Owari no Chronicle:Volume10 Preface

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Chao Sei

Class: Japanese UCAT Medical Room Leader

Faith: Instigator

Name: Four Old Men

Class: Chao’s Apprentices?

Faith: Forgettable + 1


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About 7th-Gear

7th-Gear was a layered world filled with many ups and downs. The very top of its eight layers contained a giant mountain and river.

It contained the optimum environment for human life and the people who lived there desired to create the ultimate culture and civilization using the human mind and body.


Top: Celestial Mountain

Middle: Eight-Layered World

Left: Empty Space

They perfected a technique of applying concepts to non-divine human bodies and used concepts for evolution and for human pleasures while avoiding the annoying responsibilities of being a god.

As a result, 7th-Gear decided they had arrived at the farthest reaches of mankind, so they wished to be destroyed at their peak and they searched for someone to inherit all they had accomplished.

Name: Brunhild Schild

Name: Baku

Bath Ad[edit]

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Healing Bath – Green

Note: *Picture is from the Colosseum Twelve Temples Bath

Heart: This week is the popular Beast Bath


Effects – Benefits – Compulsory Additions

1: Even the most extreme exhaustion will be forcibly extracted. Rest until you die.

2: A flavorful aroma of relaxing matcha.

3: Plant creature shows on every odd hour. Quite an odd event, isn’t it? (That one deserves crucifixion)

4: You may take a plant creature home with you if the creature itself agrees.

Title Page[edit]

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Are you

Waiting there?

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