Owari no Chronicle:Volume12 Preface

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Name: Ooshiro Itaru

Class: Team Leviathan Director

Faith: Man Who Knows the Past

Name: Sf

Class: Automaton

Faith: Sein Frau


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About 6th-Gear

6th-Gear was a world held between a space of destruction and a space of regeneration.

The souls of all things would move from the space of regeneration to the space of stillness. Upon death, they would return to the space of destruction and eventually shift back to regeneration.

But the Concept War brought destruction on a scale greater than the rate at which the souls were recycled. That threw the ecosystem out of balance and expanding the territory of destruction was the only way to maintain the world.

To restrain the destruction, Concept Dragon Vritra was placed in the river between destruction and stillness. And to maintain the balance, the Concept Core sword named Vajra was placed in the river between stillness and regeneration.


Left: Space of Destruction

Middle: Space of Stillness

Right: Space of Regeneration

Middle right: Vajra

Middle left: Vritra

Bottom: The space is looping

Name: Shinjou Yukio

Name: Baku

Fight Announcement[edit]

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Taka-Akita Ladies’ (?) Wrestling Professionals

Third Year Showdown Special Match

Over Brunhild: 1st-Gear’s Cruel Representative Champion — “Tiger” Brun

Over Kazami: Low-Gear’s Blunt Trauma Champion — Ape Killer Kazami

Below Ooki: Referee — Careless Ooki

Lower left:


Taka-Akita Academy Student Council

Taka-Akita Academy Art Club

Others from Taka-Akita Academy

Japanese UCAT

All of 1st-Gear

Bottom left:

December 21

Bottom right:

Round 1

“Repeater” Izumo vs. “Baldie” Boldman

The long-awaited showdown!!!!

Oh, honestly! What am I supposed to do!?

At the special ring in the women’s bath of Akigawa’s Eternal Sunflower bathhouse

Autograph session planned

Title Page[edit]

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Now, search

For an unknown truth

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