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Part 1[edit]

That place was an oasis in the middle of a desert.

Greenery was spreading at the vicinity of a large river. People gathered, creating a city. The town made one imagine such a procession.

There was no wall around the city, but trees with tall height were planted, starting the city leniently. There was no external enemy that the city had to be vigilant towards. The bright light of the sun was reflected, by the buildings built from brick and stone of beige color that were standing in rows.

“……Is that the place?”

A girl covered in a mantle attached with a hood was staring at that city. Standing on the sand, her hood was deeply lowered to evade the bright sunlight.

It was as though the buildings were made from piled up square blocks. Generally there were a lot of the buildings that had two or three floors, but it wasn’t a city that was that tall. Because of that, the presence of the gigantic structure at the outskirt of the city felt even more bizarre.

A gigantic rectangle cone built from piled up stones. The so called pyramid.

Its height was about three hundred meters.

It was unclear just for what it was built and what kind of role it carried on. However, the gigantic structure that was enshrouded in mist, its mysteriousness made the person seeing it to keep guessing such thing and caused them to harbor indescribable thoughts of awe.

After staring at that pyramid glaringly, the girl began to walk while leaving behind footprint on the sand. The sleeve of the mantel flapped, the girl entered the lone city of the desert.

When she entered inside the city passing through the trees that blocked the wind, a well ordered townscape was spreading out before her. The buildings made from beautifully carved stones were lining up properly at both sides of the street. The buildings facing the main street seemed to be shops. Signboard and wide frontage, and counter and shelves inside could be seen. The street was completely made from stone paving, The sand blown in from the desert was swept by wind, flowing away smoothly.

At a glance, the scenery was like a city that often existed in the middle of a desert.

But there was one thing, that was obviously eerie.

That was the residents of this city.

In the end, was it okay to call them as humans?

On the limbs that were slim like branch, was a smooth head. A body that exposed out a frame that resembled a ribcage. The residents of this city were all in possession of machine bodies. Perhaps it was for maintenance, or maybe it was for anti-corrosive, or possible because it was for sand repellent, their bodies were wrapped with long clothes that were like bandage. Their appearances were just like a mummy.

Without uttering a single word, the residents were groaning out low sounds of mechanical movement while loitering in the city staggeringly. That sight was abnormal, even though the city was beautiful, it was eerie. The sight was as though a great number of ghosts were roaming the city.

Among that, the girl was walking without fear. She moved out her hand from below the mantle and lowered down her hood even lower to hide her face. Those fingers and hand were wrapped in bandages.

Her injury was still not completely healed. However when she thought that the bandage unexpectedly also became a camouflage, her feeling became a little comforted.

Nevertheless, the eerie residents walking throughout the city, were they moving with some objective in mind? Some were walking the street with shaky footsteps, some were standing still at the shop’s counter.

By any chance, were they dead people, and now they were repeating their act like they were still living? Such thinking suddenly welled up. However, there was no way to ascertain that.

In front of the girl, a gigantic wall was standing in her way. There was a huge gate with a height that was reaching ten meters. Human statues with the same height of the wall were built at both sides. They were statues of females sitting on a chair with their upper body naked.

The girl looked up at the gigantic statue. Hairstyle that was cut and evened up. Beautifully arranged face.

‘――This woman, is she the god of this place?’

“Then this place is a shrine, or maybe a palace……”

After whispering that, the girl passed between the two statues. For a place where the authority was living, there was no presence of people. Or rather, there was no scent of the living from this whole city.

After walking for a while there was a stair with wide width. After climbing that stair, she came out to a place with a high ceiling and a decorated wall that was more extravagant than the lower level.

Perhaps the master of this building was here. The girl was being careful while advancing through the corridor.


Her legs stopped when she felt a human presence.

There was no door at the entrance that was gouged out in the white wall. There was only thin pieces of cloth hanged down as the replacement of the door. After the girl approached near the entrance, she peeked inside the room from the gap between the fabric.

While simple, it was a beautiful room. There was no splendorous decoration. The height of quality of the material itself was bringing out the high class impression. The wall and also the floor were covered with white stone that was polished like a mirror. Two directions of the wall were largely opened wide, it was as though the blue sky outside was cut square and put inside.

With that blue sky as the background, there was a familiar person standing straight. Golden colored hair and blue eyes. And then large breasts that were filled to bursting. On her chest was a wide necklace of gold and jewel hanging down, but her essential breasts were exposed without anything to hide them. On her waist was thin cloth wrapped around, but it was only something simple to lightly be tied there. That person’s voluptuous body was hidden unsatisfactorily while the person was standing still like a maid standing by in front of her master.

‘――That person.’

The girl opened the fabric that was the replacement for a door and entered inside the room.

“So you are in this kind of place, Yurishia Farandole.”

As though noticing that voice, Yurishia lifted her face.


“Are you the only one here? Where is Nee-sama?”

The girl whose head was covered by a hood ran toward Yurishia. However looking at the figure approaching her, Yurishia’s expression became dangerous.

“Such impertinence to enter Osiris-sama’s room without permission!”


Yurishia’s killing intent stopped the girl’s legs.


In a moment Yurishia’s body was equipped with an armor that was shining blue. And then the Differential Frame on her back spouted out fire. The large caliber particle cannon was assaulting the girl.

Intense particles of light erased the body of the girl. The hood and also the mantel were torn apart and blazed up. Naturally, the girl’s body was also scattered apart in an instant, it might even be possible that the body had been evaporated into nothing.


“What an unexpected greeting.”

It was as though the golden particles Yurishia launched were coiling around the girl’s body before they were absorbed into that small body. Each time some particles were absorbed the girl’s skin was increasing in glossiness and tightness, her pink colored hair was shining even more beautifully.

“This is! Don’t tell me……”

Yurishia opened her eyes wide in shock.

“Or else is that your idea of a welcome? That might be your toast of gratitude towards me who finally came here to meet you.”

After receiving the attack of Yurishia at full power, a hearty laughing voice was raised. After receiving the attack of a Heart Hybrid Gear, far from receiving damage the girl made it into her own power in reverse. There was only one person who could do something like that.

At the back of the girl, gold and silver wings were spreading wide. Wings of only bones. And then every single one of those bones became blades that were shining coldly.

The Magic Armor Koros that was called as the angel of slaughter. And then, the owner of that was――,

“Grace……why, are you here?”

Cold sweat was trickling down Yurishia’s cheek.

As though to ridicule Yurishia who was like that, Vatlantis Empire’s emperor Grace Synclavia stood imposingly with her body bending backward.

“That’s my line. Moreover, just what were you thinking to suddenly launch an attack on me?”

“That’s because Yurishia has become my loyal servant.”

A clear voice rang.

The floor of the room became stair shaped ahead, the more one went to the center the higher the floor became. At the highest spot there was a chair, a single female was sitting there. Grace didn’t notice that presence until now. No, when she entered the room that presence shouldn’t be there.

Grace stared at that female to appraise her.

The female had an elegant smile with queenly behavior. She possessed tanned skin with straight black hair that was beautifully cut evenly. That figure completely resembled the statue at the entrance of this shrine.

And then at the side of the chair there was a golden lump that was like a small mountain. When that lump raised its neck, it faced towards Grace and bared its fang.

That was a mechanical lion. And then at the back of the chair, there was a mechanical bird with metallic wings perching. Its face was round, its image was closest to a falcon. But the size of the body wasn’t close. When it spread its wings, the length of the wings might have reached six meters.

Yurishia kneeled and lowered her face towards that female.

‘――Judging from this, Yurishia blurted out just now that this woman is [Osiris-sama] huh. I don’t know how this woman made her submit but……I cannot let my guard down.’

Grace heightened her vigilance towards the woman in front of her eyes.

“Are you, the master of this place?”

That female smiled gently to Grace’s question.

“Yes. My name is Osiris. The queen of this world.”

“……I see. So you are one of the Deus ex Machina, Osiris. What fortuitous luck. For the first place I arrived at after being swallowed inside the space-time tsunami to be the world we searched for.”

Osiris narrowed her eyes towards Grace who was smiling proudly.

“That’s because I guided you here.”

“――What did you say?”

“That space-time tsunami was something I caused. So that all of you will arrive in our grasp.”

Grace thought her words as falsehood. Certainly it might be possible for the Deus ex Machina to do that. But, if that was really the case then everything was dancing on top of this Osiris’s hand. That was something she didn’t want to recognize.

“Hou. You said something interesting. If that’s the case, then why did you intentionally summon us, the enemy?”

Osiris chuckled ‘fufu’ joyfully.

“I’m not thinking of you as an enemy. All of you, are our experiment results.”

Grace gritted her teeth. It was an irritating way of saying it, but that was also the truth.

“But, all of you are failed products. I was thinking that Thanatos would surely lose interest and abandoned this result. However, Thanatos collected all of you and planned to erase you all. But, like that I will be troubled.”


‘――What does that mean? Is this woman saying she is going to help us?’

“I want living, organic, biological bodies.”

Grace immediately threw away the slightly budding hope. From this Osiris, she could smell the same scent as that Nayuta.

“You should understand after watching this city, haven’t you? There is no living human here. What is here are all undying machineundead.”

“True, there are only those eerie bunches here. As expected those guys are really dead people then.”

“They are not dead people. I cannot say they are living, but the most correct way of calling them are people who are not dead I guess. They once were living in this world, they were human. However, everything in this world was gnawed by death. I didn’t want to let the people die with my whole heart, so that the soul wouldn’t leave this world even though their flesh died, I commanded to mechanize the corpse. And what resulted from that, are they, the undead.”

A tone of sadness was coloring Osiris’s voice. That was the proof that this world wasn’t something she even wished for, that making the people into that appearance was unintentional.

“I am the queen of this City of the DeadNecropolis. I have the duty to guide them.”

Osiris stood up from the chair. As though possessing the same will, the kneeling lion was also standing up, the falcon also spread its wings.

Osiris’s eyes were shining gold.

“Not the living but also not the dead. For the sake of saving them who are in such existence, the existences of all of you are necessary. Now, offer that body for me.”

The graceful tanned arms pointed at Grace. Thereupon a noise ran in front of those arms. From there blue blocks materialized and a strange pyramid was piled up instantly.

That was an object like a reversed pyramid. The material forming it looked like a blue glass. Near its surface was a transparent blue color, but the nearer to its center part the darker the color became, one couldn’t see through the pyramid. From ultramarine to black. It was as though something was lurking at its depth, Grace could feel such eeriness.

‘――What in the world, is that?’

That pyramid was floating in the air as though to protect Osiris. And then it produced a faint vibrating sound while approaching Grace gradually. There was the decoration of a closed eyelid at its sides, making it even more eerie looking.

Sweat trickled down Grace’s back.

The opponent was a Deus ex Machina. It was still fresh in her mind how Hokuta made her meet with a painful experience. Even the slightest carelessness would became fatal, that understanding had been deeply rooted in her bone.

“I see. Well, if that is what our creator is telling us, it cannot be helped then.”

Putting her hand on her cheek, Osiris smiled happily.

“My, what an obedient child you are. It seems that you are Yurishia’s friend, then I will especially use your body as the body of my daughter’s friend.”

“Hou, your……what!?”

Once again Grace stared at Osiris’s body as though she was licking all over the body. The largely jutting out breast and the tight stomach and the constricted thin waist. And then the stretching ass below.

‘――That body doesn’t look like a body that has ever been pregnant at all…….’

At the Atlantis where Grace lived there was only woman, children were born by using Genesis. However while she was spending her time in Ataraxia, she was able to obtain the knowledge like the reproduction act of male and female.

Nevertheless, how to do it physically using the body. For Grace she was unable to understand that meaning. But, in any case it shouldn’t be something enjoyable.

“I am greatly obliged for that consideration. Also……there should be, one more person who is our companion but, is that person not here?”

“One more person? No, I don’t know about that……most likely that person was collected by the other Deus ex Machina I guess.”

Grace clenched her fist hard, to the degree that her nail dug into her flesh.

‘――So this was a pointless waste of time.’

Osiris moved her tanned arm forward as though to command the blue pyramid.

“Now, you too become one of the people of Necropolis.”

The eyelids attached at the sides of the blue pyramid opened slightly. From the gap several streaks of light shined. A luminescent globe appeared from inside. That was exactly an eye. A golden pupil was floating in the bright white globe.


Detecting danger instinctually, Grace averted her eyes. And then she kicked on the floor and ran towards the opened wide window. And then just like that she jumped towards the sky.


The unexpected movement of Grace made Osiris late to react. Grace spread her wings and flew towards the sky.

“I won’t let you get away!”

Yurishia converted her Differential Frame into mobility mode. But then a cool voice came while large amounts of particles were spouted out.

“Wait, Yurishia.”

Osiris raised her palm and stopped Yurishia.


Yurishia looked up to the sky in vexation. The blue sky was spreading wide there, but the figure of Grace was already lost from sight.

“I don’t mind. At any rate, she cannot escape from this world after all.”

“……My deepest apologies.”

Perhaps thinking that Grace’s escape was her own failure, Yurishia dropped her gaze to the floor dejectedly.

Osiris descended the stair and then when she arrived in front of Yurishia she stroked her cheek.

“Ah……Osiris, sama.”

“If you fret, I have to give salvation to that soul of yours then, isn’t it? It’s painful for me however……it’s fine even if I give punishment to you, you know?”

The cheeks of Yurishia were dyed red in the blink of an eye. Then after she hung her head down, she whispered with a voice that was like a fly’s buzzing.

“……Please, do.”

After removing Cross away, Yurishia returned to a state where there were only accessory and waist cloth on her body. Osiris pinched up the tip of her breast.


“Does it hurt? But, this is punishment so……endure it okay.”

Yurishia lowered down her head that became red until her ear and murmured inside her mouth.

“Ye……yes, forgive me……”

“Then next will be an even more painful punishment you know?”

Osiris lightly lifted her hand. With that as the signal, the pyramid arrived until in front of Yurishia and it toppled sideways.

“Now, straddle it.”

The bottom and the side of the pyramid was made to be in straight line. Osiris ordered Yurishia to straddle there.

Yurishia was bewildered to that command. This pyramid should be Osiris-sama’s important thing. Was it really okay? Yurishia sent Osiris a gaze that was filled with such question. Osiris answered that gaze with a silent nod.

She thrust her hand at the base with an acute angle. She thought it was unsightly, but she spread her legs wide and straddled the pyramid. And then Yurishia timidly lowered her waist on the straight line of the base area.


With her own weight, her important part was pressed on the base of the pyramid. It was as though she was straddling a triangle wooden horse.

“Kuh……aa♡ Aah-!”

Pain, and then sweet sensation was welling up from between her groin, the sensation was ruling over Yurishia’s inside.

The treatment that should be painful made Yurishia’s cheek redden and her body twisted. The figure of such Yurishia made Osiris floated a bewitching smile.

“My……you look so pained. How pitiful, however I too am also feeling pained you know?”

“Haau-, fo, forgive me-eee! A, a, haan!”

The pitifully small cloth wrapping around Yurishia’s waist, Osiris put her hand on that cloth and tore it off to let it gently fall.

“Aa, noo-! That’s, embarrassing”

Yurishia pleaded sorrowfully with completely blushing face. Her blonde hair stuck on her face due to her sweat, she begged for forgiveness with tears floating in her eyes.

“No good. This is also for the sake of compensating for your sin. My cute daughter, Isis……”


Yurishia couldn’t understand what Osiris was talking about.

“Excuse me, Osiris-sama……haauu-!”

Together with a sharp ripping sound, pain traveled through her back.

Osiris’s hand was clutching something that was like a duster made from leather.

“If you can endure this whip……I will forgive your sin.”

A sound that was like slapping sound resounded, red mark clung on Yurishia’s white ass.


Osiris circled to the front of Yurishia and she swung down her whip on that large breast.

“!! ……-HHaAAA♡”

Coquettish sound resounded amidst the shriek, Yurishia twisted her body.

‘――Yah, e, even though it hurt……it feels, good♡’

Yurishia tried to avert her attention from the pleasure welling up from her groin, she lamped her thighs on the pyramid. However, she was unable to support her weight, granting even more stimulation at Yurishia’s sensitive part. And then, from Yurishia’s valley, the proof of pleasure that was her dew began to trickle down.

Osiris caressed Yurishia’s cheek lovingly.

“Your appearance, is the spitting image of my daughter Isis. My husband that was the king of another country……he possessed blonde hair and white skin, a unique, the greatest pharaoh there ever was. My daughter deeply inherited the blood of my husband.”

“I am……?”

“My beloved daughter……Isis.”


That name was carved inside Yurishia’s head.

Osiris lowered her gaze sadly.

“Leaving me behind……heading toward the world of death alone, bad daughter.”

Brushing up the black hair clinging on her cheek, Osiris then stared at Yurishia with wet eyes. Inside those eyes where tears piled up, her golden pupils were shaking.

“Until now I disciplined you as a slave. That was for the sake of granting punishment to you who died alone, breaking your promise to me.”

‘――I was……dying alone, betraying mother.’

Yurishia’s consciousness was cloudy, she was becoming unclear of just who she was.

‘――I am, Yurishia Farandole. And then, I’m Mother’s daughter Isis. Yes, I am both of them, the two of them are me. I am not just, one of them.’

“Until now I have given you harsh trials but, you have really endured well. You even looked as though you received the pain happily. Your attitude that can accept and advance through your atonement, is truly wonderful. With this, your sin has been absolved. From here on, live as my daughter, get your heart closer to Isis too.”

Inside her hazy consciousness, Yurishia stared at the huge golden pupil floating in front of her eyes.

That wasn’t Osiris’s pupil.

It was the pupil floating in the blue pyramid.

However the current Yurishia couldn’t even understand that.

The information sent to her from the golden pupil of the pyramid was being carved inside her mind.

“I can, live……as the daughter of Mother, from now on……”

That was a happiness so great that it shook Yurishia’s body. She didn’t understand what she was happy for. But her heart was naturally shaking, her tears were overflowing.

“Exactly. And then the time when your body is sufficiently prepared that it can accept Isis’s soul……you will become one with Isis. At that time, you will truly become my daughter.”

“I will, become Osiris-sama’s daughter……”

A large drop of tear wetted Yurishia’s eye.

“Aa……I’m happy♡”

That happiness heightened her pleasure even more.

“Fuah! Aaa-! Mother–! Quickly, my punishment. Please give me the punishment so I can become Mother’s daughter-!”

“Geez……what a hopeless daughter aren’t you? Then, I will give you forgiveness with the next strike. Now, cum.”

After Osiris whispered joyfully, she swung the whip lightly at Yurishia’s lower body. The tip of that whip grazed at the most sensitive part, located even lower below the stomach.


At that instant, Yurishia’s consciousness became pure white.


Yurishia’s body bent into ‘<’ shape and convulsed twitchingly.

“Ah, a, aa……a”

Her eyes were closed, Yurishia’s body tilted powerlessly. Osiris embraced the body of Yurishia that was going to collapse.

“Fufu……my cute Isis. This is the softness of living beings, how warm this is……it has been so long, I have forgotten this.”

Osiris continued to stroke Yurishia’s soft blonde hair many times lovingly.

Part 2[edit]

Yurishia was seeing a dream.

That was the memory when she was a child.

“Kyaa, Yurishia is always cute.”

“Besides you are really a clever child.”

The happy times when she passed the time together with her parents. A happy memory.

Her parents were always busy, but they took time to accompany Yurishia.

“Look look! That jet coaster is amazing! I want to ride that.”

“Hahaha. That’s still too early for Yurishia.”

“That’s not true. I’m already an adult!”

“I guess. Yurishia is more adult even compared to other children, you really progressed. But you see, your height is not enough. Let’s do this when you become a little taller okay?”

“How about that Yurishia? Let’s see the rabbit attraction over there.”

“Ee? That gun shooting at that side is better for me. Hey, father please!”

However, her mother always stopped that.

“That’s no good Yurishia. Yurishia is a lady, so you must not play that kind of vulgar game.”


Since she was a child, beautiful and cute, a sweet image was demanded from her.

Girlish, like a princess, become a lady, that was what was wanted from her.

But, rather than a story of a girl that became a princess and became happy with a lovely prince, she liked superhero comics better.

Obtaining the strongest power, and beat the bad guy.

That was her dream as a kid.

And then, on a certain day, her mother was gone.

A few days after she became unable to see her mother’s figure, she couldn’t endure and asked her father.

“We are divorced.”

She didn’t understand the meaning of those words, but she understood that she couldn’t meet her mother anymore. And then, she also understood that her mother made another family.

Am I, abandoned by mother?

I, already became unneeded?

Like throwing away old toys and buying a new toy, did mother now want a new daughter?

Since then, everything felt empty somehow.

She became the best in everything she did in school no matter what.

Whether in study and also in sport.

It became natural to be the best in whatever she did, there was no challenge, that it was boring.

Toward such me, it was as though everyday there were boys coming to confess. But, I rejected them all. I couldn’t show any interest no matter what towards someone who couldn’t win against me in even just a single thing.

And then I was taken by father, into my debut in high society.

However, even this world of high society, in the end it was just like a higher version of school community. I was fed up with the wearisome conversations.

What would become of me from now on? It was at that time when I was harboring that kind of worry.

I saw that.

――Heart Hybrid Gear.

It’s not an exaggeration, this felt like destiny.

My dream when I was a kid, had come from the other side.

By no means that anyone could become this.

The elite among the elite. Only a few names from the whole of America.

This was just what I wished for.

It was also only natural for me to obtain that kind of thing,

The reason was, that until now there was nothing that I couldn’t become.

I became the hero that I yearned for.

And then, I truly became,

America’s ace,

A national hero,

A superhero.

If it was now perhaps even mother wouldn’t abandon me.

I had become this splendid.

If it was for the sake of mother, then I would fight even if the whole world became my enemy.

When I thought that, I came to think that I’m really a human that can act heroically, my feeling became really good.

“I will kill, the enemy that threatens mother……every single one of them.”

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