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"I say Sen-kun, you're so naughty...... All right...... I'll do whatever you like for today. What would you like me to do?"

A gorgeous girl who is about two years older than me (...... if I'm not wrong, her name is "Kisaragi Ririne) says in delight without covering up her large bust, on the bed in her underwear right before my very eyes.

"Kyahhoohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Ririne-san's boooooooooooooobbs! Please let me bury my face into those large breeeaaassts!"

A beautiful girl, whose visage of innocence has yet to leave her, turns and tosses about the floor while making those strange sounds towards that 2D big-breasted lovely girl --- Kirisagi Ririne --- inside the PC.


Sweat covered my forehead as I beheld her.

"How's that, Kimijima-kun! Don't you find it awesome!? The adult charm of an older big sister! And the boobs! Those large boobs!! Don't you want to bury your face into those boobs!?"

She says in heartfelt bliss with the broadest smile that I have ever seen from her.

"Even if you ask me...... this, is just a picture, I don't feel a thing...... I mean c'mon, don't you find the proportions weird? The breasts are so huge and yet the waist is way too narrow, even if we're talking about deformed art, the drawing's messed up......"

"Aah!? Ah, ah...... do you understand what you just said!? To think that a dull guy like you is dissing about Ririne-san...... it's 10 billion years too early for you! To think that you don't understand the allure of this first-rate body of Ririne-san...... are you into loli-pedo!?"

"Loli-pe......? Wh-What's that....."

I am perplexed by that unfamiliar term which came out of her mouth.

"I get it, it must be that! You're gay!"

"Huh!? How did that happen!?"

Right now, it is past 2am in the morning. The last train has long departed. We are in her room and there is no one else in her house now. She has tender, fair skin and large eyes with long eyelashes. Even without make-up, her face is so well-chiseled that one might wonder whether she is actually a man-made doll. To be with such a beautiful girl alone in the deep of the night is a situation that any guy would envy. ...... however, right now, my only desire is to get out of this very room.

"Ah, aah...... n-no, Sen-kun...... don't be in such a hurry...... ah, aah, aahnn."

As the gorgeous large-breasted girl inside the PC Kirisagi Ririne has struck an unbecoming pose and has started letting out high-pitch cries, I lost my composure and involuntarily looked at the face of the girl beside me.

"Hiiih! Is...... is this okay!? Something really outrageous has begun you know!?"

"Of course. It's an eroge after all."


Once again, even if she said that unfamiliar term as if it were the most natural thing, I have no idea what it was, and as such can only feel perplexed.

"The big sister archetype Ririne-san who's always calmly leading the protagonist along, making such a cute voice in her disheveled ecchi state...... this contrast! Isn't this the most amazing thing! No matter how many times I look at this frame, it's still just as godly! Aah...... these fair, soft, squishy boobs......! That's the godly eroge artist Tatara-san for you, he did a really great job, didn't he ~!"

The lines she spouted from sheer excitement, on top of being fast, were mixed in with words that I do not understand, and I can hardly comprehend what she was saying.

"Hey! I've been sharing with you unreservedly about how amazing this scene with Ririne-san is, you shouldn't just keep quiet and should also at least tell me your thoughts!"

"M-My thoughts......!? Even if you tell me that......"

Forcing me to watch such an erotic scene, and then ordering me to share my thoughts...... this cannot be anything other than reverse sexual harassment!

"Even if you tell me that...... it's troubling, I'm not interested in such......"

"......! Not interested......?"

Her eyebrow twitches sharply in response. She got up to her feet swiftly, with an angry look.

"Not interested huh, didn't I tell you that it'll be troubling to me!? Since you are my......"

"Assistant, get it!"

While looking down on me as she whipped out a finger at me...... Ikoma Agito said that.

Aah, I wonder how things turned out this way. It should not have been like this......

As to how I ended up in such a situation, there lies a really deep reason behind.

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