Masou Gakuen HxH:Volume 7 Chapter 3

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Chapter 3 – The Showdown Between Nothingness and Death[edit]

It seemed that this was a corridor, but even so the ceiling was high and the width was also wide.

The ornament of the wall was also of complex make that depicted plant and human. This was not a corridor, even if he was told that this was a long and narrow parlor or a hall for party use he would believe it.

“This is……the inside of the castle.”

After getting out from the underground labyrinth and opening the door they finally reached, behind the door was already inside the castle. Kizuna looked around curiously at the inside of the imperial castle that he saw for the first time.

“Surely Grace should be in the audience room……or perhaps she is in her room.”

Aine turned on her heel and ran through the corridor without hesitation. Slightly behind her, Kizuna was also following. Before long a door that might be as high as five meter appeared in the end of the path. It was a thick door with relief carved at the whole surface. Most likely this was the audience room Aine spoke about.

The door was left slightly opened. What made him concerned was the crack on the door and how one side of the door was tilting and almost came off.

“……It seems that something happened.”

Aine turned around and glared at Kizuna with a grim face.

“Kizuna, wait outside the room. You absolutely must not enter inside.”

“Got it……I’m counting on you.”

Aine nodded with a nervous look and entered inside the room from the gap of the door.

There was no figure of people inside the audience room. The room that was as wide as a hundred meter at each sides was deserted and bleak atmosphere was drifting off inside. The windows split, crack entered everywhere on the wall, the angel relief that was created in detail with great pain was in pieces. Even the floor had several fissures and depression on it.

‘――Just what in the world happened here?’

Aine walked toward the throne. When she arrived at the center of the room, she noticed that there was a person above the stair in front of her. It seemed that the person was huddling her limbs roundly on the chair.


The person’s figure twitched.

After that there was no movement at all for a while, but before long that figure directed at Aine her blank eyes slowly.


“Yes, it’s me. Grace……I’m home.”

Grace stood up vigorously on the chair.


And then she rushed down the stair as if rolling on it. When she really was going to roll down, she raised her voice. However before that happened Grace made a great jump and landed on the red carpet. And then she ran until in front of Aine with all her strength.


She leaped at Aine with mushy face from tears.


Aine received the body of her little sister into her embrace. Grace was losing herself in hugging Aine. It was as if she was making sure of Aine’s existence, but it was also as if she was scared that Aine would vanish and be gone. Aine hugged at her sister’s small back.

“It’s fine, it’s fine you know……Grace. I’m right here.”

Grace was sobbing convulsively while continuing to call at Aine. Each time she called her, her voice stabbed at Aine’s heart. Grace finally separated her body from Aine while her nose was sniffling.

“Nee-sama. You finally return back……I’m glad. I’m really glad.”


“All those foolish people gave me thoughtless words, that Nee-sama is colluding with the enemy army, that Nee-sama is even standing at the lead of the enemy. They are really stupid people that cannot be forgiven.”

“Yo, you see, Grace.”

Grace kept talking while clutching at Aine’s arm.

“But, it’s true that lowlifes are advancing toward this Zeltis. But so what, if there are me and Nee-sama, it will be no trouble at all to scatter them away with the two of us.”

“That’s no good, Grace!”


“You are wrong. Izgard and also Lemuria are not coming here to fight see.”

Grace was staring at the face of her big sister with puzzled expression.

“Nee-sama, what are you saying?”

“If Vatlantis stop attacking, they too will stop their attack. They are not coming to invade, they are coming in order to repair Genesis and save this world.”

“Are you sane Nee-sama!? Such story cannot be trusted!”

“It’s true Grace!”

Grace’s face clouded.

“Nee-sama……are you brainwashed by the enemy?”

“I’m not, there is no such thing!”

“Then why is Nee-sama opposing me? Why, is Nee-sama’s their ally and not me!”

“That is……I’m thinking, that I want to save this world.”

Grace had her breath taken away with a jerk.

“Nee-sama, is thinking that I doesn’t matter――”

“You are wrong! I want to help Grace. But, at this rate……”

“Where was Nee-sama until now!?”

Aine’s body stiffened with a twitch.

“……I was, at Lemuria.”

“Nee-sama was going to Lemuria to kill the demon king?”

“Yes……that’s right.”

“Naturally, Nee-sama killed him already then!”

“……I lost.”

Grace opened her mouth in surprise.

“Nee-sama, lost? Is that a joke?”

“It’s true. I really fought with everything I have……but”

“And so Nee-sama escaped from the enemy here? No, Nee-sama safely came back to me. This time let’s combine our strength and defeat the demon king, isn’t that right Nee-sama?”

Aine hung her head down and shook her head.

“I want Grace to give the order for ceasefire. Rather than the war, right now the priority is to repair the Genesis.”

Grace let go of Aine’s arm. She was distancing herself from Aine with a stumble.

“This is……something like this, is a lie.”

“Wait Grace. Don’t misunderstand. I want to save everyone.”

“Nee-sama, doesn’t care of me at all anymore. More than this world, Lemuria is……more than me, Nee-sama chose Lemuria’s demon king over me!?”

“Just what are you saying!? This is not about which one is more important. At this rate, everyone will die. I also want to help Grace! That’s why――”

Aine reached her hand toward Grace. However, Grace struck that hand with all her strength.

Dry sound reverberated in the audience room.

“Lies! Nee-sama lie to me! You betrayed me! You abandoned me. Not just once, but even for the second time……”

“You are wrong! That’s not it Grace! I――”

“If Nee-sama won’t become mine, I’ll refuse this kind of world! If this world is going to ruin, that’s just fine! It’s better for this world to break and disappear!”

“Wait, Grace!”


Grace’s body was wrapped in pink light. She emitted radiance that was in a different league than when other people equipped their Heart Hybrid Gear or magic armor. The audience room was filled with light, and then the light burst out in one go.

Grace’s body could be mistaken to be stark naked. There were only decorations modeled after feather that barely hid the tips of her breast and her nether region. And then there were clawed armors at both her arms. Both her legs were equipped with thin silver and gold armors, her heels were provided with wings for the sake of soaring to the sky. On her waist was floating armor that looked like tail and feathers, a tiara was mounted on her head.

And then greatly spreading wings of only bones made from blades were growing on her back. Colored with silver and gold, they were really beautiful and ominous wings. Those wings flapped and Grace’s body floated in the air.

This was Grace’s magic armor, the angel of massacre [Koros].

It was a magic armor that exactly suited a ruler.


Magic power was emitted from the whole body together with the roar. It became a terrific shockwave and shook the audience room. The walls at four directions were blown away as if being exploded, the pillars supporting the ceiling broke apart. That shockwave was even going to blow away Kizuna’s body that was outside the room.

“……-! What stupid power!”

Just the surge of magic power was destroying the castle. She was a possessor of a terrifying amount of magic power.

Kizuna tried to escape, but he found that Aine was standing still at the center of the audience room even now that he gave up that plan.

“Please, Grace! Listen to me!”

Aine was desperate in trying to convey her feeling to Grace. However Grace shook her head as if to throw a tantrum.

“I don’t want to listen! I hate someone like Nee-sama!”

Aine’s chest felt a sharp pain. Those were words that she had never heard until now for even once from Grace’s mouth. Even though this was that Grace who always told her that she loved her in any time.

Aine spread her arms defenselessly. As if waiting for Grace to leap at her.

“Calm down Grace. I’m your ally……in any kind of time.”

“Nee-sama and also this world can just disappear!”

Grace who was floating in the air thrust out one of her hand as if to strike from above. Light of magic power flew out from that arm. The fist that was hiding explosive destructive power flew toward Aine.


Kizuna jumped out from the shadow of the door. Kizuna who had done Climax Hybrid with Aine traversed the audience room with speed that equaled Zeros and barged in front of Aine.


Grace’s shining fist hit Kizuna. Terrific flash and explosion enveloped Kizuna and Aine. Fierce explosion broke the stone of the floor, the torn off floor flew to all directions. Dust cloud and steam cloud enshrouded the room and stole the field of vision. Before long wind that blew in from the broken wall cleared the smoke. Grace whose figure appeared from inside there warped her face.

“……Lemuria’s demon king.”

Kizuna was standing in front of Aine with Life Saver deployed.

“Really, that’s an exaggerated nickname you give me there.”

The Life Saver laid out in front of Kizuna was broken apart. There were five Life Savers he immediately laid out. Four of them were instantly broken. It was a strike that was fired with pure violent force. So to speak it was like a waved hand that hit by chance. It was just an attack of that level.

‘――This power just from that.’

“Lemuria’s demon king, Hida Kizuna. You are deceiving Nee-sama. You bastard kidnapped Nee-sama.”

“You’re wrong. Aine want to save everything, whether it’s Lemuria or Atlantis――”

“There is no one called Aine!! My Nee-sama, is Ainess Synclavia!”

Grace waved her hand and particles of light were fired from her palm. The light that was like laser was obviously in a different level with the attack that was fired just now.


Kizuna hugged Aine and kicked the ground. The floor of beautiful stone that resembled marble broke apart in explosion.

The place where Kizuna and Aine were at just a moment before was pierced by the laser Grace fired. That light gouged hole on the floor and pierced through until the lowest level of the castle.

Kizuna kept hugging Aine in his embrace and fully opened his thrusters, he flew outside the castle from the hole in the wall.

“Aine! The negotiation breaks apart. She is attacking us!”

“No way……but, what should I”

Aine looked down and pressed her fist on Kizuna’s chest.

“Release that dirty hand from Nee-sama! Lemuria’s demon king!”

Grace spread her wings and went in pursuit.

“Only you, the one who mislead Nee-sama, I can only feel satisfied after I kill you with this hand before the world breakdown!”

Kizuna made a large turn and he flew weaving between the several giant spires towering inside the castle.

“Aine, it doesn’t look like this can be settled down as long as we don’t fight.”


“In her state, our word won’t reach her. But if we fight and win, at the very least we can make her listen to us. In order to convey our feeling……we can only fight now! Even if you argued, you can just reconcile with each other later. But, you cannot even do that if the world breakdown!”

Aine pursed her lips tightly.

“I understand……I absolutely won’t let Grace die.”

Kizuna released his hands that were hugging Aine and stopped in the air. Grace who showed her appearance after weaving through the spires saw Aine and Kizuna lying in wait and put an abrupt stop. She was glaring at the two from a distance, as expected she might be cautious of them.

“So you realize that it’s useless to run away.”

Light of magic power surged out from Grace’s body like an aura.

Aine lifted her palm to the front. Magic circle developed from her fingertips. When her hand went inside the magic circle, she pulled out the only long range weapon of Zeros from inside.

――Corruption Armament [Pulverizer].

“Grace, it’s painful to fight you but……I’m fighting right now, exactly because I love you.”

Kizuna’s complexion changed looking at Aine who was aiming at Grace.

“O, oi, certainly I said to fight but, isn’t it fine to not go as far as using Corruption Armament for this? If you kill her with your hand, there will be no meani――”

“Kizuna. Since we are fighting Grace, resolve yourself. If you underestimate my little sister, your life will be instantly consumed.”


“I don’t think that I can defeat her with something like this but, this can be used to measure the ability of Koros.”

Kizuna’s cheek cramped.

“Pulverizer is just a mere measuring device……hey, you are saying that even though this thing can annihilate even a battleship?”

Kizuna looked at Grace once more. Far from fearing Pulverizer, she was wearing a smile as if making light of them.

“Preparing something like that, just what are you going to do Nee-sama?”

The space around Aine was vibrating, sound that resembled rumbling ground and fierce electrical discharge were running. It was the proof of Pulverizer preparing to fire.

“Here I go Grace!”

Aine pulled the trigger without hesitation. The next moment, sound disappeared from the surrounding. And then light that blinded the eye exploded from the muzzle of Pulverizer. Fierce roar reverberated and radiant that pulverized all time and space flew toward Grace.

Koros’s wings folded forward as if to envelope Grace. Pulverizer’s light directly hit those wings. Grace’s body was enveloped by the pulverizing light and became not visible.

However a calm voice came from inside that atrocious light.

“What are you planning Nee-sama? Is this a present to me?”

The event happening before his eyes was something unbelievable for Kizuna.


It was a weapon that pulverized the thing that existed in that spot both spatially and temporally. Material was divided until micro unit with the existing position and the existing time shifted. Due to that, no matter what kind of existence it was, it would be pulverized into pieces by this sure kill weapon of Zeros.

But, Grace was making a smile that looked down on them from the other side of the wings made from blades.

It wasn’t that the effect of Pulverizer became gone. At the range where the effect reached, namely the castle spire behind Grace and so on was disappearing without any sound. Inside the radiance of the Pulverizer, only Grace and Koros were safe.

Aine lowered down Pulverizer. Steam was ejected all in one go from the barrel’s removal nozzle.

“So even the energy of Pulverizer is absorbed……”

Sweat trickled down Kizuna’s forehead.

“Zeros’s Pulverizer is ineffective…….moreover, far from receiving damage, it was the reverse instead. As if we are supplying her energy……”

“Grace’s Koros absorb other people’s magic power. It doesn’t matter if it is human or magic weapon. And then attack using magic power is also……only a mere magic power supply for Grace it seems.”

Kizuna’s throat gulped audibly.

Grace spread her wings. The light of the shining wing that looked electrified was moving to Grace’s body. As it happened, Grace’s skin became even more glossy, and her pink hair was becoming increasingly beautiful in its radiance.

“Yes, Nee-sama’s magic power is really delicious. It’s far different from the trash of the riff-raff.”

She stuck out her small tongue and licked her pink lips. Those lips were shining in luster.

“How about I return the favor a little.”

The wings that were formed just from bones flapped. The radiance that the wings left behind were fired toward Kizuna and Aine from the force.


The two of them backed off with Aine’s yell as the signal. They fully opened their thrusters and hid at the back side of the castle spire. The beads of light that were like buckshot were being absorbed into the spire one after another. And then they sit out bright red flame and caused large explosion.


Kizuna and also Aine were going to be swallowed by the explosion. They were blown away by the explosion blast and the shockwave and floated in the air with tumbles. There the fragments of rock that became pieces and giant rock where there were some that even had diameter of several dozen meters rained down at them.


After they barely dodged, the tip of the broken spire was falling to the ground of the castle. It impacted the ground and rolled up dust cloud while breaking.

Kizuna and Aine fixed their posture using their thrusters and distanced themselves from that spot in order to open a distance from Grace. And then they circled around Genesis and withdrew from the castle. The urban area of Zeltis spread below them and at the sky above the battle between Baldein’s dragon type force and the imperial guard was progressing.

“Wha, what!? There are dragon shaped magic weapons all over the place!”

Kizuna was looking around at the dragon type magic weapons like Dragre and Tri-Head and so on flying all over the sky with surprised eyes.

“Those are Baldein’s dragon force……they are coming reinforcement.”

A new window opened in the front of the two.

{Every―one! We are still going strong. Are you all still lively?}

Himekawa was waving her hand with a delighted face.


{Then please listen desu. The next piece is……God Speed-!}

At the same time when Sylvia said out the song name, the audiences’ excitement was seething. Most likely it was a hit song. The lights overflowing the audience seats were fiercely undulating. The people were waving something like glow sticks to express their happiness.

However Kizuna was knocked out of his wits looking at that scenery.

“Just what’s this?”

Kizuna stared at Aine looking for answer, but Aine was also staring at the screen with surprised expression.

“Furthermore this is……a live show. This is broadcasted live.”


An alert rang out covered with Sylvia and others’ singing voices.

When they turned around, there was Grace fully spreading open her wings. Shining light was residing in the wings, Its shape changed like a wings that were growing feathers. Something shuddering was creeping up Aine’s back.

Aine opened her floating window and sent communication to the surrounding area.

“Not good! Everyone be careful!”

Gravel who received the communication raised a surprised voice.

“Ainess-dono!? Kizuna too!”

“Ainess-sama!? Just what in the world your highness did!”

Hyakurath and Mercuria, also the dragon force too, they couldn’t surmise the meaning of Aine’s warning. The commander Ruleo was also cocking her head in puzzlement at the sudden warning with dubious face.

“This is, communication from Ainess? Is she mistakenly sending this even to the enemy?”

Even with Aine’s yell, everyone was just getting perplexed and their legs stopped.

“This is no good! At this rate everyone will get dragged into this. Circle back to the opposite side――”

But at that time, Grace’s wings were fully stored with feathers of light, her appearance was changed as if she was a real angel. And then the scythe of massacre that reaped all magic power was fired.


The feathers of light growing from Grace’s wings were released all at once. Looking at that, memory of terror was resurrected at the back of the mind of Ruleo who was the commander of the dragon force. The feathers of the god of death who exterminated Baldein’s dragon force by her lonesome. That terrifying Harvest was once again assaulting.


However it was already too late.

The feathers of Harvest attacked with terrifying speed. The dragon force became prey the very first.

The magic weapons of the dragon force were pierced by the feathers of Koros and they promptly lost their light. The dragons that were livelily rushing around the battlefield just now stiffened like mere stone statue and falling to the ground.

Ruleo that was staring hard at that figure became pale and yelled one more time.

“Retreat! We are withdrawing! Hurry, run away!”

Whipping the Tri-Head that she was riding, Ruleo also escaped from that place.

Looking at the escaping enemy, the imperial guard members raised cheers. But, that was only happening for a moment.


An imperial guard member wearing magic armor was pierced by the feathers and raised a death throe. The imperial guard members’ complexion changed instantly. Without any distinction between enemy or ally, several dozen magic weapons became preys one after another. The feathers of light fired from Koros’s wings rushed through the sky freely in all direction. And then the magic power of the magic weapons were being absorbed haphazardly.

Hyakurath’s complexion became ghastly pale.

“Wha-! Retreat-, emergency――kyaaaaaa!”

Harvest also mercilessly attacked the imperial guards. Hyakurath also had her magic power sucked and lost her magic armor.

“Shit-! Hyakurath!”

Embracing Hyakurath who lost her consciousness, Mercuria attempted emergency landing somehow with her remaining magic power. The magic knights that were similarly hit directly were falling down to Zeltis one after another.

“This is bad-! Aldea, we are escaping!”

That time when Gravel yelled, Aldea was attacked by Koros’s feather in a bad luck.

“I’ll defend with Zeel’s shield! That’s why use this time――”

However the feathers of Harvest pierced Aldea’s body altogether with the shield and harvested her magic power.


Zeel that protected Aldea’s body vanished and her body was falling.


Gravel caught Aldea’s body in the air and then she was dropping while looking for a safe place. And then with a frustrated face she looked up at the sky of Zeltis where the sun was setting.

“So this is as far as we go……I’ll leave the rest to you. Kizuna!”

Aine and Kizuna were also trying to shake off Harvest’s feathers and desperately moving with acrobatic movement dancing in the air. However no matter how tricky a movement they did, the feathers of Harvest kept following without slowing down.

“Shit-! Just what the hell is this homing ability!”

“Until the magic power of the feather itself run out, it will keep chasing us no matter where!”

The feathers that pierced the magic weapons and magic armors absorbed their magic power and then they returned back to Grace’s position. And then the feathers settled at the wings before their radiance was absorbed into Grace’s body, supplying her magic power.

“That’s the secret of Grace’s strength. Only Grace that will never run out of magic power……Hybrid Count no matter what.”

“What a troublesome little sister!”

The feathers chasing from behind filled the distance in the blink of eye.

‘──Shit-! It’s no good already!?’

Harvest’s feathers were approaching before their eyes. At that moment, a giant shadow covered their field of vision.


A Tri-Head blocked the way of Harvest.

“This is……”

The Tri-Head blocked the Harvest’s feathers with its body. Many feathers pierced the Tri-Head’s body. The crystal wings that were shining beautifully lost their light. That gigantic body was beginning to slowly falling down. Ruleo separated herself from the Tri-Head’s back with sad eyes. And then she stared with sorrowful eyes at the feathers that left after sucking the magic power of the Tri-Head.

Kizuna worried whether he should say his gratitude or apologize and was unable to immediately say something.

“……Sorry. But, we are saved thanks to that. Thank you.”

But Ruleo ignored Kizuna and stared hard at Aine.

“Vatlantis’s Ainess……honestly, I have grudge against you.”

Aine’s body was startled and trembled from that gaze.

“But……I saw that currently you and him are fighting that Grace.”

Ruleo talked apathetically.

“I am observing the power of Grace’s Koros and the power of your Zeros too. Honestly speaking, I cannot find an idea of the way to defeat Koros. But──”

Ruleo stared fixedly at Aine’s eyes.

“Ainess, there is no doubt that your Zeros have the only method to oppose her. To lose my dragon once more is an unbearable distress for me, but we will lose all chance of victory if we lose you right now.”

“You are……”

Aine also stared back at Ruleo’s eyes.

“And so, please defeat Grace’s Koros without fail.”

Aine nodded with a tight face and stared at the deistination where Harvest’s feathers were returning.

“I understand. Thank you.”

Light emitted from Aine’s thrusters and she flew up toward the direction where Grace was. Kizuna was following behind her.

What was the method to oppose that ability? Kizuna increased his speed and flew at Aine’s side.

“Aine. Will Code Breaker have any effect to that Harvest?”

“I don’t know……but, there is no other way than that.”

If even that was no good then they really would be nothing that could be done.

“That’s why Kizuna get away from me.”


He was about to say that he would fight together with her but, if he was nearby her then Aine wouldn’t be able to wield the ability of Code Breaker to her heart’s content.

“Got it. Don’t do anything rash okay?”

Kizuna stopped in a position where he could look at Grace. He watched over the back of Aine that was heading to her litte sister with anxiety.

“Oo, Nee-sama. So you came.”

Facing Aine that came back to her, Grace smiled happily.

“Grace……stop dragging everyone else to this.”

“Hmm? Everyone……Nee-sama said?”

It was as if Grace had just noticed after this late, she stared over the armies of Baldein and Vatlantis at the far away. And then when she looked at the figures of magic weapons and magic armors falling on the ground, she shook her head boredly.

“Indeed, this is why the magic power is shoddy. Well, it doesn’t matter. After all when this world end, all the people will perish. It’s only a matter of sooner or later.”


Even when she was rebuked sharply by Aine, Grace just returned a faint smile.

“No, let’s pass our time together in this brief moment until the ruin arrive. But, Nee-sama’s life is mine. Even if one is the goddess of fate herself, I have no intention to hand over Nee-sama. Everything of Nee-sama is only mine……”


Ring part was building up at Aine’s back.

“Code Breaker!”

With the ring part as the center, shining blue sorcery letters and graphics were unfolding and drew a magic circle.


Feathers of light were fired from Grace’s wings like arrows. Ten-odd arrows of light entangled with each other and attacked at Aine.

The magic circle of Code Breaker that extended in belt shape circled the surrounding to protect Aine. There the light arrows of Harvest clashed. The two lights of magic power scattered intense sparks and locked with each other.


Shocked voice leaked out from Aine’s mouth.

‘──The magic circle is eaten!?’

The light arrows of Harvest were absorbing the magic circle of Code Breaker. The belt of magic circle was decreasing little by little.

AIne’s eyes were shining red. She increased the number of magic circle belt circling around her body and increased the rotation speed.


Grace raised an admiring voice.

As if being washed away by the magic circle of Code Breaker that was drifting like storm, Harvest’s arrows were being disassembled into magic formula.

“As expected of Nee-sama. This is the first time my Harvest is defended.”

Aine was breathing with heaving shoulder while glaring at Grace.

“For my Code Breaker to be ineffective……you are the second person.”

One of Grace’s eyebrows rose.

“Second person?”

“Yes. The first one is Kizuna.”

Instantly flame of rage was blazing up and rushed about inside Grace.

“Don’t speak of that filthy name never againnnnnn!”

Her pink sapphire hair emitted radiance and arrows of light were fired from her wings one after another.

“Code Breaker!”

Aine also extended her belt of magic circle toward Grace.

The lights of magic power the two released crossed each other. The lights clashed and several flashes twinkled. Sparks scattered and small chain explosions occurred. The floods of light released from the two clashed against each other fiercely in the air.

The arrows of light slipping through the clash absorbed the magic circle protecting Aine’s body, on the other hand Aine’s magic circle disassembled the the light of Grace’s wings.

The two sisters wearing the magic armors that were mutually extolled as the strongest.

The strength of their magic powers also rivaled each other.

The clash between the strongest abilty and the strongest ability made superficial strategy or tactic to be powerless.

It was a frontal clash, just earnestly striking each other, crumbling down each other’s guard mutually, a war of attrition.


Aine yelled.

“I hate someone like Nee-sama! It’s fine already even if Nee-sama is gone! Nee-sama, anyone and him too, everyone. I will destroy everyone!”

The power of Harvest increased. Aine was pushed back by Grace’s pressure. It felt like Aine’s heart was being shaved off each time Grace expressed her sorrow.

At that time, the clash of magic powers broke through the critical point. Suddenly an explosion occurred in front of Aine.


Aine’s figure appeared from inside the smoke. However the magic circle of Code Breaker had completely vanished.

It was the result of the abilities of Harvest and Code Breaker negating each other.

Kizuna noticed that the window displaying Aine’s vital sign was flashing red. At that moment, the inside of Kizuna’s chest shuddered coldly.

That was the alert which let him knew that Aine’s Hybrid Count had entered red zone. At the time when she took care of Vatlantis’s fleet with Code Breaker, she had forced herself quite much. Now the time that she had to pay for it was coming to her.


Sweat was trickling down on Kizuna’s forehead that was grimly grimacing.

Aine couldn’t be let to fight more than this. Then, how should they defeat Grace?

‘Think hard, Kizuna.

Koros cannot be defeated by long range attack. Things like bombardment using magic power and the like will only uselessly sharing magic power with Grace. Then what will be effective is…….

──None other than physical attack.

If we can inflict physical attack from close range, then I can see the chance of victory. However if we get near, then our Hybrid Count will be mercilessly stolen by Harvest.

Then if Harvest can be avoided?

It will be easy if that’s doable. To do something like evading arrow of light, the speed needed for that…….


It’s doable.

That time when I once fought Yurishia, it was only for an instant but I fought in a speed that approached even the speed of light. Right now, I’m in the same condition like that time, I’ve just did Climax Hybrid with Zeros.

──I can do this!’

Kizuna kicked the air.


Aine raised a flustered voice at Kizuna who suddenly entered the battle territory.

“I told you already to not come! Withdraw quickly!”

Ignoring Aine’s flurried voice, Kizuna accelerated.

‘Remember that time you fought Yurishia. The speed of that time once more!’

Thrusters were created at Kizuna’s back and legs. It was as though parts were growing from his body at the places where there were nothing, the parts were constructed in the blink of eye.

“Here I go!”

Kizuna’s figure vanished.

He surpassed the speed of sound instantly and shook away all other speed.

Everything looked like slow motion to Kizuna. He passed beside Aine who was opening her mouth yelling and rushed to Grace.

The arrows of light of Harvest were flying at him to attack. Their shape properly looked like feathers, their speed was fast, but it was possible to be evaded. Kizuna was evading the lights of Harvest by weaving through the gap while heading to Grace. The lights of Harvest passed over Kizuna before they tried to change their direction as if having noticing him. However at that time Kizuna was already arrived until just a single step before Grace.

‘――Got her!’

Kizuna pulled his fist and aimed an attack at Grace. He determined his aim at her defenseless abdomen. He wouldn’t kill her, but he would inflict a damage that made it impossible for her to fight.

“You are Aine’s little sister but, don’t think bad of this. This is also――”

At that time, Kizuna noticed something unusual.

Koros’s wings were wings that were only made from bone frame. Those bones were each turned into sharp blade.

One of them was missing.

“You are an eyesore, Lemuria’s demon king.”

Grace was raising a scythe.


The scythe that Grace was holding had long handle, the large sized blade that was drawing an arc at its end was shining coldly. It was something created from disassembling a part of Koros’s wing. It was completely like a god of death’s scythe. The figure of Grace holding it was truly fitting her nickname as the angel of massacre.

“Do you think, that you can trick my eye with a speed of that level?”

The scythe was swung even faster than Kizuna’s speed.


The scythe of the god of death tore apart Kizuna’s chest. He felt like the life force inside him was reaped. Even without looking at his status display, he could feel his Hybrid Count decreasing alarmingly.

He desperately ignited his thrusters and took a distance. After he somehow backed away until in front of Aine, there his body doubled down from the pain that pierced his whole body.

“Kizuna-!? What’s wrong? Just what in the world, happened……”

Aine’s eyes couldn’t see the exchange of offense and defense just now but she was looking after Kizuna even while being perplexed.

“Aah……I rushed in by accelerating with all that I got but, it got seen through.”

Masou Gakuen HxH V07 BW 04.jpg

Kizuna displayed Eros’s status at his floating window.

“As I thought, my Hybrid Count is reduced until 20% by a single attack of that scythe.”

“Scythe? Ah……since when”

Aine looked at the scythe Grace was holding and got confused.

“I thought that I could win if I got close and attacked physically but……looks like that is also difficult.”

Grace readied her scythe full of composure and smiled. That composure didn’t come from the fact that she could kill them anytime, but it even looked like she was having fun working out her imagination of how she would do the killing.

Aine was also staring at her little sister’s figure with a pained look.

“I’ll make an opening with Code Breaker. At that time……”

“Don’t. Aine’s Hybrid Count is already lower than 10%. If you used it up by some kind of chance……”

“It’s fine! I still can do it! If we cannot persuade Grace here――”

{Kizuna, can you hear this?}

Suddenly a floating window started up in front of the two of them.


The figure of Reiri standing at the bridge of Ataraxia was projected.

{Kizuna, there is something I want to confirm urgently.}

“Confirm……wait! Right now is not the time――”

Reiri continued her talk to hold back the snapping Kizuna.

{When you fought Aine, just what did you do at the end?}

“Eh? ……Wha, what is Nee-chan asking, something like that is irrelevant right now isn’t it!?”

{It really matters you idiot!}

Kizuna was trembling at Reiri’s angry yell that looked furious at him even though he should be the angry one here.

{That time you fought Aine, the phenomenon that happened at the end of it. Make it happen once more!}


Kizuna reflexively stared at Aine’s face with Aine doing the same to him.

{We don’t understand the details because Ataraxia’s function was suspended. However, from what we can confirm from the little data we could measure, at that moment, it was only for a really short time but Zeros and Eros’s abilities were jumping up. At that time, something should have happened between you and Aine. If you can reproduce that phenomenon……you can win!}

Kizuna recalled something.

“At the end of the fight with Aine you say……don’t tell me”

Now that she mentioned it, at that time he got the feeling like strength surging out from the inside of his body. It resembled Heart Hybrid and Climax Hybrid. But, it was something that was more intense.

But, their Hybrid Counts weren’t recovered. Rather, their condition was nearly at zero fuel. That was why he thought that it might be just his imagination but……there was some comprehension from hearing Reiri’s story.

‘――There is only one thing, that we did at that time.’

Kizuna stared at Aine.


“Hye, yhes!”

Aine’s voice quavered with a bright red face.

“Sorry. This is also a mission. That, you might be reluctant in this kind of situation but……”


Aine looked down shyly and entangled the fingertips of both her hands. And then she whispered with a small voice that was like the buzzing of a mosquito.

“I don’t……really mind. I don’t hate it.”

And then her face lifted up and she glanced at him with upturned eyes.

“Nee-sama, Lemuria’s demon king. Is your strategy meeting over? Or else are you two saying your partings?”

Grace brandished her scythe in irritation.

“Yeah……my bad of making you wait. Our briefing session is over now.”

Kizuna embraced Aine’s shoulder close to him. Looking at that, vein throbbed up at Grace’s temple.

“I told you to not touch Nee-sama with that filthy hand! The one who can touch Nee-sama and also kill her, is just me!”

Saying so Grace readied the scythe of the god of death.

“Here we go, Aine.”


Both of them stared at each other and their faces approached close, it was unclear which one was starting it.

Aine’s heart was pounding hard. The throbbing of her heart was rapidly getting faster, stronger, it felt like her heartbeat would grow audible. Her glossy lips slightly opened and her tongue peeked out from inside.

“Hm? What are you planning to――do-!?”

Kizuna’s lips and Aine’s pink lips touched each other.

The softness Kizuna felt on his lips felt like it would melt his heart. This was a battlefield, and there was an opponent with whom they were performing a mortal combat with in front of them, but he felt like he would forget even those things.

That sensation made Kizuna’s heart felt very happy and tranquil. Aine inside his arms felt lovely, he hugged her strongly. It gave Aine the feeling of being strongly protected, a deep sense of security was born inside Aine’s heart.

Aine opened her lips and she extended her tongue gingerly. It was so that she could welcome Kizuna’s tongue no matter when. Rather, it was as if she was waiting in anticipation, wondering if he would come quickly. Kizuna’s tongue reached into the mouth that had became connected into one with his. His tongue slowly advanced inside Aine’s mouth to peek at the situation.

There, he met the tip of Aine’s tongue.

Their tongues drew back a little in panic, but soon both of their tongues reached out again. Their tongue tips properly touched each other once more. This time as if saying that this time they didn’t want to part, their tongue tips rotated, tasting the texture of each other’s tongue. Aine’s tongue was soft with sweet taste. The slippery weightless texture even felt like a soft-bodied animal. When he caressed the surface of Aine’s tongue with his tongue, her tongue was startled and escaped. He chased after it still. He unconsciously became absorbed in the pursuit of her tongue inside her mouth.

While they were doing that Aine’s face became something enraptured from the stimulation given to her inside her mouth. The area around her eyes reddened and her body was trembling from the pleasure of having her mouth’s mucus membrane caressed.

The tips of Aine’s breasts hardened pointedly from the pleasure granted inside her mouth. It was to the degree that anyone looking could understand the shape of the protrusion at the tip of her breast coming to the surface of her pilot suit.

Kizuna’s tongue touched Aine’s gum. At that moment, Aine’s body jumped in surprise.

It was an unknown sensation. Having her teeth and gums licked by another person. She had never even imagined such thing. It was as if Kizuna’s tongue was attentively making sure of every single teeth at her upper jaw, he was slowly licking her gum. When that was over, this time his tongue barged on her lower gum and between her lips. And then his tongue traced along Aine’s teeth. Pleasure she never experienced before ran through Aine’s body and her back convulsed twitchingly. Strength almost left her legs so she hugged at Kizuna’s body even tighter.

After finally thinking that he had made a round of her gums, this time his tongue extended at the backside. That sensation where ticklishness and pleasure jumbled into one made Aine almost lose consciousness. If her eyes were opened, surely the white of her eyes was going to be exposed.

She understood that something hot was running between her legs even though that place wasn’t even touched.

Their lips separated for the moment when they were out of breath.

A string of saliva was pulled between the lips of the two. Surely Kizuna was also feeling excited, his cheeks were red and the light of magic power was coming to the surface inside his eyes.

Aine also had her thinking ability stolen by the pleasure and she was making a melting face that was even more than when she was doing Climax Hybrid. Light of magic power was shining brightly inside her intoxicated eyes, the area around her eyes was dyed red and she looked up at Kizuna in a daze. Saliva trickled down from her slovenly opened mouth, her tongue extended out greedily.

Their tongues touched each other even earlier than their lips. Like that, they licked around at each other’s tongue. It felt like they were going to get addicted to this soft slippery sensation.

Their lips once again overlapped sticking to each other tightly.

This time they were boldly seeking out each other even stronger.

They greedily indulged in the pleasant feeling they obtained from the inside of their mouth and tongue. That pleasure was transmitted to their whole body, melted the inside of their mind and convulsed the tips of their toes.

Their tongues entangled each other inside their mouths. It was as if they were trying to leave no spot untouched inside their mouths by the tongues. Their tongues struggled fiercely as if to taste everything until there was nothing left.

Grace was staring at that development in a daze.

What was happening, what were they doing, her head wasn’t trying to comprehend the scene. She could do nothing but helplessly watching over the two exchanging lips and tongues in an act of love.

Before long aggravation, sadness, and frustration welled up. Those feeling became tears that overflowed from Grace’s eyes.

But, that wasn’t all.

Mysterious feeling attacked Grace’s body. She too carried out act of love with Aine at the occasion of Baldein’s ceremony. But, what she was feeling this time was also different with the thing of that time. Her chest throbbed violently, and her face flushed. And then below her stomach was tormented by a murky and painful sensation.

‘――Wha, what, is this?’

Aine and Kizuna’s bodies began to emit light as if they were in electrification.

Excessive pleasure and euphoria made tears spill out from Aine’s closed eyes.

‘――I love you.’

They sucked strongly at each other’s mouth. The saliva exchanged inside their mouths passed through their respective throats. Aine’s saliva smelled sweet. And then when Aine drank in Kizuna’s saliva, her mind became pure white.

At that time, a new door opened.

Explosion of light occurred from the bodies of the two.

“Wha-, what! This is!?”

Grace averted her face from the excessive radiance. She really couldn’t possibly look at it directly. Even Kizuna and Aine who were emitting that radiance were shocked by this phenomenon.

“This is……”

Both Heart Hybrid and Climax Hybrid created magic power. However in that case it should be absorbed into the body or vanished into thin air. But right now pink particles of light still kept covering their bodies.

{It’s a success Kizuna!}

Reiri raised an excited voice inside the floating window.

“Success? Is it this condition?”

Kizuna looked at his own hand that was shining pink and asked. If he was asked, this was a strange sensation as if he stopped in the middle of Climax Hybrid.

{Try to display your status.}

Kizuna obeyed what he was told and displayed Eros’s status. His fundamental output, offensive power, armor’s defensive power, and so on, the current spec of Eros was displayed there. Looking at the numbers, Kizuna was at a loss for words.


In the time of Climax Hybrid, Eros obtained performance that was equal with the ability of the partner’s Heart Hybrid Gear. That was why Eros’s spec should be equal with Zeros right now.

“This is, completely surpassing Zeros’s spec……isn’t it! Twice, no, the number is thrice you know!? Nee-chan, what is the meaning of this!?”

{That’s exactly the new hybrid! I’ll name it Kissing RemodelingKiss Charge Hybrid!}

Aine was also feeling the power rushing through her body. Certainly it was the sensation that she felt at that time she kissed Kizuna. But, power that was incomparable with that time, was overflowing from her whole body right now.

“This is……Kiss Charge Hybrid.”

Kizuna also yelled with excited feeling from being unable to restrain the strength rushing through his whole body.

“If it’s now, it feels like things that are normally impossible are possible!”

But Reiri informed them with a serious face.

{But, it seems that this Hybrid is not something that replenishes back your Hybrid Count.}

“Eh? What is the meaning of that?”

{From the analysis of the data, it seems that Kiss Charge Hybrid forcefully raises your specs by releasing your remaining Hybrid Count all at once. This is nothing more than a difference of consuming the same amount of fuel little by little or by all at once. Naturally, it is also overtaxing your body.}

“I see……bring it on! We are doing this!”

{Kiss Charge Hybrid is consuming a large amount of Hybrid Count. There are only ten seconds for Aine and about fifteen seconds more for Kizuna. Finish this in one go!}

“Whatt!? Fifteen……-, shitt!”

First it was a match of how many seconds it would take to deal with Grace. If Grace escaped, the time limit would arrive to him just with that.

Kizuna flew to Grace by kicking an unseen wall.


He instantly plunged right into Grace’s bosom.


Grace leaked out a shocked voice.

She swung her scythe in panic. However this time was different with previously. That motion was perfectly clear in Kizuna’s eyes. Kizuna caught the handle of the scythe in one hand.


Grace looked at Kizuna’s arm that was gripping the scythe as if she was seeing something unbelievable.


Grace let go of the scythe and flew behind. And then she spread her large wings.


Koros’s wings fired feathers of light that attacked Kizuna.

“Code Breaker!”

Aine extended the magic circle of Code Breaker from behind Kizuna. Belt-shaped magic circle avoided Kizuna and cleared off the light feathers of Harvest.

However at that moment the light wrapping Aine’s body vanished. She had run out of time for the Kiss Charge Hybrid. It seemed that right before her Hybrid Count turned zero it automatically canceled itself.

“Kizuna-! Please, Grace, she-!”

Receiving Aine’s voice on his back, Kizuna raised his speed even further. Grace who was putting her guard up took out a scythe from her wing once more and stood ready. And then at the same time magic power traveled from Grace’s body towards her wings.

She was planning to fire Harvest once more. However, this time Code Breaker was unusable.

Kizuna glanced at the countdown displayed at his floating window.

‘――Three more seconds.’

Eros’s thrusters ejected magic power explosively, accelerating Kizuna’s body to the speed of several times the speed of sound instantly. Eros’s armor blazed up from the friction with the air.


Before Harvest was fired, he struck at that wing. The fist unleashed with terrific speed broke off the wing of bones created from blade.

‘――Two, more seconds.’


Even so Grace was still following his speed. She aimed her scythe at Kizuna and swung down.

If he was touched by that, his Hybrid Count would be zero at that point of time!

Kizuna’s figure vanished with explosive sound. He broke through the wall of air and circled around Grace’s body.

‘――One more, second.’

Koros began to be left behind by Eros’s speed. Grace’s eyes couldn’t catch up with Kizuna’s movement. Kizuna’s figure was reflected in her eyes like an after image.



And then finally shook free from all speed.

Everything stopped moving in Kizuna’s eyes.

Kizuna’s ear couldn’t hear anything.

There was no sound, there was also no movement. A silent world.

It was only for an instant.

――Kizuna passed through the wall of time.

But that instant decided the battle.


The wings on her back broke, the generator on her waist, the feathers that were like tail feather too, the wings at her feet too, everything was struck and crushed without a single one left behind.

Looking from Grace’s point of view, at the next moment after she lost sight of Kizuna’s figure, the armors throughout her body were smashed up all at once. It was such an absurdity.

At the very end, Kizuna swung down a chop at Grace’s neck that had become defenseless.


It wasn’t that strong but, surge of magic power was injected that made Grace lose consciousness.

‘――Zero seconds, remaining.’

Losing her consciousness, strength left Grace’s body where Kizuna then caught her in his arms. At the same time, magic power particles scattered from Kizuna’s body.

The time was completely up. Kizuna gave a long sigh.

“Haa……I made it in time somehow.”

Eros was barely maintaining its shape, but the limit of his Hybrid Count would soon come.


Aine supported Kizuna’s body from the side and lent him her strength. It was just a moment before both of their Heart Hybrid Gears disappeared.

“Kizuna, land over there!”

The imperial castle was visible below them. Aine was pointing at the largest spire among the spires that were surrounding Genesis at the center in a circle. At the highest floor of that spire was a large balcony that jutted outside.

Kizuna who was carrying Grace’s body landed on that balcony while being supported by Aine. The moment he laid down Grace on the floor, Eros and Zeros vanished.

“It feels like we are just barely making it.”

Kizuna wiped the sweat on his cheek and leaked out a sigh of relief.

Aine stroked Grace’s head while narrowing her eyes.

“Kizuna……thank you.”

“I’m not really doing anything you need to thank me for. I too want to try talking with your little sister after all. Even so, she is a terrific little sister isn’t she? I don’t know how many times I thought that I’m going to die there.”

Looking at Kizuna showing a cramped smile, Aine too smiled in amusement.

As if being awakened by their laughters, Grace’s eyes opened.


The figure of her big sister was reflected at her empty red eyes.


Kizuna also peered at her face worriedly.

“I didn’t intend to harm your body but……are you feeling pain anywhere?”

Grace’s eyes caught Kizuna’s figure this time.

“Lemuria’s……I see, so I lost.”

Grace powerlessly spoke with a self-depreciating smile surfacing on her face.

“Kill me……nothing, matters anymore……there is no meaning or anything for me to live. Hope, objective, important thing……there is nothing.”

Aine took the hand of her little sister and enveloped it with both her hands.

“Grace. Don’t say something that sad, listen to my story.”

“Nee-sama was my support. I believed that Nee-sama will someday return, that’s why I could do my best until now. But, it’s useless already……the person that I loved is no more. Someone that will love me, is nowhere anymore.”

Tears overflowed from Grace’s eyes. Once the tears came out, it kept trickling out without stopping.

“The truth is, together with Nee-sama……intimately, forever……hics, ueeeeeen”

She sobbed and then cried like a child.

Aine raised Grace’s body and buried her head into her bosom.


“Listen? Grace. I love you Grace.”

“But, Nee-sama betrayed……me.”

Aine shook her head.

“I too thought that it was impossible for Atlantis and Lemuria to coexist or anything. But, I fought Kizuna, talked with him……like that I was able to believe something. That we, can start over once more.”

Something hot was falling down on Grace’s cheek.


Tears were falling down from Aine’s eyes.

“My precious Grace. You are different than me, capable, excellent, strong……you are the little sister I’m proud of. Something like sisters quarrel is fine but, I don’t want it to end there. Because, you are, my precious little sister.”

“Nee-sama……I said just now that I hate Nee-sama, you know? Moreover I tried to kill Nee-sama. Is Nee-sama saying that you will forgive those?”

Aine thought, ‘Just recently I also did something like that against my better judgment didn’t I.’ She looked up at Kizuna, and there she saw a bashful face that was a little awkward.

Aine put strength into the hands that were embracing Grace.

“Yes, I’ll forgive you. Because……I, am Grace’s Onee-chan after all.”


“Even fighting Grace just now, was so that I can ask you to give the ceasefire order. I wanted the fighting to stop, and combine our power to save the two worlds. In order to protect the world, where I can live together with you again.”

Grace nuzzled her face against Aine’s chest and then she raised her weeping face.

“I understand……”

Grace opened her floating window.

“Informing the whole army of Vatlantis. Stop the fighting at once. A ceasefire. From now on any kind of fighting is forbidden. Let the fleet that came from Lemuria to do as they please. Interference is unnecessary.”

That broadcast reached all the soldiers in the battlefield. Even the city of Zeltis and also Ataraxia.

The operators raised cheering voices at the ceasefire declaration of Grace that was projected on the bridge’s screen. They let out tears and hugged each other, raising voices of joy.

“Commander, the bombardment from the imperial guard stopped! The magic weapons are also beginning to return!”

Hearing that report, Reiri sat down on the ship captain seat as if collapsing on it. She entrusted her body on the chair’s reclined back and made a tired smile.

“……I’m tired.”

{Reiri. A contact is coming from Kizuna.}

When Kei said that, the communication window from Kizuna was opened in front of Reiri that was sinking in her seat.

“Kizuna, thanks for your hard work.”

{Rather than that Nee-chan. Send over the guys of the lab’s research department quickly. It seems that Kaa-san’s research lab is nearby the Genesis.

Reiri took a long breath and then she jumped to her feet.

“Roger. We will head there immediately.”

Reiri made Ataraxia to advance towards Genesis. There was nothing at all obstructing their path anymore.

Kizuna stared at the shadow of Ataraxia approaching near from the balcony.

“I see them. They are going to arrive soon. And then they will immediately start Genesis’s repair.”

After saying that to Grace and Aine, Kizuna looked up at Genesis that was towering over in front of him.

“I’m going ahead, to Kaa-san’s research lab――”

When he said that, an unusual phenomenon occurred.

Without any sound, Genesis was crumbling down.

Kizuna doubted his eyes.

They were late, a sound of something breaking like rumbling ground was approaching.

The Genesis was like a building that was demolished using dynamite, it was being destroyed while raising up a lot of dust cloud and thundering sound. In a glance, it also looked like Genesis’s figure was vanishing into underground.

They couldn’t understand the thing that was obviously happening in front of their eyes.

Even Aine and also Grace were looking over that occurrence with blank amazement. Aine murmured with a trembling voice.

“No way……Genesis, is collapsing?”

The scene was as if Genesis was being crushed from above by an unseen enormous hand, it was crushed into small pieces from its foundation. It was a shocking sight that didn’t feel real.

It was an unbelievable happening. Grace recited with an incoherent muttering.

“This is the world’s……end.”

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