Masou Gakuen HxH:Volume 7 Chapter 5

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Chapter 5 – Melancholy of Gods[edit]

Part 1[edit]

Ataraxia was standing by at the sky above where the Genesis once stood. Under it, the remains of Genesis were piled up like a mountain. Most of the pieces became light and vanished when they crumbled, but there were also things that remained and didn’t disappear. All of those were collected in one place. Having said that, it was still quiet an amount of remains, there was about a small mountain of it.

A square tent was set up in front of it as the impromptu countermeasure headquarters. Inside it, the confirmation of the collected pieces was being carried out.

“Yes. There is no mistake that this is the fragment of Genesis handed down in my country.”

The queen of Baldein, Landred, nodded after looking at the lithograph. The verse of [The goddess dances. With nothingness, with death, with the emperor. And then to eternity.] was carved on it. It was the thing Nayuta and Valdy stole from Baldein’s palace and deposited in the research lab.

“Nice, way to go.”

Reiri nodded and then the students of Ataraxia’s research department carried that lithograph towards the mountain of rubble.

“With this it’s everything.”

Reiri gave out a long sigh and lifted her face.

“My gratitude for your cooperation regardless of the sudden request, your majesty.”

“What are you saying? If there is a danger to the world, this is only natural. Besides, we also received a request of cooperation beforehand from Izgard.”

In this world, Baldein was the only one which carried out the ceremony of Genesis as their tradition. It was only handed down among the royalty, so there was only one person who was well informed of that, that was the queen of Baldein, Landred. It could be said that it was a godsend that she also went along together with Baldein’s dragon force until nearby Zeltis.

“Putting that aside Commander-sama. Why are all of you people hiding your body with that kind of clothing?”


Landred walked to Reiri’s side with her large breast shaking. Her gesture was overflowing with grace, a dignified stance that was really like a royalty. That alone made Reiri greatly perplexed.

After all the clothing of this queen was nearly completely naked. Even what she called as clothes was ridiculous. Speaking clearly, there was only accessories. No matter even if the accessory was made from gold and jewel, they did nothing more than barely hide the tips of her breast and her nether region.

Brushing up her beautiful voluminous hair, Landred smiled bewitchingly to Reiri.

“I understand even if you hide it. The beautiful body under those clothes. If someone with a high position like you is in that kind of appearance, the moral will be affected you know?”

Reiri reflexively backed off.

“N, no. I wish that your majesty will learn the culture of our world when this matter is over with.”

“My, is that a promise?”

After sexily closing one of her eyes, Landred distanced her body.

Reiri cleared her throat and checked her watch. Only one more hour remaining until the estimated time of the world’s breakdown.

“Please wait a little.”

Leaving those words behind, Reiri moved to the neighboring tent. Over there was Kei checking by herself the machinery which would be used for the ceremony.

“Kei, is the preparation in order?”

{No problem, but}

Kei’s finger unusually stopped above the keyboard.

“Is something the matter?”

Her hand dropped with a clink and she looked up at her best friend with uneasy eyes.

“This is really, scary……”

It was Kei’s real voice that she didn’t let anyone hear other than Reiri.

“Hm? Certainly this is a mission that affects the fate of the world. I understand that you are nervous. However――”

Kei shook her head left and right.


She took the file that was put above the desk and handed it over to Reiri.

“What, is this?”

“Just now, the research department brought it over. It was dug out from the research facility.”

Reiri read the letters at the cover of the file.

――Project Babel.

“The content was the thing that Professor Nayuta taught us, written in detail.”

Reiri tilted her head.

“Why, is that scary?”

“Professor Nayuta recognized that she failed in remodeling her body.”

“That’s right. I had never seen that person making a face that surprised.”

She looked delighted, however her smile gave out a tinge of loneliness in it somewhere. Reiri responded with such smile.

“But, didn’t she think of the possibility of failure? That Professor Nayuta?”

Reiri’s eyebrows twitched up.

“The condition of Professor Nayuta at that time seemed odd. It’s hard to imagine that she would give us information without expecting any compensation. Surely, Professor Nayuta had her own objective.”

“However, that woman died.”


Silence flowed between the two.

“……Hey, Re-ri.”


Kei murmured with a shivering voice.

“Do you think, Professor Hakase is really dead?”

Reiri lost her words. Her heart felt a shaking from unease that noisily disturbed her.

“……Of course. Mother is dead. I think she is an unforgivable existence as a person but, if she died already, then there is nothing to disturb the mind anymore.”

Even so Kei was making an anxious face.

“……For argument’s sake, even if mother was scheming something, we can only perform the ceremony now. If we don’t, at that time it’s the end for us.”

“Yes. You’re right. Sorry, Re-ri.”

“I don’t mind. Rather than that, I’m counting on you for the projection system.”


Reiri exited the tent and stood still staring at the ground.


The name of the gigantic tower that appeared in the Genesis of the Old Testament. Humans were trying to build a tower that reached the sky to challenge god. It detailed that the act caused the fury of god.

“Just a mere legend……there is nothing to worry about.”


The face of the queen of Baldein peeked out from the tent.

“Is something the matter?”


Reiri renewed her feeling and straightened her back.

“Conforming to the detail your majesty taught to us, the preparation of the ceremony is finished. There is not even a leeway for rehearsal, so we are performing without any practice beforehand. By any means, I wish for your majesty to be also present and give us your advice.”

Landred smiled elegantly.

“My pleasure.”

When the queen exited the tent, the commander and the staff officer standing by in front of the tent followed behind her. Reiri walked ahead to guide the queen.

At a distance of a hundred meters, there was the solace delivery installation number one, at its other side was a large tent. With width of twenty meters and length of a hundred meters, it might be better to call it as a warehouse with that size.

Reiri first went in front of the solace delivery installation number one, opened the door and called to the inside.

“Kizuna, is your preparation going okay?”

“Yeah, I can start anytime.”

Kizuna who was lying down alone on the bed raised his body. He was wearing Ataraxia’s uniform.

“For some reason, this appearance relaxed me.”

“But, it will be stripped off soon you know?”


The excessively gorgeous and sexy auntie behind Reiri said something unsettling.

“Nee-chan……this person?”

She was mostly naked, so he honestly felt troubled of where to look.

“She is Queen of Baldien, Landred-sama.”


Kizuna suddenly sat straight and bowed his head many times.

“My, my apologies. That, I’m, no I am――”[1]

“I don’t mind if you give your introduction for later. We are fighting against time……besides, for someone who is going to rape the emperor and the emperor’s agent of Vatlantis at the same time, what need is there to act that humble towards me.”


“Never mind that, we are going now.”

Kizuna panickedly followed Reiri who turned on her heel. Kizuna thought, this queen was also a strange person.

When they arrived right in front of the large tent next to it, Landred spoke to Reiri.

“However Commander-sama. We cannot really gather many people in this short time isn’t it?”

“Yes. We simply gathered the nearby people so, I’m unable to guarantee that the condition that require good looking people is met……”

Kizuna still wasn’t taught a single thing regarding the specifics of the matter.

And so, when the door of the tent was opened, he was shocked of the world unfolding inside.

“Wha, what is, this?”

Contrary to the external appearance, the inside was furnished with extravagant design. The floor was covered with carpet and fur with long fur length, the wall was enclosed with beautiful textile. With this kind of floor, it would surely felt pleasant to roll around on it. However, there were also several large beds that were properly prepared. And then at the center there was a Jacuzzi installed, bubble and steam were rising up.

But he wouldn’t be that shocked if there were only decoration and furniture inside. Everywhere inside the room was filled with half-naked females. They were relaxing on the bed, entered the Jacuzzi, or stretched their legs on the floor, everyone was passing a relaxing time as they pleased.

Furthermore all of them were in the appearances where they were only putting on thin clothes. Their breasts and asses too could be seen behind the transparent clothes.

In contrast with the bewildered Kizuna, Landred put her hands together delightedly.

“My my, isn’t this lovely. Everyone is cute, with this there will be no problem at all.”

Reiri was also calm. Kizuna was alternately looking at the faces of the two wondering what was going on.

“Thi, this is? Is this not……a Connective Hybrid with Aine and Grace?”

Landred answered with her cheeks reddened from excitement.

“This is also a part of that ceremony see. The ceremony offered to the pillar, just as told inside our Baldein royal family. We are reproducing the form of that ceremony following what is told in the royal family as much as possible like this.”

“In other words……you are saying that these people too will participate in that ceremony?”

“Yes……But, they will not do anything direct with you. The role of these girls is to produce the place and atmosphere for the sake of making the ceremony a success. By having these girls dancing here, the special space necessary for the ceremony will be created.”

“I see……I feel like I do understand, and don’t understand――”


A blonde haired girl rushed at him with her large breasts bouncing.

“Uwaa! Yu, Yurishia……uoo!?”

Yurishia had teary eyes while leaping at Kizuna. And then she strongly hugged his body.

“Kizuna……I wanted to meet you.”

Of course Kizuna was also happy. However Yurishia’s appearance was only a single piece of thin cloth put on her body. Her large breasts were directly pressed on Kizuna’s body, its shape was distorted and glued tightly on him. Kizuna wondered whether he should be happy or shy, he replied with a confused feeling.

“Ye, yeah! I’m glad……that, you are safe……wait, I knew that you were doing idol things, so I felt relatively relieved though.”

Yurishia pouted her mouth a little sullenly.

“Waitt, even that was a major disaster just so you know! It wasn’t like I started doing that because I like――”


This time a small body was running at him. And then she rammed herself with all her might at his stomach.

“Guh! ……Sy, Sylvia……you seem energetic, that’s great.”

“Uwaaaaaaan, captain-, captainnnnnnn”

She rubbed her face on him while crying.

“Wait, you two! Why are you two doing shameless things! It’s fine to be happy to be reunited, but please act only after thinking of your own appearance!”

“Uwaa! Hi, Himekawa!”

With a force that seemed like she would be growing horns, Himekawa was standing imposingly there. However even Himekawa herself who was saying that was only wearing a single transparent thin cloth like the other people here. Furthermore in Himekawa’s case she was only wearing necklace and bracelet on her upper body. Her lower body only had a cloth lightly tied on her waist, in a certain meaning she was the one with the highest exposure rate.

“What’s with that ‘uwaa’! Besides, no matter how you are too slow in coming for the rescue! During all that time we were made to do embarrassing behavior like being idols here!”

“What’s with you, even though you are the one who got carried away the most.”

Yurishia spoke in astonishment.

“Wha…….tha, that’s a false accusation!”

“Himekawa-senpai is serious, so she was the one who did her best the most desu. Sylvia doesn’t think that’s something to be embarrassed about but……is Sylvia wrong desu?”

Sylvia’s pure eyes pierced through Himekawa.

“E……no, that……”

Yurishia narrowed her eyes meanly.

“Rather than that, that appearance is really embarrassing and shameless right?”


Himekawa covered her body in panic with both her arms. However, Himekawa’s body was already thoroughly burned behind Kizuna’s eyelid.

“Uu……I unconsciously, feel happy, that I forgot my own appearance……”

“Ah, isn’t this Kizuna! Long time no seeeee!”

There was a group that waved their hands from inside the Jacuzzi.

“Aa, Scarlet! Also everyone of Masters!”

When he saw carefully, this room was filled with many people who he knew.

“The people here are only the fellows from Ataraxia huh.”

“Seems like the commander gathered all of them together using any way available to her……”

“Uwaa! Kurumizawa!? Even you?”

A girl sitting on the carpet hugging her legs was Kurumizawa Momo of the research department. As expected she was wearing the same single piece of thin cloth, but she was curling on herself so that her body wouldn’t show.

“I was taken here by force……this is kidnapping, abduction.”

Unsafe words were streaming from her mouth with a dark face.

Landred whispered to the ear of Kizuna who was troubled of how to reply.

“No need to worry. She will soon be made to feel happy by this aroma.”

Landred’s hand was holding an incense burner without him realizing it. The aroma rising up from that incense burner was really sweet, the inside of the head felt like it was lightly floating the moment one smelled it.

“This aroma is the aid of the ceremony. It clears away the wall of the heart and causes the hesitation towards the act to be gone.”

Certainly, Kizuna became feeling really pleasant. He got the feeling that surely if he drank alcohol, perhaps he would also get a feeling like this.

The eyes of Yurishia and Sylvia who were hugging him were also turning empty, they began to leak out sexy breathing. Himekawa’s cheek was also reddening as if she was drunk. Her eyes also became moist, she was already in a state where the sign of Heart Hybrid could appear anytime.

Indeed, he felt like he could understand how this aroma was called as the aid of the ceremony.

Landred gently pulled the hands of Yurishia and Sylvia.

“You who are the organizer, please proceed forward to the inner room. Your partners are waiting there.”

“Ye, yeah……got it.”

Kizuna proceeded forward into the tent with a little shaky footsteps. When he looked carefully, there were incense burners here and there inside the room, wafting off the sweet aroma. The effect of that aroma made the girls at the nearby bed to start caressing each other’s body.

He got the feeling that those girls were his classmates at the second year first group if he remembered correctly. While thinking of things like ‘it will be a disaster when they get their sanity back won’t it’, he kept walking deeper inside. There was a place that was partitioned by curtains at four sides at the deepest spot of the tent. He parted the curtain and entered inside.

After he slipped through several layers of curtain, over there were two extraordinarily beautiful girls, brimming over with elegance awaiting for him in seiza posture.


“Lemuria’s……demon king.”

The two people who reigned at the top of this world. The sisters Aine and Grace.

When he first met Grace it promptly turned into a battle, so this was the first time he was seeing her calm appearance. Certainly she really resembled Aine.


“No……you don’t have any injury?”

Grace averted her face with a sniff.

“That’s unnecessary worry.”

He heard from Aine that, ‘Grace is not thinking of killing Kizuna anymore’, but honestly he felt uneasy. He prepared himself that she might assault him the moment their faces met, but it looked like that ended up only as his unnecessary fear.

“I too feel reluctant, doing this kind of ceremony but……it has to be done if this affected the fate of the whole Atlantis. Demon king, you too play your role as our partner to the best of your ability.”

“Ye, yeah……I’ll do my best.”

When he took a glance at Aine, she was nodding with a faint smile.

Aine was just wearing accessories created from gold and jewel as clothes replacement. Grace had the tips of her breast and between her thighs to be minimally hidden by accessories that were shaped like feathers. Both of them were in the appearances that were nearly stark naked. Rather they appeared to look lewder than just being naked.

“Do, don’t stare, so much.”

Aine twisted her body shyly.

“My, my bad. But……see”

‘Isn’t it impossible for you telling me to not look’, Kizuna justified himself inside his heart.

“Nee-sama, what are you acting embarrassed for. You are really this beautiful, so isn’t it fine to be confident?”

“Uu……that’s not the problem.”

What both of them were wearing were the outfits of the emperor and her agent. The two of them would be embraced by Kizuna as the emperor of Vatlantis.

Kizuna’s throat gulped audibly.

Kizuna also sat down nearby the two who were sitting on the floor. And then he was going to extend his hands at the two of them.

Now that he looked at this situation, the two of them were really beautiful. Their faces and body structures were different with normal humans. They were like artistic handicrafts created by the hand of a master by spending a long time. Their hair and eyelash, eye and lips, from their collarbone’s line until the swelling of their chest and the protrusion at the summit, the color and luster. The make of everything throughout their body was delicately bold. Normally they would be a work of art of national treasure entered into a showcase he couldn’t possibly approach. From that there was this immoral feeling of trying to lay his hand on something priceless without permission.

But, even so he wanted to touch. He felt that his feeling was also getting bigger due to the aroma of the fragrance. Both of them also looked like they were waiting for him to come with moist eyes.

Just a little bit more and his hand would touch. But, at that time the curtain opened and a silhouette entered inside.

“Please wait still before beginning. There is a procedure in this ceremony after all.”

It was Baldein’s queen, Landred. Landred who was carrying a bottle in hand sat down beside Kizuna.

“This is a drink of godsnectar created from sacred fruit. After drinking this, you have to dance.”


“Yes. It’s about the word that said dance in the inscription. The act that you will actually do is of the same kind of this Heart Hybrid that you all speak about.”

“……Got it. There is no time, let’s drink it immediately.”

His throat was parched from the nervousness, so he would be happy if he received a drink. Kizuna extended his hand toward the bottle Landred was carrying.

However the queen hid the bottle as if to avoid Kizuna’s hand.

“You must not. There is a method to drink this conforming to the etiquette.”

“Drinking method?”

“Ainess-sama, Grace-sama, may I?”

“Yes……what is it I wonder.”

“Both of you, need to become the vessel.”

“What does that mean?

Not just Kizuna, Aine and Grace also looked like they didn’t understand the meaning.

“Ainess-sama, please take off your breast accessory and Grace-sama, please take off the feather on your groin.”

Grace frowned.

“Is that how it is? If that’s the case we should just take them off from the beginning.”

“This is the established routine after all.”

Grace stood up and extended her hand toward the feather hiding her groin. It seemed that the feather was only stuck there, it was simple to take it off.

The bush underneath it was colored the same like the color of her head’s hair. The light bush wasn’t that thick and was neatly trimmed, one could clearly understand that it was thoroughly groomed.

Grace sat down once again calmly.

“Now, Ainess-sama too.”

Urged on by Landred, Aine also reluctantly took off her breast accessory. The golden ornaments looking like cup covering the tips of her breast were taken away, then pink colored circle that was almost the same size showed its appearance from below the ornament. The tips were standing straight, telling them that Aine was also aroused.

“Then Ainess-sama, please press on your breast as if lifting them up from below.”

“Li……like this?”

Aine pressed her breasts as she was told. The hills of her chest were tightly joined, creating a valley between them.


Landred brought the mouth of the bottle close to the cavity created by the breast and began to pour the content.

“Hya……cold……but, that, this is?”

Feeling bewildered of the liquid that was held in the valley of her breast, Aine threw a questioning gaze at Landred.

“Demon king-sama is to drink at this nectar. Now, I implore to you, please drink.”


Aine’s face was immediately dyed scarlet.

“Quickly, there is no time.”

Queen Landred spoke to hurry him up.

“Uu……Kizuna, drink my nectar……wait, this is just too embarrassing-“

Indeed this act was also really embarrassing for Kizuna who was in the drinking side. But, he also understood that this was not the time to say something like that.

Kizuna sidled up to Aine and brought his face closer to the valley of her breasts.


When Kizuna’s mouth touched the sake cup of the valley, Aine raised her voice slightly.

Kizuna slurped up that liquid.

‘――!? Delicious!’

He didn’t know what the fruit this juice was made of, but it was refreshingly sweet. Rich aroma tickled his nose even after drinking, making him want to drink more. Kizuna became absorbed and pressed his face into the valley of Aine’s breast.

“Nnah, Ki, Kizuna……calm down……aah”

Aine’s skin warmed the liquid slightly, making him thought that it drew out the aroma even better. He drank it all up in a flash and he even licked at the drops that clung at Aine’s skin.

“Aan……geez Kizuna……there is no more already you know”

Aine caressed Kizuna’s head. Kizuna returned to his senses and distanced his mouth.

“Fufu, it seems that you are pleased by this nectar.”

Queen Landred smiled delightedly.

“Yeas, it’s a taste I have never drunk before……it’s really delicious.”

“It’s said that this is the drink of gods. It cannot be drunk except at a special ceremony, a really expensive and valuable item. Then, please have another.”

Saying that Queen Landred went toward Grace who was sitting in seiza.

“Grace-sama, please close your thighs tightly and bend your back a little backward.”

“Mu, like this……hyah!?”

A cavity was created between the tightly closed thighs and the abdomen. Queen Landred poured in the nectar toward that cavity.

“Now, Grace-sama. Please request him.”

“Hu……humiliation……to make my body as replacement of a cup……de, demon king-sama……please, drink as you like……uu-”

Even while getting teary eyes, Grace put her strength to close her legs so the nectar wouldn’t spill. Looking at her state, Kizuna felt that she was pitiful for some reason.

“Sorry for this, Grace……having you do this.”

“Muu……don’t worry about it. This is something I wish to do. This is by no means for your sake. This is for the sake of saving Atlantis and Lemuria. Even temporarily I was someone who served as the emperor, I have to fulfill the responsibility of my station……that’s why, drink as you like!”

She bended herself backward while her cheeks were dyed red. As if saying that she wanted Kizuna to quickly drink.

“Besides……I also have the debt of my life that was saved by demon king. When I asked, you had also saved Nee-sama’s life before……that’s why, I’ll specially allow it if it’s you.”

Grace who recovered the calm of her mind had the feeling of wanting to save the world. She was also feeling obligation towards Kizuna.

Then, Kizuna too had to answer to that feeling.

He lowered his body forward and brought his face closer to Grace’s knees. Inside the transparent liquid, pink colored shadow was slowly swaying. As though it was beckoning Kizuna’s lips. And then Kizuna tasted the drink of the gods amassed between Grace’s legs.


Grace raised a trembling voice. Kizuna tasted the nectar he slurped up inside his mouth.

‘――Delicious. However, the taste is different from before?’

The sweetness wasn’t as much as before, but he got the feeling that the thickness of the taste and aroma was even richer.

“Fufufu, the taste is also different from before isn’t it?”

When he separated his mouth from Grace’s sake cup for the moment, Kizuna looked up at Queen Landred.

“Indeed……even though the nectar comes from the same bottle, how……?”

“This nectar’s taste will change in accordance with the cup it is poured into. And so, it will give rise to different taste for each one. Surely the cup of Grace-sama is giving a high class taste.”

“This is, Grace’s taste……”

Grace’s cheeks were dyed red with her lips trembling.

“Ne, never mind that, just drink quickly!”

He wanted to drink more even without being told that. Kizuna restrained Grace’s hips with his hands and then put his mouth on her nether region.

“Hyaaaan! Fo-foolish person, you inhaled too strong-, aaahn”

The taste was gradually becoming thicker while he was licking, He finished drinking and then he also licked up thoroughly at the nectar clinging at Grace’s thighs and abdomen.

Around that time, a change also appeared in Kizuna. His cheeks became hot and his pulse stronger. His head felt light, it was a really pleasant feeling.

“Now, the preparation is in order with this. From now on, please hold the ceremony with just the three of you.”

“Yes……we are going to do Connective Hybrid isn’t it?”

“Yes. But, there is one thing I need to trouble demon king-sama with.”

Saying that, she pushed a box put at the corner in front of Kizuna.

“Try to enter your fingertip inside.”

Kizuna tilted his head while opening that box.

{Kizuna. Thanks for your hard work.}

Suddenly a communication window opened inside the box.


He guessed that this box itself was installed with the function to display a floating window. The window was streamed with the letters that Kei was inputting.

{A camera is inserted into the box. Confirm it.}

Indeed there was a machine that was like a video camera inside. When he tried to hold it, it was a small type that could be settled on his palm, it was easy to hold even with one hand.

{This time take the recording of the Connective Hybrid from start to end with that camera.}


Landred crouched down behind Kizuna and put her hands on his shoulders. Her distance was close. The breast of the queen was so big that it was going to touch him just by her getting closer, so her breast touched him now even if he felt reluctant of it. The sensation of the thick soft breast spread on Kizuna’s back. The queen was whispering into Kizuna’s ear while pushing her breast on his back.

“Originally there is the necessity to carry out this ceremony in front of the pillar. The pillar is the god, the god is enjoying himself looking at our dancing figure. That’s why, there is the need for the pillar to watch the ceremony itself.”

“Our location is certainly in front of the pillar but……”

Genesis had already collapsed, right now it was a mountain of rubble.

{We had thought of the way to show this ceremony to Genesis. We reached the conclusion that it’s likely that image information will exert some kind of influence. Therefore we inspected the research results carried out by Professor Nayuta and thought of a single way. That way is to record the ceremony using a camera installed inside a small magic mechanism, and then sending that image record to the fragments of Genesis.}


{The image system of Vatlantis-made is different with our technology, they use magic power and transmitted image particles, reproducing the same area at a distant place. Those particles will be scattered and if we send the image all over the fragments, then it will be the same like doing the ceremony in front of the Genesis.}


Kizuna didn’t quite understand the meaning of that explanation.

{Speaking in an easier way to understand, by projecting the recorded image to the rubble of Genesis, the image particles will be absorbed by the rubbles. That is to say, we will obtain the same effect like doing the ceremony in front of the Genesis.}

Kizuna tried to push the camera switch. The image being recorded was floating beside the camera as a floating window.

“Can I do something like a Connective Hybrid with a camera in one hand?”

Honestly, he had no confidence.

{Even if you can’t, do it. There is the circumstance of the time limit approaching. In our estimation, there is only thirty more minutes until the world’s collapse.}

There wasn’t any choice or anything. He could only do it.

“I got it. Aine, Grace, let us save the world!”

The three nodded at each other.

“Shikina-san. Is the preparation over there going well?”

The situation outside was reflected in the window. The mountain of rubble illuminated by dim light was visible. It was like a recording taken by a flying boat floating in the sky. That mountain of rubble suddenly became bright.

“This is!”

The giant appearances of Aine and Grace were projected on the ground. Kizuna was shocked and his hand shook, thereafter the image also greatly shook. There was no doubt, right now the image Kizuna was recording was being projected. The flying boat was loaded with a projector and a projection mapping was worked on the remains of Genesis.

It was a giant screen where a side of it could reach three, four hundred meters. He got cold feet when he thought that the Connective Hybrid act would be projected in a big way like this.

“Hey, Shikina-san……having it projected bigly like this, won’t everyone see it?”

{Rather, show it to them. We are also relaying it towards the whole people of Zeltis.}


‘――Our act? Towards the whole people of Zeltis she said!?’

Kizuna got cold feet. Landred spoke gently to Kizuna who was being like that.

“Please calm down. It’s desirable for as many people as possible to hold this ceremony. The number of people participating is representing the depth and extent of the faith, and that will become the happiness of the pillar that is the god. That is to say, holding this in an even larger scale will heighten the possibility of success.”

Landred’s words were interpreted in Kei’s own way through the text streaming in the window.

{This ceremony is something carried out by Kizuna, Aine, and Grace, the three of you. However the magic power for restoring something in the level of Genesis is impossible to be obtained from just three people. It’s better to do it in a way that borrows the strength of as many people as possible.}

“Yes but, it’s too extreme to involve the whole people of Zeltis. Is it no good with just Himekawa and the others outside?”

{At first that was also our intention. However, it’s not enough.}

Aine cut between the talk unable to hold herself back.

“I understand the story. But, there is no need to intentionally display our Connective Hybrid to the people right? It’s fine to just project it to the Genesis!”

However Landred shook her head.

“No. I don’t know about the people who possess Core, but for the common people to participate in the ceremony and supply their magic power, the guidance of the head priest is necessary. That is to say, there is the necessity for the three of you to display your appearances. The act of you three will grant influence to other people, inducing them to participate in the ceremony.”

Aine was staring at empty air with a perplexed expression. Honestly saying, Kizuna was also wanting to hold his head.

{One more thing, the relay is not broadcasted inside Ataraxia. That’s why rest assured.}

“I cannot rest assured at all!”

Aine yelled with a voice that was going to cry.

Landred smiled slightly and stood up.

“Then I will leave the rest to you. Please……save the lives of my country and people.”

Leaving those words behind, her figure disappeared behind the curtain.

{The projection system is all green. Begin Connective Hybrid.}


Kizuna stopped thinking about unnecessary thing and concentrated on doing Connective Hybrid. Inside the camera’s finder, Aine and Grace were sitting with nervous looks.

‘――First I’ve got to loosen up their tension.’

“Aine, your expression is hard there. Relax.”

“Even if you tell me that……all the citizens are watching this recording you know? Don’t ask something unreasonable.”

Aine replied with a pale face. But Kizuna recalled about when they carried out Climax Hybrid while Reiri and Kei were watching.

‘――Shame and arousal are two sides of the same coin. If I can make use of this well to get her in the mood…….’

For the time being, Kizuna directed the camera to Grace.

“I wonder……is something like self introduction once again okay?”

Grace made a displeasured face, but she opened her mouth reluctantly.

“I am the second princess of the Vatlantis Empire, the acting agent of the current emperor Grace Synclavia.”

Her cheeks were somewhat red. Her body was also a little sweaty, her body was fidgeting restlessly.

“Are you feeling unwell?”

Kizuna brushed up her pink hair and pressed his hand on her forehead.


Grace’s body twitched in a jump.

“You, you okay Grace?”

Aine also looked into Grace worriedly.

“Ye, yes. Just now, since the nectar had been drunk……my body feels hot.”

Kizuna was also the same like that. Most likely the nectar entered inside Grace’s body from some place other than mouth. There was no doubt that she was feeling the same effect as Kizuna because of that.

“Certainly it feels a little hot.”

Kizuna put down the camera for the moment and began to take off his uniform. Aine and Grace’s eyes were stolen by Kizuna’s naked body that was gradually exposed.

“Ou……this is……”

Grace’s throat gulped loudly.

When Kizuna only had his underwear left, he once more took the camera in his hand and settled the frame on Grace.

“However……Grace looks exactly just like Aine huh.”

Kizuna’s words made Grace threw out her chest proudly.

“That’s right. After all I’m Nee-sama’s little sister.”

Kizuna held the camera with his right hand and caressed Grace’s hair with his left hand.

“Mm……don’t touch me, so familiarly.”

Even while saying that in her mouth, she was making a face that was feeling good like a cat that was brushed gently. Like that he caressed her ear before his hand crawled on her neck.


She bent her neck erotically.

“Aren’t you even more erotic than your big sister?”

“Hm? Kufufu, you won’t get anything even if you flatter me you know, demon king.”

When he realized, Aine next to him was glaring with a terrifying look. It seemed that the big sister would be furious when he praised the little sister too much. There was the need to unite the feeling of the three people in Connective Hybrid. He had to pay attention to the balance with Aine. Incidentally


“Aah……about that, I wonder if you can stop calling me demon king.”

“Hm? Then what should I call you?”

“Let’s see……well just call me normally, Kizuna or something……”

“Something like……Nii-sama.”

He could hear a faint murmur. When he took a look, there was Aine who went beet red until her ear while she was looking down.

“Mu? What is the meaning of that word [Nii-sama]?”

“Se, see, it’s like a male version of Nee-sama……sort of? It’s a way of calling used for a male older than you or something.”

With a brief glance, Aine sent a gaze to Kizuna’s direction as if stealing a look.

“No, Aine. In this situation the meaning is a little――”

“You have a problem!?”


‘――Aine-san. Scary.’

“Hou. I see……then, I’ll call you that.”

Aine was showing a greatly delighted smile. In any case if this made Aine have a good mood, then this is for the best.

“Then, the continuation. Grace, can you show me your breast?”

“That’s fine. Nii-sama.”

Grace took off the feather ornaments clinging on her chest. From underneath that, cute but also splendid breast for her age appeared. The protrusion on the top of the breast was in the small side compared to Aine. And then even the part that was dyed pink had faint color with small area. It was a really lovely breast.

Grace let her guard down quite much from the nectar’s effect. Later it would be better to make Aine drink the nectar too he guessed. Stirring up the mood was the shortcut towards Connective Hybrid.

Kizuna took the bottle of the nectar and poured the content on Grace’s breast.

“Hya……wha, what are you doing, Nii-sama.”

“Aine. Let’s clean up Grace’s nectar together.”

Guessing Kizuna’s intention, Aine timidly sidled up to Grace’s side. And then, she licked up the drops of nectar wetting Grace’s breast with her tongue.

“Haahn! Ne, Nee-samaa”

“Nn……delicious. This is”

Aine raised her face in surprise. It seemed that Grace was happy that her big sister was delighted that she smiled bashfully.

Kizuna too extended his tongue at the breast of the other side while directing his camera to Aine. He put the tip of his tongue to the tip and licked up.

“Ukuh……yaa, that……yaaaann”

Perhaps she felt it too much, Grace’s legs clattered and struggled. However Kizuna didn’t pay it any attention and continued to lick her breast. He kissed at the soft bulge and sucked that it left behind marks.

“Fuh……ku……aann, yhaaaah”

Aine was gently groping the breast at the opposite side while licking from Grace’s flank towards her navel as if to search for the dripping down nectar. The texture of her tongue made the inside of Grace’s chest shudder.

“Aine, I’ll leave the chest to you.”

Aine’s cheek also reddened from drinking the nectar, she was making a slightly dazed expression. But her eyes were shining in lewdness. Her eyes narrowed and she nodded happily.

Aine brought her mouth near Grace’s ear.

“Grace……you are cute.”


Aine put Grace’s ear between her lips. And then she softly licked with her tongue.

“Nfuu! Ah, aaaaaa……”

Grace’s body was trembling intensely. During that time Kizuna was caressing Grace’s legs thoroughly. She had supple and slim legs. His hand was climbing up from the knee, feeling a lot of chubby and soft parts. And then, his hand was rising to the base of her leg.

Over there was a secret door of Grace that was tightly closed. Kizuna aimed his camera at that part. When he thought that this was projected outside, he felt a feeling of guilt. Furthermore there was no cut, the recording was uncensored.

“A……Ni, Nii-sama, that place is”

Grace tried to close her thighs, but Kizuna’s body was already forced its way through between her legs.

“It’s going to be okay……leave it to Kizuna.”

Aine was rubbing Grace’s breast while licking her neck.

“Uuu, Ne, Nee-sama……ahn”

Her weakly slackened legs were spread open, Kizuna touched the pure secret spot of Grace with his fingers. And then when he opened his fingers, the closed door opened, at that moment a sweet aroma drifted off gently.


Surely she was feeling how her spot that was usually hidden came into contact with outside air. Grace’s mouth leaked out sigh. The camera got near and the part which was opened by fingers was projected. And then, his finger was inserted into the hidden secret slit.


Grace bent backward as if she was struck by lightning. The pleasure that she received had an intensity that was in a different dimension with everything until now. However she couldn’t move with her upper body and lower body restrained by Aine and Kizuna.

“Noo, no no, don’t-, don’t do something like……kuaaaaaaaaaaaahn!”

Kizuna extended his finger and gently caressed the inside of Grace. The exact opposite of the resisting Grace, that place was welcoming Kizuna’s finger by softly wrapping him.

“Haah, no-! Kuu……aaahn! Ha-, a-, HAaAAhN”

Grace was writhing while dripping tears from the great stimulation. Particles of light swam inside her eyes and light of magic power was also beginning to appear from her body.

Aine was also continuing to attack Grace with a blushing face.

“How cute……Grace.”

She was pinching the pointed end of Grace’s breast with one hand while the other hand was extending between her own thighs.


Aine’s body also convulsed with a twitch.

Kizuna was stirring the inside with his finger while he pressed tightly at the small bud a little above the entrance with his thumb.

At that moment, light of magic power and scream burst out from Grace’s body.


Joyful face with tears trickling down in agony. That expression was properly caught in the camera.

Aine’s body also stiffened and convulsed with twitch, twitch.

After recording the moment where the two of them came, Kizuna caressed Aine’s face.

“Ki, Kizuna……?”

“I’m sorry Aine. Making you do it yourself.”

“Wha-, what are you talking about I wonder? I, I don’t really……”

However Aine’s thighs were damply wet with a large stain created on the carpet. Aine was unable to hide how she was comforting herself and her face reddened with a *puff*.

Kizuna once more took the nectar’s bottle and spilled it on Aine’s body this time.

“Kyah! Ki, Kizuna. What’re you doing?”

Kizuna embraced up Grace who was lying down with her shoulders heaving.

“Grace, this time let’s make your big sister feel good.”

When she gazed at Aine with intoxicated eyes, Grace smiled bewitchingly.

“Just as I wished for. This time I’ll be the one being affectionate to Nee-sama.”

“Wa, wait a seco-……aaaahn”

Kizuna sucked on Aine’s left breast, with Grace on her right breast.

“Haahn♥……aah don’t, somehow, I feel too much……aaaaanau”

“Nee-sama’s breast……it’s really delicious. It’s big, soft, even just touching it makes me feel happy. Nii-sama is also like that right?”

Grace looked at Kizuna with enraptured eyes.

“Yeah. Completely. Especially look, just licking a little makes the tip grow bigger immediately, it’s really fun.”

“Yes. I really concur. I get along with Nii-sama in this.”

Thinking calmly, doing this talking with Aine’s breast between them was really an incomprehensible situation. However, it was the fact that Kizuna and Grace understood each other by discussing Aine’s breast.

In the meanwhile, Aine’s face was bright red from the unbearable shame and her pursed lips were undulating.

“However Nii-sama. The one who can make Nee-sama’s nipple grow the biggest is me.”

“I really cannot ignore that. I think I’m the one here that can make it stand up the better.”

“Then it’s a match.”

“Yosh, that’s just what I want.”

“You……you two……”

Aine’s patience broke through the limit.

“Idiot? Are you two idiots!? What kind of match is that! Don’t speak incomprehensible――ahaaan♥”

Ignoring Aine’s rage, the two of them sucked at her breasts.

“Li, listen when I……ta, hyaaann, do, don’t suck that strongly, yaahn”

Both of them were granting stimulation at Aine’s breasts in rivalry against each other. Kizuna was sucking the breast while recording the appearance of Grace sucking her sister’s nipple with his left hand.

“Ge, geez-!”

Aine extended her hand to Kizuna’s body to resist and slipped her hand into his underwear.

“Uu! Aine-“

“Wha, what. Even though, Kizuna too, is, is……this big!”

Aine seized Kizuna’s thing and moved her hand up and down even while her eyes kept darting around from so much shame. That movement was a gentle and caring movement.

Kizuna was greatly conflicted.

Should he record this!? Honestly, it was embarrassing to record himself. As expected the story was different between recording other people and recording himself. But, thinking of the objective this time, was it allowed for such thing like only himself not being recorded?

“No! There is no way that is allowed!”

“Ki, Kizuna?”

Aine showed a shocked expression at Kizuna who suddenly yelled. However Kizuna pulled down his underwear and aimed the camera.

“Eh! Wha, what are you doing?”

“I don’t mind. Do whatever you like Aine.”

Steam was raising from Aine’s head, she then replied in a fluster.

“Li, like you say!? I, I don’t particularly like this or anything, this is just my competitiveness-!”

However Kizuna was staring straight at Aine.

‘――Err……in other words, you want me to touch it?’

Aine once more gripped Kizuna’s thing even while she felt like crying.

“Uuu……something like this……is even more embarrassing when I was recorded having this kind of thing done to me……”

Aine’s hand was soft and felt really good.

“Fufun, it seems that this is my victory.”

In the meanwhile Grace was caressing Aine’s breast lovingly and splendidly raised up the nipple.

“U……certainly, it’s magnificent.”

The pointed end that stood straight to the very limit was shining from the wetness of Grace’s saliva, that appearance was beautiful.

“Hueeen……I, don’t want to do this anymore……”

Aine’s body was fully feeling it even while speaking her complaint. Aine’s arousal was especially instigated by her granting stimulation to Kizuna.

Kizuna also understood that just by caressing Aine, far from the Connective Hybrid, they wouldn’t even reach Heart Hybrid. However in his situation that needed to hold the camera, he couldn’t move as freely as he wished. After thinking for a while, Kizuna caressed the back of Aine with his empty right hand.


Aine spontaneously leaked out sweet voice from having her spine stroked. Kizuna kept gently brushing her back like that while his hand was gradually progressing below. And then his hand arrived to her bulging ass from her waist, he then started to rub attentively. And then his hand wedged itself into the chasm.

“Kyahn! Do, don’t, that place”

Aine stood on her knees to escape. His hand thrust in without delay at that timing. His hand touched to Aine’s most important place from her bottom. That place was hot and moist to the degree that steam might come out.

“Aine……you are really wet huh.”

“U……there is no such thi-, kuh! Aan”

Each time Kizuna moved his finger, wet sound was resounding. That sound stirred up Aine’s shame whether she wanted it or not.

But in order to divert her attention from the pleasure, Aine put her strength into the fingers gripping Kizuna’s thing. And then, she sent at Kizuna pleasure several times more than before as if to strike him.

Kizuna aimed the camera alternately at himself and Aine.

“Nii-sama, I will back you up.”

Grace sucked at Aine’s nipple while extending her finger too at Aine’s groin. She pinched at Aine’s most sensitive spot with her fingers.

At that instant, Aine’s consciousness flew away blankly.


Aine’s body twitched largely, she was repeatedly convulsing in shudders. Light of magic power was swimming inside her largely opened eyes, bright light was overflowing from her whole body.

At that moment, pink light danced in the air from Kizuna’s body. And then at the same time, the surge of pleasure induced by Aine was released in Aine’s hand.

Aine lost her strength and collapsed forward. She kept convulsing even after collapsing and each time her ass was shivering.

“With this……is the Connective Hybrid or something, over already?”

“The match is starting from now. In order to save the world, the three of us will rush to the climax in one go together.”

“By the way Nii-sama. Before continuing……there is something in my mind since a while ago though.”

Grace was staring at Kizuna with a doubtful face.

“What is it?”

“No, I believe that there is a strange thing attached on Nii-sama there.”

Where she was gazing at was Kizuna’s crotch.

“Eh!? Aah, well……certainly this must be something you had never seen before.”

Grace’s face approached curiously and also hesitantly. Looking at her, Kizuna hung down his arm and recorded from the side.

“It’s really……strange. However, mysteriously……my chest is beating fast.”

Grace gulped loudly.


Aine who entered Heart Hybrid’s intoxicated state raised her body. Her cheeks were blushing, and her eyes that were shining obscenely were staring fixedly at Kizuna’s thing. When she noticed that the thing was dirtied by Kizuna’s own fluid, she got on all four and crawled towards Kizuna.

“Kizuna……sorry. Right now, I’ll clean it so……”

When Aine’s face lined up with Grace, her enraptured eyes were shining lewdly. Her tongue extended and took a lick at Kizuna’s thing.


He was in a state that was already sensitive. Kizuna leaked out his voice reflexively.

Aine was wholeheartedly licking at the liquid clinging to Kizuna’s thing. And then she opened her lips and swallowed into her mouth the tip. Kizuna was recording that situation with the camera while enduring the pleasure.

“Ne, Nee-sama. Is that thing, something that has to be handled like that?”

Aine assented with a nod while still stuffing her mouth.

“Is, is that so……then I too, will try to do it.”

Aine separated her mouth while making a sound *chupon*, then she surrendered her place to Grace. Grace timidly extended her tongue and touched at the tip that was swelling largely. And then she slowly licked it around.

“How is it, Grace?”

“It’s a mysterious taste. Also, it’s a mysterious feeling, that is making my heart beat fast, making me calm down.”

Aine held it inside her mouth once more. And then she slurped deliciously.

And then when Aine’s mouth separated, Grace began to suck. Kizuna was recording from his own point of view, the appearances of the Vatlantis emperor sisters sucking his thing cordially.

Aine and Grace were sometimes looking up at Kizuna with his thing still inside their mouth. When that happened they were naturally looking at the camera. That view was something really inflammatory that made his spine shiver. When Aine confirmed that Kizuna was satisfied, she once more concentrated on sucking in relieve.

The images that Kizuna was recording with the camera were all being projected at the wreckages of Genesis. The wreckages that absorbed the image particles were beginning to emit faint light. And then that radiance entered into the body of the people watching the ceremony’s recording through their retina, changing their consciousness into intoxicated state.

Reiri and Kei and also Landred who were looking up at the recording from nearby, were the very first who received the influence.

“Commander-sama……now, we too shall cooperate together.”

Landred showed a bewitching smile and embraced Reiri’s body tightly. The four large hills changed their shapes elastically while the bodies of the two were glued tightly as if absorbing each other.

“Wa……please wait, Queen……nn?”

“Re-ri……easy childbirth shape……is amazing, it’s comfortable to touch……”

Kei embraced from behind and her small hands were caressing around Reiri’s bottom.

“O, oi, Kei! Even you……nn, haah♥”

Suddenly a saccharine desire was boiling up from the depths of Reiri’s body. It didn’t come only from the skilled fingertips of Landred and Kei.

“Ku……so this is, the influence of this ceremony……haaahn! Wa, wait-, aah!”

The radiance that Genesis’s wreckages generated quickly subdued Reiri’s resistance. Her will couldn’t win against the pleasant feeling, Reiri and the others were swallowed into the whirlpool of pleasure.

Himekawa and the others who were inside the same tent as Kizuna and the others were receiving that in an even stronger influence.

“Aa……Kizuna-kun, doing that kind of shameless thing……nuaah! –haaan!”

The recording projected inside the tent made Himekawa’s eyes turned moist.

“Good grief. It’s really envious, geez.”

Yurishia was intensely groping Himekawa’s bottom, they looked like they were embracing each other from the front.

“Hauu, Yu, Yurishia-san, please don’t vent your anger on my bottomm-”

“Even Hayuru, since a while ago……nuu, aren’t you, groping my breasts”

“Because……because, this. It feels this good. It’s unfair, for Yurishia-san to seduce Kizuna-kun with something like this……”

Himekawa couldn’t separate her hands from Yurishia’s breasts. The sensation created from the large breast that was overwhelmingly different with hers was something really enjoyable that wouldn’t make her tire of it.

At the other side of the two, five, six girl classmates were clinging on Sylvia’s small body, they were repeatedly caressing Sylvia as the pleased, licking all over that body so diligently.

“Sylvia-chan, how cute……”

“Moreover, all over your body is sweet……it’s like candy.”

Sylvia’s body was writhing from the pleasure produced by that many hands.

“Funyaa! Don’t desu. Everyone, doing something like that……HAaahN-♥”

The recording floating in the air was reflected in Sylvia’s eyes. The figures of Kizuna, Aine, and Grace that were projected at the Genesis. That recording turned into light of lewd pleasure that shined into Sylvia’s immature eyes.

“Captain……Sylvia is……working hard too desu♥”

Masou Gakuen HxH V07 BW 08.jpg

The recording that guided the people seeing it into intoxicated state was being sent into all the image terminals of Zeltis city.

All the people watching that recording had their heart stolen by the lovely and obscene figures.

Among those people, the captain of imperial guard Leon squad Hyakurath and captain of Tigris squad Mercuria were also included. Both of them were staring together at the ceremony recording inside Hyakurath’s room inside the imperial castle.

“Hey, these are Ainess-sama and Grace-sama right……”

“Yeah……both of them, are really, pretty……lascivious.”

When they saw that recording, the inside of their chest grew hot. And then the feeling that had been hidden until now suddenly overflowed.

Mercuria embraced Hyakurath’s shoulder close.


Even while being bewildered, Hyakurath was embraced within Mercuria’s arm without resistance.

“Hyakurath……all this time, I…….about you”

Mercuria plundered Hyakurath’s lips. And then she groped her soft breast. Hyakurath displayed a slight resistance, but her eyes soon went moist and she entrusted her body to Mercuria.

Sparkling bright particles of light were created from the body of the two. The radiance that was like the light of star traversed the night sky and went absorbed into the wreckages of Genesis.

Similar lights of magic power were rising from all over Zeltis. Lights that came from acts of love were gradually increasing in number and converged above Genesis’s wreckages.

Kizuna, Aine, and Grace who were projected to the wreckages stood in the lead of all the people and rushed over the mountain of pleasure. The people of Zeltis were tempted and followed behind the three as if being incited. And then Kizuna sensed that before long they would be nearby the summit of pleasure.

“Hey, Kizuna♥”


The sisters of Aine and Grace were prostrating on the carpet with their bottoms lifted up high. The Vatlantis empire sisters were shaking their asses wantonly towards Kizuna. The voluptuous ass of Aine and the ass of Grace that was on the small side compared to Aine. Both were smooth without a single stain on them, beautiful and lovely asses. Then the most important place of the two that was in its depth. Both of them placed their hands to the behind and spread open the pink petals wet with dews to show him. And then they looked back towards Kizuna, staring at him with anguished gazes pleadingly.


Hot honey brimmed over from there greedily, drawing a silver string that was dripping down on the carpet. Kizuna put the camera on the carpet, then after confirming the two were captured in the frame, he reached out his hands to the hotly wet slits of the two.

“Hii! Aaaaaaaann, fuaaayaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!”

His fingers that thrust into the heated honey jar felt like they would get burned. At that moment the two of them bent their back and raised loud coquettish voices. Kizuna wriggled his fingers inside the body of the two as if to stir the molasses inside.

“Aah! Hyau! Mmmh, ah, aaah!”

The charming voices of the two mixed with each other. Their gasping voices reverberated like a chorus. Their soft flesh tightened tightly on Kizuna’s fingers. The ass of the two were shivering in convulsions.

Even if he made the two of them climaxed like this, they wouldn’t reach Connective Hybrid. Kizuna slowly pulled out his finger. The two of them directed anxious faces at Kizuna, as if asking why did he stop.

“Aine, Grace. Lie down over here.”

Both of them obeyed him obediently and laid down on the carpet. And then following Kizuna’s instruction, they entangled their legs and rubbed their important places at each other.


Both of them felt it just with that, their waist was moving automatically and rubbed their important place at each other. As if to pacify that movement, Kizuna caressed the asses of the two with his right hand while his left hand was holding the camera.

“Here we go, both of you.”

Aine’s eyes reflected obscene light with happy expression.


Grace also smiled at Kizuna with a lewd face.

“Nii-sama, together……”

Kizuna nodded and pushed his thing against the valley formed from the flower petals of the two.


The two sisters raised a slight moan.

And then Kizuna pushed into the slit created from Aine and Grace’s secret place.



Both of their body bent backward and they released loud coquettish voices.

That place of Aine and Grace was hotly damp as if steam would come out. Honey was brimming over from the place he was thrusting and dripped down.

The soft flesh of the two was sandwiching Kizuna’s thing from both sides as if to hold it inside. As if saying that they wanted to eat Kizuna’s thing, both their place stuck tightly to him. Kizuna himself was thrusting and pulling out in order to rub at those petals.

“Naaaaaa! Hahnn! Ki-, Kizuna, no-, no, don’taaaaaan!’

“Hyaaah! Ni, Nii-sama-, mmhm, my head is, getting strange”

Each time he thrust up, the honey surging out from the bodies of the two splashed Kizuna, reproducing hotly smoldering honey jar. It was something Kizuna had never experienced before, a first-rate pleasure. The soft and obscene texture without any compare made Kizuna felt like his hips were going to melt.

That sensation felt like he was thrusting inside Aine. And then it was also like he was inside Grace too at the same time, he felt such illusion.

It was as though he was trampling the inside of the two sisters Aine and Grace simultaneously, a severe pleasure and euphoria that was far from feeling realistic. Violent pleasure was going to roast Kizuna’s brain.

Instinct stirred up his body, he nailed his waist, sound of skin and skin bumping resounded.

“Aah, fuah, Kizuna-, i-, it feels, goo-……nhoooooo –“

“Do-don’t, I am-, hauuu! Over there is, no good……aaaaaaaaa!”

The two were entrusting their bodies to the pleasure with melting expression. Right now in this moment, whether it was the fate of the world, the position as the emperor, everything was completely blown away. What existed were only the bodies of the three, their communing heart, and then the pleasure they shared.

The bodies of the three began to convulse.

“No-, no more……ah, aaaa-I’m, flying……AAAaaAAA!”

“I-, I too, aahn, I’m flo, floating, somewhere……nh-, NOOOOOO!”

Kizuna was at his limit too. Mobilizing all his remaining self-control, he started up a floating window and confirmed the status of Genesis.

What Kizuna saw there, was the vortex of tremendous light coiling around Genesis. That scene was just like a typhoon of magic power with the Genesis as the center. The source of those lights was the light of the rising life force from all over Zeltis.

All the citizens were combining their strength and generated magic power, this was the result.

‘――We can do this!!’

“We are going together! Everyone’s power of love, share it to us!!”

Kizuna squeezed out the last of his strength.

And then he nailed his waist with all his might. Aine and Grace, Kizuna himself reached until the deepest of the deep of the two’s bodies. Spreading out the deepest area of the two, he broke through the wall of patience and awareness and reasoning.

At that moment, the three’s bodies were driven through by sublime pleasure.



Masou Gakuen HxH V07 BW 09.jpg

Electric current ran before their eyes, their sight was dyed white.

Tremendous brightness was rising from Kizuna and the others to the sky. That brightness became one with the vortex around Genesis and focusing all the lights of magic power towards Genesis. It was as though the light born from Kizuna and the others was trying to return to Kizuna and the others inside the recording.

Reiri who was entangled with Landred and Kei in bared open clothing was looking up at Genesis which was increasing in brightness.

“You did it……Kizuna.”

When she saw her watch, there was still three more minutes before the predicted collapse.

‘――In the end, did we make it?’

Reiri was staring at the wreckages of Genesis with bated breath.

“!! It’s moving!”

The wreckages of Genesis were changing shape into a cluster of light. And then the light deflated and began to vibrate, as though gathering strength.

“This is……”


Kei came beside Reiri and grasped her sleeve anxiously.

At that time, Genesis suddenly released an explosive radiance. It was as though it broke through its limit, the light of magic power was launched towards the sky.

Looking up at the light which was traversing up with tremendous speed, Landred leaked out an admiring sigh.

“How magnificent……for me to be able to witness this kind of miracle in my lifetime.”

Reiri too was looking up at the path of that light with narrowed eyes.


Before long the pillar of light extending to the sky reached the cracked sky. And then, just like that the whole sky was being pushed up powerfully. That momentum knew no stop, the tip of the light and the sky too, they were going up with the speed that they couldn’t judge whether they were becoming more distant or not.

The tip of the light extending to the sky suddenly caused a large explosion. The ring of light was spreading, painting the cracked sky.

“Starry sky is……”

Reiri spontaneously whispered.

From inside the pitch black darkness, a whole starry sky was being born. That ring of light traversed the sky, spreading without end everywhere.

It was most likely until the end of the world.

The towering pillar of light was gradually turning dark. What appeared from underneath it, was a pillar with a design drawn on its stone-like material.

Queen Landred spoke along with a sigh.

“This is Genesis’s……revival.”

Radiance of magic power was coursing through the beautifully shining surface. That pillar was different with the appearance of Genesis that was standing just before this. That calm appearance had no dirtiness or any crack on it, likely this was the appearance of Genesis at the time of its establishment, the original appearance.

Part 2[edit]

It was a beautiful night.

A crescent moon was floating like a ship in the sea of starry sky. A streak of light was extending through that world of stars. It was like a bridge that was connected to the heaven, a streak of light extending from the ground.

That was the light of Genesis.

Light of magic power was shining in the black pillar. With the revival of this pillar, all the despair until now was overturned. Not only Vatlantis Empire, but Izgard, Baldein, and all the other small countries, all the countries were in the mood of festival right now.

This imperial capital of Zeltis was also not excluded, a full-blown festival was started from the revival of Genesis throughout the night until today. The citizens all opened their stores, drinking and singing in great commotion. Contemporary banquets were starting all over the street. Fireworks were rising to the sky without stopping, acting as the proxy of the happiness of the people. That uproar showed no sign of settling down even when the night came.

Even in the middle of Zeltis that was in such an uproar, there was a place that was the most dazzling and boisterous.

“Everyone― we are still going here―! You guys still have energy left―!?”

Scarlet’s call raised thundering cheers from the audience seats. The vast arena and stand were fully packed with people. It was the Colosseum where death matches was once carried out here. The commemoration event of Genesis’s revival was carried out here.

“Then, next is your long awaited joint corner! This group who in the battle this time, made great effort together with us-!”

Fireworks were launched simultaneously, three girls leaped out from under the stage. They were floating high on the stage, as if dancing in the air. And when they landed, the three made their poses.


And then the intro song began and the enthusiasm of the Colosseum reached its climax.

Himekawa whispered to Yurishia and Sylvia still with a smiling face.

“Say……even though the battle ended already, why are we still doing this kind of thing?”

“……Actually, Sylvia is also questioning this desu.”

When the three glanced at the wing of the stage, Marisu was making a thumbs up with a broad smile.

Yurishia sighed and spoke in resignation.

“Well……because this is a celebration. Even if we say that we are quitting here―, it’s just too boorish.”

“For some reason, Sylvia gets the feeling that we cannot slip out desu.”

“Hah! Rather than that please concentrate at the stage! The first line is coming!”

Amaterasu’s beautiful singing voice and their stylish dance began.


Ragrus was holding a light at the very front seat while sending her cheering. When Sylvia noticed Ragrus, she waved her hand from the stage in response.

Inside the vast arena, there were several paths through the audiences towards the stage. Amaterasu was singing while running towards the next stage. When Yurishia noticed the window at the highest level of the stand, she made a gun shape with her fingers and aimed. And then she made a shooting action before blowing her breath ‘fuh’ as if smoke was coming out from her fingertips.

That window was the VIP room exclusive for Ataraxia. Near the window, Reiri and Kei were staring at that scene with just the right timing. Kei tilted her head and asked with her own voice.

“Hey, Re-ri. I wonder, what did was Yurishia just do?”

“Who knows. Might be just a greeting.”

As though having been liberated from everything, Reiri drank Zeltis’s alcohol directly from the bottle and sighed. There were only Kei and Reiri inside this room. That was why the two of them were relaxing just like when they were in Nayuta Lab.

“Re-ri, new data was discovered from Professor Nayuta’s research lan.”

Reiri separated her mouth from the bottle.

“Is there any new information?”

Kei flipped through the bundle of documents and read up its content.

“To the end, this is just data that Professor Nayuta left behind but……it seemed that there was once males in this world too. At that time the people here did the ceremony like the one left behind in Baldein and they didn’t worry for magic power.”

“Hou, then why there is only females right now?”

“This Atlantis had the sense of value that prioritized the strength of magic power above all. They pursued the strength of magic power too excessively, the people borrowed the power of Genesis and tried to create life……the result, the situation developed into one where nothing but females were born……that is what is written.”

“Why males cannot be born?”

“Because the female is stronger in magic power……that’s it.”

Reiri gulped down the alcohol in her hand and emptied the bottle deliciously.

“I see. Like that finally not even a single man remained……that’s the reason.”

“However, after hundreds, thousands of years passed, the magic power in this world was gradually decreasing……and then finally, malfunction occurred in Genesis.”

“However, if that’s the case then if this world doesn’t attempt to solve the fundamental problem, the same thing will happen all over again won’t it?”

“Perhaps there is no need for that worry. By carrying out the ceremony in a scale as suits the occasion everyday……also, if they don’t manufacture great amount of battleships and magic weapons for the sake of war…”

Reiri let out a long sigh once more.

“Re-ri, you sigh too much.”

“I feel heavy hearted that just when we reach a checkpoint, this time I have to think about returning to Lemuria……to earth and solve about so many problems. That is going to be a disaster.”

“I guess……but, if there is Kizuna and Aine, perhaps we can make it somehow.”

Kei stared at the throne room for the emperor at the other side from the VIP room’s window.

Inside that throne room right now, there were only Aine and Kizuna together.

Zelsione who was always at Aine’s side was hospitalized. Because of that as one of the causes, Grace was extremely busy. Just now she was at Aine’s side, but she exited the room in great hurry because of an emergency business.

“It’s quiet now that Grace is gone.”

“You’re right.”

Aine smiled in amusement.

“But, Aine too will become busy from now on.”

“Yes……I’ve to sign the ceasefire and peace treaty with Lemuria.”

‘――That’s right. The war with AU is already over.’

However the situation over here hadn’t been communicated to the earth side yet. So that no problem would occur again, they had to securely raise a plan and look for a chance for discussion.

“But, the side of earth is also wishing for ceasefire I guess. We will manage somehow.”

Even the war at the Another Universe Conflict unavoidably occurred because of the arising phenomenon which surpassed the comprehension of both sides.

It also wasn’t something unnatural for Vatlantis Empire to deploy magic weapons to earth for exploration. It was like mankind sending unmanned drones to explore another planet. The earth side that attacked first in order to repel the magic weapon was only something natural because of the fear they felt from the arrival of the unknown weapons.

But as the result, the fire of war completely spread due to the defensive reaction of the magic weapons.

“Various things happened but, it will be great if the two worlds can get along from now on.”

Aine too nodded happily.

“That’s right. If from now on the two of us, watch over the two worlds……”

“That’s so……surely it will become like that.”

Kizuna embraced Aine’s shoulder. Aine leaned her head on Kizuna’s shoulder.


Aine separated her head and faced Kizuna. And then she looked up at Kizuna with moist eyes.

Kizuna too stared at Aine’s eyes.


The faces of the two approached each other as if being drawn in.

When the other’s face approached near, their eyes naturally closed.

It felt like they could hear each other’s heartbeat.

A sound that was like the rumble of the earth could be heard. That sound which they thought as heartbeat was gradually becoming louder. Before long it greatly vibrated their body. And then a thundering heavy bass sound, like a huge metal rubbing at something.


Both of them opened their eyes and took the stock of the surroundings’ situation.

“What is, this sound?”

The sound instigated their anxiety whether they wanted to or not. They had never heard any sound like this.

No. Before, they had heard this somewhere.

Right, this is a sound that anybody has heard once before.

‘――Another Universe Conflict!?’

“Don’t tell me!”

Kizuna got away from Aine to rush at the window and looked up to the sky.

Over there, there were eerie clouds whirling.

“Kizuna! Let’s go outside.”

Aine opened the window and rushed to balcony connected to the throne room. Kizuna also followed behind in panic. When they came outside, loud stir was also audible from the Colosseum’s audience seats.

“That’s……an Entrance?”

Aine stared at the wall of light floating in the air. It emitted a fierce light, even more than the Entrance they were familiar with.

“An Another Universe Conflic is happening now? ……Why, of all times……”

“Look Kizuna!”

There was a silhouette at where Aine was pointing.

Inside the Entrance that emitted dazzling light, silhouettes of four people were floating.

“That’s……Heart Hybrid Gear?”

It wasn’t really clear from this far, but the silhouettes looked like they were wearing big armor.

Kizuna looked at Aine, Aine nodded even without anything said.


Kizuna’s body was equipped by jet black Heart Hybrid Gear.


And then Aine too had her body clad in white Heart Hybrid Gear, both of them flew above the air of the Colosseum, heading towards the Entrance that newly appeared.


In front of Kizuna, a communication window from Reiri opened.

“Nee-chan! Just what in the world is happening?”

{We still don’t know anything! Don’t let your guard down!}


When they approached until a distance that was near the Entrance, the figures of the people appearing from there became clear.

There were four people in all.

With female appearances, they were wearing mechanical limbs and wings.

“Those are Heart Hybrid Gears as expected……no, rather than that…”

Kizuna’s heart was greatly ringing.

They were, completely similar.

――With the figure of Nayuta who became a god.

Kizuna and Aine decreased their speed and hovered in the air. They didn’t know how to deal with this. But, nothing would start just from looking on. Kizuna resolved himself and started talking.

“All of you, who are you?”

The four turned to Kizuna’s call.

At that moment, Kizuna felt like his heart would stop. Even though he was just being seen by the four.

――He thought, was he going to be killed?

Greasy sweat suddenly oozed out from his whole body.

The throbbing of his heart was becoming unstoppably fierce.

He became scared to ask one more time, of who they were.

His throat dried, his body was trembling and his voice couldn’t come out. He was merely being overpowered by the presences before him.

The light of the Entrance was dazzling, their appearances couldn’t be understood in detail due to the backlighting. Nevertheless, his body was trembling just by being aware of them being there.

“I see now. Something that must not change was changed, waking up the power that we didn’t expect.”

It was a clear and beautiful voice.

That voice felt like it would make him unintentionally fall in love, as if he would be charmed until his heart. One more voice responded to that voice.

“As far as we are concerned, it has served its purpose. We can only return this world into nothing once more.”

There were only impatience and terror swelling up inside Kizuna.

When he looked at Aine beside him, Aine’s face was pale, she was trembling all over clatteringly.

‘――Aine too is feeling terror instinctually.’

However looking at Aine that was freezing in terror, it conversely made Kizuna recovered his calm.

He had to protect Aine.

Kizuna straightened his back and asked once more.

“Where are you all coming from? If you are Heart Hybrid Gear owners from a country somewhere, tell me who you are affiliated with.”

At that moment the four people inside the light noticed for the first time that Kizuna was a living being they could possibly communicate with.

From among the four, a person went forward.

And then the detail of her appearance became clear for the first time.

That figure was different from Heart Hybrid Gear or magic armor.

It was too beautiful for an armor. It was a work of art that was too sublime.

Right, this was a god.

A god that appeared in the form of a human. Clad in the best of the civilization that mankind had accumulated in hardships, appearing in a sacred castle that was dressed as an armor, a god.

Voluptuously long legs colored by beautiful ornaments. It was like a pillar that supported the sanctuary and also a shield. Solid arm that drew a beautiful curve. It was a spear and a sword to fight the enemy. And then large wings on the back that ruled over the sky. Rather than saying that the luxurious and gorgeous armor was equipped by the woman at the center, there was a sense of unity as if the woman and the armor were one and the same.

And then the woman that was in the center of the huge armor was fitting to be called as a peerless beauty. She was not a little girl like Nayuta, at the very least she looked like the same age or older than Kizuna.

She was a beautiful girl with long blonde hair and blue eyes. The clothes the girl was wearing, and then her armor design, for some reason they resembled the gods of Greece.

That girl opened her glossy beautiful lips.

“We are [Machine GodDeus Ex Machina].”


‘――What? Deus Ex Machina she said?’

“The experiment of this world ended in failure. It’s unfortunate, but it will be erased. Are you a living thing born in this world? Thank you for all your hard work until now.”

One more Deus Ex Machina inside the light spoke in revision.

“That’s not it, Thanatos. It seem that he is an existence of the other world.”

With a scowl on her blond eyebrows, the Deus Ex Machina in Greek style called as Thanatos murmured.

“Is that so……so he is the culprit. Be that as it may, to cause resonance with the Core of another world……this kind of way to use it is outside expectation.”

Thanatos directed her gaze at where Genesis was.

“……In addition, there is the record of an attempt to create the same existence like us.”

Masou Gakuen HxH V07 BW 10.jpg

Nayuta’s appearance flashed in Kizuna’s mind.

“A foolish action of one trying to approach the gods……as expected this world is a failure. It’s better to erase this world and start over once more.”

‘――What is, this uncomfortable feeling.’

Their talk wasn’t in sync with each other. And then, the way they progressed the talk as they pleased made him feel fretfulness and irrationalness.

“Kizuna……they are talking of erasing this world……what does that mean?”

Aine murmured uneasily.

Kizuna too, he was feeling his body trembling. It was the terror and despair that a flesh and blood human felt in front of a fierce beast like a lion. The irrationalness when death was approaching from fire or earthquake even though they didn’t do anything bad.

Fighting his emotion, Kizuna asked back even further.

“You guys……you are saying that you will erase this world?”

“As the creators, we have the responsibility to take care of the failed work.”

Kizuna’s cheek was dripping with cold sweat.


No way.

These people are the ones Kaa-san talked about?

The ones who created the Cores and Genesis?’

Kizuna asked with a trembling voice.

“Don’t screw around! There are a lot of people living here, in this world! Who will let you guys so easily erase this world just for your convenience!”

Something snapped inside Kizuna.

The limiter of his emotion turned off to drown out the terror that surpassed his limits.

Kizuna faced the Deus Ex Machina and crossed the sky in one go.

Thanatos held out her palm forward to meet him.


Kizuna’s instinct noticed him of the danger. He flew back from that place as if being struck.

Just in an instant of difference, bundle of light passed through the place where Kizuna was at.


The light fired from Thanatos’s hand extended in a straight line. There was the city of Zeltis ahead of it.


Without even time to raise his voice, Thanatos’s radiance impacted the city of Zeltis. Dazzling light that blinded the eye occurred together with a fierce explosion. Buildings were broken into pieces instantly and evaporated. Flame covered the sky and shockwave tore off even the surface, buildings were collapsing one after another. That destructive power smashed even the solid giant castle wall. Gale lifted up the rubbles high to the sky, storm was rampaging wildly.

That destructive power was like the explosion of a nuclear missile. The overwhelming light of violence and slaughter terminated half of Zeltis in one attack.

Kizuna’s eyes were shaking in shock.



Scream burst out from Aine’s lips.

She clenched her fist and charged the Deus Ex Machina with a scream.


The ring on Zeros’s back assembled.

“Code Breaker!”

“Aine-!? Ku……Mode Zeros!”

Recovering his chaotic mind somehow, Kizuna invoked Mode Zeros. And then he flew toward the sky where Deus Ex Machina was. The radius effect of Code Breaker was spreading as if to chase behind him. The whirling magic circle captured the four Deus Ex Machina in a flash.

“Break into pieces!”

Aine’s red eyes and her pink hair shined, raising up the output of Code Breaker.

“It’s unfortunate but, you cannot defeat us using that ability.”


Aine’s expression froze.

“That Core is also something we created.”

Code Breaker’s magic circle broke and vanished.

“No way!?”


Kizuna swoop down and rushed at Thanatos’s range instantly. He hadn’t done Kischarge Hybrid, but even so his fist struck with a speed that was worth twice the sound of speed.


Thanatos blocked Kizuna’s fist with one hand. Even though her lightly lifted hand blocked the attack that Kizuna unleashed with all his might, that hand didn’t even move for a millimeter. She didn’t even feel anything at all from the impact of Kizuna’s fist.

“If you don’t do anything unnecessary, this can end even without the world getting erased.”


At the next instant, his whole body received a terrific impact.

When he noticed, his body had caved into Genesis.

‘――Wha, what, happened? What had she done to me?’


He tried to raise his body, but he couldn’t put any strength. And then at the next instant, Eros broke into pieces.

‘――No way!? The Heart Hybrid Gear, just in one attack!?’

“Kizuna! Are you okay!?”

Aine tried to free Kizuna’s body from Genesis. She seized his arm and pulled him out from the caved in wall.

“Aine, everyone……those guys……are dangerous. Quickly, escape.”

Aine shook her head towards Kizuna’s words while crying. She shouldered Kizuna’s arm and jumped to the air while holding him.

Thanatos’s light pierced Genesis just a hairbreadth later.


Aine raised a screaming voice. Genesis broke into two, falling down towards Zeltis. The pillar that was collapsing while breaking crushed the imperial castle, destroying the city street and townscape. Gigantic dust clouds rolled up from the collapsing snapped pillar.

Kizuna was staring at that situation dumbfoundedly.

He couldn’t do anything.

He couldn’t reach anything.

‘――This is, the power of god.’

Kizuna’s consciousness was sinking into darkness. Inside his mind, he could hear Thanatos’s voice.

“This world will be eternally――”

That was the last moment of the two worlds, Atlantis and Lemuria.

And then everything returned to nothing.

Translator's Notes and References[edit]

  1. Here Kizuna first use ‘ore’ for the first ‘I’ before switching to ‘watashi’ for the second ‘I’
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