Masou Gakuen HxH:Volume 6 Chapter 3

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Chapter 3 – Alliance[edit]

Part 1[edit]

Izgard’s fleet which consisted of a total of thirty ships arranged their preparation in under one day and traveled to earth from the Entrance which was located a few hundred kilometers inland from the capital Argento.

Kizuna and Gertrude boarded the flagship together with Aldea and Gravel. The flagship was the largest battleship of Izgard’s fleet, the whole length even reached two kilometers. This battleship with its majestic appearance which was like a fortress or a castle that was flying as it was wouldn’t be outdone even against Vatlantis’s large battleship.

Kizuna was inside the bridge of that flagship. It was not to the level of Vatlantis, but this ship’s interior was also more like a splendid high class residence rather than a military ship. From the window of that bridge, Kizuna was watching outside in order to confirm just where was the gateway of the Entrance.

“This place is……Taiwan?”

Large land could be seen under their eyes. A large city was spreading on a vast level ground. On the other side of a modern city which he could see, around it was old townscape that looked sooty and packed crowdedly as if the buildings were compressed tightly. At the center of that ground, high building that looked knotty like bamboo was extending to the sky. Gertrude talked to Kizuna while pointing at that building.

“Certainly I recognize that building. This place is Taipei.”

“Since the nearby of the city called Gringam is connected to Okinawa……the distance is generally matched……is that true I wonder?”

“Well―, I don’t really know that.”

At first they considered coming to the earth side through Gringam, but because it was nearby the border of Vatlantis, they took a safer plan.

Kizuna discovered that the city underneath them also had a magic circle floating on it.

“So this city also has magic power plant in operation huh?”

With only a single prominently high building as the center, a gigantic magic circle was drawn at the city of Taipei.

Gravel left her captain seat and came until Kizuna’s side, she then stared outside the window alongside him.

“It seems that the engineer from Vatlantis came here before and established it. We were only approved to pass through the Entrance but……what do you want to do?”

She was asking him whether to destroy that magic power plant or not.

“No……let’s hurry ahead for now. Maybe Vatlantis army is also departing to Izgard already.”

Gravel nodded and gave out instruction to hurriedly leave this place.

“At any rate let’s move until Lemuria’s moving fortress. Kizuna, do you know the direction?”

Kizuna operated his information terminal that was his student handbook and calculated the distance and position from his current location until Ataraxia. He then conveyed that information to the soldier who worked as the navigation officer in the bridge.

“What’s left is……the aforementioned problem huh.”

By traveling at the earth side, what became the biggest problem was the lack of energy, that was to say the replenishment of magic power for the use of the fleet.

Moving in the side of the AtlantisAU where Vatlantis and Izgard were located only consumed little amount of magic power. However the consumption of magic power at Lemuriaearth side was surprisingly quick for magic weapon and battleship. The fleet and magic weapon of the AU couldn’t really take distance from the Entrance because there was the risk of using up their magic power and getting annihilated.

In the AU there was no material needed as the raw material for building magic weapon, but in exchange it used up a vast amount of magic power. Due to the magic power exhaustion that was becoming problem even under the best circumstances, they couldn’t treat the battleships and magic weapons which was a lump of precious magic power as disposable.

The key point of this operation was how were they going to travel at the earth side. Vatlantis also knew that it was impossible. For that reason, they were supposed to let their guard down thinking that this kind of strategy was impossible.

“However, we have the [The Man Who Breaks Through the LimitLimit Breaker] here. Something like common sense won’t work on him!”

With those words of Gertrude as a push on the back, for the time being they already had a plan laid out.

“However……are we really going to do it?”

Compared to the hesitating Kizuna, Gravel’s will was solid.

“Of course. To defeat that mighty Vatlantis Empire, and those monstrous magic armors Koros and Zeros, there is no other way but to bring about a miracle.”

The light of the eyes staring at Kizuna was not merely determination. It was not only resolve, it was not even just trust. She asked Kizuna with even more various feelings that became a complete harmony.

“……Kizuna. You said it at the Colosseum didn’t you? It’s impossible to cause a miracle alone, but if it’s the two of I and you then we can cause a miracle, that was what you said.”

“Yeah. I said that didn’t I……that was why we could escape that Colosseum. Thanks to that, we can be here like this right now.”

“Then, bring it once more. The miracle. In order to save Izgard……no, to save the whole of Vatlantis!”

At the same time that it was the wish of Gravel, it was also the wish of the whole of Atlantis. It was supposed to be the wish of Aine too. Kizuna hardened his resolve.

“That’s doable. If all of us combine our powers then we can do it……for sure!”

Kizuna held out his hand to Gravel.

“Let’s go, we will start the first step.”

Gravel extended her hand but, she retracted her hand after recalling something.

“Sorry. Go first and wait for me. I’m――after doing my preparation, I’ll immediately meet you.”

Kizuna was puzzled, but he obediently acknowledged it and exited the bridge.

He headed to the designated place following the advance arrangements they decided before the departure. It was a very large ship, so it would take thirty minutes to walk from the one end to the other end. The place Kizuna currently was heading towards was almost at the center of the ship. The bridge was built a little towards the back, so it would take him around ten minutes until he arrived.

He descended from the bridge and walked in the passage for a while. There was a door that blocked his way, when Kizuna held out his hand it automatically opened. It was thanks to when he boarded this ship, Gravel registered Kizuna’s life sign in this ship. When the door opened, wind fluttered Kizuna’s hair all of a sudden. However, considering that the ship was sailing in the altitude of a few thousands meters, the wind was weaker than he thought it would be.

That place was the deck of the flagship. Spacious flat ground was continuing straight towards the bow of the ship. A huge cannon turret was build ahead, making him reconfirm that this ship was a battleship. At the center of the vast deck, a single female was sitting alone.

“My, Kizuna. What happened with Gravel?”

A round table with tea set put on it and two chairs. Sitting on one of the chairs, Aldea was drinking black tea. Looking at her figure that was elegantly drinking tea on the deck of a battleship made him recall the first time they met at Guam, and when he went to take back Himekawa, who became a hostage, from Aldea.

“She has preparation to do, so she told me to go first.”

“I see.”

Aldea put her teacup on the saucer and elegantly crossed her legs. From the joint of her legs, it felt like her underwear could be peeked. Inside the darkness, he felt like he caught a glimpse of something green. Kizuna unconsciously imagined if the color of her underwear matched the color of her hair.

It was a sexy clothes that was like a china dress which showed her body line as it was. A slit was deeply cut up at the front, causing her crossed legs to be exposed as if jumping out from it. Even though the exposure area was little, but it gave a really obscene impression.

“Don’t keep standing, how about you take a seat?”

“Thank you. I’ll take your offer then.”

When he sat on the chair, Aldea’s sexy outfit entered his eyes whether he wanted it or not. Kizuna consciously averted his gaze and gazed at the sea of clouds spreading at the other side of the deck. The atmospheric temperature was warm and the humidity was also low. The wind that was moderately caressing his hair also felt pleasant.

“The wind is weaker than I thought. Besides it’s also warm.”

“That’s because the Life Saver of the battleship’s magic machine is surrounding this space. It also simultaneously regulates the temperature and humidity to be pleasant.”

‘I see’, Kizuna came to an understanding that this was because of the AU’s technology.

“If not because of that, doing something like that in this kind of place is plain impossible.”

Where Aldea’s fingertip pointed, there was a bed.

The white bed that was isolatedly put on the spacious deck gave off nothing but an out of place feeling.

“Hey, Aldea. We are going to carry out the magic power supply for the fleet after this right? Is the equipment and preparation fine? From what I see there is nothing but that bed though.”

“Just that is enough already.”

Aldea wasn’t well satisfied but, she was drinking her tea composedly.

‘If she said that, then let’s leave it to her.’ Kizuna thought so and looked up to the blue sky. The air conditioning that the magic machine adjusted was actually pleasant, that unconsciously he was dozing off. Before he realized Kizuna was napping.

Suddenly, a voice called from behind.

“Master. Will you drink tea?”

Before he realized it, a maid was standing behind him.

“Eh? Aah, please.”

Why was a maid in this kind of place? Kizuna closely gazed at the figure while thinking of such a question.

The clothes were obviously earth outfit. A maid clothes with black as the base wearing a white apron. Moreover, it was a cute design in the style of maid café, with frill and garter skillfully used. And then regardless of its exposure rate that wasn’t that high, the essential place was defenseless. With its design that strangely emphasized the breast, only in that place where the fabric was little, displaying the valley of the breast purposefully. The length of the gently spreading skirt was also extremely short, the panty would undoubtedly be visible if she moved even for just a little. Stockings attached with garter belt was wrapping the legs, however it also made her look obscene instead.

It was a really cute design, but at the same time obscene vulgarity was intentionally contained within it. It was a costume that was made in order to cause the person seeing it to harbor lewd imagination.

That cute and obscene attire really suited the tanned skin.

“――Wait, eeeeee!? Tha, that’s you Gravel!?”

With the area around her eyes dyed red from shyness, Gravel murmured discontentedly.

“……You are too slow in your recognizing.”

“No, because you are in that kind of appearance……besides, the atmosphere is different than usual……”

Gravel’s face was clouded with anxiety.

“I, is it strange?”

“No……it’s really cute.”

In the first place her face was well-featured, but now she was several levels more feminine and looked like a beautiful woman.

“Aah……I’m glad.”

Gravel who was floating a happy smile was cute like a lady. He couldn’t imagine her like this at all from her gallant and strict appearance at the bridge.

With a mean look, Aldea talked to Gravel.

“How nice is it, that Kizuna is pleased with that appearance. So it’s worth it to put that makeup filled with your fighting spirit isn’t it?”

“I, idiot-! Don’t say that-“

“It suites you but……what is the meaning of this?”

Gravel toyed with her hair while answering embarrassedly.

“This is……ju, just like what we arranged previously. I and you will……that, use He, Heart Hybrid to……supply this fleet with magic power.”

Certainly that was what they talked about. However――,

“That’s true but, what’s with that appearance?”

Gravel pinched the fringe of her skirt while fidgeting around without any calmness.

“I heard that, in Lemuria this kind of clothes is terribly popular. Especially for the living thing called man, they will discover a great joy by being serviced by a maid. That’s why……”

Kizuna stood up and put his hands on Gravel’s shoulders. Her shoulders jumped in surprise.

“I don’t know from who you heard that but, that depends on the person’s individual interest. It doesn’t mean that all men like it without exception.”

“Is, is that how it is? ……Even though I thought, that I can finally make Kizuna happy……”

Gravel’s shoulders dropped in dejection and murmured in a sad expression. When he looked at Gravel’s disheartened state, he came to feel pity for some reason. At the same time, when he thought that she was trying her best for his sake, something warm was filling the inside of Kizuna’s heart.

“By the way, I really like that maid uniform just so you know.”


Gravel displayed a radiant smile for an instant, but she cleared her throat ‘kohon’ and pretended that there was nothing.

“Do, don’t get a misunderstanding okay? This is for the sake of making the Heart Hybrid a success……that’s all. I’m, not at aAAAAAHNN-!”

Kizuna’s hand was sliding down from Gravel’s shoulder to her arm. Even just that much caressing made Gravel raised a coquettish voice from her mouth.

“You feel it easily as usual……what a lewd body.”

“You, you’re wrong, this is because of Vatlantis’s fault――HAUunn!”

He traced the valley of the breasts that became bared and rubbed up the emphasized breasts as if lifting it up.

“Ku……the one who is lewd, is actually you Kizuna. This kind of……aaann”

Gravel’s cheeks were dyed red, gasping voice was continuously leaking out from her half-opened mouth. A switch was turned inside Gravel’s body in the blink of an eye, becoming a state of preparation OK.

“Let’s go over there.”

Kizuna embraced Gravel’s shoulder and led her to the direction of the bed. Gravel was staring at the bed with feverish eyes and nodded deeply.

Aldea who was shown such a situation couldn’t suppress down the surging out anguished emotion inside herself. She was irritated, regarding Gravel, and also regarding Kizuna. She was irritated at Kizuna who was beguiling Gravel, and she was also irritated at Gravel who was directing favor to anyone who was not her. If Gravel was going to be taken away, then she should just ensnare Kizuna herself. If she did that, then Gravel wouldn’t be able to become Kizuna’s.

The moment she thought that, her chest throbbed. Of course this throb was regarding the face that she could monopolize Gravel herself. That should be it. Yet despite so, when she imagined getting close with Kizuna, the inside of her body was getting hot. This kept happening since they were playing at the sea of Argento before this.

‘――Really, what’s with this. Geez!’

But the most irritating thing was how the two of them forgot about her existence. She couldn’t think anything else that was more irritating than that.

Both of them sat on the bed and groped about at each others’ bodies. Kizuna’s hand was gently rubbing the drooping breast of Gravel, and Gravel was caressing from Kizuna’s thigh until the base of his leg with enraptured face.

Aldea put her teacup loudly and stood up from her chair.

“Well then, let’s move to the main event any time now.”

Aldea began to take off her dress with a smile that was pregnant with fury. Just like a fruit that had its skin peeled, her white naked body was getting exposed. She wasn’t wearing underwear underneath her dress, so her appearance became just like when she was just born in the blink of an eye. After exposing her beautiful naked body without sparing anything, Aldea called out the name of her Core.


Green armor was put on the skin that was like white snow. It was Aldea’s magic armor which possessed six shields, [Zeel].

She changed the shape of one of the six shields into a spear. Aldea held that spear, and then she was moving towards the bed.

Kizuna was shocked at Aldea’s figure which was stark naked while equipping her magic armor.

“Eh? O-, oi, Aldea. What are you planning to do!?”

Aldea was wearing a smile that was vaguely containing fury. Furthermore her hand was holding a spear. That was Zeel’s characteristic weapon, which was able to distort space and tore apart matter.

“Wa, wait. What’s the matter?”

Gravel was also looking up at Aldea with a panicked voice.

Aldea sighed. Her feeling was like a wife who stepped her foot on the scene where an extramarital affair was happening.


She swung her spear and cut apart the space around the bed. Thereupon, a rift entered the space where there was nothing. A situation like a photo that was cut was happening in real life, it was a really bizarre sight.

A floating window opened at Zeel’s surrounding.

“It’s fine―, please send it to here.”

Aldea who was facing that window gave out an instruction. Thereupon some kind of bizarre object appeared from the space rift. Kizuna spontaneously yelled from the thing’s weirdness.

“Uwaa! What!?”

It was an object that was long like a snake, wriggling its body around.

The thickness was around three centimeters until six centimeters, the color was off-white, or possibly it had a light pink color, the surface was slimy wet with liquid.

“Uu……what weirdness……o, oi Aldea. Just what in the world, is this?”

Even Gravel was wincing.

“What, you asked? These are the cables for relaying the magic power you know? If these cables are not here, the magic power cannot be sent to all the other ships right?”

Kizuna understood now the reason why they couldn’t prepare anything other than a bed.

“Just when I thought that there is nothing prepared for the magic power supply’s device……and this is how it goes.”

“Yes. As expected it will be really difficult to connect all the ships physically. Cutting the space like this and pulling the cables for relaying the magic power to each ship are easier.”

Indeed, it was just as she said.

The cables for relaying magic power were soft but firm, they had flexible make. But, it was like they had their own will, its wriggling and meandering appearance was honestly disgusting.

Gravel asked timidly with a pale face.

“Don’t tell me……Aldea, these cables……”

Aldea answered with a wide grin.

“Exactly. You carry out the Heart Hybrid, with these cables clinging close to your body. They will entangle Gravel’s body, rub on you as if licking you around, and they will suck the magic power you generate without leaving a drop behind. The magic power will go through these cables and supply the fleet!”

Gravel made a reluctant face with all she had.

“Aldea! I’ve never heard of anything like this!”

“Yes, I didn’t tell you after all. But, this is the most effective way you know. I’m not particularly doing this in order for harassing you at all.”

Aldea who answered nonchalantly made Gravel’s words get stuck in her throat.

“Ho, however……this is, a little”

The bundle of the wriggling and meandering cables made something shuddering shake her spine. It was a sight that made her felt some kind of physiological discomfort and terror.

“I understand how Gravel dislikes this, Even I, this is……”

Aldea clapped her hands lightly.

“No can do, I forgot something.”

She was going back to the table while swaying her ass. She picked up something and returned to the two while swaying her breasts. Once again this naked body inside a magic armor was amazing. Kizuna thought so.

“Here, Kizuna. Wear this.”

Aldea put something like a pin at Kizuna’s hair.

“This is?”

“The controller. If you wear this, you can freely control the cable just by thinking it. It will be difficult to wrap the cable by yourself right? Besides, the cables will come apart when you are doing the Heart Hybrid. That’s why, use this.”

“Will they really, move just like I imagined?”

Kizuna was half believing, half doubting. But mysteriously, from the moment he wore the pin, he was able to feel the cable as if they were his own hands and feet.

‘――First, just this one.’

A cable hanging down from the rift in front of him twitched. And then it was slowly lifting up like a snake raising its neck.

“It’s true. It’s moving just like I thought.”

This time he tried to move the other cables too at the same time. Thereupon several dozen cables were beginning to move simultaneously. They were slowly swaying left and right like waving his hands. And when he imagined it, whether it was making each one do different motions, or making them undulating like wave or even movements that looked like massed calisthenics, he could do all of that. It was possible to freely manipulate the cables. It was like his own hands were increased to several dozen hands, a mysterious sensation.

“Gravel, sorry. It makes me looking forward to it a little.”

The several dozen cables aimed at Gravel all at once.

“Waa, idiot, don’t aim them at me! Don’t get closer!”

Gravel’s face turned pale and she backed off on the bed.

“Don’t think bad of me okay? This is also for the Heart Hybrid!”

“Lie! You are absolutely enjoying it! KYAAAAAAA”

With agile movement, the cables entangled on Gravel’s four limbs. At that moment, a new impulse drove through Kizuna’s sense.


‘――This is……the sensation of Gravel’s body is conveyed through the cables!?’

He could feel her damp sweaty skin, her tight but elastic abundant body, as if his hand was directly touching her.

“Wha, what’s wrong? Kizuna.”

Even while being relieved because the cables suddenly stopped moving, Gravel asked worriedly.

“I can understand the touching sensation too from these cables. That’s why right now, it’s like my hands are holding down Gravel……it feels like that. The feeling isn’t different at all than when I touched your skin directly.

“Kizuna feels like……you are touching me directly?”

When she was told that, her feeling became like everything was Kizuna’s own hands directly caressing her lovingly. Gravel’s sensitivity instantly raised up drastically.


The slimy cables were creeping close. Gravel’s spine was feeling shivering goosebumps. However, opposite of disgust, pleasure was driving through her when the cables touched her skin.


Several cables were crowding. They were caressing her body at the same time. It was an act that couldn’t possibly be done by human’s hand. Mere cables were caressing around Gravel’s body skillfully.

“Ah, don’t”

The cables groped around for her chest protrusions and entered inside her clothes, they then bared her tanned breast as if digging it up. The thin cables entangled her breast squeezingly and one more cable was poking around at the pin tip.

“Fuaaaaaaan-! Ah, there, don’ttt, the, the tips of my breast iss-haaaaan”

Unable to endure the pleasure, Gravel struggled in her effort of trying to escape. However her four limbs were firmly restrained, the cables were wrapping around her as if to grasp her breast. No matter how much she struggled, it was impossible to escape the pleasure.

“Ah, au, aan! Haah!”

Gravel let out an anguished gasping voice and drool flowed out from the corner of her glossy lips. Her thoroughly enchanted face was heightening Kizuna’s excitement. He moved even more cables skillfully, flipped the skirt with a lot frill on it and exposed her panty.


Gravel put her strength in trying to close her thighs. However the liquid that was like lubricant oil that the cables secreted made the cables slipperily slide between the gaps of the thighs. Kizuna sensed the sensation of Gravel’s underwear through that cable. The interior part of her nether region was moistly wet. He wanted to make it overflow even more, the cable reflected his will at once and began to wriggle fiercely.

“NOOOOooOOO, mm”

The cable was getting in and out between Gravel’s crotch, scrapping up the area slimily. Having severe stimulation given to her most sensitive part repeatedly, Gravel’s lower body felt like it was constantly flowed with electric current, her body was jumping twitchingly. Gravel herself was already unable to control her body or anything. The pleasure that was being sent to her forcefully caused a spring to surge up drippingly from inside her body.

“Gravel……that’s a very cute panty.”

“Ah……tha, that……aann, kuu”

“But, it’s already got thoroughly drenched. It looks like you had just peed there.”

Gravel’s cheeks reddened in a flash and she tried to make an excuse.

“Wha-……I, I, am not peeing or any……thi-haaaa, yaa”

“I know. That’s the proof that Gravel is feeling indecent right?”

“……-! ……!!”

Gravel pursed her lips with a bright red face.

“You feel cold now that it is this wet don’t you? You must not catch a cold so let me take it off.”

The cable was invading inside the panty.

“Ah, wa, wait”

Masou Gakuen HxH V06 BW 07.jpg

Multiple cables were splendidly cooperating and they were lowering Gravel’s panty. Her body lifted up and her panty was lowered down, the positions of her legs were changed to make it easier to take it off. Ten cables accomplished their respective duty and laid bare Gravel’s lower body with their teamwork.

“Uu……to be this, ukyaa!”

Gravel’s hairless hill that became laid bare was rubbed by the cables.


Tears were surfacing in Gravel’s eyes. Feeling that her situation was strange, Kizuna talked to her in panic.

“Hm? What is it?”

“Hicc, Kizuna too……come. Only with the cable like this, no wayy……”

Gravel pleaded while looking like she was going to cry.

“I, I got it. I’m sorry.”

He stroked her silky blonde hair, feverish sigh leaked out from Gravel’s mouth. Kizuna also took off his clothes and exposed his bare skin. He was only in his underwear and kneeled beside Gravel. He gripped as if to harvest the ripe large breast that was drooping down and rubbed as if to make it ripened even further.

“Hii……a, aa……I’m happy”

Just from that, Gravel was letting out sweet voice from her enchanted face.

“Ah, nnaa……haa, a, I too……will give, a service……”

Gravel whispered so with feeble voice. Kizuna let go one of Gravel’s hand. Thereupon Gravel unhesitatingly extended that hand to Kizuna’s crotch.

“An……this is, amazing”

An obscene maid was staring at the bulging with enraptured gaze, then she began to caress with her supple fingers. She attentively crawled her fingers in order to find out the shape of the thing under the fabric.

“Ku……Gravel’s fingers, feels really good.”

Seemingly happy from those words, Gravel put her hand on Kizuna’s pant without any notice and pulled it down without hesitation.

“Wa! Oi-“

Looking at Kizuna’s thing that became exposed, Gravel narrowed her eyes intoxicatedly.


Her fingers softly grasped it, then they began to move up and down. The liquid of the cable was clinging on Gravel’s hand, fulfilling the role as a lubricant. Her slippery palm raised viscous sound while creating pleasure. That pleasure made Kizuna focused his consciousness into that one point. The cables were losing their strength at once and fell on the deck.

‘――Kuh, this is bad. I’ve got to pull my senses firmly!’

He moved the cables once more and wrapped them around Gravel’s body. And then matching them with both his hands, they continued to grant pleasure on Gravel’s body.

“Nnaa, haaa, aau……a, amazing, this is……”

Even while being carried away by pleasure, Gravel was continuing to stroke the thing of Kizuna inside her hand. She was staring fixedly at that with dazed eyes and slowly brought her lips near.

Kizuna’s most sensitive organ felt severe sliminess and heat.


“Ahll fhis fhime……Hi, whanfed ho fho……mm, mm”

Gravel kept holding the thing inside her mouth while basking in deep emotion. Even the honey overflowing from the tip felt really delicious. She thought that she wanted to keep sucking this forever.

At that moment, beads of orange light were starting to come out from Gravel’s body.

‘――The Heart Hybrid!’

It came faster than he thought, Kizuna winded around all the cables on Gravel’s body.

“Mmmmm, mhmmuuuuu”

While still sucking on Kizuna’s thing, Gravel moaned in pleasure. Due to the several dozen cables, everywhere of her whole body felt like being pressed by pleasure.

The cables were caressing around every nook and cranny of the body. Her back, flanks, and her abdomen were stroked around, while her ass was thoroughly rubbed as if being grasped roughly. The cables winding around her legs were moving trailingly like snakes, creating ticklish pleasure on her whole legs. Cables were scrapping between her crotch, causing Gravel’s honey to gush out drippingly from that valley.

And then her breast was roughly massaged by Kizuna’s own hands over and over.

Kizuna and Gravel wrung out pleasure by severely attacking each other.

Their conflict finally arrived at the climax――,

“Nnuuuuuuhnnnnnnnnn, nkuh, nn…….mmh……nn”

The pleasure of the two of them exploded.

Gravel sounded her throat and gulped down delightedly.

The lights overflowing from the bodies of the two went along the cables and vanished into the space rift.

Separating her mouth from Kizuna, Gravel was breathing roughly as if she was just finishing a long range marathon.

“So it’s……a success. However――”

Kizuna was sensing the amount of magic power flowing through the cable from the pin-shaped controller that was fixed on his head.

Certainly they succeeded but, to move a fleet this large…….

“Nn……haa, aaan……fu”

They could hear an anguished voice. That voice didn’t come from Gravel.


The important weapons that were the six shields were thrown out disorderly while Aldea was sitting down on the deck. Aldea whose shields were unfastened was groping her exposed breast with one hand while the other hand had slipped between her crotch and was now moving in there.

Noticing Kizuna’s gaze, she kept moving her hand while facing him with an anguished face that looked pleading.

“U……haa……I, I……”

Her appearance was lovable, but also pitiful, and even looked cute.

“Aldea, come over here.”

Kizuna extended the cable and wrapped it around Aldea’s body, then he lifted her up floating in the air.

“Eh……kya, wait”

Aldea’s body was carried until the bed and then she was laid down side by side with Gravel.

“It seems, that a normal Heart Hybrid is not enough to move a fleet this large. That’s why Aldea, I want to borrow your strength.”

However Aldea turned away her face sulkily.

“……Me? But, what can I do?”

Kizuna spoke with a voice that let her feel his strong will.

“Connective Hybrid.”

Gravel whose breathing had calmed down raised her upper body.

“That’s……what, kind of method is that?”

“It’s carrying out Climax Hybrid with two people at the same time. The energy created from the synergy is far more powerful if compared to the energy created when doing it one by one. But, there is a condition for this.”

Kizuna was staring alternately at Gravel and Aldea.

“It has to be with someone who is tied with Gravel by a solid relationship of trust. That’s why Aldea, only you can do this.”

Kizuna grasped Aldea’s shoulder and looked into her eyes fixedly. Aldea’s cheeks were faintly colored pink. She moved her head vertically, however she suddenly faced to the side.

“What’s with you……just get along well completely together with the two of you. Even though you two neglected me all along.”

In order to soothe Aldea that was sulking like a child, Gravel hugged her.

“Sorry. I didn’t mean to particularly ignore you.”

And then Kizuna caressed Aldea’s head from the opposite direction.

“Our bad for making you feel lonely. But, right now is exactly the time I want to make the best use of Aldea and Gravel’s connection. Won’t you cooperate with us?”

Aldea rubbed her teary eyes and answered with the area around her eyes turned red.

“I hate it to get left out anymore you know? But to be able to be the strength together……makes me really happy.”

“Thank you Aldea.”

Kizuna imaged the movements of the cables and raised up the cables coiling around the bed all at once. With agile movements, the cables surrounded the two and winded around their bodies, the two naked bodies of light brown and white were lifted to the air. Aldea raised a flustered voice.

“Hyaa! Bu, but, maybe this is a little disgusting. It’s slimy……”

On the other hand, in a complete opposite of her first reaction, Gravel was making an enraptured expression.

“However, Kizuna is feeling my body through these cables……ah, aan”

The cables were sliding on the surface of the two’s bodies writhingly.

“Hyaah……mm……but, this feeling……uaaahaaann, by this kind, of cables……but, ya, aahaun!”

Aldea who already had became sensitive from her masturbation also entrusted her body to the cables soon. The cables whose tips were attached with magic power absorbing gate were sticking to the breasts’ pink protrusions. Different cables were wrapping at the surroundings, sucking at the tips while the whole breasts were squeezed.

“Aah, I, I’m sucked! Ahn, yah, don’tt”

The cables were wriggling meanderingly like living things, crawling around the bodies of the two. Not only their breasts, in order to look for all the erogenous zones of their bodies, the cables were caressing, fondling, and sucking throughout their bodies.

A cable also wedged itself at Gravel’s tanned ass.

“Tha, that place is……dirt-, aaah, uaahn, nooooo”

The cable stimulated the hole of her ass while another cable spread the valley at the front and stuck there.

“Hii……! Do-, don’t, both at the same time is, something like this……feels too muchhhhh-“

Gravel’s body bent backwards while raising a voice that resembled a scream. That body was trembling twitchingly.

The bodies of the two who had become powerless were supported by the cables and made to get glued close in the air as if the two of them were embracing each other. Breast and breast were pressed and their shapes distorted as if being crushed.


Aldea stared at the face of her beloved partner that appeared right in front of her vacant eyes. It was a face melting in pleasure that she had never seen until now, gasping sweetly and painfully.


The bodies of the two which were restrained by cables were moved to rub at each other in the air. The sticky liquid excreted from the cables made the sliding went well, the bodies of the two slid at each other smoothly. The tips of their breasts touched each other and the sensitive pointed ends were sending stimulation at each other. The pink colored protuberances became even further pointed as if to look for stronger pleasure, standing up tightly.

“Hiuu, a, Aldea, don’t……do that. The, the tip of the breast is……”

“That’s……aahn! Gravel, is hard so that’s impossible here. When it stands up like that……and rubbed on me, ah, haaaah!”

Aldea’s body trembled in convulsion.

“This is, Kizuna’s fault……”

Gravel threw a pleading gaze at Kizuna.

The bodies of the two were thoroughly drenched with the cables’ viscous liquid, shining glossily with gleams. Furthermore, from the inner part of their fidgeting thighs that rubbed at each other, different liquid that didn’t come from the cable was trickling down.

“Eh? Kyaaann”

Aldea whose crotch was forcefully opened by the cables raised an embarrassed scream.

“Wa……wait, Kizuna. Yaaaahh!”

When Gravel’s legs were spread, both of their cheeks were blushing even more from the shame.

Even so it was an amazing sight. Their crotches were forcibly open by cables, two beautiful flowers were blooming in the air. The flowers blooming in white flower bed and clay ground, the two different flowers had their own respective inclination, clad in drippings like flowers that were damp with morning dew, honey was trickling down from the flowers that were trembling shiveringly.

“Thi, this kind of pose……is embarrassing.”

Aldea criticized Kizuna with a voice that contained joy somewhere in it.

“If it’s Kizuna, then it’s fine even if it is seen but……this posture……it’s embarrassing……”

Sensing a feverish gaze, Gravel felt like Kizuna was peering in until the depth of her body. But, the shuddering sensation welling up from the inside of her body was not only shame, delight was obviously mixed in too.

“Both of you, are really beautiful.”

Kizuna’s words of praise made their chest tightened so much that it felt like they could hear the sound *kyun*. And then honey was overflowing from inside the flowers. Kizuna brought the two whose legs were still spread near and joined the two petals to glue at each other.

“Aah, yaaaan, Gra, Gravel’s there is-! A, it feels goodd-”

Aldea moved her hips by her own and rubbed her important place at the similar place of Gravel.

“Hii! Haaah! Aaaaahn, A-, Aldeaaa!”

Viscous sounds resounded, the two petals were rubbing each other. The small buds inside those were swelling up largely and granted even more pleasure to the two.

“Aah, if you do it like that, I’ll become strang――mmuh! Mmmmm”

A cable entered into Gravel’s mouth that was greatly opened gaspingly. Gravel’s expression that was knitted in anguish was inflammatory, fanning the excitement of Kizuna and Aldea even further.

Kizuna also presented a cable in front of Aldea. She was staring at it with feverish eyes for a while, but before long her tongue extended and touched the surface of the cable that was wrapped in viscous liquid.

“Haaa……a……mm, nnnn”

Seemingly getting excited while licking with wet sounds *pecha pecha*, Aldea then also opened her mouth wide and suddenly held the cable inside her mouth.

“Nnuu! Nnnnnnn!”

“Kuhn! Nuuuuuuu-!”

The movements of the two pressing their hips at each other stopped, their waists were trembling in small shivers. When the cables were leaving, drools were trickling down from their slovenly opened mouths.

Masou Gakuen HxH V06 BW 08.jpg

Having the erogenous zones throughout their bodies stimulated, the two were going to drown inside the wave of pleasure. Kizuna laid down on the bed and moved the bodies of the two above him.

“This time it will be with us three……let’s make this a success.”

“ “……Yes” ”

Surmising Kizuna’s intention, the two of them smiled happily. And then their eyes turned moist towards the organ that didn’t exist in their bodies, towering tall in front of their eyes.

Kizuna’s thing muscled in between the two’s crotches that were still joined, as if screwing into there.

“AAAAaAh! A-amazingg, wha, what’s this-, this is-, completely different with cableee”

Aldea threw her hair into disarray and gasped in pleasure.

“FUaAAaNN! Ki-, Kizuna’s, this is-, as I thoughttt, I, I’m turning strange”

Gravel too raised a happy voice and bent her body backwards.

Kizuna also lovingly caressed at the most important places of the two, there was no way he didn’t feel good. If he let his guard down, he would rush into the climax in the blink of an eye.

Looking at Kizuna’s expression, the inside of their chests turned hot.

‘――Kizuna is also, feeling it from us.’

Thinking that, they put strength into the movements of their hips. Gravel and Aldea stared at each other and felt each others’ will inside those eyes. They nodded a little and pressed their bodies even harder, strengthening the stimulation towards Kizuna.

“Uu! Bo, both of you……kuh”

Hearing the voice of Kizuna which sounded like he was feeling good made them get excessively encouraged. However, at the same time it was a double edged blade that also brought severe stimulation to themselves. They knocked their hips while fighting pleasure that was making them lose their sanity. Gravel and Aldea grasped Kizuna’s thing with their petals and rubbed on it. Each time they fiercely moved up and down, Kizuna’s thing was going in and out from between the crotches of the two, pleasure attacked inside their head like a flow of electric current. And then――,



“!? Hauu……ah……”

The limit of the three simultaneously came.



At the same time when Kizuna’s life energy spurted out, bewitching screams burst out from Gravel and Aldea’s throats. Kizuna’s energy rained down on the bodies of the two, and then dazzling radiance of three colors were overflowing from the three bodies.

That radiance went through the cables wrapping around the bodies of the three, spreading towards the whole fleet. Kizuna that was swallowed by the vortex of pleasure let go of the cables’ control and felt exhausted on the bed. Gravel and Aldea also collapsed on his body.

Kizuna embraced the bodies of the two and caressed their heads. Thereupon the two acted spoiled by rubbing their faces on Kizuna’s chest.

Kizuna confirmed the magic power amount they just supplied and frowned.

“We were able to supply quiet a good deal but, as expected with a fleet this large……it now needs, just a little bit more but……Gravel and Aldea, are you two still okay?”

Gravel looked up at Kizuna and gently smiled.

“Of course Kizuna. This time won’t you……let us, do it? That……only being on the side receiving pleasure is, inexcusable or something……is it no good?”

Kizuna smiled in answer to Gravel who was timidly suggesting while breathing out sweetly, he then distanced the cables from the two’s breasts and hands. Both of them looked at each other and then sandwiched Kizuna’s thing by pressing their breasts against each other. At the right was Gravel and the left was Aldea. His thing was pressed on by the two sets of soft mass.

That was a magnificent sensation. Being healed by the spongy objects, it felt like his lower body was melting.

The subtle difference of the left and right was the proof that he was receiving this from the two of them. It even made him become anxious, if a luxury like this was really allowed.

“Hey, Gravel. Can we properly……do this?”

“Yeah……it’s going to be fine, maybe. Move up and down like this……”

The breasts of the two rubbed up Kizuna’s thing. Each time the movement became stronger and the breasts squashed even tighter, becoming even more unbearable.

Light particles began to swim sparklingly inside the eyes of the three.

“Next is……the technique I learned just before this. There is a way to deal the finishing blow at Kizuna.”

“Eh? Ah, that thing from before……”

Smiling proudly, Gravel distanced her breast from Kizuna’s thing.

“It’s like this.”

Gravel opened her mouth widely. While letting out feverish breath and wet tongue, she put Kizuna’s thing inside her mouth. Kizuna was once again exposed towards indescribable heat and pleasure.

He looked down at his lower body. When he actually witnessed by himself how he was given pleasure, he was once again shocked by how unreal the sight looked.

The opponent that once enacted a fight of life and death against him, the strong and sublime hero that was leading a country, was sucking on his thing with an enraptured face.

“He, hey. Gravel? I too……”

Aldea was demanding with the area around her eyes dyed red.

Gravel separated her mouth with a slurping sound. Aldea then brought her face near as if she had waited for that. After gulping audibly with her throat, she swallowed at Kizuna’s thing with all her might.

The thing that was just sucked by Gravel, was next sucked by her. Furthermore it was the thing of Kizuna. When she thought that, a pleasure that made her waist shiver ran through her.

Kizuna was also attacked by a pleasure that made him to writhe around. Even though both were similarly using their mouth, this time’s sensation was also different compared to Gravel. The warmth and softness inside the mouth, the movement of the tongue, everything was completely different.

This was Aldea’s first time, nevertheless she welcomed Kizuna’s thing until the depth of her throat. It was certainly suffocating, but she was feeling a joy that exceeded the pain.

When Aldea separated her mouth, she fiercely took a deep breath.

“Heey…….Gravel……this time, wi……with the two of us, aann!”

He was not only keep getting done in, Kizuna also made the two soak in pleasure in order to resist. Opposite of the two’s upper bodies that became free, the cables were torturing the lower bodies of the two intensively. The cables were entangling the lower bodies like living things and persistently continued to attack their erogenous zones. The cables wedging themselves into their nether regions were pressing on the small buds with their slimy bodies while sliding on.



The honey overflowing from the two might even make a puddle on the bed. Both of them collapsed on Kizuna and endured the pleasure that was making them unable to move their bodies, they desperately extended their tongues at Kizuna’s thing that was in front of their eyes. When their tongues touched the towering thing clingingly, they then licked up from both sides. And then they sucked from both sides and the thing was wrapped by two mouths.

“Mm, hah, chuu……uaaaann……chuu”

“Haah, churuu……chu……nnaah! Aaaah”

Before long the three were nearing their limit. It suddenly drove up from the inside of their bodies. It was impossible to stop or even endure it.

Climbing to the peak in one go, pleasure, and then light of magic power caused a large explosion.



Masou Gakuen HxH V06 BW 09.jpg

Greavel and Aldea’s screams were overlapping.

Light of magic power was overflowing from the bodies of the three. Magic power in amount that was incomparable with before was streaming towards all the ships.

Kizuna laid down with rough breathing.

“Manipulating……the cables……is really, tiring――n?”

The pleasure of his lower body was continuing.


Gravel and Aldea were continuing to lick Kizuna’s thing. When they were licking up the overflowing liquid with their tongues, they were crawling their tongues thoroughly as if scrambling for it in competition.

“Both of you, the Connective Hybrid was a success. That’s why, you don’t need……”

Seemingly unable to listen to Kizuna’s words, both of them were continuing to lick without paying attention.

“Gravel? Aldea!”

Aldea who finally lifted up her face was smiling with a lascivious look.

“Fufu……what are you saying? Until we reach London, we will need to resupply for three more times you know? There is no time for rest or anything else.”

‘Eh’, Kizuna flowed out cold sweat.

“Ho, however surely Gravel is also at her limit……for the time being let’s”

Around Gravel’s eyes were faintly dyed red, she displayed a bewitching smile.

“No, I’m fine……rather if the magic power is lacking, the fleet might fall down. Tha, that’s right, I think it’s better, to keep doing this the whole time until we arrive…….what do you think?”

She whispered with a sweet voice coaxingly to Kizuna with moist eyes.

Kizuna was convinced that his own energy would be drying up.

Part 2[edit]

The energy supply succeeded due to the Connective Hybrid and the Izgard army safely arrived at the coastal waters of Britain. When they attempted to link up with Ataraxia, naturally they were mistaken as an enemy fleet, and almost received an attack. However Kizuna and Gertrude went ahead and somehow managed to avoid a grave incident.

And then Reiri went to meet Kizuna in amazement.

“Good grief. This time you return here with an enemy fleet……your return is really shocking each time.”

At Nayuta Lab’s experiment field, a small high speed ship was landing. Kizuna and Gertrude, then Gravel and Aldea finally arrived at Ataraxia from Izgard’s flagship.

“Nee-chan. I’ll introduce you, This is――”

“I know. Gravel and Aldea huh. We are indebted to you two at Guam and Okinawa.”

“So you are Kizuna’s sister, Reiri huh. I hear that you are the commander of this fortress.”

Sparks scattered between the two.

Reiri asked without averting her gaze from Gravel.

“So Kizuna. What is your intention of returning here together with this bunch?”

“To fight Vatlantis decently, we have no other way than to join hands with Gravel and the others. Let’s fight together.”

“……Sure, okay, you think I’m going to say that?”

“I don’t think so. But, there is no other way than this. Listen to our story first.”

“Just what in the world can be trusted from this bunch?”

Reiri’s words were piercing. But, the things Kizuna had seen and experienced until now were different than her. This reaction was only natural.

“Their world, the whole of Atlantis is on the brink of danger. They are also being cornered. If you will hear Gravel’s story, Nee-chan will understand that Izgard is in need of us.”

Gravel took a step forward and lowered her head suddenly.

“Listen to my story. Like this.”

“!? ……-”

Reiri faltered from that attitude. In front of her face, Kei’s window was floating up.

{Reiri. We should hear the detailed story. It won’t be too late to decide after that.}

She couldn’t bluntly refuse now when not only Kizuna, but that Kei also recommended this. Reiri nodded with a reluctant face.

“……Chih. Very well. But, it will be only those two that step their feet on Ataraxia, if you two show just the littlest bit of a suspicious act, we will regard it as a hostile act at that time.”

Gravel lifted her face and smiled in relief from the bottom of her heart.

“I don’t mind. My gratitude for giving me the chance to talk……thank you, Onee-san.”


Reiri stiffened with a twitching face.

“I don’t remember giving you permission to call me Onee-san!!”

Reiri said that over her shoulder and went to enter the research building by herself.

“Kizuna. Reiri is your big sister right? Why is she mad?”

Kizuna scratched his head with a troubled look.

“Aa―, about that see……well, don’t mind it.”

――And then the next day. Ataraxia and Izgard tied an alliance.

There was also doubting voices that questioned whether it was really fine to trust Gravel who had attacked Ataraxia once before, but realistically there was no other way to overturn their dilemma, that was also the truth.

To be able to make use of Izgard’s fleet that was even more powerful rather than gathering the whole army of Ataraxia, no, the whole earth, this was actually a charming proposal.

And then above all, was Kizuna’s zealous persuasion showing his strong support for Gravel. And then, the effect of Gravel’s constant earnest attitude in the middle of their dialogue which made her judged as someone that was worthy to be trusted was big. And finally, although they were truly hostile from the difference of standpoint, but if they became ally there was nobody else that could be a more reliable partner, such evaluation was established.

After the dialogue was over, Gravel and Aldea returned to their ship for the moment. On the other hand, Ataraxia was scrutinizing the new fact about the AU that they had never known until now.

The data that had been obtained until now were projected one after another on the wall and air of the central control room.

{From the result of matching the information that Kizuna and Gertrude brought home this time, and the information offered by Gravel and Aldea, we can understand that the cause of everything came from Genesis, the pillar that supports the AU. Due to the lack of magic power, this pillar is causing a malfunction. If we do something about this somehow, almost all of our problems will be resolved.}

Reiri questioned Kei’s information with a look that couldn’t accept it.

“That should be something that even the AU came to understand. Aren’t they taking any kind of measures?”

{Vatlantis Empire, Izgard, Baldein, and so on included, no matter where they are searching in the whole Atlantis, they couldn’t discover the technology for Genesis’s maintenance. Far from that, it is even unclear how it was made.}

Kizuna crossed his arms and stared at the capital of Vatlantis, Zeltis which was projected at a floating window. There, a gigantic pillar that extended towards the sky was projected.

“That pillar, and the Core of Heart Hybrid Gear too, seems to be completely OOPArts. We know the way of using them but, it looks like it’s unclear who was the one creating them and how.”

“Can we do something about that pillar somehow with our technology?”

{I don’t know. But, there was a point that bothered me.}

“What’s that?”

{The case where Kizuna performed Climax Hybrid with Gravel. When I asked, this time they were doing it for the sake of supplying the fleet.}

“Aah, certainly we did that but……what’s the matter with that?”

{Certainly magic armor has commonness with Heart Hybrid Gear and Core, so we thought that it was possible for the two to Hybrid. However supplying energy to things like battleships or magic weapons……that is to say for it to be possible to even give supply of magic power, most likely this could also be used for Genesis’s energy.}

Hitting his hand, Kizuna yelled happily.

“That’s it! It will be fine if Eros become something like a power generator. If we generate magic power and then supply Genesis with that!”

{But, the story is not that simple. The pillar is not simply lacking in fuel, we can imagine that its state is progressing towards breakdown. Is it caused by the Genesis forcibly operating in the state where there is no magic power, or is it because it is continuing to be used even though no maintenance is conducted on it, we don’t know what caused this. However, it should require some kind of repair.}

“Besides, we don’t even know how much magic power we need to provide. If it is something in the level of a pillar that is supporting the world, perhaps it will need magic power in really great amounts that is even larger than what is needed to move a fleet. And like that, are you planning to live by continuously doing Heart Hybrid with those girls for your whole life?”

“Gu, that is……”

Unable to talk back, Kizuna fell quiet.

{Also there is one more disturbing factor.}

“……There is still more?”

{About how the one carrying the countermeasure for Genesis, is Professor Nayuta.}

Kizuna and Reiri held their breath.

“Certainly, that only brings nothing but a bad premonition.”

Reiri spat out.

Even if they try to guess, no one was able to imagine what Nayuta was thinking.

{At any rate let’s go to the other side, nothing can be said unless we try to look at the actual scene ourselves. However, there is the possibility that if Professor Nayuta was advancing her investigation, she might have already discovered some kind of countermeasure. In reality, Professor Hakase is making Genesis operate by the supply of magic power obtained from magic power plant. If that’s the case then naturally she should have also thought about the relation between Heart Hybrid and the pillar.}

Reiri made a complex face and asked Kei.

“This is just a hypothetical story but, let’s say we cannot prevent the breakdown of the other world. In that case, will there be any influence to our world? For example, if we seal all of the Entrances, won’t there be no effect to this world?”

“Nee-chan! That’s――”

In order to stop Kizuna’s objection, Kei’s window manifested in front of his face.

{I cannot say for sure. But, I want you to see this.}

Kei typed the keyboard with a speed that the eye couldn’t catch.

Two graphs were displayed on the screen.

{The right is displaying the time and number of the cataclysms happening at the other world Atlantis. The left is the time period when collision with the other world occurred, and the transition of the Entrance’s manifestation.}

The two graphs were really similar.

{I cannot deny that there is some kind of relation here. This graphs made us imagine that the magic power shortage happening in Atlantis, is causing the collision with the other world.}

“Then, it won’t influence us……we cannot, really assert that.”

{At the worst case, at the same time with the breakdown of Atlantis, a complete collision between the two worlds will happen, and it’s possible that our world will be terminated altogether.}

Reiri sighed and shook her head.

“Good grief……Kizuna, rest for today. You are tired right?”

“But, Nee-chan and Shikina-san?”

“Starting tomorrow we will coordinate with the Izgard army for real. Looks like we are going to work out the concrete plan of the campaign. Tonight we are going to prepare the draft. Your job is to rest your body.”

“I got it……ah”

“What’s the matter?”

After hesitating a little, Kizuna said out one more thing he was worried about.

“I think that this time we will be able to have a direct showdown nicely but……if in the worst case, it becomes a fight with Aine……in front of Zeros’s [Code Breaker], whether its Izgard’s fleet, or magic armor, even Heart Hybrid Gear will be useless. There is a limit even if we avoid fighting right? If Aine appears in front of us……at that time, what are we going to do?”

However, the answer for that question, there was no one that had it.

Part 3[edit]

Kizuna came out from the building of the central control room.

The outside had completely become dark. The air was clear, starry sky was spreading above as if they were going to rain down. In exchange of that, the temperature was also going down and his skin felt cold. It would be winter soon at Britain too. There was a lot of time they were sailing near the equator of the Pacific Ocean, so when they neared the coastal area of Britain, all the students and personnel of Ataraxia were trembling.

He thought to traverse the experiment field and return to the dormitory. He could quickly return if he picked a commuter somewhere, but he felt like walking for some reason.

Ahead of the experiment field was pitch black sea of night. The starry sky ended at the horizon as if it was cut off there.

London was certainly ahead of there.

And then ahead of the Entrace was the capital Zeltis. In the end they couldn’t find the whereabouts of Himekawa and the others, but due to their activity as idols, it was impossible to pin down their location.

Even so it was fortunate that they could avoid having a direct confrontation with Aine.



He looked around him in panic. He felt like he had just heard Aine’s voice calling him.

“Seems like……it’s just my imagination.”

To persuade himself, he said that out loud purposefully. And then he stared fixedly at the darkness where London should be at one more time.

Mysteriously, he had the feeling that Aine was waiting ahead there.

‘But, Aine said she will kill me.

Surely when we meet next we will be fighting each other to kill.’

He shook his head to chase off such thinking, and started to walk once more.


Ahead of his path, was a hangar where lighting leaked out. Moreover, there was some kind of commotion.

‘――Did something happen?’

He approached the door of the hangar and quietly peeked inside.

“ARGHHHHH! What alliance with the AU! These weapons can fight equally with the enemy! Give back all of my hard work until now! Just what’s with this mountain of AU’s fleet and magic weaponnnnnnnn!”

It was Kurumizawa Momo of the research department.

Which reminded him, this place was the hangar that Kei took him previously. Inside the huge hangar where even the maintenance of a large transport plane could be carried out, even a simple prefabricated house that was used for the office and sleeping place of the maintenance staff was built there. Inside it Momo was rampaging while looking at the image of the Izgard army. Things like juice cans and food packages were scattered everywhere, documents were also spread on the floor carelessly.

“What are you getting noisy for, Kurumizawa.”

“Ah, Hida-kun! HIDA-KUUUUUUNNN-!”

“Uwaa! Don’t hug me so suddenly-, wait, don’t wipe your nose on me-!”

While flowing out tears and snot, she rubbed her head repeatedly at Kizuna.

“This is cruel! Like this, there is no more turn for me! I’m unemployed in the academy now!”

“Aah……I understand what you want to say but, it’s not like you really became completely useless right?”

Momo lifted her head in a flash.

“Then, there will be a turn for my created weapon at the next operation?”

“Aa―……no, I wonder?”


Momo was trickling out tears like a waterfall once more. Kizuna was quietly looking up at the ceiling with a troubled look.

“Even if for example you didn’t get a turn, that’s because we made a powerful comrade, isn’t this a happy thing?”

Momo howled as if snapping at him.

“It’s not a happy thing! Even though I was finally able to lighten the weight and implemented the power up with great pain! At this rate it won’t even getting evaluated and get discarded to the trash can!”

She grasped a pet bottle and began to gulp it down in one breath.

“Puhaa―! Really, just who― can do this anymore, really―!”

“So you are binge eating and drowning in sake……not, this is just juice. You look nicely drunk huh.”

Kizuna made a wry smile.

Momo violently grasped Kizuna’s arm and dragged him outside the office, they were walking inside the hangar.

“O, oi. Where are you taking me?”

“Look at this!”

At a corner near the wall, weapons were lined in a row. From handgun until large missiles, all were lining up together.

“Heee……this is really a spectacle.”

He wondered just how many there were, the weapons were filling up the huge hangar from one end until the other end.

From rifle that was using orthodox gunpowder, until large cannon, rapid fire cannon, railgun, from small things until large things, the variety was really plenty. And then the missiles too, from things that a person can carry walking around, until missiles with a diameter of two, three meters were also lined up.

“Here! Just look at this.”

Momo was clinging on a large railgun with length of more than five meters while rubbing her cheek on it.

“Aah, if I remember right, it’s Warusaa-kun right?”

“It’s Rugaa-chan! It’s rugaaa from railgun!!”

She was raising a growling voice ‘garuru’ while rattling around her arms and legs. However it was as if she had immediately forgotten her bad mood, she energetically hugged at the nearby rifle. It was a railgun in the style of anti-material rifle with length that reached two meters.

“I remember that one! Yuujirou-kun right!”

The instant he said that full of confidence, his head was struck.

“This is Toshirou-kun!”

“I don’t know that, that’s the first time I heard it!”

“I improved it exactly as Hida-kun requested, so it went through a name change!”

“There is no way I know that!”

Sighing out, he looked down on the rough rifle. And then he ruminated on the sentence Momo just said.

“……What? The improved version, is finished already?”

“I did it―, but, it won’t be― useful anymore though, right―”

She wasn’t drinking but, did she actually have alcohol, or drug, Momo showed a powerless smile while sinking down on the floor.

Kizuna lifted the rifle.

“Indeed it’s lighter……and the carrying method is also……I see, a part to link it with the Gear is attached and it can be fixed on the back. The bullet also became a small size and the number that can be loaded also increased.”

“But― its power is powered up even more you know― ahaha.”

“Isn’t this amazing. With this……hm?”

His eyes caught something piled up at the corner of the warehouse. That thing was in a shape that drew a line with other weapons, it was obviously out of place compared to the surrounding weapons. Engine was installed on a boorish frame and became one with electrical components and so on. Judging it from a glance, he couldn’t think of it as anything but scraps.

But, it was a scrap he remembered seeing before.

“Aah―, that? That’s also in the trash can already. In the first place there is no Core, there is just no leeway to even use that kind of thing right―”

“I see……there is, this.”

Inside Kizuna, something was quietly burning up.

“Hey, Kurumizawa.”

“Mm― whaaat?”

“I want to request a work from you. ASAP.”

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