delivering from the country of snow and ice Baldein but……”

“It was really cold there desuu~”

Perhaps the sensation of the cold was revived in her, Sylvia hugged her body while trembling.

“This time it feels like we have returned to our home ground after a long time aren’t we? Yes, today we are delivering this show from here, the imperial capital Zeltis as you see★”

Yurishia faced the camera and winked one of her eyes.

“Where are we going today desu?”

Himekawa faced the direction of the camera and answered with a firm tone.

“First is from Tisura Market in front of us right now. This market has ancient and honorable origin since the long past, there are a lot of delicious things here.”

“Recently you see, many natural disasters due to Genesis made this place receive damage, however this place is still going strong! Even the shops that sunk from the fissure are doing business energetically with their temporary stores. In any case, if you viewers think that ‘that shop is gone already eh~’, then you are greatly mistakennn”

Himekawa smiled at Yurishia who was full of playfulness.

“Besides, there are many cases of the people who recently came to Zeltis from outside opening their shops, so you can also eat a lot of food that is overflowing with the sensation of foreign country here.”

“Even outside Zeltis there are a lot of desertification and ground crumbling, so there are also a lot of people evacuating. The shops that those people opened, as expected it must have authentic taste. Just walking around this market while eating will make you feel a little like in a travel. Well, as for us right now we are exactly in the middle of a trip in an alternate world though aren’t we?”

The gallery surrounding them gave off laughing voices.

Sylvia took a step forward and raised her hand while facing the camera.

“For the sake of supporting those people too, I want you honorable viewers to also show up here by any means desu.”

Himekawa looked around the surrounding with a twirl.

“Well then, first which shop should we start going to?”

“I guess, it’s a little hard to choose but……ah! How about that one I wonder?”

Yurishia pointed at a lump of meat that was like a lizard with six feet hung by its large tail from the ceiling. It was roasted whole and scraped off by sword to eat, a hearty cooking.

“Uwaa~ it has nice smell desu!”

“Then, should we go?”

And then the camera circled to chase the three heading at the store. The director staring at that situation from a slightly distanced location narrowed her eyes in satisfaction. And then she began to talk to the female that seemed like a carrier woman standing beside her, the producer in charge of Amaterasu, Marisu.

“Geez― really nice aren’t they, Amaterasu. Recently it feels like they are increasingly getting in the mood see―”

Marisu also grinned cheerfully from those words.

“Thank you very much. The three of them are getting in the mood after all―”

“Who can imagine that idols who came from Lemuria will become this famous. Well, the way of living of those girls are also dramatic. When looking at those girls, it makes even me want to go to Lemuria. That magic power plant is fine, but I wonder if they will hasten the colonial policy there soon enough.”

“It really is as you say.”

After that the shooting was progressing without problem and it was over three hours later. There were the tidying up of the equipment and various kind of work for the staff, but Amaterasu and Marisu had to immediately move to the next scene without delay.

The limousine that was exclusive for Amaterasu’s use was specially made and prepared by the publicity department of Vatlantis Empire. The shape of its front half imitated dragon head and upper body while the rear half was for the passenger room. The car frame that was created in magic weapon quality was sturdy and could protect the passenger even in the small chance they were attacked by terrorists.

“Haa― I’m tireddd~ uuuuu”

Lying down on the fluffy seat, Yurishia raised a groaning voice as if spewing out her stress.

The seat were placed U-shaped and Yurishia was lying down at the farthest behind seat. At her left side was Himekawa sitting at the seat installed at the side of the car. She drank a glass of water with a single gulp and sighed in relief.

“For some reason, especially recently the work feels like it increased though……”

“Unyuu……Sylvia ate too much, and feels really sleepy desu.”

At the opposite side of Himekawa was Sylvia who was sitting looking like she was really sleepy, her body was beginning to stagger left and right like a pendulum.

On the other hand, Marisu was full of vigor. When she came around to the back seat from the assistant driver seat, she sat next to Sylvia.

“It’s fine to sleep you know―. I’ll wake you up when we arrived!”

“Sorry, desu……desu”

Marisu pulled Sylvia’s body to herself. Sylvia’s body collapsed feebly following the pull and she began to breath like a sleeper on Marisu’s lap.

“So……where to next I wonderr?”

Yurishia who kept lying down let out a fed up voice.

“Err― let’s see, next is Holzon Hospital at Zeltis’s outskirt. It’s a visit to the hospital specialized for military personnel.”

Yurishia’s complexion changed.

“That’s……isn’t that quite strange? Because, they are the opponents we fought right?”

Hearing those words, Himekawa also knitted her eyebrows from the realization.

“Certainly……people resenting us…….”

Marisu waved her hand with a smile.

“No no, of course we will avoid the patients that participated in the battle against Lemuria. It will mainly be the patients that came from the civil war and war with the surrounding countries……the injured soldiers from the war with Izgard and Baldein.”

The car finally came out the street and traversed the wasteland. Himekawa and Yurishia were shocked that inside the castle wall there were areas other than the city. According to Marisu’s story, it seemed that previously this area was a ranch area and grasslands.

Before long they came to see Holzon Hospital from afar. Similar with Zeltis, it was a black splendorous building. The hospital’s size was near the scale of a university hospital on earth, but above all the fact that the hospital was colored black made Yurishia and Himekawa feel discomfort.

The sleeping Sylvia woke up and the three got down the car while still harboring anxiety. Marisu said that just now, but as expected wouldn’t there be many people that held antipathy to them. They were anxious about that matter.

But, the hospital staff that welcomed them, and then the patients welcoming attitude quickly blew away that anxiety. The instant they entered the hospital lobby, shockingly there was welcoming paper crackers raining down at them. It was not really paper but light fragments made from magic power, the fragments sparkled and melted when touching the body before vanishing.

What surprised them next were the welcoming words pasted on the wall. Those words were also written by sorcery, but what made them surprised was that they were written in Japanese and English.

“How is it? The patients were the ones preparing those words handmade you know?”

A nurse asked with a cheerful voice.

Yurishia shrugged her shoulders and murmured awkwardly.

“I say…….I’m beaten. I give up already.”

They quickly mingled with the patients, greeting them at the lobby and after that, for the sake of the patients that couldn’t wake up from the bed they made a round at each hospital ward.

Even the injured people lying down on the bed had their eyes sparkling when they saw the figures of the three.

“Even now I cannot believe that the three of you really came visiting here. It’s like a dream……excuse me, can I ask you for an autograph……”

A patient with both legs injured lying down on the bed timidly presented a transparent board from under the blanket. It was like the square cardboard for autographs on earth.

Himekawa answered with a smile.

“Yes, that’s fine. For whom I’m signing this? Or else do you want the other two signing this too?”

“I, I’m the fan of Hayuru-chan! Please Hayuru-chan sign it!”

“Eh? M, me?”

Himekawa got slightly flustered, but she still signed the board wholeheartedly.

At that time, there was a little commotion from the corridor. The nurse guiding them around made a dubious look and stared at the direction of the door.

“I’ll go look for a little.”

The nurse left from that place and opened the door to peek at the situation outside. At that moment, a small shadow slipped under the flank of the nurse and rushed into the room.

“Ah! Hey, wait!”

Shaking off the restrain of the nurse, the one who finally came before the Amaterasu was a petite girl. Her height was around the same like Sylvia. Looking from the patient gown she was wearing, she seemed to be a hospitalized patient. Her forehead was sweating, perhaps from running or arguing with the nurse outside, her breath was also ragged.

The nurse trying to pin her down from behind was stopped by the raised hand of Yurishia. Yurishia smiled at the sudden intruder.

“Do you have any business with us?”

The girl didn’t answer Yurishia’s question. In exchange, she faced Sylvia with tormented eyes.

――Sylvia opened her eyes wide at that girl’s appearance.

“Yo……you are……”

The girl opened her mouth resolutely.

“Sa, say-, you are Sylvia-san of Amaterasu……aren’t you?”


Sylvia’s lips trembled. However, no word came out from that little mouth. Her purple eyes shook from surprise.

She had seen the girl who came before her eyes before.

Petite body. Rolled twintails. Large eyes and cute face.

However, why was she here she wondered.

Noticing how odd Sylvia’s state was, Yurishia called to her worriedly.

“What’s the matter Sylvia?”

Himekawa also tilted her head.

“This child, I feel like I have seen her somewhere……by any chance, is she Sylvia-chan’s acquaintance?”


Could that way of saying it be used?

Even though once they had the relationship of scrambling for each other’s life.

The girl’s name was Ragrus.

At the occasion of the Tokyo recapture operation, she was the opponent she acted a mortal combat with.

Ragrus controlled a gigantic magic armor Demon, she was a member of the imperial guard. In a fight where life was staked with Sylvia’s Taros, Ragrus wrung out all her magic power and released her trump card [Inferno]. And then, Sylvia had thought that Ragrus might have lost her life due to that.

Right after that, Sylvia and the others became prisoners and were taken into this Vatlantis, so she didn’t know of what happened with Tokyo since then. Naturally, she also had no way to know about the life and death of Ragrus.

But the one in front of her eyes was undoubtedly Ragrus of that time. And then she was sending Sylvia a heated gaze. That gaze fastened the beat of Sylvia’s heart and then made her heart beat fiercely. It felt like even now her heart was going to leap out.

Ragrus squeezed out a trembling voice.

“E, err, I, no, no matter what, wanted to……meet you.”


Fear was born inside Sylvia’s heart. The inside of her chest was cold like a refrigerator, and cold sweat flowed on her back.

What would she do to her Sylvia wondered. Did she want revenge, to kill her? Had what she did to the opponent in front of her was really that much she wondered.

Tears blurred Ragrus’s eyes and she announced with a loud voice where she seemed to muster her courage.

“I’m-, a big fan of Sylvia!”

For an instant, the inside of Sylvia’s head was pure white.


Ragrus looked down with a bright red face. And then while the fingers of both her hands fumbled at each other, she began to talk with a small voice.

“That, it seems that I was discovered at Lemuria but……I don’t remember anything. I don’t understand anything at all about before I came to this hospital.”

Sylvia gulped.

‘――That’s, because of Sylvia’s fault…….’

“The captain of the imperial guard visited and said that I was a member of the imperial guard, that really made me surprised. But, I don’t understand……what should I do from now on……my, magic power is gone, and I cannot do anything……”

The last part was said with voice that seemed to vanish into thin air. And then she stayed quiet for a while without saying anything.

Sylvia didn’t understand, what kind of reply that she should say to her.

An apology? Maybe sympathy? Or else explanation?

Looking at the figure of the first enemy she encountered and defeated, Sylvia felt like she was bound hand and foot and became unable to move.

Ragrus glanced up with a sad face and stared at Sylvia. Thereupon, her gaze was rapidly changing into an entranced gaze.

“Bu……but, at that kind of time……I saw Amaterasu on TV.”

Ragrus put together the fingers of both her hand and slowly closed her eyes.

“The debut live, it was really amazing……it looked like the world of dreams. Sylvia-chan looked like an angel, it was like the self that I lost in Lemuria, was discovered back by Sylvia-chan……I know that there is no such thing but, that’s how I felt. I felt really inspired then.”

Ragrus spoke dreamily. It was as if the memory was vividly scorched into her mind, where she replayed it inside her head many times over. At that time Ragrus’s expression looked really happy.

“That’s why, when I heard that Sylvia-chan is coming to this hospital, it felt like my heart was going to stop.”

Ragrus opened her eyes while letting out a giggle.

Those pure eyes constricted Sylvia’s heart. The pain that squeezed the inside of her chest caused an indescribable emotion to trickle down.

“I was told that I cannot meet you, but I want to convey my feeling no matter what……because I was saved by Sylvia-chan. That’s why――”

At that time, tears spilled out from Sylvia’s eyes.

“E……eh!? E, err, Sylvia-chan?”

“I’m sorry……desu.”

Large beads of tear were overflowing one after another without stopping. Sylvia looked down while covering her face with both her hands. From her lips that was trying to endure, a sobbing leaked out. Himekawa rushed to her in panic and embraced Sylvia’s shoulders.

“Wa, wait Sylvia-chan!? What’s the matter?”

However the one who panicked the most was Ragrus. She was restlessly looking around with a bright red face.

Masou Gakuen HxH V06 BW 03.jpg

“That, I, something……th, that, what to do……I’m sorry! I did something, to Sylvia-chan……aa, really I’m……sorry! Anyway I’m sorry-”

Sylvia shook her head towards Ragrus who was flustered a lot and apologized earnestly.

“That’s not it desu. You didn’t do anything bad desu. I’m sorry…….desu.”

Marisu quickly cut in front of Sylvia.

“I’m sorry. Err, Ragrus-chan right? It looks like Sylvia-chan is not feeling too well. We are happy that you went through trouble to come greeting Sylvia-chan but, today seems like……see?”

“Bu, but……I, being hated by Sylvia-chan is……I don’t understand, what is this about……I, what should I……”

Ragrus was in a really panicked state.

Yurishia immediately embraced Ragrus’s trembling body.

“It’s okay. You are not actually hated or anything by Sylvia-chan. I guarantee that! Rather Sylvia is really happy right now. She is deeply moved by you.”

“Bu, but……”

Caressing the head of Ragrus who seemed to be still anxious, Himekawa also cheered her up.

“It’s true. This me too guarantees it. That’s why, can you please forgive Sylvia for today?”

“That’s! Obviously. No, this is not about forgiving or not forgiving!”

“Is that so, thank you.”

Smiling at Ragrus who replied firmly, Himekawa and Yurishia separated their bodies. After promising that they would come again, the two of them embraced Sylvia from both sides and exited the hospital room.

After Marisu informed the director about the photo session suspension and the cut of the event, she led Amaterasu and exited the hospital. And then after they got in the car parking at the front gate, they left behind Holzon hospital. The car was running on the street of the wasteland heading towards the center of Zeltis.

In the middle of the way, they were able to hear the particulars of the story from Sylvia who had recovered her calm.

Yurishia crossed her arms and nodded largely.

“――I see now. So she is the pilot of that large magic armor at that time of Tokyo recapture operation. I had never met her face to face, so I didn’t notice.”

Himekawa too was in a state that couldn’t hide her surprise.

“I had a chance to come in contact with her for just a little at Okinawa but……she is really like a different person now, that I couldn’t immediately recognize her. Sylvia-chan, are you okay?”

“I’m fine desu. I’m sorry to make all of you worried desu.”

Sylvia smiled powerlessly.

“……But, all this time until now, Sylvia and the others always thought that we are the victims desu.”

Sylvia stared at the hospital that was getting distant from the rear window.

“But, that’s wrong desu. Sylvia is also a perpetrator desu. Surely Sylvia…….made Ragrus-san’s life into a wreck desu.”

Yurishia and also Himekawa couldn’t reply to those words. The heavy air inside the car, felt like it wouldn’t allow anyone saying any careless words.

“But, the one who can decide that is not Sylvia-chan.”

At first, they didn’t understand whose voice it was. Sylvia looked for the owner of the voice and her gaze reflexively roamed around.


She talked not with her usual light tone. It was sharp and serious words. And then her expression also didn’t have any trace of joking around. It was a serious and firm expression that made people feel her unshakeable thought. It was like something constructed from many experiences coated in layers.

Sylvia, Yurishia, and Himekawa were taken aback by the state of Marisu that they had never seen until now. Yurishia barely managed to ask with a stiff smile.

“Err……you are Marisu, right? What’s wrong, so suddenly. Geez, did you eat something wrong?”

“Yurishia, right now we are having a serious talk.”

Yurishia shrank down like a puppy that was scolded from the severe gaze.


Marisu once again stared straight at Sylvia.

“Are you listening? Sylvia-chan. That is a part of war, unrelated to personal good and evil or grudge……it’s only natural that it cannot be so easily distinguished like that. I think it cannot be helped that you hold guilt. But, if someone sees you crying from sadness and regret like that, have you wondered how Ragrus that you met just now will think?”


“Surely Ragrus will feel sad. After all that child received encouragement from the smiling face that you displayed on the stage.”


“What you currently can do is not to apologize at that girl’s past, but to work hard for the sake of the smiling face of the current her, isn’t that right?”

Perhaps that was only an idealist talk.

But, she couldn’t deny such thing.

After all idealist talk, was a beautiful and magnificent thing.

She honestly thought so.

Marisu’s words easily slipped into the heart of the three.

“Hm? ……”

Himekawa’s eyebrows knitted tightly.

“Marisu-san. You mean to say, that we need to work even more?”



The three gathered dubious stares at Marisu. Marisu whistled unnaturally and averted her gaze.

“My― did you interpret what I was saying like that? Stop that, that’s just your persecution complex―.”

Yurishia couldn’t hold it and burst out into laughter.

“Aahh―, geez! I’m already honestly in admiration here! Give me back my admiration-!”

Himekawa also burst into laughter following Yurishia.

“Really, Marisu-san really has no oversight.”

Sylvia also wiped her tears while raising laughter.

“Really true desu.”

Sylvia looked back at the hospital one more time. The building of the hospital already disappeared behind the hill and she couldn’t see it anymore.

“But, the thing that Marisu-san said……I also think that it’s true desu……Sylvia, wants to make everyone smile desu…….both Lemuria and also Vatlantis.”

Part 4[edit]

The night at Zeltis was fantastical. The black townscape looked like night since the afternoon, but when it actually became night, it brought about one more change in the atmosphere.

The city that melted into the darkness of night was lighted up by the light of magic power that was streaming into the city itself. The magic power streaming throughout the city changed the streets and buildings into artworks of light. Rather than calling it light of neon, it gave off the atmosphere like a modern art.

The magic power flowing like water when seen at night became a level more beautiful in its clarity. The flow of magic power delicately changed its path, its thickness, it was like a living thing that elegantly twisted its body. Marvel and vitality could be felt from the thing the flow of beautiful light passed through. It even felt like this world was a single living thing with the tide of magic power as the blood circulating inside its body. That radiance wouldn’t make one tired of it no matter how long one looked at it.

“Boss, this soup is delicious you know?”

Kizuna who was charmed by the beauty of the city was suddenly pulled back into reality.

What Gertrude was eating was a soup that looked like pot-au-feu in a glance. Vegetables he didn’t really know and meat of something he didn’t understand were put a lot into it as ingredients. She scooped the unknown meat with her spoon and brought it into her mouth without hesitation.

“Nn― it’s delicious like beef. The taste of the soup is also permeating into it, and when bitten the meat juice spreading together with the soup inside the mouth feels really good.”

Kizuna also took the bowl made from something like plastic material put in front of him. A lot of meat and vegetables were put in it, certainly it looked very nutritious. He brought into his mouth the leaf that looked like cabbage or lettuce in a glance.

The taste was like carrot.

“…….I don’t want to admit it but, it’s delicious.”

“A large tent was put up at a plaza. It was a long rectangle shape with the frontage of twenty meters and depth that was nearly a hundred meters, it was more like a temporary warehouse rather than a tent. Under that tent there were simple tables and chairs lined up, opening a simple dining hall. In general there were around two or three hundred people here. Slipping into the hustle and bustle, Kizuna and Gertrude were having a meal. Around them was noisy so he thought there would be no problem, but so that their talk wouldn’t be heard by other visitors, he picked an empty spot and sat there.

They had continuously walked around investigating the city of Zeltis, but after walking for the whole day, as expected they were getting tired. Besides, the surroundings were also rapidly getting dark. The sky was cracked, but even so when time passed the sun would set into the shadow of the city. The weather had been cold since the afternoon, but when it became night the air got even colder. Furthermore their stomachs were getting hungry. However they didn’t have any currency of Vatlantis. For the time being they had emergency rations, even though it was few in number, but they wanted to save them for the time of an emergency.

After thinking what they should do, they heard about the emergency food distribution for free. It seemed that this was a measure for the sake of the people who lost their homes and evacuated due to the disasters that happened because of the cataclysm.

“Unexpectedly their social welfare is carried out properly.”

“Isn’t that right? Though I got the image that these people were more bloodthirsty and would say, ‘people that cannot eat just die’, like that.”

Inside the tent was a large number of people eating soup and something that seemed to be bread. There was a large screen around 100 inches inside the tent, everyone was eating while watching that screen and chatting lightly with each other. What was broadcasted seemed to be a Vatlantis telecast.

For Kizuna and Gertrude, they curiously watched the news program of the AU.

“It’s the same with the free food, but I’m also thankful about the television. We can get the information about the world here huh. What kind of livelihood the citizens of AU lead, what is their way of thinking, we can understand those well with this.”

“Boss……that girl, isn’t that the girl whose photo came out at the Colosseum?”

Gertrude looked at Kizuna’s direction while pointing her soup at another direction. Just when Kizuna looked at that direction without moving his face, a group of imperial guard entered into the tent.

And then among them, there was an existence that was conspicuously attracting attention.

Long blue hair and white skin. Her attire that was only putting on the imperial guard uniform like a coat on top of her underwear figure made him doubt if she was actually just getting outside in the middle of changing clothes. However the said person looked like she was not concerned at all with her appearance, she was glaring at the inside of the tent with a cold expression like a doll.

A beautiful face that looked artificial. The deep scar carved on that face was painful to look at no matter how many times he saw it.

The girl was one of the Quartum, Lunora. A swordsman that was called as the god of death of the Colosseum.

“What we saw at the Colosseum before was her competition card right? Didn’t she have a match there?”

“Besides, that girl is supposed to have quite a high position even in the imperial guard. Why is she in a place like this refugee camp……”

The people inside the tent were also beginning to notice the imperial guard Lunora. The bustling and joyful air was suddenly changing into bewilderment and stir.

“Oi, isn’t that Lunora-sama?” “Re, really, that’s Lunora-sama!” “Why is she in this kind of place?” “But, she is the real thing no matter how you look at it.” “Why is the god of death of the Colosseum……”

The girl called as the god of death who looked beautiful even with her scar opened her mouth.


All of a sudden the surrounding became deathly silent. The gazes and interests of the people who happened to be present inside the tent were gathered at Lunora.

“Eh……e, err……you ladies……that……”

Lunora shrank her shoulders and her gaze dropped to the floor. In her incoherent state, no one understood what she wanted to talk about. She was completely like a child that got stage fright from being suddenly pulled out in front of a large crowd.

‘――What? The aura of her appearance is really different with her image that is titled as the god of death.’

Lunora’s face also became red, she seemed to be frantically troubled of something. The people were patiently waiting for her word. As expected, when tears were starting to appear in Lunora’s eyes, even Kizuna became wanting to cheer her to do her best.

At that time, a red haired girl approached quietly from the side and embraced Lunora’s shoulder.

“Aah― okay, okay, really, this is because our god of death is a very shy person after all.”

“Ra, Ramza……”

Lunora’s face became bright in a flash. However, she soon pouted her mouth in displeasure.

“Wha-, su, such thing is not true at all. E, even I――”

Not minding such Lunora, Ramza clapped her hands and pulled the attention of the people.

“Okay, o―kay, then, this unworthy Ramza will speak as the proxy of this god of death Lunora about what she wants to say, so everyone listen well okay―. The people here were all chased out from the places where you used to live in and came here to rely on the benevolence of the emperor of our Vatlantis Empire, isn’t that true?”

The people inside the tent were staring fixedly at Ramza with anticipating faces that were a mix of anxiety and expectation about what would happen from now on.

“By the way, today Ramza was doing matches at the Colosseum, I wonder if everyone knows?”

Ramza took a pose of putting her hand at her ear as if she was really waiting for a reply, the people faced such Ramza and timidly raised their voices.

Masou Gakuen HxH V06 BW 04.jpg

“Ye, yes we know.” “I went there to watch the match.” “Err……me too.” Before long the voices overlapped in succession and the place became noisy.

Ramza nodded in satisfaction and showed a smile that was like the sun.

“Yep yep. The matches of Lunora this day were against a ferocious beast captured at Izgard, the newest model of magic weapon, and then the hero of Baldein, Alexis, a three series of battles! And then―, the result of the match was―”

Ramza thrust both her fists up.

“Complete victory!”

The people in the tent also thrust up their hands and raised cheers.

“The goods and monetary awards that Lunora obtained from today’s victory, she wishes to share those to all of you who are not blessed, that was what she suggested! For such a kind god of death, everyone, applause―”

A grand applause surged out.

With that voice as the signal, alcohol casks and plates filled with foods were brought in from outside the tent one after another. Happy voices ‘ooo-‘ from the people present could be heard.

“Thank you very much! Lunora-sama” “Our gratitude! Lunora-sama!” Words of thanks were poured at the Lunora who was hanging her head down with a bright red face.

Inside the tent, cheers were erupting. Fists were raised and all present called Lunora’s name.

Kizuna and Gertrude were also swallowed inside that wild enthusiasm whether they wanted it or not. Pretending to be excited, they also clenched their fists and waved them around.

“She is really popular.”

“Yes, she is like a popular sport star when all’s said and done.”

Lunora who finally raised her face was slightly bursting in a smile.

“Everyone……thank you.”

Ramza waved around her arm and raised a loud voice.

“Now― for tonight, drink, eat, sing, have fun all you want―!”

Inside the tent was overflowing with cheerful liveliness. The people rushed to the food and alcohol and expressed words of gratitude to Lunora unanimously.

“Let’s slip in this commotion and withdraw.”

Kizuna whispered and Gertrude also nodded.

“Right. It’s futile to stay for longer than this.”

Kizuna and Gertrude quietly stood up from their seats and headed to the exit.

At that time, a loud cheer was raised inside the tent. Lured by that voice, Kizuna calmly turned around. The people were all staring at the screen while raising cheers. Kizuna too sent his gaze to that screen.


He stopped still, unable to move.

Kizuna whose expression froze and kept standing still made the people around him staring with dubious look.

Gertrude pulled the sleeve of the pale faced Kizuna and whispered with small voice at his ear.

“Wai-! Boss, what are you doing standing out like that-! Just what is――”

While pulling Kizuna who stood upright, Gertrude also sent her gaze to what Kizuna was staring at.


A scream burst out from Gertrude’s mouth.

It was reasonable.

At that screen, something that was beyond these two’s imagination was projected.

{Everyone―! Good evening― Amaterasu de――su-!}

Himekawa, Yurishia, and Sylvia wearing showy and flashy clothes were waving their hands with smiling faces. And then, the five person group standing beside them also let out their voices in unison.

{Good evening―! This is Masters!}

Scarlet, Sharon, Clementine, Henrietta, and Leila were likewise wearing sparkling clothes on their bodies while taking a pose with smiling faces.

It was completely like the live broadcast of idols. No, this was nothing else but an idol’s live concert.

“Thi, this is……”

‘――Just, what in the world?’

The brain of the two became panicked.

They couldn’t understand at all just what was going on.

“What’s the matter, you two?”

When they returned to their senses because someone talked to them, there was a girl with bright red hair standing right nearby them.


Kizuna was sweating coldly for an instant.

“Ah, no. Nothing――”

Hearing his own voice, Kizuna shut his mouth in panic.

‘――My voice is going back to normal!?

Shit-! What bad timing this is.’

Kizuna clicked his tongue inside his mind.

Gertrude who was still bewildered from shock tried to answer somehow in Kizuna’s place.

“E, eer, this is. She is just feeling a little unwell see, so she was going to breath a little of the outside air for now you know.”

“Hm―m, that’s how it is. But rather than getting out, it feels more like she is getting dumbfounded there though?”

“Eh!? A, about that seee……no, she was looking at something unfamiliar and got taken aback……”

Gertrude was sweating buckets while answering incoherently.

“Hm? You don’t know about Amaterasu and Masters? Just which countryside were you coming from?”

“Ye, yes……ahaha, that’s how it is. It’s really far out in the sticks……the, these people, are they really that famous?”

“Yeah of course……wait really, just where did you come from?”

“Tha……that is, it’s embarrassing to say it, see.”

Ramza’s look became grim.

“O, oi. What’s the matter?”

Lunora came along and called with a worried face. Ramza’s face softened and she turned back,

“Eh? Nope, there is a little――”

It was dangerous to get involved more than this. Kizuna who thought that exchanged looks with Gertrude.

“――Er, the, then, please excuse us.”

After Gertrude declared that in fluster, she turned her back on the spot. Kizuna also followed behind her and he slowly walked towards the exit.

He felt a gaze on his back.

Most likely he was suspected. But it was no good to run. He pretended to be a normal AU person who was nervous because he was just coming from the countryside.

He was too nervous that he even forgot how to walk that his movement completely became awkward. If, he was suddenly assaulted, at that time there was no other choice than to fight back. With his nerve stretched tight, he walked while being cautious of the presence behind. He could hear familiar voices from the screen behind. This voice was Himekawa.

{Right now, this world is being exposed against a great danger. And that is also the same with Lemuria.}

Next was Yurishia’s voice.

{We have to overcome this danger with everyone.}

And then Sylvia’s cute voice.

{The thing needed in order to do that, that is the people’s――}

And then the voices of the three were in unison.


At that time,

At that word,

Kizuna couldn’t stop himself from turning back reflexively.

At the large screen largely projected, were the figures of his missed comrades.

And then, there was a figure standing in front of them.

The eyes of the girl with flaming red hair were shining glaringly.

“Is that so……you are, Kizuna……Hida Kizuna aren’t you?”

Lunora also put herself on guard and extended her hands at the two swords hanging on her waist. Her mouth was pursed tightly and her eyes were also half-closed sharply. Her embarrassed state from just now was completely gone.

The imperial guards accompanying the two of them also had their countenance changed all at once.

“Lemuria’s demon king!?” “That’s impossible! Why is he in this kind of place-!?”

Fear was spreading among the citizens hearing their voices in the blink of an eye. Inside the tent became noisy, the people escaping while raising fearful screaming, and the imperial guards trying to capture Kizuna, between the two sides, the situation became a pandemonium inside.

“We are retreating! Gertrude!”


Both of them jumped over a table and got outside with a roll. Keeping their momentum they rushed through the street and sprinted inside the city. When they looked back, they could see the figures of the imperial guard in pursuit while raising loud voices.

“Like this, the infiltration and investigation are impossible already!”

“Yes! Now that it has come to this, let’s go flashily boss!”

Kizuna grinned broadly.

“Yeah, here we go-, Eros!!”

And then Gertrude also responded with a bold smile.


The bodies of the two instantly equipped their Heart Hybrid Gears. A giant body descended down on their path just a little after that. It was a knight with grown wings, an [Albatross].

“An Albatross!”

“Just leave it to me!”

Gertrude drew out her pistols from the holsters on her thighs and pulled the triggers at the same time. It was Gertrude’s quick draw. There was no way it wouldn’t hit the gigantic frame of the magic weapon.

The bullets fired from Gertrude’s particle cannon really easily pierced the armor of the magic weapon, opening wind holes at its torso and head.

The giant body that collapsed violently exploded before it could crush the building of the city, its figure changed into beads of light and vanished. From the other side of the street corner, this time a human sized magic weapon [Brigand] was running here. Several dozen appeared from all over the alley and attacked aiming at Kizuna and Gertrude.

“Boss, it’s a group this time!”

Kizuna opened his arms and particles of light gathered responding to his will. When the radiance burst open, guns were manifested inside his hands. Similar with what Gertrude was using, they were particle cannons.

“Take care of half!”

He aimed at the rushing Brigands and pulled the triggers. The bullet of light flying from the gun nuzzle opened a large hole at a Brigand’s chest and blew away the body that was nearly two meters high. The body rotated in the air and crashed on a wall, then it crumbled down as it was on the ground before disintegrating into fragments of light.

Kizuna and Gertrude were shooting through the crowding enemies one after another with the two pistols at both their hands.

The Brigands came charging as if crawling on the ground, many jumped down from atop a building, there were those that were running to attack from the front. The two intercepted the Brigands, the nozzles of the guns at both their hands were shining incessantly.

In a little under fifteen seconds, 180 shots of bullets were fired from the guns of the two and the same number of Brigands became fragments of light and scattered to the wind.

“Newcomers! Ger-san!”

“Don’t call me Ger-san, I told you that already-!”

Imperial guards wearing magic armor were coming in pursuit. Most likely they were different in strength than the magic weapons. Gertrude faced the imperial guards and rapidly fired her guns.


An imperial guard member received a bullet on her chest and collapsed after her armor broke apart.

“It works!?”

Gertrude’s gun didn’t work at Clayda in the previous battle. But, this time it worked. There was the factor that Clayda’s magic armor was specially powerful, but above all the Climax Hybrid that they had done had done wonders. Gertrude’s gun itself was obviously powered up.

“Boss, this thing can do it!”

Shooting down the approaching imperial guards one after another, they were unable to even approach Kizuna and were crushed. The imperial guards with a gun as their weapon came out to the front and it became a gunfight, but the Life Saver of Eros was solid, the attacks didn’t reach Kizuna and Gertrude. Conversely the bullets of Kizuna and Gertrude destroyed the Life Savers of the imperial guards like a joke and inflicted damage on the magic armors.

“Yosh-, at this rate we will suppress the enemies and get over the wa――”

The line of the imperial guards parted and a figure rushed forward.


Lunora whose blue hair fluttered with magic armor put on her body was running like an arrow. That magic armor seemed to be created matching Lunora’s body line, a thin armor. With white and black coloring, its design gave the impression like a uniform of a school somewhere. And then it looked like there were folded wings on her back, a large unit in the shape of / \. There were several spare swords stored there, where the tips of the swords were peeking out. It even looked like wings with feathers of swords.


Kizuna aimed at that figure and rapidly fired the guns at both his hands. Lunora’s both hands were holding swords and came straight at them without dodging. They were short swords around 50 centimeters long. Those swords were swung with a speed that the eye couldn’t follow. A total of six bullets were fired from the two guns in one second, but all of them were cut down.

It was the same thing that Clayda did. Furthermore, different than Clayda’s Selene, Lunora was a two sword style user. She looked like she could defend with even more leeway for her safety.

The distance was closed in the blink of an eye.


Kizuna lowered his guns and ignited his thrusters seemingly to draw back.

Lunora moved both her hands to her back and accelerated.

However Kizuna was not moving behind, he went forward all of a sudden.


He stabbed at the opening of the instant she thought he was running, Kizuna charged forward as if to make his counter.

The more the distance closed would just make it harder for a sword to strike. Kizuna shifted his direction a little from Lunora’s route and plunged forward.

He pulled his triggers at the distance where Lunora’s swords were at the distance that barely couldn’t reach him.

The flying out particle bullets were cut apart by Lunora without any change of expression. However behind Kizuna, Gertrude was performing covering fire. Gertrude’s bullets grazed Lunora’s blue hair.


Lunora fully opened her thrusters, she changed direction as if she bumped into an unseen wall and bounced back. She pursued after Kizuna with her back still turned.


Lunora rotated her body in the air and slashed at Kizuna. Gertrude’s support fire was still firing even during that time. However she received the bullets skillfully with her sword while slashing at Kizuna.


Kizuna blocked the sword with the gun in his hand. Thereupon without the slightest resistance, the gun barrel was bisected like paper. And then the impact of the slash attacked Kizuna’s body.


The sensation felt like a shockwave that passed through the Heart Hybrid Gear and directly cut at his body. He somehow stopped his consciousness from leaving him. Unable to maintain his posture, he fell down and rolled on the stone paving street. He tried to support his body with his arm but just like that he crashed into a stand that sold vegetables.

“Iyahhou! I’ll give the finishing blow―!”

A red haired girl descended down from the sky.


A bikini armor. It was patterned like flame with a unit of small wings growing on her back. And then what her both hands were swinging was a huge tomahawk.

That tomahawk was wrapped in flame. With bizarre vividness, it emitted ominous radiance. The instant he saw that light, Kizuna’s instinct informed him of danger. A tremble drove through his back.

“I don’t know what’s that, but that looks dangerous-!”

He couldn’t dodge if he stood up. He kept lying down while opening fully his thrusters. The Heart Hybrid Gear scarped the stone paving while scattering sparks. He slid like that and got away.

Within a hairbreadth, Ramza’s Tomahawk struck the ground.

Fierce light and heat scorched the surrounding. With Ramza as the center, flame was whirling and melted away the stone paving.

“Aa―, you aren’t allowed to evade there!”

Flame was produced from the surrounding of the standing up Ramza and spilled over. The flame was moving around like a living thing and twisted like a long slender body of a dragon, coiling around Ramza.

Ramza turned the stall into dust with the flames she created, the flame was spreading from neighbor to neighbor. Even the stores that faced the street caught fire from the excessive heat and went up in flames one after another.

Kizuna jumped to his feet and took distance. Right at that time, Gertrude slipped into his side.

“Boss, are you okay!?”

“Yeah. As expected these guys are formidable…….can we get away?”

The flame coiling around Ramza was increasing even more in power.

“Now, here I go! Lemuria’s Demon King!”

There Lunora was running at him with nimble movement. However Lunora didn’t pay attention to Kizuna and Gertrude and stabbed her sword at Ramza’s throat.

“The one who is no good is you! Are you planning to burn Zeltis to the ground!!”

The sharp blade clung right on Ramza’s soft skin. If it was moved for one more millimeter, blood would spurt out, it was a serious threat.

“I, it’s o―kay I told you. Even I, can properly……”

However Lunora glared at her with a sharp gaze. Even now her arm looked like it would be swung anytime to scratch Ramza’s throat.

“Got it, I got it already. Really you……isn’t that really cruel to stick a sword at your friend’s throat?”

“Who are you calling a friend.”

Averting her gaze from the sulking Ramza, Lunora directed her sword at Kizuna.

“Unable to stop someone who is going to massacre a large number of people, just how can one call herself as a frie――”

After saying until that far, her face went red and she closed her mouth.

Ramza floated a really wide smile of satisfaction and crossed her arms.

“Fufu~n♪ Then, I’ll leave it to you. Oh friend Luno―ra-chan.”

Masou Gakuen HxH V06 BW 05.jpg

“That’s why, who is……ah?”

Lunora looked up at the sky and opened her eyes wide.

A blimp showed its appearance from the shadow of a building. Its shape was like a blimp with wings growing, a vehicle that was moving using magic machine. It floated above the building barely in low altitude, it felt like it was glaring this way.

“Boss……looks like there’s still a newcomer coming.”

That blimp was decorated luxuriously with golden and silver ornament, looking like something that was ridden by a really important person.

The hatch at its side opened and the figure of a person appeared from inside.

At that instant, Kizuna’s heart felt like it would stop.


Without any doubt, it was the face of Chidorigafuchi Aine. But, her appearance had completely changed into that of the emperor of AU. Her naked flesh was adorned with silver and gold ornaments in order to emphasize the beauty of Aine’s body to the maximum.

Without getting shy of her appearance, she was glaring at Kizuna and Gertrude with majestic attitude.

“Just what in the world this commotion is?”

With Lunora as the first, the members of the imperial guard got shocked by the sudden entrance of Vatlantis’s emperor.

“A, Ainess-sama! Why is your highness, in this kind of place……”

Aine jumped down from the blimp and landed on the ground softly. And then she glared at the imperial guard threateningly.

“Rather than that, answer my question.”

The backs of the imperial guards straightened and cold sweat traced their cheeks. Ramza acted as their proxy and answered the question.

“Yes, we were in pursuit of the intruder from Lemuria.”

Lunora glanced at Kizuna.

“The intruder is the demon king of Lemuria……Hida Kizuna.”

Aine slowly turned towards Kizuna.


The red eyes staring at Kizuna looked as if they were filled with yearning, happiness, and possibly sadness, various thoughts were whirling inside.


Even with her outfit changed, Aine’s appearance didn’t change. Same like before, she looked beautiful and lovely. If he had to say what had changed, the tips of her silver hair were changing color to pink, forming a gradation of color at her hair.

There was Aine in a distance where he could embrace her if he rushed to her.

Even though he had wanted to meet her all this time, his voice didn’t come out.

‘――Just what should I convey to Aine?

Should I apologize to Aine for rejecting her before this, should I resent her for imprisoning and then throwing me to a death match, or should I blame her for taking prisoner our comrades?’

Even though he was teeming with emotions and thoughts, he couldn’t form them into words well.

And then, they were at a distance that their hands could reach if they reached out, but it felt really far away.

Lunora once again readied her sword.

“Ainess-sama, while I think this will dirty your highness’s eyes, but I will cut down this intruder right now. Can I beg you to please wait for a while?”

The other imperial guards also drew out their swords and surrounded Kizuna. The ring was gradually getting smaller and Lunora who stood in front of him advanced to the inside of the circle.


Aine’s sharp yell resounded. As if they were frozen, the imperial guard members stopped their movement.

“Lemuria’s demon king, Kizuna, will be defeated by this me……Ainess Synclavia.”

When Aine faced Kizuna and moved forward, the imperial guards broke the encirclement and quickly emptied a path.


Aine’s body equipped Zeros.

Was the emperor herself really going to fight here? Such question was asked by the imperial guards in half-doubt, half-convinced. They couldn’t go against the emperor. However, if in the worst chance that something happened to Ainess-sama’s body――if they easily let the emperor get hurt while they were nearby, just how great a sin that was……when they imagined the death penalty that would be waiting for them if that happened, they felt their hair stand on ends.

The members of the imperial guard strengthened their cautiousness to Kizuna even more than when they were the ones actually fighting in a certain meaning.

‘――Even if this is the order from Ainess-sama……to let Ainess-sama fight herself is…….’

Just when Lunora was going to grasp her swords again, the hilt of the sword vanished from her hand.


Lunora didn’t understand what happened. In order to confirm that there was nothing inside her hand, she closed and opened her hand several times.

‘――This is……Code Breaker!?’

At Aine’s back, a ring created from Zeros’s parts was built. The light produced from it drew a pattern and a magic circle floated up.

At the next moment, Lunora’s magic armor was disintegrated into letters and formulas of light, vanishing as if it was melting into thin air. It was not just Lunora. With Aine as the center, the magic armors of the imperial guards were vanishing in succession.

“Kizuna……I won’t let anyone else, no matter who, interfere.”

Happiness spread on Kizuna’s face, as if a light was lit up.

“Aine! I too――”

“You……will be dealt with by this me, that has been decided.”


He received a shock as if his head was suddenly struck.

‘――Dealt, with? She means, killing, me……is that what she said?’

Kizuna closed his jaw and clenched his fist tightly.

Aine with a magic circle at her back was directing at him sorrowful eyes fixedly.

‘――Is that, how it is?’

“Aine!! Are you serious!?”

Particle guns were manifested once again at Kizuna’s opened hands.

“It’s pointless how many weapons you create. After all, everything will be erased by me.”

Aine’s magic circle became a step larger. It raised a low sound and slowly rotated. At the same time with that, the same magic circle was spreading from under Aine’s feet. The circle rapidly increased in diameter and the magic armors of the imperial guard members standing on top of that were deconstructed.

“What are we going to do boss! If that thing got us, even our Heart Hybrid Gears will vanish-!”

“Kizuna……just be obedient.”

The influence radius of Zeros’s Code Breaker was magnifying.

“Do you really have to do this, Aine!”

Kizuna pointed his gun muzzle at Aine.


Aine kicked the ground.

The next instant, Kizuna’s field of vision became pure white.


Between Kizuna and Aine, an intense light burst out.

At the next moment, a shockwave blew away the bodies of the two, blast smoke and flames spouted out. A pillar of light flying from the sky pierced the ground, fierce explosions were occurring in succession.

The blown away Kizuna crashed onto a wall. Gertrude who was standing right beside him was also similarly blown away.

“Bo, boss, just what is going on here……”

Gertrude groaned with painful voice. Kizuna also endured his pain and propped his hand on the wall to stand up.

“I don’t know……shit-, what’s that just now!?”

The one who didn’t understand what was going on also included Aine. Her body that floated in the air landed with a superb posture control. And then she looked up at the sky in order to confirm the enemy who bombarded them.

“Just, who is……?”

There was a silhouette at the direction where the light came from. That person was holding a huge gunsword in her hand.

Looking at that figure, the imperial guards also raised their nervous voices.

“Tha, that’s!?” “Impossible! Why, is she in this kind of place!”

Kizuna was also familiar with that figure. It was an opponent that once acted a mortal combat with Kizuna for the second time.

That was the hero of the frontier. She flew the banner of revolution against the Vatlantis Empire, the general of Izgard.


Kizuna called her name with an excited voice.

Gravel smiled broadly and directed the Corruption Armament [Sword Gatling] in her hand at the imperial guards.

“Gravel of Izgard, is giving her assistance due to righteousness!”

The Sword Gatling spouted fire. The large caliber particle cannon that possessed severe destructive power even in one shot was attacking the imperial guard in rapid-fire. Huge fire pillars were raised one after another, the ground where the imperial guards were standing was also dug up. Just a single Corruption Armament made Zeltis fall into a pandemonium.

Gravel dived down using that chance and landed nearby Kizuna.

“So you are still alive, Kizuna.”

Her speech was blunt, but her tone seemed happy somehow.

“Gravel, why are you……”

“What a fine thing to say asking me why. I have come rushing to this kind of predicament with great pain you know.”

“Wait, both of you. Save the talk for later. It will be troublesome if we get caught by the Code Breaker.”

Cutting off the conversation of the two was a beauty with pretty green hair descending down.


“A fast ship is waiting in the sky right now. It can easily shake off the likes of the empire’s battleship, so let’s quickly escape.”

At the same time when Aldea was finished talking, a gale blew off. A wind was whirling and blew away the blast smoke.

At the other side of the cleared smoke was the figure of Aine with her fist thrust forward.


Aine kicked on the ground. In exchange of the collapse of the stone paving, Aine’s body shot out towards Kizuna.

Aldea immediately cut apart the ground under her feet with the spear in her hand. At that moment a remarkable distance was opened between them and Aine.

“This is!”

Aine opened her eyes wide towards the irrational phenomenon.

Even though she was supposedly approaching them, their figures got distanced far away instantly.

Aine’s brain revived her memory when she fought Aldea at Guam. Aldea’s magic armor [Zeel] possessed six shields, each shield had the ability to distort the space. The spear Aldea held was a shield that had its shape changed. By warping the space between Aine and Kizuna just now, their physical distance was widened further.

“――Kuh, this kind of thing. With Code Breaker!”

Zeros’s magic circle emitted strong light.

“Right now! Fly, Kizuna!”

Obeying Gravel’s voice, all four of them fully opened their thrusters. Gravel, Aldea, Gertrude, and then Kizuna soared to the sky. Under their feet, the magic circle of Zeros was rapidly expanding its diameter. Looking at that, Kizuna urged all of them to be careful.

“If we get swallowed by that, that’s the end for us!”

However Gravel didn’t show any panic.

“Don’t worry. Rather than that, pay attention to the front! Don’t get late to get on board!”

“What? What are you talk――”

The cloud above the sky parted and a slender high speed ship appeared.

It was as if it had waited for the timing when they flew, it headed straight towards Kizuna and the others.


Exactly as Gertrude’s screamed, that high speed ship was aiming at Kizuna and group without hesitation in a collision route. The four of them endured the impact of the collision and somehow clung at the deck.

“Yosh! Fly-. If we get caught by that magic circle, that’s going to be the end of our road! Fly until your magic engine burned off!”

It seemed that the high speed ship had already entered a retreating readiness and was in the middle of rapid acceleration. It passed through the castle wall and in the blink of an eye put a distance from the city of Zeltis.

“You really saved us there, Gravel! Nevertheless, what a rough welcome!”

“Hmph, if you got any complaints then I’ll leave you here! We too were coming here to Zeltis for recognizance. But thanks to the commotion you guys raised it all came to nothing.”

“So that’s how it is……sorry.”

“N, no, it’s not so big you’ve to apologize. There were circumstances, and abandoning you will just make my sleep uncomfortable after all. That, it’s not like we don’t know each other.”

“What are you saying, geez. After all you just rushed out the moment you knew that Kizuna was here.”



Aldea made a huffy face and yelled with a clear transparent voice.

“Accelerate even more! Please fly until the magic engine raises sound!!”

Reacting to Aldea’s voice, the high speed ship whipped its large engine that didn’t match its size. Large amount of magic power particles and propulsive force were surging out while it was flying to the other side of the horizon in the blink of an eye.

While at Zeltis, the magic circle of Code Breaker that lost its target was rotating around Aine’s body. And then Aine was looking up fixedly, at the sky where Kizuna had disappeared.


Translator's Notes and References[edit]

  1. Bond, in Japan is read as ‘kizuna’. Though Kizuna’s own name actually doesn’t mean bond. Kizuna’s name is written with kanji of kizu(wound) and na(none)
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