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Cover for the 1st novel

Sakaki Guryū is a multi-talented genius who, despite being gifted and wealthy, decides to teach in the countryside to be together with his lover, Usagawa Rinne, who also happens to be his student. Their peaceful lives are shattered one day when Rinne is killed, in front of Sakaki's eyes, by a girl named "Gankyū Eguriko", who gouged her eyes out with a spoon. Things take an even stranger turn when Rinne suddenly wakes up as if nothing had happened, and something called an "Eden's Apple" is thrown into the mix.

Mushi to Medama won the award for the "Best Newcomer" category in the MF Literary Awards.

Update: Volume 5 Epilogue 19 is out.

And that, everybody, is the end of the main story.

When I first started reading Mushi to Medama, I was convinced it was some dark-humor crack fic that I would probably put down after the first volume. As I read more and more of it, I felt the impossible mysteries in that world must be an echo of the tales and fantasies in Christianity and the Bible, and I was prepared for the story to become an exploration in theology. When I reached the end, I was initially upset, as it felt like a self-insert and a deus ex machina, an easy explanation out of a story that has spiraled out of control.

To be fair, Mushi to Medama is not exactly a piece of top-end writing. But as I mused more and more on the story in the past eight years, it felt more like a description of the various aspects of the human psyche, the contradictory elements that reside in all of us, and the power that lies dormant within each of us, as surely as the gentle breathing of a slumbering God.

At the end, the messages in this story boil down to knowing the multiple side of your self, and recognizing the power you have to change your life.

This convoluted story of murder, betrayal, and madness, was in fact a magnified version of the internal struggle we experience daily as we try to balance desire and fear in every decision we make, sometimes letting the different parts of our mind complement each other magnificently, and sometimes doing our best to tear ourselves apart.

I have also done some research to see the feedback the internet has about Mushi to Medama, specifically this translated version, and unfortunately the response wasn't positive. While there is little I can do about the context of the story, I have resolved to go back to the earlier chapters to proof-read for grammar and localization. While this shouldn't slow down the translation speed too much (there are no more giant chapters), I hope it would contribute to a better reading experience for readers in the future.

- Brynhilde (talk) 11:26, 30 January 2017 (CET)

Update: A thorough editing for the text for Volume 1 has been completed. There should be far less typos, grammatical mistakes, and bad translation/syntax in general.

- Brynhilde (talk) 10:50, 5 August 2017 (CEST)


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Mushi to Medama Series by Akira (日日日), Illustrated by Mitsuki Mausu

Mushi, Eyeball and a Teddy Bear / 蟲と眼球とテディベア (Full Text)

Volume 1 Cover: Gankyū Eguriko

Mushi, Eyeball and Sterilization Disinfection / 蟲と眼球と殺菌消毒 (Full Text)

Volume 2 Cover: Usagawa Rinne

Mushi, Eyeball and a Chocolate Parfait / 蟲と眼球とチョコレートパフェ (Full Text)

Volume 3 Cover: Saibara Mitsuki

Mushi, Eyeball and Lovesong / 蟲と眼球と愛の歌 (Full Text)

Volume 4 Cover: Nikuyama Kajiri

Mushi, Eyeball and Snow White / 蟲と眼球と白雪姫 (Full Text)

Volume 5 Cover: Rinne and Guriko

Mushi, Eyeball and Damaged Hair / 蟲と眼球とダメージヘア (Full Text)

Volume 6 Cover: Damaged Hair

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Series Overview

  • Mushi, Eyeball and a Teddy Bear / 蟲と眼球とテディベア (ISBN 978-4-8401-1273-4)
  • Mushi, Eyeball and a Sterile Disinfection / 蟲と眼球と殺菌消毒 (ISBN 978-4-8401-1470-7)
  • Mushi, Eyeball and a Chocolate Parfait / 蟲と眼球とチョコレートパフェ (ISBN 978-4-8401-1532-2)
  • Mushi, Eyeball and a Song of Love / 蟲と眼球と愛の歌 (ISBN 978-4-8401-1593-3)
  • Mushi, Eyeball and Snow White / 蟲と眼球と白雪姫 (ISBN 978-4-8401-1765-4)
  • Mushi, Eyeball and Damaged Hair / 蟲と眼球とダメージヘア (ISBN 978-4-8401-1858-3)