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Title Page[edit]

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Let us go

Without forgetting what is important


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Title: #8’s Daily Illustrated Diary

The world might just meet an early end today.

But it is the Christmas season and I have determined that is why everyone is very busy.

In the middle of it all, Ooshiro-sama will not shut up about is insisting that we celebrate, so we are throwing a party even if just for show.

When I showed him the cake, he was worried it was the same as Heo-sama’s, but I explained to him that Heo-sama took hers with her.

Yes, our cake is not the same as Heo-sama’s. It was the spare for it, but it was not the same exact one.

When he heard that, Ooshiro-sama seemed oddly reluctant rejoiced, so I grabbed his collar and he heartily dug into the cake. Unfortunately, I forgot to prepare a drink.

I will make sure to rectify that in the future.

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