Masou Gakuen HxH:Volume 7 Chapter 1

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Chapter 1 – Rebirth Ataraxia[edit]

Part 1[edit]

“He, hey Kizuna? That, as I thought I……I’m better not going together with……”

Aine threw a small voice at the back of Kizuna who was walking while pulling her hand.

“Hm? Why?”

Kizuna looked back with a wondering face.

“Because, I was being hostile just a while ago you know? To return back to everyone as easy as flipping my hand like this……my lingering enthusiasm, is getting a little cold, or something.”

Without stopping his feet, Kizuna kept walking while pulling Aine’s hand.

Both of them were inside Izgard’s flagship, heading towards the ship’s bridge.

Kizuna who got the better of Aine at their fight led Aine from Ataraxia that had been turned into ruin and escaped. And then they finally arrived at Gravel’s exclusive ship that had become the de facto command headquarters now that they had abandoned Ataraxia.

The operation to rush into Zeltis that they attempted at first had already disappeared without a trace. Everything ended in failure.

But Kizuna’s heart was blazing with hope.

‘――Aine came back.’

He was able to recover back the important something that should have been lost. He recovered the thing that should be impossible to recover. That fact became hope and motivation, pushing Kizuna’s heart forward.

He was happy enough just with Aine’s return. But even looking from the combat potential, whether Aine was here or not was a great difference. With this the method they could take would really expand.

‘――Let’s quickly have Nee-chan and Shikina-san set up a new strategy and start again.’

“Right now we are in a fight with time. If Genesis collapses, that’s the end for Atlantis. Not only that. By any chance our world might also get ruined together with it.”

Suddenly Kizuna’s hand was pulled. When he looked back, Aine stopped in place and stared at Kizuna with a shocked gaze.

“……No, no way.”

As if to encourage the dumbfounded Aine, Kizuna put his hand on her shoulder. And then he spoke with a calm voice.

“From what Shikina-san said, because the Entrance connected our worlds, it seems that there is also some kind of influence to earth. Much less if it becomes a large phenomenon in the level that can ruin one of the worlds, the other world won’t get through it free of any repercussion. We don’t understand how much influence it will have but, in the worst case……”

“No way……you are saying earth will be ruined together?”

“There is a high possibility of that. That’s why Aine, perhaps this will be hard but, your power is needed right now.”

Aine nodded with resolve.

“Right when the world is on the verge of danger, something like my shyness is……nothing significant at all.”

The two of them once again walked hand in hand.

“But, everyone will hold a grudge to me won’t they.…..”

“……Aine, but――”

Aine shook her head.

“No. That’s just obvious. Don’t worry about it. No matter what kind of treatment I receive, that’s because I have responsibility of that.”

Kizuna put strength into his holding hand.

“I’m going with you. Don’t worry.”

After getting a little shocked, Aine’s face burst open in a happy smile.

“Thank you. Kizuna……”

Like that the two finally arrived in front of the bridge. Although he said that to Aine just now, but honestly Kizuna was also anxious. He lightly took a deep breath and examined Aine’s state. Thereupon Aine was also staring at Kizuna. They nodded at each other and opened the door.

“Hida Kizuna, I’m bringing back Chidorigafuchi Aine.”

The voice that was filled with nervousness resounded through the spacious bridge.

Izgard’s soldiers and the staff of Ataraxia that were working busily stopped their hands. The noisy bridge fell silent as if they were doused by cold water.

The gazes of everyone were pouring onto Kizuna and Aine.

For the soldiers of Izgard, what happened was that the emperor of that Vatlantis Empire suddenly appeared here. Their nervousness and terror were unfathomable. Most of the soldiers became unable to move as if they had been petrified.

On the other hand, for the staff of Ataraxia, she was once their comrade, and then she was the existence that ruled at the summit of the enemy. They couldn’t even imagine, just how they should act to deal with her. There was merely choking silence that was continuing.

The heavy air that was like metal was torn apart by a sharp voice.

“You are late Kizuna! Aine! Just where did you two loiter around at!”


Reiri with her arms crossed went until in front of the two and glared.

“E, err, Commander……I”

“Kei, the Hybrid Count of these two?”

Reiri’s question made Kei displayed the status of the two.

{Kizuna is 20%. Aine is 8%.}

“What? Then what was the light from before?”

All the function of Ataraxia and Nayuta Lab was halted, so they couldn’t collect the detailed data of the battle. But, Reiri and the others also confirmed the light that appeared when Aine and Kizuna kissed.

“I was thinking that a Heart Hybrid happened beyond doubt but……seems like there is a need to investigate huh.”

{Right now the equipment of Nayuta Lab is being loaded on board this battleship. When it’s finished, we are going to gather as much data as possible to study. However right now it’s better to replenish the Hybrid Count of Kizuna and Aine. If possible with Climax Hybrid.}

Reiri nodded and howled towards Kizuna.

“Just as you heard. Do Climax Hybrid urgently! Also take a shower while you are at it, change your ragged clothes. Do it!”

“Ye, yeah. Nee-chan, about Aine……is it fine?”

Reiri snorted her nose and suddenly turned her back at him.

“Right now we want combat power even if just one more person. The minor details doesn’t matter. If you want to make excuse then I’ll listen to it after the battle is over. That’s why, go quickly! I’ll give you the briefing right when you come back!”

“Ye, Yes, Mam! Yes!”

Kizuna and Aine reflexively saluted and then they exited the bridge as if running away. And then after they turned a corner, Kizuna breathed out largely.

“Hey? Everything’s fine right?”

“Ye, yes……”

Aine answered with a complicated smile.

Nevertheless, Reiri didn’t demand an explanation from Aine. For her to act completely like in the past was something happy for Kizuna. Of course, there was also her realistically prioritizing to deal with what must be done, but he got a hunch that it was not all there was to it.

“……Nee-chan. I wonder if she was being considerate?”

“Perhaps that is so……but, she is scary as usual.”

Kizuna answered with a wry smile.

“Oi oi. You are the Emperor of Vatlantis, even if temporarily, are you going to be afraid of my Nee-chan?”

“It can’t be helped isn’t it.”

Aine puffed up her cheeks. However, her face soon burst out into a smile.


“What’s the matter?”

“Because, after being respected as the emperor of Vatlantis, I suddenly got treated just like a common soldier here? It’s funny for some reason.”

“When you think of it like that, that’s really a steep demotion huh. Well, but――”

When this fight ended, would Aine return back as the emperor of Vatlantis again? At that time, how would his relation with Aine turn into he wondered.

Aine knitted her eyebrows worriedly at Kizuna who suddenly stayed quiet.

“Kizuna, what’s wrong?”

“No, nothing……aah, come to think of it I don’t know where the shower room is.”

“Haa!? Just where are you planning to take me huh!”

After that, after being scolded off by Aine’s acidic tongue for the first time in a long while, Kizuna asked where was the shower room from a soldier of Izgard that happened to pass by. After getting lost for several times, the two finally reached the shower room.

When the door opened, there was no one inside. It was in a state reserved for Kizuna and Aine.

“Hee……it’s really pretty.”

“Yeah. No matter how many times I see it, I cannot think of it as a battleship’s facility……”

If he had to say what kind, saying that it was a super high class sports club was fitting. Inside the wide space, shower rooms divided by glass were lining up. High ceiling. The floor and wall were made from stone that resembled ceramic, the soft indirect lighting that made the atmosphere a little subdued enhanced the high class feeling.

He guessed that there were around twenty stalls that were lining in a row. Each one was surrounded by glass from four directions, he couldn’t find the shower head for the water to come out for some reason. There was only one dial that seemed to be the faucet attached. He was lost which stall he should go in, but there was no one so there wasn’t even a need to be particularly bothered. They entered the shower room that was around the center.

“Still, it’s completely transparent because of the glass divider huh……well, there is no one so that’s fine though.

Aine sighed.

“Really. The culture of Atlantis is just too open-minded.”

“Now that you mentioned it, the outfit of the emperor was also amazing huh.”

“You saw!?”

Aine’s face instantly turned red as if she was boiled.

“Eh? Yeah, from the TV program broadcasted in Vatlantis that we intercepted at Izgard……”


Aine held her head and kicked and struggled by herself.

“Forget it! Forget it right now! At any rate your head is just something inferior without much capacity anyway, quickly erase that memory! Or else I’m going to ask Zel and vanish that memory myself!”

Words that were like the Vatlantis emperor were mixed in at the ends and odds of her sentence……Kizuna thought. Right now that was charming, but as expected Ainess that was the emperor of Vatlantis, and Aine of Amaterasu were not contradicting things, he felt that he was made to recognize anew that they were a single person. And then the badness of Aine’s mouth was also understandable if he thought of how she was a princess from the start.

To calm down Aine that kept on talking without pause, Kizuna gently put his hand on her shoulder.

“Calm down now, Aine. That’s normal in Vatlantis right? Well, its exposure rate is also showy even among them, but……those clothes suited you in its own way.”

“I, I didn’t wear them because I like it! That was because I was forced to wear it!”

“Got it, I got it already. But, I think you don’t need to worry though.”


“Because, after this I’m going to see you in an even more amazing appearance.”


Aine once again thought of the meaning of coming to the shower room by the two of them, then her face became even redder. As if to protect her body, she tightly hugged her own body.

“Aah……the clothing of the empire might be even more embarrassing than being naked in a certain meaning though. Well, it’s fine either way so rest assured.”

“I cannot rest assure at all! In the end it’s unclear which one is more embarrassing isn’t it……wait, don’t take off my clothes while saying that!”

Kizuna smoothly undid Aine’s pilot suit from her shoulder. At once, the breasts that were going to spill out bouncily were held back by Aine’s both hands in panic.


Kizuna crouched down in that opening and pulled down Aine’s suit until her waist.

“Wa, wait a second.”

Kizuna obediently stopped his hands and looked up at Aine’s face. Even so her breasts were obstructing his view, so her face wasn’t really visible. He distanced himself a little and stared at Aine’s face.

“Aine, if we are going to shower then we must take off the clothes.”

“Tha, that’s right but……don’t just take off my clothes silently like that.”

Aine averted her gaze with her cheeks dyed in shame. Faint tremble was conveyed to his hand that was grasping her suit that had been lowered until her waist. Aine’s thighs were shaking a little.

This embarrassed feeling of her would make Aine’s Heart Hybrid even more effective. He understood that actually it was better to fan that shyness of hers even more. But, right now they were pressed for time. He was a little rough but, he had to take a method that could raise results in a short time.

“Is that so……but I want to see Aine’s body after a long time. I wonder, can I see your most embarrassing place?”

Invited by those words, Aine sent a glance at Kizuna. There her face became much redder and she whispered with a voice that was like a mosquito.

“……It’s fine.”

As if to purposefully make her conscious that he was taking it off, Kizuna was slowly lowering down her suit. And then, at the end he lowered the suit down until the middle of her thighs in one go.


Sigh leaked out from Aine’s lips.

After he lowered her suit until below her feet like that, he made her raised her legs and took the suit off completely. Aine who became stark naked hid her breast and crotch with both her hands, her body was twisting and fidgeting in her inability to calm down.

Kizuna also quickly took off his pilot suit. The suit was ragged so on top of being hard to take off, pain ran on his body each time he moved.


He bore quite many wounds here and there from the battle with Aine. Most were bruises, but there were also a lot of cuts. He thought that they were not so deep that they would need to be sewed, he also thought that his bones were safe. But, his rib was the most suspicious. Next was his right arm. By any chance, there might be some fractures.

He gritted his teeth and endured, but it really took a toll on him. Kizuna didn’t notice while fighting because he was losing himself in the fight, but now that the fight was over, he noticed the pain in his body too late.


With a worried face, Aine came to touch his chest. Without even minding that her skin was laid bare, she touched the wound gently.

“Is it hurt?”

“Nn……somewhat. But, it’s really not a big deal yeah? From before this, it was more――”


If she was a dog surely her ears would be flopping down powerlessly, her tail would also be hidden between her legs. That was just how dispirited the look Aine showed him was.

“It was painful wasn’t it……because of my fault, you became injured a lot.”

Her shoulders shook, tears were gathering in her red eyes.

“Oi oi, Aine, there is nothing you need to cry for.”

Kizuna smiled brightly and turned the dial that seemed to be the faucet. Thereupon warm water began to pour down like rain from the center of the ceiling of the stall.

Now he got it, indeed this was why he couldn’t find the shower head with glass divider at the four sides. The water wasn’t pouring down like heavy rain by any means, it felt like they were raining gently on his body and felt just right at his injured body.

“Now, Aine, Let’s shower together.”

But Aine kept standing still. Rather, she concealed her face with both hands and began to cry for real.

‘――This is bad. I didn’t think that she will fret over this so much.’

Kizuna embraced Aine’s body close and pulled Aine’s body inside the hot shower. Warm water trickled down their bodies. Hugging tightly the trembling body of Aine, he then whispered to her ear.

“You don’t need to be like this anymore. Even I did all that by my own will. Besides, wounds just to this degree are more like medals see. Look, scars on a man’s body, isn’t it cool somehow?”

“Is that……how it is?”

“That’s how it is.”

Aine rubbed her face on his shoulder as if to depend on him. And then she chuckled.

“Even though your name is Kizuna?”[1]

Kizuna also made a wry smile at that.

“It looks like my recovery from injury is fast. By any chance, is that an influence from Eros’s Core I wonder? That’s why I’m not failing to live up to my name here. Maybe.”

“Is that so……certainly, you look livelier than I thought……”

Aine noticed the object pressing on her stomach and murmured shyly.

“Eh, aah……that’s, it can’t be helped if there is a naked girl in front of my eyes.”

“Yes……that’s right isn’t it.”

Aine entangled her slender fingers on that thick object.

“――!? A, Aine?”

“O, occasionally I’ll be the one to……I want to make you feel good, like this.”

Aine averted her eyes from Kizuna shyly. However she didn’t seem like she would release the thing she grasped.

That was how much Aine worked hard. Kizuna thought, that he had to respond to Aine’s feelings.

Kizuna’s hands that were hugging were caressing around Aine’s back. He traced her spine, caressing from below to above, Aine’s body convulsed in a twitch.

“Now that I look, is there nothing like liquid soap or soap here?”

“Err……perhaps, it’s this.”

When he looked carefully, there was a small depression on the wall. When Aine’s hand touched under it, liquid soap trickled out and gathered in her hand. At the same time the water intensity also decreased and became a drizzle.

“Ehehe, I see. I really don’t understand the mechanism behind it though.”

Kizuna also took soap in his hand and plastered it on Aine’s body. Aine stayed quiet and let him kept doing it even while being embarrassed. And then she extended her hand timidly, spreading the soap evenly on Kizuna’s chest and stomach, creating bubbles.

Kizuna didn’t show any dislike to it and so Aine was relieved, she then washed Kizuna’s body a little bolder. In return Kizuna also dripped down soap on Aine’s chest, his hands took the two large breasts drooping heavily under it and began massaging and cleaning it. The large breasts immediately became covered in foam.

“Nn……aan, Kizuna……if you do it too strong, I cannot wash……youu”

“I cannot really hear you well. Because I’m too absorbed in cleaning Aine.”

He was focused on washing the pink tips of the breast. He gently washed by pinching them and rolling them between his fingertips.

“Fuh, aah! I, I told you, don’t’……ahhaaann”

This time he used both his hands to grasp one of her breasts and rubbed it. Aine was unable to resist the pleasure, her body bent and trembled.

“Ge, geez-, even I can……do this to you.”

With hand that was foamy from the soap, Aine gently lifted up Kizuna’s crotch.

“Uu! Aine, that’s”

Aine importantly massaged the ball part with her fingers that were like icefish.

“Yes, this is Kizuna’s important place……don’t worry. I will handle it carefully so……”

It felt good having that place massaged softly. There was the stimulation from the fingers touching, but more than that the feeling of having that done to him gently as if she was really treasuring it also felt pleasant mentally.

Before long Aine’s fingers were going up to the thing that was standing up solidly.

When she touched Kizuna’s thing, Aine’s excitement was also swelling up.


Her action of rubbing her thighs at each other, her shaking hips looked as if she was inviting Kizuna.

Kizuna kept his left hand massaging Aine’s breast, while his right hand was lowering down to the navel, and then toward under her stomach. And then he lathered the silver bush there with foam and washed there like washing hair.

“Yahn! Yo, you don’t need to wash that kind of place.”

Masou Gakuen HxH V07 BW 02.jpg

Ignoring Aine who was desperately appealing with a red face, he kept washing the silver hair, then his hand extended towards the part that was hidden under it. The instant he touched that part which was fully filled with her honey, Aine’s waist jumped twitchingly.

“Don, stop it! I will wash that place myself!”

“Aine yourself is washing mine for me aren’t you? That’s why, I’m returning the favor.”

Kizuna’s fingers traced the slit, moving back and forth.


Aine’s waist was going to crumple down, she leaned on Kizuna’s chest. She was erotically breathing on Kizuna’s chest before looking up at Kizuna with a feverish gaze.

“Stupiddd……I’m becoming no good, if you toyed with that placee……”

Hot liquid was gushing out from Aine’s crotch, viscous sound was becoming audible following the movement of Kizuna’s fingers. Aine was receiving that pleasure with a melting face. Light of Heart Hybrid was beginning to shine inside those eyes.

And then, Aine too entrusted her body to the pleasure even while keeping hold of Kizuna’s thing. She was sliding her hand up and down and continued to create pleasure.

The shower was automatically getting stronger and washed down the foam from the two’s bodies. While being rained down by the shower that was like a heavy rain, Kizuna felt that he was approaching his limit soon.

“Aine, it’s soon.”

“Yes……me too.”

Perhaps because it had passed a certain time, the hot water of the shower was slowly stopping. During the disappearing of the shower’s sound, there was only the sound of the two’s hands movements resounding. Those sounds were really obscene and lewd.

“Ki-Kizuna……I’m, already”

Aine hung her head down.

Kizuna separated his left hand that was stimulating her breast and touched Aine’s cheek. And then he lifted up her face.

“Aine, don’t avert your eyes from me.”


Aine’s hand stopped.

Conversely the speed of Kizuna’s hand movement became faster.

“AAAAH! Hyan, don’t do that, if you are that-……HAAAN”


“Be, because I’m getting seen. My embarrassing face……by Kizuna.”

Even while saying that, Aine once again stimulated Kizuna’s thing. The strength of her fingers were even more than until now, sending him even stronger stimulation.

“That’s right, show me. Aine’s, cutest face.”

“Nooo, it’s not cute at all-, e, embarrassing! Absolutely, don’t look”

However Kizuna didn’t allow her to avert her face. And then his finger slipped in even deeper.

“NOOOOOO! Don’t, my, my face when I come is being look――”

Aine’s body stretched tautly and she stood on the tips of her toes.


Aine’s drenched hidden slit scattered liquid even hotter than the shower. And then Kizuna also met his limit at the same time, hot liquid vigorously struck Aine’s stomach.

It spurred on Aine’s climax even more.


Tears were rising on her ecstatically narrowed eyes, overflowing tears spilled out on her red blushing cheek. Drool trickled down from her opened mouth and her tongue was trembling greedily. It was an expression that fully expressed her pleasure and happiness.

And then the magic power light of Heart Hybrid wrapped around the bodies of the two.

“Aa……yaa……I was seen……my face when coming……”

“Aine……you were really beautiful.”

His face approached, their lips almost touched.

“Kizuna……that, ah”

Suddenly returning to their senses, they distanced their faces mutually.

After the battle with Aine, both of them kissed.

The phenomenon that happened at that time wasn’t really understood. It was similar with Climax Hybrid, but it was a different thing. While they didn’t understand what it actually was, the two of them felt anxious to kiss once more.

“……Let’s quickly reach until Climax Hybrid. We have a briefing after this.”

Aine who was invocated with the intoxicating effect from the influence of Heart Hybrid smiled sweetly and kneeled in front of Kizuna.

“Aine? Mmuu!”

Aine kissed *chuu* at Kizuna’s thing.

“I’m going to……clean it up okay?”

Aine’s tongue was licking out the thing that Kizuna let out.

Kizuna thought, at this rate they would finish the Climax Hybrid in a few more minutes.

Part 2[edit]

After that, Kizuna and Aine who finished their Climax Hybrid returned to the bridge and the briefing quickly started. Those present were Gravel, Aldea, and then the supervisor of each section of Izgard’s side and the likes of platoon leader, in total around twenty names. And then from Lemuria’s side were Reiri and Kei, Kizuna and Aine, and Gertrude. Also the leaders of the combat department and research department added with the main staff of Nayuta Lab, their side also had the total number of around twenty names, combined there were a total of around forty names gathered here.

{The loading of crew, material, and equipment from Ataraxia are mostly finished. It’s just, including the setting up, we need about four, five more hours to restore the function of Nayuta Lab to normal.}

Reiri stayed quiet and nodded to Kei’s report.

“We have decided to abandon Ataraxia. Fortunately due to the alliance with Izgard, we are permitted to embark on this Izgard army’s flagship. Therefore this time we will fight Vatlantis Empire as the crew of Izgard’s flagship.

Commotion and wave of agitation spread through the former staff of Ataraxia. One of the research department personal raised a hand.

“Is Ataraxia……no good anymore?”

Kei answered that question with a floating window.

{The main facilities are in a dead state. A lot of time and material will be needed to recover it as before. In our present situation we don’t have any way to perform that.}

“No way……”

They were abandoning Ataraxia that had been like their own home intimately until now. It was a decision that was accompanied with a great feeling of loss. It was like that even for the people in charge, so surely it was felt even more extremely by each student. Furthermore, they were now boarding the battleship of AU that was their enemy until now and had to fight as its crew. Even if they understood in in their mind, they couldn’t process that fact and feeling.

The atmosphere of the bridge was ruled by gloominess.

Inside such atmosphere, only Gravel had a smile on her lips and kept nodding many times.

“I see, Ataraxia……Ataraxia huh.”

“What’s the matter Gravel?”

Aldea tilted her head.

“Aah, that’s a good name. I’m pleased with it.”

Gravel faced Reiri and smiled.

“Let’s name this ship from now on as Ataraxia. You don’t mind right, Reiri?”

Even Reiri was shocked by this suggestion.

“That’s……we don’t mind but, is it fine? This is about the name of the flagship you know, to so easily……”

“It’s fine. This ship is newly built for me personally. It hasn’t been formally given a name yet. It was troubling that I couldn’t get a good idea for the name. This is a good timing.”

Reiri looked into Gravel’s eyes fixedly, before long a smile appeared on her lips.

“Got it. From now on this battleship is Ataraxia. Section leaders, get back and inform it to all members.”


The members of the earth side replied with a bright voice.

Nothing changed about their real problem. But just with naming the ship Ataraxia, an affinity towards this ship was mysteriously gushing out. The sense of security of the personnel and students formerly from Ataraxia suddenly increased and their battle morale also went up.

Reiri was grateful inside her heart for Gravel’s tasteful discretion.

“That’s a good strategy meeting. Reiri, can I rely on you for the march?”

“What? You are the general right?”

“It’s strange saying this myself but, I’m the one with the highest combat strength in my army. Rather than sitting inside the bridge, it’s preferable to make use of myself more effectively as battle power by fighting on the front line. Besides, if we march into Zeltis, the enemy will be even more formidable than now. Especially the imperial guard that is a gathering of one man armies. That’s why I want to go out to the front line to fight without reserve.”

“That’s, perhaps that is so but……”

“Reiri, I can entrust being the commander if it’s you.”

Reiri smiled uncomfortably.

“Is that like the compensation for the naming of this ship?”

“Is such thing too expensive?”

Closing one of her eyes, Gravel smiled mischievously.

“……Got it. I’ll show you that I can answer your expectation.”

Reiri looked over the bridge with determination. The crew of the Izgard army also didn’t really show any dissatisfied face towards Reiri.

“Then we are starting the war council. Our objective is to repair the Genesis that is located at the palace of Zeltis. If this pillar breaks down, the Atlantis world will breakdown, and the aftermath of that will make our world……for the sake of avoiding confusion from now on we will call our world Lemuria, the possibility that damage will also reach our Lemuriaworld is extremely high. In the worst case, it can be imagined that both worlds will breakdown together.”

The bridge became silent. Although the soldiers of Izgard felt that the frequent occurrence of the cataclysm wasn’t something normal, being clearly told that the breakdown of Genesis is connected to the breakdown of the world was shocking as expected.

On the other hand, looking from the standpoint of the Lemuria side, they didn’t even imagine that the danger in the other world that was like other people’s problem could be directly connected to the problem of their own world. That fact was even farther from mere shock. The staff of both countries were whispering to each other about that anxiety.

“Be quiet! All of you acting like that will only make the people under you feel anxious. Be brazen!”

Reiri’s yell recovered the silence in the bridge once more.

“First we will rush into the Entrance of London. When we get out of the Entrance, we will be right within a stone’s throw away of the imperial capital Zeltis already. Naturally, Vatlantis will surely deploy their defense line too. The problem is how much battle power is waiting for us……”

Aldea stared at the small window floating on her palm.

“The first until the fifth are assembling together as the subjugation army. Behind them even the first squad until the fourth squad of the imperial guard are also assembled there. And then the force going to campaign for Izgard is also returning back……so that means, just their battleships are nearly three hundred ships. Even just their magic weapons are around ten thousand.”

Kizuna asked Aldea with a wondering face.

“How can you know that?”

“I’ve told you before right? We came near Zeltis and left behind the relay device that monitored the enemy’s transmission. This information came from there.”

Reiri nodded to Aldea and moved the talk forward.

“Battle with the enemy cannot be avoided. However our objective is not the extermination of the enemy. It’s to breakthrough the enemy and reach the Genesis at the castle. Secure Professor Nayuta that is thought to be at the research lab adjacent to the pillar. After collecting information, we will carry out the repair of Genesis.”

――However, if they clashed with such large army, a lot of injured and deaths would come out.

Kizuna raised his hand, Reiri jerked her chin and urged him to speak.

“Nee-chan. If that’s the case, isn’t it fine if we just tell them that we have no intention to fight? We will make them understand that our objective is to make the two worlds survive. We can avoid pointless fighting like that.

“Hmm……I guess. Aine, can you call for a ceasefire as the emperor of Vatlantis?”

But, Aine shook her head sadly.

“There is Grace at Vatlantis right now. In the case I’m not there, Grace holds the right of governing. Besides, even if I said that kind of thing from the enemy camp, no one will believe me, surely everyone will doubt me……”

Reiri crossed her arms and pondered.

“Grace……Aine’s sister huh. And then the de facto emperor of Vatlantis, that’s the case right?”

Certainly, in this ten year absence of Aine, she was the existence that ruled as the emperor. On the other hand, Aine only just suddenly returned for a few months. If it was the problem of who could obtain trust, it was normal to imagine that Aine would be the one at a disadvantage. Besides, if she appealed this kind of thing from the side of Lemuria, perhaps she would be thought of as an imposter and she might be ignored right from the start. What Aine said was something they could understand.

“Besides, if Grace knew that I’m following Lemuria’s side, she will surely get into a frenzy. She is bound to be trying to exterminate us no matter how many sacrifices need to be paid in that case.”

Gravel raised her face from her pondering.

“Then that means, if Grace is the one who gave out the ceasefire command, accordingly the battle will be over, isn’t that right?”

“Yes……if that’s possible.”

Reiri made a complicated face and pondered.

“The way to negotiate with Grace……how we can move the event until we can have a discussion with each other huh.”

Before long several discussions started. They considered various ways but, there was no opinion that could become the clincher. Amidst the chaotic hustle and bustle, Aine stood stock still.

Aine suddenly lifted her face.

“I’m going to persuade Grace.”

That proposal instantly silenced the clatters of the discussion.

Reiri tilted her head while frowning.

“However Aine. If Grace knew that you are siding with us, won’t she get a fit of anger?”

“Yes……that’s why, I think it’s no good unless I go. If she only heard that I’m at Lemuria’s side, I think Grace will get frenzied. But, if I can properly convey why I am on the side of Lemuria……if I directly meet her and speak to her, I have the feeling that surely we can understand each other. Just like how I was……”

Aine’s eyes were directed to Kizuna. Receiving that gaze, Kizuna also nodded.

“That’s so huh……but, it’s going to be dangerous you know?”

“Saying it in reverse, a frenzied Grace won’t listen to the word of anybody else other than me. Besides, at the outskirts of Zeltis, there is a secret path known only to me towards the castle.”


“It’s a path in the case that when danger befell the emperor, they can escape from the castle using the secret path. That entrance wasn’t told to anyone but me. That’s why……”

If she said that, then Kizuna could only agree.

“Got it……but, I’ll go too.”

However Aine rejected clearly.

“That’s no good. Grace is especially regarding Kizuna as enemy. It will just bring about the opposite effect if you go.”

“But, Aine!”

Certainly if Aine was the one speaking, even Grace might lend her ear. But, if she was under the impression that her big sister betrayed her, excessive tenderness switches to hundredfold hatred……it might come to that.

Reiri thought for a while before handing down her decision.

“We have no chance of victory if we clash with the number of enemy waiting for us right from the front. But, we have Zeros’s Code Breaker. First I want Aine to reduce the battle strength of the enemy as much as Aine’s Hybrid Count allowed. It’s a precious method that can disarm both sides without spilling out blood. There is the risk that it will shed light of Aine’s siding with us but, it’s unavoidable.”

“I understand.”

Aine answered strongly.

“However just in case. Don’t use up all your Hybrid Count, pay attention so that your Hybrid Count won’t get into the yellow zone of 25%. After decreasing the enemy’s force, we land on Zeltis. Infiltrate inside the castle using the secret path. Negotiate with Grace for a cease fire. And then――”

Reiri then looked at Kizuna, Gravel, and Aldea in turn.

“Kizuna, Gravel, and Aldea will be Aine’s guard. I want you three to send Aine whose Hybrid Count will be expended to reach Grace’s location safely.


Different with Gravel who consented readily, Aldea looked away in dissatisfaction.

“It’s too plain isn’t it-? Even though we can finally have a rare death match with the imperial guard……”

“Don’t say that. The vital point of the operation this time is to realize a dialogue between Ainess and Grace. Besides, it’s unthinkable that they will just let us go quietly. This is going to be quite a difficult mission in its own way.”

Kizuna clenched his fist.

“Yeah. We will send Aine until her little sister’s place for sure with our hands.”

Reiri spoke as if to give a warning to Kizuna who was eager.

“But negotiating with Grace is Aine’s role. Absolutely don’t show your face in that place.”

“Excuse me― can I speak a little?”

Gertrude who was staying quiet until then listening to the talk raised her hand a little.

“Aah, sorry. Gertrude will protect Ataraxia. The number of enemy the Code Breaker can deal with is limited. While Aine is persuading Grace, we will have to fight the remaining enemy force from the front. We will especially rely on you for dealing with the magic armor.”

“No, I understand that but……this is not about that.”

Reiri made a dubious face.


“There are our former coworkers in Vatlantis being idols or something perhaps because of some mistake, what are we going to do about that?”


All present had their words clogged in their throat with complicated expressions.

It was only about this that there was no one who understood what should be done about it. It also looked like they had completely integrated with the world of the other side, perhaps they had some kind of thinking doing something like that.

Aine too didn’t understand at all about the details of their idol debut, she was shocked when she knew about their being from the broadcast.

Kei typed her keyboard and listed the recent activity of Amaterasu and Masters that they understood from the information obtained by Izgard. Their schedule was splendidly packed full, furthermore they had crossed over the whole continent of Atlantis.

{Those girls are super busy from their popularity. They are bustling about at various scenes and it’s difficult to specify their current location. It’s effectively impossible to plan their rescue.}

Aine sighed deeply and spoke as if spitting out.

“There is no need to worry there. Because Amaterasu and also Masters are authentic super idols, I think they won’t be endangered. There is no doubt that they will be confined in a safe place importantly.”

“So there is no way to rescue them then……well, this is them we are talking about, so they might unexpectedly come back here with a face as if there was nothing that happened at all.”

Gertrude showed a little forced smile.

“So no more questions then. The detailed schedule of the operation will be issued from Kei to every leader later on. Each of you carry out the instructions without exception. That’s all!”

All present in the bridge replied in unison.


Reiri faced all of them and yelled her heart.

“Listen well! This is the last decisive battle. No matter what it results in, the fate of both worlds will be decided with this battle. Even if you leave regret behind, there will be no chance to take it back! Use up all your strength! Don’t leave behind any lingering sentiment! We are literally shouldering the world. We are going!!”

All present raised their fists in response. The resounding war cry in the rebirth Ataraxia, whether they were Lemurian or Izgardian, it couldn’t be differentiated who was who, the voices became one wave and thundered.

Part 3[edit]

“Subjugation army, the deployment of the first corps until the fifth corps is finished. Also the corps returning from Izgard are also returning to their previous organization.”

Hearing the report of her subordinate, the captain of the first unit of the imperial guard named [Leon Squad], Hakyurath nodded with tightly pursed lips.

“I understand. Stand by until further instruction.”

The magic knight who came to report saluted and then returned to her post with brisk movement.

Hakyurath was standing at the third castle wall located at the outermost circumference of the capital Zeltis, staring at the Entrance floating in the wasteland. Strong wind fluttered her imperial guard uniform and teased her golden hair. Her braided hair was settled behind, the tip of her ponytail was fiercely flapping.

Before long, the army of Lemuria and Izgard would arrive from that Entrance.

‘――Where is Zelsione-sama in an important time like this?’

The inside of Hakyurath’s heart wasn’t calm. The unprecedented danger and the heavy responsibility that was suddenly pushed at her disturbed her heart to pieces, she couldn’t even collect her thought.

Even though this was an emergency situation, the whereabouts of the captain of the imperial guard that was Zelsione was unknown. Furthermore, even her close-aides all four of the Quartum were MIA at Lemuria.

Although the Quartum were the subordinates directly under Zelsione, they didn’t belong to the organization’s chain of command. That was why they wouldn’t be relied on to replace Zelsione to command at this kind of time. However they were existences that were the closest to Zelsione, so if they were asked then something like Zelsione’s whereabouts could be known. But, right now even that was impossible.

The more she thought, the more she became impatient.

She couldn’t show worry in front of her subordinate. Now that Zelsione wasn’t here, Hakyurath that was the captain of firstLeon squad had to take command of the whole imperial guard. But――,

“Hakyurath, what’s the matter? Is your stomach sick, for you to make a face like that?”

A carefree voice called at her from behind. When she turned back, there a beautiful woman with slender limbs wearing her uniform roughly was standing there. Her wavy purplish red long hair had a part braided and half upped. Even though this was an emergency situation, she had a relaxed and composed smile on her face. It was a smiling face that she had gotten quite tired of looking at since their childhood.

“What about you yourself Mercuria? For the captain of the secondTigris squad to gallivant about like this, it’s setting a bad example to the people under us.”

She was the captain of the imperial guard second squad [Tigris squad], Mercuria.

Mercuria was similar with Hakyurath, she had the background of being from a noble family with ancient and honorable background. Since their childhood they were associated with each other including their families, but in spite of that this Mercuria had the personality that was unlike a noble, even though she had excellent grades and magic power but she was not interested in the evaluation of society. She also had no interest in contest or victory or defeat, she was always clad in the atmosphere that was aloof from the world with a carefree attitude. Such attitude was vexing for Hyakurath, she even thought that Mercuria was living insincerely. So Hyakurath invited Mercuria to the imperial guard similar with herself.

And when she tried enlisting, in the first place Mercuria was someone excellent with high ability. She was looking on in blank amazement while Mercuria was climbing the ladder until the top where she was now the captain of Tigris squad that was next after her.

However, even so her aloof personality was beyond repair.

“My squad has the laissez-faire principle anyway. Now that it has come to this, there is no other choice but to do it. Rather than telling them do this do that, it’s better for them to make use of their routine training and do each of their best. Rather than that Hyakurath, isn’t it better for you to be a little calmer?”

“I’m calm enough. Rather than that, just what are you coming here for? Mercuria yourself, are you actually also anxious? Are you coming here to cling at me in tears?”

Mercuria closed one of her eyes and smiled broadly.

“It’s because Hakyurath is making a crying face, that I got worried.”

“……If you jest even more than that, then I won’t forgive it even if it’s you Mercuria.”

Hakyurath scowled when she threatened and bit her lower lip.

“You are making this kind of face when you are just a step short of crying. It has been like this since we were little.”


Mercuria always spoke as if she had seen through her. And then what was irritating, was that she was always right.

“You……always saying mean things like this. I look calm towards my subordinates. I’m fulfilling my duty properly. Your unnecessary worry is unneeded.”

“How foolish. Let’s take it easier.”

Hakyurath was offended by that way of talking. However――,

“After all, even though this is an emergency situation but Zelsione-sama is missing. Hakyurath is a serious person also with a strong sense of responsibility, so I’m thinking that perhaps you are getting too worked up.”


Bull’s eye. Hakyurath sighed in resignation.

“Perhaps it’s exactly as you say, but it cannot be helped. If I don’t pull myself, then not only captain, but even her majesty the emperor will be troubled. I have to display a performance that won’t shame the imperial guard.”

“We have this much large force. There is no one that can possibly move them perfectly. If they can move even just half as we imagined then that’s already very good, isn’t it fine to think about it like that?”

“But, we are the last shield of the people of Zeltis aren’t we? If we allow Lemuria and Izgard to invade into the capital, what kind of tragedy will turn out……besides if they enter the capital, the imperial castle will be right there. In the worst scenario that something happens to Grace-sama……”

Hakyurath’s body shuddered.

“You are thinking too much in a bad direction. Speaking about our army’s strength, there is no way we will lose right?”

“……You’re right. As long as there is nothing unexpected that happens, there is no way we will fall behind or anything……I understand that but, I’m still anxious.”

“It’s fine. Even without Zelsione-sama, just us is――”

“The one who is missing, is not just Zelsione-sama. There is the rumor that Ainess-sama’s figure disappeared in the middle of the expedition to Izgard……”

As expected, even Mercuria couldn’t hide her shock from that information.

“What did you say? Hasn’t Ainess-sama returned from the expedition and is staying in the castle right now?”

Mercuria gazed at the imperial castle that was at the base of Genesis which was towering at the beyond.

“This is only a rumor until the end you know? There is the rumor that her highness was struck down by Lemuria’s assassin, but there is also a rumor in the contrary that her highness’s figure vanished in order to strike down the demon king of Lemuria.”

“Don’t tell me Ainess-sama is……”

Mercuria bit at her finger nail with a grim face.

“There is no way for Vatlantis Empire to lose. Even if that’s what I’m thinking, but some kind of bad premonition is――”

“Enemy, they are coming from the Entrance!”

Hyakurath immediately turned to the direction of the Entrance.


What appeared from the Entrance, was just a single magic armor. White armor with blue radiance of magic power light. And then the pink shining hair couldn’t be mistaken at all.


Continuing after Hyakurath, Mercuria also raised a flustered voice.

“Don’t tell me! Why is Ainess-sama coming from the Entrance of Lemuria!?”

She started up a floating window and magnified the image of the magic armor appearing from the Entrance.

“There is no mistake. It’s Ainess-sama……send out a welcome! The nearby magic weapons are to be the escort. Also contact the imperial castle! Report this to Grace-sama!”

Ainess that was projected in the window was wearing not her emperor outfit but Zeros. She was staring fixedly at Vatlantis army with her pink hair fluttering in the wind.

The large army of Vatlantis was reflected in those red eyes. Along the black castle wall rising in the front, countless magic weapons and battleships were floating. The number was too many, to the level that it made one wonder whether the army had completely filled the sky. Exactly as the information from before, not only the imperial guard, the subjugation army and so on seemed to be also mustered in full force.

From the Entrance, Kizuna’s figure appeared after Aine.

“Uoo! These guys……what an amazing number……”

“It looks like they gathered almost all of the battle force of Vatlantis here. If right now we made Ataraxia rush there, it will become a disaster.”

“Can you do it Aine?”

“As expected it’s impossible to erase all the battleships and magic weapons……but, I’ll do as much as I can.”

“……Don’t force yourself.”

It was the best Kizuna could say looking at Aine’s eyes that were filled with sadness and sorrow.

Aine kicked the air and flew into the force of Vatlantis. Obviously the magic weapons and the battleships were acknowledging Aine as the emperor. Far from interfering, they opened a path and welcomed her. And then Aine stopped when she had advanced until the middle of the large army.

“Code Breaker.”

A magic circle was generated from the ring on her back. The blue shining magic circle was expanding its diameter with the ring as the center. Matching that, the magic circle that became belt-shaped was rotating around Aine, creating a shining light with the shape of a sphere.

“What, is that!?”

Haykurath was staring at the sphere of light that was enlarging in front of her eyes. Pattern of shining blue magic circle was flowing on the surface of the sphere. That sphere was swallowing the magic weapons that were coming out for welcoming Aine one after another.

‘――No, that’s not it.’

The magic weapons were not swallowed. They were erased starting from the place that was touched by that sphere of light.

“Don’t tell me, is that……the rumored Code Breaker of Ainess-sama?”

Before long that light even began to swallow the battleships. In order from the bow, the magic formulas that were composing the battleship were disassembled.

The sphere of light that was further enlarging made Mercuria feel fear.

“What power……this is, Ainess-sama. This is……Zeros.”

“Why! Ainess-sama! Why are you doing something like this!?”

Mercuria grasped the shoulder of Hyakurath that was yelling with a voice that almost burst into a weep.

“Hyakurath, pull back the army for the moment! At this rate it will be total annihilation!”

However the time was already too late, Aine was charging into the large army of Vatlantis.

The gigantic sphere of magic circle was advancing into the fleet that was forming formation. The thing that existed in her path , whether it was battleship or magic weapon, all were erased altogether.

Not allowing the littlest bit of opposition or a fight, the shadow of the fleet was disappearing. This was nothing but nightmare for the army of Vatlantis. All the commanders of the subjugation army were falling into panic even while giving out instructions loudly.

“Subjugation fleet quickly turn around! Withdraw the magic weapons from the path of the sphere of light!”

The army that was lined up orderly was falling into pandemonium like a table that was overturned. In any case they tried to escape the Code Breaker and scattered everywhere to all directions without any formation or leadership.

Looking at that situation, Kizuna sent a signal to the floating window.

“Nee-chan! Now!”

At the same time with Kizuna saying that, a huge bow of as ship showed its face from the Entrance. It was a large battleship of two thousand meter class. The flagship of Izgard and Lemuria, Ataraxia.

Gravel who stood on the bow waved her hand to the front.


The Vatlantis army was in the middle of turning back, exposing their flank defenselessly without even any shield laid out. There Ataraxia’s main cannon spouted fire. The large shell of light instantly traversed the sky. The cannon shell hit the battleship of Vatlantis, fierce sparks and electrical discharge, and then explosive sound roared thunderously in the sky. The main cannon that possessed powerful destructive power pierced through the armor of the battleship, opening a wind hole on the hull.

The battleship that received Ataraxia’s direct attack tilted, explosion occurred inside it. Flames were blazing up everywhere, it was scattering light fragments while its altitude was dropping. And then when it crashed on the wasteland, fierce explosion of light occurred and oxidized back into magic power.

“Vatlantis two thousand meter class, sinking!”

The moment an excited announcement broadcasted inside Ataraxia, cheers that split the air resounded everywhere.

Reiri wasn’t sitting on the ship captain’s seat, she was staring at the war situation still standing.

“Yosh, the other ships are to follow! So that the ships that get out of the Entrance don’t hinder the ships behind, quickly move to the designated location. Don’t slacken the bombardment even while moving!”

Adding on Aine’s Code Breaker, the bombardment of Ataraxia and Izgard’s fleet was attacking the army of Vatlantis. Vatlantis that was attacked in its unguarded moment received Ataraxia’s bombardment like a joke and the ships were sinking one after another.

That sight was watched over by the imperial guard Leon squad’s captain Hakyurath and the Tigris squad’s captain Mercuria in dumbfoundment. Mercuria returned to her senses and turned to her friend without even hiding her fretfulness.

“What to do!? Hyakurath!”

The battleships they had invested enormous amounts of magic power to construct, and the skill of the magic knights that were polished and trained, everything was irrelevant. Zeros’s Code Breaker nullified everything and forcefully cancelled the armaments.

“Ku……against something like that……just what are you telling me to do……”

Tears blurred Hyakurath’s eyes. But the tears gathering at the corner of her eyes barely stopped right before it spilled over.

‘――It’s no good. If I got discouraged here.

Do your best.

Do your best, Hyakurath!’

She threw words of encouragements to her own self inside her heart.

“……In any case empty the path. Even if it’s Ainess-sama, her magic power is not unlimited. Soon the time her magic power runs out will come. Until that time run away as much as possible from the Code Breaker. Also pay attention to the bombardment of Izgard’s fleet that is coming out from the Entrance. In this kind of chaotic situation, there is high possibility that we will cause friendly fire. Don’t attack rashly, commit to defensive battle.”

“Roger. Leave the rest to us.”

Mercuria lightly tapped the shoulder of Hyakurath and started up ten floating windows, she then gave out instruction to the commanders of all the fleets and all the squads of the imperial guard.

“I’m delivering the command from the acting imperial guard captain, Hyakurath. Run away from the Code Breaker of Zeros! Break the formation and don’t gather in one place! No matter what evade, wait until the magic power runs out! The ships that are in a place distanced from Code Breaker’s attack are to prepare for bombarding the enemy fleet. Don’t be rash in counterattacking, concentrate on defensive battle by thickening your shields. Do that!”

The movement of Vatlantis army fastened due to Mercuria’s instruction. The fleet of Vatlantis was running away separately without any order. Because of their scattered position, the enemy number that Code Breaker could erase decreased drastically.

At the flagship of Ataraxia, the battle situation that was constantly changing moment by moment was projected at a half-transparent floating window. Reiri was looking at the movement there and spoke to Kei.

“Kei. How much of Aine’s Hybrid Count remains?”

{Already 30% remains. Soon she will reach the limit.}

Reiri manipulated her console and opened a channel with Aine.

“Aine. Your Hybrid Count is at the limit already. Withdraw from there soon!”

{But, there is still more than half remaining! If Ataraxia entered a fleet battle like this, then you…!}

Reiri started up a different window.

“Kizuna, Gravel, Aldea! Go and pick up Aine!”

Kizuna who was standing by at Ataraxia’s bow stood up.

“Roger! Let’s go, Gravel, Aldea!”


Gravel who suddenly fully opened her thrusters flew away.

After the three flew away from Ataraxia, they were flying towards the light of the magic circle Zeros emitted.


A communication window opened beside Aine’s face and Kizuna who called at her was projected there.


When she looked at her status window, her remaining Hybrid Count was 29%.

‘――So this is as far as I go.’

The magic circle vanished. The effect of Code Breaker disappeared and the ring at Zeros’s back that was widely spread folded up.

That moment when the demonic light that ruled over Zeltis’s sky vanished, the imperial guard moved.

Hyakurath’s eyes shined glaringly.

“All fleets, return back to your designated spot! As soon as the formation is in order, all forces are to start bombardment. The target is Lemuria-Izgard combined fleet which appeared from the Entrance!”

Following the order, the fleet and magic weapons were moving all at once.

At the same time with that order given, Hyakurath’s eyes were searching at the surroundings where the magic circle of the Code Breaker vanished.

‘――Where is Ainess-sama!?’


Mercuria raised an alarming voice.

When she looked over, there was a silhouette ahead of where Mercuria was pointing at. Hyakurath displayed a window and magnified that silhouette. It was a figure of a pink haired girl swooping down towards Zeltis. Behind her three magic armors were following.


“Also the one following behind her, that’s Lemuria’s demon king! Hyakurath!”

Faster than Mercuria’s calling her, Hyakurath flew out in pursuit of Aine and the others.

Kizuna, Gravel, and Aldea were following after Aine and then they lined up beside her.

“Aine! That secret path you said, where is it located?”

“There is a small rock hill outside the third castle wall. That’s our destination.”

The third castle wall was the outermost wall, outside it was a wasteland continuing as far as their eyes could see.

At that time, an alert window that noticed Kizuna of danger started up in front of his face.


When he looked back, there were two magic armors chasing after them.

“Kizuna! Those are the captains of the imperial guard’s first and second squads! We were discovered by a troublesome bunch.”

“Shit-, no other way than to fight!”

Gravel extended her hand at the gunsword on her back and spoke.

“Aldea and I will take care of them. Kizuna, you escort Ainess-dono.”


Aldea made a sudden break and turned around with her back at him.

“Fufufu, there is no way I’m letting such delicious prey get away.”

Gravel also stopped in the air and drew out her gunsword.

“I’ll leave it to you, Kizuna!”


Kizuna didn’t let his speed drop down even while he was gritting his teeth. When he got near the ground he entered a level flight, flying along the castle wall.

Confirming his back figure, Gravel then faced the imperial guard members who finally came before her eyes.

“Imperial guard Leon squad’s captain Hyakurath, in addition the Tigris squad’s captain Mercuria huh.”

Hyakurath’s face warped dangerously.

“Gravel, also Aldea……so it’s you two.”

“Fufufu, to have a death match with the Leon squad and Tigris squad as the opponent, today is a lovely day.”

Aldea’s cheeks reddened and she whispered ecstatically. She already readied her spear with both hands and deployed her shields around her in battle preparation.

Readying her gunsword, Gravel also entered a battle stance.

“I’m daring to ask knowing it’s pointless, can you overlook us?”

Mercuria clicked her tongue in annoyance.

“You really ask a pointless question.”

The arm part of Mercuria disassembled and transformed into a bow shape that was her main weapon. The bow itself became blade, it was also a sword in close range battle. When she pulled the bowstring that was made of magic power light, an arrow of light was naturally formed. By shooting the arrow that generated various effects, it was a special weapon that wasn’t outdone even by guns, the [Magic Bow Bullet GuideArc Drive].

And then Hyakurath drew out the weapon mounted on her magic armor, [Holy Glory SwordGloria]. It was her favorite sword with magic letters carved on the wide sword blade.

“The former general of sixth subjugation army, and then Izgard’s hero, the tanned beast……”

Cold sweat dripped down Hyakurath’s cheek.

“Let’s go! Mercuria.”

Hyakurath kicked the air and charged at Gravel.


Gravel also readied her gunsword and charged.


The elites of the two armies clashed. The brightness of the sword fight split the sky.


Kizuna stared at the floating window’s numerical value with a serious expression.


Aine also looked back with worried eyes. Several radiances were crossing the sky. However Kizuna spoke as if to shake himself free.

“Let’s believe in Gravel and Aldea. If it’s those two, they won’t lose against any kind of enemy!”

Aine didn’t reply to that and raised her speed.

After they followed along the wall and circling it quite far, a slightly swelling hill was visible.


When both of them landed down there, they looked around the surroundings.

Several collapsed stone pillars were scattered about, it gave off the impression as if there was a shrine that was built here once. The ground under their feet was covered with sand, but a floor made from stone was visible. When they looked at the direction of Zeltis, the distance from the outermost third castle wall was around one kilometer.

“Before, this area was a forest.”

Aine whispered so while sweeping off the sand on the floor. Kizuna also squatted down as to not look conspicuous, he moved aside rock and helped Aine.

“Right now it looks like an ancient ruin though.”

“That’s so……ah, this is it.”

A stone painted with a crest appeared. Aine touched it with her right hand and whispered something. Thereupon light of magic power was flowing in from Aine’s body to the stone.

“Oh! This is……”

A sound of heavy stone dragging on appeared and the ground was opening.

“The stone floor is……so there is a door in this kind of place.”

The hole that was around one meter long at each side opened gaping wide.

“Let’s go.”

“Ah, oi.”

He didn’t understand how it was inside, so Kizuna was alert, but Aine entered inside the hole without hesitation.

“Now that we have come this far, all that’s left is leaving it all to chance huh.”

‘――There is no one to protect Aine right now other than me.’

Holding such thought in his heart, Kizuna entered into the hole with all his might.

Part 4[edit]

Vatlantis’s fleet that reordered their formation just like Hyakurath commanded began a fierce bombing battle with the fleet of Ataraxia and Izgard.

Although the enemy number was decreased considerably by Zeros’s Code Breaker, the number of the enemy was still more than twice their force.

{Our loss is 5%. Like this we can hold out for a while.}

“Indeed. After all our objective is not to crush the enemy fleet.”

Reiri confirmed the battle situation and the damage state at Ataraxia’s bridge. They were bombing in full power only at first. After that they routed the energy to the shield and devoted themselves to defense, that was their tactic for the fleet battle. What was left is only to pray that Aine could persuade Grace for even a second faster.

{The enemy’s bombardment is getting weaker. It decreased until 30% of the minute before.}

Kei’s report made Reiri raise her eyebrow.

“Damn-……they are deploying faster than we thought.”

Reiri opened a window and sent her instruction.

“Enemy’s bombardment is weakening! The magic weapon force is coming now! Prepare anti air firing!”

Exactly as Reiri predicted, magic weapons were flying out one after another from Vatlantis’s aircraft carrier. And then, they formed a swarm heading towards Ataraxia.

The shield of the battleship was dedicatedly made for fleet. It couldn’t stop small frames like magic weapons.

“Good grief, so my turn finally comes.”

The hatch opened, Gertrude who showed out her face on the deck drew out particle guns from the holsters at her hips.

Several thousand magic weapons were approaching like a dark cloud.

“Now, let’s go with a bang!”

Gertrude extended both her hands to the front and pulled the triggers of the two pistols. The Albatross at the lead of the swarm had a wind hole opened and vanished in an explosion as beads of light.

With that as the signal, Ataraxia’s anti air cannons began firing. The attack of the magic weapons impacted Ataraxia’s deck.

“Uwaa! Over here is really lacking in personnel!”

Gertrude ignited her thruster and rushed toward the bow. She shot the magic weapon going down from the sky, at once its figure changed into fragments of light.

After feeling relieved for a brief moment, a small type battleship with a total length around fifty meters was charging here from the front.


Gertrude kept pulling the triggers of her pistols. And then right before her cartridges were used up, an explosion occurred at the battleship. Gertrude patted down her chest in relief.

“So this is a war of attrition against magic weapons and small type battleships……”

Gertrude opened a transmission window towards the bridge.

“Commander! Like this, getting into a drawn-out battle is going to be really bad! For now, can’t you thicken the barrage for me!”

{I know! Block B2, your railgun is not working! What are you doing there!}

A window started up as if to respond to Reiri’s angry yell, a sweaty Momo was projected there.

{This is block B2! The generator broke down, now in the middle of replacing it!}

Momo was holding a reserve generator cable while running on the deck. The railguns brought from Nayuta lab were installed in a row at the deck. Ataraxia was installed with powerful artillery for anti battleship, but it had insufficient weaponry against small magic weapons. There the research department installed the armaments they brought from Nayuta Lab at the deck which was lacking in weaponry.

“Oi! Be faster there research department!”

The students of combat department sitting at the emplacement of the large type railguns raised their voices one after another.

“Don’t drag your feet there, fire the bullet quickly! Bullet!”

“What are you going to do if the guys of our world are getting thought of as cowards huh! Work quickly!”

Momo snapped at all the stormy abusive languages vented at her,

“Shut’up! I’m going to make you all keep shooting until you die even if you don’t want it, just wait there a little!”

Because similar exchanges were repeated many times all over the deck, their voices croaked hoarsely. Momo plugged in the new generator cable at the railgun as if beating the thing. Immediately the railgun activated while raising a low humming sound.

“Come on-! Shot to your heart’s content you idiot-!”

Light was shining from the railgun’s console, the targeting and the triggering became working. At the same time with that, the students of the combat department raised delighted voices like children.

“Here it comes, here it comesss! I’m doing this you bastardd-”

“The magic weapons and small ships are unmanned! There ain’t a single beautiful lady boarding it! Shot them down without mercy!”

Pulling the trigger with lively expressions, bullets several times the speed of sound scattered all over the sky of AU. When the flying magic weapons were hit by the bullets, the movement of the magic weapon stopped. When more bullets were added there as if in a shower, the armor broke and explosions happened. Fragments turned into light and vanished in the wind.

“Research department! Disappear quickly if you’ve got no more business here! You are going to get hurt by the stray bullets here!”

When Momo was going to reply back, an instruction came to her from Kei.

{Momo, system trouble at block C1. Deal with it urgently.}

“Aaah, geez! Roger!”

Momo pulled down the fastener of her clothes that had become dripping in sweat, stripped off her upper wear and tied the sleeves on her waist. She was running on the deck while her breasts that were supported by black bikini intensely shook. There were people ahead who had lost their way of fighting. If she didn’t go, those people would be helpless.

“I’m going there now so just wait!”

Under the sky where bullets were flying everywhere, Momo was sprinting with all her strength.

Part 5[edit]

The imperial castle at the center of the imperial capital Zeltis. The throne at the castle’s audience room was vacant. But, at the seat a level under that throne, there was the owner of that chair. That chair’s size was not as big as the throne but it was really big enough. Someone was slovenly sitting at that extravagant chair looking as if she was going to fall off.

“Nee-sama……why did you vanish……why didn’t you come back.”

The contact that told of how Aine’s figure suddenly vanish from the subjugation party of Kizuna that was heading to Izgard also entered Grace’s ear. And then, there was also the unidentified information about how Aine was heading alone to Lemuria after that.

“If something happened to Nee-sama……I……I”

Tears spilled down from the red eyes that looked similar with Aine. At the same time when that tear wet the chair, the door was fiercely knocked. The magic knights that were filling the castle were rushing here in panic.

“What happened? How noisy.”

“Grace-sama! The allied forces of Izgard and Lemuria are invading here! They had already approached until the third castle wall of Zeltis!”

“What did you say!”

Grace stood up as if she was going to kick her chair down.

“Where is Zelsione!?”

“That is, Zelsione-sama’s whereabouts is unknown. Currently Hakyurath-sama is taking the command.”

“Even Zelsione……just where in the world she went!?”

Grace bit her lips.

“Also, there is one more report……”


The magic knight was trembling from Grace’s fury. However, she said her report even while trembling.

“Ainess-sama’s……whereabouts was confirmed.”


The nervousness in Grace’s heart was released. It felt like the sun of Spring was shining in her chilly heart.

“Is that so……Nee-sama.”

‘There is nothing to fear if Nee-sama is here. Izgard or Lemuria, what need is there to fear anything. It’s embarrassing how I was so flustered just now.’

“Well done! And then, where is Nee-sama right now!?”

“Tha, that is……she is standing as the vanguard of the enemy army.”


Grace tilted her head without any change in her expression.

“Just now you, what did you say?”

“As, as I said the enemy army’s――”

“If you say something careless, your life will be gone you know?”

The magic knight’s whole body was trembling, yet even so she repeated her report.

“A, Ainess-sama is, standing as the vanguard of……Izgard-Lemuria allied forces, sh-, she is attacking this Zeltis!”


Rage together with light of magic power burst out from Grace’s body.

“There is no way such thing is possible! You bastard, Are you making a fool of Nee-sama and this me!?”

At that timing another magic knight was rushing in.

“Report! Ainess-sama is using Zeros’s Code Breaker and is advancing while annihilating Vatlantis’s fleet!”


Blood withdrew from Grace’s face.

“Code Breaker……you say? Don’t speak something foolish! That is Nee-sama’s――”

“We have confirmed it many times over! That person is without a doubt Ainess-sama!”

“What……did you say”

‘――Nee-sama is, betraying me?

How can something so foolish possible.

Nee-sama is, pointing her sword at this me?


Stumbling staggeringly, Grace fell down on her chair.

“I bring a report!”

Again another magic knight was running inside, she kneeled and made her report.

“Ainess-sama called off her Code Breaker. Right now her highness is in the middle of moving toward this castle, together with the demon king of Lemuria!”

‘――Nee-sama, abandoned me.’

Grace’s fingertips that were holding the armrest were turning white. She put strength into her slender fingers, as if she was going to break the chair’s armrest that was decorated with gold and jewels.

‘――Not just once, even the second time, because of that man.’

“As I thought……this is that man’s fault.”

Tears were flowing without stopping from Grace’s red eyes.

However her face was not crying.

It was a demonic look, where rage was sealed inside it.

“That man is leading Nee-sama astray! That man is to blame for everything!”

Grace emitted magic power surge from her whole body. The beautiful windows that were like stained glass cracked one after another, before they were smashed apart into pieces.


The magic knights that came to report were hit by the shockwave of magic power and were blown away outside the room.

In the audience room where no one was left, Grace raised a yell.


Crack entered the wall, a hole was opened as if it was exploded. Cracks also ran through the stone of the floor, the floor then caved in as if a giant was walking there.

“Lemuria’s demon king! Only you, I will kill you with my own hands!”

‘――If I do that,’

The surge of magic power changed into a calm ripple.

“Nee-sama will return back to me……that’s right, I will rescue Nee-sama from the hands of the demon king.”

Grace dreamed that future and narrowed her eyes.

Translator's Notes and References[edit]

  1. The kanji of Kizuna is read as ‘no wound’
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