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Chapter 3[edit]

The next day after school, I was in the neighboring class B.

I was in the middle of chatting with my Otaku friend from that class, Suzuki Souta, Koigasaki's crush. No matter how you look at him, Suzuki is a cool Riajuu, but in fact, he's one of the rare breeds that's an even more hardcore Otaku than me.

Koigasaki had asked me to be their in-between, but since he's a really nice guy and we have a lot to talk about, even without her, I would want to stay friends with him.

Suzuki and I flipped through the anime magazine that he'd just bought yesterday at the bookstore. There was no one left in the classroom after school, and we indulged ourselves in our Otaku goods.

Recently, his already brown hair had become even brighter (According to him, "it's because it's summer". The other day, Koigasaki also said, "It's summer now~ Should I go make my hair brighter ~". It seems like Riajuu brighten up their hair in the summer.); this dear friend of mine had been grooming himself to become cooler than ever.

Seeing a picturesque view of him reading an anime magazine thus infuriated me. No, I wasn't infuriated because he was someone I couldn't even compare myself to. It was just that I felt pathetic about my own overly lame looks.

As for me, as of late, I had been slacking on my efforts to be more stylish. No, I still styled my hair and trimmed my eyebrows, but I didn't feel like I'd levelled up in any way.

Rather, a lot had happened recently and I hadn't been paying attention to my clothing. What's more, to be frank, I didn't even have the money to buy fashion magazines, let alone new clothes. Aah, why am I so broke? The lack of money had become a rather big woe of late for me.

"My...... 『Psychicals』 is certainly the greatest anime of this season, don't you agree ~?"

Suzuki turned and said to me with an innocent smile.

『Psychicals』 is an anime that started airing this July, and among the series this season, its current BD and DVD pre-order sales are already topping the rankings. It's a story set in the near future, where the protagonist is an esper and turns into a super hero, utilizing his powers effectively to battle the forces of evil, joining hands with other characters who also have esper powers and who also turn into super heroes to fight their enemies. The well-developed characters and sophisticated plot have made the anime popular among both guys and girls.

"Aah, yeah. It's really interesting."

"Kasshii, I'm really troubled right now."

"About what?"

"I want to cosplay Psychicals!"

"Cosplay!? That's sudden."

I was a little surprised by Suzuki's sudden proclamation. I just couldn't conjure an image of a guy cosplaying in my mind.

"Well, it does seem to suit you, like the protagonist's partner, Jihn."

Jihn is a good-looking and young fellow, so I thought it was perfect a perfect fit for Suzuki.

"No, the one I want to cosplay is the protagonist, Masuaki."

Masuaki is the protagonist. It hasn't been publicly revealed, but he seems more mature. Even though his character is the hot-blooded and cool type, I felt that the handsome Jihn would suit Suzuki better.

"Well, you are good-looking, so any character will be suitable for you."

"Don't say it as if it's somebody else's problem, Kasshii. Join me! Cosplay as Jihn with me!"


On hearing Suzuki's suggestion, I choked on the carbonated juice that I was drinking from my plastic bottle.

"Cough cough cough cough."

"On the 30th of this month, at the TFT or whatever building beside the Big Sight, it seems like there will be a really big cosplay event called Cosplay Expo. My big sis told me about it. There are still more than three weeks before the 30th to prepare, so let's cosplay together!"

"If I cosplay a good-looking character, the female Otakus will probably flip......"

"No no, I think it suits you pretty well!"

I was troubled by the fact that Suzuki looked really serious without the tiniest doubt on his face and that I couldn't detect the faintest shred of empty flattery in his tone.

"Uhmmm...... I'll think about it when I've saved up enough for plastic surgery......"

"Hey! I'm being serious here!"

After that, Suzuki continued to persuade me, but I just let it slide.

Me cosplaying...... I've never thought about that. Moreover, with my face, if I were to cosplay a good-looking character that was popular among the girls, I couldn't complain even if I got stabbed in the back when walking alone at night.

"Ah, which reminds me, Kasshii, did you buy this month's 『Moe Kyun』?"

"Aah, my favourite series ended in last month's issue, so I didn't buy it. Besides, I have no money."

The 『Moe Kyun』 that Suzuki mentioned was a monthly Moe[1] comic magazine. Though ridden with fan-service, it's a Shounen manga magazine aimed not at adults but at all ages; Suzuki and I both read the magazine so we have a lot of common topics on it.

"I thought so, right? 『Moe Kyun』 hasn't really been interesting lately. It's always the same type of manga."

"I know, I know! Stuff like having a mysterious extraterrestrial pretty girl suddenly appearing beside the protagonist, and a jealous childhood friend, right?"

"Yeah, yeah! It's still good if they are interesting, but they're all focused on the Moe factor and develop into standard harem stories, right ~!"

Tired of reading such meh developments, if they don't have any other distinctly brilliant areas, they don't feel interesting at all.

Like if the art is something I love, or if the characters are distinctly likeable, or somehow or other, like if it's really erotic, then things might be different.

At that moment, the vibration of a cellphone could be heard.

"Ah, sorry, it's mine."

Suzuki brought his phone to his ear. Seemed like he got a call.

"Hello? Yeah, at school...... huuuhh!? No way, it's impossible, eh...... no no! Aaaaaaah...... I get it! I get it, I'm going! Fine, I just have to go, right!?"

Halfway through his call, Suzuki seemed to snap somewhat and having finished, he hung up.

"Sorry, Kasshii, my big sis summons me......"

For some unknown reason, Suzuki was forced to submit to his big sister.

From what I saw just now, I wonder if it's because she has a hold on a weakness of his or something.

"Aah, it's fine. You've really got it tough."

"Sorry! I'll make it up to you!"

While saying that, Suzuki finished packing up, waved his hand at me and dashed out of the classroom.

I then went back to my classroom to get my stuff.

Will an incredible Bishoujo from another planet...... with an unbelievable hair color and unbelievable eye color suddenly fall from the sky on a certain day, I wonder.

Or something closer to reality, like one day gaining a beautiful big sister who's not blood-related to me, or like a cute childhood friend who'd been separated from me ten years ago visiting me.

There was a painful period up till my middle school when I was seriously considering those kinds of possibilities. However, nothing of that sort has ever happened to me in the past fifteen years, and somewhere in my heart, I knew that something like that would never happen down the road, either.

That's why I have to desperately struggle to become a more stylish Riajuu in order to get a cute girlfriend.

But, it was a fact that even at this moment, somewhere deep inside I was still hoping for such a miracle to happen. Because I simply couldn't completely banish such thoughts in me.

I went back to the classroom, shouldered my bag and noticed that I had a text when I checked my cellphone. As I seldom receive texts, I thought it was just another spam mail text from an e-zine, but when I flipped open my phone, I saw the name "Koigasaki Momo" displayed on the screen.

"By the way, how was your make-up test? It's all thanks to me that you got to have Hasegawa-san teach you, so I won't forgive you if you fail despite that."

Is she worried about me in her own way, I wondered.

If I closed my eyes to the lowercase characters that are scattered everywhere making the text difficult to read[2], and the Deco-Mail [3] which gets automatically downloaded into the data folder of my phone and can get really annoying, I was grateful for her concern.

Make-up test, huh....... I gave it everything I had, but to be frank, I can't be sure about the outcome yet.

"A delicate thing (´~`)"

I replied with just that.

The reply came before even a minute had passed. With reply speed like that, there was no need to doubt she was morbidly addicted to cellphone messaging.

"That emoticon is creepy."

That's what you want to say!?

I thought you would call me lame if I didn't include some kind of emoticon, so I did my best adding one when I normally wouldn't, and this was what I got.

I immediately input a reply text.

At that moment, it hit me.

Since I got into high school, I had dropped by some place with a girl on our way home, had been tutored by a girl, and had started exchanging texts with a girl.

Events unthinkable for me during middle school.

If this carried on, I might not be that far off from becoming a Riajuu.

Even without a Bishoujo appearing from another dimension, I guess I might still be able to catch hold of my own happiness one day. While getting absorbed in those thoughts, I descended the stairs and,

"M-Move asiiiiiiide!"

I could hear the yelling voice of a girl closing in from behind.

Before I could even turn around or get away, I felt a heavy impact on my back.

Unable to bear the weight, I slipped and fell, from the height of about five steps of stairs.

"That hurt......"

I sat up. I could feel a pain, as if I'd been hit by something, running along my lower back.

In the next instant, what came flying into my field of vision were......


A girl wearing...... panties with a polka-dot pattern was lying beside me.

With her miniskirt upturned, her panties were clearly visible.

3D girls really don't wear stripped panties, huh. That thought surfaced in my mind for only an instant, but I quickly filed it away once I'd gotten a clear look at the girl.

File:Otaria v02 051.jpg
With her miniskirt upturned, her panties were clearly visible.

She had silver hair.

Had she had golden hair instead, I would still be able to comprehend it. Unlikely as it was, there was still the possibility of a delinquent student bleaching her hair blond.

But it was silver. A hair color that was impossible for a human being.

And her clothes, too. She wore a white military-like uniform, but underneath, she wore a miniskirt. I for one had never in my life seen such bizarre attire worn in the 3D world.

And if there was anything else to add to that, it would be her face.

A beautiful, well-arranged face that could blind your eyes in a breath-taking manner.

Her skin was beautiful and her hair, silky. She had long eyelashes and the bridge of her nose was high. A slender body with proportionally large breasts, with long and slender legs sticking out from the polka-dot panties. Even in the category of Bishoujos', her figure was extraordinary.

"One really fell from the sky......"

I unconsciously murmured.

"An extraterrestrial Bishoujo fell from the sky ---!"

The kind of impossible event which I was considering earlier just became reality.

No matter how I looked at it, the Bishoujo that was lying before me did not look like an inhabitant of this world.


Perhaps because of my earlier loud yell, the Bishoujo opened her eyes.

She sat up and looked at me.

Her appearance surprised me even further. Her opened eyes made her look even more beautiful, and on top of that...... they were red.


Maybe she was just reacting like someone from the 2D world or something. When she realized that her panties were clearly visible, she screamed out and pushed down her skirt to hide the view.


Ignoring me as I tried to talk to her, she hurriedly gathered her dispersed bag and something that looked like a school uniform, and left with blinding speed.

"Are you an alien? Or someone from another world? Do you understand earth language?"

My mouth just ran by itself, saying stuff that I didn't even get myself, as I gazed at her departing back with my butt still adhered to the ground.

--- wait, right from the beginning, she was saying "Move aside" in Japanese......

And she even picked up a bag and uniform that were from this school. Is she a student here?

While still confused, I stood up, then noticed something lying on the ground in front of me.

I picked it up and saw that it was a student handbook.

Could this belong to that Bishoujo......?

Anyway, I'll just return it to its rightful owner tomorrow, I thought, as I put away the student handbook into my bag.


On the following day, after school, just as I was about to head to the student handbook owner's class to return it,

"Kashiwada, I want you to come somewhere with me!"

Koigasaki came all the way to my seat.

"Ehh? Wait a minute......"

It must be something to do with Suzuki, I thought, as I frantically shouldered my bag, left the classroom and followed after Koigasaki. It was rare for this girl to talk to me unless it concerned Suzuki. after all.

"Eh, what? You have something else to do?"

Koigasaki halted suddenly and turned towards me with a seemingly irritated face.

Aah, it would be troublesome if I resist. It might be okay to just return the student handbook tomorrow. Student handbook owner, please forgive me.

"Not really. So, where are we going?"

"I've thought about it. The reason why I still don't find the Otaku anime and manga I've been asking you about interesting."

Koigasaki suddenly started while we were walking along the corridor.

"Hey, don't talk about such topics here."

I frantically looked around. There were many students walking about. I wished she would be more considerate about my closet Otaku status.

"Eh, aah, you're afraid of people knowing? Oh, yeah, right, and I got it! It's because you are a guy, and the ani...... the stuff that you recommended me are stuff you find interesting from a guy's point of view, right? That's the problem. The things that girls find interesting are quite different from the things guys find interesting, right? The girls in the games and anime that you recommended are the Moe-type girls that will never exist in real life, appearing one after another showing their panties, or those that involve adventuring and fighting enemies...... there isn't really anything I would find interesting in those!"

"Well, I guess so......"

I pretty much recommended everything that Suzuki was into, but he liked the stuff that were highly popular with guys, and that might be why Koigasaki didn't find any of them interesting.

"That's why I've given some thought to this, that I also want a female Otaku friend!"

This girl always thinks of some crazy stuff.

"If you make a female Otaku friend, you might get some recommendations which are popular with girls but...... I don't think you will become a Fujoshi...... I guess you might be able to get into Otomege, since you like Shoujo manga."

I had once looked at an Otomege, a type of dating sim geared towards girls, that my little sister was playing, and with romance contents that appealed to a girl's ideal. It seemed similar to those Shoujo manga.

Since Koigasaki is a romantic who likes Shoujo manga, she might just like that kind of game.

"What's that, Otomege, you say?"

"Don't keep spouting Otaku terminology so openly."

"Weren't you the one who just mentioned it openly yourself!?"

"Eh, aah...... but then again, even if you get into Otomege, you won't really have anything in common with Suzuki to talk about...... Suzuki prefers the stuff that's popular with guys...... Which reminds me, where are you heading right now?"

Koigasaki never stopped walking during the conversation. Which reminds me, right from the beginning, she did say something like, "I want you to come somewhere with me ".

"We've arrived."

Koigasaki stopped in front of the door to a certain classroom.

There was a label on the door that read 『Manga Research Club』.

"Manga research ~ !?"

"I might be able to find a female Otaku here!"

"This isn't funny! If I join the club...... my Otaku secret will be out right away! I definitely won't join!"

I lowered my volume when it came to the "Otaku" part as I started putting up my resistance.

"I haven't decided to join yet. I'm just here to take a look!"

Just as Koigasaki prepared to knock on the door,

We heard voices from inside the room and pricked up our ears.

"No, I really did see her! A really cute girl with silver hair, wearing a white military uniform in this room!"

Silver hair, white military uniform......?

They were the same distinct features of the Bishoujo who came falling from above yesterday.

"Were you daydreaming? There's no way a girl like that would exist in the real world."

"No, I clearly saw her! The instant I opened the door to the clubroom, the Bishoujo was surprised, took to her heels and ran away!"

At that moment, the door suddenly opened and out came a person.

"Ahh, sorry."

The person who had suddenly opened the door and come out of the manga research clubroom apologized for startling us. It was an earnest looking girl with black hair that left her neck in two tied up tails...... her face looks kind of familiar......


Before I could say anything, the girl looked at my face and cried out.

"You, are yesterday's......"

She looked intently at me, all color drained from her face.

"Ahh, I remember. This is your student handbook!"

I searched through my pocket for the student handbook that I'd picked up yesterday, and handed it to the female student. She was the same girl as the one on the picture.

"First year class D, Sakurai Azuki"

The photo on the student handbook was the plain, earnest, commonplace face of a female student.

"Erm, sorry, but there's something I want to ask you, so could you please come with me?"

"Eh, me?"

The female student spoke to me with an anxious look.

She walked off briskly and I had no choice but to follow along. When I turned my head around, I saw Koigasaki looking at us with a disgruntled look.

The female student stopped at the bottom of the flight of stairs she'd just descended, looked around to see if anyone was around, and slowly spoke up.

"I-I'm sorry about yesterday......! I knocked into you and didn't even apologize......"

A question mark appeared above my head.

"Yesterday...... about?"

"Ehh, you don't remember!? Could it be that you got knocked on the head and lost your memories......"

The female student looked at me with a worried look. Her face was somewhat hidden by her long fringes, but on closer inspection, it was a very well-ordered face. It might even have given off a different impression from the face in the photo. Something was bugging me, like I'd seen her somewhere before......

"...... ehh, could it be that...... you were the extraterrestrial Bishoujo that fell out of the sky!?"

That's right, she really looked like that mysterious, silver haired Bishoujo who'd been clad in a military uniform. Of course, the Bishoujo yesterday was really more beautiful, but there did seem to be a resemblance in their facial features.

"Extraterrestrial......? What are you talking about......"

All of a sudden, the female student drew back a little with a baffled expression. Crap, it's like she's creeped out. At that moment, I noticed something incredible.

Her chest was huge.

The face that extended out the top of her uniform was plain and homely, but on closer look, she had pretty huge breasts.

A girl with such huge breasts isn't an everyday sight in the real world. Frankly speaking, when it comes to Koigasaki, I could tell from her uniform that she hardly had anything.

The only noteworthy huge breasts that I had seen recently...... would be those of the silver haired Bishoujo from yesterday.

"The Bishoujo from yesterday i-is really you!"

I somehow managed to realize it in an instant judging by the size of her breasts; since it can't be helped that I'm a big breast lover.

"Eh, you only just realized it......!?"

The female student looked at me with incredulous eyes.

Well, it was because she looked too different. While her figure and face were not too different, yesterday, I had the impression that she was a peerless beauty, but today, her level was more akin to, "if you look at her closely, she seems kind of cute".

"But your clothing is way too different from yesterday......"

"Aah...... that's because I was cosplaying, for a reason......"


"Please don't say it so loudly!"

The female student looked around her a few times.

I see, she was cosplaying. Well, that makes sense. If I think about it calmly, other than cosplaying, there's no way a silver-haired girl wearing a military uniform could exist......

"Then, that hair and those eyes......"

"Of course, I used a wig and colored contacts."

I s-see...... That makes sense. If not for that, a girl with that kind of appearance in the real world would make the headlines......

Yesterday, I was excited by the prospect of having a real outer space Bishoujo falling down from the sky, and might have been out of it.

Due to the great shock, so to speak, that I received when we first met, I could see nothing short of a peerless beauty, but in truth, if I had looked more closely, I might have found her to be just at the "if you look at her closely, she seems kind of cute" level, I thought, while studying the girl before me. The impression I got yesterday was simply too different.

"Then again, why were you doing that kind of cosplay in school......?"

I wondered why, even though she was a girl I'd just met, somehow, maybe because she was also an Otaku, it was easy for me to talk to her.

"...... I was actually cosplaying by myself in the manga research room......"

"Haah...... so why in the world would you......"

"Since there weren't any club activities yesterday, I thought no one would come...... so I was thinking of taking my own pictures with a self-timer...... then for some reason, one of the guy members came into the clubroom, and I got frantic and escaped...... Aah, jeez, I'm such an idiot, really an idiot...... why did I do such a thing......"

So the male student in the manga research clubroom was referring to this earlier.

She suddenly entered into her own world and started berating herself, so I found it hard to respond. Rather, why did she use polite language when we are both of the same age.

"Please, don't tell anyone about what you saw yesterday! I have been keeping my cosplaying hobby a secret from both my friends and the guys in the club."

"Eh, haah......"

While I didn't know much about cosplay, wouldn't one normally do it with her Otaku friends? She's really a weirdo for keeping it a secret even from her friends.

"That's all. Sorry for the suddenness. I've kept the girl who's with you waiting...... you should go ba......"

Just as she was about to say 'you should go back', a familiar face popped out from above the stairs.


"It's not like I came here to eavesdrop! Since you were taking so long, I thought, I should just go back, and as I'm coming down the stairs, there you guys are...... I just happened to hear some of it...... Ah, I'm not the kind of person who likes to let my mouth run loose all right!?"

Koigasaki frantically said in a seemingly awkward manner to the female student.

"So what happened to joining the manga research club?"

"It was full of just guys when I peeked through the window, so I gave up."


It's just like her, and what one would expect from Koigasaki since she can't deal well with guys but......



The female student...... erm, Sakurai, right? Sakurai-san seemed to have uttered something. A question mark appeared above both my and Koigasaki's head.



I doubted my ears. Was the nearby shout just now really coming from the same person who'd been subduing her voice and practically whispering when she talked?

"I couldn't really take a close look earlier, but...... aren't you really pretty! You are such a beautiful girl that it's unthinkable you're a product of this 3D world!"

Sakurai-san approached Koigasaki excitedly, her eyes shining.

"Eh, erm, that's......"

I thought Koigasaki would be creeped out, but contrary to expectations, she appeared a little bashfully happy from the praise.

"What you just said about coming to learn about the manga research club, are you hesitating if you should join?"

Sakurai-san kept using polite language when speaking to me, but with Koigasaki she easily switched to casual speech.

"Yeah. I was thinking of making a female Otaku friend, so I came to take a look at the manga research club. Are you a member?"

"Yeah, I'm a member, but I rarely come to club activities these days...... Most of the members are guys, and while there are girl members, they only show up every now and then. ...... you want to make Otaku friends, meaning you're an Otaku? You certainly don't look the part!"

"I haven't really become a real Otaku yet, but I'm kind of fascinated and wanted to become one. So I thought that if I had a female Otaku friend, I could get some recommendations on what to get into, but I'm kind of depressed now that I've found out the manga research club is full of guys....."

"I see! If you're ok with me, I can recommend you a lot of things!"

"Really!? Seriously!? That'll be really great help ~! I'm Koigasaki Momo from first year class A! You can just call me Momo!"

"I'm Sakurai Azuki from first year class D! Nice to meet you, Momo-chan!"

For some reason, they got really riled up and started talking non-stop to each other. I'm here, right? Have they forgotten about me? There's a limit to playing ignorant.

"But you know, Momo-chan, you're really cute! You're Moe ~! As a female Otaku who's fond of Bishoujos, I'm really getting hyped up here!"

Sakurai-san excitedly admired Koigasaki. I'd heard that there were many female Otakus who love Bishoujos. Seems like it's true.

Before I knew it, Koigasaki and Sakurai-san had exchanged contacts.

"Oh, did you also exchange contacts with Kashiwada?"

When Koigasaki said that, Sakurai-san's expression stiffened for an instant.

"Ah, no...... I didn't, did I?"

I fully received the "I don't really want to, though" message from Sakurai-san's body language. However, what can I do? If I replied with a "You don't really need to force yourself if you don't want to" it would sound like I was being sarcastic. Wait, are you switching to polite language with me again?

Left without a choice, both Sakurai-san and I forced ourselves to exchange our numbers. Aah, I guess she'll probably delete it once she gets home......

"Kashiwada is pretty knowledgeable about Otaku matters, too. I think you guys will have a lot to talk about ~"

Said Koigasaki idly.

"Uuhn...... I wonder about that. I don't really know much about the stuff that's popular with guys......"

File:Otaria v02 067.jpg
She was really quick in deploying her A.T field.

She was really quick in deploying her A.T field[4].

I could easily tell that while she wanted to become friends with Koigasaki, she wasn't interested in becoming friends with me......

"Oh yeah, hey Momo-chan, let's cosplay together next time ~!"


"Yeah, I think any kind of costume will suit you!"

Once the topic left me for an instant, the two of them immediately resumed their conversation.

"Ah...... I just remembered I have something urgent to see to, so I need to go......"

I couldn't stand staying there any longer.

"Eh, Kashiwada, are you leaving?"

"Yeah, see you."

I smiled wryly, made an apt wave of my hand, and left the place.


I reached the local station, looked at my cellphone, and saw that I'd gotten a text from Koigasaki.

"Azuki-chan invited me to cosplay at a cosplay event held at a place in Odaiba on the 30th of this month. Do you know what kind of event that is?"


I was surprised. Judging by the place and day, isn't this the same cosplay event that Suzuki talked about yesterday? What a well-timed coincidence.

Azuki-chan must be referring to Sakurai-san, I guess. Is that her given name? I can't remember.

However, just because the event is in Odaiba doesn't necessarily mean it's the very same event. Maybe there are two different events at Odaiba on the same day.

Since I was the kind who was slow at texting over the phone, I called her up.

"Hello, Kashiwada? What's up?"

"About the event where you're cosplaying, is it at a building called TFT or something that's just next to the Big Sight?"

"Ah ~ right, right, Azuki-chan did mention something like that. Why?"

"Aah, well, I was also invited by Suzuki. He asked me to cosplay with him at the cosplay event held at TFT on the 30th of this month."

"Ehh!? Invited by Suzuki-kun!?"

When Suzuki's name came up, her tone suddenly went up a notch. She was so easy to read.

"You were invited by Suzuki-kun to cosplay...... that means, you will be cosplaying together with Suzuki-kun!?"

"No, I haven't decided if I'll do it yet......"

"Then, then, does that mean I can feign coincidence by going to the event, and get to see Suzuki-kun!?"

She wasn't listening to me.

"Crap, I'm getting hyped!"

"Which reminds me...... It didn't work out for you the other time, right?"

About two months ago, Suzuki was asked by his friend to help out at an 'Only' event, and Koigasaki had planned to pretend meeting Suzuki by coincidence and even cosplayed as a character that Suzuki likes. The end result was, well, everything was over before she even got to talk to him.

"This time round, I will be attending as a fellow cosplayer, and I think it will be easier to talk to him than last time! I will definitely not let history repeat itself! I will definitely talk to him!"

"Then why don't I just let Suzuki know that you are also cosplaying, and the four of us can go to the event together. Won't that be much easier......"

"Ehh!? If we do that and get turned down, then everything would be over right away! And Suzuki's impression of me isn't really good, either......"


Also, Suzuki did clearly say, "Let's go cosplay together (the two of us) and have some fun"......

"Besides, Azuki-chan......"


Koigasaki seemed like she wanted to say something, but even when I prompted her to continue, she didn't tell me a thing.

"Well, let's just go with the 'pretend that it's all a coincidence and bump into each other at the venue'! I've decided! I will cosplay a character that Suzuki-kun likes and this time round, I will definitely talk to him! Make sure you tell me which character he likes! And also, make sure you cover for me properly on the day itself!"

"Hey, wait a minute. Aren't you assuming it's a given that I'll be cosplaying with Suzuki!?"

"Of course. Didn't we have an agreement to cooperate with each other? Rather, who do you think you've got to thank for getting Hasegawa-san to help you out in your studies!"

Uwu...... When she brought that up, I had no choice but to oblige.

"...... kuh, I get it."

With this, for the first time in my life, I shall have a go at cosplaying.

Translator's Notes and References[edit]

  1. Moe: 'Moe' is an Otaku term that has no strict definitions. It general means 'cute', 'turn-on', or even 'fappable'. See here for more information.

  2. Japanese lowercase: In Japanese writing, lowercase characters are actually smaller-sized characters that are a quarter the size of a normal character in a properly handwritten script, but usually just half the size of a normal character in electronic fonts. Putting aside the variety of uses for such characters which will make this note too long, Koigasaki is using lowercase characters for all extended vowel sounds (which is unnecessarily or even incorrect academically-speaking), e.g. そういえば becomes そぅいえば, and どうだった becomes どぅだった, etc. etc.

  3. Deco-Mail: For more info on Dekome, i.e. Deco-Mail (Decoration Mail), you can take a look at this site which pretty much sums it up.

  4. A.T field: An A.T. Field (short for "Absolute Terror Field") is a nearly impenetrable force-field barrier which Angels and Evangelions can generate. Check out Evangelion if you are clueless about it.

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